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u/reallyemy · 16 pointsr/bangtan

this is the original link with the release date of 9/18.

however, as the album became out of stock, amazon put up a new link with the release date of 10/4 as they wait for the second batch of the albums to arrive from korea.

i have emailed amazon to ask whether the orders get reported to Nielsen / counted for BB200 when ordered or when shipped, and they replied with this:

>"I know the whole situation.

>I extremely apologetic for this inconvenience....

>I've checked all situations and simultaneously talk to escalation team about this.

>Please try to understand as a retailer we are heavily depended on seller or manufacturer for the availability of the item. In this case too we were highly dependent on the manufacturer for its availability. So that we could have immediately delivered this item to our customer as specified on release date delivery.

>But due to the heavy demand at the last moment, the manufacturer pulled out his hand on its availability and we came to know this particular situation at the last moment...."

i wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that bighit's officialshop also went out of stock? it would make sense if amazon is getting their supply directly from bighit. i'm just speculating, though.

u/dimsim3478 · 12 pointsr/FLCL

"Crazy Sunshine" and "Ride on shooting star" can both be found on the FLCL No.3 soundtrack CD. You can buy the CD from some sellers on who will send it to you from Japan!

u/Indekkusu · 12 pointsr/anime

Link to OST album on amazon(you can trial listen to the first 45 seconds) instead of Youtube.

For exemple Kill la Kill OST

u/nomoreiloveyous · 7 pointsr/SHINee

Available for pre-order from various stores that ship domestically and internationally.


YesAsia: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will not count on Oricon)

CDJapan: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will not count on Oricon)

Amazon Japan: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will not count on Oricon)


Universal Music Store: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will count on Oricon)

Tower Records Online: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will count on Oricon)

HMV: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will count on Oricon)

7net: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will count on Oricon)

Rakuten: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will count on Oricon)

Amazon Japan: Normal Edition, Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blueray (Will count on Oricon

Heads up for anyone looking to purchase this, only album purchases shipped within Japan will count on the Oricon sales chart. So if you purchase from someone like YesAsia or CDJapan, your purchase will not be reflected on Oricon. The purchase must be made and shipped within Japan to count. Amazon Japan is on both lists because it ships both domestically and internationally. So i can get the album quicker and a mite bit cheaper if i ship directly to me but it won't count on Oricon, or i can ship to my forwarding service then they ship it to me so it counts on Oricon.

So either you live in Japan, have a friend/family member who lives in Japan who can make the purchase for you, or you use a Group Order or a forwarding service. I personally use Tenso and have not had issue with the company (and it's affiliate Buyee) but don't take my word as golden. There are several other Japanese forwarding services as well. I personally like the customer service with Tenso as they basically will fill out Japanese forms for me/look over forms i've filled out to ensure i've done it correctly. I've ordered from the Universal Music store, Tower Records online, 7net, and Rakuten (different stores often offer different perks for pre-ordering an album with them) without much issue using a forwarding service. The biggest problem i've encountered is getting the Japanese websites to accept my card, which there shouldn't be any issue since it's visa/mastercard but sometimes these sits are just wonky i guess.

u/prayedit · 6 pointsr/KillLaKill

amazon has it. It's an import so a bit more expensive, but free ship

u/dragsaw · 3 pointsr/KillLaKill

Amazon japan has it at it should ship to the US, shipped to me in Australia

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Meditation

I really enjoy "Wind in the Leaves", also "Raindrops on Concrete" as well as "That Fucking Dog That Won't Shut Up."


If you really feel like you have to have meditation music, I suppose I'd recommend Stan Richardson's Shakuhachi music.

u/ShengCha · 3 pointsr/tea

The songs are from this album.

u/Actionjax1 · 3 pointsr/Music

In the same vein, I would have to say Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind

Battle for Heaven

Edit: added song link

u/segagaga · 3 pointsr/indonesia

I have a digital copy of them, there are two CD's pretty regularly used. One is called, quite literally, Bali Cafe Music and there are several variations of a CD called Degung Sabilulungan, I suggest you try this one first.

u/napmonsters · 2 pointsr/bangtan

Here's Bighit's official link to the second batch! Yeah, I don't think anybody saw that coming - or at least I didn't see it coming. I kind of thought they would have enough for everyone who wants to buy one.

u/raddit-bot · 2 pointsr/listentothis

| | |
|album|Hymn to the Immortal Wind, released Mar 2009|
|track|Everlasting Light|
|images|album image|
|links|wikipedia, bandcamp, allmusic, discogs, official homepage, youtube, download for free, myspace, twitter, facebook, track on amazon, album on amazon|
|tags|postrock, instrumental, japanese, neoclassical|
|metrics|youtube plays: 175,189, score: 10|

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u/jameswarrensaid · 2 pointsr/bangtan

I have a quick question - sorry if the answer is obvious, but I've googled around and can't seem to find it.

When I go to preorder Love Yourself: Her on Amazon, it shows two different formats - one has a release date of Sept 18 and is sold out - the other is available and has an Oct. 4 release date.

Is the October 4 the date Amazon expects to have more in stock? Or is this a different version? The descriptions are the same for both. I've never done this before so, again, sorry if this is obvious to everyone here.

u/chaosvariant · 2 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

dude i have some great news for you, here's a
purchase link for the cd

also it's all on youtube but it's probably region restricted.

here's a full playlist on youtube

u/spengineer · 2 pointsr/KillLaKill

You can buy it here. I highly suggest checking out Hiroyuki Sawano's other work, he was the composer for KLK and has done a ton of other awesome music.

u/mobileagent · 2 pointsr/progmetal

Amazon has three two copies left.

u/Keatonfuchs · 2 pointsr/bangtan

About Amazon: PLEASE make sure you don't buy from a reseller!

THIS is the official German link:

It isn't "imported", so you can get it fast, cheap (Prime even) and it counts for our charts!

-> I know on Reddit we like to look down on stan Twitter, but this kind of information has been circulating there even long before CB, so I really recommend to check in there at least occasionally to stay up to date. <3


I pre-ordered mine at my small local MediaMarkt, they stocked it on 15th April already!

With small local stores you can always check on their store finder if they stock it (not guaranteed!). If they don't have it, make them order. :P If you go to bigger stores (say Berlin Alexanderplatz), they seem to stock a whole BTS arsenal including the "Notes" books in several languages. :D

I know that MediaMarkt/Saturn and Müller have it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are more. Especially now that it has been in the charts for so long. Several stores have some promotional setup for chart albums.



Small anecdote about version choices: They have one product code for all versions and the MM clerk tried to get all 4 on hand so I can choose, but they only ended up with 3+4. I wanted 1 or 2, but decided to get one anyway to make sure my sales count for the first tracking week. We barely missed #1 album though. TT

u/video_descriptionbot · 2 pointsr/citypop

Title | Kimiko Kasai - Tokyo Special (Jazz, Funk, City Pop) [1977, Full Album]
Description | Tracklist: 0:00 バイブレイション 4:14 やりかけの人生 10:28 夏の初めのイメージ 15:25 ベリー・スペシャル・モーメント 18:17 人はそれぞれ 22:46 Tokyo Special 26:45 木もれ陽 32:20 テイク・ミー 36:42 待ってて Buy -
Length | 0:42:05


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u/PM_ME_SHIMPAN · 2 pointsr/Vocaloid

The IA albums are vocaloid albums featuring IA, and numerous producers ranging in genres from metal, rock, pop, to EDM, and electronica. You can get them from amazon.





EDIT: The song I posted previously in this thread, Asu No Hikari, is featured in IA/01 :D

u/Infinity-Kitten · 2 pointsr/AnimeOST

Amazon. Just so you know, I'll be jealous.

u/autowikiabot · 2 pointsr/Vocaloid



Reboot - Album:

>"Reboot" is an album by JimmyThumb-P, released by EXIT TUNES. It contains 16 tracks, sung by Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka and Samune Zimi.
>A crossfade of the album can be seen on Nico Nico Douga.
The official album website is available here. Additional details can be seen on EXIT TUNES.
The album is purchasable on iTunes, Amazon and CDJapan.
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u/Rav_Badger · 2 pointsr/anime

This month has been the first month I've really started to buy anime things.

u/overlordRush · 2 pointsr/Vocaloid

You can get Dual Sight on aliexpress

and you can get IA/01 on Amazon

u/Neoncloudff · 2 pointsr/Bayonetta

You're welcome! (lol as I'm typing all this I'm listening to the first game's soundtrack). Importing of soundtracks is risky (I do it often) never when something is going to fly off the shelves and be discontinued or be readily available years down the road.

Going by the bayonetta soundtrack on Amazon it seems like the soundtrack is still readily available.

Considering though the huge praise of the game from western critics and eastern critics alike, especially that of the score, I would recommend pre-ordering if you want to get it. You can preorder via paypal on CD JAPAN and use Bill Me Later if you so choose...

As of right now I preordered mine, because I remember reading that the set is a limited run.

Its all up to you.

u/darksteel2291 · 1 pointr/SNSD

Here is the link on Amazon Japan for the New Edition.

u/characterselect · 1 pointr/ffxiv

Reminds me of when I bought this, granted I only paid about $45 for it.

Full soundtracks are pretty expensive these days.

u/toxicafunk · 1 pointr/anime

Wolf's Rain 1 and 2

u/troissandwich · 1 pointr/Buddhism

I like Stan Richardson's Shakuhachi music. I prefer to meditate without music, but when there are simply too many distractions this helps tune it out and gets me "in the mood," as it were.

u/robot__fingers · 1 pointr/tea

When I have time to stop and enjoy my tea, I'll often listen to Hong Ting and sometimes Tinariwen
Both have a general mellow tone, but still maintain some liveliness.

u/YaBoiErr_Sk1nnYP3n15 · 1 pointr/KillLaKill

Nah there seems to be about 30 copies or so including 2nd hand ones

u/sympathyforthedevill · 1 pointr/FLCL

I got this one years ago and I love it.. the art on the CD is great and it has most of my favorite songs off the soundtrack. This may differ for you but check it out!

Track list:

  1. Sad Sad Kiddie
  2. Sleepy Head
  3. I Think I Can
  4. Blues Drive Monster
  5. Carnival
  6. Come Down
  7. Crazy Sunshine
  8. Stalker
  9. Nightmare
  10. Funny Bunny
  11. Beautiful Morning With You
  12. Advice
  13. Runners High
  14. Hybrid Rainbow
  15. Little Busters
  16. Last Dinosaur
  17. Ride On Shooting Star
u/misskizzy666 · 1 pointr/BTSWorld

Online it’s a normal BTS album this is just an example it’s on lots of pages

u/musono · 1 pointr/VOCALOID_UTAU_jp

⑫-03/04/13 300,417再 P名: ジミーサムP VOCAROCK 良展開 アニメPV 激情系 殿堂入り

巡音ルカオリジナル曲 「Afterglow」

u/TaylorsCDC · 1 pointr/SNSD
u/HashidaSuzu · 1 pointr/KillLaKill

If it helps you, there is just one left in amazon right now:

u/gkanai · 1 pointr/jpop

1300 jpy on amazon jp who now ship overseas and has an English interface.

u/photo4jin · 1 pointr/bangtan

Amazon Canada stocks it, and it counts for official charts. Preorder was $28.97 and I've seen the price drop to $26 a few different times, so if you keep checking back you might be able to snag it for that price.