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We found 104 Reddit comments discussing the best kindle store. We ranked the 32 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the products ranked 21-40. You can also go back to the previous section.

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u/oodnfoo · 4 pointsr/kindle

You can get a subscription to the whole magazine. If you just want to read articles from their Web site, try the Send to Kindle Chrome extension; it's what I have used to read Web pages on my Paperwhite for the past several years.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/kindle

Unless WSJ has a "deliver to kindle" or somesuch option on their website, I think you do.

WSJ for Kindle

u/WarLorax · 3 pointsr/Fantasy

It's got SF as well as Fantasy, but Fantasy and Science Fiction is an excellent magazine. Roughly 50:50 SF:F, but all excellent quality.


u/snookums · 3 pointsr/politics

May I also recommend a subscription to Current History. It's not about strategy, but I find some of their articles to be incredibly informative. I learned a lot from their recent issue about Afghanistan.

u/Kmudametal · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL
u/GregHullender · 2 pointsr/printSF

They sell subscriptions for the Kindle as well. It's a lot more pleasant to read that way, plus you feel good about supporting them.

u/Moonmonkeys · 2 pointsr/PS4

Kindle Unlimited isn't part of Prime. Prime Reading is and an issue is indeed free at the moment

Does this link work any better?


u/Hippochomp · 1 pointr/kindle

It depends what you'd like to read.

I'd recommend checking which periodicals support the device you might be looking for. I have the 7th generation kindle paperwhite (current model) - and for some reason both the New York Times and the New Yorker don't support it - only the older models (5th and 6th).



Bit of a surprise for me! Worth checking out ;)

u/antjenkins · 1 pointr/kindle

That subscription is only for the website and the apps (which are Kindle Fire only). If you want it delivered to your kindle, you'll need to subscribe through Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Washington-Post-Kindle-Ad-Free/dp/B000HC48T0 . It is 11.99/month, and doesn't include the website, but you can access the subscription from the Kindle Cloud Reader.

EDIT: You cannot use Kindle Cloud Reader or Kindle for PC to access Newsstand items.

u/XL-ent · 1 pointr/kindle

> What are the things I should know about the Kindle before I get started?

The best thing about a Kindle for me is newspapers.

I like how my local paper gets delivered automatically while I sleep and is instantly ready to read during my breakfast. $6/month is a bargain.

On rare the days I have more time to spare, I can download the New York Times for the rather cheap price of $0.99 a single issue in about 20 seconds. This is an especially good bargain for the Sunday edition.

u/kaostic · 1 pointr/assassinscreed

You can find our other free magazines here: http://www.gameonmag.com

There's a GTA one not listed there yet: http://www.gameonmag.com/gta.html

We also have a monthly colour and kindle mags (both UK and US)