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u/madmaxturbator · 618 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

did you put these in there?

you're obviously the NTA here. legally you might actually get into trouble at least here in the US? I am not sure.

but fuck that, this douche bag grabbed TWENTY of your nerds to guzzle down? it's a good lesson for all your stupid friends to not grab stuff without asking first.

I am consistently generous with friends - I will happily give away my sandwich at lunch if a buddy's hungry. but if you paw at it, or take it without my permission then fuck off.

u/atlastrabeler · 24 pointsr/quityourbullshit

30 bucks for 20 berries.
It was fun to try

Edit: more like $50 now. I didnt notice they boosted the s/h fee. It's cool but not $50 cool

u/moose_tassels · 22 pointsr/ketorecipes

Pillowy soft on the inside, delicious all the way through. Mmm....buns.....

Ninja edit: these are meant to be burger/sandwich buns, but if you want dinner rolls, feel free to cut them into 8 or 10 pieces instead. Also, if you prefer seeded buns, brush the tops with an egg wash right before baking and then sprinkle the seeds on top.


14 g whey protein isolate (source)

57g carbalose (source) Also, this is the lowest carb version available. Do NOT use carbquick))

118g resistant wheat starch (source)

42g vital wheat gluten (source)

.5 tsp xanthan gum (source)

.75tsp salt

2 eggs, at room temperature

2 tbsp butter, cut into small pieces, at room temperature

3 tbsp sour cream, at room temperature

.5c warm water

.5 tsp syrup (corn syrup, maple syrup, or honey will do)

2tsp instant yeast

Note: if you are new to keto breads, a high carb syrup is used to feed the yeast. Don’t panic! It gets eaten by the yeast and turned into tasty yeast farts. None of it remains.

The method:

Mix together the dry ingredients in a bowl, except the yeast.

In the bowl of a stand mixer (or other bowl), combine the water, syrup, and yeast. Use the paddle attachment, but keep the dough hook around, you’ll need it later. Turn on the mixer for a few seconds to dissolve the syrup, but don’t worry if there’s clumps in the yeast. Add in the eggs and sour cream, and turn on the mixer again to combine. Don’t worry again about clumps of yeast, clumps gonna clump.

Sift the dry ingredients into the bowl, then turn on the mixer again, medium speed. After about a minute things should be coming together. At this point, start adding in the butter, a piece at a time, letting each piece get mostly incorporated before adding the next (10-30 seconds between each addition). This goes much quicker when the butter is soft, so it’s important to not skip that step.

Let the mixer run for about a minute after the last bit of buttery goodness, then scrape down the sides. Switch to the hook, and run the mixer for about 6 minutes. The dough should be soft and not particularly sticky (it may stick to your hands, but will come free with little effort). If it’s too sticky, try kneading it with the hook for a bit longer before you try adding more flour.

Once the kneading has been done, place the dough into an oiled bowl, turning it to coat, cover the bowl, and let it rise until it’s nearly double. It happens quickly – for me it’s usually about 20-30 minutes. Dump the dough out on a work surface and divide into 6 portions. Shape those portions into flattish balls, tucking and pinching the dough on the bottom if needed.

Place the dough balls on a baking sheet covered with a silicone mat or parchment, setting them about ½” apart. Let them rise again until nearly double, again about 20-ish minutes for me (YMMV). Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 375, and when they’re ready bake them for 20-25 minutes. Let them cool before cutting them open. Then do cut them open and stuff them with deliciousness!

Nutrition per bun: 212 cal/7.2g fat/14.5g protein/21.4g carbs/17.4g fiber/4g net carbs

u/cecikierk · 14 pointsr/chinesefood
  1. That's not Chinese food

  2. Most restaurants either buy them ready-made or from a dry mix.
u/Daftwise · 12 pointsr/RetroPie
u/asquier · 12 pointsr/trailmeals

They make freeze dried tofu, but I think it tastes like cardboard sponge.

This shelf stable tetra-pak silken tofu, on the other hand, is great! I use it at home in soups or stir fries. It may be a bit heavy for lightweight backpacking...but so is beer, and I bring that 🙃.

u/Chealy67 · 11 pointsr/Breadit

Recipe I use is from this sight


The only difference is i boil water and then pour 460ml of hot water into a bowl and use 7-10 bags of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea and let it steep for an hour or so till i get the desired color. Don't forget to squeeze out the tea bags. The water needs to be really dark blue. You can go lighter or darker depending on how many bags and how long you steep.

Ordered tea from amazon as I could not find it in any store

Video of me cutting it so you can hear the crunch on my insta @hotelhealy.

u/MesozoicBloke01 · 10 pointsr/GODZILLA

Amazon sells them in bulk for a fairly good price.

Here you go:


u/edge231 · 9 pointsr/3Dprinting

Fresh Organic Bananas Approximately 3 Lbs 1 Bunch of 6-9 Bananas

(Also lol on the price do people really buy this shit?)

u/caliomni · 7 pointsr/wls


Also, was listening to the wls podcast and a nutritionist said she eats this vegetable protein she throws into everything. It's by Bob's red Mill. Not sure how easy it is but thought I'd mention it.

Bob's Red Mill Textured Vegetable Protein, 10 oz, 2 pk

u/okinallseriousness · 7 pointsr/buildapc

This build may or may not boot, but a real money saver!
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

CPU | AMD Sempron 145 2.8GHz Single-Core Processor | $29.99 @ Microcenter
Motherboard | Jetway JTA98MG Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard | $31.97 @ Newegg
Memory | Crucial 1GB (1 x 1GB) DDR3-1333 Memory | $13.23 @ Amazon
Video Card | PowerColor Radeon HD 5450 1GB Video Card | $9.99 @ Newegg
Other| "Hard Drive"| $7.83
Other| Power Supply| $9.99
Other| Case| $0.00
| | Total
| Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. | $103.00
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-07-30 22:47 EDT-0400 |

) : Is a quality box because only real penny pinchers use the box it ships in.

[Power Supply](
) : Using all 5lbs. it may or may not work.

Hard Drive : Cheap and can be very mobile

u/texminn · 5 pointsr/Cooking

Not in this case...Caldo de Tomate

u/Reno411pain · 5 pointsr/microdosing

Theres also candied ginger that is easy to snack on and isnt as harsh as ginger root. Ive also found eating a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich or just any food before mushrooms helps with the upset stomach. Good luck!

u/Behavioral · 5 pointsr/FoodPorn

Chili threads (similar to this).

They're more for visual appeal since they have almost no taste when used sparingly as a garnish.

u/skleronom · 5 pointsr/WoodenPotatoes

Apparently Amazon sells them

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/JapaneseFood

You really want dry seaweed salad mix ala Emerald Cove Mix

Unfortunately I don't see any of the good brands we get in Japan. You probably would need to go to H-Mart or something like an Asian grocery store.

Edit: I buy the exact version on right in this photo by 波 @ JustOneCookbook.

u/Jamska · 4 pointsr/Frugal

If you're serious about your dried cherries then this (Amazon link) is the way to go.

u/cakeburrito · 4 pointsr/cocktails
u/Lazerlord10 · 4 pointsr/3Dprinting

Sure thing! It's only $10 per kilogram, too! It doesn't have very good structural capabilities, and the diameter of the filament is a bit inconsistent, but it works great!

u/SchitzApplebits · 4 pointsr/AskCulinary

There's nothing that's really going to be a viable substitute. Pepperoni is pork, and so you can't eat that regardless of the cheese, so you're looking at vegetarian substitute for the pepperoni or some kosher beef/poultry/vegetarian substitute with fake cheese (or cheese-less Neapolitan pizza).

If I were you, I'd just stick with cheese pizza and other kosher pizzas. My favorite pizzas don't even have meat in them—there's a whole world of pizzas out there that don't use meat. Try calabrian chilis and Kalamata olives for briny options.

u/Superrocks · 3 pointsr/seriouseats

> jarred Calabrian peppers


With this recipe?

u/retailguypdx · 3 pointsr/MimicRecipes

I'm quite sure it is NOT what they use, but I'm quite fond of Truffle Zest as a way of adding truffle flavor to things. It's a much nicer flavor than most of the "truffle oils" out there.

u/redyellowand · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Hope everything gets worked out with your pupper 💖

Some non-canned-tuna/spam suggestions:

Don't know how much you like tofu, but a box of 12 12oz tofu is like $23--Mori-Nu Silken Tofu, Extra Firm, 12.3 Ounce (Pack of 12) Split it into 6oz portions.

Lentils are delicious. There's a Lebanese red lentil soup recipe I like, or I made a mujadara recipe using brown rice and green lentils and had enough servings for days.

Someone mentioned those Spice of India (or whatever, they come in yellow packages) and those are pretty good.

Almonds are one of my absolute favorite snacks.

Buy a bag of rice and that should keep you going for a while. Or pick up a different grain by Bob's Red Mill.

u/batbrat · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Here's some junk:

Mouth exerciser:

State of Minnesota cookie cutter:

Variety pack of google eyes:

Blue Flower Tea - turns pink with lemon juice or other acidic liquids. Fun/cool effect cocktails, etc.

Glass Sphere for cool photography:

Goldfish in a bag earrings:

u/Paula_Polestark · 3 pointsr/IncelTears

I hate myself, so I read all of it.

At first I wanted to reach through the screen and shake him by the shoulders and yell that there are plenty of fun things in life besides the beast with two backs. I look like [this] (, and I plan to take up skiing and visit ruins. No one is trying to stop ugly anyone from enjoying anything except maybe modeling -and if you create your own clothes, even then you can be your own model.

Then he started trying to defend pedos and whatever sympathy I already didn't have for him dried up. F him for trying to drag Jews into it too.

SEE A SHRINK. I don't care if therapy is cope. Cope is better than looking up to a POS like ER.

u/paetrixus · 3 pointsr/Cooking

Traverse Bay Fruit Co. Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Bag

u/Hammock2Wheels · 3 pointsr/keto

here's a link to a similar product on amazon:

the one from costco isn't available on, but from reading the amazon reviews it sounds like it might be the same brand as the amazon product.

what's interesting is that they don't show the nutritional label on the amazon product page. and some of the amazon reviews make note of "fake" nutrition labels because they're inconsistent between packages.

i think i'll play it safe, and not eat the ones i bought from costco. i think USDA's 18g net claim is much more accurate than some random company's nutrition label.

i also checked cronometer to see if it has a listing for the amazon product and searched for "shiitake mushroom crisp" and two entries showed up, one has 3g net carb and the other has 22g net carb, for exactly the same product.

PSA: stay away from dried shiitake mushroom snacks.

u/SovietBear666 · 3 pointsr/CalamariRaceTeam
u/sanbikinoraion · 3 pointsr/shittyadvice
u/lprubinSC · 2 pointsr/vegan

I recommend checking out Amazon. They have tons of great vegan products for excellent prices. If you have or can get access to a friend/family member's amazon prime account, you also get free two day shipping which helps keep the price down.

For example, I love TVP to replace ground beef in things like Chili, Bolognese tomato sauce, and taco filling. It's packed with protein and really filling:

Here is a 12 pack of silken tofu for under $2 a pop.

This stuff is pretty addicting:

u/Moonstrucken · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If he likes coffee there's a good mug.

in case he needs a hug there's a friend to love.

Goodies always sweeten up a wishlist. If Robert isn't a Harry Potter fan, there's always Galaxy suckers to suck the life out of the universe or a nice display of suckers that are too pretty/awesome to eat.

If those don't have you sold, I've got nothing and here's a few organic bananas

u/kill_dano · 2 pointsr/fasting

I based my electrolyte soup on the Snake Juice guy's recepie as posted on the front page of his website. Changed it to suit me better. the sodium coems from Chicken boullion

Added curry powder for taste

I also add some nutritional yeast, for no real reason other than giving me some low low calorie nutrition and a tiny amount of protein. Plus it's what that world record fasting guy was taking for a year of fasting.

Then also like to add cayan peper or hot sause. Then I add all the stuff in the reciepie like Lemon, lime juice, baking soda, apple cider vinager, potasium (no salt)

It ends up tasting like spicey soup. I heat it to 140 degrees in a water kettle before drinking.

Fuck it, here's my detailed instructions:

Start with 3qt of water

Add all this:

2 or 3 tbs Chicken/Tomato Boullion (start w 2 and add more if you want or don't get the shits, also consider the amount of water or diet drinks that you drink and make you piss out your salts)

1 tbs Baking soda

1 tbs No salt/Potasium

2 TBSP Nutritional Yeast

4 TBSP Lime Juice

4 TBSP Lemon Juice

6 TBSP Apple cider vinager

1 TBSP Curry powder

Spicy shit to taste.

heat it to 140 degrees. Drink slowly and as much as you feel like. I end up drinking all of it like every 2 days and a half. It does seem to cause me to retain water weight, but who cares. Remeber if the scale stops moving it's probably water and it will catch up, just go by how your body feels and how your clothes fit. The scale is not a good short term measure of success.

u/longishere · 2 pointsr/ramen
u/imatmydesk · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here. Hope that helps!

u/itssheramie · 1 pointr/buildapc

Here is a build that should be able to run CS:GO at >60fps

u/GiftTag · 1 pointr/Fitness

Speaking of dried cherries...

u/cookingupabetterlife · 1 pointr/Cooking

Talk to your grocery store manager and ask if they will order it for you. You may not be the only one in your area wishing for calabrian peppers.

If that doesn't work, I'm sure you can find them online. I buy mine from the store but they come in a jar and packed in oil so the shelf life is a couple of years. I'm sure amazon would have something.


I found the exact jar of peppers that I love and use often:

If you don't want crushed, the same brand also has them whole:

u/Kaalisti · 1 pointr/fungus

I use this stuff:

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Zest Seasoning, 1.76 Ounce (Pack of 1)

It's STRONG and you can use it to make truffle-whatever. I add it to my steak rubs for that extra earthy umami deliciousness, and I've made truffle mac-and-cheese that was to die for. I also add it to many savory dishes like stew and hamburgers. You really can't go wrong with this stuff, so I've never felt the need to actually find truffles online.

If you do go the actual truffle route, try to look for USA truffles out of Oregon or Washington, they're nearly as good for a fraction of the price. If you happen to be near Seattle, I've seen them for sale at Pike's Place Market (where they toss the fish.)

u/ColorfulCrayons · 1 pointr/SquaredCircle

Here's what was used to record this for anyone wondering.

u/Craycoala · 1 pointr/buildapc

This should do the trick.

You might need to isolate the potatos natural wireless waves to 5ghz for optimal performance using a mild wave converter.

u/Stridyr · 1 pointr/Vive

Try ginger for the VR sickness. The effects vary from person to person but, for me, the effects were rather dramatic. I went from bed to VR!

I use candied ginger or ginger caplets. The candied ginger takes effect in a few minutes, but, if you don't like the taste of ginger, or don't want the added sugar, the caplets work well, but take around an hour...

u/SeaSloth78 · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

Here this should run any game at Xbox360 quality or higher.

u/eggboys · 1 pointr/vegan

You don't have to eat plain to save money. Just make your own food. Making your own meat substitutes is way cheaper.

This can of vital wheat gluten is $22 for 45 servings. This four pack of beans is $18 for 64 servings. This pack of tofu is $21 for 48 servings. That's 157 servings of protein for $61. Lentils are crazy cheap as are oats, whole grain pastas and breads. Flax seed is cheap (gives you your omega-3s and works as a binder in recipes). Nutritional yeast is sold pretty cheap in bulk sections in some grocery stores as well.

Frozen fruits and veggie are sometimes cheaper than the fresh stuff. I live in CA so I can get some pretty cheap fresh produce. A lot of vegan cooking involves some planning. For example I always keep cashews soaking in the fridge for when I may need a creamy or cheesy sauce.

u/Vrassk · 1 pointr/ShittyGifRecipes

So those all sound great your antidote about your sisters rice reminded me of my own rice, I use this stuff when making rice, tomato bouillon with chicken its pretty much a jar of ramen packet seasoning. I use it for alot of stuff but definetly rice.

u/bethster2000 · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Invest in a bottle or two of this. I get ours from Amazon. We use it on everything. It adds a delicate, indescribable, umami sort of flavor.

It will pay for itself with the first dish of deliciousness, and a little bit goes a very long way.

And it's fabulous on popcorn.

u/2EVs · 1 pointr/vegan

If really desperate try Amazon 😯 😲 (YUGE footprint tho’)
Pacific Foods Organic Seitan, Original, 12 Ounce

u/Celt42 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks for the contest!

These Miracle Berries are something that I think are awesome and would love to try. You eat what's supposed to be a single, kind of bland berry, and for the next 1/2 hour to 2 hours things that are sour taste sweet. Eating a whole lemon is supposed to taste like lemonade, a strawberry will taste like it's been dipped in sugar.

I love to knit and this knitting pattern book has some gorgeous patterns in it. Pretty small audience to be able to brag about to though. =)

I think I'll come back later and add another three in a separate post. I'm just not doing this contest justice this late at night.


u/veifried_wsb_account · 1 pointr/keto

some possible options without cauliflower:
Shirataki Rice ( rinsed in hotwater, fried with ghee/butter )
Unflavored Gelatin + Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) Granules ( 3/4 of a cup rehydrated overnight and then fried on low heat with butter, sprinkle&stir in gelatin+water, 1:2 ratio, should still be sort of dry/sticky )



u/11andsomewhatmature · 1 pointr/techsupport

Sorry for late reply, but this is what I got

u/moirethe · 1 pointr/cookingforbeginners

This one has similar ingredients to the rice my family makes. I've seen other recipes with chicken bouillon or chicken stock, but we always use this tomato bouillon with a hint of chicken.