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u/strongcode · 13 pointsr/Twitch

Here's a list of stuff everyone should/can be doing to reduce any background noise.

  • Use a dynamic mic if you aren't already
  • Try to have your setup in a carpeted room. The less flat the room is, the less the sound will reverberate
  • If you have a fan or vent and you can't turn it off, try funneling the airflow away from your mic setup. Try something like this to direct airflow away from you.
  • Reduce gain levels and physically move your mouth closer to the mic, but not too close. You may also want a spit guard.
  • Check that this isn't actually electrical interference. Try to shut down any electronics near you that aren't needed, and run your mic and PC setups out of the same outlet if possible. This could also be due to bad shielding on the mic input to your PC.
  • Get a pop/wind filter for your mic like this
  • If all else fails, you can try to edit it out in post production. Here is a great tutorial on how to do that in Audacity, but there are various other programs/plugins that will help you do this.

    Hope this helps you and others!
u/Jovet_Hunter · 12 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

Has she considered alternatives? Are you in a legal state? Are edibles an option, or capsules?

Vapes are a good option to switch to. They are very concentrated and last a long time. If you get a smoke buddy it filters almost all of the waste so the scent is nearly nil. Then, if she does feel the need to take a toke or two in another room, she can do so away from you with no scent to trigger you.

This is a difficult place to be in, because you have a rare disorder and most individuals can use marijuana for medical or stress relief usage in moderation without issue. The alternatives for them are not as safe or side-effect free, so it’s not just that you are asking her to quit. You are asking her to find a less-desirable and perhaps more dangerous for her stress reduction method. The best outcome would be if you can tolerate her using in moderation, and she can tolerate not using in your presence. If the two of you can begin from there, you can move forward.

u/wadenator · 10 pointsr/DIY

I highly recommend this one. I use it for my computer fans and it works like a charm. You can also cut to size. It's one big sheet.

u/PlausibleDeniabiliti · 10 pointsr/StonerProTips

Smoke Buddy and Ozium will eliminate all odor. Have you tried using a vaporizer?
The odor is minimal and when used with a Smoke Buddy and Ozium, you can vape within your apartment with closed windows and nobody will smell anything.

Edit: Here is a graphical representation

u/[deleted] · 10 pointsr/trees

The big ones work great (I've had 3) and the Junior ones (I've had 2) work decent, but get "clogged up" with spit & res more easily. I used them almost daily while smoking in my apartment or in the car. They work perfectly until they get filled with res/spit, and then you can either do an isopropyl soak or just buy a new one. Don't need one anymore b/c I have a different living situation, but I still keep one in the car to minimize lingering smoke.

Also, for those looking to create a kit, the Smoke Buddy Jr. fits perfectly inside a Pelican 1030 Micro Dry Case, along with a dugout + one-hitter and a large Bic.

u/wreckingangel · 9 pointsr/arduino

This will probably help you.

  1. Get a good soldering station in the 40 - 60 Watt range look for Weller, Hakko or Aoyue stations.
    Even thier basic models will last a lifetime and will make your soldering 90% easier.

    Your Iron heats constantly with 30W, if you touch the solder+components and board, the temperature will drop below the melting point of the solder. A soldering station is heat controlled if the temperature of the tip drops the station will pump more power in the heating element and the temp will stay constant.

  2. Use lead solder, it needs lower temperatures. BTW lead free solder is not healty either.

    You need to take care of the fumes, keep your wokspace well ventilated! If you can get a cheap PC cooling fan (120mm or more) put some Cut-to-Fit Carbon filter behind it (at least 2 layers) and make a stand with a wire coathanger ( i have an old mini tripod works great too)

    Build a few solder dispenser pens (wear gloves) I use pens with metal tips.

    Or you can buy a fume extractor and a dispenser.

  3. Clean your soldering tip, it will last a lot longer (but you have to change them) and work better. Most soldering stations come with a cleaning sponge if it is not a metal one you need to add some water.

  4. Get soldering flux, the liquid one is nicer but usually more expensive.

  5. Get a pcb holder, or glue a pice of thin foam onto cardboard or better plywood. Put your some of your components on the pcb put your foam board on top fixiate with two rubberbands turn the whole thing around and viola, you can easily solder multiple parts.

    Some video tutorials I can highly recommend:
    EEVblog Soldering Tutorial Everything you need to know.
    NASA avionics grade soldering procedure seems a little over the top at first but every step is explained in detail and if you ever have a project that goes into a moving object like a car, a robot,a drone or an art installation it is absolutly worth the extra time.
u/jford16 · 9 pointsr/trashy

I'm not talking about a shitty homemade sploof. Something like this should conceal the smell pretty well. There's a different brand that has replaceable filters, but they're a bit more expensive.

u/MidnightMemoir · 9 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Haha I've used my fair share of homemade sploofs, but they really don't work that well either, just makes your house smell like weed and dryer sheets.

But thanks for bringing sploofs up because that reminds me of the smoke buddy. It's pretty much a professional sploof that actually works. You can make these at home too just like you would a regular sploof except you put some activated carbon in the tube and it does a pretty good job.

u/gooberfaced · 8 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

Is there no tiny wheel to redirect the air at an angle into the room rather than straight up?
If not you can buy add on deflectors at any big box store or even Amazon..

u/rathat · 8 pointsr/StonerProTips

Ok, the following allows me to take huge bong rips in my room and there is no smell at all.

Buy a smokebuddy for less than $8, it has a double filter in it, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.

Load only enough in your bowl for a single hit at a time, that way, absolutly zero smoke goes into the air, breath out through smoke buddy.

u/Bodie217 · 7 pointsr/trees
u/TheTrixsta · 6 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I second this. This is what I use to filter my 3x3 tent.

All-Filters CP-6005 Cut to Fit Carbon Pad for Air Purifiers

VIVOSUN 4 inch Inline Duct Booster Fan 100 CFM, Low Noise & Extra Long 5.5' Grounded Power Cord

And just used a hose clamp to clamp a piece of the carbon filter over the intake of the fan. So it sucks air from the tent outside. Keeps my tent at perfect temps and scrubs smell.

u/TheWalrusCometh · 6 pointsr/StonerProTips

Don't use dryer sheets. Buy cut-to-fit carbon filters and then duct tape them down the intake side of the fan.

u/throwawayCG48 · 6 pointsr/microgrowery

First grow.

This took 2-3 months. Seems like I ran into a number of first-timer pitfalls along the way. Good learning experience though.

Can't wait. So god damn tired of shady, undependable hook ups.

Edit 2:

Photos of my setup.

u/Bulky_Bear · 6 pointsr/Drugs

Get an herb vaporizer (like a Magic Flight Launch Box). Much less smell, especially when used with a sploof or "SmokeBuddy"

u/GreyBeardEnt · 6 pointsr/asktrees

Buy him a smoke buddy:

Back when I smoked cigarettes, a roommate didn't like me flicking the butts into the flowers so she bought me an ash tray. Classy way to get your point across and well worth the $10.

u/cosmosopher · 6 pointsr/StonerProTips

I agree, but I feel having a reasonable solution to offer would help. Recommend your neighbor use a wood pipe with a hinge lid and a SmokeBuddy carbon filter. Just these two steps should eliminate enough smell to keep it from seeping over into the apartment.

u/jam905 · 6 pointsr/homeautomation

Several solutions that I know off:

u/mdgates00 · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

All you need is a HEPA filter with a charcoal prefilter. Any of those is fine. Get one with affordable replacement HEPA filters, and get one of these:

u/u_got_dat_butta_love · 5 pointsr/ZeroWaste

I have a very similar compost bin. It works alright for our household (me + partner, cooking moderately often) although I wish I had gotten one slightly larger because it fills up faster than you'd think. It wasn't especially problematic that it was 'small' because I worked at a farm and could easily dump it 1-2x per week as needed. Do you have a place where you can conveniently empty your compost bin? If not, I'd look into that first (some farms or non-profits in your area may have composting programs if your local waste management system doesn't support compost).

Something else to consider is buying carbon filters in bulk. You can buy pre-cut ones but I found it much cheaper to buy a sheet of cut-to-fit carbon filter material. If your compost starts to stink, it's probably time to change the filter. You can prolong the life of your filters by not overstuffing your bin and allowing the filter to come in contact with food waste.

TL;DR - With 4 people in your house, you may want to opt for a bigger bin. Find a place to empty your compost if you haven't already. Cut your own replacement filters.

Edit: Just reread your post and realized you're in college. You could check with environmental campus groups or the university farm (if your school has one) about composting programs.

u/VaporizerWizard · 5 pointsr/vaporents

I use a 4x8 inch one of these it is made for growing, and I just hooked a duct fan from Menards to the end of it and leave it laying on its side under the desk plugged in 24/7. I can leave ground up bud on the desk, I keep all my vapes in the room, and I can vape excessively all day long in my room, and the smell still doesn't leave the room :) (Even in the room the smell is VERY muted compared to normal)

I would really suggest you get a Carbon filter, that is the only thing that truly works well imo

u/Psyko13k · 5 pointsr/ZonaEnts

Can't really help with housing, but unless you are growing these should help with most any situation,

Smoke Buddy

Odor Assassin

& some good mason jars/ pelican case for storage. Alternatively if you have your card, concentrates/ have a low smell.

Hope it helps.

u/encarded · 5 pointsr/Ultralight

I made one for my Hexamid, it was quite easy. I would suggest trying to find a window insulation kit (which is polycryo material). They usually come in large sheets far in excess of what you need for a decent bathtub and include a double sided tape. I know you are not in the US but this is what I used, for reference:

My procedure was to measure out my desired area (taking into consideration how high of a wall you want) and then I googled a way to triangle fold corners that create a waterproof fold. Use the tape to secure and I folded over the top edge to increase resistance to tearing. You can also put some tenacious tape or other strong tape on the corners so that you can punch a small hole for mitten hooks.

Measure twice, cut once. Mine turned out to be almost the same weight as the DCF bathtub available from ZPacks (just slightly over 3oz) and has had no issues or problems in use.

u/xandar · 5 pointsr/AskEngineers

How about something like this?

4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

Looks like that's peltier-powered, not a stirling engine, but it might get the job done.

DIY version

If you're really set on stirling engines this site may help. What you propose is certainly possible, but it'd be a big job and even then I'm not sure you'd get enough power to match your bellows.

u/8lbIceBag · 4 pointsr/techsupportgore

I line the case with this stuff. It does a decent enough job without cutting to much airflow.

Very fine dust still gets through and coats heatsink fins but the dust is to small to bridge the gab between two fins to begin clumping up and clogging airflow. Looks like a fine layer of chalk dust after 6 months to a year.

u/Gm0nEy27 · 4 pointsr/Dynavap

So 100% there will be smell. However since its vapor it is nowhere near traditional smoke. It also dissipates quickly if there is sufficient ventilation. I.E. window open, fan on

You can get yourself a smoke buddy

smokebuddy Jr Black Personal Air Filter

This will drastically reduce the already reduced smell of the vapor. I used to smoke in my closet with the smoke buddy and my M for a few months. It does work, however there will a smell. To my knowledge there is no way to 100% avoid it. However you could easily just open a window with the smoke buddy and you'll be good to go. I personally like to leave a fan on just for the peace of mind. Towel under the door is also a good idea anyway, and AC doesnt really have an effect to my knowledge.

Hope this helps!

u/kushdup · 4 pointsr/trees

The Smoke Buddy is an excellent addition to the stealth-tokers arsenal, but the best method is to vape high quality concentrates out of a pen-style vaporizer, then exhale out the window through a carbon filter (smoke buddy or make a custom one). I got away with this for years with 0 suspicion from any of my extremely anti-weed family.

Edit: I also must mention that silly "sploof" idea where you put dryer sheets in a toilet paper tube simply does not work and will get you caught!

u/PsychologyOfLove · 4 pointsr/CampingGear

Check out some of the discount sites as well, such as

If you're backpacking with it, 6 pounds is gonna weigh you down a fair amount. You could probably find something for the price range you're looking for that weighs 4-5 lbs. If you look hard enough, you might even find something for 3ish lbs.

Consider the features. Are you planning to camp alone most of the time, but want the extra space for gear and an occasional extra person? If so, grab a 2-man tent and worry less about having two doors. Are you planning to almost always go with another person? Consider 2 or 3 man tents (2 man will leave you just enough room to put 2 sleeping pads side by side in most tents) and keep in mind the weight can be split between you. If you're backpacking alone most of the time, then you're better off saving weight on a lighter 2-man tent. Carrying an extra 2 lbs of tent to have extra space for a rare extra camper is going to suck on all those solo trips. Other features to consider: pockets, double-wall construction (helps limit condensation), and free-standing or not (free-standing you can pitch anywhere, including rock - non-free standing requires several spots for you to stake out the tent to keep it taught and upright).

Also, save yourself $50 and don't buy a footprint. Make one! If you're camping on nice soft forest floor, you can get away with something thin that's primary job is preventing moisture and minor pokey things. In that case, buy this and cut it down to be about 1.5 inches smaller on each side relative to your tent bottom (you don't want it to catch and funnel rain underneath the tent). You could consider beefing up the sides with some tape and grommets for the stake points. Check out the /r/Ultralight community - they have several guides on making your own footprint. If weight is less of a concern and you're expecting to be on rough terrain like rock, then you could make a floorprint out of tyvek which can be purchased at a place like home depot.

u/EmeraldGirl · 3 pointsr/funny

Did you have to link to a site with annoying popups and crap? They have these things on amazon.

u/johnnychronicseed · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

For a tent yes, for a PC no. Cut to Fit Carbon Filter

u/FatZombieMama · 3 pointsr/portlandhomegrowers

You'll need to contain the plants inside a grow room or tent, then set up a way for fresh air to get in and smelly air to get out. You'll need a fan or blower to move air from the in-vent to the out-vent. On the out-vent end, set up a filter that the air has to go through, which will clean the odor from it.

An expensive but easy/effective way to do this is to buy a carbon scrubber with fan like this:

A much cheaper but DIY way is to set up a good fan and make sure all air passes through one or two layers of carbon filter fabric like this:

Edit: if you haven't looked at tents yet, there's a good selection at amazon: - they make it much easier to control venting, lighting, temperature, humidity, etc. For 1-2 plants, don't go smaller than 4 square feet, and give yourself plenty of height.

u/Throwaways1999 · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

A little more descriptive...

Smell may be a big issue for me so I'm trying to find the best way to fix it on the cheap while keeping the height minimal.

I think that intake fans are not needed if sufficient air is being pulled out the exhaust. The filter will be stacked as such:

-6" hole in bucket cover
-carbon mesh screen lays over hole

-6" duct vent collar screwed through mesh into bucket

-activated carbon granules dumped into vent collar so they sit on top of the carbon mesh screen

-A second carbon mesh screen is stuffed snuggly on top of the carbon granules

A. If I have an exhaust fan pulling out up to 240 CFM through this, will this be sufficient for air circulation for the plant?

B. Is the negative pressure effecting the plant in anyway?

C. Am I correct in assuming the negative pressure should greatly cut down on possible odors?

D. Other thoughts about this methods effectiveness?

Thanks for your time!

u/anusfactory · 3 pointsr/mflb

Get a Smoke Buddy, crack your window, wet towel under the door, and get a Febreeze or glade outlet odor eliminator (you can just buy it at walmart), and there will be almost no chance that you're gonna stink up the house. All of this isn't neccessary, but these are some options and you can mix and match them to keep the smell at a level that you need.

Just talk with your parents and tell them that you're trying to keep the smell contained and ask for feedback, to make sure that they can't smell it.

Edit: I can also vouch for these candles if you'd rather use this than the outlet odor eliminator.

u/VZW_Matt · 3 pointsr/slowcooking

Just buy them this:

or show them it and tell them to buy it. It works wonders for pot. Cigarettes not so much, but weed its amazing. I've been using one for a couple years now. Bought one for my brother too since you could always smell it in his basement where he smoked, since he started using it, you can't even tell anymore.

u/MuchFaithInDoge · 3 pointsr/trees

Is the tenant smoking in the house? Or is it that they blow out the window and it wafts into Mr military s place? If they are smoking and exhaling inside, I'd tell them to cut that shit out. As you said, a vape is the best option, however I know lots of people who swear by bongs and just refuse to vape. As a final suggestion, I have seen a product called a smoke buddy which claims to filter smoke, no personal experience with it though.

u/Villiam01 · 3 pointsr/trees
  1. Open your window
  2. Put your [bathroom fan/heater](Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan with Pre-Heat Timer and Max Heat Output, HFH436WGL-UM on the windowsill, point it towards outside, turn on fan setting (not heater)
  3. Cover the gap under the bathroom door with a towel.
  4. Light a candle
  5. Small tokes, exhale towards the fan out the window
  6. To really do the job, be redundant and exhale into a [Smoke Buddy](Black smokebuddy Jr Personal Air Filter Yes, a sploof is a cheapo alternative, but if covering the smell is really important, just go pro.
  7. Cover your bowl between tokes to minimize burn and smell.
  8. Have an easy and quick way to dump your ash (if you flush it, make sure it ALL gets flushed).
  9. Shower (steam helps clear the air).
  10. Blow out your candle.

    I just realized you want to do this tonight, and you may not have all of this stuff, but if you want to make it your routine, this is what works for me.

    EDIT: if you don't have a window and only have a vent, smoke buddy is essential.
u/cHorse1981 · 3 pointsr/trees

Um you do realize that the way a lot of people get caught smoking is the smell, right? As you said your plan does nothing for the most conspicuous sign of weed smoking. You would be better off getting yourself a smoke buddy.

u/cannabis96793 · 3 pointsr/trees

You could try one of these Smoke Buddy 0159-RD Personal Air Filter, Red

they are super easy to make your own. You would need a cardboard Tube ( toilet paper or paper towel) , a rubber band and dryer sheets. Take the dryer sheets and stuff them in the tube and blow the hits threw it, you can use 1 sheet to cover the end and hold with rubber band.

u/Ells86 · 3 pointsr/StonerProTips

You can buy the smoke buddy on the UK amazon...someone posted this link above.

u/hello_frients · 3 pointsr/trees

To add to this:

  • Use a pipe screen to make single bowl hits as efficient as possible. Sometimes if you do a small hit with no screen some of the weed will fall through before you can light it.

  • Ozium is extremely effective, but just beware it has its own lemon smell (link to amazon)

  • If you can swing the $10 or so, a Smokebuddy works wonders (link to amazon). Seriously you can take a massive hit and blow it out through one of these and see no smoke come through. It doesn't completely eliminate the odor but will reduce it much more than the classic dryer sheet sploof method.

  • Another way to put out a bowl quickly is to put your thumb over the top of the bowl. No oxygen = no fire. Just be careful to not burn your thumb!
u/MeltsLikeButter · 3 pointsr/trees

I'll do you one better OP, get one of these bad boys. Problem solved, less hassle of what you got going on and its fucking magical to see in action. Smoke Buddy 0159-RD Personal Air Filter, Red

u/TautologicalMashup · 3 pointsr/MontrealEnts

Smoke Buddy 0159-RD Personal Air Filter, Red

Edit: I have one of these and it lasts for years, is very effective

u/LiterallyATalkingDog · 3 pointsr/saplings

Plain white vinegar! Super cheap and really good at killing the smell.

Sponge it all over you (especially your hair) and then shower like normal.

Wash your clothes with about half a cup of plain white vinegar. I promise they won't smell like vinegar. Or you can have a set of clothes dedicated to smoking.

Smoke outside if you can.

Get a smoke buddy

Use earthy scented candles/air fresheners like sandlewood, frankincense & myrrh, bergamot, etc.. They blend in with the smell or rather the smell blends in with them.

u/ArizonaLad · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Get a bracket. Many models require zero drilling, screwing, or bolting:

Set the A/C on it, and when you leave, take the bracket with you. There are no holes or modifications necessary to the window with one of these.

u/Oreoloveboss · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

Most people go for that heavy duty patio door one. Stake out your tent over top of the sheet, then cut the sheet to size, slightly smaller than your tent.

u/losfew · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

I use this polycryo sheeting. It's 2x the thickness of the regular duty stuff, but weighs only a few grams more. I thought I'd get two ground sheets out of one 84x120 piece, but the resulting 5'x7' is just a bit small.

Super tough, I have 20+ nights on mine in all kinds of conditions, seems totally intact.

u/Paullesq · 3 pointsr/singapore

I got charged about $4K the replacement of every exterior window. The contractor took care of all the permits. This was probably the most restrictive part of the job and made up the vast majority of my improved insulation costs. If you are dealing with HDB, my experience was that while it was somewhat expensive, things were relatively smooth. If I had to do this again, I would have done just the bedrooms. I roughly estimate that if I were to expect these windows to repay themselves with my reduced PUB bill, I estimate my repayment time is going to be around 10-15 years.--Not great, not terrible.

I do wish that HDB would allow homeowners to take a course on safety precautions and then have them pay a fee for liability insurance and then allow us to do it ourselves. It did not look very difficult. It would save people money and make this sort of renovation much more accessible to Singaporeans. I went on Amazon and calculated that the actual cost of all the windows I installed was about S$1500 if I were in the US, so a lot of money went into the labor and permitting process.

If you don't want to do this, there are still options. My original HDB installed window frame did not have very good weather sealing. This was a significant source of noise and heat gain. Fixing this was easy with a caulking gun. I found that some heavy curtains were quite helpful, I still use them even after the new windows were installed. There are high thickness anti-convection Insulating window films are around. I tried them on one window and it was actually very effective with the thick curtains at cutting down the noise. To my ears, only slightly worse than the double-glazing. I think it would have given me almost as good energy saving if I used it on every room with aircon.--I don't have hard numbers The downside was that this solution was ugly and needed to be replaced often. Application needs a bit of practice, but if you get it wrong, the film is easy to remove. The film itself is very cheap. IIRC I used something like this.--same brand. As you can see, if you are willing to put up with the disadvantages this might actually be the best choice financially.

As before, there are a quite a few things you can do to get a decent amount of sound reduction. In any case, if you are going to pay for new windows, they will not help you much unless you have good weather sealing and well insulated doors. There are things you can do that will improve things even if you don't want to spend that sort of money. And if you do, there are things that you MUST do in order for you to enjoy the best benefit from what money you do decide to spend. Don't give in to that sinkie learned helplessness where everything also cannot do! It is 2019, we have so many options to make our lives better.

u/reducing2radius · 3 pointsr/SeattleWA

Buy an extra long portable AC hose from Amazon if you need it, and hire a handyman to install the kit as best as possible. No need for a contractor, and I can't think of a store that would send help for this type of thing.

You could also just let the hose hang outside the window, and the AC will probably be able to overcome the infiltration from the window. That's all the kit is for, to seal up the window from letting extra heat in from the outside or the hose itself. Alternatively you could prevent infiltration by pointing a fan at the open window with the hose hanging out of it, to keep the air moving from inside to outside. You'll want to put the AC away in a couple months anyways. It's a tricky situation.

Edit: I also found this thing. A handyman could install that for you.

u/WereKhajiit · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I can't find a peer reviewed study or anything, but in my experience Carbon filters are very effective at eliminating smells. After reading many articles they were the only filter type recommended for cigarette smoke. My apartment (coincidentally) had no smokers in it, then suddenly a 2 pack a day smoker moved in. It was horrific. I couldn't sleep, I could always smell it, and was practically choking on it. Got the carbon filter, let it run for a day... and it was tolerable. I could still smell it occasionally, but oftentimes didn't notice at all.

You could say 'I just got used to the smell' but... there was a death in my apartment building. I could smell something overwhelming in the hallway, but in my unit with the filter running... nothing. Apparently I was the only person in the entire complex (8 units) who didn't desperately call the landlord about the terrible smell.

If you like my anecdotal evidence, here's what I used: yes, it was worth the price tag for me

u/CappyChino · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

As long as there's a few inches of clearance between the bed and the floor you'll be fine. You can even buy a vent deflector to help the air flow out from under the bed easier... Example:

u/danpage617 · 2 pointsr/homelab

A fan doesn't cool air, it just moves it. So when it gets to be 100+ degress, the fan will just be pushing 100 degree air all over your equipment (also it will probably be hotter in the closet than outside if the sun hits it).

And I'd also add something like this over the mesh.

Is there any weather proofing on the door? Insulation in the walls around it? Critter deterrent? These are all things I'd think about.

u/nonameowns · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I used this

cut to size and duct tape that shit

vacuum the filter every 1-3 months

u/ppardee · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

Go old-school and get a canary (or a few).

Some filament are absolutely going to produce toxic 'fumes' (which includes particles that aren't actually fumes). I have printed ABS in my enclosure and there is a layer of ABS coating the inside of my enclosure panels from the fumes.

Carbon filter material is dirt cheap. ( So are fans. It's pretty easy to put together a filter unit that will handle the inside of a 3D printer enclosure (and the printer should be enclosed). You can also get carbon pellets used in aquariums for much less, but I haven't found a good way to use those for air filtering, which makes my face sad.

You're right that it's really hard to find good, solid data, but PETG currently appears to be safe. PLA appears to be relatively safe. ABS doesn't appear to be safe and is pain to print.

u/BRUMBPO__TUNGUS · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

How is your filter designed? I never see powder with my custom HEPA and activated carbon (this plus a tube packed tightly with this) recirculating filtration system, but it's much higher CFM and pressure (I'm pushing air with a high-speed Delta fan) than small commercial designs. I've printed polycarbonate/ABS/PEEK/PLA without noticeable fumes or particulates.

u/ArmChairFaggot · 2 pointsr/microgrowery
u/monkeybusiness124 · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

It’s a roll that you cut to fit. I’m not saying it’s super strong and helps since I haven’t used it. But my thinking is even something is better than 0% smell proof?

u/W1ckedWench · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I apologize in advance for the long script links But I wouldn't purchase a computer fan. I don't believe it would survive the lag of adding a carbon filter on it so I decided to purchase something slightly more powerful and, I think, that the desk top fans will work better with a filter on top I'm actually looking at other carbon cut to fit filters. I see a lot of people here are very nervous about smell. I want to experiment this concept for everyone so I can help allay their fears a bit. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome.

u/polezo · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Thanks for the tips.

I've been compulsive about keeping HWMonitor up, so I'll keep that up for a little while.

No dust filter in this case, but I'll look into solutions to do so. Short term maybe dryer sheets or some old pantyhose from my wife, long term maybe some of these.

u/Calevra78 · 2 pointsr/AskEngineers

I bought two of these for my little brothers car. Then he lets them run plugged into usb car charger while at work or where ever he said it has helped a lot.

u/TreeMonger · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

Here you go:

Or, if you want to go the Amazon route (ref link) here

u/MrBabyHands · 2 pointsr/trees

You're going to want to use the same setup that is used in growing. Get a carbon duct filter, an inline duct fan, and some ducting and set that up where you are growing. These are actually carbon pellets instead of a carbon mat like in consumer air filters.


Inline Duct Fan

You don't even need ducting if you don't want it, you can literally mount the two of them together. I place the unit on a raised platform (like a table or something) for better circulation. That setup right there will change the air completely in a room that size once every 4 minutes.

u/bucketbud · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

This is what I have. It's got great reviews (add another for myself), and is $10 or so cheaper than other 4" filters. I believe it's also got easy to access rivets, so when it comes time to change the carbon, you can drill them out easy, and replace them with some sheet metal screws, and you're good to go.

u/Deux1 · 2 pointsr/HVAC

Air source heat pumps lose efficiency as outdoor air temperature drops. The compressor has to work harder. Put an acoustic blanket like this one around the compressor(s). It'll reduce the dBA level by 40%. Much cheaper than an acoustic box.

u/Curtofthehorde · 2 pointsr/funny
u/prozac4dave · 2 pointsr/trees
u/Ductaperape · 2 pointsr/vaporents

Check out the Smoke Buddy or the Sploofy. They eliminates smell by using a carbon filter, a mini version of what they use on grow ops to eliminate smell. Lasts around 3-500 uses. The Spoofy has a replaceable filter inside. I prefer the SB because they have a Jr version which is great for portability...I'm a server and I use it to vape my hopper in the bathroom stall with zero smell. But if that's not a concern then the spoofy is great because it has replaceable filters, where the SB you have to buy a whole new unit. They all eliminate the smell very well to nothing.

Smoke Buddy:

Smoke buddy Jr:


Sploofy filters:

u/420g420 · 2 pointsr/trees

Respect your parents op. It's so easy to go outside and toke. If you absolutely must smoke inside and don't want to cause your parents troubles in the future, you could buy a smoke buddy.

For example: (They work really well)

u/Wachamacalit · 2 pointsr/vaporents

Get the actual Ploom Pax. People have posted about knock offs that are okay, but it sounds like most of the knock off versions are bad.

The smell is no where as strong as a joint. If you mix tobacco in (blunts) then you may be better able to hide the smell with tobacco smoke. But the smell from a Pax won't stick to your clothes and hair so much. If it's really important, you should try using something like this:

As far as the smell of the device, it's not too noticable if you keep it clean. The bud is not in an air-tight compartment, so I would just keep it in a zip lock bag if you carry it around where you're not supposed to.

As far as leaving weed in the oven compartment, again, it is not sealed. The oven has a lid that secures with magnets, but it is made to allow air to flow through the weed while you inhale. The weed will get stale after a while. However, because it gets toasted, most of the moisture will evaporate on your first few puffs. When you put it away half used, is should be good to go for a few days or even a week or two (depending on how much moisture is in the air around it).

u/iLubDango · 2 pointsr/saplings

Invest in a smoke buddy or a sploof

u/dhlock · 2 pointsr/trees

Yep, for sure possible. Probable even.
It'll depend on the bud and method of consumption though. Joints of dank bud would be the worst for sure. Maybe pick up a smoke Buddy?
It's super good that you do care about being a good neighbor though lol. :)

u/SM_Jewlian · 2 pointsr/trees
u/Tashizzlet · 2 pointsr/canadients

Vaping is definitely the best way to be discrete. I'd suggest you invest in an MFLB very small extremely portable, affordable and easy to hide. If you're looking to spend a bit more on a better vape take a look around that site, it's awesome. Also BC Vapor.

One great tip i'll give you that I use to use was putting a bit of loose (not store bought, you don't want to be ingesting chemicals) tea in with the bud, really helps the smell, also invest in a smoke buddy, it's not dirt cheap like a sploof but in my opinion it's worth the investment.

Good luck!!

u/Superstar317 · 2 pointsr/instant_regret

Thats why you get a SmokeBuddy. Amateurs.

u/deletedlots · 2 pointsr/trees

that blows. look into a smoke buddy

As long as you clear whatever youre smoking and there isn't any flower burning this should do wonders for the smell (no bud smell at all). If you get one hitters and blow into this you should be fine but also its a one hitter so theres that lol

u/nj2fl · 2 pointsr/trees

Definitely a smoke buddy
Smoke Buddy 0159-RD Personal Air Filter, Red

u/Inbattery12 · 2 pointsr/MontrealEnts

Buy a smoke buddy it'll cost about 25 on amazon, you exhale your vape/smoke into it and no smell comes out the other end. You can now vape with your windows closed. Enjoy!

u/BoozyMcSuds · 2 pointsr/trees

Get one of these Click Here

and a can of ozium

u/DvineINFEKT · 2 pointsr/DIY

Been quietly worried about that as well, now that you bring it up...

Would something like this no-drill option be reliable then? Fairly expensive, but, if it means not pissing anyone off, I can make it work.

u/fartmarek · 2 pointsr/HVAC

I'd recommend the Pioneer unit instead of the Mr. Cool one. Also, I really like my controller for the mini split, so if you're willing to spend a little extra, then get this as well -

u/Dogwoodhikes · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Window film or food wrap or shrink wrap like the Duck Brand found cheaply at Wally World also comes in different thickness(mils). When more concerned about punctures or tears and stress pts like when making polycro bathtub floors I receive better durability with Duck Max at 1.5 mils(150 gauge) which is more than twice the thickness of the .7 mils(70 gauge) Duck brand product you've linked.

Painters plastic in .7 or 1.5 mils in the same comparative polycro wt doesn't have the same shrink potential. I've stored painter's plastic in my car trunk no big issue. With either .7, .75, 1.0 or 1.5 poly it can shrink up into a hard ball with heat. It 's why it's alternatively called shrink wrap and the Duck Brand box pictures shows someone with a heat gun attaching it taut to a window.


IMHO, the lightest wt polycro is a darling of the UL and SUL crowd which I am part so that factors into my decision to use it over painter's plastic. I tend to buy from GG, MLD, and other UL cottage venders that offer it so I buy at the same time as other gear although, as said, Duck Brand is found in cheaply IMO every Wally World I've looked.


As far as GG polycro it is also offered in two different thickness .75 mils(75 gauge) and 1.0 mil(100 gauge). Others such as MLD also offer polycro. Ron at MLD has stated his poly offering is food grade so don't know if that chemically makes a personal difference. At $8 -$9.95 for up to two polycro ground sheets I personally don't find that all expensive compared to large rolls of painters plastic when only using for backpacking.


Obviously when making performance claims on durability one has to compare oranges to oranges ie; compare the same thicknesses of poly and painter's plastic as Friggin monkey said.


What may be a personal consideration is the lighter the wt of either painter's plastic or polycro the more it tends to blow around. Also, it tends to tear uncontrollably in the lightest wts(thicknesses) if not immediately addressed with duct tape repairs. Neither is a ripstop material. Consequently, at some pt if not totally replacing, as in DCF ground cloths, the duct tape added wt can easily result in greater wt and bulk and additionally adhesive hassles unfolding and sticking to other's also quite slippery so don't use it to cowboy camp on an incline.

u/xxwass · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement
u/BecauseSometimesY · 2 pointsr/WildernessBackpacking

It is the same as this too! You could pick it up at like Walmart or Ace.

u/Battle_Rattle · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Most people find the .75mil too thin and double it up. Instead of that just get the 1.5mil.

u/ZombiiSoup · 2 pointsr/battlestations

I do believe it's this one, I have it on my wishlist

u/OneEy3dMonkey · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/slardybartfast8 · 2 pointsr/britishproblems

yes sash are most common but you can definitely get a different type for push-out windows. not sure if links below will work but you either get a special one like this:

or you get a standing up one like the one shown in this photo and use a window seal:

u/ProdigySim · 2 pointsr/SeattleWA

Yeah, the ones that sit on the floor and use a hose for exhaust are called "Portable Air Conditioners" apparently. They also often have remote controls.

My plan was basically to get a portable A/C and one of these insulating window seals since my window opens outwards. However, my only window is 15 feet up (I normally open it using a pole my landlord provided me).

So add together getting the unit + proper tubing and coupling + insulating the window + needing a ladder and I thought I'd see if someone in town was better at it.

Sounds like most people just DIY though and that's probably enough for 90%+ of apartments :)

u/Huttser17 · 2 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

Box or two of these may be a better option. Desiccant packs are more for preventing moisture intrusion rather than removing moisture that's already present.

u/Glibberosh · 1 pointr/CrappyDesign

Criminy. $7 fix. Has little magnets that holds it to the vent.

u/sleepingdeep · 1 pointr/AskReddit

is your bed just a matress on the floor? if so, get some bed risers and lift that shit up. if its already on risers, get one of these. it'll force the air to go out from under your bed, instead of cooling off the bottom of your mattress.

u/ynottry · 1 pointr/buildapc

So what I do (there may be better ways) is I take these filters used for air conditioners, cut them to the appropriate size, and then take a needle with thread and tie the corners of the cutout filter to the unused screw holes of the fan. (My fans have screw holes on both sides in the event you want to mount them as exhaust fans instead of intake. I assume this is standard)

u/josephst18 · 1 pointr/gaming

I grabbed these and turned them into dust filters:

Just be sure to use a sharp knife, and make sure you don't over-tighten the screws when covering the fans. The metal screws can strip the fans when overtightened.

u/arc333jd · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

A box might work. I personally don't have any reaction to the fumes, but I prefer to keep them under wraps anyway. I'm currently using an enclosure with a fan exhausting air through an active carbon filter. (Like this, but typically just a small cutout: When using this setup I don't smell the ABS at all. The only time I smell it is if I open the enclosure right away after the print finishes or during the print. If I give it 5-10 minutes after the print to evacuate the fumes through the filter I never smell a thing.

u/user865865 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Doesn't make a big difference, but a lot of people think you have to pull through it. Buy a quality filter and good duct tape to seal up any seams and you'll be fine.

But by pushing air through, you can't use the prefilter wrapped around the outside of the carbon filter (well, you could, but it would be useless). I got this prefilter and put it over the inlet to the tent.

u/FightOrFlight · 1 pointr/CysticFibrosis

This filter has been great for my 8 month old daughter with CF. Here are a few tips though:

  • They say the filter lasts a year, they don't. If you're using acetylcysteine or changing diapers near it, it'll last 3 months. When they go bad you'll notice a funky wet dog smell coming from it. That's $10 every 3 months.

  • Buy bulk carbon pre-filters and swap them out every month. You'll see a noticeable difference in air quality by doing this step. I buy these, cut them to twice the size of the filter, fold them in half, and attach them to the filter. Way better bang for buck thus way.

  • Consumer Reports noted that the only time these clean the air is when they're set to high and on 24/7. According to CR, this set doesn't have a lot of horsepower. The most it can clean is a small room.

  • You should also count on spending more on your electricity bill. On this unit I spend an extra $10ish per month since it's on 24/7.

    All in, you're looking at $180-200 a year to run an air filter this size. More if you get a larger unit with a more expensive filter.
u/wyezwunn · 1 pointr/Allergies

> HEPA filter

Sorry for implying that AirOasis purifiers have HEPA filters when all they have is AHPCO cells that have to be replaced and steel filters that only have to be rinsed off with water. I've never used HEPA filters because no one in my household is bothered by particles large enough to be captured by a HEPA filter.

> off-gassing

I can no longer smell the VOCs that bother me so I'm not a good one to ask about off-gassing. All I can tell you is: my VOC symptoms were gone within a few hours of installing the purifiers, but I don't know if that's because it took that long to purify the whole room or because the purifier finished off-gassing or because there's no HEPA filter in it.

> charcoal bags

Increase the surface area of the carbon/charcoal that comes into contact with the air as much as possible if you want to reduce VOCs. Putting carbon/charcoal in bags reduces the surface area too much. You can put activated charcoal powder or *crushed charcoal briquettes (starter-fluid-free) in a bowl. Put the bowl inside a bowl and don't fill it to the top so you won't have so much mess if the bowl gets knocked over. You can also put a piece of carbon filter over the air inlet or outlet of a purifier or fan.

u/portnux · 1 pointr/DIY

We have three cats and one rather large litter box that I clean daily so don’t notice any odor. But it was a problem I’d invest in a good air cleaner with an activated charcoal filter. But you could probably make something using a box, a small fan, and a sheet of bulk activated charcoal material.

u/mercurysinking · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I have my printer in my room. To avoid the smell I zip tied one of these on my fan and it really cuts down on the smell from ABS.

u/Sheogorath123 · 1 pointr/buildapc


I'm not fond of that case either. Not just because it's crazy expensive, but because it's unfiltered. For running something 24/7, I'd get something filtered so the stuff inside doesn't get gunked up so fast. Maybe a fractal design case.

If you're dead set on that case, just put some of this between the front mesh and the fans. Cut it so it covers the whole vent.

Also, I can't iterate this enough: Unless a TV will actually be your primary monitor, that monitor is WAY too cheap for a GTX 1070. It's like buying a racecar then slapping eco tires on it.

As a rule of thumb, I like to spend as much on the monitor as the GPU. Personally, I'd get a Samsung CHG70 if I had a 1070-class GPU.

But as a bare minimum, I'd get this:

u/techmattr · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I have a WES51 I could let go for $75 + shipping. Includes ETH, ETS and ETA tip.

Grip is a bit worn. The stand will get a bit hot and heat up the grip which causes it to wear when you're solder for a couple hours at a time.

I'll include a Hakko 599B tip cleaner.

Don't bother with a fume extractor. They are all shitty. Just grab these carbon sheets and tape it to a desk fan. Works 1000x better than any fume extractor under $200.

u/dick_in_CORN · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

That's what I would probably use. I'd probably get HVAC filters, and modify it with something like this. That way you have a frame and it costs around 21 bucks for everything. 10 dollar box fan, 9 dollar carbon filter cut to fit, and 2 super cheap HVAC filters that are the same size as your fan.

u/tombutt · 1 pointr/buildapc
u/pocketfool · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

You always have the ability to buy some larger sheets of carbon filter material for $6 and cover every opening you have. Otherwise best of luck on the filter finding mission, cheers

u/Fifthdread · 1 pointr/minipainting

If you have a spray booth with a fan, than you should be good as long as you run the exaust through an air filter system. I have a paint booth with a small filter in the front, but if it were me, I'd have Carbon Filters strapped to the exaust for additional filtration. As long as the spray booth has sufficient suction to pull the air through the filter, than you should be good.

u/ThePenguinGod · 1 pointr/trees

I have a sheet of this between the fans and the PC case mesh:

I also kept one of these inside the case during the flowering part of the grow:

u/ablinktoremember · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Do you think something like this would help?

It's great because my grow room is extremely small and I only have one plant. I'm just not sure if it'll make it way too humid or not. I basically have to choose between too hot or too humid, I guess. Which would you say is better?

u/wcchandler · 1 pointr/raleigh

Get this:

Then a USB/Cig Lighter adapter and BAM! you're good. Keep a small cooler in your passenger seat with frozen sponges that you can swap out occassionally.

u/WRipper · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Phresh Filter 6 in x 16 in 400 CFM - 701005

PHC Enterprise SC-3M Variac Variable Transformer, 300 VAC Max, 0-130V Output, 3 Amp

This is what I have. Works great. The variac does not hum at all. I have the vortex as well.

u/Zombie_Dog · 1 pointr/microgrowery

That reflector may be a little difficult to get a 4 foot light footprint from 2 feet or so (you need to measure the footprint from where the plants leaves will be not the bottom of the tent). You may only have 4 square feet of good light coverage with a short tent.

One nice aspect of a taller tent is you can always lower the light.

From what I've seen, people usually use T5 bulbs in the shorter tents which are often just used for mothers or new clone establishment.

Multiple strains are tricky, you'll have varying plant heights to deal with so splitting the difference between what's the ideal light distance per strain is something you'll be monitoring often.

I say get a 60" tall tent and enjoy the freedom you'll have if you ever decide to grow a nice tall sativa. Plus you can always put the pots on overturned 5 gallon buckets to save you back.

What you said about 8 plants is interesting. That's pretty closely packed pots. You'll have to make sure no plant is wider than 12" or it will be shading the plant next to it. Plus growing plants against the side of the tent isn't great for them. They usually end up looking crappy. If you're trying to grow small plants I recommend smaller pots. 3 gallons are fine. You may be limited to 6 plants in a 48x24 space fitting comfortably.

But that's just my 2 cents. I say leave yourself with as many options as possible. Future you may want to be doing something very differently.

As far as carbon filters go, you've got a 347 cfm fan so you're limited by how many CFM the filter will support.
I'd say
is a good one for that even though it's rated for 400 cfm. Phresh is very well respected and should keep all the smells under control.

u/Mitten_Punch · 1 pointr/microgrowery

What lights are you using?

If it's current-gen LED, you should be fine with a 4" inline, and 4" Phresh filter. If not, 6" inline and one of these.

I don't know that it's the best "bang for your buck". But cheap fans and cheap filters, are, well, cheap. Fan is the most important part of your grow. If your fan goes, your plants die in hours. Filters, IME, either do an okayish job for a cycle or two (Vivosun, Apollo, iPower), or they do a great job for 1+ years (Phresh).

u/SpaceDurr · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

>Can you explain your buckets air flow and air filtration?

My bucket has two passive 120mm intakes that are covered with mesh filters and a single 120mm exhaust in the lid that connects to a 4" flange with dryer ducting. There is a 4" 190 CFM In-Line fan connected to a 4x12 Carbon Filter. I also have a variable fan controller on the in-line fan. I run mine at about half power.

>What do you have your plant in? Planter and soil on the bottom of bucket ect?

I use a 5g nursery pot. For my next grow I will be switching to a smart pot to avoid it getting rootbound.

>I was thinking of extending a 5g bucket under the brute can so the soil is under the setup and the plant itself is in the brute only allowing more space to grow.

If you're gonna do that you're better off getting one of those 5g DWC setups. With that said, I'd advise against doing that. Reason being is you add another layer of complexity in that you have to figure out how to support the brute and you run risks with light leaks. This also puts the brute much higher than you are which can make servicing/watering awkward.

I just have mine sitting on the bottom of the bucket in the pot. The newer style Brutes cause you to lose a few inches but if you can budget to buy two of them and use one as a spacer, it works well.

>Would that work or would I have an issue with temperature difference between roots and plant?

I am not experienced enough to say yay or nay but I doubt it?

u/CheckYourTotem · 1 pointr/portlandhomegrowers

I'm using a carbon filter like this one and it seems to be working well so far. My garage still smells faintly of fresh herb though. It smells delicious but you can definitely still smell it.

If it becomes more of a concern I will switch to a better brand filter, I've heard "Phresh Filters" are the best out there, but they are quite a bit more expensive than the cheapo one I'm using. If it's critical that you mask all of the smell, then I would recommend investing in a Phresh Filter.

u/SuperG_78 · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Filter is a VenTech 4" x 12" 210 CFM Carbon Charcoal Ordor Control Filter
from amazon
( is a repurposed PC fan from and old Dell desktop. So far the filter seems to be working great, no odor detectable outside of the closet.

u/theredkrawler · 1 pointr/refrigeration

You can insulate the compressor no problem. They are cooled by the refrigerant and the motor heat removed via the condenser, so insulating the compressor itself won't cause any problems... though personally I would leave the electrical area exposed to allow heat from the relay to escape.

Air conditioners often insulate their compressors to reduce noise and condensation, and use covers like these:

Not sure on your use of material. You can poke it around anything you think is rattling I guess. Compressors in bar bridges tend to be pretty quiet, so it could be a pipe just gently tapping away on a metal edge somewhere. Usually no fan motors associated with bar fridges, so it's unlikely to be a fan.

u/riseofbigbass · 1 pointr/answers
u/11787 · 1 pointr/HVAC

And I'll thank you too.

That stuff is not cheap. :-(....but still doable.

u/neonturbo · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement
  • New units are tons quieter. That, and moving it would be the best way to solve it, but not the cheapest.

  • A compressor blanket might help somewhat if yours doesn't already have one. Be sure to shut off the power before digging around in there. Check the size, but this is one product in that category.

  • Have an HVAC tech check pressures and temperatures, and adjust "freon" charge if needed. Under or overcharged units can be noisy.

  • Don't restrict the airflow. The install manual for your condenser unit will call out the minimum required clearances. Three foot is a general rule from what I have observed.
u/KeatonOn · 1 pointr/HVAC

Like 3.5' x 2.5'. Or, at least, I think that large noisy vent in a central location is the return...

Aftermarket compressor sound blanket wraps are indeed a thing I don't know much about them either.

u/WhatsUpBras · 1 pointr/mflb

I hate when people advocate against SmokeBuddy's claiming they are too expensive. You spend $ on way stupider shit throughout the week. Spending $7-11 shipped on Amazon with Prime for a Smoke Buddy that kills all smells a 1000x better than any home made sploof is WAYYYY WORTH IT!

Go to Amazon and search SmokeBuddy if you want to keep it legit. I used the MFLB in a hotel with a SmokeBuddy and opened the windows with a fan. Absolutely no smell or lingering smell at all.

EDIT: here is the link that I used when I bought mine (note if you dont have prime then just select a non Amazon retailer and pay for shipping 2-4 dollars brining the total to a bit more than $11.50 but still under $13)

EDIT 2: Also I forgot to mention the Number #1 killer of smells...OZIUM!!!! You MUST get a bottle of Ozium, two sprays = 15-20 sprays of febreeze, lysol....It is quite expensive but you can find the big bottles (3.5 oz) for $5 at Walmart. Ozium + SmokeBuddy + MFLB should be sufficient to mask 90% of smells but and this is a very important BUT, the box smells, weed smells, and if you are smoking a few trenches, opening the box exposes the trench to the air and leads to a bit of a smell and if you smoke more than a few trenches it will definitely stink and you will need at least 10 sprays of Ozium and a prayer that no one smells it (haha very paranoid here but you gotta be to hide the smell of that KUSHHHH!)

hope this helped

u/Ample4th · 1 pointr/mflb

Get a smoke buddy and see if that helps!

Or just make a sploof (toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, rubber band).
I find that my exhaled vapor is the primary source of odor when I use my MFLB.

Don't go overboard with the Febreeze, your roomies might start to associate that smell with your "bad" habit.

u/TheGuildedCunt · 1 pointr/trees

Check out the smoke buddy. It's amazing. Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter - Lime Green

u/philipwhw · 1 pointr/trees

Smoke Buddy is by far the best product I've ever used

u/RonsMoustache · 1 pointr/trees

Step one: Move all of your shit, drop it off at a frients house.
Step two: stop smoking for at least two weeks at your apartment.
Step three: start vaping with a smoke buddy

You should be fine.

u/PM_ME_UR_WET_LEGINGS · 1 pointr/saplings

Thank you for posting this! Also, if you wanna spend a little money, I highly recommend a Smoke Buddy Jr. . Most are only ~$10 and there's no point in getting a full size one. Literally no smoke or smell comes out of the other end and it saves you from having to make your own sploof every time.

u/kash1993 · 1 pointr/trees

I used to stick a fan by the window and use a smokebuddy. Still use the smokebuddy as a cop lives above me lol.

smokebuddy Jr Black Personal Air Filter

u/aliccccceeee · 1 pointr/entwives

I recommend using one of these, it helps eliminate smoke and reduce smell, it’s not perfect but as long as your landlord isnt a bloodhound it’ll probably stop him from smelling anything

smokebuddy smokebuddy Jr Black Personal Air Filter

u/AmericanJuices · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I just got one of these and it works like a charm. I believe it uses a carbon vapor. such ninja

smoke buddy

u/summerofsin · 1 pointr/trees

The green one is cheapest at $9.16, and harder to lose due to the color, haha.

u/velvenhavi · 1 pointr/oilpen

removes any smoke and smell 100% and with carts its actually 100% because they have no residual smoke/vapor production

youre welcome :)

u/Good_Enough_For_Me · 1 pointr/saplings

Get a smoke buddy, I've used one for years to keep my shared hallway from smelling, or if im staying in a hotel. They range 8 to 20 bucks, each size filters more hits.

u/Depressed01 · 1 pointr/trees

As for gear how about these? Also what do you recommend



Smoke Buddy



u/Llewellyn420 · 1 pointr/vaporents

Yes you can, try to be careful. Get a smokebuddy also it will help you in the future!!!

u/scoopinresponse · 1 pointr/trees

I don't know much about law-enforcement's feelings toward trees over there, but I do know that here they'd need to know who's door to direct the police to, (If you're just outside and you smell weed and complain to the police they'll probably tell you there's nothing they can do unless you can tell where it's coming from) and if they did choose to show up, they'd have to smell it themselves and suspect it's coming from your specific domicile, and then they'd have to also suspect that you have enough that you could be selling it, because they'll need a warrant if they want to search your residence.

The next thing is to get yourself something like a Smoke Buddy to exhale through to mitigate the smell, and be mindful of how you smoke. Bowls you can kill off in one hit produce a lot less smell than say a joint.

u/BLO0DBATHnBEOND · 1 pointr/trees

I used to use that old jank shit but it's nothing compared to a smoke buddy. These things have carbon filters in them that catch the smoke and nothing comes out the other side. If you have the money and need to cover your dank stank i would invest.

$12.00 with free shipping

u/pullonrocks · 1 pointr/Dabs

seriously, order a smoke buddy on amazon. They're like magic, and if you ever notice it not working as well as it should just run it through the clothes dryer and it will start working like new again.

u/OkayBuddy1234567 · 1 pointr/trees

Alright buy a bowl, smoke in your bathroom with the fan on, and blow your smoke into one of those smoke filters
Spray a little axe afterwards

u/zanyzanne · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole

This is a grow room issue, I guarantee it. BUT, if it turns out to be actual smoke... buy your neighbors this.


u/mosotaiyo · 1 pointr/Advice

As per my other comment:
Here is the product I recommend and use, I've gone through half a dozen. (the filter eventually gets saturated and they don't filter 100%... but thats after like blowing a quarter pound or half pound worth of product through it. (months and months of use))

This would help even with a joint, to reduce the smoke your exhaling from your drags, although the burning jay will still be producing smoke that will linger to your neighbors.

This product works best when combined with a pipe, bubbler, bong or similar apparatus that you can load up with single tokes. Take a huge toke, blow it out through the smoke buddy. virtually no smell/smoke leftover. Most smoke shops will carry them or a variation of them... People use these smoking indoors in apartment complexes unbeknownst to their neighbors in the same complex.

Your neighbor would probably appreciate it, and you can keep on smoking. He's happy, you're baked.

Edit: To answer your last question OP: You're not wrong to smoke on your own property, but after your neighbor brought up his concerns, you'd be kind of a dick to just give him the middle finger and ignore him. There are better methods out there to find some sort of middle ground with your neighbor aside from "blowing smoke in the other direction" :P

u/thottumharvey · 1 pointr/tifu

I know you have tons of comments to look at but I hope you see this OP!

There is a product called a Smoke Buddy you get get at Walmart or order it on Amazon. While it doesn’t completely get rid or the smell of you are smoking a joint or smoking out of a pipe, but if you use a bong and make sure not to release any of the smoke it works very well. My roommate would use one and I could never really tell. Here’s a link to the one on Amazon!

Smoke Buddy

u/arizona-lad · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Build or buy a window bracket:

u/ArdvarkMaster · 1 pointr/DIY

There are some brackets that do not require drilling, but they are a little pricey:

Link 1
Link 2

You can use wood but you may need something to support the rear of the AC because you probably don't want the top section of the window trying to hold the AC in place.

u/Notevenspecial · 1 pointr/DIY
u/langenoirx · 1 pointr/AskNYC

I bought one of these. Is that not a good enough bracket?

u/heurelius · 1 pointr/HVAC

As I understand the Nest won't work with mini splits. Rather it's compatible with more centralized heating systems.

For your Daikin ductless heat pump, I'd recommend something like this controller -

u/MrHaVoC805 · 1 pointr/homeautomation

That's ugly and needlessly complicated.
There's an easy to use device out there that's cheaper than an Ecobee and has more functionality.

AirPatrol WiFi. Smart Air Conditioner Controller for mini-split, window or portable AC. iOS/Android Compatible, US Version, Works with Amazon Alexa with IFTTT

u/tannebil · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Two cautions come up about this approach. First, make sure your smart plug can handle the load. The Wemo is supposed to be able to handle 1800w which is a typical US wall outlet but some outlets are wired with 20 amp circuits so you will want to double-check the specs for your AC. The other is that fast cycling your unit can damage it so you'll want to make sure that there is a decent delay between cycles. A few minutes at least. You could do this by setting at least a 3-4 degree difference between the on and off settings. But it's something to be aware of if you are manually controlling it.

You also need to make sure your unit auto-starts after cutting the power. Not sure about AC units but lots of space heaters and coffee pots need to be manually turned back on after the power is cut and restored.

I saw this on Amazon. It's a little expensive but makes all those problems go away (replacing them with different ones I'm sure).

u/Union__Jack · 1 pointr/Ultralight

I used this one and cut it down. Note that it's thicker than most others, but my 81*47/39 is 2.8 oz and sturdy. 1.5 mil is 1.5 thousandths of an inch.

u/themadscribe · 1 pointr/Ultralight

I have only used Tyvek as a groundsheet, but will be switching this year to save weight.

Dude made a polycro tarp out of window film.

The Heavy Duty Duck Brand seems to be have its share of fans.

More discussion from BPL

u/IDoMindTheDudeMinds · 1 pointr/houseplants

You should be fine. If you're concerned about it, use [these] ( to prevent drafts.

u/ottiecat · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/diddy403 · 1 pointr/homestead

They run off piezo electric current Peltier Generator wherein the heat source needs to get hot enough to stress the materials which create the electricity required for operation ( ( There are wires that run from the solid material layer into the fan engine to power it, which then runs until the heat source cools down and it automatically shuts off (due to lack of heat power). The fans are relatively cheap too, I got mine on Amazon for like $40 and it works great and looks good as well. The main benefit is that they push the hot air off the top of the hear source (hot air rises) so instead of that air immediately going up to the ceiling it goes out in the room first before rising eventually. Mine usually kicks on when the surface it's touching reaches about 200 degrees and will run continually for as long as I keep my stove above that temperature. In case you want one, here's the one I bought off Amazon (

u/Madblood · 1 pointr/woodstoving

I got this one a few years ago. It's more of a novelty than anything else. It spins its little ass off when the stove is going, but I cant really feel any air moving from it. When it dies, I won't replace it.

u/j91co · 1 pointr/DIY

I appreciate your response! The problem is that I am not permitted to drill the holes outside that most kits require and others I have tried flunked out.

The kit below wanted holes in the sill or frame (which you can see in one photo), the problem was I couldn't get purchase cause my drill hits something too hard to get through. The sill is made of some weird rock looking material that I wasn't sure if I should try to use. I also tried a tool-less kit but the living room window is a double, and expanding "arms" would not be anchored by the wall and all the weight would be on the bottom of the window frame.

Thats why I thought of popping on an L angle to each side, the window would have to fall apart or something before the A/C could come loose.

Window Side View

u/darealmvp1 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

The reason they dont want to do it is because there is no money to be made doing so. Or you problably wont want to pay the labor since its going to be considerably more than the purchase of the window unit.

I would suggest a bracket rather than a bar. Something like this. How high up is the window? Is this a rental or a home? I would suggest looking at a handy man to do this install rather than an ac contractor.

u/Xereth4586 · 1 pointr/battlestations

HAVIT Extended Mouse Pad, Extra Large Magic Eagle Gaming Mouse Mat with Anti-skid and Waterproof Rubber Base, 35.43 X 11.8 X 0.12" (MP830, Black)

u/ADSquared · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

Yea I just bought this:

So that I can seal the window that I'm gonna vent out of. Thanks!

u/mezzzolino · 1 pointr/homelab

When I was working at university in a non-technical environment with some serious servers (good-guy-boss :) ), we had the janitors to install holes in the windows to fit the air outtakes of a portable AC.

If cutting circles into glass is not an option (which I assume), why not at least try some window seals like this (no recommendation for this product, just my first hit)

u/Blurgas · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

Link came out as a not found, but this works:

u/minusworld · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

Not the most elegant solution but I did this with an old car and it worked fairly well. DampRid closet moisture absorbers. I used these because you can hang them from the back of the seats and they won't spill. There may be better dessicants out there but these are super cheap. It's crazy how much water these pull out of tbe air.

u/ontheleftcoast · 1 pointr/overlanding

I didn't watch the whole video, ( too much selfie time), but I don't think it was ruined, just stained. Either way, get some damp rid, and pack it inside the tent when you store it to help collect moisture when you pack it.

They need to be properly oriented to work, but hopefully you can work something out.,

u/chanelgucci88 · 1 pointr/RepLadies

I do think they work, but not immediately. i have a 187 gabrielle that still bothers me, despite me leaving it with the moisture bag for 2 weeks in a small closet. The bag collected a ton of smell, but it still lingers :( i think 187 has smelly bags, unfortunately. here's the link to what i bought: I found it from reading this review:

u/taterbits · 1 pointr/RepLadies

Damprid worked very well for me.

u/ProdigyI5 · 1 pointr/SiberianCats

This is the top rated air purifier on consumer reports and the filter that I use. Works great, no complaints.

u/FabulousAntlers · 1 pointr/santarosa

We've been using Blue Air 211+ purifiers, but they're expensive and somewhat noisy. Replacement filters (they last 6 months) are also expensive, but are slightly cheaper in the off months (e.g., not allergy season).

They work well, but I'd be interested in hearing about a cheaper purifier.

u/KingSlinks · -1 pointsr/Skookum

Sploofy refills are already $10 a peice.

if I bought this and this I could cut like 30 cores out of it but I'm still not confident that cutting them is a good idea.