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u/I-Too-Am-A-Neat-Guy · 13 pointsr/Guitar

Honestly, before purchasing a real sitar, do some research on the instrument. It's an entirely different beast than a guitar. I've known more than a few guys who bought sitars only to sell them at a loss after becoming frustrated.

Something like this is much more useful to a western "rock" musician.

u/foggyepigraph · 2 pointsr/mandolin

As /u/steelsparrow mentioned, Johnson MA-500 bouzouki. If you are looking to sell, you could try the Mandolin Cafe classifieds. They have a CBOM section (Citterns, Bouzoukis, Octaves, Mandolas).

u/KnavishSprite · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing


Example :

u/trt13shell · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

That wasn't it but you did set me down the right bath. About 30 wiki links later I finally found it. Ended up being the Persian Santoor

u/Adddicus · 2 pointsr/mandolin

Like I said, D'Addario Octave Mandolin Strings.

Or.. Bouzouki Strings

An Octave Mandolin typically has a scale length of 23-24", a bouzouki has a scale length of 25-26". The Octave mandolin strings should fit your bouzouki quite well. These are the same strings I use on my Irish Tenor Banjo (though I only use four of the eight at a time).

u/sonofabullet · 1 pointr/balalaika

I haven't tried them personally, but I'd take a look at either a "Doff" or a "Balalaiker" brand balalaikas. They're made in Russia, made new and are within your price range.

For example

See here for a Doff

And here for Balalaiker

u/superfly360 · 1 pointr/Flipping

Picked up one of these at Goodwill recently for $7. However, I'm not sure what model it is, as there are apparently multiple ones that look similar, but mine doesn't seem to have a model number anywhere. I'll more than likely be sticking to ebay, as the condition isn't fantastic and I've never sold on Amazon before. It also comes with a suitcase-like case. Anyone have an idea of how to identify the model?

I don't think I'll have too much trouble actually finding a buyer, as it seems to sell well on eBay. My problem is I'm having trouble finding a box to ship it in. The dimensions of it are approx. 24"x13"x4". I have a box that it fits in, but its height is like twice the necessary size and will most likely increase the shipping cost by a lot for that reason alone. The case seems sturdy, and I have some brown packing paper lying around. If I just wrap the instrument in bubble wrap, put it in the case, and maybe put a layer of bubble wrap around the case, and wrap the case with the packing paper, would that be okay? Or is it too risky?

u/bleahdeebleah · 1 pointr/Guitar

I have a mandolin - just the ticket when you show up to a jam and there's already five guitarists.

In the same vein, a cheap lap steel is awesome fun.