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u/stabsthedrama · 80 pointsr/gaming

I still have my m50 gas mask from when I was in the Air Force (I'm not supposed to) - I now know what my costume is gonna be this year. I'm not going to physically alter it in any way, but simply form a burlap sack around it and have the canisters sticking out.

That, or a squirrel with a ranger outfit - this thing has been on my wishlist for wayyyy too long. It's just one of those things I need to be drunk enough one night to buy.

u/odd_affilliate_link · 69 pointsr/WTF

Looks like they have them on Amazon and... Mother of god... I need one of these.

u/beef_swellington · 19 pointsr/dubstep

Horse masks are kind of passe now. Unicorn masks are where it's at.

u/ReflexEight · 18 pointsr/movies

I swear, if they have a guy running around wearing this I'm buying a plane ticket.

u/Kalamaz · 16 pointsr/tifu

Might I suggest investing in one of these?

u/alibabaking · 14 pointsr/nba

shhh we're supposed to act surprised when it happens. Am i acting cool?

u/HIRE__ME__PLEASE · 11 pointsr/Smite
u/arpsazombie · 9 pointsr/Advice
u/evenmorelike · 8 pointsr/ass

Is that some sort of squirrel head, or possibly a camel?

Edit: Found it.

u/lysander_spooner · 8 pointsr/GoldandBlack

Guess it's time to stock up on these bad boys.

u/walnutwhale · 8 pointsr/mylittleandysonic1

The unicorn mask is better.

u/publigeekaire · 7 pointsr/StarWars

I tried Ebay (but most of the time, it is sold in 24 hours), a few Star Wars forums, several shops... but it is very rare.

You have this one but the quality is awful:

The best wereable helmet for a cheaper price with a decent quality is this one:

The upper price for a best quality is the one I bought:

Then, you have a premium version:,stormtrooper_helmets.html

I guess you have other versions but for me, that was already a lot of money (but it's worth it).

u/shiftingcolors · 7 pointsr/gadgets

I say a samsung galaxy note the 10 inch or preferably for extra screen real estate 12 inch. Nice to have your book, internet tab for extra study material (or reddit), youtube and a some part to write on for notes. 4 apps simultaneously playing on the screen. PLUS unlimited browser opened! Its a must have. Changed my note taking and multitasking career. Also increased distractions but its a tool. ALSO get to kickstarter!

A notebook that is a white board

A phone powered breathalyzer for those fun nights

Turn your study table into a full blown white board!

Other things I have for college life:
A credit card size phone charger that fits in your wallet. HANDY!

TRUST ME you will count on your hands the times you made breakfast during school days in a semester. This meal replacement comes handy. When you have class at 8 and wont have break till lunch. You cant run on empty stomach. BUY THIS!

Its also nice to have a plant to keep you responsible and relaxes you. After a long unproductive day watering it just relieves you seeing it grow makes you feel accomplished. Just the right push you needed to not go crazy during finals week.

WHY THIS PLANT? Cause its the best plant you can own! Its a plant that eats animals how metal is that! You thought gardening is for pussies!

Last but not the least


u/hbdgas · 6 pointsr/Rochester

What about riding a large human wearing a unicorn mask?

u/Dewbi · 6 pointsr/Horses

Now I know where they got the inspiration for that creepy horse mask!

u/arkanpillow · 6 pointsr/vinyl

Dude that is fucking awesome. Why the two madvilliany?

Also, you might want to add this to your collection for display reasons!

MF Doom Rapper Madvillain Fantastic Four Gladiator Mask

u/MakeMeAMajorForThis · 5 pointsr/Reds

Bobbleheads, masks, plushes...the possibilities are endless.

u/beesbuzzingintensely · 5 pointsr/MrRobot

hello! I’m the girl who posted the cosplay photos, and here’s I got almost everything from Amazon!




Patch-I printed a photo out and attached it to a cardboard backing, but I know they have patches on amazon!

Shirts-I wore a black t-shirt and layered an old flannel on top of it!

Scarf-Again, old scarf, so I’m unsure of where I got it. Any pattern would do well, though, as long as it was brown/tan!

Glasses-My own glasses lol. I did the same cosplay back when I had hipster-esque glasses; it doesn’t impact anything too much unless you’re a stickler for the details.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, let me know!

u/Bandit1379 · 5 pointsr/AskReddit

Apparently it changes. Before it was all condoms, 1 lube, 1 horsehead.

Now it's horsehead, lube, microfiber gloves, testicle exam kit, the ore, and a gallon of milk. Also this.

u/RagnarokAdvent · 5 pointsr/GODZILLA

I was able to locate it on Amazon:

It's a Japanese import

And it is kind of difficult to see out of

Worth it for fun pics

u/KolbStomp · 5 pointsr/HotlineMiami

I got it here I'm also planning on blacking out the eyes so it looks more like Richard too ;D

u/korowal · 5 pointsr/conspiratard

This mask.

u/Prodarkangel · 4 pointsr/SCP

Here is what I got. I stuffed the beak to make it thicker.

u/NewVegasResident · 4 pointsr/gaming

The axe I made myself entirely, the mask I bought but painted over it to cover the eyes and add contrast, dirt, blood etc.

Edit: this is the mask

u/wheysan · 3 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL
  • Get one of those cheap locker mirrors. When she starts staring, try and line it up to wherever she's looking (probably your face). (Or just start wearing this around her.)
  • Pretend like you are speaking to her in sign language. Or even better, learn some phrases, like:

    • "Stop being rude."
    • "Your hair looks very muddy today." (I'm sorry, I thought I was saying your hair is brown.)
    • "What time is your funeral?" (I was asking what time is the march?) (I looked that one up under signs that are close but not the same.)
  • Treat her like one of those weird paintings whose eyes follow you wherever you go.
  • See how many of these you can get away with. Bonus: Never actually look at her while doing it. You can always pretend like you were joking with that person that just left the room -- sorry you missed them, MIL!
u/imgkz · 3 pointsr/StarWars

I'm actually trying to pull this off for halloween as well.. The closest one that I have found was on Amazon:

My brother got the vader mask from that company and said it's pretty nice quality considering the price.

u/darksaber522 · 3 pointsr/StarWars

Well it will depend on your definition of 'Affordable'.

Under 30$

Funko Pop's! A good choice for <12$. And there's a wide variety of characters to choose from.

Thrawn is a good re-introduction to one of the most memorable Star Wars villains.

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad serves as a companion piece to the new game coming out next week.

Over 30$

Smuggler's Bounty Box A subscription box by Funko. One Box =25$ 12 month subscription (6 boxes) =150$

LEGO Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter You're never too old for LEGO! Also Available: BB8, Resistance Bomber, First Order Heavy Assault Walker

Battlefront II Might be a good choice if your kids are into gaming. I've played the beta, and loved it despite some flaws. But be forewarned, this game has been getting slammed online for it's loot-box/progression system. Also available on Playstation 4 & PC

Black Series Helmets

Stormtrooper shown. Poe Dameron, Shadow Trooper & Kylo Ren are also available.

Black Series Lightsaber

Darth Vader shown. Luke Skywalker, Rey, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Kylo Ren are also available.

A Custom-made Lightsaber:(Very pricey!)

Ultrasabers, Vader's Vault, Saberforge

u/Gaming_Gal · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One: This my little sister's birthday is coming up and I want to use it to scare a bunch or 8 year olds. Two:A gift card just to keep for supplements and what not. ;] I will pm my email if needed. C'mon...gimme

u/appealtoprobability · 3 pointsr/OkCupid
u/Legion759 · 3 pointsr/HotlineMiami

Though I completely blacked out the eyes with permanent marker to make it look more like the Richard mask.

u/cheezstikreal · 3 pointsr/boottoobig

Raxwalker plague doctor Bird Mask Long Nose Beak Cosplay Steampunk Halloween Costume Props (black)

u/Zeleo0831 · 3 pointsr/wowguilds

***** (5) Star

I bought this Unicorn Mask and thought it would be fun to wear to a Burning Man festival. Well, I was right....and so very wrong. It started when i ate 23 mushroom caps and started dancing to a def leppard and skrillex mashudp. I met a cute girl who said that she absolutely loved my mask, we started dancing and she licked my horn... RAD RIGHT? Well it turns out the LSD in her saliva caused a massive unicorn population spawning epidemic in the desert the next day. After running 38 miles into the desert, I have to say that the mask doesn't hold up very well to long distance running. I'm slightly disappointed in the quality as it completely melted off my face. Seriously...I don't have a face anymore.

On a side note this guilds great! I just transferred from another server and am really pleased with the community! I've been raiding and running mythic+ with the guild. Hope to see you there!

u/RedCedarRadical · 3 pointsr/theonlycolors

Next year?? Get on the Twitters, we're doing this for PURDUE and OSU!!!

Just paint it green!!

u/ShuffleTheF0x · 3 pointsr/HotlineMiami This is the one o bought, but at this point it's been painted and stained and all sorts of stuff.

u/linktm · 3 pointsr/HotlineMiami


When you want an upgrade, I recommend this one.

u/mackenhard · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

Does he have a beard? Beard oil is always cool. I'm getting some for my bro from here. I looked around on etsy and that seemed to be one of the more reasonably priced, but there was one featured on sharktank recently too that may have more brand recognition?

I got my bro this a few years ago, he loved it!

Got one of these for each of my brothers this year.

You'd have to get it filled with helium at like a party city or something, but this seems so awesome.

This shop has amaaaaazing prints of old presidents doing crazy shit. Got this Teddy one for my dad for xmas this year & got another for a random office gift exchange. Can't wait to see them fight over it haha.

Is your brother into the whole zombie thing? I got this for my bro's bday. Put it in a cool frame and shiz, it looks awesome.

Does he like grilling? I think these cedar plank things look awesome and would be well-received by most guys who like to grill. They have some other gift pack things too.

I got my bro Sriracha salt last year and he really liked it. There are tons of places on etsy that sell it. In fact, if he's really into sriracha (I have a friend who steals a bottle from every restaurant that has it) you could do a sriracha gift basket. Sriracha salt, sriracha peas, sriracha beef jerky, sriracha chocolate, sriracha chips, sriracha socks. All of those can be found on amazon or just a normal grocery store.

I love that you already listed the berries that change your tastebud thing, I'm planning on bringing a gift basket to an exchange with those and some lemons/limes/grapefruit. I've been suggesting that to a bunch of people on here too haha, it's pretty universal.

This looks so amazing.

Is he into camping or the outdoors? This would be cool. Supposedly you can drink straight from a river and not die.

I just think this is awesome.

Oh! Marc Johns books are amazing. This one always works as a great gift. Idk if you can preview any of the pages but it basically has weird/random pictures and weird/random/sometimes uplifting messages.

Welllp, that's all I can think of right now, hopefully something helped or gave you some ideas! :)

u/squeamish · 3 pointsr/Acadiana

Amazon has a crocodile mask that is cheap, ships via Prime, and may be close enough.

u/Mexiflan · 3 pointsr/batman
u/xxfay6 · 2 pointsr/SonicTheHedgehog

To remove clutter, please switch your link to either of these (same link just shorter):

^(also wtf)

u/cwf82 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Woo! Funtime!

OK...I'm thinking about something with a horse, magic pills, and a yodeling pickle.

On second thought...let's just go with drawing stuff, cuz art is awesome!

u/AnusHole · 2 pointsr/hiphopheads

i found this but it looks like like shit imo.

u/FuzzyRocket · 2 pointsr/cosplay

I think I would start with a standard face mask you can find in costume, hobby shops or online. Then build onto it with EVA foam strips/wedges and fill the gaps with a filler like paper clay.

u/shibblywibbly · 2 pointsr/gaming

I feel like the disguise I put on to prevent myself from being arrested after the police watch the security tape would give me away.

u/playhertwo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


My daughter would go bananas over Pinkie Pie. She loves those random packs where you get a surprise pony, and she would most definitely set this up next to all of them. A magical time would be had by all ponies involved, I'm sure.

Magical unicorn mask

u/sprankton · 2 pointsr/MLPLounge
u/FragrantSkunk · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/godzilla_dropkick · 2 pointsr/GODZILLA

If y'all want a mask like this, you better act fast. There are only two left.

EDIT: As Chickenman pointed out, there are plenty left. I was only looking at the ones sold directly from Amazon. Whoops.

u/aanncs · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy early birthday!
I recommend you Twister, my forever favourite I am sure this would be fun drunk lol.
And also a horse hat would be fun.

u/TThor · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

See if you can give the mask a more matte/opaque appearance so your face isn't clearly visible (without blinding yourself of course); I recall Tali's face was at best sort of foggy behind the mask, in the photo I can see your face a bit too well which can distract from the intended character.

Also three fingered gloves of course would help give the alien appearance~

Otherwise, your costume looks pretty awesome so far, nice work!

Edit: found a mask like this, so there are at least options; I wonder if something like this could be integrated into your current helm

u/Bacontroph · 2 pointsr/MLS

Dunno where to get one of those suits but these masks should be a fixture in your supporter's section.


u/HonorInDefeat · 2 pointsr/MLPLounge

I'd just go with the ones on Amazon

u/unicorndanceparty · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Mostly Star Wars related items such as [this R2D2 hat](, Chewbacca hat, Stormtrooper Helmet, & a very coveted lightsaber. Those are just a few, along with the My Little Pony & Game of Thrones items.

u/Dragon_Slayer_359 · 2 pointsr/deadbydaylight
u/Chispacita · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips


Edited to add: Seriously, I'm so unphotogenic I'd consider this. I was in a relationship with a photographer and even he was frustrated that photos of me are so fugly.

u/limbodog · 2 pointsr/HelpMeFind

This looks like it's molded plastic, not latex.. It sounds like it needs a bit of work to make it comfortable (one guy trimmed a cheap ski mask to cushion it, and others said they touched up the paint. But one of the users is clear that it's not latex.

u/FF0000it · 2 pointsr/privacy

Don't forget to wear this mask

u/Courochin · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

There's always the magical unicorn mask.

u/LdnGiant · 2 pointsr/StarWars

It's presumably this?

u/I_Never_Win · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/MrZissman · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Today is a GLORIOUS DAY FOR COMBAT day because ODIN HAS BLESSED ME WITH THE ENCHANTED WAR HAMMER, MJOLNIR. I was awoken suddenly by a FROST GIANT with a LUST FOR BLOOD. I rolled out of my SKULL bed and ended up in A BATTLEFIELD, SURROUNDED BY THE FROST GIANT ENEMY. I ate THE BONES OF ENEMIES for breakfast with a SHIELD in my left hand and a DEATH MASK on my HIP. On my way to COMBAT, I ran into THOR. He/she said to me, "LET US JOIN FORCES AND SHED THE BLOOD OF OUR ENEMIES!". I happily replied, "SO IT SHALL BE WRITTEN, SO IT SHALL BE DONE!", and we then decided to DESTROY THEM and SPILL THEIR BLOOD with a MIGHTY WAR CRY. I really wished we had MORE HEADS TO REMOVE and BONES TO BREAK with a DEAD BODY instead. Something hit me on the back of my head. It was a ROCK. Can you believe that? I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a SWORD. It really belonged to ODIN. He gave it to me in exchange for MY ETERNAL SERVITUDE .

One day I will RIDE WITH THE VALKYRIES TO VALHALLA with THE WORTHY. It will be GLORIOUS and a little bit EPIC. I hope tomorrow is filled with COMBAT and HONOR just like today.

u/CheeseSharp · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

Hey Evil Ted (the guy on YouTube who makes awesome cosplay stuff, check him out) recommended this mask for projects like what you're describing! He mentioned using it for a Cobra Commander costume or a Destiny costume, but I'm sure it has a variety of applications. And it is said to be see-through on the inside. I haven't had a project to use it in yet but I am itching for an excuse to buy it and mess around with it myself lol.

u/TaterNubbz · 2 pointsr/HotlineMiami
u/Forty-Three · 2 pointsr/mfdoom

It's just another listing for this mask from Amazon

u/MontyVoid · 1 pointr/SonicTheHedgehog

I guess any publicity is good publicity. I recently googled Sonic costume and there are already a bunch of mock-up movie Sonic masks available for purchase.. So he's being talked about/acknowledged by a broader audience than he has in years, yes

EDIT: My first reaction when I saw this... BLUE GRINCH. The second reaction.. hey that kinda looks like a defined version of Sonic's life icon from the genesis games.

u/ChanguitaShadow · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Also this

u/juicyjuiceguru2 · 1 pointr/hiphopheads
u/PM_ME_SEXY_PAULDRONS · 1 pointr/cosplay

You can by premade bits like that. here's the one I have saved but it's chrome. If you can find a clear one, punished props has a video showing how you boil it with fabric dye to add a tint.

u/NrOyEaLn · 1 pointr/GreenBayPackers

-Purchase these. reports the signing of Aron Rodgers.
-Give them to Aaron Rodgers.
-Packers go undefeated until Dec. 17th and Aaron Rodgers comes back from IR.
-Packers make playoffs and go to Super Bowl.
-r/nfl commits mass suicide.
-Vikings, Bears, Lions franchises fold up shop.

u/brainles71 · 1 pointr/BreakUp

Welcome to reddit This is a place where the boring becomes interesting to someone and people of all kinds come to share interests in everything.

Have you ever felt a primal need to build a sword? check out /r/blacksmithing! Does your grandma need a new scarf /r/knitting might be your thing. Looking for something a little more lower brow then maybe the NSFW subreddits are for you. Wondering why things go bang then maybe check out /r/science

If your interested in it there is probably someone else on here that has that interest. Check out /r/askreddit thats always interesting.

On reddit you can be anyone you want. There are people who have 5 different accounts and some of them are really funny. We have reddit "celebrities" like /u/unidan who is an honest to god scientist!

Reddit is a place to learn, explore, laugh, cry (seriously stay away from the subreddit "spacedicks" you will thank me... no its not images of dicks in space) and share. You will be down voted and you will struggle to get up votes. Don't stress it and ignore trolls :)

I reccomend you continue with your CBT as it will help you longterm. Everything matters now! You have a hole in you and you need to fill it!

Whats your favourite food? You should order some and eat it! Whens your birthday? You should hop on amazon and find what your buying yourself for your birthday! I bet you could use a horse mask to freak out people on Facebook and on the train to work.

This journey your on isn't easy but i promise there is hope and there are people to help you along the way (even complete strangers)

Part 2/2

u/DioTheory · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Picture of me and my baby puppy, Lottie!!

that was easy!!

Thanks for the contest!! :D

EDIT:: The price on that unicorn mask has been fluctuating like crazy lately, so if it happens to shoot up above $20 by the end of the contest, I'd love to have this tie for my other doggy!! :D

u/Toa_Quarax · 1 pointr/StarWars

I think we're all talking about the same helmet by EFX, it's just that prices have gone up because EFX seems to be sold out right now. So, until they make more, the prices will be gouged. If they don't end up making more, I'd recommend The Black Series helmet, but it seems that prices have been raised a bit on those too (but only by $20 at most; wish I would have bought it when it was cheaper).

u/a_James_Woods · 1 pointr/MrRobot

This is a long explanation, but it's necessary to properly answer your question. The fifth wall connection are a way to bridge the airgap to infect us with a malware program called "Elliot". Stay with me here - another potential fourth wall connection is how Grace Gummer's mother was in The Manchurian Candidate but unless you believe what I believe about this story it seems meaningless and like a huge stretch. I think we've all been intentionally split in to theory tribes by season 2, like in our actual society. We're driven by the stories we believe, and we each believe different things about this story. I think season 2 was written with some intention to discredit Elliot and discredit the people looking deeper as is the case with conspiracy theorists as well as victims of government programs like MK Ultra or people obsessed with the singularity. I've been told several times by users like _whiter0se that I'm over thinking things -- which is what Sam reportedly tells his actors when they start prying. Season 2 made Elliot seem like a straight up crazy person, and many people in the audience wrote off everything Elliot said in season 1 while questioning why they previously ever agreed with him so by extension we question ourselves. Everything that happens to Elliot is in a way happening to the audience because the show is written to turn us in to f.society -- and by extension Rose's Dark Army as way to expose us to the exploits of our programmable nature, because Sam Esmail leads a team of social white hats.

This level of complexity and inter-connectivity is all possible because the show is written like a piece of software and possibly with the assistance of software. Everything is a fractal branching out from Elliot and Tyrell, [season 2 spoilers](#s "as we can see on Dom's Whiteboard with 31 chess pieces on it with the absence of Vera. There are 32 pieces in a game of chess "). It's a mandelbrot set ("find your monster"). Everything is connected but not every connection is necessarily meaningful, which is in a sense up to the observer until the conclusion, which I think may also be up to the audience to decide, though no one seems to believe me, so I can relate to lost_tsol. We should have been working together, and now I can't find him...

Anyhow, the reason it's hard to follow and the reason I wonder if the audience plays a bigger role than we realize right now is because there are two plots at war; [Season 2 Spoilers](#s "While Elliot sees god as a system of control that he despises Tyrell sees God as a path towards being granted total control. He truly believed Evil Corp was capable of managing the world and his God was Phillip Price, but Mr Robot made him see a greater God that he thinks he can get to with Elliot. Tyrell sees God as his path to greater power and control. Maybe while Elliot sees Evil Corp, Tyrell saw Enlightenment Corp. They're having the same battle that Elliot was having with Mr Robot but couldn't settle because they always found themselves in a stalemate. Tyrell and Elliot have completely separate wills, and between them they can make independent choices where Elliot and Mr Robot cannot. Whichever King is left standing in the end ushers in a new world of either total control under the god we've been trying to create for millennia possibly in the form of AI (coltan) or freedom from our constructs of control perhaps by way of a nuclear pinch that wipes out all electronic communications capabilities returning us to a wilder more tribal time. Tyrell and Elliot are Kings being moved by the hands of White Rose to battle each other to decide the future order while we stand on the precipice of irreversible change and watch. ")

"Master" of a human botnet."

[Hypothesis with potential spoilers](#s "There is so much information that we infer meaning, sometimes it's the intended meaning and sometimes it's synchronicity for synchronicity sake. It's unprecedented because the plot is written like a piece of software to reflect how certain players in the story have written people's histories as drivers. The story has been written to drive us. "Elliot" isn't an actual person, "Elliot" is program inside of a brainwashed kid who's history was erased at WTP. "Elliot" is infecting society both in the show and across our reality. People are buying masks and hoodies and even reading his journal. Sam Esmail has a background in computer science and I believe it influenced how the plot is laid out. I believe that's important to the central theme because the characters are essentially programmed to infect society. "Elliot" is the master of a human botnet. Additionally I also wonder if psychometrics were used to design the characters by inputting the films the target audience has seen to generate the perfect characters for the audience to follow. ")


In summary, I believe the fifth wall connections are by and large meant to bridge our world to Elliot's with the intention of putting us inside of his head while more importantly planting him inside of ours as a way to expose the audience to our programmable nature.


u/Morthern · 1 pointr/HotlineMiami

Its currently sold out, but here is the link.

u/unicorn_factory · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should get your little girl smoe more toys

And you should get this strange little girl a mask

u/katismyrealname · 1 pointr/cosplay

So my mask was probably the biggest nightmare of the costume. Because I don't have access to a vacuum former I was having a hard time getting the shape right. I ended up buying a plastic mask off Amazon and airbrushing it with purple glass paint. I then inserted the mask into the helmet I had built out of EVA foam and cut it down to the right size and shape. I also tried colored tinting for automobile windows and had pretty good luck but they just don't make them in the right color of purple for Tali so I went the air brush route instead. Here is the link to the plastic mask (Disguise Costumes No Face Chrome Mask, Adult let me know if you have any other questions! Although I respond on Facebook much faster than Reddit (

u/mannsimr · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

It'll work but you're gonna need to accessorize well with something like this

u/ModestMarill · 1 pointr/batman

I guess you didn't try Amazon or Ebay.

Not recommending these or anything, I am just saying that they are Bane masks that you can buy.

u/Banshee_105 · 1 pointr/videos

Black Series Stormtrooper Helmet MSRP's at $79.99. 79.99 x 21(or so) students = $1679.79

Assuming they were all the same helmet, which they weren't.

u/Dontloiter · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/Renz2LK · 1 pointr/cosplay

Perhaps, you can use this mask with a white balaclava.

u/intoxicatednoob · 1 pointr/Denver

It's best to put on a mask before trying to get a ticket. My favorite mask is a Richard Nixon mask. Been planning on buying this Lizard Mask to change things up in the near future. These tickets can never prove I was behind the wheel when these safe "infractions" occurred.

u/Gecko99 · 1 pointr/news

I don't understand what the big deal is, we've had masks of politicians for years. You can still buy Nixon masks! Suddenly we have a half-black president and a caricature of him is racist? Every president we've ever had has been disliked by someone. It's not like the clown was in blackface or something.

u/HamsterButter · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


This For clarification on relation of #2

4. I think it counts :D




9. I'd consider it a tool, buut some may not.

10. This was the best as a kid. Still is xD

12. I game a lot

13. Best i could come up with

14. Some may call it unnatural...



17. Gotta have em all :P

18. Jelly beans! :D

This will clarify #19

20. This most definitely :P


Happy happy cake day! Make it rock.. you only get one a year... :P

By the way, of few of those say they were added August 3rd, but it was honestly at like 2 in the morning before I went to bed, so I thought they were added yesterday.

u/lostdragon37 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Everyone would benefit from wandering around and wearing this all day.

u/Piratarojo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This looks like a lot of fun, but this would be more fun

u/UdongeinNoodles · 1 pointr/cosplay

Hello! Terribly sorry that, I'm five days late for this.
Anyway the mask that's used in that reference photo you linked is likely a modified version of this mask right here, or at least something similar:

I'm actually in the progress of a Jacket cosplay as so I'm not too sure what the best method for the mask would be. What I'd suggest doing is painting the eyes on the mask black, and highlighting some of the other facial features on the mask so it stands out more. A few people have recommended using an airbrush to give it a dirty appearance too. Hopefully this helped a bit. Good luck on your cosplay!

u/StrangerinthaAlps · 1 pointr/lego
u/AquatikJustice · 1 pointr/MrRobot

Amazon. I literally just bought this one and it's top quality.

u/Toribaybay · 1 pointr/pics
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Ahem: I wake up and piss excellence and have Unicorn milk on my Cheerios... These are the rest of the photos from that day! More than the minimum two!


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