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u/ossej · 9 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Diapers: $34.77, marked highest priority

K-Cups: $13.31, also highest priority

MP3: $1.29

Total: $49.37

u/DiamondPup · 7 pointsr/gamemusic

He really likes Green Hill Zone. He even added a cover of it on his new album.

u/lindyhop411 · 6 pointsr/SwingDancing
u/Hanawa · 4 pointsr/SwingDancing

I'm enjoying Ella Fitzgerald's gorgeous vocals on the 2017 released: (The Complete Decca Singles Vol. 1: 1935-1939) []

Love the Darktown Strutters on here. And the song it's Foxy, but the rhythm section vanishes under her vocals. I like it, but I'd hesitate to dj it. Does anyone know of a version of It's Foxy where the rhythm section, you know, "stays put?"

u/peteyboy100 · 3 pointsr/ghibli
u/RelaxRelapse · 3 pointsr/videos

Wow! I had no idea that he released an album. Definitely looking into buying it now.

Link for people interested

u/Otterfan · 3 pointsr/Jazz

There's a scammer selling MP3s on Amazon with the album title Swan Lake in the Winter with various credited artists:

u/Jon-A · 3 pointsr/Jazz

Personally, I think Anthony Braxton is a pretty good idea - if you were to cut-and-paste sections from different pieces. Lots of Braxton's solo sections are 'language' studies: extended exercises exploring a specific technique or type of phrase. These will be controlled and methodical. But then there are others that are about explosive elements - screaming multiphonics, blasts, etc. You could fine-tune a sequence to fit the dramatic needs.

Doing some quick research, I think a couple likely candidates would be Solo Willisau - Bandcamp and Spotify - or For Alto - Amazon - Spotify.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. /u/Divergent99 quick, you need to enter this contest. It is way too easy!!!!!

  2. Something

  3. I am the third thing. MMM or M3

  4. #

  5. It is a voluptuously decadent and moist day.

  6. In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

  7. I am so sick of being sick!!! Ready to be healthy and have some warm weather!!

  8. If I must, but I refuse to cross my legs or spell favorite like dem fancy people.

  9. Ice, beer, spinach, cucumber, whip cream.... That is my closet. Now what about my fridge?

  10. German Chocolate Cheesecake (does this count?)

  11. Fred Clinton (the craziest guinea pig)

  12. I have completed the 12 step program

    Also, I do what I want so I wanted to say thank you. This type of contest is fun!!
u/cuzspicy · 3 pointsr/StarTrekTimelines

Vic Fontaine.

Because he's Vic Fontaine. Duh.

Nah but I just really like Vic. We listened to his CD in the limo on the way to prom. Our driver thought it was cool.

(also thanks for doing this Frank, you're a cool dude.)

u/tboland1 · 2 pointsr/audiophile

I have a Tidal HiFi subscription, and I still download music and rip CD's to FLAC.

Why download and rip CD's:

  1. Occasional problems with Internet service. Just enough to be a problem.
  2. Control of Library. If history of the last 20 years has taught us anything, is that things change and you must take control of your own files. This is a main driver of the vinyl resurgence, supposedly.
  3. Lack of Control. Tidal (or any other service) may increase restrictions or increase prices to the point where the cost isn't worth it.
  4. High quality FLAC files. For instance, I downloaded Bernstein's nine Beethoven symphonies from HDTracks recently. I don't want to be without my own copy of this as my reference Nine. Only $15 more than a CD set, 192kHz / 24 bit.
  5. CD's are still amazingly cheap in thrift stores. Usually $1 to $2 each. In conjunction with point 2 (control), this is an easy way to build a library.
  6. Availability. Some versions and masters have been removed from streaming services. They normally only have one available.

    Why Stream on Tidal (or anywhere else):

  7. Price. With Military discount, Tidal HiFi is $12 per month.
  8. Access to (almost) unlimited library.
  9. Experimentation. I can listen to things I never would if I had to pay for every CD or song. If I like it, I might buy it for the library. Bloom is an example.
  10. Convenience, but given my use of JRiver and Kodi as media servers, not as much as you might imagine.


    Other people might include portability as an advantage of streaming, but I have hearing aids, so I do all my serious listening at home with my speakers and amps that I can control. Headphones are OK for me at best, and have to be over the ear types. Not conducive for being out in the world. Earbuds are out of the question, for obvious reasons.
u/bookchaser · 2 pointsr/christmas

That's a tough call. Give us examples of non-Christmas music you like.

Offhand, I'd say you're pigeonholed into listening to crooners and some types of orchestral music. If you like crooners, give Only You a listen, performed by an amateur Aussie tapped for a viral Paralympics ad a few years ago who is now testing the waters to make a living singing.

Maybe George Winston's Winter into Spring album, piano music.

Songs like Nick Drake's Pink Moon and Elliot Smith's Angeles make me think of Christmas.

Holiday is a peppy song by Vampire Weekend. It's about a summer vacation, but has the word 'holiday' packed in the refrain, and, umm, Christmas is in the summer in the southern hemisphere.

u/Fatehehhhh · 2 pointsr/Fallout

It isn't recorded in low quality similar to actual 40's songs, but Seth Macfarlane's album is all 40's-50's music, and he's actually a great singer.

u/bradur · 2 pointsr/ghibli

Digital album is reasonably priced

u/NyPoster · 2 pointsr/IASIP

There's an album with most of them:

I love the "On Your Bike" one too.

u/chockythechipmunk · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

It's "Please Tell Me Your Name" by Dave Tull. Off of his brand-new album Texting and Driving.

u/AFistfulOfAww · 1 pointr/SwingDancing

> When you have so many young people swing dancing, why not throw in some younger music every now and then?

You're right! Let's!

Here's some standard music played by modern bands with great sound quality:

u/kawaiipiranha · 1 pointr/IASIP

My big issue is that they're selling the soundtrack.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

If they're selling this music, wouldn't that mean that they've got rights to it?

u/SnacksOnAPlane · 1 pointr/Music