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u/ThisIsWhyICarry · 156 pointsr/guns

Good guide. Especially the method of drying. ;-)

That said, I recommend against nail polish and nail polish remover; polish doesn't set as well as enamel paint, and thus, it won't last as long or look as nice. One factor to this is that enamel paint settles flat better than nail polish does - the latter tends to curve inward or bulge outward, depending on exactly how much there is, whereas enamel paint can be polished off relatively even to the gun surface. Here's a comparison, with nail polish on the left and enamel paint on the right, and here's the final product. Note that this method also works on plastic; I filled the etching of the Crimson Trace laser as well.

Instead, I recommend Testor's 1168 Flat White enamel paint, which can be found at most hobby supply and arts & crafts stores. I apply with a very thin brush or with toothpicks, depending on how fine the work needs to be. I'll stick the tip directly into the etching grooves so that I don't end up with bubbles. I try to keep the coat relatively thin, but just thick enough so that I can't quite see the etching through the first coat when I'm done. (More on the second coat shortly.) Let it dry for an hour with a fan on it. You can sometimes get away with less time, or use a hair dryer to speed up the process, but I've found less than an hour (if you don't use a hair dryer) leaves the paint too tacky and more comes off than I'd like.

To clean up the excess paint, don't use paint thinner - not even Testors. Paint thinner will, well, make the paint too thin. This makes it too easy to accidentally remove paint from the etching that you want to leave behind. Instead, I use Hoppe's No. 9 Bore Solvent. It works similarly to paint thinner but isn't quite as powerful, which means it doesn't thin the paint as much. It's also a useful gun cleaner, so it's handy to have around anyway. :-)

Use a combination of cotton rounds and makeup sponge wedges, both of which can be found in the make-up section in most grocery stores or pharmacies for a few bucks per bag. The rounds are good for broad strokes to wipe away larger amounts of excess paint, and the wedges are good for detail work or to gently swipe evenly over the etching without pressing loose cotton threads into the etching. I try to do as few wipes over the actual etching as possible - the more you wipe the etching, the greater the chance you remove paint from inside the etching. Don't press hard, either; just press enough to maintain contact; let the solvent do the work for you.

Let the paint dry for another hour, and then apply a second coat. Odds are good that you've accidentally removed too much paint in some parts of the etching, especially where it's thin or has sharp corners. Then let dry for an hour, remove the excess with Hoppe's again, and let dry overnight to fully cure.

This will probably take you around a total of 3 hours to do, but it's worth the extra time - it looks beautiful and will last forever. Obviously, you'll need more beer for this method, but OP says you can get a 30-pack of Miller Lite for $18. It may suck, but after 30 of them, you probably won't care.

u/naturallyplastic · 42 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I found that using a cushion pact helps!

My skin is pickier with sunscreen than any other skincare product so I use my go to and DIY with this guy

You just pat the product onto your skin over top of your makeup and it blends right in. Here’s a tutorial by Gothamista for more details.

u/cosycookie · 26 pointsr/RepLadies

I haven't shipped this haul yet as I'm still adding stuff but sure why not!

u/Adrinkingthrowaway · 18 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

A cushion foundation is shaped like a portable powder compact (just a bit bulkier) but with a foundation-soaked sponge inside. Also a little puff and a mirror for portable application. Sephora's cushion foundation selection is pretty limited, but it's a K-beauty trend and if you do some reddit research you shouldn't have a problem finding information about what's available from other retailers (1, 2)

Coverage varies but the general expectation is that cushion foundations will have light/medium coverage at most. The most affordable and easily accessible option if you're in the US is probably L'oreal's cushion which you can find basically wherever L'oreal is sold.

The drawbacks to cushion foundations are that you get less product than in a traditional liquid foundation, so you run through them more quickly (this is the same as with stick foundations). There's usually an option to just buy a refill sponge when you run out (cheaper than getting a whole new compact).

Cushion foundations on the whole do have the stereotypically K-beauty "this comes in 5 shades of pale beige" problem. It's gotten a little better across the board but it's still hard to find deep-dark options.

If you can't find a formula and shade match that works for you, you can buy an empty cushion and fill it with a liquid foundation of your choosing. I've done this; I don't really wear foundation often enough to give it a ringing endorsement but I enjoyed it and thought it worked well.

[resubmitted, forgot to use np links. as usual.]

u/BerdLaw · 18 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

They make silicone makeup applicators like this (there are many more options) that might be a better option. You won't have to touch your face and no worry about water degrading or the applicator absorbing any of your ss.

u/ImLaurenNow · 16 pointsr/transpassing

Posted this on other account but it got moderated, had a bad word OOPS :(

I'm going to be blunt but it's in your best interests. This may also be long.

I don't think you have a large head as someone else has said, and there is nothing wrong with a square shaped head, it is not exclusively a masculine shape. In fact I see quite soft features when I look at you, which certainly would be improved and amplified with HRT.

The wig - It is very obvious and I would not recommend wearing it out in its current state. Depending on finances, you can do incredible things with hair extensions with just 4 inches of hair, which for most people is about 8-12 months of growth from a buzz cut.

Extensions - Depending on finances, as I said with 4 inches of hair or more you can get incredible extensions from a salon, they know how to make them look great (check reviews for your area though).

A cheaper option is clip in extensions, for a full head I recommend no less than 230 grams including the clips at about a 20" length. These can also be clipped in to very short hair an example video being here. I have only 2" of hair on back and sides and about 6" of hair on the top and using this method I get a flawless finish, I curl the top length of my hair and the extensions so they blend a little easier. This will also depend on your hairline but there are hairstyles you can use with extensions to cover that as well, and they look much more natural.

Makeup - I'm going to be very blunt in saying everything about it is wrong. Wrong shade, wrong tone, wrong finish and application.

Wrong shade - Your makeup is way too dark and it definitely makes you look like you're wearing a mask.
Wrong tone - Though hard to tell with pictures it looks like it is a yellow based foundation, so a warm tone (or cool tone if you go by macs definitions). Your skin to me looks pink based, so cool toned but I would never recommend a cool toned foundation to anyone so you should look for something in neutral tones to be safe.

Finish and application - You have applied it way too thick over your entire face, and the finish is too shiny, it is highlighting on ALL the wrong places to highlight.

How to fix it!!! :D

For beard cover I recommend Maybelline Dark Circles Eraser in probably the shade 'light'. I use this personally myself and it is incredible at covering beard, as it has a slight orange tone that does not require heavy foundation to cover but does neutralize the blue tones in beard shadow. It is a liquid concealer and doesn't look too heavy on the skin. I apply a layer all over with the sponge tip applicator and powder over it before putting foundation on (I will recommend a powder shortly). This product also works great for its original purposes as an under eye concealer :D. You may want to eventually buy a second in the shade 'fair' to give a little under eye highlight.

IF you find this and foundation are not quite enough cover, as I don't on some days where I have especially dark shadow (perfect contrast to my pale skin) I will use the Nyx Dark Circle Concealer in Medium underneath the maybelline concealer just to enhance the orange tones slightly, it is very sheer however and does not provide coverage on its own, it is purely to add more orange tones.

Foundation - I use Loreal True Match and for you I would recommend the shade N2, obviously test this in store to make sure you get the right shade as I am only going off photos.

I would apply this over the powdered beard area with fingers and a dabbing motion, kind of gently slapping your face with two fingers, this gives the best coverage. For the rest of the face I recommend a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as this gives a lighter coverage and a nice texture. Once your beard coverage foundation has has a few seconds to set, you can also bounce this over it lightly to adjust the texture in that area.

Powder - I use Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent. For a pressed powder it's quite fine and doesn't add any coverage (less cake), however it will ELIMINATE that shine on your face!

Some additional things you aren't doing as far as I can tell are blush and contouring, I love Nyx Powder Blush in Mocha for blush and Nyx Powder Blush in Taupe for contouring. They are both lightly pigmented making them hard to muck up, the mocha is not overly pink and in-your-face and the taupe is perfect for contouring as it is not orange and is very neutral. You will find 1 million and 1 YouTube tutorials on how to do both of these things properly.

The final thing I can say is you're muting your lips out and making them almost invisible with your foundation, buy some lipstick to fix that, and you can always overdraw the middle of your top and bottom lips slightly with a lip liner, but be sure to go over your whole lip if you do this, you dont want to be left with those lines if your lipstick wears off. :D

I know this is a long post, but if even one bit of information is able to help you, or somebody else it's all worth it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, I usually check this account once per day :)

u/misseff · 15 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

IMO the Beauty Blender is overhyped. The texture/shape is different from a normal sponge, but you can get much cheaper versions that many reviewers say are exactly the same.

u/Jalter_x · 8 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Personally, I've heard powder/mist sunscreen (like the ones that's supposed to be similar to face mists/setting sprays) don't work as effectively. My reference video for that is always this video.

As for my makeup, I don't wear heavy makeup so I can't guarantee this will work 100% -- I just apply a gel sunscreen (Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence) over my spreading it on my hand and lightly padding my skin with it.

I'm also interested/wanting to try the method of using a liquidy-sunscreen into a compact cushion (similar to the MISHA cushion compact), and apply it. There's a video on it here, showing you how to make one and apply. Here's an Amazon DIY compact posted a while ago by another redditor.

for reference, I use BB Cream, powder, blush, and bronzer. Not a lot of any of the powder products though! I do use a setting spray at the very end to melt all the powders together.

u/astrolia · 7 pointsr/AsianBeauty

In the morning, I apply this Senka chemical sunscreen. Later in the day, I use the Skinfood Peach Cotton Pore Sun Pact SPF 42++++. Obviously there are set backs to powder sunscreens, such as not knowing if you're actually getting enough product/coverage on your face. As I am mostly an indoors person, I find this suitable for me cause my UV exposure tends to be more "incidental". I have also tried both the SuperGoop powder sunscreen and the derma-e dupe of the SuperGoop one, and I didn't like either of them because of the brush mechanism. I think the idea is neat, but the execution is a big nope for me. When I am purposely going to be out in the sun again, then I use a custom cushion filled w/the same Senka sunscreen, and then use some of the Skinfood powder on top to get rid of the shiny/dewy look lol.

EDIT: Ok, this totally slipped my mind, but a lot of Asian SPF powders contain talc. If you are looking for something without talc, I have personally been recommended Vintorte Mineral UV Powder before (JP name: SPF50+PA++++ ミネラルUVパウダー) but since I still have my Skinfood compact (and even my SuperGoop and derma-e powders lol) laying around I haven't bothered figuring out how to buy it outside of Japan aside from maybe bugging a friend to buy it for me. It is on YesStyle, but it costs like 2x as much on YesStyle as it does in Japan.

u/Holy_shnikies · 7 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I got the generic ones from amazon. There's like, 4 in the pack for...$10? I think. Don't need to buy the expensive ones!

[EDIT] These ones!

u/emstx · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

So, personally, I have never used the beauty blender, but I bought these generics and have been really happy with them.

I did look at reviews between the two and I have heard that the beauty blender is more porous than than the generics and that is why it is softer/squishier. This would also mean that it soaks up more foundation and when using a sponge I think the soaking up of foundation is a bit inevitable. I also would not spend $20 on a sponge, it just seems excessive.

My generic sponges have been stained, but I doubt that's of any surprise. I bought one pack and gave the other sponges away to friends and family last year, everyone is still using them and they have not deteriorated.

u/bernardcat · 5 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

Only one thing has ever gotten my beauty blenders and various other sponges 100% clean and stain-free: Daiso Puff Sponge Detergent. If you have a Daiso near you, you can pick it up for I think a little cheaper than Amazon, but it’s like $12 for 3 bottles anyway, and they last forever.

u/CreepShowGirl666 · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I wish I had saved the article/blog/what-have-you that I read, but this woman said that she uses one of these refillable compacts that has a cushion in it.

She fills it with her sunscreen so it absorbs into the cushion and uses the face pad to pat it on over her make up when she needs to reapply her sunscreen.

As to how effective it is, I don't know.

Also, I did a google search for the thing I read, and i am finding a lot of mentions of using a powder or spray mist sunscreen over make up. So those are also options. Just have to find what works for you.

u/Fartin_Gary · 5 pointsr/sfx

Depends on what she already has, but if she doesn't have any of the following, she might like it.

u/Padankadank · 4 pointsr/nintendo

Instead of Q-tips I like to use these foam makeup wedges with my rubbing alcohol. They leave nothing behind unlike the small bits of cotton that a Q-tip leaves.

u/Lavarie · 4 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas
u/44xominxo44 · 4 pointsr/Makeup

Beakey beauty blender sponges from amazon!
They last me a while and they do a great job. Such a cheap price to pay also:

u/ZombieButch · 4 pointsr/learnart

If it's dry, you can just scrape it down with a palette knife or sand it down with some fine grit sandpaper. It doesn't have to be, like, smooth as glass or anything, you just want to avoid any big piles or little spikes of paint.

In the future, if you do your underpainting with pretty thin paint for your darks, you can wipe away the light areas with a rag or paper towel. If you're working in oil paint, cosmetic wedges are awesome, and tonking is a really useful technique for pulling up excess paint while it's still wet. (It may work on acrylics while they're wet, too; I don't really use them but unless there's some kind of extender in the medium I would think it'd dry too quickly.)

u/blackesthearted · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Yep, there are other ways to avoid using one’s hands. I decant most things into smaller jars (that I can clean and re-use), and one could use a tiny spoon or spatula (think the spoon that comes with TO’s L-AA powder) to scoop out product onto one’s hand or the bowl of a measuring spoon (how I apply liquid products). I do use one finger to apply things but one could use something like a silicone makeup sponge instead (not a beauty blender, more like this.

u/skelezombie · 3 pointsr/RandomActsOfPolish

Okay so there's lots of places you can get things, but with some of amazon you might not get things in time so keep your eyes peeled, I'm linking random ones for you. It'd be easier to build your own basket instead of trying to find one. What I would suggest is:

-dotting tools like this

-brushes for art/cleanup like this

-clear stamper/scraper like this

-some stamping plates like this

-liquid latex (so her fingers don't get messy when doing different nail art styles) like this

-makeup sponges (those triangles, for gradients) like this

-striping tape like this

-good base coat (people really like nail envy by OPI and ORLY bonder) OPI ORLY

-good top coat (Seche vite is great) like this

I didn't pay much attention to the prices but a lot of those tools can be purchased fairly cheap, the most expensive things are the polishes and some stamping plates (some are very cheap and can be not so good, some are more expensive but are more likely to work well)

If you need more help let me know!

u/Coco92144 · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I got this one from Amazon. My word doesn't matter so much because I don't have a real BeautyBlender to compare it to, but for $5.50 and numerous reviews that say they're exactly the same why not? I like mine. I don't use it very often, but it does blend well if I ever use foundation instead of BB cream.

u/lyubabushka · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

The plastic package doesn't really work for me (the bottom of my beauty blender always felt a little damp), so I store mine in something like this:

u/carmillivanilli · 3 pointsr/muacirclejerk

I like the black Aesthetica one on Amazon.

u/courtchella · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

This sponge is super comparable to the black beauty blender and it has great reviews on Amazon! IIRC Kathleenlights and Readysetglamour included it in beauty blender dupes videos and both raved about it :)

u/shrimpfriedrice · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Apparently Wayne Goss also recommends these dupes, which are super cheap at $10 for 4 with free Prime shipping:

I don't have a real Beauty Blender, but I just got these and I love them! They swell up to twice the size when damp, just like the real thing, and "moosh" very nicely against the skin. They're supposed to be a bit denser than the original.

u/bobcat_90 · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

It's a Beauty Blender, basically a sponge used to apply makeup like foundation.

u/Lrs8855 · 3 pointsr/Warhammer40k

For the weathering, he uses quite a coarse sponge.

Personally, I prefer using:

Very even coverage for weathering effects, making them seem more genuine to me.


u/texanandes · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Somebody posted the link for these on a thread a little while ago [Bundle Monster] ( 4 blenders for $10 is pretty good imo

u/lhpeanut46 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

you can also get it at walgreens online

or amazon (These have good reviews but I'm not 100% on their authenticity.)

u/IT143 · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

No I wish I got the $1 one rather than the Ulta one! The Ulta one was like a rubbery sponge! Just bruuuuutal!

I'll be honest when I say I have only been using the bb about a month. I bought the two pack for 20+ish? I have been using my normal brush cleaner on it and sort of rub it in, and squeeze it a few times, and so on. You can deff see makeup come out of it, but its still a bit stained. I plan on trying a few other ideas to give it a deeper cleanse. Since I bought the two pack, I haven't been too concerned with how long it lasts, since I have another on backup!

u/kdia2055 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

If you buy it on amazon you can get two for the price of one!


u/leslie0627 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I bought this cute holder for my sponge on
Amazon! Right now I'm using the real techniques sponge, which I really like!

Amazon link

u/goldragon · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I use a thick, wet sponge (Trader Joe's brand to be specific) to wipe off the lather/stubble and then use the sponge to wipe up water around the sink area. I try to change out the sponge every month but I am sure in the meantime it is a cesspool of bacteria but it's never bothered my face.

If I am away from home I use a washcloth rolled up into a log so that it has some cushion when wiping off the blade.

I would advice against rinsing the blade under a running tap. I am sure many here do that and never had trouble but I personally wouldn't risk it because of the chance of getting water up into the pivot area which will be hard to dry and susceptible to rust and also possibly dinging the blade against the sink/tap and chipping the edge.

u/ashleyspllife · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction
u/proximateprose · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

I also like the RT blender better than the BB, and I prefer them both waaaaay over the MAC foundation brush that I was using. I use less product and get a more even application. There's also a BB dupe that I have from Amazon that I like almost as much as the RT blender. The Aesthetica Beauty Sponge.

u/k1520 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

This is just a little bit over $!0, but, if you don't have a beauty blender, I totally recommend it. I use liquid foundation, and it makes mine look infinitely better and more blended. I'm actually on my second one (my dogs mistook it for a toy one day...), but it's worth every penny!

u/iswintercomingornot · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

This is the most popular. Though I'm 95% sure they're just overpriced stipple sponges that you can find at any theatre makeup shop.

u/Lucky1289 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

It was this set.

They work so well!

u/pcossucks · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I actually use a $3 shave oil (Shave Secret) that I buy at WalMart, and it's the only thing that keeps me razor bump free. I will never go back. There's a couple of really nice shave oils out there, but none so cheap that work so well. I use the executive blade option (6 blades) from, which mails me four blades each month for $9.

My throat was a big issue until I discovered the Beauty Blender and using powder to set my concealer/foundation properly. Once you get rid of the razor bumps it's a lot easier to manage, too.

u/ParticularSalad · 2 pointsr/DragKings

I'm going to second the stipple sponge and cream makeup. That way is the easiest imo.

I have also done the mascara wand beard, I used the mascara with fibers and that seemed to do okay.

My favorite way but also the most time consuming and uncomfortable is the spirit gum and crepe wool. The key here is to cut the crepe wool really really fine. I usually outline where I want it with eyeliner and then fill in little by little.
Be careful if you have sensitive skin and use either an actual remover or baby oil when it comes time to take it off.

u/Whisk3yTang0F0xtr0t · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

Monthly: Shampoo using this Daiso cleaner OR OxiClean + Eco Friendly Costco Laundry detergent (the formula doesn't make my face itch)

Between individual uses: Spritz any kind of spray-on antibacterial brush sanitizer a few times onto a half sheet of paper towel, then swirl the brush in the moist part of the towel

u/gypsiemagic · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

they are much much cheaper on amazon, you would be wise to spend your dollars on things you cant really get any cheaper in other places.

u/pompea · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Actually just found this gem on Amazon too. A two-pack for only $2 more than the original with Best Seller and Prime status.

u/morelove · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

they do!

:D :D :D because also canadian here.

u/MosesTheHoly · 2 pointsr/gifs
u/ChartreuseFox · 2 pointsr/KoreanBeauty

Currently using Missha Essence Sun Milk (SPF 50+/PA+++), and like how it wears under makeup. I am planning to try the Etude House Sunprise next, given the hype.

I’m ordering DIY Cushion Compact for easy reapplication over makeup with my upcoming vacation to NOLA.

And of course, wearing oversized sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection and a hat with the same are the best measures you can take for your sensitive eye area and often overlooked scalp - particularly if you’re facing the sun each day for hours at work!

Edit: Your skin type sounds very similar to mine, and the Missha has been very gentle for me, particularly when I keep it in the fridge prior to application.

u/SmartAleck08 · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

This awesome nail polish!

Or these super cute nail dotting tools.

Or this little sponge I was gifted a while back that I use daily to blend my concealer.

u/sureillbethere · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Then you could try a silicone applicator. Or get one of those silicone clay mask brushes, and give it a try. I didn't like the silicone personally (too big for my problem areas) but if you're dealing with a large(r) surface, it may work for you.

YMMV, reviews are a mixed bag.

u/GARedheadedGal · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Teenitor 3 Pack Beauty Blender Sponge Holder Sponge Stand Drying Rack Egg Powder Puff Display Stand - Rose Gold

u/shazwald · 1 pointr/makeupexchange

The beauty blender has already been claimed, I'm sorry. You can actually get 2 beauty blenders for around $20 on Amazon

u/SatinUnicorn · 1 pointr/muacjdiscussion

I got these sponges the other day and they are SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I wanted to try the Missa ones but didn't want to buy enough to get free shipping.

u/daisyismydog · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup


  • PUFFINESS: If your eyes are puffy or something you can hold something cold over them (a spoon that's been in the fridge for a bit is a popular choice) to reduce the puffiness.
  • CONCEALER: I am lazy and just put a bit of BB cream on my dark circles and call it a day, but if you want to make the extra effort I've heard good things about this Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer although I've never actually used it myself.


  • REDNESS: I have a ton of redness on my cheeks and I'm not fancy enough for a tone-correcting primer, so after using my regular old ELF Studio primer I dab a bit of this Maybelline green concealer on my cheeks and blend it in with a sponge to cover up the redness.
  • BLUSH: Blush comes in a variety of forms including pressed, baked, cream, tint, liquid stain, etc. I have no idea how to use blush because my cheeks are already tomatoes but a lot of the gals who ARE into blush on this subreddit have been talking about Sleek blush palettes (because they're nicely pigmented). Again, I don't really understand blush but Robert Jones does so here's his video AGAIN (there's also a little summary about blush if you scroll down which you can read quickly as a little refresher).


  • THINGS YOU CAN PUT ON YOUR LIPS: There are a lot of options for lips including balm, tinted balms, glosses, stains, lipsticks, etc. There are also a lot of different finishes especially with lipstick. Remember how eyeshadow how satin and matte? Lipstick does too, and there's a whole slew of other categories which you can see here if you scroll down a bit to the "details" section. MAC has some labels that are unique to their brand, but you get the idea that there are tons of finishes.
  • MOISTURIZE: Whatever you choose to put on your lips, or even if you choose not to put any color on them, keep them moisturized. You can use Vaseline, Chapstick, Rosebud Salve is pretty popular (it's a tinted balm essentially), etc. Lips look pretty gross when they're flaky and stuff, so do this. Elemis Lip Revive is rather expensive but I love it (they give it out in spa packages if you fly business class on British Airways or else I'd never have discovered it!).
  • LIP PRIMER: So there's also lip primer, but I just use chapstick instead because I'm not fancy. Just letting you know it exists, though!
  • LIP LINER: The purpose of lip liner is to define the lips and prevent lipstick from feathering or traveling. It depends on what lipstick you're using (sometimes you won't need to use it), but there is an awesome tutorial on how to use lipliner here. She talks a lot about how to make thin/uneven lips look a little fuller, which is a bonus too!


  • FINGERS: I just use my fingers for primer and BB cream. It's recommended that you use your fingers for BB cream. Not sure about primer, but again, I'm not fancy.
  • SPONGES: So there's this thing called the BeautyBlender and a lot of people like it. You're supposed to use it wet (soak it in water, squeeze, then wrap a paper towel in it and squeeze, then use). There are a lot of cheaper dupes on Amazon, and I have a set of four and I think they're okay, but apparently the Beauty Blender really swells up in size when it is wet as you can see here and the knockoffs I have totally do NOT change in size whatsoever when wet, so it's probably not quite the same. What the real thing is supposed to do is give your foundation a really nice finish.
  • BRUSHES: Brushes are a big frickin' deal, okay? Once I started using the right brushes for the right things (instead of a little concealer brush for everything) my makeup looked a lot better. If you're looking at drugstore options, I use RealTechniques and I like them, but I find them a little bit on the larger size. I know a lot of people like EcoTools and ELF Studio, but if you want to invest in brushes from the get-go you could try looking at a Sigma set. They're on /r/makeupaddiction's HG list for mid-range brushes, especially the Mrs. Bunny set. Considering with the Mrs. Bunny set you get 12 brushes for ~$108, that comes out to essentially $9/brush. Drugstore brushes tend to be about $7-8 a piece, so if you have the money it might make more sense to invest in a nicer set to begin with. I personally have never used a Sigma brush so I can't speak to how good they are, but I just buy everything off HG lists on /r/makeupaddiction and they haven't led me astray yet! There are also a lot of great tutorials on how to use brushes (explaining their different purposes and doing looks with them) on the RT website here and even if you don't use the RT website I think it would still be helpful (since even if you buy Sigma or EcoTools there's still going to be a blush brush, tons of little eye brushes, liner brush, etc.).
  • FOAM APPLICATORS THAT COME WITH PALETTES: So if you buy a mini eyeshadow palette like a trio or a quad or whatever, you'll likely get a little foam applicator like one of these. Just know, that you can do better than a foam applicator (use brushes!).
  • CLEAN WHATEVER YOU'RE USING: The Beauty Blender sponge has this "blender cleanser," if you know how to use the internet you should know how to wash your hands, and here's a how-to-clean-your-brushes tutorial.
u/Teh_Squishy · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Do you have prime? $22 for a duo pack. I think it's legit, just got mine and daammnn is it soft! Im in love!

u/SpaceTortoise · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

You can buy two for the price of one on amazon

And they are the original ones.

u/chinesefoodandamovie · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I use a sponge cleaner from Daiso that is amazing!

u/Zosma82 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Makeup brushes, sponges, or a beauty blender are must haves for applying foundation. Beauty blender is here:

Eyelash curler, tweezers, cuticle stick, nail files, and eye makeup remover pads would all make great stocking stuffers. Lip balms are also nice stocking stuffers. Check out EOS for flavored lip balms they will easily fit in her stocking.

For the makeup, I would suggest taking her to Ulta or Sephora and letting one of the ladies there do your sister's makeup. They can help her find a match for foundation and suggest colors of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. Maybe get her a gift card so she can get the makeup she wants?

I hope this was helpful!

u/dickface2 · 1 pointr/amiugly

You're not ugly, you do look pretty young though.

You have a chip out of your front tooth. Have you spoken to your dentist about getting that fixed?

I like your hair in those photos. I agree that long hair can long a bit weird if it is so thin/fine. I think the length in these photos is good. It's best to keep it straight because it looks like your hair wouldn't hold a curl very well.

You have pretty eyes and I think you can look good with or without glasses, so contacts are up to you. You can always get contacts and just wear them when you feel like it. You don't have to commit full time.

So, make up. For dry skin, it is vitally important that you moisturise your face, then apply a primer, then apply your foundation. I have fairly dry skin and my preferred method of application for foundation is using a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. You get it really wet, squeeze the excess water out, pump your foundation onto the sponge and then dab it all over your face evenly. You have pretty decent skin and you are still young so I would recommend a light coverage foundation or even a BB Cream. You can use a concealer or colour corrector to cover any blotches or discolourations you don't like before putting the foundation over it. Your style of eyebrows can be quite difficult to fill in. I'd probably recommend a decent eyebrow pencil in a reasonably light colour. To find the start of your brow, line your pencil up with the outside of your nostril and the inner corner of your eye. To find the peak of the arch, line it up with the outside of your nostril and your pupil while looking straight ahead. To find the end of the brow like up with the nostril and outer corner of your eye. Then gently draw in the shape of the eyebrow and fill it in. I'll see if I can do a rough diagram of what that should look like. I don't know if you are Asian/of Asian heritage, but that type of eyebrow is pretty common for Asian women, so you could try searching on /r/makeupaddiction for Asian eyebrow tutorials to see how other people do them.

Edit: This is roughly what your outline is going to look like, and then you just want to fill it in with a very light hand because you naturally don't have very thick or heavy eyebrows, so you'll want to just gently shade it in.

u/HepburnHepcat · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I do a lot of my shopping online but I've seen it before in store at sephora too, I just did a search on for beauty blender and it showed up for $39.95 for 2 blenders and the cleanser! Apparently amazon has it for sale 2 for 20 bucks (no cleanser though), and free shipping if you're a prime member:

u/nagoyanonstop · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty I have this and I really love it! Although /u/YueRain 's suggestion is definitely more eco-friendly, if you already happen to have an extra cushion case.

u/Rustygurl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A make up blender :D I keep getting told I need to try using them as they are the best, but I can't find any in my local stores that aren't rough!

u/CapSteveRogers · 1 pointr/CFBOffTopic

Why does this, BeautyBlender, cost $20?

It's tiny.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Budget Friendly:

  • Innisfree No Sebum Powder. If you are oily this stuff is really nice! It has a little bit of a minty smell but it does help with oil control.

  • Real Techniques Sponge. I love this sponge a lot. I have a beauty blender as well but really I can't tell the difference finish wise when I'm using either one. So naturally I love the budget friendly one.

  • Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana. I love this! It's called a bronzer but it's definitely a highlighter. I love that with the first layer it's enough to give you that lit from within look but is definitely buildable for much more intense looks. It can be a bit powdery but you get so much product that it's definitely worth it to me.

    The splurge items:

  • Burberry Earthy blush. I have a small size of this that I got off of ebay and I love it to contour. It's natural enough that it doesn't look like a crazy contour color or anything. I bought the smaller size for about $22. My only qualm I have is that it's scented but not in a benefit blush way. It's intense so sometimes I sort of avoid using this product.

  • Urban Decay anything. I currently have the naked skin foundation (powder), foundation (liquid), and concealer and they are all great. UD also makes it really easy to figure out your shade if you know your undertone. I also swear by their eyeshadow primer in Eden.
u/dogs_and_dogs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thank you for holding this :)
EDIT: If add-ons are not allowed, the alternate

u/cassidysparkles · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

My stomach just dropped. If only I could afford that! That sounds fantastic. I'll start saving my pennies. (:

Is this the write one?

u/pummelo4l · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would use this to clean the shells of all the turtles. Turtles are awesome.

u/false_parallax · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Welcome back! And what an entrance to make. =)


I would love a BeautyBlender

u/SenseiSweets · 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

Good job there! Here some improvement tips to make it look smoother:
You can use this board as bases or even building material, it works really well! I've just got at a stopping point of my first scenery pieces:
Super easy, just the board, PVA glue and some pins to hold it in place while it dries. Is about 90% complete, just some touch ups left. But you get the idea. The possibilities are endless, sometimes you just need to see someone doing and go from there!
The wedges he uses in the video, for the base of the tank, are here. I've picked mine up at walgreens for a couple of dollars. They look a little nicer than the styrofoam, since it's all bubbly. So maybe look for some things that still work, but give you the ability to work with better! Still, I am super happy that you actually ended up building that!

u/errybearry · 1 pointr/makeuporganization

Amazon! these are what I purchased

u/FuckingaFuck · 1 pointr/ZeroWaste

Here are some links to buy just the puff by itself:



More eBay


You could also post in /r/makeupexchange looking for some.

Edit to add: I use my puff with liquid foundation. A cushion foundation is liquid, just trapped in a sponge and wrung out.

u/squidboots · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction
u/Yourstruly0 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I've actually taken to applying mine with the type of sponge that comes in Korean BB Cushions because it gives that airbrush finish but they're dry!

Are you using a patting motion? I'm imaging if you rubbed over the powder it would cause textural issues. This may be weirdly in depth but methods of application are so important to final results and I think that's often overlooked. Newcomers want to know why they bought all the right things but their results are subpar, but they're, like, rubbing big blobs into their skin very roughly. :p

Also, you don't look sparkly at all! I never would've guessed that's the illuminating formula.

u/HellooooooSamarjeet · 1 pointr/blackmagicfuckery

Trader Joes sells sponges like these in a pack of 12.

u/poweredbyanxiety · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Everyone loves EOS
Awesome lipstick

Cute tweezers
NYC eyebrow kit
Blush & contour pallete
Classic mascara
Cheap beauty blender
Gel eyeliner

& Last but not least; if you want to get her something a little more expensive that I'm sure she'd love, I'd recommend:
This or this

Thanks for the contest!

u/tearisha · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

brushes are the way to go
more and more brushes
beauty blender

honestly though go to /r/MakeupAddiction and ask them what drug store products they would recommend. its better to shop in store for this kind of thing in my opinion

u/jlamdalamda · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

These are 5 for $9 and have worked really well for me.

u/pinkvoltage · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I would think it wouldn't eat up much product since the puffs don't absorb much? Pretty sure people aren't using the cushion - just the puff applicator like this:

u/irlhyunion · 1 pointr/KoreanBeauty

I believe some companies will sell just the case with an plain sponge so that you can put your own bb or cc cream into it.

something like this?

But I'm not sure that it will fit your missha cushion though. But it could be worth a try?

*edited for formatting

u/CrAzyCatDame · 1 pointr/MakeupRehab

I will say on the cleanser (because I am sort of cheap) I use the Dr.Bronner's Magic Castile soap in lavender (I bought the bar form) but they have liquid from Target and it cleans my BB perfectly. Also Amazon has a two pack for [24.99] (

Edit words... also my reasoning on the Castile soap is the fact it is way more than you will get with the name brand beauty blender version.

u/littlemisstigger · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is $1.09 with free shipping, so you could also gift other people :D

I like the big booties and I cannot lie.

I do like big booties. And boobs.

u/KateKane_mfc · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cheer up buttercup!

I know it's not ideal, and I hope you are feeling better, but at least it's still exciting news!!

Here are a few things I thought you would like:

Mom/Dad/Baby picture frame

New Mom mixology book

the BEST beauty makeup blender

Yoga workout cards

u/Alanamary · 1 pointr/Makeup

Youtube channels or pinteresting videos are an awesome starting point for techniques and honest product reviews.

My real suggestion if you have the money to spare is to go to a makeup artist and PAY for a lesson--not only can they recommend products which will work with your skin and work how YOU want them, but we can help you with application techniques and work with you to ensure you're good to go on your's a one time (or more if you please) investment which is totally worth the money! :)

Somethings I love & would recommend to anyone:
-Pore Reducing Primer -- NYX Makes an awesome and inexpensive one which is comparable to other, more expensive products NYX Pore Filler Helps reduce appearance of enlarged pores
-A BB cream is a nice start for a light, yet buildable foundation and a good entry into using a foundation-esque product. Like I said, you can build up as much coverage as is needed! (I LOVE mac or Laura Mercier) MAC Prep + Prime BB Cream
-Blush, Bronzer and Contouring go a LONG way (I love NARS orgasm for blush for my skin tone--and NYX Taupe for contour--my bronzers..welll..I have an addiction!)
-A Beauty blender applicator is FANTASTIC for applying foundations flawlessly [beauty blender--but off brands are A-OK(
-Brushes.Brushes.Brushes. Now, I'm not saying that you have to run out and get professional style brushes--BUT they'll help blend everything together perfectly.

If a one on one makeup lesson isn't within your budget right now, I'd suggest perhaps a Sephora where you can try different products would be helpful--it's no cost, and you can FEEL different products within your budget!

u/coldstonebitch · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Are you using your fingers to apply? If so I'd recommend getting a makeup sponge like this, it helped me with flakiness.