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u/majesticjg · 10 pointsr/HomeImprovement

A replacement is $55.

I'd try some JB Weld on that crack until you can save up the $55 to replace it, but I'd plan to do that sooner rather than later.

u/YouSoCrazy · 9 pointsr/Homebrewing

I used this instead of your PVC piece.

The idea came from HBT

u/ZippyTheChicken · 9 pointsr/HomeImprovement

problem you have is the blades are rusted to the internal housing you can not fix it

Buy a new one that has all stainless steel internals and that won't happen again.

WasteKing has models that are inexpensive and all stainless

u/DIYtowardsFI · 6 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Definitely agree with the Spotlights, counter stool space, and drawers. We put drawers EVERYWHERE! So much nicer to pull out a drawer and have access to the ENTIRE space. It’s useful for everything from foods to pots and pans - no more rearranging things all the time just to get to a pot or look for something.

Another neat gadget is the garbage disposal air switch next to the sink, like this
No more having to open the doors underneath the sink!

u/CarlGauss · 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

Just FYI, using PVC for your "hop sloth" is gonna lead to some off flavors (even if its above the boil). I recommend using an all stainless steel construction using one of these in place of the PVC.

u/HeaviestEyelidsEver · 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

They have those garbage disposal flanges in stainless steel. That's what I used.

u/AthlonRob · 3 pointsr/DIY

Yes, you need to replace it. there is a seal inside there that keeps the water in. You can replace it with a fair amount of work, but from what I understand it's not worth it.

A few months ago I bought a Waste King L2600 from at a really good price, and it was really easy to install. The toughest part was me installing a new electrical outlet since the old one was directly wired. I have nothing but good things to say about this garbage disposal unit.

My 2 cents :) good luck

u/IcyKettle · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

You might not find value in this, but I had the exact same setup before, so I'll mention it...

If you want to move your disposal control to the sink itself, you can replace that dual switch with a single dimmer of your choice for the light, hotwire the disposal, then install a pushbutton disposal control on the sink.

You'd have to do some more work under the sink, as well. But I did this and it's paid for itself ten times over in convenience and safety (original switch was a long reach across the dishwasher).


u/AmishElectrician · 3 pointsr/DIY

No, no, NOT buy Insinkerators! Mine just blew out two weeks ago and only after doing my research did I uncover the cheap ass fail that these things have. The bowls are made out of plastic that eventually cracks after 3 years. Mine leaked out of the bottom right on top of the electrical wire...that also comes out of the bottom. Read the reviews from DeadTamponMouse below and you'll see mention of it.

Here's what I got. Check out the price on that thing. I installed it last week and it works just fine compared to the Insinkifailure that I had to replace.

u/arizona-lad · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Clean it and re-tighten it. If the seals are bad you can buy the whole kit, and perhaps just the seals:

u/PotatosAreDelicious · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

It's not like they are expensive or hard to put in.

u/AlienJ · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

usually the rubber flappy protector pulls out.

mine was just awful when i checked.

u/NinjaCoder · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Ironically, the larger more expensive ones with bigger motors are much quieter than the smaller, cheaper, weaker ones.

If you must have a disposal, I am a fan of Waste King models - their upper models (like this one) have stainless steel impellers, and much of the grinding mechanism is also stainless. They have a much thicker sound absorbing shroud than what you normally find (e.g. the In-Sink-Erators at the big box stores).

But... at the end of the day, they all pretty much do the same thing... spend over $100 on one and you will likely be happy with it.

u/lukaspriest · 2 pointsr/DIY

I really recommend one of these: I installed one about 2 years ago and it has been perfect. The reviews for this brand speak for themselves.

u/testudoaubreii · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

If not caustic drain cleaners, what do you recommend?

The disposal, fwiw, is one of these beasts, which is supposed to chop stuff up more finely, etc. But still, a semi-clogged (but not slow?) drain is probably the place to start.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 2 pointsr/Plumbing

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u/emag · 2 pointsr/Plumbing

I've got a Waste King that replaced a 1/3 HP In-Sink-Er-Ater. Do yourself a favor and just go for a full 1 HP. Anything less, and you're shorting yourself. I got mine on an Amazon Gold Box deal for a decent price. And it's a lot quieter than the old one.

As far as replacing goes, it's fairly simple, even without plumbing experience (I did mine in maybe an hour or two, apart from the wiring, and that was because I was being meticulous). Save the old components, I reused the short bit of pipe connecting the old disposal to the plumbing.

I also changed from a hard-wired to a GFCI outlet. It's not that hard to do... Just put the wires into a GFCI outlet (maybe $15 at your home improvement store) in a metal junction box (a few bucks), properly grounded, screwed into the cabinet with a face plate ("Leviton" style for most/all GFCI). Test the polarity to ensure you've got it right (honestly don't remember what I did, but hooked everything up according to the diagram), tested it, etc.

All in all, maybe 3-4 hours for a complete novice like me. It's been going strong for quite a while now, and the GFCI gives a decent measure of safety in case something leaks or goes wrong.

Waste King (and possibly others, but I have no experience with others) have putty-less installs, at least for stainless sinks. Just a gasket, a collar, and a fairly simple snap-connect fitting. If you have a dishwasher, be sure to punch the plug out for the connector for that to hook up the overflow. But most/all of that will be in the directions for hooking up the disposal. It really is a fairly fool-proof set of instructions. Especially if you have any mechanical ability at all. If you don't... call a friend. If you're in MD, PM me and we can work out something...

This is the disposal I ended up with. It's pretty decent, handles whatever I throw at it. Admittedly, it's less than I used to throw at the old disposal since changing my diet, but it has yet to back up or clog. And still is quieter than the older 1/3 HP one. Plus, lifetime warranty...

u/wbgraphic · 1 pointr/DIY

Amazon has a good selection for less money.

If you're on a budget, a less-powerful (but still good) unit can run closer to $50.

As you say, installation is simple. I installed this unit a couple of months ago. The whole job took under an hour.

u/oraerdna541 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

They sell kits for this where all you need is a little saw to cut your pipes to fit. You should be able to fix it cheaply and without too much headache/cost.

Plumbcraft 7027450 Garbage Disposal Installation Kit

Edit: amazon link is finicky
Edit: the guy below me is right.

u/jk4veman · 1 pointr/DIY

Is this a good model?

It's a rental so I'm looking to go cheap.

u/artearth · 1 pointr/DIY

I just ordered supplies from Amazon and would love feedback. I decided to go for a scissor jack, though that seems somewhat controversial in the DIY cider press world. The travel is amazing, they are light, cheap and I can operate it with a cordless drill.

Another big question is this 50 quart steamer basket. Cheap, but will it hold up to the strain? I guess the good news is that by going big now (12 gallons!), I can always downsize later.

I'm looking at mounting the disposal in a plastic tub, supported by a wood frame. I'm still working on the design (and will post here, with credit to you knockfer, when its done!).

Finally, instead of the very cool wood drainage platform you made, I'm opting for a simpler cutting board, and will drill a hole and attach a tube for drainage. Still figuring out that detail.

I'd welcome any thoughts about all this, and am so grateful for your inspiration! I'd never heard of using a garbage disposal as a chopper before. My wife is going to love this!

u/cjfourty · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Here is how I did it, I'm sure there are better ways but I used what I could get at the time and it worked out great. Picked up this sink flange from Amazon and I found a 3 1/2" SS hose clamp at lowes but the only Stainless Steel bolts they had that were long enough were Eye bolts 3/8" x 8" and were a little larger than I wanted but I really didn't have a choice. I drilled three holes high enough where I could still get the hose clamp on and used 3xSS 3/8" jam nuts to hold them on. Here is what I ended up with:

Was really easy and took about 30min. Took longer to try and get help and Lowe's and finally find it my self that it took to build it.

u/sinfoman · 1 pointr/Plumbing

Here's the one I went with- -- So far it's BRILLIANT. Had it for about 6 weeks now. Quiet, absolutely DESTROYS food, including fruit rinds (limes, etc.). Great product, little to no vibration. Thanks for all the advice on here everyone!

u/chrisbrl88 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Replace. They're only $100.

u/Suiken01 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Looking at a insinkerator badger 5 it's a little taller, current one it's smaller-11inches in height, will the 2 pipes fit/height exactly or do I need to shorten/lengthen them?

current one

want to buy this one

u/orangelife · 1 pointr/Plumbing

This is the existing one . Would like to replace with a costco one, do you guys think it would require replumbing?

u/Notevenspecial · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I am going to suggest a unit with high RPM, and a pre-cutter. You want the waste to be finely ground. Such units are used with septic tanks:

Just be aware that this community has a group of folks that do NOT recommend disposals, ever. And they have a point. Hard to plug something up if the food never goes in there.

Ultimately, it will be up to you which way to go.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Plumbing
u/dapeche · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

1/2 HP for $74, I have installed the 2600 model in my last two houses. Zero problems and simple install.

u/mbz321 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Just buy the cheapest one possible. For whatever reason, my 19 year old house has a builders-grade, GE 1/3? HP disposal, and it refuses to die.

I also replaced a friends failed disposal with this one: and there wasn't any issues.

u/JustTheFactsMaamm · 1 pointr/Seattle

I clicked here thinking I was going to tell you to get an Insinkerator Badger 5. Never mind...

u/vapeducator · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

Get commercial grade drop-in induction burners. They're better than all that fake consumer shit that's designed better to relieve rich people of their excessive money, particularly when they don't know how to cook and appearances are more important than function. You can customize your worktop surface limited only by the creativity of your carpenter, not limited to a 30-36" wide rectangle.

Get one combination microwave convection oven. If you bake a large turkey or two every year, then buy a large electric roasting pan or a large smoker/grill for the backyard. Most people don't need a large oven in their kitchen. A smaller counter-top or over-range convection microwave oven bakes and heats a lot faster for individuals, couples, and small families.

I also suggest getting a built-in water filtration system, water softener, a small tankless water heater for the dishwasher and hot tap-water faucet, instant hot-water tank dispenser and Insinkerator Evolution Excel. That garbage disposal is scary powerful, yet quiet with little vibration. It can even chop and grind rib bones into nothing.

u/FriedHollywood · 1 pointr/DIY
u/brock_lee · 0 pointsr/DIY

Get yourself a switch that mounts near the sink, since this is DIY, and run an extension cord from the fridge outlet through the backs of the cabinets.

This one uses air pressure, so you can't shock yourself.

u/Ripnicyv · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Don’t know what it does in your pc but it looks like a disposal guard (Garbage Disposal Splash Guards and Stopper Set 4 Pack(3+1), Topspeeder Food Waste Disposer Accessories Multi-function Drain Plugs Splash Guards