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Best matcha tea (according to Reddit)

Best matcha tea according to redditors

We found 216 Reddit comments discussing the best matcha tea. We ranked the 84 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the top 20.

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Top Reddit comments about Matcha Tea:

u/cultrevolt · 12 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

haha since you asked, this is what I was going to write:

Lifestyle HABITS that I feel have contributed to clear, glowy skin:
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT medical advice, you should speak with your doctor or dietitian before adding dietary supplements to your regimen. I should also mention that I have a chronic health condition and so I try to ensure, with my “wellness routines,” that I stay healthy.

  • I’m a student of clinical nutrition, so I mostly eat “clean” (mostly plants) and avoid “added sugars” where possible. I also take iron and Vitamin D supplements, daily to fill in gaps. Iron definitely helped out my hair breakage.
  • I also make sure to eat lots of healthful fats (mono- and poly-unsaturated), veggies, and consume dairy sparingly.
  • I drink matcha and spearmint tea everyday, in the morning and at night, respectively. Spearmint has drastically eliminated my hormonal breakouts.
  • I add 1 tablespoon of hydrolyzed collagen daily to my green smoothie. I’ve been using it for 6 months and my hair grows faster, thicker, and my skin is incredibly soft. I’ve been told, when not wearing, foundation how velvety my skin looks multiple times since starting.
  • I do intensive cardio + strength training every other day and stay hydrated. This one gave me an all-over glow that’s pretty unmatched and I have a great body skincare routine.
  • I carry a CamelBak with me all the time, to make sure I’m drinking water throughout the day. I probably drink nearly 3L per day, but I’m active and tall, so your water balance needs may vary.
  • I flip, alternate, and then change my pillowcases regularly.
  • I’ve been sleeping with satin or silk pillowcases for over a decade. Originally for my hair, but I think it’s contributed to having “good skin” over time. People think I look younger than I am by about 5+ years on average, which is huge in your 20s imho. Didn't start seriously looking after my skin until around 25.
  • Regular, ample sleep really improves my glow up in a way that products cannot alone.

u/Genki79 · 8 pointsr/tea

Ok sorry for the long post. Just throwing this out there as a few people ask about getting into matcha.

This is teavana's matcha. "Imperial grade" seems to be thier naming scheme to make it sound better. Generally there is culinary grade, which is lower grade and generally used in cooking, ice cream, cakes, lattes and etc. Then there is ceremonial grade which is higher grade and use in the tea ceremony. There are many grades of ceremonial itself depending on how its grown, type of tea plant, location, time of harvest, etc etc. Looking on their site at this is the 80g for $34.95. At that price I would have to expect this is not really that high quality. 80g is a shitload of matcha.

http://www.o-cha.com/matcha.htm This small explanation may answer a few questions for you. You can also buy tea from there and the owner is very knowledgeable.

http://yuuki-cha.com/ Is another site if you want quality tea from Japan.

If you want to stay in the US you can buy some on Amazon. I have had the DoMatcha ceremonial grade and it was pretty good. http://www.amazon.com/DoMatcha-Green-Organic-Matcha-1-0-Ounce/dp/B0019FOZC4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1374065899&sr=8-2&keywords=matcha.

for the OP I would recommend getting a wider bowl so you can whisk the tea better and get an actual froth. From the picture the cup used seems pretty narrow and curved at the bottom.

Here is a short video you can see it being prepared https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY_XEn7aIrA

The times I have had matcha in Japan it was fairly thick and frothy. Some people may find it too bitter for their taste. You can thin it out a bit with more water if you find it so.

u/LolaBleu · 7 pointsr/Supplements

Matcha. I make myself a matcha latte first thing every morning and the combination of caffeine and theanine really makes a difference for me. 1tsp matcha (I use Jade Leaf) + 1tbls honey + 1 cup unsweetened milk of choice.

Exercise is also really helpful for treating depression, as is a solid sleep schedule. If you're having trouble sleeping I highly recommend Olly Sleep supplement (for nights when my brain just won't shut up I take Olly Goodbye Stress)

u/FaKeShAdOw · 7 pointsr/tifu

OP, if you're a big fan of green tea you should probably look into getting your own stash so this won't ever happen again. :P

Powdered matcha stuff like this will go rather well if you just boil some water or if you use those Japanese water boilers. It's not in bags because it's green tea, yo. Shit doesn't need to be in bags, even if you typically hate leaves floating around.


u/Pootzen · 7 pointsr/fasting

Pretty sure this stuff will be exorbitantly expensive compared to DIY methods.

I drink this Gunpowder Tea when not fasting (drinking green tea on a fast gives me nausea).

u/secretsquirreltwirl · 6 pointsr/proED

I love matcha. I pretty much exclusively drink it cold and I don't have problems with lumps, but that could be a difference in the brand/quality of the matcha or the fact that I shake mine through a little strainer before I mix it with anything. Honestly, I'm sure the key player is the strainer because I just buy the cheapest culinary grade matcha I can find on Amazon that still looks halfway legit. Here is the exact matcha I use.

I use 1-2tsp of matcha depending on the time of day because it will keep me up at night. If you don't like the taste as much, I would start at 1tsp and work your way up. To consume it, I usually run it in the blender with a little agave (you could use Splenda or whatever other low calorie sweetener you like) and unsweetened soy milk or half soy milk / half water. The blender does help with mixing but I mostly do it to froth up the milk a little before pouring the whole thing over ice. IKEA sells this little whipper thing for $2.79 that I've been meaning to get. I would probably do more hot matcha if I had it because it'd work better for frothing warmed soy milk. Don't try to mix hot matcha in your blender or bright green liquid will shoot out of your blender onto everything in your kitchen. (Trust me, I lived it.) The few times I've done hot matcha, I just fully dissolved the sifted powder into a small amount of hot water before adding more water or milk and it didn't have any lumps. You could probably also try this method to make cold matcha if you don't want to use a blender.

Also, just a warning, never order matcha from Starbucks! The "matcha powder" they use comes premixed with sugar. Sugar is the first ingredient on the bag which means the sugar to matcha ratio is at least 51/49. It's a sickly sweet calorie bomb that isn't even matcha in my opinion.

u/spunky-omelette · 5 pointsr/tea


Getting started with matcha is so awesome! I've been drinking it in the morning with breakfast for almost a full year now, and knock on my fake-wood desk, I haven't gotten sick at all (except for that one sinus infection when I stopped drinking it for two weeks...whoops).

I think you are selling yourself short if taste isn't as important to you. I feel high quality matcha is better for you, but maybe I'm just overthinking things. I would give this one a shot since it claims to be ceremonial grade, it's 4oz, AND it's barely over $20. That sounds like a steal.

I have matcha every morning. Tea ceremony purists would probably faint over my routine, but it's pretty quick for me and it still tastes lovely.


  1. Take your clunky soup cup and fill it with hot water. I use hot tap water. Let it sit in the sink.

  2. Put the kettle on to boil. When it has reached a boil, pour the water into a one-cup liquid measuring cup and let it sit.

  3. While the hot water is sitting, remove your cup from the sink, dry the inside with a paper towel.

  4. Place your strainer atop your tea cup. Take out your matcha tea and scoop as much as you'd like onto the strainer. Here I use the chashaku scoop to press it against the strainer. This is what breaks up the clumps, leaving me with very fine, powdery matcha.

  5. By the time you've finished adding the powder to your cup, the hot water in the measuring cup should be ready. Keep in mind you want the water to be between 155-180F in temperature.

  6. Pour in the hot water and whisk it to death until it's lovely and frothy.

  7. While waiting for it to cool (if you're like me and are a wuss), eat your breakfast!
u/kcsquared · 5 pointsr/tea

My favorite A pound of Rooibos for $14. I drink it daily. Hot and cold. Rooibos is a low tannin red bush tea so it's pretty much impossible to make bitter. You can boil it and you dont have to be precise with your temps. And zero caffeine. Boil it with some fresh ginger to kick it up a notch.

u/MrOtsKrad · 5 pointsr/tea

Im going to go with Sencha and add Dragonwell to that. Do not steep either of these teas for more than 90seconds at temperatures no hotter than 180f.

Also, invest in a nice mug strainer. The frugal and beneficial thing about green tea is the amount of times you can make a cup with the same leaves. Sencha is really only done 3 times, and each steep as a different taste.

Abiding by my dont over-steep/overheat, 2nd and 3rd steeps should be have 60seconds/10f added to each steep Or jsut steep a lil bit longer in a little bit hotter water. There are chemicals that get let go when the water is too hot, and also flavnoids when it is steeps too long. These effects weaken with each steep.

u/DoctorPainMD · 4 pointsr/tea

depends on what you want to do with it really.

Matcha requires a lot more processing than say a loose leaf tea. it has to be grown, harvested, treated and ground a certain way, and those things add to the cost of the product.

Matcha is split between 'culinary grade' and 'ceremonial grade'. culinary grade is generally lesser quality because the standards for its growth and processing is more lax, the leaves aren't harvested immediately and not shaded as much. It tends to be a stronger, more bitter tea. It is also the cheapest, and ends up being the tea that people use for cooking and mixing into lattes etc.

ceremonial grade is a lot milder, sweeter and less bitter, and is substantially more expensive.

if price is a factor, and you're not gonna make straight matcha with just hot water, go for a good quality culinary grade. this one is pretty good for an introductory one, if you mix with some water and hot milk, and some sugar for a latte feel.

I haven't bought a good ceremonial tea (poor student) but i have tried it. if you got the cash, go for it.

I don't have all that much experience with matcha itself, because its so expensive on the whole. I'd defer to the opinions of the others here.

u/Lady_Inglip · 3 pointsr/tea

Davidson's Tea. This is one of their more expensive black teas. I would think the quality would be fine for iced tea. Also check out www.englishteastore.com .

u/Scoxxicoccus · 3 pointsr/soylent

The powder v1.6 is significantly cheaper at 28 days x 2000kcal for $216.

Bottles or powder, over time you will find a consumption level and schedule that works for you. I personally drink 25+ ounces (v1.6) before and during my morning workout and then consume the rest in 4-6 small glasses throughout the day. I am never hungry for long because a good swig/mouthful of Soylent takes care of hunger pangs instantly.

Reading this and other liquid food forums has opened my eyes to the wide perceptual and conceptual differences in taste that exist between individual humans. That said, people who insist that either version of Soylent tastes like cardboard paste are either trolling (ie. full of shit) or they exist at the rare end of the "ability to objectively taste things spectrum". I've turned on (converted) almost 2 dozen people to Soylent usage and watched taste tests of twice that number and not one has ever come up with the cardboard analogy.

Cardboard or not (it's not) you can mix and match a thousand things into either version of Soylent to adjust the taste, texture or nutrient balance. I have been on 80-90% v1.x for 20 months. In addition to a daily multivitamin and 2000mg of Fish Oil, I add the following to my regular 2000kcal batch.

  • 10-15º grams of matcha - polyphenols and catechins (antioxidants) and caffeine
  • 50 grams of pea protein - muscle health and work out recovery
  • 15-20 grams of turmeric - proven anti-inflamatory, possible antioxidant properties.
  • 5 grams of [black pepper](http://www.amazon.com/Black-Pepper-Fine-Grind-2lb/dp/B000JMFCM0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00
    ) - possible antioxidant properties, takes the edge off the sweetness of stock Soylent
  • 2 grams of salt - I work out/sweat a lot

    My other variation is the "Soylent Hot-Shot™:

  • 30 grams of red curry powder
  • 15 grams of crushed red peppers
  • two sliced, medium-sized fresh habaneros.
  • allow to bubble and gurgitate overnight

    Somewhere between the stock Soylent and these two extremes is a blend that will work for you.

    ºrecently reduced from 20-25 grams because of community input.
u/Digitalabia · 3 pointsr/tea

I've never heard of this but it looks delicious and healthy. How does it work? Do I just dump it in the cup and whisk it around? Do I consume the loose tea?

I see it on Amazon for $20/4oz. How long can I expect that amount to last?

u/gothsurf · 3 pointsr/ketorecipes

theres a bunch of them out there, i think most matcha is just ground leaves. my favorite right now is domatcha organic ceremonial.

u/meta474 · 3 pointsr/Nootropics

Wow, my cost when I was brewing was nowhere near 2.20 -- I mean, sugar's cheap as hell and if you buy bulk black tea from amazon it's like $20/pound. I made it pretty tea-heavy and I still think my cost was less than $1.25 a bottle, with reusable bottles. This tea's pretty good: https://www.amazon.com/Davidsons-Organic-Darjeeling-Tea-16-Ounce/dp/B000SATIG4/

u/silkymike · 3 pointsr/tea

i have more of a simple question that probably doesn't warrant its own post.

(probably heretical in this sub) i love starbucks Awake black tea. it's almost-too-strong and it has a pretty harsh bite. they've discontinued it as of this week and replaced it with some teavana stuff that just doesn't do it for me.

any recs on strong loose leaf black teas? i keep davidsons on tap but i'd like a different, stronger option too.

u/budgiebird12 · 3 pointsr/tea

I'm really a tea beginner, so if someone with more experience and knowledge comes along feel free to ignore me, but I just found an affordable earl grey on amazon.com for $15/lb. It's called Davidson's and I personally find it wonderful. The bergamot is much stronger than in other Earl greys I've had, which I really love!

u/Chemical_Suit · 3 pointsr/tea
u/SadBlobbyBlob · 3 pointsr/fasting

100% pure matcha green tea powder is totally okay to consume while fasting, and I don't think there's much of a difference between green tea bags and the powder form aside from taste.

I use 1/4 tsp to make a cup of green tea all the time. The culinary matcha green tea powder I use is this one, and a serving size (1g) is 3 cal with 0g fat, 0g carbohydrates, and 1g protein.

When water fasting I go back and forth between using decaf green tea bags and matcha green tea powder to make green tea. The former is more convenient, but the latter makes a far richer taste.

I definitely recommend drinking green tea while fasting as there's lots of health benefits , plus it helps warm you up when getting the chills while water fasting.

Edit: grammar

u/Pomss · 2 pointsr/tea

So would something like this be what im looking for? Just something to add to a glass of water and ice for now, while still being healthy?

u/imposto · 2 pointsr/FulfillmentByAmazon

Probably a variation. You can make a listing with different variations, depending on the category, such as quantity, or size, or color. All the variations share the same "parent" and share all the reviews (which can get confusing). There still should be something different about each variation, and on each page you can click the other varations.

For example this tea company has 105 flavors all on one page as variations... https://www.amazon.com/Davidsons-Tea-Organic-African-16-Ounce/dp/B000SATIG4

u/MsZombiePuncher · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Davidson's Bulk English Breakfast Tea

Somehow I've started running out of tea already. I JUST bought a crazy amount of tea, and it's already almost gone. I'm both impressed and offput by myself.

Thanks for the contest!

u/DickTreeFactory · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

A.) Can I buy it with Prime from Amazon?

B.) Does honey make it taste better?

C.) Because you sound experienced and I'm being lazy: could you give me a 30 second how-to on brewing it?

Much love.

EDIT: I'm looking at this It does look a tad expensive, how much would that jar last me? What am I getting myself into.

u/ketovin · 2 pointsr/orangecounty

Loose leaf enthusiast here. Teavanna definitely has high quality leaves but you should check your options before you commit. Also - Teavanna(at least the one at South Coast) tries to push the sweet/mixed stuff too much - it's like showing off a steak with A1 sauce instead of letting customers try the delicious steak itself.

I highly recommend just buying tea in bulk on Amazon. If you're looknig for green, these are good : Link $14 for a 16oz bag will last you a very long time. Davidson's Gunpowder is cheap but robust and still delicious for its price.

If you want something with a more distinct flavor then go with Genmaicha. It goes great with food and is great to share with people because of its unique attributes: Link

If you're really keen on going to a store, a lot of the 'alternative' markets have loose leaf. Whole Foods has a pretty good selectoin of loose leaf - keep an eye out for the Rishi brand(Link), quality stuff. Make sure they sell it in loose form and not in the bagged/satchel form.

You can also use Yelp to find a local coffee/tea shop that offers loose leaf tea - they sometimes sell the leaves by itself. Link

Some shops I've personally been to that offers loose leaf tea : Zinc Café, Milk + Honey, Sweet Elle Cafe, Gypsy Den, & Kean Coffee.

Edit - I also recommend using Adagio Tea to buy tea. Great reviews and selection of tea. I have not bought from Tea Trekker but I did buy a book from them - great knowledge and selection of traditional tea from all around the world.

u/magnetic-fields · 2 pointsr/AskCulinary
u/DaGoodBoy · 2 pointsr/tea

32 oz. glass with ice and water and a 12 oz. insulated Nissan Thermos with a nice strong Assam broken leaf tea. I usually go through two waters for each mug.

In the afternoons I sometimes swap the Assam for a Rooibos, a little Constant Comment or a nice Gunpowder Green tea.

The evenings are almost always either a fine singlemalt or cup of Constant Comment.

u/mirbell · 2 pointsr/ExMormonTea
u/Itsm00 · 2 pointsr/tea

Check out Davidson's on Amazon. They do mostly come in bulk, but they are a solid choice for tea, as you'll find a consistent quality across their many many offerings (over 100+ I believe).

My personal favorite from them is the Pure Org Hibiscus Flowers. Makes a great cup of hibiscus tea without the typical fillers.

u/fastertoday · 2 pointsr/soylent

I use 2 level teaspoons of japanese Tmatcha per 'meal' of soylent 1.x.

Initially I ordered this cheaper green tea powder from Taiwan but the packaging was crap, it sprayed powder all over the other stuff in the box. The Tmatcha stuff is in a much sturdier bag and they double-bag it with a zip-lock bag too.

u/THRowawAYassist · 2 pointsr/OnlineGroceryDeals

I think this is a better deal kitchen soap wise: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001FA1NV4/. Instead of 12oz for 7 dollars, its 6 25oz bottles for 20 bucks. 3 times the money, but 12.5 times the soap. Also, for dishwasher detergent, this is a better deal: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C72BXZK/. Instead of 20 count for 7$, it's 110 count for 20$.

Some stuff it just makes sense to try and get in bulk, because you get so, so, so much more.

Also, re milk. You don't have to get powdered milk. You also have the option to get UHT milk. UHT milk is milk that's been cooked at a high enough temperature that it becomes shelf stable. Just search for UHT milk and you'll find a tonne of brands and choices. Different fat percentages, sizes and so on. You can get a large carton, or they also make packs with a bunch of small cartons, like this one: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002FX2IOQ/. I prefer that, because I don't use milk very often, so opening a small container each time works perfectly for me. You do however, have to stick the container in the fridge once you've opened it.

Also, if you have a tea strainer (or even if you don't, they're only a few bucks and worth it!), try and get loose leaf tea. You can get a lb of tea for around 10 bucks easy, and you can easily make a few hundred cups of tea. To make strong black tea, I use 4 grams of tea for every pot, and each pot gets me about 4 cups. A lb of tea is 453g, so...that works out really well. Even if you make individual cups instead of pots and use a couple grams per cup, you can easily get 200 cups out of a lb box. There's just no beating that with bags, even if you resuse them.

Here's 1lb of a green tea for 10 bucks: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000SATIFA. And here's 1lb of Earl Grey for 8 bucks: http://www.amazon.com/Davidsons-Tea-Bulk-Earl-16-Ounce/

Thanks OP! I'd already created list and was about to post to food_pantry when I saw your post and you'd found cheaper options for a few things and that seriously rocks.

u/ashtangaman · 2 pointsr/TheMindIlluminated

The higher end hyper premium blends at Breakaway Matcha are extraordinary but super pricy.

Theanine apparently imparts an umami flavor to matcha while catechins make it more astringent. If you’re looking for “liquid meditation” you’ll want an umami-bomb.

I’ve also tried this Ippodo Matcha from Amazon which was excellent too.

If you buy ceremonial matcha, it’s important to prepare correctly. Use water that is no hotter than 165 F (never boiling). Use a sieve and a bamboo whisk or an electric milk frother or you will get tiny lumps. A well prepared cup of matcha should have a green froth on top.

This video shows how the modern way to prepare it.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/quittingkratom

Not all green tea is created equal, I'd recommend sencha for a much higher dose of theanine (which gives you the relaxing buzz), also a much smoother taste. Also make sure not to over-steep your green tea as it makes it taste more bitter.

Here's the sencha i use: https://www.amazon.com/Davidsons-Tea-Bulk-Sencha-16-Ounce/dp/B000SAPX8G/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1542312854&sr=8-5&keywords=sencha+tea&dpID=41DZ3w-DabL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

u/zeert · 2 pointsr/tea

Matcha is tea powder basically - they powder the leaf so you're drinking the leaf in the tea. It's prepared in one of two ways generally: Usucha, where you get a thinner liquid by putting in fewer scoops, or Koicha, where you put enough powder in to make a thick drink. Both are more bitter than you'd probably be accustomed to. They're good in their own ways, but you'll want to read up on and possibly try a smaller amount of matcha before committing to a lot of it.

Here's a mediocre-quality sounding sencha for <$20 for a pound:

Or Stash for just under $20 for a pound: http://www.amazon.com/Stash-Tea-Premium-Green-Loose/dp/B006LXKK46/

This one is a bit cheaper per oz but you'll have to commit to 4.4lbs of it in one go: http://www.amazon.com/Shirakiku-Green-Sencha-2-2-Pound-Packages/dp/B001AYDFJ8/

u/markth_wi · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

I would imagine activated charcoal would absorb anything in a non-osmotic state, mostly because that's what it does, so yeah, charcoal would probably absorb everything you happened to take with it.

Otherwise, as far as my personal experience I picked thick Matcha tea - of whatever brand seems most reputable to you, this has some inheirent L-theanine as well as Caffeine.

u/playhertwo · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

It's freezing out! Get some green tea powder and make some amazing hot drinks, snuggle up, and watch Dr Who. I know you're feeling sick and this will get you feeling better super fast!

u/UndergroundPhoenix · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I ain't birthed no babies! Thank god for that! I want to be an aunt, not a mum!

This or this tea would make me quite happy!

What kind of books do you like? So I can get a better idea of what to recommend to you!

u/soreee · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I bought mine from amazon. It is not ceremonial grade or anything but it is pretty damn cheap and works really well for a diy face mask.


u/IceCage42 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Nice, black teas are good also. This is some amazing mint tea especially for your new infuser. I take it you're a Beatles fan?

u/Scoby_Doby_Doo · 2 pointsr/Kombucha

Davidson's Tea Bulk, English Breakfast, 16-Ounce Bag https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000SARJF6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_mlRPAb15ETT5A

Ive heard that unflavored (Flavored teas tend to spoil booch) black tea has the optimal nutrients that feed the yeast and bacteria. Green tea is a second best for brewing. I may do that down the line. I have some gunpowder green tea. Im going to keep using black tea for several cycles of my continuous brew to keep it strong and robust.

u/handsanitizer · 2 pointsr/Meditation

Definitely agree on the matcha. I tried about six different types and settled on this one:


Great price for the quantity (especially for ceremonial matcha) and I think the taste is good.

Don't drink too much on an empty stomach. Not sure if it's me or what, but I get nauseous if I haven't eaten.

u/RMAmadeus · 2 pointsr/Supplements
u/Shadomen · 2 pointsr/Matcha

Top two for matcha prepared the traditional way:

Encha Ceremonial

Ippodo Matcha - Rich - Ummon-no-mukashi (40g)


The every day drinker prepared as a latte :

Organic Ceremonial Matcha (Emerald Class 100g)


For lattes, I mix with coconut almond milk.

u/Hot--Beef--Injection · 2 pointsr/kratom

So ive found my way because I could never convince my friends to throw a heaping spoon of powder in their mouth and painfully wash it down with some liquid to achieve a feel-good state (They would think ive lost it) and I didnt want to kratom all by myself. The best tasting most classy way to take kratom is.......

Smoothie it my friend. Get yourself a nice little easy to clean blender, and obtain some frozen fruit to keep on storage. Throw a handful of maybe blue berries and pineapples in, add some milk and a bit of ice cream (Honey to be healthier and more convenient, shit dont go bad or melt) add your kratom dose and blend that bitch!!! For some added antioxidants or energy boost (As well as yummy flavor) Add yourself a teaspoon or two of matcha green tea!! IT works so well with the kratom (that you can hardly taste) Throw any extracts you wish in there as well. Blue lotus? Fuck it. Kava? Fuck it. THC? Fuck it. Throw em! Got some veggies like kale? Fuck it, throw em in!!!

For the matcha

The more kratom you use the bigger you should make the smoothie. Cons about this is the kratom does add a bit o a weird texture, as if there are fruit peels. But its so easy to ignore. If my snob ass friends could enjoy it you for sure can too. And also cleaning up sucks of course. Your blender will make the cleaning easier or harder or you. Luckilly, I got one of those bullet blender that dont have a lot of nooks and crannies. In the end, its worth it. Im making kratom margaritas next, cause fuck it.

Also if you never had taro look it into, shit makes good ass smoothies. Reminds me of hazelnut at times just not as robust

Kratom and coffee could pair, but im not sure.

u/gregcss · 2 pointsr/tea

It's probably bad. Some reviews I found on Amazon describe it as "smells great", "love the smell", "smells like mint". I did not see any describe it as a bad smell. Contact Davidson's for a replacement.


u/Shamrock013 · 2 pointsr/tea

I have a feeling that's the case. This is the kind we bought.

Maybe I can still salvage it with baking.

u/avazzy · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

This one off Amazon is a good starter one. I've since started ordering from my local tea shop, so maybe check that out too!

u/LetThereBeR0ck · 2 pointsr/tea

I was pretty happy with my Domatcha that I got on amazon. There's a similar product by the same company but it's second flush , so it's cheaper (note the larger container size for a few bucks more) but supposedly just as good. I'm thinking of trying that one next.

u/teacu · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Basis opinion coming in. But matcha tea is pretty good for speeding up your metabolism. Also just a little matcha powder in your smoothie goes a long way and tastes so yummy. It’s also a fairly versatile powder. That is, if you’re a tea fan. 🙂

Good luck with your weight lost! Here’s Shia LaBeouf yelling and being aggressive. 😦

u/saltyteabag · 2 pointsr/tea

Davidson's is another good brand on Amazon. Their Earl Grey is one that I always keep on hand, and it's hard to go wrong at around $15/lb.

u/unicornsprinklepoop · 1 pointr/keto

Yeah sure! It's a few ounces of milk, an emulsifier (it's called 'base', it makes the texture smooth and it basically has the texture of maple syrup), simple syrup, matcha (sbux matcha is literally half sugar just so you know), ice and whipped cream.

I haven't tried playing around with making something similar to a frappucino at home yet since I haven't gotten around to buying a blender, but I feel like you could probably do something along the lines of this, based on a grande amount...

  • 16 ounce cup size scoop of ice

  • 4 oz of heavy cream or half and half

  • About 3 tbsp of matcha, like this

  • A scoop or two of nonflavored or any neutral flavor (maybe vanilla?) protein powder to make it smoother.

  • Splenda or some stevia drops to taste. If using splenda then 3-4 packets might work? Totally depends on how sweet you want it though!

  • Maybe some unsweetened almond milk to add in if you blend it and the texture seems a little too thick.

  • Homemade whipped cream with stevia/splenda and a little vanilla extract

    Like I said I haven't done anything like this before, but if you try it let me know because I'd like to hear how it worked out!
u/DRKMSTR · 1 pointr/politics

Welcome to America, a land where you can choose whatever you want in the store as well as grow practically any food source in your back yard.

That sucks you don't like sucralose, it along with aspartame has helped millions of diabetic people able to taste something sweet on a regular basis without messing with their blood sugar. Aspartame is the most medically tested food chemical on the planet and has no side effects (except for diarrhea, upset stomach, and some other problems when ingested in extreme quantities - you'd have to be on an intravenous line of that stuff to get such a dosage.

Look, I'm not a huge fan of sucralose either, but to get sick off of it I'd have to completely replace my sugar intake with the stuff.

The reason we have large corporations providing food-stuffs for so many people is because there's money in it and they do a good job at it. People wouldn't buy stuff if it was toxic, heck, I stay away from brands if I didn't like the way I felt after eating it. The fact is food is full of chemicals, chemicals that are extremely awesome. Chemicals are everywhere, in fact I'd dare to say everything is a chemical, if a food says it's chemical free, it'd be lying since it has a chemical makeup, heck water is dihydrogen monoxide, salt is sodium chloride, baking soda is something something carbonate (sodium bicarbonate, ah I'm too tired to think about it).

It's not a perfect world, but if you live in America, you live in a country where you have a gazillion options, you can shop at trader joes, walmart, aldi, kroger, etc. There are tons of people who want to sell you exactly what you want at a quality and price that is absolutely incredible. That's why trader joes exists, without corporations, how would you get foodstuffs that you preferred, you'd only have limited options from "government sources".

Believe me, I've been to China, the food is cheap and it's mostly grown in peoples back yard, but when you're driving along and people are burning batteries next to their "farm" it makes you a bit weary about where your food is coming from.

The only suggestion I have is to avoid anything "diet" since it has artificial sweetener, and get yourself some delicious tea, try this: http://www.amazon.com/Davidsons-Tea-Gunpowder-Green-1-Pound/dp/B000SATIFA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405136542&sr=8-1&keywords=gunpowder+green I'm still going through my Chinese tea, but I hear this stuff is pretty good, plus they're "organic" which means the chinese tea farm "claims" they are. Ha-ha. It's still delicious regardless, just rinse off the tea with a bit of cold water right before you steep it.

Oh and if you're looking for tea that is extremely good for you, but tastes really weird, check out this: http://www.amazon.com/Cruz-Malta-Kilo-Yerba-Mate/dp/B001UO90BA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1405136831&sr=8-3&keywords=yerba+mate it has a strangely sweet taste, like a grainy sweet taste. It's apparently good for the skin and what-not. I'm not a fan of it, but it is super good for you. (Cleared up some foot fungus and skin condition for someone I know. They tried all sorts of organic cures, but this was the only one that worked)

So chill a bit and relax. Why not head over to a random store and pick up some nectarines, I bought 7 for $1.50 at Aldi, I'm sure they're probably GMO, but they are insanely delicious, crisp, affordable, and guaranteed safe to eat, otherwise the company would get sued to oblivion.

Edit: Sorry for the long writeup, but I'm a bit tired at the moment.

u/Redfox504 · 1 pointr/IAmA

We can usually sell the vanilla, caramel and other syurps. But stuff like the white mocha, dark mocha and matcha are just for starbucks and we can't sell it.

Tevana would be the best place to get your match powder(the green powder) stuff. I know matcha (ground up tea leaves) is awesome for you. But remember we do mix ours with sugar so be care what you add to when you order it. http://www.amazon.com/Jade-Leaf-Japanese-Culinary-Blending/dp/B00PFDH0IC?ie=UTF8&keywords=green%20matcha&qid=1465268260&ref_=sr_1_4_a_it&sr=8-4

now that's just the powder. Its a good brand but you have to sweeten it to your liking....

u/Twiggsnstyxx · 1 pointr/xxketo

Glad I could help! I make a BP Masala Chai. Its yummy.

I use Kerry Gold Butter, coconut oil, [Red palm oil] (http://www.amazon.com/Nutiva-Red-Palm-Oil-Organic/dp/B00CLZ1QR8/ref=sr_1_2?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1395583268&sr=1-2&keywords=red+palm+oil), [Rooibos Tea] (http://www.amazon.com/Davidsons-Tea-Organic-African-16-Ounce/dp/B000SATIE6/ref=sr_1_2?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1395583527&sr=1-2&keywords=davidsons+rooibos+tea), [Ceylon cinnamon] (http://www.amazon.com/Indus-Organic-Cinnamon-Premium-Freshly/dp/B001GKV8DQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1395583582&sr=1-1&keywords=ceylon+cinnamon), ground ginger, ground cloves and a hint of cayenne pepper.

It reminds me of the Chai Lattes I use to get at my local coffee house.

Keep smiling

and p.s. I honestly think that most people's stall or PISS is stess/cortisol related but just my humble opinion =)

p.s.s if you are interested in teas. I emailed Davidson's about myotoxins and they do control and test their teas to eliminate myotoxins, mold, ect.

u/Tommy_Taylor_Lives · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Also this is on my wiahlist because earl grey is my favorite and this is the cheapest for the quantity. Figured I'd share this info with a fellow earl grey drinker. :)

u/ihaveplansthatday · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sencha is green tea!

u/ThrustVectoring · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Teabags are more expensive and more time consuming than loose leaf tea. If you like green tea, here's what I'd recommend.

Buy one of these and a bag of this. Fill the kettle with cold water, turn the knob to the middle of the grey area, hit the button to start it and put in about a palm full of green tea pellets. Wait, pour, drink.

The kettle ought to last a while, and the tea will last you at least four months of heavy use.

Also, don't forget to smell the bag of green tea just as you open it. Worth the 13 bucks alone, it smells so good.

u/alterpower0 · 1 pointr/tea

Since you're new to the Matcha world, I recommend trying something less pricey to start off and see how you like it. Here are some more easily acquired ones that are still excellent.

Maeda-En 'Universal Grade,' 1oz—$16.95 on Amazon

Maeda-En 'Ceremonial Grade,' 1oz—$23.86 on Amazon

DoMatcha Second Harvest 2.86oz—$31.76 on Amazon.

Those are much easier to get and still very good—especially the ceremonial grades. So, I'd recommend trying those first and then giving an Ippodo a go if they're not cutting it for you. I drink DoMatcha Second Harvest daily, and its good, but the difference between that and Maeda-En's ceremonial is still distinct enough that I notice a real difference. I haven't tried any from Ippodo, so I can't be of any help there.

I hope some of that was useful! :)

u/wibbly_wobbly · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I made a hoppy double red ale with red rooibos tea. I made my normal double red recipe but "dry-hopped" the loose leaf tea at secondary then went through a fine mesh sieve when I moved into my keg. Here's what I used. Turned out phenomenal!! Happy Brewing :D

u/ApparentlyAnApostate · 1 pointr/ExMormonTea

I've been drinking this matcha over the last couple of days:


I add a tsp to a thermos of hot water and shake it up. Even though it's culinary grade, it mixes fine. Most people probably won't enjoy the grassy taste, but I don't mind it.

As far as how it makes me feel, it's not as stimulating as coffee and really not too calming. It's overall more mild than expected. The Rev Up (black, green, oolong tea mix) from Teavana provides more of what I'm looking for. This matcha was really cheap though, so maybe I'll try a different brand later.

Edit: nm this matcha is pretty damn good in the mornings.

u/Mabisakura · 1 pointr/tea

Yeah, both of the ones I'm seeing on Amazon are things I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on as my first very real matcha.

I noticed that this one is about 2x more expensive on their website. Any idea what's up with that? It's pretty tempting to pull the trigger on it just for that reason.

u/prwtch · 1 pointr/tea

I really like this one:


I've had good experiences with Davidson's tea.

u/KombuchaCzar · 1 pointr/Kombucha

I've been buying Davidson's Organic Tea -- English Breakfast https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000SARJF6/ and Gunpowder Green https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000SATIFA/ -- from Amazon. Good prices, plus it's Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified.

u/rosscatrow · 1 pointr/rva

I love Rostov's and have bought much tea there.

Because I'm a bad person, I've switched to buying Davidson in bulk from Amazon. I drink a ton of tea, and it's just a zillion times cheaper. Like I said, bad person.

u/Happymrsnowman · 1 pointr/funny

I realize that some places might be harder to get than others, but here's a bag I've bought and enjoyed:

Amazon is fucking great

There are other distributors around that sell for much cheaper too. There are some places that charge a lot for "craft tea". Don't buy into it, tea isn't a super expensive thing that needs designer brands. Basic loose leaf green Chinese tea shouldn't run you more than about $6 for a pretty big tin.

u/gaboon · 1 pointr/tea

David's is the best for rooibos. Not very expensive, high-quality, always available (prime, too!)... I order a bag once a month and absolutely love it.

u/adraffy · 1 pointr/Fitness

Coffee is best if you grind and brew it fresh. An Aeropress, a burr grinder, and a decent bean will make an amazing cup of coffee. You won't even want to put sugared shit in it because it tastes so good. Go to Starbucks and get a reserve coffee on the Clover machine if you want to try this brewing method.

Tea is best if you use loose leaf tea. Buy a single-cup, basket-style, tea strainer and some tea. I'd suggest Gunpowder Green Tea to start.

u/LSatyreD · 1 pointr/tea

Ooooh the best kind of reply I could have hoped for!

Sweet to neutral (no sugar added :P), bold flavors (no herbal teas), fruity, nutty, floral, wood, not astringent, not bitter. The more unique the better. I'm not too picky on characteristics but do care about overall quality.

Well, I have more black teas than I know what to do with; I don't see it on their website now but last year about this time I ordered a 5g sampler of every black tea Golden Tips had. I still have a box full in the garage, great stuff. (PM me if you want to trade for some)


Besides black (though always looking for unique ones):

I love a bold white tea, currently drinking a cold brew of Tao of Tea's Silver Needle. It reminds me of a green tea without the grassy flavor, which is my big hangup with green teas.

I have actually ordered a green tea from YS before (through Amazon). I do not care for it on its own, not much flavor beyond 'grass', but I do like to mix a pinch of it into my cold brews to take the edge off.

I would love to try a good Oolong too. I bought one Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe Wuyi Oolong Tea Rock Tea (500g) but had the same experience as the pu-erh cake (see next paragraph), it tasted rotten and fishy with no tea flavor. I might have thrown it away I'm not sure, will have to go check.

I have one 2001 Menghai ripe pu-erh cake that I bought online and I absolutely hated it, I think I've only made 2-3 cups with it (357g cake). Tastes like rotting fish guts, cheap mushrooms, and dirt. With all the hype around pu-erh I would like to try a good one but I'm hesitant after that last experience. If anyone wants that Menghai cake I will happily trade it for the cost of shipping.

I also have 16oz of Davidson's bulk English Breakfast that I haven't touched in probably a year. It was my first 'real' tea order but now I'm spoiled and can't stand the stuff. While better than tea bags there is something 'off' about it and it generally tastes like hay or barley and not so much like tea.

I also keep some nice Yogic Chai on hand but generally only pull it out for when I'm sick or it is raining outside.

u/consorts · 1 pointr/tea

I'm trying Tips and Typhoo next week, so thanks for the ideas.

here is my favorite affordable cut leaf strong ceylon black from Dilmah;


these are a milder cheap full leaf, but quality varies widely by batch;



I agree Yorkshire Gold is a great cut leaf blend - I see them $16/lb on Amazon.

The Dilmah cut leaf is exactly like Yorkshire Gold, only it's a single source ceylon,

so the Dilmah flavor is a bit more definitive and malty when combined with milk.

I have tried most of Dilmah's other teas, and I keep coming back to these boxes.

I will try Tazo next time I'm at Target, as they now sell their bags discounted.

I drink a gallon of ice tea daily, so I go through half a pound of tea each week;


u/austinenator · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I've never heard of matcha coming in bags before, usually it's in a powder that just gets mixed into the water. But yeah, I believe matcha has the most flavinoids out of any other kind of green tea. This is what I tried most recently. I would recommend buying a smallish amount of whatever you get to begin with and then trying something else after that, quality and preference can vary a lot with this stuff.

u/UrToSidesOfStoopid · 1 pointr/tea

Since you didn't specify what kind of tea she preffers, I'll say this; Gun Powder Green Tea! I've had many brands but HERE is my favorite thus far! It's cheap, it's organic, great reviews, great experience! You'll need a metal infuser to go along with it though, if she doesn't already have one. If she doesn't have one, HERE is the one that I use. It doesn't have great reviews, but it works perfectly if you just line it up when you close it. Hope this all helps!

u/globalso · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Rich Geezer: Earl Grey Tea

Go to hell item: This ski hat perhaps?

Wavin My dick: Nothing! Suck it, Sigmund! But this tube must count, right?

Of 0s and 1s :Keyboard, definitely!

To solve world hunger, I need: Hmm, this book?

Pack this, Robinson:This is a toughie. I have a guitar, a Calvin and Hobbes, and a few drawing stuff. I think the Calvin and Hobbes would be best to curb the punishing loneliness.

Every item but the book are in the general Wl, the book, naturally is in the books WL!

u/therealbigfry · 1 pointr/tea

Yeah your calculations are correct, the only problem is I use 2 teaspoons per cup of tea instead of 1 teaspoon because it produces a stronger tea that stands up to milk. So it'll cost me significantly more. On top of that, if I need 1.5 times that for cold brew, It'll cost even more.

I'm using Arbor Teas Organic Earl Grey which is at about 30 dollars for 1 pound, but I can also try Davidson's Organic Earl Grey off Amazon for about 15 dollars a pound. https://www.amazon.com/Davidsons-Tea-Bulk-Earl-16-Ounce/dp/B000SATIBO?th=1

But yeah, I think if I advertise just the tea as organic, I would be able to sell more, or charge a higher price.

Is this the Earl Grey Creme you are talking about? https://www.teasource.com/products/earl-grey-creme-black-tea?variant=7636916338724

I can buy a sample and see if it goes well with milk :)

u/simsoy · 1 pointr/tea

Always great to see another new fan. I'm fresh off the boat too, but I've learned a lot in the past few months. I only got my first Gaiwan days ago but already love the little thing and since they are cheap I highly reccomended the Crimson Lotus starter Gaiwan posted somewhere here (I just placed an order for myself too). They're good for asian teas, or if you want to make some tea for yourself. With my Gaiwan I can get anywhere from 7-12 seepings of tea and I'll drink those leaves throughout the day, I'm not feeling pressured to get the best value out of my leaves by having three large cups of tea.

But infusers are also nice. I have a Adiago which can come with a handly little starter set if you opt in. Good if you're making tea for friends.

If you want tea samples, Verdant and Good Life Tea offer cheap ones, $5 and $7 which should help you decide if you're an oolong person or a green person or a stereotypical british fellow drinking the Queen's own Earl Gray.

A good place to buy tea from is Amazon Prime. Lots of tea shops online will offer free shipping on orders over a certain price, but if you're not planning on buying $49 worth of product then Amazon is great. You'll find a good selection of tea you can buy in bulk, perfect if you just wanna quick fix of good tea, and they have a good selection of higher quality tea too.

Just some examples, but Amazon really does have good bulk tea. Lots of vendors, lots of them using Amazon prime.

You can buy 2LB of Gunpowder Green tea on Amazon for only $20, two day Amazon prime delivery and no shipping cost. That's a great price.

White Peony 2LB for $32 is what I really want to try next.

Davidson has a great selection of bulk teas too, Irish Breakfast.

But I'll warn with buying teas in bulk, if you buy too much you better have some people you can pawn it off on. The prices are so cheap on Amazon, and the quality is fairly good but soon you'll realize that it takes months to drink a simple pound of tea. The more tea you buy know the less you'll get to buy in the future because that 5 LBs of tea you bought will take you years to finish. Try not to buy too much bulk tea, if you decide green is your favorite then look at a handful of green reviews on amazon, research their tastes and find which one is best for you.

u/hyrulerho · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


only on amazon, such a good matcha tea....

u/austincedwardsdesign · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Matcha powder is good for an energy boost for sure! Tastes pretty yummy too if you like green tea.

Also check out Chia seeds for a protein and texture boost. These are actually the exact ones I use.

u/Elijah_Baley_ · 1 pointr/tea

It's similar to coffee in that it's brewed using hot water to extract flavor from plant material.

It tastes mostly quite different, however. Personally, I enjoy good coffee, but good coffee is much more expensive and time-consuming to make than good tea.

You can get tea quite cheaply, although high-end varieties command exorbitant prices. Here for example is what appears to be a decent Earl Grey (I haven't had it myself) for less than $1/ounce (keep in mind that an ounce is enough to make 14 cups of tea, assuming you use 2g per cup).

Tea is as easy to make as you want it to be. All varieties come from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Black tea is usually steeped once, as are flavored teas and herbal tisanes, so all you need to do is put the leaves in your pot or infuser, boil some water and pour it in.

Oolong and green teas can be more involved, since the high-quality ones can be steeped many times. Still, it's not all that much effort.

Mate and guayusa are rather different. They come from two different types of holly bushes - Ilex paraguariensis and Ilex guayusa respectively. They're even cheaper than tea, but you use a tablespoon or more per cup. They also have much higher levels of caffeine, generally speaking. Mate is traditionally prepared using a gourd, and drunk through a metal straw called a bombilla that has a strainer in it.

u/figsandmangos · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

i just ordered this matcha tea: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DDT116M/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I'm gonna make ice cream with it! :D

u/qovneob · 1 pointr/tea

In an effort to switch myself off coffee (and caffine) I recently picked up a stainless steel tea strainer and a bag of Davidson's Rooibos and I'm quite happy with the results. I used to drink a lot of bagged tea too, which is by no means bad, but I definitely prefer the process of brewing some loose leaf.

u/Dreizo · 1 pointr/soylent

I ended up getting this stuff

Honestly tastes so fucking good, i mix a teaspoon of it with my Ketosoy daily and got my immersion blender, tastes heavenly now to a point where i have to control my drinking habits. I've found that if i save my last bottle to the point where i chug it before bed, i sleep a lot better vs. The issue i've had of not being able to sleep properly for the past 3 days since starting Keto because i'm hungry all night. I had ginger chicken the first night so i wouldn't count it as keto. The second night i ate one brownie with 16g of net carbs as well as a dozen fish balls 0g carbs. Last night i survived with nothing, today i've been awake for 8 hours and, now that i'm thinking of it, will be having my 2nd meal. It's my birthday though, so i might end up having steak for dinner tonight.

TLDR; I now mix my ketosoy with 9 drops of Sucralose, a teaspoon of matcha and blended w/ an immersion blender + kept in the fridge hours before i plan to drink it. Has made a significant difference.

I'm also planning on splitting my meals, so instead of 3 per day i'll have 6. (More water in the mix, so quantity wise it's the same). I'm also getting Keto Chow when i'm back in Jan, for now though, i've ordered a second batch of Ketosoy which I'm not sure will show up before my flight on the 15th.

u/vlakiades · 1 pointr/tea


does this seem good?

also I have ordered a cheap one from ebay (japan - 50g)...

u/CoastieThaMostie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Recently, I've discovered that I really love hot tea! I've never bought or been gifted food before (minus a GIGANTIC bag of candy from /u/legotech), but I've heard very good things about Davidson's Tea

Thanks for the contest!

And happy birthday! My birthday is November 10th!

u/sean_incali · 0 pointsr/Cooking

You need specially grown green tea. Then picked and ground slow to fine powder. About a hour for 30 grams


Or buy it made