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We found 85 Reddit comments discussing the best magazine subscriptions. We ranked the 43 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the products ranked 21-40. You can also go back to the previous section.

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u/IHaveALargePenis · 11 pointsr/MensRights

I find it funny that they are even taken seriously about all of this "objectification of women in videogames". Here's amazon's best sellers for women. And if click on cosmo and look at all the issues, every front cover is a hot woman in a tiny dress. In fact this is true for most magazines in that list.

u/doomrabbit · 10 pointsr/Firearms

Amazon, of course.

indecipherable lyrics over a guitar solo

u/booze_nutrients · 9 pointsr/vegetarian

No excuse necessary. Good things to ask.

Yes and yes. While most vegetarian times recipes can be found online, I have always found it helpful to get the physical book every 6 weeks (or so), because it helps give new ideas when I'm in a rut and it generally is appropriately seasonal (so you know the ingredients are available).


u/Justanaussie · 3 pointsr/australia

Vanity Fair subscription in the US: $20USD

Vanity Fair subscription for Australia $155AUD

Looks like I was wrong, it's actually 7 1/2 times more expensive.

u/NoTimeForInfinity · 2 pointsr/confession

If you don't know why you're working your work will suffer. Humans crave novelty. You need it like vitamins. Spend one hour on inspiration each week. Maybe each day.

Get Popular Science

Or Popular Mechanics

If you've got kids this time might be in the can. Make stuff. Look into a hacker space near you. Everyone loses their "why" it's good for the species to be malcontent and try new things. Mental hygiene is more important than dental hygiene.

u/RugerRedhawk · 2 pointsr/Hunting

It's complete garbage. You get nothing, but a magazine and some trash when you sign up. Just get field and stream or something else instead, it's $10: http://www.amazon.com/o/ASIN/B002CT51EM/?tag=dp-us-20

u/jaggazz · 1 pointr/Hunting

I subscribe to the Minnesota Version of this. It should be tailored to Illinois (although some articles are obviously national).

And the Minnesota version of this:

I also subscribe to Outdoor life and Field and Stream. Both are great, but are national so there may be great articles on Dall's Sheep which would be of limited use in the middle of Illinois, but still interesting.

Good luck!

u/andrewsmith1986 · 1 pointr/AskReddit


all of the deals i got are expired right now, but i got most of them for 5$

besides PS which i got for free(some freebizmag thing) along with spin(lollapalooza)

its a really awesome website if you are like me and spend money when you have any at all.

u/gedden8co · 1 pointr/Hunting

This page might have it though. I tried looking for a website that lets you see covers, but I wasn't sure if they were all current

Also I found these,

u/Shamar82 · 1 pointr/atheism

What I'd like that I haven't been able to afford is something like a membership to one of the national atheist organizations (it gets me something like a newsletter each month, but it mainly serves as a donation to the organization to support their work) such as American Atheists, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Atheist Alliance of America, or other groups like the James Randi Educational Foundation. Or even a subcription to a freethinker publication like Free Inquiry, Skeptical Inquirer magazine, Skeptic Magazine, or New Humanist Magazine.

I'm a starving college student, having a hard enough time paying the rent, and any one of these I'd be happy with, and it would be going to support organizations that are doing good things :-)

If not, thanks for helping our fellow redditors out.

u/elinordash · 1 pointr/todayilearned

For anyone who needs to buy Christmas gifts and struggles with how to get something decent for a low(ish) price.

Board games can be a great family gift, personally I'm partial to Clue. Last year I had huge success with Bop-It.

If there is a child under 5 on your list, Amazon has Hape toys on special for the next five hours.

For a girlie girl 6-10, Fashion Plates is a great affordable gift.

A Dover How to Draw book plus a sketchbook is a decent $10 gift for any kid 7-12.

For a teenage girl or woman who likes to paint her nails (rather than leaving them bare or having them done in a salon), Essie has an annual holiday nail polish kit

A lot of magazine subscriptions and only $5 for a year. You don't get an actual magazine to give, but they can be a good stocking stuffer. You just have to remember to turn auto-renew off after you buy. Popular Science $5, Martha Stewart Living $5, Wired $5, Conde Nast Traveller $5, Vogue $5

Macy's has some pretty good deals on jewelry right now. Kate Spade Heart of Gold plated bangle $22, Ladybug jewelry for a child $25, Amethyst bracelet $120, Blue Topaz bangle $110

Lots of children's museums and science museums have family memberships for $100-150. Not super cheap, but it can be a good family gift if you're 100% sure they don't already belong. Botanically garden memberships can be good for older family members who garden.

If all else fails, slippers works for pretty much anyone.

u/The_OG_OG · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Hands-down my favorite gift is a Babybug subscription. It's a heavy-duty board-bookish magazine for kids. Babybugs is aimed at 1-3 and Ladybugs is aimed at 3+. It's my go-to for first birthdays!

u/neonthererun · 1 pointr/CFBOffTopic

How about a subscription to Maxim for $9.97?

Karma Sutra Mad Libs

Yep... that's all I got after 13 pages of Today's Deals.

u/e-socrates · 0 pointsr/politics

It is indeed peer review, even if it doesn't meet your strict definition of a paper submitted to "independent" circle-jerkers for publication in circle-jerking magazines, as is the product of the global warming pseudo-scientific complex who stifle dissenting articles "even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is."

Not that some real science does not get published after peer review.

Scientific American is sold on Amazon for goodness sake! Totally negaates the validity of anything published, right there.

Unimpressed that you were able to find an unfavorable book review by an IAEA hack She began her career assessing the heath and environmental risks of radiation in the environment at other U.S. national laboratories and the IAEA "nuclear expert" with a bachelors degree in biology.