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u/s0me0neUdontknow · 143 pointsr/cats

My tuxedo does this, so we got him a robot fish. Sometimes we fill the tub just enough for him and his fish.

Edit: Don't know how to make videos, and not really comfortable putting us on the internet like that. Sorry, folks. But you can get the (robot fish)[] on Amazon. They also have a shark. They swim by clicking their tails, which will make your cat come running from across the house. You can leave them alone in the tub for about ten minutes. If kitty is still playing, pick up the fish and drop it back in to reactivate. If not, you'll want to keep it inside a cabinet to prevent kitty from running off with it when you're not looking.

Edit 2: I don't know what I did wrong with the format. Whatever. Those are the links. /shrug

u/TallowNoob · 29 pointsr/wheredidthesodago
u/lastnerdstanding · 29 pointsr/AnimalsBeingDerps

I think it's this one. If it is, it's a Japanese import

u/designgoddess · 28 pointsr/reactivedogs

You need a behaviorist, not a trainer. This isn't a training issue, it's a behavioral one. There is so much that you've done wrong, I'm sure you realize that now, that the most fair thing for your dog is to spend the money to get a solid plan from a professional that will help the both of you navigate the world safely. He will be the one that pays for your mistakes. If he bites the wrong dog he could be injured or killed. If he bites the dog of someone who is protective of their dog they can call animal control. If they determine that your dog is aggressive it could be lights out. Your first responsibility is to protect your dog.

This could have started from being around aggressive dogs when he was in his fear period, from reaching physical and mental maturity, or feeling the need to defend himself since he was off leash and you weren't right there to defuse a situation. Maybe all of that.

Raising his hackles is not playing. While his dog communications might be good, the other dogs might not have he same skills. Just because you thought your dog was friendly it doesn't mean other dogs thought he was. It doesn't mean that other dogs he approach are friendly.

You've likely caused a wide wake with other dog owners in your area, especially if they have a fearful or reactive dog. You haven't made any mistake that most of us haven't made with our first dog. I made these and so many more. It's how we learn. I swear the gift of having a reactive dog is it's like having a crash course in training, behavior, and etiquette. I went back and apologized to neighbors. They were all understanding.

Don't let him off leash at all. The muzzle will only leave him defensiveness and more likely to get aggressive. Don't let your dog be around other dogs that might be aggressive or cause tense interactions. Until you meet with a behaviorist I wouldn't let him approach another dog.

Find other ways to tire him out. Using their brain is as good as exercise. Get puzzle toys, play fetch inside. Take a Nose Work class. Make him work for meals. Get a Kong and freeze treats in it. If you have a car, car rides where he can sniff out the window. A dog's brain is built to process smells, let him use his brain and nose to find treats hidden in the house. Find a fenced area that you can have to yourselves. My old neighborhood had a fenced tennis court. I used to go there at 1 am so they could run. I found a flood retention area like this where I could take my dogs to let them run safely. I blocked the steps so they couldn't escape. Mix it up. No set pattern of activities. Get creative.

I have Pointers. They were bred to run most of a day while out hunting. They are at the extreme end of high energy. It took years for them to not just stand all day waiting for me to move. They just didn't relax naturally. I used to play fetch up and down stairs. They'd run down and up the stairs to get the ball for hours before getting tired. I would take them to a remote park on a 30' check cord so they could run in circles. With a little practice I could get them running in circles like a circus horse and not get too dizzy myself. My sister gave me a weasel ball toy for them to hunt. I took them to a quality doggie daycare. I took Nose Work classes. We worked on training every night. They worked for everything. After years of living in a second floor condo with no yard I bought a house with a yard. They still need a lot of work to tire themselves out even though they are now 9+ years old. It can be done without letting your dog run loose.

Start saving for medical bills and check that your homeowners insurance covers you if he bites a person. Do not let your dog off leash.

u/make-me-waffles · 22 pointsr/BabyBumps

Haha you are welcome! They say it's supposed to feel like kicks, rolls, and butterfly wings, but this is what I feel like is going on in there sometimes:

u/katy_Amourette · 13 pointsr/Delightfullychubby

I just bought my daughter one of these and my chubster started immediately chasing it! Maybe it would help with your chubs :)

u/Ihaveamazingdreams · 10 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I want that baby Groot. In the 90's, there were toy flowers in pots that would dance to music. Why isn't there a Baby Groot Dancing Flower toy?

If this is a product that actually exists, someone please point me to it.

Edit: I found this, but it's not the same. Those flowers danced to any song on the radio. Also, this toy is lacking a lot of detail.

u/patricksquestions · 7 pointsr/pics

What a great idea! The parrot rescue I volunteer with offers the "No-Bite, No-Screaming Parrot." He looks like [this]

u/Weloq · 7 pointsr/gifs

I honestly just googled black people reacting to magic and posted the fun stuff, I was looking for the second one because that never fails to crack me up.

Third one is a weasel toy freaking out the emu (?) and ostrich

u/iBeFloe · 6 pointsr/tamagotchi

The Meets* x Sanrio Characters (has hello kitty) CAN connect to the other Meets or Ons (On is the ENG ver)!

Make sure you get her the Meets, not the M!X. It should have a release date of 2019!

I highly suggest Amazon JPN for under-a-week delivery with an amazon discount & base shipping price of ~$10, but if you’re against Amazon then other stores like JapanYouWant (I think $15 shipping, depends on your location) or EBay (prices are either hiked up or have shipping prices as high as $20) are just as fine. Those take about 2 weeks-ish, depending.

u/Derparita · 6 pointsr/RandomActsOfGreed

My Autism son thinks this puppy is soooooo cute... T R U L Y ! ! !

u/Wonderpuff · 5 pointsr/tamagotchi
u/csmith2019 · 5 pointsr/ferrets


Jalousie 12 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys...

UEETEK Squeaky Dog Toys for Small...

Marshall Ferret Sport Balls Asst, 2-Pack

Marshall Ferret Fun-N-Games Blanket

Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E...

Marshall Ferret Bed Bug Play Center

Marshall Ferret Krackle Sack,...

Marshall Ferret Octo-Play

Marshall Pet Turtle Tunnel

KONG - Plush, Low Stuffing Squeak...

EocuSun Kids Ball Pit Large Pop...

Click N' Play Pack of 200... x3

D.Y. TOY Weazel Ball - The Weasel Rolls with Ball

Bonka Bird Toys 1745 Chandelier...

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and...

ZippyPaws - Zippy Burrow Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy - Unicorns in Rainbow

JW Pet Good Cuz Rubber Dog Toy (2...

3Pack Molar Clean Teeth Rubber Toy, Bagvhandbagro Clean Teeth Rubber Pacifier Chew Toy, Bell Chewing Playing Training Toys, for Pet Puppy Dog Cat (Color Random)

just disclaimer some of these toys should only be played with under your supervision so use your best judgement. Check any rubber or stuffed/fabric toys daily for wear and if you see it starting to come apart throw it away as any loose pieces can be swallowed and cause a blockage. My ferrets aren’t chewers they just like to have toys to stash so I’m not as worried but everyone’s ferrets are different so be careful. Also you could make a dig box with rice (never instant) or dried pasta which is a lot of fun for them. They love tunnels, they love to dig, and they love to steal and stash small objects so the toys meet that criteria they’ll be happy lol

u/cryptopox · 5 pointsr/tamagotchi

I live in Ontario & I ordered one Tamagotchi Mix Spacy from Amazon Japan and it came to $60 with shipping and everything, it arrived in 2 days, I was so surprised! Then I went to order an Anniversary Mix ($96) from Amazon Canada and once I checked out, I realized it was gonna take a month to get here, so I canceled my order and re-ordered it on Amazon Japan, and again it was here in like 2 days, and also cost the same amount. If I were you, I'd look into ordering from Amazon Japan if you want it sooner. It also didn't cost me any customs charges. Also, I noticed you had a Spacy Mix in your cart but if you're only planning on getting one of the Mix's, I'd go for the anniversary one since you don't need two to unlock everything (but it does cost quite a bit more).

u/AdverbAddict · 5 pointsr/tamagotchi
u/BomberWRX · 3 pointsr/shiba

Took about 6 weeks to get as it comes from Japan

u/lightinthedark · 3 pointsr/gifs
u/pasteltama · 3 pointsr/tamagotchi

Just the one you can get at Gamestop!
Digimon Bandai Original Digivice Virtual Pet Monster - Yellow

u/Casper042 · 3 pointsr/shiba

Thank you, your order has been placed

I copied the ASIN to in the USA and found a bunch there:

u/omgwtfbbq0_0 · 3 pointsr/self

When my siamese were much young they had a TON of energy and went crazy over this thing: it would keep them entertained for hours! Maybe that's another toy to add to the pile? It's cheap too which is nice heh

u/KittenAnne · 3 pointsr/SantasLittleHelpers

Sonya was a Dino Fanatic for a long time and I came across this Zoomer Indominous Rex which is a Jurassic world creation (which spawns off into a movie gift as well :) and you all can watch the movie together!) or you could get books on dinosaurs as well ... So many fun things at that age!

u/octaffle · 3 pointsr/dogs

Pull out the big guns. Go for some cat toys or maybe even electronic toys.

Da Bird is like a flirt pole, but it's got feathers that spin as it flies through the air. It's very birdlike. It's not a dog-strength toy and you'll likely have to replace the feathers after she catches it two or three times, but if she likes it, you can attach the feathers to your dog flirt pole maybe.

Something like this or this drives all the dogs absolutely nuts. The first one with the spinning mouse has survived hard beatings from 4 dogs, but mine is an older product bought when things were still good quality... The crazy circle is great unless the dog chews it excessively or pulls the ball out.

The cat toys that are just feathers on a stick drive my Corgi absolutely ballistic. Add a bell to it and it's an overwhelming amount of fun.

Since she seems to get riled up about chasing, you can try a $20 RC car that you can use indoors. You can also try a Weasel Ball.

Final disclaimer: All of these are the type of toys you pull out to play with for an hour and then put away. They require heavy supervision because they're not meant for dogs.

Edit: Holy shit wtf. That bot comment chain is out of control. I didn't even mention the game. ...

u/JoeFlex90 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would 100 percent cosplay as one of the Eevee Brothers bringing with me a plushie of the corresponding Eeveelution, also were it a gift giving situation I would have to bring this little guy


I'm going to a Poke-Party!

u/thehumulos · 2 pointsr/digimon

They are the same as the brown and gray versions of the Japanese Digital Monster Ver.20th, just in English. You can also find them on Amazon here:

u/ShadsuX · 2 pointsr/sjwhate

"Why does my Lego suitcase have more white pieces than black pieces..."

"Where the fuck are the Asian Fingerlings!!!"

u/Venomousx · 2 pointsr/PixelArt

Oh my god that's so cute! I've been pining after the new tamagotchis forever but they're so expensive. I had no idea you could import your own backgrounds?? How neat!

To confirm, it's one of these right?

u/umabbas · 2 pointsr/tamagotchi

So I guess they didn't :-/

Review 1

Review 2

u/jenboghel · 2 pointsr/tamagotchi there’s also a pink Anniversary. then the “Anniversary gift m!x” but I’m not sure if that one can unlock all the destinations on its own

u/MissingNovice · 2 pointsr/digimon

If you're interested in the monster raising aspects, then I would suggest Digimon World 1 (And Next Order, though I havn't played it myself) along with possibly Digimon World Championship since that emulates the v-pets. They also just re-released the actual v-pets if you want to grab one, though they're becoming hard to find!

A lot of the games do pair you with many digimon rather than a single partner like the anime, and I agree that takes some stuff away from the appeal the Anime had and makes it pokemon-ish, but the neat thing about the Digimon games is that each one tends to tackle a totally different genera. World 1 is a sort of monster raising game like the V-Pet, but on a bigger scale, World 2 is a mystery dungeon game, World 3 is a JRPG (which keeps you with the same 3 or 4 partners for the whole game, too), World 4 is a beat-em-up dungeon crawler - theres a good amount of variety to how all the digimon games play.

You might also want to take a look at Digimon Survive. Its taking inspiration from the anime in the sense that the party will always turn back into their child stage like World 3, but also it is going to have a visual novel segment, and how you treat the tamers of each of your parties Digimon will affect what their Digimon can evolve into, because their evolution are tied to their humans emotional state.

Its a cool franchise, because theres so many different takes on it. If you keep looking I'm sure you'll find an entry that gels with you!

u/Robot_Auk · 2 pointsr/tamagotchi

I ordered mine from Amazon Japan when it came out, with whatever the cheapest, standard shipping was (roughly $10 I think), and it got to me 2 days after it shipped on release.They still have it Ships from and sold by Amazon, and says International Shipping averages 3-6 days, total price shipped USD63.30.

u/Aquagrunt · 2 pointsr/Superbowl

I found this one on Amazon

u/neoslith · 2 pointsr/digimon
u/SilverSmoke45 · 2 pointsr/digimon

Okay, thanks. So it's basically the same one I had back in the day? Is this the same one? Digimon Bandai Original Digivice Virtual Pet Monster - Blue Also, I there any other ones that I should buy instead of this one? This one is around $20, and that's about my budget. Any others that I should look out for for the same price? Or should I just go with this one? Thanks for the info.

u/AnalogMan · 1 pointr/digimon

By preferring the OG 1997 version I assume you mean you prefer it to the 20th Anniversary (which includes the same Digimon as the OG and more)? Even if you don't want the 20th, you may be able to steal the membrane from it. It would cost you about $20USD:

u/craigles · 1 pointr/techtheatre

How large would be too large for the tongues? My immediate thought, going the prop route, would be to use these dog toys or these dog toys, covered in a cloth sheath and lit with a black light, with a lead line to pull them into the tree. I'm not familiar with the show, so I can't offer any advice on staging this, but this is my 2 cents.

u/NoodleBurp · 1 pointr/Guitar

Personally this goofy thing is my favorite in this vein. Go into a volume pedal, optional Fuzz Factory or other fuzz pedal, a tremolo maybe, and some crazy delay. Turn some knobs for a good time!

u/Browndogwoof · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

It's called a weasel ball. Amazon sells them We had one for our dog, but it had a very short life.

u/0Camus0 · 1 pointr/tamagotchi

I ordered this one:


That would be good?



u/BooJoh · 1 pointr/tamagotchi

Just found the design I wanted on Amazon.

GameStop order canceled, ordered from Amazon. Saved $5 on shipping and I'll probably get it sooner too.

u/Sith007 · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Reminiscent of the iDog - which my kids loved.

u/jbenn425 · 1 pointr/nostalgia

Here’s the link. They’re getting released August 1st.
Digimon Bandai Original Digivice Virtual Pet Monster - Yellow

u/Mahlegos · 1 pointr/funny
u/CAP_NAME_NOW_UPVOTE · 1 pointr/DinoToys

I have the regular Zoomer Dino Trex and this looks to be mostly the same aside from sounds and the skin. It's pretty expensive but here's a link to the Indominous Rex.

u/blonderengel · 1 pointr/cats

When you say he gets really dirty ... what sort of dirt are we talking about? Poo?

Now, regarding water...start with a brush and wet bath cloth, give plenty of treats and compliments at every step. Work up from there. Do you have a large bowl that you can leave out and get him used to seeing it? Maybe fill it with water and let him play with some battery fishes in there. I got mine something similar to this just to play with. After a while, they forgot they hated water ...

u/antdancast · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

surprised no one has mentioned the similarity to i-Dog.

u/KittenImmaculate · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue
u/MazeTLC · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing
u/RubberHuman · 1 pointr/shiba

And after a further dive into, this looks like the one in the video

u/Toubabi · 1 pointr/tollers

>any kind of thing that moves by itself.

OMG, I bought my girl a weasel ball thinking it would be a good way to keep her occupied and for her to burn off some energy. Well something about it, I'm thinking the way it moved on it's own, scared the daylights out of her! She would not stop barking at it and would hide behind the couch or a person. She saw me put it away in a closet and she wouldn't go near that closet door for about 2 days!

u/nvrdefeat · 1 pointr/shittyrobots

Yep, there's even a jurassic park one

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/tamagotchi

It's a re-release of the original Tamagotchis 8D Mine is a gen 2 re-release.

Beep boop shop link.

u/liajune · 1 pointr/TamagotchiUK

Amazon sell them. You can find the pink one here and the yellow one here.

u/soswinglifeaway · 1 pointr/puppy101

I got it at PetSmart and can't find the same toy on their website or amazon but it's the same concept as this although mine just has a tail thing that extends from the rest of the fabric. The weasel in that product looks like it's attached by a string and doesn't seem like it would last very long!

u/JeshkaTheLoon · 1 pointr/crappyoffbrands

It's hard to explain. You know those gag toys, a weasel ball?

That's what I mean, minus the tail. Now add a cheap plastic construction that looks sort of like a wide brimmed hat that is open at the top. Put the "hat" on the ground so the "brim" lies flat - previously you attached some cheap-ass dusting cloth to the bottom using velcro or something. Turn the weasel ball on, and place it in the middle of the "hat". Watch it go about its jittery, not very effective cleaning duty.

Sadly, I can't find a picture any longer. They seem to have been replaced by these roomba looking ones.

Edit: looking around a bit, cleaning by use of a "motorised ball"/weasel ball has evolved into basically putting the ball into a colourful microfiber cozy. At least it doesn't look as cheap as that weird construction. You can always claim it is a dog toy.