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u/demontroll · 18 pointsr/startups

clicking a link is so hard... i bet you can't even click this one

u/rawwwse · 17 pointsr/Sacramento

Done and done

Hey, so, the title says it all mostly...

I collect and play a variety of instruments (mostly string), and have a perfectly good cello taking up space that I’d like to donate to a good home/school. I’ve asked a couple of my teacher friends, and none of them have gotten back to me.

Anyway... It’s in good shape—as far as I know—but probably needs some strings and/or a tune-up. Comes with a bow of course, and a lightweight canvas carrying bag.

I’m in East Sac, and can meet up anywhere around here today.

The Sacramento Reddit community has helped me out before; this is my way of giving back. Students or teachers only, please. If that’s too much to ask, just promise me you’ll play it.


Done aaaand done Thanks to u/dlmusgrove for giving her a new home.

If anyone else who was interested is truly inclined/sparked now to hop on the cello train, there are a handful of affordable options on Amazon Prime that could have you experimenting by this weekend.
Keep playing, whatever it is you play 🎶🤘🏼

u/timeslut93 · 12 pointsr/ifiwonthelottery

Stranger things have happened.

Cecilio CCO-100 Student Cello with Soft Case, Stand, Bow, Rosin, Bridge and Extra Set of Strings, Size 4/4 (Full Size)

u/panderingPenguin · 9 pointsr/Saxophonics

>I've been pondering getting a saxophone and learning to play via beginner books and YouTube tutorials. I currently play no instruments. How often will I need to practice?

The general rule of thumb is to practice an hour a day if possible. This depends on many factors though. Beginners won't have the stamina for that and need to work up to that. Good players generally have a period where they practiced substantially more than that and underwent rapid improvement, although they may not need as much practice to simply maintain their skills. Many pros continue practicing more than that. Obviously this varies a lot from player to player.

>How long (average) until most people can play and it actually sounds decent?

This depends on far too many factors to really guess accurately (as well as your definition of decent itself!) but if you put a gun to my head and made me guess I'd say minimum of a year and probably more for most people. It'll be substantially longer if you try to teach yourself, and you may just teach yourself a bunch of bad habits and flawed technique to the point where you never get there.

>I also have a low budget to spend. Is this a ok beginner sax to buy?.

No. That is an expensive paperweight. The best starter sax out there is a student Yamaha. You can get a YAS-23 used for probably $500-800 depending on your local market and whether you search online. You could probably also make do with a handful of other student saxes, but most won't be substantially cheaper than the Yamaha.

>The other question is can the noise be muffled? I've seen mutes but do they really work? I cannot afford a large enclosed sound dampening case. I'd rather not annoy the wife or neighbors. I live in a house not apt.

Not really, no. Even the enclosed cases only cut about a third to half the sound. The problem is that, unlike brass instruments that can be effectively muted, saxophones (and other woodwinds) emit a large percentage of their sound through the highest open tone hole. There are many such holes, so you can't just mute the bell. There are a few products that claim to be able to do precisely that but doing so would defy the laws of physics, and they are shams.

>I've always liked Jazz, Blues, and funky beats. I've been listening to "too many zooz" and "Moon Hooch" does anyone know of any other bands similar to these? That funky tenor sax makes my ears smile.

Not exactly the same thing, but in a vague way (emphasis on vague) Snarky Puppy has some similarities.

u/ScubaSteeeve · 9 pointsr/Trombone

I've seen kids start in 4th grade on a standard tenor trombone. The instrument is a little heavy for small children, and it's a bit too long for most kids that age to get their arm out comfortably.

That being said, I can heartily recommend the pBone mini. It's tuned slightly differently than a standard tenor trombone; it's an alto. It's made entirely out of plastic, so it's lightweight and pretty hard to damage. The slide takes some getting used to (it has to get worn in first), but overall, I think they're perfect for young kids if you can find a teacher who's willing to work with you. You can then upgrade to the full size version.

This way, if he falls out of love with the horn, you're not out a whole lot of money. But if he sticks with it for the long haul, he's got one he can throw over his shoulder and take on plane rides if he has to travel.

u/Baron-Von-Rodenberg · 6 pointsr/britishproblems

Get your self one of [these] ( for your office draw, then when he moans next pull it out and start playing.

u/Scuderia · 6 pointsr/skeptic

I'm guessing the "new violins" they used were probably of high quality and not some cheap $70 violin Mendini.

u/bennettpena · 4 pointsr/HumanPorn

I sorted by Prime and 4+ stars

Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet

u/filfner · 4 pointsr/Denmark

Små Stakler

I samme dur, så har politikerne for vane at stå ved vejle banegård og høste stemmer ved at dele foldere ud osv. inde på stationen. Det må man ikke uden tilladelse, og jeg fryder mig som et lille barn hver gang der er en af ideologi-tiggerne der bliver bortvist.

u/Edpud17 · 3 pointsr/BossKatana

Hosa FSC-385 Dual Latching Guitar...

Edit: This thing is awesome and is way cheaper than the Boss pedal.

u/jmailboxhead · 3 pointsr/BossKatana

Hosa FSC-385 Footswitch, Guitar-style, Dual-latching
This one is cheap and works well, just make sure to buy the cable with it. I do not believe there are any options with a tuner as the functionality of the switch is to control the amp only and does not process the guitar signal at all.
I have this and can verify it’s the most cost effective option on for the 50, in the US that I have found.

u/br-at- · 3 pointsr/violinist


hi, came back to add detail.

$175 is too cheap for a violin in most cases, and most of the options on amazon are a bad idea.

however, kennedy violins is a reputable real life violin shop that just happens to have an amazon storefront, and they occasionally have clearance items that get close to your $175 mark, so if your only chance to get a violin is amazon and you cant afford more, browsing their deals is probably your best option.

u/fOxTheOnly · 3 pointsr/funny
u/BuzzBotBaloo · 3 pointsr/GuitarAmps

I have to agree with u/rlvis.

I only added this up because I was bored, but I thought a sub $30 estimate seems low as well.

  • $10 - switches (2x$5)
  • $7 - knockoff 125-B enclosure
  • $2 - 1/4" TRS stereo jack

    That's $19 already and I haven't included wire, shipping costs (typically starts at $6.95) plus my shop cost (solder, tool wear, power, time).

    Or I can buy the Hosa for $20 from Amazon (shipped) and have a return policy.

    Not even a contest to what the real bargain is.
u/nx_2000 · 3 pointsr/CasualConversation

There must be a good handful of musical instruments available for under $40. A decent recorder is $7.50. When I was a kid I bought my own after playing one in 4th grade music class.

u/HanaNotBanana · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really really want the PS vita with AC:Liberation or the violin, but those are way too much. Things I need (because I'm moving away from home for college, and also I'm about to get married) are this bento box for my fiance, this cutting board, or this knife set

C'mon...gimme... one of the bento boxes (or things like bento boxes) that are under the price limit

u/lovista · 2 pointsr/Flute

maybe you could use something like this with a highspeed cam? then infer air speed from rotation speed

u/weezingthejuicebodhi · 2 pointsr/Guitar

You need any two-button switch with a TRS connector (tip, ring, sleeve) - Here is a cheap one I found.


u/WishIWasOnACatamaran · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This violin
  2. I used to play when I was younger but stopped because it wasn't "cool", I miss playing dearly and want to start playing again.

    Thanks for the contest!

    Saving Private Ryan (Great movie by the way)
u/TinyApexPredator · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here goes...

  1. Something blue - Because why not?

  2. Something that says summer - No matter what, I always end up with a sunburn.

  3. Food related & unusual - This makes me so happy.

  4. For the boyfriend - because he loved this game when he was younger and hasn't been able to find it since. [For the boyfriend's sister] ( - because she LOVES hedgehogs!

  5. A book you should read - This is about a German Shepherd adopted by the Royal Air Force during World War II.

  6. Less than a dollar - Had help from my boyfriend with this one. :)

  7. Dog related - YAS

  8. not useful but awesome - Now I want this!

  9. Movie everyone should watch at least once - Heart warming movie

  10. Useful for zombie attack - For cutting off their heads!

  11. Profound impact on my life & help achieve current goals - I desperately need to get in shape.

  12. Add-on item - WHY is this an add-on item? Ridiculous.

  13. Fandom related - Socks, the best way to support your fandom when you're at work and can't wear graphic t-shirts.

  14. Ridiculously priced

  15. Sharks or unicorns - both, with a bonus cat!

  16. Something that smells wonderful - Ahhh, sweet childhood!

  17. Toy that I wanted when I was a child - I wanted a razor scooter so bad when I was a kid, but never got one.

  18. Helpful for writers - I am definitely not a writer, but this seems like something that may help.

  19. Something related to my current obsession - I am currently OBSESSED with Shameless!

  20. Random & weird - I love bacon as much as the next person, but this is a bit too far...
u/avtechguy · 2 pointsr/VIDEOENGINEERING

When shopping for one make sure the pedal actuates the proper electrical contact function you need. For all intents and purposes a pedal is a on/ and off switch. Some pedals are always "on", (Electronically Closed) and when you push them they turn off (opening the connection). Some are the opposite.

My first go around I had some trouble when I purchased a Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal, its normally on. I was trying to use it with a simple RTS 301 Belt pack but it was doing the opposite of what I needed, Opens the mic when I plug it in, then kills it when I press and hold, Not all that desirable.

I did some more shopping and for a Hosa Dual- Channel foot switch It features 2 latching contacts that you could use between A and B channel Comm systems. The switches were "normally open" and when you press and latch it closes the connection and turns on the mic.

Sorry for the long post explaining Normally Open , Normally Closed foot pedals.

u/coppertech · 2 pointsr/violinist

played violin back in grade school and high school, just picking it back up. what i bought was this because i wanted one i could plug into my guitar amps and take with me on camping trips and not give a care. it took 5 mins to figure out it sounded like total crap. i immediately changed the bridge, soundpost, strings and for s&g's changed the pegs, with better quality equipment and bought a better bow... the sound quality is 1000x better and is actually extremely fun to play with and i almost don't want to take it outside lol, for under $250 bucks.

but yeah if you are learning, go rent one and take some classes and see if its right for you. i already know how to set one up from muscle memory, and if you are inexperienced then you will have a bad time just buying one off amazon out of the hole and trying to learn yourself without it being properly setup.

u/Voyageur · 2 pointsr/Flute

There’s a great teaching tool called the Pneumo Pro that you could use for this. It’s a plastic headjoint with an array of little fans at different angles. It gives a great visual cue for where your air is going and, to some degree, how fast it’s moving. Perfect for this sort of problem.

u/ihave_problems · 2 pointsr/Flute

First thing's first, welcome! :)

My greatest advice is to avoid the <$100 Amazon/eBay specials like the plague. They look like this or this.

If you are to buy used, make sure you get something from a reputable brand. I learned on a Gemeinhardt when I was a little kid and it took a beating and kept playing, so they're close to my heart. Yamaha is a great choice, Armstrong is pretty good too. Generally when you buy a flute, I recommend buying it in person but as you are new, it would be hard to gauge if the instrument is in good condition/working order. If you're buying from the internet, see if you can arrange with the seller to allow for a return policy so you can take it to a technician!

Some other advice-- it's hard to get going and its even harder without the guidance of a private teacher. It'll take a while to be able to get a sound, and it takes practice to make that sound good. As recommended by Band_Derp, it may be worth taking a lesson or two to expedite the process. Don't be frightened when you realize it's difficult to play, this is where a lot of people give up. It just takes perseverance, and once you get the technique it's hard to forget it. It becomes muscle memory and will only improve with practice.

The other point I should wish to add is to have fun with it all. As with all hobbies, make sure you still find the fun in it all even through all the work you put into it!

u/AdoptedTargaryen · 2 pointsr/violinist

I ordered a 2014 Mendini from Amazon today! It should be arriving this week and then I'm going to start lessons within the month. I'm really excited after wanting to learn all these years to finally have the wheels in motion :)

u/checkerdamic · 2 pointsr/BossKatana

I use the overpriced GAFC for the 100 but usually see the FS6 or 7 recommended for the 50. The FS6 goes for about $70 new and around $40 used. There are cheaper under $30 options available. I believe there some livewire and hosa latching pedals that people pair with the Katana that work fine. I’d watched one or two YouTube videos that show how they are set up and see if that’s what your looking for.

Here’s a video from boss showing the FS6:

u/Count_Hater · 2 pointsr/Gamingcirclejerk

I have been looking through Amazon

This one looks pretty good and the reviews are mostly positive. It's a shame it doesn't ship to my country.

u/1865 · 1 pointr/violinist

In that price range here is what I suggest: the Cecilio 'intermediate' violins, such as the MV500 are surprisingly nice instruments and the majority are beautifully finished with ebony fingerboards, tailpiece, pegs, chin rest, and with nice purfling too. They come with beginner strings but after putting quality strings on it, using good rosin... the sound is more impressive than you would think....and from a $150 violin. On Amazon it is sold as a package - 2 bows, tuner, a very nice case, extra bridge.

If interested, here is the link:

u/marscout6 · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

I’m just a beginner but I got my violin through Amazon and I love it so much! I am learning slowly by watching YouTube videos. Here is the one I got for 140 or so bucks.

u/Eneriya · 1 pointr/violinist

Heres the violin I bought, I live in an apartment. Ive also been watcjing a few youtube channels about violins and this was one that was reccomened

u/Chrmilou · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

Cajon (percussion)




Beginner violin

Tin Whistle


A lot of these may seem simple to play (or not "real" instruments), but proficiency in even these type of instruments is good. And as someone has already said, buying used opens up more possibilities.

u/Broccolli1500 · 1 pointr/Cello

Amazon has some cheap electric cellos for around $300-400.
Something like this:
Cecilio Electric
I bought one, replaced the strings (another $80) and it plays fine. Perfect for a starter. If that won't work, maybe have a talk with a elementary/Junior/High school director and try to work something out?

u/mr_lightman · 1 pointr/violinist

I went with a Kennedy Violin, and I don't regret it ONE bit. It's mine, I own it, and it was lovingly setup. I got this one:
Oh, and don't bother trying to learn on your own. I got a teacher, and their job is to make sure you don't foster bad habits. I wouldn't be able to do anything without her.

u/deadtous · 1 pointr/violinist

I'm a beginner, too, and if you replace the string on this with higher quality ones I found it to be good enough for some more silent practice for my neighbors! :)

u/cragelbagel · 1 pointr/KGATLW

This thing from amazon. I've never played the flute before and this one's pretty good. I didn't want to go all out and buy an expensive one but I was talking to some guys who played the flute after I had it and they said it was pretty good for the price and felt nice

u/DinnerMilk · 1 pointr/IAmA

That is awesome you are still here and answering questions, thank you!

I was reading the discussion wondering about this as well. I am a self taught guitarist who learned from Youtube, not great but I can play a decent wonderwall. The violin seems like a whole different beast though in terms of starting from scratch.

I bought my girlfriend a violin at her request for Christmas ( She played Oboe for 13 years so she can read music, but we screwed around with it at Christmas and can tell its not going to be easy. Even for being electric, its quite loud in our quiet apartment so she ordered a "mute block" that should be arriving tomorrow.

Since she works 2 jobs and has very little free time, do you think she should hold off and get lessons when she can or would she be able to get a decent start on Youtube videos?

u/Gyrating_buttplugs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/agonnaz · 1 pointr/Cello

Rent. Don't buy. If you need to buy, think if you can consider electric. You can find some cheap electric cellos around. I ended up getting one so I could practice at night without waking my family (particularly the children). I ended up getting this one, and after a few trips to the luthier to fix certain things up (bridge was too tall, and the fingerboard needed to be planed), and getting a new bow and set of strings, it gets a very decent sound and does exactly what I need it to for nighttime practice with headphones. Note that in all, this option did end up costing me about $450 with taxes, shipping and extra work, plus the fact that the bow I'm using is a $300 bow I'd already had for my other cello, and that I'm using a $100 guitar amp I'd already had.

I don't think under $300 is really a point where you can get an acceptable sound (especially with an acoustic cello), but if you're only using it for home practice, and can get by using a school cello while at school events, your options with electric instruments are going to be better at a lower price point than with acoustics. You could probably get by pretty well if you up your expectations from $300 to $500-ish with work and other parts.

I'd recommend still renting if you can get away with it. My school when I was going had a rental program that was $50 for the school year, and a $20 summer rental. That's going to be less than you'd spend on that $300 cello for your entire tenure at high school, and will be likely much better quality. If you get a cheap crappy cello, you'll likely have to get a better cello at around that timeframe anyway. Seriously, rent if you can. You'll spend less money, have a better experience, and you'll have the option to spend a little more for a better rental, rather than having to invest a whole lot more to buy a better cello later. By the time you'd want to buy your own instrument, you'll probably have to buy a better instrument if you buy now regardless. Always rent. Only buy if you absolutely need to or if you've already planned it out seriously and are going to drop a lot of money on an instrument that will last you at least decades.

u/Maxis47 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/yellsie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I must have this violin. It is pretty, I used to play as a kid and I want to start it again! :)

I got my username from work. Instead of being called Danielle I was called yellsie, which turned into yels. I thought it was cute and it just stuck :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/AskReddit

No. Don't build a violin. Terrible idea.

Some thoughts: Violins are expensive.

You might want to consider getting an electric violin. $130:

u/oldmankelly · 1 pointr/Cello

You could go for something like this:
Per the Questions and Answers on that page, the 'arms' fold in to make it more compact.

u/eileensariot · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Annnnd here we go again, another crazy but fun contest =)
Thank you!



























u/dounis42 · 1 pointr/violinist

I don't think we are actually in disagreement - I do think that Chinese violins coming out of the better shops are fantastic; I have a Jay Haide that is a wonderful instrument, and if you read some of my other posts, you will see that I recommend Chinese instruments quite highly.

However, the majority of Chinese instruments being produced for the mass market are still pretty bad - I'm talking about the sort you'd see at stores like Sam Ash, or at numerous online retailers (purple violins on Amazon, for instance).

Of course you wouldn't see instruments of this level at any legitimate violin shop or on one of the better instrument retail websites like Shar Music or Johnson String, but these VSOs (violin-shaped-objects) are still to be found almost everywhere, often for sale at smaller "music stores" or music studios that honestly don't know they're doing a disservice to their customers by selling them cheaply made crap.

u/Rhewt · 1 pointr/saxophone

I bought one and I love it. It works perfectly fine and I've had no issues. It was great for an affordable solution to get back into saxophone. I had a barrowed sax when I was in school. this is the one I got. Don't let the snobs steer you away. If this is affordable and will get you playing again DO IT!

u/Droidette · 1 pointr/Flute

I'd LIKE to be able to keep it under $250.
This Mendini seems like it has some kinda sketchy reviews, so I don't know how I feel about it.
I've seen the name Nuvo before though, maybe it is a better investment?

I should also note that we live in a fairly remote location, so I really want to find an option online that I can have shipped up to me.

u/StreetwalkinCheetah · 1 pointr/GuitarAmps

There's no reason to buy a powered switch with the Katana 50. Get something like this instead. Better yet pick one up at your local shop.

With the switches you can not switch the channels on the panel quite like that instead you are switching between your 4 customizable preset channels - which override your panel settings. In order to get back to your panel you'll need to press the switch on the panel itself. But you can set up 4 channels to your liking, save them and use the switch to switch between them to your heart's content.

u/Cozenkelt · 1 pointr/indianapolis

Not used and not local, but my sister helps with a local marching band and picked up one of these to help when she's working 1:1 with the kids.

She says it's not the greatest, but for the price it does better than expected. She's recommended it to a few new-to-band kids as a solid introductory-to-intermediate instrument.

u/Mike4282 · 1 pointr/brass

I'm looking at this trumpet if anyone cares
Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet

u/Dobbins · 1 pointr/brass

Reputable brands don't come with white gloves. Cheap pieces of junk tend to include them as a selling point.

Here is a trumpet that is a total piece of junk:

And another:

and another:

These are all pieces of junk, yet they come with white gloves to keep the trumpet shiny!!! Oooohhh! It is a selling point for people who are looking to buy a nice instrument but don't know any better.

Olds is a great student brand, unless there is a problem with the instrument that isn't repairable, I'd try and talk him into keeping the current instrument. I have an Olds student model trombone that I use and I really like it.

Since he already has a decent instrument (assuming it is decent shape), you could try contacting a local independent music shop or instrument repair shop and see if they will be willing to take it on trade credit.

u/atonesir · 1 pointr/diypedals

the switches are both latching. start on patch 1, click once for patch 2, click again for patch 1 same thing for bank. It's this switch

I'm thinking of just using 2 layaround leds and resistors just as an indicator and spending more time playing.

u/throwawaylogin2099 · 1 pointr/pics

Nope. My sister vowed to murder me if I ever got one of these for my niece.

u/theSchmoozer · 1 pointr/pics

I've given this a gift a few times when I want to torment a friend >:P

It's indestructible, no batteries are required, and the horrible noise it makes can be heard through walls. There's practically no way a kid can actually produce a pleasing sound on this device.

u/scrubmaster9001 · 1 pointr/videos

For the record, if you want to buy this violin for some reason, don't buy it from his site. Just order it off Amazon, the version on his site doesn't come with the tuner and all the extras

u/Smorboll · 1 pointr/Cello

In the under $500 range, you will be unable to purchase a quality electric cello. If it is just for practice and you're planning to perform with a traditional cello, that would be a great choice! But, if you're planning to perform with it, it is important to go with a higher cost, getting a better instrument.

This one looks like a reasonable option for your price range:

I had a Cecilio cello for a short period when I first started. It was really bad but fine for the beginning. I don't know the quality of their electric cellos, though.

u/k918 · -1 pointsr/violinist

I am very new and i have no right to give you a suggestion. But i can tell you what i bought, and what was recommended to me. Of course, its not the best violin by any stretch of the imagination. But at least if you give up on the violin you wont be out that much money.

u/TayloShoes · -1 pointsr/violinist

Hey Hayabusa, good on you for being so supportive of your friend and his hobbies. u/leitmotifs isn't far off in estimation of the prices, and if your friend is super-serious about this, then that's the route he should probably go. That being said, I also had a buddy who decided he wanted to pick up violin as a new hobby, and who didn't have $700+ to spend on an instrument. What he did instead was get this guy.

I'll be straight with you: with some qualifiers, as far as he was concerned, it was a good fit for him. Qualifiers: it didn't take him long to figure out he needed a different shoulder rest and better strings, and the action is a little high. It's not as nice as a full-price instrument. But he's been playing for a while now and (while I imagine that if he keeps it up over the years, he'll need to upgrade to a much nicer instrument), it's worked pretty well. Not gonna lie, if what you're looking for is a serviceable violin-shaped object that doesn't cost much so that your buddy can figure out if this is a hobby he wants to pursue, this seems to be a decent way to go about it.

Disclaimer: Generally speaking, buying an instrument at so low a price point is not a great idea, BUT I wouldn't have recommended this violin without having seen and heard the model in action myself. And you don't have to listen to just me, this is a review of the exact violin I linked you to by a British lady named Alison Sparrow who runs a YouTube channel that is all about learning to play violin and piano.

Whatever you decide, good luck to you and your friend!

(Edited for phrasing/clarity and stuff.)

u/malilla · -5 pointsr/violinist

You don't need an expensive violin for beginners. Anything from $100 or $150 is just fine if you want to learn from zero. Don't be afraid that the violin itself will sound worse, any good violinist can make a cheap violin sound decently fine.

I'd recommend you to start with these cheap factory-made violins and if you really like it playing after a year or so then you can start looking for better hand-made violins.