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u/D1rty0n3 · 7 pointsr/photomarket

That's a stretch paying that much for a used camera. With warranty or not.

$1650 brand new

With 3 year plan= $1725

Battery grip $160

total is $1885.00

50 af brand new $230.

Now total is $2115. That means you are selling used equpiment with a partially used warranty for $15 less than buying everything brand new.

Not being a dick, but that is a rip off bud. I just looked on amazon for pretty much everything and didn't even bother looking for the cheapest prices. I bet I could get all of that new for 1900. Might want to check your prices

u/dhruv69 · 7 pointsr/xboxone

First of all congrats, I have both consoles and let me say I still use my Xbox One more than my PS4.

Since you are basically swapping consoles, assuming its a friend, I would highly recommend getting an XBL account of your own, and doing a factory reset on the console as soon as you get it (unless you want his digital games of course, then let him make the console the primary console and all his digital games will be for you to play).

You can do the factory reset by Start -> Settinggs -> System -> Restore Factory Defaults. I would also recommend either getting a pack of AA's or rechargeable battery pack of 4 (you can thank me later).

No, the chat adapter doesn't work for the X1, you will have to swap it out. Other than known XBL issues (which occur less frequently than PSN mind you), there aren't any major hardware defects. If you still want to be on safe side, I highly recommend getting this

Have fun with your console, feel free to PM me to ask any other questions.

u/forever_atone · 4 pointsr/PS4

Here you go - if you're going to get an insurance plan, get this one. It's 3 years worth of coverage and includes drop & spill protection from a highly rated company, all for the same price.

u/ElectronicBacon · 3 pointsr/PSVR

I've never used Square Trade but I hear they are competent when you do file a claim:

SquareTrade 3-Year Game Console Accident Protection Plan ($350-400)

u/gaz2600 · 3 pointsr/razer

I just ordered that same layout. I read all the non-reddit reviews and the reported issues on reddit and amazon. I looked at the Alienware 17 and the msi gs65. From what I can tell the Razer is the best balanced work/gaming laptop, it is built well and looks nice. Since there are so many reported support issues and no extended warranty I am also going to purchase a Smart Guard protection plan from Amazon.

u/Craysh · 2 pointsr/Games

I preordered one of the bundles. No issues but then they haven't shipped it yet...

Make sure it says Launch Day and you'll be fine.

I'll also be getting a SquareTrade policy on it with Accidental Damage protection.

u/zb2good · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

The only warranty upgrade I see is through SquareTrade, not amazon.
Can you link me to the amazon warranty?

u/construktz · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

No problem at all! Let me know if you have any more questions.

I'd look into something like a Squaretrade accident protection warranty or something just in case, haha.

u/venounan · 2 pointsr/nexus4

WorthHaveGroup is the one I am currently looking at. For $400 in insurance for two years its about $90, with a $50 deductible and it covers accidental damage.

There is also SquareTrade and ProtectYourBubble

u/Yobrosupp · 1 pointr/ElectricScooters

As far as I know, Assurant only lets you buy the plan when you're within 30 days of the items purchased. To track down the right plan, I search on Google by site (it's sold through Amazon) and the key words are portable electronic

Edit: this is a link to the last protection plan I purchased! I used it for an electronic skateboard, but everything's they same except the pricing range!

u/known_starfield · 1 pointr/amazon

The companies that offer these protection plans on Amazon usually send an email within a few days of your order with info about how to get warranty support.

If you don't have the email from SmartGuard, you should be able to search your Amazon orders for the protection plan. From there you can click on the 'item' for more info. This similar (or same?) plan has a link with instructions on filing a claim (PDF). Looks like it doesn't kick in until the manufacturer's warranty expires.

u/sylocheed · 1 pointr/chromeos

Haha I am too. It's a great device!

For what it's worth, Amazon sells Assurant's insurance which comes out to ~$80 for the Pixelbook, for 3 years of coverage. Just throwing that out there!

u/asquall · 1 pointr/datarecovery

Thanks, good call on this. I've had to deal with this before so I wanted to know specifically about this one. Apparently all signs point south for it. I looked on amazon again and found a lot of negative reviews on the program. Back to buying two of the same drive I guess. Here's the link if anyone's interested in checking it out.

u/The_Adviser100 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

You could add it yourself from here .

u/banini93 · 1 pointr/MouseReview

I would recomend you to get the Logitech g600 or the new Razer naga and add the warranty from square trade which is very cheap. ($5 USD ) It will cover you 3 years (after the 1 year from your brand´s warranty)

Had the razer naga (2014) replaced 1 time using this method) yeah it really sucks but I really love the design of the mouse that I keep the hassle arround lol.


Edit: Sorry for taking another direction, just trying to help.

u/Incendiiary · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I added it during my order so I'm not 100% sure how to add it after the fact.
Here's a direct link to the product page for the coverage I bought though.

It says on the page it can be added within 30 days of a purchase, but I'm not entirely sure how you add it onto an already placed order. Might have to contact customer service.

u/idosos · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I can't remember the exact process, unfortunately, but it did work, back in 2015 anyway. I did it once on a grey market camera I purchased through ebay. Since grey market doesn't come with warranty cards I went ahead and picked the squaretrade warranty through Amazon.

When you buy a squaretrade warranty through Amazon, squaretrade sends you the contract, per the product page:

> Please Note: Your Service Contract will be delivered via email and not mailed to you. It will come from SquareTrade Warranty Services ([email protected]) within 24 hours of purchase. If you don’t receive it, please visit

I do recall just signing into my existing squaretrade account but what happens after is hazy at best. But I submitted my ebay receipt as normal to squaretrade receipts, and it was accepted.

Additionally (but I can't guarantee it), I happened to drop my camera and got it repaired via the squaretrade warranty, so I know it works.

All that being said, I don't know if it's the same for monitors, or refurbs for that matter. Still, as of now it's only $13.81, so to me it's worth a shot.

u/ornerygamer · 1 pointr/xbox

Right here is a link and i have already used it once with ease.

Check this out: SquareTrade 3-Year Game Console Accident Protection Plan ($150-175)...