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u/Saravi · 192 pointsr/Fitness

EDIT 1: TL;DR. Salad. Portion control. Aim for between 1500-2000 calories. EAT LOTS OF SALAD! Make it in advance, store it in the fridge. Exercise!

EDIT 2: Disclaimer: This worked for me. Your mileage may vary. I planned a diet around using salad to cope with hunger because it was a natural food very low in calories. I used very low calorie dressing to keep it that way. If you can't see yourself eating salad 2-4x a day, this won't work for you, but it's just one of many possible ways to cut calories with less pain than suffering through hunger between meals. Always go with a diet plan that appeals to you as something that you can stick to for a long period of time, not what some random stranger suggests on the internet. ;)

Well, I'm not a professional, but I have gone from fat to fit (female, from 210 and lazy to 130 and athletic in under six months) with similar issues as your own:

It's all well and good to say you're going to quit drinking soda, but do stock up on some diet soda. I know some people hate it, but give yourself some time with it. Your taste buds will adapt.

What's wrong with coffee? Have your morning coffee. There are no calories in coffee until you add cream and sugar. Go with milk and sweetener if that's your thing. More importantly, have breakfast with your coffee. It should be a small-ish meal - enough that you're getting your blood sugar up and keeping yourself satisfied. If breakfast alone won't tide you over until lunch, have a serving of fruit between breakfast and lunch. Small meals throughout the day will keep you more satisfied in the long run than three squares (because they help to keep your blood sugar elevated).

No sweets? Good. Next!

I'm not big on bread, but pasta? Mmmm. Unfortunately, portion control is damn hard with both bread and pasta. Sandwiches are okay, but think pita bread (look for varieties at about 100cal/pita) and lots of vegetables with some lean meats (chicken, turkey, lean ham, roast beef) and mustard & salt and pepper instead of butter or mayo. Calorie free mayonnaise exists, but I have no idea what it actually tastes like. Stuff that pita till it's ready to burst with lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Cucumber is damn good on a sammich. Don't you doubt it.

As for pasta, did you know that ~35 pieces of rotini is a portion of pasta? Disappointing as all get-out, huh? Click.. Get one. Stick to 1 portion. Stick to non-meat sauces and have a salad or steamed vegetables on the side/remaining three quarters of your plate. Heck, have some chicken, too. Key word: Some. Like 1/2 a breast.

I don't like vinaigrettes either. That's why fat free Italian is awesome. Calorie reduced everything else is also pretty good, but you've got to be quite moderate with it. READ YOUR LABELS and measure out your dressing accordingly.

Lots of vegetables, some fruit. Green vegetables contain very few calories, making them excellent for purposes of satisfying hunger without guilt. Keep in mind that most yellow, red, orange or white "veggies" have substantially more calories than greens (even though they're still pretty low). A few slices of carrot and some cherry tomatoes in your salad won't kill you, but if you make a salad containing only green things, you can pretty much eat as much of it as you want, whenever you want, provided you don't forget to think about the calories in the dressing.

A grilled chicken sandwich from a fast food joint probably isn't a big improvement vs. whatever else you had in mind, but it depends on the particular sandwich. If it's a major chain restaurant you're going to for it, look it up. 500 calories? Not... bad, but probably not very filling. 1000 calories? No. Just no. The problem isn't the chicken - it's the bun and the condiments. Subtracting the cheese (if present) and substituting a creamy sauce with barbeque sauce is one way to improve it, but only if you're looking at something that's around 500 calories to begin with. Here's an example. The best fast food restaurant meal is a side salad... or three. Again, mind the dressing. A packet of creamy dressing like Ranch can contain 300 calories.

A good rule of thumb is not to put anything in your mouth without first knowing what's in it. Always read Nutritional Information labels and when in doubt, use a calorie index site like the one linked above (there are many) before you plan a meal, whether in your home our outside of it. I have to wonder, why do you have to eat fast food? Workday lunch? Is there a reason you can't pack your own lunch? Planning your meals is key, as is portion control (particularly bread and pasta control). The best way I've personally found is to plan your meals a week in advance, but more importantly, try not to let yourself get hungry.

Easier said than done? Easier done than you think. You love salad? Perfect!

Step 1: Buy stuff to make a whole lot of salad, plus the lowest calorie dressing(s) you can reasonably tolerate putting on said salad. Also, buy or find a large (as in ~300oz) bowl or tupperware container and at least one small container (~32oz). A 3rd even smaller (12oz) container is optional (or you could go for two even smaller containers here). Airtight tupperware is best. Additionally, you will need either a lettuce spinner or plenty of paper towel.

Step 2: Clear half a shelf in your fridge. Wash, shred and DRY (spin, air dry or shake and thoroughly pat dry) enough lettuce to fill the big container. The drier the lettuce, the longer it'll last. Wash and slice enough mostly green whatever-else to fill the larger of the small containers and save the smallest, if you opt for it, for tomato and onion. The reason for keeping all of this separate is A) to keep the lettuce dry and B) to keep the tomato and onion flavours in the tomato and onion where they belong.

Step 3: When you want a salad, make a salad. It'll take you all of one minute to remove your containers from the fridge and combine their contents. Bring at least one serving of salad with you to work with the intention of eating it on your last break or just before you leave. That way, you won't be hungry when you get home. On the off chance that you are, you've got plenty of salad waiting for you if it's not yet time for supper.

Drink lots of water.

Get problem foods out of your home if you can.

Set a realistic calorie limit. Your BMR with the stats you've given is about 3000. This does not include calories burned during exercise, but to keep it simple (and effective), consider anything below 3000 a calorie deficit. Eating exactly 3000 calories a day is not likely to result in a satisfying rate or weight loss, so you'll want to go even lower. I would suggest setting a limit somewhere between 1500 and 2500. A pound of fat contains 3500 calories, so at 1500 calories a day, you'd be looking at at least 3lbs of weight loss per week (to start - keep in mind that as your size changes, so does your metabolic rate). At 2500 calories a day, you'd be looking at at least 1lb of weight loss per week.

You can approach achieving and maintaining a calorie deficit in two ways:

All at once: Limit yourself to somewhere between 1500 and 2000 calories from day 1 of your diet onward. If you can maintain it, you'll see quick results.

Ease into it: It is okay to start with a small reduction (for example, start with limiting yourself to 2750 calories), working your way down (by 250cal/week) over the course of a few weeks (again, to no fewer than 1500 calories). This is not the usual way to go about "starting a diet," but if your main problem is eating too much, it's not just the size of your body that you need to think about shrinking. Your stomach is in fact larger than it ought to be and it will take time for it to shrink down. As it does so, it will take less food to fill you up, but if you suddenly start eating half the food your stomach is used to, it's going to bitch and moan about it in the form of some pretty intense hunger pangs. It'll still shrink its whiny self down to a slimmer-you friendly size, but it's going to complain about it for a good two weeks.

How to start out is something that is entirely up to you. Succeeding at weight loss boils down to mental discipline, which tends to erode in the face of something as demanding as a hungry stomach. If it was easy to make drastic changes to your eating habits, no one would ever fail at a diet. It's not easy, but you can make it easier. Making smaller changes over a period of time may make it easier for you. Maybe, maybe not. You'll see smaller changes at first with this method, which may be discouraging. Again, it is completely up to you how you want to start: Tough it out or spread it out.

Plan your shopping and non-salad meals before you head out to do groceries. More to the point, plan for the diversity you want. There is no reason to eat the same thing every week, let alone every day. Does that sound silly when I'm advising you to eat lots of salad? There are many, many varieties of low calorie dressing. Use that to keep it interesting and vary your non-salad meals to keep them interesting.

If your wife is doing the groceries, well... either give her a list, go with or go yourself. And eat first. If it involves thinking about, reading about or looking at food, eat first.

Otherwise, it's all about basic portion control, which is a challenge in and of itself, but it gets easier. It really does.

Last but not least, EXERCISE. If the only exercise you can do is walking, walk. The best place to start however is with some strength training to give your body a little more calorie burning capacity (because muscle just does that, even when it's not doing anything else). For that, see the side bar. >

u/Artful_Dodger_42 · 55 pointsr/bestoflegaladvice

Probably best solution is to get a container with a lock on it.

Hopefully troublesome roommate doesn't develop "night safe cracking disorder".

u/Chordata1 · 54 pointsr/ExpectationVsReality

Wilton Icing Colors, 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color

Includes black and colors are super vibrant

u/BrentRTaylor · 40 pointsr/rpg

In no particular order:

  • Basic Fantasy RPG
  • Savage Worlds
  • Dungeon World
  • Mouse Guard Check under other purchase options. You can get it for about $19.40.

    You can't go wrong with any of them, but gun to my head, I'd say look into Mouse Guard or Dungeon World.

    Mouse Guard

    Mouse just down right fun. While combat is certainly part of the game, it's got a heavy emphasis on problem solving in encounters over straight up murderhobo-ing your way through the game. It's my go to game for one shots. Perfect for when you need a break in the middle of a long campaign in another system, or if just not enough people show up for a session in your primary campaign. Not that you couldn't run a long campaign in Mouse Guard, that'd be rad.

    Dungeon World

    Dungeon World is also another great game for one shots, IMHO. Need to work on your improv? Play Dungeon World. It's a very narrative driven game that heavily encourages collaborative world building with your players. Additionally, if you discard all of the rules on classes and combat, the rest of the system is an amazing compliment to any other game system you want to run. It's GMing section is honestly the missing manual for D&D or any other system you want to run. And hell, Fronts are a great way to organize an adventure or long campaign.

    Edit: A few other options that came to mind

  • Fate: Core System, or Fate Accelerated Everyone seems to either love or hate the system with no in-between. If you've played the Dresden Files RPG, you're familiar with the system. Fate Core was derived from the Dresden Files RPG.
  • Bubble Gum Shoe This one is a lot of fun. Runs on the Gumeshoe system. Kind of an innocent system. Think Scooby-Doo mysteries, without the monsters. If you want something grittier, take a look at Trail of Cthulhu or Mutant City Blues.
  • Monster of the Week This one is a guilty pleasure of mine. Game is exactly what you'd expect from the title. If you like episodic shows like Supernatural or Buffy, this is for you.
  • Fiasco Haven't played this one myself yet, but it looks interesting. This is a game that doesn't require a GM and is entirely improv. Looks great. Requires six sided dice.
u/kzintech · 37 pointsr/keto

Lockboxes, all the lockboxes! Maybe a minifridge in your room?

Food thieves can definitely eat a bag of dicks. Preferably Haribo sugar-free gummy dicks.

"That's not necessary!" "That's embarrassing!" Yes, it is, thieving fuckface.


u/Blakwulf · 21 pointsr/news
u/Jorgeragula05 · 19 pointsr/pics

You should invest in one of these.

u/Dani_ka · 17 pointsr/muacirclejerk

just throwing it out there

Edit: although it is kinda on the smaller^tiny side

u/RegularNormalAdult · 17 pointsr/BabyBumps

Oh thank god! lol

Edit: apparently it is a thing now

u/Gorilla1969 · 15 pointsr/keto

There's also this. Maybe she'll get the hint with a locked food cage.

u/ForthrightRay · 15 pointsr/rpg

More quick tips:

  • will show you exactly what the percentages are for many common dice expressions used in RPGs. Use this to examine games you like and games you don't like to find patterns.

  • Ask yourself if the ideas you have are minor tweaks or best practices for running a game. If that's where your focus is, then there is no need to create an entirely new RPG to express those ideas.

  • Remember there is nothing wrong with making supplemental material for existing games (new and old). You are not more or less of a game designer because you used PbtA as a base for something else or because you came up with an interesting variant magic system to bolt onto D&D.

  • Check out multiple online forums and gaming communities to get an idea of how people feel about the hobby, specific games and the types of things you want to make. The goal here is to avoid duplicating other people's work and making sure you don't fall into common pitfalls that have bedeviled others.

  • Listen carefully to all advice, good and bad, that you receive. Figure out what applies to you, make changes that you feel are needed, and ignore the rest. No set of rules will please or delight everyone; don't make pleasing people your goal.

  • Don't spend more on the game than you can afford to lose. Don't assume you will make the money back through online sales. Only commit money to your first project that you could just as easily burn.

  • Start small. Jason Morningstar of Fiasco fame started with a small game he and a friend packaged and mailed out by hand. Each new game was made using whatever money was left over from the previous venture.

  • Don't try to imitate the major publishers in terms of art quality, the amount of art and graphics, the type of paper, size of books, etc. Start with what you can afford, which likely will be PDFs or print-on-demand options.

  • Do take advantage of free-to-use art if you need it. Look for commercial licenses that are available for items. Many people resell art for low prices or make items available for the general public to use.

  • Make sure you do have the legal right to use whatever you publish, including fonts. Don't assume that because you have a font on your computer that you can use that in a book that you sell to others. That's a great way to get sued.

  • Do consider using things like Adobe Creative Cloud once you are very far along in the process. Or hire someone to handle layout, design, editing, etc.

  • You will need an editor at some point. There are no ifs, ands or buts to this. Editors have other people go over their work, too.

  • If you employ freelancers, pay them! Don't do things like "pay on publication" or "pay when we make money". Make sure you have the money to pay a freelancer set aside before you commission work, that way you won't wind up short.

  • Only focus on what you need. If don't need detailed rules on swimming because the game takes place on spaceships, then don't bother with it.

  • Don't use a game mechanic or idea just because it is popular. Making your game with the Powered by the Apocalypse engine is no more likely to make you a success now than making a game with the d20 license was a decade ago.

  • If you have a game that you want to playtest, consider going to local cons to show off your game. Play it with anyone who shows up and make a note of every rough spot that comes up in play.

  • You can run your ideas past people on /rpgdesign and /tabletopgamedesign.

  • Crowdfunding is not the key to free money. Make sure you fully understand the tax implications and legal requirements you assume before running a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign. Many backers won't even consider fronting money for a project that is not mostly complete, since their money is not necessary for you to write rules. Backers are more comfortable giving to projects where the money is mostly going toward art, layout, and other technical work required to make a physical or digital format of the rules.

  • Make sure you contribute to the online sources you use if you want to be paid attention to by that group. That means commenting on forums, backing Kickstarters or sharing information to communities on Google+ about things beyond just your projects.

  • Consider attending Metatopia. This game design festival has panels from people who have been able to make and sell indie and traditional games. You can find some panel recordings online as well. You also can play many other people's games in various states of design, offering your feedback and getting feedback from other platesetters in return.

  • Keep in mind many of the game designers talked about online still have day jobs and don't expect to be able to provide for themselves and their families just through their work in RPGs.
u/NomMyPlume · 13 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

You [can also buy just one] ( if you don't mind playing roulette with the color choice. $30 is a lot of money for laugh... $6 on the other hand? Sign me up!

u/ShitLordStu · 10 pointsr/CringeAnarchy
u/jrwreno · 10 pointsr/confession

Yes! And they work well for shaming your turd-launching kid!!

u/senesced · 9 pointsr/OkCupid

For future reference, these are a Prime-eligible purchase.

u/mswabs · 9 pointsr/casualiama

I'm going to go by category for the best selling items, because it is easier for me:

Clitoral Stimulator: This was actually a tie between two different seven speed bullets. The first (which is my personal favorite and one of my longest lasting toys) is the Burning Angel 7 Speed Bullet. It is waterproof and held up for years for me. It was a quick seller and one of the best sellers in the category, with decent pricing as well. The second is the Doc Johnson 7 Wonders. We couldn't keep them on the shelves! The only downside of this one, for me, was that it isn't waterproof. However, it is Phthalate-Free --- no weird toy smell that normal toys have, no risk of allergic reaction.

Dildo: Doc Johnson's Blush ULTRASKYN was our main best seller!

Dual-Stimulator: Our best-selling dual-stimulator was The Hummingbird. I had sooo many great reviews of it, especially compared to the normal Rabbit. It thrusts, has different speeds of vibration, pulsation, and thrusting. And it's waterproof!

Strap-On: Actually, our best seller in this category was a strapless one! The Gal Pal has a few different sizes. It takes some kegel-muscle strength to hold it in, but our customers loved it! Not only is it hands-free, but it also comes with a bullet that sends vibrations through each end!

Anal: Our best selling anal toy was a 3 speed anal bead set that, unfortunately, I cannot find a link to at this point! If I find it again, I will update this post. It was flexible and waterproof --- and I remember that it was made by California Exotics. This the closest to it in that particular brand that I can find now. Others that match it are this, this, and this.

Lube: This is divided into two categories. For vaginal and toy use, it's best to use a water-based lubricant. A lot of toys are made from materials that will start breaking down if used with a silicone-based lube. Our best seller in water-based lube was Liquid Silk. It's actually one that I still highly recommend to my friends or anyone that asks! If things start getting a bit dry while using it, all you have to do is add a few drops of water to it and it's back to being nice and slick! For silicone-based lube, Wet Platinum was our best seller. Wet Platinum is one of the best types of silicone-based lubricants to use for the more risque types of play.

Realistic-feeling Male Masturbator: The Sasha Grey Ultra Skyn Vibrating Pussy and Ass was our best seller in this list! It is ribbed inside to make it feel more realistic than the normal toys. It is also made of a material called UR3 that, to touch, feels like actual skin. The only downside I found from working with it is that you have to make sure to clean it regularly and use a specific type of powder after cleaning it, else it will start deteriorating.

Novelty (Joke): The sheep blow-up doll and the Filthy Fireman blow-up doll were our best sellers in this category. I have a couple of funny stories to go with these.

u/Voxbury · 9 pointsr/todayilearned

Get ready to visually comprehend. It's a real thing now.

u/bunabhucan · 7 pointsr/askastronomy

Four hundred of these will get that 200lb object to 22km. If that object is you then you will have passed out and died long before then but do it somewhere remote so your carcass doesn't hurt anyone when the balloons burst.

u/Icanpickanyname · 6 pointsr/breakingmom

Or if she needs a bigger container Fun Express - Fridge Locker - Home Decor - Decorative Accessories - Home Accents - 1 Piece

u/WindowOnInfinity · 6 pointsr/Whatisthis

Not very inventive, but a Rubber Jar Opener?

u/ariheretic · 6 pointsr/NobodyAsked

I work at a sex shop. Those are anal plugs. At least the heart one is made by NS Novelties and is called the Crystal Heart of Glass.

u/DeadassBdeadassB · 6 pointsr/TooAfraidToAsk

You may need this u/Learnedbutt approved

u/YoungGazz · 6 pointsr/LegalAdviceUK

Have you ever considered importing the Reddit inspired Poop Knife

u/Sometimes_Lies · 5 pointsr/confession

I actually looked it up for a reply downthread.

Either it's a single product that gets re-packaged and re-branded at wildly different expense levels ($8-40) or there are multiple versions of the same design.

The cheapest I saw was $8-9 here, probably from a Chinese seller/manufacturer, and the most expensive I saw is $40 here, possibly but not necessarily from exactly the same Chinese manufacturer. There's a middle-ground one here as well.

Good luck, hopefully whatever your-friend buys won't have lead in it or anything crazy like that. No reason to believe it will, of course, I'm just hyper paranoid sometimes :p

u/MeridiusDex · 5 pointsr/ValveIndex

This was the best one I've seen so far:

u/Abramawitz · 5 pointsr/Frat

If you're looking for something a bit more put together, there's always this.

u/ComputerByte · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Televisions_Frank · 5 pointsr/CHICubs

There is no Christmas tradition besides baking so many cookies the night before you hate everyone the next day.

alt: Ham

alt 2: I'd like to make amends with my ex- hahaha, fuck no, I may send her a bag of dicks though.

u/GRZMNKY · 5 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It's Bongzilla!!!!

A beer bong on a stand.

u/TriflingHotDogVendor · 5 pointsr/CFB
u/jordan628mor · 5 pointsr/Frat

Bongzilla... always gets a party going in the right direction

u/doctechnical · 5 pointsr/pics
u/jsaxl31 · 5 pointsr/Coachella


If you've ever walked past one of these in the campgrounds 2013 - 2015 and seen a Christopher Walken photo and a guy hitting a cowbell, you've probably chugged out of our Bongzilla :)

Just be aware if you get one of your own -- with great power comes great responsibility. This thing requires modifications to work without leaking, and the nozzles always break.

u/charl3magn3 · 4 pointsr/Frat

we used to have a bongzilla (which is the shit, you should all buy one) and it just became a shit show. The week after that, we had jungle juice fever.

u/BattleHall · 4 pointsr/guns

Here are some 3' balloons for $5 bucks, and some 8' weather balloons for just under $20.

u/flargenhargen · 4 pointsr/AskReddit
u/music_lover273 · 4 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA. May I introduce the Fridge Locker?

u/Pixeleyes · 4 pointsr/keto
u/redditKMC · 4 pointsr/Advice

Get him the official "poop knife" to use before he flushes! Based on a reddit post where someone mentioned they had a poop knife due to their large poops, someone actually made the product.

u/dmartin07 · 3 pointsr/OSHA
u/ladybrowncoat · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A gold M.

I would like 0 for me and some for /u/bunnylebowski1 /u/sweetiebud3 and /u/homeallday <3

I'd prefer platinum-190

u/omadson · 3 pointsr/brasil

essa é uma tarefa para a faca de cocô (poop knife)

> A knife stored near the toilet to chop giant concrete turds that would otherwise clog the toilet. Poop knives should be dull (since an accidental skin laceration would result in infection) and long-handled. Poop knives should never be used during the bowel movement.

tirei do urban dictionary

tem até uma versão comercial.

edit: typo.

u/E21F1F · 3 pointsr/rpg

Man softcover from approved retailers is really hard (no sarcasm), so many good games only come in hardcover. If you give me more information about his preferences I could help you narrow the list down. (I think)

Character playbooks for pbta might be hard to print off. (this seems like its worth a look)

u/scyth3s · 3 pointsr/MLS

I will eat a dick if Diego Valeri leaves Portland for anther MLS team.

Edit: you got me, fucker. This is a top quality shitpost while also being potentially relevant. Well done.

u/ordovicious480 · 3 pointsr/Baking

Wilton gel-based colors red usually works well.
Wilton Icing Colors, 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color

u/KristyBanalia · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The circle-bad concept is fine the reason the 3DS's is horrible for extended play is because they used this stupid slippery type of coating for it instead of something with grip. I cut a little circle out of those rubber pickle-jar opener cloths (Usually found MUCH cheaper at your local general store) and glued it to the center of my circle pad. Works wonderfully now.

u/The_Riddler_88 · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

On mobile so my apologies for formatting but I bought theses last year. Perfect size and only $20 for 300

300 8" Lumistick Brand Glow Light Stick Bracelets WHOLESALE PACK

u/MacBeef · 3 pointsr/canucks
u/filledInAnxiety · 3 pointsr/italy
u/Yokuo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I don't need the gold, but I want /u/spencerkami, /u/notimeforidiots, and /u/abby89 to have gold, so this is for them!

Here's my golden "M" item!

Though "I'd prefer platinum-190" :p

u/mynameiscam · 2 pointsr/Sasquatch

I think that I am going to go with your idea for the flag but instead of a large amount of small balloons I am going to get a weather balloon!. I was also thinking about putting a small strobe light inside the balloon but I dont think it would last the entire festival. Any thoughts or suggestions? Look for the weather balloon and party with me!

u/musicAlly · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I can't live without this in my kitchen. I have such a hard time opening jars, but this makes it so easy! I don't fully understand WHY it works, but you just wrap it around the lid, and twist like you normal would, but the lid almost always pops right off. I use it all the time and love love love it!

Let's do it in the kitchen.

u/isestrex · 2 pointsr/TalesFromThePizzaGuy

-One of these for between the car and the house on a rainy day

-One of these for hot summer day shifts

u/Silvesti · 2 pointsr/ValveIndex

I'm totally stealing this idea! Genius!

Is this it?

u/Anonymoose_wrex · 2 pointsr/MGTOW

Lol, you ever seen the Lovin' lamb? Just wrap that around a Boston Bot, mount a Fleshlight and we got a prototype!

Edit: This could actually massively improve their funding. They might consider it low brow but the porn industry advances whole lines of tech already. It would be silly to deny such a sure fire way into such exposure and investment, I would think.

u/maimonides · 2 pointsr/Judaism

Not that brand, but I searched Amazon and found this other gel: Wilton Certified Kosher Icing Colors

u/duckducknarwhal · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

100% bought Nude 'Tude purely for the sass of having a palette of scantily clad ladies in my collection. I've barely touched it. I really want Nude Dude too...but I shouldn't.

Also, this

u/hopefulmachines · 2 pointsr/bootroom

How much pasta you eat in one sitting has to do with your height and weight, yes. It also depends on what kind of pasta you're talking about. You can likely find approximate measurements for your size somewhere on the internet, then measure out the dry pasta in those amounts.

If you want to make it extremely easy, go with a long-noodle pasta like spaghetti or something similar and use a serving measurement tool to make sure that you're getting the same amount each time. Here's an example of one; here is a different one.

You can also look at the nutrition facts and use measuring cups to measure out serving sizes as labeled on the packaging. The measurements for servings in the nutrition facts are using the dry pasta (before being cooked), so you don't even have to worry about figuring anything out.

If you wind up cooking more pasta than you could or should eat in one sitting before a match or training session, you do not have to throw the excess away. Get out a ziplock bag, put a small amount of olive oil in the bag (start with about a half tablespoon) and then put the leftover cooked pasta in the bag. Shake it up and make sure it's all lightly coated in olive oil - add small amounts of oil if necessary. Put the pasta in the fridge and you can have it the next time you want pasta. To reheat the pasta you can either try your microwave (though I'd only recommend this if your microwave has a Reheat setting option - it effectively uses half-power to heat the food, so that you don't wind up with that dried-out nasty mess you usually wind up with when microwaving leftovers) OR you can boil a new pot of water, drop the noodles in and stir around for about a minute or so, just enough to get them hot again. Then serve as usual.

u/random_clonetrooper · 2 pointsr/funny
u/Meph616 · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Or if you don't want to be ripped off by an overpriced gimmick, you can just buy the bag for $8 Prime shipped from Amazon.

Or also $6 Prime shipped for the sour patch kids variety.

u/draggingalake · 2 pointsr/supereffective

Tried to go for the red from the Fiasco cover, but it looked too much like blood, so dialed it back.

u/ragaboo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

I'd never heard of Fiasco before looking through this list. It's got awesome reviews and the price represents an all-time low. Anyone else here played it?

u/WordplayWizard · 2 pointsr/BoneAppleTea

Chopping poop is messy business.
I hope they at least used a poop knife .
If not, I would chalk that up as bad planning.

u/stellarbeing · 2 pointsr/pics

There's a series called Fiasco that doesn't require a DM, has simplified play, and each bit can be played in a single sitting.

I've yet to play it, but the reviews are pretty good. It's a Tarantino-esque take on RPGS

u/zac3707 · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I wear an umbrella hat. $6 on amazon and it doubles as a fan when you're dying in the sahara tent.

edit: formatting

u/Lovtel · 2 pointsr/funny

My jar opener and me...we don't need no man, girl.

u/intensenerd · 2 pointsr/blursedimages
u/EleanorofAquitaine · 2 pointsr/pettyrevenge

Fun Express - Fridge Locker - Home Decor - Decorative Accessories - Home Accents - 1 Piece

u/ndtcssh · 2 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

I honestly have no idea where to get one, I found it in the kitchen (I still, embarrassingly, live with my mother). I will ask her when she's home! EDIT: the best I can find is here

u/giraffesareburning · 2 pointsr/tabletop

For 4-5 (No DM) players I would look into this:
It has premade characters with some customization and doesn't require a DM.
or for 4 players (No DM) this:
(I don't know too much about this one except it's got some hype).

Or, if you're inclined for non-fantasy roleplaying, this:

This game is amazing with the right group - but does better with 3-4ish, doable with 5 definitely but it gets kind of cluttered.

Other than that, I would just suggest home-brewing a D&D 5th edition campaign. Character generation is easy, or you can find some premades (I think someone made levels 1-20 for each class). It can be as combat heavy or as political as you want. It would be a lot of work, but you can always steal ideas from the various D&D reddits. You can do a new theme each time you play with new characters - horror, politics, war, ect. It takes a lot of work and flexibility as a GM, but it's completely worth it if your players are invested.

There are long lasting non-rpg board games as well... Diplomacy, Twilight Emperium are the ones I think of off the top of my head, but if you are looking for a fantasy D&D 5th edition is your best bet in my opinion.

u/TVops · 2 pointsr/pics
u/Rosieslittlespace · 2 pointsr/littlespace

My favorite cutesy toy absolutely HAS to be this one

Sadly I don't actually have it, but I got it for my best friend as a gift, and while she's not a little, she says it definitely makes her feel like a princess haha. She absolutely loves it though

u/Bellainara · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfChristmas

I added a game to Trent's list, as I am always looking for ways to get him out from behind the monitor.

He has received more than 5 gifts, so if another has less please gift them first.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

u/lacycheeky · 1 pointr/Sexsells



🌺 I own copyright and content to all of my videos. Videos are for your eyes only. They are not to be shown to anyone else or posted anywhere (no redistribution, no reselling, not for commercial use). Doing so is copyright infringement, which is illegal.

🌺 I do not show full face in ANY of my videos.

🌺 I do not say names.

🌺 All videos have a 5 minute minimum.

Rate | Information
$7/minute | Videos will be filmed with this webcam.
$10/minute | Videos will be filmed with this camera.
Fetish Content | Priced on a case-by-case basis.
B/G Content | $10/minute to film with this webcam. $14/minute to film with this camera.

Add-Ons | Cost | Description
Keep It Private | +$75| I still own the content (you may not share with others or post elsewhere) but I won't resell your video.



Toy | Where I'll Use It
Crystal Heart Glass Dildo| Oral/Vaginal
Pink Gem Butt Plug | Oral/Anal (I don't do Ass to Mouth)
Lelo Gigi 2 Vibrator | Oral/Vaginal
5.5 Inch Banana Glass Toy | Oral/Vaginal/Anal
6.5" Realistic Cock | Oral/Vaginal
Lovense Lush | Vaginal
Bad Dragon David's Sheath Wearable | Oral/Vaginal



u/ComputerMatthew · 1 pointr/boardgames

It was a complete Fiasco? That sounds amazing.

u/ksemel · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I bought these: Wilton Gel Icing colors and Wilton Decorating Basics Student Kit

I also got a way too big 14x4 inch pan and "parchment circles" which made it SO easy to get the cake out of the pan without destroying it.

And made this (actually simple) cake which my daughter loved:

I mixed colors into the cake batter and just dumped pink and purple batter into the pan together without mixing. It came out cool! The cake is a single layer but 3-4 inches high. The cake was too big for our small group, we ended up throwing some out a few days later when we didn't finish it all.

The icing was one big batch and set aside some bowls of it for accent colors and mixed up a bunch of green, then slathered it all over that cake and let it dry for an hour before doing some fancy-looking stuff with the decorating kit. I scratched the letters on with a toothpick before icing so I had a good idea where they would fall before I started.

I did it all little too late though, and missed some sleep finishing the icing. I forgot it needed to cool before icing, and I didn't defrost the icing I had made in advance early enough. The design took about an hour to finish up.

u/tunaman808 · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Or something like this:

I think we have three of them, and they were all "free" gifts from buying stuff at kitchen gadget stores.

u/TheOldContrarian · 1 pointr/sex

If only all sex-related questions were so easy to answer as this one!

>Is that normal?

There is no such thing as "normal".

>I dream of being fucked... but I dont like the look of dicks

(a) Hook up with a guy. Draw the blinds. Turn off the light (or, alternatively, put on a blindfold) before he takes off his shorts. Let him fuck you to your heart's content.


(b) Choose a non-phallic or non-realistic dildo, such as this or this. Hook up with a girl. Let her use it (with or without a harness) to fuck you to your heart's content.

Problem solved.

u/kayotik · 1 pointr/Coachella


not prime, but already pretty cheap at around $10. toss it in your backpack and use it as a guide when directing friends to your location (blue lightsaber, stage right gobi). get a bunch for your friends and have battles after the sun sets. be wary though, security forced me to toss mine citing it as a weapon (friend in other line got through just fine).

300 glowstick bracelets

great thing to pass out at night. make so many new friends with these!

u/Luckystar812 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Golden "M" Balloon!

One month of gold :)
Thank you for the contest!

I'd prefer platinum-190

u/makenoapologies · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • Gold "M"
  • I'd prefer platinum-190
  • I would love for /u/paxgarmana to get some gold because he's never had any and all people should get to experience the awesomeness of being summoned. /u/ebooksgirl and /u/Divergent99 should also get some gold because Omahans must stick together!!

    Thank you for the contest!
u/Epitoaster · 1 pointr/AbandonedPorn
u/BlueLightSpcl · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

We just went on a big shopping trip this afternoon. We are going to attempt to fly our 4x6 foot flag with 3, 5 feet sections of 1 and a quarter inch PVC pipe, some connectors, a bucket, and 50 pounds of quick crete (about $20 total). We have one of the pipes cut into a point just in case we need to mallet it into the ground. Our list, and other distracting items. We also have duct tape just in case.

I also just bought a two plug car AC converter. I bought these recently. Excellent source of fiber and protein. And 600 glowstick bracelets.

We have acquired most everything we need. We will end up buying around 8-9 24 packs of water in addition to a dozen or so gallons and some other easy access water. We have a 15 passenger van with back seats taken out (no storage concerns), and its our first time going, but we figure people will be needing water come Sunday.

Here is a list of the things we purchased today. Maybe a thing or two will give you some ideas. We also used this as a guide and checklist as well:

  • -9x9 feet EZ Canopy
  • -6 cases of 24 waters
  • -a few gallon jugs of water
  • -2, 2.5 jugs of drinking water with spigget
  • -7 liters of gatorade
  • -imodium
  • -antacid
  • -acetometaphin/caffine/aspirin in one
  • -3 in 1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash
  • -bungee cords (4, a variety of sizes)
  • -100 feet of twine/high tensil string
  • -lamp oil
  • -small baby power and antibacterial gel
  • -4, 5 foot sections of 1,1/4" PVC pipe with connectors
  • -4 buckets (to carry water, epsom salt, etc)
  • -50 lbs of quickcrete (to put in bucket to make 15 foot flagpole with above)
  • -UV resistant, 8" zip ties
  • -UV resistant, thick tarp in case of rain and to cover the tent from sun heat
  • -baby wipes

    Some things we bought individually: ear plugs, eyemask for sleep, offbrand camelbaks (2 liters with additional storage), flasks, granola bars (a variety, including a few boxes of high fiber), twizzlers, a metal hot/cold thermos, sugar free red bull (8 cans). should be bringing a few pounds of homemade beef jerky.

    This all totaled around $250 or so.

    [Friend], this is what we need you to buy:

  • -100 or more red cups
  • -paper towels
  • -toilet paper
  • -more baby and wet wipes
  • -coke/coke zero/any mixers in cans, not 2 liters
  • -5 hour energies (Wal-Mart may be cheaper than Costco? It was 10 for $16)
  • -zip lock bags (a variety of sizes)
  • -battery powered fan
  • -more gallons and cases of water. the more, the better
  • -gold bond extra strength
  • -clif bars
  • -dish/plasticware
  • -oil/fuel/pots/pans for your stove
  • -gatorade powder
  • -miscellaneous food items. we didn't buy a whole lot of food. or anything that could be cooked. i figure you can use your judgment and we'll go to Wal-Mart the night before.
u/me82009 · 1 pointr/pics

not to mention its not a new thing

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/AskReddit

College freshman you say? This.

u/Big_Baby_Jesus · 1 pointr/pics

That's cool. I see it online for about $7. I have this solid plastic one with 4 holes in it that sells for only $3.18.

u/pseudomuffin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My pink butt would love anything off my NSFW list! This is my biggest want right now but a little over $15 :)

u/nacho_cheezus · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Obviously NSFW

u/box951 · 1 pointr/funny
u/Diredoe · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Or this if you don't want to be insane and spend around $12 on a spaghetti measure.

u/ImMattHatter · 1 pointr/ValveIndex
u/hurricane_jack · 1 pointr/Fiasco

Oh, hey, I misread the OP. If you want to the print edition, you can get it on Amazon but we always recommend using IPR or a brick-and-mortar store (like our own Atomic Empire or perhaps Leisure Games in the UK) where you can also get the digital edition.

u/parmenionofmacedon · 1 pointr/SargonofAkkad

Actually upon reflection I think you were looking for

u/tralphaz43 · 1 pointr/trashy

They make lunch baskets that lock for this reason

u/SassiesSoiledPanties · 1 pointr/tifu

Its a knife you use to break up stubborn turds in the bowl. Label appropriately and keep away from the rest of your cookware.


Now on Amazon for the low price of 14.99!!


u/playhertwo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How the what in where?!?!?!?

This has made me orgasm in ways I didn't know possible. I don't think people want too much detail, but it's ridiculous.

I don't even know

My nsfw list

For your birthday cake

u/Dyolf_Knip · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Heck, here you go. An 8' diameter weather balloon on Amazon.

By my calculations, it has an inflated volume of 7.5 cubic meters, which if filled with H2 could lift (minus its own weight) 18 lbs.

u/myanrueller · 1 pointr/rpg

The Star Wars RPG beginner boxes have great "learn the system as you play adventures". The adventures are broken down into a series of "encounters" and each encounter is designed to help the players learn the system in some way, and combat is typically reserved for the third or fourth encounter.

Force and Destiny

Age of Rebellion

Force Awakens

Also those beginner adventures tend to be challenging enough for a new party of those who don't roleplay, but not so challenging as to not make them want to continue playing RPGs (which Lost Mine of Phandelver in DnD 5e starter box has issues with). Each adventure also has a free adventure followup. AoR Followup. These follow up adventures don't read as easily (they read more like FFGs pre-published ones, but are still really excellent).

For GMless and a one shot I recommend Fiasco. Which can also be found in PDF form here. It's a system more geared towards actors and story tellers, and less for those that want heavy combat. There's even a video of Wil Wheaton playing it with some writers/actors. And there are tons of free playsets.

For one shots with a GM:

I recommend Dread. It's a horror system that uses a Jenga tower instead of dice rolling for any sort of check. In Dread the idea is you're playing in a horror movie, there's even an Alien (Ridley Scott) playset for free on the website, and the goal is to survive. The GM has the players pull from the Jenga tower when their character does something out of their normal skill range, or under duress. A good Dread GM will get the tower to fall at the most dramatically appropriate moment. It takes skill and practice, but it's also an excellent system.

Tabletop Dread Episode.

For beginners, those are my recommendations. Star Wars FFG is a more traditional, but easy to read RPG, while Dread/Fiasco are one shots that are incredibly fun.

u/RedWineDrunked · 1 pointr/toronto

Time to invest in one of these, perhaps...?

u/ImInterested · 1 pointr/politics

Don't forget Christmas, for the person who has everything or someone you think is full of sh**.

u/AdrianBlack · 1 pointr/Advice

The shock mats will not harm the cats, they are very effective and not painful, it's just a small zap its not like you are electrocuting them. Invite your roommates to put a hand on one so they understand. You could place one in your doorway and one on your shelf.
Or you could get a Ssscat canister that sprays citronella water when motion is detected in front of it, put that in your doorway/shelf (you can step over it to avoid it)

You could stack another baby gate on top of the one you have so they can't jump over it.

Fridge lockers are also a thing,, you could get another one to keep in your room for dry goods.

I'm sorry about your situation, I hope these suggestions make it a little better. The best you can do is save up to live on your own as quick as possible and look forward to that day.

u/gtranbot · 1 pointr/boardgames

/u/pierec already mentioned Fiasco, which is great, plays fast, and requires very little setup -- and the setup is just as fun as the play.

Another option that I can't recommend highly enough is Microscope. Microscope tends to be less gonzo than Fiasco, and relies even less on external inputs for play (Fiasco games rely on free playsets you can get on the Bully Pulpit webside). Microscope also rewards (but does not require) a dedicated group coming back to the world they create over and over again.

Note that both of these are more like collaborative improv-fiction exercises than proper games, in that there's no winner or loser -- the point is to make an interesting story. But they're wonderful with the right group.

Indie Press Revolution is a great source for indie story games like this, if you want more.

u/OneLife77 · 1 pointr/Baking

this is the set I bought at A.C. Moore it was the same price to buy the set of 12 vs. the 6 individual colors I wanted. The box art was a little different though.

u/probably_apocryphal · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals
u/thesassybartender · 1 pointr/tifu
u/Ereshkigal234 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

actually yes! icing coloring - i've always had dreams of using bath bombs, and when i found out they aren't super hard to make.. i wanted to make them instead and this would be for coloring them.

a hilarious one: Justified season 1 Justified season 2 - marital aid.. chuckle man creature loves the show.. mostly because i love Timothy Olyphant..

u/xaffinityx · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gold M balloon!

I'd prefer platinum-190.

One month!

(: Hi!

Thanks for the gold M! (:

u/ljmunoz · 1 pointr/Coachella

I ordered a bunch of stuff for this year. I went a little amazon crazy.

I stubbed my toe on a tent stake last year so I ordered these glow in the dark tent stakes.

I figured this blow up couch would be a cool addition to our campsite.

I got one of these battery powered fans for my tent.

I ordered a few of these batter powered led lights in different colors for decoration.

I ordered like 4 of these portable fans for our camping group to clip onto their camel packs for the daytime heat.

I ordered this portable battery pack to keep my phone charged.

I ordered a 300 pack of glowsticks 100 for each day.

I ordered these light shooter things. They are fun to play with in the camping grounds.

I ordered one of these anti chafe sticks for my fat legs. It's truly a life saver.

Also I ordered The Watterpuff for obvious reasons.