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u/TonsOfSalt · 133 pointsr/The_Donald

Buy the 50 lb salt lick. It's useless and about the same price per pound.

Edit: Here's the cheapest one I could find on Amazon which has a perfect review.

u/sejisoylam · 50 pointsr/dogs

Hi, pharmacy tech (for humans) here.

I noticed that the active ingredient in several of the shampoos/lotions/wipes you're using is chlorhexidine gluconate. Now I'm not sure if the strength is comparable, but that solution is available over the counter under the brand name Hibiclens (along with whatever store brands there might be). You can also buy a whole gallon of the stuff on Amazon for about $23 (I just googled the name of the chemical). I'm sure there's other ingredients in those expensive wipes, but if that's the only active ingredient, maybe it could save you a little money to buy it in bulk online!

Anyway, you're great for doing this for your animal and not just abandoning him! Kudos OP :)

Edit: here's the link to the product I found

u/the_purple_piper · 19 pointsr/chicago

clean it with saddle soap then oil the hell out of it with mink oil.

u/FFSwhatthehell · 10 pointsr/interestingasfuck
u/houndazs · 8 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Too much, I used a total of 8 about $175ish.

u/ListenHereYouLittleS · 6 pointsr/woodworking

Mineral oil:


Get those two things and mix 1/4th beeswax & 3/4th mineral oil. Warm it up in a double boiler system or just put a wide mouth mason jar in a small pot with warm water till it all dissolves. Let it cool and solidify.

Its cheap to make your own. Its fun. And you'll have a shit ton of butcher block wax. Plus, lots of mineral oil to initially treat your cutting boards before the wax mixture.

u/jerrysugarav · 6 pointsr/clothdiaps

Try a chlorhexidine soak. It's people safe, used in mouthwashes and pre surgical scrubs but also used as a disinfectant in veterinary medicine. I found several studies that says it's very effective against yeast such as candida. This study says it works at only .2% solution.

We buy it on Amazon in a jug of 2% solution and dilute it for cleaning. We learned about it when we got a ball python because they are very delicate but it's a safe option to sanitize the tank. This is the listing we buy from. It's for animals but I'm sure it's fine since you'll be washing it out afterwards anyway. I'd do an overnight soak of anything diaper related.

Chlorhexidine 2% for Horses & Dogs, One Gallon

u/redneckrockuhtree · 6 pointsr/BeardedDragons

As has already been suggested, a vet visit is your best course of action.

Until such time as you're able to do that, i would suggest cleaning it with Chlorehexidine. It's a good anti-bacterial/anti-fungal and safe to use on her skin - just keep it away from her mouth, nose, and eyes.

I'd put some on a toothbrush and scrub that area with it, then rinse with warm water and dry.

That will help kill off any surface nasties that might be on that area, until you can get her to the vet.

u/Baron_Von_D · 6 pointsr/philadelphia

Hotel room
maybe this

Be safe, have fun

u/I_make_things · 5 pointsr/chemicalreactiongifs
u/Braddish · 4 pointsr/Leathercraft

Try some water and hard hard scrubbing with a rag first. If that doesn't work, use a little bit of dish soap diluted in water and more scrubbing. Lexol or some other leather cleaner would be the next option. Saddle Soap would be another step up.

If saddle soap doesn't get the stains out we will have to talk about going nuclear with something like renomat. Stuff this powerful really is harmful to the overall finish of the shoes.

If you aren't in the mood to damage your shoes, go with a dark polish to darken everything to the same color as the blemish.

u/Calamity_Jesus · 4 pointsr/Clarity
  1. Electric power steering. Very few cars have hydraulic power steering systems anymore.

  2. One is the HVAC filter under the dash (dust & pollen). The other one is what the engine breathes through.

  3. Wiper blades and fluid.

    Tire pressures (the TPMS only senses a difference in pressure in one or two tires, it will not alert you if all 4 are equally low).

    If you have leather seats, clean them with some [saddle soap](Fiebing's Yellow Saddle Soap, 12 Oz. - Cleans, Softens and Preserves Leather every 6 months or so to keep them looking new.
u/theUrbanista · 4 pointsr/RepLadies

Amanda! Your bags look beautiful!!!!

I never worry about flaws as most reps actually mimic the same flaws as their authentic counterparts...and to be honest...the only 1:1 is the authentic, which I just do not think is worth the asking price. At $145 the flaws are so insignificant as not to matter and most can be fixed with a bottle of shiny (dull canvas) or a trip to the cobbler (cinch tab thingy) or a marker (red glue) and a little darkening boost (patina). To be quite frank, I love reps because they present a challenge and I am thoroughly enjoying finding solutions to these minor dilemmas...and employing them (and for research purposes of course). To me it's fun...go figure.

I so want a DA just to see and I think I may take the plunge, though I'll stick to the beige interior.

I am so tickled to hear someone say that they think their reps are "fantastic" and are not agonizing over every single detail. I am certain that you will enjoy your lovelies, and because you will, I doubt if anyone will ever guess they're reps. Love, love, love your review and your attitude, thank you so much for sharing love!

u/speakstruth · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

Try making your haybox less deep and with a higher lip, so it's at face level for them but they don't have room to sit in it.

Alternatively, you can get something like this but mine just pulled the hay out of it and threw it everywhere.

I also like this kind of hayrack.

u/ActionMachine · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I get Durvet Nu-Stock Ointment from Amazon:

Important tip if you order this ointment: put it in two ziploc gallon bags before storing it in your bathroom closet. The double bagging makes sure none of the rotten egg smell permeates you closet. Also, store the tube cap-side up. The ointment is only sulfur and mineral oil (safe even to use on cats!) but the cap doesn't hold the oil in very well. I know it seems like a lot of hub-bub, but it's the best and most inexpensive way to get a good amount of skin-safe sulfur in my bath.

For the bath: I add some nice smelling bath foam first. I let the water fill about half-way, then sqeeze a couple tablespoons-ish of ointment into my hand. Sulfur is a bit heavy, so I mix it into the bath away from the drain so it doesn't sink into the drain stopper before it has a chance to get dissolved by the bath. There's usually a yellow residue left behind when I drain the bath, but it splashes off easily. Another plus, there's been no mold or mildew to scrub off my bathtub in months.

u/Zoltrahn · 3 pointsr/cringepics

Salt blocks are a better deal and cows love them.

u/kypossum · 3 pointsr/iphone

I always get mine at Tractor Supply - but boot stores or western tack stores will have them too. Don't overpay. Saddle soap is, at most, $5 for a big can and the mink oil is around $2.50 for a tub.

These are what you're looking for - Fiebing's Yellow Saddle Soap, 12 Oz.

Fiebing's Golden Mink Oil Leather Preserver, 6 oz

Amazon is high dollar on these things it appears.

u/budgiefacedkiller · 3 pointsr/cockatiel

Vet Wrap! It's cheap, easy, and replaceable (if it ever gets gross and poopy). Not as hard on their feet either.

u/mewingoreos · 3 pointsr/germanshepherds

Hey! Of course my advice to you would be to take him to a vet but since you've said that you can't see one for another month and a half, I agree with other commenters that you should discontinue frequent bathing and get him a cone. To add onto this, however, I would give this product a try. It is non-toxic, stops itching, and helps to promote healing and regrowth of new skin and fur. Because it smells (and tastes) absolutely foul the animal shouldn't lick it off either.

It has worked extremely well for my cat when she develops hot spots and has worked wonders for my pup when he cut himself on his belly.

Good luck and I hope your pup feels better.

u/mysticmemories · 3 pointsr/Aquariums

The sponge in the nozzle is a good solution! You have to change it out every once in a while because it will get clogged up with stuff. When I had my betta in his Spec he would mostly lay by the intake slots that shredded his fins and I struggled to find a good solution to the flow problem too. I think as long as he has areas he can go where he doesn't have to fight to swim then he'll be fine. I decided to just get my guy a 10 gallon with a Aquaclear 20 so he would have more space and wouldn't shred his fins/fight the current. The ten gallon is as long as the Spec, just a bit deeper, so I had enough space on my counter to replace it.

You could get or make a feeding ring if he's having trouble chasing down his food. I haven't made one before but I bet any sort of plastic ring secured to the side with a binder clip or something would work!

I think it's awesome how much you're doing for your old guy. Is your spec the new one or the older version? The newer ones have a better light on them and can grow a wider variety of plants. If you're looking for easy plants though I think you got some good ones. Java ferns, Java moss and Anubias'. Did you bury the java fern in the substrate? Java ferns need to have their rhizome out of the water (same with Anubias') so I would suggest tying it to some other decoration or a rock with some sewing thread.

u/LarsAlereon · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

What kind of boots are they? Can you post a picture? Generally you use saddle soap for leather and synthetics then thoroughly wiped with a damp cloth to remove any traces of soap, but it depends.

u/domdave67 · 3 pointsr/bdsm

Go to your local tack shop. They have something very similar to bondage tape called vet wrap that only sticks to itself. Near me it's only a couple dollars a roll. It also comes in a variety of colours. If you can't find it locally, there's always Amazon

u/sempre_equus · 3 pointsr/Equestrian

I have an old HDR lesson saddle that was gifted to me when my trainer closed shop. I use Fiebengs Saddle soap on it once a week and it went from a squeaking nightmare to a soft, supple saddle in 2 treatments. I love this stuff. In the past I’ve used stübbon’s cleaner and polish for my saddles but it always left them gooey and sticky. This stiff rubs in well and looks great.

Fiebing's Yellow Saddle Soap, 12 Ounce - Cleans, Softens and Preserves Leather

u/Danger-Moose · 3 pointsr/himynameisjay

When I feel like having Bojangles I just take a hit off of one of these instead.

u/4ad · 2 pointsr/Romania

Eu folosesc Kiwi 100% Horsehair Shine Brush.

Nu știu dacă e cea mai bună, dar asta folosesc eu și sunt mulțumit. A, da, și mă interesează foarte mult încălțămintea de calitate și am grijă de ea deci nu-s doar un noob care nu știe ce recomandă. Peria asta își face treaba și e ieftină.

Și dacă tot veni vorba, pentru bocanci recomand Fiebing's Yellow Saddle Soap și pentru bocanci negri recomand Obenauf's LP Boot Preservative și/sau Obenauf's Leather Oil.

Săpun doar pentru bocanci, nu pantofi, și Obenauf's stuff doar pentru piele neagră, o să schimbe culoarea altfel. Pentru pantofi sau bocanci la care nu vrei să se schimbe culoarea recomand refined coconut oil.

De evitat orice fel de cremă colorată. Aia e moartea pielii.

u/Deraileur · 2 pointsr/BDSMcommunity

I use self-adherent wrap.

It sticks well, doesn't adhere to hair, easy to tear/cut/remove.

It does get tighter with time though, and be careful over the nose because of this. Otherwise it's great.

One of my subs has tiny flexible hands, prone to escaping any wrist tie. I bind her hands into fists with this stuff - no more escaping.

u/QQueenie · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

Have you tried using leather conditioner or cleaner? Once a year seems way too frequent. I bought a used saddle brown classic buckle a year ago (and it was already a year old at that point) and it is nowhere near needing replacement (admittedly, I only wear it once or twice a week).

If you do end up replacing the leather band, maybe consider rubbing some kind of weatherproofing treatment on it before you wear it so it holds up better to abuse this time. (for e.g.,

u/FullFrontalNoodly · 2 pointsr/knifeclub

It's not like I am submitting posts that detail all of the many problems with his testing. You told OP that he should make a purchasing decision based on Pete's testing, I told OP that he should take Pete's testing with a grain of salt. (ok, maybe one of these.)

My suggestion is that both of you use this information as a basis for your own testing and draw your own conclusions.

Realistically, though, if OP learns how to sharpen and maintain his knives through the process I outlined elsewhere in this thread he will likely discover that the knives he already has are more than sufficient as functional cutting tools.

At the very least, he will have better results than spending $150 on a new knife and never sharpening it. At least as a cutting tool. The issue of pocket jewelry and status symbol are another matter altogether.

u/Poison_Tequila · 2 pointsr/guns

kinds off topic but if you look at the MSDS of Hoppes lubricating oil it appears to be just white mineral oil in a bottle that goes for $410 per liter.

You could get the same thing for slightly less money if you don't need the fancy bottle. I think if you buy this you'll be paying about 5 bucks a liter instead $410.

I might be missing something though, Hoppes might have additives that I didn't see.

u/notheretomakefrainds · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I've always used saddle soap for almost all my leather products, and have some quite old leather shoes & belts that still look great, thanks to it. I don't use it on my track leathers, but I have a RSD moto jacket that I've been using it on for the last 1.5 years and the jacket looks great & the leathers supple, despite being subject to a lot of california sun & sweat

u/Forester263 · 2 pointsr/goodyearwelt

I think SnoSeal and Huberd's Shoe Oil serve two different purposes:

  • SnoSeal is primarily beeswax (paste), and (I'm speculating) it's primary purpose is waterproofing. I've never used SnoSeal, so I'm not sure how well it conditions leather.

  • Leather oils are (obviously) oil-based, and their primary purpose is to penetrate and condition the leather. They might provide some water-resistance, too, especially if it contains mink oil. Oils will likely permanently darken the leather, if that's a concern.

    Personally, I use Effax Lederbalsam, which is a wax/oil paste, and it does a good job of conditioning and waterproofing. Another (likely overkill) alternative is Obenhauf's HDLP, which is a heavy-duty conditioner/waterproofer. I'd also get some saddle soap to clean the leather once or twice a year.
u/tsv1138 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Obenauf makes a leather oil that is better for treating/conditioning dry leather.

Saddle Soap is a great product to clean and maintain boots without drying them out.

Red Wing also makes Mink Oil and a number of other leather treatments to weatherproof boots.

You could get him 1 of each, and a cleaning brush and put it all in a wooden cigar box. ($1-5 at a tobacco store) and it would be a great gift.

u/in50mn14c · 2 pointsr/leopardgeckos

If you're having problems with cleaning your hides, go into your local vet and ask if you can buy Chlorhexidine from them. It's what they use to clean and sterilize their tools and cages, and works wonders for getting rid of odors and cleaning up.
You can order the generic from Amazon, but sometimes vets will give you the "for Vets only" stuff.) Chlorhexidine on Amazon

Don't worry about swapping out hides too much, unless you're doing it all the time. Too much swapping can cause stress, but changes every once in a while will encourage exploration. :D

u/EmeraldGirl · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

For anyone who is interested, look into chlorohexidine solution for cleaning up after the animals. You dilute it using water so a jug lasts forever, and it's much safer than bleach for animal boxes/cages/toys.

u/ardentTech · 2 pointsr/Leathercraft

Good question, and it pains me a bit that I have a small box of unused tools that were purchased when I began. I'm sure I missed a few things, but here you go:

u/Redheadkitten · 2 pointsr/TalesofLink

I've been going through about 5 of these a week.

u/Username_uhh · 2 pointsr/BullTerrier

TOTW is a great kibble, keep him on it. Just add a simple puppy multivitamin to his daily food. I would also maybe stop the fruits and veggies for a wee bit just until his mange clears up. Added sugar can cause extra yeast in the hair follicles and that's where the mites are. Unfortunately, there's no way to get rid of the mites, they typically live on the dog problem free, but the issue they cause is when the dogs immune system is unable to keep them in check and they start to eat the healthy hair and cells. I would suggest just taking him off the fungal shampoo, there's no need for it, since the mites are not fungus related. I would try to find a benzoyl peroxide shampoo ( and an ointment like this ( and you should be set!

u/mjakway · 2 pointsr/dogs

My dog also has allergies so I know how exhausting this fight can be. I just want to share some of what I've picked up along the way, some of it might be new, some you've probably heard before...
Also, it seems like you've done a lot to address the symptoms, but what about the root cause? Steroids, Apoquel, Benadryl, etc are not cures. You need to get to the source of the problem!

-Have you tried probiotics? Has your dog ever been prescribed antibiotics? If so, you definitely need to read up on probiotics if you haven't already. And yeast infections. Especially if your dog has recurring ear infections, which is a sign that her normal, healthy flora is out of balance.

-Nu-stock ointment works wonders on hot spots, ear infections, and more. Read the reviews on Amazon for more details

-Povidone Iodine soaks have been very effective for us. Like Nu-stock, this only addresses the symptoms, so you cannot expect this to resolve the skin issues forever. They will return if you don't remove the trigger.

-You said you tried special food, but you didn't mention what type or brand? We've had good luck with Orijen 6 fish and Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. Both of these only have fish as a meat. I've also heard good things about kangaroo meat (seriously), but we haven't tried that yet. Chicken, beef, dairy, grains, are all common triggers. So is anything that yeast feed off of, like sugar. Apparently oatmeal based shampoos can also feed the yeast.

-She might have environmental allergies. It took months for my sister to narrow her dogs allergen down to her carpet. They replaced it all with hardwood flooring and her dog was relieved of his itchiness. I can elaborate on environmental triggers if you'd like. Just let me know...

So, that's just a few things I've picked up along the way. I'm not an expert on any of it, so please do your own research.

I genuinely hope this helps in some way!

**Edit- I forgot to mention fleas. It sounds like you are pretty on top of things, so you probably have that issue covered. Comfortis works best for us, as all topical applications seem to no longer be effective. If we are a couple days behind on his dose, the itchy fits return full force.

u/ThundrosDRG · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Once had a German Shepard that did this, we wrapped the paw in gauze, then put a sock over it until he healed up. Or there is a self adhesive bandage that sticks to itself that you can use to wrap it.

u/diversification · 2 pointsr/woodworking

Seriously? Same stuff? I'd bet Amazon would sell that...



u/Mastershroom · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

I got the same one at Petsmart, or Petco, or Pet Supplies of the big box pet supply stores, I forget which. Here it is on Amazon:

And then there's a similar, functionally identical one, which I've also seen at one of the big stores:

They can both either free-stand like the one in these pictures, or hang from the side of a cage or fence.

u/FritoKAL · 2 pointsr/Disneyland

I know I've seen it at Target/CVS/Walgreens/etc, and definitely on Amazon. It's amazing, and some places sell it in colors, so you can match to something fun! (first link I saw, not necessarily the best) -- I recommend doing a test run with it before you go to Disney, just so you're familiar with how it sticks.

u/BarkWoof · 2 pointsr/dogs

I bought some Chlorhexidine Solution but since summer's gone and my dogs don't swim anymore we haven't needed to use it yet. So I can't vouch for it's efficacy unfortunately, but if you haven't tried something similar, it may be worth it.

Check out the reviews, especially the most top rated one about proper dilution.

u/MikeBackAtYou · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Sure thing. I scoured the web and /r/MFA looking at guides until I settled on this method:

  1. Rinse the shoes off in cool water to remove any loose debris.
  2. Using a soft-head toothbrush, thoroughly scrub the shoes with a mixture of dish soap and water.
  3. Blot the shoes dry with paper towel.
  4. Using a cloth (I used an old undershirt), apply Saddle Soap to the shoes and leather insoles. Remove any excess soap with your cloth and let the shoes sit a few minutes to dry.
  5. Using a new cloth, apply a conditioner to the shoes. I personally used coconut oil. Let sit and dry.

    Note: I linked to the products I personally used. Allen Edmonds also sells saddle soap in a much more reasonable 3 oz size. If you used too much coconut oil, you may see a white film develop. Just rub it off with your cloth. This guide was also helpful.
u/borkin_heckin_pupper · 1 pointr/Rabbits

Wow! Thank you so much for this guide! I will definitely keep referring back to it as I set them up.

I am not sure of their genders or reproductive status, so I will be asking the last owners. They literally just put the bunnies in this cage on their porch and said free rabbits to good home, so I have no idea. They definitely seem bonded.

I’m buying one of these for their hay, so they always have access to it. I’ll order some pellets while I’m at it.

Would one of these suffice for litter?

I’m so lucky to already have an exotic animal vet, one that does cater to rabbits, in my area. I’ve taken my snakes there before.

I just want to give these babies as good a home as I can, especially since I don’t think they were treated well at the last place. I gave them hay, fresh water, a small carrot, and some collard greens when I got home with them a couple of hours ago, and they have not stopped eating since. I’m not sure if this is just rabbit behavior or not. Either way, they’re much happier now!

u/sumerian_mother · 1 pointr/Catahoula

We just took her to the vet Sunday so I didn't get to order it until Monday morning, but it shipped very quickly. Here are the links to what I ordered.




I would have done this last night, but I replied to you on my phone. The vet said apply twice a day to spots until healed. The Nu-Stock was of my own choice and I'm sure it's the same application, but I haven't read the directions yet. Regardless, it seems like a product I want to have on hand for just about anything....human or animal, so I figured why not? As far as the shampoo goes, I just looked around on Amazon and read reviews. I'm not expecting that to be the cure, I'm just hoping that helps relieve the itching until the ointment can kick in. I was initially going to order something else, but this was more shampoo for my dollar.....which is always best.

u/dogfins25 · 1 pointr/chinchilla this is what it looks like it hangs on the side of her cage.

u/bryan484 · 1 pointr/Sneakers

Try a leather soap. I haven’t tried this one personally, I use Red Wing brand, but most soaps are pretty similar afaik. For it you get a damp warm wash cloth and just rub it on the soap then rub it on the shoe. Wipe off excess and then let it dry.

Conversely if money is tight, a warm damp wash cloth with a just a dab of liquid laundry detergent can work as well but I don’t know about that with snow/salt stains.

u/AlliedMasterComp · 1 pointr/woodworking

Tack shops, ie places that sell things for horse owners, sell mineral oil by the gallon.

Also amazon

u/Nilots · 1 pointr/Frugal

Totally, as long as its boot specific oil it should work fine. The most highly regarded brand (and what I personally use) is Obenaufs, it is a little more expensive but that tub should last about a year or so.

It's important to get the dirt off before oiling, some folks use Saddle Soap or similar to strip all the dirt/chemicals off first. Dirt and especially harsh chemicals can dry out and damage the leather if left on for extended periods. Personally, my boots are usually just dirty (no chemicals) so I give mine a good scrub with water, let em dry overnight, then use the oil on em. It's important to spend some time rubbing the oil in so that it really soaks in instead of just sitting on the surface. Some folks leave their boots in the sun for awhile to warm them up to aid absorption.

Anyway, I usually once every 2-3 weeks or whenever the leather seems dry (depends on the environment). You can over-oil boots, however, so I wouldn't do it more often than that myself.

u/5426742 · 1 pointr/dogs

Also Vet Wrap? It may help bandaging it if the rest of his tail is shaved.

u/WildFunkyFresh · 1 pointr/The_Donald

Send Google Salt Block Pet Supplements

It's useless and about the same price per pound.

u/ohhhsparkles · 1 pointr/Horses

I use Belvoir conditioner for my saddle's monthly conditioning.

I used Stubben Hamanol on my leather driving harness before I switched to a betathane harness. It works well and supposedly won't stretch the stitching, but takes a while to soak in and has a slight bacon scent.

u/Sigma_Beta · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

There's probably a human version of this, but I'm familiar with the pet version. It's a soft gauze type wrap that sticks to itself and you can wrap/unwrap as necessary. The pet store sells it sterile and you can get ones with decorations on it.

u/staggerb · 1 pointr/Watches

Also, you might try saddle soap to clean it up before you use a preservative. It might help to get rid of some of the staining.

u/team_pancakes · 1 pointr/Nootropics

> I just make sure to chew first as I don't want it to stick to the side of my stomach lining and cause internal bleeding.

What does that mean exactly? How does chewing it help it not stick to your stomach lining? What do you think about bulk acetylsalicylic acid in water

> generic brands are full of buffer, stick to Bayer.

Have you ever looked at GeriCare? The only inactive ingredient is corn starch.

u/lsnckde · 1 pointr/ThriftStoreHauls
u/JVonDron · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

Gonna need a few more details and pictures if possible.

  1. What's the brand of leather cleaner? Leathers are not made equal and cleaners are formulated for different types. Just because it worked on a leather couch doesn't mean it's going to be ideal or even suitable for a shoe.

  2. What's the shoe made out of? Leather oxfords can be made with lots of different types and require different care. Upholstery leather is very different from belt leather.

  3. What's the extent of the cracking and damage. Smell isn't as big of a concern right now, that'll dissipate. The smell might have been caused by a chemical reaction with oils in the leather and leather cleaner. My concern would be visual damage and internal breakdown of the leather.

    Any oil or product you add will darken the leather, but that's just how it is. What I recommend for most things is Saddle Soap and Skidmore's Leather cream, but there's a lot of products out there, and even those might not be ideal for you.
u/Rockidoge · 1 pointr/bettafish

You can buy special sinking pellets meant for bottom feeders, they are big so the betta probably wont go after them. Amazon sells a feeding ring you could train him to eat from in order to distract him from his tankmate's food.

u/Two_English_Bulldogs · 1 pointr/Bulldogs

The first piece of advice I always give people is: Go to the Vet. Seriously. Do it. Just because someone else on the internet says "Oh that looks like XYZ..." doesn't mean it is. After 4 years volunteering/fostering for a Bulldog Rescue and with two of my fosters currently dealing with paw/skin issues, I can tell you there's many things it could be. The two fosters paw issues look similar, but are two different things so they must be treated differently. One has Inter-Digital Cysts and MRSA, and the other has Demodex. Both treated differently. Yours could be an allergy, hotspot, anything really. So go to the Vet and depending on where you live, look for a Vet that specializes in Bulldogs. If you're in the Southern California area, I can recommend two of the best.

Secondly, buy your self this stuff I'm going to link. You can use it for all sorts of things: Paw soaks, wrinkle cleaning, treating/cleaning of wounds, etc. This gallon bottle will last you at least a year, where as the 16oz bottle you'd get from a Vet wouldn't and could cost up to twice the price of the gallon. (My apologies for the link length/formatting, I'm in mobile.)

u/InfiniteCuriousity · 1 pointr/AskDocs

I traditionally use Hibiclens Antimicrobial skin cleaner that is a Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution 4.0% when I come into contact with something that is really dirty or that is likely bacteria-ridden (really dirty house work/yard work/bathroom cleaning, etc). Recently I saw that there are Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% solutions on Amazon for much cheaper than the Hibiclens, but it says it is only for horses and dogs.


Is it possible to use the 2% solutions without skin irritation? Why are they just listed as for horses and dogs?


Link 1 to Hibiclens

Link 2 to 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution

u/goalsquid · 1 pointr/Bulldogs

Our vet recommended and sold us a bottle of chlorohexidine solution. The solution is very, very dilute. I found a gallon of 2% solution on amazon. This is enough to make 50 gallons of what you need. We used this when we first got our porkchop. It works great.

Chlorhexidine 2% for Horses & Dogs, One Gallon

u/Cat_Wings · 1 pointr/Horses

I've definitely posted this before, but I love the Car Day Martin Belvoir Leather Conditioner! It's beeswax and lanolin based, similar to Lederbalsam but personally I've had better results with the Car Day Martin product than the Effax Lederbalsm (haven't tested other brands). Since I foxhunt, my tack is unfortunately exposed to a lot of water/mud/moisture and this stuff really protects the leather. My one friend swears by Horseman's One Step but I think it smells godawful, plus I find the name annoyingly deceptive, proper tack care is always multiple steps grahhhhh!

u/Lalala333333 · 1 pointr/RepLadies

I’ve gotten jean transfer off of my dune rep luggage with this before- Saddle Soap

u/Shepards_Conscience · 1 pointr/goodyearwelt

I'm guessing this is a good example of a Neatsfoot product?

I may pick some up. As you said it's cheap and I'm still building a collection of cleaning/conditioning products.

u/TomMelee · 1 pointr/Survival

This is the answer. Or the generic analog, which is dramatically less expensive. The point to which it can still be diluted and be perfectly effective is remarkable.

A gallon of generic costs as much as 32oz of the brand name

Worth noting that the generic is lower concentration.

FWIW, research shows that going as low as .4% does not affect efficacy.

u/PINKmonster325 · 1 pointr/Aquariums

You can use a floating feeding ring, it suction cups onto the side and floats on surface of the water.

u/Stinky_McDoodooface · 1 pointr/vegan

Oh you can also buy pure acetylsalicate, which is aspirin. You can get a tub of the stuff on amazon. It's marketed for horses, but it's just a chemical so humans can use it. I use it and it works great

Or if you prefer normal pills, I also use this one that is just aspirin and corn starch.

u/carlog234 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Hey Guys, I just got Cole Haan Cambridge Oxfords and I am wondering what kind of leather care products i should buy and apply to preserve them? Thanks!

I'm going to purchase this to clean up my other leather boots (clarks deserts etc). do you think this would work as well?

u/mentalmerism · 1 pointr/cockatiel

Vet wrap! It's this stretchy med tape that sticks to itself, is water proof, and creates grip for the lil guys. I also considered using some sort of fine sand paper on a couple spots for their nails like a 180 but I wasn't sure if it would hurt their feet. I got a multi color box of 4 inch wrap for about 20 bucks on amazon with plenty of leftover for future projects and injuries if need be.

I had looked for smaller, but the ace I went to only had 1/2 inch and bigger. Maybe they sell smaller pvc at a bigger store?

And just a tip if you're like me I would just buy a ton of extra connector pieces and then return what you don't use. I tried to be exact, but when I actually started cutting and building it I found myself altering the shape and design a lot leading to three trips to the store. The top platform is actually a cutting board I sliced up. Also I glued mostly everything together except to top perch and the individual stair pieces so they're movable still. Hope that helps--if you do make one post pics!

Here's the wrap I bought--
12 pack 4" Vet Wrap Assorted Colors

u/theREALashasaur · 1 pointr/guineapigs

Kaytee Rollin' the Hay Dispenser, Colors May Vary

I got my four pigs two of these and they love them. I don’t have mine on the stands, I let my pigs literally roll them around. In my mind it keeps them interested and foraging instead of just gulping down hay like it’s their last meal. They’re super inexpensive and to clean just soak in some mild soapy water and let dry. Been about a year and so far so good!

u/Subhazard · 1 pointr/casualiama

Scabies is incredibly infectious. If you are itching, you have it. If you notice little red dots on your skin, you have it.

Get this:

50/50 mixture with your favorite lotion, apply liberally to your whole body. Repeat weekly. You should be fine.

Don't hug your mom anymore. Make sure she gets this. She will feel relief in 12 hours. It is very effective.

apply it at night before bed, put towels on the ground, this stuff gets everywhere.

Smells like low tide, but fortunately doesn't stain!

u/QueenElizatits · 1 pointr/fringefashion

I love love love leather dye it really is so easy. I have dyed coats, purses, boots, and a pair of pants so far. I use Fiebings Leather Dye amazon link. There are lots of tutorials out there but I'll tell you what works for me. This is for boots because I wanted them to last, purses coats etc were a lot less steps but anyway!

0-I didn't do this step because the chemical is illegal to buy in California but if you have a coated leather piece, something that's really shiny is usually how you would tell I gather, you would use a leather stripper here. But again I never did this.

1-Wash with Fiebings Saddle Soap

2-After it dries paint on your leather dye. I always did two coats although a lot of times it didn't need it.

3-After that dries buff the item to remove excess dye. If you forget to do that (like I do sometimes) dye will rub off on stuff.

4-Coat the item with something to perseve leather. I use either Obenauf's LP Boot Preservative or Obenauf's Leather Oil

That's it! And I definitely find the item looks a lot better after dye. The Obenaufs makes leather look amazing. And it's not animal oil so I like it a lot more than mink oil say.

u/Cicicicico · 1 pointr/chemistry

Well I would start by using a pure aspirin powder. The affect of the other chemicals present in a tablet might change the concentration of H3O+ ions.

u/gustavozw · 1 pointr/Leather

If is leather it needs conditioner as part of it regular maintenance, I would use something like snow-proof, it might darken it a bit but like I said leather needs conditioner or it will rot and crack.

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