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u/pagnoodle · 4641 pointsr/politics

New plan. Constantly blow whistles outside the White House and at all trump speaking events from now on. That would make him so enjoyably livid.

EDIT: thank you for the silver and gold! Let’s get out there and blow some fucking whistles!

SWS 72Pcs Plastic Whistles, Training Sports Whistles with Lanyard, Loud Toys Whistles for Christmas Birthday Party Goody Bag Fillers Games Survival Emergency, 5 Brilliant Colors

EDIT 2: Thank you again for the awards! I feel it is also my duty to remind you to save your hearing. I have comments of people who want to get together to get this done. Pick and time and place and I’ll post it. Protect your ears! You only get one set and tinnitus is permanent.

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work

EDIT 3: Thursday 10/10 at 6pm. Bring your whistles to the Target Center in Minneapolis. Get some whistles, get some friends, get irritating.

EDIT4: It’s been awesome to keep getting responses and interest in making this an actual thing! I’ve heard from people in MN, DC, SLC, California, and even England who want to get this started! I’m all for it, but let’s make sure we are there as an irritant, not as bullies. If you go out to blow some whistles tag your work with #irritatingwhistleblowers. So go get some friends, get some whistles, and get irritating!

EDIT 5: Good morning! Head on over to r/whistleattrump for further updates and shenanigans. I’ll continue to post updates and events as people get me the information.

u/johnson_n · 1010 pointsr/LifeProTips

LPT: When doing anything that can damage your eyes, invest $2 in some safety glasses that meet ANSI Z87.1 so you can see what you're doing.

LPT: When doing anything that can damage your ears, invest $0.10 in a pair of ear plugs. Double up if possible when shooting firearms (ear muffs and ear plugs).

u/blink0r · 609 pointsr/LifeProTips

To add to this LPT:

buy a decent pair of musicians plugs (25-30$ CDN) on Amazon and have them for life. Unlike regular ear plugs that mute everything, musicians plugs kind of block out the more harmful frequencies. So instead of making the sound muddled, it just lowers the volume.

Mine came with a string and a carrying case and I've had them for years. I wear them to every concert and they're very comfortable!!

Edit: Link to purchase Etymotic Earplugs

u/OrangeSlicer · 278 pointsr/politics

ATTN: If you are planning to attend the rally in Minneapolis, please bring your whistles!

You can purchase a pack of 24 whistles for only $10 on Amazon here

Also please keep your ears safe! You can purchase 50 pairs of earplugs on Amazon for only $10 here

If you have any extra whistles or earplugs while at the rally, please hand them to fellow friends.

Soon WE will all be blowing the whistle on the President as well!

EDIT: Earplugs

u/sublimatedpotato · 223 pointsr/AnimalsBeingBros

Yes high volume noises or long durations at lower volumes can be damaging to anyone's hearing. These effects are cumulative over time. Fortunately it was the one and only time the dog has run out during a show and the amount of time it was on stage was minimal... ~15 seconds as you can see. So it should hopefully be no worse off than you or I in a similar situation.

I highly recommend anyone / everyone wear ear plugs at shows either way! A pair of Hero's are relatively cheap and allow you to still hear the music with minimal loss to experience:

u/wafflesareforever · 150 pointsr/tifu

For some reason, whenever I swim, I get crazy amounts of ear wax buildup over the next couple of days. I used one of those Japanese ear picks for a while, and it helped, but then I discovered this glorious device. Fill it with warm water, shoot it into your ear, and repeat. The first few sprays probably won't produce much, as it needs to soften up the wax a bit first, but then big chunks of wax start coming out of your ear and suddenly you can hear so much better. It's the most satisfying thing ever.

The photos in the Amazon reviews are disgusting, but they'll give you an idea of what will be coming out of your ears.

u/california_dying · 100 pointsr/AskMen

MY DUDE! Ear health is very important to me too. I use these bad boys. I take them out as I leave the show and it was like I wasn't even at a rock concert. If you put them in right, there is very little effect on the sound, just some minor high end roll-off. I don't think you can get much better unless you have custom fit plugs which are ridic expensive.

u/BeardsAndBitchTits · 89 pointsr/videos

This works much better and can be done safely at home. I have ear wax problems in one ear and this is what my otolaryngologist uses.

u/dontforgetpants · 86 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

Living with roommates sucks, especially roommates with very different class/work/sleep schedules. Everyone suggesting 9-10 pm quiet time needs to get out of their morning person bubble. Everyone else suggesting that OP go out every time they want to have a chill conversation with friends is also being unrealistic. For one, that's going to get really expensive. For another, OP has a right to use the living room they pay to rent, which is equally as strong as Roommate's right to sleep, so they must find a way to balance these rights.

I say this as a very, very light sleeper. In a decade and a half of living with roommates, I have never come to a point of not being able to work it out, nor come to a point of putting my foot down and telling a roommate they couldn't use the living room at conversational volumes whenever I was sleeping.

OP - maybe in the politest way possible, you can help your roommate explore some techniques to sleep better. White noise machine or fan, blackout curtains, eye mask, ear plugs. I would again politely encourage your roommate to at least try ear plugs for a week. I recommend the Mack's 32 dB - they are small and squishy enough to comfortably sleep on even for a side sleeper (33 dB are quite a bit bigger) and you can still hear a nearby alarm through them, though they block out background noise. Here is an Amazon link:

u/alittleredpanda · 76 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

I have tiny ear canals too but I have a fiance who snores like an elephant, so I learned to suck it up and find ear plugs, and now I sleep through the night just fine. Look for the foam ones (highly recommending these 3M ones) - you press them between your fingers like you are trying to roll them into thin long pieces, then put them in your ear, and then they expand and block out all the sound. It takes a bit of getting used to and some practice to get them to stay in, but after a few days I managed just fine. Unfortunately living with roommates means you share your space - it is the compromise you have to make for the cheaper rent, otherwise I am sure most people would choose to live by themselves.

u/Zink0xide · 70 pointsr/LifeProTips

Good ear plugs make concerts sound better. Seriously. Get a good pair too, suggestion below.

u/Splendor78 · 46 pointsr/HipHopImages

The smartest thing you can take to a concert. You might think you look dumb but hearing loss is no joke. Especially if you plan to continue a career reviewing music.

And for ~$15 you can get a nice reusable pair that will let you hear everything without permanent hearing loss.

u/Hedroo · 42 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Get them real, nice, earplugs. like $20+
I use LiveMusic HearSafe plugs and refuse to go to shows without them ever since

And as soon as I my subs in my car working again, I guarantee I will be using them in my car also.

Doesnt affect the mix of the sound, can still talk with them in...

You can even still FEEL the bass on your body, but it is no longer actually literally shaking your ear drums.

u/IPeeInBoots · 39 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I'll be honest, I have ear wax issues. Despite others here saying wax is SUPPOSED to drain from the ear, mine does not. I've had issues my whole life. I don't use Q-tips because I was also told it was bad.

When I can tell my ears are getting bad, I will use hydrogen peroxide (HO2 H2O2), of which you can buy a lifetime supply of for $1. That with a bulb to force water in usually helps for the average person. I like this method just to listen to all the fizzing. It's like pop in your ear.

Every once in a while I need to go to the doctor to get my ears cleaned. I only do this when I'm losing hearing though since it can get pretty expensive. They use a squirt bottle to with a small funnel on the end and force warm water into your ear. This is the result. Gross as all get out, warning you.

I recently bought the tool they use on Amazon, but there is something that the doctor does a lot better than me. They can get a lot of nasty gunk out of there.

In summary, warm water with force, and funny chemicals. All much better than a Q-tip.

u/ssaedi110 · 38 pointsr/UCSD

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work

u/LumberjackPreacher · 37 pointsr/TumblrInAction

You should try the noise reduction ear plugs that musicians use at concerts and things, it reduces the noise levels coming into your ears while still allowing you to hear mostly clearly.

Check em out.

u/techie1980 · 34 pointsr/RedditForGrownups

I don't know how to solve your neighbor problem, but I would highly recommend investing in some earplugs:

I live near a fairly major city street where a motorcycle shop moved in. These things, and a white noise generator, have been lifesavers. (At least for me, it was the relative quiet to 90Db motorcycle engine with a radio that would wake me up. This combination dulls it.)

u/Nimiety_One · 30 pointsr/Metal

I have used Alpine earplugs for years, and highly recommend them. The stems are short (used to DJ with them in, they fit underneath my headphones just fine) and have taken them to countless shows. You can change out the tips for higher decibel blocking, and I've worn them for hours at a time without issue.

I needed a low profile option so the popular Etys were too big, and I've never been dissatisfied with the Alpines; definitely worth checking out imo.

u/RAATL · 29 pointsr/aves
u/MrMetalfreak94 · 28 pointsr/WTF

You actually aren't supposed to do that. The warnings not to put Q-Tips in your ear on the package are there for a reason.

It gives you no medical benefit and when you clean your ear with them you actually push a good deal of the ear wax deeper into the ear canal, which builds up over time and can result in a blockage, which can cause pain, hearing problems, ringing in the ear, or dizziness. You can also accidentally puncture your ear drum using these.

Most people also don't have to and shouldn't clean the ear wax in the canal, it's there to clean and moisturize your ears, prevents insects to a certain extent from entering it and is anti-bacterial. Constantly removing it often results in earaches and a higher risk of ear infections.

If you actually have to clean your ear, use ear syringes, they are a cheap and safe way to clean your ears, never use Q-Tips for that!

u/VA_Network_Nerd · 28 pointsr/sysadmin

Noise-Cancelling Headphones seem to be all the rage, but I don't understand the attraction, personally.

They are enormously large, delicate, expensive and not really designed for this use-case.

My solution:

3M Foam Ear Plugs

$20 for 200-pair. Stuff 5 or 6 pair in your laptop bag. Reuse them if you want, or just toss them. In fact, in accordance with OSHA regulations in the US, the data center should probably have a supply of these on hand for anyone who needs to work in that equipment room for more than 10-20 minutes.

u/[deleted] · 26 pointsr/philadelphia

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Work, Travel & Loud Events

u/Proud_Thespian · 26 pointsr/Coachella

Check out the Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs.

I've used these for years at Coachella and other concerts. It just reduces the sound volume, you still get to hear all the music (as opposed to those foam ones, where the sound just muffles).

Edit: these also allow you to end a concert without that awful buzzing in your ears for hours after

u/penguinsandbuildings · 26 pointsr/LifeProTips

And here is US amazon link, since above one seems to be Canadian only

u/rjb4000 · 21 pointsr/washingtondc

You can check sound levels as measured by restaurant-goers using the soundprint app:

I find the noise level in most restaurants intolerable, so I just started carrying around a good set of earplugs. They also work great on the metro.

u/mezz · 20 pointsr/electrohouse

Nope, these.

u/coffee_and_lumber · 20 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

There's something on Amazon called an Elephant Ear. $30 seems a little much for a plastic bottle and some tubing, but it's got to be cheaper than a doctor. I've used mine three times in three years and each time, out plopped an impressive, firm wad of ear gunk along with a little "pop!", followed by deliciously crisp hearing. It's awesome.

At this point, I look forward to impacted wax just to get the satisfaction of cleaning it out.

u/FidgetTheMidget · 17 pointsr/glasgow

I no longer travel without foam earplugs. They have got me to sleep in environments where I could not without them. Screaming problems. "Naaaaa naaa naaa naaa" hen party groups....blocked. Groups of wee dicks drinking buckfast....ignored.

I have them in every bag I am likely to travel with including my laptop bag and holdall.

I buy these fuckers in bulk...

u/HoldingThunder · 16 pointsr/Metal

I use these Earplugs

They don't really distort the sound just take off the extra distortion from it being too loud and makes everything quieter a little big. But I dont feel like I have to yell to someone next to me and could carry on a normal conversation without difficulty. The only real difference I find is if I am playing drums the snare sounds more like a tom, but if I am at a concert, I don't really notice a difference.

u/Sharptoe1 · 16 pointsr/funny

Yep. They're disposable ear plugs.

Similar ones, not sure if they're the same though.

EDIT: Just noticed the brand on the machine is the same as the ones I linked.

u/FsckItDude_LetsBowl · 16 pointsr/

As the son of an ear doctor, lemme caution people to please, please, please refrain from doing this with anything but a large bore nozzle and low pressure. Or simply not at all; instead use a special ear cleaning tool that is designed not to direct a thin, high pressure jet of water directly at your eardrum.

u/RedStag86 · 15 pointsr/LifeProTips

Not completely sure why he's recommending headphones. I would personally go for a pair of $15-$20 Hearos ear plugs. They have high-fidelity ear plugs that lower decibel levels without muffling the sound. There are better plugs out there (such as custom molded with replaceable sound filters), but for the average concert-goer $20 is a good deal.

Edit: Such as these.

Double Edit: I now understand that he's talking about two different situations: concerts, and personal listening.

u/colin_staples · 15 pointsr/Showerthoughts
u/killsapo · 15 pointsr/italy

io uso questi, gli stessi che uso ai concerti, per la mia vicina che alle 5 di mattina comincia a prepararsi per il lavoro stacchettando e aprendo tutti i cassetti e sbattendo porte (la sera mi vendico coi SUMAC a palla).

ce ne sono anche di più economici, per il sonno ugualmente utili.

u/Bed_Invader · 15 pointsr/hiphopheads

As someone with tinnitus, please buy ear plugs like these. In general any musicians earplugs.

u/nordjorts · 14 pointsr/indieheads

The reason I posted this is because of personal experience. I developed tinnitus last year due to a perforated eardrum surgery (surgery went well besides the tinnitus...) and after surgery I not only have experienced tinnitus but also sensitivity. I can't be at a party, a bar, or even a friend's house sometimes without wearing earplugs. It's fucking depressing and I don't want anybody else to have to go through this. My other ear which is also perforated has now developed tinnitus as well. It is one of the most depressing things in the world especially since I am currently in school studying to enter the music industry. (non-musician side)

It's hard for anybody to not want to turn their music up loud and jam out or go to a ton of concerts. In fact it's pretty unavoidable. What you can do though is get a pair of nice earplugs. Not the foam kind even though those do work they just muffle sound. The kind I'm talking about can in fact improve your concert experience and they allow you to hear what's important (the music) and you can still carry on a conservation with them in! I'll be honest they weren't the best pair for me in the last live event I was at. I was at a house show and the speakers are right there next to you so that on top of my sensitivity was probably what did it. They do have higher level protection though. [Here's] ( a link if anybody is interested!

u/buckyboo22 · 14 pointsr/CCW
  • S&W M&P Shield 9mm - $380
  • Beltman quickship black belt - $80
  • Black Arch proto holster - $75
  • Federal HST/Hornady Critical Defense - $25
  • Eyes - $10
  • Ears - $65
  • More ears - $21
  • Range bag - $30

    That puts you at around $750 depending whether you have to pay tax on the handgun, transfer fees, etc.

    The remaining $250 should be enough for an introduction to handgun safety class at your local range plus a bunch of cheap ammo to practice with.

    Edit: I forgot, don't forget to account for the cost of your CCW permit. Depending on where you live and what required classes you have to take that could easily consume your remaining $250.
u/zehamberglar · 14 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Yep. I have really waxy ears, and they once got so clogged that I couldn't hear. Doctor used one of these to clean it out and it worked great. You can buy them for less than the cost of the doctor visit (but it was worth it to learn about this).

u/HorrorPotato · 13 pointsr/wow

I know this probably won't help you right this minute. But for large conventions I usually wear a pair of high fidelity ear plugs. Loud/roaring crowds set off my anxiety, if that sound contributes to over-stimulating you, those earplugs will help filter it out. The loud roar gets muffled to a whisper but you will still be able to hear someone talking to you / near you. They've helped me a ton.

u/bwooceli · 13 pointsr/flying

A word of caution, especially for older (and generally) louder planes. The QC35s do not have the same level of noise reduction as the A20s, and you're likely to experience some hearing loss. For the budget minded, you honestly are going to have trouble beating an old fashioned DC set with a pair of something like these under them:

Also super useful for when you're sharing the ramp with jets :)

u/ProfessorBlakery · 13 pointsr/trap

AMEN. I know a lot of people with tennitus and that shit's no joke.

I bought these on amazon and haven't looked back. They work great, don't look goofy in your ears, and the metal case they come in is perfect for stashing party favors...if that's your thing :)

u/sodronez · 13 pointsr/BABYMETAL

at most concert you should wear an earplug to reduce the loudness


u/Biglinda · 13 pointsr/festivals

I've been going to concerts for about 10-12 years now. Festivals for the last 7. I'm 29. I and especially my wife has already noticed that my hearing is starting to get worse. I've tried cheap disposable foam ear plugs but they fall out or are so uncomfortable I remove them myself. I got a $20 pair off amazon before Backwoods a few weekends ago. I was very surprised at how good the music still sounded. Also they stayed in my ear and I was not constantly having to readjust. I wish I would have bought something like this sooner, but from now on I am wearing these to every show.

Amazon link for the ones I purchased. There are a lot of choices when you look on amazon or google. $20 is a tiny investment to start protecting your hearing that everyone should be doing if you go to a lot of concerts.

Also... no more loud music in the car or loud volumes on headphones/earbuds.

u/thenerdal · 13 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

The key is to use this after.

It's a syringe for your ears that won't let the water go directly on your eardrums so you can put more pressure than a regular syringe. Works well for me.

u/christopherw · 12 pointsr/popping


Periodically I have a TON of stuff like this come out of my ears. It used to be a lot worse.

Here's a fun story (with some useful info): I needed ear canal impressions for custom earplugs recently. Upon checking my ears, the audiologist immediately declared that one of my ears was almost completely blocked with impacted earwax and I'd have to get it cleared before I could get the impressions.

Like most people these days, it's doubtless partly due to high decibel listening - particularly using my closed cup headphones - and general assault from noisy life in general. The earwax overproduction is partly your ear defending itself, and also possibly overproduction due to irritation or environmental factors.

Apparently my eardrum was almost completely covered -- just the tiniest gap through which I was hearing (yet I heard no difference in sound whatsoever between ears, and I'm a sound engineer!).

So, in order to take the impressions you need clear ear canals. To accomplish this within a week, I used the following:

  • medical grade olive oil:
  • chemical based solution (active ingredient Urea Hydrogen Peroxide):

    and this MAGICAL ear syringe:


    DON'T use any products that involve suction or curettess / earpicks / q-tips. You should avoid touching the incredibly sensitive eardrum at all costs.

    Alternating between olive oil and the chemical product I found worked well.

    This part is slightly messy. If you are able to sleep on your side without moving, the simplest way to loosen up the earwax is to tilt your head right over, drop olive oil right into the ear until it feels completely blocked, massage in vigorously and leave overnight. Sleep with your head on a towel.

    In the morning, you'll find some will have seeped out but the rest will be absorbed into the hardened earwax. Later that day, use the urea hydrogen peroxide based product for some more aggressive breakdown. Tilt your head and apply the drops, listen for the bubbling/popping as the solution produces oxygen and breaks down the earwax. Keep your head tilted for a few minutes after.

    A stock of paper tissues will come in useful to daub up the overflow.

    After a while, use the ear irrigation tool. You need to be fairly forceful depressing the plunger, and the silicone end of the syringe needs to be properly inserted all the way into your ear canal for maximum effect. To get a good angle, use your other arm, reach behind your head and pull your earlobe directly out and away from your head - that should straighten up the ear canal a bit (also works well for inserting earplugs).

    I suggest you use warm (not hot) water as it does feel weird to start with. It feels GREAT after a while though, and the bonus of this syringe tool with the channels on it is that you can see the earwax come out.

    Don't stop after you see a few flakes, there's probably 10x as much inside your ear which you just can't see. You'll feel it start to come out before you see it. Once you're making headway on flushing it out, just keep going for five or ten minutes. Repeat this process for a week and it should be all out.

    I followed these steps, along with some reading on the Internet for technique and such, and when I went to my next audiologist's appointment he complimented me that I'd done a much better job than if I'd gone to hospital to get it done. He also recommended I periodically repeat the process to keep the ears clean... Which of course I've not done. I should probably do that.
u/hihochopsuey · 12 pointsr/Coachella

Good recommendation! I also recommend this pair of Downbeats as I own both and like how downbeats are a bit more subtle/less protruding from my ears.

u/F17CH · 12 pointsr/LifeProTips

I got mine at a local pro audio retail store. But you can get them online.
I like those because it gives you a keychain tube to keep them in. You also get two different filter caps. They're comfortable enough to keep in for around 2 hours. Gets a little annoying after that.

u/DarlingDestruction · 12 pointsr/WTF

I have the same problem. Ended up finding this thing on Amazon. It's the same one my doctor uses every time I go in to have my ears cleaned, so I figure, why not save myself the hassle of an appointment with the doctor and spend the $30 to do it myself. Mayhaps it will help you, as well.

u/doMinationp · 11 pointsr/FireflyFestival

In the festival: Gold Bond powder for chafing/sunburns/itchiness, hi-fidelity earplugs (I use DownBeats bcecause they're more compact than others), Anker 10000mAh battery pack and a multi-USB charger cable so all your friends can get their charge on w/o having to stop at a charging station

Camping: Mio water enhancer for electrolytes + flavor, Anker 20,100 mAh battery pack

u/wellwasherelf · 11 pointsr/deadmau5

> I'm only awake right now because my ears are still ringing...

I know this is off topic, but seriously consider getting a set of concert earplugs. My hearing is completely fucked from too many shows and having headphones too loud. I'm that guy who makes you repeat yourself 3 times and still doesn't hear what you're saying. Tinnitus is fucking ass too. That ringing you have right now will be 24/7. And, it can't be fixed - once it's gone, it's gone.

Sorry for sounding like a mom. I just don't want others to have to go through what I do if at all possible.

u/phedre · 11 pointsr/Rammstein

Every show I go to. I have a set of these:

Helps keep me from getting that horrible post concert ringing ear thing.

u/HTWingNut · 11 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I took my son at 7 years old to a Babymetal concert in seated area. Assuming an indoor concert, Just bring some good ear plugs (not the cheap foam ones), something like this or this in addition to this (yes both plugs and headphones). It can be VERY LOUD, and painful for young kids especially without proper ear protection. If it's a festival, then just headphones are probably adequate.

Once you have that, they will have a good time. I wouldn't take them on the floor though, unless you're near the back or sides because there can be some big crushes going on at times near the middle and front.

u/enginedown · 11 pointsr/Coachella

Why would you hide one in someones campsite? And I didnt say anything about food or consumables.. Fill them with lego men or buttons or love notes or something. Edit: Someone above mentioned earplugs, great idea! If not for protecting your ears in the festival, then helping you sleep at night while your neighbors play Animals on repeat.

u/globaldu · 11 pointsr/Drugs

A couple of years ago we stayed at my wife's parents for a few days, in between a two week road trip of festivals and other family visits.

MIL offered to wash some of our clothes while we were at Festival #2 which we thankfully accepted and so left a load of stuff in our room.

When we returned, as we sat at the breakfast table, she quietly said, "I think there's something upstairs I shouldn't have seen".

My mind was racing... what the fuck could it be?

"I've left it on the side, next to the bed, would you mind going to get it, dear?"

Wifey went upstairs and we all sat in silence waiting for her to return.


"Yes, darling..."

"They're my ear plugs mum, /u/globaldu snores..."

"Oh, thank goodness for that! We thought it was 'spliff' "

That's what you're up against, OP. You simply cannot explain drugs to some people. For them, prescription meds are totally fine but one toke on a joint and you're going straight to hell.

Ninja edit: It was the very same ear plugs... bright pink & yellow.

u/slugposse · 11 pointsr/tumblr

Just saying, this ear wax removal syringe with the tip that won't let you shove it in too far, and with holes to spray the water at the sides of your ear canal instead of blasting it straight at your ear drum is the only way to go.

u/parsnippity · 11 pointsr/legaladvice

First, ask your neighbor to bring the dogs in at night, explaining that the barking prevents you from sleeping. If that doesn't work, tell your landlord, and stay on your landlord until he does something about it.

Animal control might be able to help you as well.

Lastly, until the problem is resolved, try these at night: They're the most amazing ear plugs I've ever used. I wear them to sleep every night.

u/californiansarebad · 11 pointsr/aves

Good on you! I am a big fan of Eargasm. Etymotics are cheaper and are also good, but my personal preference is for the Eargasms.

u/StinkinFinger · 11 pointsr/tinnitus

I’ve had the cricket sound forever (I’m 53). It never really bothered me and I though everyone heard that until I developed the tonal kind started about 5 years. It was really bad at first, too. I was certain my life was going to be living hell.

It was a bit of a reality check. I lost weight, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, (should exercise more, but I’m pretty active), and I never, Ever, EVER stay in a place that’s too loud. In fact, I have a pair of these hi-fidelity earplugs with me all the time in case I’m in a place that gets too loud.

Now I really only notice it when I think about it for the most part. I know I’ll never hear quiet again, but we all have our yoke to bare. When I see people who are in wheelchairs or cancer or mental problems it makes me thankful my situation isn’t worse.

The other thing that has helped me a lot is sleeping with earphones because I hated the sound. I don’t listen to music or anything loud and I don’t look at my screen. It has really helped my sleep, which was a problem for me before. Now I put on something (usually mildly interesting I can learn from) and it’s like Pavlov’s dogs. I fall asleep pretty much immediately. It works when I wake up in the middle of the night, too.

The only other thing to pass on is that there is a product called Neuromod on the horizon that pretty much solves it for people with tonal tinnitus. This video is long, but absolutely worth listening to. It will take a few years to make it through the FDA to become available in the US, but it will be available in Europe this year I think.

Also, there is a drug making it’s way through the FDA that regrows inner ear hairs. Most deafness comes from damage to them (which is why you should avoid loud places). That deafness leads to tinnitus.

u/deathofthesun · 10 pointsr/Metal

Been using a few over the last few years:

Etymotics: good for shorter shows but after a while they start to bug me, YMMV

Eargasm: a little more comfortable than the Etymotics over longer stretches of time

EarPeace: the three different filter options are nice and easy to swap out, plus they include a third plug which definitely would've prevented that time I accidentally dropped an Etymotic onto the piss-covered floor of an Oakland bathroom and then spent most of the next band's set walking to the nearest Rite-Aid to get a pair of the shitty ones that make everything sound like you wrapped a blanket of mud around your head

u/Descent_3 · 10 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I use Downbeats, I've had them for a little over 6 months now and they have been working great at a price standpoint. The earplugs are fairly small, so if you like discretion I'd recommend these. As far as clarity I'd rate it at an 8/10, so not much issue with sound quality, although at times I've had a tiny bit of trouble hearing people(only when super close to the speakers). It's so gratifying knowing I can go to these events and come back without any hearing loss lmfao.

Edit: I'd also like to point out that earplugs are amazing in camping environments when you're trying to sleep... These were a lifesaver at Beyond 2 weeks ago.

u/srq2sb · 10 pointsr/aves

Earasers. They are the best hands down. They are $40 but they are 100% worth it. Better than $200 custom earplugs from the ear doctor. Best out there. Trust me.

u/Consolol · 10 pointsr/photography

Earplugs. Earplugs earplugs earplugs. I use these. They're expensive, but much better than foam earplugs. Instead of making everything muffled, everything becomes quieter. If the sound system is sufficiently bad it might even sound more pleasant with them in.

Flash if you're allowed, and drag the shutter. Experiment with shutter speed and its effect on how much ambient light is let in.

What's the venue?

u/joyelectricboy · 10 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

This. SO this. Protect your ability to hear and experience the power of music, people!

There are such good earplugs out these days - they make talking to the person next to you so easy because they can just talk and you can hear them crystal clear. I used to hate the foam earplugs but then discovered these. The sound levels at EDC (like most shows) ARE at damaging levels - even if your ears don't ring at the end of the night.

It's $20 to protect something you can't ever get back - imagine not being able to hear music later on in life. The $20 is worth it:

u/codeninja · 10 pointsr/ptsd

[PTSD from trauma.]

I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with the family. This place was LOUD! But all the noise mostly blended in with the deafening roar of the place.

Now if you've never been to Texas Roadhouse durring your birthday then you're missing a special kind of hellish embarrassment. They wheel out a saddle and plop you on it with a cowboy hat that's been on countless lice ridden children and make you swing a bandana while they whoop and holler and sing...

Well, I had my back to the entrance of the isle we were in (first mistake) and we just got our food served.the waiter left and as I turned to my food a group of four waiters "WHOOOOOO!!!"ed as they entered the isle right behind me.

My fight or flight response is stuck on fight I guess because I was out of my seat, knife in hand ready to throw down before i realized what had happened.

I immediately apologized and sat down.... but it took me a solid 30 minutes to calm down and it wasnt better until i was in the car.

The next day my wife bought me these :

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs - Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Concerts, Fitness Classes, Motorcycle, Sensory Disorders (Tinnitus Relief & Autism) - As Seen on Shark Tank

They are amazing! It drowns out the background noise but I can still hear the conversation. They go with me everywhere!

u/Jefe25 · 10 pointsr/ElectricForest

So I will start with the list of things I already have saved from surfing this sub


These are great to put over your tent to keep the light and heat out in the morning so you dont wake up in a sauna at 7am

And finally, I will never attend another festival again without this stuff, it is a foaming body wash that does not require water. We use it at my work all the time for bed baths and whatnot, so I thought I would try it for a festival and it works quite well. It doesnt get you as clean as a normal shower but this and baby wipes can keep you feeling fresh the whole weekend (just dont use it on hair)

u/d_random · 10 pointsr/popping

I have ear problems too and this powerful ear flusher works great. It's the same one doctors use.

u/Ubooman11 · 10 pointsr/SanJose

Yea, I'd day say the noise is a given. I used to live in a downstairs apartment. The upstairs neighbors weren't loud people, but you'd occasionally still be able to hear their steps.

I prefer the top floor.

For now, I'd say get some ear plugs. I shared a room once with a heavy snorer. Had to get ear plugs. $20-$30 a box can last you around half a year.

u/wolframajax · 10 pointsr/cedarrapids

They will, in the meantime be proactive with these

u/AlwaysAtWork · 10 pointsr/festivals

Earplugs are essential if you go to shows or festivals often at all. I've used many different kinds over the years and I've kind of settled on Alpine Ear Plugs right now. Decent sound, comfortable, washable, and come with useful carrying case.

u/Corrupt_Reverend · 9 pointsr/motorcycles

Grab a big box of the disposable foam ones. I like these ones because they're really soft and expand really well. A lot of the fancy flanged ones are irritating to me.

u/Metasticity · 9 pointsr/guns

Dont use those.

Get this:

And these:

Hearing ain't nothing to fuck around with. Don't do cheap or stupid when it comes to protecting your ears.

I use that setup, and i could shoot my AR all day in comfort with those together. Also, the plugs come in individually wrapped pairs, so you can always keep a few extra for friends/ strangers in your range bag.

My $.02

u/CTgowiththeFLOW · 9 pointsr/hiphopheads

Anyone got any suggestions for earplugs to wear during concerts? I was looking at some yesterday and through some amateur research (there was a thread on from r/LPT and, I came across these brands. Alpine, Hearos, DownBeats, and Etymotic. I had trouble figuring out which ones to get so I bought the Hearos because they seemed similar to the rest and they were the cheapest with Amazon Prime. But if anyone has any suggestions or comments, I'd like to read em.

u/tonybaroneee · 9 pointsr/progmetal

Indeed. For anyone interested, check out these or these or these.

u/rkan665 · 9 pointsr/Ghostbc

Some people get... carried away with these kinds of shows. Getting seats will be the way to go. Expect people smoking weed. Maybe consider ear dampeners. I know you're not going to be standing next to a guitar cabinet, but concerts can be quite loud and for young ears can cause damage. I wish I had a set for both of the concerts where I was on the front rail.
EDIT: Most of the reviews pointed this as a better product:

u/night_owl · 9 pointsr/electronicmusic

I just bought Earasers but I haven't had a chance to try them out yet. Any comparisons out there? They seem pretty well received and I read a lot of good reviews, but as reasonably priced as those are I might consider them as a second/backup pair.

And I got them on massdrop for much less than the listed retail here btw

u/canman408 · 9 pointsr/punk

Hey so I use Small $40 musician ear plugs called Earasers

I found them at Guitar Center, and their the best/most expensive ones there. $40 for one pair is pretty expensive since other brands are half the price, but I really swear by these. I like the simple design and its super easy to put in, take out, and clean. And since its high fidelity earplugs, you can talk to people with them on and the music sounds great. It makes the bass sound good and the high pitched sounds less sharp and painful. But they are just for concerts, because I tried playing drums with these earplugs and it didn’t have enough decibel protection, but for a concert its perfect since you have distance from the band to the crowd.

So if you end up not liking the other brands out there because of their shapes or fit, these Earasers are definitely worth the money. With other ones, sometimes you don’t feel it go enough to plug your ears all the way. But with Earasers, they slide in and fit really snug, and you can adjust how far their in your ear according to how loud you want it.
Because of the texture of the plugs, it easily slides into the ear but it also grabs any earwax with it, so be prepared for some earwax when you take them out. Maybe I have an over abundance of earwax, but what I do is before a concert, I’ll put in the earplugs then take them out and clean all the earwax off and put them back in, basically cleaning my ear and preventing any earwax from being bothersome throughout the concert. Sorry for the TMI haha, but I have been rocking the same pair of Earasers for years and its honestly one of the best purchases ever!

And I don’t work for the company or anything lol, I just go to shows like once a month. I use size Small and anyone else I’ve seen try them said Small fits for them too. Safe travels!

u/frenchtweety · 9 pointsr/orangetheory

Yes it triggers tinitus for me which went on for 3 months of off and on ringing. I now wear high fidelity ear plugs to class. They hello so much. My favorite for class are Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs, Blue Tip with Clear Stem, 1 Pair Standard Fit, Polybag Packaging

It's funny one of my coaches asked if I had a hearing problem and would have trouble hearing them during class. Nope music is just super loud.

u/lost-picking-flowers · 9 pointsr/philadelphia

In the meantime.. :D.

Art museum/fairmount area strikes me as quite quiet and very nice in general - I stayed around there for a week before my apartment was ready to move in to and it was really quite peaceful at night.

u/alose · 9 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Looks nice.

Though I would have had a jar of theses to give to the complainers.

u/Geshman · 9 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

If you wear earplugs to sleep every night you may want to consider getting something like this (I know it's overpriced for what it is but aside from home-brewing a solution I couldn't find anything else like it).

I used to sleep with earplugs in for a while but my ears got totally plugged up with earwax and ended up causing me serious issues. I have since gotten one of these and it has helped tremendously. Although I don't sleep with earplugs in anymore because I really don't want to risk that happening again.

u/that-freakin-guy · 9 pointsr/LawSchool

I just made a post about this and spent several hours researching the perfect ear plugs. The earplugs with the highest decibel ratings are the 3M 1100s which block out roughly 38 db. They're a thicker and harder foam than most other ear plugs and must be warmed up in your hands before they will be in their most malleable state. You can also put them in your ears and the heat will naturally cause them to warm up.

I ordered a box and do not regret my decision one bit. They are also allowed for the bar exam.

u/Moneymaxlo · 8 pointsr/PembertonFestival

These work best for me, super easy to put in. Amazing sound quality, able to hear everything , and no ringing ears afterwards.

u/t2231 · 8 pointsr/woodworking


  • 3M WorkTunes work well but make your ears hot after a while.
  • IsoTunes Pro
  • Almost any type of foam earplug


  • Mostly just use whatever is cheap. These are sometimes free after rebate at Menards.


  • I prefer the GVS Elipse, but finding the accessories can be difficult if you don't have a local woodworking store.
  • I also have this respirator from 3M. It's not as comfortable as the Elipse but it is easy to find extra filters when needed.


  • When turning on the lathe or power carving, I use the Uvex Bionix face shield. This is used in addition to safety glasses, because face shields do not provide sufficient protection for the eyes.


  • Cheap latex-dipped gloves for moving lumber around.
  • NoCry gloves for carving
  • No gloves at all for power tools. Ever. Wearing gloves with most power tools, particularly spinny ones, is dangerous.
u/Ashcrack · 8 pointsr/tifu

I also have waxy ears and use olive oil drops instead of the hydrogen peroxide stuff then after a few days use one of these It's disgusting seeing all the wax come out in the sink but feels pretty amazing as well and it works great.

u/generatrisa · 8 pointsr/serbia

Ja uvek koristim, mozda sam zbog toga "ne kul", ali toliko je lepo kada izadjes napolje, skines cepove i nista ti ne zuji iako si bio u galami. Plus bolje cujes samu muziku sa njima, a i neku osobu koja ti u toj galami govori nesto.

Gledaj neke koje su bas za muzicare/zurke, one penaste koje su dobre za spavanje ce da ti sve zaguse, ove za muzicare ti samo "smanje ton" bez da uniste cistocu zvuka.

Ovako nesto vrv, ili ovako neke.

Ja licno imam ove i fenomenalne su.

u/electric__soul · 8 pointsr/bassnectar

Downbeats are another good, inexpensive option. They come with an aluminum keychain case and don't stick out of your ears, which seems to be a love/hate feature. $13.95 on Amazon

u/ShivaCobra · 8 pointsr/ElectricForest

I'm a big fan of these. I picked up a pair for myself and my gf for BassLights and NYE 360. I can attest they preserve the music while lowering the distortion and damage to your ears.

u/hatryd · 8 pointsr/electronicmusic

Cheap foam ones if nothing else, but i find they muddle the sound and make it difficult to talk to people

You can get decently comfy hi fidelity ones for 15-20 bucks, I liked these:

But I upgraded and splurged and got a pair of $40 Earasers and they are AMAZING. Totally invisible, no ringing ears, I can hear the music, talk to people, and wear them for 8 hours at a festival with little to no discomfort. Even sometimes forgetting I have them in. I don't leave home without them. I got the small size and they fit me perfectly.

u/mathees · 8 pointsr/LightningInABottle

Etymotic plugs are great, they'll lower the volume without worsening the quality of the music (and they help drown out the crowd talking around you)

I like Earasers as people can't see them when they're in. Still works great.

u/Rub-a-dub-tubstep · 8 pointsr/lifeisbeautifulLV

These are good and not that expensive. I use them all the time

u/PokeSomeSmot · 8 pointsr/DJs

Have you tried the Etymotic earplugs? I also have smaller than normal ear canals (as in normal in-ear earbuds don't fit easily) but these work for me. The pair I have now is reaching its 4th year of use and they still work fine.

u/jleviathon · 7 pointsr/ElectricForest

These are more expensive but worth it!
Earasers Musicians Plugs Medium

u/ravageritual · 7 pointsr/nfl

I've got tinnitus and go to at least one metal show a month and use a type of earplug that reduces the overall dB without taking out any of the frequencies that make music or my buddy hollering "this fucking band sucks balls!!" difficult to hear. I swear by them.

u/eldrethe221 · 7 pointsr/bangtan

I bought these Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs for a concert recently and they worked great. It was a smaller venue but it really reduced the screaming and still let me hear the singing/talking.

u/Unknown_Pleasures · 7 pointsr/KGATLW

I’d get ear plugs meant for concerts, not foam plugs.

I got these and love them.

I’ve seen KGATLW twice this tour and both times the sound actually improved. You still feel the bass but it tones it down so you can actually hear the vocals and other instruments better. They also cut out a lot of the background crowd noise.

u/Dancelvr2000 · 7 pointsr/UMF

Me and my partner have been attending festivals longer than the age of many attendees. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of hearing protection that also preserves fidelity of music. I have had tinnitus that has taken 6 months to resolve. It is not fun. It can be permanent, which would be awful. I recommend Etymotic on price versus performance, but many other good ones also. Eargasm also recommended.

I also bring cheap blue foam plugs that I give to people that need them, but those degrade the music.

UMF is limited to 110 dB at a certain distance, which can certainly do hearing damage. There are louder festivals, but it is enough to cause damage. We are also almost always in first row against fencing so that is directly in front of speakers. Far enough back not as loud.

u/i_sideswipe · 7 pointsr/aspergers

You can get them here on Amazon UK.

u/koalaberries · 7 pointsr/AskReddit

Honestly, ear plugs are going to be your best (and cheapest) solution. You can get 200 pairs for $20.

These ones will block out practically all sound. For me the problem is that they are a bit uncomfortable and they also block out audible alarm clocks.

These are the ones that I settled on. They are perfect because they are low density, so I can't feel them at all when I am wearing them. They block out 90% of noises, but still let my audible alarm clock through.

When I use the first earplugs I linked, I use this alarm clock that vibrates the bed, that way I don't have to worry about hearing the alarm. It also works wonders.

(Note: If you think you can't sleep with earplugs in, please try the green ones. I need everything to be very specific/comfortable or I can't fall asleep, and I don't notice that I'm wearing the green ones at all.)

u/nucumber · 7 pointsr/BuyItForLife

at first i could sleep with them for only a few hours before they would wake me up and i had to take them out but i eventually got used to them.

a search for "soft ear plugs" on amazon gets a number of hits. they might work for you or make it easier to get used to wearing them

i've used several of the Howard Leight brand. I bought a large box of these. i also like [these](

u/rasiahs · 7 pointsr/canadaguns


  • Personally I would recommend either a Remington 700 over the 783. There's nothing wrong with the 783, but the 700's fit, finish as well as the overall quality is just superior and I'm a firm believer in the "buy once, cry once" philosophy, especially with firearms. If you buy the 783, my bet is that as you get a little more serious about shooting, you'll end up buying a 700.

  • With all that said, if you're not hell bent on buying a Remington, I personally would go with a Tikka T3 (there are many, many models). Overall it's about the same as a Remington 700 in terms of quality, but the bolt action is just silky smooth and the trigger pull is wonderful. I'm biased because I'm a bit of a Tikka fan, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

  • In regards to the .308 calibre, again I'm a bit biased because my rifle is in .308 but regardless, I think .308 is the way to go. It's easily found, and comes in a variety of weight from (approximately) 120gr to 200gr so you have a choice of choosing a lighter bullet for smaller game or a heavier bullet for larger game.

  • To pass the time while your PAL/RPAL is being processed, I strongly suggest buying high quality safety equipment You don't have to break the bank, but don't skimp. Apart from that I'd say buy a good soft case, and later down the road you can buy a hard case (my personal favourite is the Pelican 1750). Here's a little list....

  • Ear protection: Howard Leight Impact Sport and Howard Leight earplugs (Personally I use both-- you only get one pair of ears!)

  • Eye protection: Smith Aegis Arc (DS Tactical is a great company to deal with)

  • Hard case: Pelican 1750 (Production Case is a nice Canadian company with prices way better than anywhere else and great customer service)

  • Bipod: Harris Engineering (widely considered the best bang for your buck product-- I use the 9-13 inch because I'm a bit taller, but most people like the 6-9)

  • Soft case: Cabela's drag bag-- great product at a great price.

  • Torque wrench: VERY important in my opinion, as I see way too many people over-torquing their gear (i.e. scope mount screws) and messing things up. Wheeler Torque Wrench-- this is what I use. It's reasonably priced and I use it all the time when I'm working on my rifle. I know plenty of people say they're not necessary, but they'll save you from major headaches in the future.

  • Bonus: When you buy your scope, DO THIS to level it. I've tried all kinds of methods, but this by far the best (assuming your rifle is levelled first). It's so simple, but so effective.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. I'll check back in a little bit (studying for finals right now) if I think of anything else.
u/Elemetrix · 7 pointsr/headphones

AcuLife Ear Wax Removal Syringe

Seriously two squirts of that and you'll think it did nothing. Followed by everything just falling out. It's gross and awesome.

u/FreakingEthan · 7 pointsr/BuyItForLife

No need to spend that much. I use these:

They reduce the dBs but still allow you to hear all frequencies (cheaper earplugs will reduce the highs too much for proper enjoyment). I've had mine for several years and they're still working great.

u/alimobali · 7 pointsr/Metalcore

I've been going to concerts for almost 10 years now and I only recently started wearing them after reading a post from a guy who developed tinnitus. The music does not sound that bad with them in and it actually feels nice to go home and not have your ears ringing and sore at the end of the night. You can also purchase high to low end quality earplugs that are made to specifically block out the damaging volume for musicians and concerts. I just use regular rubber ones though that are reusable and they work for me

u/rabbiabe · 7 pointsr/Guitar

Rhett Schull has several good videos about this on his YouTube channel. Several brands offer earplugs tailored for music; I bought the two listed below and they’re both good but you might need something stronger.

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Standard Fit, 1 pair, Polybag Packaging

Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

u/ThePhlood · 7 pointsr/EDM

I went to a destroid show and I swear I lost some hearing from that PK sound system. Remember to bring earbuds everyone! They can be a life saver sometimes.

Musican earbuds will save your hearing and you can still hear the music just fine:

EDIT: I found out they actually include some of these at shows now.

u/heyimaaron · 7 pointsr/Metalcore

Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

I saw these on the last earplug thread and got them. I'm very happy with these. I wore these earplugs for the first time at the Aggressive Tour last month and the music sounded better with them on. I'm never going to a show without these now.
They stayed in even when I was in the pit or jumping

u/Torpedoe · 7 pointsr/electronicmusic

Earplugs are important, yo.

These are probably the best you can get for $15-$20, but personally I am not not happy about them - they distort bass quite noticably. I'd say 7/10.

u/recycled_stardust · 7 pointsr/askwomenadvice

If you plan on taking any drugs, make sure you go through a TRUSTED friend.

Obviously drink enough water to stay hydrated but try not to overdo it.

Get some music safe earplugs . These things saved my life!!

Most importantly, friggin enjoy yourself and don't care what anyone else thinks.

Also, have a backup plan to get home in case you want to leave early.

Have fun!! I miss going to raves.

Edit: I second comfy footwear. Very important.

u/Benzpiece · 7 pointsr/Metallica

Don't get ANY earplugs. The foam cheap ones only muffle sound and could ruin your experience.

Get these: HEAROS High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs for Comfortable Long Term Use with Free Case, 1 Pair

u/therationalpi · 7 pointsr/askscience

In truth, nothing is happening to the sound waves. Sound waves, even loud ones, are so low in pressure compared to ambient that they follow the rule of superposition. That is, the sound field generated by two sources together is equal to the sound field from the first source plus the sound field from the second. The only exception is shockwaves, which wouldn't apply here (unless you both went deaf from the experience and the sound coming off the speaker sounded like a series of intense explosions).

The real issue is masking: your ability as a listener to distinguish one sound from another. Because the sound you are trying to hear (your friend's speech) is at a lower level than the noise (the music from the speaker), you have a poor signal to noise ratio. This makes it much more difficult to resolve the signal and hear your friend's speech. The fact that the speaker is between the two of you also makes this worse, because having two ears normally lets you spatially separate sources (improving the effective Signal-to-Noise ratio). However, because the sound is coming from the same angle, your brain can't get that extra boost from listening in only one direction.

In other news, if the sound was really so loud that you couldn't hear your friend, you were definitely suffering permanent hearing damage. I highly recommend wearing hearing protection in the future. These Etymotic earplugs have a flat frequency response, so they'll reduce the noise level without hurting the sound quality. In fact, because the hearing system goes non-linear at such high levels, it will actually make the music sound better because it won't be distorted (think of an overworked subwoofer "bottoming out"'re doing that to your ears). As a side benefit, in my experience it's also easier to distinguish sounds in a noisy environment with the earplugs in, so you might have been able to hear your friend with them.

u/tonberry · 7 pointsr/IAmA

I have a pair of those for playing music. I'm a drummer in a rock band and I'd like to not have tinnitus when I'm 30 so I wear proper ear plugs. The kind Shamen talks about are great, I use that model right now and it turns down the volume of all sounds. It clips the brightest sounds like the overtones of cymbals (15kHz+) but otherwise it's pretty flat across the band. Guitar stores in your area should have similar products.

there exists a better version of these, where you get a molded plug that fits your ear perfectly, and I've heard that the filter in these plugs is amazing, it turns down the sound perfectly. They cost $150+ though.

important detail though: buy the Etymotic brand plugs if you decide to try them, not the rip-off grey plastic ones, they aren't anywhere near as good. I think these are the ones you're after.

u/wwabc · 7 pointsr/sleep


if used correctly, these won't come out (roll them tightly, insert straight in, hold fingers over them as they re-expand)

u/Downvotes_catpics · 7 pointsr/HomeImprovement

There are hundreds of different earplugs. I've worn most of them since I've working in noisy environments most of my life.


Soundproofing the room itself is going to be expensive, a lot of work, and probably look bad. You're going to have trouble with finding the materials too, if you can't even find earplugs.

u/Naenia_Lachesis · 7 pointsr/RBNLifeSkills

Ear plugs - the little foamy disposable ones - from Amazon

Also a good eye mask, I found one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond years ago. Something like this should do the trick.

Good luck!

u/Sloppy1sts · 7 pointsr/natureismetal


u/michaelserotonin · 7 pointsr/bassnectar
u/milzinga · 7 pointsr/Dreamtheater

Bring earplugs. Rock concerts are very very loud and can damage your hearing. I know people debate this and often see temporary hearing loss as a 'rite of passage' for going to shows; but talk to anyone in their 50s and 60s who went to rock concerts when they were younger and they wish they would have used hearing protection. I always wear earplugs and they actually improve sound for many shows, but I did buy a pair specifically for concerts.

Be prepared to stand the entire time depending on where your seats are. The set lists that are available online are going to be the same songs they will most likely play when you see them, at least that's what JP has led us to believe in recent interviews.

Here are the ones I bought if you're interested.

u/futurafreeeeee · 7 pointsr/brockhampton

yes wear earplugs. once your ears are damaged, the damage is irreversible. always wear ear plugs to concerts and festivals.

here are some i use

u/ZeroThePenguin · 7 pointsr/Metal

These are the best pair I own so far. Having tried HearOs and Entymotics (or whatever it's spelled) I've really liked the low profile of these Eargasm plugs and they do a great job of cutting the dB level without cutting the sound quality.

u/hxphy · 7 pointsr/EDM

Try high fidelity earplugs. I have tinnitus too, and also photograph EDM shows for a living. I usually keep two pairs of Eargasms off Amazon in my tour bag at all times. I no longer have tinnitus post shows and the ringing has severely decreased.


u/KingAugie · 7 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I’ve always used EarPeace. I’ve to many festivals and concerts and always found them to be the best. They’re very comfortable and these also only drop the DB.

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs - High Fidelity Hearing Protection for Music Festivals, DJs & Musicians (Standard, Black Case)

u/Onyxus_music · 6 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

eargasm (normal size)

eargasm (small size)

Once you get these, you’ll know why they’re called that. The best ones that I’ve ever used. :)

u/FutureMoneyHodlSound · 6 pointsr/marvelstudios

your comment reminded me of a kind of earplugs I had seen on Amazon, but never had the chance to buy/try yet: .

apparently they lower sound levels, but maintain clear sound. maybe those could help? (this is 100% not an ad, just trying to help :P)

u/deadsoldier · 6 pointsr/MotoUK

I use these if I'm riding for more than 15 minutes.

This is why it's a good idea.

I do occasionally use GPS directions or music through bluetooth helmet speakers but at motorway speeds I normally don't bother since it can be hard to hear over wind noise anyway.

Let's face it, none of us do 45MPH on the motorway, so I'd highly recommend everyone protecting their hearing if they like it the way it is.

u/eetsabanana · 6 pointsr/BabyBumps

I use those moldable foam ones like they use on construction sites. I steal them from work. :) They're kinda like these on amazon:

u/MyNameIsRay · 6 pointsr/tifu

From someone else with waxy ass ears:

Hot shower, let some water flow in so everything softens up, then use a wax removal tool instead of a q-tip. These are designed to scoop out wax, q-tips basically just push it further down (which can cause an impaction, which isn't pleasant).

If things get bad, a warm saline rinse works wonders, use a syringe and preferably have someone else do it to you. It's really hard to do yourself.

u/onefunkynote · 6 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I have the same problem and it happens quite often. Use this shit along with these and you are all set.

u/TellMyMommy · 6 pointsr/Trombone

I’ve had a pair of Hearos in my case for a few years now, and they get the job done! Here’s a link:

u/-yeah- · 6 pointsr/EDC

I carry these guys in a rubberized case on my key ring (soon to be replaced by a more durable pill fob).

I put a pair in my pocket nearly 6 years ago for a concert. The case never left my pocket. I just get a fresh pair of ear plugs every x-amount of uses.

It was my 1st EDC and remains my most valued after keys/phone/wallet. They have come in handy a surprising number of times.

Needless to say, they're not being removed from my EDC anytime soon.

u/scelement · 6 pointsr/tinnitus

33dB filter, which is the best in the market right now. I wore these to a hockey game last week and it was completely fine. They do start to annoy the ear canal after about an hour or so because they're thick, but it's worth it in my opinion.

u/Titan721 · 6 pointsr/Techno

Honestly, it's going to take some trial and error to find the right ones for you.

There's plenty cheap but decent options so that if you lose yours on a somewhat consistent basis, it won't cost too much. It might happen as you get used to carrying them with you. A lot of people do Keys, I do my wallet but YMMV.

Three Popular options: Etymotic 20 DownBeats & Earasers I used US Amazon to show examples.

The Earasers are the Pricey option, but from my understanding, they offer the best Clarity. No case either, so you'll need to look for one. There's a fully "licensed" (meaning they'll fit) case for an extra 10$.

Etymotic 20's are what I use. Again, no case but I use a cheap key-chain pill case. Sounds good to my ears.

DownBeats are the most popular option I've seen around. They're too small for my ear canals, but they work for most. Come with a case, which is nice. Nice silicon and a friend who owns a pair usually forgets they're in.

All of these might work, or none of them. You just kind of have to try them out and see what works for you. Best of luck!

u/GDIBass · 6 pointsr/Beatmatch

I wear these at every event I go to. I keep them on my keychain.. They have smaller versions too that don't block out as much sound, but do something (and are small enough to have headphones on with). I'll see if I can find them.

Edit: The smaller ones looked like these. They worked OK...

u/Malikot · 6 pointsr/aves

I highly recommend a pair of Downbeats. I absolutely love them and have gotten most of my friends to get some too. I tried the Etymotics but didn't like them as much since they stick out of your ear a lot and looks kinda funny. You can't really notice Downbeats unless you're looking for them.

u/orionz06 · 6 pointsr/pittsburgh

Ear plugs make a world of difference. First and foremost nearly all venues are not hearing safe. Beyond that, most plugs are gonna cut out some of the garbage noise and really improve what you hear. I grew up never really catching vocals well enough and since using plugs I've heard everything.


Check out Earasers.


You can get them at a few music shops around town.

u/vibratokin · 6 pointsr/Muse

First things first, it'll get hot with a lot of bodies around; come prepared with a bottle to fill up with water. Trust me on this. Secondly, people will try to get in front of you, even/especially if you're at the very front; be prepared for that and don't be afraid to say no to it. Lastly, I would recommend getting to the stage Muse is playing at at least 3 or 4 bands beforehand if you want to be at the very front.

In addition to all this, I would HIGHLY recommend earplugs such as these: LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Plugs with Silicone Triple Flange and Noise-Cancelling - Standard

I have tinnitus and it SUCKS (have to sleep with a fan on and studying is always tough.) Being at a music festival all day is one of the fastest ways to ruin your hearing since the sound is meant to project a lot farther than a typical concert. Your hearing isn't invincible so protect it!

u/p_pal2000 · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Buy iems instead. (See next paragraph) ANC headphones in general will not help with sudden noises that well, plus with that budget the anc performance will be meh.

Wait, did I see you say you only need the headphones for noise cancellation and not for music? If that's the case trying to get anc headphones with that budget may be a waste when you can buy high quality earplugs for 20 dollars by etymotic. If you want to go this route you will have to get used to the "deep insertion" fit but in my experience after a week I can't go back to normal iems, plus the isolation they provide is matched by none.

Another great thing about the etymotics, if someone tries to talk to me I can pretty much hear only them talking, even on a loud city street. So I'd imagine they'd function fine in an office.

Here's the link btw:

u/justanotherreddituse · 6 pointsr/toronto

Funny thing is that in clubs and party's nobody ever realized I'm wearing ear protection. I wear these.

or these;

I wear different ones for guns and other high volume situations though. Long and Mcquade has some other decent earplugs but for the life of me I can't remember the brand. Musicians earplugs make it quite easy to still hear music and have conversations with people.

u/DedGrlsDontSayNo · 6 pointsr/Metal

I used foam ones I got from work, cut in half to reduce their effectiveness. Worked pretty good.

Bought a pair of these

The first show I went to (revenge, d666 and Watain) they worked great. Saw Primitive Man the other day and they didn't cut it. Not sure if I'm using the smaller ear fitting though. I'm at work so I can't hunt down the package and see.

u/Fjordn · 6 pointsr/livesound

I use these things here (Vibes) when I'm mixing monitors, starting to feel ear fatigue, or when I know right off the bat that it's going to be a loud night.

They're fairly transparent, and I got used to them after a few weeks of shows. A big plus for me is that they're extremely removable, in contrast to my molded pair. They also fit nicely into the Eargasm case, it you have one of those. Most importantly, they're cheap

If you want to make sure your plugs aren't affecting how you mix, every time you make a change with the plugs in, pull them out to see how it sounds without them. Do this all night, every night, for a few weeks and then you should be pretty confident about the translation between plugged and unplugged

u/murppie · 6 pointsr/Dance

There are musicians earplugs that you can get that still allow you to hear just fine but being down the peaks of the sound intensity. Used to use them when I taught indoor drumline.

Not the exact ones I had but they should do the trick.
Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

u/torrent7 · 6 pointsr/Hunting

Wear hearing protection. Take it from a guy who's lost some of his hearing. You can't ever get it back.

I've been wearing

They fit in my ears well and don't fall out like the foam plugs. If you're doing mag dumps, I'd get something else too.

u/poppinsmac · 6 pointsr/Bass

What are you currently using?

Ive been using Alpine ones for a good while now and have been pretty happy with them.

Ediit Here's a link to what I use

u/dopafiend · 6 pointsr/dubstep

They're not the same as foam an you can get them for less than 30.

Look up etymotic research.

Rather than block the sound they rout it through small channels, reducing the volume with less distortion than regular earplugs.

edit: Seven dollars and fifty fucking cents

u/Weeman2412 · 6 pointsr/nova

Invest in these fam

I use this a lot in the last 4 years with room mates at uni. Sleep like a baby through basketball ceiling neighbors and next door neighbor rough sex. No problems.

Trust me, I know about irritating neighbor noise, I use to think headphones or earbuds were adequate to block noise. They are not, ear plugs is the way.

u/HungryCharsi · 6 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I recently had a blockage due to wax and my Dr. used one of these. I have since ordered my own from Amazon and use it occasionally.

u/bloobloobloo · 6 pointsr/ottawa

Have you tried anything other than becoming progressively less pleasant to be around?

3M earplugs are the best available. At $35 for 200 pairs, you'll have plenty left over to stick up your ass.

u/nickelforapickle · 5 pointsr/Coachella

So in my "flying from NY" experience, which I did twice before just moving to Southern California, here are some more tips:

Check a bag and get the majority of your gear into that one 50 lb. bag. Buy whatever you can before the trip from Amazon or wherever else, and just order the camping chairs and whatever else from Walmart for pickup. I knew I wanted my tent to be more than just a one-time coachella tent, so I researched it thoroughly and came up with this, which is a bit pricy, but the tent is only 11 pounds packed up, and packs up real nice and small so you can easily fit this into your checked bag. It's about 75% mesh, which means it's ventilated like crazy, which is great for the desert, and it comes with a rain-fly that the reviews all said worked great (especially important if you're going weekend 1, which has had weather issues the past 3 years).

This does mean you'll have to worry about the sun though, so I bought a bunch of mylar emergency blankets that I just duct taped to the top of my tent to reflect out as much heat as possible. They crinkled when the wind blew, so they were a bit noisy, but it's Coachella and you're going to be dealing with noise all weekend.

That's why you need earplugs. For the concert, you might want either of these pairs that I have used in the past, but for sleeping, you just want basic foam earplugs that will block the majority of sound out. You won't have to worry about your tent making noise or your neighbors' afterparty.

I wasn't willing to buy an easy-up in the past (though I may this year), so instead I just picked up a silver reflective tarp (to help with the desert sun) from Harbor Freight for not too much money, and then I ordered a few of these tarp poles along with a good line of reflective tarp cord and some plastic stakes (they don't allow metal). As long as someone else in your campsite has an easy-up, you can easily bungee the tarp to the side of that. Just make sure you are really good about tying down the poles.

The most IMPORTANT tip I can give you is to FIND A GROUP to camp with before you go! Last year, I was part of a campsite that attempted to include about 50 people. Only about 25-30 wound up actually meeting up before heading in, with a group of 11 cars. That wound up being split into groups of 5 and 6 cars, that had sites that were still within a block of each other. Make sure your group stays together on the security line! Find a line that seems to be moving faster than the others (which means they are checking each car a bit less ;) ) and make damn sure you stay together, because they only allow you 15 minutes to wait for the rest of your group once you're past security. Be a New Yorker about it if you have to. Two years ago, we found that there was an empty line over to the right that had been blocked off by another line right next to it. When we saw it and then went to move all our cars into the line, my brother just stood there with a beer in one hand, holding his other hand up to a group of cars that patiently waited for our group to be in the line together, and then we were all good.

One of the best parts about finding a group to camp with was that everyone is gonna forget something, but each time it happened, someone else in the group had it handy. It was pretty magical. The other awesome thing about finding a group to camp with, is you can almost bet everyone will have a good time because people are generally in their best moods and on their best behavior trying to meet cool new people like you.

I will also note that for flying in from NY, my budget has usually been somewhere around 1200-1500 for the weekend, including a flight (350), the ticket (375), the camping pass (85, split 2 ways), purchasing gear (around 300 the first year, but if you have last year's equipment it gets cheaper), and then about 300-400 for food/beer/weed (and if you stick to drinking in the campsite you'll be able to spend less on beer and stay hydrated more easily).

Anyway, there's my short novel about being prepared for and having an awesome Coachella camping experience. I'm still a boy scout at heart, so planning for stuff like this comes naturally to me and I am pretty passionate about it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

u/PaulaLoomisArt · 5 pointsr/festivals

Seconding bringing a bunch of foam plugs to give away. I also use foam plugs at really loud shows.

For music plugs I use these. They’re relatively cheap and — most importantly for me — they’re a good fit for my tiny ears.

u/calchuchesta · 5 pointsr/Guitar

Hey man, just a word of advice if you start doing this regularly, it's important to protect your ears with something like this. It doesn't actually plug your ears, you can still hear everything crystal clear, but it takes the harshness of the amps/drums out. I played in small studios for only a couple years and got tinnitis symptoms, so good to start taking care of that early.

u/r_house · 5 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

These are the ones I bought:

They are comfortable and nice.. Haven't worn them at a show yet because I keep forgetting. Maybe this weekend

u/beingisdoing · 5 pointsr/LawSchool

She might have trouble sleeping the night before the exam. Maybe get her a sleeping mask, a lavender reed diffuser to help her relax at night, some ear plugs in case the hotel is noisy at night, and snacks. Go to Whole Foods and pick up some of the healthy and tasty snacks they have. Something light and easy to eat.

u/Ariensus · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I bought one of these, because I was sick of paying a copay to have some poor doctor deal with my ear clogging up so frequently. I was skeptical, but I filled about 1/10th of the bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and the rest warm water and then used it in the shower. It was like my ear was throwing wax confetti.

u/itsaboat · 5 pointsr/todayilearned

You don't need to go to the doctor's office to get your ears cleaned with warm water.

u/theroarer · 5 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

Ear cleanings are very common practice. Lots of people go to the doctor/clinic to get this done. You can buy this thing, instead of going to the doctor.

The best thing for ears is not maintenance, but ear damage prevention. Do you wear plugs? Because everyone should wear plugs. Do you take breaks after listening to music after a little while? Everyone should take breaks to give their ears respite. Do you use Q-tips? Everyone should stop using Q-tips (incorrectly).

u/-ipaguy- · 5 pointsr/army

Vacuum bags are great acceptable for when you're leaving home, but it's pretty rare to have a vacuum on deployment when you're trying to pack to come home. Regardless, space bags aren't that great. Even the ones with a one-way vent are trash; they'll quickly fill back up with air. These compression sacks have been priceless for me and the one-way vent truly works, while keeping out moisture. They're more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Other items: Ear plugs, anything you like to use that can't be shipped overseas due to safety restrictions (for me, I like a quality alcohol-based aftershave, which can't be shipped), baby wipes, your own pillow/linen if you can fit them in your bags, and a padlock/combination lock (for any time you're in transit for a little bit in Kuwait or some other hub and you have to store your bags in cages outside).

u/RDUBiker · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Years ago I bought a box of 200 sets of Howard Leight Laser Lite NRR32 disposable plugs. I use them on the motorcycle, at the track, for sleeping, and hand them out to friends and family members any time we need protection. Everyone loves them. They are by far the most comfortable I have ever used and a single set will last at LEAST 2-4 weeks for sleep use (used nightly). I still have the box and have maybe gone through 1/2 to 2/3 of it. It was < $20.

Here is a link on Amazon (I bought them elsewhere at the time):

u/red_hat25 · 5 pointsr/sugarlifestyleforum

Tell him you’re concerned for his health and suggest he do a sleep study. He likely has sleep anea. If he doesn’t have a cpap next time, pack earplugs.

I like this ones. They’ve become a necessity for me on trips.

u/ArtOfTheTrek · 5 pointsr/Ultralight

These are the comfiest earplugs I've used, and that they're individually wrapped can come in handy. May I suggest cutting them (or any earplug) in half for sleeping purposes so they don't pull out as easily when you're moving your head around on your pillow. I cut mine approximately in half, but cut at an angle so there's still a little tip to pull them out by conveniently.

u/8-BitBaker · 5 pointsr/misophonia

If the earbuds aren't blocking enough noise, try ear plugs coupled with actual headphones. You will be able to turn the music down less because the earplugs are dampening the outside noise. On REALLY bad days I do this. Any over the ear headphone will work... I use these ear plugs.

u/ThatDaveyGuy · 5 pointsr/videos

If you live in the jungle!

this thing is incredible

u/CrankMyBlueSax · 5 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers
u/SwugSwugSwug · 5 pointsr/Machinists

I'm a big fan of the Hearos Ear Plugs. They are reusable, block all the harsh noisy stuff, but still allows you to hear what other people are saying. They are small and fairly inconspicuous, too.



I've tried the etymotic ones (er20xs and the high fidelity), but the two pairs I have gotten recently don't block as much noise as the first pair i got a year ago or so.

u/setec_prod · 5 pointsr/audioengineering

If your loss is environmental - or you work around loud machines or spend a lot of time on jets etc - I recommend these wherever I can:

I use them at concerts, live recording events (tracking drums), going into data centers, riding planes and trains, or just driving with the top down. They may help slow down your rate of loss.

Either way, music and production is about much more than raw sound frequencies. You could record, arrange, and produce a song then work with a mixing engineer for the processing. There are lots of possibilities for makin music and songs that don’t require perfect hearing.

u/oNegative · 5 pointsr/indieheads

What kinds of concerts are we talking here? If it's Swans/Mogwai/My Bloody Valentine loud, you're gonna need something a bit stronger than, say, Fleet Foxes or Andrew Bird.

For most concerts, you can do with a 10-20 dB earplug made for musicians. I recommended these for most concerts.

If you're going to epically loud concerts (Swans, etc) you'll need something closer to 30-40 dB, and even then it may not be enough. When I saw them live the first time the bass was so loud it conducted through my bone structure and went around my earplugs. Only recourse at that point is to move back a bit.

(I studied acoustics in college, the science is actually pretty cool) What's your concert list?

u/CmdrSquirrel · 5 pointsr/guns

See disclaimer.

These are my favorite plugs I've tried.

These are very effective and cheap, but they're not conducive to rifle shooting because it'll kill your cheek weld.

u/Pleased_to_meet_u · 5 pointsr/bayarea

Even single-use earplugs can be reused many (easily 20+) times. I rarely use them 20 times because I buy them in bulk.

Source: Motorcycle commuter who buys 200 pairs of earplugs at a time because I always use them.


EDIT: If anyone would like a pair of earplugs, contact me if you want to come to Noe Valley and I'll give you two pair.

u/Loomies · 5 pointsr/headphones

I wanted to give a heads up for those looking to save money with DIY foams. I went through 3 orders of Comply tips over a 3-4 month span. They would literally tear up due to the excess earwax after 2-3 weeks of use(even with the earwax proof version). I got fed up and ordered these

I've been using these DIY tips for a long time and its been amazing.

I've gone through about 8 pairs of DIY foam tips with my Triplefi v10 and still have tons of spare foam tips left.

u/starlet1183 · 5 pointsr/hsp

Seconding the earplugs. I’ve used them every night for years, can’t sleep without them. These are the best

u/NoRaD6 · 5 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Indeed, everyone should try to see what fan get togethers are going down. Either check the organizational mega thread on Reddit, or #meetups on discord.

I purchased these earplugs for the shows. I used them for Judas Priest and they worked great.

u/tacocaliente41 · 5 pointsr/tinnitus

I unfortunately have no advice for the drinking. But if you're gonna go to loud environments like concerts and such you can buy high-fidelity earplugs that allow you to hear everything clearly but protect your ears. I have them for concerts and they are amazing.

u/Trifax · 5 pointsr/Metalcore

Hearing protection is massive. I recommend these, been using them for a couple years now and they've never fallen out. Best way/most affordable way to protect your hearing, and still hear the music with clarity.

u/hbyogi · 5 pointsr/orangetheory

Someone on this sub recommended Eargasm ear plugs. I have been using them for a couple weeks, and I like them. I can hear the coaches, but I can’t hear if the person next to me is talking to me. They dampen the sound more than block it out.

I wish I started wearing ear plugs years ago in loud classes (OTF, spin, etc.) - I think have permanent ringing/static in my ears.

u/neutrum_humanum · 5 pointsr/festivals

I have these. Seriously, don't go to another show without some kind of earplugs. You do not want tinnitus, I cannot stress this enough.

u/armandvanhelden · 5 pointsr/london

I've used foam plugs, silicone plugs and now I've got custom ear protection. Not all for sleeping though.

  • Foam - Best I used Moldex ones on a cord (someone else mentioned). I used these at manufacturing facilities for work as well. Block noise very well and are super cheap. Ok comfort. My right ear would always fall out for some reason but never my left.
  • Silicone - Best I used were EarPeace. I use them for clubbing so noise blocking isn't that deep. Quite comfortable and about £15. Probably not good for sleeping
  • Custom - I took the leap and bought ACS Custom ear plugs. They're ubiquitous with DJs, they are moulds with a little filter in. They're amazing for gigs or clubs. The difference in comfort is incredible compared to the other two types, I wear mine for several hours and you hardly notice they're in. Cost is about £125 and a few quid for complete noise blocking. I think they do a cheaper pure sleeping version as well.

    All in all, custom ear protection is completely worth it. Comfiest by a country mile and even better if you go to gigs or clubs, then you can buy the musician's version, swap the filters out with the complete blocks when you sleep.

    You can't price on your hearing, you won't get it back when it's gone!
u/practicingmystabbing · 5 pointsr/Metal

I've used ER20s for years and highly recommend them, I've never had an issue with them, but then again I don't really get in the pit anymore.

Looking around I found these, which also have good reviews and don't have much of a protruding stem if you are worried about that:

u/eon997 · 5 pointsr/indieheads

Go find some actual reusable earplugs. I have been using the same pair for like two or three years that I won free in a RSD giveaway. I know it might be a bit late, but something like these will change your life.

u/inwhichourhero · 5 pointsr/aspergirls

I bought these because they seemed a good combo of well rated and affordable, but I’m sure fancier ones are better: DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Clear Ear Plugs, Black Case) *edit for typo

u/AromaAttack · 5 pointsr/hsp

Finally a topic I'm passionate about!

I don't have a specific answer for you, but that's because I have a lot of experience with ear plugs, and I know taste and fit will vary immensely from person to person.

Unfortunately, that means the best advice I can give you is try a whole bunch of different ear plugs, and see which ones fit best and work best for your purposes.

Judging from my experience, I'm certain you're going to need more than one type of earplug.

A bunch of tips:

  1. This place:

  2. Check out their assortment packs.

  3. They make smaller women's and slim fit earplugs. I'm a fairly large man, and they don't fit me perfectly, but if I just want to take the edge off of the ambient sound, I use them. They muffle everything, but not to the same degree as my regular sized earplugs. That may not be an option for you depending on the size of your ears, but it's an option for some.

  4. For music and movies, I've tried Downbeats, but they don't fit me very well. You may have more luck, and there are other brands worth considering. Search for earplugs for musicians. They preserve the full range of audio frequencies, but just lower the volume. (Regular earplugs will tend to block out some frequencies more than others.)

  5. My favorite.

  6. Buy disposable earplugs in bulk on the internet.

  7. Those single use disposable earplugs -- you can use them more than once, but they do lose some of their blocking power. (Depending on the situation, this might be an advantage.) But once they get a little too soft and squishy, they're done.

  8. I often wear earplugs almost all day like you're planning. And I sleep with them every night too. That's doable, but do take them out for a decent amount of time each day. If they are in too long, even your favorite earplugs can become irritating. (And I know some people do have allergies to certain earplug materials.)

  9. Noise dampening earmuffs are also great.

  10. Keep a pair of earplugs with you in a little case at all times. You never know when you're going to want them.

    If you have any questions or just want to talk earplugs, let me know. Like I said, I'm an earplug aficionado!

    As for the rest of you, I can't recommend the earplug lifestyle to people on this subreddit strongly enough.

    Earplugs are like a warm, cozy blanket for your mind.

    Once you start using them regularly, you'll wonder how you ever managed to live without them.
u/bonegatron · 5 pointsr/bassnectar

I have DownBeats and I know they're pretty-well regarded, and perform similarly to several ETY models.

Any worth/sense in switching it up?

u/thatsnogood · 5 pointsr/Denver

Don't know any place that sells them locally. Maybe call a few guitar centers/music stores that carry amps. They might have something similar.

u/Modna · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips

Down beats!!! Meant to lower the level of the noise you hear evenly across the sound spectrum, so the bass and treble all still sound good, just a bit quieter.

Amazing for music

u/AlbertEntstein · 5 pointsr/Shambhala

[Earasers] ( for sure. They won't block out quite as much as some of the others but I have yet to find a set that protects from as much of a frequency range without sacrificing quality.

u/bereceja1 · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

I purchased Earasers from the local Guitar Center. I had a fitment issue with my tiny earl canals and they do an exchange program. They are a little on the pricey side but at least you know you will get a pair that will fit!

Amazon (Earasers)

u/shortsetradio · 5 pointsr/audiophile

I use earasers:

Decent price, stays in ear without any problems, and can still hear the music/talk to your friends.

u/xENIGMAx · 5 pointsr/berkeley

This is why I have to wear earplugs during exams. Any small, repetitive noises distract me--a jackhammer would obliterate my concentration.

u/dorozco · 5 pointsr/Metalcore

Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs, Blue Tip with Clear Stem, 1 Pair Standard Fit

Been using these for almost a year now. They work great and they’re reusable

u/USCMatthew · 5 pointsr/paradisofestival

These are what I have been using for years. No ringing after even the heaviest of bass shows.

u/melloraver · 5 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

These are the kind I use. I bought them before edclv 2016 and have used them several times. I also like the metal container they come in. I can hook it to my belt loop or my hydration pack.

u/votedean · 5 pointsr/Wrangler

JeepProTip: If you drive with the top down, windows off, doors off, etc, pick up a set of these. Wind noise at highway speeds is loud enough to be damaging to your hearing. Even tire noise from a truck driving beside you is bad. These earplugs only attenuate, or turn down, the noise. That means you can still hear traffic, and even the radio--but will knock down the wind noise and protect your ears.

u/2muchcoff33 · 5 pointsr/hsp

I like Vibes. They dim the noise and are super discrete. Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs - Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Concerts, Fitness Classes, Motorcycle, Sensory Disorders (Tinnitus Relief & Autism) - As Seen on Shark Tank

u/kissthepan · 5 pointsr/doommetal

Just basic ones for concerts will be fine. The foam plugs are more for deadening sound without regard for any distortion (like who cares about the subtleties of chainsaw noise). The sound quality won't be ideal. Concert or musician's earplugs will just bring everything down a bit with little distortion.

These are what I have: link.

Well worth it. These bands will ruin your ears. When I saw Sleep I almost wanted them to.

u/VroooMoose · 5 pointsr/motorcycles

A lot of ear plugs are designed to let in sound, but reduce noise. Depends on what kind you have.

See things like this. If you're just using basic foam, then it's a different story.

u/SetYourGoals · 4 pointsr/Metalcore

Someone else said it, but get earplugs. I can't stress this enough.

Swing by CVS or something on your way and you can get some crappy foam ones for tonight (ABR is LOUD). Then, for other shows, I would suggest buying a pair of these Downbeats for $14. They have lasted me years, and let in all the good sound and dull the roar that destroys your ears.

I am in my 20s and have the hearing of someone in their 50s or 60s, my doctor said. I destroyed my ears at shows. Don't be like me.

Have fun, don't worry about people judging you, and you'll get the vibe in no time.

u/Arctic_Spacey · 4 pointsr/indieheads

I use these. I have gone to about 50 concerts with them and have never experienced any comments about my appearance or hearing damage. The plus for these compared to the foam ones you can get at CVS or something is they don't block sound nearly as much, but offer you the same protection.

u/restoring4s · 4 pointsr/Metalcore

I use DownBeats

They're comfortable and allow a safe amount of sound to come through. I started using them because the ringing in my ears for a few days after a show started driving me crazy, hasn't happened since. Plus I feel like I can hear the instruments and vocals even better, they drown out a lot of the speaker feedback and crowd noise.

u/the_random_asian · 4 pointsr/electronicmusic

Can anyone recommend a good pair of earplugs? I'm planning on attending my first concert (Madeon) and I'd like a some input. My two current options are the Etymotic Er20 and the Downbeats Ear Plugs. Anyone have any experience with either/both? Id like to keep it less than $15. Thanks!

u/fishymamba · 4 pointsr/aves

I have downbeats and they work great:

I have used them at a couple shows and the sound I get with them is awesome.

if you want to get fancy, Etymotic has an option for custom earplugs.

u/Psychedelic_soup · 4 pointsr/festivals

because Tinnitus reeealllllyyyyyy sucks and it doesn't go away...EVER
I'm 30 and there isn't a minute that goes by that I don't wish I would've worn hearing protection during my younger years. The ringing gets old QUICK!

Take it from someone who learned the hard way..just wear them. If you get good earplugs, it will not affect the sound quality at all (honestly it usually sounds better).

I use Earasers and they are great. I have etymonics as my back ups. I know it doesn't seem important, but just spend the money and wear them. Put them in before the show and within five minutes you won't even notice they are there.
These are the ones I have:

u/FantasticGentleman · 4 pointsr/Coachella

I've been using these for years too and they're quite good but sometimes depending on what kind of music I'm listening to things can sound a bit muffled. Obviously, you're never gonna get ideal sound while protecting your ears unless you drop the money for customs but I just ordered Earasers from amazon and I'm looking forward to trying them since they seem to work quite differently than other earplugs and I've read a lot of good reviews. I'll let you guys know how they perform after this weekend.


u/ohmybrown · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

these are hands down the best ear plugs I have ever owned and totally worth the money. Make it sound wayyyyy crisper and I will never go to a show without them.

Got the girlfriend this gem for lounging around at camp.

u/Space_Cowboy2023 · 4 pointsr/Coachella

Here's everything I ordered just last night!

Bandana Headband face cover things I've bought these before, great for keeping cool and keeping the dust away.

Cheap Fanny Pack


More Tapestry

And some other things I bought a while ago.

Earasers Best earplugs I've bought so far, hella comfortable and inconspicuous.

Plastic Flasks

Extra Earplugs just in case someone needs them along the way

u/werdnaegni · 4 pointsr/bandmembers

I think she'd be fine with those Etymotics then. I mixed it up though. Meant ER 20, not RE20.

u/MarcusMan6 · 4 pointsr/EDM

No one asked. But here's what I use at festivals and shows. No difference in music quality, just simply lowers the decibel levels.

u/rickwagner · 4 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Those aren't great, but are better than nothing.
I've been happy with these, although you can definitely get a set that's better quality, if usually more expensive.

u/SpaceWhaleGuy · 4 pointsr/Guitar

[These] ( are awesome. Let you hear a good amount but block the high frequencies which will fuck your ears.

u/Babou_Serpentine · 4 pointsr/todayilearned

These are the ones I bought and work like a charm for me.

u/FreeSpiritRunning · 4 pointsr/trap
u/Sadimal · 4 pointsr/Flute

Entymotics are a good brand. They're made for musicians. They reduce the volume but not the quality and can reduce volume by 20db.

u/maxmorgan · 4 pointsr/aves

I bought these about a few months ago and have been very satisfied:

Was a bit weary about sticking something directly into my ear canal, but it's nowhere near as discomforting as it sounds.

That feeling when you take them out at the end of the event and your hearing comes back to normal without the ringing.. mmm.

I bring em to raves, festivals, night clubs, whatever.

u/Phyralis · 4 pointsr/PowerMetal

Custom ear plugs are nice, but get something to hold you over until then, I implore you. You can get high fidelity ear plugs on Amazon for cheap with quick shipping. The amount they alter the sound quality is minimal to none, they are only meant to reduce volumes, so long as you go with high fidelity ear plugs. I bought these for my girlfriend and I:


Please listen to a guy that has had both ear drums rupture twice.

u/thrashing_throwaway · 4 pointsr/autism



You can Google “decibel reducing ear plugs” and select clear ones. They might also sell them at your local drug store.

If anyone asks about them, you can say that you have tinnitus or you’re trying to prevent hearing loss.

u/brick0fselfcontrol · 4 pointsr/TBI

I use two types of earplugs.

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs - Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Concerts, Fitness Classes, Motorcycle, Sensory Disorders (Tinnitus Relief & Autism) - As Seen on Shark Tank

These for when I need things toned down but don't need to be aware enough to, say, notice someone coming up behind me. So, places I feel safe. Theyre fairly comfortable. Designed similarly to earbuds. Easy to take with you and keep clean.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

These for when I have to be aware of my surroundings but can't deal with all of the sound because it's overwhelming. It makes things manageable on a good day, but they wouldn't do much on a bad day. They're really, really comfortable. Easy to take with you. Require a bit more care than most earplugs.

Both will let you hear conversation/tv/etc without issue.

u/_noncomposmentis · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips

I got Eargasm plugs from Amazon which are pretty good. I also got a pair of Vibes after seeing them on Shark Tank. I prefer the Eargasms slightly but both are pretty good performance especially considering the value.

But now I'm probably going to invest in a custom pair due to hearing loss and tinnitus. They actually take a mold of your ear canal and make them just for you but they're damn expensive!

u/bhigh · 4 pointsr/popping

Get an ear cleaning tool. Something like this or this.

You can use a squeeze bulb, but the specially designed ones work better. I have the cheaper one, it works fine.

u/Tyranith · 4 pointsr/asmr

qtips are quite awful for your ears honestly, you'll shove earwax down into your ear canal where it can become impacted. Do what nvader suggested. My personal method is to use olive oil eardrops (earwax is soluble in oil and it's also good for your skin) then flush with something like this. As orchestral_design mentioned be careful because your ears are more vulnerable to infection for a few days.

u/janinja1000 · 4 pointsr/GradSchool

Well if you are shopping around, keep in mind that 33NRR ear plugs will remove A LOT of sound. If you want to be able to hear someone talking to you (say when someone just starts talking to you from behind your back) and be able to remove them quickly if they are a quite talker. look for "high fidelity" ear plugs. These are designed for musicians and concert goers that want to here more of the music and less of the crowd. these are usually rated at 12NRR.

u/MrProfDrDickweed · 4 pointsr/techtheatre I like these because they are cheap and I am broke. But any molded ones you get from an audiologist would be great too

u/Cakestripe · 4 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Hello! Earplugs never hurt - I actually just buy a box of small ones once a year or so, that don't become painful even after multiple days, and have packs of them tucked away all over. ...I should've used them to study back in college too - it's so much more grounding and calming to have noises muffled. I now wear a pair whenever I go to a concert or to see a movie, but I don't mind feeling percussion.

u/ThisOpenFist · 4 pointsr/videos
u/djdementia · 4 pointsr/DJs

I recently bought these Hearos earplugs designed for music listening:

They are replacing a pair of Etymotic Research ER20s that I lost.

Note to those looking to buy, the Hearos earplugs are pretty small. I have to insert them much further into my ear canal than my ER20 (medium size - note they used to sell Small, Med, Large now they only sell Standard and Large, no idea how those compare to the old medium size) plugs. Hearos doesn't sell a large size and they are a bit less comfortable because of this. They seem to work pretty well, although I haven't taken them out to the club yet, just some test listening at home on high volumes. I'm not really happy about the fit, I may see if my Girlfriend wants these Hearos and buy a pair of ER20s in large.

Also note: I have very large ear canals. Most standard size earbuds fall out of my ears.

u/pineapplepaul · 4 pointsr/askscience

I highly recommend wearing earplugs. My favorite are Etymotic Research plugs. They still sound great when listening to music and don't just dampen all incoming audio. They're also pretty cheap, non-obtrusive, and hard for others to see.

u/therealkcon · 4 pointsr/PembertonFestival

I have a pair from and they're awesome. Can still hear everything fine but saves your hearing. Do not get cheap disposable ones as it will block most of the sound.

Also heard good things about these on

u/Highlifetallboy · 4 pointsr/guns

I really like the Mack's 32 db plugs

Use those under the highest rated over ear muffs you can find.

u/syn-ack-fin · 4 pointsr/motorcycles

Foam plugs work very well. They reduce overall sound while still allowing you to hear high pitches horns and sirens.

u/SutterCane · 4 pointsr/Preacher

Preachers hate him for this one simple trick.

u/duck-duck--grayduck · 4 pointsr/hsp

Have you tried any kind of mindfulness practice? Meditation, deep breathing, autogenic training, guided imagery, that sort of stuff? Doing these things regularly can sort of bring down your baseline level of anxiety, and then doing something like deep breathing in the moment can help calm you down when you're having anxiety.

That time when you're alone for a while would be an excellent time to do some meditating. If you'd like some resources for how to meditate, let me know and I'll dig some up. :)

A good deep breathing technique is to just close your eyes, breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, then breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds, focusing your attention on the sensation of your breath entering and leaving your body. Some people find it helpful to have words they think of while breathing, like I say "here" while breathing in and "now" while breathing out.

You can find videos on YouTube for guided meditations, autogenic training, or guided imagery.

Also, how about ear plugs, like these?

u/homeboi808 · 4 pointsr/audiophile

Depends how far away you are from any speakers.

85dB is more than sufficiently loud.

110dB-130dB is what you can expect.

These are popular (pick correct size, most people are medium, but I almost always use the smallest buds with my headphones, so small would likely fit me best). Comes with a case.

These aren’t as high-fidelity, but do the best at reduction

u/Flying_Spaghetti_ · 4 pointsr/guns
u/Iledahorsetowater · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Is It flakey? My ears were getting super flakey and causing more sebum than usual. Every. Single. Day. I had to clean them. I looked it up and it’s a form of yeast that can grow inside the ear canal. If it’s bad enough a doctor can prescribe things for you but what I found works best is..... t gel. T gel or nizoral dandruff shampoo. Wash your ears with it, around then and suds really good. Kind of suds the inside then rinse. If I take a bath I do the same and dip my head back, rinse and make sure to let my head lay back and recline in the water where the foamy bubbles are from scrubbing out the shampoo. That way the water can enter my ears and really get in there. Then throughout the bath it kind of just gets cleaned out as I keep going under water.

But if you shower, suds the ears w t gel or nizoral shampoo. Definitely check into fungal ear overgrowth if you are having abnormal sebum or flakes that must be cleaned every day, every other day. Oh!!! And also macks I believe it’s called makes an ear irrigation kit that you literally put drops in, earplugs, it dissolves the gunk— and then you rinse with this squirty tool. It’s $5-7 at local drugstores. There’s multiple brands.

I like to use theses 1x per week and I started 3x in a row to really get my ears clean. I want to try elephant ear cleaner off amazon. You should read the reviews, watch the videos of it actually working! It takes out hugeeee chunks of wax you didn’t even know you had. Some impacted by q tip overuse.

Ok enuff about ears.

u/Counselor-Ug-Lee · 4 pointsr/tifu

I hope you see this just so you get the elephant ear cleaning thing that I use. I got one from my mom who works at an urgent care and the doctors there use this to clean out wax clogged ears (impacted cerumen).

Get this thing and use it in the shower with warm, not hot water. Turn your head sideways and insert the tip and spray the water which will clear out the wax safely. It has a shield on the tip that’s supposed to prevent you from going too far, but I never put it in all the way. I just go until it’s comfortably in enough to spray well.

elephant ear bottle

u/YonderMTN · 4 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

Get one of these bad boys - Elephant Ear Washer Bottle

u/iamcorvin · 4 pointsr/DataHoarder

If you get a 1U and don't have a server room or somewhere to put it I'd recommend these.

u/shanahanigans · 4 pointsr/Coachella

Here are the ones I brought, was not disappointed.

Mine didn't have a cord connecting them, but the carrying case helped at least.

There are three kinds of people who don't wear earplugs to live music events:

  1. People who are unaware how loud it can be (especially near the front or a speaker stack)
  2. People who are unaware that hearing damage is permanent and cumulative
  3. People who know 1 and 2 but don't value being able to hear well as they get older

    The choice is yours: earplugs now, or hearing aids later.
u/Oncorhyncus_Mykiss · 4 pointsr/jambands

I picked up a pair of Eargasm earplugs before Hangtown Halloween Festival... I can't recommend them enough. Silenced all the chompers, protected my ears, and made me hear the music a lot more clearly.

u/Pki · 4 pointsr/doommetal

I bought some for Sunn O))) last month. It was my first time seeing them and the ear plugs were so effective I had to take them out a few times to get a taste of what I was missing. Zero lingering ringing or regrets the next day.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

u/Pope-Metal · 4 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I had never used earplugs before the Vegas show but I got these and they were amazing, sounded so much better, no headache after. I highly recommend these. I bought the connector cord also so I dont have to worry about them falling out.

u/redtens · 4 pointsr/ToolBand

I've been using EarPeace for years at various venues, indoor and out, and they're freaking lifesavers. Portable, compact, customizable reduction levels, and discreet.

u/titansfan4ever · 3 pointsr/Metallica

Give Eargasm a shot. I used them for Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine and Breaking Benjamin. They really do take out all the harmful bass and my ears felt great afterward. Any kind of high fidelity earplugs should be good. They don't make the sound as muddy as foam earplugs. Sound quality is much better. I have heard Dubz is a good brand as well.


u/Xistin · 3 pointsr/Tipper

I keep these on my Keychain and just bring them everywhere in case I forget my normal pair or just need some

But if I'm going to a festival I use westones. So if you're really about it and as anti-tinnitus as I am, You can go to an audiologist and get custom molds & a hearing analysis that they'll send off to westone to make a pair of custom earplugs for you.

u/kkrazykristen · 3 pointsr/lifeisbeautifulLV

I really like the Eargasm earplugs.

u/MacManG5 · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

Great thinking! I'll give you my experience with the ones I've used.

First I bought this set from Etymotic for myself and my Croo years ago. For the price they're great and served me quite well at local shows and Roo alike until I lost them at Roo in 2016 (luckily I always carry disposable ones too in case anyone around me in the crowd wants a pair so I wasn't deaf by the end of that Roo). I liked them for the price and the carrying case however they did have some issues like their odd fit for some folks.

After losing the Etymotic's at Roo in 2016 I bought this set from Eargasm pretty much as soon as I got home. They're a bit pricier than the Etymotic's but well worth the price in my opinion. They come with a large and small in ear insert in order to ensure a good fit for most and instead of using a tube and dampening materials like the Etymotic's the Eargasm's actually have a tiny filter that makes for much more even tones/sounds. They also come with a much better carrying case and have yet to have an issue with them in the ~2.5 years I've had them.

Side note about the Eargasm's, their carrying case is a tiny metal canister that comes equipped with a keychain and I take them to every show I go to, I mention this because the canister does look like something you'd house party favors in so the security may have you open the canister up so they can inspect it. I've also found the canister sets off metal detectors so if you do attempt to get through using it as a party favor holder it may come back to bite you. Just figured I'd give you a heads up there since I've gotten many strange looks from security and fellow show goers alike until I open them up and pop the plugs in.

Hopefully this helps! If you've got any questions about either set let me know!

u/TootTootTootToot · 3 pointsr/trumpet

Not just for marching bands! A very important issue for all musicians. Noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus are no joke.

There are now multiple, affordable options for reusable "musician's earplugs," which block all frequency ranges equally (normal earplugs can leave the music sounding muffled and dull because they block more treble than bass sound).

u/anifail · 3 pointsr/DnB

use earplugs with a 3kHz resonant filter like these

I don't have that particular set. I have Rooth C&P 25dB, but I don't recommend them because of fit.

u/HiviSpeakers-Michael · 3 pointsr/audiophile
u/AlphaMelciados · 3 pointsr/CasualConversation

You should consider Frequency reduction values table. Here are the tables for ~$20-30 earplugs for gigs:

Vendor \ Average reduction Value | 125 HZ | 250 HZ | 500 HZ | 1000HZ | 2000HZ | 4000HZ | 8000HZ
Crioxen Earplugs | 15.1 | 15.4 | 17.1 | 19.9 | 26.9 | 17.7 | 29.9
ER20XS Earplugs | 14.5 | 14.2 | 17.1 | 21.1 | 25.3 | 20.5 | 23.3
Eargasm Earplugs | 14.7 | 14.8 | 16.8 | 20.3 | 24.3 | 21.4| 25.7

It can help to prevent negative impact to the quality of the show.
You can find some other comparison for earplugs for gigs.

u/Scoregasm · 3 pointsr/Coachella

I always thought I was above this, that "yea, ok, but I've never felt the effects of a concert before, so I'm fine."

Until LCD Soundsystem at Bill Graham last year. Ho. Ly. Shit. I was in pain at how loud that concert got. Ears were plugged for a week. Now, I'm buying some plugs and keeping them in my pocket at shows just in case that ever happens again.

Also, just as a heads up, these Eargasms are going on an Amazon Lightning Deal at 12:50 PST today (3/30). Would be a good time to buy.

u/TelephoneMelon · 3 pointsr/misophoniasupport

You could try some hi-fidelity invisible ear-plugs. You can still hear people talk, but it turns down the volume significantly. I sometimes use them in restaurants to cut out the noises of the people at the other tables. It works pretty well for quieter noises that are usually quite bothersome like breathing or the more polite mouth noises. I own these ones. There are probably earplugs which block out more noise, but I find these ones to be a good balance between hearing people talk to me and blocking out some lighter triggering noises.

It's not perfect, but it helps.

When I can afford to completely drown everything out, I wear some wireless earbuds and listen to some white noise or instrumental music.

Hope you find something that helps.

Edit: I found these which are specifically targeted at audio processing disorders. They might be good too.

u/OctalDub · 3 pointsr/Techno

Damn. This sub really needs a sticky for this kind of stuff. This is what I have. You don't need anything better than that unless you are DJing and being blasted in the ears by booth monitors imo. In that case you would want custom earplugs that fit to the shape of your ear. Those can be very expensive. The earplugs I linked allow you to change the "filters" and let in more or less frequency. I typically use red, but for a lot of events, black would work.

I will not go to events without them as I find once I've used them, it makes not wearing them annoying and unbearably loud.

u/elkster88 · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Buy a box of 200 pair of 32 NRR disposable foam earplugs for $20.

Even the quietest helmets expose you to permanently damaging levels of noise after a few hours. Don't risk your hearing. Tinnitus is no fun, don't ask how I know.

u/BornOnFeb2nd · 3 pointsr/childfree

Get some earplugs?

I use those for going to the range, and occasionally sleeping with.

If you used a fresh set each week, that box would last you years. You could probably use them quite a bit longer than that though.

u/icepick314 · 3 pointsr/guns

but how much protection are from over-the-ear foams and electronic muffs?

they're also around 30-32dB protection so it's equivalent or better...

I use these and haven't had any problems with ringing in the ears...

I prefer foams because over-the-ear muffs get in the way of rifle shooting...

u/vanillasux · 3 pointsr/Health

These earplugs are very comfortable in my ears. I bought a box to help me study and sleep when I lived on campus. Best decision yet!

u/tin_str · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Yeah I wear them correctly. I wear them at night too, though a different brand. The ones I have worn while riding are Howard Leight LaserLite earplugs. I like them a lot.

At night I wear these, which I would not wear while riding because they block out practically all noise.

u/throwawayscientist2 · 3 pointsr/LawSchool

I bought these. They work well and now I'll never have to buy earplugs again.

u/Zerrok · 3 pointsr/insomnia

I also wake up by the slightest noise. The only thing that works for me is earplugs. But not just any earplugs. The ones workers in factories etc. use.

I'll try to find a picture or link for you, hold on.

Edit: i dont know if exactly these are available outside of germany but they are called bilsom laser lite.

They look like this. They are stronger than normal ear plugs because they are supposed to be used when working with heavy and loud machinery.

I hope you find something like that and it helps you.

u/Binsky89 · 3 pointsr/videos

This is better than a bulb syringe. I've never had a bulb syringe that removed much wax, but that syringe removes giant chunks. 2-3 squirts and my ears are clean.

u/me_gusta_purrito · 3 pointsr/needadvice

Flush it out with a syringe like this one (warm water ONLY - NO cold water).

You can also try scooping with one of these bad boys.

Either one of these might be available at your local drug store.

If this doesn't work, go see an ENT doctor.

u/Ulgorian · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I floss daily so that would be a for sure daily (or twice a day) in addition to anything else. Although i recently switched to using one of these instead of qtips.

u/EatATaco · 3 pointsr/buildapc

If you have earwax buildup problems, this is the best thing I have found

Nothing better than letting it build up for a while, making a little warm hydrogen-peroxide mixture and injecting that full force into you ear and checking out what is in the sink when you are done.

If you are completely clogged, the massive industrial strength one that the doctors offices have are intense.

u/LynkDead · 3 pointsr/funny

If you're really serious about it you can look up ear syringes. Put some Debrox in your ear to loosen the wax up for about 10 minutes, then blast it with the syringe.

If you're worried about damage don't. I had my ears cleaned by a doctor via this method. The syringe was about 4x bigger and I'm pretty sure he was pressing the plunger as hard as possible. Felt like a jet of water drilling through my head. Painful, but apparently I still have an eardrum. The one I linked has a fancy tip that supposedly reduces ear drum pain.

u/PanicBlitz · 3 pointsr/Music

Hearos. I can't recommend them enough. I go to concerts and play in bands, and these are the only earplugs I use. They do a great job of lowering the volume, without making it sound like your ears are full of foam or underwater. I always have a pair in my back pocket.

u/Neurotikitty · 3 pointsr/misophonia

If you're willing to spring for a more expensive set, try these.

They make everything quieter, but they don't muddle things so badly. So you can still hear speech pretty well, but soft noises are less apparent. (They're great for concerts - you can still hear the music, just at a quieter volume instead of a muddy mess.)

They aren't quite as discreet, but you might just be able to get away with saying "my ears feel sensitive to sound right now, so I'm trying this method so that I can still hang around with you guys without imposing my problems on you". Hopefully they will be sympathetic.

u/Jaikaro · 3 pointsr/Metal

Yeah, I used to play in a band and go to tons of shows with 0 hearing protection. Horrible idea.

In order to prevent this from getting any worse, get some good solid earplugs. It'll let you still be able to go to shows, and depending on the earplugs, you might actually be able to hear the music better! Personally I use these: They're comfy, and the music still sounds good.

u/s0briquet · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

An hour before doors open is more than enough. It's a general admission show, so it's pretty much pure chaos.

Please, for the love of humanity, make sure your friend wears proper shoes. Preferably something with some decent toe protection. I can't tell you the number of inexperienced newbies I've seen at general admission shows with busted open toes. Feet will be stepped on.

Please also make sure that your friend is okay with being shoved, squished, bumped into, and rubbed up against. I guarantee the club will be over capacity for a show like that. This means there will probably be no place to escape from people.

If she should chose to accompany her man down on the floor, there's a 90% chance that there's going to be a mosh pit opening up about 3 or 4 people back from the railing in front of the stage. If shes standing in a group of beefy looking dudes (or real skinny dudes with interesting hair) who are all eyeing each other up and down, then that's a good sign that she's standing in the middle of where a pit might open.

As someone who has been to many many shows (I've seen Green Day 2 or 3 times), please encourage your friends to protect their hearing by wearing ear plugs. Hearo's are pretty commonly found in drug stores. I advise this type with 3 "ridges" as opposed to the compressible foam type, as they don't muffle the sound as much - they just turn the volume down.

Tell your friends to take some pictures, but don't be those people who film the whole show, and forget to engage in the experience.

T-shirts are gonna be at least $30, so make sure they take some cash for merch.

u/gun_the_run · 3 pointsr/Muse

I recommend some hi Fidelity ear plugs since they'll sound better than general ones.


Hearos Earplugs High Fidelity Series

u/MagicBus42 · 3 pointsr/Guitar

I saw them in Denver recently. I used Hearos high fidelity ear plugs and the music sounded amazing. You can find them at Guitar Center or online. Here's the Amazon link

u/InwardLooking · 3 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

For those that don’t know...Hearos:

HEAROS High Fidelity Musician Ear Plugs Ultimate In Comfortable And Hearing Protection Professional Musicians Earplugs Noise Cancelling Earplugs For Concerts Motorcyclists Loud Events (1 Pair)

u/0100101010110 · 3 pointsr/cars

you need to make sure your plugs are seated correctly. squeeze the end and let the plug form to your ear canal (dont go too far). or hearos

u/Carpetshark42 · 3 pointsr/autism

These earplugs are awesome! They block out a LOT of noise while still letting you hear people talk and even your TV. They were made for concerts and stuff. They may not block everything but they should help. HEAROS Ear Plugs

u/evanofmn · 3 pointsr/Trombone

I really like my Hearos. They do a pretty good job of keeping a natural sound.

u/big000000 · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

the ones you linked are n30. these ones are n33. i think every 3.5 DB is twice the noise so those will at least help a little bit. I like that one because each pair is bagged and I use new ones each time.

u/MostlyCarbonite · 3 pointsr/Music

A box of Howard Leight 33db plugs is like $25 for 250 of them on Amazon. That's what I use to sleep with. I use Hearos for concerts, also on Amazon.

u/jeffreywilfong · 3 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

These are my favorite.

Howard Leight MAX-1 Uncorded NR33 Foam Earplugs Box, 200 Pair (Orange)

u/nsfwsten · 3 pointsr/gundeals

The best earplugs out there are rated for 33 these are the ones I use at work.

I use them until they start to get dirty, If you keep them in a clean bag in your range kit you can probably get several trips out of them.

Some people say you can clean them but at 200 for $20 its not worth it.

u/azuriel · 3 pointsr/Frugal

Not exactly "frugal", but by far the best purchase I've ever made was this pack of 200 earplugs for $25. I've had to deal with living in dorms with a roommate and on a busy street, and being able to get to sleep and stay that way has been invaluable. Also great for traveling, hardcore concentration, and loud rock concerts. They're all individually wrapped, so I've given pairs away to friends too.

I spent the $25 about 2.5 years ago, and I'm just finishing up the box now. You can reuse them a few times even though they're "disposable".

u/Itsantho · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I use these
They work almost too good. I can't understand what people are saying if they talk to me when I have my helmet on but I can hear my bluetooth headset in my helmet perfectly.

u/2501King · 3 pointsr/misophonia

There are not many noise cancelling earbuds out there most have noise isolation. I currently have a pair from etymotic and they are good but not great. Active noise canceling is terrible at blocking random noise it does much better with things like engine noise.

Best thing I have found is headphones + white noise+ ear plugs. I have worn it for 8-10 hours a day for the past 5 years.

For white noise I use

And I have a tab for each color full blast.

For ear plugs

For headphones

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I took these to DC and they worked awesome with the silver filters.

Looks like they went up in price, but they added the "Music Safe Classics" which look like the exact same thing just without the white filters for cheaper:

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I know I'm late to the party but these Downbeats earplugs were the best investment I've made. There was a show in Atlantic City in some nightclub that RL performed at, being in the would have been unbearable if I didn't have the earplugs. Front and center for most of the show and I heard absolutely fine. Ear protection is serious

u/shatteredf41th · 3 pointsr/trap

I've been rocking downbeats to every show I can remember to take them to. Would def recommend and I think they are usually 10-15 a set.

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I bring these to every show

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I do too! I sleep with earplugs so I always have a pair, but I started packing it with me when going to the movies because I really, really can't stand the sound of people chewing, bags wrinkling, and them shuffling the popcorn around before grabbing some. But seeing as how eating is a part of the movie going experience for many, it's unavoidable. So I just put the earplugs in and bam! those little noises that distract me and get me irrationally annoyed are no longer audible.

edit: to add more options to the linked earplugs, this is the one I use. You can clip the case onto your keychain to make sure you always have it with you. And since I sleep with it -- and I'm a side sleeper -- I can attest to it being comfortable.

u/keepstandingtall · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

I recommend these ear plugs from amazon.

Since I got them I’ve taken them to every concert and they’ve saved my ears from a lot of damage.

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Hey bud! I've been to my fair share of shows, and I saw Animal Collective back in 2013 in Madison, WI. Some tips about concerts and how to enhance your experience:

Earplugs are a must. These are the pair I own, and they work super well; I go to a wide variety of shows in different sized venues (ty Minneapolis) and I've worn those every time. I used to go earplugless, but when I went to see TOBACCO last year, some shoegaze band opened for them and they were literally the loudest fucking thing I've ever heard, ran to get some earplugs, and it was still painfully loud. Some bands like to crank it, generally AnCo keeps it on the lower end but it's never a bad idea to invest in saving your hearing. That's the end goal, isn't it?

When I saw AnCo, I went solo. Senior year of high school, travelled 50 miles on a Wednesday night to see em. Met some really cool guys at the show, shot the shit. Chances are, there's gonna be a fair amount of weed in the crowd. Toke if you want, but some venues are super vigilant while others really don't give a shit.

My general rule of thumb is to get there a bit before doors for a band I either really really love or a show that's gonna attract a big crowd so I can get up front. I'd follow this if you want to be right up against the stage, or at least be there around doors if you want the authentic 9th-row-in-the-pit experience. Being pushed far back kinda sucks, especially if there's an NBA player-sized person standing right in front of you.

Pretty much just go there, scream the lyrics, dance your ass off and vibe. There's gonna be quite a few pretentious hipsters who stand off to the side and just stoically watch them while sneering at anyone who dances. Fuck em, dancing to the boys was one of my best memories. Don't think drunk assholery will be an issue, but pretty much every single show I've been to has involved me being stuck next to someone who can't handle their liquor, be it tiny women at Beach House forcing their way to the front of the stage halfway through the set (and literally standing sideways, wedged between me and my friend) or some large, leather-coat-wearing fuckwad at Com Truise who has been sexually harassing as many women as possible. If you spot one nearby, don't let them harsh your mellow. If they're bumpin into you a lot and you want them to stop, just tell them to give you some space while being as smiley and polite as possible and they'll usually wander off. If they get aggressive, just push towards another spot in the crowd. I doubt there'll be many bad drunks in the crowd, but it never hurts to be a lil mentally prepared.

Anyway, pm me if you have any other questions, and I hope you have as good of a time as I did!

EDIT: Oh yeah, download a Mad Libs app on your phone. Play it with the people standing near you when you're waiting in line/between bands, it's a perfect icebreaker and it's pretty fun.

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Any suggestions on affordable but decent quality earplugs? Does anyone recommend going to an audiologist and getting custom ones, or will cheap store bought ones do the trick?

Edit: Looks like the cheap solid foam ones muffle the sound. Anyone tried these:

u/RandomredditHero · 3 pointsr/bostoncalling

Hah! Should've checked my Amazon orders - downbeats was indeed where I too landed:

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Clear Ear Plugs, Black Case)

u/BearOnALeash · 3 pointsr/festivals

I really like Downbeats:

They stay in, still make the music sound good, and offer good protection. They even worked well when I was photographing a festival from the security pit, a foot away from the giant speakers.

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I have a pair of etymotic (as linked by /u/buboy3) which are great, but it bothered me that they always stuck out so much. Now I use downbeats:
Which are the same price and similar fit and (to me, since this is obviously subjective) also preserve good sound quality.

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I've tried Dubs and Downbeats. I like the fit and sound of Downbeats much better, plus they don't stick out of your ears, and really aren't even visible.

u/BackLightBand · 3 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I got a pair of downbeats high fidelity plugs. They are pretty awesome. They don't dull out any of the high or low end sound so it sounds like what you normally hear only quieter. Plus they are not even easily noticeable when they are in your ears.

u/eth0ng · 3 pointsr/EDM

I've used Downbeats for about two years and they get the job done real well. They stay in my ear canals well and have never fallen out so bumping into people shouldn't be an issue. They block out the highs and mids a bit too much and make the bass a bit overwhelming so I'm looking into other options.

I've been recently thinking of trying these out: [Earasers] (

I've read good reviews about them so hopefully they're an upgrade but the Downbeats have been solid.

u/th4ne · 3 pointsr/edmproduction
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I've had the same experience with these ones. Really any high fidelity ones will have the same effect, but I like the downbeats because they're the cheapest ones (they're only 13.99). They're also about as stealthy as it gets.

But yeah. It's really cool how well they work. I was never able to have conversations in loud rooms before. But with them in I actually can. I actually went to a house show where there was a full band with a drum kit playing in a basement last weekend and I was able to talk to people during.

u/Groundbreaking_Trash · 3 pointsr/aves

Bought these last year and they've been pretty great for me.

u/McDreads · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I've tried multiple earplugs and nothing work as well as Earasers in that price range. Still relatively inexpensive, you can have conversations when you're in the crowd wearing these, and they only get rid of the harmful high frequencies.

The next step up from these is getting custom-fitted musician's earplugs that DJs use. At $200 a pair, they're quite the price but they'll save your ears in the long run.

I also highly recommend you read this article if you're looking into purchasing earplugs:

u/ArchReaper · 3 pointsr/EDM

I personally recommend these; or if you need a cheaper option, these

u/Jordan-5 · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Don't get the cheap ones. A good pair goes for $15 ish on Amazon and they are extremely comfortable and designed to keep the sound clean while protecting your ears. No muffling

These are the ones that are $15 a pair and worked great for me so far: Live Music Hear Safe Earplugs

These are more expensive but came highly recommended on this sub: earasers

u/6oh5 · 3 pointsr/Saxophonics

Invest in a quality pair of earbuds. You’ll still be able to hear everything while you play and quality of sound won’t be affected, but the harshness of the sound will drop considerably. This will protect your eardrums from further damage with you still being able to play as you wish. Best of luck to you!

u/TocTheEternal · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Tbh I don't remember. I bought a LOT of them cause I value my hearing more than my money, and I'm pretty sure I tried just about every size available. This is just for my btw (which I know isn't super helpful) and it might be worth trying and returning a pair or two if the first you try doesn't seem right.

I will evangelize the Earasers a little bit. Among my friend group I think everyone that's given them a shot has settled on them. For me they are the only ones that fit and don't distort.

u/antagon1st · 3 pointsr/doommetal

I use this similar plug that also uses stems for tunneling sound. Comes with a lanyard for your neck as well. The wall of sound will rock you.

u/PornoPichu · 3 pointsr/headphones

I recommend getting a good pair of earplugs. Etymotics are what I have. I bring them when I go to anything anymore. I don't remember which I bought specifically anymore, cuz I think they have a few versions, but this is what I'm talking about

E. Also I wouldn't recommend using the Jabra for that purpose. Way more expensive, and you run the risk of losing them.

Double E. The advantage of good earplugs like this is that you still get the full quality of the music, just not all the ear-destroying volume

u/freyascats · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

Good quality earplugs for mom and noise dampening headphones for the toddler. Seriously! They won't stop the noise, it's still safe to care for baby, but they'll make the crying way more bearable so baby and toddler and mom are all happier.

u/thatsmokinggun · 3 pointsr/indieheads

There are earplugs out there such as these bad boys that are designed to muffle the sound as little as possible, and I'd say most tend to do a pretty good job and give a fairly clear sound compared to regular plugs. If you're worried about missing anything, pick something like those up.

u/monkeymonkey35 · 3 pointsr/audioengineering

These are great, but I'd recommend getting a little case to attach to your keychain (i.e.

u/DuhWhat · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I use these, in conjunction with my Sena headset. Music sounds really good, almost no wind noise, and I can still hear important sounds in the environment.

u/capncarge · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I commute daily (40 mi roundtrip) and just got a pair of LiveMusic Hear Safes. Been using them the last few days. Pretty decent - engine, road & wind noise is way muffled, sound from my Cardo bluetooth thingy comes through crystal clear. Major improvement, I feel like an idiot for not getting plugs sooner.

u/brave-new-world-user · 3 pointsr/audiophile

I like these.

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Universal Fit Hearing Protection

u/the_cramdown · 3 pointsr/Metal

as /u/whereisthemcrib said, these are the earplugs to get.

u/IMKridegga · 3 pointsr/Metal101

Give this list a try for Cattle Decapitation.

Some other points:

  • Metal Archives is your friend. They keep a log of nearly every metal band that's ever existed (although they're finicky with metal-adjacent stuff so you won't find much nü or -core on there), so whenever you find a new band make sure to look them up. They keep a log of everything you could ever want to know; band members, discography, subgenre information, location, years active, and even similar artists.
  • If you want to branch out to the wider world of metal music, make sure to give the Subgenre Essentials over at r/metal a look. It's a splendid list of albums that spans the foundations of metal and will give you the context to appreciate most of the scenes and styles of the genre, historical and current.
  • Don't worry so much about subgenres at first. People are going to throw the terminology at you, but it's probably best not to think too much about it until you've gotten to know more of the genre foundations. I've seen a lot of people get very confused, especially around the edges of certain styles, and it's just not worth the headache. That said, don't write them off as a meaningless formality either, as there is value in being able to classify stuff.
  • Wear ear protection at concerts/shows. Just do it. Even if it's a small venue. Listening to metal is fun and chances are you'll want to keep doing it in the future. These ones are what I usually see recommended to people although I have these ones and I'm happy with them.
u/BrianNLS · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I use these: Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Universal Fit Hearing Protection

Very happy with them. Stopped my hearing loss cold.

Note: my ears survived many rounds with Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, AC/DC, you name them... never had any measurable hearing loss until... BABYMETAL at HoB Chicago in 2016. Don't risk it. These (and similar) are worth their weight in gold.

Remeber: Tinnitus is forever.

u/PinkFridayTheFirst · 3 pointsr/Protomen

Even from up on the balcony I was on they were VERY loud.
These are what I used, they worked great for the concert and i mean, i wear these even if I'm just with loud friends and they work very nicely.

u/cricket502 · 3 pointsr/movies

If you can spring for the extra cash, I recommend these instead:

Having tried both, the ones I linked sounded better, were softer, and are shorter, so they're unlikely to get shoved painfully deep into your ear by someone's elbow or a crowdsurfer's foot.

The ones you linked are still miles ahead of typical foam earplugs though.

u/swaggerx22 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Also came here to post a link for musicians earplugs. I have these ones by Eargasm and they're great. I've been going to shows since the nineties and only recently started wearing these, but wish I always had. I even wear them at sporting events and loud bars - they actually make conversations easier. Don't have permanent tinnitus and would like to keep it that way.

u/jimbohead · 3 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I got "Alpine Hearing protection MusicSafe for musicians" for about $15 (linked below). Frequency response is relatively flat, and I no longer go to bed with ringing ears after practices.

u/geeyoupee · 3 pointsr/Coachella

I have the Alpine pros and I think the 20 dollar ones should do.

Pros have less reducing filters, and extra earplug in case you lose one.

I enjoy earaser branded ones and alpine because they don't stick out of your ear as much as the etymotics. They also sound better than the cheaper etymotics, I haven't tried the higher one ones.

u/TheRolandDeschain · 3 pointsr/HudsonMusicProject

If you have a guitar center near you go there and pick up some hearos Great for turning down the volume a little bit, but you still hear the full range of sound, nothing sounds muffled or underwater.

u/pvk8336 · 3 pointsr/Kanye

I attend somewhere between 15-30 concerts a year, photograph dozens more and I'm wearing earplugs every time. I still hear the music fine, and I have the added bonus of not losing my hearing.

Every time your ears ring after loud exposure, that's permanent damage. Just think of putting in earplugs like you would sunscreen. I wish more people took their hearing health more seriously.

There's several different brands that are designed for concert use that will level everything out and just bring them to a more comfortable level:

HEAROS High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs for Comfortable Long Term Use with Free Case, 1 Pair

Etymotic Research ER20 ETYPlug Hearing Protection Earplugs, Standard Clear Stem with Blue Tip (Clear)

ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

If you search music earplugs, any pair you get should do. If you're feeling really committed for future usage, you could drop a pretty penny on some custom-made earplugs. They feel perfect.

u/Ghozt84 · 3 pointsr/Metal

I use these when at shows Hearos High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs

u/mgrier123 · 3 pointsr/Metal

The ones that /u/Dima_Kenose posted look good. The ones I use are Hearos High Fidelity ear plugs.

u/unearth52 · 3 pointsr/Metal

I just got mine from amazon. link. Unless you have huge ear canals, these should be the right size. I recommend them.

u/Iamcolleeflower · 3 pointsr/misophonia

I have not experienced those side effects, and I hope others might have some tips for you regarding that. I have a few things I’d like to suggest, however. These earbuds come in a size small and they might fit you! They are sooo good at blocking out the lip smacking and lip licking and SOMETIMES chewing if the chewing isn’t horribly loud.
They are totally worth a try, I’d say. They are perfect because they just block out high frequency noises and you can still talk normally and hear others talk. They are my secret weapon that I bring with me everywhere. Everywhereee. Lifesavers.

Also, family has been so damaging for me because they really didn’t take this seriously until about one or two years ago. I get it. I think doing a meeting with your family when you are up for it might be helpful. Show them articles. Ask for warnings. If they are on board, it can help your trigger response and stress level if you don’t have to be on edge all the time. It feels like a broken record, but I constantly have to say “tell me if you are going to eat! Don’t eat until I’m out of the room! Wait a few minutes!” I’ll say it just matter of fact. If I am upstairs, I will literally call or text to ask if anyone is eating before entering the kitchen. It honestly has helped a lot. I have three siblings and two parents, so when we are all home it can get ridiculous. But basically, no one should eat in a car when I’m in it. We have to pull over at a rest stop. No one can eat around me unless I feel comfortable (which is not a thing these days, maybe one day!!). It is still a work in progress, but these are reasonable requests for the condition. I have to plan ahead and so should my family. Otherwise I am in incredible amounts of pain.

Take care.

u/NormalVector · 3 pointsr/Metal

Can anybody comment on these? Specifically the sizes and how well they work. They aren't too expensive but I'd like to not have to buy a second pair if the first is too small/large. I've noticed some ringing recently (not terrible, thankfully) and I'd like to try some good earplugs.

u/rudezombie · 3 pointsr/Music

Pick up a pair of these. They're only 8 bucks, and instead of muffling the sound like most earplugs, they just make it bearably quieter. Your ears will thank you.

u/atticus18244fsas · 3 pointsr/Documentaries

Yep I'm just waiting until one day when it never stops... I have these earplugs that I wear to shows but when I'm DJing I feel as if it needs to be super loud and I need to hear all the details so I kind of rule earplugs out. I really need to start using them all the time.

u/useallthewasabi · 3 pointsr/Coachella

These come with me to every concert, I highly recommend them

u/decodersignal · 3 pointsr/askscience

I think this is a profound and interesting question and I'm going to look into it seriously. This may be related to my research interests, why aging makes it harder to ignore unwanted sounds. My suspicion is that you auditory brainstem/cortex is overrun by activation that can't be suppressed sufficiently. As you age, your ability to suppress activation degrades from the periphery all the way up to the cortex, so the effect you are talking about may be related.

Does anyone who knows more about this have any insight?

P.S. wear earplugs!

u/SirMaster · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

Lets you still hear all the details in the sound while lowering the total dB.

u/CreaminFreeman · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

You and me both.

It's not about what you need to get for you, it's about what you need to buy for your roommate.

Get him some of these.
I'm a light sleeper so I use these when I sleep.

u/sopunny · 3 pointsr/bestof

Earplugs, like these

My dad worked night shift for twenty years, along with another full time job, in the middle of the city while sharing a one bedroom apartment with two kids, and he was able sleep through the evenings.

u/MrSterlock · 3 pointsr/milliondollarextreme

Like another person said, get Flux. Also use Nightshift if you have an iphone. There is an app for androids that does the same thing. You can also get blue light filtering glasses.

Another thing to do is meditate for 5 mins or so before you sleep. You can just lie down and concentrate on your breath, try practicing with the mindful app. This is optional but meditation really has improved my quality of life.

Also, make sure that your room is as dark as possible and that you aren't being bothered by sounds. If I am in a noisy area I always wear earplugs that can be found cheaply on amazon. I use these and they are perfect.

You want your room to be a cave. Think cool, dark, and quiet. Distraction is the enemy and if you have insomnia I'm guessing that your mind wanders a lot. Get more exercise during the day and be more active if you aren't tired by sleepytime.

Also, don't drink caffeine less than 6 hours before you sleep.

Hope this helps you man.

u/cheezbergher · 3 pointsr/bipolar

I love these. Almost can't sleep without them anymore:

And these are my favorite headphones. I even got a Bluetooth transmitter for my TV so I could use them watching TV. Obviously other people have different ones they prefer but this is my personal favorite:

u/0x00000042 · 3 pointsr/ar15

Howard Leight Impact Sports + whatever cheap foam ear plugs I can find. I'm currently working through a jar of Mack's which come out to less than 10 cents per pair. I also take them backpacking to drown out my backpacking buddy's snoring.

u/unicyclegamer · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

These are the ones I use:

I like foam ones more than the silicone ones and I've had a good experience with these ones.

u/veni_vidi_vale · 3 pointsr/headphones

yes, pretty much. NRR = what the government-mandated test says, "noise reduction" = what the manufacturer says. Typically audiophilia is filled with bullshit claims, but I do trust the numbers that Shure puts out.

Keep in mind that the amount of isolation of a universal IEM is very dependent on how good a seal you can get. Thats why IEM manufacturers use words like "up to" instead of just specifying a number. The SE215 does come with foam olive tips, which IMO are very decent.

Why not try out a pair of foam earplugs first? They will cost you just a few dollars, and you will get a great sense of whether you want to spring $100 on the 215s or not.

I have used these in the past and they are consistently good - easy to fit into your ears and rated for 32 dB. IMO if this helps, either stick with earplugs or go for some 215s. If you still have issues focusing after trying out the earplugs, maybe take the medical route.

Good luck with your attempts to study, dude!

u/SuperC142 · 3 pointsr/answers

These are the ones I use. I've tried many and I find these to be the most comfortable.

u/PissPisstofferson · 3 pointsr/Showerthoughts

I felt the same way as you until I blew an ear drum. This product is a game changer for people with waxy ass ears like myself.

Bit of an edit: This is the name-brand product that the nurse introduced me to when she saw my dumb ass. It's what the hospital uses, so there may be some kind of generic version that's cheaper. It's pretty amazing how much crap this thing can take out of your ears and also how much "louder" everything seems after you clean them out properly.

u/SimilarJuice · 3 pointsr/Denver

I used to have to go the doc yearly for this until I bought one of these:

I know you've tried the bulbs but this is in different league. Debrox + this thing works for me. Sometimes I have to go through several bottles of water but I've been able to get it all out with this. Just gotta keep going until it all comes out.

u/Timesmyth · 3 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

You can buy a home version of something like that yourself; it's called the Elephant Ear Washer. It's awesome.

u/Squrf · 3 pointsr/YouShouldKnow

Getting one of these is a wonderful thing.

u/ZQuestionSleep · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Posted this in a Q-Tip eargasm thread before but others may like the WTF story here. Also link at the bottom for OP so you don't have to pay for "surgery" next time.

So I've always been a fairly waxy guy, and for my entire life I've used cotton swabs (Q-Tips, w/e). I was always able to clean out a metric crap ton of wax. Even at a young age I was able to dig pretty aggressively at what I assume is my ear drum and not really have any problems like the warnings scream at you about. (Yes I know this is bad, please don't bother high horsing here, I don't care. Continuing on.) So I went on at least weekly if not twice a week doing this since I was, I don't know, 12ish? Occasionally when aggressively cleaning, my hearing would become muted in one or both ears. It didn't hurt and would clear itself up within a day. It felt like I moved a bunch of wax over a membrane or something (these things would come out extremely covered in thick brown vitriol, I was obviously doing a lot of cleaning going that deep.) Either way it would always correct itself.

About 6 months ago I had another incident where my hearing became muted in one ear after an aggressive cleaning. No matter what I did it didn't get better. I cleaned more and more but after a week of aggressive cleaning and then a week of leaving it alone I became worried I finally damaged something from all my reckless years of Q-Tip gouging. I went to the doctor and explained all of this, upon closer inspection they mentioned something about a blockage. I was relieved and they said they'd do some professional cleaning. They used a squirt bottle that had a small hose and thin tip connected to it to blast my ears with water for a good 20 mins on each side. The side I didn't have problems with they said they cleaned good but I never got a good glimpse when they took the old water away. I didn't feel any different. The offending side cleaning didn't yield anything but muddied water, I still had the blockage.

The Doctor suggested OTC items which have never worked in the past but at this point it sounded like Q-Tips were no-nos from now on. I would put this oily liquid in my ear every other day or so but after a week, still no change. I finally scoured the web and found the same squirt bottle cleaner the doctor used on Amazon. Bought it and when it came a few days later went into the shower to use it.

Within 10 minutes an impossibly big ball of thick yet pliable wax reinforced by ages of cotton strands came out of my ear and my natural hearing ability came back for the first time in over a month. When I got a good look at it it appeared to be the size of a US quarter, only spherical. I have no idea how something that large was lodged in my ear. As gross as it was I had to show my wife. For the sake of the internet I almost wish I took a picture.

Needless to say, I still use Q-Tips but only on the outer ear when I have an itch or major surface wax. The cleaning bottle is amazing and use that for deeper, safer cleaning.

TL;DR After using swabs for years I finally had hearing problems that resulted in quarter-sized spheroid of wax and cotton lodging itself in my ear for over a month.

P.S. For those interested in the squirt bottle cleaner:

u/wheresmysmokes · 3 pointsr/popping

Found it on Amazon! I know what I want for my birthday.

u/lakerswiz · 3 pointsr/nba

Can always spend a little more money and splurge on this one

In high school in our Psychology class the kids that were already 18 were able to do the ear wax candle thing. The teacher told us one year a kid had a bug in his ear. It was crazy how much shit came out of their ears.

Also, you can get little plastic 'scoops' to dig that shit out too.

u/Tourney · 3 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Not OP but I have an Elephant ear washer (specifically this one) and it works great. I've had it for about a year now and have had no problems. Honestly, everything a doctor does is so expensive that I think it's totally worth it to just be able to clean your own ears at home.

u/bryanbryanson · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I would go with 3M's best ear plugs:


Or some wireless earbuds with comply tips. They both block out more than enough noise. I use beatsx ear buds with comply tips and I can barely hear my own exhaust.

u/Dogonapillow · 3 pointsr/tinnitus

i use the 3M earplugs occasionally at home either when something loud is going on outside or to bed, pretty sure my tinnitus has lessened since using them

i also use these earmuffs

u/slackinfux · 3 pointsr/Dogfree

No, you can get the cheap foam ones, which are very effective.



$20 for 200 pair of disposable ones.

u/TizardPaperclip · 3 pointsr/audioengineering

Did you read my previous comment?

  1. First, you put in regular foam ear plugs, like these ones from 3M. These are very good at blocking out high frequencies.
  2. Next, you put on noise-cancelling headphones, like these ones from Bose. Noise-cancelling headphones are very good at eliminating low frequencies. And you won't notice the hiss, because the ear plugs you're wearing underneath will block that out.

    At less than 150$, this would be the cheapest solution to your problem, and has the advantage that you can take it wherever you go. And it certainly doesn't require that you modify the house ; )
u/jb34304 · 3 pointsr/starterpacks

I know they shouldn't be loud in the 1st place, but these might help when it comes to sleeping

Of course the landlord should take care of it. Then the cops, and then fight fire with fire. My neighbors have younger kids, and if they are extremely loud I can easily visit pornhub, and get my Klpsch RF-82's singing :)

u/TheObstruction · 3 pointsr/MotoLA

On the other side of things, you can get these earplugs from Amazon for less than $20. It's 200 pairs, so you don't have to worry about reusing them or losing them, and they do a pretty decent job in their own right. I use these at work often enough, and can hear whatever important stuff I need to.

u/cocomiche · 3 pointsr/pics

Yup that’s the one. and they’re really cheap for Americans: $18 vs $35 on I hope they work out for you!

u/celestiaequestria · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Watch this terrible 1990s tutorial video

Once you're done, head to Amazon and drop $20 on 200 pairs of 3M 1100 earplugs. I don't work for 3M, but they're the one company I'd take a sponsorship from in a heartbeat. Those things work, I've tried the other products you linked - musician earplugs, etymotics, even custom monitors - cheap foam has won every time.

You can find them at Home Depot, Walmart, etc - but they're cheapest online in bulk.

u/Did-you-reboot · 3 pointsr/Metalcore

I got these off Amazon and I love them. Super comfortable and doesn't screw up the sound. Highly recommend them.

u/CityOfChamps09 · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

They will have earplugs to give out in the chill down zone by Kinetic but they are the foam kind and they suck for being at a show and listening to music.

I have these and they are wonderful. Any type of "high fidelity" ear plugs will be good for EDC.

u/drumboy206 · 2 pointsr/Triumph

I like these - they are short enough that they don't get dislodged when you're putting a helmet on, and maintain all the intake/exhaust sound that you want to hear :)

Edit: Also every time, unless I don't plan on exceeding 30 mph.

u/VeganMinecraft · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Earplugs for da clubs

Happy birthday, pumpkin !!! :)

u/Phlexonance · 2 pointsr/MensRights

There's hearing protection that will dampen the sound instead of blocking it (ideally aiming to dampen each frequency the same amount) which will protect your hearing but still allow you to converse with people in loud environments.

I carry them with me all the time.

u/Shelf_Life · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I use these and love them. They are musician earplugs like the Etymotic so they lower all frequencies more evenly. This is nice because you get the reduction in volume but don't get that feeling of all the high frequency disappearing like regular foam earplugs.

These are also shallow and flexible so they fit great under my helmet without hitting anything.

u/orsini1138 · 2 pointsr/movies

I just go either early in the day like on a weekday when there's nobody there, preferably a few weeks after the movie came out.

So I'm probably never going to use earplugs, but I=if you're going to keep using earplugs, check out Hearos like these, I found them back when I was playing in bands because they are super easy to remove and insert, since they don't have to expand like foam ones, and they don't cut out high end frequencies like foam ones either (or "muffle" the sound, so to speak). They're pretty cheap and I used them a lot since they basically just lower the volume instead of lowering AND muffling, I'd recommend those as my favorite if you're trying to find nicer earplugs. If you do get em, let me know how they work for you

u/seven7hwave · 2 pointsr/Music

Earplugs are awesome for going out to clubs, loud bars, and gigging. Downside: cheap earplugs are seemingly designed to make you look you have bright purple or blue cylinders growing out of your ears. Hence many people don't want to wear them. Even when they're flesh-toned and a bit less obvious, they tend to block all the frequencies and make everything sound like crap.

Here's my tried-and-true solution:

  • Buy a pair of Hearos. (I find the small size works better).
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut the top off the plastic extending bit, then remove it and the small cap underneath. This leaves just the rubber plug and a much smaller extension, so you can still easily remove the plug.

    BAM. Now shit sounds good; the design of this plug reduces volume and those screeching highs, but doesn't make it sound like you're listening through a wall of pillows. AND because the plug is mostly inside your ear, you have ear protection without feeling all conspicuous.

    No more going home with the echoes of the amplifiers ringing in your head, as Bob Seger put it.
u/ub3rr4v3 · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

We've used these and they were great. They just turned the volume down a bit but you could still hear everything great.

u/rhysdahl · 2 pointsr/ADHD

HEAROS High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs for Comfortable Long Term Use with Free Case, 1 Pair

u/Hyperion1001 · 2 pointsr/Metal

Earplugs are a must. Anyone who says they don't need them is a functional retard, you absolutely cannot be exposed to that level of sound for an extended period of time and not get permanent hearing damage.

I've been using a pair of these since i've been going to concerts and they've served me well.

u/e60deluxe · 2 pointsr/audiophile

You can get the hearos in basically any guitar center if you don't have time to wait.

u/DrChocolatelove · 2 pointsr/Guitar

I use the Hearos high fidelity ear plugs. They're like the Etymotic ones, but I found that they fit my ear a little better and are more comfortable. Whichever way you go though, you're going to want high fidelity plugs.

Hearos High Fidelity on Amazon

u/DJMully · 2 pointsr/Shambhala

I love my Etymotic ER-20s. They're designed to filter out all frequencies equally (and Etymotic has a stellar reputation for frequency response with their earphones) so you can still hear people talking well etc. They have a small size and a large size. The easiest place to get them from is Amazon (~$15) - small or large ... also in colours!.

Eatbuddies are similar but have a smaller profile (the ER-20s stick out of your ear a bit, though I don't mind and no one ever notices). They also seem to be a bit more expensive and don't publish a frequency chart like this one for the ER-20s, so I can't speak to the sound accuracy.

u/Anatomy_Park · 2 pointsr/Music

...I'm no expert, but these have worked perfectly fine. (if you decide to go with them, make sure to pick the right size)

u/mrbucket777 · 2 pointsr/formula1

If you can, get these earplugs, I got them for the 2010 Canadian GP and they are awesome. Comfortable and they don't change the sound of things, just make it quieter.

Comes with a nice little case that I attached to my lanyard I had my tickets in.

u/Eurynom0s · 2 pointsr/pics

And they're only $20!

I've started carrying them with me when I'm going out to places like loud clubs. It makes being in loud environments so much more enjoyable AND you can actually understand people!

u/Yobby · 2 pointsr/EDM

Eh, not really for weed. Anywhere else is likely to crush the joint. I put all in my joints into a bag and that into another bag. When I got in, I threw out the nasty bag and kept the clean one. It wasn't too bad.

Wear shorts and tank/t-shirt/whatever is comfortable. Accessories aside from what I listed are gum if you plan on taking MDMA (gum is a good ice breaker either way), something to make sure your valuables are kept safe (pockets, bags, etc. that you can seal) and maybe some kandi and glow toys, if you're into that.

I would highly recommend a pair of good earplugs. I was recommended these, which allow you to hear people talking within your vicinity. They were ~$15 shipped to Ontario (clear, large size).

They sell DD merchandise inside and other vendors have booths set up if you want to blow cash on novelties.

Lemme know if you have any other questions.

u/TJungus · 2 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

Without knowing your exact budget the best option would be to get the custom molds with a filter, but those are also the most expensive. Alclair has them for $120 with interchangeable filters. I've used THESE before and they have done the job. Cheap enough to throw away after every gig and you can get them in different levels of db attenuation. Keep those ears safe!

u/boy1der1983 · 2 pointsr/UCSD

While this suggestion may not help sound proof your door, I suggest using ear plugs. I have been using the below linked earplugs for years. They don’t block out all sounds, but you won’t hear whispers from another room, or even a lot of outdoor noises, neighbors footsteps, etc. I use them when studying, sleeping, relaxing, etc.

There also good because you can keep a pair with you all the time so when your at Geisel or taking a test and some noise is just driving you crazy, you can block most of all
Of it out and focus. They are also good for concerts so you can hear the music and singing better without blowing out your ear drums.

They’re less than $10 shipped with prime.

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Work, Travel and Loud Events

u/NobblyNobody · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions


or alternatively I find sticking my earbuds in and starting an audiobook generally puts me to sleep regardless

u/Wlchwlngthtlsts · 2 pointsr/childfree

In the meantime: Mack's Ear Care Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair

Also, being able to listen to my tv on headphones as I walk around the house has been a game changer.

u/nauticalmile · 2 pointsr/guns

If you're like six feet to the side of an AR or something with a muzzle brake, the Impact Sports probably aren't going to cut it. If you're considerably more spaced out or using hunting rifles without any muzzle device (projecting more of the sound forwards,) they should probably do fine.

FWIW, I do keep one of these jars of earplugs in my range bag so I can double up whenever I deem it necessary.

u/rekcomeht · 2 pointsr/woodworking

to expand on this.

you'll want to buy a cheap powered router, a straight bit, a couple of clamps and HEARING and EYE PROTECTION.
i can't stress those last two enough.

once you've done that,

  1. you'll want to install a wide-ish straight bit into your router.

  2. mark off the area you want to route (make the marks on the waste side, where you're cutting away, or the other side, but be consistent).
  3. set the router so the bit won't cut, but you can see it in the flat shoe on the bottom. you want to line the edge of the bit to your line, then mark where the edge of the router is.
  4. you want to clamp your metal brackets to that line as a straight edge and guide.
  5. don your eye and ear protection. it's going to get loud.
  6. take a ruler or use the built in guides to set the bit to the depth you want (1/8")
  7. double check your clamps are tight and the edge guide is straight. measure both sides of it, don't eyeball.
  8. place the router on the work with the bit hanging off the edge. then turn it on while steadying it with your hands.
  9. cut along the guide and any remaining bits from the edge until you have a nice level area for your bracket.

    i recommend practicing on a bit of extra wood. get the idea down and then do it on your final piece.
u/cafeRacr · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Don't mess with your hearing. With your current setup, it will go fast. You may also end up with Tinnitus. In the least it can be annoying, at its worst, unbearable. Always wear earplugs. Don't fall for the gimmicky re-usable earplugs that can be extremely expensive. Just buy a jug of the squishy foam earplugs that are pennies each. This video has a good breakdown. If you want to listen to music, get a helmet speaker system. This one is plenty cheap, and works well. Phone calling also works great, both ways.

u/AHenWeigh · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Here, you'll need these:

u/crazyprsn · 2 pointsr/UpliftingNews

> fantasised about being deaf because sudden noises fuck with me so much

Try these, they're wonderful!

u/bandito5021 · 2 pointsr/doommetal

Any recommendations? I have general-use Mack’s earplugs, but I’m not sure if they’re adequate. These:

u/-grell · 2 pointsr/misophonia

These are what I use. They're comfortable enough for me to sleep in.

u/Theothernooner · 2 pointsr/DIY

Dead serious....not trying to be cute. Just make sure they're clean before leaving them in all night.

u/FinnianWhitefir · 2 pointsr/CPTSD

Don't know if it's noise, but I slept better after I tried some cheap earplugs. I expected them to be real annoying, but they work great. I use them every night now.

Sorry, I don't know what you should do. I do want you to stick around, and after my one good day in years, I'm hopeful that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for people like us.

I will relate that "but idk just don’t feel like I’m worth it?" is just a complete summary of all of our issues. This is what we learn, that we are worthless and don't deserve anything. But I bet you're actually a good person. You try to do the best for the world, right? You want other people to be happy? You think of the best ways to treat people? I bet that puts you way above most people in this world, karma-wise.

I realize that it's way hard to get past that kind of thinking, but sometimes it helps me to take on the mindset of "Okay, this thought is absolutely caused by my issues, I can't trust myself on this. Let me just ignore it, and try to figure out what I should do."

Just got back from my therapy. It's really hard in that I have zero clue why I felt so good last Tuesday. It's all mental, so theoretically I can just feel like that all the time? But I don't. EMDR seemed impactful this week, so hopefully I'm making progress and will get more up days. But it's been years of lows.

Thanks for talking still!

u/iamtehcrispy · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

New rider, too. ~400 miles so far.

Ear plugs:

I just had my first ride this morning with these:


    Previously used these:


    You can grab the little foam ones from the grocery store near the toothpaste for a couple dollars. But, after this first ride with the new ones, I love them. Much better. More comfortable. The sounds fidelity is still there, just lower intensity.

    Either way, I highly recommend them. They allow me to focus on other things than the rumbling in my ear. I think my ride is safer for wearing them.


    Good to know. I'm about to spring for one because the fog in the mornings is obnoxious. Thanks for the timely affirmation that it works.

u/sgtkd8888 · 2 pointsr/PlantBasedDiet

I have the same issue. This is the best thing ever:

u/drjkiel · 2 pointsr/Health

Getting earwax out is actually pretty easy. Rule #1 however, is never ever use q-tips. You'll just pound the wax in tighter.

Try debrox ear drops to soften the wax and also this ear washer system to rinse it out. The ear washer is very similar to what they use in the doctors office. You can also try sitting under the shower head and letting the water pound into your ear if you dont want to buy that ear washer system.

u/they_have_bagels · 2 pointsr/headphones

Get that. It's basically the same thing that my doctor uses. Clears out impacted ears and buildup like nobody's business.

u/Yogababe · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Yea, you shouldn't have to, but sometimes you just do. Every time I go to a doctor and they peek in my ear they tell me I have a lot of wax.

I clean the outside of my ear with a q-tip. The trick here is to not go any deeper with a q tip than your finger can get to. Absolutely no q tips in the actual ear canal, only on the outside cartilage area. I've found that q tips with a little bit of unscented lotion get any bits of wax or dirt off easier than my fingers do.

One time I did stick a q tip in my ear canal, and besides being really painful, it pushed so much wax backwards that my ear "clogged" and I had a hard time hearing. After about a week of being nearly deaf in one ear I went to an urgent care clinic and they rinsed me out. They used a product like this filled with a mixture of 50% warm water and 50% hydrogen peroxide. The doctor stuck the tube in my ear, squirted a bit in, and then had me lean over so everything could fall out. And EVERYTHING fell out. It was disgusting how much wax came out. But afterwards I felt like I had supersonic hearing in one ear.

Obviously I wanted the other ear to feel just as clean, so when I got home I filled a regular spray bottle with the same mixture and gave it a squirt in the other ear. It didn't work as well as the product linked above because the nozzle didn't get as deep, but the hydrogen peroxide fizzles a little and definitely cleaned it out. I feel like this method is safer overall because it still leaves wax in your ear to protect you, versus clearing everything out completely.

I swim a lot and sometimes ear wax traps water in my ear and it can lead to infections, so I now do this once or twice a year. I checked with my GP and she said its fine as long as I don't overdo it.

Your mileage may vary.

u/addledhands · 2 pointsr/TooAfraidToAsk

Although it's not painful for me, I have the same problem. About twice each year (and always after flying), the buildup fully blocks my ear and I can't really hear. I also find it intensely disorienting. Chances are, you have what is called an ear wax impaction.

I've found those droplets to be completely useless, but I'm terrible at remembering to use them before the blockage is too bad. If you go to the doctor, they will use one sort of device or another that pushes a stream of water into your ear, and the pressure shakes the blockage lose. I've had doctors use electronic ones, and also hand-powered ones.

I bought an Elephant Ear Washer a year or two ago, and it's a fucking life saver. I actually take this thing with my on plane trips, and it's also what I've had used at the doctor's office. I'm able to use it alone on myself, but it's much easier if you have a family member do this for you.

You can buy little plastic bulb things at pharmacies, but I've never had any luck with those -- they don't hold enough water and can't generate enough pressure.

u/LordDango · 2 pointsr/headphones

Clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide and warm water.

Usually 1/4 hydrogen peroxide and warm water will do.

I use this

It works very well.

I use to have a problem getting a good seal and my ears were annoying because it was full of earwax, which is why i never used iem.

But once I cleaned them, it felt good and i didn't feel anymore pressure from my ear anymore.

Good luck, let me know if you need any help

u/non_nahs · 2 pointsr/popping

I use this on patients at work and it's seriously amazing. I get such satisfaction from removing their cerumen.

u/vtransient · 2 pointsr/YouShouldKnow

I go temporarily deaf because of earwax pretty regularly, but not necessarily because of cotton swabs, I'm just a waxy person I guess. A quick dose of debrox and some work with one of these typically does the trick for me. The best treatment is an e.n.t. doc with one of those pressure washers though. It's a magical sensation after being deaf for a while.

u/VulturE · 2 pointsr/videos

Amazon is saying:

and a mix of 75% warm water and 25% vinegar

u/Social_Obligation512 · 2 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the Elephant Ear Washer yet...

At-home professional cleaning; it's the same method doctors will use for severe ear wax buildup.

u/i_always_give_karma · 2 pointsr/tifu

I have the same problem and my dr always used this weird thing to clean my ears, I asked if they were affordable for a regular person to buy

best 30 dollars you’ll ever spend

u/ocinn · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Get the Elephant Earwax removal kit.

It's $25 and works the best.

u/Icharius · 2 pointsr/headphones

This is the solution for you: Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System

Just be gentle, and don't abuse it. Follow instruction as you can seriously damage your hearing if not.

u/Ritzreddit77 · 2 pointsr/Advice
  1. Get Health Insurance. You don't want to deal with the flu without antibiotics. You don't want to deal with a car accident without health insurance. Get Health Insurance, the more the better.
  2. Learn how to cook for yourself. Invest in a rice cooker. Subscribe to America's Test Kitchen or buy the book
  3. "Buy" most or all your furniture from Facebook Marketplace.
  4. When you can afford something new check this site first, to know what to buy
  5. Shop at the SuperMarket Publix and sign up for membership/club discount card
  6. If you have trouble sleeping because of noise buy disposable earplugs
  7. Do not get a dog or a cat. Buy a Peace Lily Plant. NASA tested them and they are the best indoor plant for air cleaning
  8. Take your shoes off at the door like the Japanese and you'll have clean floors.
  9. Save your money.
  10. Get a side hustle like a YouTube Channel and or Podcast. You have a unique position in a small but growing field. Be an expert of that scene.
  11. Always wear a condom.


    If you think this advice helped, write **helped** in your reply.
u/Golden_Wolverine · 2 pointsr/Futurology

To be fair, I agree to the general context of your sateement, it'd be better if /u/lolApexseals dropped a supporting link so you, and everyone else can see why he has that conclusion.

To be fair, I have a point, when you counter with "No way!" to someone saying "Way!" all you are doing is continuing to dilute the discussion. The fact that the opening didn't have a supporting reference link by a trusted third party source does not make you saying "I think... blah blah {no supporting third party source of your counter}" a great contribution to the discussion.

Honestly, had you given any substantive reply with some "Here's an example of why I think this is all dreck and automation isn't as scary as everyone here claims [LINK]" you would have roasted the point and been far more credible, as nobody else contributed.

Now then, to make my point and take a stance, automation is taking jobs away. There's no question of that. The key question, as I frame this discussion, is are new jobs coming in? Especially as automation begins to deepen the cut it's making into white collar jobs.

Here's a PDF from the Brookings Institute, Published in 2015, that makes my case

...and now a quote from that PDF, on the top of page 7... that states the position well:

> In a number of fields, technology is substituting for labor, and this has dramatic consequences for middle class jobs
and incomes. Cornell University engineer Hod Lipson argues that “for a long time the common understanding was that technology was destroying jobs but also creating new and better ones. Now the evidence is that technology is destroying jobs and indeed creating new and better ones but also fewer ones.”

Now, this is just some guy who wrote something for the Brookings Institute, and you might still disagree and say "But it's not a FACT!"

Slight clue, there are no hard facts. There is compelling research, study, and trends analysis. A significant portion of it indicates that automation is indeed rendering jobs obsolete at an increasing pace. It also suggests that there's a real need for concern as it isn't creating new jobs at a matching pace, and evidence suggests that it won't.

Agree, disagree, whatever - just try to drop supporting knowledge when you do. Saying "I don't like this, I don't agree." isn't helping you any more than someone saying "I like it but can't show you any data as to why you should care."

You shouldn't. Nor should we. Absent useful data. Like the link to that PDF you won't read in full. Research suggests that there's a huge bias for people to ignore data that differs with their world view.

If you go that route I strongly suggest these earplugs.

u/AndIDrankAllTheBeer · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Etymotic as others have suggested. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, just get regular foam plugs from CVS or something. They're like $5 and come with 20 pairs.. or buy them in bulk 3M foam plugs

u/asmj · 2 pointsr/serbia

>čepove za uši

Nisu svi cepovi isti. Ne znam ima li ih tamo nabaviti, ali ovi su (bar meni) puno bolji nego ostali koje sam probao.

u/richardjreidii · 2 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NAH. 3M foam earplugs. 7 bucks for 50 at home depot. Google how to put them in properly and sleep soundly.


/edit. $20 for 200 pairs on amazon. 3m foam earplugs.

u/switch008 · 2 pointsr/AskUK
u/casuallylatedan · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Concert/musician earplugs maybe? e.g.

u/CTRL_ALT_DEL_ACCOUNT · 2 pointsr/bassnectar

That's amazing. I can't wait to get these now. Do you have these ones?

u/ToasterP · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Honestly I always use this brand of disposable.

They are really soft and squishy and well shaped.

I wear them professionally a ton for shows and they do the job great. Plus always having a fresh pair keeps them clean and available.

And that's really the key, the best plugs are the ones you keep in your ears.

Bonus I always have plenty to hand out.

u/housedengue · 2 pointsr/solotravel

> buy a pair of QUALITY ear plugs

I bought the ones below and they are SUPER comfortable and block out almost all sound. I used to wear those orange ones or the blue plastic ones, but they killed my ears after 30min.

u/nyc_food · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

Howard Leight Laser Lite is your 32db reduction jam.

i prefer the yellow/pink so i can find em in bed when they fall out easier, but they do come in caucasian, if you want to wear them out in public for any reason.

u/msf1t- · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Check out the Howard Leight Laser Lite: link. Wife says she used to cut the tip off hers to be more comfortable.

u/raygundan · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

> Ear plugs suck when you sleep on your side

Some of them do, for sure. My guess is that what works is different for everybody, but I do fine with this type when I sleep on my side. They seem softer somehow than all the other types I've tried, which get pushed on when you're on your side... but I don't even notice these. They also probably come in boxes smaller than 200 pairs.

No guarantees, but at least it's one more thing to try. Noisy neighbors are no fun, especially if you (or they) have to sleep on a weird schedule.

u/lilylemony · 2 pointsr/jobs

You're lucky you have a cube! I had a piece of desk in the open concept office I recently worked in. I brought heavy-duty earplugs with me which seemed to help a lot, but it was still hellacious. I recommend these

Reconsider working from home if you can. That might be your best bet. Do half and half, so it's not quite so awful.

Good luck.

u/Insanely_Mclean · 2 pointsr/Skookum
u/iamheero · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I use these, Howard Leight LL1, 32 NRR. I replace them after a full day, I can't imagine using them for a week. I also use them for shooting in indoor ranges (I double up with over-ear pro there) and they're really effective.

Disposable ear plugs aren't meant to be re-used, that's why they're so cheap, they lose their elasticity and don't conform to your ear as well after the first couple uses and become much less effective, even if you think you can't tell a difference.

u/stankovic32 · 2 pointsr/CalamariRaceTeam

Here are the ones I use.

Also, check this out man. Tight areas of the muscles around the neck can cause tinnitus, earache, migraines, painful jaw, etc. Consider getting these treated. Relief is immediate. I'm getting it done very soon. Let me know if you want some links with info, and I can find a place for you too!

Insurance covers it as physcial therapy.

u/forgetcolor · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Loud is an understatement. It's like standing next to a jet. I tried one out using both earplugs (these with an NPR of 32) and then, in addition to those, hearing protection earmuffs (these, with a NRR of 30). Even with all of this hearing protection I found the unit to be very loud. Afterward I needed to rest my ears, not listen to records.

From reviews, I know many of the RCMs are loud. I doubt they're this loud, but, as you'll read here, some people don't find them to be as bad as I did. But if you're concerned about noise, this isn't the unit to get.

I'm hoping the Pro-ject might be quieter. I'd really prefer to have an all-in-one unit. Otherwise I'll probably get the KAB EV-1 which I can use with my quiet Miele home vac.

u/daytwi · 2 pointsr/Nightshift

I really like these:

I buy the huge box of 200 every three years or so because I sleep with earplugs every night (and did before I started night audit) and buying them at the drug store or grocery store was really adding up. I reuse them for up to a few weeks, and when they get less effective or dirty I toss them. I'd prefer to not be making the waste but I haven't found longer term use ones that work nearly as well for me.

Also, get a white noise machine (nice because you can adjust the volume and pitch to help drown out different noises) or run a fan in your room. White noise makes a HUGE difference for me being able to stay asleep once I'm out.

u/Happy_or_Hangry · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Also, these earplugs work wonders and come individually wrapped. Blocking out any noises can help a ton. I also use a mask these days (such a diva).

Howard Leight by Honeywell Laser Lite High Visibility Disposable Foam Earplugs, 200-Pairs (LL-1)

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Super Smooth Eye Mask (One Strap)

u/rabidfurby · 2 pointsr/SeattleWA

Earplugs and cursing.

u/Cjymiller · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Just get a pack of some howard leight foam ear plugs off amazon. They're great for at least 3 days of riding and they are soft enough to not irritate the inside of my ears.

u/treoni · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

It's the wind that'll do you in. No matter what helmet brand or type you wear, your ears are gonna suffer from the wind.

You can buy different types of earplugs. But the two real stars are either Howard Leight earplugs or musician earplugs. They don't "plug" your ears like the first pair do but instead feel like you just turned the real world's volume knob down, because musicians need to hear perfectly what they are playing. I'd try out Ear Peace or LiveMusic HearSafe :)

u/Cind3rellaMan · 2 pointsr/misophonia

Howard Leight are definitely the best I know, these ones:

u/Vr0oM · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

My personal favorite: Howard Leight "Laser Lite" foam plugs. I get them in a box of 200 from Amazon. They're ridiculously comfortable (for my ears, at least), and do a great job blocking out wind noise without muffling the engine/road noises much.

u/DantesDame · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Personally I'm a huge fan of the Howard Leight brand. I've tried many types/brands over the years and these are by far the most comfortable and best working.

u/mushlsd · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

I have a housemate who likes to play Fortnite until late night, so it can get pretty loud. I bought these earplugs which have worked wonders. They take some getting used to when sleeping, but once they're in, I can barely hear my housemate anymore.

I use them almost every day and only replace each pair every 2-3 weeks, which means I have a good supply for a few years.

u/Nattie636 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I've been telling mine for months that he snores. I went through like 10 brands of ear plugs before I found some that mostly work ( if you're interested). Two weekends ago I went as a plus 1 to a wedding with my best friend so hubby went to some friends for a night of drinking and stayed the night. His friend woke him up in the morning saying he snores like a chainsaw lol. Apparently, he needed an outside perspective because he spent the last 2 weeks researching snoring and has settled on trying something called VitalSleep. Hasn't arrived yet, so can't personally speak to it, but when the news was in his face he had to face it.

I also agree that our sleep is a priority, so if he snores too much and the ear plugs aren't working he gets kicked out and goes to the spare room

u/sambravers · 2 pointsr/headphones

With the $50 range (consolidating conversation to one thread), you're likely limiting yourself (in terms of quality headphones) to IEMs or earbuds, which, given your distaste for IEMs, would likely point you to earbuds.

However, if you were willing to look into a hydrogen peroxide-based ear-cleaning system (can be had for relatively cheap), that may resolve your issue with IEMs and earwax. This is something like what I was referring to.

u/suddenlysnakes · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

if you have a plastic syringe available (a fluid one, not a needle obviously) you can gently shoot some warm water in your ear in a rotating method to see if it's just wax buildup. I actually use this method to clean my ears regularly, since I had to do this to dislodge a huge ball of wax. It was so bad I couldn't hear properly. I had a syringe for giving babies medicine sitting in a drawer and I used that in a pinch. After that ordeal, caused by cleaning w/ qtips, I made the switch. I've been using this syringe for months, 10/10

u/TsuKiyoMe · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

As someone who regularly has had this happen to them due to having irregular shaped ear canals, invest in an ear syringe

Costs $5 and will save you from ever having to go through this again. Best purchase I've made all year.

u/richardsonj17 · 2 pointsr/sheffield

Had the same issue, went to walk in centre and they couldn't see my drum it was so blocked up. Used Ortex drops from Wilko/Co-op, the active stuff with urea seemed to work better. In addition to that I got one of these which after about 30 minutes of syringing released some massive black blobs of wax - not for the feint hearted.

u/friedbunnies · 2 pointsr/aspergirls

These might help: HEAROS High Fidelity Musician Ear Plugs Ultimate In Comfortable And Hearing Protection Professional Musicians Earplugs Noise Cancelling Earplugs For Concerts Motorcyclists Loud Events (1 Pair)

u/hundreds_of_sparrows · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

There are some really great earplugs like these that are cheap, comfortable, not visibly noticeable and most importantly cut frequencies ~evenly so everything still sounds the same, just quieter. I wear mine at shows, bars and even when playing music. Can’t recommend them enough.

u/OtterSparkles · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest
Those! I found mine at guitar center, they were $15ish :)

u/zck · 2 pointsr/weirdal

Agreed -- hearing protection is very important. I have a pair of earplugs that I wear at concerts -- if you get ones made for music, they do a good job and letting you hear the music pretty much as intended, but at a lower volume.

I know that some kids don't like wearing earplugs, so earmuffs are also an option. They're also harder to lose, because you'll notice if your kid pulls them off.

u/Vladimir_Pooptin · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

These are a good entry pair, there are more expensive ones that you can get if you decide it's worth the money

u/afancysandwich · 2 pointsr/Metal

> But I want to give a shout out to Big Business. I've been enjoying their songs, but they were even more impressive live. Just tons of energy and talent. They played a headliner quality set. That said, it's tough to open for Sleep. It's hard to resist comparing the openers to the headliners, but that would be really unfair in this case.

I loooooove Big Business and I saw them on their solo tour before they joined Sleep (I wish they got to open for Sleep here) and I'm really loving the new album. It's a grower like all their albums but it's weird how it's so accessible.

Get some Hearos plugs btw. I can't find the exact ones I have but I'm ordering these. I only use foam plugs under duress (like when I dropped my Hearos plugs at the Sleep show).

u/mshabooboo · 2 pointsr/PowerMetal

To piggyback off of this - I'd highly recommend the HearO High Fidelity brand:

It's basically what Chris recommends with some extras. $14, comes with a case, and these have a filter in them that cuts high highs and low lows. I use them on-stage when singing, and I used to use them at concerts before I got custom molded plugs.

u/opossum_minister · 2 pointsr/Bass

I generally keep two types of earplugs with me. The standard, cheap foam disposables for "loud rehearsal", and a set of these for wearing on stage. There is NO EXCUSE for not wearing earplugs. If you need to shout to get heard above a drummer or guitar while rehearsing, you should be wearing earplugs.

u/grid101 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Not so much for white noise, but I bought these for concerts and motorcycle riding and loved them:

My partner then upgraded me to these, and I love them as well, but TBH I don't see how they are better than the $10 ones I bought myself first:

I've since given her my Hearos to use at concerts. If I were you I think the Hearos would do you just fine; I haven't looked at the specs of either, like I said, they both appear to work pretty much the same.

Hope this helps.

u/tony710 · 2 pointsr/Guitar

My wife got these for when we go to concerts. She says they work really well and they are pretty cheap.

u/tessalasset · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Get these instead for $10 cheaper, OP. Been using this style of earplug for about 13 years now and never going back.

u/FreestyleLemons · 2 pointsr/drums

I own some Hearos High Fidelity plugs, they are legit. You can clean them, they come with a case & they're relatively cheap considering they will last you nearly forever.
The design is great because it allows clearer sounds than normal foam plugs. I highly recommend them
Here's an Amazon link but you can find em at GC & such.

u/robot_guru · 2 pointsr/MAguns

As a lot of others I also use the Howard Leight muffs, and for plugs would highly recommend the Howard Leight Max plugs. I've used both the corded and uncorded and they are the best earplugs I've found in terms of sound reduction. Whenever I can I wear the plugs and then on top the muffs turned up to near full blast. You get even more protection and can hear everything pretty much normally. Especially great for action shooting, keeps the buzzer nice and loud.

u/bogglingsnog · 2 pointsr/misophonia

I use these Howard Leight NR33 earplugs

I always bring 10-20 pairs with me on airplanes now so that I can hand them out to people if there are screaming babies on board!

u/chahahc · 2 pointsr/Skookum

I actually find the Howard Leight MAX earplugs to be slightly superior to the Laser Lite earplugs. They also have a slightly higher protection rating of NRR 33 vs NRR 32.

u/oO0-__-0Oo · 2 pointsr/guns

Keep in mind that NRR means "Noise reduction rating" not decibel reduction.

With those Howard Leight muffs, best case scenario is about 8 dB reduction; more likely is about 5.

Currently the best consumer hearing protection outside of a full helmet (to prevent bone conduction) is:

paired with

if you slightly moisten the earplugs with clean water, the will fit much better, deeper, and have more NRR

u/blairtruck · 2 pointsr/Edmonton

I need earplugs occasionally at Work. I sleep in hotels Plenty and i Use earplugs at home when sleeping. These are better than the ones you have shown a pic for. I have used both often.

$42 for the 200 pair box, I have it sitting by my bed and can get a week out of pair before they get to soft for my liking.

u/realslacker · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

These are the ones I use. They work pretty well if you put them in right, and I can still hear road noises and even my passenger but they block a lot of the wind and muffler sounds.

u/BubblegumPennies · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals
u/ddog510 · 2 pointsr/books

I'm going to play devil's advocate and say to buy some earplugs. I use them all the time and they are actually pretty effective and not uncomfortable if worn for relatively short periods of time (<12 hours). Check out something like these and see if they work for you. Also, be sure to watch this youtube video for maximum effectiveness and comfort. What do you have to lose?

u/vawksel · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

These two things combined:

  1. Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner
  2. Hearos Xtreme Protection

    Put the noise-maker near you, and pop in the super-soft amazing ear plugs.
u/JacquesAZulu · 2 pointsr/aves
u/thixotrofic · 2 pointsr/anime

Oh! Me! I used earplugs, every night, all throughout college. I have only ever used these, they did the job just fine. I think on half the days, maybe less, maybe more, I would wake up and one of them had fallen out, but I mostly used them for getting to sleep and out of habit, so that wasn't that big of a deal.

I think these are quite a good brand. If you are already using a type of earplug similar to this, here's how I would put them in. You might be doing it wrong? The technique that worked for me was to roll one in my hand, like I'm rolling dough into a string. This would compress it evenly. Then, I would put i in my ear and give it a quarter turn as I inserted it, as if it were a kind of screw. It then expands from my having rolled it within my ear.

u/avo_cado · 2 pointsr/PennStateUniversity

Get some of these bad boys

u/dissaver · 2 pointsr/guns

depends on what your needs are.

I use plugs and muffs at the same time.

I typically use the combination of these two because they seem to be the highest level of protection available, are comfortable, and cheap:

u/Gravitational_Bong · 2 pointsr/misophonia

I use these right now. They're surely not the best, but they're the right balance of function and price for me.

I just keep a pack in my backpack at all times. I can usually get 2 or 3 uses out of a pair before they get gross, and... I'm telling you, dude, dudette, whatever, when that noise dulls it's like heaven. It's a bit hard to hear the teacher, sure, but you will still rejoice, and you will hopefully perform better. If you need to, explain to the teacher in private (I have done this and it has always gone well enough), and if there's ever an issue your school's disability services (suck it up) will help you.

The earplug thing is easy to play off as "just helps me concentrate" or something similar when people ask (and yes, they ask sometimes). I have told some people at school about having trouble with classrooms and noise, but I am in a very small department. I don't recommend telling people unless you truly trust them. When they ask, you could tell them the truth as I have with, again, a select few: "I'm not able to ignore sniffling and other bodily noises, so I have to wear these earplugs because you are all gross." If you couldn't say that with a smile to the person, I wouldn't recommend saying much of anything.

Best of luck.

u/dark_roast · 2 pointsr/Metal

I have excess wax issues, and have to clean my earplugs (ER-20s are what I'm using at the moment) frequently, but in almost 20 years of wearing musician's earplugs I haven't had any significant issues with buildup caused by the earplugs themselves. I use one of these to help with wax removal, and it works pretty well. I've also used hydrogen peroxide and some other methods to deal with hardened wax on rare occasions. It sounds like your issues are more severe, but try not to let wax issues keep you from wearing hearing protection - cilia don't grow back.

You'll want to keep your ear canals clean, obviously. And try not to shove the earplugs too deep into your ear. I do this sometimes when I'm gigging and the drummer's really wailing on the cymbals, but it can result in the earplug picking up wax from the canal, and in your case could cause impaction. You might also look at MusicSafe plugs - they're double flange musician's plugs, and might not go as deep into the ear canal as the typical triple flange musician's plugs.

u/err0r_404 · 2 pointsr/electronicmusic

These Earplugs are awesome. They also have a "pro" version with one additional filter.

u/PuxinF · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I've seen it recommended that you look for musicians' earplugs, like these. I ordered these on clearance (in Canada), but haven't received them yet.

u/gold_shoulder · 2 pointsr/infj

These have been a lifesaver for me as I have heightened sensitivity to loud sounds and also recently became more conscious about protecting my hearing. I use them in both concert and everyday settings and in addition to protecting my hearing during intensely loud performances, they also help me tune out loud, distracting noises when I'm trying to focus in everyday settings, which was an unexpected, but welcome benefit.

Just a thought for making it through large festivals as high fidelity earplugs allow you to hear what others are saying more clearly as well, which can cut down some of the frustrations of interactions in that setting (like having to shout-repeat yourself 3 or 4 times to someone). This is because they attenuate sound evenly across the frequency spectrum, which results in an effect like turning the volume down, without losing any of the quality of the music—it's incredible. In any case, I hope you enjoy the festival and have the opportunity to see some wonderful live sets!

u/Joe_Nismo · 2 pointsr/singing

I use Alpine musicians ear plugs with changeable filters for on stage or as an audience member. Comes with a little case too. They have been ear savers for loud metal concerts and as a musician who plays next to drummers in small venues. I've also used them as a drummer and at an indoor shooting range. The shooting range was pushing it for these plugs, but they weren't advertised as indoor shooting protection. I keep them on my key chain so I always have them. Good for being around turbine engines. Yes, I use them everywhere.

Edit after reading other comments: I can hear myself better on stage with these. If my band could afford in ear systems, that would be better. I've sang with them and played many instruments with them. If I have trouble, I just loosen them up a little. They are small and barely noticeable when wearing them. People ask me when they see me putting them in and they end up ordering them too. I don't understand how people perform or go to concerts without them. Who wants a ringing in your ears every night?

u/pokeba11 · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

I've never worn ear plugs, and I've been to ~ 150 shows over the last 10 years or so, so take this with a grain of salt... When you're close to the stage, you'll be closer to the speakers and more susceptible to hearing damage. If you're in the back of the venue, it's still loud, but not as big of a deal. I read an article once (can't find it presently) that stated a live concert of 4 hours of loud music can take something ridiculous like 6 months off your hearing or something. But clearly I've never listened.

A few years ago I saw Deaf Heaven in a really small venue and literally had ringing in my ears for a solid week. That was the point where I knew I had done some pretty severe damage. So now I either stand far away from the speakers, or if I know it's a small venue and want to be close, I wear some musicians earplugs, so the noise isn't distorted, just quieter. Something like these would do the trick if you're worried about it:

Also wanted to chime in about moshing - don't worry about it! Have fun, and if it gets too rowdy, just push your way to the side of the crowd or back a few people away from the pit area. Not a huge deal at all. Watch out for crowd surfers! I've gotten kicked in the head a few good times from simply not being aware that they were coming. It sucks, but it's a part of the experience.

I'm actually going to this show tomorrow night, and i'm super stoked! I hope you have an awesome time!

u/odce1206 · 2 pointsr/Metal

I love the Alpine plugs

u/HiveFleet-Cerberus · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Wear ear plugs. I recommend the Eargasm ones. They're great at blocking out wind noise and manage overall sound quite nicely so you can still hear your music and traffic noise. Waaaaaay better than foamies.

u/givememorebass · 2 pointsr/bassnectar

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

Bought these before center and they absolutely saved my life for good stayed in and everything sounded so good still!

u/ImaginaryCheetah · 2 pointsr/hometheater

these are the ones i got.

they do their job very well, but i find the silicon fins to be a little stiff after extended wear.

i should mention i'm a fire tech, so i sometimes wear these for 8 hours at a time during extensive testing.

there's others with better ratings, but back when i got these there were fewer choices and i was unsure if they would really be any different than regular baffled earplugs, so i went for a cheap set.

i should probably upgrade :)

u/Usefulidiot84 · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

I've used these for years and I've never left a concert with ringing ears. These lower the volume without muting all the sounds like traditional foam ear plugs. For a child you my want to go foam earplugs or over the ear ones.

Edit: just saw he was 19 so yeah I really recommend these for both of y’all. There clear discreet and still allow you to enjoy the music without the side affects

u/clcaeri · 2 pointsr/bangtan

I use the Eargasm High Fidelity Concert Earplugs. I’ve worn them through three Love Yourself concerts (two GAs, right by main stage near the speakers) last year and various rock, hip-hop, EDM, and pop concerts.

u/sexysaxmasta · 2 pointsr/tinnitus

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

u/JuicedInIt · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Would these type of plugs be good for a regular concert attendee?

u/BaBaBrandon · 2 pointsr/Kanye

I bought [these] ( and they stayed in even during moshing with Pusha T!

u/p1-o2 · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

I own both the Etymotic plugs and these ones from Eargasm

They both work well but the Eargasm ones are way more comfortable and go on my keychain.

u/indigoissues · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Amazon carries Eargasm brand earplugs for $35. I use these for work (since I teach rock music for six hours a day lol) and these are consistently comfortable to wear and easy to clean. They also come with a little metal case to help keep them clean and safe while not in your eyes. Maybe these could help?

[](Amazon link)

u/dispatchingdreams · 2 pointsr/MotoUK
u/nitdkim · 2 pointsr/aves

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs...

I'm sure there are better ones out there but these get the job done and they come in a keychain container which is awesome. you will have these with you at all times and won't ever forget them.

u/CaptainSwoon · 2 pointsr/Unexpected

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs - High Fidelity Hearing Protection for Music Festivals, DJs & Musicians (Standard, Black Case)


Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs, Blue Tip with Clear Stem, 1 Pair Standard Fit

u/manycactus · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

Personally, I'm an Earpeace HD fan. I use the standard filter. They're comfortable and have good sound quality. In any case, wear your damn ear plugs.

u/burritocmdr · 2 pointsr/tinnitus

I have two forms of tinnitus from Meniere’s Disease (MD), a moderate high pitched constant T and a lower pitched roaring T that is reactive to sound. I’ve had this going on two years now. My hearing test results have come back perfect each time. I have no trouble with my hearing, but sometimes the T is distracting during conversation.

At onset, I had anxiety too. I worried that my MD condition would worsen and T would become unbearable. And over the past couple years it did worsen in stages, each time I’d have to adjust to it. Each time it worsened, my brain just sort of adjusted to it after some time passed. I think it helps to mask it with some ambient sound at night while I’m going to sleep. My MD condition has stabilized the past several months now and so has the T, so I’m grateful for that.

My point is, I think you just need to give it some time to adjust to it. It may go away on its own, or not. Just protect your ears from now on. Keep some good ear plugs on your keychain so you’ll always have them, like these, for example.

u/atavus68 · 2 pointsr/tinnitus

Ear Peace earplugs. They're small, clear, and significantly reduce the decibels of sound without muffling it, and have replaceable filters to adjust the sound dampening. Plus they come with a carrying case you can clip onto a keychain.

I've been using them for a couple years now and am very satisfied.

u/Casspiwitda3 · 2 pointsr/paradisofestival

Mentioned this in a different thread but can't find a way to embed:

I've had those Etymotic plus and I'm personally not a fan mostly due to lack of comfort and it not fitting my ears well and falling out. My go to is Earpeace. They have free shipping on amazon and on their website. Super comfortable with a great carrying case and they come with 3 earplugs because no doubt you'll lose 1 at some point. They have a great replacement earplug program where you can replenish as often as you need for just $9. Can't recommend them enough - plus the founder/director personally responds to all emails.

u/fuckboyadvance · 2 pointsr/tinnitus

I have a set of custom ones with -15 and -25 db filters that I use depending on the situation. If you can afford them (~$150-200) I really recommend getting a set made.

For non-custom earplugs I am a big fan of these:

u/libre_office_warlock · 2 pointsr/aspergirls

So I've seen my favorite band live 6 times. The number one thing is earplugs(!), and it helps to invest in a good-quality pair like these.

The hard part is definitely deciding what you can carry. If there isn't seating, bags and even jackets are a massive pain, and the best you can do is deep, strategic pockets and maybe a money clip rather than your whole wallet.

I've also had some sunglasses that were supposed to be an accessory for the concert outfit but ended up being potentially useful for strobes 😂. Aside from all that, drink enough water, don't try to take pictures (you'll end up focused on that instead of just taking things in and really enjoying em...believe me; I ruined my last two this way), and be cautious if you can and want to go close to the stage, because there is NO respect for personal space there.

Most importantly, don't worry too much, and focus on the music!

u/jmart762 · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

I started to take my ears' health more seriously last year after starting to really get uncomfortable at certain shows. I've only tried two types, and have my preference so far, but everyone's ears are different, and different brands are more comfortable than others for certain people. I suggest trying them out when you first get them and wear them a few times and see if they are comfortable. Exercise or jump around and see if they fit right and won't fall out. If they do, return them and try a different brand.

Personally, I really preferred EarPeace over High Fidelity The HF ones came with a spare, but I've lost two of the three in one weekend, without much dancing or headbanging. They came out of MY ears ton, every time someone put their arm around me, or I got bumped. My girlfriend on the otherhand, has liked them, and hasn't had the same level of issues. For me the EarPeace were great. I had them in, and they didn't fall out once in a whole night. I actually had them in for an hour after the show without realizing it, because they were so comfy and unobtrusive.

u/sleeepy_ · 2 pointsr/aves

Just used some for a rave I went to recently and it was the best decision I made the whole night. These were the ones I used. I like that they come with a little canister to put them away when I needed to.

u/prdors · 2 pointsr/Beatmatch

Came here to say this. They come in a nice keychain too so even when I go out I know I'll have a pair.

u/FramingA · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

Real quick I just want to recommend these earplugs as well.

The ones I linked work better with bigger ears and the ones the other guy linked work better for smaller ears for most people. Hope this helps for your future concerts!

u/ahoytherrrmatey · 2 pointsr/orangetheory

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Clear Ear Plugs, Black Case)

u/ContinentalRektfast · 2 pointsr/hiphopheads
u/elev8dity · 2 pointsr/audioengineering

So I have custom molds and frankly I always end up using my cheap downbeats because the custom molds are less comfortable. The downbeats sit deep in your ear and usually aren't too noticeable and come with a small pill case that can attach to your keys or belt loop so you can put them away and take them out easily... which is handy when you are at festivals and go from different stage areas to more quiet areas.

Edit: Downbeats, not eargasms.

u/Crazy-Crocodile · 2 pointsr/askwomenadvice

You have special ear plugs just like the ones used by people operating heavy/noisy machinery, except these are specially designed for concerts/raves they reduce the sound in such a way that you can still fully appreciate and experience the music and even talk/yell to people but the sound doesn't damage your hearing. Something like this:

u/JessicaSarahS · 2 pointsr/Muse

Might be too loud for your ears? Try some earbuds next time. You'll be able to hear everything:

u/adventuregiraffe · 2 pointsr/aves

As everyone else said: earplugs. Downbeats are absolutely amazing for shows and highly recommended -

I have mild tinnitus. I've been going to different genres of shows frequently for over ten years now. I find that live instrument shows tend to make my ears ring more than DJ sets. I've definitely been trying to get better at wearing ear plugs every time now.

u/Skankdinavian · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

I use these and they're perfect for me.

Comfortable for a long concert but I can still hear and such. You may want something heavier duty, but these are so good. The case helps as well.

u/harambes_naggernavy · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

I used these ones and they worked well for me. No ear ringing after the show.

u/Madroxx9000 · 2 pointsr/aves

I have DownBeats, and I love them!!

u/caelaorn · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Haven't tried those specifically, but I use something similar:

Before these I just used regular silicone earplugs. Between the two I like these a lot more. Sure it's less overall db reduction, but it's much easier to hear audio from my bt headset.

u/blackbeltnerd · 2 pointsr/Music

i use these! they don't distort the music at all but definitely lower the volume. i go to a ton of edm festivals and shows as well and they've been great. plus they come on a keychain so you'll never forget them!

u/Malorajan · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

They could be but are more likely for the show. You don't want to damage your ears and risk hearing loss. Especially if you're someone who likes to get to the front on the stage. You can buy a pair like these which will allow you to still hear the music, just at a lower level so it won't damage your hearing or leave you with ringing ears.

u/murdochh · 2 pointsr/Kanye

Downbeats are what I used last night n my ears felt fine. Definitely a must if you're gonna be on the floor

u/jmedlin · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Earplugs. I bought a pair of DownBeats and they sounded great. They are a must if you want to get up close and personal with the Basscon stage.

u/SimplyPsychedelic · 2 pointsr/paradisofestival

The Gorge winds at night (and day 1 last year) can be crazy chilly! I think last year it got down into the low 40's at night, but when its been 90+ degrees all day 40 can seem like FREEZING! Make sure to get a locker to store your jacket/onsie in! (Bringing extra clothes into the venue is probably my #2 for most important things!) To go along with bringing extra clothes you want to make sure to get a fire blanket to put on top of your tent. It keeps out the hot and cold! Make sure to pay for really cold nights and hot as fuck days!

1 is get a water backpack it will save your life!

I also recommend ear plugs! You can get them pretty cheap on amazon. I got these last year and they were great!

This year I found these... it came with 2 pairs.

If you have a Facebook there is a Paradiso tips and tricks page you should check out!

u/ryanbimmer · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Along these lines, bring hearing protection! Highly recommend DownBeats! I don't go to shows without them anymore

u/skullgrid · 2 pointsr/audioengineering

These are a decent pair but didn't fit my ears very well. A similar quality brand with a different fit are Downbeats. I like these but find that they aren't quite enough for some excessively loud concert environments.

u/Schmetterlingus · 2 pointsr/indieheads

I've used these ones for the last couple of years. Easy to take apart and clean, comes in a nice metal case. I haven't had any issues with them and I usually can hear shows really well after putting them in. Can even carry on a conversation if I have them in if needed.

I'm sure there's others that do just as well too, I think Etymotic has some on Amazon that are similar.

u/akaganyaku · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I second [downbeats] ( , but I've lost 2 pairs from raging too hard. They do a great job of not distorting the sound as opposed to regular ear plugs!

u/Ultimor · 2 pointsr/indieheads

Like anything, different plugs are recommended for different decibel limits. For example, if you buy a pair of ear plugs to wear at concerts, you would not want to wear those same plugs to the gun range.

That being said, I'd recommend these for concerts. Those will effectively 'lower' the sound without dampening or muffling it.

Hope that helps!

u/fossett_work · 2 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I agree that it's best to get moulded plugins by a specialist.

If you don't wish to jump that far into things yet, Earasers have worked well for me. They are low profile and fit really well, but don't muddle up the sound like Hearos do.

u/Carlos-Lopez · 2 pointsr/hearing

Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs, Blue Tip with Clear Stem, 1 Pair Standard Fit

Earasers Musicians Plugs Medium

u/angrydroid · 2 pointsr/tinnitus

You obviously dodged a bullet here. Ditch her and get some of these.

u/DabzonDabzonDabz · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I use earasers. They fit like customs, but only cost $40. I've used etymotic technology and others in the past, and I think these have the most clarity. I've used them at concerts and in performance settings (professional musician ~15 years). Also, I feel like these are the least noticeable in your ears. Mine came with a metal case.

EDIT: No matter which you decide on, WEAR EAR PLUGS. Save your ability to enjoy the music you love for the rest of your life.

u/agus700 · 2 pointsr/uruguay

Yo estudio Diseño de sonido y los uso siempre que salgo a cualquier fiesta y toque, vitales!!!

Te recomiendo los Earasers, en mi opinion son los que suenan mejor si queres cuidarte y disfrutar la musica lo mas que puedas.
Los Dub tambien estan buenos pero te atenuan bastate mas los agudos.

Yo los compre por Amazon y los traje por MiamiBox, el envio sale poco generalmente porque tienen muy poco peso.

u/monstaface · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Ive tried a couple different kinds of ear plugs, looking for something that wouldnt muffle the sound, just shrink the spectrum. So far I've been happy with Earasers


u/MadDogTannen · 2 pointsr/audioengineering

Based on the responses in this thread, I'm really interested in the Etymotic ones that everyone is recommending. I've never tried them, but it sounds like they're pretty popular, and for good reason.

Personally, I got a pair of Earasers, and I love them. These lower the volume enough for me to spend all night at a show without any ringing in my ears when I go to bed. They preserve enough fidelity that I can have conversations and still enjoy the music. And best of all, they're practically invisible. Most people can't even tell I'm wearing them.

u/JewishPaladin · 2 pointsr/TheeOhSees

I bought a pair of earasers for $40 right before seeing them at Sound on Sound last year and they've saved my ear drums a hell of a lot.

They attenuate sound relatively equally across the audible frequency spectrum, so it's like turning down a volume knob. Of course they're not perfect, and it'll get a bit bass heavier, but it's way better than foam plugs that muffle the hell out of everything, or having tinnitus.

u/Silivin · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

Check out Earasers they're $40 and easily one of my favorite music-related purchases. You can also get them 2-day shipped for free if you have Amazon Prime so that helps.

u/x1009 · 2 pointsr/EDM

I use earasers I've taken them to numerous festivals and they've always treated me well.

u/Boom_frontpage · 2 pointsr/UMF

Etymotic Research ER20-SMC ER20 ETY-Plugs Standard Fit Hearing Protection Earplugs - Clear Stem with Blue Tip

Get these. I've had them for the past 2 festivals I've been to. They're amazing.

u/DatKaz · 2 pointsr/popheads

I will be a proponent of Etymotic ER-20s until the end of time, can't recommend good earplugs enough.

u/K0pp3r · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

ear plugs

These are what I have. I use these the most. They do a great job in places like the Machine Shop

u/aluvus · 2 pointsr/videos

A penny cheaper, sold by Etymotic themselves, with drop-downs for the different versions, and fulfilled by Amazon:

u/HunterOfLemons · 2 pointsr/uwaterloo

I'm sorry to hear about your housemate issue. I'm going through the same thing and stupidly signed a year lease before meeting any of them.

I bought these a few months ago and they're the best ear plugs I've ever tried. They block out a lot of noise (minus maybe someone stomping around right outside your bedroom door) and muffle anything that isn't completely blocked out. They're really comfortable too. My only complaint is that the plastic things that the earplugs are attached to stick out, so you pretty much have to sleep on your back.

u/cottoncandypanda · 2 pointsr/Tuba

Smart to do it before tinnitus unlike me. These ones will lower the volume without distorting the sound like the cheap ones do. They are really good.

u/Bladeisspooky · 2 pointsr/Emo

Yes, yes, yes. I would highly suggest buying these to everyone:

Highly comfortable, crystal clear hearing even when very loud. (Wore em to a couple heavy shows as well) the only drawbacks are if you sing, you hear yourself x100 and if you get hit in the ear wearing these, you're fucked.

u/butth0le · 2 pointsr/indieheads

i went to see tdcc last night and was one of the few in the front wearing earplugs (rip everyone else's ears). the people who were wearing them wore the foam ones provided by the venue which do muffle the sounds. the ones that i have don't do that, and i can hear the sounds and music clearly. they're pricey for just earplugs, but really, in the long run if you attend concerts frequently, you're doing your ears a huuuuuge favor. these are the ones i have!

u/Asdar · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I recommend these. I went to a heavy metal concert last weekend and those were excellent. They reduce volume without muddling the sound. They also don't seem to have the problem where you can hear yourself breathe. I was about 20 feet away from a stack of amps the size of small refrigerators, and my hearing is still intact. It's nice to listen to excessively loud music and still be able to hear afterwards.

They're a bit expensive, but they're washable and reusable. The standard foam ones will work, but they will muddle the sound.

Whatever you do, make sure you have some kind of hearing protection. You WILL permanently damage your hearing without it. Earpods won't cut it.

u/Remem0 · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

This is very true, but don't use regular ear plugs, use something like these instead:

My tinnitus is so bad that concerts actually hurt now, so I won't attend one without these. The best thing about them, at least for me, is that they allow me to hear the vocals much better.

u/Natural_Febreze · 2 pointsr/CarAV

I've only had experience with these

Nothing is going to by as accurate as your own ears of course, but these are much less muffled sounding so you can understand speech better.

u/The_Larchh · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I use these LiveMus!c earplugs. Works great and very comfortable.

u/Acedu90 · 2 pointsr/Metalcore
u/TangibleSounds · 2 pointsr/punk

My entire concert going friend group endorses these plugs. They preserve the music quality very well (worn from punk, to metal, to techno-right-by-subwoofer moments) and come with two sets of plugs of different loudness reduction. The music quality thing is no joke, it's really had to make cheap, good earplugs because humans interpret the same frequency at different volumes as different loudnesses.

u/apxeon · 2 pointsr/bifl

/u/cochon1010 I can attest to the EarPeace HD. I'm a jazz & funk sax player, and often sit in front of a ton of brass, as well as drums & amps, etc. My hearing as of late has been more sensitive and I'm still young, so I gotta be careful. I went and saw Tower of Power in a very small expo center and they were SUPER LOUD. Had my earplugs in, and they really saved my hearing AND I could still hear clearly. Worth the $20. I just keep 'em on my belt loop everyday, all day.
another pair worth considering: [L!veMusic HearSafe] (

The only thing to consider w/ these is that they're separate plugs for different decibel reduction amounts; with the EarPeace, they have little inserts (red and flesh) that you swap out depending on how much reduction you want to happen.

u/Grabben123 · 2 pointsr/aves

I think it's worth noting that you want noise attenuating ear plugs. Attenuating ear plugs don't kill the quality of the sound, but bring down the decibels that wreak havoc on your ear drums. These are the ones I use. LINK They are $30 for a couple pairs. Super worth it.

u/shy_party · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I went with

LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Plugs - High Fidelity Earplugs for Musician, Concert, Drummer, Percussion, DJ & Clubbing - Reusable, Comfortable & Silicone Triple Flange - Protection from Loud Sounds, Noise-Cancelling, Lifetime Guarantee (Standard Size)

I lost them on the last day but they were great

u/mffocused · 2 pointsr/festivals

I personally use these:

Not only do they save your hearing, they make the sound better by removing a lot of the noise that comes through in open-air sets.

u/creodor · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I use these by L!veMusic, specifically the 29db variant. When I have them in, it doesn't seem like it's doing anything but as soon as I try to ride without them the difference is completely obvious. That's exactly what they should be doing; it means I can still hear things I need to without going deaf from wind noise.

Incidentally they also work great for a number of other loud situations, like concerts and cutting down trees.

Edit: Worth noting, some states have laws that make ear plugs over certain db ratings illegal, if I remember correctly. Worth being aware of. Personally, I use them anyways; cops usually don't care and I'll take a fine over going deaf.

u/kchenweijie · 2 pointsr/FRC

Get yourself some noise-cancelling earplugs. I have a pair and they're the only reason I haven't gone deaf yet.

u/tigralfrosie · 2 pointsr/LondonUnderground

As someone who has tinnitus from too many, too loud gigs, I'd suggest that you look into noise reducing earplugs, providing they don't interfere with your job (sounds like you're a driver) or H&S.

u/dadrawk · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

Being able to hear when you're 50 is pretty punk. I always bring along a pair of earplugs to a show unless I'm absolutely sure it's going to be low volume (like an acoustic coffee shop performance).

I like these earplugs from Etymotic. They reduce a huge level of volume but retain most of the sound quality except for a little high end rolloff. It's a trade I'm more than willing to make. I first wore these to a John Mayer concert in an arena and it still sounded fantastic. They even come with a little rubber carrying case and a kevlar cord to keep them together.

If you don't feel like shelling out $25 for earplugs, at least get a bulk pack of foam earplugs and stick them in your glovebox. You can usually seat them just right in your ear so that they reduce volume but you can still hear the show pretty well.

u/Charwinger21 · 2 pointsr/photography

>Wear earplugs. If you shoot concerts a lot and want to enjoy the music, you can get fancy specially-attenuated plugs that make everything sound exactly the same, just quieter.

They're honestly not too bad. Like $20-$30 for a great reusable pair.

I've got the Etymotic ER20XS, and wouldn't go to a concert without them.

u/Kynaeus · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

Agreed. I've never been in a data center long enough to require them but if you want something better than those throwaway orange foam plugs something like this is like $20 and should do you just fine. I got these for some concerts this summer and it's pretty similar to wearing earbuds

u/byrontheconqueror · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I picked them up on Amazon. The plugs come with three different size attachments, standard, large and foam so you don't have to worry about picking the right size because it comes with all of them.

u/RealRossGeller · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Vibes Hi-Fi Earplugs at $20 and SharkTank-approved.

u/notgnihsaw6699 · 2 pointsr/festivals

Old school junglist here

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

I have tinnitus. Im in pain for the rest of my life. These are the ONLY plugs that alow me to enjoy concerts. They even allow me to bump my car system without pain!

I am so happy to see this thread, BE SAFE!

u/maestro_1980 · 2 pointsr/aspergers

This is a great post, congratulations on this new understanding about yourself, as part of an ongoing journey.

I think most of us have been forced by our circumstances to become at least instinctive experts on burn out.

Before my diagnosis, I burned out badly at work and home, in retrospect it's obvious how big a role my traits played in that process.

Some of the cure is autism specific, I do think stimming should become more socially permissible over time to support mental health of autistics, that said I personally do still elect to mask a lot, particularly at work.

You can go a long way by accessing quality thought in the area of burn out management, even if it isn't autism specific, though that understanding is still a crucial factor. Keep looking and make sure you wind up seeing a clinical psychologist whose practice specializes in autism, though I understand if that seems like a stretch in the near term.

My recovery began when I read Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, because the whole book is about the ways people avoid burn out even while still pushing themselves to perform at their best.

Actually, I largely wasn't reading non-essential books at that point, but I could still listen to it on Audible during my daily commute.

In my experience as one of those folks with late diagnoses who may attract the problematic "high functioning" label, we do have to push ourselves to avoid backsliding, it's the burn-out management that is the missing piece.

I burned out because I didn't want to compromise. I needed the understanding I got from that book to give myself permission to rest, because it was the most productive course of action. Please do check it out. I recommend the Audible version, if that works for you.

Just as one more thing, I personally found noise sensitivity to be a huge thing for me. On occasions when my defenses are already low, noise is the easiest thing to push me into a shutdown (internalized meltdown). Thus, I found even when no one else was accommodating me, self accommodation with noise management was a huge factor. In the past I sometimes did this with earbuds or earplugs. Noise cancelling headphones are amazing, these days I use and recommend the benefits of a flagship model, for purchasing now that would be the Bose noise cancelling headphone 700. My older Sony WX-1000XM2 is also very good.

If you think noise cancelling headphones aren't practical choice at work where you need them most, I get that. Maybe then you need a discreet option. Check out the Vibes earplugs.

u/psykokittie · 2 pointsr/aspergers

I thought of you as I was ordering these for my son earlier today. I guess it’s the “mom” in me. 😁

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs - Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Concerts, Fitness Classes, Motorcycle, Sensory Disorders (Tinnitus Relief & Autism) - As Seen on Shark Tank

u/COAchillENT · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I JUST got a pair about a month ago and I've used them at 3 or 4 shows so far.

  1. I went with these ->

  2. I did not see any loss in sound quality, just intensity. The beginning of the show, stuff seems muted but as it goes on and the volume increases, it becomes clearer but just less intense. If you've ever used a guitar or a mixing board, it was like turning down the gain and smoothing out the attack of the sound wave. I've noticed that they sound better and feel more comfortable when I used the smallest size plug.

  3. Yes, I did notice that I needed to take them out to hear friends talking clearly...with that said, it also removed a lot of crowd noise and chatter so I was more attentive to the show.
u/CharlesThundercock · 2 pointsr/steroids

Eargasm earplugs are freaking unbelievable. They actually make the music at a show sound infinitely better and block out a crazy amount of non-music noise.

u/allthetunes · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I’ve tried the etymotics and while they work, they were uncomfortable for me to wear for extended periods. Ended up getting Dubs which were more comfortable but I felt like they muffled sound sometimes.

Now I have Eargasm earplugs and I like them the most. I definitely recommend them. They’re the most comfortable without muffling sound, that I’ve tried. Plus they don’t have that little protruding plastic that come out of your ears, so you can wear a bandana with them.

u/SJS329 · 2 pointsr/Slayer

It can be ungodly loud, but you can prevent damage. Wear ear plugs. Problem solved. Tinnitus fucking sucks, trust me. There is no such thing as silence for me any more. Go on Amazon and buy these: or these: Personally I like the Eargasm ones better. I wear them to every concert I attend. I'm usually right at the front or running around in the pit. I never have any additional hearing discomfort afterwards. Spend a few bucks and prevent a lifetime of asking people to repeat themselves...

u/FuckTheBus · 2 pointsr/aves

Another brand that you should possibly consider are the ones I personally use, eargasm. They're relatively affordable(20$ I think) they are really comfortable, and they are pretty discreet-looking. They also come with a cheap little case for holding them that you can throw on your keys. :)

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles and More!

Here you go

u/celestial_catbird · 2 pointsr/aspergers

Hi I have sensory issues too. I use these really great invisible ear plugs. You can barely see them when they're in so no one will notice, and they don't just muffle sound, it's more like the volume gets turned down so you can still talk to people.

They're kind of pricey, but worth it. My friend who has autism too uses the same kind as well

u/holythesea · 2 pointsr/premed

I don’t know about comfort but all of my friends used acoustic earplugs in high school for drum line and said good things.

u/StressedCoder · 1 pointr/misophonia

Other people have suggested noise reducing ear plugs. I haven't tried them yet but I'm likely to order these . There's also plugs with different inserts so you can kind of control the volume I believe. But these seem to be less conspicuous.

Right now I mostly use headphones to either stream video game music from youtube or white noise from the app on my phone when I'm trying to focus. I may be causing hearing damage from turning up the volume when it gets particularly noisy. I'm not entirely sure if that's a good or bad thing.

u/yacht_boy · 1 pointr/Music

Don't use single use earplugs made for the job site. They block too much sound and ruin the live music experience.

Search for ear protection for concerts and you'll find a half dozen brands between $10-40. I personally use these:

Start with the cheaper ones and if you don't like them move up in price. But definitely take care of your ears!

u/Sodam · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I always use ear plugs for loud environments, now I use DownsBeats and they are practically invisible.

u/Harvey_Beardman · 1 pointr/hulaween

I would order them now, as another has said. Ive used a pair of downbeats for a couple years that I enjoy.

u/davewells · 1 pointr/bassoon

I use the Etymotics for rehearsal and concert use, largely because they come with a string that allows them to hang around your neck for quick changes.

But yeah, I also have a few pairs of DownBeats: They're small enough that they're basically unnoticeable to the casual observer, which is why I use them in daily life (when flying, on the subway, in loud bars or movie theaters). I keep a pair in my car, and one in each of the two bags I carry most frequently. They actually have a higher Noise Reduction Rating than the Etys (18dB vs. 12dB), although Etymotic claims theirs really attenuate 20dB.

u/BendersShinyMetalAss · 1 pointr/CFB

One of my friends was a grad student getting a degree in the Clanga. I bought him a pair of hearing protection ear plugs off amazon. He swears by these things.

u/kynisara · 1 pointr/EDM

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Clear Ear Plugs, Black Case)

u/Dj_FREQ · 1 pointr/Beatmatch

Downbeats. Use em. Live by em.

Not an affiliate link: DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Clear Ear Plugs, Black Case)

u/surfANDmusic · 1 pointr/surfing

that would be pretty cyberpunk!

does your other ear have any damage and that's why your cyborg ear sounds better or it just does?

I know what that's like. I have hearing loss and tinnitus and hyperacusis so noises that are even a little bit too loud cause pain. It blows cause I really like listening to music live so i've made the habit of carrying earplugs with me at all times.

u/BanOfShadows · 1 pointr/aves

Depends how close you get to the speakers... and how good the roll is... I always bring some.

u/csc033 · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I use these. I like them because they aren't super noticeable and don't protrude out from your ears. They also come with a case I just leave clipped on my festival backpack.

u/SeaDog523 · 1 pointr/hulaween

I use Downbeats. They generally run about $15 and a very comfortable.

u/marijuwalrus · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

$15 Reusable earplugs so you can RAGE until youre old
(Weekend 1)

u/jmattick · 1 pointr/IAmA

Try out some concert or musician earplugs to see if they help during recovery. If you put them on an Amazon Wishlist, I'll cover the costs and have a pair overnighted to you.

Dubs or Downbeats seem to be a favored option.

Dubs are acoustic filters rather than earplugs so I'd rather get you the better option. Just put your favorite color on an Amazon Wishlist and pm me the link. I won't see your address or anything and if you are close to a major metro area, you might even get them tomorrow or Saturday.

u/eugenes_lament · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Spot on OP. Check out a cheap option that works great:

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Clear Ear Plugs, Black Case)
by DownBeats
Learn more:\_sw\_em\_r\_mt\_dp\_U\_a6b2Db0RKGBD8

u/SuddenStorm1234 · 1 pointr/Disneyland

If you're sensitive to loud noises, make sure you're inside a building during the fireworks, and stay away from the rivers during Fantasmic!. Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates can all be considered loud.

Consider getting some of these (or something similar):

Disney has some pretty dang good shows, rides, and music- not to mention the audio equipment is all top notch. These are designed for use in concerts, but preserve the audio quality, so it won't sound muffled like it would with normal earbuds.

u/mchilds83 · 1 pointr/tinnitus

Another thing that has helped me is to buy a couple sets of discreet ear plugs which fit in a small case that clips to my keychain. I have 2 keychains and a pair of earplugs on each. Most of the time I have a set of keys with me (work or personal) and thus I will have the ability to pop them in whenever I find myself in a social setting and it begins to get too loud.

It's really important that I do this because when I expose myself to loud noises, my tinnitus rings louder than normal for the next few days. The earplugs have really helped.

I have these:

But these also look promising:

u/StickyG21 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

DownBeats is what I use and they work great. I don't ride very often without them.

u/baddox · 1 pointr/Dreamtheater

I have those exact earplugs, as well as these. They both sound absolutely terrible.

u/2311ski · 1 pointr/DJs

I got handed these at a gig a couple months ago

and I haven't gone out to play or went to a club/festival without them. Custom fitted ear plugs would be ideal but these work well for me for now, I highly recommend all DJs carry some kind of hearing protection with them. I have a few DJ friends and friends from the military with tinnitus and from what I've heard it's not something to take lightly.

u/motor_boating_SOB · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Check out downbeats on Amazon, they came recommended to me and they are awesome.

They are easier to put in then the disposable ones, come in a small carrying case, and work pretty well.

Pretty cheap too and good customer service too.

u/theycallme_t · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I'm also an interstate commuter. I've recently given these a shot: They work pretty well just getting rid of the steady wind buffet noise from 75mph, but they don't totally deafen you to someone talking or other sounds around you. I also have a Sena SMH 10R headset for music.

For pants / boots, get them. At least Kevlar lined jeans and boots with good ankle support. I look at safety gear like insurance - always have more than you need.

u/anzainfo · 1 pointr/flying


I love my downbeats becuase they're protable and block out 18dB of noise which I also use for loud concerts and such.

Here's the link to them

They're great and you can actually get them for a little cheaper here:

u/hilberteffect · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

Invest in nice earplugs. For $14, you can save your hearing and still hear the music perfectly (even better when there's distortion).

Some of the stages were preposterously loud this year (especially cosmicMEADOW). I can't imagine what it was like for people without earplugs. Don't fuck around with this stuff. Tinnitus and hearing loss are a bitch.

u/limiter303 · 1 pointr/EDM

Downbeats are good, they are the only ones i've tried but they work perfectly.

New Years was the first time I wore earplugs at a show and honestly it was better than shows that i've been to without them, you can obviously still feel the bass and the music sounds loud but you don't hear any distortion and you don't have any hearing problems after the show

u/xdrummerxdan · 1 pointr/drums

I'm not sure about those but I've been using these for almost year now and I swear to you these have been the best I've ever used. I hated those little oranges ones you get at the pharmacy cuz they either didn't block enough or too much. Triple flange is really nice cuz it doesnt cut out bass or highs like the others ones do. I think anything with a triple flange will do you just fine.

u/downwiththerobotbass · 1 pointr/Shambhala
u/SadElvenMermaid · 1 pointr/starbucks

i did some research and there seems to be three different levels, single use foam ones, then non custom reusable ones (they have like 3 rubber domes, but i saw a review of the domes breaking and getting stuck in the ear canal, which scared me), and then the custom molded ones that are super expensive but worth the investment if using them a lot.

so i feel like if i felt safe about using the ones like this which this review scared me

so i might end up saving to buy custom ones. altho there's these which seem sorta like custom ones but also reusable and cheaper than custom, but the string that makes it easy to remove them broke for one reviewer

u/designthis2 · 1 pointr/drumline

I use these

They are great but a little more expensive.

u/themasecar · 1 pointr/drums

My favorite earplugs are Earasers - they're a soft silicone similar to the ribbed Hearos (but even softer), but they're more form-fitting to my ear canals. They attenuate all frequencies evenly, so I can hear everything really well, and they only attenuate about 15-19dB so I don't play too loud either. I wear them any time I'm around loud music.

u/Sunder92 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Ah. I wasn't looking at the Musicians Earplugs one, but the ER/ETY ones.

I got him these to see how he likes them. If he doesn't like them, I'll definitely look into the custom route.

u/BrokenPenisShaft · 1 pointr/PembertonFestival

started using these last year and its changed my festival game up entirely!!!

Being able to sleep with nearly no ringing, able to hear your friends, these are super comfortable, I tried the ones linked on a comment below but they were just too long and I could never 'forget they were there' type deal

whereas these I only notice once I leave the the stage. All and all, ANY plugs will help!!!!

u/IAmTera · 1 pointr/aves

Hi, I think what you're looking for are called musicians earplugs. They lower volume without muffling sound quality. The ones I have are called

I find those work pretty well, my only gripe about them is they sometimes wiggle loose (but not fall out). They arent the ones that go inside your ear like a qtip or something, they're like the old ipod earbuds.

The other ones I have are called Etymotic earplugs

I like these ones because they actually go inside your ear so they don't get loose. Personally, I wear the etymotic more often but the Earasers are more comfortable.

Lmk if you have any questions! Always happy to help. I have a ton of earplugs but those two are my favorite. Protect your hearing!!!!

u/HannahBAnderson · 1 pointr/aspergirls

These are the best earplugs I've come across: . In order to become more independent, she needs to figure out what makes daily chores and such so difficult- sensory issues? Executive functioning difficulties/autistic inertia? A loop of depression brought on by lack of independence/agency?

Have you guys looked into online college? She could maybe just take one class at a time. If reading is difficult, she could have Irlen Syndrome. Amazon sells overlay samples. The actual glasses are better but pretty expensive.

u/_playswithsquirrels_ · 1 pointr/trap

These are a good middle ground for if you're not trying to break the bank, but also retain great audio quality. I can't go to a show without these anymore, and trust me when I say they don't degrade the quality of the show at all. Actually improves it imo because I hate having my ears blown out.

u/greglyon · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

these live on my keychain now. I've tried several high end concert ear plugs and these are the most comfortable I've tried.

u/MJ1331L · 1 pointr/Coachella

Man, I thought the dubs were pretty good IMO. are you saying it muffles the overall sound more vs earasers? this is causing me to re-review all the earplugs now.

I was actually looking at the earasers before - - just to make sure we are talking about the same ones.

u/static-n0mad · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

These work pretty great imo. Got them for when bassnectar came thru Chicago for the Spring Gathering and did not regret it.

1.) Sound quality: They have built in attenuators, so they don't just muffle the sound. Sound quality remains solid because they still allow certain frequencies to pass through to the ear canal, but they limit the volume by about + or- 5 to 10db. That didn't sound like a lot to me when I first got them, but damn it made a difference. Woke up the next morning with no ringing or hearing fatigue.
2.) Comfort! I put these guys in right before Rezz started her set, and by the time Lorin started playing I completely forgot I had them in. I literally had keep making sure they hadn't slipped out during the show because I couldn't feel them in my ears after I adjusted.
3.) Clear Coated: Not proud of it, but am definitely self conscious about showing my age and didn't wanna be judged by anyone for wearing ear plugs and looking old as shit in a crowd that's usually a couple years younger than me lol (I know it's irrational, leave me be. I'm old, god damnit.) But it's really honestly hard to tell someone has them in unless you're standing next to them or really looking hard. So there's that also.
4.) Storage: They come with a tiny clear case for storage that doesn't take up too much pocket space.

1.) Expensive: They cost 40$ far as ear plugs go that's more than most. So if you're like me and lose a lot of shit (especially when I'm at shows) be cautious getting them. Haven't lost them yet, but festival season is upon us, so we'll see if I can manage to keep track of 'em.

Definitely recommend them if you trust yourself not to lose them!

u/bolanrox · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

absolutely all the time at any practice or even gig Not those shitty free foam things that cut all your base and highs. Good ones that just make everything lower in volume.

They are dirt cheap too like sub $20

i would wear them out to clubs and things and i coudl hear everyone clear as a bell even though they where shouting at the top of their lungs.

Actually the ringing i do have was from the one time i was someplace with a little cold and my ears were slightly clogged. (It was just a bar so i didn't wear plugs)

u/Crono101 · 1 pointr/Metal

I did some searching around and ended up buying these ones, some other users here recommended them...

u/TheYear1000 · 1 pointr/gybe

I got these at a Guitar Center here. Doesn't look like there's many in Poland, but I'd imagine that any musician's store would have something like it.

u/almostaccepted · 1 pointr/drums

You mentioned you have a hard time hearing your conductor, so I should mention that I use these in band practice and can have quiet to normal conversations with no issue. Also I've noticed a lot of earmuffs make my drums sound different, and I don't like that because I want to hear what the listener is hearing. These simply make the sounds not hurt.

Etymotic Research ETY Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs; Standard Fit, Blue Tip, Polybag

u/jinchansan · 1 pointr/aves

I bought a pair of Dubs ear plugs, and got a pair of silicone ones from Lost Lands. Dubs are good, but the silicone ones fit better and I never had a problem with them falling out when headbanging or dancing, so I prefer those. Here’s a link to an example of the ones I’m talking about!

u/pacodemu · 1 pointr/aves

I have a cheaper version of the Etymotics that I've been using for the past 5 years and they are excellent.

u/KonekoTheLoli · 1 pointr/deathgrips

Yes, they are very loud. You'll be fine as long as you have hearing protection.

I use these ear plugs

But anything like these should work just fine although it may not sound as good

u/geeltulpen · 1 pointr/Anxiety

I have special earplugs that are made to block only certain sounds - specifically made for musicians, so you don’t damage your hearing but you can still hear yourself and conversations and be in tune. I wonder if they’ll block out just the sounds they really get to you, or at least dampen them?

Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs, Blue Tip with Clear Stem, 1 Pair Standard Fit

u/overstable · 1 pointr/festivals

I just lost one of my Etymotic Research ER20 plugs at a show last weekend. I was pulling them out of their case and it slipped out of my fingers and went flying into the crowd. I ordered a replacement pair - now known as the Etymotic ETY - as soon as I got home. They only cost $13. Your hearing is worth much more than that!

A few years ago I brought my ER20s to an audiologist appointment. I let the doc know that I regularly attend loud concerts and festivals and asked about custom molded earplugs. She said that the ER20s were fine as long they fit my ears and that I use them every time...

u/nineknives · 1 pointr/Coachella

By chance, were you referring to these?

u/mikron2 · 1 pointr/Coachella

I use standard ER20 I got a pair for my girlfriend too and she has small ears but they fit her, but they might be a little big for her comfort. They do get sore even for me at first, but you get used to them pretty quickly and by the end of the weekend when I don't have them in after the festival is over it feels weird for the first day.

u/sciencespecialist · 1 pointr/orangetheory

I like these, and I know there are other good ones, too. These were recommended by someone on another thread here. I’m MUCH more comfortable in my studio now. It’s like the volume has been turned down.

u/Djarum · 1 pointr/Hardcore

Order a pair of these.

Keep them on your keychain or whatnot so you always have them. They work fantastic, unlike the crappy foam ones they stay fit in and just lowers the volume while not muffling anything. I have had the same pair for a couple of years now as long as you keep them clean they last quite awhile.

Take care of your ears! Once you fuck them up you generally don't get a second chance.

u/rivalur · 1 pointr/tinnitus

how about these? 29 db. How much noise reduction are we talking about? Would these do in front of speakers? I read somewhere that 6 db = 50% reduction in sound. These are 29 db.

u/melciados · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

You should consider Frequency reduction values table. I made a little research on this theme, asking vendor for the frequency tables. Here is the table for ~$20-30 earplugs for musicians:

Vendor \ Average reduction Value | 125 HZ | 250 HZ | 500 HZ | 1000HZ | 2000HZ | 4000HZ | 8000HZ
Crioxen Earplugs | 15.1 | 15.4 | 17.1 | 19.9 | 26.9 | 17.7 | 29.9
ER20XS Earplugs | 14.5 | 14.2 | 17.1 | 21.1 | 25.3 | 20.5 | 23.3
Eargasm Earplugs | 14.7 | 14.8 | 16.8 | 20.3 | 24.3 | 21.4 | 25.7
Reverbs Earplugs | 14.1 | 13.9 | 15.2 | 18.7 | 22.2 | 18.3 | 22.1
LiveMus!c Earplugs | 13.5 | 13.5| 14.5 | 17.9 | 23.1 | 18.2 | 20.1
Surefire Defenders | 12.7 | 12.9 | 13.2 | 16.8 | 19.9 | 19.2 | 19.1

It can help to prevent .
You can find some other comparison for earplugs for gigs.

u/theyoyoman213 · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Plugs with Silicone Triple Flange and Noise-Cancelling - Standard

u/invalid404 · 1 pointr/tinnitus

I have a pair just like those from a different vendor and they're great but for a less visible alternative try Earasers out. I think they may be a bit less protection but they're good for going to a loud restaurant/movie/social situation where you want your hearing protection less visible:

Also just saw these and picked them up as they offer a lot more protection than the other two while preserving fidelity and I've been looking for a 30dB non-custom music ear plug:

u/redelephantnanny19 · 1 pointr/orangetheory

i use these and love them! they muffle the sounds but still let you hear the coach and the music and they stay put very well. i took them out during cool down the other day and almost put then back in cause the coaches mic sounded too loud!

LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Plugs -...

u/sillybanana01 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

As a live sound engineer thats works 6 to 7 concerts a week, this is amazing advice. I'm personally a fan of this brand of earplugs.

These are also a good option. It comes with two pairs. 23db and 29db, plus a connecting string so you're less likely to lose them.

u/idapitbwidiuatabip · 1 pointr/Music

I've been carrying these with me for years and they make every concert enjoyable.

Cut out 29db of sound and you'll be able to hear the mids and highs and you'll be enjoying the bass just as much because you'll be feeling it in your bones.

You can still hear people talking to you, whatever -- they're perfect and make you feel invincible at a concert. You can go right up to the speakers.

u/stevehussein · 1 pointr/productivity

If you have over-the-ear headphones, you can put these in your ears, then put the headphones on over them. You could just use regular earplugs and get a somewhat similar effect, but these block all frequencies in roughly the same proportion, so music sounds normal through them, just quieter. So then you can really crank it, and it will just sound normal, but all of the hollering will be silent (or at least enormously reduced).

If and when you need a break from music, I strongly suggest Noisli. You can custom tailor it to exactly what kind of, and how much, noise interference you need. And you can dial just the type of interference you need to match your needs, and then save it as a preset. Then install the Noisli Chrome extension and call up any of your presets at a moment's notice. I have yet to encounter a sonic situation that couldn't be 100% neutralized by the combination of my earplugs and Noisli.

u/indigoassassin · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I just bought some NRR 29 ear plugs:

And a Sena SMH-5 for a 800 mile road trip to my new apartment and I'm already in heaven. The ear plugs are so comfy and round out the kind of tin-y sound of the speakers.

u/phxxx · 1 pointr/Techno
  1. If you can get your hands on these, get them.

    LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Plugs -

    This has the max NRR rating for commercially available earplugs, 29 dB. There are other earplugs but they tend to range from 13-22 db. I used to use 20db earplugs but my ears still rang for quite a while after. No longer have that problem after switching to these.

    Take breaks to give your ears a rest when at events and try your best to not worship the speaker (I know its This is the best thing you can do for your hearing.

    1,3,4,5 is all personal preference. Just play it by the ear.
u/Kawaicoder · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I also bought a pair like these, but yours only blocks 20db

Mine blocks 29db? Worthwhile to look into ones that block more sound I think. Your tips look cooler though, I wonder what the difference is?

They're absolutely great though. I keep it on my motorcycle key chain and just wash it with water whenever I need to. So cool that it's reusable

u/navyjoe1987 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I just started riding about 3 weeks ago. I didn't think wind noise was a real issue what so ever. I routinely came home from riding with intense headaches and neck aches. Read the advice here about 5 days ago a and ordered a good pair that reduces I think 29db. Been using them for 2 days and my 70+ mph ride is SO comfortable. I also no longer have a headache when I get home. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. Simply amazing. Even if you don't care about hearing loss, care to make your ride more enjoyable. This may have saved my riding, was thinking I couldn't keep riding if I came hoes with intense headaches. 10/10 would highly recommend. Here are the ones I use keep em on my keychain.

u/Youre_A_Fan_Of_Mine · 1 pointr/motorcycles

The thing about Etymotic and other flat response plugs is they don't change the sound, they just make it quieter. You know how you put in plugs and everything goes boomy? Not so with FFR plugs. This means you don't need to take them out for conversations, and you won't miss high frequency sound cues.

u/Daph · 1 pointr/motorcycles

No music, I use Etymotic ER20XS

For music, I use Etymotic MC5

u/berryperson · 1 pointr/tinnitus

Sorry, thanks for that. Was doing that on the phone at the time.
And there is no difference between those in my previous comment and these. The motorcycle is just in the name but no difference. The difference between the Universal Fit and the Standard or Large Fit is that addition of different sized ear tips, along with the foam ones. The Standard and Large each just come with one set of ear tips.

u/madddskillz · 1 pointr/bose

I like the comfort of them in general. But find I sometimes pull them out of my ears when sleeping (Not on a plane)

Why wouldn't u go with standard earplugs for sleeping like these: Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Universal Fit Hearing Protection

I have these also. The pull out tab is removable so you can sleep on the side easily.

u/meatee · 1 pointr/vinyl

I'm no stranger to loud shows, hah, so I got these awesome earplugs. The loudest show I've ever been to was Sunn O))). My entire body was numb after that show!

u/informareWORK · 1 pointr/hearing

Second this. I have pretty bad hyperacusis and recruitment related to my hearing loss, and going to the movies is often a painful process. I use these Etymotic ear plugs and have been very pleased.

u/TheFoggyShrew · 1 pointr/Shambhala
u/happylifeanana · 1 pointr/aspergers

I hate sounds so here’s what I devised:

Musicians Ear plugs:

Pros: easy to hide, cut sounds well
Cons: uncomfortable for long periods of time, easy to lose.

Low profile ear muffs:

Pros: best thing for cutting all sounds, impossible to loose or break
Cons: not super comfortable with glasses, very obvious.

Sound cancelling headphones;

Pros; you can hear conversations super well but it blocks out the back ground sound, you can also play music to cut out all sound, socially acceptable, the most comfortable solution.
Cons: very expensive for good ones, they use batteries, they are fragile, they don’t cut out as much sound as ear muffs

I own all three of these. I wear sound cancelling her phones all day and at social events such as a diner or party since I can easily have conversations with them, I used ear plugs at fancy events or places that I don’t want people to look at me or ask me why I’m wearing ear protections (ear plugs are also tiny and great to bring as an emergency back up) and I wear ear muffs in class. I will link the best of all of these:

Sound cancelling I used, they are good but use aaa batteries instead of recharging them with USB:

Sound cancelling of the latest and best technology (almost double the price but they are worth it if you have the cash): Black

Low profile ear muffs of high quality (they are on sale
Right now too!):

Any “musicians ear plugs” will work but apparently these are the best ones:

u/Eroliene · 1 pointr/ADHD

Oof, take care of your ears. Also they helps for focus, too:
Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

Also also, having a tactile fidget helps to tune out distractions when you don't need your hands. These are nice, and very portable.

u/SIMoss88 · 1 pointr/aspergers

I am also an aspie, and I totally get it. I work at an insanely busy Starbucks, and the lights and noise, and constant social interaction really take a toll on me. I can't tell you how many meltdowns I have had in our restrooms. I recently bought some awesome ear plugs that allow me to hear people and interact with them, but still muffle the noise to a tolerable level. They are somewhat expensive, but so far, a month later, so worth it. Just reducing all the noise has cut my anxiety in half, at work.

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs - Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Concerts, Fitness Classes, Motorcycle, Sensory Disorders (Tinnitus Relief & Autism) - As Seen on Shark Tank

u/postmodernbitch · 1 pointr/autism

Have you tried canceling ear plugs? They really helped me and let me tell you... I get uncontrollably angry with noises, specially when someone whistles. I can’t control it.

I bought these at Amazon, it works wonders:
It comes in different sizes, so the small is good for kids, and you can buy a cord.

It can work like a “safe zone” when we can’t control the environment around us.


u/cerkie2 · 1 pointr/aspergers

These are by no means the best and looknlike pretty bad value, but just an example that there are earplugs that dont muffle sound, so you can wear them the entire time:

There are definitely options cheaper and more inconspicuous than this

u/IntoxicatedOrange · 1 pointr/cfs

What I use in public to reduce noise levels but still be able to hear clearly (originally bought for concerts but I haven't even used them for that yet):

These don't block THAT MUCH noise but they take the edge off of really loud environments for sure.

What I use to totally block out sound at home, i.e. for sleep:

u/SomeJapaneseGuy · 1 pointr/aspergers

Bose ones are really costly about 300-400 dollars where i live, and i have read many reviews about them that they tend to last roughly 1 year before they break, i would be scared since income is rather limited. I have just ordered some of these earplugs to try out.

They are $55 so it is worth it i hope.

u/ifoundxaway · 1 pointr/TheMixedNuts

Thank you for that hump day reminder. I needed it. I was feeling like this week would last forever but hey halfway done.

I had front desk with Drama and she was only mildly annoying. She did ask a bunch of pointless questions. Stuff like "when did that window shade get put up?" It literally does not matter, AND she asks in a way that tells you she doesn't think that person deserves a window shade (they do).

We had a huge delivery today. Three full 3 tiered carts. I don't know how many crates that is because I didn't do crates, but on Monday we got 8 crates and filled up 2 tiers of one cart (each crate has books for us and our branches, 12 libraries total). Which puts us at around...36 crates today? PLUS what our own delivery driver brought in. The new person liked sitting and scanning stuff so I filed and sorted things onto proper carts, which I like doing.

I worked on the summer reading logs and got all 3 done (ages 0-5, 6-12, Teens & Adults). I think they look pretty good considering that I was just told about them yesterday afternoon. BUT I'm like hmm, I could make certain things completely different. There are some major parts that I need to keep consistent across all logs, but otherwise, I can do what I want.

I ordered these earbuds and I'm excited about it. I might actually be able to watch tv with Danger. Or really, just stay in the same room while he watches. And I'm hoping it will help me get through Xmas party (we are hosting) without me hiding in the bedroom. Reviews by people with autism, PTSD, sensory overload issues, were good. I have the cptsd and am super sensitive to sounds. So yeah. Oh AND you are supposed to still be able to hear the person you are having a conversation with. It just quiets the din. It might help at work when people are loud and having to overhear their conversations really gets to me.

It's really weird when people start taking off articles of clothing while I'm looking up their card number or doing something else to help them. It's gross and weird when the clothes are filthy and smelly. I don't want to see your belly, dude. Nor do I want to see your underwear, or your chest. Put your fucking shirt back on.

I had Nissin Raoh soy sauce flavored ramen with egg for dinner. It actually has a pickled bamboo flavor. I love pickled bamboo. I put it into MFP and it has like 95% of my sodium goal. LOL. I didn't drink the soup though, I just like it for a little flavor.

Shower today. I'm hoping my curls/waves stay like they usually do, instead of how they practically fell out after I used that deep conditioning hair mask. I think those things weigh my hair down. I got some curl cream stuff and that weighs my hair down too. Even with gel.

I was gonna get bub a new tablet (Amazon fire kids edition) because his is having errors and freezing up and I thought it didn't have enough RAM but then I looked at some reviews and realized that the problem is really Amazon Free time. They recently did an update and it's been super buggy. Good thing I didn't go buying a new tablet. It would have done the same thing. Hopefully they will fix stuff soon.

u/lostpatrol · 1 pointr/tinnitus

It seems you have severe noise sensitivity in the low frequencies and not so bad in high frequencies. Car sounds are mostly low frequency from the road and engine, and the bass from music at the gym is low frequency as well.

Three are three problems you need to deal with here; 1.) Blocking the loud sounds that you are sensitive to, 2.) dealing with the apprehension of loud sounds and 3.) the effect of the loud sounds on your T.

1.) I suggest you get a pair of earplugs that block out low frequency sounds. Vibes Acoustic Filter Ear Plugs Amazon might help. Quieton active noise cancelling earplugs are expensive, but they actively filter out low frequencies, almost like a pair of battery powered hunting earmuffs. Bellman ER20 is the only one I've tried, they work decently.

2.) The apprehension of loud sounds. It's important to not let T run your life or limit what you want to do. Get a cord for your earplugs and wear them around your neck or in a front pocket. That should remove any worry about what sounds can occur in a situation, since you know you have defense for it right there.

3.) Loud noises can make your T spike. If you're subjected to a loud noise that ruins your T for the day, so that you can't think.. then you have to accept that. There is no point in fighting through the day. Cut your losses, go home and recover for the next day instead. Some battles are ok to lose as long as you win the war.

As for masking sounds, this audio track is my favorite at the moment. It's boring enough that it won't disrupt your focus, but varied enough that it won't fade into the background.

u/ThomasdeChevigny · 1 pointr/Guitar

Like these? Cuz' they do look shorter that the Etymotic model. Are they worth the extra price in your opinion?

u/youbecome · 1 pointr/WhitePeopleTwitter

I do the same with the shutting down when I can get away with it. Or just fading out from anything that’s too hard to hear due to ambient noise - a tv show when I cannot use subtitles, a public speaker or concert if people near me are noisy/distracting... I left the last concert I was at mid show because the local venue had such piss-poor acoustics that it couldn’t stand up to the bar noise if you weren’t on top of the speakers. Unfortunately in my job (high school teacher) managing multiple conversations and lots of voices can just be part of a normal day of group work.

I really want to try something like Eargasm Earplugs to see what they are capable of improving.

u/washer_dreyer · 1 pointr/bassnectar

eargasm earplugs
Tell her to get a pair of these. They are a bit pricier than others but I’ve tried almost every other ear plug and these have the best fit and best sound in my opinion. I started wearing earplugs heavy after almost having hearing trouble from going to so many bass shows at loud clubs, etc. I don’t leave home without these now and they were the best investment for nectar sets that I could possibly find. I made all the homies get pairs and they love them.

u/plurwithme · 1 pointr/CPTSD

Here's the earplugs I have.

I reccomend listening to Willow Smith to start! Her music has matured ALOT since her whip my hair days. Her voice is just beautiful and she has a song written about my favorite cartoon, Adventure Time. Most of her songs are about life, unity, she has a song about gaia. Similar to her style, an artist I discovered this morning on my commute is called Mitski.

I also really like this playlist on spotify called "Creamy Tracks".

u/alittlegnome · 1 pointr/science

For anyone interested, they make high fidelity earplugs that lower volume evenly across the spectrum, so your perception of the quality of the sound doesn't change.

u/travislopes · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Get yourself a nice pair of earplugs, like these. Your ears will thank you.

u/iamthegoat · 1 pointr/Guitar

I just ordered a pair of these. Looked at the Wal-Mart and Gun Shop varieties and never found what I was looking for. I hope these are worth the 22 plus dollars.

u/CyanideRush · 1 pointr/SwingDancing

Thank you, these do seem to me more discrete. I eventually went with a pair of these based mostly on the reviews, but also on their low profile.

u/eargasmearplugs · 1 pointr/Metal

Our High Fidelity Earplugs are definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for a set of concert earplugs. They look cool, fit flush to the ear so they don't stick out, and lower volume down on noise while preserving the full spectrum of sound. All our plugs also come with a nifty aluminum carrying case. Let me know if you guys have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.

u/TheVeganFoundYou · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

First, buy yourself some construction worker-grade earplugs. You can find them cheaper at Home Depot or Lowe's. Next, invest in some shock absorbing shoes. Those two things will at least dull some of the sensory input you're dealing with.

u/freedom_costs_tax · 1 pointr/tinnitus

I have custom ear plugs, as well as these:

The name is very dumb, but they come with a key chain holder, so I always have them for those surprise live music at a restaurant or bar that I did not know about or other spontaneously loud events.

u/Ecsaln · 1 pointr/unitedkingdom

Mate; it is what it is. I think ultimately, there's only one treatment that reliably works.

All I can do is to apologise on behalf of my people. You really have no idea the sickening guilt that we feel for our partners/room mates/neighbours.

u/justfred · 1 pointr/BurningMan

This one was $15, back up to $20 which isn't a bad deal.

u/PubliusPontifex · 1 pointr/pics
u/GuerreroNeeK · 1 pointr/motorcycles

How do these compare to these?? These offer a lot and are cheaper and reusable. What is the better option

u/vefr · 1 pointr/guns

Plugs and muffs. Both by Howard Leight.

u/thedragonturtle · 1 pointr/Scotland

EAR PLUGS, not headphones. Here's 20 pairs for £2 - check the reviews - loads of folks previously sleep-deprived giving these love.

u/redeyealien · 1 pointr/BurningMan
u/clay_yalc · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I use these. They are cheap, I don't care if they get lost, and I can hear my sena better with them in.

u/pipmike · 1 pointr/Narcolepsy

Check out Howard Leigh ear plugs. Super comfortable and squishy, blocks out most sounds (including snoring partners). Couldn’t sleep at home or travel without them. I usually get a week or so out of each pair.

u/oxfordStrong2020 · 1 pointr/UCDavis

Hey, just pitching in my experience.

I've used ear plugs long term, maybe a few months total when you add up the days, and no ear damage. My ear doctor also said it won't cause hearing loss. The most you will get is an ear ache in the morning. Also this brand is really good, would recommend. Available with or without a wire. Not too bad on price either.

u/marcuccione · 1 pointr/guns

Here you go:

Howard Leight by Honeywell Laser Lite High Visibility Disposable Foam Earplugs, 200-Pairs (LL-1)

Here’s how they work:

u/ThisIsNotHowIAm · 1 pointr/insomnia

I use these everyday, because roommates make a lot of noise in the morning much earlier than I wake up. they hurt my ears the first few times I used them and every once in a while but they seem ok now. I did cut them a little bit near the end because sometimes tossing and turning would pull them out of my ears.


I also purchased this mask to try and sleep a bit more without the sun waking me and I like it so far. just be sure you are wearing it correctly or you will get light by your nose.

I have trouble functioning if I dont sleep enough so I totally undrestand. hope this helps!

u/heardtherewasgirls · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Honestly man I'd just buy earplugs, I get these and don't even notice them anymore even sleeping on my side. My housemates are also nocturnal.

u/mrrp · 1 pointr/Carpentry

> I was told to get a hard hat, high-vis vest, steel-toed boots, carpenter's pouch, hammer, "nail pick" (which I'm assuming is a nail puller), and a tape measure.

A couple things...

Take a look the first couple days and see if anyone marks their tools. If they do, note the color(s). Now go pick out a can of spray paint at your local big box or hardware store. Choose carefully, because that's going to be your color forever. You're going to give all of your tools an obvious spot of paint. Every time you buy a tool, you'll give it a spot of paint. Paint worn off after two years? Give it another spot of paint. You will be able to quickly and easily identify all your tools, and so will everyone else.

Tape measure: Believe it or not, not all tapes measure the same. Some cheap knock-offs are just shitty. Some tapes have manufacturing defects. Some have worn or bent hooks or worn rivet holes. If they're taking measurements and asking you to cut something to the lengths they're calling out, it doesn't hurt to confirm that your tapes are in agreement if they're getting down to 1/8" precision.

For the "nail pick" you want to start with a short cat's paw. Unlike a flat bar or a large crow bar, the end of the cat's paw is curved and designed to be driven under the head of the embedded nail. You want one ~8 inches long so it can live in your tool belt. That will get the head of the nail up out of the wood where you can go after it with your hammer or a larger crow bar if necessary.

You didn't mention safety glasses or hearing protection. Eye protection is mandatory, every day, all the time, no exceptions. Get a cheap set of ear muffs you can quickly put on and off when running power tools or anything else that's loud. Hearing damage is cumulative, and there's no reason not to take it seriously. If your hard hat interferes with ear muffs, buy a shitload of ear plugs. You can get 200 pairs of decent ear plugs for $25.

u/scrubling · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Ear plugs, never travel without them

Individually wrapped so you can just throw them in your suitcase....
Howard Leight by Honeywell Laser Lite High Visibility Disposable Foam Earplugs, 200-Pairs (LL-1)

u/xMicro · 1 pointr/dogs

Well, I’m not a dog expert, but I am a human expert. Buy some earplugs. These are the ones I use Howard Leight by Honeywell Laser Lite High Visibility Disposable Foam Earplugs, 200-Pairs (LL-1)
They come with 200 pairs for $20. The thing is putting them in is tricky. You have to roll them REALLY tight, pull your ear up with the opposite hand, and open your mouth, then push the earplug in quickly and make sure it goes all the way in. You should feel it in the inside. Then hold it for a few seconds and slowly let off pressure. If there’s more than a few millimeters hanging out you did it wrong. Once you get it it’s so quiet it’s incredible. Obviously don’t ignore the dog but as a temporary solution for yourself there’s earplugs. Don’t sacrifice your health just for the dogs.

u/fluffy_butternut · 1 pointr/guns

They get a little funky with ear wax if you're that genome type, if you're a dry ear wax guy maybe?

I bought one of these so I always have a fresh pair.

u/jfasi · 1 pointr/hsp

At some point I discovered earplugs, and now I wear them everywhere. I recommend these, they're super cheap and comfortable:

u/frajen · 1 pointr/electronicmusic

I have a box of these Laser Lite earplugs and always have at least 1 pair in my wallet, just in case.

u/bizzy11 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Yea foam earplugs are like that, but only half an hour seems fairly short. Which earplugs are you using? If they're too large then it might be too much pressure.

Try going with a smaller pair or custom mold earplugs and see if that helps. I just use these:

u/polypeptide147 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Just like, any. I use these. They block out a lot of sound but they aren't super comfortable.

I got these recently but I haven't tried them yet.

u/YourDimeTime · 1 pointr/LosAngeles
u/DoubleDigitTicket · 1 pointr/motorcycles

My favorite pair of ear plugs are Howard Leight - Laser Lite . I find they filter out just enough that I can still hear traffic just fine.

u/scanner2740 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I always wear ear plugs when riding. whether track days, or commuting on the freeway to work. Frankly I don't know how people can ride without hearing protection. They will regret it when they are in their 40's and they cant hear shit.

u/seacappy · 1 pointr/CalamariRaceTeam

Yea I bought these. The trick is to make sure you twist them first prior to putting in your ear, this allows the earplug to go deep into your ear and expand to block out the noise.

It makes riding my motorcycle 100x more enjoyable honestly.

u/MizchiefKilz · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I keep a handful in my jacket pocket and give them out to friends.

u/stubble · 1 pointr/london

You need some of these

u/swirling-ants · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I like Howard Leight by Honeywell Laser Lite because they have a good db reduction but they're also a softer foam than some of the other foam plugs you'll find, so more comfortable if you're going to wear them through the night.

u/bockafer · 1 pointr/guns

I'm liking these when I double up with ear muffs indoors: Howard Leight Disposable Foam Earplugs

u/kevomatic · 1 pointr/misophonia

I bought a box of Howard Leight LL1 Laser Lites a while ago and I'm pretty happy with them. It looks like their NRR is 3 db greater than what you're currently using. I find them comfortable enough to sleep with them in, which is good because my upstairs neighbor works in a bar and comes stomping home at about 3 am most nights. I hope you find something that works for you soon.

u/Harionago · 1 pointr/misophonia

Get something like this from Amazon

I've been using them for years. I can't sleep without them.

u/workerdaemon · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating

I use this special ear syringe along with an earwax softener.

u/webtwopointno · 1 pointr/bayarea

Hot but not scalding water and/or warm Hydrogen Peroxide + a bulb or syringe

i prefer this one, the nozzle tip is specially shaped to protect your ear:

u/immortal-esque · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Then perhaps just have it done by your GP once so you can appreciate how very uncomplicated it really is (/u/curiouswizard was being facetious). I've had it done a few times myself and there's nothing much to it. It's also not very expensive. You're not going to be admitted to hospital or be put under general anesthesia or asked uncomfortable personal questions or receive an astronomical medical bill and there will be no "burning hot liquid" poured into your ear canal, which is a bonus. The time you'll spend in the doctor's waiting room flipping through magazines and the associated anticipation anxiety will likely be much more traumatic than the actual procedure.

They will basically irrigate your ear using a syringe and a bit of lukewarm water under pressure. Sometimes a few drops of oil or glycerin or some hydrogen peroxide or similar are added to the water so it can help to dislodge particularly stubborn hardened or sticky globs of wax. If successful, the whole thing shouldn't take more than about 10 minutes of your time and you'll probably be amazed at the clarity of hearing afterwards. If it's a cool doctor you might get some candy also for good behavior and not crying.

If you survive the GP visit you should be able to save yourself some time and money in future by just doing it yourself. As a first attempt with low probability of ending up on Yahoo News I would suggest to acquire the following:

  • Something like this syringe to squirt lukewarm water with
  • Something like this basin to catch squirted lukewarm water and (hopefully) dislodged globs of earwax with
  • Lukewarm water
  • A flexible arm and neck (or a friend to help you out)
  • Good aim
  • Time
  • Luck
  • Life insurance cover and/or a sense of adventure
u/jmk816 · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

You can get something better if your earwax is that bad. With a cue tip you are only getting a tiny bit and are more likely just pushing it deep into the ear canal.

Also using hydrogen peroxide can help.

Note: I haven't used either of these products, I was looking for something for my bf who has the same problem. He is in law school so he just goes into the clinic to get a doc to do it for him. If you see a general practitioner, they probably would be able to help

u/ALoudMouthBaby · 1 pointr/WTF

Protip: Pick up an ear wash kit at your local pharmacy. It should include a plastic bulb you can use to wash out your ear that works very well in addition to peroxide. Or even better get one of these.

u/kramdiw · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here's something that I (unfortunately) need:

an ear wax removal syringe

Gross, sure...but I would like to hear well again.

my favorite dinosaur is - and always will be - a magical liopleurodon

u/spriggig · 1 pointr/AskReddit

It might be earwax buildup--google it and see if the symptoms match. You could try this:

u/PM_ME_YOUR_VAGJAYJAY · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I actually bought an actual ear cleaner off Amazon for $5 and it is amazing

Edit: Ear Wax Rmvl Syr

u/machesti · 1 pointr/MotoUK

They generally won't do it unless you've been using drops/oil for a few days to help soften it anyway, resulting in a return appointment.

Although the Dr recommended me one of these which I use instead and it works a treat.

u/londonskater · 1 pointr/MotoUK

The MotoGP was great! Try Audiclean in the shower - far better than olive oil and all that. And grab one of these for the shower too:

u/Daedalus_7777 · 1 pointr/popping

Really easy and practically pain free. You can feel a little bit of pressure as the water builds up against the ear drum but it’s not painful. Feels weird as the water drains out too. Just had to be quite forceful with the pressure on the syringe to really make it jet around the ear canal; and it took several (20+) flushes over 2-3hrs with warm, salty water to get it to shift. Worth the effort though.

The soft nozzle head has a 3 way jet which is angled toward the ear canal walls rather than directly at the ear drum, so there’s practically no risk of causing yourself any harm. This link is for the one I bought from Amazon (UK), you should be able to find something similar if you live in another country:

Acu Life Ear Wax Syringe - Amazon

u/Bobvape · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Im not sure that this will help... i have constant ongoing sinus issues/ear infections and my ENT also advised against using QTips... I still do use them, however i use them less often and started using this also

From what I was told, QTips can actually cause ear wax blockage by pushing all the ear wax/compacting it deeper in your ear canal. I use this to flush the ear canal/wax before using a qtip and make sure not to stick the qtip too deep but basically just use it to dry the walls of my ear canal after rinsing/flushing the wax out using the syringe linked above. I use warm water with a little rubbing alcohol mixed in in the syringe and it seems to be working well for me.

PSA: I am not a doctor... just sharing what has worked for me. In my case it is totally unrelated to vaping I have had these issues my whole life.

u/funprogrammer · 1 pointr/tifu
u/radicalelation · 1 pointr/pics

This is the style of syringe they used. At least on my own it works way better than a bulb syringe, but other people use those fine too.

Doctor used 1:1 water:hydrogen peroxide, but after doing it every 2 months or so I've found I get by with mostly warm water and a little bit of peroxide. The usual 4% peroxide solution you can get is apparently safe enough to just put in your ear on its own, so you probably don't need to be exact.

Use the syringe as the instructions on the packaging says, and don't be shy about pushing the plunger with some force. I wasn't having much success until I did that after comparing how the doc did it and how my first attempt on my own was... weak.

I get a little dizzy towards the end sometimes, but I haven't ever had any issues that last more than 10 minutes.

u/keebyjeeby · 1 pointr/Health

I swear by these. I use mine every time I have a shower. Never had clogged ears or wax build up since I got it - apart from when I went away for a holiday and forgot it.

u/Bear_Cavalry · 1 pointr/MetalMemes

You can find Hearos at guitar center.

If you have time for shipping I recommend Etymotic.

u/cazlewn156 · 1 pointr/indieheads

Good call on the earplugs. I have a pair of Hearos and they're one of the best purchases I've ever made. They block out the sound without muffling it. It's magic.

u/CapnGnarly · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

To those saying that ear plugs ruin the concert experience by muffling and muddying the sound, check out Hear-Os. They only reduce incoming noise by adjustable amounts (depending on the swappable filter installed) and don't reduce sound quality. As a musician I wear these on stage and have no problems hearing what I need to perform. No problems other than the problems I developed before I learned to wear ear plugs, that is...

EDIT- before anyone says they're too expensive, they're cheaper than your hearing costs to replace.

u/HotDogKnight · 1 pointr/grateful_dead

I've found a set of earplugs like these not only help with loudness or high frequencies, but they also cut the crowd noise a TON. I kept these in the for the whole central park show and was able to focus on the music a lot better:

u/TophatMcMonocle · 1 pointr/drums

Hearos are $10 and work great. They're rebadged Etymotic ER20s.

I have a Tama Ergo Rider throne on my rock kit and a Roc-N-Soc on my jazz kit and I prefer the Tama. Some prefer the Roc-N-Soc, so I guess it depends on how you're built.

u/Planticulture · 1 pointr/ArcherFX

I feel man. I have had some really bad hearing damage as a drummer. I use these now. They cut the sound but don't make it super muddy like the spongy kinds do. Its been said that hearing loss will be this generations cigarettes.

u/CallMeHando · 1 pointr/motorcycles

i do have some high-fidelity earplugs i plan on wearing. they lower the decibel level but don't distort the sound quality which is cool

similar to these:

u/ne14sk8ing · 1 pointr/drums

When I was on drumline many of us used these and they worked quite well.

u/MakoSucks · 1 pointr/Music

Went to a Deicide concert and got stuck next to a speaker rack. bought Hearos the next day. My ears are still wrecked, but that's probably from just listening to death metal at high volume before that.

u/GLOOTS_OF_PEACE · 1 pointr/Guitar

This is all I use too. If you can't find this brand, Heros also make the exact same thing. I've tried them, and they're no different.

u/troostorybro · 1 pointr/LosAngeles

I bought the generic pack of 20 for $4 at Walgreen's. For rehearsal/gigs with the band though I like Hearo's. I don't use them for sleep though because of the plastic bit that sticks out.

u/seahawks · 1 pointr/Seahawks

You can get a dampening kind rather than a straight up muffler plug...look for those. You still get some great sound instead of everything turning into a muffle. Here's what I'm talking about.. You can of course get cheaper products but these are a multiple use product (hence the carrying case) and they work great considering they're only $10.

Also, be friendly, expect some jabs and you'll have a lot of fun if you can give some back!

u/Matthewcabin · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Some replies below are suggesting high-fidelity earplugs, which I would have to agree with and expand on further.

Regular foam earplugs (the beige colored or orange ones you can get at a pharmacy (mini LPT, they are cheaper at guitar stores!) are great for loud environments, but cut out highs and lows quite a bit.

I wear the Hi-Fi earplugs from Hearos ( at just about any concert I go to, whether it is really loud or not because it actually makes the music sound better, harsh, damaging high frequencies are cut, making for a much better aural experience.

TL;DR: ditch the foam for concerts, get Hi-Fi plugs

u/Marikc1 · 1 pointr/solotravel

I actually use these earplugs and snorers still manage to keep me awake.

u/insideoutfit · 1 pointr/audioengineering

All of us. I use these.

u/itsgravy_baby · 1 pointr/tinnitus

There are some out there for $9-10 if you can swing that: I’ve had mine for 2+ years.

But also wax earplugs for swimmers ear work really well or the foam ones that cost like $3 for a pack will help.

u/delawarekid · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

I have relied on these Hearos Earplugs for the past year and they are wonderful for dampening the volume but keeping the mid and high range detail.

You might have to buy a pair or three to find something that fits your ear/liking. Also buy some foam guys as backups, for sleeping and for the amigos.

u/Brewsley · 1 pointr/guns

As others have mentioned, always double up! E.g. always use both 'over-the-ear' (example: I use a combination of these over-the-ear, NRR 30db and these foam earplugs, NRR 33db)

In fact, I often use the same combo when operating loud power tools, yard equipment, and/or at air shows and auto races, etc. The foam earplugs are always with me at rock/pop concerts. Always.

u/hinayu · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Are these the ones? I'm just getting into riding soon and could use these for when I work my way up to freeway speeds.

u/a_monomaniac · 1 pointr/bartenders

Howard Leight 33db.

Ear plugs only block out the high end damaging sound, the low end (where people are talking) wont be too muddled.

However, what ever kind of ear plug you are using, you should know how to put them in. This page describes it

I really wish that I had known about proper hearing protection when I was younger and went to shows or was shooting guns. My hearing is fucked up and I will probably need hearing aids by the time I am 50.

u/dmukya · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Proper fit would be the most important thing to focus on. Get a Snell/ECE Full face (or modular) to minimize noise and maximize protection.

I would be worried about long term hearing damage from the extended exposure to wind noise. I never ride without earplugs, either some custom fit plugs I got at a gun show, or from a [box of disposeables]( "A box will last you for years"). You may also want to look into a Windjammer to further reduce wind noise.

To help with visual acuity, consider getting multiple visors and a helmet where changing visors is easy. It's simple enough to try visor removal and replacement in-store to weed out the bad ones. Think dark smoke when it's sunny, yellow for glare, and pinlock-equipped for when it's foggy. You don't really want to mess with goggles for the highway.

I'd stay away from brimmed dual-sport style helmets, the brim can act as a sail and cause discomfort at high speeds.

Consider adding a Bluetooth intercom system if you want to listen to podcasts, navigation prompts, or other entertainment during your long trips. Higher end helmets can be fit with nice, integrated systems.

For color choice, statistically, wearing a white or hi-vis colored helmet will tend to reduce SMIDSYs.

u/agent_of_entropy · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/Thorax_O_Tool · 1 pointr/pnwriders

I use these Howard Light disposable plugs. They're comfortable, they're usable a few times and they're excellent at blocking the noise.

I get mine free from work, but you can get them for pretty cheap off of Amazon.

u/flynnguy · 1 pointr/guns

I'm a big fan of the Howard Leight muffs. Turn the volume up enough and you can hear better than you normally can. (I heard my phone vibrate in my pocket like it was right next to my ear) I used to hate wearing muffs because it made it difficult to hear people but with these I hear everything.

If you want extra protection, I'd recommend doubling up, muffs plus some little foam earplugs like these or these. In fact I always have a few of those foam types around just in case.

u/metaldood · 1 pointr/headphones

These are the best IMO I have tried all Etymotic and others. These foam tips expand after inserting in the ear which really helps blocking sound.

u/neuromonkey · 1 pointr/SCREENPRINTING

> Has anyone had any luck not going deaf running a little electric power washer in a small space?


Add a pair of good noise cancelling headphones, and you won't hear a thing!

u/Agentflit · 1 pointr/gadgets

These and melatonin. (works for me, also a light sleeper)

u/Zenof · 1 pointr/CombatFootage

Didn't I tell you 2 or 3 posts ago that it's the long game... Look dude, if all you are going to do is sit here and argue with me instead of go on google and do some research, or watch this stuff happen on live cam, I don't know what you want from me.

If you want me to go away and stop telling you how it really is then stop responding to me, I clearly don't have the solvent that you need to unglue your eyelids.

>Where are the mass graves?

The entire city is becoming a mass grave, does it take carpet bombing to make you see all of the rubbled buildings with people still inside the crumbled mess? Is it going to take a nuclear explosion to convene you?

>Where are the ovens?

Pol Pot didn't have ovens, Stalin didn't have ovens, Chairmen Mow didn't have ovens, so why bring ovens up? Oh yeah, you brought up ovens because Jews are involved...

>You're cheapening the word "genocide" by using it in this instance.

No, not so much. Does it cheapen the word sunburn if you don't get a 3rd degree sunburn?

It's a word with a specific meaning and just because I can see what's happening while it's happening, doesn't mean the word will still be cheap when it's all said and done.

So go ahead and shoot the messenger and burn the message.

Oh one more thing, I found something that will go along with your eye glue, check it out

u/JamesLiptonIcedTea · 1 pointr/drums

I realize I'm late to this thread, but I'm looking for a pair of ear plugs to wear under my over-ear headphones while I'm playing. I know the Etymotic's will work, but wouldn't something simpler like your standard ear plugs be sufficient in drowning out most of the ringing along with the added music involved?

I'm looking to have a healthy balance of music, protection, and still being able to hear what I'm playing.

u/annoyedatlantan · 1 pointr/Atlanta

Get earplugs. Admittedly they are slightly less effective against deep bass, but I live next to a night club ( that started up after I moved in) and I can't hear a thing with them in.

I understand your frustration, but get over it. You live in an urbanish area. You're going to hear noises - whether that's a night club, construction at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning, horns honking, or sirens wailing at 4:00 AM, you're going to hear shit. If it bothers you, the link I pointed to above will provide you a year's worth of relief for $14.

u/laughingfire · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need this eye mask or ear plugs

I work nights, and these would be very helpful in letting me sleep after I get off my shift. Also helpful because I go to sleep before my boyfriend does and he's up late playing video games.

u/mcbainsf · 1 pointr/FloatTank

Yes I believe so. You can buy them here, but I would recommend getting a bigger pack.

u/accountnamedaccount · 1 pointr/IAmA

These are your friend. Practice how to put them in correctly. You kind of need to first compress them, then do a twisting-pushing motion kind of angled towards your eye. Using good ear plugs has saved me sooooooooo much sleep.

u/Duende555 · 1 pointr/insomnia

Also been wearing earplugs for 10+ years. No issues. Never heard that from an MD, although I'm sure it's possible if you're predisposed to infections. The best earplugs available are these guys: Although... the company used to sell a "round top" version that was supposed to be an improvement but didn't work at all. Look for the "flat topped" version like the earplugs in the link. Or, check out a home supply store for contractor ear plugs. You're looking for an NRR (noise reduction rating) of 33.

u/eliazar · 1 pointr/childfree

toomuchnoiseabove, I so feel your pain, very similar situation here. Noisy families are a socially sanctioned source of noise (a sanction which the childfree movement is only in its early stages of overturning) so there's probably little you can do directly about it other than moving.

What has worked for me is indirect measures: tech, a minor architectural change (closing the window out to the common area with soundproofing), and mental training. The tech has been some really kick ass headphones (a great investment anyway just for the awesome music quality), putting HD white noise videos like this fountain on my TV, this sound conditioner (it's an adjustable white noise like that of an electric fan that gives you something to focus on and ignore the rest), and finally good quality ear plugs as a last resort (I've only used them once or twice, but just knowing that I have them available eases me).

Anyway, you don't have to feel powerless, you can tweak your environment and gear up! Feeling yourself in control is half the battle. The other half is about making mental peace with noise you just can't control, letting yourself get naturally used to it, distracting yourself when it comes, letting go of anger, calming yourself with putting things in perspective... I know, it's difficult and you may not want to hear this when what you want to do is vent and act, but it has been the other half of the answer for me :) Good luck!

u/BurnTheGlitch · 1 pointr/MotoLA

I've used various types/brands, and have settled on these:

They are technically disposable, but you can reuse them a few times before throwing them away. They also do a good job of reducing noise levels without eliminating useful ambient noise.

The other suggestions in this thread are also good, and finding the right brand/type will ultimately be a personal choice.

u/inwhomthespheresmeet · 1 pointr/Metal

I've been using the Alpine Musicsafe Classic for the past 6 years or so, and they've never fallen out for me. Much more comfortable than the Etymotic ER 20's I was using previously.

The trick in getting a secure fit is pulling the top of your outer ear to open up the ear canal, then doing a slight twisting motion when inserting.