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CB radio antennas
Heavy Duty Oils & Fluids

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u/WGPMJa8s · 5 pointsr/amateurradio

It's a center loaded CB Antenna

u/Adroit-Albatross · 5 pointsr/crz

Looks like it's in great shape for it's age and mileage (163,420 miles for the metric-impaired like myself).


I have no idea when these batteries tend to fail, tbh. I would think no symptoms is a good sign. As for the coolant, I would definitely change it out for the OEM stuff. It won't cost you much and isn't a difficult job to do yourself, provided you know a place to recycle the old coolant.


I'm curious. Is this a manual or a CVT? How often did you change your transmission fluid (if at all)?

Edit: I snooped your profile and I see you have a manual. How's it holding up?

u/tfellad · 3 pointsr/Cartalk

It sounds as if you have a axle seal leak. Where the cv axle enters the dude if the tranny there is a seal similar to this Timken 710489 Front Axle Shaft Seal So as for your question yes you will have to disassemble to replace that seal. You don't want to risk damage to your "new" cv axle and mostly your transmission.

u/cHicken04 · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

I got something like this last year. The one i had was cool also because you could stake it down to the ground. Definitely an amazing investment as also is better to sit on.

u/RugerRedhawk · 3 pointsr/GoRVing

I have a popup with a 12' awning and still like having an ezup. I put the ez up over the picnic table. The awning is still nice to have a dry spot right outside the door. Also allows us to leave windows open on the awning side if we are leaving for the day and unsure about rain possibilities. I also recommend one of these mats for outside your door:

They are nice because they don't hold water at all and pack up nicely into a case.

u/alauren · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Here you go - 6x9 Rug. It says $28+$10 shipping, but I bought it direct from Amazon for $29 and Prime Shipping. Maybe they will restock it soon!

u/ajkd92 · 2 pointsr/e39

Looks great!! I think I’ll be doing an M rear bumper on mine before too long too. Did you go OEM for it? Aftermarket?

Also, these will let you use those euro tails you’ve got sitting in a box somewhere 😝 I still haven’t done my LCM coding but when I figure it out I’ll pass along the details 😊

Edit: did your suspension refresh include rear subframe bushings? If so, mind my asking where you found the tool? I know it gets rented out on the forums but I keep hoping I’ll magically find one I can buy for not too much haha

u/Jhart911 · 2 pointsr/ToyotaTacoma

It’s custom. For the most part at least. I got the grill insert off of Bulletproof Fabricating . Then the leds off of Amazon . Emblem off of original grill. It’s a pretty easy Mod.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/NewedgeMustang

H&R SuperSports.

H&R 51652-77 Super Sport Spring

I didnt install any Isolators. Rides and handles great. Need to get it in for an alignment, but it doesnt get a lot of miles so not in a huge rush.

u/KB9AZZ · 2 pointsr/amateurradio

There are stud mounts that are PL-259 based. Wilson makes one.

Wilson 305-610 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel CB Antenna Stud

u/GlitterPonyCo · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

You mean something like this?

u/cojonesx · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen

this is what I picked up. I haven't used any so far as my dealer topped off with my 10k service.

u/uselinux · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

This is a USB version for windows laptops. The software has "on board code" reading for Ford misfires. I have this scanner, it was the right price, but I want to get an "odblink lx" Bluetooth, but I am unsure if I can read the ford codes using Bluetooth to android phone software.

I was fighting misfires on a ford 4.2 and last year it was the ignition coil & broken intake manifold runner control rod grommets. This year it was intake sludge under the air plenum. (Cylinder 4,5,6)

Read this article to under stand misfires and Ford

u/Caladbolg2 · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

I use this tool and the software that came with it. I recorded the data to a .csv file and analyzed it myself for the purpose of this post using excel. I have a Surface that I hook up when I do these diagnostics. Any laptop with a USB connection works though. The data you can capture with it is astonishing.

I haven't inspected for any exhaust leaks but I will now that you mention it. I have been able to get the error codes down to only the cat related variety. It's no longer running lean.

I'll have to make some dedicated plans to run this test correctly. I'll log all available data that I possibly can and plot it like I did before for easy consumption.

u/fizzymynizzy · 2 pointsr/hondafit

Yes you are seeing white at the turn signal lights. When I am using side marker lights, low beams or high beams. Those turn signal lights will be white. But when I turn left, right, and hazard it will be back to amber.

Front turn signal LED lights(7444NA):

Front head lights type: 9003/H4/HB2. If you want fog lights it is H8(H11/H8/H9):
DO NOT remove the original manufacture Dielectric Grease on the H4 socket. Unless you using some other brand of Dielectric Grease.

Side marker lights(2) has a bunch of names too. Type 194, T10, W5W(These are also the same lights for driver side(1), front passenger side(1), back passenger(1), trunk(1) and license plates lights(2)):
So, this 10 pack you will be using 8 out of 10. Remember if it doesn't work turn it 180 degree.

Back Reverse lights and back turn signal lights. Type 7443 you will have to get 2 of this. Making it 4 LED bulbs.
Not to worry that the LED is white for turn light. Because the back housing is RED. So White LED + RED = Bright Red. Be warn: We didn't use resistor front and back. So, we are getting hyper flashing.

For the back lights, you will need to use the philip screw driver, the X kind. So, you can take out the housing and install the LEDs. The very top red part are turns on when you use Side markers, low beam and high beam. And those top red lights are LED already. So you don't have to change those. All you need to do is the White one and the bottom Red one for both side. So you need a total of 4 LED type 7443.

You might want to get trim tools. Unless you want to use a t-shirt and a flat head screw driver. But having trim tools can help you with wire management for heads up display and for dash cam wire. I do recommend the trim those thats 13pcs or 14pcs. Because that 1 or 2 extra tool with give you the option to pop those plugs under the front of the car if you are going to replace the fog lights(H8 according to the manual).

Other things we have:
Heads Up Display Model A8:
Now you don't have to guess what speed you are on. We really hate that analog speedometer. 2018 and we still using analog. I notice they are out of stocks. Here are list of HID Model A8:

OBD2 Y-Cable:
1 is for the Heads up display, and the other one for those check warning device.

OBD2 Scanner car diagnostic tool:
there are other ones. You might want to do your research before buying one.

Windshield wiper. Front driver side is 28 inch, Front passenger side is 14 inch. Back rear is 14 inch.
We use this brand. Since silicone last longer than rubber:
We replace the whole thing for the front 2: Pick 28inch and 14inch.

Front Passenger side - 14 Inch:

Driver side - 28 Inch:

I believe this is what we got for the back. It is a refill blade. Be warn. It is hard to installed.


Funnel + Tube:

Trim Tools 12-PCS:

Also, Scotty Kilmer use PIAA silicone wipers:

Optional: Dielectric Grease for the bulbs.

u/jaberwocky69 · 1 pointr/MazdaProtege

I posted this as a possible cause and solution.

I have an OBD scanner that I hook up to my computer found here for $28.00US and free shipping!

Vacuum leaks are a possibility too. Thanks!

Edit: If you subscribed to my subreddit then thank you!

u/Porkbritches · 1 pointr/f150

I was told there was no sludge when the heads were examined, but the oil pump I believe is up to 60 psi.

oil pump

Edit spelling

u/asaltandbuttering · 1 pointr/Diesel

Something like the Provent 200? Can you point to any good source for install procedures? What is the problem it is meant to solve? Forgive my ignorance!

u/zildjian · 1 pointr/4x4

I paid a bit more for my setup, just because I really wanted it to have a certain look and feel. Here's what I'm running in my JK.
Cobra 75WXST - $85
Fire-Flex coax - $20
Spare Tire Mount - $20
Firestik Stud - $8
3ft Firestik - $20
Microphone Mount - $30

The setup is really unobtrusive and I think it looks nice, but everyone is going to have their own opinions on aesthetics. Seriously though, shop around for a bit before committing. There's a zillion combinations of radios, antenna lengths, antenna types, mounting locations, etc to think about. My mounting location (spare tire), for example, is not ideal when it comes to signal propagation. A hood mount would be much better.

u/reboticon · 1 pointr/RealTesla

Take them apart and load the test the cells individually. Individual Prius Cell
. Full 'remanufactured' battery pack

u/RokBo67 · 1 pointr/4Runner

Keep in mind I only did the two orange lights in the center of the grill. These aren't LED headlights.

I used these:

Instruction guide here:

u/choppps · 1 pointr/FJCruiser

I did the same, used these Grand General 77650 Amber Thin Line 6-LED Marker and Clearance Sealed Light

u/ScannerBrightly · 1 pointr/AskReddit

ODB-II to USB Cable and software for 25 bucks. It's not as hard or bad as you think now-a-days.

u/skwolf522 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Looks to be the suction pipe for a pump?

I would install some rubber blocks that are 3m taped to the floor for something that is not permanent.


Something like this.

u/_Loch_Ness_Monster__ · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

Not OP, but the closest thing I found was [this] ( Honestly it looks like you get a far better product by spending three times that price.

u/hells_cowbells · 1 pointr/mazda

It depends on where you get it. Amazon has some that is around $20 for a 2.5 gallon jug.

u/bladeroyce · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

Is this the right one?
Is this a good price, and since it's low is it safe to wait a few days to ship or should I try to find something at walmart that says honda compatible?

u/alphama1e · 0 pointsr/Dynavap

Bad idea. Coconut oil has a smoke temp around 350F. You need a higher smoke temp on whichever oil or grease you use.

Here's a good example:

It's used for food and pharmaceutical equipment. I don't know what flavors might occur while vaping, but it seems safe.

u/Wrxeter · 0 pointsr/4Runner