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u/entr0p1k · 11 pointsr/Rockband

Alesis Nitro @$320 is a good intro kit. Half the price of most other basic kits, but still good quality.

u/darkforestzero · 10 pointsr/edrums

that's a lot of horse power dude. I wouldn't spend over $500, especially if it's unclear if your son will be into it. Just make sure whatever you get has midi out. This set looks like a decent compromise

Feel free to msg me if you want any advice or need a sounding board. I've recently been doing a lot of midi stuff with drums and keyboard and researching amps.

u/deediare · 8 pointsr/Rockband

People seem to be having great success with the Alesis Nitro kit, which has native MIDI output, so all you need is the MIDI Pro adapter.

I'm personally using a RB2 kit until my financial situation is a bit more allowing. :p

u/No1s_On_Meth · 8 pointsr/Rockband
u/MaGna720 · 7 pointsr/Rockband

I'll paste what I've posted in a similar thread about this:

I'd recommend the Alesis Nitro Kit:

I purchased this about two months ago and have been using it in RB3 in preparation for RB4, and couldn't be happier with it in terms of sensitivity, accuracy, feel, etc.

To get it to work in RB4, you'll need:

A MIDI cable (connects drum kit to MIDI adapter): ~$6

The MIDI adapter (connects drum kit to PDP Adapter): ~$30

The PDP adapter (connects MIDI adapter to console) that just started shipping: ~$30

u/jimbonics · 6 pointsr/Rockband

Let's hope you're on PS4. XB1 uses are left in the wind atm.

If so, pick up a MIDI Pro Adapter NOW.

The Alesis Nitro kit is a very nice entry-level ekit for 300. Works like a champ on both consoles.

Only other thing you'd need is a MIDI cable.

This enhances your rock band experience 1000%

u/funkydunkleman · 6 pointsr/Rockband


and for those interested, pay attention to the amazon warehouse deals for this. this is their most popular e-kit, so a lot of them show up as used, with various issues, but mostly cosmetic ones.

the kit I ordered was $240 and listed as 'good' condition. they claimed the kit would have multiple minor blemishes, but outside of the box having a few dents, the kit appeared to be in pristine condition. (but ymmv)

it may seem like a good jump from the roughly $140 you'd pay for the stock kit with cymbals, but you end up getting a fully customizable kit you can setup in whatever way you want, and you have something that is actually build to be beat on.

also remember you'll need to buy the madcatz midi pro adapter (~$25) to get this working, and xbox users need to get the upcoming pdp adapter to get it to work with rb4. ($30) since I saved $60 on the set like I mentioned above, this sort of made the adapters free.

EDIT: amazon has a musical instrument promotion right now. MISAVE10 gets you 10% off this kit. not sure how long it'll last.

u/kikikza · 5 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

It's some kind of wood percussion instrument (perhaps a frog), with a lot of pitch correction, speed increase, and other pieces of audio engineering

Also, there's many videos on how people for movies will get sound effects, very interesting to watch:

u/CLSosa · 4 pointsr/makinghiphop

An Egg Shaker. Seriously, easiest way to get unique shakes and rhythm is just do them yourself instead of clicking them in in your DAW

u/Spartahara · 4 pointsr/drums
u/MeatSauceMafia · 4 pointsr/Rockband

It's a bigger investment but it'll give you a more flawless experience while playing drums.

[This is the midi adapter] ( You can plug any e-kit (electronic drum kit) into it, and use it to play Rock Band. I personally use [this one] (

u/terraformerz · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips

I'm an audio engineer and i love recording instruments

So literally ANY musical instrument that carry's a tune or a unique sound is always my favorite gift, I just hook my mic up and work some magic in my DAW

It doesnt even have to be expensive either - A little 10$ thumb piano was one of the favorite gifts I've ever gotten, I could unscrew the thing holding the keys down and tune it to any scale or pattern i wanted. So even if it came out of tune i could tune it

I totally hope one day someone gets me one of these It would make me so happy.

I honestly dont think i could get tired of getting musical instruments as gifts, But i dont think i want to test that theory haha.

Just, as a left handed player, dont get me a guitar. The first thing I'll end up asking is "The place you bought that from offers returns... right?"

u/djdementia · 4 pointsr/Beatmatch

I'm going to slightly disagree with what others have said. To me he is playing Deck A, then he queues up a section of whatever is loaded on deck B to where he wants, he triggers deck B and uses a BITCRUSHER effect on deck B increasing the BIT DEPTH parameter. I'm pretty sure the echo effect is going on too and being increased at the same times at the bitcrusher. The bitcrusher is the primary effect of that sound though, everything else is to 'taste'. He also sets the filter where he wants on B before he starts the move. I do not think that it's a small / increasingly small loop size but primarily ECHO and BITCRUSHER effects engaged and both parameters increasing / modulating at the same time. I think all the effected sound is Deck B not Deck A.

That same sound is around 19:40 as well.


I use this trick often too, I have the echo and bitcrusher effects always loaded effect 1 and 2 on my decks. I have a midi controller that maps both of the effects parameter knobs to one single touch fader and the dry/wet for each effect on it's own. So using 3 fingers I can control the parameter and dry/wet of the effects. I find it quite easy to quickly find an interesting sounding musical spot by manipulating all 3 faders at once.


Experiment with your midi mappings and midi controllers for interesting and new ways to use your gear. You can find several inexpensive midi controllers out there these days.


I had found a Stanton MIDI DJ controller on clearance / closeout for just $20. I use it for my effects controller alongside my DJ controller, and remapped all the effects buttons on my controller for CUE & Looping.


It looks like you can still find the controller I got cheap on ebay:


Another great and not too expensive controller for DJ effects & CUE triggering is the Arturia Beatstep:

u/KnightOfNii · 3 pointsr/drums
u/xderek182 · 3 pointsr/poppunkers

This might be what you're looking for.

u/ItsPronouncedMo-BEEL · 3 pointsr/drums

If buying new, cheap, and entry level, the correct answer is always Wuhan.

u/malum42 · 3 pointsr/drums

It could be that the legs are uneven. Check to make sure they are the same height and lift the front of the bass drum a little off the floor. If your legs have spurs, you might consider using them: . If your legs don't have spurs, you could try this:

u/brohatmas_ghandi · 3 pointsr/drums

Instead of buying something new, explore hitting your drums in different ways. The edge, middle, and dead center of a drum or cymbal give very different sounds. Also, watch how you hit your bass drum. Does the beater stay on the head (called burying the beater, usually what happens you play heel up) or does it hit the head and then come of(usually with heel down)? Whatever it does, try the opposite.


One of the jingle tamborine things for the hi hat stand can add some color to your hi hat playing.


Cut an old drum head out of the hoop and put it on your snare to get that dead fat reverby sound, or put your wallet or a wash cloth for a little bit of dampening. Do the same thing to your floor tom to get an 808 kick type sound.


Put a small chain on your ride cymbal to get a sizzle rivet sound without actually putting rivets on the cymbal.


Get some brushes or some hot rods.




u/tvangeste · 3 pointsr/drums

Those little bastards have saved my life a few times for that exact reason. Allows you to just hit the lever with your stick and drop the hat at anytime. Also allows you to reengage it by just pushing it back down with your foot.

u/zombreness · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Like most people, I also use my wishlist as bookmarks for what I hope to eventually be able to afford for myself. But, I really don't have too many majorly expensive things.

Just these three things: one, two, three

u/ChammyChanga · 3 pointsr/Drumming

It's like buying it, but instead of buying it all up front, you make small payments over a long course of time.

also, thanks for the suggestion!
i looked that up on amazon and it came up with 2 very similar looking things, one of which is at 500, and the other of which is a number 1 best seller and is on sale for 300 down from 400.

500 drum:

300 drum:

u/Shawloonimal · 3 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I bought an Alesis kit for under $200 (on sale) a couple of years ago. Connect it to my DAW as a midi controller and play all the kits I have on EZDrummer and Komplete. Works great.

u/ConfessionsAway · 2 pointsr/gadgets

This and This received good reviews.

u/jaguarsinmexico · 2 pointsr/drums

Get the Wuhan Western Cymbal Pack. I did a shootout vs my Zildjians here:

The pack of wuhans are hand hammered B20 (same as the big boys) and about $250 for the set. I keep them on my practice kit mostly, but the 16"crash has wormed its way into my main kit cause I love it so much.

I don't like ANY of the big manufacturer's low end stuff. may as well just hit pie tins in the kitchen... these are actually very nice.

EDIT: I should add, my high-end Zildjians are nicer, no question about it. but for an inexpensive set of cymbals, you can't go wrong.

EDIT 2: Amazon Link -

u/sirjimithy · 2 pointsr/Rockband

Might see if you can exchange if you're set on using the kit with RB. Looks like the Nitros are in stock right now for $299 (and with Prime)

u/warboy · 2 pointsr/drums
u/RedskinsandRockBand · 2 pointsr/Rockband

Do you have an Xbox One or PS4? Its easier with a PS4 because you have to buy an Xbox wired adapter to play an e-kit in Rock Band 4

This is a basic set which is pretty equivalent to the Ions

u/thisusernameis_real · 2 pointsr/drums

I have an Alesis nitro kit im a beginner as well and it’s pretty cool, you can buy an extra Tom and crash as an add-on and the module has lots of customization, you can find other pages for cheaper, as well as the mesh kit

u/amazing_donuts · 2 pointsr/drums

400 dollars wont get you anything great but this one isnt too bad.

You can also check your local music store for something you like.

u/lepigpengaming · 2 pointsr/drums

Is it easy to do? Yes. Is it a good idea for the structure and tuning of the heads? Probably not. Like I said, there are other ways to mute your drums aside from using mesh heads. Another redditor suggested simply throwing towels on.

If you're looking for that bouncy feel of a real or mesh head, however, and don't want to risk your normal heads... I would suggest maybe building a practice pad kit. This is an assembly of practice pads arranged like a normal drum set. And it's not that expensive, only difficult to build (unless somebody has made a rack/stand specifically for it recently). This can be very cost efficient however, as practice pads are cheap especially if you get used ones which should be in good shape because they're built to be abused.

So you could buy these:

And have it look like this:

That said, it sounds like electronic kit is a good option for you depending on your budget. So you can find a used kit like this:

Or a brand new one for a pretty penny like this:

Just make sure to get one with mesh heads, not the rubber/plastic heads.

u/Enduer · 2 pointsr/Rockband

A really good bang for your buck kit for me has been the Alesis DM10. LINK

You can get it with mesh heads (I have the mylar and they are a bit louder) for $1000. The drum brain is probably not quite on par with Roland's much more expensive offerings, but I've never had any issue with it and think it sounds great. The one thing I wish it had is an articulating hi-hat, but realistically I don't mind the stationary one at all.

I have used the MIDI adapter to play Rock Band 3 with it, and it works well, although from what I understand the adapter will not work with Rock Band 4.

u/BaddDadd2010 · 2 pointsr/Rockband

No, both E-kits. There's the original Alesis Nitro, which has four legs and 10" cymbals, and which we have.

There's also the Alesis DM6 Nitro which only has two legs, but has 12" cymbals. AFAIK, they have the same brain and everything else as the original Nitro, just the cymbals and stand are different.

To me, I'd think the stability of four legs would outweigh 2" bigger cymbals. Just wondering if there was any advantage. I guess I could see how it could matter for the drums as far as hit space, and maybe for mesh heads, the rebound would be different. (My son is the main drummer, I'm just lucky to have the Nitro instead of the stock kit when I do play. I wouldn't have bought it just for me, but playing both, even I can tell it's a lot better.)

u/Radio_Flyer · 2 pointsr/drums

You should buy a $12 drop clutch.

u/BrewCityChaser · 2 pointsr/milwaukee

How about an electronic kit which allows you to only hear yourself via headphones? Like one of these.

u/redditaccount314 · 2 pointsr/reasoners

Not sure if it's right for your needs, as I don't have really any experience with Maschine, but I'm a pretty big fan of the Arturia Beatstep -

I've got pretty simple requirements for a pad controller though, so this might be the wrong one for you. How's that for a ringing endorsement?

u/Makegooduseof · 2 pointsr/bemani

Late to the party.

If you would rather not involve the staff, I recommend carrying a volume control device. I use this one:

u/Nintendo113 · 2 pointsr/CloneHero

I honestly still have to do the research myself. :P

I think the general consensus for good "cheap" e-kits are the Alesis Drum Nitro Mesh Kit.

u/kennywinker09 · 2 pointsr/funny

with the banana? that's a banana shaker:

u/rbrvwv · 2 pointsr/infertility

Oh no! I'm so incredibly sorry! I really really hope you're wrong and your dog turns out to be okay! Pets are NOT allowed to die...ever...but especially when everything else sucks so much. It's just not allowed. (Not that that argument has actually worked for me.)

On a lighter note, our (very serious and somber) fertility ritual involved a giant Reeses peanut butter egg, Cadbury mini eggs, phish food ice cream, goldfish crackers, swedish fish, candles, hats, egg maracas, fertility music, and, of course, hats and champagne (because what ritual is complete without hats and alcohol?) I got the maracas here and the music here. Sherm got the hats, so you'd have to ask her, and the rest was from the grocery store (though some was obviously seasonal).

I'll shake those darned maracas for you, for me, and for anyone else who's unlucky enough to have to hang out here!

u/JJCapriNC · 2 pointsr/Rockband

Run $299-350 usd usually.... need midi pro adapter and din midi cable.

u/tehbillg · 2 pointsr/drums

I've got the Drumeo P4 and really enjoy it for practicing. Just keep in mind that two of the regions on the pad are harder/louder than your typical electronic kit pads, so volume may factor in.

As a fellow apartment dweller with budget concerns about electric kits, I was in a similar situation. Just purchased the $300 Alesis Nitro kit and set it up yesterday. It's been pretty solid so far and is well covered in the reviews. I'd recommend giving the Nitro some consideration or hunt for a deal on a used kit.

u/FastRedPonyCar · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

My kid is a little over a year old and despite all the expensive toys she got from friends and relatives, these inexpensive egg shakers were THE toy of the season

u/farseer00 · 1 pointr/headphones

Oh I see what you're trying to do now. Disregard my post above. All you need is an inline volume control

This is the exact model that came with my Shure SE-535 and I notice no loss in sound quality.

u/RobotCoyote · 1 pointr/drums

Craigslist, or these: AMAZON LINK

u/EvilTrovis · 1 pointr/Rockband

I'm not an expert in this field, but I think the answer is no, at least not without having your computer and some software involved. The MIDI adapter needs a standard MIDI cable connection I believe, and that kit only appears to do MIDI-out via the USB port.

Not sure if you've seen these, but for around the same price, this kit has MIDI out:

u/Hopefullytenor · 1 pointr/drums people say that kit is good. you can change out the heads if the mylar doesn't suit you

u/snaynay · 1 pointr/Guitar

Rhythm. With rhythm/timing, even a novice can sound good with some bum notes and less musical lines. Without it, even "good" players will sound pretty bad.

My tip? Instead of just saying just metronome practice, buy an egg-shaker next time you're at a music shop. Put on some music and see how good you are at just getting the rhythm.

I could always sense the rhythm and feel it, but it wasn't until one of these puppies was put in my hand that I realised just how far out I could be.

u/that1guypdx · 1 pointr/drums

I always say spend money on cymbals first, but that's assuming you have pedals that are at least workable, which you don't. You should be able to find some decent used ones cheap.

Your cymbals may be crap, but unlike your pedals, at least they aren't malfunctioning - they make a racket when you hit them. Replace things that don't function properly first. Once you do, shop or cymbals used. If you want new on the cheap, I'm a broken record when it comes to cheap cymbal recommendations: Wuhan. I've got two of their crashes on my kit now, with no want or need to replace them.

u/fibonaughty · 1 pointr/drums

You talking about the $40 one? You probably are not going to find anything cheaper than that without building it yourself.

u/str00dles · 1 pointr/Rockband

Are there problems for lefty drummers and e-kits and RB4? Someone tell me if I'm missing something but if there is I would assume they would be fixed in a patch or with the new adapter being made. As long as you have the proper setup and midi note assignments on your brain module (for whatever kit you get) I'd assume you'd be fine. I'm a lefty but I play open handed, so my drums are setup as righty and I don't play lefty flip on drums (only guitar).

The type of kit you'd want depends on how much you're willing to spend. If you want it to last a while, and you're serious about playing I'd recommend spending at least 700 dollars on a good solid kit. You get what you pay for, and Roland and Pearl are considered good brands to stick by. The Roland TD-11K and TD-11KV wouldn't be bad choices. There's also cheaper choices if you're not willing to spend as much. Just be warned, the pads may be not as good quality the less you spend. If you're a heavy hitter like me, and you spend 400 bucks on a kit like I did, you're going to have to replace pads later on.

u/antesjosh · 1 pointr/drums

Alesis DM6 is the best kit for under $500. They usually retail at $650-700 but on Amazon, brand new kits are $350.

Alesis DM10 is a big upgrade, but on Amazon the kit is $750. I've seen it on ebay for under 500, but they've all sold quickly.

u/beta_particle · 1 pointr/drums
u/Deech72 · 1 pointr/drums

I don't think it was mentioned, but have you tried this?

u/nikdahl · 1 pointr/daddit

I take the ages they put on the side of the box as a guideline. It's certainly not a hard and fast rule.

My son is turning 1 next month, and I bought him some musical stuff like this and this since he loves the shaker egg

u/Blasto6000 · 1 pointr/drums

nice I bought a Roland 11kv-sv last christmas

u/whitespy9 · 1 pointr/Rockband

I don't know your budget but for an entry level kit you should consider something like Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, and 10" Cymbals

u/-bxp · 1 pointr/Rockband

Ok, just as a starting point and over budget at $349USD (assuming you're in the US):

You can probably get cheaper Alesis Nitro kits which are non-mesh and also start looking down the second hand path. I would say stretch and get a mesh kit because is quieter and worse case you can sell it for a small loss if you're that disappointed with the whole setup, which I doubt will happen. I reckon any person will improve 10% straight away with an ekit vs a toy kit because of better kick drum, responsiveness and adjustability of position of the kit. I spent heaps on the Alesis Surge Mesh never having players drums and only just started on Rock Band and about four months in I'm super happy and even spent more buying new drumsticks, double kick pedals and other stuff. I love it, and any mistakes when I play are now mine and not the equipment.

Is that too expensive or are you thinking something cheaper?

u/oddlike777 · 1 pointr/drums

Recently got an Alesis DM6 electronic kit. I would recommend it as a starter kit. Currently $349.95 on Amazon.

u/Pyromaniacmurderhobo · 1 pointr/Rockband

> Alesis Nitro

This one here?

I'd still need a midi pro adapter right?

u/-Blue- · 1 pointr/drums

I've got a Pearl Vision Bop kit (18 bass, all the shells are birch) that I absolutely love. Not sure if you can still find them, but I would recommend them any day. The snare was quickly replaced but the toms and bass are great.

I use this lift:

u/MechaAkuma · 1 pointr/drums

The problem with a drumkit that has mesh heads costs upwards of $1500. (Rolands V-Drum cheapest all mesh kit is the TD11KV) which no parent would buy their child starting out with drums. Even used will set you back 800-900 bucks alone (add to that a throne and kick pedal and you're easily in the ballpark of $1000)

You see - when you are a beginner you need mainly to practice on stick technique, tempo keeping, proper hitting and hand coordination. All that you can get from one practice pad. Spending a minimum of $1000 on a used V-Drum to practice the basic fundamentals is kind of a waste. Don't get me wrong - an all-mesh V-Drumkit is awesome (I have one myself) but it's kind of like buying a kid a Hummer when all they need is a bike with support wheels to learn how to bike. It's pretty much overkill and overpriced for its intended purpose.

As for not making little noise - you are incorrect. Even an all-mesh V-drum kit will make significant noise - unless you spend even more money on things such as acoustic noise dampening isolation like the ND-01 costs $100 alone. - Again, I own these myself.

And no - you cannot always sell drum stuff for the intended price. There's never a 100% guarantee you'll be able to sell whatever drum hardware you bought.
I started out with 2 practice pads - one snare and one kick in the late 80's and I ended up continuing playing the drums for over 20 years.

u/thepower08 · 1 pointr/drums

I have these.
Wuhan WUTBSU Western Style Cymbal Set with Cymbal Bag
As for sound, I like them because compared to the ZBT/B8 line, these sound 10x better (in my opinion) for the price. I'm not a heavy hitter so they have lasted me the year I've had them.

u/XiCynx · 1 pointr/RBHardWareSwap
4 Ion Drum Rocker Pads w/Upgraded Black Pintech Mesh Heads - $25 each<br />

I'm using an Alesis Nitro right now with a midi adapter and was wondering if these mesh pads will be better than the stock rubber pads that come with this drumset.

I actually just looked this drumset up after having it for 2 years and am now sad that they released it with mesh pads for only $20 more than what I paid for mine... /sigh

Thanks in advance for your response!

u/BigKSizz · 1 pointr/ElectronicDrums

Last month I ordered the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit from Amazon. I think the kit was $350, but I ordered a throne, small amp (which I don’t need), iPhone aux cord, and nice headphones to go with it, so my total was closer to $450.

Amazon had a payment plan for the kit itself where I pay like $60 a month for 6 months.

It’s not the greatest quality set by any means, but it does the job and sounds fairly reasonable. It comes with most everything you need (except headphones and throne). All pedals are included.

Alesis Nitro Mesh (Amazon)

u/jojogonzo · 1 pointr/drums

I bought myself an Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit a few months back and I've been loving it. I play it way more frequently than I did my acoustic kit and I've yet to have my neighbors come over and bitch about the noise! It has its flaws to be sure, but all in all it's a great kit for the money.

u/-fakebirds- · 1 pointr/drums
u/Kalarian_Reborn · 1 pointr/drums

I found the Alesis Nitro Kit and the Alesis DM6 for $275 and $300 respectively.

They're slightly less than Amazon price. But there's nothing else under $400 on my local Craigslist and $400 is the max I wanna spend until I know I'm going to stick with it.

Do you have any recommendations on either of those or any others around $300-$400 that will give me the best value?

u/FEEEEED-MEEEEEE · 1 pointr/funny
u/RainbowBarfingToastr · 1 pointr/drums

Alesis DM10 from amazon

&gt; Product Dimensions: 23 x 47 x 12.8 inches ; 70.4 pounds

If you do get the DM10 tell me how you like it because I've also been looking at that kit for a while now and i'm thinking of buying it

u/ice_player84 · 1 pointr/Rockband

Im on the same predicament, only that i've already have the ION from last gen, but i've always wnated to improve my drumset.

Im looking a couple of sets, but my apartment is not that big and also dont want to make a lot of noise, but one my goals is to take the drum experience further. The sets i got an eye on are these:

Alesis Nitro Mesh:;pd_rd_i=B07BW1XJGP&amp;pd_rd_r=70cc95cd-697d-4cb0-8356-f0d6fcc4365d&amp;pd_rd_w=nJSw9&amp;pd_rd_wg=s93xL&amp;pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&amp;pf_rd_r=Z9QA2P70Q7CS7Z7HAE9J&amp;psc=1&amp;refRID=Z9QA2P70Q7CS7Z7HAE9J

Roland V (TD-1DMK):;psc=1&amp;refRID=D9YP1V1YT394Q2VZ39N7

I'd like that you guys, with a vast experience in playing RB with an e-kit, could point wich one would you pick, with con's and pro's if possible.


u/caallen · 1 pointr/drumset

I personally use an old TD-20 module I bought off craigslist for super cheap (but only as a midi interface), but if I hadn't gotten such a deal on that I would have gone with this guy since it does exactly what I need:

Over time I just kept adding more toms and cymbals to my e-kit as I got extra cash. The mesh head Roland toms feel the best, but they can be pricey. I'd recommend buying used mesh toms off of ebay if you like that, but don't buy used e-cymbals since people really beat those things up.

This approach is also nice because you're not locked in to any particular vendor since you're "rolling your own" kit.

u/Barneystinson84 · 1 pointr/Rockband
It shows the back of the drum brain as I have no idea about e kits I wanna make sure that the drum brain does or does not have that port. I'm assuming this does not based on what I see but I wanna make sure.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/Rockband

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


Never forget to smile again | ^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly&amp;nbsp;bot

u/MondayNiteMiller · 1 pointr/Rockband

Do NOT get the stock drums. Completely useless for any competent player. I even got a replacement kit and it was worse than the last. The go-to kit around here is the Alesis Nitro kit. I havent used it yet but a ton of people seem to love them and I plan on getting them next month.;amp;colid=1G6BEO07EYOG4&amp;amp;coliid=I1U40LDZ2OC85B&amp;amp;psc=1

u/Calabrel · 1 pointr/Rockband

Amazon or ebay are good places to get it. I found that $299 is the usual price when I was looking at them.

u/Calibration_God · 1 pointr/Rockband

Yeah! That would be the general price of cheaper drum brains. I have heard stories of people acquiring them through craigslist for dirt cheap, so that's always a route. Just make sure the drum brain offers midi out, and nothing bizarre because that'll compromise the Midi Pro Adapter. I can recommend this (;amp;qid=1453010455&amp;amp;sr=8-12&amp;amp;keywords=alesis+io) for the price bracket.

u/MLG_Potato_420 · 1 pointr/Rockband

No I am on xbox.

Im using a trigger io with my ions plugged into that and both of my pedals. Then midi out of that into a ghwt drum brain which has midi in. Then connecting that via legacy adapter and the game thinks it is a stock ghwt kit.

The only downfall to this is that is does not allow for pro drums only regular. You can do this with any midi kit though.

u/QuantumPilot · 1 pointr/drums

Try the Gibraltar SC-4402. Here's a link from amazon

u/Goodgahdman · 1 pointr/drums

I use this thing for my 18" bass drum and it works wonderfully. I can't see any reason it wouldn't work for a floor tom. It rests just behind the hoop. The rubber holds it in place and it doesn't move. I especially love that it doesn't require any modification or clamping. Might be worth looking into for your floor tom.

u/rogermacsdrumshack · 1 pointr/drums

Lots of Alesis Nitro Mesh users around here. Here’s a link:

I will say that in the electronic drum world, “good” and “cheap” are rarely seen holding hands.

u/Holybananas666 · 1 pointr/drums

Thanks for the reply! I have my eyes on Alesis Nitro Mesh kit for sometime. The reviews are good and it's not that expensive.

u/sad_sadworld · 1 pointr/drums



It's just $350 for a mesh kit. But in my country it's around $500.

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Thanks for your thoughts. When you say a MIDI interface, do you mean something like this:



I was planning on getting something like that so I can have more inputs for sounds with some of the PD-7s or PD-9s that came with my deal. But otherwise, I'm just going to plug my TD-10 into a computer with a MIDI/USB cable for the software you mention. It is definitely in the plans, but I've focused on setting up Phase Shift first so I can start playing some songs. The learning curve has been steep, but I think I've got it all set up.


I've also started the restoration of one of the PD-120's. I may be done with some pictures tomorrow....

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I don't know of any way but a possible workaround is an in-line volume control. I have one of these and it's more convenient to adjust volume with than s/w controls for me:;amp;psc=1

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I really really want some shaky eggs for my crazy kids.

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There are differences but I get to practice more frequently. Because of this I have made significant improvements in my drumming. Having the kick pedal and high-hat pedal are very nice. I purchased one with the same amount of pieces as my kit to try and simulate it as much as possible. I don’t usually use the headphones because the sound quality it not that great and I find I hit the kick pedal harder.

This is the one I purchased.;amp;qid=1523231219&amp;amp;sr=8-4&amp;amp;pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&amp;amp;keywords=electronic+drum+kit&amp;amp;dpPl=1&amp;amp;dpID=412j-EeCaFL&amp;amp;ref=plSrch

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Based on what you describe as your goals, I think Alesis is a good option. I decided to start playing drums a couple of weeks ago, and started with this one:;amp;psc=1

I have a ton of fun with it and haven't had a single problem with any of the hardware. The way I see it, if it were really that crappy it wouldn't so many positive reviews.

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You can do this with any midi controller using an open source plugin

I tried it with a $100 [controller] (;amp;psc=1) off amazon. It was pretty neat, though idk if i could make it a regular part of my workflow.

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I've been using the Alesis DM6 USB ( for about 6 months and I'm pretty happy with it. I'd recommend it as a solid beginner/intermediate set.

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I have my ps2 setup on a computer monitor. I can either use computer speakers or headphones.

Use one of these to use headphones.

Then one of these to control volume

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Any chance this is good? It gets decent reviews.

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I would if I could afford it. Looks like one of these, which judging from the display picture puts yours at upside-down :P. How do you like it?