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u/russia_regime · 8 pointsr/pyrocynical

| here I put together this list to become a true slav |

1.the clothes

2.the hat

3.the drink of these bad boyz


u/feijis · 7 pointsr/gifs

found the link to buy it, they do a red too.
this is fucking sick btw.

u/aphroditeablaze69 · 6 pointsr/worldnews
u/souljabri557 · 6 pointsr/prisonhooch

Fantastic post overall!!!

> Remove balloon and slowly pour into separate container, careful to leave dead yeast at the bottom of container

Use a coffee filter if you're going this route. Otherwise, using a siphon or puncturing a hole near the bottom of the container is much more effective.

> 64 fl oz bottle Great Value 100% juice

Are you sure this doesn't have preservatives that may affect the wine? It's definitely usable, but perhaps Welch's or an organic brand would produce a higher-quality yield.

> 1 packet Fleischmann's Baker's Yeast

While baker's yeast works well, consider that real wine yeast is just as cheap, and is on Amazon. Wine yeast produces a better yield, and if you can get it for the same price as baker's yeast, I highly reccomend it.

u/lotrouble · 5 pointsr/Wishlist

Hey, /u/terciopelo can you tell me what exactly pirates blood smells like? Is it sweet and intoxicating? Dark and musky?

Dearest /u/szor, as we both have these testing strips on our lists, I'd like to take a moment to gripe about the cost of fish-tank supplies in pet stores. Why can't they price match amazon? Would it kill them to knock off a few dollars? Don't they want our underwater friends to stay happy and healthy? Get with the program, PetSmart and PetCo!

u/loliicon_senpai · 4 pointsr/BottleDigging
u/thejacobnator1 · 3 pointsr/drunk

It's the same price for 12 bottles as well!

u/col-fancypants · 3 pointsr/todayilearned

Noooooo... it was like drinking Satan's piss out of his ass. I like spicy, but it was like literally drinking hot sauce and vodka. Found it, It's called Pirate's Blood. Not enjoyable. I use it to cook with now haha.

u/tankfox · 3 pointsr/wine

The best way I found to get started is to just get a gallon jug carboy, some starsan, some montrachet wine yeast, yeast nutrients, and 100% grape juice from your local grocery store.

The starsan is a concentrate, I put about a capful into a 2 liter bottle, fill it up with water, and keep it under my sink. It's an antiseptic rinse that should splash over everything that's going to touch the juice; airlock, bottle, your hands, the scissors you use, all that stuff. It doesn't even needed to be rinsed, just shake the bottle out and go to town.

Once you've rinsed, put the juice, yeast nutrients, and yeast in the bottle. Put some water in the airlock and put it on top. Put the bottle of juice and yeast in a dark cool spot until you can easily see a flashlight shine through it, about 2 months or so.

While it's doing it's thing collect 5 old wine bottles or get some from a brew supply store. Old liquor bottles work great, just rinse them good and then splash starsan around inside.

Buy a racking cane! This significantly simplifies the process of getting wine out of the jug without sucking up all the dead yeast at the bottom. Run starsan through it at first, filling the starsan cup with water as it gets siphoned out so that the inside is all nice and clean.

Rack that wine out of the jug and into bottles. That's it! Age for six months if you want, but I often just mix in a little fresh grape juice to sweeten it up a bit right there in my cup and go to town right away, hence my inability to age it.

The only regular cost is the juice. I like to get the frozen 100% juice on sale because I'm doing 15 gallon batches these days (because I'm going to outpace my thirst, darn it), I use about 14 of those per 5 gallon carboy and fill the rest up with spring water from the grocery store.

I also use 4 cups of 5 minute boiled raw sugar in each 5 gallon carboy of juice to boost the abv, but this is personal taste. It makes the wine taste pretty hot but it also has a solid kick to it so I don't mind. After I mix it with a bit of fresh grape juice it just tastes like a light sweet wine and I have a very good time with it.

u/SFSCaptain · 3 pointsr/Target

Apparently... And some of the prices seem a bit low...

I don't drink, myself, but I wonder what the catch is. Maybe that "usually ships in 1-2 months" (emphasis added) on the super-low priced items...?

u/ThatBLChap · 2 pointsr/talesfromcavesupport

Get different old berry juice and mix with lat-tey. Jup hear good things come when mix wjth Bae-lees:

Make spooky time good.

u/shrederick · 2 pointsr/Mariners

Here's the link. Let me know if it lets you check out.

u/Zewsey · 2 pointsr/pics

I don't know why it's so low on Amazon. But I just checked the link again for Corona and it's out of stock now. Heres the screenshots of the prices they had listed. Target employee verified on her phone.

u/trains77 · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

Legality of shipping alcohol aside, if you're shipping beer please be sure to secure it properly! Place it in a durable ziploc freezer bag to prevent leaks if it does become damaged, generously wrap the can/bottle in bubble wrap, and make sure it won't move around inside the shipping box itself.

Highly recommend Fairweather Brewing in the west end. Great people and some of the best beer you'll find in Ontario. They have their "Silky" porter available in bottles which should suit your needs.

I have a GoT beer chalice (similar to this ) if you want it. The brewery that sells this glass is from New York state and also brews the GoT inspired beers found at the LCBO.

u/Bakers4pack · 2 pointsr/Costco

I have had them deliver beer before 10 am on a Sunday. Don't judge me, I was smoking a brisket. ;) Here is a link to some voodoo ranger on prime now: prime now beer hope link works

u/pewin · 1 pointr/Scotch

I have just ordered a bottle through Amazon in Germany at 125 €.

u/m_2019_7691 · 1 pointr/stopdrinking

Princess Alternativa Rosso Dry Non-Alcoholic Red Wine 750ml

It’s pretty good actually I can see a whole bottle last a week or more since you only will want one small glass.

u/excelladesign1 · 1 pointr/smallbusiness

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    [5] If you're wondering, I was (and still am) slightly drunk while creating this post. I did this deliberately to allow my creative juices to start flowing. If you're looking for an alcohol recommendation, I recommend the Game of Thrones 2015 red blend. Perfect for getting drunk at dinner, bachelor parties, or weddings.
u/piltdownman7 · 1 pointr/vancouver

In Seattle Amazon Fresh is comparable to the grocery story. Take a 6-Pack if Reuben’s Crikey IPA (a popular local craft beer). It’s $10.74 with Amazon Fresh. From recent personal experience it’s $11 at Safeway. And it’s $8.99 from Total Wine. Also for Drizley, the company in the article, it’s $10.99.

Edit: my rule of thumb for buying beer in Seattle is that Grocery store is the baseline; Total Wine will be $1-2 less; and PCC, Drug Stores and Gas Stations are $1-2 more.

u/cactar54 · 1 pointr/mead

Ill be using this yeast and fermenting in a 1 gallon bucket.

u/Thom_Kokenge · 1 pointr/NoMansSkyTheGame

Or on the west coast you could try Space Dust IPA

u/StonedSorcerer · 1 pointr/gratefuldead

I'm getting my sister a bottle of grateful dead wine ( and gunna burn her a copy of a good show, not too pricey but still a real good time! Make a night of it or something

u/snowylambeau · 0 pointsr/vancouver

Crown Royal Northern Harvest. It can be expensive and hard to find outside of Canada (brought a bottle to Italy for some family last summer and discovered that the only source over there was and they wanted €190 for it.

Not bad for a $45 CDN investment.