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u/Bierp · 60 pointsr/gifs

+1 on this. It's much more pleasant for them. Not enough to make them forgive you for cutting off their privates, but it's a step.


u/spiceydog · 19 pointsr/rarepuppers

Highly recommend Embark! The results take a while to come back, but it was totally worth the wait. There's actually some surveys and other cool things to do during this time, so it doesn't seem to take so long.

Here's my youngest's profile: Derby!!

u/averedge · 17 pointsr/vegan

> shelter vets and workers who tell me the grand majority of the animals they see are completely purebred, healthy and just as good as anything you can buy from a breeder

Not really, there are quite a few times where purebreds come into shelters but for the most part 90% are mutts. "Oh look at this amazing rottweiler! His legs are a bit longer than normal though, probably mixed with something?" normally goes on but it is still listed as a Rottweiler (If your shelter lists the breed). A lot of times they are not seen as damaged goods but like you said, second rate and tons of people are hung up on the breed of dog instead of the love the dog can give.

Very rare cases a shelter will do a DNA test for the dog if they are really curious but no shelter I have worked with will do this unless someone raises funds for it.

u/neurobeegirl · 13 pointsr/Dogtraining

It can be very difficult to guess accurately from appearance! Although I see why that is your guess.

If you are very curious and have some disposable income, you could try one of these genetic testing kits for dogs: They are pretty easy to use and reasonably accurate. If your dog has a very mixed genetic background (ie even her grandparents were all mixed breeds) it will not be able to tell you very well what all the different breeds are, but in most situations it will at least have some relatively close guesses. As long as you know it's mostly for fun and curiosity, the kits are easy to use and interesting.

Very pretty dog, I hope you have a long and happy friendship!

u/funnythebunny · 12 pointsr/cavaliers

Beautiful boy; wishing him a speedy recovery. Our Blenheim does get separation anxiety, but manages quite well with lots of napping. We leave the TV on for her so it itsn't too quiet.

Let you Vet know of this condition (but it seems you suffer more of it than he does) and they'll likely not leave him alone for extended periods. He's likely going to be sedated most of the time and will not realize how much time has passed... They will be monitored as they come out of sedation and will not be left alone during this period; be ready to be there when this happens.

Suggestion, get a ComfyCone instead of the hard plastic cone provided; he'll be more comfortable when sleeping, which will happen a lot after surgery.

Hang in there; this is for the best.

u/poodleboots · 12 pointsr/LifeProTips

It's also used by average people with mutts and shelter dogs, partly to track for hereditary issues (poodles have a higher likelihood of Addison's disease, for example), partly to try and shed light on behaviors ("Oh, my dog is really clever and high energy, and it turns out he's part Collie!"), and partly because some people just want to know what breed(s) their pup is. There are kits available at most pet stores and online, including Amazon.

u/Bellyfluous · 11 pointsr/rarepuppers

Doggo Frendos!

Don't get hard plastic cones. They're heckin uncomfortable! There's a better cone!

The COMFY CONE!! bork bork bork! (that's Fizzgig the Samoyed saying "it'sa good cone!")

(that link should be a plain link, with no referral/affiliate heck added)

(I am not in any way associated with amazon or the comfy cone humans. I am just a frendo of doggos who wants to see them be more comfy with happy borks)

u/tideblue · 9 pointsr/CrappyDesign
u/InIt4theD · 9 pointsr/popping

Just went through this in May with my Lucy (black lab - and tumor came back benign). After her chewing through two cones bought this soft cone and it was awesome. Vet asked where we got it on her check ups.

the original comfy cone, soft pet recovery collar

u/DinkaAnimalLover · 9 pointsr/Rabbits

Is he eating? Why haven't you gone to the vet???

Is he pooping?


A bunny not eating or pooping or if you suspect blockage is always very alarming and a medical emergency. This sounds like the start of GI stasis. GI stasis can kills in 12 hours.

You need to find a RABBIT SAVVY vet (not just a any vet). Here you can find a list of rabbit savvy vets by state:


**To help your bunny you need a few things now (aside from the vet) -**​

  1. BABY gas drops - those are 100% safe and can be given anytime a tummy feels gassy (kind of hard vs squishy as usual). They really work and case save her life when you can't see a vet. Liquid simethicone is the ingredient in Baby or Infant gas drops, which are available over the counter in drugstores and many supermarkets. administer between .5 and 1cc of liquid simethicone orally, using a syringe without needle. These can really have save your bunny’s life.

    1. You can get in any 24 hr CVS and they might help if it is just the start of gas pains.
  2. Metacam - pain meds for bunnies. This is critical as you bunny is likely in pain and a bunny in pain will not eat just making things worse. Do you have any left over from his illness? 0.6 to 0.9 mg per kg is safe every 12 hrs.
  3. Keep the bunny warm - provide a heating pack under the tummy or some warm water bottles next to him. Also a cozy fleece.
  4. You must try to syringe feed bunny if he is not eating - mix some of his usual pellets with water until liquidy/pasty and slowly feed through a syringe every two hours. If you have a blender you can also mix in some fresh herbs. You can put a touch of banana of the tip of the syringe. You can even mix in a touch of banana or some no-sugar added baby food baby food. If you have Critical Care food even better, but if not pellet paste will work in the short term.
  5. Also provide water through a syringe the same way. You can also steep some mint and offer that instead of water or add a touch of no sugar added juice to the water to encourage more drinking (use a bowl vs bottle).
  6. Keep handfeeding veggies and hay.
  7. Offer fresh herbs - dill (has great gut mobility portieres), cilantro, oregano, mint, basil, parsley - these have a strong aroma and can help stimulate bunny appetite and get him to eat more. Rinse them and give them wet for extra hydration.
  8. Try tummy massage, see here for how to do it

    These videos will help you: - how to give meds so bunnies don't mind - how to syringe feed (put a bit of something sweet like banana on the tip to get bun to like it more) - more on how to syringe feed. - how to syringe feed in a less stressful way (more effort but will work better sometimes) - GI stasis treatment - GI stasis treatment - How to Help a Rabbit with Gas Pain
u/Arimmer90 · 8 pointsr/Pets

We had the same problem, and ended up with 4 different cones. The best one was this - KONG EZ Soft E-Collar for Cats and Dogs, Extra-Small
Because it was soft it would bend and she wasn't able to get a good grip on it to pull it off. Also continue with the meds, hope it all works out!

u/TheDapperOne78 · 8 pointsr/dogs

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

u/onceknownasmike · 8 pointsr/Newfoundlander

Fyi you can be sure by doing a dog dna test: Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification | 160 Health Results | 200K Genetic Markers

Looks 100% newfie to me.

u/orangetangerine · 8 pointsr/DoggyDNA

The $129.99 price is not reflected on camelcamelcamel, but save one day when it looks like Embark was listed for $10 (where was I when this happened?!) this is the lowest price ever historically on Amazon. (source)

Chewy is also matching this price today!

u/wholesalewhores · 7 pointsr/xboxone

and this thing existed, so GC is covered.

u/Kr_Treefrog2 · 7 pointsr/dogs

I don't think it's a Shar Pei - they're wrinkly, yes, but I don't see any other traits in there. It looks to me like a Bloodhound mix. Note the big ears and dark saddle. There may also be some Labrador in there.

Have you considered a dog DNA test? Wisdom Panel 3.0 ($80) is pretty basic and will tell you what breed your pup is, while Embark Veterinary ($170) gives you the breed as well as a comprehensive DNA health screen.

u/kagzig · 6 pointsr/dogs

I'm sorry that happened to you and Brutus -- that's just terrible. I can't say I've experienced anything close to that, but I have had to deal with crate rest and recovery when my pup broke a toe. Obviously very very small potatoes, comparatively, but hopefully some of the crate rest advice may be helpful to you.

In our case, my pup was on the most restrictive possible crate rest, and also had to have a cone or similar on whenever she was unsupervised to prevent her from tearing off her cast. If you are in a similar situation, I recommend trying out a few cone alternatives -- like this or this -- so you can leave the cone off as much as possible. That way, Brutus will have his head and paws free and you can keep him occupied with Kongs, chews, and puzzle toys. Since physical exercise is out, mental exercise is absolutely critical, and the toys/Kongs are key, along with training. With a little creativity, you might be surprised at how much you can train while your dog is in stationary and even crated!

As for the driver, unfortunately the best I can offer is just to stay in touch with the officers who responded and, when applicable, the prosecuting attorney's office. Keep records and documentation for all your expenses related to recovery (including vet bills). In the event the driver is caught and charges are filed, this documentation could be very helpful to the prosecutor, and potentially even financial restitution through the same process, depending on your state's laws. Be sure to ask the prosecutor if there is a mechanism that allows for victims' restitution through the criminal process and if vet bills would qualify, and then keep following up on the restitution aspect to make sure it is part of the prosecutor's sentencing recommendation. This can obviously take a while (resolution will easily take months, and restitution, if any, would take even longer) and enforcement through this route still leaves something to be desired, especially if the offender is indigent, but it has helped a lot of people and at least saves the time, expense, and hassle of trying to pursue restitution civilly.

I hope the driver is found and convicted, and I wish you and Brutus the best as you recover.

u/e_claire · 6 pointsr/Pets

You will most likely need to cone him, otherwise he will scratch the scab off and keep reopening the wound. I have a cat with sensitive skin who scratches her skin around the ear/face raw a lot. I've taken her to the vet many times, they'll typically prescribe a ointment to help the healing and tell me to cone her until it heals completely.

Theres an OTC animal wound care ointment/spray also called Vetricyn, approved by my vet. Since it happens so often, my vet has already advised me that whenever it happens I should just immediately cone her, apply Vetricyn and just give it a few days to completely heal up. The cone I have is this KONG x-small collar.

However, if it continues to get worse even with collar/cleaning/wound spray you should bring him to a vet. It could be a more serious skin condition, or maybe even an allergy.

u/FaKeShAdOw · 6 pointsr/Rabbits

My female rabbits didn't return to "normal" until basically a week passed, for a timeframe. I got THREE of them spayed at around the same times.

You can help your lovely friend along by putting down a soft small blanket or towel just for him in the cage. Lots of padding seemed to make my rabbits a little more comfortable.

Mine wanted to sleep instead of going for food... as a result, I had to syringe-feed them Critical Care recovery food every 2-3 hours to keep their strength up. I also had to syringe-feed a little water now and then.

So all in all, supervision, making sure they poop, scheduled medicine-feeding, scheduled food-feeding, and if needed water-feeding for the first 4 days for me. After this phase, they started having appetite again, but it came back very slowly.

I was advised to keep up the Critical Care regimen for like 2 weeks, gradually weaning them off it at the very end to prevent tummy upset.

Within 1.5 to 2 weeks they were more or less okay. I still had to make sure they didn't pull on their stitches though.

Your vet should have told you to use Critical Care recovery food though. I bought mine from either the vet, the Oxbow site, or Amazon using one day shipping or whatever. The reason is because when you prepare it with some water, it turns into this soft and mushy paste of veggies that you can put in their mouth. Full on actual veggies might not be so enticing until a couple more days pass.

As for the eye thing, I noticed my other male rabbit would actually cry a little when he was in pain. It's possible yours was doing this. You have to wipe his tears and dry the fur there. Otherwise, the salty tears will actually cause fur loss in that region.

Your bunbun just had surgery, pretty much. If you had to come back from the hospital, how long before you think you'll be back to normal? A few weeks? :)

u/nmdrums · 6 pointsr/rarepuppers

Looks like an adorable dog mixed with a cute dog mixed with a perfect doggo. 12/10.

That being said, it looks like there is definitely some dachshund in there. My wife and I did a Wisdom Panel on our little mix. It gave us some insight!

u/MurphRat · 5 pointsr/Maltese

Here is the link to the exact one. I think Wilson used an x small but now he would definitely be a small.

u/tennisplayer789 · 5 pointsr/WiggleButts

I've used one that is like a pillow you bring on a flight; my dog wore it for months 24/7 and didn't mind at all - he had a built-in pillow at all times (although he's always been a world-class napper). It's an inflatable pillow with a washable soft cover, all secured by Velcro (which wears down easily, but it's so inexpensive, I would just replace it).

u/Murtank · 5 pointsr/Rabbits

Hes probably constipated... And had been for a while. They dont begin to display discomfort until it has affected them for some time. You should get him to the vet so they can check his gi and hydration. Rabbits can die from gi stasis..

Ask your vet about oxbow critical care

I feed it to my rabbit every other week or so, helps her alot. But its preventative more than a cure.

u/possiblydaydreaming · 5 pointsr/dogs

I used this one, Wisdom Panel it took about 15 days from the day I put it back in the mail to get the results.

When I was looking for a puppy we visited many shelters and one had 3 little dogs that looked like Labradors...but tiny. I was surprised when I asked and was told they were 2 years old! They looked no more than 25lbs. But exactly like labs. It was odd! I don't know what they were mixed with.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yesterday I adopted a rat from a friend who works too much to take care of him properly. His name is Francis, isn't he adorable?.

When I first got Francis home, I realized that he was in pretty bad shape, both mentally and physically.
Physically, he is fat (look at that belly), he didn't come with a wheel, or any kind of exercise other than running around in his small cage. He was being fed the wrong kind of food, all around he was in a bad situation.
Mentally, he has been moping around a lot, and I think he is lonely. Rats are very social creatures, and they thrive when they have cagemates. Apparently, Francis used to have a brother, but his brother died a few months ago. I would love to get Francis a new friend, but the cage is simply not big enough for two rats.

I guess what I'm saying is, you can make both mine and Francis's dream come true by getting us this cage. He would have plenty of room to move around in, plenty of room to add a cagemate for him, and I would have all the room I need to put a wheel in his cage (which there is barely enough room for now), and spoil him with toys!

If we win the raffle instead, I would love for Francis to have a wheel, there is a very nice one on my WL

C'mon...gimme a break, you know you both look amazing everyday!

u/manatee1010 · 4 pointsr/AskVet

I agree with all of this.

The neck donut collars are tolerated SO much better than the cones. Most dogs get overwhelmed by the cone and will shut down. The donut is more like a travel pillow that conveniently prevents licking.

You want to find a veterinary behaviorist, NOT a regular trainer. This is past what a trainer is educated for and is a medical issue.

u/MutterOfPearl · 4 pointsr/LifePupperTips

We got one of these inflatable Elizabethan collars for our pup. It worked perfectly and we could still snuggle comfortably. He could eat easier and he didn't knock as much stuff off the table.

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/Sylvene · 4 pointsr/Pets

Dingle-berries are usually caused by - soft poop and long hair. Give her a "sanitary" cut - trim the hair around her back end. Also if she is having softish poop - give her some fibre. Canned pumpkin works well but you end up with lots of pumpkin in the fridge that you throw out after a while. :P I was given half a bag of this stuff - dried pumpkin a year ago and still have about half a jam jar full. I use it on all my cats/kittens if they have a bit of a problem by mixing a bit in their wet food in the mornings. It doesn't hurt the others to have a bit of harder poo for a few days. :)

Ingesting long stringy things (like your hair) that are then not pooped out completely.

Cats are unlikely to eat their own poop to clean dingle-berries off.

u/g33kusa · 4 pointsr/puppies

Amazon also sells some dog breed DNA test kits! If you want to know for sure, I'd recommend grabbing one of them.

u/roquelaure · 4 pointsr/whatisthisthing

If you have about $75, you can get a pupper DNA test! Yes, a bit pricey, but so, so, so worth it. I've gotten two for my BF's dogs (Christmas and birthday presents) and we were completely blown away by the results with one- she was nothing we thought she was, and pleasantly surprised by another- he was far more purebred than we thought he'd be. (Not that that matters, it was just surprising.) It's also great to know if there is anything like German Shepherd or other large breed that has hip or back problems, so you can keep an eye out for those in particular.

u/spaceballsrules · 4 pointsr/aww

Thank you for rescuing this beautiful pupper.

If you really want to know what breed(s) she is, the best thing to do would be to run a DNA test. Vets can only guess at the breed. Knowing the breed is also helpful in identifying possible hereditary diseases.

Also, considering her temperament and your lack of experience with pets, I highly recommend signing up for some training courses. Unwanted behaviors in dogs can get out of control quickly, especially if one does not know how to counter those behaviors correctly. It is a small investment up front that will greatly benefit the dog and your family in the long run.

Best of luck!

To Boomer: Grrr Woof Aroo!

u/TonyWrocks · 3 pointsr/WiggleButts

We got this for our little wigglebutt when he needed a cone. It's fantastic.

u/signgirlamy10 · 3 pointsr/dogs

I got my Aussie fixed about a month ago, and it wasn't the greatest experience. He ripped open his stitches right after he woke up (this really didn't surprise me at all) so he was stuck with the cone of shame for a week and a TON of bruising down there.

If your dog has to wear a cone, GET a Comfy Cone. I used the clear plastic cone the first night and my dog was terrified of going in the crate because the cone kept banging against the sides and making loud noises. It's kinda funny to think about but he was completely miserable and spent a good hour barking pathetically at the wall. He wasn't overly happy about the Comfy Cone, but his neurotic behavior went completely away compared to the plastic one.

He wouldn't go in the crate with any cone on, so my boyfriend and I set up the most awesome floor bed ever (complete with memory foam mattress pad!) and we had a fun week of sleepovers on the floor since he couldn't jump anywhere and wouldn't sleep in the crate. I left his cone on while he was sleeping and while no one was home, but I took it off when someone was around to watch him. We had to do a combination of calming pills + leaving him in the bathroom when we left so he wouldn't jump on anything and wouldn't go crazy. If your dog likes to lick things, be really vigilant in watching him without the cone for the first few days.

I don't know much about small dogs so I have no idea about the energy levels of Yorkies, but Aussies are very high energy breeds and once he started feeling better (about 2-3 days after he seemed back to normal), he was a huge hassle to keep under control. We have another dog so they had a strict no playing policy for a week since their idea of playing usually involves jumping on each other, the furniture, and running madly through the house. We did lots of on leash walks :)

He should be back to normal in a week. He'll probably be feeling better way before then, but a week is a safe amount of time to wait before going back to normal activities. I was maybe a little too cautious, but my pup was miserable and I definitely didn't want the incision to reopen so he'd have more time with the cone!

u/SebastianTyr · 3 pointsr/pics

Have you looked into soft e-collars? We use them at work, they look like little inflated donuts. Might save him some shame :P

Either that or literally cloth e-collars. Might be able to get one at petco. Either that or I can find out where we get them



u/originalcondition · 3 pointsr/Hedgehog

It's important that you get him a wheel that has NO holes or bars! His little feet might get caught and he could easily break his feet/legs. You need to get him a wheel like this: or a flying saucer wheel like this:

u/zebra-stampede · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

If he's not eating you must force-feed him. Use critical care. If you don't have that, put pellets in water until you make a thin enough mush you can put it in a syringe to feed him with. You can mix in some sugar free applesauce for taste.

Sounds like he's I'm GI stasis if he's not eating and this is a critical emergency for rabbits. If he doesn't start eating, you will have to see a vet. Stasis is treatable but can be deadly.

Info copied from Dinka:

However if truly the bunny is not eating it's best to go to the RABBIT SAVVY as soon as possible vs waiting as waiting can lead to full blown GI stasis. Try to explain to your dad how delicate their GI system is and how key it is to do something about it when appetite is relay down. If there is an issue waiting will result 9 out of 10 time in worse issues and more money spent on the vet....

Tell your dad to try the above suggestions and see if bunny will eat from his hand and ask him to really spend some time on the floor with the bunny, but if not helping go to the vet.

Also tell your dad to try the gas drops.

Some info on GI stasis below:

A bunny not eating is always very alarming and a medical emergency. A true loss of appetite can be the start of GI stasis. GI stasis can kills in 12 hours.

You need to find a RABBIT SAVVY vet (not just a any vet). Here you can find a list of rabbit savvy vets by state:

To help your bunny you need a few things now (aside from the vet) -

  1. BABY gas drops - those are 100% safe and can be given anytime a tummy feels gassy (kind of hard vs squishy as usual). They really work and case save her life when you can't see a vet. Liquid simethicone is the ingredient in Baby or Infant gas drops, which are available over the counter in drugstores and many supermarkets. administer between .5 and 1cc of liquid simethicone orally, using a syringe without needle. These can really have save your bunny’s life.

  2. You can get in any 24 hr CVS and they might help if it is just the start of gas pains. Tell your dad to try this.

  3. Metacam - pain meds for bunnies. This is critical as you bunny is likely in pain and a bunny in pain will not eat just making things worse. Do you have any left over from his illness? 0.6 to 0.9 mg per kg is safe every 12 hrs.

  4. Keep the bunny warm - provide a heating pack under the tummy or some warm water bottles next to him. Also a cozy fleece.

  5. You must try to syringe feed bunny if he is not eating - mix some of his usual pellets with water until liquidy/pasty and slowly feed through a syringe every two hours. If you have a blender you can also mix in some fresh herbs. You can put a touch of banana of the tip of the syringe. You can even mix in a touch of banana or some no-sugar added baby food baby food. If you have Critical Care food even better, but if not pellet paste will work in the short term.

  6. Also provide water through a syringe the same way. You can also steep some mint and offer that instead of water or add a touch of no sugar added juice to the water to encourage more drinking (use a bowl vs bottle).

  7. Keep handfeeding veggies and hay.

  8. Offer fresh herbs - dill (has great gut mobility portieres), cilantro, oregano, mint, basil, parsley - these have a strong aroma and can help stimulate bunny appetite and get him to eat more. Rinse them and give them wet for extra hydration.

  9. Try tummy massage, see here for how to do it

    These videos will help you: - how to give meds so bunnies don't mind - how to syringe feed (put a bit of something sweet like banana on the tip to get bun to like it more) - more on how to syringe feed. - how to syringe feed in a less stressful way (more effort but will work better sometimes) - GI stasis treatment - GI stasis treatment - How to Help a Rabbit with Gas Pain
u/Lostar · 3 pointsr/RATS

I get a big bag of the Oxbow Regal Rat and split it into an air tight bin and the freezer. I suppliment that with fresh fruits/veggies/yogurt every day, and a couple yogies because they lose their minds for them. For my older guy, I'll mix some Critical Care a couple times a week to ensure that he's getting the nutrition he needs and to (try) to keep his weight up.

The Regal Rat kibble keeps very well in the freezer, so buying in bulk isn't an issue. I am in no way related to or a shill for Oxbow, they're just the best rat diet out there

u/CountRumford · 3 pointsr/Rabbits
  • Keep a bag of Critical Care in the freezer. It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not be able to find it. We lost one once that way.
  • Find a vet that specializes in rabbits. If and when you need one, you'll really need one. Take your pal in for annual or 6-month checkups.
  • Get on the floor for a while, several times. Let him check you out at his level. You'll be glad you did.
u/monkeybrain5 · 3 pointsr/dogs

I used this natural anxiety medication with one of my dogs when I was dealing with severe separation anxiety. It was called Rescue Remedy. At first I was told that he would need to be put on valium and like you said I was just not comfortable giving him it. However as soon as we started using this things changed dramatically. I have no more issues with anxiety;the drops don't completely knock the dog out letting whatever is causing the anxiety go on while their sleeping but it just calms them down to the point that they are relaxed but not asleep. I think that was the best thing about it, is that my dog eventually learnt (as was eased him off of it) that he was able to control his own anxiety and that he could live through it instead of giving him the meds to avoid it. I'm not sure if that helps but if you want to ask anything let me know.

u/palex · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Try baby food as suggested mine only like turkey but some prefer chicken. Also look in to getting her some rescue remedy, its great for depressed pets. It really helped my older ferret when his cage mate passed suddenly. It's a hard time try to give extra love and anything else she likes, maybe a new toy or two? Good luck.

u/k-jo · 3 pointsr/corgi

Something you can do is an inflatable E-Collar if the cone proves too much. You just want to keep her from getting to her incision. I used this

u/adagrl · 3 pointsr/Boxer

I bought this pillow version and it's been awesome. After surgery my pup already doesn't feel good so the cone of shame just made it worse. This actually seems comfy too.

u/PunchyPractitioner · 3 pointsr/Boxer

My girl did the same thing. We got her one of these and it seemed to work just fine. We didn’t use that brand, but the idea is pretty straight forward.

u/CaptainHelium · 3 pointsr/dogs

they sell these donut collar things that might work for you

u/kristephe · 3 pointsr/dogs

This is a similar style to what our vet used on a foster kitten that had to have surgery. I'm not sure if a motivated dog would get past it but you do need to be careful that they don't get it off or around their belly's but with dogs who wear collars it may be easier sine you can loop through collar. I just don't like the hard plastic ones and how they bump into things and can't eat that well but they can be manageable if cut down if they're too long.

u/pizza_ho · 3 pointsr/Pets

We tried the onesie, as well as a baby tshirt and they both rubbed the incision badly. Off we went to the vet, because the cone was a no go in the first place, and they had flexible fabric cones that moved with the pet. My girls both did well with this in the end, although, they did seem to forget how to walk for the first half hour. Lol! 😂

u/Super_Nanny · 3 pointsr/rescuedogs

We did this: with our rescue puppy and found out he was 50% gsd, 25% staffy, and 25% mixed terrier breeds. We were able to use that information with training. Hope this helps!

u/dontcryferguson · 3 pointsr/dogs

Could be lots of things, though my first guess would be a beagle shepherd or hound shepherd of some kind. You can get a Wisdom Panel done though to find out for sure. They're on sale this week for around $50.

u/fluffyykitty69 · 3 pointsr/UpliftingNews
u/_Member_Berries_ · 3 pointsr/germanshepherds
u/iamthatis · 3 pointsr/dogs

Definitely looks like there's pit bull, past that I'm not sure. She's a real cutie!

As a heads up, if you're really curious, you could get one of those DNA tests done with a swab. Wisdom Panel is a popular one, and people like to share the results over at /r/doggydna. :)

u/benzarella · 3 pointsr/TongueOutHounds

He came from a rescue. All I know is that his mother was a chihuahua mix. I’m sorry I can’t be more help!

You can get a DNA test kit on Amazon, though!

u/yerawizardgabby · 3 pointsr/dogs

I actually purchased a kit for my girlfriend this last Christmas and it was worth it! She loved getting to know her dog better (especially since she picked her up off the street). It was the Embark Dog DNA Test:

u/Montagge · 3 pointsr/BeardedDragons

Lettuce isn't good for him. Collard greens, mustard greens, or turnip greens are all better. Broccoli is not a good staple food. Here's a chart for you to use as reference:

What kind of bugs? Do you have calcium powder?

You should get some thermometers for the tank, preferably digital, to monitor hot/basking side and the cool side. Too hot and he dehydrates, too cool and he can't digest food properly.

u/VenusAndSaturn · 3 pointsr/reptiles

I'm guessing the substrate is eco earth (thats what it appears to be), which is good... water bowl size is good although takes up quite a bit of the enclosure. The hide appears to be mostly enclosed so thats good... however theres only one hide so you'll need another one for a cool hide if you use that as a warm hide. Basically you want at least two hides, warm hide and a cool hide... and if you can fit a third one in then that would be your humid hide. I'd also recommend getting more foliage so the snake feels safer. I'd get the heat lamps out of there and get a large heat mat to go underneath the warm hide and then a thermostat to control the temperature. This is the thermostat I use, it seems to work very well.

And then this is the heat mat I use for two of my animals, and both seem to work so far.

You'll also want to get new temperature and humidity gauges, stick on ones don't work. This is the one I use, works great so far.

And then if you want you can also get a temp gun, which tells you the surface temperature. I like using it a lot, and sometimes rely more on it than my temperature gauges.

As far as humidity and temperatures go, the hot spot should be about 90-95, cool side around 70-80 or so, I would make sure temps dont drop below 70. And humidity about 50%, you can boost it up to 70% during sheds but I wouldn't go over that.

If temps aren't getting where they need to be you can use a low wattage CHE, also known as a ceramic heat emitter to heat the tank as additional heat (You'll still need a heat mat).

In all honesty if you could get more substrate (bedding) you could put even more hides in. In my BP's 20 gallon she has a total of 5 hides as her substrate is filled half way so I can put hides underneath the substrate and then put cork bark to keep the substrate raised. She has probably about two humid hides, one underneath the water bowl, one on the opposite side which is a standard hide, and then underneath that in the substrate she has a warm hide which is connected to a "tunnel" system of cork bark.

u/jamierocksanne · 3 pointsr/Rottweiler

This is the one we got. My dog is 55 pounds/Labrador retriever and we got a large. It even looks more comfortable than a lampshade hah. She looks like she’s ready to go on a long trip to somewhere fun. (Which who knows when’s she’s on these painkillers hahahahaha)

Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar (Large)

u/Markbro89 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Amazon link

It was mainly used for Phantasy Star Online.

u/lost_profit · 2 pointsr/aww

Comfy cone! $26.99.

u/mikeyo73 · 2 pointsr/dogs

One of my huskies does this with his back left paw sometimes. The most important thing is to put a cone on them ASAP and keep it on. It sucks, but it will keep them from making it worse.

Then I make sure to spray it with Vetricyn, works great.

u/rangerdangerrq · 2 pointsr/dogs

Well, we use the comfy cone and that works for us.

The Original Comfy Cone, Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays,Large 25 cm

You could also try spraying the booties with nasty tasting stuff (what is it, bitter apple? The stuff they sell in pet stores?). I also have a friend to makes spray from spicy peppers and uses that to keep his dogs from chewing or licking some of his things.

Has a vet taken a look at the paws? Maybe the vet could recommend something soothing that can prevent your dog from chewing them?

u/StubbyToenails · 2 pointsr/puppy101

Surgical onesies or diaper when he's supervised and a cone when he isn't. Mine got used to the cone by the third day and loved digging with it

u/lyoknsedvs · 2 pointsr/AskVet

Definitely keep the cone on him, but maybe look into some more comfortable cone options. The Comfy Cone seems to be a hit with many dogs.

u/steve-d · 2 pointsr/pugs

Poor pug. :( I am sorry to hear that, but I'm glad she's okay now. Since she has to have the cone on for so long I would maybe recommend a comfy cone. Check with your vet to see if they approve, but it's got to be a lot more comfortable for the long term.

u/MoriKitsune · 2 pointsr/RATS

1- Always adopt more than one!

Rats are very social animals, and to prevent undue stress and sadness, they need to have rattie friends with which to spend their time. Also, try to adopt same-sex pairs/groups to avoid accidental litters; if you must adopt rats of different genders, make sure one of them are ‘fixed’ before housing them together. It’s also a good idea to get littermates, as they’ll already be familiar with each other, and they’ll be the same age, which becomes significant as they age and pass on.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend trying to find a reputable rat rescue near you before going to a pet store or breeder. There are SO MANY loveable, beautiful rats out there that were rescued from bad conditions and need loving homes. Breeders often supply reptile owners with feeders, and many don’t keep their rats in good conditions or socialize them properly. Same with pet stores. A lot of times, female pet store rats will even end up pregnant because someone didn’t keep them away from the males. There are several Facebook groups and websites with area-specific rescue groups that can point the way for you to find your babies.

2- Make sure your cage type is right!

Rats, like humans, need their personal space. If you cram too many in too small a space, you’ll get stress and fighting. Use a cage dimension calculator like this one to make sure the cage you’re looking at buying is big enough for the number of fur babies you’re going to get (2-3 is a good starting number.) also important is the distance between the cage bars, especially if you’re going to adopt young rats. Remember, anything they can fit their head through, they can fit the rest of their body through if they really want to. Try to get a cage with no more than 1/3-1/2inch of space between the bars.

Rats are also climbers- while a single-story unit would be fine for a rabbit or guinea pig, it’s important for rats to have multiple levels and platforms on which to live and play.

DO NOT use a glass tank. Rats are prone to upper respiratory infections, and they also pee quite a lot. This wouldn’t be an issue, except rat pee is high in ammonia, which is bad for them to breathe in. Tanks just can’t get the proper level of ventilation to be a good home for rats, even with daily cleanings; they might look cute, but for your babies’ sake, stick with a cage.

Make sure your cage has smooth floors. Rats, like most other pawed animals, have little pads on their feet. They’re also quite sensitive, and prone to getting their toes caught. Make sure that any mesh or wire platforms in your cage are covered with a hard, smooth surface so that your rats can walk/run/jump around comfortably.

3- Essentials

Rats are prey animals, so their instincts drive them to hide and nest; make sure you give them lots of places to hide away, like little houses, nests, baskets, and hammocks. Places up high are a favorite among my girls.

Make sure you have an constant, ample water supply. I recommend having a couple of water bottles, or a bottle and a dish- just in case they finish one off during the day, they’ll have plenty more to make it until you get home and notice that one’s empty. I personally keep a dish with dry rat food full in the cage as well, to make sure they’re never hungry.

Fleece liners or other bedding options are also important- rats aren’t very good at regulating their body temperatures, so giving them a means to keep warm is important. Fleece covers over the trays (I use blankets cut to shape and pinned with binder clips) or bedding spread liberally over the bottom of a deeper pan is important for this.

Exercise wheels are also a good idea; get the biggest one you can- it’s not good for them to have their backs/tails bent at too far an angle. A saucer wheel is perfect, but my girls wouldn’t run on the one I gave them, so I got them this one

Also, not quite essential, but- rats are über smart, and can be litterbox trained! Giving them a litter box and training them to use it will save a lot of time and effort when it comes to cleaning their cage every week.

4- Toys and decorations

Like I said before, rats are smart! They need mental stimulation. Puzzles, toy balls, and hanging bird toys are all great ideas. There are also a ton of diy toy ideas on the Internet in places like Pinterest. A lava rock ledge or a brick in the cage will help them keep their claws trim, and provide a convenient step-up into a hide. Try to stay away from soft woods, and keep with hardwood toys and shelters.
As for decor; they’ll probably regularly chew through the fleece you give them, so it’s easy to switch up the cage aesthetic whenever you want :) you can also cut up the old fleece into bits and give it to them as bedding to nest with, too.

This is my girls’ cage after it was mostly-clean yesterday (I did the top level later on.) I know the image is potato-quality, but you’ll probably be able to see the water bottles, hammocks, hides, and wheel :) their food dish is stashed behind the purple ramp next to the wheel haha

You might also notice the boxes in the top level; cardboard boxes are a great thing to put in their cages; it’s a chew toy and a hide all in one! You’ll need to replace them regularly, of course, but things like soda boxes and tissue boxes are great cage additions.

5- Cleanliness

It’s important to clean your rats’ cage weekly, at least, and twice weekly if they’re hairless (hairless are more prone to uri’s.) Personally, I wipe down the bars with baby wipes (or soap and water if they really need it) and clean the pans with soap and water. As for all of the hammocks and fleece, I toss it in the washing machine with my own clothes (no fabric softener or dryer sheets) and also make sure to beat them out (like a rug) so they’re as clean as possible before putting them in the laundry. I also wash all of their plastic toys, dishes, and wheels with soap and water, making sure to rinse them well so there’s no residue.

It’s rare, but sometimes your rats will need some help getting clean. When my girls were younger, there came a point where they smelled like pee and they had porphyrin all over their fur from their own cleanings; at that point, I prepared a thick towel and some warm water, and washed each of them with oatmeal baby soap, making sure to avoid their faces and ears (as you would with a dog or other pet) and immediately afterward cuddled them in the towel until they were dry enough that I felt like they wouldn’t be too cold in their cage. My SO was a big help with that stage.

6- Nutrition

Rats need a varied diet. Depending on where you look, you get different percentages, but personally what I do is leave a bowl full of dry food in their cage and top it off as needed, and every night (or, being real, every other night) when I get home and make my dinner, I make a plate for them and load it up with a bed of kale, sliced or canned vegetables, berries, a sprinkle of oats or nuts (I have some petite babies and I’m trying to help them gain weight) and some chicken or turkey baby food; sometimes I’ll even put some fruit baby food on there as well- they absolutely love it. For protein I’ll also sometimes do scrambled eggs or chicken that I’ve shredded up post-cooking, instead of poultry baby food (baby food is just the easiest thing for me to do) :) these guys give a comprehensive list of foods that are safe for rats, and when in doubt, google it before feeding it to them. Male rats generally have more dietary rules than females, so watch out for that with them.

7- Playtime!

Every single day, your rats will need at least an hour of playtime with you. Just like we were told as kids “get out and play an hour a day” this is really important for their mental and physical health. This could be anything from a free-roam in a rat-proof room, or just running around on the bed while you watch a movie. This is also a great time for you to teach them some tricks (there are plenty of tutorials on the web for how to train them 😊) or set up a little play area for them complete with toy houses and things to explore and treat-laden puzzles for them to solve. For treats, my girls love yogies, nuts, and dried fruit :)

u/kaboom306 · 2 pointsr/RATS

I use the Flying Saucer wheel. Only one of my girls use it - and I laugh when she does - I have sitting on the floor of the cage in between 2 levels, so she jumps on the wheel to try and get to the next level and ends up running on it for about 5 minutes before she gives up and goes another way. She ends up doing this many times a day.

I like this type of wheel because I don't have to be concerned about spinal damage or tails or toes getting caught on something.

u/WolfPaws123 · 2 pointsr/RATS

I would line the floor pans with more fleece. One layer will be fine if they aren't heavy chewers. This gives them extra cushion on their feet and makes the whole cage a cozy place to nap.

If you do this, I'd also suggest a slab of some sort. I use countertop samples, but slabs of granite etc. are easy to purchase at a Home Depot or other DIY type store. This will provide a solid, cool surface to lounge on as well as keep the fleece anchored in that corner.

Tunnels! My ratties love their plastic, pvc, and cardboard tunnels. An alternative would be to use an empty tube of Quaker oats and punch out the bottom. Just throw them away after a few days to avoid grossness.

Scrap the wheel. If you can, try to get a solid plastic wheel without any wire. The wire wheels can catch their toes, tails, etc. They're also harsh on the bottoms of their feet.

Hammocks and hanging fleece tubes of all kinds are highly recommended. To name a few:

Pirate Hammock - $14.32

Pyramid Hammock - $10.21

Simple Hanging Tunnel - $7.00

Parrot toys and ladders also work well, just be sure they aren't made of pine. Pine is toxic to rats. Other types of "Soft Wood" are also harmful (softwood trees are cedar, Douglas fir, juniper, pine, redwood, spruce, and yew). Products and tree branches made of these are not safe to use in the cage.

Especially for young rats, it's important to let them climb. A thick rope, such as this parrot perch are excellent climbing toys. The clips attach firmly to any wall of the cage.

You can get as creative or as simple as you like!

See also: "The Grotto"

u/shimdim · 2 pointsr/gerbil

I read on another gerbil forum of someone who got their vet to cut their gerbil's teeth, but they cut their gum on accident. There was only a tiny bit of blood, but the gerbil died the next day. That worried me so much that I just decided to risk it myself. I trimmed one of my past gerbil's teeth with a cat nail clipper and she was fine afterwards.

For advice on what to do now : Here is the Oxbow Critical Care Herbivore formula I was recommended by u/behamgeo . I mixed it with almond butter (you can buy these at a health store) although you can mix it with other soft foods (banana, baby food, plain oatmeal, ensure, etc)

Here is a thread where u/behamgeo gave more advice on how to feed a gerbil that is having trouble eating.

And if you're worried about your gerbil's teeth growing back weak, you can grind up some bird cuttlebone into their food for extra calcium.

u/HerbalGerbils · 2 pointsr/gerbil


I have unfortunately had to deal with tooth issues too. The mix I have used for long term food is using the following two items. I typically mix them 50/50, or a bit heavier on the omnivore powder side. I add just a drop or two of water, enough to make a well mixed paste he can grab onto or eat off a stick/plate. He only eats it fresh, so I make servings no bigger than a couple corn kernels at a time.

The frequency I give him this depends on how well he is able to eat on his own. I weigh him regularly, and try to keep him steady.

This omnivore powder which is unfortunately only sold to vets. You may be able to get a vet to order it for you even without an appointment. I think covered half or maybe all of the shipping. It's fairly expensive, but once you figure out how to use it well, there isn't much waste. Get the 100g bag probably…it really is a decent bit. I should probably be buying another bag myself soon, so if you go this route and can't find a source, messaging me might work.

This herbivore powder The link is to amazon, but I just get mine at a local pet store. Can't tell that there's any difference between flavors in terms of nutrients, and my boy eats the plain kind fine. I'd try mixing this with water plain or with a small bit of baby food even if you didn't get the other powder.


You can potentially find small containers of baby food with a reasonable balance of nutrients to help out. I haven't found anything I'd love to use long term, but to keep the calories up for a week or two, it can be a good option. Obviously use caution, and watch for negative digestive reactions.

A little bit of chicken, eggs, pasta, bread, etc won't hurt either

u/Bun_Love · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Oh no! You can put a towel-covered hot water bottle next to him- that's what I do with my bun when she's in GI stasis.

I've collected notes from this subreddit over the years. Here's what another redditor here said:

"when our bunnies show signs of being ill we immediately administer baby gas drops (simethecone) and then if that doesn't produce improvement in the form of eating or pooping, we start administering pain and gut motility meds. in addition, we keep flavorless pedialyte on hand to keep them hydrated, and critical care for syringe feeding."

Another one said:

" I keep drugs on hand for pain management - meloxicam, tramadol, buprenorphine. I have a subcutaneous fluid kit. I keep canned pureed pumpkin, critical care, pellets, hay in a bag and treats also. I also have a variety of medications for stasis - metclopramide, cyproheptadine, a vitamin solution. Simethicone."

A very experienced rabbit person here, vgr1, said:

" Just as a note simethicone (main ingredient in baby gas drops ) do not work to 'relive gas' in rabbits. It will break up smaller bubbles and turn them into larger ones. The thought is that this makes them easier to pass... old wives tale.

The key is.... pain relief (like Metacam) and hydration, hydration, hydration. With full blown stasis, drugs from the vet are needed. Baby gas drops will not hurt and when a rabbit is not drinking the drops can help with this aspect of things. Of course talk to your rabbit savvy vet before you need to use anything."

DinkaAnimalLover said:

" I would bring him in anyways.. they can give him metacam at least to help with pain. A safe bun dose is about .3 to .6 mg/kg every 12 hrs. They will hold him over till morning when you should definitely go to a rabbit savvy vet ASAP!

A bunny in pain will not eat and may give up so pain meds tonight are a must. If you can also get an xray to see if there is stomach blockage that would be even better.

So metacam tonight and rabbit vet ASAP tomorrow as he will need that xray and gut mobility meds!

To help your bunny you need a few things now (aside from the vet) -​

  1. This should be your fist step after getting metacam or if you can't get it...BABY gas drops - those are 100% safe and can be given anytime a tummy feels gassy (kind of hard vs squishy as usual). They really work and case save her life when you can't see a vet. Get baby gas drops in any store - Liquid simethicone is the ingredient in Baby or Infant gas drops, which are available over the counter in drugstores and many supermarkets. administer between .5 and 1cc of liquid simethicone orally, using a syringe without needle. These can really have save your bunnies life.
  2. Metacam - pain meds for bunnies. This is critical as you bunny is likely in pain and a bunny in pain will not eat just making things worse. YOU MUST GET THIS.
  3. Keep the bunny warm - provide a heating pack under the tummy or some warm water bottles next to him. Also a cozy fleece.
  4. You must try to syringe fed bunny is he is not eating - mix some of his usual pellets with water until liquidy/pasty and slowly feed through a syringe every two hours or even more often. You cannot just wait till he starts eating on his own. Without food he will not get better. If you have a blender you can also mix in some fresh herbs. You can put a touch of banana of the tip of the syringe to make him want it more and make it easier to feed him. You can even mix in a touch of banana or some no-sugar added baby food baby food (like carrot or pumpkin or sweet potato - but not too much since it still has natural sugars). If you have Critical Care food even better, but if not pellet paste will work in the short term:

  5. Also provide water through a syringe the same way. You can also steep some mint and offer that instead of water or add a touch of no sugar added juice to the water to encourage more drinking (use a bowl vs bottle).

  6. You can also use unsweetened canned pumpkin puree to supplement pellet paste feeding - feed the pumping through a syringe or even offer it on a plate and see if he might lick it himself.

  7. Offer fresh herbs - parsley, dill, cilantro, oregano, mint, basil - these have a strong aroma and can help stimulate bunny appetite and get him to eat more. Rinse them and give them wet for extra hydration.

  8. Try tummy massage, see here for how to do it - this does help!

  9. Once you start seeing some poops again and as appetite comes back offer less pellets for a few days, encourage him to eat more hay as much as possible to be sure that fiber has his gut normal again sooner. You can rub a touch of banana on they to make it more appealing.

  10. DO NOT offer any sugar - carrot or fruit for at least a while until all is back to normal.

    These videos will help you: - how to give meds so bunnis don't mind - how to syringe feed (put a bit of something sweet like banana on the tip to get bun to like it more) - more on how to syringe feed. - how to syringe feed in a less stressful way (more effort but will work better sometimes) - GI stasis treatment - GI stasis treatment" - How to Help a Rabbit with Gas Pain"

    P.S. DinkaAnimalLover is a well-informed person on this subreddit. Here's a resource that she put together for new bunny parents that might help for general things:

    " In case you need any tips as a new bunny parent take a look at the little guide on care I assembled below . I really tried to include all the info a new bunny parent might want into this guide... "

    Good luck!
u/court67 · 2 pointsr/dogs

Just a clarification, this comment is referring to an elizabethan collar (cone), not an electronic collar. I ordered a really nice, soft cone like this one for my pup when he got neutered, and he liked it way more than the hard plastic one we got from our vet.

u/oshiitake · 2 pointsr/Pets

If you want to save your legs, look into getting her a ComfyCone! It's padded and more comfortable for her and anyone she may run into (and the walls!). It has a type of removable boning in it, too, to maintain rigidity when she can't be watched. You can get it on Amazon cheaper than you'd find it at most pet stores.

u/Izira · 2 pointsr/dogs

Might not be a bad idea to invest in a soft cone (this is just an example). I think that's probably what I will do for Fiona when she gets spayed.

u/1320Fastback · 2 pointsr/DogAdvice

We give this to our Male every July 4th and New Year's. Really takes the edge off his anxiety.

u/michaelwentonweakes · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Don't despair! Here are a couple things to consider.

Dogs go through a fear and anxiety stage somewhere between 6 and 14 months. This phase can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and it's characterized by a timid or anxious response to scary new things like thunder. It's perfectly possible your dog will outgrow this as she becomes a more confident and adult dog.

In the meantime, I don't think you're doing anything wrong by taking her out and comforting her during the storms. If you want to take a more hands-off approach, here are some products you could consider:

A Thundershirt is a sort of sweater that you can put on your dog if thunderstorms seem to be on the horizon. Something about the consistent pressure seems to have a calming effect on dogs. It's not a miracle worker but from my experience it can help.

Same goes for herbal solutions like Composure dog treats or Pet Rescue Remedy – both can help, but they're not silver bullets.

Lastly, when you leave her in her crate and a thunderstorm arrives, always make sure to leave a Kong or other very high-value treat in there with her. She definitely needs something to distract her from her anxiety.

u/blackmetallic · 2 pointsr/dogs

invest in this and/or maybe a thundershirt.

wrap her in a blanket and hold her tightly.

u/softcatsocks · 2 pointsr/dogs

My puppy had the exact same thing on his armpit at 10 weeks old. They look gross like acne and have scabs from the dried puss. Like the other poster said, I think it's puppy pyoderma which is common for young puppies, usually doesn't bother them, and it goes away on its own. I bought some otc pet topical that contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate and sprayed it liberally 2 times every day on the area. I could tell it was working. He is 6 months now and they're completely gone.

u/Gungnir5 · 2 pointsr/shiba

[My shibe finds this type of collar more comfortable :)] (

u/happyjujube45 · 2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

try one of these out. they’re not so clumsy. KONG CloudTM Collar - Plush, Inflatable E-Collar - For Injuries, Rashes and Post Surgery Recovery - For Medium Dogs/Cats

u/moon_watcher77 · 2 pointsr/germanshepherds

This is the one we used after we had our gsd spayed at 6 months. It worked really well. It was a lot more comfortable then the cone. Plus she was still able to get around without banging into everything and fit comfortably in her crate.

My mom has older dog that was doing the same thing on his back leg. What's hard is once there's a sore there the only want to lick it more. She ended put him in a cone and wrapping the leg. Thankfully once it was healed he finally left it alone.

Good luck! Stay strong! It will get better!

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/QueenOfDragon · 2 pointsr/dogs

Vets don't provide the best equipment when it comes to that, but I really recommend the cloud collar that is around 15 bucks. A lot of dogs like that collar because their sight isn't inhibited.

Could you do gauze pad soaked in Epsom salt and water and quickly tape it around him? If not, get a doggy diaper, place the cloth in there, and put it on your dog. At that point, your only job is to keep him still as opposed to holding him down. You'll have to get a female diaper, but it would be fairly easy to put a cloth in there and place on your dog. You can get disposable diapers or a cloth diaper with disposable liners. You could even soak the liners/diapers in the solution as they are meant to hold liquid. Not sure how well that would work, but I do suggest trying the diaper and cloth thing.

Is he getting antibiotics? If not, ask your vet about that. Cream, which is good, can be horrible to apply and antibiotics sometimes can replace the cream.

Edit: Also, whenever you apply anything, I highly suggest giving treats or something to occupy him. A kong with peanut butter works amazingly. Anything to associate that routine with something positive and fun for him.

u/TwoNewfies · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

We've had newfs eat entire large batches of chocolate chip cookies with absolutely no Ill effects ...
But I do recommend the Kong doughnut--type cone Much easier for them to eat and maneuver - plus makes a sweet pillow!

u/MATTDAYYYYMON · 2 pointsr/labrador

You can look into getting a kong brand donut that goes around their neck instead, I used it for my pup and he hated it but it worked like a charm and it looks just like those travel pillows you use on planes.

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/lurkynic · 2 pointsr/aww

Poor pup! That breaks my heart. I'm glad he has good fur-parents. It sounds like he's a strong little dude.

This is what I had to eventually get for my yellow lab:

u/aphillips1 · 2 pointsr/pitbulls
u/baxtermartinez · 2 pointsr/blogsnark

My cat is a cone refuser also. They have these alternative cones that are kind of like neck pillows that some cats will tolerate. I think the vet office standard cones mess up their vision/whiskers/situational awareness and it annoys some of them. I got this one for my cat while he had a catheter in and he quit trying to murder me/himself for a while:

u/normal3catsago · 2 pointsr/cats

I used this one. I did extra-small for an ~4-lb kitten and it was fine.

u/Wildflowers83 · 2 pointsr/guineapigs

I'm so sorry to hear your piggy is sick! It might be a good idea to go get him checked out by a vet to make sure everything is okay, especially if he is loosing weight.

I wouldn't offer this snack to your pig as a way to help him gain wieght. This treat stick is more like candy and not really recommended for guinea pigs.

You definitely want to up the vitamin C intake to give his immune system a boost! Think fresh produce like apples and oranges and kale. I (as well as many other Piggy parents) would recommend a product called Critical Care to help him gain weight. You may be able to get some from a local vet, pet store or it can be purchased on Amazon.

It's a powder that you mix with water and piggies loveee the taste!

I hope this has been a little helpful!
Hoping your piggy feels better soon! 🧡

u/Martaway · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Sorry! Not Total care, its called "Critical Care"

link to buy

I also found that if I mixed a bit of unsweetened applesauce into it, she would eat it on her own the majority of the time

Definitely check with the vet first if you plan to go the Critical care route, though

u/kinenchen · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

If your bunny likes Critical Care, I mix our old man bunns meds in with that. It smells AMAZING to bunnies (apparently) and he usually devours it. Otherwise, if it's in a small volume, I'll mush it in with some banana. Too much banana will make your bunn sick so be careful if you go that route.

u/photolove8 · 2 pointsr/goldenretrievers
u/_ataraxia · 2 pointsr/dogs

if your dog needs more fiber for anal gland issues, i highly recommend firm up. it's dried pumpkin that can easily be added to your dog's meals. i always keep some handy for when shorty has digestion/gland issues, way less hassle than pumpkin puree.

u/sparkalz · 2 pointsr/dogs
u/VividLotus · 2 pointsr/dogs

Wisdom Panel 2.5 (which is what I used) is $70 on Amazon right now! In my opinion, unless you think your dog is likely to be part or all of a really rare breed, that one is more than sufficient.

u/shaylenn · 2 pointsr/AustralianShepherd

When we rescued our pup, I was curious enough to do the DNA test. It was easy and took only a couple weeks. for more info. <= what I bought. It's fun to find out more info, plus it include a dna test for a gene that affects how your dog processes medication. We had to have that test done at the vet for a previous dog and it was around $40 for that alone. So, I figure for an extra $30, I don't have to wonder as much.

Btw, very cute pup and I could see potential Aussie there.

u/suzinboots · 2 pointsr/animalid

I can see whippet. You can always do a DNA test on her. It's not cheap, but it's an easy way to confirm the different breeds you've got in a mix:

u/rockon4life45 · 2 pointsr/shiba

Definitely look for the owners, he/she looks healthy and cared for.

If you exhausts all avenues, there are doggy DNA tests you can do at home for less than $75

u/jobseeker1111 · 2 pointsr/aww

Oh shoot. But isn't my dog precious? Lol, but it was the wisdom panel from Amazon. Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

u/DFuhbree · 2 pointsr/Blacklabs

It was this one. We thought it was pretty spot on based on the way he looks and the fact that we rescued.

u/Thurwell · 2 pointsr/dogs

You can cut amazon links off before the ref, all you need is this:

Or put some text in brackets followed by the link in paranethesis text, so you get this and it doesn't matter how long the link is.

u/Smith5001x · 2 pointsr/pics

If you really want to know all that is mixed into that dog, Amazon sells a dog DNA kit. Click Here

We did DNA testing on our dog and found out she is 100% poodle. The previous owner said she was, but when do you believe someone saying a dog is 100% anything when they are selling unregistered puppies.

u/sometimesynot · 2 pointsr/aww

Widsom Panel is $80, and I was very pleased.

u/Chellamour · 2 pointsr/dogs

First time seeing Fakespot, but you’re comparing Embark’s Breed & Health test to Wisdom Panel’s Breed test— when you look at the Fakespot score for the WP B&H, it gets a C with only a few reviews.

I also checked ReviewMeta to get a better idea of why the sites think Embark’s reviews are fake and, based on just that, I think the rating is unfair. The unverified purchases can be explained by Embark having lots of sales through their website or people receiving it as a gift; there is only 1 review they flagged as being incentivized out of 590, and it gave the product a 1.0; the “reviewer ease” score just means people who reviewed the product rate stuff 0.1 points higher than people who didn’t which, though it says that’s unnatural, I’m willing to overlook. The only one that stands out to me is “reviewer participation”— most reviewers have posted less than 15 total reviews on Amazon— but even that, I can overlook. If the product is overwhelmingly impressive, people are more likely to rate it. I think people also just like sharing their results; I plan to write a review once I get my dog’s back even though I rarely write reviews.

What makes me think that Embark’s reviews are genuine are the word count comparison and phrase repetition scores. Fake reviews tend to be short and repetitive, and Embark’s are anything but. The only things that tripped the review sites’ detectors were that the reviews were overwhelmingly positive and 35% from unverified purchasers, which both could just mean that people liked the product and were excited to share their results regardless of where they purchased it.

I actually barely looked at Amazon when deciding between Embark and Wisdom Panel. There are a bunch of articles out there comparing the two and nearly all of them say Embark seems more accurate or gives more detail, has a better user interface, and has better customer service.

u/ohmygobblesnot · 2 pointsr/ballpython

Get digital temp amd humidity gauges. The analog ones are known to be highly inaccurate which could lead to you not knowing of a problem inside your bps enclosure. Ill list some more accurate temp/humidity gauges i use for all my animals/know work far better than analog gauges.

(These two links are for direct spots)

(I use this one to make sure my heatmat regulartor thing is accurate)

(This one is for the middle or get two for each side as this one has worked the best to see the overall temp/humidity in the enclosures for my bp and crested) gecko

Edit: also whats your overal humidity in the room you're keeping the tank cause the cypress might be soaking up in moosture in the air which is causing your enclosure to be so high. I do still suggest you change to digital but it still might be helpful to know if your bedroom is the problem.

u/dazzleduck · 2 pointsr/hermitcrabs

You do not need the tank liner. The heating pad goes on the outside along the BACK of your tank, not under. The goal is to heat the air. If you put it under you will cook the crabs, heating pads often get much too hot (even with reptiles you need to use a thermostat to keep it from overheating and burning your reptile).

For humidity, I am going to link you a thermometer/hydrometer that I use. You will be able to easily see what both are at with just a glance and then make adjustments as needed. You can find a good one here

If you want one that has probes that goes into the tank and the display is outside, check out this one. Make sure that the probes are out of reach of the crabs, but as close to ground level in the tank as possible.

As for keeping humidity up, moss is a great option. You can mix it into your sand, place piles of it on top of the sand, or use a suction cup shower caddy on the glass and fill it up with the moss. Specifically, you want sphagnum moss which you can find in reptile sections. You can mist it and it will stay wet for a few days. Another thing you can add are bubblers, the same kind you would use in an aquarium. Adding them to your pools creates water movement which will not only increase humidity but attract your crabs to the water and deliver oxygen into the tank. With the proper substrate mixture and the heating pad, you should meet the parameters you need. But sometimes it just doesn't happen, and then you can try adding moss and/or bubblers. I have both and my humidity stays perfect.
You're awesome for getting started on their new stuff right away. They are such a rewarding pet, and I bet you will notice a huge difference in their activity once you have it all set up!

u/sarahlu82 · 2 pointsr/snakes

I would definitely get your temps and humidity sorted out as your highest priority. Especially if your heating pad isn't currently on a thermostat, it can be way too hot. When you get the thermostat for the heat pad, you should carefully peel the heat pad off the bottom of the tank (carefully because it can tear if you rip it off too hard) and sandwich the thermostat probe between the heat pad and the underside of the tank (so both heat pad and thermostat will be outside the tank, stuck to the bottom.

To monitor the temp/humidity in the enclosure, these digital thermos/hygros are much better than the analog ones: - they also have these at most PetSmarts/Petcos.

I see that someone in the ball pythons sub linked you to their getting started FAQ, so you should have all the info there you need about what the temps and humidity should be at. You can spray for humidity, but that causes large spikes and drops in the humidity levels and you can end up spraying 2-3x per day. More ideal since you're using cypress mulch bedding is just to mix some water right into the bedding. What I do is wait for my guy to go into one of the hides, then use a tupperware lid to block the entrance to the hide so he doesn't think my hand moving around the tank is a mouse and come out to eat, and mix some water into the bedding. You can pour a cup or so of water all over the bedding (maybe more since you have a 75 gal tank - I use a cup for my 40 gal) and use your hands to mix it all around. That will keep the humidity at a high level for much longer than spraying. You can also cover most of the screen top to keep the humidity from escaping, especially if you live in a drier climate. I live in Maine, so at this time of year humidity is a constant struggle. For now you can just cover most of the top screen with tin foil (leave some uncovered for ventilation). When you have time you can follow this tutorial to make your top screen even better at holding in humidity: but that's not a priority at the moment.

Keep asking questions! Even though you have some more to do to make your setup ideal for him, I can tell you care so much about giving him a good life <3

u/w0lf3h · 2 pointsr/dogs

My first thoughts would be either pillow collar (or another form of cone like collar) or dog boots.

u/Forest_GS · 1 pointr/gaming
u/melanie13241 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/Swoon_PM · 1 pointr/SSBPM

Get this controller and paint it black and indigo :3

u/EasyFlowElbow · 1 pointr/pitbulls

Aww, the poor little girl! My baby Macey just had 5 different spots removed on Monday, a few being mast cell tumors and some melanomas. She's recovering well though :)

Not sure if you've heard of them before but I can't recommend enough getting a "Comfy Cone" for her recovery. Macey has been through several surgeries during her life and it makes her SO much more comfortable than the plastic style cones.

Good luck to Zinnia, and wishing her a quick recovery!

u/The_Celtic_Chemist · 1 pointr/WatchPeopleDieInside

The comfy cone.

Great idea for giving your pet some comfort during an already hard time.

u/iKabocha · 1 pointr/hamsters

I like these seed-stuffed logs

She needs some kind of wheel. You may want to consider a saucer wheel. It is wider and not as tall so may solve your issue with space in the cage.

u/tullabulla1 · 1 pointr/Hedgehogs

Congrats on you new hedgie. I got my first 2 weeks ago. Do some research on your google but here are some of my first impressions and helping ease my Noodles into her new home.

Mealworms are the key to any hedgies heart. Not super mealworms though. These are a nice treat to greet them with on a spoon when you want to take them out. She also loves broccoli but hates apples. Research good foods, go to the store, it is trial and error.

Noodles was pretty shook up when my boyfriend brought her home as a surprise gift. So I set up her cage, food, water, etc and let her chill for 24 hours while she got used to my home. I also keep a thin fleece blanket on her cage except against the wall for fresh air.

To help cut costs I cut the sleeves off some old sweatshirts for her to snuggle in. I keep them on rotation and having 5 or 6 at a time allows for her to get a clean one about 2 times a week.

I found that she likes the Ware Flying Saucer more than a normal wheel. It is a solid base with no holes for toes to get caught in. Go ahead and buy the big one, you will need it.

Probably the most interesting thing I do is when I take her out I put her in the "poop box". I do this so it helps keep the cage bedding clean and so she does not mess on me. It is a high sided plastic container and I line it with paper towels. Makes for easy cleaning and I disinfect with a little Dial hand soap. There is nothing in there for her to hide and and it usually takes her about 10 mins to wake up and do her business. Then its time for for some snuggles... well more pokes, but we are getting there.

Edit: Forgot to mention when I get her out I turn off overhead lighting and fans. I didn't do this the first week and I have seen an improvement in her grumpiness now that I have started making things a little more relaxing for her.

u/WeirdStray · 1 pointr/Pets

I found one on, lookee here: :)

Disclaimer: I'm from Germany, so I have no clue how amazon works in the US :/ but I think every bigger pet shop will have those things on stock? Oo

u/pennygirl · 1 pointr/pics

You'll be surprised how much she'd use a wheel, even if you are playing with her a lot during the day :) I think it's really important that they are able to get exercise at night, since they are nocturnal... I think my Penelope probably runs for an hour a night, and her wheel is covered in poop in the morning- honestly, she goes buck wild for that thing!

I would really recommend it, even if you are playing with her tons during the day :)

This is another one that I've heard is good for hedgehogs!

u/MjrGrangerDanger · 1 pointr/WhatsWrongWithYourCat

If your cat is that distressed by it just get a baby shirt that covers the incision (check with your vet first).

There are even kitty versions...

The Suitical


He'll be able to groom more of himself but won't be able to get to his sutures.

I believe 1-3 month fits most cats.

Otherwise we'd just get a Comfy Cone and turn it down a bit. Most cats are a small. My tiny kitty is about the size of a typical 9 month old kitten, hers is an extra small but she can still fit her sisters size small cone.

In the evening we would do supervised cone free time. I know it's hard to watch your kitty feeling uncomfortable or in distress, but the sooner he heals the faster he's done with the cone. He'll be used to it to a certain extent soon.

Hope your kitty heals quickly!

u/Polyester_Smoothie · 1 pointr/Bulldogs

If you haven't seen these cones before, they are awesome

u/reddyoulikeabook · 1 pointr/Greyhounds

I would suggest getting a cone. You can buy soft cones, which are more comfortable (for you and him), but it sounds like you need to use one. I can’t imagine there’s anything you can do to get him to stop other than restricting his access to the wound.

Something like this:
I’ve used this one in the past.

u/CallMeGilligan · 1 pointr/houston

Yes, they have a variety that is made especially for pets. We've used it for many years, had fair results with it.

u/AllanfromWales · 1 pointr/Wicca

You might try a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy - it has a good reputation, though I've not tried it on felines myelf.

u/ladybits_taco · 1 pointr/dogs

Both Derma Gel and this anti fungal spray have worked well for my dogs.

u/cornfedandconfused · 1 pointr/bloomington

Like others have said, benadryl and we use this

our dog gets really bad skin allergies/hot spots and were taking him to the vet once a month it was so bad started using this spray and regularly check him and its been a life saver for him and our wallets.

u/aldog3788 · 1 pointr/cockerspaniel

It’s called veterinary clinical care

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Spray for Dogs and Cats – Medicated Topical Spray Treatment for Fungal and Bacterial Skin Infections in Dogs and Cats, Fast Acting, Heal and Soothe Infections (8 oz bottle)

u/-sarasmiles- · 1 pointr/englishbulldog

I fee your pain! Same thing happened to my 8 year old Bulldog just a few months ago. Our vet diagnosed the problem as allergies (just by looking at her symptoms, no tests).
I didn't bother doing the allergy test as the problem cleared up pretty quickly with the remedies below that I used. However it didn't, I would have done what others have suggested and gotten a test done to know for sure.
Dogs often develop food allergies (such as chicken) later in life so many owners don't suspect a food item they have been eating for years could be doing damage.
I also did not want to put my girl on medication unless it was my last resort so here is what I did and thankfully it worked wonders!

-coconut oil on skin and in food once a day
-cod liver oil in food once a week
-castor oil on skin
-baths every three days with [this shampoo] (

Other natural products a holistic vet recommended that you can google for more info are colloidal silver, neem oil and also lavender oil (just a few drops mixed in with the coconut oil when you apply it on the skin).

I also have been feeding her a raw diet for a few years now - when I first adopted her, her skin was horrible and she had ear infections every month. Switching to raw food improved her coat, stopped her ear infections and helped her overall health. I also only feed her natural treats every once and awhile, nothing packaged, such as apples, sweet potatoes and sardines.

Good luck and if you have any questions I'm happy to help!

u/bynL · 1 pointr/BorderCollie

When my older BC had surgery to remove a wee lump, the vet didn't give her a cone, but a neck pillow - kind of like you see people use on airplanes. It was great! Worked really well, and it didn't seem to humiliate her that much. (

u/LilKaylie · 1 pointr/goldenretrievers

While Clifford is displeased, he’s still adorable. May I ask if he’s tolerating the donut on his neck well, and if he is what kind is it?

Edit: I see the Kong label. Not sure if it’s from the donut or it went with something else originally 🙂

Edit 2: Found it!

u/FirosAhoge · 1 pointr/aww

Cones are horrible. Most dogs hate them, including my own. Get yourself the soft, pillowy kind.

u/jerf_mayne · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Alternatively, if you're okay with spending more money, there are inflatable oversized "donuts" that can go around your dog's neck which are normally used to prevent licking, but might prevent the dog from being able to scratch it's ears too. They have full peripheral vision and their nose can still hit the ground. Here's an example:

u/enjolique · 1 pointr/dogs

If you're able to get to a pet store in today, there are inflatable donut collars that we've used with my dog that are really great.

They look like airline sleeping pillows. They make it impossible for the dog to lick but easier to be in confined spaces:

King Comfy Cone:

u/dustinpdx · 1 pointr/lifehacks

You can actually buy a similar product, we have one for our small dog and it works great.

u/Z_as_in_Zebra · 1 pointr/Greyhounds

I haven't had to deal with anything like this so I can't give any advice, sorry. I'd be worried with the hard muzzle aggravating the wound more if he was trying to get at it. Have you tried one of those blow up rings instead of the cone? Like this: KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large
I've heard good things about them.

u/Cyt6000 · 1 pointr/puppy101

I would leave the cone on but you might be able to 'upgrade' to the inflatable cone. But ask your vet before you do anything.

My pup had Staples when he was 4 months and it sucked. Training went out the window during those two weeks. I don't know what happened to make him brake those bones but if it was anything that might be traumatizing it'll be rough getting him back to normal. My pup that got the staples didn't have much emotional damage, but our other dog did.

u/reticulatedspline · 1 pointr/BostonTerrier

I've evangelized these here before, but consider getting him an inflatable collar instead of the typical cone of shame. It's sort of like one of those neck pillows you you see people use on airplanes. It's thick enough that it prevents the dog from bending enough to reach the wound. It also doesn't block their peripheral vision as much, nor does it interfere with eating or sleeping as much. Boy my boys vastly preferred it to the cone.

u/PJsAreComfy · 1 pointr/Pets

If the plastic cone is adding to his agitation you might try a soft cone like this one. I just recently read about them in another post but they seem to be effective and less cumbersome.

If you can't keep him from moving around then perhaps he can be enticed to use pet steps instead of jumping? I got these for my senior cat and they were very sturdy. But if he's not in pain, and he's determined to jump around, he probably won't use them.

I'd try keeping him in the bathroom but put a big cardboard box on the sink so there's no space for him to jump onto. Counters or shelves could be filled with folded or rolled towels or blankets to block access.

u/humpingvan · 1 pointr/vandwellers

Yeah there are many reasons for not buying bengal hybrid house cats and the volume is one of them.

My cat is a red maine coon and unfortunately also loud or at least fucking persistent in the yowling department. I don't mean "meow" i mean YOOOWWLL.

Its rescue remedy: to be quite honest I just use the human stuff, which is 3 bottles of 20ml for around $37 via prime and it takes almost 2 weeks to get to the US.

Luckily the cat is up most of the night crawling in and out from under the blankets, she wakes me up about 5 times a night so she ends up sleeping all day. She did the same in the house, the travel trailer and the studio apartment so its how she is nocturnal and needy.

u/Killashandra19 · 1 pointr/cats

Put a few drops on a treat or add some to a water bowl.

u/madaboutpawz · 1 pointr/DOG

In my country, this was recommended by a few of the adopters with anxiety dogs.

Bach, Original Flower Remedies, Rescue Remedy Pet, Natural Stress Relief, Dropper, Alcohol-Free,

Give it a try.

u/antigenabx · 1 pointr/cats

Petvalu or amazon! This is what I get. There's also this bigger size.

u/clearsnake · 1 pointr/SiberianCats

Haha. I read your title and I felt like I knew what this was going to be about. I think most long-haired kittens aren't as good with cleaning and going #2 in the litter box, so it's not that uncommon to be washing their butts when they're young.

For some reason I had the softer stool with my two cats when they were young as well. My older cat is now almost 2 and my younger one is 9 months. The younger one's poop just recently seemed to "stabilize," so my butt washing days are hopefully behind me.

Have you tried pumpkin? If it's not a food allergy or parasite, maybe that can help? I've given my cats this on and off when needed and to me it seems to help.

u/DingleBerryCobbler · 1 pointr/dogs

I was getting sick of having multiple cans and having to measure out pumpkin, so I bought this:

I found it's worked better than canned pumpkin.

u/margehatedbeckyfirst · 1 pointr/dogs

To warn you I have read that it is difficult to get a refund if you purchase through Amazon instead of the actual Wisdom Panel website. That being said though I had a great experience: I received the kit very quickly with Amazon Prime, and the results were sent to me only a week after the lab received the kit.

u/pauleeny · 1 pointr/DOG

Doggy DNA Test! Really cool to see the results. Ours is a Collie/Wheaton Terrier mixed with a Jindo/Pit Bull (

u/sabtacular · 1 pointr/dogs

We actually did the Wisdom Panel test on Zeus, and they said he is a lab + schnauzer + whippet mix, among other things.

I'm not sure I completely believe it though, because while I can not see the schnauzer in him at all, he looks and acts a lot like a whippet and has some lab characteristics as well. He also is very shepherd-y in his coat and some behaviors.

I hope that helps!

u/heckapunches · 1 pointr/whats_my_mutt

I got Djangos for Christmas in 2013. I was told he was half English pointer and half boxer. I was satisfied with that so I left it alone. When I met my boyfriend last year he told me he thought Django looked like he had some pit bull in him.

I decided to get a dna test done on him, which I ordered on amazon. It said it would take 2 or 3 weeks to email me the results but I got them back a week later.

Turns out Django is:
One quarter pit bull
One quarter boxer
One quarter golden retriever
One eighth dalmatian
One eighth German short-haired pointer

The kit comes with two swabs that you use on your dog's mouth, you let them dry and you mail it in. It was well worth the 70 dollars I paid for it.

u/cdemi · 1 pointr/labrador

If you really want to know, then maybe this can help you:

It's not cheap and I've never used it but the reviews don't look bad!

u/FLORI_DUH · 1 pointr/pitbulls

FWIW the Wisdom Panel DNA test is (relatively) cheap, super easy and the results seemed pretty accurate.

u/armoured_wankball · 1 pointr/ShitAmericansSay

It was one of these.

u/rampaige8 · 1 pointr/IDmydog
u/turbobadurbo · 1 pointr/Boxer

Adorable pup. Little for a boxer but I really can't put my finger on it. I used the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit on my pup and he came back 100% boxer as expected. You decide whether you want the test to be run for mixed-breed, designer or purebred. All of the tests include a predicted weight profile and will check for the multi-drug resistance 1 (MDR1) genetic mutation that may cause severe adverse reactions to commonly prescribed drugs. I know this sounds like an ad but I just had a friend recommend it.

u/Byzantium42 · 1 pointr/puppy101

She looks almost identical to my parents dog. Black, white chest and paws. They were always told he was a lab mix, but your pup's ears look slightly different. They almost look beagley. But if you're really interested, I think you can get their dna tested to identify breed.

u/TMWNN · 1 pointr/aww
u/Doctorjimmy · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

We used this kit to have him tested. Based on his looks and personality I think it's accurate.

u/RadioPixie · 1 pointr/Eyebleach

If you're really curious they sell DNA tests on Amazon for about $72.

u/thadude3 · 1 pointr/samoyeds

$59 usd , all depends i guess
Our sammy was really expensive so compared to that jts cheap. But to each their own.

u/WhistlingDoe · 1 pointr/corgi

I used a Mars 3.0 test on my mix. Told me she was 50% corgi, 25% chihuahua and 25% miniature pincher mix. Wasn't able to determine further than that.

Sorry, don't have an imgr account or anything, but here's a picture of her on Instagram I took a couple days ago, next to my 9 month corgi puppy.

u/z3dster · 1 pointr/dogpictures

if you leave it saved in your cart the wisdom panel often is a deal of the day, you'll get an email when it drops in price

found my dog which the rescue said was part Vizla is actually pure Rebone coonhound, so much for giving her a breed appropriate name of Paprika. To make it right we decided her middle name is Ann to make her a nice southern girl, Paprika Ann

u/5FingerDeathTickle · 1 pointr/redsox
u/riehf · 1 pointr/ballpython

I would suggest a heat mat with a temp controller as an attachment. It makes the hot spot temp stable and you only need to check to make sure your snek hasn’t dislodged the gauge that’s attached to glass where the heat may lies underneath! Makes my life so much easier. Hot spot should be about 90. Cool side should be about 70-80 and if your house naturally sits at this you should be fine, if not you could use another heat mat for the cool side with the controller and gauge just sweating it at a lower temp. I’ve found they’re more reliable than bulbs (not that bulbs aren’t totally fine). Just my recommendation! I’ll link the heat mat and regulator I bought off amazing below!

Thermostat (heat regulator)
BoHoFarm Heat Mat Thermostat...

Heat mat
Zoo Med ReptiTherm Under Tank...

Thermometer and humidity gauge
Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer...

u/bitchnstitch · 1 pointr/Sneks

We use this one for the heat pad, you set it at the temp you want and it turns the heating pad on and off depending on if it gets too cool or too hot.

And then we use this one just to monitor visually the temp and humidity of the environment. So far we’ve had no issues and they’re both fairly inexpensive.

Good luck with everything!

u/kittio · 1 pointr/snakes

Heya! It's me from your thread on /r/cornsnakes~

I wanted to add on to what Jon suggested: combo gauges are awesome for measuring ambient temperature and humidity, you can use wire clips to make them neat n' tidy. I'd also grab a thermometer gun to measure specifics if you don't already have one. They're great for comparing the warm/cool ends and preparing food at the right temperature. Here are the ones I use!

(Amazon) Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge

(Amazon) Etekcity Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

u/complainsaway · 1 pointr/corgi

It’s this one. We got the large size. My other dog slips out of it easily, but I didn’t want it to choke them. Tucker doesn’t mind it, so it stays on.

u/DookieTuesday · 0 pointsr/xboxone

If nothing else, it would open up a whole new market for peripherals. I use a wireless KB & optical mouse from my couch with Steam Link... and while it's not uncomfortable - it's not as compact and convenient as a controller. I think a more condensed WSAD pad (similar to the T9) which fits in one hand, coupled with a good stationary track ball could be extremely comfortable.

It may not occur to many people that having your hands so far apart could be comfortable. It seems unwieldy and unintuitive if you've never done it - but it really is extremely comfortable and you pick up on it almost immediately. I had one of those ASCII NGC Keyboards imported from Japan to use with PSO Ep I & II - which basically split the controller in twain and jammed a keyboard between the buttons. I thought it was going to be a pain to get used to, but really, it keeps your arms in a more natural resting state and reduces the angle your wrists have to extend.

I don't think it'll be nearly as much of an adjustment as people fear it will be, especially if devices are designed with the ergonomics of couch play (rather than desk play) in mind.

u/greencopen · 0 pointsr/Pets

I would definitely consider other options first.

  1. Try the Thundershirt, I'd just try to find somewhere that you can return it in case it doesn't help.
  2. As mentioned by another commenter below, look into CBD - I've heard many good things about it's effectiveness in treating anxiety in pets.
  3. Another natural option you could try is this spray:
  4. And finally, another option would be to reach out to an animal behaviourist. Google "animal behaviourist + (your city)____". It'll definitely be more expensive than the medicines, but it would be a more permanent solution as they typically help both the pet and the owner overcome their challenges.

    Good luck and sorry about your father.
u/ColourfulConundrum · 0 pointsr/AskVet

They've finally started to modify collars for post-surgery, I used this Kong collar, but make sure she has the right size. Pet stores near me sell them, or similar styled ones. Can you call your vet and discuss the howling, possibly a trial run of pain meds to see if it helps - honestly I'm careful not to assume that my dog letting me touch something means it doesn't hurt, the pain may be further in, or i may not be applying the right pressure. If the medication helps, then you know there was pain, potentially inflammation, and as you wean her off them ensure the howling doesn't return. Aftercare should be a part of her surgery - when are you due for a wound check? Ideally you could trial the meds and discuss results then.

Sorry for all that - it comes down to, is she eating well, drinking well? For the howling call your vet and see if a trial of pain meds is possible, or if they think it's behavioural. Does one of the nurses know if she was howling in the kennels? Given she is also limited with walks and such at the moment that may play a part. Either way, call the vet, discuss eating and drinking habits and make sure you feel right about their response. And check your check up date :)

u/Andersoncoupe · 0 pointsr/husky

After surgery for tumor biopsy, my poor boy kept slamming that damn cone into everything. Furniture, our legs, his brothers, etc. I found a soft collar alternative and he was sooo much more comfortable! It worked fabulously.

BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar(Large)