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u/Sexual_Batman · 17 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have lupus too, complete with butterfly rash and random redness everywhere. If you're looking for something to talk your redness, face oil with blue tansy has been amazing for me.
This is the one I use:
Moondrop Organic Facial Oil by Celeste Botanicals | 0.3 oz | Blue Tansy | Reduce Redness | Anti-aging | Anti-inflammation

It doesn't get rid of all of the redness, but it helps a great deal and basically makes it look like I am wearing a light blush instead of looking sick.

u/BeckysMamma · 15 pointsr/30PlusSkinCare

My skin is super sensitive to retinoids. I also have rosacea and freckles so hooray for me. :-( Anyway retinol makes me break out immediately so I've been looking for an alternative as well. I tried this bakuchiol serum from Wildland Botanicals that I get on Amazon and I'm kind of blown away. At first, there was no burning or rashes so I thought it wasn't going to work for me because I'm used to some kind of 'reaction'. But I figured I paid good cash for it so I'd see what I could get out of it. I treated it like a cleansing oil, rubbing it into my skin every night, taking off my makeup with it etc. a few weeks later for some unknown reason my rosacea wasn't as bad and I could actually see my skin and I realized my freckles werent as pronounced. Like I usually have a solid block of freckles across the upper part of my cheeks and this day they were - less. They were there but faded. So now I'm a FAN! No rashes, no breakouts and my freckles are fading!!!! It's real.

u/Peaches80 · 13 pointsr/30PlusSkinCare

I'm currently using the one from Wildland Botanicals. It's on Amazon. Really happy with this oil.

u/rachel32socal · 8 pointsr/NaturalBeauty

It's the one by Wildland. Feels like luxury in a bottle.

u/Estrella37 · 5 pointsr/NaturalBeauty

If your dermatologist wants you to take a break from retinol, then bakuchiol is definitely a good way to go. Really gentle. I'm using this one by Wildland Botanicals. I apply it throughout the day, massaging it into my crows feet, my 11's, and that annoying crepe-like skin just beneath my eyes. Good luck!

u/MyDogsHuman · 3 pointsr/30PlusSkinCare

I've been using that I get on Amazon and its been great on my skin. I got it about a month ago and its really working on my freckles and generally brightening my skin. I've tried retinoids in the past and it always made me break out in a rash. Like immediately. This stuff just feels so good on the skin and really moisturizes. No dryness. It seems to last a long time cuz I've been using it every morning after I wash my face and there's still like half a bottle. I'm not sure how it works except its supposed to support cellular turnover etc. So glad I discovered it since I really don't like using retinoids. I haven't had any purging.

u/ExclamationPi · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

We're similar in age and she has the same interests as my best friend, so I'm sure I can come up with something. I know you said just rocks, but these cool handmade soaps with crystals in them are something I would want! There's even different varieties. Horror themed makeup bags with makeup inside, which could also be horror themed (or maybe a clutch?). I don't know if she has read any of the DC Icons series (the young adult novels), but there is a Batman one. I was originally going to say one of those vinyl clocks, but a batman themed one, then I saw that they wouldn't arrive until after Christmas so maybe an art print of a horror movie or batman? or maybe a cat dressed as batman? There's always Funko Pop! figures, which are cute until they're terrifying. I recommend the 8-Bit exclusive Freddy or Jason if she already has a collection, because she might not have those ones.


u/MishaJustMisha · 1 pointr/30PlusSkinCare

No problem! Right now I'm using this one and really liking it: