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u/pwnrmasta_01 · 102 pointsr/Sneakers

Boy ya need to cop you some "TILES"

u/jimmcfartypants · 40 pointsr/newzealand

Tape a Tile underneath and track it down.

edit: if you feel like snooping through their crap you may find some letters with names, addresses phone numbers etc, and perhaps even a credit card application or 3. Bonus points if you find their email address.

u/WakeAndTake · 38 pointsr/bestoflegaladvice

The Tile idea was the best

This is the solution. You can get Tiles for cheap:

$15 from Amazon -

$5.30 from WalMart -

Mine as well buy multiple and stuff them in various envelopes and items.

u/redditRW · 28 pointsr/RBI

I'm hesitant to recommend this solution, but I'll throw it out there.

You could buy something like this...

Tape or other wise secure it to the plug.

Next day, you're phone app will make the plug make a noise until you can find it. Works the other way too...tile finds phone, or keys.

I don't really like this product because they are made with batteries they KNOW will die in about a year, and the company only sells replacement units, not new batteries.

u/genericdude999 · 20 pointsr/Survival

I'm following this thread on /r/news. Seriously, you guys should check out the horrendously bad advice people are giving in the comments: "Just follow a stream!" "Just walk downhill!" "Just follow your compass in any direction and you will come to a town!"

The blind leading the blind. They're going to get somebody killed. I was on a hike with a social group yesterday. One of the sixtyish women with us had never been hiking before, and this is in a state famous for outdoor recreation. Several people had no extra clothing or much of anything except their cell phones.

I know it's not true survival gear, but you can get a GPS ridiculously cheap nowadays.

u/nlofe · 14 pointsr/gadgets

First of all, what about an airplane is comparable to a twenty dollar electronic?

Second of all, nowhere on Amazon's page for the product does it say that you can't replace the batteries in the device. It says in very tiny text at the way bottom that the battery lasts for a year and can't be charged, nothing about it not being replaceable.

u/Kdog0073 · 11 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

As others have said, WiFi only iPads do not have a built in gps. You have a few options... you can either get the cellular pad (you do not have to activate a data plan) and have the built-in gps, or you can find an external gps off Amazon.

Many of the external GPS’s are advertised for general aviation because us pilots like to use them for our flight materials. I personally recommended Dual GPS and can attest to using it several times successfully for Pokémon Go (also using a hotspot if you have no data plan). Another good option is bad elf. I personally like dual because it is Bluetooth and cross-compatible with other devices. Bad elf locks you in because it plugs directly into the device, which blocks the port, but you don’t have to worry about recharging it.

u/Bobvape · 10 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

i use a 6" tablet case i found at in a clearance bin at a dollar store. It's basically a soft padded pouch with a zipper on the top. I carry about a dozen 30mL unicorn bottles and a few drippers in the front pouch.

My friend uses a case he got off amazon and it holds all of his stuff perfectly... the 30mL unicorn bottles perfectly fit in the left side (the view with it opened) and it holds about a dozen unicorns. On the right side the individual pouches are good for batteries/rdas.

u/benjabino · 10 pointsr/fpvracing

My brother and I have started attaching Tiles to our drones for exactly this reason.

That way:

  1. No worries about the battery dying
  2. We can spread out and look together using the tile app (or with a larger group and each person using the app)
  3. One of us can make it beep when we're in range

    Not sure if they're waterproof though. So we gotta try to avoid dunking it in a water hazard.

    Amazon link
u/sypwn · 9 pointsr/RBI

As stated, a camera is the best option. If that is not viable for whatever reason, you could also glue a tile to it.

u/USBturtle · 9 pointsr/Nexus5

So far I've had no problems using these for my nexus. Prior to owning the nexus, the car mount I used for my note 2 so size and weight isn't a problem.

Screen Protector: Nilkin tempered glass

Car Dock: Mountek Universal CD grip

Wireless charger: Powerbot

Case: Caseology Carbon Fiber

u/are_you_shittin_me · 9 pointsr/running

Yeah, whatever it takes. The hardest step in running is over the threshold of your door.

Let's start from the ground up.

Socks: Choose from any of the Smartwool Run Socks. They are expensive, but awesome! If you get blisters easy or your feet get cold easy, try the injinji toe socks

Pants/tights: I wear tights when it's less than 40 F out or windy. Again [Smartwool] makes a good pair of tights. But really, just go to a local discount store and get some running tights, most of them are similar. for pants over running shorts, I just use sweats or any ol' athletic pants that I can find.

Underwear: Saxx makes some nice undies. Read about their design before you knock em. I wear underwear when I'm running in tights, but not in shorts because shorts have a liner.

Shorts: Nike has a lot of really cool designs for shorts. I have a couple pairs. When you are looking for shorts, think about pockets, do you want pockets or just one in the back? Anyway, Nike has you covered.

Singlet: I have a bunch of fun singlets. I wear a singlet with it's over 55F-ish. Nike has a bunch of good ones. I have a Saucony singlet, which I love because it's really light. I also have one with cats shooting lasers our of their eyes, an american flag one, and a bunch of other holiday ones. Just do a search for running singlets and you will find all kids of fun ones!

Shirt: For fun shirts, I got some of the superhero compression shirts, and they are fun. usually I just wear any ol' performance fabric shirt. During the winter I wear a long sleeve [New Balance]( Heather) running shirt. I wear a lot of high visibility because I don't like cars running me over. I bought mine at tjmaxx

Jacket: I have a Asics rain jacket that I wear when it's raining, and I have cheapo Fila jacket that I wear when it's really cold out (no link sorry). Check out all the stuff from Asics.

Vest: I have a Nike Aeroflot vest that is Awesome! I bought it at Ross for $20 and could never recommend someone spend $200 on a running vest. I also have a thin high visibility vest that I use as a wind block, I think it's from walmart.

Hat: Nike hat. I got it in black and high Vis.

Glasses: Get the cheapest polarized sunglasses you can find.

Pack: I don't have a pack yet, but i'm trying to decide between the Ultimate Direction and the s-labs.

Tech: I've got a Garmin Vivoactive. But any ol watch will do. Check out DC Rainmaker for GPS Watch Reviews. I also have a headlamp, and some red flashy lights that I use when it's dark.

OK, That's enough about that. Please don't buy this shit at full price, Go to discount stores or look online. Don't go try stuff on at your local shop, and then buy online (that's a dick move). Wear whatever you want, whenever you want, and if anyone says anything, tell em' to fuck off. Good luck out there! Keep up the good work.

u/SparkyMcSparks_ · 8 pointsr/LosAngeles

Put some hardcore drugs or a throwaway device loaded with child pornography in a box that looks like it's shipped [with no names or even an address] to the apartment and put it in your mailbox with a small GPS tracker disguised.

Buy the GPS tracker with an untraceable Paypal account or a prepaid Debit card. Have it shipped to an Amazon Locker, pick it up at night and wear a baseball cap. Delete your fake Amazon account afterwards.

Be sure to handle everything with gloves and wipe away prints (use mittens at the Amazon Locker, it's cold anyway in the Valley).

Use a burner phone that you've paid for with cash to have the GPS device send you the SMS of their location at go time. When the package gets stolen ping it for their location and anonymously report a narcotic or illegal contraband case to the police with their address.

Take out the battery from the burner phone and throw it away. For good measure break it in half if it's a flip phone.

Sit back and enjoy peace of mind for you and the other helpless victims for which the LAPD / USPS wouldn't have otherwise intervened.

u/Ky0suke · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories -Black

This case is my GO TO for anything technology related. Not sponsored or anything, i just love this case. Take a look at it, for $7 it’s incomparable, worked great when I needed to store my switch temporarily and put my battery bank, joycons, and spare USBC adapters in on the go. Has other uses as well if you’re a tech head.

u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/projectcar

Torque Pro + OBD Scanner + Nexus 7

Edit: Don't forget the mount.

u/sharpnp · 8 pointsr/ipad

I used this stand and have it braced against my center console coming up. They do make completely rigid ones but are much higher $. And here is the back side. And yes. All of the ram mounts I have gotten have been awesome. It’s not going to stay perfectly still without bracing it but works like a charm and I have had no issues. Have the same mount in a separate small car and can take the whole mount off and move it from vehicle to vehicle.

u/BigDog_Nick · 8 pointsr/nexus6

I use X-Grip. Best thing for all the phones I go through:

They have different ways of mounting it, but i use this:
Mounts to the bolt that holds the front passenger seat down, but there are better options...

u/punkrkr27 · 8 pointsr/Velo

Get a Garmin 510/520 for outdoors. Indoors, I would skip using a bike computer. Get an ANT+ dongle like this and record straight to a PC/Mac in software like TrainerRoad or Zwift.

u/InternetUser007 · 8 pointsr/pebble

I posted it elsewhere in this thread, but my Garmin VivoActive gets ~18 days of battery life, has an always-on colored screen, is very thin, and has GPS if you want it. There is a newer version with heart rate monitoring that I bought my dad, and he loves his.

u/PM_ME_YOUR_LUKEWARM · 8 pointsr/motorcycles
u/magnitudeintheattic · 7 pointsr/Parenting

You're going to want a triathlon watch, but I don't have any specific recommendations for you as I've never bought one.

This one is 4* on Amazon.

u/theoldboiler · 7 pointsr/vita

I've never seen that one before. Do you have a link?


u/sgchubbz · 7 pointsr/Nexus6P

Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount for Cell Phones and GPS Devices

I just got this one and it works pretty well with the 6P.

u/AgentScreech · 7 pointsr/infiniti

Here's the best way to handle this. I'm making assumptions that you have a smartphone and the RCA jacks in your car's armrest.

Get the following.

  • a wired to bluetooth transmitter
  • a usb car charge port
  • 3.5mm to rca jack cable (as short as possible)
  • a cd player mount for your phone

    Take the 3.5->RCA cord and plug the RCA ends into the aux jack inside the armrest. Put the USB charger in the 12v socket that's also in the armrest. Take the bluetooth transmitter plug in the power (with the supplied micro USB to normal USB cord) and plug in the 3.5 end of the RCA cord to the jack on the transmitter.

    Once the car is on and the transmitter is powered up, pair your phone to the transmitter per the instructions that came with it. After its paired, put all the wires and the transmitter in the armrest and forget about it. You'll never have to deal with it again unless something goes wrong.

    Now take the CD player car mount, and turn it so it's horizontal. Put your phone in it and adjust the sides to make sure it doesn't slide out. Switch your car audio system to AUX and leave it there. The only downside is you can't control the audio from the steering wheel. The only thing you can do is adjust the volume.

    Now you have an always updated nav system that has guidance and the ability to listen to all your music via the car stereo. I wouldn't try any other BT transmitter. It's the key to the whole deal and I know that one works. The rest of the stuff is universal and pretty generic. You may have some/most of them already. You can really shop around for the USB charger, RCA cable and CD player mount and get the cost down more. The whole setup should be around $75 or less.

    This is by far the most effective, economical way to get what you want. There isn't really a way to update or modernize the stock equipment outside of buying a new car. I'm pretty sure that's by design.
u/wareagleman · 7 pointsr/nexus6

I've been using this since the Nexus 6 came out... Works great... I have never had good luck with windshield mounts.

Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount for Cell Phones and GPS Devices

u/AResponsibleGuy · 6 pointsr/vita

Somebody here recommended this case a while back, works perfectly and is a steal at $10.50. Also big enough to hold my Vita (with my trigger grips) and 3DS along with both chargers.

u/LeonardoDiRaprio · 6 pointsr/ipad

This is my ipad-focused case that I keep in my backpack. It contains the following:

(1) USB C to Lightning Cable

(1) USB C to USB C Cable

(1) USB A to Lightning Cable

(1) Foldable Keyboard

(1) USB C Hub

(1) 45W USB C Power Bank & (1) 45W Wall Charger

(1) Set of Apple Airpods

(2) 128GB Flashdrives

I'm also using this case for my iPad, and this screen protector.

Hope this helps!

u/patz2009 · 6 pointsr/gpdwin

Storage -
200GB of storage that should be plenty fast for emulators.

Case -
Cheap and has plenty of space. Has a semi-hard shell.

Screen protector - The IGG WIN 2s will have a screen protector included.

Power Bank -
There's plenty of options out there and this is just an example, but your biggest thing to look for will be Power Delivery. It's essentially the open standard version of Quick Charge, and the WIN 2 supports it.

All this being said, I wouldn't buy the battery or storage now. Prices are likely to drop (at worst, stay the same) between now and May when the WIN 2 starts shipping.

u/makesmewannadance · 6 pointsr/BuyItForLife

1600 reviews. 4.5 stars. It usually go on sale for $17 sometimes. But if you need it now, it's a bit pricey at $24

u/dbplatypii · 6 pointsr/SkyDiving

Cheaper solution with the same functionality:

  1. Buy a bluetooth gps receiver for $140 (less than the cost of a flysight)

  2. Install BASEline Flight Computer app for free and connect it to the bluetooth GPS
u/DanielArnett · 6 pointsr/SkyDiving

I'll get right to the goods: here's one of my GPS-logged jumps. I recorded it with this bluetooth GPS while paired with the open-source BASELine App for Android and iOS, which you can try out for free without the GPS.

u/BigSHug825 · 6 pointsr/tech

It's pretty easy to add a usb charging port with this and this.

u/TehWildMan_ · 5 pointsr/bicycling

I have one of these mounts on both of my bikes. Has worked with both my former Nexus 6 (before the USB port died) and a 5x.

u/kbol · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

i just dropped $$$ to see Colin Mochrie (of Whose Line fame) do improv tomorrow but now i want to drop $$$$$$ on a running watch (p.s. does anyone want a gently-used apple watch sport) but i shouldn't but i want it and it'll make training for my half more fun bc i love data

u/bananajr6000 · 5 pointsr/exmormon


Everyone knows the Tile is the one, true key finder and replacement for The Spirit!

Sky Cake!!!

u/Dirtyburtjr · 5 pointsr/vaporents

I like it! I have more of a synthetic case built like a camera case, very inexpensive.

It fits my pax 1, some waterproof pill containers that hold ground flower, charger, a couple torch lighters, 2 dynavaps, one of which is in its dugout, mouthpieces, and a small grinder. A great affordable option.

u/Daxar · 5 pointsr/vita

I don't personally have an L2/R2 grip, but I have a Nyko power grip that's pretty bulky. I use a generic Amazon electronics case and it works pretty well (barely fits).

u/monsterspeed · 5 pointsr/ft86

Mountek nGroove Grip. It goes into your CD slot and a little flap opens up to remain there very solidly. It's more stable than a suction cup and the quality is pretty good too. Only downside is you can't listen to CDs while your phone is mounted, but I haven't listened to a CD in almost 2 years.

u/trustmeep · 5 pointsr/nexus6

I like the Mountek CD Slot phone holder.

I've used it for a couple of years now, and it hasn't messed up the CD player (I tested it just to make sure, not that I listen to CDs...what am I, your Grandma?).

It fits a Nexus 6 in a case with no problem.

u/mastawyrm · 5 pointsr/Autocross

I use a RAM mount with just the suction cup, short arm and X grip

It feels pretty damn safe holding my Nexus 6 in a case but I will say the X grip allows some rotation and may be shakier than another mount would be. Then again I don't know if being perfectly solid to the car is the most desirable thing.

Here's an example of how shaky it is.

I'm not terribly serious about autox so it's good enough to help me learn the course between runs.

u/MatJosher · 5 pointsr/cycling

Spare yourself lots of agony and get this
and this

Then run it near the trainer & power meter if you have one.

Although BLE is superior to ANT+ in a general sense, all the applications have more mature ANT+ support.

u/TheLivingExperiment · 4 pointsr/asktransgender

>Because I have tools in my backpack that just barely comply with TSA standards, and my pack is usually stuffed so dense they have to seach everything.

I'm an engineer in IT and have lost tools to the TSA. I asked them how to avoid getting pulled aside every time. They responded with "well take out the stuff like screw drivers, bits, etc and put them in their own bin." Since then I've only been stopped once since and it was for makeup remover towelettes. If you have a bunch of tools, consider a way to store them that is easy to remove. I use this for smaller stuff, but there are a few other options too just depends on what works for you.

u/ascendr · 4 pointsr/vita

I use this. Fits perfectly, with pockets for some games/cords.

u/SYNYST3R1 · 4 pointsr/vita

My Vita 2000 with Nyko power grip fits perfect in this case. Saw it recommended on this sub one day and it works great.

u/blu3ness · 4 pointsr/htcone

I got one of these:

So I have the HTC one sitting in front of a fan vent, blowing AC during the summer helps keep the phone cool :) Just putting it out there..

I have a 1A charger and the battery charges while on GPS/Streaming bluetooth audio, you have to keep it on battery saver mode if you want the screen on at all times. I usually just disable the screen and rely on the audio navigation, I find google maps voice navigation sufficient for myself but that might be different for others.

u/MyBlueBucket · 4 pointsr/Nexus

It's a CD phone mount

Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount for Cell Phones and GPS Devices

u/didacnog · 4 pointsr/FocusST

If you don't use the CD player, I really recommend this:

It has worked great for me, I use it holding the phone in landscape, is very secure and puts your phone in a place that's easily visible/accessible and doesn't block any vents. The only drawback I think it has is that it partially blocks the Stereo Volume Knob (sits in front of it) but the knob is still pretty easy to get to if you need to, and with voice/steering wheel controls you never really need it anyway.

Here's someone else's thoughts and photos in-car :

u/GloriousPudding · 4 pointsr/Nexus6P

I've been using those cheap air vent holders you can get for something like $3 on aliexpress, it fits all phones and most cars (you need a pretty weird air vent for it to not fit), but recently I found a holder that goes in the CD slot, something like this:

I think I might give this a try because 6P is quite a heavy phone and I'm beginning to see some wear on my air vent.

u/SumoSizeIt · 4 pointsr/cars

Do you have a CD player? I've used this one for years, but there are a number of cheaper versions now. The only downside to them is they might lose their grip over time and try to spring open, but I opened mine up and solved that by clipping and stretching the spring. Or, they're cheap enough that you could just buy a new one if that happens.

u/alecboom · 4 pointsr/Android

This solution is not entirely new. I've had one of these mounts for a while. This is the one I have.

I do like the price point of this crowdfunded bracket though. If you back the project with $20 you get a bracket. I think that's a fair price.

Btw there's a good chance of this submission to get downvoted because it really doesn't have anything to do with android.

u/FlyingPhotog · 4 pointsr/flying

AFAIK iPad Mini 2 and 3 are pretty much the same thing, except the Mini 3 has Touch ID and the Mini 2 does not. Thus, if you were considering the 2 vs. 3, you should just go for the 2. If you were considering the 2 vs 3 vs 4, it should now be down to the 2 vs the 4. If it were me, I'd go for the WiFi Mini 4 and get one of these for $79, which is a lot more dependable and accurate than the built-in GPS, and doesn't rely on a cellular lock to get an initial fix:

u/jelloexperience · 4 pointsr/flying

I use the Dual Electronics XGPS150A, the newer version of the XGPS150 (only change is the power adapter can now support 12-28v). It's $99, really small and portable, connects via Bluetooth, and has a battery life of like 8 hours. Bought it pretty recently and just got to try it out in mid-July -- absolutely thrilled with the performance of the device.

u/RunShootDrink · 4 pointsr/running

FYI this is similar to the US amazon price of $249.99.

u/I_love_buttts · 4 pointsr/running

I'm not sure what your budget is but this is an absolute steal and will do everything you are looking for and more

I've been using it for a year now, cant beat it especially at that price

u/dangerous340 · 4 pointsr/motorcycles

I bought this for around $20 and a free sim from T-mobile that allows 30 texts per month for $3. Mapping is over my head but the GPS location has been spot on when testing.

u/jtkar · 4 pointsr/Coachella

Got picked Saturday night at Sahara. Was recommended this by someone

Definitely going to install this inside my device (I'm an Apple Tech) next year as I recommend everyone else do. Hopefully once these thieves keep getting arrested they'll stop entirely.

Surprised Apple hasn't created a feature to require that devices use fingerprint or passcode to turn off. Would eliminate so many devices being stolen...

u/kmarple1 · 4 pointsr/insanepeoplefacebook

Just do what I do and put a Tile on it along with the rabies tag. I use it as a failsafe for finding the cat, but you could just as easily find the collar if it came off.

u/thetinydead · 4 pointsr/MaladaptiveDreaming

Of the top of my head I'd say that if you have a tendency to lose focus on your child then you want to put some protocols in place asap to counteract that while you work on awareness and such. My initial thoughts would be:

A Tile (tap the app and it makes the tile "chirp"):

Some type of beacon technology (here you can set a radius and the phone alarm will go off if your child leaves 30 meters etc):

One of those fitness apps that gives a warning if you sit still for too long - usually you'd set it to 30 mins so you dont get sedentry but you could set it to go off if your still for over 30seconds when you take your child out. This will get annoying but safety first right?

Hope that helps!

u/Sonicstrapawn · 3 pointsr/airsoft

He may find the 2nd generation Tile useful for keeping track of the nades and it seems to be the only half decent bluetooth tracker on the market.

The only downside is that you have to pull it apart yourself in order to change the battery because it's not meant to be changed in order to keep it watertight. I also have my doubts about it's durability considering you'll be tossing it across rooms.

u/sujicon · 3 pointsr/Porsche
  1. I wouldn't as I've never lost a key. I'd suggest you buy a key finder instead

  2. They are too expensive for what they are. Given the price of the car, I'd say not worth it.

  3. Depends on how far you want to go. If it was my car I'd do the following (all of these are fairly cheap and easy):

    MT/diff oil

    brake fluid

    PS fluid (turkey baster method)


    check the coolant condition and if it is out change it

    check the cabin filter and pollen filter and change them if they are disgusting

    clean the leaves off of radiator to clean it up a bit

    change the timing belt

    If you want to go farther, change the spark plugs as they are likely overdue (not sure I'd pay someone to do that unless the idle was rough). Change the front engine mount and you will likely get a better ride. If you are really scared about being stranded at the side of the road, change the water pump (if not, just change it when it fails).

  4. The OBDII scanners are dirt cheap, buy one off ebay for like $3 and run one of the free Torque alternatives (e.g. Dr something?). I don't think you will get much out of it, however.

  5. Not that I see. I'd be worried the rear window will look ghastly, that was my experience with early 986s.
u/CJOttawa · 3 pointsr/Ingress

A7-A8 did seem like a drag but what helped a lot was realizing building gives more AP than breaking.

  • Find an area with very high portal density - about 50 portals in a 5-10 minute bike/walk. Make sure they're either opposing team or neutral when you visit or find another area that is. Historical sites are good; our national arboretum has a "memorial plaque" on every second tree so you get 100 portals in about a 15 minute bike ride. (too big to walk quickly though)

  • A bicycle phone mount helps.

  • Deploy all resos, add two mods (ideally a rare/VR heat-sink and a multi-hack) and then hack and walk. The heat-sink and multi-hack are needed to avoid cool-down and burnout while you're repeating your rounds.

  • You don't even need to glyph though that'll add to the AP and give you more resos; not doing this, you might run out. IMO, if you have a "war chest" of necessary resos, glyphing will slow you down. If you don't have the needed resos, glyph.

  • Keep circling this area.

  • When you finish a loop, put all keys into a capsule so you can keep hacking and getting more keys without the "get more keys" glyph command.

    At some point you'll get enough keys to do overlapping fields (YouTube for overlapping field tutorials) for some more big AP gains.

    You can do all that in a small geographic space, without a car. You could get from A7 to A8 in a weekend, maybe even a day.

    After that, you have access to L8 tools (XMPs, resos, etc) so you can tailor your play style to suit you: play as a builder, linker, destroyer, whatever.

    You can't be completely mono-tasking though as you need badges to advance. Recharge, hack, deploy, link, field etc... it can't be ALL one thing.
u/21tahawk · 3 pointsr/Axon7

I got this one for my bike and it works great!

u/PaleoTS · 3 pointsr/Garmin

I think the VA4/Venu are both great, and would serve you well. I think the whole Garmin infrastructure and software with Garmin Connect, etc., are great, and superior to Samsung's (disclaimer: that's based on liking Garmin, I don't really know much about Samsung other than I hate their phones - lol).

If you think they are still a little bit expensive and over-featured, consider the Frontrunner line. I didn't (I ended up going all-in on a Fenix) but I've seen some threads on here that make them seem like a terrific cheaper alternative, and there are so many models that, while it's confusing, you can pick and choose the features you are willing to pay for. For example, I read someone reporting how happy they are with a 245. I just looked on Amazon and its $149.

So, I wholeheartedly endorse the Garmin lineup, but perhaps a cheaper version?

Finally, I hate all things Apple, but my wife uses an iPhone and has an Apple Watch Series 3. She absolutely loves it, and it does all sorts of fitness things on top of having seamless integration with her phone. It's on sale for like $169. If you use an iPhone, I would reluctantly steer you towards considering that. :-)

u/f8jr · 3 pointsr/running

Mostly aesthetic, all of which are highlighted in this link! Also, if you're interested in getting the 235, I believe that amazon has a sale right now, it's going for $150 here.

u/_M1nistry · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Random one on amazon just one that has a decent-ish amount of reviews. There's tons of trackers ranging in huge price ranges, so just read reviews to find a decent one.

u/Sarahthelizard · 3 pointsr/funny
u/gtopham · 3 pointsr/ADHD


Invest in a lanyard or wrist strap with a loop, a wallet keychain, and Tile Mate.

That way you'll have a convenient way to carry your car keys and wallet (plus the lanyard/wrist strap will make them bulky and easier to find) and then be able to find them with the Tile Mate. You could even go on Amazon and get neon colors to make them stand out.

You just have to make a rule that every card you take out of the wallet you have to put back.

u/bmwkid · 3 pointsr/Edmonton

If you can, leave your bike indoors when you're not using it. Most apartments don't have a problem with keeping your bike inside, and if you ride to work many workplaces will let you keep it in a storeroom or the warehouse. If you still need to lock up outside, try and do it in a visible area and under a security camera. Any of the locks mentioned below should do the trick.

Another great tip is to put a Tile on your bike. They cost about $30 and they are a little tag that helps you find any object. Put one under your seat or a spot that's not easily visible. When your bike is stolen you can send out a notice and all other tile users in the area will help look for it without them even knowing. It uses the tile app that's on your phone. You can buy these at Best Buy, Walmart, Canadian Tire etc or on Amazon

u/m0nkeycheese · 3 pointsr/pebble

>Garmin makes a nice bicycle bar mount kit for their Forerunner watches, works great with a Pebble too:

u/lordrashmi · 3 pointsr/triathlon

You can use this which I did for a while. Worked great but of course takes time during transition to move.

u/atoy74 · 3 pointsr/AndroidWear

I've ordered mine, we'll see when it arrives. I can tell you my old Sony Smartwatch 3 did an admirable job. The issue is cycling and taking your eyes off the road to look at data on your wrist. It's harder than it sounds. I purchased this but honestly never tested it out.

u/Liber_Lupus · 3 pointsr/BeyondPockets

Perhaps the amazon basics travel organizer? It’s got a little bit of organization but no straps for cords or anything, just some mesh pouches.

u/Only1KJ · 3 pointsr/vita

Hey there! I've been using this for the 2000 + L2/R2 grip.

It's large enough to fit the vita and my case of games. The game case is the perfect size to fit in the recess on the back of the grip, which I imagine is the same size for both models. I hope this helps!

u/bedlogic · 3 pointsr/EDC

I bought an AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case to hold miscellaneous cables and tiny things in my backpack. It's spacious enough to hold my 3DS XL, several usb charging cables/earbuds (micro USB, lightning, 3DS), Jackery power bank, flash drives, 3DS carts, SD cards, business cards, and whatever other random stuff I want to keep in one place. It's a structured case, but not so hard that it won't give under a bit of pressure. Definitely worth the price for my needs!

u/ProRogueTank · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

I use an Amazon Basic Electronic Organizer (

Other stuff I usually have in there are bandages, wet wipes (small pack), electrolyte/caffeine pills, and the lights go on the orange top/bottom sections.


u/blustercrab · 3 pointsr/vita

This fits the Vita and Nyko power grip.

u/Mededitor · 3 pointsr/Vaping

I use this for the gearbag in the car:

Big enough to hold juice, batteries, and basic rebuilding gear.

u/benjymous · 3 pointsr/CasualUK

Not a belt, but I have an AmazonBasics Travel Case containing:

  • An Anker battery
  • An assortment of USB leads
  • A compact USB mains adaptor (a Nokia one that has a fold down earth pin to save space)
  • A slimline Zebra Sharbo mechanical pen/pencil and spare fills
  • A tiny double ended screwdriver (bought from an opticians)
  • A couple of microfibre lens cloths - one a handy Hama one with integral pouch
  • A Wallet Ninja credit card sized multi tool thing
  • A folding pair of nail scissors
  • A 16gb USB3 stick
  • A slim USB SD card reader
  • A Charger Doctor (tiny device that shows voltage and amp output of a USB socket, handy when you want to know if you've got a duff USB port to charge from, or a shitty cable)
  • A small USB3 hub
  • A tiny notepad
  • A spare pair of earbud headphones
  • A spare battery for my camera
  • Assorted other things I've probably forgotten.

    This stuff used to just rattle around loose in my satchel, but it's much more convenient kept together in a nice solid case.
u/Mikethebassist · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

That is absolutely awesome! Is this what it is?

u/indecisive_bird · 3 pointsr/vita

Somebody once posted about this case from amazon.

It fit the vita with the grips without a problem and there was still space for other accessories.

u/owllady · 3 pointsr/Vaping101

I have around 15 different tanks that I use. They are a combination of Mini Protank 2s, Kanger Aerotanks, and Protank 2 with the Aerotank bases.

I suggest you get glass tanks. They are the ones you can use any juice with. The plastic tanks cannot handle tank cracker juices.

You can carry them around with you in almost anything. Altoids tin, zippered pouch. I have found that this: This is one of the best things I have found to carry around my gear every day.

It does not matter how long you leave your juice in your tank. A month? Ok. It will cure in your glass tank, just like it will in your glass bottle it came in.

u/NegativeGhostrider · 3 pointsr/vita

This is the one I use. It's a great size and can hold a 3DSXL and my Vita, plus a ton of games and accessories. This'll likely hold your Vita, Charger, and hand grip.

u/shoasa95 · 3 pointsr/vagabond

Don't really vagabond, but I do travel (backpacking, through cities) with my nook glowlight. Keep it in this case, along with my electronic cords and such. 1 month battery life, has a light on it. If you get the glowlight plus, it's water and dust proof.

u/BobbyD84 · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

Mountek Ngroove. Pops in the cd slot and extends to lock in tightly. Squeeze the cushioned sides together to grasp the phone, one button release on the back pops it free. I stuck an NFC tag on it so it automatically shuts off wifi, turns on bluetooth, and turns media volume to 100 percent. No problem plugging in a charger either.

u/sfw_reddit · 3 pointsr/ft86

This is what I use:


Note: Risk to break into your CD Player (Rare) or just drop

u/theprizefight · 3 pointsr/BMW

If it were me, I'd prefer something that I can actually use on or in the car, as opposed to clothing/wallets/accessories.

Off the top of my head:

  • New pair of front floor mats (if his are worn)
  • Rear decklid lip spoiler (eBay - I'd check seller reviews carefully before purchasing)
  • BMW valve stem caps ($4, found on eBay)
  • Griots Garage car care kit ($65 on Amazon). I got this as a gift a few years back, one of the best car-related gifts I've been given. I still use the Griots stuff and replace individual items as needed
  • Mountek smartphone mount ($30 on Amazon) - This is the best mount I've come across. I have an E46 M3 and it fits perfectly in the CD slot, nice and compact and can easily be removed if needed.

    Good luck!
u/vnestico · 3 pointsr/Nexus7

Mountek CD slot mount -

Arkon Tablet Mount -

I didn't expect this much interest in it, I'll add more details of the stack up of which pieces to put together in what order.

u/rd0livaw · 3 pointsr/nexus6

I use a Mountek one that fits into the CD slot of a stereo. I've used it on my Nexus 5, the Nexus 6 and a friend uses his with a 2013 Nexus 7.

I have to occasionally tighten things up on it, but I like it overall.

u/KingKriz · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I can't speak for its buy it for life quality as I do not own it, but there is this.

u/guilleeee · 3 pointsr/fujix

You're not missing out on the Fuji app's geotracking feature, IMO. It doesn't update the location in real time, it just syncs your phone's location at the moment you pair it with your camera, so every photo you take afterwards will be geotagged at that original location; it's only useful if you're staying in that location for the entire shoot or if you just want a ballpark estimate you can then fine-tune manually in Lightroom's map module.

What I do is record a GPS track of my route using something that can export a GPX file, making sure the camera's time is synced to the GPS time. You can use something like a simple handheld GPS (like a Garmin eTrex), but I use the GPS Tracks iOS app (I always carry an external battery pack so battery use is not a concern). Then in Lightroom, after I import my photos, I can import the GPX track in the map module and it'll geotag my photos.

Another thing I do, especially when on road trips where I don't want to geotrack the entire trip but I'm still making a few stops for photos, is take a photo with my phone at each location, and then import them to Lightroom to use as reference to place the others manually in the map module (I use the Lightroom Mobile app to take them, so they're synced automatically to the desktop app, saving me a step).

u/Entropius · 3 pointsr/worldnews

In cellphones it's still the device's ability to transmit that's to blame for the eventual surveillance. It's just in the case of cell phones the undesirable transmission of your position is muddied with legitimate transmissions you normally have no problem with. Cell towers do need to be able to ping you so you can receive calls.

Another way for me to explain it is like this: A bare-bones GPS device that only does GPS, like what you'd use to hike through the woods, is only capable of receiving data. They are not capable of being used to spy on you by anyone. They don't talk to satellites, they only listen. Any surveillance device that spies on your position with GPS is going to be require a transmitter. Put another way, GPS records/makes data. But unless you can transmit that data, its useless for surveillance.

There is arguably one possible exception: A GPS you attach to somebody's car, then detach later to record data with no transmission (and is thus not real-time surveillance), but I'd argue in that case it's the attachment-and-retrieval that's to blame for the surveillance (basically the intrusion upon of property).

u/indolentpro · 3 pointsr/flying

I use the Dual XGPS and it works great with ForeFlight on my iPad 3 WiFi. Though I've read it doesn't work above certain flight levels or internationally (can't remember what the exact complaint was but it didn't apply as I'm just a PPL student).

Great battery, 8+ hours, accurate & Bluetooth. Also, cheap.

u/aaronvogel · 3 pointsr/overlanding

If you have a wifi only iPad model then I can recommend the Dual XGPS150A. I've used it with both my iPad and Android devices and it's terrific. EDIT: if you have an iPad with cellular data then it should already have a very accurate GPS and you won't benefit from getting an external one.

As for comms, what issues have you run into? I have both ham and CB and the CB gets WAY more use. Have you tuned your antenna / checked your SWR?

u/akadros · 3 pointsr/ipad

I used to get GPS On my ipad using a GPS receiver ( which worked perfectly fine, but you still need data to get the most use out of Waze.

u/PeabodyJFranklin · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Seems as if Amazon has expanded their RAM inventory; this is the mount I have:

When I purchased it, it was sold with an iPad cradle and a ball to screw on the back, which I gave to my iPad owning friend. Mounting a device right on the shaft doesn't give a good range of motion, I have a 3-ball adapter (RAM-B-289U) to allow 2 mounts to hang off the one shaft. I paid $32, and I feel it was worth it. Overpriced, but worth it.

If you don't feel that will be necessary, using this $15 2-ball adapter with one socket arm gives you a much larger range of adjustability, without having to bend the aluminum shaft repeatedly.

u/peepsnet · 3 pointsr/stratux

You can hook the GPS to your PC and use VisualGPS or the software from the GPS maker called u-center

It might just be a fluke thing with reception. Other then that, the VK-172 is a tested GPS and is proven to be reliable as far as the software goes.

The antenna is small and not as sensitive as others.

The BU-353-S4 is a remote GPS that can be located in a better spot than the stratux might be.

The RY835AI, in addition to having AHRS and pressure altitude on the chip, has a large antenna and the 4(2 835s and 2 836s) that I have have gotten their first fixafter opening the package from China in under 45 sec indoors in my living room(one story house). The GPS can be hooked up by USB and that would be enough. Alternately, the device could be soldered up to provide AHRS and Pressure altitude.(these features are in beta right now)

u/spyingwind · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

If the device had some kind of GPS or cell modem, then that would likely solve the problem. Location services pull from different places, like IP, GPS, Cell Modems, and other things.

u/hvyhitter · 3 pointsr/sailing

opencpn with this

Fun part is it is free. So if you try it and say. "This is shit" you lose nothing (assuming you are going to use that GPS for something else.) I just bought that GPS thing last week to replace the one I lost. Worked great in Windows 10.

u/jakebonz · 3 pointsr/Autocross

I go with Ram Mounts. They are good, solid mounts that seem to be very well built. Assuming a GoPro, you could do the following:



GoPro Adapter (don't buy the actual Ram Mount adapter because it's one of the very few things they make that isn't any good):

If you're looking for a generic camera screw-type adapter:

u/Vtrossi · 3 pointsr/lyftdrivers

The app really has nothing to do with signal reception. All GPS will struggle downtown because of the buildings blocking the sky. Here are a few tips: when you start your route take 10 seconds to look over the route, and take a screen shot so if you lose signal, you still know where to go. Or you can buy one of these. It drastically improved my reception downtown.

u/ack154 · 3 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

How about Bluetooth GPS? I use one with my 7" Fire tablet for laptiming and it works great.

Edit: There are plenty out there (cheaper than this too) but I use this Garmin one and like it:

u/BlackBeard31 · 3 pointsr/Zwift

there are two routes you can do:

  1. The Kickr Snap connects to the PC or laptop thru a ANT+ USB dongle you need to purchase.

    The PC or laptop need to be in the garage with you. The ANT+ devices can't communicate wirelessly very well from more than 10 feet.

    You can use the IOS app (mobile link) for interactions and don't need a keyboard.

  2. You can ignore your PC or laptop entirely. Zwift just released the application on iOS devices. If you have an ipad or an iphone, you can run the application on these. Your SnAP would communicate directly to the devices via bluetooth.

    I think this answers your questions. Zwift will keep you in shape thru the winter months!
u/ecatt · 3 pointsr/Zwift

You will need the ANt stick - I don't think the garmin speed/cadence sensors broadcast over anything but ANT. You can pick it up on Amazon. There's the official garmin one which will definitely work, and also the decooler knock-off which is cheaper but IME is a little hit and miss in if it will work or not. I've got two of them and one of them is a total dud. To be on the safe side I'd probably just order the Garmin one, especially since they've reduced the price on it to something more reasonable (it used to be more like $50 - looks like right now it's $36. [ant stick]

u/zacmarcus · 3 pointsr/Entrepreneur

Phones only use one GPS frequency which is only accurate to about 4m, so getting different apps on your phone won't help.

You could look into getting a dual frequency GPS device, but it looks like the dual frequency GPS chip for phones was only just created, so might have to wait a bit. The new chips should be accurate to about 30 cm.

I did a quick search, but couldn't find standalone device for navigation or something that plugs into your phone. Let me know if you find something usable.

EDIT: I just found one that should be able to connect to your phone via bluetooth. Let me know it goes.

u/Styxlanian · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I ordered it off of ECS tuning here

And I wired it into my fuse box with this

Easy install and cleans up nicely, would recommend.

u/runwithpugs · 2 pointsr/Garmin

I would assume the F6 variants would have a quick release mount, but a quick search doesn't turn up anything yet. Interesting. I just use the Garmin Forerunner bike mount - it's not quick release but it's quick enough for me. Works great with 945 and a Fēnix 3 before that.

u/nickyv23 · 2 pointsr/cycling

I have a Vivoactive and I love it. I run at least as much as I ride (I also play a decent amount of golf) and being a college student on a budget, the Vivoactive is great. I've had it since launch and I have very few complaints.

To address your main point, Garmin sells a handlebar mount for their watches for around $10-15 that works great. It pairs easily with HR monitors and speed/cadence sensors as well. It's definitely not a high-end cycling computer, but it does a great job for what it is and I think would be plenty for any beginner or even intermediate rider, especially one on a budget.

u/sylvaing · 2 pointsr/cycling

Here's your answer

Garmin Forerunner Bicycle Mount Kit

u/imstillnotfunny · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Here's the Garmin (910xt) data output from one of my rides:

I really like it and you can get a handlebar mount if you want to view it off your wrist.

edit/ I have the heart rate monitor also, that's where the heart rate data comes from.

u/hi_from_brian · 2 pointsr/dogs

This can be done quite cheaply. Start with this $25 tracker:

Then get a $10 Go Phone from AT&T just to initialize their SIM card, and select the plan where you pay $2 for unlimited SMS only on the days that you use it.

$35 to get started, $2/day for use, and it sends you a Google Maps link on demand. ☺

u/Avg_Salty_Pirate · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

Real Time Portable Mini GMS/GPS/GPRS Tracker

u/Bro_Sauce_69 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

these. The downside is that someone bumps into your bike when you are not around, people are going to be pissed that the alarm is going off until you get back....

I also throw a chain through my front wheel and up around the forks.

Insurance is your friend! Make sure and record any and all serial numbers for parts, the VIN, and license plate of course.

If you want to get really hardcore, you can get a GPS tracker. That one is a super cheap crappy model, you would probably want to shop around and get a more expensive one. But if you are worried about these cokehead morons (from comments below) stealing your bike just because it's yours, that would be the way to go. That way you can maybe get them put in jail for awhile as well.

Personally my bike looks like a POS anyway (it sort of is, but just cosmetically, I keep my baby running smooooooth), so I'm not really worried about anyone stealing it because it wouldn't be worth the effort, heh.

u/VillainousYeti · 2 pointsr/SilkRoad

This may sound drastic but, if you really want to see if your mail is compromised mail yourself atracker and package it like how any of the things you purchased would be packaged. If its intercepted you will know.

u/onesneakymofo · 2 pointsr/3DS

I use this. Everything fits perfectly. 3dsxl and charger in the mesh net cradle, and my game case that holds 18 games in the part behind. I have a microfiber cloth and my iPod touch as well. Then I just put it in my backpack or carry it around.

u/rincon_break · 2 pointsr/onebag

I have the same case. It is from Amazon.

Electronics Case

u/theCactiKing · 2 pointsr/vita

Typically a "hard case" has a firm exterior shell, like a glasses carrying case. It may be lined with soft material on the interior.

A "soft case" is typically a foam or cloth pouch. Useful for protecting the screen from scratches, possibly for absorbing minor bumps. Will not protect against serious falls, and probably not the best option if you want to toss your Vita in a backpack or bag.

There are a lot of different case options that can suit the Vita. Not all of them are built specifically for Vita. Are you looking for something that snugly fits the exact form factor of the system, or do you want something with some carrying space for other items?

I use this case for all my portable gaming carriage:

Comfortably fits my Vita or 3DS (not both at the same time). Big enough to hold either with a grip attached. Still has room for my headphones, microfiber cloth, zip compartments to store game carts.

This case is somewhere between "hard" and "soft". Not as rigid as a glasses case, much firmer than a typical "soft" case. Stands up very well to bumps and tumbles in my briefcase. Soft lining on the interior to absorb impacts.

u/clee290 · 2 pointsr/vita

There's the Nyko Power Grip which has an external battery to "double" the Vita's battery life.

There is also the PDP Trigger Grip which uses triggers to push your Vita's shoulder buttons.

There are also a variety of plain grips which don't really add any functionality other than the grip.

As for case that can fit a Vita with a grip, I've heard of people using iPad Mini cases, such as this. Also this case on Amazon has been recommended. Here is a picture: click.

u/Junstar · 2 pointsr/Alienware

It's definitely padded enough, but I feel the bottom could use just a little more padding. I may slide some socks or something down in there to cushion it.

I can try to add pictures of it later if that would help.

I almost got that briefcase myself, but went with the Sleeve instead because it fit in my roller bag. It was ok, just not big enough for much else. I'm so glad I found this backpack haha

Just ordered the [AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories](AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories -Black to house the power brick and mouse, etc. and an [Xbox One Controller Carrying Case](For Microsoft Xbox One / Xbox One S Wireless Controller Travel EVA Protective Case Carrying Pouch Cover Bag Compact size by Hermitshell as well. So, I'll update with how that works out too.

u/loldathe · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I use this thing for most of my stuff (building supplies mostly, I only have 2 mods and 2 rdas)

Fits Ohm meter, kanthal spools, pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers, anything you could think of needing while building.

u/Slapshot00 · 2 pointsr/VitaTV

I don't know if a Dualshock 4 could fit in this case, but this might be a good one for the PSTV and all its components.

u/ExplodeBear92 · 2 pointsr/vita

I use this case with the vita 1000 attached to the nyco power grip. It fits snugly inside and as you can see from the photos it comes with a lot of compartments as well.

This was recommended in the last post that I stumbled upon identical to this when I had first purchased my power grip and I am very happy with it.

u/xrayhearing · 2 pointsr/vita

I have this: Amazonbasics Universal Travel Case. The vita fits perfect and plenty of room for other things too. It's basically an Accessory Case of Holding.

u/FrankReynolds · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Insulin cases work quite well, especially since most of them have spaces for 15-30ml bottles. Something like this would do the job.

Even generic use cases like this would be adequate.

Electronics cases can be useful because they'll have slots for batteries.

u/pkp_674 · 2 pointsr/vita

I use the Nyko battery grip and an Amazon basics case to protect the now-larger handheld. Since I have bigger hands, the grip is perfect in every way. I couldn't imagine going back to using the vita without it now.

u/globalvarsonly · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I got one of these things to carry all my rebuilding gear, works great!

u/Eogram · 2 pointsr/vita

If you're shopping for a case to go with it, this one fits almost like it was made for it. (I have the Vita 2000)

I can fit the vita w/ power grip, shield tablet, and a battery bank/usb cable quite nicely in it.

u/ChgoKicks · 2 pointsr/diabetes

Got mine from Amazon. It's not a diabetes case per say but I use it to carry supplies. Works great and all my stuff fits.

u/Maize-Haze · 2 pointsr/trees

Well, it's enclosed in an AmazonBasics electronics case.

The grinder is a Masterdam grinder. Small size.

This is the 1/8th teaspoon.

This is the pair of herb jars.

This is the tip tray.

u/Trebek007 · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Here is what I use

Another note: My Ipad Mini (with smartcover) fits perfectly in the back pocket, outside of the case, nice and snug.

u/cremestick · 2 pointsr/VapePorn
u/DThr33 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I can't offer any advice on removing the marks left behind, but I can recommend you use something like this to mount your phone there next time.

u/glebulon · 2 pointsr/Miata
u/n8dawwg · 2 pointsr/Fiat
u/Ashton1995 · 2 pointsr/lgg2

I've had a G2 since it was released and have been using the same car mount that I used with my old Galaxy Nexus. It's universal and the best dock I ever purchased. It uses you CD slot on your stereo. No having to stick it to your windshield or dash and worrying about it detaching or anything. One of the best accessories I ever got for a phone.

They also have a newer one that works with a magnet. I never used it, but it gets good reviews. I just prefer the old tried and true original more. Here's the newer one as well:

u/knowah1 · 2 pointsr/LumiaLovers

While I don't have a 1520, I just ordered this one: Mountek nGroove. I should have it tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it works.

It spreads over 4" (that's what she said) so you shouldn't have a problem fitting your phone in it (...that's what she said).

It mounts in the cd player or grooves in the dash with zero 3m, so I'm stoked. I hate windshield mounts and I'll be damned if I use any type of tape to mount something in my dash.

u/socioteq · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

Do you have a CD player? I mean, do you have something that you can put this: on?

If you get one of these: and break it open/glue the guts to the yellow part of the slot mount, you have a pretty sweet QI charger/mount. It seems there arent many options for this, but this worked well for me. I'll try and take some photos today of what I did.

u/fukitol- · 2 pointsr/DumpsterDiving

My car also has a CD player. It is currently used as a place to mount my mutimedia device that stores literally thousands of times as much music.

u/QuickStopRandal · 2 pointsr/ft86

First off, get this phone mount instead. If you have a phone (which means you have bluetooth and AUX at your disposal), you don't need the CD player. It works wonderfully and makes it feel built-in to the car.

Otherwise, just keep a phone charge cable around.

If you actually want to talk mods, some people have installed backup cameras and integrated radar detectors (that mount to the front of the car), so those would make things better.

u/brp · 2 pointsr/Audi

I have this one and it works well.

u/lukemcr · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

I have a 2013 Elantra GT, and I use a CD slot-mounted holder.

I'm not sure of the brand of the one I use, but if it's not the one I linked it's something very similar. Works quite well.

u/NotTheLips · 2 pointsr/370z

I really like the CD slot cell phone holders. Who uses CDs anyway?

Here's an example (there are many other styles available).

u/jadd806 · 2 pointsr/prius

I know you said air vent, but maybe this CD-mounted one will work? It's adjustable for any size phone. Much better IMO, but I guess if you use CDs regularly it won't work.

u/ReraldDimple · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I use this one, it's worked fantastically, it fits basically any phone, and as long as the charging port is in the bottom center, it's flawless.

u/cvtele · 2 pointsr/htcone

I use a mount that fits into the CD slot for my M7. It's solid, easy to access and adjustable for plenty of sized phones.

u/rothnic · 2 pointsr/Android
u/moar_distractions · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I was looking for the same thing, might have to pull the trigger on this thing:

u/kagaku · 2 pointsr/iphone

I've had one of these for a few months now:

It mounts with a clamp in your CD slot (has not damaged the 3 different slots I've mounted it in) and securely holds your phone. I absolutely love it. It mounts my phone in a good location, I don't use CD's anyway and it's very adjustable.

It's also only $25.

u/turdbogls · 2 pointsr/oneplus

I use This one

its a CD slot mount...I haven't used a CD in ages, so I figure I would put the slot to good use.

very secure, the bottom ledge gives me peace of mind. its a 2 handed operation though, which sucks, it also messes with your CD permanent damage, but I have some "dust flaps" in teh slot that are now folded up and out of the way, so it just looks weird when the mount isn't in there. other than that, it works great, and Love it...they have other options now though that I may look into.

u/darcmage · 2 pointsr/nexus4

Doesn't get much better than the Mountek CD mount.

u/roor1337 · 2 pointsr/ft86

I have this for mine. Works great. I had a smaller one that would droop due to vibrations but this one has an adjustment screw. I wish it could move a bit more but some sanding would fix that

u/doggod · 2 pointsr/Austin

Of course both of us cheap bastards love Meritline. But, also on Amazon Prime at the same price. Just ordered one. THANKS!!

u/IamNotWrong- · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I have this one:

I like it more because it actually has support on the bottom, so the phone wouldn't fall out.

u/ProbablyRickSantorum · 2 pointsr/subaru

Buy one of these: problem fixed. It blocks the view of the OEM stereo head but its totally worth it.

u/cxiixc · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

This CD slot mount works far better than you might think, especially in cars without flat dashes. I'm very happy with it and it puts the phone in the perfect location, at the expense of slightly obscuring the stereo. Since all I do on the stereo is volume control for Bluetooth, no big deal. Bonus, no glue/adhesive:

Edit: The "reachability" on this is really good, vs something far away on top of the dash.

u/Dr__Brain · 2 pointsr/Android

I couldn't be happier.

u/rextraverse · 2 pointsr/apple

I'm a huge fan of the quality and customizability of Ram X-Grip Mounts, but they are expensive and - since you mentioned you don't want something on top of the dash and all I've ever used are their incredible suction-cup mounts - I won't go as far as to recommend their cupholder mount, but just to look into it, based on my experience with their suction cup products. Remember that with the 6+, you'll probably need the Phablet holder because the Universal Phone holder will be a tight squeeze.

However, I also use this CD-slot mount when travelling through states with laws against suction cup mounts. Bought it because it was cheap, but it's been a solid product and, most importantly, it feels stable when secured in place. If you don't ever use your CD slot, this is a great solution. The only criticism I would have about the Mountek is that the release lever in the back is tough to get to when the phone is mounted, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

u/mduell · 2 pointsr/flying

> That's because it's an aviation GPS function, not just something you "buy" on Amazon.

This is complete BS and it literally is

u/thnok · 2 pointsr/ipad

This is the external GPS I used.
Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver with Wide Area Augmentation System and Portable Attachment

u/inspectormac · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

This one on Amazon got great reviews. I'd caution you to do some more research and make sure it'll work with your apps and your device, but this should be a decent starting point for research.

u/kickstand · 2 pointsr/photography

I bought it on Amazon. It's not bad. It has a long battery life and is fairly water resistant. It's a few years old, now. On the downside, it has a habit of throwing out completely incorrect data points now and then, especially if you take it indoors, or even walking in a big city. This will throw off your distance count by a lot, which isn't great. So you have to manually remove the wild results.

I think there are better options out there today. These, for example, will talk with your smartphone in interesting ways:

  • Dual Electronics XGPS150A
  • Bad Elf 2200

    I think the Wintec is "good enough" that I won't upgrade, but if I was buying new I'd look at the newer items. Also, most smartphones will probably be more accurate, because they use GPS and cell signals, both.
u/spamalot11 · 2 pointsr/gis

I'll give you an option that will go a little against the grain, and won't follow the general opinion:

Get one (or two, since you have the budget) of these:

and add one of these:

And combine it with this package (I prefer ODK because once deployed you can build forms with a lot of power very easily. Also, its free and open source):

Or any of these:

Essentially, by using an android-enabled camera with a full 22x optical zoom, wifi, bluetooth GPS, and all the other features you get from having android in a camera, you can collect a lot of information all-in-one.

You get:

A 15mp camera with optical zoom and video capabilities.

You can take high-quality pictures with embedded GPS tagging of decent accuracy (via the extra bluetooth GPS module)
Better data-logging. Think of this: with a good camera and GPS included.

Some of the other solutions suggested will give you good positioning, but lack the ability for buitl in data collection. The juno has both, but requires expensive software, and is itself quite expensive (whereas you could get 2 cameras for the cost of a juno). Using a data-gathering package like ODK would allow you to combine good GPS accuracy, a good camera, and great data logging forms that can sync to a central server.

The cameras could also serve more than just field data gathering purposes. If your non-profit is pretty small, a camera could have other general uses.

u/KCPilot17 · 2 pointsr/flying

Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver with Wide Area Augmentation System and Portable Attachment

That’s what I have. The Stratux, like the other guy mentioned, is pretty good too if you want ADS-B and such

u/joehwk · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

This is a Wifi iPad Pro 12.9
I’ve come to learn that a hotspot alone does not provide accurate GPS locations (LTE iPads come with gps chip). Fortunately, there are these Bluetooth gps devices that provide accurate navigation for any iPad - Dual XGPS150A

As for the mounting, they’re Scosche MagicMount. After using this for months, two magnet mount is more than enough to hold the weight of the iPad Pro+case. I lower the ipad slightly to touch the bottom portion of the dash for support.

u/Resevordg · 2 pointsr/WranglerYJ

The arm is this -
RAM POD I Universal No-Drill(TM) Vehicle Laptop Mount with 18"" Rigid Aluminum Rod & Single Socket Arm

You have to cut it to length but any hack saw or sawsall will do it.

The phone grip is this -
Ram Mount Cradle Holder for Universal X-Grip Cellphone/iPhone with 1-Inch Ball - Non-Retail Packaging - Black

u/glahtiguy · 2 pointsr/funny

You have no idea how pissed I was when I found out there is no "off" for mine. Just volume, and if you set it to 0 volume, it still dips the music to talk. Now I use this with this and Waze.

u/milkyxj · 2 pointsr/LandCruisers

Diff drop lowers the front diff which makes the CV axle angle better. If you don’t do the drop you will go through CV axles.

I use one of these in each Cruiser to hold my phone. Just bolt it to your seat using the bolt that’s already there. RAM POD I Universal No-Drill(TM) Vehicle Laptop Mount with 18"" Rigid Aluminum Rod & Single Socket Arm

Spare tire mod raises the winch that lifts the spare to allow for more clearance in the rear.

AHC usually takes up space under the hood where the 2nd battery would go. SLEE can help you find something that works, some 100 owners just run 1 really big battery.

Remote starter was on it when we bought it, it’s a drone system that you can activate with your smartphone. Only downside of it is it has a cell phone receiver running all the time which will drain the battery in about a week. If I were buying another system I would not do the cel option.

u/PSYKO_Inc · 2 pointsr/amateurradio

The ball joints do add a couple inches to the overall length as well, so it should be right around console height if you can get it mostly vertical. If you want something longer you could use something like this: It would replace the arm and lower bracket, so all you'd need is the AMPS plate and Bracketon clamp mentioned earlier. Another option is to use a double ball connector and use two of the solid arms. Keep in mind that the longer the mount, the more wobbly it will be, so you want to keep it as short as practical.

u/Sir_Killington · 2 pointsr/AndroidAuto

Pretty much any of the android set top boxes will do screen mirroring with something like miracast, and you can add gps to any of them with a receiver like:

You just plug it into USB, and run something like the GPS Status to initiate it.

u/Cc35359 · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I use one of these, if your open to USB. Works great, good signal even in buildings

Should also search, lots of posts on the topic, and lots more on web searches

u/skijeeper · 2 pointsr/HamRadio

It's a RAM mount w/1" ball
RAM Mounts RAM 3.3in. Diameter Suction Cup Twist Lock Base with 1in. Ball RAM-B-224-1U

And a double standard need ram ball arm

Ram Mount Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball Bases RAM-B-201U

Th y make shorter and longer arms too

u/DoubleChops · 2 pointsr/flying

I use the 3.3" suction cup with a small link for my ipad mini and it works pretty well. I originally bought a 6" link but it vibrated quite a bit.

u/headmustard · 2 pointsr/flying

I use the same 3.3" suction cup as the other guy in this thread:

I then have the long 9" (I think) arm, then the tailor-made RAM case for the IPAD AIR II.

Works great.

I use aircraftspruce's RAM builder tool to buy all three at once.

I have done this twice, one for the 150, one for the 172. They stay permanently affixed to the windshield over on the right side.

Both are adjusted so that the right yoke clears the bottom of the ipad itself.

u/sparksdls · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

The iPhone as a hotspot will not share GPS data with the iPad. (Google "iphone gps data over hotspot")

One device to look at is the Garmin Bluetooth GPS receiver:

u/xlxoxo · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

Click on this link to look to the right to "find a retailer". Typically it will be an outdoor shop.

Otherwise, it's $148 on Amazon.

Keep in mind.... there is a $200/yr fee. You can cancel the subscription for the following year if this is a one time trip.

While not the cheap, the device and one year subscription will cost about the same as a nice one night hotel room. Good insurance and the 5 minute tracking means loved ones can log into a private webpage to see where you are at any time.

u/PineTreeDeer · 2 pointsr/bikepacking

GOOD JOB! Also just checked, the Spot Gen 3 is only $45 on Amazon today after a post purchase rebate!

Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger - Orange

u/anti_zero · 2 pointsr/MTB

Basically a personal tracker. SPOT is brand name.

u/minicpst · 2 pointsr/Epilepsy

Can you go often, but buy fewer things?

Our store is five minutes by car, and it's a nice walk for me. You might be out walking and have a seizure, so that's something to balance this with, but you could maybe walk to the store, and walk home. The important thing is, you could do it yourself. Check the trail system (fewer people around to check on you than sidewalks, but you won't wander into the roadway). Check into a Spot ( so even if you are out and walking, you can get help if you feel a seizure and you're on a trail. You don't need to call 911, you don't need to get your phone out, you don't need to do anything but push a button. Conversely, you can send a different message, if you want, giving an, "I'm ok" message.

But maybe you could go to the store three or four times a week. I know going to the store isn't the most exciting thing, but hey, it's out of the house and you can do it yourself. Believe me, I know. Some weeks my biggest accomplishments on my own are going to the store and the drug store. But, it's also really good exercise.

I saw you ask someone else about waiting six months. I drove for 25 years, and I got diagnosed last December. Seizures started in October out of the blue. We're still playing with my dosages. Just upped my Trileptal this week (OMG, my stomach! I woke up yesterday morning, naturally while on a business trip, and had to dash to the toilet to sit there and be sick a bit. Then leave the meetings and go sit in the bathroom some more. How do you explain that one to colleagues. "Yeah, we just upped my anti seizure drugs and I'm having a side effect issue, so I'm currently shitting out my brains, I'll be back in a few minutes, sorry for the smell! I know, I hadn't told you I'm an epileptic. Well, this is a shitty way to find out, get it?"). Legally I can drive, but I couldn't deal with hurting my daughter or someone else. So I've put it on myself to be six months between seizures. My husband is dealing with it, but not super well. "How many days until you can drive again?" It's not been easy for our family. A huge change in our lifestyle. And like you, we live in a place that is NOT set up for life without a car. But I walk. I walk a lot (though not this last week, I hurt my hip a bit, and that pushed me over the edge and I cried). It's good for me, I like it, and I kind of hope I continue it after I can drive again. We'll see.

But I'm actually anxious about driving. I'm excited to get my independence, but I'm scared. I'm still having auras. And the side effects are weird, making my body feel curved (like my hands are on the computer, my elbows are to my right, and my body and head are seeing the computer). Can I really drive? Is this safe? And what if the seizures come back? What if, what if, what if.

I know it's frustrating. It will always be frustrating. I won't tell you to NOT be frustrated, because this is life with epilepsy. Last week I was so frustrated I had to call my best friend to give me a ride (I couldn't take another Lyft, just couldn't) and I broke down in ugly tears in his car (my husband was out of town, otherwise I would have parked myself in his building for six hours until he was ready to go home for the day). But, hope for the best, and look at the amazingness you have. And, when the frustration comes, know you have awesome people around you who you can lean on (in real life, and people in your pocket online) who totally get it and who support you.

But seriously, look into walking. :)

u/IBoughtATruck · 2 pointsr/ColoradoSprings

I don't doubt it! You might want to help them assemble a kit for the car, including basic first aid (and make sure they know how to use it!), a 36-hour food/needs kit, paper/pens for leaving a note (but also instructions as to when they should and shouldn't leave - teach them S.T.O.P.: STOP, before you do anything, and relax; THINK about where you could have gone wrong; OBSERVE: what do you have that may help you, what's the weather, what natural resources are available, and where is a good place to make camp; and PLAN a course of action that will best utilizie your limited reservoir of energy. If it's dark, stay where you are.), and consider getting them a Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger - basically a way for their mom to see where they are and for them to get a message out in an emergency. They're only $150 and can not only help them out of a tough spot, but also help everyone involved (them, the mom, the authorities) get piece of mind and locate them quickly.

Ninja edit: You may already be well aware of this stuff, so apologies if I'm stepping on your toes by making these suggestions. Glad they're safe!

u/FlyingSpectroscopist · 2 pointsr/photography

I was just doing some remote field work in Alaska and northern Canada for the past 6 weeks and I carried one of these with me:

Also, I suggest taking a wilderness first aid course and buying/borrowing this book or a similar one:

u/Mintnose · 2 pointsr/AppalachianTrail

If you are really worried you can always purchase a [Spot Satellite GPS Messenger]( &qid=1479135499&sr=8-1&keywords=spot+GPS) You just push a button and emergency services are notified of your GPS coordinates but it requires a $15 a month subscription.

I don't think you need this because of the number of people on the trail but if you or a loved one needs some peace of mind it is an option. I am surprised how often I see people carrying gear because a loved one at home is concerned and made them promise to bring something.

u/Nightshade400 · 2 pointsr/MTB

A Spot unit does the trick but the Garmin units all rely on BT connection to your phone which in turn uses your data plan to relay location...basically a convoluted version of the RoadID app.

Edit: these are the Spot units, worth the money if you do a lot of backcountry and off grid sports. If you do backcountry ski or snowboard do not expect this to work as an avalanche beacon, get a true PIPS unit.

u/lazyfrodo · 2 pointsr/cycling

I hope I get shot down for this but I absolutely hate the combined sensors. It's mostly a matter of principle in using magnets vs accelerometers to me but I've had rougher rides outside and every now and then I found myself having to readjust the sensor to get closer to the revolving magnet on the spoke.

I like the idea of Bluetooth/Ant+ but probably won't make that switch until Garmin does this or Wahoo ups the reliability to their accelerometer based offerings. I ended up with the Garmin speed and cadence sensors mainly because how rugged they looked and they have yet to let down. Downside to Ant+, that I have yet to experience yet, is having to use a dongle for your computer.

With regards to the cadence sensor (Garmin), the 3 slit design makes for a ridiculously good hold. The combined sensor relies on you removing your pedals which is a pain in the ace if you ever realize you made a mistake purchasing one.

The speed sensor is beautiful in that it wraps around the hub and I've been on a set and forget mindset ever since purchasing it.

If you're up for a potential hassle then I'd go for the Wahoo speed and cadence sensors. That seems like a high risk high reward in being able to gain Bluetooth functionality and drop a dongle. I on the other hand don't want to mess with what works and got the Garmin pair of sensors and that seems to work well for me. I'm too deep in the Garmin game at this point to turn back but I'm really hoping Wahoo ups their game so Garmin will finally develop some Bluetooth/ant+ sensors to ween people off the inevitable Ant+ downfall (probably in 3 yrs).

DO IT(playing it safe):
Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor
Garmin USB ANT Stick for Garmin Fitness Devices
AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Extension Cable - A-Male to A-Female - 9.8 Feet (3 Meters)

Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence sensor for iPhone, Android and Bike Computers

Going Garmin obviously requires more stuff but I'd say it's worth it. Make sure to measure the wheel circumference or try googling it so your training is accurate.

u/MikeM126 · 2 pointsr/triathlon

Same for me. I currently run TrainerRoad on a MacBook Air.
You need a Ant Dongle. Here’s the one I use. It works great.
Garmin USB ANT Stick for Garmin Fitness Devices

I’ve tried other cheaper options, this one works perfectly. Spend the extra couple $

Side note , if you sync with Strava too, Trainer Road will do that automatically at end of the workout. If you are also running your Garmin Watch, (I run Watch too while doing TRainerRoad so I can get an accurate calorie/HR update) Garmin Connect will post the same workout to strava. So you’ll have duplicates. I usually just delete the Watch Data from Strava (unless you want to really impress people and pretend you’re doing double the miles!!)

u/ForSureLying · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Nothing, providing your computer has bluetooth support (if it can run Zwift, it likely does). I've found ANT+/ANT+ FE-C to be more foolproof so I don't use Bluetooth and instead use a ANT+ dongle

As for heart and cadence, you'll need those sensors on your bike. This is also the reason I prefer ANT+ over bluetooth - all of my sensors are ANT+ anyway so its easier just to use that for everything, but neither of those are must-haves. But if you're interested in maximizing your training results, I'd recommend using a HR strap.

As f or the thong, I use one. I'm already a heavy sweater, and I sweat even more when inside. Its nice to keep that sweat from getting all over your bike.

u/zestypoop · 2 pointsr/DIY

There are basically two open standards for communicating cycling information to PC's and Phones via. My favored one is ANT+. There are a bunch of ANT+ compatible sensors out there, including wheel speed sensors and cadence sensors. The cadence sensor is actually meant for pedals, but could probably be affixed to a wheel. Also, the speed sensor data could probably be calculated into a RPM. See links below.

ANT+ Supported Phones:

Speed & Cadence Sensor:

ANT+ USB Stick (For PCs):

u/__helix__ · 2 pointsr/flying

Another vote for external. Battery life on my SkyPro XGPS160 is 8+ hours. By having it as an external device, battery life on the tablet is much better. I've got a bunch of tablets (I'm a code monkey) so I have GPS functionality without paying for data capabilities on each of them - only takes one extra tablet for this to break even.

It works with all the major android and IOS flight tools. I use the gps in conjunction with a stratux on just about every flight.

u/NewbieTwo · 2 pointsr/Dashcam

As someone with soldering skills, I would just install a supercapacitor on the power lead to power the camera for the few seconds the car is cranking.

However, if you don't have those types of skills, you could hardwire your cam to an ignition hot supply instead of accessory hot supply like it is now. What you'll need is a fuse panel tap like this one to tap into a source of ignition hot at the fuse panel, and a USB hardwire kit like this one to supply the 5V needed by the cam. Then a long enough USB cable to reach from the fuse box to the cam.

Anyone with an hour or two to spare and a crimper can do this easily. If however you aren't comfortable doing this yourself, a local audio shop should be able to install this for you very easily.

u/idiocy_foreach · 2 pointsr/Dashcam

I just installed this exact thing in my car (well, sort of, I got the version with a full size female USB port instead of the mini male port so I wouldn't be constrained to that one cable)

Anyway! That is not an inline fuse. That is the 12v to 5v step down, and you definitely need a fuse on top of that.

Here's everything I bought (note that you will need the fuse tap that fits your car)

And with that and a 6 inch mini USB cable I had lying around, my G1WC is hard wired to my car!

One more note: all these EDO adapters are miswired. They put garbage on the data lines of USB, so your camera thinks it's connected to a PC. A trimmed piece of tape covering the center pins on the USB cable (there are four pins, 1 2 3 4, you need to cover 2 3) fixes that problem elegantly.

u/kwiltse123 · 2 pointsr/networking

Get one of these things:

As soon as your mug is missing, start walking around the office and you will find it.

Or you can defecate in it.

u/Goldenbrownfish · 2 pointsr/knifeclub

Could get a tile if you really really really don't want to lose it otherwise come up with a mental check list to try not to lose it

u/teddyzaper · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

the tile works pretty ok. Its a little GPS chip.

Other than that, just walk in sweeping motions.

u/FPVWilly · 2 pointsr/FPVFreestyle

Easiest/Laziest solution I've seen is a Tile taped to the bottom of the quad. Problem with those is that their buzzer is quite, and they give you a pretty vague idea as to where the item is. It simply tells you when the last time it 'spoke' with your device over bluetooth.
Honestly the best solution is to solder on a buzzer, and hotglue it down so it doesnt disconnect in a bad crash(when you'll need it the most). As well make sure your lipo connection is protected so it does not easily disconnect in a crash. I suggest strapping it in with the battery strap.

u/RibMusic · 2 pointsr/IowaCity

You might consider buying a tile keychain fob. Your phone can find your keys and your keys can find your phone. It has saved me a few times.

u/pppjurac · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Smartphone with installed Open Street map maps. You will need a holder, i used to have this one and was doing its job good:

Downside is that it eats battery and smartphone mostly do not like rain.

Second will be purpose like: Garmin Edge 810 (new is 820), Edge 1000 which are both dedicaded bicycle computers and navigation systems with tons of options and is fully water and dust proof.

u/freddywaswrong · 2 pointsr/Nexus6P

I've been using this one for over a month with without any issues.

u/scottstarr · 2 pointsr/bicycling This is the phone mount that I'm using. I'm​ enjoying this mount. I haven't had any problems at all.

u/cannat · 2 pointsr/Austin

Definitely mount your phone to your handlebars. Here is a good one:

u/latinsonic · 2 pointsr/running

A couple of months ago I bought a Garmin Forerunner 235. I love this watch since it has so many features. Before the run, I set my finish distance of a half marathon on my watch. The watch has several screen to look at, but I kept it on the screen where it told me the distance remaining, estimated finish time, and average pace. Other screens can tell me how far I have gone, total time elapsed, heart rate, cadance, heart rate, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s 100% customizable too. You can change what each screen shows, or you can download different data fields from the Garmin store for free. I highly recommend this watch, but if you didn’t want to spend that much money, I have heard good things about the other cheaper watches.

u/harleyworm0310 · 2 pointsr/running

the black forerunner 235 is on sale at amazon too:

u/SkeptiCynical · 2 pointsr/Fitness

You're young. At 5'9" and 190 you are probably a skinnyfat with a runner inside. And while my inclination is to doubt whether this is even possible (it is) or safe (it's really not in your best interest) if you can do one mile in 10 minutes today then at least you're on the right track (hurr hurr hurr). If you do not have any health problems whatsoever, I believe this is possible. Otherwise, graciously bow out before you kill yourself.

I'm going to give some advice, some warnings, and then a couple of motivationals so stick with me:

  1. First on your list is taking care of those feet. If you weren't a runner yesterday, then you probably don't have decent running shoes. Don't go to Modells or Dick's or Sports Authority, go to a runner's shop where you will be properly fitted (here on Long Island we have Runner's Edge and The Running Company, find a specialty shop like these). Running shoes are expensive, you're going to spend at least $100 on these so get the best ones you can afford. Wear these shoes only when running, not to work or lounging around the house. Buy appropriate shorts and socks at the same time and change your socks at least twice a day in addition to after every run. When your shins / feet start to hurt, it's time to pony up for new shoes again. Get used to it!

  2. Watch this video by Mark Cuccuzella on running form. This may be the best advice you ever receive because he talks about running economy and form. Improve these and you will have a better chance of avoiding injury and burnout.

  3. Get a good heart rate monitor. I use the Garmin ForeRunner 235, it's incredibly accurate and doesn't require a chest strap. If you don't have $270 to spare on top of the $150 you're going to spend on shoes, get the Timex Road Trainer, it's only $60.
    At 40 my heart rate hovered around 185 while training. You're half my age, you should be able to sustain 180-200 easy. If you feel like you're going to pass out, slow down.

  4. You don't have a lot of time to work on diet. Stay away from bloating foods (broccoli, cauliflower, peanuts, low quality fats and dairy). Lean toward bananas, whole muscle meats, eggs, fish and rice. There's a strong emphasis on proteins - you're going to need them at every meal. But you're also going to need a ton of simple and complex carbs. This guide is pretty decent, but still - stay away from beans and dairy.

  5. You will be tired. If you aren't sleeping 8-10 hours a night now, you will. Plan to be in bed at 9 or 10pm.

    Now get to it. Run in the morning, every morning (except rest day).
    Run at the same time every day, take 1 day off every week and walk 3-4 miles. I always run in the morning before work - less distraction, nobody else is even awake to bother me.
    Warmups should be at least 20 minutes / 2 miles (if you're not dripping sweat, you're not warmed up).
    Follow that with sprinting intervals. If you can keep running (runner's high will get you) do it.
    You have 8 weeks, here's a sample progression for your goals at the end of each week.

    Week| Sprint (mph / minutes)| Jog (mph / minutes)
    1|6.6 for 10 | 6.0 for 30
    2|6.8 for 20| 6.2 for 30
    3|7.2 for 20 | 6.4 for 15
    4|7.6 for 15 | 6.4 for 20
    5|8.2 for 15|6.6 for 30
    6|8.8 for 15|7.0 for 30
    7|9.2 for 15|7.2 for 30
    8|9.6 for 15 | 7.4 for 30

    A few warnings:

  6. This is not a good idea.
  7. Running is expensive! But that's because it's worth it.
  8. Your feet will hurt. Your tendons will hurt. Your quads are going to be on fire some days. Your shoulders will hurt (I hurt my shoulders more while running than when I was in gainz mode). Keep good form and these will go away.
  9. You're probably going to enjoy a phenomenon called runner's trots. Your entrails are not accustomed to the hours of jarring punishment you're about to dole out.
  10. You are going to sweat like you've never known before. Dripping, splashing sweat. Your clothing will be soaked and stinky. You are going to have to do laundry every day. Running clothes reek if left in a pile when wet.
  11. Your appetite will be a confusing mix of hunger and non-hunger. Keep bananas on hand and drink water. Stay away from caffeine after 12 noon, it's going to screw up your sleep schedule. Absolutely stay away from alcohol.
  12. You are going to gain weight before you start losing weight. This is because muscle is more dense than fat, and your legs will start bulking faster than you start burning fat.

    Here's some motivational / fun stuff:

    If you aren't in a cast at the end of the 8 weeks, you are going to look awesome. People will notice.
    If you aren't in the hospital before the end of the 8 weeks, your cardio health will be better than it's ever been. Your doctor will notice.
    It takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit, so about three weeks into your 'training', you will be a runner.
    I'm betting you enter a handful of races for the 2017 season just to show off :)
    Tell everyone you can about the challenge. They'll keep you accountable and motivated, and it will be harder to quit.
    You're going to be ecstatic at every milestone. Keep it up, you're going to have fresh PR's a few times a week.
    Keep a log of your progress. Whether it's Runtastic, Runkeeper, MapMyRun - these will provide stats and achievements.

    Remind Me! February 17th

    Source: used to run 6-10 miles every morning, spent a lot of money on shoes, ran some races.

    edited: clarity
u/UnashamedAccompanist · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I have one of these

Pros: Very simple to install and use, just shove a SIM card in and ring it, it sends you a text with a google maps link with very precise location (and speed). It’s also insanely cheap compared to the competition!

Cons: Easy for a thief to locate and remove (you have to be sneaky and hide it), has a tendency to drain your battery so I would only get it if you’re a daily or near-daily rider.

u/jashkenas · 2 pointsr/klr650

I'm using this one:

In combination with a 2G "Ting” Sim card that costs $6 a month for the phone number. Easy to hide.

I could never get the feature working there it proactively pings its location to a server of your choosing every minute. The ultimate dream would be to set up an app on your phone where your phone starts screaming if the bike is ever in motion with your phone more than 50 feet away from it.

But you can still text it, and it'll reply with the exact location.

u/Otiswillplaythecat · 2 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA - Get this

u/Cobra_McJingleballs · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Time to get a Tile my dude.

Especially useful for us forgetful alchies.

u/tripacer99 · 2 pointsr/ucf

Trust me, this has come in clutch so many more times than I thought it would

u/AriusTech · 2 pointsr/dji

I don't think there is a great way to do it... a tracker needs to have cellular data (weight/cost problem), or Bluetooth like in the keychain ones (range issue). For $20 it may be worth experimenting with a keychain one and see how close you need to be to trigger it's alarm, then at least you can hear it beeping when you get within range.

u/killabee444 · 1 pointr/Garmin

Were you speaking of the Vivoactive? Or Vivoactive hr? Here's The Vivoactive

u/Niico93 · 1 pointr/running

Which one do you have? I just ordered it comes today.

u/simplyjessi · 1 pointr/C25K

Not OP, but I use the Garmin VivoActive watch to track my runs. Its cheap right now, since they just released their 2nd version (the original version works just fine).

If you don't want to upgrade tech, I suggest mapping your runs on That way you can either setup a course or see what you did (you just have to remember your route)

u/ImWatchinUWatchinMe · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Using Bluetooth, call your keys with the phone, or your phone with the keys. A bit bulky, but call your wallet too.

Tile app

u/Jahcoco · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Practical but still very creative How many times have you lost something?

/u/sikersink I loved your advice to me a while back. Cheers to being yourself ☺

u/Wwendon · 1 pointr/ADHD

If it's important enough that it's causing this much emotional difficulty, it's important enough to invest a bit of money into a way of tracking it down when (not if) you lose it.

Here's one way.

You bother because things matter to you, and because not everything is bad. Yes, you have limitations. Yes, they suck immensely. But you also started a business, which means you have strengths too. Most people don't and couldn't do that. You don't start your own business without creativity and the ability to problem-solve. ADHD just brings a unique set of problems, and the solution is never "I'm just awful and should give up" (no matter how much it feels like it when they hit!). Invest in coping tools like Tile. Reach out to other people for support (if you can't solve a problem yourself, maybe you can outsource some of it to others) - because you are not alone. You got this.

u/Nicrent · 1 pointr/boostedboards

I've heard people using this as protection... Not really sure how well it works but it's something to think about

u/Aspalar · 1 pointr/magicTCG

There are several different products from $15-40 that you could sew in to the backpack or just attach to the keychain in most backpacks, and then use your phone or a computer to find the backpack with GPS.

u/UnicornBomber · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey Jess! Good to meet you! Friday and Saturday nights I work third shift, so I'm supposed to go to bed early. But I make bad decisions and have poor impulse control, sooo here I am! So question for you! Tell me about a memorable job you had. Best/worst/first whatever. :)

Guess whos back, back again. Jess is back, tell a friend! (Ner ner nerrr!)

Eek! The thing I need most at the moment is the Tile key/phone finder. It's on my main list.

u/Casper_The_Gh0st · 1 pointr/gaming

it would be cool if you could set it up with just small RF tags so you wouldnt have to carry huge gps dongles

op would it work with something like this

u/cat_dev_null · 1 pointr/Dualsport

> Tile gps tracker

This listing says Tile is discontinued by the manufacturer.

u/captn_murica · 1 pointr/WeddingPhotography

I was actually thinking more along the lines of the card cases being lost or misplaced and forgotten but you still happen to be in the area. Saw this one that can play a sound when paired to your phone.

u/velopino · 1 pointr/running

If you prefer not to use your phone (RoadId, Strava Beacon, Race Joy), you can always look in to devices like Tile ( Sometimes it's used for missing keys or even planted in to bikes as a post theft (?) tracking device.

The issue with not using your phone is, if you get in to trouble, how do you call for help?

u/GyGeek · 1 pointr/cycling

This is what I use.

The side rails don't seem like they would hold a large phone, but my 6p does fine. There are plenty of apps for the phone, don't see any advantage to a dedicated cycling computer.

u/batorade · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I have had this on my bike and it has proven super effective since starting to play PKGO so far!

u/sanguido · 1 pointr/bicycling

Taotronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Cradle Clamp for iOS Android Smartphone GPS other Devices, with One-button Released, 360 Degrees Rotatable, Rubber Strap

u/OhSeven · 1 pointr/MTB

That looks similar to this one that I have, but the taotronics has a foldout plastic support at the bottom in addition to the rubber. The only problem is I have a big, heavy phone (Nexus 6) and the part that holds the phone has fallen off the mount when going down a flight of stairs. It's been fine on the trails which jerk the bike around less than stairs.

u/stitchkingdom · 1 pointr/bicycling

So in my adult life, I had never ridden a bike up until the point where I discovered an abandoned Citi Bike in a place it clearly didn't belong and was asked to hand it over to the NYPD. Since then I had been toying with the idea of a semi-commuter but wanted the capability of taking it on the subway easily as well as sneak it into the workplace without the fear of leaving it outside all day.

Settled on the Camp 20" 16 Speed Thunderbolt. Not many reviews on it, but the few I found were positive and I got a 'new' one off eBay for $300 delivered, whereas Amazon would cost me about $430. A few scuff marks and other cosmetic damage, but otherwise it appears to be in excellent condition. Had it delivered directly to the local bike shop to have them assemble/tune it and the mechanic was very impressed by it. I barely took it outside when I was approached by a bunch of people asking me about it too. Took a little trial and error for the folding/unfolding. They include a sheet which is completely unhelpful and have a couple of videos on YouTube at super low quality so it took an embarrassingly long time to figure it all out. I love how it uses a magnet to hold the bike in the folded position though.

I replaced the stock amber reflectors with white ones and removed the stock front and rear reflectors. Added usb-rechargeable rear red light and usb-rechargeable electronic horn/head light. Also added Taotronics cell phone holder, rear view mirror and nori lights.

Only rode it for about a mile today and it rides really well on the streets of NYC. Seat isn't bad but still a bit uncomfortable after a while. have a wider Sunlite Cloud-9 on order so we'll see how that goes.

The tricky part was adding the accessories in a way that the bike could still fold with them on. I actually ended up moving the headlight/horn to the handlebar post because i could only mount things on one side of the handlebar.

u/1-800-948-8488 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I bought this bike mount but I'm going to return it since it doesn't seem all that secure. The phone is only attatched with an adhesive thingy that sticks to your case, which then clips onto the mount. It works well but I've heard bad stuff about the adhesive backed thing coming off the phone.

I ordered this one on amazon, it'll get here tomorrow. Hopefully it's better. Also cheaper. I'll report back if you want with how I'm finding it.

u/thebabaghanoush · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Snagged a $15 bike mount from Amazon and can't recommend it enough. Pokestops can be done drive-by style, but for any Pokemon I actually want to catch I just pull off the path for a minute or two.

u/BlueFollower · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I have used this one:

It has two system holding the phone to the mount.

u/pfunk42529 · 1 pointr/golf

Cyclist here, I was going to suggest something similar. You want the one with the silicone webbing. This style doesn't keep the phone as still in bumpy areas. This is what I have and while $10 more it is definitely worth it:

u/el_chojin · 1 pointr/pokemongo

This is what I've used since week 1. The only complaint I have is that the side clamps get in the way when throwing curve balls so I play with the clamps loose.

u/marshmallowwisdom · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I returned the TaoTronics and the Roam handlebar mounts. I did like how the TaoTronics model had a more secure cradling mechanism, but I didn't feel confident that either of them would last more than a couple months. I also took a look at the Cycway mount, which looks pretty solid. I might give that one a try soon.

u/patcatpat · 1 pointr/Garmin

Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, Black/Gray

u/ltrain430 · 1 pointr/Fitness

It would be cheaper to go with a bluetooth chest strap that is compatible with your phone. If you do get a wrist based fitness tracker I would get one that has gps so you can ditch the phone altogether. Something like this garmin or the fitbit surge. Garmin let's you export your runs to different platforms unlike fitbit (Smashrun, Strava, Runtastic, etc.) so you probably should avoid it if that is important to you. Personally I would go with a older Garmin and HR strap because I don't necessarily need a full time fitness tracker and you can find them for much less $.

u/IAmTheApple · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

The best thing I can think of is a used previous gen GPS watch like the Garmin Forerunner 220. You don't have the same functionality as the newer watches due the fact you can't put third party apps on it, but it would still keep track of miles and elevation. I have a current gen Garmin Forerunner 235 and it lets me install apps. One of those is a hike app and a downloadable maps app which lets me upload trails from alltrails.

u/Jeade-en · 1 pointr/running

I went to see what the current prices are, and Amazon has it new for $270, but only in black...apparently colors are more popular.

I've been extremely happy with the 235. This is my first Garmin, and it's a nice upgrade from the TomTom I was running with before. There are plenty of complaints out there about the optical HR, but I have had zero problems with it. It's been rock solid for me. I got it before Christmas when it was on sale, and I have yet to see it give a weird HR reading, or cadence lock, or anything like that. Clearly some people have problems with it, so YMMV, but it's been great for me.

Otherwise, it has pretty good battery life. I wear it all the time with activity tracking on and smartphone notifications on, and I get 6-7 days out of it between charges...that includes 6 runs a week. Also, this is the first watch I've ever had where the instant read pace is actually a usable field. It loses it's mind sometimes, like all instant pace does sometimes...but most of the time, it's actually pretty close to a realistic number.

I'm very pleased with it. It's been a really nice upgrade. Probably my only real complaint is it's a little large on the wrist for day to day wear...but since it's winter time, so I usually have long sleeves on anyway. I may not wear it for short sleeve season...we'll see.

u/easyflakeoven · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Yes! It actually just came out yesterday.

Garmin Forerunner 235

Its kinda pricey, but it does wrist based HR which is kind of hard to find. I don't have it so I can't really speak to that but its on my Xmas list.

u/veritanuda · 1 pointr/technology

Do you mean route planning or route tracking? Google maps is good enough for planning but if you want to see where your delivery drivers go then using Traccar with some cheap vehicle GPS trackers would be a good solution.

u/Sirico · 1 pointr/motorcycles

this is the one I have uk one also I lied it's £15 still prob more effective than a chain costing the same. Just stick a pre pay sim in it most use giffgaff in the UK as you can add what you like.

u/SmallNuclearRNA · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Sorry for your loss. Hope that lead in the other comment is real!

Just a reminder that GPS trackers are cheap and discrete.

Here's one for $20

Here's one for £13.50 that I'm gonna fit

u/darktor · 1 pointr/LocationSound

If I have to check something in, I always use some kinda tracker on both the luggage and items just in case they get lost or stolen. Something like Tile or if you have the money for a GPS tracker.

u/hmspain · 1 pointr/gadgets

Why not just attach a Tile Mate to your drone; it should be able to track it anywhere.

It also appears to be water resistant if not water proof.

u/vscxz384 · 1 pointr/Advice

It's a chip that you can hang it on ur flash drive or what ever and u can track which the flash drive is at, I personally have never used it, so I can't assure you if they worth it, I just have heard of it, so I looked for one real quick so u can see what I am talking about, posted the link below.

I don't know which brand is the best so u gotta do ur own research.

Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder - 1-pack

u/Arnie_WeissNword · 1 pointr/dji

I don't know where I should post this but I'll give it a go here.

I want to purchase a DJI Spark with the combo, originally I was going to purchase it directly from DJI but after a quick search it appears that DJI have consistently terrible customer service.

I'm in the UK so currently, my only options so far are to buy it from Amazon (Prime) or Jessops. If the DJI Spark and / or accessories develop a fault, get damaged due to a fault or it just flys off on its own accord, can I send it back to Amazon for a replacement or will I have to deal with DJI directly?

This really is a deal breaker for me as I want to avoid DJI customer service as much as possible

I was also looking at getting it insured by a third party and sticking a Bluetooth tracker to it, hopefully it won't affect its flying capability or send it off balance.

If I've asked this question in the wrong place, please direct me to the right place. Thank you

Edit: "Prime"

u/Ting_Bryce · 1 pointr/ting

Happy Cake Day!

I know that you can get tiles to attach to your phone but what I find myself doing now is using Siri on my iPhone to find it when it's lost in the house. I'll walk from room to room asking Siri where she is until she answers me.

Send me a DM with the email address attached to your Ting account so I can get the cake day credit put on there for you!

u/Ghlitch · 1 pointr/Survival

Cheapest way of finding your blood type is to give blood to red cross or whoever. They'll let you know what type it is.

6" by 2.5" masher:

Sun & Moon calendar:

Tracker for when your keychain gets stolen:

u/g2g079 · 1 pointr/adafruit

So like a Tile Mate? I mean projects are fun and all, but if the hats really mean something to her, I would just buy a few of these. Probably cheaper than anything you could build yourself anyways.

u/juttep1 · 1 pointr/trees
u/ExtremelyConfusedCat · 1 pointr/meirl
u/Miss-E-xo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gimme some Tech Daddi!

I lose stuff a lot so this Bluetooth key/anything finder would be amazing!

u/Take3tylenol · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming
u/listeningtobirds · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I ordered a pack of four Tiles on Amazon, and each one can be named and synched to my phone. There is one in my car, one in my purse, one on my dog's collar, and one on my keys. So if I cannot find any of the above, I go to the Tile app, and I can locate it on a map or make the Tile beep loudly (I have lost and found my keys many times this way). If I can't find where I park, the Tile app will tell me. It is an amazing invention.

u/WillLie4karma · 1 pointr/funny

If you put a tile on your keys and own a case like this it's very easy to keep track of your stuff.

u/1000pushups · 1 pointr/Hunting

gps tracker
Edit: NOT GPS. see reply below

u/thatguysoto · 1 pointr/gifs

I'd say stick a tile on its collar. Did it to my dog that loves to wander and it's super helpful.

u/KautionKid · 1 pointr/Parenting

You can also look into getting one of those [Tile Bluetooth trackers] ( so he can find his wallet when he thinks he's lost it. He can also set reminder on this phone so that when his wallet is too far away he gets alerts or something.

u/Rkhighlight · 1 pointr/europe

If you're really lazy you could use a key finder that rings if you activate it via Bluetooth. Has a range of 30 meters which should be enough.

u/hate_picking_names · 1 pointr/pebble

If you do plan on using a pebble for this, I would recommend a mount like this.

I have one and it works great for mounting on the handlebars.

u/gromitski · 1 pointr/bicycling

I was having the same issue with battery life, especially as I started to ride further and further. In the end I bit the bullet and bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 410 watch...and I have to say that it's one of the best bits of kit I've ever picked up.

I actually picked it up in a sale for around £110, so have a look around before buying. After a couple of months of happily using it, I also picked up one of these...

So now when I get on my bike I wrap the watch around the handlebar and off I go. The stats you get from Garmin Connect are absolutely invaluable - and they've been incredibly accurate so far.

Hope that helps!

u/Preach08 · 1 pointr/bicycling

I have the cadence sensor, with this bike mount. I read a couple bad stories about people losing their watch using the quick release bike mount, so I went with the non-quick release model. I already had the forerunner 305 for running, so adding the bike mount and cadence senor was an easy choice for me. So far I've had no issues with it.

u/c0de_ · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Maybe try a Garmin running watch handlebar mount? It's meant for bicycles, but might work for your use.

u/mccrolly · 1 pointr/bicycling

I used to use a 410 for running and biking until my girlfriend got me an Edge 500 for my birthday a year or so ago. The watches work great, not quite as good as a bike specific computer, but defintely good enough.

You can snag the Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor and a Garmin Mount Kit and that is all you should need.

You can skip both of these things if you don't care about your cadence and don't mind the watch on your wrist though. Personally I couldn't deal with the watch on my arm for hours. Plus biking already gives you stupid looking tan lines, I didn't need a watch tan go with it.

u/mbirth · 1 pointr/GarminFenix

Depending on your wrist/glove/jacket thickness, you'd probably need a 3rd party strap.

For motorcycling think about whether you really want to have to take your hand from the handlebar to get a glance of where to go next. Using the official Garmin Bike Mount on a Lixada Mount is much safer in that case. It's definitely readable, you just have to focus a bit. But it's much less distracting than having to read something on your wrist. Only a little drawback: It makes the heart rate sensor register some nonsense and it also "tracks" the motorcycle vibrations as "steps" towards your daily goal.

u/HoWheelsWork · 1 pointr/bicycling

If you want to track cycling, swimming, and running, I'd suggest a device designed for triathletes, such as the Garmin Forerunner 920XT. It's pricey, but I'm not sure you can do much cheaper for multi-sport tracking with a heart rate monitor. As a bonus it's also compatible with cadence sensors and power meters.

In my experience, using a watch is not as convenient as a cycling-specific computer (I used to have a Polar watch before moving to a Garmin Edge), but it's certainly adequate. They sell handlebar mounts for the watch so you don't need to have it on your arm while you're on the bike. It's perfectly adequate as long as you don't mind having a smaller display.

u/unicynicist · 1 pointr/pebble

Garmin makes a nice bicycle bar mount kit for their Forerunner watches, works great with a Pebble too:

u/karpbandit · 1 pointr/MTB

They do make pretty inexpensive rubber bar mounts for watches. I found my watch (Suunto Ambit2S, so not a smartwatch, just a GPS watch) to be super uncomfortable on my wrist while biking, and it was leaving chafing marks, so I picked this bar mount up, and it's been great. I didn't already have a bike computer though, and I already owned the watch and was happy with it for running and hiking, so for me it was a cheap solution that worked out great and allowed me to stick with one device. I do agree that someone who just wants a GPS for biking might as well go with a traditional GPS bike computer, but it sounds like OP might want some of the smartwatch features, so if that's the case, this may help.

u/Icebergtitanic · 1 pointr/sysadmin
u/labatts_blue · 1 pointr/gps

You can try something like this:

It uses the cell phone network to communicate it's location via SMS and requires a sim card and a cell phone plan.

The nice thing about the SPOT tracker is that it relies on satellites instead of the cell network and will work in areas where there is no cell coverage.

u/mithikx · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I use 2 but own 3.
A gaming PC (desktop)
Surface Pro 3 (2-in-1)

I also own but no longer use a 32GB Dell Venue Pro 8 3000, a cheap-o Windows 8.1 tablet on a dual-core Atom CPU with 1 GB RAM. It actually sits in my gadget pouch since it retains power for quite a long time if I leave it off.

u/lynx17 · 1 pointr/vita

I have the exact same grip as you and recently went through the same thing. Couldn't find a case anywhere. However, someone on here linked me to this case. I've only had it a short time but it works out pretty great.

Edit: Case to Grip.

u/LogicalFlakes · 1 pointr/vita

I use an Amazon Basics Case with elastic ribbon. It holds my Vita, DS-Lite, charger, and a couple of games and a stylus. Also a microfiber cloth. I think my Camera can fit as well, but It has its own pouch/case, so I never really bothered.

I use the elastic ribbon to hold my PDP grip or CTA grip (if I feel like triggers or lounging in a bed or couch somewhere) in place outside of the case. An alternative to the elastic ribbon is a velcro strap. I would've use that originally, but I use the ones i have currently to hang threePS3 controllers. Yes. Hang. Like dangling on a string. Velcro is some strong stuff.

u/markowalski · 1 pointr/trees

This Amazon basics case. Well worth the money

u/oscidigi · 1 pointr/pocketoperators

I have an AmazonBasics electronics organizer that I keep in my bag, pocket operators fit perfectly in the mesh pocket side, folds in without issues, holds more stuff, and costs $12:

That said, I'v been in Morocco past few days and just too much hustle going on for me to bust it out and try to make a beat with something cool in the background. So traveling with it, easy, using it while traveling, still working on that part...

u/YakBak2theFuture · 1 pointr/sysadmin

This travel case is pretty good for misc cables:

I used to keep a tablet, powerbank, and my dongles in it when I traveled a lot for work.

u/Fire_x_Ice · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

This is what I have in my glove box with a backup/travel setup. I'm running an old Kanger Aerotank @ 13watts on an IPV D2. I have a High Nic 50/50blend in there so I only have to take a hit every once in a while if I'm out and about. While at home, I stick to either my Tobecco Velocity or my Uwell Crown on my Rx200.

u/ZoopZeZoop · 1 pointr/vita

I have the Butterfox case and really like it. However, I use the Nyko Power Grips, which won't allow me to close the case. So, I bought the Amazon Basics Case, which works perfectly for my needs. Because the Amazon case is not made for the Vita, you will need to carry game-protecting case (e.g., this one) if you want to carry multiple cartridges with you.

u/Bahamut966 · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I just picked up the Amazon Basics Electronics Case for a friend's RBA kit that I put together and it is AWESOME. It has loads of room for rebuilding supplies, juice, batteries, and mods! I'll be buying one for myself very soon!

u/xyntrx · 1 pointr/vita

I use this Amazon Basics case bc it can hold my Vita with the grip attached and also hold the charger and an iPod. If you want smaller I suggest the Rocketfish PS Vita Starter Kit. It's discontinued at Best Buy but you can find them a few places online. I got mine for $7 on eBay and the case is really nice.

u/neverhaveieverman · 1 pointr/EDC

No personal experience with a grid-it but I've read it doesn't hold heavier items well so might be an issue with the leatherman but that's pure speculation. Two suggestions below since you had a bad experience with Maxpedition so I ruled that out.


Tactical-ish (get it in black):

u/wondroushippo · 1 pointr/headphones

I'm looking for a case that could hold my ATH-IM02s, my Fiio Q1, and some cables/adapters all in one. I'd love a hard-sided case with pockets, but I don't think those exist. Any recommendations would be welcome. I'm thinking maybe this: – but I'd like it to be somewhere between "small for portability" and "big enough to hold my stuff"

u/OhmDeResistance · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I have this one. It's ok. I kinda want this one. It has more straps to hold things down. This looks like it would work well. I also have this and I see it mentioned here a lot, but personally, I think it sucks. I don't use it unless I need to.

u/acidw4rp · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Never really looked for dedicated vape boxes, but I did but this hardcase from amazon last week that hold almost all my stuff (except juice) and was pretty cheap.

u/NyghtSpydr · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Oh....It looks like I might have answered my own question!
Check it out SVD you think this case would work?


Or do you know of a better case?

u/cheesemuffins · 1 pointr/EDC

Not sure how many cables and such you're planning on carrying, but I got my fiancee this Amazon Basics Travel Case and it seems to work well for her. I do believe the Grid-It is a good cable management system though, but as /u/FreedomVan said, get a bigger one than you think you need. I believe I got the medium size, and would probably have benefitted from a larger one. I don't find things slipping out unless it's really heavy/bulky or I don't put it down with more than one strap. For example: My extra battery would definitely slip out if I didn't put it down with two straps, but my other misc. items don't really move much.

u/pb00 · 1 pointr/AVexchange

I believe that from a previous time I asked about that case, it was this one:

before i knew about that one, I had already bought this one:

which is bigger than needed, for better or for worse. may go back and try that other one now that the topic has come back up.

edit: just ordered that other case (Khanka Hard Case). :D

u/sylvan · 1 pointr/diabetes

Not sure how much stuff you guys need to carry, but I just got this, and like it. Fits meter, strips, lancer, insulin pens, needles, and a space for used sharps until they can be disposed of.

u/nomoresugarbooger · 1 pointr/diabetes

And this one is great for backup supplies and travelling. I keep this loaded with a backup Dex sensor, a couple pods, lancet, pen needles, alcohol wipes etc.

When we decide to go away for a few days, I can just grab it and the backup insulin pens and bottles out of the fridge and I know I have everything I need in case of emergency.

u/girlthatfelltoearth · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

This isn't lady specific but I keep my travel supplies in this case, so I can move it from my backpack to my everyday bag without a hassle.

u/caughtinahustle · 1 pointr/travel

I lost my last adapter, still haven't purchased a new one. I carry my Nexus 7, Kindle, iPod Video, Bose headphones, iPod charger, micro USB charger, and usually a cliff bar or two. I carry everything minus the Nexus in this:

if you're wondering why I have a Nexus, Kindle, and iPod. It's because I like to keep my media seperate.

My carry on is an Osprey Manta 25 Daypack.

u/Invient · 1 pointr/bicycling

I enjoy the one I have... I'll have to get the name for you tomorrow though, but for now it is a similar design to this

On mine there is a button on the back which opens the arms, and you just push back and it clicks and your good to go...

Edit : also, I'm super jealous.

u/withbellson · 1 pointr/entertainment

Ah, the CD slot, the perfect place for your cell phone holder.

u/arrkane · 1 pointr/infiniti

I had a ProClip in my old Y34 M45.

You can get CD drive holders as well. Much easier, if you have the clearance.

An example is this. Check out the reviews for it.

u/krixo · 1 pointr/Hyundai

I didn't want to do a windshield mount, and dash mounts usually require adhesive to hold in place. I was looking for something completely reversible, and my research lead me to the CD tray mount. There's a bunch on the market and it took me a while to find one that would fit without obstructing my radio screen, a lot of them have knobs/thumbscrews that stick out of the bottom to tighten the mount. Ended up getting this, lowest profile one I could find. Bonus it came with some basic charger cable management.

Very satisfied customer. Shipping takes a while from korea though.

u/Allennn · 1 pointr/oneplus

I've used quite a few, usually form amazon, under $20.

I tried finding it but can't seem to locate it, but gizmodo/lifehacker/jalopnik had an article about the best car mounts.

I know this was on that list:

u/Backtothelabagain · 1 pointr/iphone
u/Beaverbeliever2 · 1 pointr/nexus6

You could get a cradle like this that fits into your CD slot:

I'm considering buying one of these.

u/youdonotexist · 1 pointr/prius

Yours has the upgraded head unit but I use a a mount inserted into the CD slot. It's pretty much in as perfect location for visibility. Charging kind of sucks since the charging cable's in the way a bit.

u/Malaranu · 1 pointr/galaxynote4


Goes into your CD slot and is adjustable for a bunch of different phone sizes.

u/cjsenecal · 1 pointr/iphone

I've been using this for years without issue, would recommend.

u/non_mobile_link_bot · 1 pointr/test

Here is the non-mobile link from the comment

*This bot is supported by the referral link above. If you wish to not use a referral link, you may use this link instead.

u/vindictivevindicator · 1 pointr/Android

I have this one and no regrets. It sits in the CD slot and it is magnetic. This one is the strongest I've had and it holds my phone firmly even with an otter box:

Jivo Technology CDX4 Magnetic CD Car Mount

I also recommend this universal non-magnetic mount:

[Mountek nGroove Grip Universal CD Slot Car Mount for Cell Phones and GPS Devices] (

u/EndersBuggers · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

I've used this one for a few different phones now. Just tested my new 6p on the way in to work this morning and it works perfectly. My old phones were too fat to fit but the thinness of this phone actually works with this holder.

u/NYScott · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

Does that mount interfere with the volume and/or power buttons? I'm using the Mountek nGroove, which works well, but I have to be careful where I close the grips, and that's annoying.

u/Quetzythejedi · 1 pointr/oneplus

Got a Mountek in 2014. 2 years later and its still working great.

u/Ultimaknight7 · 1 pointr/nexus6
u/user31178 · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote8

I'm using this CD mount. Its perfect if you disable the Bixby button, which i haven't.

u/Ceiryus · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I got this one back in September 2015. It's held up pretty well, and it does what it supposed to.
It's weird, I remember searching for a car mount back then and there just was not as much variety when I looked... Of course this was on so selection is usually pretty limited when compared to the States.

If I were to get a new one, I'd go with one of the Mpow universal mounts because they seem to offer more range of movement compared to the one i currently use (only able angle the phone at 10-15 degrees).

I've gone though a couple mounts before though, due to the ball and socket breaking. Combination of probably over tightening and cold Canadian winters making the plastic brittle.

u/zcar4me · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

This is the one I've been using for a few years now. Works great!
Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount for Cell Phones and GPS Devices

u/DuckfaceAssassin · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I got this one from Amazon for my mkvi and it works great with my Samsung Galaxy Note II:

I wanted one that wouldn't stick to the windshield or sit on the dashboard. No complaints so far and I would recommend it to anyone who owns a large smartphone.

u/KW1Xan · 1 pointr/ft86

Well I would love a head unit that actually interfaced with my phone. Im hoping Apple and Pioneer will do the new siri and appleTVish head unit that should be in some cars by next year.

I bought this awesome car mount and it works great...who even uses CDs anymore

u/vejal · 1 pointr/iphone

This is the one I use -

It actually fits into your CD slot. Puts the phone where it can be easily seen for GPS, does not leave that 'ring' on your windows or block any of your windows, won't use up a cupholder, and it does not block any airvents. I really like it.

u/gonemad16 · 1 pointr/Android

yeah.. would be nice to have 1.3. I ended up buying a car mount and just keeping my display on so i can see whats playing

u/thicknrich · 1 pointr/Android

I use this with my S3 / iPod Touch. Its very sleek. You can play / keep cds in your player even while using it; just don't eject =)

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/cars

Non-mobile: CD Player phone mount

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/CtrlAltLucas · 1 pointr/nexus6

I also use a CD Slot Mount [Mountek nGroove] ( The only issue I have is it blocks my preset buttons on the radio. Other than that, I love it!

u/JetBlk · 1 pointr/nexus6

This is the one I use:

I rigged an aux bluetooth module to it and some power cables for when I travel a lot and have rental cars. I'll make a post with some pics later.

u/Geachh · 1 pointr/camaro

I just got this and this and run the phone without turning it's screen off. Gets the job done perfectly, also got a free GPS app that works great (Waze).

u/kylesach · 1 pointr/GrandCherokee

I've always thought that the CD ones were the best. This is the one I use and it works great. Very stable.

u/AFewBricksShy · 1 pointr/ft86

I use this:
Instead of mounting it in the cd player like it is supposed to, I put it in the upper gap between the head unit and the trim piece. It works out pretty well.

u/murtasma · 1 pointr/FocusST

Sweet I went ahead and ordered one. I switched to windows phone so I have an android phone I don't use anymore which would be perfect for this. I went ahead and bought this to go along with it to hold my phone.

u/afritrin · 1 pointr/Fiat

I just use a cd-player-slot phone holder, since I don't use my CD player at all. You can still listen to CDs, but then you'll have to remove the phone holder anytime you need to remove/insert a CD.
This is one one them, but there are many others. Also, it keeps your phone at good eye level without looking towards the cup holder or without blocking your views out the windshield.

u/spire-hunter · 1 pointr/oneplus
u/lpjunior999 · 1 pointr/MotoX

I use the Mountek car dock. It had a spring loaded grip and sits right in the slot for a CD player you're probably trying to replace. Only ever fell out when it wasn't used properly.

I also have this little suction cup thing I got from ThinkGeek, but it really only sticks to glass. They say it works with all phones, but unless you're using an iPhone you need a smooth case.

u/PatInTheHat1 · 1 pointr/test

Hey check this out: Cool Thing

u/JesusSama · 1 pointr/SonyXperia

I have a car mount coming in from Mountek. I'll give you a good general thought whether it's worth it or not when I test it tonight/tomorrow morning. A lot of high reviews, so I'll see how it is.

u/elinyera · 1 pointr/cars

I've been using this one for like a year or more.

It does damage the dust things on the CD player but it still plays CDs. I would recommend one if you don't mind that detail. The placement is perfect for me it's just second nature to put my phone there; I see it as part of the car now like a cup holder.

edit: spelling.

u/Enemyboatspotted · 1 pointr/mazda

Another option is to get a CD slot mount. Don't have a pic but I just put my phone on that and fire up torquepro.

u/fubar_86 · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I just use a simple attachment that slips into the cd tray, twist a knob to open the bit inside the cd tray and then slap my phone into the hold bracket. Can remove it and install it real fast without any damages.

Edit: Here is the exact one I got

u/allegedmark · 1 pointr/Fiat

Ending up having this one
Recommended on the fiat forums. Loving it.

u/DrLOV · 1 pointr/nexus6

I have a Subaru Crosstrek and use this for my phone. I have a rapid charger as well since my commute is pretty short.

u/Islandoftiki · 1 pointr/saab

Oh, I see. I didn't realize that's the one you were talking about. My phone is mounted on a Mountek Ngrove CD Slot Mount. I kinda wish I had gone with the magnetic version. I may still switch to that. It mounts reasonably firmly into the CD slot and doesn't wobble around too much despite having fairly firmly adjusted Koni shocks. It's a really convenient position for the phone for ease of access and not having to look down much. I have a second windshield mount when I'm using my phone as a GPS.

u/fleabeard · 1 pointr/windowsphone

I use this in my car for my 920. It works great, just make sure you have a spot to put it

u/zero_dgz · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Any reason you don't want to use some hardware you probably already own? Does it have to be a watch?

Alpine Quest on your phone (or even a little burner phone) will do all the tracking you want plus show maps in a pinch. With your phone in airplane mode and the screen off, only GPS on, you can expect a solid couple of days of use as least. Throw it in your (or her) pack if you're worried about a pocket bulge or dropping/breaking it.

A $10 app isn't a real great gift idea, though.

I used Apline Quest on my phone during a 4 day hike through Dolly Sods the other week, tracking myself over 27-some-odd miles during all four days, and returned to the trailhead with something like 33% battery still remaining... I think that's better than you could hope for with any GPS enabled watch no matter how expensive it is.

Similarly, handheld GPS receivers, especially relatively basic monochrome models, can get excellent battery life and do everything you require (except come in watch form factor). Get an older model online or used and you can pay peanuts for it. You can get a Garmin eTrex 10 for about $80, these days.

u/mtlyoshi9 · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad

If you’re even close to half-serious, only fancier, more expensive models have a barometric altimeter. Plenty get the data just fine using GPS.

For reference, neither the Amazon’s Choice $80 Garmin ETrex 10 nor its $150 upgraded 20x model have barometers. To get one, you have to get the even more premium 30x model, which MSRPs for $300.

u/lordkabal26 · 1 pointr/pics

If she had something like this she likely wouldn't have gotten lost. We already have GPS coverage for the entirety of the planet.

And they have better battery life than most phones with GPS capability

But that said, she was hiking alone, even with a gps device she still would've had problems due to having sustained a broken leg.

u/cerrunos87 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

When I was first getting started I just used my phone, which worked out well for spur of the moment caching in town! I'll still use my phone if I'm not going anywhere were I can't see power lines. The Garmin is great for the more rugged areas since its water and shock resistant, and with two AA batteries it runs for months. I can also set an SOS location before I start my hike so if I get turned around it will point an arrow straight towards that location. Even if you don't use it for geocaching I highly recommend it for hiking! This is what I have.

u/two2teps · 1 pointr/geocaching

They're going for $90 new on Amazon currently so it's not too bad. I scored one on eBay for about $20 a few months back and that was a steal of a deal so $50 is not too bad in my estimate.

u/ubsam · 1 pointr/VisitingIceland

Glad to hear the tour is a good choice!

Okay, so we did have the SPOT beacon, so we'll look into getting GPS unit. Nothing showed up on Eastern Moutain Sport's website so I took a look around amazon, is this what you're talking about?

We're planning on leaving our itinerary with safetravel and our emergency contacts, so we'll be set in that department. And yeah, we're not planning on sending out an emergency call unless we're physically stuck.

Here's a more detailed look at our itinerary:

Also, I totally get what you're saying about multiple mountain trails. the frustration is that these websites (which are official ones!) don't list like 8 trails, they just give driving instructions to a parking lot at the base of whatever location and say "the trail is clearly marked from there". Example:

Finally, for robust and massive spikes, those Grivel G10s look like the kinds given out when we go on the glacier walk tour. I don't want you to feel like I'm arguing (from a position of little knowledge, no less) but could you help me understand their necessity for climbing up a gravelly/rocky/dirt-ish slope? In comparison to the microspikes, of course, we wouldn't go without something at least equivalent to the Kathoola Microspikes.

u/porkchop_d_clown · 1 pointr/bicycling

I've honestly never understood the attraction of these as opposed to a plain old bike comp plus a $100 hiker's GPS - why do you like it so much?

What do you get from one of these you can't get from a $50 Cateye plus one of these?

u/theoquinc · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad

It doesn't have to have GPS, but it helps immensely. It's not accurate at all when it has to determine its position solely through the hotspot.

If I had to use one for a lengthy amount of time, I'd probably get something like this:

u/Bilbo_Fraggins · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Yeah, I started ingress on nexus 7 with hotspot, so know how that works for location based games. My wife used iPad + external GPS + hotspot and that was just a bit too ungainly. I already owned the GPS from earlier geocaching with an iPod touch though, so it's what we had laying around.

u/Shiny_Callahan · 1 pointr/overlanding

This is the receiver I’ve used. A friend has it paired with his tablet and uses it and an iPad in his Cessna for navigating. Nothing jailbroken, works fine. I use a USB receiver with my laptop, but plan to switch over to a tablet soon now that I’ve played around with that setup. Lots less cords to deal with.

u/hillstfr · 1 pointr/geocaching

I like the Dual AV XGPS150. It's $99 at Amazon and works great for caching. Pair it via bluetooth with your iPod (or iPad in my case) or your android and you have great location (better than that in the phone) within a few meters.

I cache successfully with it and it's very reasonably priced. Add in the maps from your iPhone or Android device and you're golden.

u/paranode · 1 pointr/bicycling

Or this for much cheaper.

u/rada_rada_lag · 1 pointr/disability

I am a fan of the Ram brand mounts. I would recommend this arm with this holder. You will just need to mount it to your bed or wall above her.

u/NikonD3s · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I despise sticking things to my dash or vents, and hate cheap plastic mounts that rattle.

Check out the RAM mount system. It's a modular kit, you buy only the pieces you need, and it's all very high grade metal parts.

They have rigid but flexible arms that you can bolt under the seat and thread up between the seat and center console, positioning however you like. Check it out:

RAM POD I Universal No-Drill(TM) Vehicle Laptop Mount with 18"" Rigid Aluminum Rod & Single Socket Arm

It says laptop mount, but works for phones too. You just have to buy the phone head, and they make heads for many popular devices or a universal mount.

This is my plan for my mk7, but I don't know if there are any issues with install.

u/wastedyeti · 1 pointr/Surface

Yeah I use this one with great success and then use Google Earth and a program called GooPS. Use it everyday at work in my truck. You just have to deal with precaching google earth or having a hotspot on.

u/Beamandtrout · 1 pointr/gis

Your questions is sorta confusing. But anyway yes you can do this. Take a generic laptop, with, say, windows 7.

  • Grab a usb gps sensor like this.
  • Install the free GPSGate Splitter software
  • Using the 'GPS in the Browser' output from GPS Gate, you can access the GPS output from JavaScript via their small api. From the code of your JavaScript web map (leaflet, google maps, open layers, etc) you can grab the location and display it on the map.
u/ReformedRicky · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

i used this.. no subscription, you can link it to NAVIT for free but i just used it for MPH since my speedometer is off and elevation.
it just uses existing satellites, so no one has to work harder for you having the service.

u/iposva · 1 pointr/stratux

I am using the GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB as well. Although I had to make a couple of code changes to v0.5b5 which I flight tested last week and it worked great. I am planning to update to the latest releases and see what else needs to be done to make it a simple auto-detected and auto-configured device.

u/ErgonomicMike · 1 pointr/stratux

Oh, oh. Am I going to be sorry that I bought the Globalsat? There was one review in December by aerojoe777 who said that he was using it w/ Stratux.

u/post_break · 1 pointr/gopro

If you can't tether then get a film grade suction cup with a pump. More is not always better. What is important is a clean flat surface. Always tether... but sometimes that's difficult.

Aliexpress has a few film grade suckers with pumps and warning lines, something I'm going to spring for eventually.

There are some dual suction ram mounts that are very very powerful as well. I'd diy something out of this with a couple of those bad boys you'll have serious trouble pulling them off when attached.

That said, the official mount is great.

u/Fazaman · 1 pointr/nexus6

I second this one. I got one based on a few Redditor's recommendations and it's solid, and is very... positionable, if you know what I mean.

The linked item is just the phablet grip. You'll also need one of these (though they come in a few different lengths. This is the medium one, it seems) and the suction mount. There's a couple suction mount options, but I know this one is solid and easy to put in place. I don't have experience with the other one.

u/ziffzuh · 1 pointr/stratux

Sure. Here's the shopping list:

Project Box (5 pack, $5.80)

SMA Connectors (4 Pack, $5.85)

SMA Pigtails (Need 2, $4.85/ea)

SMA Extension Cable (Need 2, $8.50/ea) (3 feet)

RAM Suction Cup Mount ($15.99)

Start out by making four small pilot holes in the project box where you see both the connectors and antennas on mine.

Use the screws included with the RAM mount to go through the bottom left and top right corners of the bottom of the project box. This almost perfectly lines up with the holes in the suction cup, but make sure to use a template. You will not use the ball piece that comes with the suction cup.

Connect an SMA Female-Female connector on one end of each of the pigtails. Tighten with a wrench and pliers, but careful not to mess up the thread.

Enlarge the two holes on the small side of the project box to fit the female-female connectors (that you just attached) through, barely. Use generous hot glue to fix them in place on the inside, with the screw end from the SMA pigtail being pushed all the way up to the project box wall to allow as much of the connector to stick out as possible. Note, you may need to apply pressure to keep the connectors as straight and tight as possible until the glue cools/dries completley.

Take the other ends of the pigtail connectors (with the included nuts and other stuff) and put them through the other two holes on opposite long sides of the project box (Make sure you don't mix up left and right), enlarging the holes as necessary to ensure they fit. Use the included fittings to fix them in place firmly. (Use a wrench to tighten)

Stuff the pigtails in the project box, again verifying that you didn't mix up left and right. Close it up, connect the 3 foot SMA cables to the plugs on the bottom, and wire them into your Stratux. You should be good to go!


u/curbstickle · 1 pointr/bicycling

> Why do you want a bike computer which would act as an external GPS to your phone? To save phone battery?

What I need is an external GPS. What I'd like would be a nice handlebar mounted display of my current speed. Its a nice bonus.

> But, honestly, your phone's screen probably draws more power than your phone's GPS chip

Thats actually not the drain - the drain comes from two things, the constant attempts to lock onto more satellites, and the main processor doing the hard work associating that data live. I was able to do some brief playing around with an external gps, and I was looking at 30% more out of a single charge minimum.

Edit: And I already have an external battery. Keep in mind that charging while working the processor like that causes some major heat - and I like to avoid that. If I can use the lower, 1A charge setting on my external battery instead of going to 2A just to keep the battery level reasonable, all the better.

> I'm not aware of any (but would like to be informed) which track GLONASS as well as GPS, such as my Garmin 510 does.

Not exactly puck sized, but not big either:

u/neuromonkey · 1 pointr/gps

Why not just get a decent Android tablet? My Nexus 7 has a great receiver in it. CoPilot Live is a great nav app. For amazing accuracy, (~3 ft.) I can use a GPS/GLO Bluetooth receiver with it.

u/SmoggyTurnip · 1 pointr/running

I do pretty much the same thing except my phone gps was very inaccurate so I bought this external gps receiver:

I just put it in my pocket and the phone connects to it via Bluetooth. It is very accurate. My phone is android but this works with I-phones as well.

u/joggle1 · 1 pointr/technology

No. However, GPS+GLONASS receivers have gotten very cheap lately. They used to only be available to scientists and surveyors due to much higher costs.

u/tseepra · 1 pointr/gis

You could consider a Bluetooth receiver for the phone.

Something like the Garmin Glo should improve accuracy.

u/BICEP2 · 1 pointr/news

On 9/11 the terrorists turned off the GPS transceivers from the cockpit of the plane to prevent it from being easily tracked. In 2014 the pilots of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did exactly the same thing turning off GPS tracking from the cockpit.

It shouldn't even be possible to completely disable GPS tracking of a commercial airliner from the cockpit yet there is still no secondary GPS reporting method that can't be disabled from the cockpit that would have given us even a vague idea of where the plane might be.

The technology to build such a secondary system is cheap enough that completely losing a plane as large and sophisticated as a 777 is inexcusable yet it still happens.

u/kcfac · 1 pointr/Zwift

I run this:

Plus this:

and HDMI out from my PC to an old spare TV for my setup, works great w/ a kickr snap. It seems to work just as reliably as mobile link.

u/YourInternetHistory · 1 pointr/Charlotte

For sale I have my 2015 Scott CR1 30. Size 58/XL I am 6'1" and I love the fit of this bike. This bike is in great condition and has only 600 miles to its name. I bought this bike specifically to do a triathlon and now that I have that complete I am selling it to focus on running.

This bike new cost $1299+tax (MSRP says $1499, but I only paid 1299). So I have it listed at $750, for a 600 mile old carbon fiber bike you won't beat it. It has been serviced twice in the 600 miles I have had it, both times at the Trek store in Ballantyne.

Specs link:

Included with the bike: Saddle bag with spare tube and tire levers ($35 value), frame mounted tire pump ($35 value), rear light ($10 value), Shimano PD-M520 SPD Pedals ($30 value)

Below are the add-ons you can add for extra on top of the $750:

u/Tobyn- · 1 pointr/triathlon

I'm using a MacBook that only has bluetooth. Pretty sure I can grab one of these and solve that problem though! Thanks for the info!



u/p4lm3r · 1 pointr/trainerroad

Another vote for PC. I got the Suunto Move stick and it works great, however, I just noticed that it is now more expensive than the Garmin ANT+ stick. Weird. I mostly like using the PC just because it frees up my phone to screw around while doing recovery spins between intervals.

u/erichangaming · 1 pointr/Twitch

Hello! I use a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor for nearly every stream. I'm not sure on the specific range, but it definitely works anywhere within the room I stream in. I've had 0 issues with it, and there are a couple of youtube videos on setting it up.

The easiest way to broadcast it on stream is to use Golden Cheetah. You can make the background transparent fairly easily in OBS, resize the number to how you like it, etc.

It requires two items to work. Currently one is on sale, but it should hopefully be around the 50 dollar budget. The two devices needed:



Also to anyone curious, the waistband is quite adjustable. I'm fairly tiny and its smallest setting is good for me, however it can expand quite a bit. It fits nicely under clothing, and is not intrusive.

u/UniversalAwareness · 1 pointr/paramotor

So I've been looking into this and the cheapest option I've found is BASEline. It's open source, free to use, and you can upgrade your phone's GPS with a $130 gadget if you feel your phone's GPS doesn't cut it.

I'm going to try jumping without the fancy GPS and see how my phone and the app does in the air by itself.

u/DarkStarPDX · 1 pointr/overlanding

Depending on your configuration it could be more stable to use an external GPS.

This model will even allow multiple devices to connect to it:

u/ratmachinest · 1 pointr/gadgets

****Do any of this at your own risk or hire a professional to do it for you.***

Here are the parts I ordered to put mine together. I'm posting this bc of PMs.

Mobius or [Cheaper Mobius but longer wait from China] ( I wanted the Wide Angle Lens for a better shot

Capacitor You don't want the battery sitting in the sun. A capacitor can handle it. So you replace the battery completely with this capacitor

Windshield Mount My mobius came with a mounting bracket that fits on this mount. The mount itself is very small, but the 3M sticker is very strong.

Hardwire Kit When hard wiring this in to the car via fuse box, this knocks the voltage down from 12v to 5v, which is what the camera needs. I used some wire strippers to expose about 5" of the red and black cables. Then stripped about an inch off each cable to expose the actual wire. The red wire goes in to the add-a-circuit mentioned below, then you crimp it closed with pliers (wasn't super easy, I must be weak). You partially unscrew a metal bolt that is attached to the metal car frame as a ground ( I used the one on top of my fuse box).

USB to Mini-USB This connects from the hardwire kit to the camera or 90 degree elbow mentioned next, for a better angle. If you are setting up the auto record when external power is on, which is what you want to do for a dash cam, you need to cut a piece of electrical tape width-wise and cover the two middle pins inside the USB cable. This is because the two middle pins (2 and 3) are data pins. Leaving those exposed makes the camera think its connected to a computer and will only do data transferring. By covering them, it only get power from pins 1 and 4 and doesn't think it's connected to a computer and will actually record.

Right Angle Mini-USB to Mini-USB Adapted This just helped keep the USB cable from sticking out too much (better angle)

Add-a-circuit This is the ATO (bigger fuse), but I ended up using the ATM (Mini) because my car has both and the fuse I wanted to use ended up being a Mini. It'd be best to look through your fuse diagram and find something non-vital (meaning don't tap in to a fuse that controls ABS or airbags, etc) and switchable (meaning it only comes on when the car turns on. You don't want the camera running 24/7), figure out what type of fuse it is, and buy that size. I ended up getting my new add-a-circuit (Littlefuse) from Oreilly auto parts for $6.99 and it came with 3, 4, 7.5, and 10A fuses. Also take note of the amperage (Never use a higher amp fuse than your add-a-circuit supports because the wire gauge may not support it and melt/burn. When adding the circuit, I removed the original fuse from the fuse box, a 10A fuse and put it the first slot(my add-a-circuit supports up to 10A) and for the 2nd slot, I used a 3A fuse because the camera and radar don't draw much. You don't want to use a higher amp fuse than necessary. Also, in my car 2011 JettaSportwagen, the add-a-circuit points down or it doesn't work. Make sure it's plugged in the correct direction or it won't do anything

32GB MicroSD Card Works fine, just make sure to format it through the camera.

Unofficial but awesome Mobius Configuration Tool Use the tooltips(hover over each option) to figure out what each things does. I set mine to autorecord when external power or the button are pushed.

You can find a lot of info here:

To summarize the connections are:

Choose a fuse from your car's fuse diagram (non-essential and switchable), pull it, place it in the correct slot of the add-a-circuit (don't go to higher amps than is supported), plug in a fuse from the add-a-circuit kit in to the other slot to protect your camera (I used a 3A), strip the hardwire kit's cables mentioned above, put the red cable (+) from the hard wire kit in the the red end of the add-a-circuit and crimp it closed, attach the black cable (-) to a screw attached to the metal car frame, tape the two middle pins (2 and 3) in the USB cable with electrical tape, plug the USB in to the female USB on the hardwire kit, run the USB cable from the fuse box around the edges of your cars trim, up by the rearview mirror, attach the right-angle mini-usb adapter, choose where you want to mount the camera (make sure to check using the USB plugged in and camera mounted to the mount, in case it bumps the rearview mirror) (I held it on the windshield about where I thought I wanted it (to behind and to the right of the rearview mirror and took some test footage, watched it on a computer, decided it looked ok, pulled the sticker cover and attached it), clean your windshield with glass cleaner, attach the mount.

u/Brakethecycle · 1 pointr/iphonehelp

This is what I have.

I actually ran the USB-C power cable behind my dashboard and into a USB jack that is directly wire into the fuse box with a fuse tap. It makes it look really clean.

u/GotMyOrangeCrush · 1 pointr/Cartalk

They sell compact 12V to USB power supplies like this:

One of these is compact and light, you can use double stick tape to attach to back of mirror.

SolderSeal connectors both solder and insulate in one connector:

Or just use some T-taps like these:

In general with a multimeter you can quickly identify which wires are positive ( + 12 volts) and which wires are ground (-) on a car. The vehicle chassis is ground.

u/common_tater · 1 pointr/CarAV

I've used little usb direct hardwire dealies like this guy before.

Just power it of switched 12v, and hide it all nicely behind the dash.

Or this one will give you direct micro usb, to cut out a cable.

edit : I'm sure there are waaaay cheaper options that do the same thing. Those were just easily found :)

u/420simmons · 1 pointr/wearables

Hey the Garmin Vivioactive sounds like it might fit the bill.

From what I've heard it has some strong pros and cons.

+Long battery life (they claim 3 weeks)

+Sturdy build

+Reliable software performance

+Very thin and reasonably sized

-Screen is comparatively small and low resolution

(probably why it lasts so long)

-Screen is very dim, apparently hard to see sometimes

Also the new Pebble stuff is coming out in a few months, they look pretty good too.

The deals will be closing very soon though (for a product you won't get until the fall.)

u/Hurly26 · 1 pointr/smartwatch

The Garmin Vivoactive is just over 8 mm thick.

Isn't android wear and it isn't round but it is thin.

u/mnml_inclination · 1 pointr/running

It comes down to "what do you want it to do?"

If you want smartphone integration and you have an Apple phone, there's really no question.

If you're just looking for no-frills GPS tracking then there are a bunch of Garmin watches that could fit the bill just fine. I've been using my VivoActive for a while now and it does a good job.

At a slightly higher price-point you can get wrist-based HR and that sort of stuff, if you want.

Best advice is to figure out what you think would be useful, read some reviews (DCRainmaker is great) and drop the hammer on something that fits within your requirements and budget.

u/MrYoursTruly · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I used to wear a wristband that says: "Be content, but never satisfied." It was given to me by my track and field coach for good performance, and getting PRs (breaking previous records).

Now, I currently wear my Garmin Vivoactive, which looks pretty sleek. The functions include the following:

  • Run
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Golf
  • Walk

    It helped a good amount in losing weight, and tracking my workouts. I'm also motivated by the step-tracking. It can also easily be dressed up and down, similar to a pair of chelsea boots.
u/NorthOfUptownChi · 0 pointsr/uberdrivers

If you don't use your CD slot (I never do), then you might like this one:

I loved it. Only reason I stopped using it is I got a new car that had navigation built in, so I didn't have a need for the iPhone screen to be visible. (I'm not an Uber driver.)

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I understand wanting it to look 100% professional and all, but why not this?

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No, you are still wrong. NO watches are designed to be direct mounted to handlebars. You do it with a separate item that adapts ALL watches to handlebar use.

You seem to be under some mistaken impression that someone is making watches that somehow magically work better on handlebars than others when its just a simple attachment that turns any watch into a nice handle bar mounted piece.

So again you are incorrect in your original statement still and keep going down this rabbit hole. I own one of these watches and i assure you there is nothing special that would make it any better on my bars than a $5 timex from walmart.

You keep throwing terms around like "default function" around yet dont seem to realize the default function of a watch is to be worn on your wrist, period. It requires an adapter regardless of what type of watch it is.

EDIT: For clarification this is what you use. It works exactly the same for any wrist watch you put on it.