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u/jepeder04 · 18 pointsr/magicTCG

You could also try something like the Borderfies inner sleeves to turn the border black.


u/Ryuuzaki_L · 15 pointsr/mtgcube

Cube list can be found here:

Went all out with the conspiracy sideboard and even got tokens sleeved. Next step I think I'll get some cheaper full art lands and then think of how to upgrade it with WotS after it gets played a few times.

Definitely cost a bit more than the original target of $100. I think I spent around $200 in total for the cards, lands, and tokens. 95% of which I was able to get in under two weeks from CardSphere. I was almost instantly able to get everything I needed from there for 80% of the index prices. Tokens we're like 30%. Im sure I could have gone even lower if I wanted to wait a little longer. Definitely recommend checking them out.

This is my first real paper collection so I decided a cheap budgetish cube would be a good start to play with friends. I was going to try the Card Kingdom starter cube, but this one just seemed like it was well worth the extra money.

Edit: Case is a Quiver. Fits the 360 card cube, 15 card Conspiracy card sideboard, 80+ tokens, and 35 of each land with dividers almost perfectly. Really wanted to go with the Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest but I couldn't find any colors I liked. Im happy I didn't though. While it definitely looks a lot better, I absolutely love this case. Super easy to transport and the cards don't budge. I really don't have any complaints and it was a fraction of the cost.

Quiver Black Playing Card Case -...

Now I'm just waiting on my cubeamajigs to get here.

u/SexiasMaximus · 14 pointsr/magicTCG

Let's start with the big picture. You're going to want somewhere to keep your cards.

For the ones at home, something like this should do just fine. It keeps things mostly organized, is rather inexpensive, and will last. You can make inserts to help subdivide more if needed.

Next, you're going to want something to carry your cards in for the go. Many people just use backpacks or messenger bags, but there are [specialty bags] ( that you can purchase as well.

To keep you decks organized and protected while in the bag, [deck boxes] ( are the way to go. They make things nice and modular and will protect your cards even if you just have a normal backpack.

For your trades, if you go that route, a [binder] ( and some [sleeve pages] ( should do fine.

Finally, your decks. Sleeves! Sleeves! Sleeves! and Sleeves! The cards in your decks are going to see the most use so you're going to want to protect them the best. I've found that [Dragon Shield] ( and [Ultra Pro] ( sleeves are excellent for their value and use them on several of my decks. Cards in your deck are often your most powerful and you're going to want to keep them in the best shape possible.

Many people, myself included, will argue for getting a [Play Mat] ( so that you sleeves won't get torn up as much and will last longer, but it's not absolutely essential.

Oh! I forgot dice! My group have found that dice are the easiest way to keep track of things like life totals, counters, and about everything else you need a number for. Having your own are absolutely essential, there's always someone you can borrow from, but they're a great thing to have around.

edit One thing I want to point out is that everything there can be customized to fit your particular style, so have fun! The way you carry and present your cards says as much about you as the cards themselves!

u/SliderHMSS · 13 pointsr/dominion

The base cards is treasure, victory, and curse cards.

u/Slurmsmackenzie8 · 11 pointsr/mtgcube

I use the KMC Card Barrier Box 1000 for my cubes. It fits 430 single sleeved cards perfectly on the top row and leaves plenty of space for tokens, lands, dice, and miscellaneous.

u/wtjbatman · 10 pointsr/boardgames

I like to save money by repurposing things, but just a heads up that boxes for cards really aren't that expensive. Right now on Amazon you can buy a pack of 5 Ultra Pro deck boxes for $8.50 with prime shipping.

u/omniczech · 9 pointsr/mtgcube

The KMC 1000 is a great buy. Solid and HUGE. Fits a 540 double sleeved + lands pretty well! You can find it here for cheap.

u/MettaWorldWarTwo · 9 pointsr/magicTCG

I get the boxes on Amazon for $15 each and they are my preferred storage container for commons and uncommons. I looked at the dimensions and wanted to see how Planechase would fit in the box. Turns out it fits very nicely. I haven't sleeved the tokens yet. I am also going to get a dual flip box to store the planar cards for when I don't want to treat it as a board game.

Chaos Reigns upside down was a mistake but I'm going to embrace it. Also the cardboard boxes were pretty beaten up and the planar cards have lots of scuffs on the edges. All in all I'm not impressed with the overall quality but I'll have fun with the new wrench in the gears of Magic games.

u/Castaras · 9 pointsr/boardgames

I still love Dominion. Especially with some of the more interesting expansions, but even default Dominion, or Dominion: Intrigue (iirc you can get both of these with the basic coin and victory point cards) is a lot of fun, with a lot of replayability. And each expansion increases the interesting combinations exponentially.

Personally, if you go for Dominion, I'd recommend going for the original set, Intrigue, or the "generic" base set + Dark Ages. Intrigue and Dark Ages are my favourite dominion sets, but the original Dominon set is best for a baseline cardset.

u/EvilGenius007 · 8 pointsr/magicTCG

As regards #3, try the KMC 1000 Card Box for an affordable interim option. Here's the TCC review.

u/djlawrence3557 · 8 pointsr/mtgcube

I've been using one of these for my vintage/powered cube. I keep the lands separate in a fatpack box

u/nebulatr0n · 7 pointsr/EDH

This box is amazing. I hold all my sleeved EDH decks, dice, tokens, sideboard, trades all in one lightweight waterproof see through container.

u/beSmrter · 7 pointsr/boardgames

Mayday ''Standards'' and Ultimate Guard ''Premium'' are some almost-a-penny soft sleeve lines. But I cannot honestly recommend using soft sleeves.

KMC Perfect Fits/Size are a touch more sturdy and thick, but still relatively thin. I can recommend these, but they are meant to be the inner when double sleeving, so they won't totally cover the top edge of the card though.

However, my method is use proper sleeves and toss out the inserts and if necessary move to deck boxes. Options include small, medium, large, also large. Links for example. May not represent the best price and certainly do not represent the only options.

Edit: Obligatory BGG Card Sleeve Sizes for games link. A great resource.

u/Brawler_1337 · 7 pointsr/magicTCG

This thing can hold a sleeved planar deck if you take out the insert. I'm not sure how many it can hold, though. I have a 40-card planar deck, and it fits in with plenty of room to put in the cards I didn't include unsleeved. Don't know if it will fit 86 sleeves cards.

Also, if you want to get a little more bang for your buck, you might be able to find a Duel Deck Box combo pack on discount. The outer box is essentially the oversized deck box.

u/Four_s0uls · 7 pointsr/FourSouls

Can easily hold another 100-200 cards so we are covered for at least another expansion pack if not 2. Very durable, feels super high quality and even a bit fancy. Waterproof material and zipper covers. Very confident in the protection this case provides. 5 Spacers are velcro and can be placed as you please to organize however you would like and also to keep you sections of cards as snug as you would like. Also has 2 seperate corners pads/spacers so you don't have to worry about the slightly rounded edges of the case damaging your cards. Also has another 4 seperate hard plastic dividers incase you find a use for them. Right not I am using them to take up more space and make things even more snug. To complete it all it has a nice strap to carry it over your shoulder. Fantastic! Overall, 10/10 If anyone would like more pics of something just ask! Link below

Quiver Black Playing Card Case - Carrying Deck Case with PU Leather Exterior with Double Zipper, Dividers, Hand & Shoulder Strap - Fits up to 1300 Cards - Deck Box Compatible + 100 Card Sleeves

u/scd · 7 pointsr/Netrunner

Two suggestions:

Since you just started playing, the UltraPro Tower is great to just store two decks and some tokens. Comes in a ton of colors, is very durable, and holds what you need. The best for the price (around $10):

If you're wanting to bring multiple decks to casual play nights or similar events, you might want to consider investing in something that will let you bring multiple Corp and Runner decks. I like the Ultimate Guard Twin Flip n' Tray:

Comes in multiple colors, the magnetic latches are strong, and is a great way to carry four decks (or five, since I take out the token tray and slip in another deck).


The Quiver. I've filled my Quiver up with upwards of 8 constructed decks and a bunch of extras. It holds my cube at the moment, but is a great case if you find yourself wanting to bring lots of cards anywhere:

u/smokekeef · 7 pointsr/EDH

I used to keep each deck in a case like this to showcase the commander. Now that I doublesleeve my decks don't fit in those boxes as well, so I use these. I think it's easier than grouping all your decks together.

u/troy_destroy · 6 pointsr/magicTCG

These are some good inexpensive options.

Ultimate Guard Stack n Safe: hold 6 decks sleeved and has nice dividers
Stack 'n' Safe Deck Box (480 Cards)

KMC card barrier: has a better latch than the Ultimate Guard but the dividers aren't as good.
Card Box 1000

u/fudgebug · 6 pointsr/magicTCG

I like these a lot, and I think it fits the bill: Card Box 1000

u/ZToups · 6 pointsr/magicTCG

It's not that hard to modify the box to prevent it damaging the cards though honestly its not worth the effort when you can buy a better storage box for less than $20 (

u/se4n · 6 pointsr/Netrunner

I haven't seen anyone mention premium deck storage here yet. For Father's Day, my wife got me this Ultimate Guard Twin Flip n' Tray:

These are great for carrying around four decks and tokens -- I love mine. I've never much liked the competing Legion Elder Dragon Vault, because, c'mon, dragon scales don't really fit cybernoir. But those are good, too.

I've also liked this Dragon Shield box for storing more than two decks:

But it cracked, as plastic can do. I vastly prefer the Ultimate Guard!

u/Gaiazarus · 6 pointsr/EDH
u/Karnblack · 6 pointsr/EDH

I've built my collection of EDH decks since I started playing EDH in around 2011-2012. I used to have a lot more 60-card casual decks, but then my playgroup gradually switched to EDH/Commander because it was "more fair." My collection of Commander decks include the 32 precon decks I've purchased of which about 6 or 7 I've modified. The rest of them are in their original state. I just counted the deck's I've built from scratch and I currently have 57 of them so I apparently have 89 total Commander decks.

I've only disassembled 2 of my Commander decks over time. My first deck I played a lot and it was a Naya [[Survival of the Fittest]] goodstuff deck led by [[Rith, the Awakener]]. It contained the Fruity Pebbles combo, and after I won a few times with that combo I decided to retire the deck. The other deck I took apart was a lame deck that tried to play too many big bombs without enough support, and it was a 5-color deck which made it even harder to play decently. I decided it was better to take it apart and use the pieces for other decks rather than trying to salvage the deck.

I keep most of my decks in these Ultra Pro 150 Count Clear Card Storage Boxes on a bookcase-like storage unit. I can see all of my decks and just grab the ones I want to play and throw them in my Stanley Organizer to take to game night. I've also been experimenting with other deck transportation methods to take less decks to game night since I typically only play 3 or 4 decks in one night.

I typically get to play anywhere from 1 to 4 decks per week, and I got to play 12 of my decks that I brought to Magic Fest Las Vegas. I like keeping the decks together as I feel like they're never actually done being built. I can always find ways to make tweaks to them. I also like keeping my decks together as when I play them they bring back memories of the good times I've had playing with friends and the nostalgia of playing the various commanders.

u/Milinn · 5 pointsr/mtgcube

I don't have one personally (I also have the supreme game chest and really love it,) you could check out the KMC 1000 card box. In my research, in terms of cost/weight, it seems tricky to beat.

u/Chrishenanigans · 5 pointsr/dominion

The Treasuries were printed all with gold coloring because that's the card type color, no different than white denoting Actions, green denoting Victories (and alt-Victories), blue denoting Reactions, and orange denoting Durations. This will make more sense when you get expansions that have alternative Treasuries such as Harem and the Prosperity cards, where the type color is definitely needed.

Cards within a type are always differentiated by their artwork, which is why the new, standalone set of base cards now print Copper, Silver, and Gold with pictures of, well, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

u/ODSTnick · 5 pointsr/magicTCG

Dragon Shield makes a 4 slot deck box.

Dragon Shield Four-Compartment Storage Box - Clear

u/Mutterfudder · 5 pointsr/dropmix

I’ve been using the following products: as a general carrying case for all my cards. It has enough room for cards and has some nice Velcro dividers. For premade decks, I use these:

The deck sleeves fit in the case a little snug, but they don’t bend the cards Best I can tell. So far satisfied with my purchase.

u/Rawrgodzilla · 5 pointsr/magicTCG

Quiver deck box holds 6 double sleeved commander decks. Source I own two one for my cube and one to hold my commander decks. A back pack for the rest of stuff.

u/jdbausch · 4 pointsr/DnD
u/melliott2811 · 4 pointsr/EDH

UltraPro makes oversized sleeves. They fit the big Commander cards and the big Planechase planar cards.

u/BlueSapphyre · 4 pointsr/boardgames

I'll add to /u/mattc286 and say you don't even need intrigue or core set. You could just grab the base cards, which provides all the treasures and victory cards only.

u/Tweeqk · 4 pointsr/magicTCG

Not a deck box but im a big fan of this. Quiver Black Playing Card Case i use it to carry 3 edh decks in boulder cases and still have room for dice and playmat. Give it a thought.

u/kesa_maiasa · 4 pointsr/EDH

Depends on how many EDH decks you have. I personally use this awesome case

It pretty comfortably fits 5 double sleeved edh decks, 30 unsleeved token cards for various decks, and a box for dice and various other token/beads what have you (box is not included).

I've had it now for about a year and it's been fantastic.

u/Wrightboy · 4 pointsr/boardgames

I've really like the Quiver for travelling with a bunch of card games. Otherwise I've had good luck with the Iris photo box from craft stores, filled all of the carts with a game or two, handles more than just cards easily which is nice.

u/InsidiousToilet · 4 pointsr/magicTCG

While this is neat, I still prefer the "tried and true" method of just re-using Dragon Shield boxes (<-- edit: added a photo of my Cube):

  • 8x empty Dragon Shield boxes.
  • 45 cards in each box.
  • Players sit down, crack their "box", split cards into 3 piles.
  • Draft.

    Super simple, no wasted paper, just re-purposed sleeve boxes. I use a Quiver (love this thing) to tote my Cube around, and so it fits real nice. I use a 9th box for dice. The boxes are also a surprise way to slip some boosters into each "booster" for players on special occasions (birthdays, parties, etc).
u/Markovnikovian · 4 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Depends on the size of your collection and if you want to buy the return to... expansions.

Personally I have a small traveling case that I keep the next scenario and the player decks in. And then I keep the campaigns in either the Return to boxes or I have a regular cardboard box for the ones that haven't come out as return to expansions yet.

My Setup

  • Top box has FA, and CU

  • Box below it has all the extra bits that I don't use much (this has been moved to the closet to make space)

  • Traveling Case (Holds a lot of unsleeved cards or more than enough sleeved ones.)

  • Player Cards in BCW card box (I now have 2 of them)

  • Return to... With their respective campaigns (Night of the Zealot has the standalones)
u/tyler77189 · 4 pointsr/EDH

I use these and they're super cheap. This might not be the best place to buy them. A card shop near me sells them for 1.50. They are 150 count but perfect with sleeves.

u/BriceLamotte · 3 pointsr/EDH

I use this box :
It's recommended by the prof at the tolarian community college and by me :)
It fits 6 commander + tons of token.
Here is mine with 4 commanders, 2 unfinished ones, tokens and a double sleeved modern deck.

For taking it from one place to another, I use a normal backpack.

u/redli0nswift · 3 pointsr/dominion

I use these card boxes based on a review I saw in YouTube. It fits several expansions easily and I was concerned about the Hobby lobby case weight and ease of transporting.

u/getsniped · 3 pointsr/mtgcube

I have mine in a KMC box. Rather cheap, sturdy locking, hold sleeved cards well and in general I just wish I had bought more of the boxes.

It may not be as good as the Cube Vault, but may be a good option till that is back on the market.

I saw it in a video from The Professor - Youtube

u/jonhwoods · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

To store my cards on the shelf I use BCW cardboard boxes 500 to 800 long. Cheap and effective. These get worn out pretty quickly in a backpack though.

On the go, I use a KMC Card Barrier Box 1000. It's a little expensive, but the form factor is perfect for a backpack, the box is sturdy and my cards are well protected. The way the box is divided makes it easy to not have the cards rattle. TCC Review

u/scented_turtleshell · 3 pointsr/dropmix

I use KMC Perfect Fits and KMC Hyper Mattes to double-sleeve everything. You can still easily get a 5+ stack to read on the board with this set up.

I also use a KMC box to store everything and it works great. Sturdy, cheap, plenty of room. Definitely recommend it.

u/onyxavenger · 3 pointsr/EDH

I use the [KMC Card Box 1000] ( and have been satisfied with its capacity and durability. Single sleeved, it can hold 8 decks if you're not picky (two decks will spill over the fixed dividers), or 6 decks with two nice sections for tokens/counters/dice.
EDIT: Fixed link

u/Amorphous_Shadow · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips
u/cynic-clinic · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

At the moment, your options are largely limited to this (edit: and the other boxes linked in the comments below) for deck boxes and this for card sleeves. You'll note that all of these are Ultra Pro products, and none of them are particularly desirable. I would be very happy if KMC or similar got into the oversized card market - niche as it may be - in response to the renewed interest in Planechase.

u/johnjust · 3 pointsr/magicTCG
  1. KMC does sell clear Hyper Mattes.

  2. There are some unfun Planes, but probably only 4-5 at the most. You can find 6 to remove probably, but it leaves you with no extras. In the end, it's unfortunate to have to buy 3, but at least you have extras (which can also be used for Archenemy or oversized Commander cards). In fact, you can get a 2-pack from Amazon for around the same price as one single pack (which is weird), so you might just want to get 2 of those. As mentioned, there is an oversized deck box for holding them as well.

  3. Not really - you'd be better off carrying the 4 decks in a fat pack/deck builder's toolkit box.

  4. Probably not - again, you'd be better off carrying the 4 decks in a fat pack/deck builder's toolkit box.

  5. I'd save the box, as using it with sleeved cards/deck boxes (other than the provided slide boxes) wasn't really the intended purpose. The box itself is so thin (in depth) that I don't think even removing the plastic inner piece would allow it to fit regular deck boxes inside. Moreover, a box that size won't fit into a bag easily, whereas a fat pack box and the oversized deck box will fit almost anywhere (allowing you to preserve the original box for display/something else).

    Edit: Additionally, the Planar die that comes with the set is about 2x the size of a normal Planar die, so even finding a place for that is hard. I carry around a set of Chessex dice - the plastic case has some extra room for a normal Planar die if you have one of those sitting around (you basically put the d4, d6, d8 and Planar die at the bottom, then the d20/d10 next and the d12/d10 on top of that - should be an almost perfect fit). Or, you could always use a regular d6 and use 1/6 for Chaos/Planeswalk, respectively.

    Edit 2 - Forgot about the Planechase tokens... they're double-sided, so grab a pack of penny sleeves for those - that way, they're protected and still easy to use on both sides. You should have enough room left in the fat pack/deck builder's toolkit box for them along with the 4 double-sleeved decks.
u/aether_tech · 3 pointsr/magicTCG


Binder page:

They do exist - yes. Its however up to you to find the best deal on them, this is just a quick google search I Did.

u/mcandre · 3 pointsr/boardgames

How big are Cosmic Encounter race cards?

Magic: The Gathering oversize sleeves can accommodate 3" x 5.5".

Another option is to go ahead and laminate them. I think Staples sells laminating kits.

u/vonDinobot · 3 pointsr/TransformersTCG

These are fine options:

I have the first one. It easily fits 2 decks and you can take out the piece that makes it into seperate compartments if you want it to hold all your large cards. I do that sometimes for trading, I just keep my battle cards in a regular deckbox if I do.

The second box doesn't do that, though.

u/philequal · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Dominion - Hinterlands for $25.92
Dominion - Adventures for $29.18
Munchkin Zombies for $14.42
Munchkin Booty for $16.36

u/ShockwaveMTME · 3 pointsr/EDH

May i suggest this?

It allows you to keep 3 double sleeved Decks easily.

This may also suit your needs if you prefer a more fashionable exterior and secured from accidental opening.

u/rickboo · 3 pointsr/FourSouls

Ultimate Guard UGD010085 - Stack...

I got this one :)
All the cards fit in there, and the expension too i hope.

u/DRUMS11 · 3 pointsr/TransformersTCG

The UtraPro Pro-Tower should work, though I'm not thrilled with the premium price tag.

edit: UltraPro also makes an "oversized deck box""oversized deck box" that is rather simpler and cheaper.

u/relikter · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

Dragon Shield makes a 4-compartment box that might fit your needs, it claims to hold 300+ sleeved cards, though I've not used one myself.

See here and here.

Tolarian Community College reviewed the deck box last month.

u/dreadbobdarthpants · 3 pointsr/legendarymarvel

You can get a 500 count box of Deck Guard sleeves for $19.94 with Prime on Amazon.

Many of the reviewers recommend them for Legendary.


u/booshmeister169 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I use a quiver for a lot of my card games. Goes with me everywhere!

u/bkallday13 · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

Quiver - it’s sturdy and portable. I use one for commander decks and one for small card and board games -
Quiver Black Playing Card Case - Carrying Deck Case with PU Leather Exterior with Double Zipper, Dividers, Hand & Shoulder Strap - Fits up to 1300 Cards - Deck Box Compatible + 100 Card Sleeves

u/TheOnlyAlduc · 3 pointsr/KeyforgeGame
u/A_Paper_Ape · 3 pointsr/yugioh

Personally I use the Ultimate guard classic twin flip and tray deck boxes as they comfortably store my 2 double sleeved decks w/ full extra & side and have a draw for odd stuff like counters and dice. but to be honest if you only used single sleeved decks and used a shared pool of extra and side deck cards they you should be able to squeeze in 4 decks. But if your insistant on carryying 8 decks in a single box then one of your few options is the quiver.

u/Phrost_ · 3 pointsr/magicTCG
u/buoyantChicken · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I know that the quiver comes pretty highly regarded. Bonus that it's designed to be portable.

I wouldn't do it myself. I feel like I would forget about all the games I put in it. Seems like it would be harder to sell people on playing a game without the box for people to see.

u/Zylo_001 · 3 pointsr/EDH

I quite like the Quiver ( ) for carrying my decks to play. Hold about 6-7 decks in boulders + room for dice. When they go on sale they are at about $20 usd/each. Satin towers end up getting too heavy when carrying multiple of them and aren't compact. Rather just have a dice/token bag if I need one. I'd consider the Stanley cases, but I haven't seen any with square enclosures in my country.

u/KnitPrincess · 3 pointsr/EDH

Jeez, that's hard. I feel like his best bet would be this case called "The Quiver" and then a couple smaller double deck boxes like these I have both of those and they're kinda expensive, but the quiver holds 5ish double sleeved commander decks, and the ultimate guard holds 2 double sleeved commander decks plus a little dice compartment. You could probably squish a 6th in the quiver, but I would rather not risk damaging my cards. So maybe 2 quivers or some combination of quivers and double deck boxes? Or maybe a better option would be to take a look at a pirate lab bag like this one unfortunately I don't have any experience with that bag though so I can't speak for it's quality. If he doesn't like any of these I'd go check out Tolarian Community College Youtube channel, he has an entire series on deck box reviews. Good luck!

u/MustangDuvall · 3 pointsr/EDH

To carry all these, I don't think there's a good "premium" solution. However, I got the Quiver deckbox (
and it carries all 6 of my decks. Pretty nice.

u/SWTBFH · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

Cheap wood and cheap latches, no thanks. I'd rather get a(nother) Quiver. My current one is holding a 360-card cube, 200 lands, (all double sleeved) and dividers with no problem.

u/Xunae · 3 pointsr/dndnext

This is the deck box I use. This is my solution for storing them, making them easy to travel with, and making them minimally organized.

mine fit in card sleeves (the kind you'd use for a magic the gathering deck). I then put them in a deck box and separate the token types with cards. The deck box above is nice because I use flat standees and the middle space holds the bases well.

This is very similar to the binder of coins posted above, but this is easier for me to travel with.

u/Rojatrotzen · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

This would be a good fit; they’re currently out of black on amazon but maybe gray would be okay?

Alternatively you could find the same variety that is for just one deck, but the twins aren’t that much more expensive and it’s nice to hold two

u/Schleckenmiester · 3 pointsr/playingcards

Caseling case ment for Cards Against Humanity but I bought it for these instead. Was only $19 on

u/stay_frosty75 · 3 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I'm copying my previous post:

I bought this off Amazon

Caseling Xtra Large Case 1650 cards

Cheap, holds 1650 cards (less sleeved I'm guessing), and has moveable dividers. Loving it. Room enough for all my cards and space to grow, and easy storage.

u/onthenerdyside · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

One thing I don't think I've seen u/ProfessorSTAFF cover is the clear Ultra Pro boxes as Commander deck boxes. I've got all my commander decks in these and they fit single-sleeved EDH decks just fine, and you can put your commander out front for display or easy recognition. Now, they obviously don't fit the oversized commanders from precons, but the regular versions work just fine. My only complaint is that I can't squeeze a toploader into the box, but that's true of most deck boxes.

I also have a canvas tool bag that I carry a bunch of stuff in for bringing it to second locations.

u/dj_gengar · 2 pointsr/magicTCG
u/ADClinton · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

Simple, affordable, and will protect your cards. Just bought one (I was using a Legendary: Dark City box before it). Definitely feels a lot better carrying it around in that than the cardboard box.

I store my 800 card MTG proxy cube (as thick as double sleeved cards) and carry lands separately in one of the duel deck carriers for when I build another cube so I don't have to sleeve additional basics and just carry them separately to use with every cube I own.

u/McArthurWheeler · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

BCW boxes. You can find them at card shops all over. Sometimes shops that focus on sports cards (baseball, etc) can be cheaper on these. I have read the 5000 count boxes can't handle the weight that well so I always stuck with 3200 and below. I have all sorts of sizes and never had any issues. Most everyone uses these boxes in some capacity.

Probably is above the budget but KMC has a Card Barrier Box 1000 that is very nice for sleeved cards. I use those for most my better cards that I keep sleeved.

u/kellygene · 2 pointsr/magicTCG
u/bantknight · 2 pointsr/EDH

I use this KMC to hold my edh decks: Card Box 1000 The professor reviewed it and recommended it. I use it to hold 3 double sleeved decks, 4 single sleeved decks and tokens/extra cards.

u/mxzf · 2 pointsr/boardgames

What about something like this? Apparently it'll hold something like 6x 60-card decks per row, so up to 12 decks or a bit fewer plus some storage space for dice or whatever. It doesn't have perfect pre-made dividers for each and every section, but getting a slice of cardstock or foamcore to separate different decks in a compartment is trivial.

Another good idea would be to search the /r/magictcg subreddit for "multi-deck boxes" or something like that, since I'm positive the topic has come up on there a few times.

u/kdrakari · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Those cardboard boxes are sturdier than you would think, and if they're full then that amount of magic cards is going to be cumbersome regardless of storage. One thing you can do if you're moving with them is stack them all in a big bin with a lid like this to keep them together and a bit extra protection.

If you're willing to spend extra money there are plastic boxes that work well, but something like this is a bit better than cardboard, but a lot more expensive for a lot less space.

u/rkho · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

I have a bland KMC Card Barrier Box storing my 540 Powered Cube at this time, I'm waiting on a commission from Aaron Cain that will hopefully arrive around the holidays.

Lands and tokens are in standard cardboard boxes, but those will be integrated into the wooden box once I get it.

u/thefathermapple · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

The KMC Card Box is really good. It has my dragon shield matte sleeved 360 Khan's Cube and 300 land for all my other cubes, including a Commander cube. It would be a good fit, but close.

Edit: link.

u/MaskedThespian · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I use the KMC Card Barrier Box 1000. Each one can hold at least 7 sleeved Commander decks, perhaps more if you squeeze them in and don't mind them being separated across compartments.

u/karawapo · 2 pointsr/AscensionGame
u/Jojo_Fine · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I just got this for my 540 card cube and it seems to fit the cards + basics really nicely. About half my cards are double-sleeved.

u/ProteanScott · 2 pointsr/tabletopgamedesign

There's two different questions here, so I'm going to try to address each on its own.

The easier question is: presuming you have a way to lay out the cards, how do you get them into a physical "card" form?

Personally, I think the best approach is to use card sleeves. You can get good sleeves for about $6.40 per 100 count:

They're eminently re-usable, and can be purchased in many different colors. That gives you the flexibility to use solid color backed sleeves (to avoid printing card backs), or, if you need double-sided cards with unique information on both sides, use clear sleeves.

Once you have your sleeves, you have a few options.

If you have a lot of excess cards laying around (e.g. M:tG commons, etc), I would suggest printing your cards on standard weight paper. Then, cut the cards to size, put a scrap card in the sleeve, and slide your printed card in front of that. It will fit very snugly, and give the feel of a real card. You can even do this double-sided with transparent-backed sleeves (basically make a sandwich with the scrap card in the middle).

If, on the other hand, you either don't have scrap cards on hand, or don't want to use them like that, you can print on card stock. You can get this done at any copy shop (e.g. a FedEx Office / Kinko's / Office Max / etc). Be aware, though, that it's not cheap. If you print on their heaviest stock, you're probably looking at $2-$2.75 per page (depending on double sided or not), and each page will only fit 9 standard sized cards. However, the end result, in sleeves, is quite good for a prototype.

Now, the harder question: how do you do the layout in the first place?

Probably the easiest approach is what you've said: use a word processor, like Microsoft Word. What I'd suggest is, start a new document, set the document margins to about 1/4 of an inch all around, and then make a 3x3 cell table (each cell representing a card). If you do this, and print black and white, and do it at home, it won't be terribly expensive. You could also bring the file to a copy shop and print there.

A harder way to go, but one that gives you a lot more fine-tuned control, is to use a desktop publishing program. The problem here is, a lot of them are quite expensive. The good news is, there's a fairly decent open source one, called Scribus:

This is what I use, personally. It's good both for card layout, but also for rulebooks and the like. It is absolutely going to be more complicated than just using Word, and if you aren't comfortable getting a little more technical, may not be a good fit for you. But, if you are willing to learn it, it's very powerful.

Either way, you want to lay out a grid of cards on a page, preferably with some markings to indicate where to cut. Then, either get a paper cutter ($10 or less at an office supply store), or use one at your local copy shop (they likely have a large wheel cutter you can use for free, though they probably would prefer it be used on stuff you printed there). Cut away, and insert into sleeves as previously discussed.

That's the basic way I do it, and it's great for getting a functional prototype pretty cheaply, with many parts that can be re-used. Plus, you can easily write on your printed cards if you need to modify them, until you feel confident enough to print a new set with updates later in the process.

Hope that helps!

(Edit to add: I should have said, if you use something like Scribus, you'll probably also want an image editor (e.g. Photoshop, Gimp, etc). I do a lot of individual card layout in Photoshop, and then use Scribus to combine them all into a single printable PDF with all the cards included).

u/costofanarchy · 2 pointsr/magicTCG
u/razaflame · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Using this one

Just one fits all 2009 and 2012 and promo sleeved Planes after you take the freely removable divider out

u/Lilgodzilla6 · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

This should work.

As well as this

The worst case is you buy the cheaper one and you're out a few bucks. I would recommend however, checking around your LGS to see if they have any options there that they could let you try out or use to see if you like it.

u/vatechguy · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I like the duel deck boxes - UltraPro makes a generic version of it.

(Take the actual deck boxes out of it and it fits the oversized sleeved planechase cards.)

u/absynthinwonderland · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If you haven't played Munchkin you absolutely need to get it. It's an amazing card game! There's actually a zombie version of it which is probably my favorite one. It's good for a decent amount of age ranges too which is great. My husband, our friends, and I are all 20-21. We play it with my husband's cousins who are about your boyfriend's daughter's age. We also play it with my mother-in-law. I absolutely cannot tell you how much you need to get this game. It's amazing.

Zombie Munchkin

u/EdenSB · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I will be /u/EdenSB for Halloween. I'm not at home and I left my costume items a continent away. This may disqualify me from this contest. Halloween isn't really a thing here, so I can't even buy a new one.

  2. I have a lot of candy on my wishlist, such as this one or these which I'd like for my Halloween class event, but they may not get here in time for Halloween if ordered. My favorite item would be this though, which is related only in that it's zombies.

    Good luck in your interview!
u/greath · 2 pointsr/AskMen




P.S. That's three links ;)

u/vxcosmicowl · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Why not make an advent calendar using red and green card sleeves? Get a foamcore board/posterboard/whatever and some card cases that are opaque on one side. Attach the clear side to the poster board and put number stickers and other decorations on the opaque side, then just slide the cards into the cases! Easy-peasy and not too expensive :)

example of card sleeves

Example of advent calendar

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/dominion

That is my observation, as well. I checked Amazon for some pricing, and they even sell just the base cards. At $20 or less for a new set of base cards, I don't see sleeves as being a viable option.

u/maximumbamboozle · 2 pointsr/yugioh


u/josandercock · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Ultra pro sell these six compartment deck boxes with enough room for 6 decks I believe. I can’t remember what they’re called but they’re a clear acrylic material and relatively cheap. I’ll try to find them online.

So it’s ultimate guard that sell the 6 compartment boxes: 6 deck box

And ultra pro sell these 4 compartment boxes: 4 deck box

u/glennfk · 2 pointsr/magicTCG
u/Engineerbob · 2 pointsr/EDH

I picked up one of these, and really like it!

I can fit 2 decks in it, one in each tray, then where the "oversized" cards are supposed to go, I put two top loaders which hold each commander. I keep the rest of my decks in fat pack boxes... but I am looking to either get more of the tower boxes, or find another solution for bulk decks.

I keep my dice in a Canon lens bag like this They make great dice bags, and dont cost anything if you buy a fancy lens first!

I usually carry everything in my camera backpack it works great to have a backpack that is already designed to hold heavy junk. (plus, I can bring my camera too)

u/october_5 · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

This has been around for a while and you can find an unmarked one here

It's actually my favorite deck box. I love putting sleeves in along with some basic lands, pen and paper and dice and going to a draft with everything I need. It's bulky, but I can just grab this thing and hold on to it rather than taking a whole backpack.

I have owned several and found the one major weakness to be the magnetic closure. Some boxes the closure may not eb set in properly and this will cause the closure to be weak. On those boxes I used low profile velcro ovals to fasten the box closed and it works just as well. On other boxes the magnets work just fine.

u/IceRay42 · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

For deck boxes I recommend a Pro Tower Deck Box which conveniently holds two fully sleeved decks, and has additional space for any bits, or backup decks you'd like to carry. Once I got tired of sifting through an unsorted compartment for bits, I spent a few dollars on a small tackle box (I use this) to keep things sorted.

As for sleeves, this is a much more personal preference issue, but like Anlysia mentioned you're looking for "standard" TCG sized sleeves. Fantasy Flight has their own brand, but it'll come down to what you're looking for. Some people like to have cool cardbacks/art, some play strictly for the feel of the sleeve, and still others measure them strictly on durability.

For my money, I swear by Dragon Shield Mattes

They feel wonderful, stand up well over time, and come in all of the 5 colors of MtG. 10 bucks will be enough sleeves for both a runner and a corp deck, so they're not cheap, as sleeves go, but earn their investment over time.

u/firedogee · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

This is my solution from Harbor Freight (used 20% of coupons for everything). The Aluminum case includes pluck foam and it is really nice looking for the price. It fits this command/speed dial case and this
tokens/dice case very well.

I use one of their larger plastic divider small parts cases for squadrons and ship bases. As you can tell, I don't like the more popular tackle/stacking box approach very much.

For all my cards I use this bc I can't stand binder sheets...

u/MDivisor · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

I've been pretty happy with using these Dragon Shield storage boxes. They're cheap and widely available at least in Finland where I am.

One of those boxes pretty much exactly holds one full cycle (deluxe + APs) of encounter cards sleeved. I've made simple separators out of cardboard for the different encounter sets. Fair warning: for most cycles it's a little bit of a tight fit so getting the cards out of the box for play can be a bit inelegant. For me it's not a big problem.

This of course makes the original core set box not really useful, but I have almost every expansion by now and they're not going to fit in there anyway.

Player cards I have in binders (or smaller deckboxes for decks I've built with them).

u/Stottymod · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

This box has two sides, each that fit about 150. Each side has an optional separator in the middle, that can be removed.

u/BeyondSadistic · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

Personally? I use BCW Mattes. You can get a pack of 500 through amazon from 14-18 dollars. I have never had one of these sleeves break. The fronts are matte, they shuffle well. I've sleeved through easily 15,000 of these sleeves and never once had an issue with miscut or breakage. The price does fluctuate on them through Amazon so I try to buy boxes of them when they are down to the 15 dollar range.


BCW Mattes

For cubing I stick to the blacks. I've tried their other colors for constructed but they are definitely see through. These sleeves are thinner than Dragonshields for sure. I LOVE Dragonshields, but the fact that we have multiple cubes, it was just more economical and I really have been impressed with the BCWs at their price point!

u/JonnyRotten · 2 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

BCW 500 Count Deck Guard BLACK MATTE Finish for Stardard Size Collectable Cards - Deck Protector Sleeves [Display Bundle - 10 Packs]

u/Xirion11 · 2 pointsr/mtgcube
u/Cottonjaw · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

I always recommend the Quiver. Its a little pricey (although on sale right now) but its the last deck box you will ever buy. Mine is currently holding 5 runner and 4 Corp decks, 2 MTG decks and tokens.

u/TheGuyInAShirtAndTie · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Im a fan of the Quiver which also is conveniently wide enough to hold a Sign in Blood Life Pad and deep enough I can store a couple small Chessex containers.

u/Darth_Meatloaf · 2 pointsr/EDH
u/Hasuko · 2 pointsr/boardgames

I think you might have misunderstood my question... I mean something like this:

But I'm looking specifically for one that works well with oversized cards.

u/Bioq · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

QuiverTime $40 zipper closed, includes shoulder strap, and fits a 360 cube perfectly.

u/rodneystubbs · 2 pointsr/swdestiny

I just got this in the mail and it works really well. Fits two decks + dice in the sides and then the middle compartment can fit more dice or tokens.

u/viticulturalist · 2 pointsr/boardgames

If you're looking for a more affordable solution, I would recommend buying this case card ($20) for storing deckboxes + bagged components. You would then use something like a laptop sleeve ($10) to store boards and other paper bits.

u/wurms2 · 2 pointsr/XWingTMG

This case here at AMAZON

I use it for my tournaments for passed 3 years. IMG HERE and HERE

Awhile back, I got velcro strips, and made loops, TO DO THIS It keeps the ships very secure when traveling around in a backpack. And at tourneys, no worrying about them falling over.

u/Artelinde · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

This is the only one I know of:

Ultra Pro Artist Series PRO-Tower Deck Box

Sorry if that’s the double box you already knew about.

u/HollowYoshi · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Unfortunately they're not great, the border size is inconsistent and sometimes the name of the card can get partially covered.

u/TheWorldHatesPaul · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Actually I am almost done foiling out BW Edrazi & Taxes and started looking into this as well. I went with KMC Perfect Hard + Dragonshield Mattes, and just got the Perfect Hards a couple days ago and re-sleeved. To give you an idea of the thickness increase, prior to that I was using a Ultra Pro 2-Piece 150 Count Clear Card Storage Box for the double-sleeved deck, sleeved sideboard, and extra inner/outer sleeves. (FYI, I love this deck box and use them for all my other decks.) After going with the Hards, the 60 card deck fits fine in the storage box, but not the SB and extra sleeves. This is even after 24-hours of the sleeves sitting under some very heavy programming books. So yeah, that combo does add a good amount of thickness, but they do feel great when shuffling, and I like the added protection. Edit: I tested with Ultra Pro Eclipse and hated them, totally muted the foiling effect and didn't feel any better than DS mattes.

As for a new deck box, I just ordered a Ultra Pro Satin Tower Deck Box. I really hope it fits all the cards and the top doesn't open in my backpack.

u/xDrSchnugglesx · 2 pointsr/EDH

They never break, are dirt cheap, and you can tell what deck it is at a glance.

Literally the only downside is that if you drop one half of the box, it’s loud as balls. But don’t drop them and you’re fine.

u/cromonolith · 2 pointsr/magicTCG


This thread has someone saying they use the 150-count boxes for EDH decks. Also the Amazon page for the 150 count box has questions about EDH decks.

If you google a bit I'm sure you can find people talking about them or at least find the measurements of the box.

u/mysterious_gamer · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Last time I travelled with games I bought some of the ultrapro hard plastic deck boxes and a hard plastic project case. Games like Splendor can fit in a deck box. Games with boards / bigger components fit in a mix of deck box and in the project case.

I think I brought 10 or so games with me in 1 project case and 4 or so deck boxes and the hard plastic kept everything safe even in a checked bag.

u/DABuehl · 2 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I have my stored in a couple of these. One contains the player cards and bits to play the game. The other is encounter cards and the scenario pamphlets. Had I to do over, I'd probably just get one of the 4 or 5 row boxes. It fills up fast.

Within the box, I organize using the cheap Ultra-Pro deck boxes and team bags

u/fastwalker0 · 2 pointsr/XWingTMG

(Hope 3rd time post will bypass whatever is going on with reddit servers.)

I use Ultra Pro Deck Boxes and buy them in bulk. You can store specific types of cards in a different colored box. They hold a lot of cards sleeved and unsleeved. They're cheap. And pretty durable.

Ultra Pro Deck Box 5 Set -- $8.38

u/bkwrm13 · 2 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Just don't buy one of these or one like it. Want say it's amazing except it has freaking rounded edges. No idea what rocket scientist thought that would be a good idea, but it has a definite chance of bending cards at the 4 corners. I have stiff white dividers placed at the front and back as a precaution and the front right one is already bent on the inner corner somehow. And that's with it sitting on my shelf 90% of the time and hasn't traveled much at all since I bought it.

Picked up a crappy wooden project box and am probably going to make my own foamcore insert for it.

u/improbitas · 1 pointr/EDH

Kmc 1000 card box. Holds exactly 8 edh decks. I have 8 in mine, sleeved with dragon shield matte (the thickest sleeves you will find), and about 10 double sleeved cards in each deck on average, so there is a bit of extra room.

You can also find it on ebay. Recommended!

Only bad part is the unsymmetrical space dividers, but thats not much of an issue. Its actually makes it perfect if you want 6 decks + dice and tokens..

u/SnickySnacks · 1 pointr/dropmix

I'm using one of these:

It's currently way too big for the number of released cards, but I'm playing the long game, here.

u/inatube · 1 pointr/magicTCG

When my cube was 360, it fit snuggly in two fatpacks.

When I expanded to 450, I got this:

You can get it shipped for ~$20, though it takes several weeks if you live in the U.S.A.

400-410 of the 450 cube cards take the whole top row, and lands and tokens plus the remaining cube cards fill the middle of the bottom row.

The smaller slots on either side of the bottom row are blank at the moment, so if/when I push north of 450, that's where those cards will go.

If I stayed at 360 and shaved back on lands (if I were consistently playing with 4-6-players, for example) then I would use the side slots of the bottom row for card, and use the center well for the dice bag we use.

u/jreilly89 · 1 pointr/gaslandsplayers

I use this box and it works great. Usually you can find it at a hobby store for like $10.


u/barbariandice · 1 pointr/boardgames

KMC Card Box 1000 fits sleeved cards well and still has room with 600 sleeved cards.

u/QueenofCoils · 1 pointr/EDH

This isn't anything fancy but 1000ct KMC Box is really sturdy, I used to store my EDH battlebox in one & me and the hubby store our standard/modern/pauper collection in them as well :)

u/joqose · 1 pointr/EDH

I use this.

It does require using some dividers since the compartments are fixed, but it fits 8 sleeved decks very nicely.

u/LightningBolt12 · 1 pointr/magicTCG

I use a big clear plastic box that KMC makes for my EDH decks. It will hold 6 double sleeved EDH decks in total.

u/MichMusic · 1 pointr/magicTCG

If they are sleeved, i would suggest the kmc 1000 box. I have 1 for my modern stuff and one for my legacy stuff. I have them sorted by color and and have been super happy.

Card Box 1000

u/Bockon · 1 pointr/Doomtown

I have all of the expansions and have every card sleeved in dragon shield sleeves. These boxes fit sleeved cards perfectly. You might need a couple boxes to fit everything at this point but they are well worth the money. These boxes aren't the same as the plano card boxes or other competitors. The others just don't fit sleeved cards at all.

u/Yakmotek7 · 1 pointr/swdestiny

Probably not the best for taking a single deck to a tournament or storing the whole first set, but not bad for now. I used a KMC Card Barrier Box, available on Amazon and typically shipped out of Japan for about $15.

I cut the interior dice trays out of 2x starter sets to fit the larger container openings:

There is room for another 40'ish dice below the trays. Lots of room for 2x decks and the rest of your cards:

Looking forward to see what other people come up with whether it be tackle boxes, laser etched build-a-box, or something else. Thanks for checking it out!

u/Scarecrow1779 · 1 pointr/magicTCG

I got two of these 1000 card boxes and they work pretty well. I can fit 6 100 card, single sleeved decks and another two 60/75 card decks (1 if I want to use a slot for dice/tokens). If only storing 60/75 card decks, then you should be able to fit somewhere between 9 and 11 decks, depending on how tightly you want to pack the cards in.

These are a nice size for me because I can fit two of the boxes in my backpack.

u/spunky10 · 1 pointr/boardgames

Card Box 1000

These fit sleeved cards perfectly. I use these to store Arkham Horror LCG.

Ultra Pro has a similar box but avoid them. Sleeved cards just barely don’t fit.

I also suggest these clear sleeves; super cheap and they allow you to see the art on both sides of the card. Note that they have a foil seal on one side, but they aren’t as obnoxious as they used to be

600 Ultra Pro CLEAR PRO-MATTE Deck Protectors Sleeves Standard Size MTG Pokemon

u/Sky_Octopus · 1 pointr/XWingTMG

Let's see,

  1. I bought SurlyGoodDesign tokens off Etsy and I've generally liked those. Dude sent me some wrong tokens by mistake and immediately responded to my message and sent out the correct ones.
  2. I bought CurledPawCreative templates off of Etsy and those have been really nice. You have to paint them yourself but they come with tape attached so you just have to paint how you want, let it dry, then remove the tape and you're good to go. Tied to this I bought the HighbridgeDesign template tray holder (with the magnetized lid) and tournament tray that all packs up nicely.
  3. I've bought the deluxe movement dials just because they stack on top of each other nicely. Purely cosmetic
  4. My game mat is one of the FFG ones. As long as the whole thing isn't covered in crazy designs then it's not really distracting imo.
  5. I have some larger Stanley organizers for and a basic cheap card box for storing things at home. When I'm actually going somewhere I have a backpack I keep stuff in. It has the following stuff in it:
    1. Hardcase with customizable foam and affordable that I keep my Republic stuff in, including bases and movement dials
    2. Feldherr box for my rebel stuff, including bases and movement dials. This is smaller than the thing above though. The specific one I bought is one that holds the Falcon but it's no longer sold on Amazon at least. But really any of them can work.
    3. The HighbridgeDesign template and tournament trays.
    4. Card Box that has my sleeved cards, obstacles, medium bases, damage deck, and then also contains smaller plastic containers that have my dice, various other cardboard tokens, ship indicators, and my normal tokens.
      1. Token Storage
      2. Dice Storage and misc cardboard


        All that said, my setup time is not super quick but I can take quite a lot with me and it's just lugging around a backpack.
u/derankerdave · 1 pointr/EDH

I know you're looking for a box for a single deck, but here's what I'm using (despite the ghetto amazon page):

I'm not sure about the "1000" card claim, but so far I can fit 7 commander decks plus a boatload of tokens in there, so if you're eventually in the market for compact storage of larger quantities of cards in a single container, this thing has treated me well since day one.

I'd also like to add it likely fits far more than what I have in it - everything is comfortably situated, not tight at all. So it could probably fit up to 8 decks + tokens if you work it right.

u/PoppedCollars · 1 pointr/EDH

I use one of these Harbor Freight cases. The foam is perforated into squares so you can remove it to make custom spots for deck boxes. For my standard and modern decks, I made individual slots for deck boxes to fit.

For my commander decks, I removed all of the foam except one layer around the end and one divider up the middle. Then pop 2 of the KMC Card Box 1000's in there and it holds 16 decks pretty perfectly.

u/vizzini63 · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/thr33littlebirds · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What do you use for organization? I was thinking about getting this, but I'm not sure.

u/GenerousWineMerchant · 1 pointr/EDH

Yes! I am separating my cards into 3 of these boxes + 1 shoe box:

Box 1: EDH Staples that I am very likely to put into a deck

Box 2: Excess EDH staples and cards I may put into a deck, but probably won't

Box 3: Basic land and other junk cards

Shoe Box: junk I probably should throw away and excess basic land

I sort by color:



Non-basic Lands






u/jankyclown · 1 pointr/EDH

I keep hearing good things about the KMC 1000 card box. If it fits your needs, I think it's hard to beat for the price.

u/TommyNookah · 1 pointr/AGOTBoardGame

Do you mean one sleeve specifically to store 7 cards between games?

That's pretty specific; I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like that. If you want to protect your cards you might consider getting deck protectors for each individual card and then getting a box to store them in, although I'm not actually sure if the house cards fit into deck protectors.

Hope this helps.

u/jb0414 · 1 pointr/Munchkin

I use Yugioh sleeves like these - . They're a little big, but they work well enough. They are a bit slippery, so it does limit the max safe height of the draw decks.

And then for Dungeons/Caverns/Hideouts I think it's these - . They are oversized Magic the Gathering sleeves.

u/KingKozuma · 1 pointr/ChronoClashSystemGame

I haven't measured them myself but I believe, they are 3.5 x 5 in. If so, these should fit them:

Ultra Pro Oversized Protectors

u/asifsaj · 1 pointr/yugioh

Well I looked up a couple, but they aren't up to six. the First one is a deck box that holds 2 decks and the second is a deck box that holds 3
(First one)[] (Second)[]

u/leebenningfield · 1 pointr/magicTCG

I was planning on buying some of these, and a bunch of these in the appropriate colors. Basically the same as the Duel Deck boxes, without the matching designs.

u/Team_ZS_Kcet · 1 pointr/EDH

Alternatively the oversized ultra pro sleeves with the magic card backing on them work too, they are top loaders.

I don't know about double sleeved, but my single sleeved set fits in one of those 2 deck boxes that have a removable divider in them.

Hopefully this link works

Just toss/ keep the divider and they'll fit nice. I'm one set short of the complete planechase set, but it'll fit all of them easy.

u/JustHere4theNachos · 1 pointr/TransformersTCG

I'm using the binder pages u/ImNotDareDvl linked to for collection storage and for deck storage I got this deck box last week as an experiment:

It's constructed just like one of Ultra Pro's jank plastic deck boxes, which I've never been a fan of, but it fits 2 sleeved battle decks and easily holds bot cards in top loaders (assuming you're using 3.5 x 5 top loaders) for both decks in the larger space behind them. Only lacks storage for dice/counters.



u/xerexerex · 1 pointr/zombies

Munchkin Zombies

Munchkin has come out with a version for pretty much anything you'd want.

u/foebot · 1 pointr/secretsanta

Zombie Fluxx is fun! And there's also Munchkin Zombies :)

u/zombicore · 1 pointr/Munchkin

here you go. This is just the base pack, there are expansions that come with the Massdrop bundle.

u/dipshitdipshit · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That's adorable /u/bunnysoup!

Really? That long?

How about these sleeves

u/hoppenscooter · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I could really use these card sleeves. I need to organize decks from several different card games (I have a problem) and I want to prevent damaging them. Plus, they're my favorite color.

u/Darqueling · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

I am using colored sleeves:
and Deck Boxes:

I use these to "color code" my decks that I prebuild, as I only have 3 decks and do not for see myself changing them for quite some time, it works for me. Yeah you lose the back art, but it is useful when keeping track of items that are equipped to other players when cleaning up. I liked the FFG sleeves with the ring art on them, but they were a bit expensive for my blood.

Storage wise for cards that are not being used as well as encounter deck stuff, check out this post we have on our site:

I am doing something similar with the tabs (downloaded from BGG) as they will bit perfectly into the core set box, but I am going to laminate them to protect the tabs. Cutting these out takes a LONG time btw, but worth it.

u/catamountgal · 1 pointr/boardgames

Amazon sells this which has the cards to make the base game up to 6 players, but many don’t recommend playing it with that many players.

u/annodomini · 1 pointr/dominion

The regular base set is just called Dominion. This is a fully playable game, and the cards have the simplest mechanics, so it is good for getting started.

Dominion: Intrigue is an expansion, but it comes with all of the base cards (coins, victory point cards, and curses) necessary to play the game, so it can be used as a standalone game or an expansion for the base game.

All of the other expansions require you to already have the base cards. However, you can actually buy the base cards separately, and buy an expansion that doesn't have them, if you really don't want to buy one of the two sets that includes them. You'll then need to download the basic rules online, since the rules for each of the expansions just describes the rules for that expansion.

I think the best options for starting out would be just getting Dominion, or maybe that plus one or two expansions, or getting Dominion Big Box which includes the base set and two expansions (Prosperity and Seaside). You could also just start out with Dominion: Intrigue if you wanted.

Dominion is best with 2 players, but I think it works well for 3 and 4 players as well. It's definitely a lighter, more random game with 4 players, while you can really get into the strategy with 2 players; both are fine, depending on what you're looking for. If you combine Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue (or add an extra set of base cards) you could play with up to 6 players in a single game, but I think it would really start to drag at that point. Better to just play two 3-player games instead.

/u/r2d8 getinfo long

u/gunnarsig · 1 pointr/dominion

I see everyone here doesn't like to play with 5+, when I have to agree it makes for better games to split up to 2 and 3, you should try yourself anyway.

And for that you need another set of the base-cards(can be bought alone like this , or through buying 1st edition Intrigue) . I will recommend buying the base cards itself because, the 1st edition of Intrigue isn't that great in comparison with other expansions.

When you have the extra base cards, and if you don't want to split your group the extra rules is like this:

Instead of 12 Provinces, you play with 15 for 5, and 18 for 6. All other victory cards are the same number(except the starting estates which ofc is three more). And the game is over when any four supply piles are empty, or the provinces are empty as usual.

Remember to also add 10 extra curses for each extra player, and add all the extra money from the base cards.

u/JB4GDI · 1 pointr/boardgames

Assuming you purchased the regular Dominion set, or the base cards set my recommendations are unchanged from here

Prosperity - This is the most straightforward and fun expansion, and can actually lead to shorter games with all the big money cards. #1 purchase for sure.

Guilds - Excellent cards to mix in with a big box. Love the new coin mechanic, since it's easy and fun.

Seaside - Duration cards can be hard to keep track of, but excellent cards all around here.

Hinterlands - Great to mix in with something. Nothing too fancy, just fun.

Cornucopia - Good batch of cards, but because they focus on a varied deck, some cards can be super weak.

Intrigue - Some good cards, but by adding choices to everything it really slows down the game.

Dark Ages - While there are some awesome cards here, most of them increase the complexity, leading to way
longer games. Recommended for very experienced players only.

Alchemy - The least fun expansion. Requiring the potion cards to buy is a weird mechanic and a lot of the cards are just not great.

u/anonymous_redditor91 · 1 pointr/dominion

My favorite expansion is Dark Ages, but Intrigue, Seaside, or Prosperity are also all good picks for your first expansion. I'd look on the Dominion wiki for the list of cards to see which one you'd think you'd like best.

> Also, if I want to play this game with 5-6 people, do I need another version of the base game?

You need additional base cards, which you can buy by themselves.

u/DeftMunky · 1 pointr/boardgames

Why sleeve Dominion when you can just buy another set of the core cards?

I think the main reason to sleeve a game is to prevent the wear from unbalancing the game. For Dominion, knowing if you're going to draw a copper or estate changes how you play. Getting a fresh set of those cards helps the wear on them be less apparent.

u/PronouncedOiler · 1 pointr/dominion

If you don't, the new style base cards are pretty cheap.

u/Mr_Momomoto · 1 pointr/boardgames

I have one of these with a bunch of card games in. The games change occasionally, but here's what in it right now:

  • Red7
  • Loot
  • Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
  • High Society
  • Hocus
  • Little Devils
  • Linko!
  • Koi Pond
  • Kigi
  • Pairs
  • Coloretto

    Packing for game nights, I pretty much grab 3-6 games, plus this box. It's great.
u/shawnuranusdiaz · 1 pointr/magicTCG
u/HotforSega · 1 pointr/Pauper

Dude just put your cards in a ziplock and toss it in your backpack.

Jk I uses these (Ultimate Guard Stack 'n' Safe Deck Box (480 Cards) I have two in my backpack. It's a little bulky but they work well and were pretty inexpensive. I just keep a slot open for dice and some tokens.

u/Tosplayer99 · 1 pointr/FinalFantasyTCG

If you are a player and less of a collector, I have a binder where I put my sleeved (KMC or UltraPro) Foil or Ultra Rare cards since they wont be used and are just for "prestige".

From my Common-normalRares I have a big deckbox with one of those Drybags which will help protecting the cards from moist air.

Here is the Deckbox I use

I mean in the end - you paid money for the cards so why not protecting them from dust and moist air. If like you said I have cards that are common but very commonly used or very good Ill sleeve a playset (3) of them.

I use only 2 Colors, Green and Orange Sleeves, green are all cards I use for decks and for playing so I can quickly build or change a deck without needing to unsleeve and resleeve cards (I mean I have my deck + like 30 other possible deck support cards in those sleeves, no every card) and the orange ones are for cards which have a high value or are for selling or trading.

u/digiman619 · 1 pointr/magicTCG
u/generaltechnobi · 1 pointr/yugioh

I use these for bulk storage. They hold about 840 unsleeved cards each, and they'll be nicer to your cards in the long run than tins.

u/drhman1971 · 1 pointr/killteam
u/TheYellowTea · 1 pointr/Netrunner

Sorry but it can't hold all of the tokens. I would say it fits about half of them. This is totally enough for me and I take this setup to tournaments and gamenights. But if you want to store everything you might look for another solution.

Maybe this one Pro Tower

I have not used this but it seems like it can fit 2 decks and most or all of the tokens.

u/PHOTON_BANDIT · 1 pointr/EDH

we must be talking about different boxes lol

perhaps i wasnt using the right name lol.

this one has a magnetic latch

u/medicfourlife · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/RansomMan · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

I have most scenarios in a Go7gaming box insert (make sure you order the correct insert if you decide to go with this one; apparently there is a newer run of Lord of the Rings Card game Core boxes that were a slightly different size. The lgc-006 insert fits both sizes). I love it, but I have mostly replaced the acrylic dividers with card board dividers in order to pack as many cards as possible. Also, I don't sleeve my encounter cards.

My player cards are in a large binder with Ultra Pro, 9-pocket card pages with colored dividers for each sphere.

I have my current deck/s and scenarios along with Team Covenant Adventure Tokens and various dice (for threat tracking and willpower counting, etc.) in this deck box called the Pro Tower.

u/ManbosMambo · 1 pointr/magicTCG

They are the same size as the oversized Commander cards as well as Planechase, which I believe are all 3x5 inches.

I see that they should fit on the size chart lying down in the main compartment, but that seems like an awkward solution for people who like to keep them with their counterpart decks, as it may not close with several of these stacked beneath a deck. That's pretty much what I am wondering.

Also, it looks like if you used some of the real-estate on the bottom of the lid, you could probably add a simple means of holding oversized cards. (It's super picky, but the one thing keeping me with my current box is that it holds my Archenemy deck as well)

u/areyow · 1 pointr/boardgames

I bought This Pro Tower after someone posted it on here before. As a bit of a challenge, I made my travel box with the intent of getting a wide variety of small-box travel-easy games for between 2 and 6 players.


I've managed to fit the following games:

  • Game of Thrones: Hand of the King
  • Cockroach Poker
  • Red7
  • No Thanks!
  • Fugitive (sleeved) - without the optional game board, but with the whiteboard and marker
  • Fox in the Forest (sleeved)
  • LoveLetter/DeadDrop (sleeved)
  • Deck of Cards

    I love it and it travels with me almost everywhere. I'm debating trying to fit Mint delivery in there in lieu or Red7/Loveletter.
u/mgormsen · 1 pointr/swdestiny

FFGC was selling these the other week. I really like it for carrying 2 decks, dice and tokens.

for storage, we have been using one of these, but it has gotten a little small now.

u/djreeves2 · 1 pointr/FinalFantasyTCG

I think they're the Dragon Shield Clear card holders:


u/him6786 · 1 pointr/magicTCG

I just watched the Tolarian Academy review videos on deckboxes today. The guy didn't specify whether or not these held double sleeved commander deck, but he did say the 4 compartment boxes will hold 2 double sleeved commander decks. Those might be worth looking in to.

u/BBDEN · 1 pointr/magicTCG

yeah, i guess my post wasn't that informative. I am moving around about 7 modern decks and 7 sideboards. I don't have enough of the cards i need to run 7 different decks so i use deck lists and a two fat pack boxes to make decks and sb when i go play. I just wanted something that can hold BULK but wont ware and will protect 5,000 $ in cards.

I want something like the dragon shield long deck boxes, but a little stronger and about double the space.

Thank you! Something a little better than this with 2-3 times the storage.

u/DylanShikari · 1 pointr/yugioh

Is this the one mate? Just don't want to buy the wrong one! Dragon Shield Four-Compartment Storage Box - Black

u/Urtho · 1 pointr/boardgames

I have found these to be acceptable quality for boardgames. Heck I even sleeve up my Vintage and draft MTG decks in them.

u/windwolf777 · 1 pointr/EDH

I only have 1 deck at the moment, however I have a few yugioh decks and [this] works absolutely wonderfully. It comes with several velcro dividers that can keep your decks separate,

TCC did a review of it [here] starting at 5:08. I also recommend just going through his entire review series.

Oh.....Huh, interesting choices gatherer

u/CurtLablue · 1 pointr/swdestiny

I bought this that can hold 4 ultra pro boxes with a central divide for tokens. It's a little more expensive but works amazing. I put my deck in one box and my dice in another. So I can carry two full decks and tokens in an awesome carry case that is well made.
How I use mine.

I guess it's currently out of stock but it's 50 bucks when it's back in Stock and it's one of my favorite buys.

u/Sharpmint · 1 pointr/magicTCG

No plans for it currently!

I think you should petition Quivertime to make a 2-row case - they can probably get to market faster than I could at a lower cost.

Though if they don't want to, I guess a Kickstarter could be arranged many moons from now.

u/bunbunfriedrice · 1 pointr/magicTCG

This is awesome! I actually just recently started doing the same thing. I'm aiming for 60 cards each for CMC 1 through 8. Then it drops off quickly for 9 and up. Please check out my list here (it hasn't been trimmed yet) and let me know if you have any recommendations!

Can you tell me more about your rule changes? Looks like your tokens go into the graveyard--but are they still tokens? E.g. is bounce still removal? I actually like this interaction as it allows for more spot removal. In general I tried to choose cards with lots of interaction.

You also added a morph element? How does that work?

It looks like you're triggering cast effects? Otherwise Desolation Twin seems odd. Also why Prowling Serpopard?

I've also considered being able to activate Momir's ability twice per turn. My slots for 3 and especially 4 have lots of spot removal, so it could be an interesting choice to choose, say, two 4 drops vs one 8 drop when your opponent has a big threat.

Let me know! Excited to hear about a fellow paper Momir player!

PS This carrying case is awesome.

u/Karliente · 1 pointr/magicTCG

So this is also a very late reply but for everyone still looking for a solution - I think I found it for me.

After hours of searching I finally ended up buying a card case made by Quiver.
What can I say - the quality of the case is brilliant and it almost seems like it was MADE for those 10 guild kits, considering how they perfectly fit into the case.

At the top there is still space for some accessories like the 10 life dice, the badges and so on. I put some extra modificator dice in, as well as a self-made summary of all the guilds.
Even with all the accessories the case still closes without problems.
So I think the case is worth its price and I can only recommend it.

u/PDespereaux · 1 pointr/mtgcube

I use a Quiver to store and transport my cube. It's just big enough to hold a double sleeved 360 cube with lands and tokens.

If you don't have your cube double sleeved or you carry lands and tokens in a separate case you can probably fit up to 540 in there!

u/jcjlee · 1 pointr/magicTCG

I use a Quiver case for mine. It's double your price range but I was really happy with it. Sleek exterior, interior built with sleeves in mind. Cards Against Humanity has blessed us with a larger market for people looking for large capacity card cases. I'd take a look at the comparable items to this case and see if anything piques your interest.

u/Pillowsword · 1 pointr/magicTCG

Portable Game Card Carrying Case, Stylish PU Leather Exterior with Double Zipper, Dividers, Wrist Strap & Shoulder Strap | Holds up to 1350 Cards | Deck Box Compatible | Plus: 100 Transparent Sleeves

u/festerduley · 1 pointr/boardgames

I'm curious, too. My buddy has everything but 1 expansion sleeved and in 2 of the big boxes. That's including most of the 1 deck expansions.

Have you tried something like The Quiver? It only holds 1,450 cards, but at least it's very portable.

u/Melvit · 1 pointr/boardgames

I've seen this as a solution for card based games, but I don't think it will help you with the other ones:

u/_windfish_ · 1 pointr/magicTCG

It sounds like you would be interested in the card quiver.

u/SocorroTortoise · 1 pointr/EDH

I picked up one of these a little while ago. It's a little on the pricey side, but I wanted something nice and largely self contained. It comfortably fits about a hundred sleeved tokens, a double sleeved deck, three single sleeved decks, and a couple of the chessex dice boxes. Velcro dividers inside so it's fairly customizable. It's obviously not going to hold as much as a backpack, so probably not what you're after if you're carrying around a trade binder or lots of peripheral stuff, but I've liked it so far.

u/Popcynical · 1 pointr/EDH
I highly recommend this case, it fits 7 sleeved edh decks snugly with Velcro dividers so you don't have to bother with boxes, however it only comes with 5 Velcro dividers so I need to use one of the hard plastic dividers to separate the sixth and seventh deck.

u/Neffelo · 1 pointr/EDH

The Xenoskin flip n tray double from ultimate guard is by far my favorite deckbox. I can fit 100 double sleeved cards on one half, all my dice in the middle and then any tokens/emblems/etc on the other half.

Ultimate guard by far makes the best deckboxes in my opinion.

Here is the amazon link:

u/AgentWD40 · 1 pointr/TronMTG
u/BadassNailArt · 1 pointr/boardgames

Caseling has done me well. This, or this depending on your size needs

u/Noxus1504 · 1 pointr/BossMonster

Caseling Extra Large Hard Case (2 Row) for C. A. H. Card Game. Fits the Main Game, All 6 Expansions Plus. Includes 6 Moveable Dividers. Fits up to 1650 Cards. - Card Game Sold Separately. Black

It went up in price a bit from when I bought it but it's still a solid cheaper option.

u/genxesis · 1 pointr/swdestiny
u/ferralferrets · 1 pointr/boardgames

Tak - Abstract game, very flexible, very fun! Feels like checkers and chess. Put the pieces in a bag to bring with.

Jump Drive / Race for the Galaxy (put it in a deck box) - engine building VP generation games about space, very replayable.

Cave Vs Cave - Super fun worker placement ish game.

Lost Cities - Fun 2 player game, can be reboxed. Just cards, very deep gameplay from just cards.

Patchwork - Puzzle tetris style game, lovely theme and artwork.

Jaipur - My GF's favorite game, fun little set collection game.

Onitama - Pretty large box, but very fun 2 player game. Could Proxy pieces and bring just the card and roll up board.

I bought this case, and whenever I travel I slap a bunch of small box/card games in it. Makes traveling with games super easy.

u/fireballx777 · 1 pointr/dominion

They're not plastic or cardboard, but I used this for base game + 2 expansions, and upgraded to this for base game + 3 expansions. I've been loving it, very compact for the amount of cards they carry, and very easy to travel with.

u/pickpocket293 · 1 pointr/magicTCG
u/Martecles · 1 pointr/magicTCG

I really like my Ultra Pro Tower: I got it while I was recovering from a stroke, so I know one-handed works. It has space for dice, 100 cards double sleeved and then a space for cards in top loaders, or the oversized commanders/ planechase/ archenemy.

I got it off amazon: Ultra Pro Artist Series PRO-Tower Deck Box

u/yeti1333 · 1 pointr/mtgGore

Just get one of the black border inner sleeves for it.

u/stumbolicious · 1 pointr/mtgcube

It is These and These.

u/8bitArchitect · 1 pointr/Pauper

Probably if you're talking about the thin plastic ones like this...
My BCW boxes fit fine. I did grab a few of the Pirate Lab deckboxes. They come in sets of 5 and fit perfectly. That being said, I'm sure ultra pros fit.

u/IroncladOtter · 1 pointr/dominion

Don’t trust this because I’m not sure it’s gonna work out, but at the moment I have a plan to buy 2 or 3 of these and print those sumpfork tabs. Bob’s your uncle. My main reason to not use the hobby lobby box is because it would be a nightmare to get it to ship to Ireland, and I like the way I could bring this setup on the go by only bringing select boxes. I have no plans to sleeve anything just yet.

u/SolarRaine · 1 pointr/EDH I have one of these and it works quite well!

u/spotted_owl_tits · 0 pointsr/boardgames

I store Tanto Cuore base game + Expanding the house in one of these and it works great.

u/meatwhisper · 0 pointsr/magicTCG

Pick up a quivver... it's not that much more expensive:

u/abx1224 · -1 pointsr/EDH

If you want boxes for all of them, the most efficient options for 100 sleeved cards are here:

Single boxes

These also include detachable dice compartments if you want to include a couple of D20s and D6s for life and counters.


Dual boxes

Pro Tower Deck Box, Black

These hold 2 decks, and come with an extra slot that holds 10ish sleeved cards, or any die smaller than a standard D20.