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Top Reddit comments about Kindle Newsstand:

u/clint_taurus_200 · 38 pointsr/politics

Hey Mike ... can you explain why was this news broken by The Guardian - a UK newspaper, and not the New York Times?

If you're wondering why your newspaper company is losing millions of dollars every quarter, and the New York Times is laying off hundreds of people every year, this is the reason, buddy.

Stop covering for Obama and start covering Obama and maybe people will buy your newspaper.

Now, I have to go. Need to purchase that subscription to New York's best newspaper ... The Guardian (UK)..

u/Dave_Hedgehog · 5 pointsr/unitedkingdom

Sorry to break it to you it's $17.99 in USD

u/oodnfoo · 4 pointsr/kindle

You can get a subscription to the whole magazine. If you just want to read articles from their Web site, try the Send to Kindle Chrome extension; it's what I have used to read Web pages on my Paperwhite for the past several years.

u/Red_Falcon_75 · 4 pointsr/kindle







Galaxy Edge

Alfred Hitchcock

Ellery Queen



The link above will send you to Nightmare Magazine. From there you can find links to the ones I mentioned. The John Joseph Adams and Neil Clarke ones can be read for free and have audio versions for some of the stories on their sites.

You can convert the stories to kindle files by installing push to kindle in firefox or chrome.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/kindle

Unless WSJ has a "deliver to kindle" or somesuch option on their website, I think you do.

WSJ for Kindle

u/Kmudametal · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL
u/snookums · 3 pointsr/politics

May I also recommend a subscription to Current History. It's not about strategy, but I find some of their articles to be incredibly informative. I learned a lot from their recent issue about Afghanistan.

u/WarLorax · 3 pointsr/Fantasy

It's got SF as well as Fantasy, but Fantasy and Science Fiction is an excellent magazine. Roughly 50:50 SF:F, but all excellent quality.

u/Moonmonkeys · 2 pointsr/PS4

Kindle Unlimited isn't part of Prime. Prime Reading is and an issue is indeed free at the moment

Does this link work any better?

u/GregHullender · 2 pointsr/printSF

They sell subscriptions for the Kindle as well. It's a lot more pleasant to read that way, plus you feel good about supporting them.

u/loudribs · 2 pointsr/unitedkingdom

Get the Kindle subscription (unless you don't have a Kindle - in which case don't). It's a tenner a month which means it's cheaper than just buying the Saturday edition on it's own. The down side is that the photos are a bit shit but it's more than made up for by the fact that sometimes they let the Kindle version out before the sub-editors have got to grips with it and the whole thing is riddled with hysterical typos and mistakes.

But anyway, I love it - it means you get the paper in the order that you would with the printed version so you end up reading stuff you might not go looking for on the site.

u/HeauBeau · 2 pointsr/IAmA

I know this comment is late, sorry. 2600 was recently going through some serious troubles caused by their distributor, as covered in this hackaday article.

In addition to the print version, you can subscribe to the digital Kindle version for an incredible price.

u/EatonRifles · 2 pointsr/business

Ooh, I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have a Kindle with a subscription to The Economist. If they could do that properly I would buy a Kindle just for that. After a quick search I found this, but check this out: "the subscriber content on the Economist web site is not included. This content which includes archived articles and the audio edition is only available to print or web subscribers". Hmm...

u/twcsata · 2 pointsr/gallifrey

You can get the Kindle Edition for $36.99 a year through Amazon.

u/atrane · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A goal for myself is to run a 5k before the end of this year. My progress is pretty crap on this goal, as it is super hot outside in Texas and it's hard to get the motivation to work harder at it. But now that I've put it out there publicly, I'll work harder at achieving at it.



u/Buzzing3StarHotel · 1 pointr/TheNational
u/kaostic · 1 pointr/Smite

In reply to your original query - We used to do eBook versions of our magazines, and still do for our main magazine (see here). The time:demand ratio was a bit too high for us for other magazines though.

u/1amathrowaway · 1 pointr/theeconomist

Kindle or Kindle Fire?

My public library gives me access to all the digital copies for free (well, $5 for the library card plus my taxes...) and they do it through the Zinio app which you can get for Kindle fire.

Have you tried this?

Just like clicking "Get the free Kindle app"? Maybe that'll do it for you. I'm not sure about a regular Kindle.

u/XL-ent · 1 pointr/kindle

> What are the things I should know about the Kindle before I get started?

The best thing about a Kindle for me is newspapers.

I like how my local paper gets delivered automatically while I sleep and is instantly ready to read during my breakfast. $6/month is a bargain.

On rare the days I have more time to spare, I can download the New York Times for the rather cheap price of $0.99 a single issue in about 20 seconds. This is an especially good bargain for the Sunday edition.

u/antjenkins · 1 pointr/kindle

That subscription is only for the website and the apps (which are Kindle Fire only). If you want it delivered to your kindle, you'll need to subscribe through Amazon at: . It is 11.99/month, and doesn't include the website, but you can access the subscription from the Kindle Cloud Reader.

EDIT: You cannot use Kindle Cloud Reader or Kindle for PC to access Newsstand items.

u/Hippochomp · 1 pointr/kindle

It depends what you'd like to read.

I'd recommend checking which periodicals support the device you might be looking for. I have the 7th generation kindle paperwhite (current model) - and for some reason both the New York Times and the New Yorker don't support it - only the older models (5th and 6th).

Bit of a surprise for me! Worth checking out ;)