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u/nopooq · 8 pointsr/Amigurumi

Hi there!

I'd recommend heading over to /r/crochet subreddit if you haven't already. People post about Amigurumi there, too, and their sidebar has some information you can use to learn how to crochet.

Here's a direct link to said sidebar content.

> 1) What should I buy?

You don't need much to get started - a crochet hook or two, some worsted weight yarn, fiberfill (aka polyster stuffing), and a yarn needle. You may also want to get some stitch markers, but if you don't want to spend any more money than the bare minimum, you can use yarn or paper clips as stitch markers. Stitch markers are basically bookmarks, but for yarn crafts. They allow you to mark a certain place in your project so you know where you are, and can easily locate that place again in the future.

For amigurumi, I'd recommend a 4mm crochet hook. This may run on the smaller end (some people may use 5mm or 6mm) but I've read that this is a great hook size to use. The smaller the hook, the smaller the stitches. You want smaller stitches in amigurumi so that the stuffing wont poke through. Otherwise, if you use a hook that's too big, there will be gaps in your toy and it wont look terribly good.

As for yarn - as a starter, I'd highly recommend buying Red Heart Super Saver yarn. This brand is cheap, and it's acrylic, and versatile. It holds up well to time and washing, and it comes in a huge variety of colors. You'll be able to find it at places like Walmart, Joann's Fabric Store, and Michael's (basically, all the big box craft stores will carry it.) It's one of the cheapest yarns in terms of how much yarn you get per unit price.

The weight of the yarn indicates the size of the yarn strand, essentially (in other words, the width of the yarn.) You want something called worsted weight yarn. The Red Heart Super Saver yarn I was talking about before is going to come in worsted weight. Worsted weight is also known as size 4. Take a look at this picture. You see the one image that says 4 on it? That's what you'll see on a yarn label if the size is worsted weight. From that chart, you'll also notice that the recommended hook size for worsted weight yarn is 5.5mm or 6mm instead of the 4 I mentioned earlier. Why the discrepancy? If you're making stuff like blankets, scarves, hats, etc, you'd likely use a 5.5mm or 6mm crochet hook for worsted weight yarn instead of the 4mm. It's okay for these items to be rather "holey" but for amigurumi, since it's a toy, you're going to want to stuff it full of stuffing, and like I said earlier, you really don't want to stuffing to show through - which is why you want to go with a smaller hook. For fun, I'd recommend getting a few hook sizes, though, because I think you'll probably also enjoy making non-amigurumi projects, too.

> 2) Where to buy?

I don't know where you live, but if you're in America, I'd recommend some of the stores I mentioned earlier - Walmart, Michaels, and Joanns.

Of all 3, I noticed Walmart has the BEST prices for yarn. Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS) is $2.50 in Walmarts, but the same item will go for around $4 at Michael's or Joann's. Michaels' and Joann's offer a coupon (just google for "Michaels coupon" or "joann's coupons") - often you can get a 40% off or 50% discount for one item per day, but even WITH this discount, it often comes out to be MORE expensive than Walmart's base price of $2.50. If you don't have any craft stores near you, you can also order yarn online ( As for hooks - prices and availability can vary widely. I got my first set of hooks on Amazon for a GREAT deal - 22 hooks for like $7. (Here's the link). I'm not affiliated with them in any way at all. It's a great deal. I've seen similar sets going for like $60 or $70 at places like Walmart. Just note, I think the silver crochet hooks in this set may be mislabeled, but I haven't ever used them. I don't use this set anymore as I prefer a different (more expensive) type of hook now, but this is a great starter set, and it's cheap!!!

Yarn needles you should be able to find for cheap at any of the stores I mentioned. I'd get a metal one instead of a plastic one because the plastic ones can snap. You want a needle that has an eye thick enough for yarn to go through - not a regular sewing needle for tiny thread! These will go for about $2-$4. Should be pretty cheap.

Note: Joann's and Walmart do PRICE MATCHING. Google it! Walmart will price match with Amazon. I think Joann's will price match with Amazon, too. I've been able to save a ton of money like this. Bring your smartphone and show the cashier the equivalent product online for cheaper, and they'll match the price. If you have amazon prime, SIGN OUT first. Sometimes cashiers will refuse to price match if they see the "Amazon Prime" price (even if it's the same price for regular non-prime users) because they consider Prime a paid membership thing. Just sign out on your phone before showing the cashier, to be safe.

Fiberfill stuffing - super expensive at Michael's. Look at the price per unit if you have to go to Michael's. One time, I saw a huge bag for a certain price. There was another smaller bag, identical brand, identical product, just half the amount, for the SAME price. Such a ripoff, but they can get away with it in places that don't have Walmarts. Get it from Walmart, or Joann's. Brand doesn't really matter for a beginner. I think Fiberfill is a brand name, and is what a lot of people call it, but it's basically polyester stuffing. (Sort of like how people call tissues "Kleenexes.") You're looking for white polyester stuffing. A store associate can probably help if you're confused. Feel free to get store brand if you want. You can also order it online.

I found it ultra cheap at Walmart - $5 for 1 whole pound, which will be enough for multiple amigurumis.

> 3) What's the price range?

For the starting materials above? Well, I'd just buy a few colors of yarn, basic colors for what you want to make. Pick a really easy project first - something with simple shapes, without small details or small parts. Let's say you need 4 colors for your project (one skein of RHSS yarn will go a long way, by the way):

Crochet hook set: $7 from Amazon
Yarn Needle: ~$3
4 skeins of yarn from Walmart: $10
Fiberfill stuffing: $5

Total: $25


Stitch markers $5 (BUY THESE ONLINE from Amazon! You'll likely get ripped off buying them in the store. I got like 100 stitch markers for something like $5 from Amazon, vs paying Michael's $6 for like 12 stitch markers that sucked.)

Stitch counter: $6 I use this one but some people just use a pen and paper. This basically helps you keep track of which row you are on in the project, so that when you put the project down for some time (a few hours, or a few days) you'll remember where you last were. Pen and paper worked fine for me in the beginning. There are also free apps that help you count stitches for Android and iPhone.

Total with optional items: $36

It doesn't have to be expensive to get started at all. Though, to get the best deals, you may need to wait for some things to arrive in the mail (like the crochet hook set.) If you don't want to wait for the hook set, just use the tips I gave you to find a good deal. Check the price of things online before you go out (Walmart, Michaels, and Joanns all have websites that list their prices and availability), check for Michael's Joann's coupons, and price match if you can.

> 4) How do I learn/where do I learn
I was in your shoes last year - didn't know how to crochet at all, but I taught myself from free online resources. If you have a local library, that's a great place to find crochet books, too. There are tons of videos on youtube that'll teach you how to crochet, and you can also find a bunch of links to show you the basic stitches. You'll probably want to start off with finding a guide on how to put the yarn on your hook first, and make a few practice squares just to get the hang of it. Your first few projects will likely look a little lopsided but that's okay. With practice, you'll get much better! My third amigurumi looked leagues better than my first one.

You can always post questions here or /r/crochet if you have any. I'd recommend posting to both for higher visibility.

Search for tutorials online. You'll come across a ton. I'd recommend watching and following alone with some "how to crochet" videos on youtube first. Get to know how to make chain stitches, and single crochets. Then learn how to increase single crochets and decrease. Learning is part of the fun! Then after that, head on over to a site called - this is basically a huge collection of crochet patterns (many of them free!). They also have forums over there that you can use for questions.

Best of luck! And don't be discouraged if you don't understand something. I'd consider myself a decent crocheter now but when I started, I made a TON of hilariously silly mistakes, and yes, at times it was challenging. Some of the simplest things that I can do now without even looking took me days, or WEEKS to figure out on my own. If you get fed up, just put it down, do something else, and come back to it later. You don't have to master the craft in a day, and if you try, you'll just burn out and get discouraged. We all had to start somewhere. Luckily, I've noticed the community is very supportive and helpful, so don't be shy to ask questions!

u/miki678 · 7 pointsr/crochet

Any hook should be the same for a man or woman. The only thing that I would change is to get a bigger handle. This is the one that I use:

My husband uses it too because of his bigger hands. I use it because I have carpal tunnel (from all the crocheting) and it helps my hand relax because it's in a more open position.

u/polgara_buttercup · 5 pointsr/crochet

Save up a little and buy this.

New Set of 47 Ergonomic Crochet...

It's 17.99 and it has everything you need.

I always tell my new crochet students that crochet is like cooking, you can make a great meal with cheap kitchen equipment from Walmart, but sometimes you want to splurge and buy something from Williams and Sonoma!

After you level up your skill, splurge on yarn. Buy something so soft it makes you cry with joy and make something just for you, with the tools in your kit from Amazon! Then splurge again and buy one of those amazing hand carved wooden hooks from Etsy. By then you will have confidence in your skills and know what hook you want.

Welcome to the club!

u/Kyla_R · 5 pointsr/crochet

I bought an interchangeable grip for hooks that are 2.25-6.5mm. It is made to be used with Boye hooks, but I have used it on some of my off-brand ones as well. It accommodates all of those sizes with little colour coded plastic washers that you slip onto the hook before attaching the handle over it. I had already purchased a lot of Boye hooks before I realized that ergonomic ones were necessary, so it made the most sense for me to buy that grip, rather than a whole new set of hooks.

I hold my hooks like I hold a knife, and this grip works well for me. I can crochet for hours without any cramps or soreness. The grip looks huge and clumsy, but it sits very nicely in my (small) hand and allows me to relax all of my fingers over it. It isn't heavy, either. It does take some getting used to, but that would be the same for any hook that is different than the ones you currently use. It's available at Michaels, I used a coupon to get it. I would highly recommend it, especially if you already have a lot of the Boye hooks.

u/TakoLuLu · 5 pointsr/crochet

If you want something that will be compatible with more hook sizes and don't mind spending a little bit of money, I got one of these and absolutely love it:

u/SassySSS · 5 pointsr/crochet

As OP mentioned these are the Knitter's Pride Dreamz Interchangeables Set available on Amazon. :-D

u/kajok · 4 pointsr/crochet

My fiance wants to get into crocheting. I want to get her what she needs to get started, but I have no idea what I'm looking for. Any recommendations on what she would need to get into crocheting would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: I just found this on Amazon does this have everything that she would need (minus the yarn):

u/kayrays · 4 pointsr/crochet

You're probably going to get lots of recommendations for the Clover Armour hooks. It sounds like you've tried hooks like them, though.

I have this grip - it's an ergonomic grip but it might be just the thing you're looking for. It should allow you to relax your hands. I bought mine at Michaels. It's compatible with most metal hooks, though it was designed for the Boye brand books. You just slip a rubber washer over the hook and assemble the handle over it. It works for hooks up to 6.5mm.

u/mystiqueallie · 4 pointsr/crochet

Short of making smaller strips and joining them together, you’ll probably need hooks like these

u/therealganjababe · 4 pointsr/crochet

Hook size is also very important. I would recommend getting a wider range when you can. I have these and I love them–

u/Meeplyitis · 3 pointsr/crochet

If you're really curious about its size, you can get a hook gauge like this, but like ladyintheatre said, for an afghan that slight of a hook difference shouldn't matter.

It appears that standard sizes do change every now and again, but there aren't really conversion charts available for older hooks.

u/dragon34 · 3 pointsr/crochet

I have a set of knitters pride tunisian hooks

There is a 60" cable available

(they are compatible with the knitpicks interchangeables cables as well if you are bistitchual) I think you can get connectors and link the cables together too, but I think a 60" cable would be fine for anything short of a king size afghan.

u/wildnaturemama · 3 pointsr/crochet

Oh yeah, hooks with grips are a must. Especially when working with crochet thread. Even with grips it’s a hand killer on longer projects haha. I bought this set on Amazon and I love it. I have a couple of other Clover brand hooks and I can’t tell the difference between them, in terms of comfort.

But yeah I’m definitely gonna take a short break after I’m done with this one too. My hands hate me enough as it is right now 😂

u/noelplusplus · 3 pointsr/crochet

There's these very fancy and pretty-looking hooks, which basically only work with pencil grip. The way they're designed causes a sort of lever-action in your hand that makes things much easier and faster.

If you don't mind Japanese-style hooks, I've also got some of these Hamanaka double-sided hooks that are also designed to be great for pencil grip. You know those rubber pads they put on pencils sometimes to make them more comfortable for schoolchildren? That's sort of what these remind me of.

u/Destany89 · 3 pointsr/crochet

Get ergonomic crochet hooks or make your current hooks ergonomic by using painter tape and pencil gripes or get these Susan Bates Crochet Hook Cushion Grips 3.75"-2/pkg

I had pencil grips for a while but hot some polymer clay and love those. Not the prettiest but most comfortable since I was able to make the handle to what was best for me.

u/FabulousLemon · 3 pointsr/crochet

If you happen to have a needle and hook gauge you could poke them through the holes to sort them. Next thing I'd try to use is calipers before resorting to a regular ruler since that shape looks way easier to pinch and measure than lining up to a normal ruler with that roundness.

u/shes_so_meh · 3 pointsr/crochet

I got a set like this on amazon when i first started and it was great. Maybe a few non-fancy yarns. Resources like YouTube and reddit are great for learning. Michaels and other craft stores also offer classes.

New Set of 47 Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Set w Rubbery Handles Hook 0.6-6MM, Comfort Grip for Arthritic Hands

u/Melvarine · 3 pointsr/crochet

Try this handle from boye I got mine from Joann's or Michaels, with a coupon, it totally saved me when I made a baby blanket!!

u/alenacooks · 3 pointsr/crochet

When I first started my hands would hurt like crazy if I crocheted for more than an hour or two. I figured out that my problem was that I was keeping an iron grip on the hook. I added these with these on top of them and that's helped a lot. There's also a big ball-type grippy thing that you could get. I hope you find something that helps.

u/CleoMaxine · 3 pointsr/crochet

Boye makes an ergonomic handle that you can interchange your aluminum hooks with. So one handle for all your hooks. I have one and it does take some getting used to with holding it but it really helps with the pain.

Boye Universal Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm not sure what counts as cheap, so this is on my under $10 list and I really need it!

u/tinapasadena · 3 pointsr/crochet

Let me also suggest this handle. It saved my hands from cramping

Boye Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle

u/unrulyginger · 3 pointsr/crochet

Keep your hands dry and your area clean. It is hard enough to practice a new skill, learn to read pattern acronyms, and keep count of stitches all at once.

These things specifically will make it easier:

  • go for center pull yarn when possible, or re-ball what you have (
  • make sure your yarn from your ball to your project can travel freely without hitting obstacles it can snag on like bags, table corners, etc
  • keep your hands and yarn moisture free so it glides smoother - if you're drinking a cold drink, try using a straw to avoid the condensation
  • practice with worsted acrylic or other yarn that can handle being pulled out ("frogged") and re-worked a lot without breaking down
  • start with light yarn so you can clearly see the stitches
  • always take the little bit of time to check gauge:

    a good "beginner kit", with links to what I have and like:

  • at least 2 or 3 crochet hooks in different sizes to learn how they feel and the difference in fabric density - metal are smooth and won't break on you
  • scissor
  • plastic tape measure - I waited so long to buy this and wish I did earlier
  • blunt needles to finish off ends -

    Other than that, have fun with it!! /r/crochet and youtube are your friends
u/Gwyn07 · 3 pointsr/crochet

I have some clover amour hooks and the Boye handle with washers for different hooks sizes. I personally am very dissatisfied with the quality on the Boye handle.... cheaply made rough edges and the washers don't fit right and the colors are too similar. I love Furls Odyssey crochet hooks but they are expensive ($30) I got to try the Furls hooks because I won gift certificate as a prize for one of the sponsored Crochet a longs I participated in.

In ranking order I love:

Furls Odyssey hooks:

Clover Amour

The Susan bates cushions over aluminum hooks:

The knockoff clover hooks from China (bought off eBay for less than $10 including shipping)

Knitters Pride Waves hooks (I know available on Amazon.... I was gifted these):


Basic aluminum hooks with no grips / cushions

Clover soft touch --- uncomfortable and slippery for me

I am battling late stage Lyme disease and co-infections and my joints are painful. I find I must crochet with ergonomic crochet hooks or I cannot crochet at all! I crochet slower than some people but my work is lovely so I am ok with that!

u/IDontItsCinnamon · 3 pointsr/crochet

I think this is pretty cool, especially for a beginner.

u/LianaInStitches · 2 pointsr/crochet

I've seen really giant hooks at craft stores made out of bamboo. Lightweight, but maybe less prone to snapping than plastic.

I've never owned a plastic hook. All of mine are metal, and the largest one I have is a 9mm Susan Bates hook that came in a set. I'm very satisfied with it!

What is it exactly about the cheap hooks that hurt your fingers? Is it because they're too thin? If that's the case, there are some DIY fixes you can do to attach an ergonomic handle to it. Some people put those soft pen/pencil grips around their hooks. Or they'll wrap their hooks in those soft squishy shelf liner mats. There are also ergonomic handles you can buy that will multiple hooks, like this one. You can also use polymer clay to design your own handle. I think I've also seen people wrap masking tape around the handle area of thin hooks to make it wider and easier to grip.

Lastly, aside from Amazon and eBay, I know some small businesses sell handmade hooks from wood. They may be carry large sizes, and this might be an alternative to buying plastic ones.

u/smackperfect · 2 pointsr/crochet

This isn’t quite the hook with the grip, but Susan Bates sells [grips you can slip on the hooks.] (

u/Amandabear323 · 2 pointsr/crochet

Do we have the same crochet hooks?

u/Mama2lbg2 · 2 pointsr/crochet

I had to buy a handle for my hook to be able to muscle thru it. Now with that I love it. Instead of a pencil hold that i normally use , I do a "fist hold?"

Boye Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle

u/silanie · 2 pointsr/FamiliesYouChoose

Sure! Here is the link for the gifs. Super helpful for learning how to start and learning the basic stitches. In terms of YouTube videos, I just searched how to crochet and watched like the first 5 videos I saw. This was the very first one I saw. It's clear, goes slowly, and it's pretty easy to see what she's doing with her hands. If you're left handed, she has a video on how to do it left handed as well. One of my first projects was this scarf. Honestly it turned out pretty crooked and lumpy, hahah. It takes a bit of practice to get the tension and the gauge right. For your first project I'd start with something simple like a scarf, or a hat, or coasters, etc.

In terms of materials you'll need, there's [this](LIHAO 22pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks Knitting Knit Needles Weave Yarn Set set of hooks good for starting. I still use them tbh. The different sizes are useful for different sizes of yarn/different projects. I've used the bigger sizes for thick hats and the smaller sizes for making stuffed animals, aka amigurumi. Usually the yarn or the pattern will say what size hook you need. /r/crochet is really nice about helping people with questions! Feel free to pm me with any questions or anything too, though I'm still a bit new to it as well. :) I hope you enjoy it!

u/embertouchtehfire · 2 pointsr/crochet

Well, I find most of them that are just swirled mashes of colors simply ugly. But I tried it anyway.

I thought the point of adding the clay was to make them easier to hold, but I have smallish hands and there just isn't enough there to make the grip feel better --just clunky and heavy. I went back to using my [Boyde Ergo hook cover.] ( Some of the hooks wobble (non boyde hooks) a bit but a rubber-band can fix that.

u/mildsamosa · 2 pointsr/GiftIdeas

Sure, you could say something like, "Man my hand cramps from writing ( Or doodling) too much, does your hand hurt from holding that little hook when you crochet?"

Then maybe she'll mention it. And you can ask her are the hooks like the size of pens, etc.

Or you could ask to see her latest project and go, "Wow! How do you make all those stitches ? !" And maybe she'll get her hook out and show you. And you can look to see if it's a plain narrow handle like a pen or a sculpted molded handle to make it wider.

If she doesn't get the hook out you'll have to ask her specifically to show you with her hook how it's done. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Also there are cute personalized gifts like t-shirts and such with the crochet theme on Etsy.


Also some ergonomic sets are pretty reasonable on Amazon

Like this

And they cone with a cute travel case and other supplies she may not have.

u/labeille87 · 2 pointsr/crochet

Welcome to your new addiction. Save your hands and buy these. They have a softness around the hook so the metal wont rub your hand raw. There are tons of different brands for these hooks but I use this brand. My favorite yarn- "I love this yarn" by hobby lobby, it is extremely soft and relatively cheap (usually $4 a roll). Also buy yourself some bobby pins from your local dollar store. These work great for stitch markers. To keep your rows "even" and straight, it helps if you place a stitch marker in the first stitch of every row. Happy hooking!

u/budgiebum · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need this crochet handle so my hands don't hurt so much when I try to learn. It's on arts and crafts list.

I need this egg slicer Because 1 it's adorable and 2 I eat a lot of egg sandwiches and this would make my life so much easier and delicious.

u/Callix · 2 pointsr/crochet

I got what I think is the same set? On amazon for $8.50

LIHAO Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks Knitting Knit Needles Weave Yarn Set- 22 pieces

u/Nope4321z · 2 pointsr/crochet

Athena's Elements Crochet Hooks 12 USA Sizes - Longer and Smooth Crochet Needles - Comfortable and Easy to Hold Ergonomic Crochet Hook - Best Set for Arthritic Hands with Yarn Needles B 2.25mm - L 8mm

u/hmgrace11 · 2 pointsr/crochet

That's brilliant, lol.

I do actually really like my Tulips (and got them on Amazon for significantly cheaper than I've seen them elsewhere - link below - though they were $40 when I got them, they're still cheaper here than most other places), but was just kind of baffled that I can't find many inline options. Apparently it's really only a US thing, though, so maybe that's why.

Tulip TP1166 Etimo Crochet Hook Set

u/Albi_9 · 2 pointsr/MultipleSclerosis

Have you tried ergonomic handles? I’m in a crochet group on Facebook, a number of the ladies in the group have arthritis and swear by these. I’m not sure if it would help you or not, but it’s worth a shot.

Boye Universal Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle

u/SaggingZebra · 2 pointsr/Brochet

So, the type of crochet you want to do is called amigurumi. You can find great free patterns and YouTube videos with just a google search. The best part about amigurumi, it is cheap to start and materials are easy to find. You should be able to find everything for about $20-$25 total. For hooks, go for something on the smaller side between a size E and size G (3.00 mm to 4.00 mm). For yarn you should look for a general worsted weight, aka size 4. The package will have a picture with a number like this. A good cheap option is Red Heart Super Saver; it can be scratchy, but it's cheap, has lots of colors and the stiffness is good for amigurumi. Next, grab a stitch marker, which is just a little safety pin looking thing so you can mark your first stitch on each round. You can buy them or just use a paper clip. Then, get some yarn tapestry needles, to sew arms and legs to bodies. Finally, you will need some stuffing for your project, like this.


You can find everything at your local Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnnes. You can pick up a kit on Amazon here if you prefer. Yarn goes on sale all of the time so you can look around.


I hope that helps. If you have any more questions, /r/Brochet and /r/crochet are great resources too.

u/LovelyLu78 · 2 pointsr/crochet

It was suggested to me to try these hooks with my pencil grip.

I'm also suffering pain but in my wrists. Unfortunately I can't try the compression gloves because I have some weird allergy with yarn and the friction of having something on my skin makes it worse 😞

u/Squillows · 2 pointsr/crochet

I recommend Boye ergonomic hook, you can put your metal hooks in it and I've found it far better than the clover hooks at preventing cramp.

u/MDMSLL · 2 pointsr/crochet

This is a super cheap generic set of Chinese hooks I got from a random Pinterest ad. Amazon has these as well, and they also come in all black. They are branded as ergonomic, so that will help you narrow down your search as you price match.

NABLUE 8pcs Colorful Crochet Hooks Set,Retro Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Set,Ergonomic Grip Handle With Case

The yarn is the good old reliable Alize Diva Stretch. In my profile you can find some finished bikini and a lace top made with the same product. Also helps to compare prices, as it's mostly sold by women from Eastern Europe and prices can range from $10 a skein to $20 for a set of 5 skeins. Even with import fees eating a third of my bill, it's still cheaper than looking for something like that locally. Fast drying swimwear yarn isn't readily available.

Hope this helps, feel free to nudge me any time!

u/TimeLoveAndYarn · 2 pointsr/crochet

Have you considered maybe, even though your hooks have ergonomic handles, maybe they arent BIG enough? I have nerve damage that makes my fingers numb and found that bigger handles were what I needed. My thumb and hand would ache because since I cant feel anything, I was essentially death-gripping my hooks for fear of dropping them.

This is a kind of universal handle you can put hooks into:

Boye Crochet Dude Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Handle (3421001)

Here's a listing on etsy that shows a couple different shaped hooks you can get. I personally own on of the red, heart candy box ones and use it all the time:

u/photostyle85 · 2 pointsr/crochet

Dophee 12 Sizes 1.2M 48" Afghan Tunisian Carbonized Bamboo Needle Crochet Hooks Set

These are inline. Most Tunisian hooks I’ve seen are inline, so curious that you can only find tapered!

u/harvester-of-sorrow- · 2 pointsr/crochetpatterns

You could use a Tunisian stitch! I am eternally working on a Tardis blanket using Tunisian stitch, and I planned it out in “pixels” like your Arcanine pic!

Here is my afghan so far, excuse my hand in there lol it does roll a little so I was holding down the edges. But just so you can see an example of what the pixel pattern looks like with the Tunisian stitch. The back is admittedly messy with all the colour changes, so I plan on sewing fabric on the back to cover all of it when finished!

Keep in mind I’ve never done C2C, so I might be doing it the hard way! But I love the Tunisian stitch because it’s very thick! You do need special hooks, especially for an Afghan, I got this set and they are awesome! The Tunisian stitch is like a mix between knitting and crochet, so you keep the loops on the hook for alternating rows. You can find tons of tutorials on YouTube and it’s super easy once you get the hang of it!

u/arhoglen · 2 pointsr/crochet

Crochet Hook Ergonomic Adapter check other websites for better prices, but that is the idea.

u/cdtap3a · 2 pointsr/crochet

Get ergonomic hooks. They don’t have to be expensive. I’ve had these for about a year and I wish I would have got them sooner

Athena's Elements Crochet Hooks 12 USA Sizes - Longer and Smooth Crochet Needles - Comfortable and Easy to Hold Ergonomic Crochet Hook - Best Set for Arthritic Hands with Yarn Needles B 2.25mm - L 8mm

u/katykatesxo · 2 pointsr/crochet

I would maybe try one of these for her,
Boye 3421001001 Ergonomic Aluminium Crochet Handle - Multicolour

You use it with regular metal hooks but this makes a really wide soft (rubber) handle for you to hold onto and it's not expensive so if it doesn't work out for her you've not wasted a lot

u/mkhammar · 2 pointsr/crochet

Honestly I would say no. It doesn't actually include any crochet hooks, and many of those accessories are actually for knitting. Like those plastic things with the bump in the middle, and those extra giant safety pins. I don't have either of these sets, but they seem well reviewed:
Set 1
Set 2
If you were aiming to spend about $20 you might try adding a ball of yarn or a beginning crochet book, since these sets are a hair cheaper.

u/GalacticQuack · 2 pointsr/crochet

I'm thinking about trying this giant handle thing. I haven't tried the silicone ergonomic ones yet though. Good luck!

u/pm_me_your_ampersand · 2 pointsr/crochet

Also, this Boye Ergonomic Crochet Handle is a must have! I'm in my 30s and get hand cramps if I don't use a hook with some cushion. This handle fits all my hooks.

u/hipsterhijabi · 2 pointsr/crochet

They're really nice quality! Made out of bamboo. The hooks go from size 1.00 mm up to 10 mm.

Here's a link to purchase them (warning! Canada Amazon link!)

20Pcs Bamboo Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Set with Case

u/mleftpeel · 2 pointsr/crochet These are $10 for the set right now and they don't totally alleviate wrist pain but they do help! For me the biggest difference has been working to keep my wrist straight and have good posture for non-crochet things like typing; then I can crochet without pain.

u/iggymama · 2 pointsr/crochet I have this one. It has space for the ergo and regular ones, plus lots of pockets for notions!

u/imcalledsars · 2 pointsr/Brochet

I really like Clover hooks, but they're pricey. This set on Amazon has been good to me and it's cheap!

u/Muffinfinity · 2 pointsr/crochet

I've been using this ergonomic hook holder, which will fit the boye hooks you already have. It takes some getting used to but I find I don't end up putting pressure on my hands as much when I use it, if that makes sense. It might be something relatively inexpensive to try if you would rather avoid buying new hooks. I bought mine at my local Michael's and was able to use a 40 percent off coupon.

u/KakBak · 2 pointsr/crochet

I just ordered (See my other comment) these ergonomical crochet hooks for her! I knew she has maybe one size only in that fashion, so now she will have the most common ones at least! :)

u/writeandknow · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hi hi, thanks for the contest!

"All my exes live in Texas, that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee."

Edit: It's pretty funny, I did training at a camp in Texas.

Item I would buy for myself

Self explanatory :D

Item I wouldn't buy for myself:

This crochet set

thanks for the contest

u/mrlittlelight · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

crocheting is fun,

Idk if you like to crochet but you should check it out!

u/chookydook · 1 pointr/disability

What do you like to do? Do you like sport, music, exploring, cooking, fashion, art? What are your interests and level of physical limitations? What is your budget? There are honestly so many hobbies you can do out there with only a little thought on how to adapt them.

You mentioned craft. Honestly I've found with most crafts, you pick the one you like and there will be some way to adapt it. Lots of old ladies like crafts, and lots of old ladies have arthritis in their hands, so there are adaptations made for them which you can use with other disabilities. Would you be interested in knitting, or crochet? There are some great grippy gloves, widened hooks/needles, hand supports that can help with reduced motor skills. I used to crochet and used this which was an amazing help. If you use a larger hook and wool (not gigantic) that makes it easier too.

u/Wunderlump_Ken · 1 pointr/crochet

I swear by this grip. It has eliminated my sore hand issues completely.

u/dramawahoo · 1 pointr/crochet

I found this ergonomic handle that I love!! Added bonus, I lose less hooks this way.

u/Ballnuts2 · 1 pointr/crochet

there is a Boye ergo handle which can fit over a K hook that you may use. Boye also has standalone ergo hooks by The Crochet Dude. I use these and find them very comfortable.

u/thismuchvolume · 1 pointr/crochet

It's not a hook persay... but I bought one of these for my girlfriend recently and she says it is really comfortable. It is intended to be used with the metal Boye hooks and is basically a universal handle. I didn't pay anywhere near that much though. I think it was around 9$ at the local Michael's. Her only complaint is the light green part is a bit tacky/grippy. Even so though she still likes it.

u/dogdogduck · 1 pointr/crochet

The joins on those are less than stellar, and I would not trust them to hold the weight of an afghan without coming apart.

If you want individual hooks:

If you'd rather have a set and can swing the price, I'd recommend the interchangeable kind because it's nice to have just the right length of cable for your project:

u/the_real_mvp_is_you · 1 pointr/crochet

Are you using hooks with a wide grip? I have wrist problems myself but my hands don't hurt nearly as much since I switched to hooks that have a wider grip.

These are the ones I use:

u/double-crochet · 1 pointr/crochet

Has she tried any ergonomic hooks or handles? I have the clover Armour and love them. There are also make handles you can put on regular hooks like this:

I don't have experience with that handle, but I've heard from other crocheters with arthritis and wrist pain that it helps quite a bit. Maybe you could give her the yarn, a hook, and one of these handles, if you think it would work for her.

u/chartyourway · 1 pointr/crochet

maybe... i buy them at a local shop (no chain stores in my town, but they are not at walmart here, and i haven't looked at michael's in the next town over, to be honest.), so it's impossible for me to say. but they do seem just like the clover hooks from the picture.

u/bluethegreat1 · 1 pointr/crochet

I don't have carpal tunnel but I couldn't crochet without this: Boye Crochet Dude Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Handle (3421001)

They're sold at Michael's and Walmart too.

u/Squeakers12 · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfPolish

YES! I LOVE making things with my hands! It just... it's a spark in my mind that won't go away until I make it happen!

You should really try!! It's such a relaxing thing to do (though it doesn't pair well with those days where you want to put on a new mani and then work with your yarn....) Go do it! Ok, look, will you do me a favor? try it?

EDIT: actually, better yet, here. Go add this to your amazon wish list and I'll get them for you!

u/SD_Housewife · 1 pointr/crochet

I bought this set of Tulip Etimo hooks last year. It was a splurge, but they are super comfortable and pointed on the end.Tulip Etimo hooks

u/Olderandcranky1967 · 1 pointr/crochet

Get crochet hooks something like this They are larger and softer and you don’t have a death grip when crocheting with them. I gave a workmate a set when he started crocheting (for his first project he crocheted a blanket) and his hands were cramping and he was in pain. These helped his hands immensely. I have rheumatoid arthritis and they help me. I actually have a foam tubing on the end of mine as well as when my hands are bad due the RA I don’t have much of a grip. Your hands will thank you.

u/staticradar · 1 pointr/crochet

i got these for Christmas and am so looking forward to using them. I can't get used to having the big long hook, it's too awkward for my hands.

u/mcac · 1 pointr/crochet

I use the Clover Soft Touch hooks which are certainly better on my fingers than ones without grips, especially since they are so light. The difference isn't that big though for my wrists. If you also hold your hook with a death grip like me, they make really big grips like this that help a lot. You can also make your own by wrapping something around the handle (I used an Ace bandage lol). Another thing that helped me was learning to use my nondominant hand to do more of the work. I use my nondominant hand to yarn over and only use my hook hand to push or pull the hook. Saves my wrist from having to move too much.

u/kurolchan11 · 1 pointr/crochet

I really like the Athena's Elements set on amazon:

u/GooblyNoobly · 1 pointr/crochet

Hi! So as someone who is kind of a beginner myself, I ordered a crochet hook set like this:

I find that the handles are really comfortable and it also comes with your yarn needles to assemble your toys and puppets, placeholder clips for when you're crocheting in the round, and a nice case to keep it all organized. There are different styles for the cases and they're pretty girly but there is a canvas case in a khaki color, and a denim case, which looks a little more masculine if it matters.

As for yarn, I find that it's easy to just go get the colors you want for projects than it would be to get a bunch of new ones to play with. BUT, if getting a bunch of yarn to start with is your cup of tea, there is a bundle of 40 skeins that are 22 yds each in assorted colors here:

Usually amigurumi calls for a worsted weight yarn, but these are one size smaller and would yield smaller and thinner projects. I'm sure if you looked around more, you could find a bundle of worsted weight yarn for a similar price.

I hope you post some of his FOs! It's so exciting to be able to make something yourself from a little piece of yarn and he would get so much love here. ☺️☺️☺️

u/nevilaaa · 1 pointr/crochet

These are the ones I just got. I really like them. They're nothing super special but they're so much more comfortable than the normal acrylic and metal ones I have.

u/Travis100 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I know nothing about Crochet, and I am not creative, so why not more hooks? Don't you need more? I mean, sure you might already have a few different kinds, or at least one backup pair in case you lose one, but what about your back up to your back up? What is all your other hooks disappeared somehow? What if you lost all your other pairs? What if someone broke into your house and took all of your other crochet supplies? WHAT IF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAPPENED AND ALL YOU HAD TO DEFEND YOURSELF WAS CROCHETING HOOKS? HUH? WHAT IF ALL YOU COULD DO WAS STAB ZOMBIES WITH THE HOOKS? WHAT IF YOU NED TO STAB A ZOMBIE AND YOU RUN OUT OF HOOKS? I THINK YOU NEED MORE HOOKS!!!
line goes dead
oh yay another hang up ...
Being a crocheting needles telemarketer is hard.

To be serious, I have no idea what I just typed up there. It was a stupid joke, but really, I am not creative, and these hooks are cheap and seem nice, so why not get them? Also, I have no idea what I would like crocheted, so maybe just surprise me? I'm a guy, so just think of something nice! Maybe you could make me a hat, like a batman mask or something? I guess you would need my head measurements, but I could supply those! :P Or maybe a cape or something. IDK, surprise me!

u/Autumnwood · 1 pointr/crochet

This might not help support your wrist and the damage already there, but it may offload the stress.

This is a ergonomic crochet handle

I just got one yesterday to try. I just picked up crocheting again. Then can you believe after a few small projects, I pinched a nerve! It was a zinger, along the fleshy part between them and forefinger. I haven't crocheted in over a month to let it heal (it is better but still numb along the skin) and I decided to try this instead of pinching a thin hook.

u/Zanooka · 1 pointr/AnimalCrossing

I should, I really should but for now I just take breaks and only work on small projects. I also use an ergonomic hook handle amazon link and that helps a lot.

u/mandykub · 1 pointr/crochet
u/Siamsa55 · 1 pointr/crochet

I looked at that set for valentine's day. The reviews were so-so. I ended up going with this set:
I absolutely love them. I'm sure the rose set would have been nice too but in all honesty, I liked the gray better! :)
I'm also a big fan of the Crochet Dude hooks. They never hurt my hands and come in sizes bigger than 6mm.

u/wannabyte · 1 pointr/crochet

Have you looked into getting an ergonomic hook? I have this one and it works great!

u/RoseFeather · 1 pointr/Brochet

If she already has plain aluminum Boye hooks, I use this thing to make them more ergonomic. It looks silly but it completely stopped the hand and wrist cramps I used to get if I crocheted for too long.

u/MamitaA · 1 pointr/crochet

I'm on mobile so I hope my formatting is good. I got these to try out as my regular set kept giving me numb hands and fingers of I crocheted too long. They are awesome!!! The top review is by an arthritic lady and they allowed her to crochet again, which sold me on it in the first place here