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u/iffy9096 · 113 pointsr/WTF
u/arachnophilia · 71 pointsr/vinyl


they pressed a fuck ton of these. be very happy your former puppy picked a cheap one to chew on.

u/gl77 · 64 pointsr/WTF

"New from $1,534.69"

"Used from $1,534.69"


u/BTsBaboonFarm · 19 pointsr/vinyl

Here's a few that I have and love

Dave Matthews Band - Crash: All analog master and cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and pressed at MPO. Some bias, because I'm the resident DMB fan on r/vinyl, but this is a perfect release and what every band should model anniversary vinyl releases after. If Radiohead had done this with OK Computer, it would have been 1000x better; missed chance. Anyways, this is a must have for any DMB fan. $30 on Amazon

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik: All analog cut. Not sure if Bellman did this or Grundman himself, but it was cut at BGM. Maybe one of the best sounding remastered albums in my collection. It's extremely detailed and "revealing". Definitely recommend picking this up, both on the quality and the music itself - one of the best albums of the early 90's. $30 on Amazon

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium: Another all analog mastering and cut RHCP album, this one by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray. All versions (original, deluxe, and reissue) use the same stampers. It's a rarity that a 2006 album was recorded analog, so it's wonderful they kept the vinyl AAA. Full bass, and a really detailed high end. Highly recommend if you're into the band, it's a steal at $33 for a 4xLP

Nirvana - In Utero: Released for the album's 20th anniversary, this was a direct metal mastering and cut that used the albums original cut and contains a bonus disc featuring alternate mixes. There was also a version released in 2013 with all alternative mixes and was also all analog. Both are great and fully dynamic, though I prefer the original mix. Whichever mix you prefer, go with that version, you won't be let down.
$50 shipped (lowest available) for the 20th Anniversary release | $25 for the 2013 mix thru Walmart

Nirvana - Nevermind: Bernie Grundman mastered this one himself, and keeping with the theme from above this is all analog as well. Maybe the best album of the 90's, this is (in my opinion) the ultimate version of it. This master was released by ORG in 2009, but it was released again from the Geffen label using the same stamper in 2013 and pressed at Pallas. $24 on Amazon

Van Morrison - Moondance: This is the 2008 release, mastered and cut analog by Steve Hoffman & Kevin Gray at Acoustech and pressed at RTI. There's a really good discussion about this remaster and specifically the mix of Into the Mystic over at the Steve Hoffman Forums. $18 on Amazon

Phish - Junta/A Picture of Nectar/Lawn Boy/Rift/Hoist: All of these Phish albums are fan-freaking-tastic sounding. Bellman did them all at BGM and used all analog sources and cuts for each, minus Rift which was cut from hi-res digital files. All can be found at Phish Dry Goods for $50 each. A bit pricey but well worth it IMO!

The Beatles - 2014 Mono Remasters: If you want the ultimate, most true to the original, Beatles releases; this is what you want. These are all analog and do everything to mimic the UK first press releases. There's always good debate about Mono/Stereo for The Beatles, but there's no debate that these are top notch releases. You can buy the whole box for ~$350 or each release individually for $15-$25 each if you search for each on Amazon

There's really an endless amount of good, affordable, new records with great sound. Check out Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi/MFSL), Analogue Productions, Analog Spark, Music Matters, among others. MOV also does great work, though they generally use hi-res digital rather than tape to cut from. Also, look for the mastering engineers I mentioned above - Chris Bellman, Bernie Grundman, Steve Hoffman; plus Kevin Gray, Scott Hull, among others

u/lance466 · 13 pointsr/ToolBand
  1. I’ve seen them 24 times from Coast to Coast (in the US at least) and have never paid anywhere close to $200 for a ticket. Including a show at a small NY Opera house on the 10K Days mini-tour where I was greeted by a tux-wearing usher and had to check my coat at the door.

  2. Radiohead and Beyoncé (among others) - 2 of the biggest names in music whether we want to admit it or not - have both dropped brand new albums with NO prior warning, marketing or announcement of any kind. Tool announced the release date months in advance and even told fans in advance that new music was going to be played on the tour that just completed.

  3. Here is Lateralus Vinyl for under $30:

    Undertow Vinyl for $25:

    Opiate Vinyl for $9:

  4. The setlist from this most recent tour contained 11-13 songs depending on if it was a festival gig or not.

    Of those 11-13 songs - TWO were brand new tracks, ONE was a brand new drum solo, and THREE others (Intolerance, Sweat, and Part of Me) have been extremely rare cuts over the last decade (or more).

    So going into the most recent tour, chances were 100% that out of the 11-13 songs they were going to play, you were going to get no less than 3 new songs you’d never heard before (period) and almost 100% that you’d get a 4th song you’d at least never heard live before.

  5. Now get off your f’ing soapbox. We need the f’ing space to nail the next fool poster.
u/FloydFunk · 10 pointsr/GunsNRoses

You can get Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" box set for $149 on Amazon right now and it has 10 CDs, vinyl and DVDs. The amount of songs you get is insane. Compare that to the GNR box and it's not even close.

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/vinyl

I hope you aren't buying it for $50 with the above dropping tomorrow.

u/BigFatTomato · 7 pointsr/VinylDeals

The 20% over $65 would help this price but overal it’s cheaper on amazon and has been for awhile

u/dubcheezy · 7 pointsr/VinylDeals

Looks like Amazon has price matched Toxicity at least.


u/DevinDTA · 7 pointsr/Blink182

Seriously. You can't post this without a link. All I see is a $171 set.

Edit: I found the original post linking to this, but it's over $80 now.

u/m4rk0776 · 5 pointsr/ToolBand

Sexual favors aside, I would want This. HOWEVER, most people are not rich, so I'm just gonna say get him a record player, and some of the vinyls, some beer/wine from Caduceus cellars/whatever he drinks, and a shirt (you can never have too many, but if he has some already, try to get one that looks moderately different from the others, such as a white one or one with an entirely different design). All in all, this gift should run in at about $100-150, depending on what you get specifically. Hope this helps

u/BLueLightning0 · 5 pointsr/MadokaMagica

You can get the Ultimate Best album, though it is a bit light on the number of songs. It's on Amazon for ¥ 3,263 (just under $30) and ships internationally, but you might be able to find it somewhere else for less, especially if you find a used one, like this one from Mandarake

Or you could go for the show's full soundtrack, for a few dollars more on Amazon, but you'd miss out on anything from the movies.

As far as I can tell, those are the only things that have been released as standalones. There were CDs included with the BD and DVDs, but it's not easy to find those by themselves. I'd say go for the show's soundtrack because of the number of songs you get on it.

u/Wizard-in--Black · 5 pointsr/qotsa

There's no 'deluxe' version exactly, but it is available on vinyl. It's pressed as a triple 10" with an oversized sleeve, so it can be a little annoying to play as each side last under 10 mins, but it's a curio, that's for sure. If when you say deluxe, you're referring to a vinyl pressing of the 2cd tour edition with a blue cover, then no, only the standard album has been pressed on vinyl.

UK purchase link

Us purchase link

u/jstuttle · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

Judgment Night far better than the movie

u/-_----_-- · 4 pointsr/Blink182

Yup, + 17€ for the California Deluxe Version.

u/RebeccaTwatson · 4 pointsr/Documentaries

Yes indeed it is. You can buy this album from various retailers.

This album is a bit, hmmm, "sophomoric" (in my opinion), but fantastic nonetheless. It's got a great opener and closer, plus a few gems in between. There's only really one track that I don't like (Freakin' Out) and it's largely because they used it on "How I Met Your Mother" - and that ruined it for me.

Now, this was their debut - imagine if they had been signed by someone and given the opportunity to develop their work and their sound. That shit would've been fucking cash. All the lost potential.

u/StabbyJane · 4 pointsr/funny

Rammstein Has a boxed set.

u/vinylontubes · 4 pointsr/vinyl

The mastering on the US 2012 pressing by Chris Bellman is great. The mix isn't all that great, but that isn't Bellman's fault. It kills the CD and the EU vinyl pressing. The barcode is 0 93624 73861 9.

Amazon has it at
This is one where you want to buy from Amazon and not their marketplace to guarantee you get the correct pressing.

u/elvismcvegas · 3 pointsr/VinylCollectors
u/SoloisticDrew · 3 pointsr/politics

I'm not sure you understood my reference.
Track 6 my dude(ette)

u/funisher · 3 pointsr/ArtistLounge

I was just watching some of my favorite parts of a documentary called A Band Called Death. If you haven't seen it, watch it! It's on Netflix. Death was a fuckin' awesome band and way ahead of their time.

Watch the movie and buy their album! Do it!

u/Jradx · 3 pointsr/Music

Can't agree with you more, I must acquire this

u/SeeThreePeeDoh · 3 pointsr/VinylDeals

Opvs Eponymovs - Purple Colored Vinyl

For $1 more you can have pretty purple wax

u/tendeuchen · 3 pointsr/ToolBand

>Not for lack of trying, I could never find their CD’s ANYWHERE

Yeah, it's a real shame Amazon hasn't had every Tool album ever available upon release for the past 20 odd years or so. 🤷‍♂️

u/Philarete · 3 pointsr/anime

That is wild how we just seem to know the pentatonic scale. Singing along is so natural. Fun video!

Also, weird question, but you've been mentioning the OST CDs, is this them?

u/thin_king980 · 3 pointsr/VinylDeals

Not the lowest price ever on Amazon but a great deal. TU!

Camelcamelcamel Link:

u/Bone_Dogg · 2 pointsr/vinyl

If by look for it you mean go to amazon.

u/PriceKnight · 2 pointsr/VinylDeals

Price History

  • Era Vulgaris [Vinyl]   ^PureLink
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]ListenDiscogs

    These prices aren't just Black and White.
    ^(Info) ^| ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2FVinylDeals%2Fcomments%2Fccv7as%2Famazon_queens_of_the_stone_age_era_vulgaris_3lp%2Fetpikp9%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/Pyrepenol · 2 pointsr/WTF

Or maybe OP decided to add one of his own for good measure

edit: yep

Let it be known that today, OP is indeed a faggot.

u/kingofthecrows · 2 pointsr/ireland
u/climbon321 · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

For anyone looking for a copy I'm pretty sure they're still printing it (along with Undertow and Lateralus, unlike Ænima). You can get it on Amazon for pretty cheap.

u/Metcarfre · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

What I've been musing is collecting some of the albums I loved in my youth like this and this plus all time classics like this and this. So, not exactly cheap.

u/Darkprinc979 · 2 pointsr/MadokaMagica

The ost already has its own separate release, which you can find here. I just got it myself last month.

u/ryuujin95 · 2 pointsr/grandorder

All of the music is from the KnK OST. I frequently use that and the Madoka OST as background music when I'm working, so I recognize all of it.

u/MannyFresh1989 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I was actually looking for Linkin Park records last night on amazon and they're not too bad.

Meteora- $24 Meteora [Vinyl]

Hybrid Theory - $19 Hybrid Theory (Vinyl)

Reanimation- $20 Reanimation (2LP)

Collision course is like $80 tho lol

u/brcasey3 · 2 pointsr/vinyl
u/ChaseKendall1 · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

Not sure if you’ve got an original or why it was so expensive but I’ve seen re-issue laturalus picture disc gatefolds for $30-$40 at local record stores and guitar centers. I found one for $28 on amazon.
You could get a record frame for $15 at a craft store like michaels or Joan’s.
Still really cool though!!!

u/chupathingy99 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Couldn't resist. Anyways, here's the real link to the Lateralus LP.

I clarified that it's for Lateralus because our bond of trust has been broken.

u/evan24742 · 2 pointsr/Metallica

Here is the link if your interested.

I’ll still rush to buy the justice box set though I need that Seattle 89 cd

Ride the lighting is also on there as well and in stock

u/_Fo · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Is the one you got different from this one, because it has it listed at only $22 new and $20 used.

u/2daMooon · 2 pointsr/vinyl

> limited edition

Love me some Tool, but whoever on their team called this a "limited edition" is a huge dick. Popular albums with great music on them that were released 12 years ago and are actually limited should not still be available for purchase from a retail store:

u/Dane_Brass_Tax · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

Did the FI CD cost you something like $45/50 bucks?

Is there any real news on the re-presses of their older albums, in the future?

Also OP, might wanna snag this while you're at it.

u/Lone_Wanderer78 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

The 2016 KEA is still $11.93 on Amazon

From what i understand this is a very good pressing. I think (but not positive) it was the one used in the box set.

u/teeravj · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Psssst.... Era Vulgaris is on sale on Amazon. Its OOS but when you buy it, it locks in price for when it is in stock, and then charges your card when it ships! Thanks r/VinylDeals

u/Sentimental_Night · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

You have quite a few options available to you.

  • Some might argue that the Japanese THE ONE Limited Edition is the version to go for (But you need to be a "THE ONE" member.
  • There's also the regular Japanese Limited Edition version which includes the bonus DVD (also available from other Japanese resellers; HMV, Tower, CDJapan, etc.)
  • The UK options are a bit poor as everyone wants a Mega Bundle containing the prints, dog tag and T-Shirt/Hoodie.
  • At least the US store does have the Mystery Bundle which obviously contains a T-Shirt/Hoodie of some kind but as the the other contents, who knows.

    Personally I've ordered THE ONE Limited Edition, a Limited Edition from Tower Records and a standard CD from Amazon just so I can have access to the album on release.

    I'm also hoping that the UK store sort out a Mega Bundle as I'll already have bought three copies of the album - I don't really want another three!

    If you're gonna choose one then I'd suggest the Japanese Limited Edition as there is no guarantee the US and UK versions will include the DVD.
u/TreasurerAlex · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

Opiate: $12.59
Lost my first copy I got at a record store in the 90's, re-bought this on Amazon.

Undertow: [$16.98](
I bought in '95 at a local record shop in PA. Easily available on Amazon.

Ænima:$300 / $50
Original prints are $300+ on Ebay
The knockoff that I have sell cheaper on Ebay

Lateralus: $38.99
bought from ToolArmy, didn't have the cash to get the $150 signed one
at the time. Not too expensive on Ebay right now.

10,000 Days: $49.99
Never released by the band only knockoffs available on Ebay

Salival: $69.99
Also never officially released. I don't have one of these, but knockoffs available on Ebay. Too expensive for a knockoff. I'm happy just having my original VHS copy.

$238.54 gets you all the knockoffs. If you want the 4 originals it'll be $368.56

Hope that helps.

u/symsector · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Metal Resistance from But, maybe you could check with your local Amazon store domain if there is one, as e.g. on you will see this: "Price: £9.99 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20."

u/Giraou · 2 pointsr/MadokaMagica

>it seems like there's little interest to support it like any other data carrier or format.

Possibly because they want to avoid piracy and/or have a restricted control on the format..

>do you know if one can buy the OST CD somewhere?

This exists for the series. But for Rebellion, the only OST CD mentioned is the one sold with the "limited" edition (it's just the only physical copy that existed at the nearest general tech store from my home to me lol).

Also note that the Rebellion OST CD somehow does not include the movie opening and ending (neither the cake song if that counts)..

>In that case, they should've let "wraith" untranslated.

Spectre exists as a valid translation and it sounds terrible to pronounce wraith with French. I just think they had no idea what they were talking about in that scene..

>An absolutely irresistible strategy.

Indeed.. Just like Kyubey, the Law of Cycles stood no chance..

>Yuuki Aoi is an outstanding voice actress however, her voice very diverse

Her other role I mostly observed is the recent one of Tanya the evil (didn't watch though) where you can straight up hear her saying in the ending that "Humans are useless no matter the side", are "only worth something in death" or even "pilling up bodies until it reaches the sky". Self sacrifice she said.. Because she had to she said.

Characters I really love in anime like Homura are often only mostly known for that "chosen one" role.. Not much of a complication until you realize Chiwa stared in an obscure harem anime you watched a long time ago when you were bored.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/Metal


u/travislopes · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Probably a poor time to buy Californication. A remastered reissue is being released on October 23rd.

u/Wakeless_Jake · 2 pointsr/VinylCollectors
u/alienman82 · 1 pointr/VinylDeals
u/Rubenick · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Aaah.. wonderful Monday :)

How are you /u/kalanz?

My guilty pleasure song would be: 2 Unlimited - No Limit

Damn earworm...

If I win I would be a very happy man if I got: Ghost - Opus Eponymous on vinyl!

u/karen_carpenter · 1 pointr/VinylDeals
u/SennheiserPass · 1 pointr/MadokaMagica

I bought this one right here on Amazon for roughly 40 bucks. As far as I can tell, it has just about everything awesome from the show itself. Nothing from the movies, though.

u/UncleBojangle · 1 pointr/Blink182

There's this

Box Set [10 LP]

It has everything except California.

Make sure you check the other sellers for the best price. Shoot for around $30-45.

u/therenholder · 1 pointr/vinyl_price_drop
u/rundmcc · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

Found it using the new release page on Deals On Vinyl (filter using the search box to quickly find all the releases).

Here it is. Looks like it's no longer available.

u/the_evil_k · 1 pointr/vinyl

Just over $7 on Amazon

u/tacknosaddle · 1 pointr/Music

The movie sucked but I'll be damned if the soundtrack to Judgement Night isn't fucking awesome. It has a Living Color-Run DMC track on it and is all metal/rap band songs. I used to hang out at a local bar that had it on the jukebox and going by how often its tracks were played I'm going to say I'm not alone in that opinion.

u/jjqaz21 · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

What the difference between this one and the other 3 disc on Amazon you can order now?

Era Vulgaris [Vinyl]

u/defected · 1 pointr/VinylDeals
u/zurinunderking · 1 pointr/vinyl

Pretty cool! I always remember this amazing boxset from them:

Because who wouldn't want a copy of each of the bandmembers dick?
Not vinyl though.

u/rarkgrames · 1 pointr/vinyl

For extras, it has to be the Master of Puppets box set.

Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set) [VINYL]

u/aertyar · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

It's also 2,99 on Amaon UK It's back to £9.99 and not sold by Amazon directly anymore (Sold by MediaMerchants).

MR is on 3,99 (Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). )

What's wrong with Amuse?

u/Nazenn · 1 pointr/anime

If you're in america this is the music collection which is the two disc set of all the songs, plus OP/ED, plus previously the stuff that wasn't on the previous OST releases. Bluray wise you can't go wrong as long as you get blurays of the TV show, there's no multiple versions of that thankfully

u/TheTipJar · 1 pointr/Music
u/reallifepixel · 1 pointr/listentothis

This song is from a great soundtrack to Judgment Night, a not so great movie. Essentially, it is early 90s raps meets alternative. Man, I used to have this cd. I wonder what happened to it?... My fav was Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill... really stands up well...

u/raddit-bot · 1 pointr/listentothis

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|track|Keep On Knocking|
|images|album image|
|links|mp3 on amazon, album on amazon|
|tags|protopunk, punk, garage|
|metrics|youtube plays: 280,263, score: 9.67|

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u/s4n · 1 pointr/Blink182

Hey, for anyone still wondering, here's the link and a pic of the order confirmation:

I went straight through Amazon, so I must've gotten lucky as it seems they've raised the price. I really hope the third party sellers are actually selling vinyls, not CDs, as I researched here before buying too and saw that a few months ago it was a mistaken listing. Good luck to everyone, I hope it works out

u/deniszz · 1 pointr/VinylDeals
u/Bobaloski · 1 pointr/Metal

I bought these about a month ago but never posted about them but I got Blackwater Park by opeth on vinyl and Leprosy by Death on vinyl. They are both so amazing especially blackwater Park. Mikael akerfeldt's growls sound so clear and amazing on vinyl and it is definitely a record I think anyone who listens to vinyl should have. Leprosy was also amazing but I don't listen to it nearly as much as blackwater Park.

Also I'm pretty mad at myself for not going to a cannibal corpse and behemoth concert on Monday when it was only an hour away. It would have been a great concert and I love both bands, but the roads were icy and it was a school night. Hopefully I will get to go to my first concert soon. If you have any recommendations for bands that are amazing live that would be cool

u/stinkyrossignol · 0 pointsr/qotsa

Right here it's $25 for the three disc version.

u/Throw-Away-We-Go · -1 pointsr/VinylCollectors

Maybe this will help clarify to you why I needed clarification from him/her.

u/jewunit · -1 pointsr/VinylDeals

Era Vulgaris is not hard to find:

I see it in record stores all the time too.