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u/Teknofobe · 76 pointsr/AskReddit
  • Air Freshener - Fbreeze is best. I had a roommate that used axe body spray as air freshener. Fuck him.
  • Microwave + Mini fridge - It's not fine dining, but super handy to have for late night snacks or when you just can't/don't want to make it to the food court
  • Beds on lofts and a couch/loveseat - we had a couch in our room, which made us a popular hang out spot. With the beds up high there was room underneath for other stuff (couch on one side, TV, fridge, microwave and whatnot on the other)
  • My freshman year, rope lights were very popular. They can be cheap mood lighting.
  • Sticky Hooks - many colleges will only let you use these to hang things. Also, if you want to hang a poster you will want poster hangers

    EDIT: Typo
u/ItsMyCake · 26 pointsr/lifehacks

Command Large Utility Hook, White, 3-Hooks, 6-Strips (17003-3ES)

u/Buster-_-Cherry · 21 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

One step further...if there is not a proper place to dispose of my butt....I will extinguish it an put it back in my pack or pocket until I can dispose of it.

Or you could buy one of these.

u/Wishyouamerry · 17 pointsr/DiWHY

Hang it up with command strip refills. They work great, I use them to hang up tons of stuff!

u/Ktaily · 16 pointsr/lifehacks

Or these for just $3.88

u/ravecatlady · 12 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Something like this! This have some with velcro and some with just two sticky sides. I used the sticky ones but either would work!
Command Refill Strips, Medium, White, 9-Strips - 17021P

Edit: I spelled velcro wrong

u/venusproxxy · 12 pointsr/pics
u/Summerie · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales

Can't speak fo OP, but these work well, and there are a bunch of different styles and materials to suit your decor.

u/cenebi · 9 pointsr/worldnews

There are in fact thousands, possibly millions of people worldwide that have portable ashtrays.

This one is less than $5, $10 with shipping. This isn't that difficult.

This one is also under $5 and has a colorful kangaroo on it.

So yes, people actually do that. It's this thing people that aren't lazy and terrible call "Having some goddamn respect".

u/SayJonTwice · 9 pointsr/FrankOcean

Two command strip hooks each, in the middle on the top and bottom. They're cheap and easy to put up and take down.

they're difficult to fit a lot of 2 disks vinyls (camp's vinyl is a pain to take off the wall), and if you're super serious about not damaging the art work (some vinyls I've hung up has little scratch on them from sliding the hooks against them), go for a better option, but they're great with most.

Amazon link to buy the command hooks I used

u/Schrockwell · 9 pointsr/headphones

I have 4 of these. Easy to install and work great. Just follow the directions carefully - ensure the wall is clean before applying.

u/ihaxr · 8 pointsr/networking

What I've done in the past is mount a cable ladder to the wall, then the other end to the top of the rack, then ran the cable up and over the ladder, so it's suspended... (something like this: with this, I think: or maybe just some random bolts/plates from a hardware store).

Since your cabling is already completely ran/terminated, only thing that would work is what you posted or some sort of large U-hook.

u/mimosapudica · 7 pointsr/SubredditDrama

here's a site that sells something similar to what I have... But for some reason this place only sells them in giant multipacks. Mine were given to me at a music festival so they probably were made by a company like this. I'm sure you can find ones sold individually online somewhere else!

when searching for the pervious link, I found round key chain versions that seem pretty cool too!

u/LeLexDxD · 6 pointsr/oculus

Large Command Hooks

You basically just set up the command hook so that it's tilted (pointing at around 10 o'clock) and then the sensor nicely snugs itself in and conveniently points slightly downward as well

They're also pretty useful for a place to put your touch controllers (learned this one from another redditor)

u/DingleberryGranola · 6 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/Aquifel · 6 pointsr/oculus

Not an official purpose-built mount, but i couldn't be happier with how this hook worked out for my oculus/touch:

u/Tkelite · 6 pointsr/boostedboards

These are the exact hooks that Casey and most other people use.

u/jcoopr86 · 5 pointsr/hockeygoalies

$50 for about $15 in materials and a tiny bit of thought, really?

Large J Hook - $8 - Can be hand bent out to fit center bar gap on the back bar

GoPro Tripod Mounts x3 - $4

I am usually not one to trash ingenuity and designing your own products to fit your needs, but $50 is a joke. I understand you're selling to a pretty niche market here, however $20 is probably more appropriate a price.

u/chubbysumo · 5 pointsr/HomeNetworking

>I'm currently renting my house and I can't make any modifications at all...

run the wires behind the baseboard trim, or use these little clear
3M command hooks
to just string the cable's up along near the ceiling.

u/tehcharizard · 5 pointsr/headphones

I use a few of these things. They've been there for the last few years now without ever coming off or anything. A+

u/acemonster07 · 5 pointsr/headphones

Don't laugh. I have headphone stands that I use near my bookshelf and end-table. But, I have a smaller desk and not enough space for a full-fledged stand. So, I bought these:

They stick right on to the wall using 3m tape and are solid. Plus, I like that it's wide enough to allow the headphone band plus cables.

u/mike_stifle · 4 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

That is cute and all, but this is the exact same thing and they only cost 8 bucks.

u/zacattac · 4 pointsr/rawdenim

These 3M's work fine for my 12.5 oz, and sometimes another pair behind them.

u/optmspotts · 4 pointsr/battlestations
u/Lurkily · 4 pointsr/oculus

The equipment pictured are:

The Rift S, and updated Touch Controllers.

Command mini-hooks to mount the touch controllers in grabbing position when not in use.

Saitek X45 HOTAS setup - I found a number of these used available for around $45. They no longer support Windows 10 with their drivers, but these work fine for me with the older drivers. No link because any link to a used set will be sold soon after it's posted.

Selfpro men's sweat wicking headbands. They help reduce sweat and heat in the headset, as well as hold your hair back so it can't grease up your lenses.

Koss KSC75 headphones. Take off the clips and just tuck them under the headband, over your ear. Wind the cord around the halo over your ear, so that at rest they dangle in the right palce. The clips snap-off and snap-on, so prying them off won't damage them.

Three inch googly eyes. Easily the most important part of this kit after the headset itself.

Amazon Basics rechargable batteries.

Universal battery charger with LCD display.

Powerpax storacell AA battery caddy, so I don't have to fuck about with loose batteries. Take batteries from the right, add recharged batteries on the left. If you don't pack it 100% full, the empty space can show you which batteries have the oldest recharge - first in, first out.

Cheap and shitty A-frame computer desk.

Not pictured: Shitty Essentials armless swivel chair

EDIT: There are not any custom grips. The stock straps are hitched to the ring and re-attached.

u/sea_guy · 4 pointsr/PS4

You can use a cheap banana holder as a stand.

u/Bandeezy · 4 pointsr/boostedboards

$29 for hooks? Yeah, no thanks.

Half the price. Just as good.

u/odisen · 4 pointsr/amiibo

o.O it bothers me, please change them all to the clear ones lol.

u/Brostradamus_ · 4 pointsr/buildapc

Here ya go.

For others curious, the Headset is SteelSeries Arctis 7. They frequently go on sale--I got mine below $100. It's a fabulous headset. The only reason I wouldn't recommend it is if you happen to have a really big head--they fit my kinda-big noggin ok, but I'm right at the end of what they can handle comfortably.

u/qupada42 · 4 pointsr/homelab

My solution to exactly this issue:

Flat Ethernet cable, tiny 3m cable clips.

The skirting boards in our house are white and the cable is halfway down below the carpet, so most people don't even notice it until I point it out to them. Goes through a doorway without getting in the way, too.

Those flat cables may or may not be great for long distances, but I've got that 25' / 8m one running gigabit and ~11W of PoE and have no issues whatsoever.

u/seelykay · 4 pointsr/christmas

Here's some ideas:

  • Lights/garlands around walls with command hooks to get this look. If your decorations are heavier, get bigger hooks. These are temporary and very easily removed and put up.
  • Decorating around the TV looks so cozy.
  • Sticky Tack to put up things like snowflakes on walls or doors (also very easily put up and removed!)
  • If you don't have space for a tree, you can try things like this or get a little tabletop one.
  • This wreath hanger might work (depending on how thick your door is). Does no damage, I use one just like it!
  • Window decals don't take up any space and are temporary.
  • Hanging ornaments on cabinet handles (surprisingly hard to find pictures of this, I do this all the time, just have to make sure you don't use ornament hooks and tie things with string or they might fall off and break).
  • Holiday decor for the rest of the house can make a big impact for how your space feels. Things like bedding or bath decor.

    I would focus on decorating by area to make the rest of your home feel festive, if you can't focus around a fireplace like you seem to have in the past.

u/3migo · 3 pointsr/ebikes

That's the way I'd be hanging it most likely. Hanging it vertically off the front wheel, and the rest of the bike hanging down from that point. Something like this:

u/TigerBeetle · 3 pointsr/DIY

I have done this! Home depot sells big 4x8 sheets of whiteboard like material. In the store it will be labeled as 'white panel board'.

Then buy a bunch of command strips.

Put 2-3 strips on each side of the back of the board (8-12 strips per board) leaving just the rounded tabs sticking out past the edge of the board. Then peel off all the wall side backings from the strips and place the board on the wall.

You will only have one go at this, if you miss place the board, you will probably have to replace all the command strips to try again, so be careful. Then, press down hard on the location where each command strip is. You will have to leave small ~1" gaps between the boards so that you can get at the command strip tabs in case you need to remove the boards.

u/ReturnToFlesh84 · 3 pointsr/amiibo

I just use Command Hooks. These ones

u/gmanz2142 · 3 pointsr/CableManagement

I find that the small(er) type of command hooks, found here, work fairly well at holding up ethernet cables. I use these to run my 100ft ethernet from the first floor of my place up to the bedroom. They're a little expensive, but they get the job done.

u/Nam-Ereh-Won · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ah, I've had that happen before. Luckily work is within walking distance, so it wasn't so bad. Do y'all have a key holder by the door? We've got one of these at my place!

u/mindfeck · 3 pointsr/frugalinteriordesign

This looks pretty good.

I have this more minimalist key holder that's served me well (I actually use it)-

u/ColinAllCarz · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need this so I stop loosing my keys - a ninja keep stealing them.

/u/xowyomingox needs this because aliens stole her water faucet head the other day.

u/Kuipo · 3 pointsr/teslamotors

I mean... we just installed something like this:

It was less than 10$ and you can even hook the final part through the two prongs and it holds it in place great. I don't know why you would need to rig something up on the ceiling and stuff. Why would you think it would be easier to use? Did you install the plug on the wrong wall or something?

If you need, I could take some photos when I get home.

u/goombaacez84 · 3 pointsr/boostedboards

I do believe some people have used these:

Do note that these are the large j hooks. Tornado sells a smaller one which I don't think clears the boosted's wheels.

u/joseconseco999 · 3 pointsr/boostedboards

Or a pair of these hooks for only $14!

Tornado 00520 Large J-Hook

u/BMWbill · 3 pointsr/boostedboards

They are these, recommended to me by someone here on the Boosted sub.
Tornado 00520 Large J-Hook

u/Arvaci · 3 pointsr/battlestations

These right here:

I just stuck two of them together to make a U-shape so I can mount it from the top.

u/INeedHelpMan · 3 pointsr/headphones

Just as a heads up, there are headphone stands on amazon that are very similar to this design:

I don't know if you're trying to do it for the joy of DIY, but if you're doing it to save money these are $6 each (I don't know how much 3D printing cost so sorry if it's a lot cheaper than that). They have some for desks too.

Thought I'd point it out, but otherwise awesome idea, especially being able to configure it differently.

u/RunOnSmoothFrozenIce · 2 pointsr/NYCbike

In case you couldn't find it, this is the comment and (more importantly) this is the wall mount/rack.

u/Superfish57 · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

You’re welcome to try but I don’t think the pins would be able to support the shelf, let alone anything you put on top. You should try some of these hooks. They stick to the wall and are designed to be removable without leaving any marks.

u/Akane_Tsunemori · 2 pointsr/anime
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/bicycling
u/Grit45 · 2 pointsr/headphones

I just bought large hooks with a screw shape on the end and screwed it in to my table. Works great.

I bought mine from home Depot, but it looks similar to these: TEKTON 7644 Heavy Duty Bike Hooks, Ceiling Mount, 2-Piece

u/theTwizz89 · 2 pointsr/beadsprites

Command strips
Command Refill Strips, Medium, White, 9-Strips

u/jimbonics · 2 pointsr/Rockband

Just a couple of those double-sided adhesive things with the pull tabs. Works wonderfully!

Like these:

u/chocolate_on_toast · 2 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Easy way to brighten up student rooms:

  • Get yourself some Command mini hooks which you can remove without damaging the walls. Place these at roughly 20-30cm intervals along the top of the wall.

  • Buy yourself some awesome fabric in whatever length you need (hit up ebay and amazon for bargains, or searching in town.

  • If you want to be all fancy-pants, make eyelet holes or loop tabs at the top of the fabric

  • Hang fabric on wall. You can have all one colour/design; mostly plain with one bright/patterned strip; ombres or rainbows; printed/painted patterns... anything you want. You can do all of one wall, the whole room, just one feature strip... whatever your heart (and budget) wants!

  • Stand back and admire the awesomeness that are your walls. You can now pin up any posters with blu-tack, and it won't mark the walls, you'll have protection from knocking/scratching the paint, all of it is easily changeable, removable and customisable, and it'll easily move with you to a new place if you want it to.

    ProTip: I did this at Uni and fucking loved it, but my friends did tend to want to customise my wall-hangings. A couple of pen-marks seeped through the fabric onto the walls. If you fancy writing onthe walls, or think people might, hang cheap wallpaper lining paper (or even a layer or two of newspaper, nything really!) behind the fabric, just in case.

    Another tip: get yourself on Freecycle - I furnished my entire house from it, including all appliances, for nothing more than cost of picking stuff up.
u/mult1kill · 2 pointsr/MouseReview

I agree with this meme to an extent. I feel like mouse bungees area waste of money. I've been using a single Command Hook as long as I can remember and haven't had any problems with it, and even better it's out of the way stuck on the back of my monitor. Recently switched back to the fUNC F10.s that comes with a cable "bungee" that is on the mousepad. Bungee's seem like too much of a gimmick to me

I don't know how to do links properly :

u/WhiskeyandKittens · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is awesome, and useful!

You? Me? You? Me?

u/elephantsinging · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

WOOT WOOT! Congratulations! School was insane for me... I'm glad you made it out alive. What is your degree in?

Here are a couple things that might liven up your desk:

u/selfcurlingpaes · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Great idea for a contest! I just went to my transfernorientation today and flooded my wishlist with the new category of "crap I actually need :/"

I've found a lot of cool stuff. I hope you don't mind me posting more than one- it's not like, to make sure I win the contest, but because I want to share all the nifty things I've found :P

I love the design of this key holder

Robot flash drive! I love robots!

Wood USB Drive!

OMG this pizza cutter!

and this one too!

Mondrian dry erase board!

You need these adorable hedgehog dryer balls

Also, if you aren't aware of dry erase and/or chalkboard adhesive vinyl, you now are. Quick, cheap, non-wall-damaging noteboard. Awesomeness.

u/ivanmartinvalle · 2 pointsr/Hooping

We hang our hoops (about 10?) on Tornado 00510 Extended U-Hook

u/dagreatstate · 2 pointsr/boostedboards

Tornado 00520 Large J-Hook

Or these without the spacers he talked about.

Tornado 00510 Extended U-Hook

u/Elementz_Reborn · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Thanks, I was worried there. The hook I'm using is tied to the leg of my desk. Easy to do that with all the holes. I'll reformat this link as soon as I'm on desktop:

u/liquidarity · 2 pointsr/homegym

Looks like you made your own plyo-box, nice. Next thing I’d strongly recommend are [tornado hooks]( Tornado 00515 J-Hook ) to store you barbell on the wall.
How do you like those bumpers?

u/Adamvos · 2 pointsr/boostedboards

Oh sorry, thought this was a different post
Here’s the link for it
Tornado 00520 Large J-Hook

u/eertnivek · 2 pointsr/boostedboards

Would you recommend those over the Tornado J hooks?

u/Boostedubz · 2 pointsr/boostedboards

I would avoid purchasing any accessories now that require power from the port. Right now, there are too many variables to buy any accessories that may require power from the accessory port such as headlights, etc., but you can get those once the port is revealed. To my knowledge, their are no backpacks that can carry the board. You can, however, slide your boosted board through the 2 straps on a regular backpack wheel-side facing your back and then put the backpack on to carry it around. A good option for a wall mount would be this: If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

u/thezlog · 2 pointsr/Jeep

Depending on the lag screws you used you might be fine. I did a pair of screws in each 2x4 (1 per joist spanned) as each screw was rated for 300 lbs. The pulleys are all rated at 250lb and the rope is 280lb. The eyes that each pulley hangs from are rated for 200lbs, and the little rings between the pulley and eye are like 300lb. I made sure each point of failure could/should be able to hold the entire weight of the top.

I just bought some of these to type into the ropes, I think they might work really well:

They were in stock at Home Depot. they should avoid weight on the seals and not slip out. I might still do a bungee or something between them, though.

u/fazalmajid · 2 pointsr/homelab

First and foremost, nylon zip-ties, along with a tool to tighten and cut them:

You can get adhesive clips to tie cables under a desk:

These 3M Command brand ones are designed to be removed without marring the surface they're stuck on:

These Velcro brand cable ties on a roll are cheaper and more convenient than the fancier kinds with tabs:

If you want to bundle together cables in a sheath, these ones with zippers work better than velcro ones:

(word or warning: the zippers are not exactly premium YKK or RiRi quality, be careful when engaging them to avoid cross-threading..

For routing cables, these Danish organizers are pretty sweet (not available on for some reason):ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=cablox

Generally speaking, it pays to replace power cords, Ethernet cords and the like with shorter versions to avoid having slack cable turn into spaghetti. In the UK, your plugs are so bulky a splitter cable like these makes sense:

Finally don't forget to label your cables. This Brother flexible tape works in some of their label makers (you need either a PC-connectable one or one that has software to print labels that can be wrapped around the cable):

here is a shot of it in action:

They also have some label makers that will print on heat-shrink tube labels, but obviously that will not work on ready-made patch cables.

u/jswilson64 · 2 pointsr/HomeNetworking

As others have said - get a longer cable.

In case your parents don't want any more holes in their walls, you could use some of these clips to help route the cables:


We used these in one of our kids' college apartment to get the cables up off the floor - no holes in the walls at move-out time.

u/hlbyers92 · 2 pointsr/bengalcats

It may seem counterintuitive, but install curtains and sheers. Once you have them installed you can leave the blinds up at a higher height all of the time. It works for my boys. I also took all of the cord pulls and tucked them behind and fastened the ends between the window and blinds with this 3M hook. I know this description is a little confusing but it works. If you would like more details, please let me know!

u/cpverne · 2 pointsr/oculus

I have three and they work fine with command strips. One has been on the wall for about 4 months with no issues, and just put two more the ceiling. You can use either normal command strips, or the velcro ones and they should be fine. Makes moving it to adjust the position much cleaner.

I also use the command strip cord clips to secure the cable to the ceiling/walls to prevent the cable from moving the sensor over
time. If it hangs from the sensor it could shift it and then your tracking would be off.

u/pinkmagedon · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

"The past is of no consequence. It cannot be changed. The future is a blank slate." I like to keep this in mind, as another impatient individual. We really never know what's going to happen. Anything can change. Plan all you may, but all you really have is now. Enjoy it, before it goes.

As for brightening your day. Post some pictures around where you work, carry them with you. Remember why you're doing what you're doing. YOU are your own worst enemy. You are stronger than you can imagine. When you feel out of whack: Stop, breathe, think, and find something beautiful about the place your in. If that isn't possible, close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine where you want to be.

You can try to volunteer at a shelter for animals, a thrift store, soup kitchen. Go through your things and donate stuff. Find a homeless man/women/child, and ask them if there's anything you can do for them. I recently gave a homeless man that walked by my house a bag of cans to recycle, and some older blankets I don't use. He was more than grateful. Heck offer to buy them a meal, or make them a samich. Oddly enough, I've also let a homeless man use my shower. That was kind of weird, but... I felt he needed it, and I knew who he was from talking to a friend. Anything you can do to brighten someone elses day, will also brighten yours. By a LOOOONG shot.

Cleaning. I like to clean. Most people don't seem to, but I find it helps to relax, feel accomplished, and it takes my mind off of the impatience. It gets something done right then and there.

I could probably suggest more but this is getting long winded. >_>

I could use this.

u/lizzieisrad · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Its surprising some of the things you find out that you need after you move in.

  1. Trashcan

  2. Can opener... I had to get really creative one night trying to open a can

  3. Flash Drive with high storage

  4. Mirror

  5. A nice rug

  6. Shower Caddy or if you have communal bathrooms portable shower caddy

  7. Command Hooks and tabs

  8. Over the door hooks

  9. Desk Calendar/planner

  10. A few cheap dishes and flatware for microwave meals


    These are just a few things. I just graduated college and I will never again underestimate the necessity of duct tape and a plunger :P

    EDIT: Would you like a falafel with that?
u/try_another4 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What I love about myself is my braaain :) And people like that I have a bubbly personality, so I like that too!

This hook door hanger thing would make me happy because it's useful!

u/PalebloodSky · 2 pointsr/nvidia

Yea my 144Hz monitor has a stand that that pops out of the side. But before I was into PC gaming and had a regular 60Hz monitor I just stuck this on the back of it and problem solved:

u/MaxAaron9 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I would think something like this would work
if not just buy a controller hanger and hot glue it on

u/JoonDock · 2 pointsr/gaming

A desk-length mousepad.

Monitor Mounts

Cable Management knick knacks.

Ambient lighting behind your monitor. I just use a variable desk LED lamp.

Headphone wall mounts.

A decent speaker/sub combo for when you want to just sit back, relax, and watch a movie.

A Microsoft Wireless Adapter + Couple of XB1 Controllers = local wireless multiplayer gaming (up to 8 controllers I think).

u/CB_Ranso · 2 pointsr/Perfectfit

Here you go, friend.

These are the ones I got. Super cheap and they work great.

u/stevejo_nd · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Or meant for headphones. I have two, one on the case and one on the wall behind the desk.

u/doodls · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

Yes, go back to IKEA! Somewhere near the end, around the lamps and ceiling lights, I found these cheap cable snake sleeves:

I also use these for cables under the desk after separating out of the snake and organizing under the desk:
These too:

And these are great for individual cable control:

I've added to and removed from my setup half a dozen times since I last organized my wires so they're a mess again, so be aware that it's a constant battle.

Edit: these look pretty good too, am going to get some myself if I don't make it to IKEA soon:

u/megsays · 2 pointsr/plants

Mine definitely has help. I use these. :)

u/ragingduck · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

Display: Command by 3M Damage-Free Decorating Clips, 45 Clips, 54 Strips, Hangs up to 90 feet of lights, Easy to Open Packaging (CL806CLR-45ES)

Storage: 3.75 gallon storage bin. Holds about 20–30 carded Hot Wheels.

u/pineapplesinmyhead · 2 pointsr/lifx

For my Zstrip I used these clear holiday light clips to keep it held down, it works phenomenally and the strip perfectly fits through the hook. None of them have fallen off or anything, at least not yet, and it’s been holding it down for months now. Command 3M Clear Mini Light Clips

u/615MLSthrowaway · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

i used the 2 included screws (regardless of what the reviews said), drilled directly into a stud. rock solid.

i only had to pay a really small non-refundable deposit so i have a lot of freedom in that regard. in general though, if you have access to matching paint, you could patch up any of the holes you'd need very easily.

u/takeshita_kenji · 1 pointr/cycling

Well, then that opens the door to stuff like this.

u/crbn_kllr · 1 pointr/AskNYC

There is always space in the apartment, as evidenced by our multiple bikes hanging from various walls.

One option


A third hung from the ceiling

u/tmantman195 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Thanks! I got it on amazon here

u/LeZa0 · 1 pointr/bicycling

I got it from Amazon, but I've also seen it at Lowes.

u/KruelKris · 1 pointr/DIY

I'm not sure you would need to fix the extra board. It might just lay on top of the mantle. If not, as said, holes in the wall are less difficult to deal with. Or I wonder if you could do something clever with something like this...
Command Large Utility Hook, White, 3-Hooks, 6-Strips (17003-3ES)

u/Anthony022 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

> as long as your not stressing any wires i think it would be fine to just. i used this for a while for my logitech g430 headphones not sure how well it would work for the hyperx

u/nascasho · 1 pointr/oculus

I've had mine for a while now (8 months) and I can safely say they're quite durable by themselves, even dropped it a few times. If you're worried about damaging it, I advise getting some adhesive hooks and hanging off of that.

I use these hooks on an ikea storage thingy and it's been rock solid for months. Use two, one for both of the remotes and the other for the HMD. Hang by the rear of the headband (the triangle hole thingy).

u/yungcrouch · 1 pointr/nba

[Here's a pic of the jersey hanging up and a pic of the hook] ( You can find them literally anywhere. I think I got mine at target and they're like 6 bucks for a pack of 2.

Edit: the hooks on amazon. They work like a charm and they are cheap as hell.

u/arbiter42 · 1 pointr/Vive

I use standard 3M wall hooks (large size). They fit the ring on top of the wands perfectly, and the strap on the headset sits comfortably on them as well.

u/2daMooon · 1 pointr/vinyl

Three of these bad boys:

Two on the bottom about an inch or two from the end of the sleeve and one on the top in the center.

u/ann_nonymous · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. [These hooks would be a lifesaver] (
  2. Eek...its 7:23 (Seattle time) and I realized I didn't eat lunch. I had a super stressful day and didn't feel much like eating. I think there was a bag of pretzels today. whoops.
  3. lunch money

    Thanks for the fun contest!
u/patpend · 1 pointr/Kayaking

Something more like this or this?

It seems like I would want something with a little longer front, to prevent the boats from slipping off.

u/psdtwk · 1 pointr/unicycling

$5.75 on Amazon. and every hardware store has them for the same price range.

u/lostthinkiam · 1 pointr/cycling

the stress is actually on the spoke nut, not the spoke. As long as you bike isn't 60lbs, I'm sure it'll be completely fine in the long run. have also used two utility hooks, like these (
but mounted sideways into the wall, then hung both wheels on them with the bike upside down. That way the weight is 50/50 on the wheel rims - which are made to handle 250lbs+ so the bike by itself is nothing. Have done that for decades.

If you're really paranoid, you can always install it slightly low so that the rear wheel sits on the ground and the hook retains play. then you know the weight load is more horizontal and is only that few lbs it takes to oppose gravity from the bike falling backwards.

u/redfoxiii · 1 pointr/bikewrench

If the storage is inside, you can't get cheaper or better than these.

Remember to alternate bars up and down if it's single hook storage, and never hang oil damper suspension forks upside down.

u/STR4NGE · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

If you are looking for a temporary permanent solution Command strips work wonders. I've nailed a few USB hubs down with them. No marks when you remove them either.

u/jam905 · 1 pointr/ecobee

> I'd set one of my sensors right on top of the thermostat

Don't do this. Heat rises. Heat from the thermostat will affect the sensor. Stick on the wall next to the ecobee3 using a Command Strip or something else that won't leave a mark when you remove it.

u/alex_at_panc · 1 pointr/BantamKeyboards
u/interweber · 1 pointr/battlestations

The Planeswalker art above the TV are actually posters. You could try multiple 3M sticky strips
might take a few since playmats are heavier.

u/whiteboardMAN · 1 pointr/DIY

(sorry - thought this got eaten in a spam filter and was sad)
This is 3M magic adhesive that I have used before and doesn't cause damage when removed a year after application.

My flatmate speculates the wall is made of plaster, if that helps.

I was planning on using either:
large 3m strips
which are rated by 3M at 5 lbs/strip, and put 9 strips/board, and maybe fill in the gaps with something that comes 9 strips/pack like these medium strips (3lbs/strip)

u/ProjectTURO · 1 pointr/oculus

I got my mount over the weekend but adhesive was stuck to the paper and I couldn't take it off. I ended up taking off all the foam and replaced it with Command Medium Mounting Strips and it seems to be holding up.

u/I_Love_McRibs · 1 pointr/iphone

Yeah. Just use those same Command Refill Strips. Each strip holds 1-2 lbs. They are safe for painted drywall and do not leave a residue when removed.

In fact, I used two of them to adhere the USB Charger behind my dresser. I'm sure 4 strips would be plenty to adhere a router to the wall.

u/bubba_ra · 1 pointr/vinyl

I don't have a picture right now but I did my whole wall with these, a leveler, and a ruler. 2 hooks for the bottom of the record and one hook upside down to hold the top. Would cost you about $26 to do a big wall. It's a perfect fit and the LPs slide in and out from the hooks smoothly, so you can swap records out very easily. I can put a picture up tomorrow

u/TheMillionthSarah · 1 pointr/funny
u/ZippoS · 1 pointr/gaming

Yup. Phone in the left pocket, wallet in the right, keys hooked onto my belt loop.

Also, I have one of these as my key-holder. It's stylish and works really well.

u/zxzxzx207 · 1 pointr/lifehacks

Great idea! When I was still smoking I used to use a ashtray on a keychain like this pretty useful for a trip.

u/SwagosaurusRekts · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/ngenerator · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Looking to clean up my brewspace a bit, wondering if anyone has any idea what I can do to get my 6.5gal buckets up and off the floor. An upside down mount is preferable.

I'm hoping to find something like this, but instead of going out (away from the wall) as much, it would go up more to keep the bucket more secure. Thoughts?

u/Kaneis1 · 1 pointr/ElectricSkateboarding

I use this but to be honest, it's kind of long and sticks out a bit. This one would probably work as well.

Tornado is a solid brand. They're strong enough to hold them up, and you can kind of spread them out a bit too if they don't quite fit on your trucks.

u/aketabi · 1 pointr/ElectricSkateboarding

I decided to hang my boards on hooks mounted to the wall. If anyone is interested, I suggest these hooks. You just need 1 per board and they cost $7: Tornado Extended U-hook

u/rookpsu · 1 pointr/boostedboards

I just went with the larger tornado hook. Two screws right into drywall holds a BB perfectly. Looks good.

u/snugglebritches · 1 pointr/climbing

I lived in a house where the doorframes extend all the way to the roof so I had to build a custom mount for a hangboard. What I did was buy a simple door frame pull up bar like this and mounted the hangboard to a piece of plywood and then fixed some large hangers on the back of the hangboard so that it could be hung over the pull up bar (make sure you get some very sturdy hooks for this, I used these ones. It's worked very well for almost 3 years now. Highly recommend this approach!

u/Inattuhwankat · 1 pointr/boostedboards

Found them. I guess I should have done that first.

Those are nice hooks.

u/LetsGoYotes · 1 pointr/hockeyplayers

Not sure what youre going for or have looked at. This might be way off, but i looked up 'j hook' and these are pretty nice id buy 2 of them.

Paste what you were looking at... maybe thatll help narrow it down.

u/G65434-2 · 1 pointr/leaf

a hook anchored to your wall next to the outlet?

u/MattCheetham · 1 pointr/boostedboards

Unfortunately those hooks are £53 each here. 😔

u/diehllane · 1 pointr/PSVR

I bought it in store and don't see it on their site...

The hooks are sort of like this, but dual single hooks rather than a double hook (although the double would work fine if balanced properly):

u/SimpleJoint · 1 pointr/NZXT

I used this until I got mine. Not the prettiest, but it works.

Tornado 00520 Large J-Hook

It's a garage ladder hook lol

u/OmarTheTerror · 1 pointr/hockeyplayers

If you have a garage, the simplest way is a couple of these bike hooks, of course I only used them for like 2-3 sticks at a time, but I imagine there'd be larger hooks you could use.

u/A-Pod · 1 pointr/boostedboards

I believe you would want these ones instead in order to fit the wheels:

u/fakemoose · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

For what it's worth, I use these plastic sticky hooks to hold my glasses and sunglasses. I stick them to the wall, usually by the door and in a vertical line, for sunglass and in my bedroom for regular glasses. It displays them and keeps them out of the way.

You could probably get the several pound 3M stickies as well for the brushes and tubes containers and then you can stack the pallets under that.

u/rakiya · 1 pointr/Hue

Yes they do. I'm surprised that they aren't available in Sweden; they're a 3M product. Here they are available in almost any DIY shop and some stationers. Do you have Amazon in Sweden?

u/OSC_E · 1 pointr/pcgamingtechsupport

I second the wiremold recommendation, I used one in the past and it served it purpose well. Also you might look at Command Cord Clips, small plastic clips with an adhesive back to go up walls, desks, etc without having to put holes in things. They breakaway easy if someone trips/snags on the cord (sometimes a good thing) and the adhesive comes off clean when you need to remove them.

u/ArghRoadcam · 1 pointr/Dashcam

Do you mean to say that you have the cable just hanging down from the rear view mirror, or did you at least pinch it along the edge of the ceiling and A-pillar? Because four dollars' worth of 3M cord clips did absolutely wonderfully for my setup... although I did find that Gorilla Mounting Tape works better than 3M's supplied adhesive strips.

u/IDoMindTheDudeMinds · 1 pointr/houseplants

Command Strips are safe for your banister and could help support the vine without creating an eye sore.

u/beyonddc · 1 pointr/homelab

The smallest I am aware of is 3m command cord clips.

u/myfriendthebean · 1 pointr/buildapc

I need to run an ethernet cable about 50 ft along a wall, and I was wondering if anybody had some good recommendations for some wall cable holders that won't damage the paint. I was looking at something like these:

u/FragdaddyXXL · 1 pointr/vinyl

Link to the wall clips.

I had to break off a little part of the clip with some pliers to get things to sit right.

u/chemcalfarmr · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

ok here we go:

I just moved and regret all the stuff i brought along! one thing that drives me crazy is I went from a large kitchen to a smaller one with less these would be really useful!


I also love over the door hooks when bathrooms do not have enough towel rods. (they have other ones that are single hook or double hook if you need less).


And last but not least, i shall suggest /r/DIY a lot of the projects are bigger in nature but they have a lot of small ones too! might be good to search for something specific you need (like a garden? or dvd/game/cd holder)


I hope you find a home for all of your Little boxes on the hillside! And I am another day closer to going back home so I shall def enjoy my Friday!! :)

u/ThatTallGirl · 1 pointr/AskWomen

An over the door set of hooks like this

u/burg_the_genius · 1 pointr/battlestations

Thanks! Here you go

u/Aeromega111 · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

Monitor | Resolution | Frame Rate
AW3418DW | 3440x1400 | 120Hz OC
ASUS PB258Q | 2560x1400 | 60Hz
GAOMON PD1560 Graphics Tablet | 1920x1080 | 60Hz


VIVO Monitor Arms

V001 and V011



Blue Spark Digital




hanging on
Stick-on hooks


Art Book

Project 77


Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech G613 and G903




Canon Lide 120



Yeti 32oz



Konosuba 2


Wall Scroll

No Game No Life Zero Schwi ( bootleg :( )


Wireless Charger

EDIT: Thank you MILLI0NANTS for pointing out the incorrect link on the wireless charger.

u/ExcelMN · 1 pointr/battlestations

I went with these, I'd been planning to make my own stand (dad's got a decent woodshop), decided I wanted more desk space/less stuff that could get knocked down. Given there is a cat around now, definitely the smart choice for me. Plus, it lets me route my headset cable down my monitor arm (TRRS extension cable from back of monitor area down to PC).

Good luck!

u/domyanite · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

my heaphones and gear vr hang from the wall with these

u/covertash · 1 pointr/headphones

Someone posted these a few days ago, which are new to me:

I bought these a while ago, but have yet to use them (although they are largely similar to the ones above):

u/Wolverine2508 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I actually have one that mounts to the side of my desk, it's a sticky pad attachment here is a link Stick-on Headphone Hooks 2 Pack
I would highly reccomend it if you have space for it. I used to use one that is just a stand on my desk and using this new one allowed me to use dual monitors

u/TheFakeNoob · 1 pointr/headphones

I use these. They're ok for $10, my only complaint is that it kinda kills the headband on my M50 due to the extra force on it. I don't have the room for headphone stands so I'm stuck with hangers until I change my living arrangements.

u/jdm135 · 1 pointr/battlestations

Headset Hooks are off Amazon. 2 pack for $12.

They are pretty cheap plastic and wasn't too happy when I got them. But they do their job and have been holding up fine, so I guess it's worth it considering other headset stands are big and usually $15-20+ each.

As far as the desk extensions, since Ikea removed their Galant lineup, I don't think you can anymore. But they were sold separately a few weeks/months ago. Try craigslist or searching through their online store, might get lucky.

u/thisisntmethisisme · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I solved this issue by using some small command strips!

u/CrazyMadJew · 1 pointr/Nanoleaf

Command Small Refill Strips, White, 64-Strips (GP022-64NA) - Easy to Open Packaging

u/MackzD · 1 pointr/Aqara

I like using the Velcro ones and just cut them in half. This way it gives me some sensors that I can move when I need to.

If I have a more permanent sensor somewhere, I use the small refill packs

Command Refill Strips, Small (GP022-64NA)

u/cosmicosmo4 · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

Those aren't command strips. Command is a specific 3M product line that has a non-sticky pull tab that you use to remove the strip without causing any damage. They are a renter's best friend. What you want is this. Like I said, cut each one lengthwise into 2-4 skinny strips so that they fit completely within the width of the cable (and each strip will have a portion of the pull-tab), and attach a strip every 6-12 inches for your entire run.

u/Noah0628 · 1 pointr/battlestations

Awesome! Cool to see other people have tried it. If it helps here's a link to the command strips I used. Not too expensive if you buy them without the hooks.

u/Celtic_Spike · 1 pointr/virtualreality

It's nowhere near as good as a wireless setup, but it's a great option if you can't go wireless.
It can be tricky to get it setup correctly so I would advise against using the adhesive hooks that come with then. Command strip hooks do the job just as well and are much easier to remove if you need to make adjustments.

You also need to use the turn signal app if you use the pulley system as your cable will get tangled.

u/jiggs1224 · 1 pointr/Advice

maybe these mini command hooks? They hold a half pound each and won’t damage the walls:

Command Wire Hooks, 16 hooks, 24 strips, White, Small, Easy to Open Packaging (GP067-16NA)

u/V0RT3XXX · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Not that I know of. Epoxy is pretty strong and whatever you use to remove it will most likely take off the paint as well. You can always repaint it.

Alternative is to use command hooks. They have the pull down tab that can be easily removed later. But since this is outdoor, heat will be a problem and these will probably fall off on their own after some time. Just buy new one and replace them if that's the case

u/Wolffman13 · 1 pointr/Hue

Does it lay flat to the TV, so that the strip faces backwards towards the wall? If so, is it just a straight strip or how did you bend around corners? I used these....

u/val319 · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

Command Light Clips, Mini, Clear, 45 clips, 54 strips, Indoor Use (CL806-45NA) also Aldi’s sells generic brand clear ones.