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u/JihadTape · 25 pointsr/guns

So this is a Smith and Wesson Model 27, made in 1960 (per the serial number), .357 Magnum (also .38 special). I received it as a gift and it is my first gun ever! Super stoked to own it now, and I'll probably join the prolonged slide of gun ownership that I see in this sub time to time. My next purchase is likely a smaller concealed carry weapon.

The giant ammo tin is vintage, I'm guessing vietnam era, but no idea, I could be full of shit. It's stacked with hundreds of .357 FMJs. 1 box of .357 hollow points, and 2 boxes of Shotshell snake charmers.

I'm pleased as punch with this gun. I've just purchased a bunch of accessories on amazon, I'll post them below, maybe you can tell me if these are good products or not for range shooting. (No referral links or any of that bs)

Plano Protector 4 pistol case

MTM 38/357 Cal 100 Round Flip-Top Ammo Box

Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses

3M Peltor Combat Arms Earplugs

Hoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

u/OmniaMors · 19 pointsr/CCW

the fuck you want, 4K video proof?

its not hard, i grabbed this band

Here is a woman who runs with a G19

Here is a man who carries a G43 but also says it does a G17 fine (he didnt want to carry the weight of the G17)

Just because youre too fat to get off your ass doesnt mean the rest of us are too.

u/ushutuppicard · 12 pointsr/gundeals

I'm very much a fan of this sling
from amazon which can be a 1pt or 2pt sling, and is this price 24/7 on fde, od and black. no pink though. i havent drug it through the dirt, or gone into combat with it, so i cant say it will hold up to that, but the 2 i have have held up for range trips and hunting for a couple years.

u/zxj4k3xz · 11 pointsr/airsoft

u/cypherfox has a list of Canadian retailers. Not being Canadian myself, I don't know many.

Start with the most important thing: Face protection. Eye protection is always required for airsoft. Something ANSI Z87.1+ or higher impact rating. Could go with something cheap like Pyramex I-force or go with something really high end like Smith Optics Turbo Fan. I've also liked my Save Phace Grunts, but they do scratch easily. For lower face protection, the One Tigris mask is pretty standard. Comfortable solid protection. Could also rig something up with a Steel Mouth which doesn't provide as much protection but, in my opinion, looks nicer. If you think he'd prefer a full face mask, the Dye I4 is fantastic.

After that, I'd prioritize boots. I'm not much of an expert on these. I like my Merrel MOAB Mids. I've also heard good things about Salomon and Lowa. Just something with some decent ankle support.

After that, look into a carrying case for your gun. You could use the box it came in, but that's not really ideal. Personally I use a valken gun bag and have had no issues with my M4 and AK. Could also go with a hard case like a Plano.

Then you're getting into less important stuff. Load bearing gear, like a chest rig, plate carrier, or belt, is nice to have but not required. They're used to carry whatever. Magazines, water, food, tools, extra batteries, whatever. I'm not really sure what the market for that is like in Canada, but Condor is a good budget brand with plenty of styles.

Other than that, I can recommend Mechanix Gloves and Howard Leight Impact Sport

Without your actual budget and knowing exactly what he has or what he wants, I can't really get more specific or recommend much else.

u/throwawayifyoureugly · 11 pointsr/gundeals

$73.98 out the door. Not able to use the "Free Shipping items" trick to drop down the shipping cost.

edit On Amazon for $69.20 if you have Prime.

u/roogoff · 11 pointsr/ar15

I put this sling on all my builds, simple and strong with removable QD points for $14

u/neks101 · 10 pointsr/AnnePro

If you don't mind a soft case, there's a [gun sock] ( that's pretty popular with the 60% crowd. I use it to take my AP1 to the office.

u/punkonjunk · 9 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

If you'd like to carry four keyboards, this guy is only 15 bucks.

u/kfromm65 · 9 pointsr/CCW

Here is my option a little over but reviews are good

CYA Supply Co.. IWB Holster Fits: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM/.40 S&W - Veteran Owned Company - Made in USA - Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/CCW

OH I’m sorry I misunderstood. Most people are like “what do you carry? Well that’s not the right holster you need this holster!” Lol sorry for the weird response!

I use this holster right here.

It works well for kidney carry in my experience.

u/Anardrius · 8 pointsr/guns

Not much to say, really. Ruger SR9c and Llama 1911 .45 (Spanish manufacturer) I just bought the case (Pelican 1750) from amazon. They've got a hell of deal going on right now. Link below.

u/TrojanThunder · 8 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Getting an actual keyboard specific case is great but they're kinda expensive and there aren't many options. A gun sock works perfectly as a soft case and they're super cheap. And it fits a Poker II perfectly.

u/drbyrne · 8 pointsr/lockpicking

US PeaceKeeper P21111 Small Punch Roll for Armorer's Tools

It is perfect for my needs and you really can't beat the price.

u/mr1337 · 8 pointsr/CCW

Pretty much this.

I take my holster off with my Glock 19. It's never put down without my holster or MIC holster/trigger cover - unless the mag well is empty and the slide is locked back.

If you don't want to keep it in a holster, at least cover the trigger. Get something similar to this that fits your gun:

u/CaptainInsane-o · 8 pointsr/gundeals

You can still order them at that price through amazon you will just have to wait until they restock in order for them to ship.

u/nagurski03 · 7 pointsr/CCW

I have an original LCP that I carry in a [DeSantis Nemesis] ( It works great for me. The material is a bit flexible but still rigid enough that the trigger is protected.

u/Lmaster20 · 7 pointsr/gundeals

[Here's] ( what I use. Slip it on over my backpack and carry it across my chest.

u/_hester_ · 7 pointsr/ar15

At first, I didn't think I would get more than two rifles, so I opted for the Plano foam-padded case. I bought two so I could lock up both rifles (from the kiddos, not thieves), and not take up a ton of room in my house. They're very good cases, and I would recommend them for traveling (either road trips or flying). If you get one of these, don't trust the built in locks, and buy some decent (long bolt) padlocks. Negative: They're not great for taking to the range. They're bulky, and awkward if you need to set them out of the way while you're shooting.

Of course, I bought a third rifle on an impulse, and it came with something like this for free. I actually ended up using this more than the hard cases for range trips since it's much more compact/maneuverable, and just carries the essentials (a few magazines and a good-sized pouch for tactical Skittles). For a one-rifle person, this is probably the best value, and more practical for most people's needs.

That said, few of us actually stay one-rifle gun owners for long. I just punted and bought a $100 metal gun cabinet from Walmart to control access. The nice Plano cases are now just used for traveling rather than storage.

My favorite, though, is a double carbine bag. Even if you only have one rifle (now), it's a great bag with plenty of extra storage. It will fit two sets of eye and ear protection and a lot of pre-loaded magazines along with two rifles. I didn't think I'd ever use the backpack straps until a few weeks ago when we decided to find a place to shoot in the National Forest that required a little hiking off the road. The bag really saved the day, and made the whole experience a lot more comfortable while packing about 40 pounds of rifles + ammo.

Just my $0.02.

u/AreaLeftBlank · 7 pointsr/Firearms

My fiancée got This when she started carrying her sccy. It works well for her (she's on the small side 5'4 115 lbs wet) in just about any position she put it. She's worn it for a long time (around 10 hours) and never heard a complaint.

BTW good choice in the sccy. We loved hers and actually ended up buying another one. In our experience they've been stellar performers and reliable like more expensive ones on the market.

u/sumgidan · 7 pointsr/The_Donald

Some sort of belly wrap holster

Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Shield, Glock 19, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | For Men and Women | Right Hand Draw

u/musicals4life · 7 pointsr/CCW

I’ve used this bellyband for a year now and it’s great. It has a retention strap that I use when I’m at the gym and running on the treadmill but I just tuck it inside the belly band when I’m not working out. Havent had any issues. I’ll buy it again when this one eventually wears out, but I don’t see that happening for a while.

Edit: they have changed the strap. It used to be a hook but now it’s a button snap.

Edit 2: and the price has gone down significantly

u/AtheistInfantry · 6 pointsr/ar15
u/assholefromwork · 6 pointsr/Warmachine

This is my STUPID CHEAP case I got on amazon: linky

It has pluck foam in between egg crate foam. I am using it to transport 35 points and basic equipment (glue, measuring tape, extra bases, file, cards) now and it still has room for more.

I saw some reviews saying it didn't come with pluck foam anymore so I was initially nervous but figured at $12 I could provide my own if it was necessary (it wasn't). Ordered it about a month ago and could not be happier with the purchase.

edit: Here's a picture of what's currently in it to give you an idea of the size:

u/Hellen_Highwater · 6 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

He could be using a trigger holster.

u/jopasm · 6 pointsr/videography

A couple of things to think about: They're long and unwieldy. Are you going to be flying with them? How big is your car?

Secondly - they can look like gun cases and that may make some people paranoid.

With that being said I do use the Plano XL Pistol Case for some of my gear. They're $20-25 at most outdoor stores, have a layer of pick & pluck foam, and will fit quite a bit of gear. They look less like gun cases to me as well.

The reason Pelican cases are so expensive is they're an investment - you'll get years of service out of them and they're waterproof, rugged, and will survive being dropped off the back of a truck or sitting out in the rain for a couple of hours - and so will your equipment. If/when I move up to more expensive gear and doing more traveling I'll probably be upgrading to better cases. Until then, the Plano has been working well. It'll shrug off small drops or light rain for the time it takes to go from car to venue.

u/FartStar21 · 6 pointsr/CCW

Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Shield, Glock 19, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | For Men and Women | Right Hand Draw

If you're a big boy like me, make sure you get the XL.

u/coldfuckingtruth · 6 pointsr/CCW

I use this:

I run my ass off on the weekends and it is very comfortable. Firearm does't slip out because it has a retention strap that locks your firearm down.

u/netchemica · 5 pointsr/ar15

Fuck CTD. Don't buy anything from them. They would have to offer one hell of a deal for me to consider supporting their company.

They offer that case for $65 + $22 S&H (varies by zip code). Amazon has that case for cheaper

FWIW, I have that case, bought it from amazon earlier this year. I like it a lot, it's a great case for the money.

u/meh_mediocre · 5 pointsr/guns

If I'm not going to beat the shit out of it, will this $15 Plano Rifle case be adequate for my .17? I'll be scoping it, but it should still fit.

Speaking of rings; Leupold Rifleman or Vortex Hunter? Or just buy once cry once and get a set of EGW Practicals or Vortex Pros?

u/hankheals · 5 pointsr/guns

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch, Charcoal/Black

This thing has been super handy.

u/RubrBand · 5 pointsr/Locksmith

I use this for most if that. If you’re looking for more of a pouch, Maxpedition was what I always used prior to that. Rytans cordura pouch is excellent, too!!

u/ActualLocksmith · 5 pointsr/lockpicking

I would recommend getting this "small punch tool roll" from Amazon.

US PeaceKeeper P21111 Small Punch...

u/BeachAndClear · 5 pointsr/lockpicking

I got this roll to hold my picks. It’s cheap and works well so far; I love it. US PeaceKeeper P21111 Small Punch Roll for Armorer's Tools

If money were not a factor, I think Peterson, Sparrows, and Spooxe would be on my list. I can personally vouch for sparrows cases,

u/pulsedrive · 5 pointsr/ar15

Condor Single Rifle Case (Black, 36 x 12 x 3-Inch)

I have this for my AR-15 and it works very well. Lots of a storage for mags and such.

u/guzman_hemi · 5 pointsr/NFA

Eh for that price I’ll get a Plano case off amazon for $75 Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch (Previous Generation)

u/MO_plow_boy · 5 pointsr/gundeals

>>On Amazon for $69.20 if you have Prime.

  • tax for those unlucky states like mine

    I'm $64 all in at midway but I can local pick up
u/hanfaedza · 5 pointsr/gundeals

I think this would be a better comparison with the Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

u/Dakkaface · 5 pointsr/rpg

Depends on the type. If they're metal, you want to store them in something padded so the paint won't chip. I use Plano 1404 cases to store my wargaming minis, and they'd probably work well for random D&D minis that are Large or smaller as well.

For plastics, I found a couple 3-packs of these interlocking tool organizers. Three of these fit (almost) my entire Bones Kickstarter, which is 200-odd minis. The bigger dragons don't fit in here, and the smaller ones only do because the wings come off. Some of the larger minis also only fit because they disassemble. That said, they let you easily sort all the hero and monster minis, and bring only what you need by locking them together if you want to bring multiple boxes. Instead of looking for tackleboxes, look for tool or part organizers.' They tend to have larger compartments, and some have slats you can move around to customize the shape & size of the compartments.

u/NickGauss · 5 pointsr/Malifaux

I use this case. Fits about 5 masters with accompanying models. Also fit my cards, fate deck and stat, and token/marker case.

Plano Plano 1404 Protector Series Four Pistol Case, X-Large, Black

u/Jew_Boi · 5 pointsr/gundeals

I'm interested to see if you all recommend getting one of these for IWB carry or this CYA holster

Gun is a shield 9

u/varineb · 5 pointsr/gundeals

Amazon has the 42 inch Plano brand for $70 right now. 42 inch plano case

u/CypherFox · 5 pointsr/airsoft

Plano cases are fantastic. Good quality and good price. Below your budget too.

u/AlmoschFamous · 4 pointsr/mallninjashit

It's a Plano case. I move my lesser guns in there.

u/ld_livid · 4 pointsr/CCW

5.11 had a triangle sling bag that has a concealed pouch on the front of the strap. When you wear it the holster operates like a cross draw. The pouch is detachable and can be rigged on and cross body strap if you can loop it on.

They used to sell just the holster but I believe it still comes with the bag.

Only really works if you have a cross body strap and doesn't fit much more than a compact, but the pull tabs unzip it quickly and for a while I was squeezing my P226 into it.

Edit: found on Amazon: 5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch, Charcoal/Black

u/CannibalVegan · 4 pointsr/GunAccessoriesForSale

Plano 36" cases like this one are very nice and sturdy. They have gone down to $40s IIRC around the black friday time period.

u/Wtf_breh · 4 pointsr/ar15
u/Rohkii · 3 pointsr/ak47

If you dont have a gun case you should probably buy one if thats what you are talking about.

Id suggest a Plano 42in if your a cheap bastid:

or a Pelican 1750 if you like your cases with caviar:

The only gun upgrade you should do right now is a sling, grab a romy sling off k-var, and learn how to use it. Slings are awesome.

u/Mr_Mcshiny · 3 pointsr/guns

Here's my suggestion, two pelican cases locked with padlocks and secured with steel cable via the same padlocks to something sturdy or difficult to move such as a bed frame. Secure the cases with locks and cables and slide them under your bed. You'll need to measure your guns to find the right size case but a standard pelican rifle case can easily fit two long guns and run you $200 seen [here] ( Or use the Plano knockoffs ([here] (, I haven't used them but they are $125 and should fit your needs. You could also go with one big ass pelican case for all four guns, seen [here] ( for $368

They are waterproof, a little fire-resistant and go straight to the range with no repacking. If someone is determined to remove these cases and has enough time and tools they probably will, but these should thwart a smash & grab. A sturdy steel cable and four good locks shouldn't run you more than $150 + cases = well under your budget. You could also use cheaper cases for the same basic solution but you get what you pay for.

Hope this helps.

u/macbooklover91 · 3 pointsr/guns

I don't mean to be one of those guys that suggests exactly what you said you didn't want... but I'm going to anyways.

I assume you've flown before? Ever had a window seat? See how they treat luggage? I assume you have a pretty nice AR. Maybe a handgun and some other gear to go with it? You can get a pelican case for $200. Okay locks will run you $7/piece.

$215. Consider that insurance. Also makes for a nice way to transport your gun to the range from now on.

Pelican 1750 - Amazon

Abus 55/40 - Amazon

Note: You want locks that are KA or keyed alike. I like Abus because they are better than the Chinese made crap (although still nothing compared to abloy) for about the same money.

Also the Plano case is $75 cheaper. If you absolutely must then okay. Just make sure to buy the one that looks like a pelican case and NOT one of the >$100 ones. Those bend and fold and will break.

Plano - Amazon

u/Hnnsquatch · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

I'm rocking this for range trips.

Holds my 1911, P320 and 3 mags for each with plenty of room to spare.

u/dalesd · 3 pointsr/Astronomy

For cheap/free accessories, here are my recommendations:

Find a local astronomy club and go to a few meetings. Astronomy clubs love new members, and they'll answer every question you have. If they have an open observing event, bring your telescope and you might even get to try a few of the accessories others have mentioned. You may get to see what Saturn looks like in your telescope with a 10mm EP and barlow before you buy.

Also, there are club members with old EPs for sale. Somebody's always upgrading their collection and looking for a new home for their old Plossls.

If you have basic woodworking skills, you can make a Denver Observing Chair for <$30. I think I made mine from these plans, but there are plans and how-to's all over the web. It beats hunching over the eyepiece for hours. Your back will thank you.

An accessory case is nice to have. Keep all your stuff in one place, and you won't accidentally forget something when you go out to observe. I use this 4-pistol case for $20 from Amazon.

If you're learning the night sky, get a planisphere and go out with it for 10 minutes once a week for some naked eye observing. Learn a new constellation each time. I think WV is in the 30-40 degree north range? Or for free you can download and print the map each month from

For getting started finding interesting stuff in the telescope, a book like Turn Left at Orion was a great help for me. Step-by-step instructions for star-hopping to the best and brightest stuff in the sky.

u/mithikx · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I use a small gun sock (US only), the one I linked only just fits my Pok3r and doesn't fit the coiled USB cable I have for it.

I heard this should carry a 60% keyboard just fine.

There's also a bunch on the wiki that you can look through:

u/jrt362 · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/SecondaryLawnWreckin · 3 pointsr/guns

Glad to offer some assistance.

I have a Plano All-Weather tactical case I bought at Academy for $65. It has the Pick n' Pluck foam interior. I'll be replacing it with my own foam interior that I'll custom cut out like I do for DeWalt cases.

u/nequinox · 3 pointsr/ar15

this is what i have. room enough for scoped AR15 with mags and a handgun.

Rubber seal and pretty sturdy but i wouldn't drive over it. the worst thing is the locking mechanism feels kind of cheap and takes generic keys. if anyone else you know has a plano case the keys are the same.

u/psycho944 · 3 pointsr/ar15

Plano cases are what I meant. Walmart and Amazon have them on sale every once in a while.

Bought for $45 on sale from amazon

u/hotel_torgo · 3 pointsr/guns

Unless it's an inheritance, yeah, even intra-family gifts across state lines are supposed to go though an FFL

Since they're all long guns, UPS, FedEx, or USPS should be able to handle them. I know USPS can get uppity about handguns. It may be worth investing either in a whole mess of bubble wrap or a cheap rifle case for each as protection.

Slip wrapped guns into boxes and ship away. Try and find a shipping "hub" as outlets or local offices may not be familiar with, or flat out refuse to ship firearms. Have the receiving FFL information ready, they should verify that the shipping address is a licensed dealer

u/Malkavus · 3 pointsr/CCW

I don't see it on their site anymore, but I think this is it.

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch, Charcoal/Black

u/the_other_other_matt · 3 pointsr/lockpicking

I use an armorer's punch roll, but am starting to outgrow even it. My wife wants a sewing project so I am going to get her to sew a new one up out of some cotton duck.

u/potkettleracism · 3 pointsr/lockpicking

I use an armorer's punch roll. It was approximately $5, and holds ~20 picks and 10 wrenches with leftover space. Something like this:

u/Helixfury · 3 pointsr/ar15
u/UDE785 · 3 pointsr/Glocks

Actually I've never heard of this until now. After looking into it, would I install one? No. I was also used to an external safety when I bought my first Glock (well only Glock at the moment), but I just practiced over and over until I just knew not to put my finger in the trigger. Also my G19 is my EDC gun and I'd rather avoid any extra steps if I had to use it.

However I can also see why you would want something for extra safety. I also use my G19 as my bedside gun at night and I did not keep a round chambered while I was sleeping. I would make sure the gun was empty, pull the trigger locking it back, and insert the magazine. I feared that in my half awake state I could have an AD and having to chamber a round would give me a second or two more to wake up. I thought about leaving it in my EDC holster, but I felt that it would take longer to pull the gun from the holster than just grabbing the gun and chamber a round. I just ordered a Glock Tech MIC holster that I plan to use at night while keeping a round chambered. I can loop the lanyard around my bed frame of the drawer handle on my night stand and this gives me that extra step to wake up while having the gun ready to go if needed.

Link for the MIC holster:

u/special_eddd · 3 pointsr/boostedboards

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

I have this one. It is perfect and is much cheaper. I primarily leave this case in the car/trunk and put the board in there while doing local commuting. This case is likely an oversize item when boarding planes. So check in fee + oversize fee. Haven't tried tho

u/Blaze24250 · 3 pointsr/airsoft

I use Plano Gun Cases for everything. I used to carry my M60 in them fine when I had it

u/Sinister907 · 3 pointsr/guns

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

-Sig Romeo C4 Optic
-Magpul flip-ups
-SB Tactical brace

u/OlNorthState · 3 pointsr/guns

Try one of these -

Solid enough to get past TSA and cheaper than Pelican.

u/armykidbran · 3 pointsr/guns

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch, it's the poor man's Pelican case

u/spaghettilegslee · 3 pointsr/boostedboards

I use this rifle case. The board fits if you take the bottom foam out and leave the egg crate foam that lines the top.

Impossible to steal when using this case because it will come out at most airports with the oversize baggage: skis, golf clubs, etc. Oversize baggage comes out last; after all bags reach the carousel.

At some airports they take it to the baggage customer service representative where they require ID since they assume it's a firearm and they're not going to just let anyone have it.

u/MichaelVash7886 · 3 pointsr/ar15

Do you know the model of the case? I was thinking about picking up this one

u/hi_lampworking · 3 pointsr/lampwork

Yup $20 for the win!

Just don't buy rifle cases... a handgun case can fit in a bag but you don't want to be that guy walking around town with a rifle case.

u/LezzChap · 3 pointsr/guns

I got one of the cookie cutter Kydex style ones from Amazon. Works pretty well for me.

u/D9352 · 3 pointsr/SmithAndWesson
u/baron556 · 3 pointsr/CCW

I just got one of these for my Shield, and I love it. It's low profile, quick on and off, inexpensive, and has good retention and full trigger coverage.

u/Mousikos2 · 3 pointsr/CCW

Thought I would share a belly band I just purchased and tweaked a bit to suit my needs...

Here's the review I posted on Amazon:
This thing is great after some modifications, especially for the price! We'll see how well it holds up long-term.
I didn't like the retention strap or how the elastic held the gun in place, so I cut it off. I decided to modify the belly band a bit by shoving one of my Concealment Express IWB holsters into the elastic slot, and took off the kydex holster clip then screwed it back onto the kydex THROUGH the elastic so it would hold super securely, be fully encased in Kydex, and have the retention of a full kydex holster.

Very nice and comfortable to use now that it's been modified. I just put on the band, and then pull up my athletic shorts and use the clip over them as I would normally do on my EDC belt.

$25 on Amazon (+ CE kydex holster cost)

u/Crow486 · 3 pointsr/ar15

I've pretty much got the same setup, the stupid $14 QD sling adapter for that stock is nice with an mlok QD sling adapter. That or a QD buffer plate to use with a QD sling. Comes off in one second and stays low profile. This sling is a $13 copy of the magpul ms1, feel free to spend the $50 if you like. It quick adjusts to you can sling it on and tighten it up with one hand while wearing it.

u/AirsoftGI_Tommy · 3 pointsr/airsoft

This is a really nice, cheap clone of the magpul MS4. Feels very durable and a good option if you want a 2 point convertible sling that attaches via QD.

u/xampl9 · 2 pointsr/guns

I've used everything from a tactical shopping bag, to the original box, to a range bag, to a Pelican case. Just depends on what I'm taking, the area I'll be, and what comes to hand.

u/LockyBalboaPrime · 2 pointsr/guns

What case to get depends on what you want to do with it.

Going from safe to range and not much else? Soft case bag, I like the one that rolls out into a shooting mat.

Going on a road trip and want something more heavy duty to be bounced around in the car and put a solid lock on it? This one does the job for me, there are dozens that serve this tier of hard case though.

Packing a really pricey gun on a long hunting trip and you want it to be able to survive WWIII? Pelican. Pelican is basically the god tier hard case, with the price tag to match. I got this on sale for $170 a few months ago, this is where my hunting rifle lives whenever it comes out of the safe because I care about my hunting rifle a lot more than I do my AR.

u/myxx33 · 2 pointsr/Libraries

We're using Sprint hotspots through Mobile Beacon which was through Tech Soup. We are actually a pretty rural library and we got 5 and they have been out since we got them at the beginning of the summer. A lot of patrons return them then automatically put another hold on them which is fine. We have dummy boxes for when they are actually on the shelf (I just used packaging tape around the boxes the hotspots came in and a label I made in Canva) and they're actually kept behind circ. I actually got small handgun cases for them so they can be beat up pretty bad and not hurt the hotspot (here). The barcode and everything is on the case. There are some instructions but most hotspots go to me or our tech person if there's an issue.

We haven't had many problems except for two things. For some reason they keep resetting themselves back to factory settings. I get one once a month. Easy fix though so not too bad. We also have an issue where they seem to freeze and they emit a signal but the LCD screen doesn't work and people can't connect. Fix is to let the battery run out then restart it. So not bad.

Circ policies are only our library (we're in a consortium), 1 week circ, $5/day late fee, $100 replacement, holds are allowed (though not when there are holds which are always), 18+.

u/VicariousJambi · 2 pointsr/CCW

You can use this ($9 on amazon) and add whatever lock you want that'll fit. I just got one yesterday. The plastic seems pretty good for how cheap it was.

u/Niaso · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

As a ‘Merican, I can tell you the answers is guns. Plano Protector Four Pistol Case is similar in size and will keep your Quest safe.

u/Lucksack · 2 pointsr/glassheads

For smaller stuff like marbles and pendants I got one of these at a local sporting good store, I also cut the third not eggshell section they give you to fit a mini tube, torch and accessories I use to take to friends houses. I haven't purchased cases for my bigger pieces yet, but I'm looking at the Seahorse cases they seem like a decent, cheaper alternative to Pelicans, but then again I'm not super sure this is an area I want to skimp out on.

u/Lucious91 · 2 pointsr/Warmachine

i use this to transport 50+ points of Khador

u/Shufflebuzz · 2 pointsr/childfree

> My wife suggested a divided tea box to keep my eyepieces in; I like that idea.

It seems odd, but a four pistol case works great. It has foam you can cut to customize how you like.

u/Octopus46 · 2 pointsr/oculus

Judging from this, and knowing that the strap is about 1.6 inches high (40mm for standard ski goggle straps); I would confidently wildly guesstimate that the DK2 is about 4.1 inches high.

I wonder if this, this, or this might work as cheap options? Althought they all seem to be cutting it very tight on the depth. I am assuming the DK2 would sit in the case like it would sit on a table (like the first photo above), and not facing upward like they packaged it in the DK1 case, since there are a lot less case options that would fit it that way (without being huge)...

I have one of those ebay metal cases for my photo gear. I'm guessing you would be able to fit two full DK2 kits in it. They look decent and are affordable, but I find mine to be a bit heavy (5.5 pounds empty) and a bit awkward to carry sometimes (if I load it heavy specially). Even though they look decent, there is something about the build quality that feels slightly cheap when you handle it; specially the locking hinges. Nothing terrible in particular, but it just doesn't have that awesome quality feel of expensive cases like an HPRC, a Pelican or a Seahorse would have. But it does get the job done.

We should really know the actual DK2 dimensions (plus the accessories) before choosing a case. The hardest dimensions to accommodate will be the depth, since most small cases are also shallow.

u/paraquatish · 2 pointsr/lampwork

I have a few of THESE cases and they work great. I know there also the brand Pelican which is used throughout the lampwork community as well, but they are more expensive.

No input on the dab tool holder.

u/TheSpecialK6 · 2 pointsr/XWingTMG

I have 3 of these that I got at Walmart for I think $12 each. One for Imperials, one for Rebels and the third for huge ships. I cut the bubble foam to fit the ships and store all of the cards, bases, etc. in more foam in the bottom.
(I have also seen them at sporting goods / hunting stores)


u/22cthulu · 2 pointsr/Warmachine

You'll need to bags, one for your huge based models and one for your normal army. What I did was pick up a Plano 4 pistol gun case for $15 at Wal-Mart, and can fit my Judicator and both Vessels of Judgement(note my VoJ's are converted into hotrods so they're not very tall).

Then I put the rest of my Menoth army into a Battlefoam Go bag. Battlefoam is a bit expensive, but I've owned both Battlefoam and Army Transport bags, and Battlefoam is worth the extra money IMHO. For Battlefoam, I've had both a Go bag and a PP Warmachine Big Bag with wheels, I prefer the Go Bag as the pouch on the front of the Big Bag annoyed me to no end.

u/HedonismBott · 2 pointsr/trees

I had been looking at cases for a while (bag style and hard case) but couldn't find anything for a reasonable price. I was about to buy a tackle box and foam and do something similar to OP's until I found this -->

I bought it at acadamy for $14. It's not heavy duty, but for the price and size it is the best i found for under $30. I can post pic's of mine if anyone wants to see

u/soupcat42 · 2 pointsr/Warhammer

I'm a big fan of these:

In my necron one I got a monolith 3 ghost arks, 2 annihilation barges and a triach stalker. They also fit 2 of the short slot foam GW uses.

u/xXBantamXx · 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

I use these on the cheap. Gun carrying cases. I can normally fit about 2000 points in one case, or 9 Razorbacks, or a Stormraven and a Dreadknight with several Dreadnougts. The foam is soft and does not chip paint. Also there is no need to cut the foam if do not want to.

u/elmfuzzy · 2 pointsr/Warhammer

I just use a 17 dollar gun case I got on amazon. Works wonders and has tons of room.

u/AbkhazianCaviar · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards
u/cr0n1c · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

FYI, for anyone wondering you can use a gun stock for these 60% boards. I have a V60 and it fits my board like a glove. link

u/r4wromg · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

Just fyi, but I use this gun sock for my Minivan and it works super well. Couldn't be happier

u/dailyherold · 2 pointsr/Trackballs

Gun sock technically! Best $6.84 I've spent recently! link

u/Viper04 · 2 pointsr/CCW

Yea that's a carry to the range sort of bag.

get one of those, I've had mine for years and no problems. Draw is easy.

u/another_login00 · 2 pointsr/CCW

DeSantis Nemesis

Looks like a wallet in jeans or shorts front pockets.. I'm sure the back would be the same just not as comfortable. The outer texture of the holster grips the inside of the pocket well so the gun will be the only thing coming out on a draw.

u/Gator_Stubby · 2 pointsr/CCW

As long as your t shirts are not muscle tight and just normal fitting you should have no problem concealing your ruger 380. You can get a ton of good yet cheap kydex holsters to allow you to carry AIWB which would make your ruger disappear in any clothing.

Of course that is if you are wearing shorts with a belt. If you are wearing gym type shorts you can look into sticky / remora no clip holsters but I would not advise either for everyday carry. If you are wearing these types and they have a draw string and a pocket you can of course go the pocket holster route for cheap.

Shoulder holster would not be the best for concealment wearing just a t shirt.

u/gosse37 · 2 pointsr/canadagunsEE

Plano lockable pluckfoam 42" case:
With an extra 30$ Plano rebate at checkout, dropping it to 72$

u/OdinWolfe · 2 pointsr/ar15


Here is a Plano All weather 42 inch gun case, I bought the 36 incher for my AR Pistol.

Man this thing is tough.

u/mtldude1967 · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

QD sling swivel, it's a pushbutton release, you can get it anywhere.

u/lunacite · 2 pointsr/ar15

I have an ACS-L and really like it. It comes with QD mounts, but if you want to use a clip-on like the MS3 you can get something like this for the 2 point.

For a single point sling I like the way it rests with the ASAP plate rather than attaching to the stock.

u/naswek · 2 pointsr/lockpicking

This one and this one both have zippered pouches to keep your tensioners secure. I like the first one because the whole things zips closed.

A bunch of people around here, including me, have this one. I would much rather have one of the first two.


u/jimylongs · 2 pointsr/lockpicking

Darksim tweeted this a few weeks ago so I picked up one for $8 at the time. I really like it, it rolls up really nice.
US PeaceKeeper Small Punch Roll for Armorer's Tools US PeaceKeeper Products via @amazon

Here are some of my Petersons in it.

u/bubblescivic · 2 pointsr/ar15

I use receiver blocks purchased from amazon... they work just fine. In the past couple of weeks I've acquired many tools I'd consider essential to the amateur AR builder. Here's what I got so far:

u/SavingStupid · 2 pointsr/guns

That's pretty neat but honestly kinda overkill when i can just tap the barrel to feel if its too hot to store. Also soft cases that use foam encased in nylon are a better (and still cheap) alternative due to the high melting point of nylon.

I picked up one from condor a while back when they were on sale for 40, looks like its back at 60

Fits a rifle, two pistols (or a small sub gun), and at least 4 extra mags with an extra pouch for storing accesories like bipods or tourniquets

u/Aerial_Screw · 2 pointsr/CCW

[This one] ( actually. Really high quality kydex. I don't have a mobile link, but this should still work.

u/GTFOScience · 2 pointsr/gundeals
u/Robinhoodie5 · 2 pointsr/ruger

Here ya go, I use this Plano case with my RPR and LOVE it. Only $66 too. It fits perfectly with the stock folded.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch (Previous Generation)

u/rturiak · 2 pointsr/longrange

In this album are pictures of the gun in the case. Very durable.

They have a new generation of the case out but this one was just fine for this rifle, it’s cheaper too for 64$ now

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch (Previous Generation)

u/wizkid1016 · 2 pointsr/ar15

Ordered it from Amazon and just got it in the mail today.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun...

u/jonnyrocket · 2 pointsr/ClayBusters

That Pelican that leftnose linked is a much nicer case, but I picked this one up when it was on sale for $60. It protected my gun well on the few flights its been on.

I also used these locks with it. 3 locks that can all open with the same key.

u/ski_pow · 2 pointsr/gundeals


I ordered this one, same price about, but better case.

u/RipChordCopter · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Weird. I can still get there by clicking on "other sellers" and selecting the 59.99 prime listing.

u/phpdevster · 2 pointsr/telescopes

This is what I use now. I got a great deal on it when someone at Amazon fucked up and listed it for $32, but even at $65 it's a great deal. Tons of room to expand your collection and hold misc gear. IMO it's more space efficient than a typical eyepiece case (which often has two layers of foam that only get utilized if you stand your eyepieces straight up, or deliberately stack them in two layers).

A rifle case lets you lay all of your eyepieces and equipment out flat without wasting much room, or requiring you to dig into multiple layers of foam to get gear at the bottom.

If the idea of a 36" rifle case isn't your thing, then the next best option is the Plano Extra Large Seal Tight case. I have two of the previous versions of these made by Doskocil that have lasted me 25 years (including the foam). They are the best value of this style of case you can get. The Harbor Freight 4800 is cheaper, but the foam is really fragile and will start pulling apart over time.

u/SHMOOPIEDOOPY · 2 pointsr/ar15
u/JdoesDDR · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Dude this one is great! Don't bother shelling out $300 on a Pelican case or anything fancy. I got this one on Amazon for $60. I'll fetch a link if you're interested...

Plano All-Weather Tactical Gun Case 36in

u/bsutansalt · 2 pointsr/gundeals

I saw them earlier when I was looking for one as well, but I forget the website. The one I saw was pick & pluck foam and listed for $67 and some change. Figure with tax and shipping it'd be about $75.

edit: Saw this just now. Good deal...

u/Noted_Authority · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Plano makes a range of inexpensive hardcases like this one.

u/goraiasu · 2 pointsr/guns

If you still need a holster for it I highly recommend this one. It has served me really well this last year or so.

u/Sevallis · 2 pointsr/CCW

Thank you!

I tried this one first: CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM/.40 S&W - Veteran Owned Company - Made in USA - Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

But while it was functional, it was much worse for comfort since it has a hard molded kydex interior shape that makes small point contact with the body. The Alien Gear is certainly more comfortable than that.

u/Local_Human · 2 pointsr/CCW

I like my holster because I can wear it with pants, sweats, or gym shorts. No belt required. So comfy I almost forget it’s there

u/ImThaBean · 2 pointsr/CCW

I've done 2 different carry options.
standard IWB and swapping out the belt clip with a UtiliClip. You can snap it to your pants and the belt covers the clip and there's enough gap to tuck your shirt between the clip and holster.
What I have had the greatest success with, a belly band type holster. I use the ComfortTac. It works great. WAY more comfortable than any IWB I've ran.

u/mjsmith1223 · 2 pointsr/liberalgunowners

This one:

I don't use it in the summer because it's just too hot to run with for me. I have yet to come up with a good summer solution for running. Even sticky holsters get slick with the amount I sweat.

u/Bloombergtoadie · 2 pointsr/guns

Well the sling will come with qd points. A two point sling will have two qd mounts. The stock has one qd, and then the little mlok to qd. So if u buy this and mount it on an mlok slot on the handrail, then buy a sling that says it is a qd (quick disconnect) sling it will come with the mounts. Like this sling is a 2 point so it comes with two qd points. And then this is the magpul afg .

u/Spooky_Ghost · 2 pointsr/ElectricSkateboarding

If you're only using it once why not just pack like you're shipping it in a cardboard box with bubble wrap. Otherwise a rifle case would work

Make sure you take the battery as carry on as that can't be checked in.

u/skeuser · 1 pointr/Hunting

with the amount of abuse that air travel can put on a gun (baggage handlers, inspections, carousels, etc.) i would definitely go with a pelican with cutouts in the foam to secure the rifle. I had my Browning 525s forend wood crack when it was in its hard case from all the banging around that happened.

Its expensive...but I'm betting your hunting trip was also.

u/Wh1tie · 1 pointr/longrange

I have a pelican 1750 and they are only $200 prime on amazon. It has wheels which makes it REALLY nice.

u/TiePilot · 1 pointr/gundeals

Its dang near one its lowest sale points on Amazon:

u/jjbbllkk · 1 pointr/synthesizers

Screen protectors are highly recommended. I have micro scratches on my screen after extended use because I didn't use one.

The actual antennae or a cheap one from eBay or Amazon is your best bet.

For a case, I suggest this : MTM Single Handgun Case for up to 6-Inch Revolver (Black)

u/Topre · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

You can use a handgun case if you are really scared of anything happening it to. Even without a case you should be fine though. You might want to get a sleeve/sock so it doesn't get scratched up.

u/justsomeguy75 · 1 pointr/guns

That would probably be okay, but I don't feel comfortable with "probably". I would just spend an extra $10-15 and buy a dedicated pistol case that's separate from your range bag. Something like this or this. And yes, you would need to put a lock or two on it.

u/Watts300 · 1 pointr/3DS

How about a pistol case? Seriously.

Edit // Changed link // I kind of like that one. It has two holes in the case for locks. A 3DS, some games, and a charger is pricey and worthy of a lock. The games would be stored under the foam. It can be lifted out. Or you can slice little slots in the foam with a razor blade and insert the carts.

Man that's a good idea. I might get that for my own because I have a grip, too.

u/cool_chatters · 1 pointr/EntExchange - Asking $190 shipped - Forgot to photo it but this case is included: - F* yeah even the CASE is USA MADE!!!

Hey guys, don't use my 10mm rig very much and looking to get it to a new home. If you want USA made but don't want to spend heady amounts here is a good bundle. I have used it only about 20 times, definitely under 30! The whole setup cost just over $400 new (rig was $140, nail was $160 but some places sell it for $195, cap was $90, travel case was $15). The nail is in great shape, always cleaned with a qtip immediately after using, obviously used though. No chips or other cosmetic imperfections anywhere. The cap very slightly different than the one in the screenshot but I paid the same amount for it back when they were called Capstars. The rig is killer and hits like a champion. I have 4 other rigs i usually use and this was only for special occasions when I had people over and never left the house! Usually I use an enail and rarely broke out the torch.

I'm hoping to sell it as a bundle, but i'd sell the rig itself for $100 shipped, or i'd sell the nail and cap as a combo for $150 shipped. ** $10 off if you dont need the travel case, and i will wrap it in tons of bubble wrap.

I know my camera phone pics suck but if you want better photos of anything let me know.

u/PlaysWithMadness · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

This is the one I ordered.

u/Z33taxi · 1 pointr/guns

Smith&Wesson M&P Shield in 9mm. So far I've passed 200 rounds through it without an issue

$9 MTM Single Handgun Case-

u/SweetConfusion · 1 pointr/hotsauce

Maybe a pistol case? They can be pretty cheap for a basic one, the spendier ones have "pluck out" foam if you wanted each bottle to have it's own home. But I think a basic one would be fine.

u/jtmoneybags · 1 pointr/vaporents

Well because it is $250 retail does not mean it's worth $250 (think of when you go to a head shop and something has a price tag of $250 and you can easily haggle it down to $100). I could have just used my $50 18mm GonG bong (that is honestly nicer than the hydratubes) with the unit inverted if I really wanted the water filtration. For me the wait ended up not really being worth the hydratube. Like I said, if you have other vaping options that you are happy with and can wait the month+ (if and when they re-drop the item) go for it. I said pretty good deal, not amazing by any means. To me an amazing deal would be money off the actual unit.

Also: VapeXhale charges $125 for their TravelBuddy carrying case. You can buy the same exact thing on amazon for $12. Another example of retail vs. actual value.

u/DarkConSoul · 1 pointr/Warhammer

These are by far the best cases to carry tanks, and those akward shaped models in.

u/Yunocanhazit · 1 pointr/photography

Apparently I cant edit a photo post.

But the case is great for travel, event photography, and just storing. The hard case can sure take a beating and the foam inserts are completely customizable. NO TOOLS REQUIRED!

I currently have in my case:
1 x t3i body
1 x 18-55 kit lens
3 x extra batteries
1 x canon battery charger
1 x a shutter release
1 x small storage box for memory cards, cleaning cloths, and expendables

They come in different sizes if you have more items.

Here are all the Details for the case I used

u/SKWAAAARK · 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

Battlefoam is nice, but it’s more for large armies. If you only have a small number of models to transport, you’d probably be better off with something like this case.

u/Sarthax · 1 pointr/boardgames

I saw those also. Grey, Red, Green for Normal, Berzerkers, and Toxic. Looked really well done. That's a level of mastery of painting I don't have quite yet to get it to look right. Had a very Romero feel to it.

If you don't have a mini storage solution, I'd recommend a 15 dollar Plano pistol case for the minis.
One will securely and safely hold all of season 1 retail, zombie dogs, companion dogs, all season 2 base heroes, and half the zombies from season 2 and toxic city mall. I have 3 of them and 2 should be more than enough for everything that is Season 1 and 2. It will take up a lot more space but if you paint you need to keep them from bouncing around and ruining all that hard work. I love these cases and will probably get more for other mini based games.

u/porkuslime · 1 pointr/boardgames

Depending on where you are located, I know that Walmart and "hunting" shops sell pistol cases by Plano.. they are filled with 3 layers of eggshell and pluck foam and hold a WHOLE lotta models. I currently have 7 Dedadball teams (approx 90 models) in mine.. and it is small, and has a convienient carrying handle.

Amazon also has them.. here is a link

Amazon link

u/d_minus_jedi · 1 pointr/arduino

If I were to guess, this one. $25 seems to be a pretty good deal.

u/Bumblemore · 1 pointr/Autocockers101

Maybe this one? It might be kind of tight with the pump handle, and maybe not enough room for a barrel.

u/schmitty743 · 1 pointr/guns

Couldn't find it on Wally World's website, but Amazon had them for $5 more here

u/Soonermandan · 1 pointr/gaming

At LEAST take the gpu's out and transport them in their original boxes. Personally, I transport mine in a pistol case

u/froomja · 1 pointr/Warhammer

I use several of these . The egg carton style foam layers hold infantry well and the bottom layer (pluck foam if you are lucky) is easily cut for tanks and larger models. Not ideal, but cheap and portable.

u/R1cket · 1 pointr/Multicopter

I have seen recommended "Harbor Freight Tools" in pretty much every case-related thread around Helifreak and maybe here in reddit too. I didn't realize it was an actual brick-and-mortar store until a couple days ago. Search for it on Google Maps and you may find one near you! (obviously I have no idea where in the world you are, so maybe not)

You can also order online:

I'm unclear on which models have the foam insert with the removable squares. If you search around Helifreak you'll see tons of people with Harbor Freight cases but they all use the foam squares, not the crappy dividers that are pictured in all the above search results. Maybe the cases come with both foam and dividers and you pick which one to use?

In any case, I plan to stop by my local Harbor Freight first when I'm ready to make my own.

Also look for gun cases. This is another one I've seen posted a couple times in Helifreak. Though maybe only suited for micro copters.

u/FSMCA · 1 pointr/Multicopter

I use a plano 4 pistol case a little large, but I am sure my DX18 won't get damaged and it has room for other gear too.

u/oO0-__-0Oo · 1 pointr/Firearms

If you think you will ever take more to the range, consider getting something a bit larger than what you currently need.

As GreenTurtle mentioned, the midway bags are popular and decently priced.

I personally got a cheap travel bag from Walmart with roller wheels and a collapsible handle. I keep my handguns and mags in this case:

I put that hard case inside the big travel bag's main compartment. My other assorted items are kept in the few pockets, and some in the main compartment outside the hard case. Keeping smaller cases inside 1 large container keeps it highly adaptable, and having roller wheels is good for the days when I bring a LOT of ammo.

My bigger bag is like this:

u/captain_plan_it · 1 pointr/guns

I picked up one of these.

It has another set of foam beneath this one. I just now need to purchase 3 more handguns.

u/ausglasstin · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I got this one.. if you go to more buying options, there is one from amazon for 11 now

u/b0wzy · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I use a black Condor 42" double rifle bag. For my ammo I just chuck it in a four pistol hard case made by Plano.

Looking for other options for the ammo.

u/confuse_essay · 1 pointr/books

Gun cases, old beer cases, guitar or other instrument cases, used suitcases all make good storage for books. Guitar cases and wood beer cases also look nice as decorative pieces (especially for a college student). Used ones are often at yard sales or salvation army/goodwill. And you can slide them under your bed and there are also lots of places where you can buy foam or straps to secure the books.

u/Cantonious · 1 pointr/longrange

Plano Single Scoped Rifle [(amazon link)]( -d-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B000P431BG) is your guy for to/from the range. Otherwise just use a soft case. If you're flying go with something stronger like the apache or pelican mentioned elsewhere.

u/stryking · 1 pointr/airsoft

Mostly externals, i got a Vision king Short Dot, some canted rails and a knockoff mbus sight, Some UTG Max Strength Picatinny Rings (med but high might be better), and a plano gun case. Might get a new forgrip and grip eventually, and a metal receiver but i want to do internals next.

u/VaporTrail_000 · 1 pointr/airsoft

This is what I bought recently:

Plano Single Scoped Rifle Case

It can carry two rifles without scopes, or one with (or possibly two, if you've got small rifles or scopes, YMMV). Airline approved. Equipped with three locking points (center and both ends). Very light, but still strong construction. Cheap (<$30US before shipping).

Granted, this is a cheap case, but it'll do exactly what you need it to do and more, for roughly about a third the cost of the VFC model I found. Only plusses I found on the VFC were the metal latches, and the slightly more appealing appearance.

u/Its_Wiki · 1 pointr/airsoft
u/cannibaljim · 1 pointr/bdsm

A hard rifle case would probably be what you're looking for.
Something like this. The foam lined interior would hold things in place pretty well when it's all closed up. Plus it looks vanilla yet is intimidating.

If you were set on customizing it, you can carve compartments out of the foam and strap stuff down by cutting slits in the foam and sliding some leather straps with grommet buttons through the slits. Very easy to DIY customize.

u/Bonzooy · 1 pointr/airsoftmarket

It depends which of my accessories you want.

CYMA Real Wood M14 - Value $290

Leapers 4x32 Scope - Value $50

M14 Scope Mount - Value $15

Gun Case - Value $40

Extra Magazine - Value $15

$410 value. Considering it's used, I'll give 30% off everything.

$410 - 30% = $287

I'd take off $120 for the pistol, so ~$160-$170 cash along with the PT99 and accessories.

Here's a picture of the M14 and all my accessories

Edit: M14 comes with a battery as well.

u/ForgotMyOldAccount7 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Do you think you could fit an AR pistol in there as well? I bought a cheapo $25 Plano case and it just barely fits my 16" AR and my AR pistol laid inversely but I want something a little bit nicer.

u/quanganhdo · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Not my idea.

This Allen Company Knit Gun Sock for Handguns costs only 10 bucks and works great.

u/ilevakam117 · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Grey towel? Are you wanting a carrying sleeve or something? If so I used to use a gun sock myself that was grey. In particular this one

u/paint3all · 1 pointr/guns

Here's a similar pistol:

What you have is probably worth quit a bit of money, treat it well. Don't ever try to restore it, clean it, scrub it, ect*. You might consider replacing the rag with this:

u/turtlobenzene · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I can do $80. Keys are all fine. I miss my arrow keys too much so probably going to get a TKL, likely the K65 RGB :D I'll throw in this bag in if you're ok with $80.

u/kimslawson · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

I'm gonna try this

Note the reviews that say it works well for 60% keyboards. I'm hoping the Calibur doesn't stick out too too far. It's knit, so it should stretch a bit.

u/BitcoinPatriot · 1 pointr/guns

First, carrying a firearm without one in the chamber makes that firearm no more useful than a stapler.

But I understand your concern so there are a couple things to remember. First, because the LCP is intended for pocket carry the trigger pull is made a little heavy. No worries and I like it fine but that means the trigger will not fire just because it is "touched". The trigger must be pulled.

So in order to be safe simply protect the trigger by making sure the holster sufficiently covers the trigger and if you pocket carry (like I do) make sure there is nothing else in that pocket EXCEPT the pistol in a quality holster that covers the trigger.

I pocket carry the LCP and have been for over two years and I never worry about an accidental discharge. Why? Because if that gun fires and was not intended to then it is not an "accidental" discharge but rather a "negligent" discharge. A person can sufficiently protect from that happening by making sure the trigger is always sufficiently covered.

Now I have a DeSantis Nemesis like this one:

and feel 100% confident that my gun will not fire unless I specifically intend for it to do so.

u/falcon4287 · 1 pointr/CCW

I have a Kel Tec P3AT. I know that doesn't get a lot of love, but it has been a reliable gun for me. It's made in the US and has a warranty even if you buy it used, if it is damaged by any means, including your own negligence, they'll fix or replace the gun.

All-in-all, I like Kel Tec. And remember that 99% of holsters that fit the LCP fit the P3AT.

As for holsters for pocket pistols, I prefer pocket holsters that prevent printing. I like keeping my pistol in my back pocket where I would normally keep my wallet, for several reasons that I won't waste your time going into unless you ask. So the holsters I recommend for that, even if you go with an LCP, are these:

Talon Wallet Holser, which I currently carry.
DeSantis Trickster, which I have never used before but looks nice and is DeSantis
DeSantis Nemesis, which I carried for many years, but I felt like it printed a bit too much
Garrison Grip orGUNizer, which is super cheap but looks well made. Haven't used it.

u/slid3r · 1 pointr/CCW

I pocket carry a SIG P938, and I have experience with holsters, because I feel like the only way to try them out is to buy them and use them. Unfortunately this makes for quite the collection of holsters in a box you don't use.

So, let's start with the bad.


Alabama Holster:


The hook to catch your pocket on draw is OK .. it's not perfect.

It does little to conceal print shape.

I did not care for the grip of the kydex, it was just a weird draw.

It was expensive.

It took for-friggin-ever to get, their back log of orders was months deep.


It's kinda neat I guess?

Hickok45 loved and endorsed it, shrug

Now let's talk what works really really well as an everyday solution.


DeSantis Nemesis:


I can't think of one.


The pocket hook that catches on draw is perfect.

It is a little sticky, (rubber texture) but not too bad. This too is great for the draw.

It's cheap, (like $16-$18) and readily available on Amazon.

Does a nice job on print and is a great everyday solution for slacks.

This is mine.


The DeSantis Super Fly:

I have this one as well.

For me it is far too fat, and far too sticky. Some people like it better.

Edit: Yeah, I edited. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

u/ithinkchaos · 1 pointr/CCW

From top to bottom (also the order in which they were bought):

  • Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer 9mm
  • Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm
  • Ruger LCP .380

    The Shield is my EDC, but I live in Florida and sometimes it's too hot to dress to the gun, so I picked up the LCP on days I just want to throw it in my pocket. Also picked up the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster and am really liking it thus far (though I haven't been to the range with the holster yet)!
u/ComDet · 1 pointr/gundeals

Amazon just had a sale on the [Plano 42"]( 108421 Gun Guard AW Tactical Case 42-Inch

I ordered one but now see the sale price is gone. Sorry!

u/GJempire11 · 1 pointr/ar15

I picked up the 42" Plano Tactical case on sale a Big5 last weekend. I really like it, but agree that a soft case is good unless you need the protection of a hard case. I like the soft case MidwayUSA has available for about $40 bucks.

Midway Soft Case - MidwayUSA

Plano Hard Case - Amazon

u/Sr1911 · 1 pointr/guns

No love for Plano cases? I use this 42" hard case, and since it's right around $100 delivered, it is quite a bit cheaper than a comparable Pelican case. Of course it does not offer near the protection of a pelican, but for the money I am satisfied.

u/diagela · 1 pointr/gundeals

nearly identical model at amazon for $70 delivered.

This exact mode is $76.46 delivered from amazon, but I am not sure what the difference is, other than one of them having a touch of yellow.

u/Elderain · 1 pointr/ar15

This case is a Pelican knock off, and only $117. I've seen the Voodoo's just short of that. I don't specifically need/want either, it just seem to be what most people were using based on pictures I saw and some recommendations.

I live with just me my wife and some cats. I'm not really looking to keep someone out (like kids), just keeping it clean, safe, and out of the way, and would preferably double as transportation to and from the range.

u/Baconismyfavoritefru · 1 pointr/ar15

Plano 108421 Gun Guard AW Tactical Case 42-Inch

u/94291 · 1 pointr/ar15

It's a Plano

A step down from the Pelican brand but it's solidly built.

u/Damean1 · 1 pointr/guns

> I plan on actually replacing the barrel with an 18 inch .223 Wylde and it would be a little easier to transport

Yup. I have a 20 inch, and the not handy to transport. I use one of these for it.

Now my AK15 pistol, on the other hand....tiny

u/Wolfsburg · 1 pointr/canadagunsEE

Plano tactical rifle cases have a 30 dollar discount that applied after I added it to my cart. I chose free shipping and the total came to 91 bucks.

u/MontagneHomme · 1 pointr/MTB

There are a few simple solutions, but there really isn't a good way to go about it. If your gun has any steel parts, your sweat will cause it to rust profusely. Even titanium framed guns have steel hardware that are susceptible to corrosion. Paying attention is really the best defense you have against this sort of thing, and just hope they aren't clever enough to get past your detection.

u/jlm118 · 1 pointr/CCW
u/pjoshyb · 1 pointr/CCW

i don't run but I do bike, this has served me well from a tiny Keltec PF9 to a 5" PPQ.

Edit: This is a fanny pack holster not a shirt like the bot says.

u/amlamarra · 1 pointr/guns

Gotta get my AR-15 ready for an Appleseed (first ever) and I need a sling. I've got a VLTOR Sight Tower and a Magpul CTR stock. Can I just get 2 of these QD sling swivels and maybe a Magpul sling? I'm not sure how the sling is used for support (one of the reasons I'm going to an Appleseed) so I'm not sure if this setup would work.

u/login_local · 1 pointr/MP5

Buy something like a UTG heavy duty sling swivel from Amazon:

I'm not sure where people get their HK slings, but Zenith usually provides one with their Z-5RS/Z-5Ps. PTR has a 1 point sling with theirs.

I personally use a 1 point or just carry it from bag to indoor range counter. Here's James from Zenith Firearms explaining 2 point:

HK Slings:

u/MyUsernameIsJudge · 1 pointr/guns
u/TomTheGeek · 1 pointr/guns

stupid simple + Quick detach swivel or sling adapter that goes in front of the castle nut.

u/ProjectD13X · 1 pointr/ar15

What would you make of this QD swivel for the CTR? Is the only difference between the CTR and the SRT storage options?

u/raintheory · 1 pointr/lockpicking

It was half that price when I got it a week ago as an add-on item. I'd probably pay the current price still.

Here's some photos:

u/yubachu · 1 pointr/lockpicking

what college? I'm a first-year at Oregon state University. BTW if you need a case for your lock picks this one looks pretty good. Mine arrives tomorrow so maybe it's crap but i'll have to wait and see.

u/vff · 1 pointr/lockpicking

I honestly don't really use my other picks and wrenches, but I keep them in this case that I bought from Amazon for $4.60 about a year ago (it's gone up a bit since then; used to be an “add-on item”). Basically I just put them all in there when I got that case and haven't opened it since, so I can't really comment on its usability or durability.

u/sinocarD44 · 1 pointr/ar15

I got a Condor case but I'm just going to the range and back.

u/M54B30 · 1 pointr/ar15

Luckily my Core15 rifle came with a nice hard case. But i also bought this for more compact transport to the range:

i like it a lot. The 2 smaller pouches can hold 4 mags each. The larger center pouch can hold a decent amount of misc gear.

u/ski_it_all · 1 pointr/ar15

Condor single or double rifle bag, available in multiple lengths. I don't use the mag pouches it came with but its been a pretty great case.

u/Dafierces_Roommate · 1 pointr/CCW
u/bravoechomike · 1 pointr/CCW

you could use a kydex trigger guard in conjunction with it. example

u/fidelitypdx · 1 pointr/CCW

If you feel comfortable carrying without a belt due to your body type, consider carrying without a holster. I've been carrying without a holster for years, it works way better for me. On several pistols they make trigger guards that cover your trigger only, and the guard is attached via a lanyard to your belt loops.

This is a near universal option for Glocks:

Super cheap, very effective.

u/spnknmymunky · 1 pointr/Glocks

I personally use the block mic holster ( and the clipdraw ( on my glock 23. Its super convenient I can carry it any where in my waistband and don't have an added weight or bulk of a holster.

u/4840194v987 · 1 pointr/Glocks

For ultra minimalist IWB carry you can't beat the MIC.

u/PCoverlord · 1 pointr/ar15

Looks like the Plano all weather case . I have one and it's really nice.
Edit: fixing the link

u/IveBeenInThat · 1 pointr/gundeals
u/Inattuhwankat · 1 pointr/boostedboards

It's this one: Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

It fits ok. Just ok. It bulges a bit when you close it. Still does the job, though.

u/jemiroquai · 1 pointr/boostedboards

Most people tend to suggest this one here
But personally I prefer the rifle cases way more and will be getting this one as soon as I get my V2!

u/Plurilizeverthings · 1 pointr/guns

[Lots of good reviews] (

[Free shipping with code FSA1705] (

Both of these cases have been featured on r/gundeals. They have a lot of great stuff over there.

The bottom link is a surplus case and the one I own personally. It is very tough and sturdy and a great choice if you plan on traveling. The top Plano is a bit more cost effective for storage and trips to and from the range.

u/ItsHisMajesty · 1 pointr/guns

Here's an inexpensive locking case. They drop as low as $50 time to time.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

I treated my internals with Frog Lube paste. When it's time to clean it, some paper towels and a bore snake is all I need. Time consuming up front but with it in the long run. One jar goes a really long way.

u/RJBligh · 1 pointr/boostedboards

I bought a rifle case to travel with. I thought it would offer more protection than the box or a board bag. This is the one I got:
Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

It's almost perfectly sized; you need to take out the bottom layer of foam but it still fits and feels well protected.

Regarding cost, I was lucky that bags were included in my ticket cost. However I definitely see how it would suck if you had to pay an extra baggage charge.

u/ArmedOne78 · 1 pointr/gundeals

I have one of these and it's great. I'll be picking up a couple more for other firearms. Just spray the foam with plasti-dip and it will last you a long time.

u/evilblackdog · 1 pointr/videography
u/NEp8ntballer · 1 pointr/bourbon

thank you for this. After that asshole in Florida shot up the airport I've been hesitant to use my normal booze hauler which is a plano 42 inch gun case. It comfortably fits nine bottles though so I'm sad.

u/OllyKloz · 1 pointr/gundeals

Every once in a while these go on sale and different places. Most of the time people will post it if it does. I think I got one for like $52. Pluck the foam and spray with plastidip and it’s awesome

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

u/d3f1ant · 1 pointr/guns

It's not bad, I came across a fluke deal, as these cases are seasonal for wal-mart and are normally closer to $60 bucks.

Here's the case on amazon for reference

u/ohv_ · 1 pointr/longrange

I've had a case flip out the back of the truck then ran over it. Pretty happy with my purchase.

Plano Molding Company All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

u/InexpensiveFirearms · 1 pointr/Guitar

Also check out hard rifle cases. As an example,

u/LH99 · 1 pointr/boardgames

I can't find the original photo, but there was someone who used a gun case to store everything. Long enough for the long straights and plenty of room. If you have a harbor freight in the area I think they have cheaper ones than this

u/Nitemare32 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Fuck I’m so glad there’s no rifle cases. I bought this 36’ Plano All-Weather Case yesterday on amazon for $61. Ended up totaling to $47.8 because they offered 20% back if I bought it with my Prime credit card.

Edit: Also if you want to see if this is the historical low price, you can download the browser extension Honey. It’ll tell you if this is the lowest price or if it’s been lower before.

u/MarcusDohrelius · 1 pointr/gundeals

It's free shipping on $100 worth of items before discount. So it's only $50 to get free shipping. Here is the same case on Amazon for $72 shipped.

u/3songshower · 1 pointr/ar15

I flown across the US with firearms. The airlines have never even inspected them. They just checked to see that I had a good locking case. The only thing that seems to vary is that each airline has different rules on ammo.

Declare and check per TSA regs. For just an upper, something like the 36" Plano is reasonable. Add two locks and check. Really no problem.

At the end of the day, what ever causes the least stress and hassle.

u/da_na_na_na_Cat_Man · 1 pointr/ar15

Plano all weather case, it's not a pelican, but it's very cost effective!
Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 36-Inch

u/ParaBrutus · 1 pointr/guns

I also have a Poverty Pelican (Plano) and no regrets. For $70 it's a bargain and certainly fit for travel.

Amazon page:

u/devacon · 1 pointr/ar15

I wanted a lockable hard case for more protected transport and went with this Plano:

u/Maseworld · 1 pointr/airsoft

I recently bought this on amazon. Things a tank and you can customize the inside. I can fit both of my AEGs inside.

u/ifits2loudyoure2old · 1 pointr/gundeals
u/Sasquatchtration · 1 pointr/Denver
u/zero_cool1138 · 1 pointr/XWingTMG

I have 1 of pretty much every current expansion save for the upsilon and the resistance bomber in 1 of these and multiples of many. GREAT option for epic ships. Line the top of the inside with foam or bubble and you can use the top tier too. Take a sharp razor and just cut out the shapes, use the mini as your template and score the shape into the surface, move the mini and carve out a slot that shape. Dont go too deep and you're all set. If you lay them out and maximize your space before hand these can be insanenly space efficient. On top of that it could take a tumble down some stairs and leave everything intact. Beats a bulky and expensive Feldherr that doesnt even protect as well. More work but so cheap. Good luck!

May the force be with you!

u/handsomewolves · 1 pointr/XWingTMG

> plano 1404

the one i'm seeing on amazon has more of a egg crate box not like what you have.

u/crazy3mofo · 1 pointr/boltaction
u/The_Duke99 · 1 pointr/CCW

I have CYA kydex holsters for all of my CCWs now. Love those holsters. They’re good, durable, comfy, and fairly priced... you can get them for any major gun, I have one for my G19 and one for my Shield

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM/.40 S&W - Veteran Owned Company - Made in USA - Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

u/anonsnake99 · 1 pointr/CCW

I use this for my shield 9mm and I really like it CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits:...

u/rhyno37 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Of course I just purchased this holster off Amazon. Any reason I should cancel my order and get this one?

u/qweltor · 1 pointr/CCW

> If you look up the CYA holster for the shield you'll see what it looks like.

Body side of holster: [Amazon product link]

If you want to remove material to make room for your thumb, remove the material behind the magazine release, and below the slide rail.

> I think the problem is that the force required to pull the gun from the holster is causing me to fumble the thumb grip as it comes up because it comes up so fast

If the tension is so tight that you are fumbling when the holster releases (after pulling extremely hard to effect the release), you need to loose the tension screw.

u/AustinDizzy · 1 pointr/EDC

Yes, it's specifically this CYA holster from Amazon. It's pretty decent, much like /u/kittendestroyer69 mentioned. I only use it to (mainly) appendix carry or kidney carry as it does move just a little and prints worse for me when carrying around 3/4/5 o'clock. I'll likely move to something with a little more natural bend and taper to the body, like a leather or leather/kydex combo or something.

But I do love this holster for slim appendix style carry, I'm a fan of lightweight, minimal, and sleek. Just easily leaves a mark on your skin if you're walking exceptionally long distances or doing any running. Easy to adjust the tightness of the holster as well as the cant angle with an Allen wrench.

u/cream_y · 1 pointr/CCW
u/SgtCheeseNOLS · 1 pointr/CCW

My wife has a bra holster that works well, and a waist band holster.


Waist band

u/j_hankins · 1 pointr/CCW

I wear athletic shorts 95% of the time. I found a super simple belly band that works perfectly with my s&w shield. Carry it every day under my athletic shorts.
Here is the link : Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Shield, Glock 19, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | For Men and Women | Right Hand Draw

u/GaBlackNGold · 1 pointr/SigSauer

I got the 239SAS to be my EDC in warm weather. Its pretty narrow and compact so it conceals well. It does have some weight to it though since its a metal frame. I carry it in either my Bellyband holster or n82 Professional. I've never carried a 2022 so I can't compare there but I do have a 229 Legion I carry which is definitely wider and heavier.

u/WPADawg · 1 pointr/CCW

I tried that as well, but the issue for me was the at the elastic was extremely uncomfortable against my skin. What I ended up doing was using the kydex shell with the included velcro backing from that with the belly band mentioned above ( and it works extremely well. I only wear it when I have to use deeper concealment, as I can get away with OWB at 3 with a sport shirt in summer months, and a fleece vest in cooler weather and have a much faster draw.

u/PusssyFart · 1 pointr/CCW

I use this Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Shield, Glock 19, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | For Men and Women | Right Hand Draw whenever I'm wearing athletic shorts. Like it far more than pocket carry.

u/HardRightCapn · 1 pointr/CCW

> Daily I use the Yosoo (another commenter does too). I like that it's cheap and light so I don't sweat much.
> The ComfortTac is clearly better quality but feels like wetsuit material and definitely makes me sweat. I don't like the retention strap unless I'm wearing sweats.

u/prometheus5500 · 1 pointr/ar15

Right on. I mean, I'll need the hardware for other slings anyway, so I can order the hardware and the USGI sling, then just swap over the USGI sling onto the other hardware. That's if I even get the USGI...

I'm trying to figure out if other slings have similar functionality to the USGI, in that it works as a "normal" over the shoulder carrier and also as an arm loop. Know of any cheap slings that work this way? Or can you tell if something like this cheap magpul knockoff sling could work that way? It's hard for me to tell if it can be adjusted in such a way as to work in the arm loop configuration.

u/2613scott · 1 pointr/SexToys

I use a lockable rifle case from Amazon.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

u/raigen01 · 1 pointr/airsoft

It's a Plano 42" All Weather rifle case. Got mine off Canadian Amazon.
Plano All Weather 2 Scoped...

u/MondoStud · 0 pointsr/canadaguns

Storage: Get a cheap plano case and trigger lock on amazon.
Cleaning: Get a bore snake and Hoppes no. 9.

u/GuessImNotLurking · 0 pointsr/CCW

[This one]( Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Shield, Glock 19, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | For Men and Women | Right Hand Draw looks interesting

u/bikingguy1 · 0 pointsr/ar15

If you are looking at MS4 check out this one on amazon. Basically a copy of the ms4. I just picked one up and am very happy for the price,$14.