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u/theicewalker · 30 pointsr/dresdenfiles

For the curious, I used the head of Officer K, the body of Jack Harkness, and the Zombicide first player marker for Bob. The staff is made of wood, and the pentacle amulet was purchased from Little Devil Designs on Amazon.

u/exscapegoat · 7 pointsr/thisisus

Yep, my father died, he and my stepsister were close. She was around Kate's age when Jack died. She found a couple of photo charms and put photos of him and her in them. One on her bouquet, the other on her shoe. This way, he "walked" her down the aisle. These aren't the exact charms, but they were similar to this:

But he didn't become the focus of the day. Which he wouldn't have wanted anyway. We remembered my dad and the couple's grandparents. But the focus was the couple and their happiness and love.