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u/ktemena · 6 pointsr/streetwear

If anyone wants a belt like alyx studios but isn't willing to drop a leg, three fingers and a 1/4 of your soul, try this alternative
I just copped and at around $29, you can't go wrong with it

u/_Vard_ · 6 pointsr/cosplay

Yes! I always tell people, if your cosplay doesnt have pockets, it could probably use a good utility belt! Like

This one or That one for a super hero/villain, I have This Brown one that i wear with my knight armor.
not having pockets BLOWS. especially at a Con where you want quick access to Phone/Camera/Money

u/TinyPupPup · 6 pointsr/ManyBaggers

I use webbing dominators on my gear to keep straps under control.

They’re so cheap and easy to install that I don’t even really think about strap management when looking at a new piece of kit, knowing it’s something I can easily fix myself.

u/IceManJim · 6 pointsr/geocaching

Travel Bugs - I prefer the plain dog tags. My mother got me some large coins, which are nice, but I can't let them go.

Hiking/outdoor equipment - trek pole, muck boots, waders, rain suit, quality bug repellent, kayak, 4x4 Jeep.....

Bag for carrying your stuff - I have one similar to this:

There are cheaper versions. Also stuff to go in it; hemostats, pens, flashlight, extendable mirror, pens, multi-tool, battery packs, zip ties, writing paper, pens, ziplock bags, Rite-in-Rain logbooks, tiny screwdriver, gloves, and lastly, pens.

u/AZp261 · 5 pointsr/securityguards

I work at a university unarmed. I wear this. I carry a flashlight, radio, gloves, a tourniquet, and keys (I am extremely under equipped for what I do). I prefer having a belt. It's a pain to carry all that stuff in the pockets.

I've never received any negative comments about the belt. I think It helps with command presence. If you look like you should be in charge people will treat you that way. I think it gives a more professional look. I have run into the issue of people assuming I am armed. It hasn't caused any real trouble yet, but I don't like people assuming I am armed when I am not. It puts me in more danger.

I'd say look at everyone around you. If they are wearing belts then go for it. If no one is wearing a belt the don't do it. You will look weird if you are the only one wearing a belt.

u/DatSkinnyMuthaFucka · 5 pointsr/malefashion
u/exoriare · 4 pointsr/AskMenOver30

Maxpedition Versipack. Maxpedition stuff is pricy, but it's extremely overengineered and rugged as hell.

u/Adventurer_Alex · 4 pointsr/CCW

I have two of the hpg chest rigs. I wear one every time i go hiking with either a G17 or G19 in it. I bought [maxpedition magazine holder/ "holster"](mx3535b-brk sneak universal holster insert that i use inside to keep a magazine handy and not rattling.

I have no worries about the trigger not being covered. Theres nothing inside the rig for it to catch on!

u/OllieGuy · 4 pointsr/airsoft

Not exactly a mag pouch, I actually use an Uncle Mike's Shell Pouch that used to be for trap shooting. The nice thing about the pouch is that the inside is separated in half by a small wall, which allows you to place stuff like magazines and shells on one side while keeping speedloaders and spare BBs on the other.

u/Viper04 · 3 pointsr/OnTheBlock

I have one of these

It's great, and in the situation you described, should not come apart because it requires an additional button push to come apart.

u/minikin · 3 pointsr/Goruck

I attached a Molle waist belt to a Rush 24 and it has worked out great. I believe it has the same attachment points as the 12.

This is the one I use:

u/BatteryLicker · 3 pointsr/myog

I used 3/4" blue sleeping pad as the foam in shoulder straps and a hip belt. If you don't need a lot of padding, it'd be easier to sew through/around 3D mesh (possible ventilation) or thinner 1/4" foam or a yoga mat. 500D Cordura is extremely durable and affordable fabric, 250D would be lighter and thinner. Using ripstop nylon would be another option (Joann's fabrics has some) and lighter weight, but not as tough as Cordura. Note that Cordura and different nylons aren't 'breathable' but I prefer not having them soak up sweat.

Check and

How I made straps (two cordura layers around blue foam)

  1. Sew your webbing and buckles to the outer piece of fabric (cordura).

  2. Sew the front and back fabric together. Either sew the fabric panels inside out and stuff foam into sleeve OR sew the fabric around the padding and bind the edges.

  3. Sew a few bars through the foam to hold it in place.

    3D Mesh Belt (cordura outside, 3D mesh inside)

  4. Sew webbing and buckles to fabric outer layer

  5. Sew 3D mesh to fabric outer and bind edges

  6. Sew bars to keep the two pieces from separating


    Look at these for inspiration (or buy one) this, this, this, etc. You can also search for 'removable hip belt' patterns. Make sure you leave enough space in the front to cinch the belt (so foam only covers back and hips)
u/fordag · 3 pointsr/guns

I have gotten a lot of use out of my 5.11 Range Ready Bag
I've been using it for years, plus they have some good photos on the website showing the layout.

$93 at Amazon

Edit: added price

u/NoSheDidntSayThat · 3 pointsr/guns

this is a good belt for the money

u/Virisenox_ · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Yeah, it's a closed loop so you'll need to thread your belt through. Know the single sheath has velcro strips to attach to things, but it's a bit bulkier.

u/Classic_rock_fan · 2 pointsr/longrange

I don't have a waist belt on mine, just cause I'm only using it for school and life. To find the waist belt I would go back to where you found the molle attachments, I found one on amazon so this might help.

u/DaSilence · 2 pointsr/ProtectAndServe


I had an awesome one back in the day that dropped into the spare tire well. It had a couple of compartments that had plastic lids to organize things. With the CV being phased out everywhere, they're available at state surplus sites for pennies on the dollar.

OK, so since that's not an option, here's what I'd suggest.

First, get yourself a couple of tackle boxes. One for your basic crime scene stuff (powders, tape, brushes, etc), one for your first aid stuff, one for odds and ends.

Next, invest in an under-bed storage tote. The long one. Measure your trunk first, then find one that's the right length. That will hold your bulkier stuff. Make sure to get one that hinges in the middle.

Then, it's all about the bags. Active shooter bag, bag for stuff you need but don't keep in the cabin, etc. If you're as paper dependent as we were back in the day, consider one of those hard-sided hanging file holders.

Take homes for the win!

u/RubberZucky · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

Here is the link for the belt itself on amazon:

Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Web Belt Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Metal Buckle (Black, M - Waist 36"-42")

I glued the CO2 cartridges on there and also a bit of craft foam around the cartridges for the black strip on them

u/WranglerJR83 · 2 pointsr/GunAccessoriesForSale

Amazon sells the Uncle Mikes competition belt setup for $20.99, the Krydex brand for $26.99, Quik2U TUFF for $36.99, black scorpion for $47.99, and Bladetech for $49.99. Links below. Hope this helps.

Uncle Mikes


Quick2U TUFF

Black Scorpion


u/JapanimeMind · 2 pointsr/CosplayHelp

Here are some cat ears, I would just remove the bows/bells, they're also the same color as Morgana's. Black on the outside, white on the inside.

Here is a cat tail with a white tip, like Morgana's tail.

And here is a utility belt similar to what Morgana uses.

If you're also looking for a mask, I found this too.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/mensfashion

Maxpedition makes a variety of heavy-duty bags for various purposes. I have one that I find to be quite useful.

u/qweltor · 2 pointsr/CCW

I use(d) a Maxpedition Single Sheath for my Leatherman. You might probably find it locally at the tacticool store, police supply or army/navy surplus store ($18 @ Amazon).

In the vertical position, the loop will fit over the 2"-buckle. If you like the horizontal position, the loops open with velcro, and will be less hassle than undoing the velcro on the belt each morning/evening (or you could leave it loose/large enough to slip over the buckle).

u/hoosiewhatsit · 2 pointsr/Firearms

5.11 tactical makes some great stuff: 5.11 Tactical Range Bag, Black

u/KUbeastmode · 2 pointsr/TripleAughtDesign

I use these to manage the straps, they are amazing and come standard on the fast pack series.

u/oshaCaller · 2 pointsr/guns

I was using a duffel bag, but I got this for Christmas:

It's got 2 inner Velcro pockets that are great for throwing brass into.

u/glenwiley · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

6'4" tall, 250lbs male: I really like my US GI Alice pack (large). If you replace the issue hip belt with one of the newer MOLLE molded hip belts you will find that it is a great pack and very light on the budget.

It doesn't have a front panel but it does have 6 external pockets that give you good access and organization.

As an external frame pack the air flow is better than any of the internal frame packs.


u/cba85 · 2 pointsr/onebag

Nice solution! You should try to use web dominators too. That's what I use on my AER travel pack.

u/Drew1231 · 2 pointsr/CompetitionShooting

I've only shot a few matches, but have already replaced some gear, do here's some lessons that I have learned.

I started with an aliengear OWB holster, and it skinned my finger during dry fire and held the gun pretty close to my body.

The comptac holsters ones are about the same price and are much better for competition use. They also come with a hanger for drop and offset, which are legal in production division. Bladetech holsters are a little more expensive, but some people prefer them.

As far as mags, I wouldn't buy any yet. Go shoot your first match in limited and load up your mags to the top. It gives you less to think about and lowers the startup cost.

If you want to stick with it, your gun will be most competitive in porduction division. Production division has a 10+1 round magazine loading limit, so you will want at least 5. The max stage round count is 32, but you should be able to plan your reloads strategically. For instance, if you shoot 4 rounds at one position, then run to another and shoot 8, it would be better to reload while running and just ditch the 7 rounds.

You could start with a regular belt, but when you look for a gun belt, this one is really good and well priced.

As far as magazine carriers, you can get by without them for your first match, if you want to really start on the cheap. If you shoot limited, you can start with the 17 in the gun and 2 15s in your front pocket. If you switch to production, you will want 4 mags on the belt. You can find cheap carriers on amazon. The bladetech double carriers are just slightly more expensive than the blackhawk ones, but they hold mags in a better position for quick changes.

As far as finding matches, most places use practiscore. My local match doesn't and I found them through google.

TL;DR: To start cheap, you can buy a good holster and go shoot. To get into production, you should buy a gun belt, mag carriers and two more mags.

u/Pattycaaakes · 2 pointsr/EDC

I used to carry this it was $10 when I bought it but it's enormous compared to the little twister, so I would only carry it in this bag. I only use that bag when I'm out, so most times around the house I don't have a light on me. Not anymore. I'm like a superhero with super vision... seeing behind bookcases... shining a light into the dark... accurately reaching dropped items... like a superhero.

u/alt-box · 2 pointsr/streetwear

Looks a lot like a Maxpedition jumbo versipack minus the label

ETA like so, in khaki

u/narmak · 1 pointr/photography

I got one of these and use it all the time, has tons of pockets and can also hold a notebook/reading material. Really sturdy and great for biking around with your camera in tow.

u/UnDire · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I'd been looking for a similar bag for a long, long time. I also needed the bag to be able to conceal my sidearm. After a few unsuccessful purchases, I got one of these Maxpedition Jumbo Versapack and am very, very pleased. It is extremely well made and you can even add more maxpedition pieces, as you desire.

I've used my bag almost every day for almost 2 years now and I still love it.

u/MobiusOneFox2 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Found it. It's Osprey Escapist 32. It's a great bag. It even has a pouch for extra shoes and a rain cover. Also make sure you pick these up! These are web dominators and helps keep your extra straps held down together (so they don't flap in the wind).

u/hungryColumbite · 1 pointr/CCW

I’ve never used them but I think they’re designed for Velcro backed holsters, or something like this by maxpedition

u/theabevigoda · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I use this. It's a tactical bag, but I added some padding on the bottom for protection. The webbing is so convenient for odds and ends and the pouches work well for small to normal sized lenses.

u/loddist · 1 pointr/backpacks

It's a bit harder (but that's good) because there are a few conditions. It's good that you have a lot of conditions. That way it's easier for people to recommend a bag that really fits you. I think there are a few that could come up, but would cost in excess of $300. For example the minaal. Let me try to summarize your conditions and see if I have it right:

  1. Price <$180
  2. Volume of 28-35L
  3. Has hipbelt
  4. Urban black sleek looks. No hiking backpacks (no tactical either?).
  5. Lightweight (implied, coz you don't like heavy bags)

    If you don't mind tactical bags, you can combine a 5.11 rush 24 (37L capacity) with a condor hipbelt = £113 in the UK. You can probably find them both cheaper in the US.

    5.11 Rush 24 (£90 GBP):

    Condor 241 Generation 2 battle belt (£23 GBP):

    Combine them using this video:
u/rehtlaw · 1 pointr/streetwear

I think they're technically called cobra belts. Errolson's modeled Acronym pants while wearing Bagjack belts. There are cheaper versions out there, like this one, so look around.

u/ses184 · 1 pointr/EDC


It has a back panel behind the shoulder straps with velcro to seal it, so I stuck this inside of it to keep my gun at the top of the pocket within reach. Keeps it from being inside a zippered compartment.


u/riddle3master · 1 pointr/backpacks

Hmm stuff to carry. I think the main thing I would recommend would be a rain cover. I'm not sure how often you are outside with your backpack, but this is great to carry in case of rain. Went through three years of college with one, and for where I live it was plenty useful. Super lightweight and doesn't take up any space.


Also keep in mind that the GR1 doesn't come with a waist strap or a chest strap. Those are separate purchases. With a pack that small you probably won't need a waist strap unless you join their Rucking events.


If you're one who dislikes the backpack straps flapping all over the place, you can invest in web dominators. There are other types so if you are interested, be sure to look at the others as well. This probably won't make too much of a difference for a bag like the GR1 since you only have two straps to deal with. Personally, I have not invested into such a thing, but it always seemed like an appealing concept.

Still pretty new to all this stuff myself. I mostly just have knowledge from researching online rather than owning the products. Hope some of this helps!

u/Rdepaz · 1 pointr/guns

I picked this
one up from Amazon a few weeks ago and it handles my P226 Legion and mag pouch just fine. No sag. I think I paid right around $26 for it shipped via Amazon Prime.

u/PublicSafetyNetwork · 1 pointr/securityguards

I would look at a propper nylon belt. I've had the same one for 3 years and it's still in good condition.

If you have enough equipment like radio, glove pouch, flashlight, etc. then I would look at getting an actually duty belt. The nylon bianchi Accumold is probably the top choice.

I have had both the Accumold for 4 years and the Accumold elite for about 3 now and both still in great condition. The bianchi patroltek is cheaper but the Accumold has a plastic injection that makes it more rigid.

Then just use belt keepers most likely no more that 4 keepers. Two in front and two in back. I dont like the inner velcro belt. I had one for about a year and my biggest complaint is that the constant taking on and off wears down the velcro and other material, plus the inner belt will catch any lint, string, or whatever inside of it and it's a bitch to get out.

Bianchi Accumold 1016105 7200 Black Nylon Duty Belt (Waist Size Medium 34-40)

u/thats_a_bad_username · 1 pointr/Sneakers

I got these from amazon. Cheap but sturdy AF

u/Impact51 · 1 pointr/ClayBusters

Ammo pouch ~$25

Friend had this one and he liked it. I have a very similar one from a local brand. UNCLE MIKE'S Uncle Mike Shell Pouch Deluxe 42140 Brown Canvas Card

u/therippinandtearing · 1 pointr/ProtectAndServe

I ditched my patrol bag and went to the Uncle Mike's seat organizer. I have no regrets, it's easier to find stuff and doesn't fly off the seat if I have to slam on the brakes.

u/big_ass_stunts · 1 pointr/guns

The 5.11 Tactical Range bag is a great bag that will last you a very long time. Durable, big, and well thought out. You can check out the 5.11 website for more of a description as well.

u/Nonrandomhero · 1 pointr/canadaguns

That one is the best IMO. Amazon doesn't have it in stock right now though.

u/gingeriiz · 1 pointr/cosplay

It's spandex, so as long as you get a size that fits you, it will stretch comfortably and give you a full range of motion. Bodysuits are some of the most comfortable cosplays to wear!

I actually took my own advice and bought this belt on Amazon (plus two thigh holsters) for my Tigress cosplay. It would work just as well for Nightwing! I definitely want to do a fem!YJNightwing sometime in the near future, so I'll definitely use it for that.

If $25 is out of your price range for a quick costume, there's also this $15 utility belt.

Foam armor is an awesome idea, though with the costume due in just over a week, it might be tough if you don't have experience making foam armor. Look up some foam construction tutorials, and if you think you have time swing by JoAnn/Harbor Freight/Lowe's/Home Depot to get materials.

Oh, good point on the theater not approving of the escrimas. x) Better safe than sorry in that case.

u/and_then___ · 1 pointr/ProtectAndServe

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Side-Armor Standard Car Seat Organizer, Black

I just switched to this thing (I was using my 5.11 Rush 72 backpack as a patrol bag, but it was too cumbersome). It's study, doesn't take up much space, and fits my 48oz Nalgene that's too big for cup holders. It fits the basic stuff I needs on a regular basis: accordian file, clip board, ticket book, extra patrol gloves, Leatherman, small evidence bags, Clorox wipes, traffic vest, etc. Obviously it will only work for solo cars. If you're riding doubles than I would get something larger to keep in the trunk. And don't feel like you need to fit everything in one bag. I also use a 5.11 bail out bag for my active shooter stuff since it can be worn over my shoulder. I keep my own first aid bag (agency bags are usually improperly stocked... it's easier to maintain my own snd stock it from our supply closet). My agency also gives us these bags with some basic hazmat supplies (gas mask, filter, tyvek suit, camelback, boot boots covers, etc).

u/desktop_version_bot · 1 pointr/EDC
u/Zap_Franka · 1 pointr/onebag

Nice review..I've owned lots of Kifaru gear over the years. As far as the webbing: don't cut it, or think twice (for resale value).

I highly recommend the ITW Web Dominators for keeping a tidy pack (or any with Molle webbing that is).

u/JustThinkinAhead · 1 pointr/EDC

Maxpedition Fatboy line of bags is probably good for you. I have used one for 4+ years now as a airplane carry on/summer road trip bag/hiking. It's extremely well made for the price.

Also, they have several variations of the bag for different purposes, be sure to pick the one that will be best for you. The one I linked you is just the one I have. Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack, Black

u/pfcJ0KER · 0 pointsr/CCW

I absolutely love my Uncle Mike's I can use a public restroom without fear of going open carry on accident - holds up well too when I carry my full size Glock OWB, or my SCCY IWB - and it doesn't break the bank like a lot of the "CCW" belts, but it's essentially the same thing Nylon with a inner hard plastic core for stability.