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u/goonch_fish · 62 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Shower first! (Or soak your feet in hot water for a while.)

I always leave them on longer than the instructions say. If it says 60-90 minutes, I'll do a minimum of two hours.

Soak your feet each night for a bit in hot water. That'll speed the peeling process.

...Take your socks off over a trash can, NOT after flopping yourself tummy-down starfish-style on your bed. Trust me on this.

NOT ALL OF THEM ARE MADE EQUAL. From personal experience, Holika Holika's and TonyMoly's were really good. Skinfood's Sparkling Mint one was a LET-DOWN. So disappointing. I also tried like 2 different Japanese ones (I can't recall the brands) that were okay. So-so. Seems like this one is the gold standard, but I've never tried it, cause it's expensive af, so I don't know how it compares with cheaper ones. I have a hunch these could be a dupe for them, and they're less than half the price. I mean, I hope so, I bought 'em, so we'll see.

u/This-is-Peppermint · 38 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Have you tried Baby Foot? It's like a asian beauty sheet mask for your feet. You wear the booties for about an hour, then about 3-5 days later the top layer of you skin on your feet starts peeling off. It's pretty gross and also fun to pull it off. i don't think you are supposed to use moisturizer during the days before the peeling starts.

The foot skin that is revealed underneath is just so soft and fresh and new feeling.

I recently tried a cheaper version and it was NOT the same as the original Baby Foot.

Check out this review for what to expect

u/analogy_4_anything · 37 pointsr/WTF

I did this for years, but finally managed to stop.

What I did was I gave my hands something to do, I lotioned the CRAP out of them, since that helps them heal and keeps them from getting dried out and easier to pick at. And just try to be conscious of it and stop whenever you can. Eventually you'll grow out it... mostly. I'll still pick at my hands when I get very nervous, but there's nothing there so it's mostly fruitless.

And don't make fun of her. I kept going because people ridiculed me and it made me keep going. No one helped, hell, my brothers used to show it to their friends just for a laugh. I became a freak show.

If you need a good lotion, I recommend this one.

It's the only lotion I've used that actually made a difference. Most others just don't heal fully.

u/Einsteins_coffee_mug · 36 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/p0pc0rnsalt · 36 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

O'Keeffe's Working Hands!! I cannot overstate this, it is a life changer. I'm a huge germaphobe and I've struggled with compulsive hand washing for years, which has led me to try a zillion remedies for dry cracked skin. This is by FAR the best. It actually works even better if you apply it to damp skin. It's an odd sensation at first but once it dries your hands will feel like a baby's butt. I actually even resorted to using it on patches of super dry skin on my face while on accutane (though I wouldn't recommend this except in extreme circumstances...some of the ingredients are supposedly highly comedogenic).

u/[deleted] · 33 pointsr/backpacking


Also, if you're going to bring soap, I like to pack a small bottle of Dr. Bronner's. You can wash everything with it- clothes, dishes, body, hair. Dilute it before using.

It's supposed to be biodegradable, but I've read elsewhere that no soap is really "good" for the environment, so use sparingly and keep it away from bodies of water.

A good idea might be to wash in a small container, and pour your wastewater into a poop hole.

Not, like, your anus, I mean a hole you dug into the ground for poop. Fool.

u/justanothertut · 21 pointsr/trees

Dem fingers. Use Gojo bro komochocho.

u/jackmikel518 · 20 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I know it’s not AB but this is my go to for my hands during the winter months O’Keeffe’s you should try it out if you haven’t yet.

u/Lutya · 20 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Get that man some Baby Foot!

u/polarbeargarden · 19 pointsr/AskReddit

Gojo man, it's fucking amazing! Plus it's made from volcanoes.

Here's a fucking gallon of it!

u/gizmo1024 · 19 pointsr/videos

I noticed I would always have a buildup of dead skin on my dress socks after standing all day, so I tried one of these last week. About 4 days later the magic started working and it looked like I could peel a sock off skin off my foot. My heels and outsides of my feet were worse so I soaked them in water for an hour, holy shit so much dead skin started sloughing off. One of the nastiest most satisfying things ever.

u/nmagod · 17 pointsr/vaxxhappened

My sister is into that "essential oils" garbage. See, my building had a bed bug infestation recently (that was fun, oh boy) and I noticed that the things almost instantly died if I put some Fast Orange on them, and brought it up when we all had to go to Montana for our father's funeral service. So, I get to hear all about how essential oils are vital, and good, and pure, yadda yadda.

u/_Babbaganoush_ · 17 pointsr/terriblefacebookmemes

You laugh but Dr. Bronners covers all the criteria

u/ahhh_zombies · 15 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

This is the "original" version. I've tried it with good luck, and it has better reviews than the one you linked to. and /u/akiraahhh is right, your feel will look gross for a week. But after that they will be perfectly soft and smooth.

u/rfp2XX · 14 pointsr/SarahSnark

This stuff truly works, buy the cream not the lotion version.

u/taraclaire · 13 pointsr/NICUParents

O'Keefes Working Hands. My hands were in agony from all of the hand washing. It was the only thing that helped. The stuff in the round container, not the cream.

Also gift to show appreciation for their NICU nurses. Candy, Kind Bars, snacks...That went a long way for us.

u/river_daughter · 12 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

This stuff is a god-send.

u/roadtohealthy · 12 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I tried Baby Foot foot peel this week. I am horrified and strangely fascinated with all the peeling that is going on right now. The skin is literally coming off in sheets and I can't stop picking at it. My husband is totally grossed out and has asked me politely but firmly to not pick at the skin in his sight, but I can't stop. I think I'm going to get a few more packs of Baby foot so I can do this regularly.

edited to add: here is a link to the foot peel I used (I got mine on a Black Friday sale so it was cheaper but here is a current amazon link)

NB DO not get the moisturizing mask also sold by Baby Foot - I put it on and thought "my feet are softer" but no peeling happened was not a peel it was a hydrating foot mask

edit #2 I'm going to try the Tony Moly Foot peel as suggested next - so thanks for the tip!

u/vgeh · 12 pointsr/Ultralight

Trail Toes is what I use currently. Trail toes are expensive in UK so Vaseline is what I would suggest if you don't want to spend 28 pounds. Coconut Oil also would work but you will likely have messy socks & even shoe/sleeping bag/tent. I would use coconut oil after the trip and when at home but not on trip. You already looked at Skurka's article so you know how to use.

Another suggestion is to use a thin/liner synthetic socks under your wool socks to reduce even more friction.

u/fullhalter · 11 pointsr/ultimate

The problem is that your hands are greasy afterwards, so what you need is a really good degreasing hand cleaner. Get some Gojo or Fast Orange, it's what most mechanics use to get automotive grease off of their hands, and it can be used without water. It's a thick paste with pumice particles in it to help rub off oils and grease, so just rub it into your hands and then wipe off with a towel. I keep a bottle of Gojo in my bag right next to the sunscreen and it works super well.

u/ThatsAGoudaChoice · 11 pointsr/starbucks

This hand cream should work nicely and a little bit goes a long way. I was pretty liberal about it when I first got it because my hands were all cracked and bleeding. Went to bed with it, woke up and put it on, during my shift too.

You're allowed to wear a non-scented lotion and what's great about this is it can stand a few hand washes.

u/ej1014 · 11 pointsr/beauty

This thing changed my life. I use it every summer and my feet feels amazing. No calluses. Be wary tho cause it will make you feet peel like crazy but I personally think that's the best part!

Baby Foot - Original Exfoliant Foot Peel - 2.4 Fl. Oz. Lavender Scented Pair

u/iWOCuplikethis · 11 pointsr/RepLadies

I recommend applying a product called “trail toes” to your toe where it rubs. After a few weeks it should be broken in enough that you won’t need it anymore. trail toes

u/Saul_Oliver · 10 pointsr/trees

As every good pot head mechanic will tell you. This stuff works in an instant every time.

u/brutus2600 · 9 pointsr/cigars

I'm in the same boat kind of, my gf hates the smell of smoke, so after I'm done smoking (outside), here is how I "cleanse" the smokey smell.

  1. Put the clothes you smoked in somewhere that you (and others) don't mind smelling like smoke...because it will to a non-smoker. When I get done smoking I leave my clothes in the wash room so me and my gf's room doesn't smell like smoke. Your clothes will be the #1 culprit for smokey stank.

  2. Shower (duh). Take a complete shower too, don't just rinse off. Wash your hair (smoke gets trapped in it), and soap up. I usually use a shower gel and loofah as opposed to my normal bar of soap. This step gets the majority of the smoke smell off of your body.

  3. After the shower when your boogers are all nice and steamed up, clean out your nose with whatever your preferred method is. Blowing it, getting a kleenex all up ins, or neti-pot rinsing it...this will get the smell out of your nose (but really, only you can smell it).

  4. Brush your teeth, use a tongue scraper (key part here), and then use a Gen3 mouth wash. The mouth wash I use is pretty damn good, and even my gf can barely tell I've smoked a cigar after this. It's called Smart Mouth and while it's expensive (about $10) it lasts quite a while and works very well.

  5. The trick to getting the smell off your fingers is regular white paste toothpaste. The grit works well to take the smell off your fingers, but really only you will smell that. That is unless you're touching somebody's face, then they can smell it, otherwise it doesn't permeate the air around you like you might think it would. Alternatively, I haven't tried this, but I'm guessing Fast Orange Hand Cleaner would probably work well too. It's a pumice hand wash and that's the whole idea behind the toothpaste. Having said all this though, smelling my fingers after a nice cigar is one of my favorite parts :) lol

    Hope this helps!
u/vvwwvwvwv · 9 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

you might like using a foot peel mask! it makes your dead skin peel off and renew

u/OhNoBananaz · 9 pointsr/PuzzleAndDragons

In all seriousness... there really isn't a damn thing out there that is a licensed product for this game. One option is to get him a stylus if he doesn't already have one. Here Are some Examples #1 #2 #3 in increasing order of Fancy/Cost.

u/chefboyoh · 8 pointsr/canada
u/goldfinches · 8 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/adeliche · 8 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Baby foot peel - this stuff is amazing.

u/Annika31111 · 8 pointsr/blogsnark

I purchased this product today on Amazon with my iPad.
When I opened my device this afternoon, the order confirmation was still on the screen. I was horrified for a second, because I thought I’d accidentally purchased Enough.

u/peony_chalk · 7 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Ok, so first off, stop digging at your feet with an exact-o knife. That's like using a chainsaw to cut drywall.

If you need to physically remove calluses and dead skin, get the right tool for the job: a pumice stone and/or callus rasp/callus shaver. Use these carefully, especially around areas where you've got cuts.

To help the dry parts of your feet heal, moisturize! Silicone/gel socks feel weird (it's like walking on rubber duckies) and make my feet sweaty, but they've done more to soften gnarly calluses than anything else I've ever tried, especially when used regularly and for several hours at a time. (If you aren't afraid of girly colors, there are plenty of other/cheaper options for these on Amazon.) When you aren't wearing the socks, use a lotion or cream like Working Feet or Cerave Foot Cream. Also, ALWAYS wear socks (just like normal cotton socks) when you aren't wearing the silicon socks.

You can also do a foot soak, either with just water, or water plus some bath salts or foot soak stuff. Silicon scar sheets or hydrocolloid bandages might also help with some of the deeper/open cuts you have.

Combine those for several weeks, probably in the order of foot soak, callus shave, moisturize + socks, then more moisturizer after removing, and I'd think you'd see a lot of improvement.

The babyfoot thing is also a good idea for you, but I wouldn't recommend using that until all of your cuts/open wounds have healed. I think the peels are basically acid, and that's probably very painful if you use it on open cuts.

If all of that fails, go see a doctor or podiatrist. Your feet are super important, and if the above interventions aren't helping, I think that's a strong sign your feet need some professional help to get them healed up.

u/googleyeye · 7 pointsr/cycling

There are soaps specifically designed for removing grease from hands. I figured everyone knew about them. GoJo Orange Pumice Soap, Lava Soap, and Boraxo to name a few. Hell, even dishsoap is better than regular hand soap because it is designed to dissolve grease.

u/BRBPotatoFarming · 7 pointsr/bikewrench

This is what I use Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner. I use it on my hands when I have grease on them and just wipe it on a rag and washing your hands afterwards is optional.

u/elenathehun · 7 pointsr/AsianBeauty

And then a few neurons die from WHITE HOT RAGE. NGL, the day I had to go to three different grocery stores to find regular sour cream was the day I officially wrote off most of America, at least when it comes to basic nutrition.

Anyway, after looking at your link, seems like you found a lotion...eventually. Have you ever tried Cornhuskers Lotion? It's the non-sexiest lotion ever, but damn does it work good! :P

u/jicty · 7 pointsr/Throwers

O'keeffe's working hands is the best hand cream I have ever used.

u/rep_it_out · 7 pointsr/powerlifting

This stuff is the best that I have ever tried. They sell it at Walmart and Tractor Supply.

u/wicksa · 6 pointsr/BeautyAddiction

I own aquariums and have cats and dogs (I used to have rats! RIP Margo and Lilac). I am also a nurse, so I am constantly washing my hands.

  • Don't use alcohol based hand sanitizers.

  • Get a moisturizing hand soap for home (I use softsoap, its pretty cheap).

  • I use these gloves when I am rearranging/cleaning out my aquarium to protect my skin from the chemicals.

  • This hand cream is awesome. Even if you just apply it in the morning when you wake up, and at night before bed, you will notice a difference. Its small enough that I can keep it in my scrub pockets and apply it after washing my hands every once in a while throughout the day.

  • You can slather your hands in moisturizer/vaseline before bed and put on some gloves like these while you sleep. I have tried it a few times, and it makes my hands soft, but it feels weird to sleep with gloves on.

  • You could try using something like New-Skin on your hangnails instead of band aids to protect them from bacteria while they heal. They are less unsightly and the rats are less likely to pick them off.

    Those are all the tips I can think of right now! Hopefully something in there is useful!
u/pollydowner · 6 pointsr/Hypothyroidism

Use this before this. If that somehow fails, use this.

u/meecharoni · 6 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

I agree with no soap, just water! We also waited more then a week to give the first bath. Now we use Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap.

u/cyber_dildonics · 6 pointsr/peeling

This is what I used, though in preparation of this vid I was very careful to keep the loose skin intact until I was ready to film so your mileage may vary :3

u/dancer101 · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have severely dry and cracked heels. This has saved my feet mutiple times!

u/liketwodoves · 5 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

instead of shaving cream try Corn Huskers Lotion, it’s life-changing

u/Feather-Light · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Oh hey! I think my dad has this condition as well. His fingers split deeply, like the tips of his fingers on the sides, vertical splits that tend to go up his fingertips and up adjacent to his fingernails.

It's important to avoid unnecessary contact with water, so don't wash dishes without gloves. I remember always jumping in to take over dishes when he'd do them to spare his fingers. Cold weather and wind made them worse as well. For actual treatment, my dad only ever used Corn Huskers lotion. If he had the problem today and asked me for advice, I'd definitely have my dad slather his hands in Vaseline after his lotion before bed and put on rubber gloves to go to sleep. He needs all the protection from dehydration and further damage he can get.

u/Zombeez · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I think they're talking about this one by O'Keefes.

u/foxual · 5 pointsr/RedditForGrownups

Ever tried this stuff? It works miracles: O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream

u/Ooo00O · 5 pointsr/climbing

I've always used O'keeffe's Working Hands, and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

u/Blasto6000 · 5 pointsr/OCD

O'Keefe's is your best friend right now can't recommend it enough for ocd hand washers like you and me. When I was really really bad I was washing my hands at least 50 to 60 times a day my hands would be so dry I could feel my skin stretch like leather and crack just like your hands only bigger. This stuff helped a lot at the very least it allowed me to blend in and feel normal with the general population and I didn't look like I had leprosy anymore. It burns when you first use it with super dry hands but trust me its worth it just so you don't have that feeling of your skin pulling itself apart when ever you move your fingers.

Also be careful of the cold with winter coming it'll get worse make sure to wear gloves outside and dry and your hands good.

u/tech651 · 5 pointsr/malegrooming

I have the perfect product to recommend for you. I also worked in a warehouse and know exactly what you are talking about. I went to Amazon to find a solution and Okeeffes Working Hands Cream came with stellar reviews. It was tough to believe the hype so I ordered some myself and was skeptical. I can say that this product deserves all the hype. My hands were restored after only a couple of weeks of using the product. This would undoubtedly be my recommendation for your situation.

u/uberfkknfrau · 5 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Wine of the month club? Fun socks with cats? One of those fun foot peels that make you feel like a snek.

u/xomegxo · 5 pointsr/peeling

This is the one I've used several times which I think is the OG Baby Foot. I've seen it at Ulta Beauty recently and they regularly have coupons so it may be cheaper there.

u/failtolearn · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife
u/LickItAndSpreddit · 5 pointsr/Nexus7

This is the specific one I'm trying out.

Full disclosure: I will be testing it out and providing feedback on it as a product tester. I am getting the product at a discounted rate, but this has no bearing on my review of the product.

This one actually has a lot of excellent reviews, and I like that the tip is retractable (I assume this cuts down on accumulation of lint, dust, dirt, and debris when it's stored in a pocket, in a bag, etc.).

I also came across this one, which has replaceable tips (so the entire stylus body doesn't need to be thrown out when a tip is worn out). It has the same rating, but more than 1.5 times the reviews of the one I'm getting.

Reading through some of the reviews of the first product, it seems like the tips do last for a while.

If you do want to see if you can get better precision (I realize now this is a more appropriate word than accuracy) I would suggest you try to open up one of the tips and 'stretch' it to a point with a plastic 'nub' (like a coffee stirrer) and see what the screen response is like. It would likely involve a lot of 'kludging', but when I first got a rubber-tipped capacitive stylus I thought of doing something similar to get a finer implement.

u/mt_sage · 5 pointsr/Ultralight

Various forms of foot stuff have long been praised for helping with blisters, and especially for preventing maceration in persistent wet conditions. Trail Toes seems to be one of the best ones currently available.
Hydropel was once the Holy Grail for feet -- especially for preventing maceration -- but it was discontinued in 2012. Dimethicone was the magic ingredient.

I did a thread about it a while back. The TL/DR:

2 parts Trail Toes + 1 part Lanacane Anti-Friction Gel = Hydropel, sorta.

2 parts Trail Toes + 1 part Dimethicone gel = Hydropel, almost exactly.

u/Alecann · 5 pointsr/popping

This is the brand I found to work best of the few different ones I've tried. You get 2 sets, so you can do it with someone else, or save it and do it a second time later. The price is a little higher than some of the others on Amazon, but I hated the other ones, they didn't work at all. Except, I've never tried the actual brand Baby Feet, I think they're priced even higher though, so I never bothered, since these worked so well for me.

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Callus Remover (2 Pairs Per Box)

u/WalterFStarbuck · 4 pointsr/askscience

I keep telling my family this all the time. Use soaps that remove things not kill bacteria. I use gritty soaps. They feel great and they remove anything on my hands/body.

Bottom Line: GOJO is awesome!

u/Rugged_as_fuck · 4 pointsr/funny

If this or this won't take it off, it's not coming off without just waiting for it to wear off.

u/LeopoldTheLlama · 4 pointsr/Guitar

Everyone calluses differently really so people will have different care routines for their calluses.

If you're having issues with weird shaping, get a pumice stone or coarse emory board/sandpaper, and file down the callus to the right shape. You may need to soak the fingers for a bit first (or do this after a shower).

If they're overdeveloping, get a callus shaver or a Dremel and trim them down first.

If your calluses are flaking or cracking (and they're not otherwise overdeveloped), you probably need to moisturize. I like Corn Husker's Lotion a lot.

(Source: Rower, rock climber and guitar player. I know my calluses)

u/458steps · 4 pointsr/eczema

Sorry you're going through this :( Someone in a previous post talked about having good experience with O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream. I've used it too and it definitely burns when you first put it but within two days, my hands starts to heal.

Have you tried applying a shit ton of oil and then wearing gloves before going to bed? That helps lock in the moisture too. Good luck and I hope it gets better soon!

u/Zhozers · 4 pointsr/AskWomen

Mechanic here. Because of the constant washing and scrubbing, plus the dry winter weather, my hands get extremely dry. I've tried Gold Bond, Udderly Smooth, Corn Huskers Lotion, and a bunch of other stuff. None of that worked for me. The best product that I have found has been O'Keeffe's Working Hands. 2 tins of this stuff will pretty much last me all winter (and we have long winters in Minnesota). I use it after I get out of the shower and before I go to bed. The cracking, itching, and bleeding have all been remedied by this stuff. I highly recommend it.

u/alethalcombination · 4 pointsr/nursing

I like Okeeffes Working Hands Cream. Everyone in my office has one at their desk and my mechanic BF uses it as well. Works pretty great!

u/shadyhornet · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I swear by O'Keefe's Working hands cream twice a day. If I'm having an eczema flare, I'll put the O'Keefes on and layer Rx cortisone ointment

Seems to be a good sign that it's sold at Home Depot, you know, for working hands.

u/paintdrippin · 4 pointsr/houston

Babyfoot! Stuff is great. Just make sure you soak your feet first, it's in the reviews on amazon, and it works wonders for me. You will have flaky feet for a week. But i'm usually crack free for 4-6 months.

You can also try the tony moly branded ones those work less, but they do a decent job.

u/savouringsolitude · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I work at a hospital too and using the O’Keeffe’s Working Hands in the jar or the tube has worked wonders for the skin of my actual hands. But when it comes to cuticles, I’ve found that using jojoba oil around the base of the nail as well as under the nail really helps!!

u/onlyacarryon · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

About 2-3 nights a week I slather my hands in Vaseline and stick them in some 100% cotton gloves. I’ll watch tv for an hour or two while it absorbs in and they feel great after. Some people go further and sleep with the gloves on, but that feels too weird for me. This has saved me, a fellow over washer living in the dry and cold mountains of Colorado.

u/80211n · 3 pointsr/feet

Shit dude. Help her out with some of

u/Sadie_8 · 3 pointsr/CompulsiveSkinPicking

Ugh I just finally healed (no pun intended) from something similar. This is my go to nightly routine for soft heels so I don’t pick:
cracked heel socks and healthy feet

About once a week I use an electric sander like this before I shower.

Out of all the things I’ve tried this has been the best combination to fix my embarrassing picked at heels! I actually dare get pedicures again.

u/jaapeth · 3 pointsr/lasercutting

Yeah, it's 1/8 birch plywood so it gets a little glue residue on it and of course, some smoke marks and I read of a couple people using shop hand cleaner like Orange Gojo to clean it up and it works great. I just put some on a toothbrush and scrubbed it pretty good and then gently whipped it with a towel. (

u/HerbLion · 3 pointsr/HerbGrow

Nice! Interesting link. I have some of this that works well too. I like gloves, that way if I have to make a sandwich or itch my ballz mid-trim I can just take off the gloves real quick. Haha.



u/ChaosWaffle · 3 pointsr/MensLib

Get some fast orange, it gets the grease/grime right off your hands. I swear if I even look at the chain on my bike my hands become instantly covered in grease.

u/groceryfiend · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

this and this just sayin'

u/NexusDivine · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I prefer Fast Orange.

u/Trackjunkey · 3 pointsr/MTB

I'm pretty allergic to poison ivy and it's a big issue on my local trails.

Best solution I've found is some kind of mechanics soap. It can be found in any auto parts store or hardware store and its pretty cheap. Example

Basically I have this stuff in my shower, shower right after I get back from a ride. I shower top to bottom and separate into zones that could be contaminated and areas that are not. Head, upper arms, torso down to right above the knee (because i wear knee pads), this would be non contaminated area and wash like you normally would. Contaminated areas would be forearms and lower leg. Wash these areas with mechanics soap. I like the soaps with the abrasives built in, kinda feels like sand. You want to scrub well but lightly, making sure not to break or aggravate the skin too much. Then I simply rinse with water. Dry off the non-contaminated area with my regular towel. Contaminated area I let air dry if possible, if not pat dry with paper towels and throw them out.

You can use mechanics soap on a outbreak like you have but scrub lightly because you will break skin. Make sure to pat dry with paper towel. Do it twice a day and it should speed up recovery by a lot.

I no longer fear poison ivy , good luck!

u/scfd524 · 3 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

I also hate the greasy feeling you get. That's why I use corn huskers lotion. This puts the moisture back in your hands without leaving them greasy.

u/chiseledface · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

It sounds like you may be getting ingrown hairs, or just getting razor burn.

I'd suggest trying a cheap DE razor with a brush and soap made for sensitive skin. This is a lot easier on your skin, and with a single pass shave, you should still look ok, while leaving some stubble above the level surface your skin. For an aftershave, I'd use Tend Skin followed with Cornhuskers lotion

Disclaimer - I make and sell some of these products, but many similar products are available at other vendors that will work equally well.

u/LexicanLuthor · 3 pointsr/AskWomen
u/slothbear · 3 pointsr/KitchenConfidential

That doesn't happen to me too much now, but in my pizza delivery days, my hands were not too happy with the winter air. It got to the point of my skin cracking and bleeding. I used something called Corn Huskers, and it worked pretty well.

u/Scleropages · 3 pointsr/GripTraining

Get some 320 grit sandpaper and sand those babies down. Be conservative at first since you can't put skin back on after you take it off. Keep your hands moisturized with a hand care product like Working Hands.

u/Suwon · 3 pointsr/korea

My skin is really sensitive to dry weather too. I lather Cetaphil cream on my face at night and use a smaller amount during the day. I doubt they sell this in Korea, but O'Keeffe's Working Hands is by far the best hand cream I've ever used. Nothing else comes close.

u/Junkbot · 3 pointsr/chicago

Have you tried regular Eucerin? That stuff is like lotion+. O'Keeffe's Working Hand Cream is like chapstick for your hands.

u/foofieloofie · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddicts

I also have chronically dry hands and it gets painful and itchy in the winter. O'Keefe's hand salve is amazing - I've gone through several of them already.

u/PandaPancake2068 · 3 pointsr/nfl

Tried Working Hands?

O'Keeffe's K0350002 Working Hands Hand Cream, 3.4 oz, Jar

u/chemkara · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Hand cream with Urea like this one or this one during the day after each wash. Then at night same cream but top it off with Vaseline. Use cotton gloves while watching TV or something. You can take them them off at night. I can’t sleep with gloves on either.

u/gooberfaced · 3 pointsr/Fitness

O'Keefe's Working Hands will fix you right up.

u/PatPetPitPotPut · 3 pointsr/firstworldproblems

This stuff is amazing for that.

I started using it specifically for this reason. It dries in a few seconds, and feels like you just put baby powder on.

Uh, for the record, not good for extracurricular activities due to this.

u/Shadow703793 · 3 pointsr/Android

Try this: After a few minutes it's not oily like other hand lotions and such.

u/Ionnoyou · 3 pointsr/pics

Buy it here.

u/maxbemisisgod · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I don't have eczema but I second Eucerin as a fantastic brand for hand creams. I use this product and it makes my hands so soft within seconds of application, I can't feel any roughness whatsoever afterwards (it's the AHA, which does increase sensitivity to sunlight so wear sunscreen during the day if that worries you). Topping it off with Vaseline/Aquaphor and putting gloves on at night on like /u/applepeels said will really lock in the moisture longterm.

u/iiiitsjess · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

The gold bond moisturizing sanitizer is great! The pharmacy techs at my pharmacy use it (one guy in particular highly recommends it). Got some for my brother who works at a homeless shelter, he recommends it as well. I, as a former preschool teacher for many years, also highly recommend it. I also recommend washing your hands with soap and water whenever possible too. Then slathering on some good lotion. I really like a few lotions and potions for my hands too:

-kiehl's ultimate strength hand salve,

-eucerin intensive repair hand cream,

-lubriderm intensive care (or repair?...something along those lines),

-Neutrogena Norwegian formula, (this is thick so you only need a little. You can also put it on just the tops of your hands if need be).

-o'keefe's working hand cream.

The Neutrogena and working hands seem to put a pretty good barrier on so when you wash your hands, you aren't washing it all off. Helps to hold in moisture as well.

Good luck and have fun teaching!! :)

u/buu700 · 3 pointsr/answers

I just use soap and moisturize with jojoba oil and aloe.

u/wiffthecliff · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Im surprised no one's mentioned Baby Foot in this thread yet! That product is some serious wizardry.

u/italore · 3 pointsr/popping

this is someone who is using Baby Foot, possibly. I used this product myself, and it DOES produce these results when done properly.

u/RockyColtTum · 3 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

Baby Foot

You do the treatment and then about two weeks later your feet start feeling like crazy. It's so gross but satisfying.

u/onigiri815 · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

You can pretty much google 'foot peel' and you'll find heaps. Here's a few for examples:

Product 1

Product 2

u/-thuggy · 3 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

i would worry about leaving dna more than fingerprints in your case.

what i used to do:

  1. put these one first

    CARA Dermatological Cotton Gloves, Medium, 24 Pair

  2. then put on the nitrile gloves

  3. always wore long sleeve shirt.
u/av1cenna · 3 pointsr/analog

Scanning is costly, yeah. If you shoot a roll a week or more, it's a no-brainer, cause you'll make back your costs on what you save in paying for lab scans pretty quick. If you shoot less than that, "it depends".

If you're just shooting 35mm, a used Plustek is a great way to go, or even a new one if you want a warranty. If you also shoot medium format, I'd look for a used Epson V700 or higher; I wouldn't bother with the lower number Epson flatbeds; the resolution just isn't enough for me to make it worth the hassle of scanning.

If you already have a DSLR or other interchangeable lens camera, and especially if you already have a macro lens for it, you can also try DSLR scanning. Even if you don't have a camera, you can get set up for around $500-700 depending on what you need to buy. If I had to do it from scratch here's what I'd get.

  • Nikon D3200 (24mp) and 40mm f/2.8 macro (really sharp lens) -- used $300
  • For 35mm scanning: Nikon ES-2 film holder -- new $140
  • For 120 scanning: Lomography Digitaliza film holder -- new $35
  • LED tracing pad for backlighting -- new $23
  • Cheap tripod and ballhead (tons of these on amazon) -- new $66
  • Rocket blower -- new $10
  • Cotton gloves 25pk -- new $24
  • Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop package -- $10/month
  • Negative Lab Pro lightroom plugin license -- $99 one-time

    So all in that's everything you need for DLSR scanning, and it comes to $707 plus the ongoing LR subscription. You could cut the cost a lot if you already own some of those things, or by using a cheaper 35mm holder than the Nikon ES-2, such as a 35mm-sized Digitaliza, or rigging up an older Nikon ES-1. You also don't need NLP and Lightroom; you could get away with free software like the GIMP. You might also be able to find a cheaper tripod at a yardsale or thrift store that will work fine, but they can be clunkier than modern ones.

    All that is why people say "if you already have a camera" with DSLR scanning. Otherwise, why not just get a brand new Plustek 8100i AI for $490 and get about the same level of image quality for less money, or even less with a used model. So, it kind of depends on your personal situation.
u/BlazinAzn38 · 3 pointsr/Fitness

One of the best things too do is keep them so they're not very "tall" if that makes sense. I use a pumice stone to sand mine so that they're still there but not so they get ripped off. They occasionally do and when that happens I use RipFix ( the stuff is great.

u/wizardboxxx · 3 pointsr/peeling

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Callus Remover (2 Pairs Per Box)

u/jargo1 · 3 pointsr/InfertilityBabies

To add to what ApocalypseBride said, you can also buy gloves that you wear while you sleep. Cover your hands in balm/butter in a thick coat and put the gloves on and go to sleep. Gives your skin several hours to soak up all that much needed moisture.

ETA: Eurow 100% Premium Cotton Cosmetic Moisturizing Natural Therapy Gloves for Dry Hands Healing and Beauty - White 2 Pairs

u/helix123 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've heard that

gives a nice protective coat without much color change. I have CDB's that need some fixin up, and I have/use the salve on my hands. If you're interested, I'll try it out within a few days and let you know.

u/22444822244 · 2 pointsr/hygiene

Dr. Bronner’s gets everything off. Use it for just about everything.

u/IndigoMontigo · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Those are calluses, and yeah, they're usually just sanded down.

There are lots of products to help you file them down on your own. Google "callus remover". here is one example.

My problem with calluses has been that they can get so thick and dry that they crack, which is very painful.

What I personally have used to great success is O'Keeffe's Healthy Foot Cream. It softens the hard calluses, and helps heal the cracks. It's great stuff.

u/FairlyGoodGuy · 2 pointsr/running

I use O'Keefe's, a product I first discovered in a local hardware store. You don't need to use a lot -- the directions say to apply "sparingly" -- and regular use will definitely soften things up.

u/Blumpkin_Queen · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I've heard great things about O'Keefes Healthy Feet Cream

u/dkitch · 2 pointsr/triathlon

Congrats on the finish. The "tough it out and hope to finish" strategy is what I'm hoping to use next month (Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3, also pretty hilly but not quite as bad)

As for the temporary tattoo, I'm not sure if they sell it in the UK but Gojo works wonders for that type of thing if soap+water won't do. You'd probably find it at a hardware store

u/GasCans · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

Possibly GoJo ?

u/Wicked_Fabala · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

gojo soap on amazon does come in a big ol orange bottle tho

u/linuxuser21 · 2 pointsr/cardistry

Sounds like Gojo.

u/NolanRoss · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

And get this stuff. None of that girly shit, you're a man.

u/jigh · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

I've been using this stuff for years and swear by it.

u/hollygohardly · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Vaseline is an occlusive so you would want to put something super rich and moisturizing on your skin and then maybe some vaseline. I personally like Neutrogena's Norwegian formula as a body lotion.

My uncle swears by this stuff for his cracked elbows/hands.

u/jlm25150 · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

I wash my hands very frequently because I work with a lot of cash, and my hands get very dry. I don't like using oils because they make my hands feel greasy. I absolutely love Corn Huskers Lotion! It dries very fast, has a pleasant talcum-like scent, and it makes my hands feel very soft! I have a couple chronic dry spots on my hands that feel painful sometimes, and that lotion really helps. The downside is that you have to reapply after washing your hands, but I can't recommend it enough! And it gives your hands a nice grip as well

u/SableWindsor · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

To be honest... cornhuskers lotion is excellent because it doesn't leave residue.

u/kiwimangoes · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

My mom always used Olay of Olay moisturizer. My earliest memories of it were of her using it when it was in a glass bottle.

My grandma used Cornhuskers Hand Lotion always. Had a bottle in every bathroom and in her kitchen for as long as I can remember.

Not quite applicable, but mi abuela uses Royal Violets to this day, which is a traditional Cuban body spray fragrance. I remember her giving me a glass bottle of it when I was a kid.

u/alanayvonne · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

One of my friends with really bad cracking and bleeding on her hands always swore by O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I have some too and I really like it. It's not sticky and basically has no scent, which I love.

u/weischris · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

I used to work outdoors in the mountains and my hands would crack and bleed. I HATE lotion or being greasy. It took a long time to find something that i could use.
working hands lotion, its greasy for about 10 seconds then your skin soaks it up. I swear by it and so does my dad who is a contractor.

*edit- I didn't see /u/CRTsdidnothingwrong 's post. +1 to him/her

u/Seascout123 · 2 pointsr/climbing

Non climber here, is it an advantage to have rough hands for climbing? If not there's a wonderful product out there, O'Keeffee's Working Hands. My husband is a welder and his hands are so dry they bleed sometimes. This item works wonders.

u/travellingmonk · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

For my hands, I use Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, works great, non-greasy which is important since I don't want to get everything slick. It's expensive though, so I also use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing (with natural colloidal oatmeal). Again, non-greasy after a bit of working in and mostly fragrance free, hate stuff that smells. The Aveeno should be OK on the face, but I don't bother with anything on my face, just the chapstick for the lips.

When my cuticles get really bad, I use ClimbOn which is fantastic, but mostly apply it before going to bed. Been thinking of trying O'Keeffe's Working Hands since seeing it at some stores.

u/RestingGrinchFace- · 2 pointsr/askwomenadvice

You can find anything online these days. Pinterest has a category just for women's fashion. You can find any tutorial under the sun on YouTube, especially anything to do with skincare, makeup, haircare, hair styling, and fashion. You could even just search YouTube for "look put together". Find a YouTuber whose personal style you enjoy and see what they have to say! There are even personal stylist courses on Udemy for like $10.99.


If you're starting at ground zero, it may be worth it for you to save up a little bit and be willing to invest that money into yourself. You'll have to decide what's worth "splurging" on and what isn't.


The basics. Women who always look put together don't skip basic upkeep. The things you need to focus on are going to be specific to you and your body but you need to willing to keep up with these things.

  • Skin - Focusing on skincare is more important than being able to do a full face of glam makeup.
    • Start with r/SkincareAddiction. There's also r/30PlusSkinCare, they're just don't have as many members.
    • The majority of my makeup advice comes from YouTube. I tried visiting Sephora to find recommendations on products or ask advice but haven't had much luck. YMMV.
      • You can even search YouTube for makeup dupes to find affordable makeup that performs like some of the higher-end products.
    • Don't care for your face but neglect the rest of your body! Exfoliate and moisturize regularly.


  • Hair - Focusing on a hairstyle that flatters your face, is easy to maintain and style will make a much bigger difference in your day-to-day life than spending hours trying to perfect a fancy 'do.
    • If you know someone who has a hairstyle that you really love, ask them what salon they go to. (If you're comfortable with them, ask what products they use.)
    • You may want to consider a salon visit. Make sure the stylist knows your level of comfort with doing your hair, how much time you can commit to doing your hair in the morning and what you're looking for. Ask what they think would look great on you.
    • Find two to three basic hairstyles and perfect them, such as having one style when your hair is down, one simple updo (like a bun) and either another updo or a half updo. You're really just looking for something that's going to be a no-fail style that you can quickly (and easily) accomplish yourself.
    • If your hair is in need of TLC, make time weekly to pamper yourself. Clarify or use a deep conditioning mask or an oil treatment. Take care of your hair weekly and you'll be rewarded daily with hair that's easier to manage.
    • Brows - If your brows are in need of attention, give it to them. If you need to go to a salon to have them shaped, do it once and keep up with them after that.



  • Hands/Nails - You cannot look put together with chipped nail polish. I prefer not to wear colored nail polish at all for this very reason. I follow the routine here and only use OPI Nail Envy, which is clear. My hands get very dry so I use O'Keeffe's Working Hands lotion and Badger Cuticle Care. (My cuticles are a mess if I don't give them special treatment, maybe that isn't an issue for you.)
    • If your hands and nails are a mess right now, it may be worth it for you to go to a salon and get a BASIC manicure (about $12-15). Once you're all fixed up, use the guide above to care for your hands and nails regularly (weekly, at least).


  • Clothing - Focus on classic quality pieces (this does NOT have to mean expensive) that fit well and that you enjoy.
    • Launder your clothing according to manufacturer instructions and care for anything that needs attention, such as stray threads or loose buttons.
    • Find styles that fit your current body type. YouTube is a great resource, again.
    • Getting your clothing tailored is not as expensive as you may think and will make a world of difference. Something as simple as adding a dart to the waist or hemming pants that are just barely too long is going to make a noticeable difference.
      • Alternatively, you could hit up YouTube again and learn to do these things yourself on a cheap sewing machine that you can find on Craigslist or at a yard sale.


  • Shoes - You don't need a shoe closet to rival the real housewives. A pair of nice flats in black and pair in nude will get you started. A pair of heels in black and a pair in nude are a plus but not if you can't walk in them.
    • Keep shoes in good condition. Treat scruffs and watch for excessive wear and tear.


  • Accessories - A few simples pieces will get you through.
    • Post earrings in silver, gold or "diamond"
    • Dangle/drop earrings in either silver or gold
    • Simple necklace in silver or gold
    • One "statement" necklace in a neutral color to match the majority of your wardrobe. Maybe something like this.
    • A simple bracelet, if that's your thing.
    • Sunglasses in a neutral color


  • je ne sais quoi - Aside from the fact that women who always look put together have taken the time to care for themselves, I think there's another thing that these ladies do that makes a noticeable difference. These ladies know what looks good on them by knowing their skin tone, undertones and season so that they're always choosing clothing, accessories, and makeup that is going to compliment them and enhance their natural beauty. You don't need to hire a personal stylist to get an idea of what's going to look good on you. Try searching "personal style", "find my skin tone", "find my undertone", "what's my season" "how to dress for my body shape". (Sephora can, at the least, do their Pantone Skin IQ reading give you your results and recommendations.)
u/xueye · 2 pointsr/starbucks

Gotta get yourself some O'Keefes it works miracles.

u/chinadoll123 · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction
u/gnomicaoristredux · 2 pointsr/nursing
  1. Employee health, get thee hence

  2. Try a hand cream with an exfoliating aspect. O'Keeffe's is a great choice -- it's cheap, unscented, contains urea, and also forms a protective layer on top of the skin. You could also try Eucerin Advanced Repair which has urea and lactic acid, as well as skin protectants, though it's a thinner consistency (more lotion than cream). AmLactin has, as you might expect, ammonium lactate, but it is more irritating and stinkier than the other options, and it's a thin lotion. Honestly, the O'Keeffe's is the best stuff, and it's only $7.
u/gonzap50 · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

Appreciate the response! I used to do that. I would load up with literally handfuls of Vaseline every night and then I wore large socks on my hands. I also tried the famous O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream.

u/Fenrrito · 2 pointsr/Dermatophagia

I've tried different things, hard to achieve 100% success, u get some stress n ur back at it, so what I do when things become intense is use some cream like this one or this one, and on top I put a bandaid, the creams help as they keep the skin humid enough, canesten is good cause it kills fungus n some bacteria, the bandaids r the 2 in wide, great for when u r outside and they stick really good.

Best luck, I know the pain, is bad when it gets cold n u can't even wash ur hands cause even the cold water hurts

u/Purple-Leopard · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

My sister bought some O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream and it supposedly works amazing for her husband. A nice thick barrier without being greasy or too much.

u/wineheart · 2 pointsr/nursing

It's nice to have a ritual. At the end of my day I gather up my things and take all my equipment off and put it in my locker. I rub some hand lotion into my hands and forearms ( and take the long way to the parking lot. I have a short drive, so I do it with the radio off and just enjoy the relative silence. It helps to have someone to come home to, and he lets me vent but I keep it to just a minute or two, then I take a hot shower. It works.

u/CountyOrganHarvester · 2 pointsr/ems

Little late to the party, OP - but I've been using this stuff for years.

You results may vary, but anyone who I've personally suggested it to never had any complains, and it has a 100% money back guarantee if you're aren't satisfied.

u/Cinnadom · 2 pointsr/weightlifting

I've used a combination of wearing down my calluses and hand cream for the past while, and it's worked perfectly so far.

I bought a cheap $10 foot callus kit from CVS, which included a pumice stone and two files (one like a very fine cheese grater and another like rough sandpaper around a handle). Once or twice a week (depending on how much my hands get torn up in practice) I'll wear down the calluses that build up with the two files, then smooth everything out with the pumice stone afterwards.

The hand cream I bought is O'Keefe's Working Hands. I'll use that a few times a week just after showering. It doesn't a greasy feeling to my hands, and has no scent to it at all. Doesn't leave my hands soft where they'll tear, but keep them from drying out.

That combo has worked for me for the past year or more without any issues.

u/BFHawkeye · 2 pointsr/climbing

This stuff is gold. O'Keeffe's Working Hands:

u/breads · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

My hands are always horrendously dry--a combination of eczema, allergies, and just dehydration, I reckon (I should probably see a dermatologist about it, lol). While no product has ever made my hands 100% smooth, the two best products that I've found are O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream and the Aqua Glycolic Hand And Body Lotion. The former would be good to take with you during the day; it absorbs fairly quickly. The latter, because it has glycolic acid, would be best for nighttime; I like to layer it with a creamier moisturizer (even just Vaseline) and wear socks on my hands while I sleep! First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Concentrate is also very good, but because it's small and expensive it's best to use on smaller dry patches.

u/BasedOnAir · 2 pointsr/answers

This will solve all your problems

You can get it at Walgreens

u/Freelancer47 · 2 pointsr/nursing

I'm not a Nurse (one day...), but my sister works in restaurants & has issues from the constant washing of her hands as well.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands is stuff she uses quite often.

I use Eucerin myself. I have a tube of it, it's lasted me over a year now.

Hope this helps.

u/nmnenado · 2 pointsr/loseit

if you're looking for a hand moisturizing solution, may i suggest O'Keeffe's Working Hand Cream? i bought some last winter, and it has revolutionized my horrifically dry hands.

u/aquajack6 · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have that Olay Complete lotion! I like it. I would suggest spritizing a hydrating mist on it for added hydration. One of my favorites is Ariul 7 Days Vitamin Mist but there are loads. I've also found adding in an oil can sometimes help too. I like jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a powerful emollient that will soften your skin (there's research it promotes wound healing; it would be good for your hands). Most oils have strong emollient properties that would help soften your skin.

That Olay Lotion is thin; I would consider a thicker cream to put on top of it. I often layer over my lotions with Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream, because it has petrolatum in the ingredient list it acts an an occlusive that locks everything in. There are loads of creams though. Cerave has a popular cream.

For hands - seriously consider Amlactin. I've found that helps my hands a lot. Amlactin has 12% lactic acid and there's research it boosts ceramide & lipid levels in the skin and promotes wound healing.

O'Keeffes has a good hand lotion that wouldn't bust in your bag at school b/c of the packaging:

At night, I would really grease up your hands. Layer on Amlactin, maybe some oil like jojoba oil (optional), and a strong occlusive like Aquaphor (Aquaphor has lanolin which is more moisturing than plain Vaseline). Put on gloves, at least for a while, to make sure it all stays on your hands. Gloves like these work well

This Aveeno Baby Cream for Eczema is a moisturizing cream that acts as an occlusive and could replace Aquaphor. It's super moisturizing, I love it and have even used it on my face.

With cracked and bleeding hands you really have to up the ante for awhile. I've found that once my hands start healing using Amlactin regularly alone works well as maintenance.

u/MLBfreek35 · 2 pointsr/climbing
u/GFfoundmyusername · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

DAMN! They actually have a minimum now? I worked in fedex home delivery. You either worked there long enough to leave or long enough to where you're working so hard that you're being paid less than you were when you started. God speed bro. This works wonders

u/UltraWee · 2 pointsr/Darts

That is just a case of you losing that nifty oil/sweat layer on your finger tips.

In the wintertime I used O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream it’s really really good stuff and they even make a pocket sized one so if it’s really bad, reapply once you’ve finished a leg.

u/encurtidos · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Put this stuff on at night. You'll never need another thing. It's fucking amazing. I worked in a position where I was constantly washing my hands so they'd get cracked and bleedy and this is literally the only thing I've ever found that really worked. You put it on at night because it feels a little weird. I only had to use it like once a week when I needed it.

u/giantrubberduckofdoo · 2 pointsr/funny

Same eczema problem, and most lotions just make it worse. Plus, I work in food right now, so I have to wash all the time. This is my miracle worker. Seriously, I've never had anything like it. They sell it at Walgreens, it's honestly made of magic.

u/ramalama-ding-dong · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I don't know how to make links into hyperlinks, sorry! Anyway, I looove the one I linked to. I slather it on at night and it leaves my hands glowing, no white lines anywhere anymore. Even helps make my nails beautiful!

u/Waldemar-Firehammer · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

Awesome, It looks great! Yeah it looks like your artist used a smaller shader since you have quite a bit of negative space in your design, so it would smart a bit more. You'll be addicted in no time!

Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap it's the cat's pajamas. It can be picked up at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or other hippie shops.

Just squirt some on, lightly wash with your finger tips/soft rag, and rinse. It has a really nice cooling effect that you will appreciate throughout the healing process. Make sure to moisturize after you wash it!

Edit: /u/gr8k8b, I was thinking of the wrong soap! I updated it. It's actually Dr. Bronner's, and you don't have to dilute it!

u/witzelsuchty · 2 pointsr/buccos

It's this.

It is going to get really gross before it gets good.

u/CoochQuarantine · 2 pointsr/videos

/r/peeling is the reason I used this

u/zottz · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Get you some Baby Foot. Super disgusting to use, but BOY, does it ever work.

u/cecikierk · 2 pointsr/translator

These basically work the same way as Baby Foot, skin on your feet will gradually peel off after a week or two to remove callus.

u/linderr · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

If you're looking for a regular solution, this is what I use every summer. Totally worth it.

u/ilovedonuts · 2 pointsr/StartledCats

u/cawire · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I've heard good things about this product, but I haven't tried it yet. I was planning on trying it closer to summer time.

u/Alakazam · 2 pointsr/PuzzleAndDragons

For padding, my go to stylus and the one I'll recommend to everyone is this one:

Works on almost all phones, isn't overly sensitive, stays connected, and will last at least a few months. All my friends who've tried mine have gone on to buy one themselves, and it actually works better than even the Wacom Bamboo stylus that I've owned before.

The downside is, because of the relatively large tip, taking notes is probably not going to be very feasible.

u/hanxmith · 2 pointsr/Nexus7

Personally I would recommend this one. The tip is still wider than a pen but the material that is made of feels stiffer and glides more easily than the rubber ones I've used. I use it regularly now.

u/Pugway · 2 pointsr/apple

I just bought these a few days ago and so far they are the best stylus's I have used. Sensitive and comfortable, and you get two for 10 dollars so that's swell. I use an app called GoodNotes for all my note taking, and have for the last 3 or so years, haven't had any complaints.

u/Monsteraplant · 2 pointsr/eczema

Try limiting your fingernail's access to your arms by wearing gloves.

I have eczema on my hands and arms (and everywhere), and scratch like crazy at night. I usually manage to take the gloves off during the night so I wear cotton gloves with a really long sock on top, that is pulled all the way up to armpit making my hand into a comfortable fist. You probably need an extra person to help get this armor on.

I didn't used to have eczema on my hands, but gloves and/or socks is still a good preventative to stop scratching damage on the rest of your body.

As my hands are very eczema-y I typically wear clean gloves almost every night. These are a solid buy if you need many pairs -

u/branomac · 2 pointsr/eczema

I just bought these and washed them to use last night for my arms and legs. They are pretty tight around my legs though. triamcinolone -> Cerave -> Aquaphor
For my hands I use cotton gloves, same moisturizers and steroid creams

u/-Nuu- · 2 pointsr/RATS

I get all my fleece from JoAnn stores. They often have fleece at 50% off per yard, so you can buy it in bulk and use it as needed. Any large fabric store will have lots of fleece in stock (I just prefer JoAnn because that's the best one I have in the area I live in). I'm sure you know this already, but just in case, please don't use cedar or pine chips as bedding for your rats; it's harmful to them. You can use fleece or aspen chip bedding (but freeze the aspen for 48 hours prior to use to make sure it's free of parasites).

I buy many rat toys on Amazon, and make some myself. If you're buying any kind of wooden rat toy, do be aware that many of them are made from soft woods like pine and cedar, which are super bad for rat respiratory systems. Hardwood toys are usually safe—just make sure it's not a combination wood that also has pine or cedar in it along with the hardwood. I personally do not buy wood toys on amazon, because the products often don't list what kind of wood they're made of. The only wood product I buy on Amazon is bags of untreated apple branch chewing sticks. I'll link you to some rat-safe toys and accessories I buy on amazon below! :)

Kaytee Lava Ledge

15" Chin Spin - Small Animal Exercise Wheel - Handmade in USA (Expensive, but it's the very best and safest wheel for rats.)

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy (Great for hanging things up in the cage.)

Small Animal Activity Toy Cotton Rope Net For Rat and Ferret Pet Bed for Parrot and Hamster Parrot

Kaytee Igloo Hideout, Large

ACCO Binder Clips, Medium, 2 Boxes, 12/Box (A7072050) (If using fleece as the bedding/liner in your cage, this helps to secure fleece to the Critter Nation pans.)

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented, 32oz. (I don't use any scented products with my rats since rat respiratory systems are so fragile, so this is the non-scented liquid soap I use to wash my hands and their non-fabric toys.)

Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava Block for Hamster Chinchilla Rabbit

Aspen/Booda Corporation BBX56134 Byrdy Cable Cross Bird Toy, Medium

200g(7oz) Apple Sticks Pet Snacks Chew Toys for Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Squirrel Rabbits Hamster(About 50-70 Sticks) by MAIYUAN (The only wood product I buy on Amazon.)

Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube for Small Pets (Medium.)

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan- Colors May Vary (Regular size, not jumbo.)

JW Comfy Perch for Birds (Large, 36".)

Lixit Critter Space Pod 2 Large (You can hand these on the ceiling of the Critter Nation. My boys LOVE these!)

Lixit Lbg-16 Glass Small Animal Bottle 16 Oz (16oz is always best for rats because of the bigger water spout. I've found that smaller bottles are a struggle for my boys to get water out of, so I only use the small ones for rat carriers/transporter cages. Tip: filtered water is best for rats, so if you can, get a Britta water filter.)

Yummy Time Tiny Small Stoneware Pet/Dog Bowl

I buy Harlan Teklad (Envigo) food blocks for my rats, which is one of the top two for rats (the other is Oxbow Regal Rat). Harland Teklad is hard to find though, so I buy mine through this animal rescue:

If you get these blocks, freeze them to extend their shelf life, and take them out from the freezer as needed to fill your ratties' bowls. Harlan Teklad is great because they have several formulas for rats based on their age, which is super helpful for their health. Young rats up to 8 months usually eat Harlan Teklad 2016 (16% protein), and after 8 months they eat Harlan Teklad 2014 (14% protein).

Also, I don't have a link for this, but the best laundry detergents to use to wash your rats' cloth toys or bedding with is one that's non-scented and is sensitive on skins.

Um, if I think of anything else, I'll add it. But for now, it's already a ton. :P Enjoy!

(And feel free to message me if you have any questions!)

u/PassMeTheWine · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I use castile soap. The unscented type for babies. A little goes a long way.

Target carries it too.

I use it because it doesn't leave any soap taste or smell. And, I like my things clean :)

u/LunarBloom · 2 pointsr/randomgifts

Well. I don't want to bore everyone with a big-long-story, as that's not in the spirit of the sub. But I've a post history to stalk, if that's your thing. :)

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to link to a single item on my wishlist. This is likely because I am the most incompetent computer user under 50 who has ever used a computer. If anyone could help me with this task, I'd be obliged!

Here is my wishlist. Quite literally anything at all would be amazing, and helpful, and wonderful. I know you don't want to sort though a wishlist... but again, I am an inept fool who cannot figure out how to link to a single item on my list.

I can link to single items though! Like this soap (which is on the list). Or these bleach wipes (also on the list!). Or this oat milk which is stupid expensive, one of the only things I can actually 'eat', and also on the list!

u/Octopifungus · 2 pointsr/running

It is this one I put a blob on my toes before putting my socks on. You don't want to over apply though as it will get slippery.

u/jbrumsey · 2 pointsr/trailrunning

I picked up my first set of trekking poles this year and really like them so far. I've found them to be great for technical trails and steep climbs.

A cheaper item that I also love is a filtered water bottle. These are great in the warmer months when access to clean water may be limited.

Trail Toes or Body Glide make great stocking stuffers. I can never get enough of this stuff.

u/runge_kutta · 2 pointsr/running

I also use Injinji socks and add either RunGoo or Trail Toes for my longer runs.

u/baxterfactor · 2 pointsr/crossfit

6'5" 225 here. I definitely feel your pain. I have been wearing bear komplex two hole leather grips, the problem is I bought them and they fit like a second skin, as opposed to having a lot of room. I recently purchased Reyllen grips from the UK that are on their way, so I will report back but I bought them large enough so that i can have a fold in the grip vs. it fitting like a second skin. That keeps the portion of your hand between your fingers and palms that rips from getting bunched by the grips. I would look into making sure grips are sized right, use minimal chalk, don't use taped bars(I rip the worst on those despite them feeling better on my skin) and when you do rip use rip fix. Ripfix . The ingredients seem extremely simple, and I know there are probably other similar products out there, but boy does this stuff work. I have turned half my gym onto it and recovery/healing has improved by a week or so by using it everyday after bad rips and tears. Used to think rips were a badge of honor, how stupid we are sometimes lol.

u/pericardia · 2 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

Dude I’m telling you. Get these. They work, and as long as you keep in mind that our feet should naturally have some calluses and they will need to reform, this stuff is the best. Like, don’t go on a hike directly after peeling, but seriously this stuff is the bestttttttt. Her feet will be baby soft and it’s very safe (always pre test for allergies obviously)

u/jasono94 · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

My wife actually found a kit for her hands that included a really good moisturizer and gloves. I don't know if latex would be your best option. The ones in her kit reminded me of an old lady's white gloves. Probably any gloves that would prevent your bedding from wiping the moisturizer off would accomplish the same thing.

Something like this...
Eurow 100% Premium Cotton Cosmetic Moisturizing Therapeutic Washable Gloves for Dry Hands Healing and Beauty - White 2 Pairs

u/rhymenisce1 · 2 pointsr/calmhands

I’m loving these rings!

Cotton Gloves

There are lots of options on there but most are 100% cotton so that’s a link to the “Amazon’s choice” - some come with up to 12 pairs or more.

u/kevlar00 · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

Use a pumice stone, emory board, or sanding block. I like to use a hand salve afterwards.

u/lavender_ · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Burt's bees hand salve I got this for my boyfriend. He climbs so his hands get all roughed up and he's a bit "metro" himself, so likes to take care of his hands.

Really fucking nice utility gloves For working on shit.

Bear Grylls survival kit

George Forman grill/bachelor pad's best friend

u/catheraaine · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I've got it bad. I have three favorite things:

  1. Psoriasin. It's icky yellow goo that smells very strongly, but used every day takes away the scales. If you have any open spots, don't get this in it until they close up.

  2. Hydrocortizone Cream. When you go to the dermatologist, they give you a super strength version of this OTC stuff. It is for the itchiness, and really helps. But, I'm pretty sure it is a steroid, so you can't use it every 5 minutes.

  3. Burt's Bees Hand Salve. This is a Godsend. Works 100x better than lotion when you're itchy and uncomfortable. Very oily but AMEN this stuff helps WITHOUT burning.
u/nsfamous · 1 pointr/climbing

Iv been using rhino skin repair, but I’m looking to try out other skin lotions and repair creams

Do you think any of these would work well?

u/NettleTea123 · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Burt's Bees has a nice hand salve
that I used to use when I made pottery so the clay wouldn't suck all of the moisture from my hands. It smells pretty strongly of eucalyptus (which I like) and was my winter staple for a long time.

Burt's Bees Hand Salve, 3 oz Tin

u/kvossera · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I use Dr Bronners Tea Tree Oil soap.

I use Palmers coco butter or Nivea cream as a moisturizer.

I have oily skin.

u/matrix_awesome · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Thank you for recommending tea tree body wash. I am european but I found this ( in my country and I'll be buying it tomorrow. Hopefully it will help.

I will also take a look at the TO glycolic acid! I use salicilyc acid from TO instead of stridex, as stridex seems to be hard to buy in Europe.

Thank you

u/AyEssEssAichOhEllEe · 1 pointr/steroids

E2 under control. No high peaks or troughs. Clean sheets. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Tea Tree oil 32oz.

u/SereneWisdom · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'll suggest that if anyone suffers from dry, cracked feet that the O'Keeffe's Foot Cream works well. And not just for feet either.


Edit: I probably should say that I'd like either brushes or foot lovin'.

u/There-Wolf · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

I have big feet and trouble with dry skin and callouses too. I can't make you feel better about your feet, but I can recommend two products that will solve the dryness/dead skin issues. These two products will make your feet baby soft after just one use. I use them about every other week and my feet are super soft.

u/reverteverything · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

As someone with the same kind of feet - I feel ya.

Baby Foot, that people have recommended works great (aside from shedding skin like a mofo for a week), but for me - it's very temporary. For a week, half a week, after which, my callouses come back. But, and i stress this - make sure to soak your feet beforehand. The results are fairly nonexistant without the pre-soak.

I have found an easier way, which worked for me. Using my "cheese grater" - this thing every couple of days in the shower (I've never had issues of it scratching or hurting me, just times when there's no skin coming off) and this lotion (I put it on whenever i wear socks, or every couple of days).

That seems to help a lot.

u/Wheel_In_The_Sky · 1 pointr/BDSMcommunity

I had my first experience with duct tape a few weeks ago and didn't have much residue left on my skin afterwards. My partner has been into tape for a long time now and has learned that cheap tape is the best to work with since it doesn't have as much sticking power. he told me to get the cheapest stuff I could get my hands on, we are talking a dollar a roll stuff.

For cleanup I rubbed some hand sanitizer on my wrists to help break up the glue them just gave them a good washing and was good to go. We were at a party so it was what we had at hand. For future cleanup I would suggest some soap with some grit in it like GoJo, it will help break down any residue. Supposedly WD-40 will as well but use it on your skin at your own risk.

u/weelittlesailor · 1 pointr/answers

Yes, it's definitely GoJo, and you can buy it [on Amazon](Gojo 0955 Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner - 1 Gallon

u/visionquest1 · 1 pointr/woodworking

Not positive for linseed oil, but I would give this stuff a try.

u/takeshita_kenji · 1 pointr/bicycling

I use pumice cleaner to remove gunk from my hands after working on my bikes.

u/spartygw · 1 pointr/running

Okay, I have to admit that if they get dirty I use Fast Orange to wipe them off. I like clean shoes.

u/Numberoneallover · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I don't know that product specifically. This should do the trick.

Permatex 25219 Fast Orange Pumice Lotion Hand Cleaner with Pump, 1 Gallon

u/adriftinthecosmos · 1 pointr/Pomade

I use Fast Orange.

It's an orange based pumice soap in a pump, meant for greasy mechanic hands! It gets even my stickiest, gunkiest clays off.

u/whatwhatdb · 1 pointr/news

I've found this to be a great cheap fast method

I use Corn Husker Lotion first as a pre-shave. Here is a video of a famous wet shaver saying that CHL is nearly the same thing as trumpers skin food. Can get it at walmart or a drugstore for a few bucks.

Barbasol (yellow can) on top of the CHL. May have to order this one, i've never found it in a store. One of the few canned shaving creams that ive seen recommended on wet shaving websites.

On my last pass i use CHL only.

u/Fanzellino · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I'd agree except this motherfucker isn't branded.

u/kitchbitchstitch · 1 pointr/doggrooming

The only thing I've found that saves my hands is called Corn Huskers Friend and it's aaaaaaaaaamazing. Works better than any lotion I've ever tried.

u/caviar · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I used to have this male teacher who always had a bottle of Corn Huskers out on his desk. It always struck me as a lotion for men. Real men.

u/oakdog8 · 1 pointr/crossfit

Try changing your grip. Move the bar from your palm to your fingers. The tears come from the bar shifting while you're holding it, and the shift is typically "up" your hand from the palm to the fingers. If you start with it in the fingers, it doesn't have as far to shift.

Honestly I'm willing to bet if your hands tear that easily/badly, gloves won't solve the problem. There will still be way too much friction/pulling when the glove grips the bar and you hand rubs against the inside of the glove. Get your grip right and you won't need gloves.

Also try using Corn Husker Lotion. It doesn't contain any oil so it won't leave your hands slimey, and it's made for rough, dry hands. It keeps my callouses a little softer/more elastic.

u/whatisyournamemike · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Corn Huskers Oil-Free Hand Lotion

Or a local drug store

u/StarlesInCharge · 1 pointr/tortoise

Hmm... you could try [](Working Hands). It works really well for dry and cracked hands. Maybe it'll work for his skin?

u/manticore116 · 1 pointr/pics

I use O'keeffes I work in a warehouse that's just above freezing in the winter. this stuff keeps my hands nice

u/Iwasraisedonthedairy · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Late reply, but I use this stuff called "Working Hands." It is seriously the only thing that has ever worked on my dry, cracked, bleeding, burning hands.

I am a cosmetologist (currently a SAHM). I would have my hands in water and chemicals all day, everyday.

Then I became the mother of a preemie, and I washed my hands and used hand sanitizer all day, everyday.

This is my holy grail. I put it on at night before bed. After doing this for a few days, my hands have healed. It's like hand crack. It's unscented and not greasy. It absorbs pretty quickly. If you're hands are really bad, it may sting for a minute or two, but it's not unbearable.

u/mikeveeUI · 1 pointr/Throwers

lot of good advice here.

I would just add that o'keeffes working hands will help heal those cracks.

u/mellistu · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Also available on Amazon. I'm singing its praises right now, too - I spend a lot of time cutting down cardboard boxes and my hands are not pleased, but Working Hands has done wonders for me.

u/Baeocystin · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream.

This stuff is straight up miracle goo in a tub. It's non-greasy, and absorbs rapidly.

u/factor_of_X · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

My partner uses o’keefee’s working hands balm. Comes in a green puck like container. He swears by it.[O’keeffe’s working hands](O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream, 3.4 ounce Jar

u/Frazzzled · 1 pointr/Fitness

Just look after your hands. Brian Alsruhe has a good video about hand care and calluses. There is also this video by Megsquats, as well as numerous articles.

I personally use nail scissors when my calluses get too hard, and moisturize after showering/washing my hands with this stuff.

u/djwirk · 1 pointr/sex

It's a bit thicker so you actually get some friction and it doesn't dry out fast or turn into a watery mess.

u/graveRobbins · 1 pointr/crossfit

My hands are calloused as fuck because I hate wearing grips. On days I workout I try to use use O'Keefes which seem to help. It doesn't make my hands all slimy or smelly

u/Generalpoopface · 1 pointr/climbing

I actually use this every once in a while when my hands are really rekt

Works pretty well. Hands will feel a bit "oily" until it sets in but after that feels good. Also doesn't have a smell.

u/Sabuleon · 1 pointr/calmhands

Late to the party, but they do sell it on Amazon.

u/BarkingDeer · 1 pointr/Fitness

Other comments are spot on about proper grip, but for when you end up with calluses anyway, use Working Hands:

I put that on every night and it really helps smooth them out. Not going to help if you've torn the skin open and are or did bleed a bit, but as long as the skin is mostly intact this will absolutely help. Obviously don't use during your workout or you'll fall off the bar.

u/sampatel1998 · 1 pointr/eczema

+1 to cutting nails all the way down. I also buff them out really smooth. Also try to repair with O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, 3.4 oz., Jar

u/Cyno01 · 1 pointr/DoesAnybodyElse

This stuff is pretty amazing for that sort of thing.

u/I_dont_like_pickles · 1 pointr/RandomKindness

Can you maybe make an amazon wish list to give some ideas? Something work related might be good, but something just for fun could be good too.

For example, do you think he could use something like this

Or this

For something work-ish related.

Or for a little pampering something like this?

Or this:

Or something like a daddy-time box that has things like hot chocolate pouches, his fave candies or other treats like nuts or popcorn, a small book or calendar with nice scenery in it, a book of short stories or one of the chicken soup for the soul books, or a comic book or something, an audio book or 2 he could listen to on his work commute, things that won't nec take up a lot of time for him to use but some new little things to show your appreciation.

Throw out any ideas you can think of and maybe some of Santa's helpers can help you out :)

u/am1doingthisright · 1 pointr/OkCupid
u/zena-marie · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Ouch, that looks painful. Have you tried this particular hand cream? I've heard it raved about. You can also buy gloves made to sleep in once you've slathered your hands in moisture to combat severely dry skin like that.

u/minxybean · 1 pointr/TTC30

My aircraft tech husband swears by [this](O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream, 3.4 ounce Jar stuff. Works like a charm!

u/team_pancakes · 1 pointr/vegan

aw shit! you're right. Sorry about that. I've had it (and vaseline and bag balm and all sorts of stuff) since before I was vegan and must have overlooked that. all the good stuff seems to have lanolin. bag balm is the shit, it's like vaseline with some other good stuff, but it has lanolin, too.

I've heard this recommended but haven't tried it. they sell it in my local grocery store.

u/dick_in_guise · 1 pointr/OkCupid
u/CozyChameleon · 1 pointr/climbing

if your hands really hurt after climbing take a look at the cream "climbon" or something like this

u/kokomocat · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Have you tried with O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream? Or maybe with Bag balm ointment?

The trick too could be to moisturize your hands religiously, you could carry with you a little travel hand cream and moisturize often, not only after the shower.

u/DiHydro · 1 pointr/pics
u/jumpstarter · 1 pointr/bartenders

Working hands. I live/work in Michigan, have dry skin, and hate the way lotion feels on my skin. I close my bar 5 nights a week and run the well during dinner service. My first winter there my hands dried and cracked to the point where touching something the wrong way would send electric jolts of pain up my arms.
Co-worker introduced me to Working hands. I apply it after showering and when I get home from work. It's not slimy, It makes your hands tacky for a few minutes after you rub it in, and then you're fine. You don't have to do any weird shit like sleep with lotion filled gloves or spend time thinking about your hands.
It's cheap, it doesn't smell, it doesn't feel weird, and it works and you should just get it. It's great, I promise.

u/dazhealy · 1 pointr/bartenders

It's called Bar Rot generally as far as I know. Or paronychia. I can't say I've ever suffered from it but from reading this sub I think this stuff is usually recommended.

u/onesecret · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Eucerin makes a urea/AHA cream that you can buy at Walgreens and use with the gloves you already have. There are other creams with more of the active ingredients, but this one is cheap and you can buy it locally.

u/moonstarsfire · 1 pointr/OCD

This. I use it for my hand eczema. It absorbs well and is forms almost a protective glove over your skin without being sticky or noticeably there.

u/Agricola86 · 1 pointr/vegan

Dr Bronner's Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Not toothpaste but I shower with this this soap every day. It comes in a huge bottle and is pretty economical for how little you use each time. I have the peppermint and it smells great.

u/throwaway219017361 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I think you'll like castile soap, it's like 18-in-1 lol

u/MoreThanAnyoneKnows · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Is this what you're talking about by any chance? I hate my feet and wanna try it.

u/sunnies88 · 1 pointr/xxfitness

You have to try a product called Baby Foot! Amazon link

I thought it was a gimmick until I tried it and it literally changed my feet. I used to have such horribly dry feet that they would crack and hurt. As soon as I would get a pedicure, my feet were white and scaly again. I hated the way they looked in sandals.

I used this acid peel and my feet look amazing! I wish I had taken before and after pictures. I found some tips online to make it work better. I soaked my feet for an hour before I put the little booties on. Put on the booties and wore those while watching tv for about 90 minutes. Rinsed off the gel and then every day after that I would soak my feet for about 30 minutes. On day 3-4 I started to see the peeling start. The skin that peeled off my heels was SO thick! No wonder lotions didn't work for me when it was trying to soak through so much dead skin.

I'll forever be a fan of this product! I have tried tons of foot related things to make my feet look better and this is the only thing that ever worked.

u/lessdothis · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

First of all, I think it's great that you're covering them in CeraVe and Vaseline every night and wearing socks to bed. I would recommend that you do this immediately after you've showered/bathed, in order to lock all moisture in.
Second, I recently did a Baby Foot peel for my feet and it worked wonders. I have many callouses due to years of soccer and nothing has worked for my feet like this has. They are now smooth and soft. That being said, I would definitely not recommend this if you have any bleeding or open cuts/sores. You can just google Baby Foot peel and the images are pretty accurate. Good luck!

u/Jeepersca · 1 pointr/BarefootRunning

This sounds worse than it is. A shaving razor. After your feet are wet from the shower, calloused skin sloughs right off with a razor. Gross cleaning the skin out of it, but I do this at my heel, big toe and around any other nail where callous start to thicken. In the years I've done this, i've maybe shaved too close to get it a bit pink a handful of times. I do this for the even the teeny tiny little snags on the heel because I'm like Princess and the Pea and can feel the snag on a sheet and then can't sleep.

The crazier option is called Baby Foot. Read the reviews, and see pics... it REMOVES EVERYTHING. Course, may not be what you want with barefoot running. So option 1 is a good one. I have tried this, and wow, yeah.... talk about birthing out baby feet in adult size. I really recommend it in winter, though, because during the process... you're going to want to hide some of that shame.

u/crystalistwo · 1 pointr/natureismetal

Molting looks like it feels sooooo good. I wish we did that. The closest we seem to have is Baby Foot.

u/Aspy17 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask for Softer, Smooth Feet- Gently Peel Away Calluses & Dead Skin, Repair Rough Heels, Get Beautiful Baby Feet in 7 Days (2 Pack)

These work very well. You do it at home. Soak your feet daily in epsom salt after using to improve your results.

u/0ExpGained · 1 pointr/TsumTsum

This Sylus is better It glides on your screen like a beast! Its micro nit and never grabs your screen! I've tried it on iPhones 4,5, and 6. I have an Android and it works perfectly for all phones. $10.95 for two!

u/nevets1219 · 1 pointr/PuzzleAndDragons

I'm using this - it comes with two stylus. Primary reason for buying it was because it retracted so you could take it around with you without damaging the head. Very nice and much better than those with a rubber head.

u/dungho92 · 1 pointr/PuzzleAndDragons

I recommend any micro-knit stylus. I have Trent Arcadia stylus as well as that anal bead PAD pen.

Trent Arcadia: $11 for two. Clickable, so you won't have to worry about damaging the tip. Glides VERY smoothly across your screen. Feels durable.

Anal bead PAD pen: $22 for only one. made of plastic, feels cheap. Also glides smoothly across your screen. Doesn't have any method to protect the micro-fiber tip. seems overrated simply because it has pad design.

A single stylus shouldn't cost above $10.

Try Trent Arcadia:

u/zigmus64 · 1 pointr/eczema

Put these on right after you apply.

Biggest downside is that you can't use touch screens.

u/gweneddk · 1 pointr/Strongman

Also, the reason your hands are ripping is because you aren't taking care of your callouses. You need to shave them down with a pumice stone regularly so they don't stick out from your palm so much. Some people use a metal callous shaver but be careful--it's easy to go overboard. Most people who train hard will eventually rip a callous but it shouldn't happen frequently.

I use [Winnie's Rip Fix]
( on the rare occasion I rip a callous open and moisturize my palms with it once or twice a week in the winter.

u/TheAtHomeDadMN · 1 pointr/crossfit

After you care for your hands, you may still rip. If you do, you need this...Winnie's RipFix - 1.5 oz

It heals those hands quickly.

u/FisherMMAn · 1 pointr/DartsTalk

I use [O’keeffe’s hand cream.](O'Keeffe's K0290004 Working Hand Cream, 3 oz, Tube, 1 - Pack, Green It’s like a lotion that leaves the skin tacky rather than greasy or slick.

u/backtothestars1 · 1 pointr/January2018Bumpers

Not pregnancy eczema, but I had eczema as a teen/young adult. When I had it in between my fingers it was helpful to put lotion on before bed and then wear gloves like these to lock in the moisture. Wearing the gloves also reminded me not to scratch.

I agree with /u/Ur_crumbelievable though, you should probably see a dermatologist just to be on the safe side! Skin conditions can be so many different things.

u/FLOCKA · -5 pointsr/japan

dude needs to step his moisturizer game up -- no more hangnails in the wintertime. I recommend O'Keeffe's working hands.