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u/onedarkflame · 93 pointsr/Wellthatsucks

I have that exact same model fridge which was surely designed to get water in the floor. Almost every day it dumps water in the floor.

Fixed the switch issue myself, the part is very cheap on Amazon, like $2 cheap. I’ll send a link if you want.

Edit: Amazon link below for switch I used to fix my LG fridge for this water switch after pulling out the part and looking up the model # online, $6. Apparently it’s also for used microwaves.

LG Electronics 3B73362F Microwave Oven Micro Switc

u/tl34tf · 24 pointsr/DIY

Just dig it out of the mixer and search for the part number that's on it. This is the one that I got, but I got it from eBay for a little cheaper. I'm not sure which seller though.

u/ClutchDude · 6 pointsr/Austin

That part is super easy to replace. You take the screws off, take off the top and that is that.

KitchenAid 9706648 Replacement Speed-Control Parts

u/ducatimechanic · 5 pointsr/Permaculture

> The stove top ones are the dangerous ones.

Even with those, the danger is over stated. If anything, I'm more confident about one I use on the stove, because I can inspect all of the parts easily for damage everytime I use it.

Even an old pressure cooker will be UL rated, unless it's ancient.

You'll have a blow-out plug, for anything made after 1977 (so within the last 40 years).

These are still made today; they use weights on top, all three for 15 pounds of steam, two for 10 pounds, and just one for 5 pounds.

If you have to go back further than that, they have parts going back to 1957.

It's basically the top, the bottom, the seal, the plug, and the weights.

You inspect everything every time you use the pressure cooker.

Anything doesn't look right, you replace them.

The more modern ones use a twist orifice, instead of weights... that can get clogged with food (you inspect to make sure it's open).

If you get them on sale, either style, they're much less than $100.

Either way, you have a pressure vessel in your kitchen, the only difference is that the old design has been used billions of times (people have been canning with them for years, same for cooking). The digital ones are nice, but you probably won't get parts for them in 10-20 years.

u/tarheelcj · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Do you know the model of microwave? I would think the owners manual would say what type of bulb it takes. If not, could it be these?

u/FriendlyDespot · 4 pointsr/VXJunkies

Sure, if you're okay with using Chinese "OEM" parts. It might get you going, but I wouldn't feel comfortable charging this up past 14 kilocycles even with reverse bias.

u/Aquagoat · 3 pointsr/food

I believe you just need to replace the worm gear.

It shears by design to protect the motor and other gears. It's a fairly cheap and easy repair.

u/Thrgd456 · 2 pointsr/appliancerepair

This is the one. But you must replace that burned wire terminal.

u/VinylDealsBot · 2 pointsr/VinylDeals
u/moo_ness · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I think the part you are talking about is around $5 to replace

u/vegancupcakes · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Yes! We have a microwave cover that has magnets, and it sticks to the top of the microwave when not in use. No clutter on the counter! (I don’t know what they did to the magnets to make them microwave safe, but they are.)

Edit: We got ours at Fry’s, but here’s a similar one from Amazon: ‪

u/WGPMJa8s · 1 pointr/amateurradio

Ah, I see.

Take a block of wood, glue it to a wooden base, cut a slot for a lever made of a strip of PSB, or even a broken hack-saw blade.

Then mount one of those little micro-switches either side of the lever, pointing in opposite directions (two switches in all).

You'll need to move them around to get exactly the right feel. You could mount them with hot glue so you can change it.

Then wire the contacts so it makes one big change-over. with a momentary action each side.

You can get various types of micro-switch, some with a lever and some without.


There's lots cheaper on ebay of course.

I'll draw a picture if you want.

u/just-a-traveler · 1 pointr/FlashForge

mica is both thermally conducting and electrically insulating. you can find the stuff on amazon in all sizes, for cheap.

u/chiftive · 1 pointr/90daysgoal

It's never leaked for me, although you may have a richer crust recipe than I do. While I'm passing along Useful Cheap Kitchen links:

You can cut it to fit your oven, and then if anything leaks or spills, you just take it out, wash it in the sink, and put it back in. And then you never have to scrub the bottom of the oven again!

u/kamhikamhi · 1 pointr/appliancerepair

I’m in Los Angeles. After taking another look at my lease, I can’t actually find where it was written, but I’m fairly certain we verbally discussed it. Honestly, rent being as out of control as it is, I’m not gonna fight them on it for fear of having to find another place to live.

Bummer it’s not salvageable but that’s what I suspected. Thanks for the quick reply.

Most places seem to want $200+ for the part but Amazon seems to have it for ~$50.... 75% off seems too good to be true.

u/codece · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

It's an appliance bulb like this one

u/the_planes_walker · 1 pointr/appliancerepair

Yeah, I thought so. We are going to buy a cartridge for the left side of the cooktop because it is a grill at the moment and who uses a grill inside the house? Might as well buy the right side as well. Any thoughts on getting the cartridge you linked versus a genuine OEM one? Here's the cheapest I've found:

There were mixed reviews with the Amazon one. I wouldn't mind paying a little more for an OEM part, but it is an extra $100.

u/Lkn4it · 0 pointsr/appliancerepair

The door switches are a safety mechanism. If the door is not closed tightly and quick enough, the fuse will blow.

Make sure that your original fuse is not a slow-blow. Microwaves will sometimes use these.

I have replaced these switches and had good luck. I have also replaced these switches and never gotten the microwave to work. They have to close in the correct sequence.

Here is a link to a new switch. Just don’t use the terminal that you do not need.

Do not waste time getting on this. Black Friday is coming. Microwaves will be cheap if yours does not work.

I watch Home Depot. They always have microwaves left over after Christmas. About February, they get real cheap.

u/redprophet · 0 pointsr/BuyItForLife