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u/Nekcik · 6 pointsr/SmithAndWesson

My wife bought turn on Amazon for me.
Here is the link

TRIWONDER Cycling Gloves Mountain Road Biking Riding Gloves Breathable Wear-Resisting Shock-Absorbing for Men and Women (Green - Full Finger, M)

u/krsvbg · 4 pointsr/bicycling

Sure thing! I try to be as frugal as possible. Amazon has been good to my wallet.

Base Thermal Kit

Windproof Jacket


Balaclava Mask

Windproof Gloves

The thermal kit is very comfortable and perfect for riding in the 40s and 50s. Once it dips to the 20s and 30s, I add the jacket on top and switch from regular winter skully to the balaclava mask. My feet were noticeably warmer with the overshoes too. If you buy any items, order 1 size bigger. For example, I'm normally XL by American standard. These are Asian manufacturers, so I order XXL.

Happy [warmer] cycling!

u/FuturePigeon · 4 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

These are not either subtle or neutral for work, but these are my favorite bike gloves:

I like the simplicity of these fingerless gloves, but think that if you have any knitting or sewing skills, you could cut out the middle man and make them yourself.

u/wiggee · 4 pointsr/bikecommuting

In the D/FW area, you'll have it easier as a bike commuter than you will as a car commuter for the "once in a while" snow. I'm sure you're used to our lack of salt/sand for the roads, and cars going slower than us on our bicycles. As a year-round commuter here, winters are always much, much happier times for me - but I need to pack more gear!

Right now, we're in the waning hours of summer, so proper hydration is key, and I make use of a cyclic cap and arm coolers to help wick away moisture. But if you've been doing this for the past few months, you know this. The hour change won't make much of a difference for how you cycle.

As for the upcoming Texas winter - layers is key. This past winter, I purchased a stylish face mask which helped keep my face warm in the sub-40-degree-weather. It worked well, but the improper fit was an issue. This winter, I'll probably get a buff instead.

As for the rest of layers, arm and leg warmers are good, because you can just pull them off if you get too hot. Then, dress as normal: a shirt or two, a good jacket, and perhaps a sweater between. Gloves will keep your hands warm, mittens will keep you warmer. A lobster claw mitten will combine both worlds, and still let you use your brakes.

Most of my winter gear went spent its life in a triangle frame bag. It would often be comfortable in the morning, then brisk in the evening (or vice-versa!), so I would need different sets of clothes going each direction. Arm warmers, leg warmers, an extra set of gloves, and a face mask/buff take up pretty little space, so it's good to always have them.

Of course, people in places with "real" winter will laugh at what you and I go through in 30- and 40-degree weather. Whatever it takes to keep you comfortable and riding your bike, that's what you should go for!

u/margirtakk · 4 pointsr/running

From head to toe:

u/origin415 · 4 pointsr/Seattle

Hands. Clothes.

I have three jackets and two pairs of gloves. The three jackets are two spring type jackets that fit over each other, and a raincoat that fits over all of that. Some people wear rain pants but I just transfer my phone and wallet to my raincoat and have wet pants. The two gloves are the ones I linked and light glove liner types, it has never been cold enough that the thick gloves needed the second layer, but it will fit if necessary. With all that I have many choices of what to wear, and can change what I wear to work and back easy enough.

u/Darkhawk007 · 3 pointsr/USPS

I used to go fingerless but my hands were getting destroyed, looked like I had scales over all my nuckles.

I've been using these the last couple years and my hands feel much better and can still flip through almost as easily.

Surprisingly warm for how thin they are and can finger through mail very easily with them because of how tight they are along with the grippy material.

I do tend to to through 2 or 3 a winter though as the fingertips eventually give way and get holes in them but for 10$ a pair I'll take it.

u/lepigpengaming · 3 pointsr/drums

If you're looking for good grip, you can try football or batting gloves. Problem is those often offer so much grip you will lose your sticking fidelity. A lot of drummers are fond of golf gloves. There are also drumming gloves of course, they have a slightly bad reputation unfortunately. Probably because drummers shun gloves so the actual companies in the industry didn't make it a big market.

I actually use Fox Ranger gloves... These are mountain biking gloves. They kind of remind me of Vic Firth's gloves but less shitty. They are very simply and decently comfortable. They have very solid grip on the thumb and fore fingers.

Sick grip and stick tape is also a solution. Some people use hockey tape (not recommended because then you need gloves also). Some people use electrical tape (doesn't improve grip but improves stick durability) and there's also tennis racket tape. That or stick tape from drum brands is very common. It should be a foam like tape that wraps around the base. Or you can get Zildjian dip sticks. I do not like the feel of those. I recently picked up Promark sticks that had "active grip". I have never been a fan of pro mark in particular but their active grip is GREAT. Not sure how well it works for long sessions (sweat?) but the initial feel was amazing. Grippy yet slidy so you can retain stick fidelity and grip even with loose finger techniques. Might pick some up soon.

u/Krackor · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I just picked up a pair of Planet Bike Borealis gloves that are pretty nice. I've been using just the outer shell in Wisconsin for the past month and they are perfect for the 30's. Mostly windproof, but with a little bit of ventilation to prevent sweaty hands. Add the cloth liner and they will keep you warm down into the upper 10's.

The liner is removable only in the new 2011/2012 model, so if that's what you want be sure to shop around. They were only released a month or two ago.

u/JBroms · 2 pointsr/bicycling412

My fingers are the first part of my body to protest when I ride in the winter weather. I tried a few different budget gloves before I said fuck this and coughed up for a pair of Castellis. I use these and my fingers stay nice and toasty. They have quite a few different glove models and it seems like there's plenty of previous year editions out there that might help mitigate the price while still giving you the kind of gloves you'll want.
Make sure to clean your bike more often than you do in the warmer months, salty road spray can do a number on your components. Fenders on your road bike are not a bad idea either.

u/crowek · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Seconding this. You can find them on the Canadian amazon for around 85-110CAD instead of his link. Alternatively you can find them in YYC at BowCycle. They had to hike the price up to 100 because of the dollar sinking, but they sold them to me for 85 so you might be able to convince them. Not sure who else sells them in town - maybe BikeBike. By far my best bike purchase.

edit; ah, just noticed your bar ends. Not sure if the Bowcycle ones fit those. You could ask. Alternatively, there's this.

u/tuckermacleod · 2 pointsr/cycling

my hub dyno lights are integrated, so I'll skip past those

u/hugeyakmen · 2 pointsr/bicycling

check out some Lobster Mitts or Moose Mitts if you really need protection. There are guys who ride in arctic wilderness with mittens like that

u/punk___as · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Gloves. and lights.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/amazondealsus

Price History

  • aegend Winter Cycling Gloves for Men Women Thermal 3M Thinsulate   ^PureLink
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    Never fear, PriceKnight is here!
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u/code_monkey_001 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I wear these gloves, use hippo hands and heated grips. Armored jeans with thermal underwear underneath, two pairs of socks under paratrooper boots, thermal undershirt under work shirt and leather jacket with winter liner installed. Buff for neck and lower face. Kept me not exactly comfortable but no frostbite down to -20°F with windchill last year.

u/Ark18 · 1 pointr/bicycling

I have something like this (the one I have is apparently only on I don't like neoprene style because I find them still cold. These are thicker and looser.

u/wilson1684OW · 1 pointr/onewheel

SULAITE Impact Wrist Guard Fitted...

Full Finger Bike Gloves Unisex...

I typically only wear safety gear when I trail ride. Above is what i wear. I only recently started using wrist guards because of a couple almost disasters that caused my wrists to be very soar. I actually like wearing both at the same time. These are very light wrist guards that only restrict movement but your hands are still usable and comfortable.

u/TheNoob91 · 1 pointr/ElectricSkateboarding

Heres the 2018 edition: Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Glove - Men's Black, L

and heres the 2019 edition: 2019 Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Gloves-Black-L

Theyre the same glove just different color options.

u/a-r-c · 1 pointr/LearnCSGO

I wear cycling gloves

they keep my hands warm, but breathe enough so they don't get sweaty

u/UpTheDownEscalator · 1 pointr/bicycling

Get some new gloves. You can get decent ones online for [$12](Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Bicycle Road Racing Riding Half Finger Gloves with Light Anti-slip Pad Shock-absorbing Biking Sport Gloves for Men and Women

u/Gretna20 · 1 pointr/cycling

I actually would not recommend bar mitts for just 32F (I own bar mitts and love them for Wisconsin riding). Bar mitts really shine and below 20F. I currently have these cheap gloves and they keep my fingers warm down to around 25F, but I do tend to run a bit warmer than most people.

u/inhibitus · 1 pointr/cycling

these should do the trick

u/Qlinkenstein · 1 pointr/running

A very famous runner from the PNW once said:

"There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people"

With that being said, he was one of the founders of Nike and they seem to make a ton of gear for running in inclement weather.

I run in the rain a bunch. If its cool rain, I wear a long sleeve [compression top] ( with a [running rain jacket] ( over the top. I wear [3/4 running tights] ( with [running shorts] ( over them. I use a liberal amount of [2Toms Blister Shield] ( on my feet before I put them in [Injinji Ultra Run] ( socks to keep the blisters down. If it's raining hard, I wear a [long brim hat] ( to keep the rain out of my eyes and if its really cold I wear my [neoprene gloves] ( I make sure to start with dry shoes and dry them after each run. This time of year I rotate three pairs of shoes so that they have time to dry in between rainy runs.

u/Dragoniel · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

> I am going to be looking for warmer gloves this year.

I've ordered mitts. I have tried everything up to ski gloves, and it doesn't really work very well when cycling for over an hour in sub -5c temperatures, no matter the gloves. This, however, should work (in combination with lighter gloves).