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u/DaGoodBoy · 20 pointsr/singing

I bought a small PA and one good mic. I bought / downloaded the best real orchestrated arrangements and backing tracks I could find. Examples:

  • Lush and Lovely Standards
  • Michael Buble Moondance
  • The Best of Broadway Volume 1

    I worked up a set of music. Initially I targeted 45 minutes, which works out to about 9 songs, assuming approximately 3 minutes each and leaving time for talking time between songs.

    I wrote out and rehearsed some filler using historical song notes, light topical commentary and a few tame jokes. Listen to live versions of the Rat Pack and other Vegas club acts for ideas, but I don't suggest totally ripping them off. Also don't talk too much unless you are going to be a comedian + musician. :)

    I tried my first set out for free on some friends, and then again at a church dinner to practice getting the timing down live. I recorded those shows and mixed down a short excerpt of a few songs and banter to use as promotional examples and burned it to CDs. You need a mechanical license for the backing tracks if you want to make a CD, so don't use more than about 15 seconds from each song (fair use rules). I printed out a few color flyers with the same theme as my website to use as well.

    I started by trolling for work at smaller independent restaurants. Since I had my own small PA, I could just set up in a corner with a stool and go for an hour. Never work for free, even when you are just starting out. Make the owner pay something to avoid them viewing what you do as worthless.

    Try to have a calendar of future gigs you've lined up when you sing so you can invite people to come hear you again. That can sometimes be a problem if you are inviting patrons of one restaurant to go somewhere else, but you can always ask first. Most owners understand and are cool about it.

    Once you start getting people coming out specifically to see you, you can raise your rates with the venues. For the record, I never got more than about $50 an hour (Orlando, FL, US) doing that kind of gig.

    People will start hitting you up to sing church services, weddings and funerals, which may be hit and miss, but generally pays much better than playing out. I usually charge $150 for those kinds of gigs.

    I was able to play out a few times a week doing this, at least until we had kids and I didn't have as much time for it. By itself, it doesn't earn very much, but it was totally worth it to get into other gigs and keeps you practicing to improve your craft.

    Hope this helps!
u/ris48 · 2 pointsr/popheads

Do you mean Reputation Karaoke?

u/probabyl · 2 pointsr/TaylorSwift

They DO exist, they just arent on streaming sites unfortunately :/

u/squirrelgirl22 · 2 pointsr/IFParents

There's actually not a lot of "Disney" songs on the albums, which is why I'm not going to use the code myself. Here are the options to choose from:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Children''s Favorites 1

Frozen Karaoke

The Aristocats (French language)

Disney Baby Lullaby

Disney Princess Christmas

Mickey Party Songs

Lullaby Album

Disney Princess Party

Children's Favorites 2

u/TheCheshireCody · 2 pointsr/industrialmusic

Jaz' classical stuff is typically under his name. Two symphonies, Fanfare for the Millenium and Island Symphony. He also has a few others which have not been released as far as I've found. Total departure from KJ.

The classical versions of other bands that I can remember offhand are Us and Them for Floyd, Kashmir for Led Zeppelin and Riders On the Storm: The Doors Concerto for The Doors.

You should check out Lion (the Peter Murphy album), even not being a big fan. It's really heavy and absolutely intense.

Raymond's been promising a new album since well before 2015. He apparently had some money issues or something, which prevented him from recording for a long time. Then he had a massive health scare last year, burst abdominal wall or something (per his usual, he was rather vague about it and details were scarce), but he seems to have recovered. The posts about it seem to have been purged from his Facebook, and the Swining website hasn't been reliably updated in years. Even the forum is offline.

Do you know Prick (Kevin McMahon)? He'd be up near the top of my list if he would produce some new material more often than once a decade.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

Price History

  • Whitey Album [Vinyl]   ^PureLink

    We don't Horse around here.
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u/jackdhouse · 1 pointr/IsolatedVocals

You can get the full acapella off this. Karaoke: I Heard It Through the Grapevine