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u/wewd · 76 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

> So she is also going to be the next radical leftist to be on garbage t-shirts that only the most insane leftist soyboys and thots would wear?

This is already happening:




The revolution will be commercialized.

u/SEsun813 · 68 pointsr/gardening

Here is the Amazon link

u/Neafie2 · 43 pointsr/Switch

That is made on a 3d printer, I've seen the file go by for free.

And I found it on Amazon for cheaper than the post.

u/thunndor · 21 pointsr/fountainpens

Leather Zippered 5 Slots Pen Case - A6 - Pocket Notebook Cover - Crazy horse Brown https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MU2CVMN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_yMO3AbQ0S7JKS

u/BrerMatt · 21 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Emergency DnD Dice Frame https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SDCF4YF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_vz8yDb5AWD1XZ

Here’s Etsy. Same maker. Maybe better price/shipping depending on location. https://etsy.me/2EL8kxU

u/Steel_Lynx · 11 pointsr/fidgettoys

All the fidgets I make are quiet and discreet. That is how they should be imho. The Möbii are quality and come in a range of sizes and colors. Bike flip fidgets are also quiet and the smooth flipping is a cool feeling:

Steel Lynx On Amazon MOBII410 Discount Code(10%)
Or on www.SteelLynx.com REDDIT15 Discount Code(15%)

Also, I would say Snoo is an animal by any classification. Certainly wouldn't be a plant or a mineral.

u/beany_juice_ · 10 pointsr/ffxiv

Turns out this, as well as others are actually on Amazon, rejoice


u/kolkolkokiri · 6 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

These are super useful in studios. Cheaper non-round versions:






Also you can look for C tables in small spaces.

u/babypuncher_ · 6 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

This one comes in leather and lets you put your name in it.

u/Kanadark · 4 pointsr/whatsthisworth

People are mistaking faceted jewel grade sapphires with carved sapphires. This likely is a carved blue sapphire, likely even a natural stone, though possibly heat treated to intensify the blue colour. The value is in the metal used in the setting and in the quality of the carving.

As a comparison, here are 6 natural carved sapphires for $95 usd. The carving is quite crude.
Here is a larger Buddha set in gold for $795CAD

u/Mik0ri · 3 pointsr/begleri

That's gonna be tough. Honestly the lowest you're gonna find is €25.

It's close, and I really think you should try to branch that high to get quality. Absolute cheapest I can think of:




Don't try to find anything cheaper than that, it'll all be extremely low quality. The ones I listed are all high quality sets. The best ones for beginners are definitely the aluminum Titans.

u/0N1ON · 2 pointsr/begleri

I just started recently. I bought this belgeri off Amazon and made a monkey fist one myself out of paracord. Both of them handle fine, though adjusting the length on my homemade monkey fist one is a bit tricky. If you have washers or nuts at home, you can make your own pretty easily too.

u/emersonskywalker · 1 pointr/vinyl

My wife showed her father in law one on Amazon, and he made it himself. Based off of this:

Amazon Link

u/troglodytes82 · 1 pointr/vinyl

Might not be the right place for this, apologies if its not.


I'm looking for help with a console to setup my turntable with some record storage. I have a space next to the couch that I'm looking to fill with a console to house my turntable/amp/preamp and some records. Looking for a nice piece of furniture in the $600 range, and it needs to be roughly 40-50" wide. Here's the problem, what every I find, outside of the really expensive pieces, are either too shallow for my amp or too wide for the space. Anyone have setup that houses their amps and turntable for a reasonable cost. My amp is and Adcom GFA 555ii so its 17" deep which is the real killer. I feel like I'm going to have to build something my self, but my woodworking skills, although above average, are not good enough to makes something of the quality I'm looking for.

Best ones I've found so far are these two:

CB2 Dean (But I think the amp would look ugly just sitting on the bottom shelf exposed.

Hairpin Legs Storage (would like it to a little wider for amp and more records)


Thanks in advance.

u/themodernmanhustle · 1 pointr/onebag

Thanks! I can't find the exact one because I bought it so long ago, but it's very similar to this. I use a moleskine and a leather cover. Amazon link

u/crotchetyoldcynic · 1 pointr/notebooks

I have two that were made by OleksynPrannyk in both dark blue and dark brown leather with my initials on them that I really like. The basic cover is around $30. He also sells several other versions on Amazon with card slots, pen holders, etc. at very reasonable prices.

He also makes a front pocket wallet for about $15 that I wouldn't be without. I have about eight credit cards, drivers license, concealed carry cards plus a couple others in it plus some walking around money (WARM) and it fits easily in the front pocket of my jeans.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Moleskine-Notebook-Chestnut-Refillable-Handmade/dp/B01G9AXP88/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=oleksynprannyk&qid=1573268885&sr=8-4