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u/construktz · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Squaretrade warranties are pretty good. They cover a lot and aren't reliant on the manufacturer. A good second line of defense in case of failures or accidents.

u/keshav92 · 2 pointsr/4kTV

Yep. Although I am generally on rtings' side - which is warranties are more profitable statistically to the company than to the customer, I am going for one just for peace of mind.


I see SquareTrade on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/SquareTrade-4-Year-Protection-Plan-500-599-99/dp/B003BLXJR6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8) - the four year warranty for just 54$ - I would probably just go with this but there's some confusion reg. whether this applies only to TVs purchased from Amazon or not (As the product description seems it's only for Amazon) though some reviews claim they have used this plan for items bought ouside Amazon - but I am not too sure. Any idea?

u/flashheatmvp3 · 1 pointr/hometheater

I have a 39" sceptre, if you're worried at all about the brand or customer support, go buy a squaretrade warranty off amazon 3 years $20 they have excellent protection and will cover you all the way. If something breaks they'll fix it up to the $350 it costs or they'll just give you back your original $350 back in a check, which u can then put towards a different TV.

Imaging on my TV is very adequate for me, after calibrating it with AVS videos I think it looks excellent 95% of the time, with just a bit of reddish skin in really dark scenes. Another thing about off brand TV's like this is that the built in speakers are not the best, obviously not a problem if you have a different setup but if not you might want to pay more.

As a first flat screen I don't see much wrong with this buy, other than that it's not that great of a deal, especially with $20 shipping and you having to fuss with a rebate which will take months to arrive or you have to forfeit some of its value to get it faster. I think if you wait a little bit you'll be able to find this for $300 free shipping no rebate necessary, especially if u can wait for black friday, be sure to check out slickdeals TV section if you haven't already.

u/teckademics · 1 pointr/djiphantom

Only alternative I can find is SquareTrade http://www.amazon.com/SquareTrade-Electronics-Accident-Protection-1250-1500/dp/B002HZY552

If you were to buy from amazon, I think this is an option. However you still have a set amount of money (the cost of the drone). But it's a $100 cheaper and covers for 3 years instead of 1.

Edit: Looks like you could buy this insurance on the Phantom 3 but you have to buy it from a specific retailer. Like B&H

u/nsomnac · 1 pointr/chromeos

FWIW... I just discovered that I could buy a 0 deductible ADH plan from Squaretrade for $50 via Amazon vs the $160 when buying direct.

u/Manic006 · 1 pointr/xboxone

I have gone through 7 Xbox One controllers. The best advice I have is buy a square trade warranty. There is a $12 Square Trade Warranty for 2 years on Amazon. When you have an issue it is easy to get a check from these guys.

u/CostcoPanda · 1 pointr/Costco


Costco: QN82Q65FNBXZA

Amazon one says Q6F, Costco one is Q65F. Not sure what the difference is. Aside from any spec differences (if any exist) you'd just be considering the value of buying it from Costco - 90 day return, second year warranty, Concierge support. Costco one also comes with SquareTrade for free, which would be $192 on Amazon. Up to you I guess if that adds up to $500.

Also I'm seeing that Amazon only has one available at that price from that specific seller. As soon as that one unit is gone it goes right back up to match the Costco price.

u/genghisknom · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

How do they compare to Canopy plans?

u/Kevthetonk · 0 pointsr/Costco

If your interested in purchasing one of the smaller cheaper tv’s it’s worth noting that the 4 year square trade plan from amazon is a better value than the Costco 35 dollar 3 year plan.

Unfortunately ^