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u/IHaveALargePenis · 11 pointsr/MensRights

I find it funny that they are even taken seriously about all of this "objectification of women in videogames". Here's amazon's best sellers for women. And if click on cosmo and look at all the issues, every front cover is a hot woman in a tiny dress. In fact this is true for most magazines in that list.

u/dubious_luxury · 2 pointsr/europe

Yeah, that's true. I thought I had made that clear when I said that the first 12 issues were that price.

It looks like renewals still get as low as about one fifth of newsstand price. Auto renewals are pretty shady and about twice the cost of the 12 for $12, but other methods and vendors are cheaper.

There's this offer direct from the publisher. It's $59/yr for print or digital, or $69/yr for both. I don't know if it's available for renewals or if it's just a much longer introductory period.

Amazon sells the print subscription for $69/yr which does work for renewals. That comes out to $1.49 an issue.

u/TheFreeloader · 2 pointsr/unitedkingdom

It costs $1.50 with a subscription.

u/WhiteX6 · 1 pointr/nyc