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u/corbaybay · 43 pointsr/myfavoritemurder

Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F*cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side

u/plasticblanket · 12 pointsr/CrossStitch

I just bought some on Amazon since I was in a time pinch, but am really happy with them! They're faux rubber wood. I bought these ones.

u/bluemooniris314 · 12 pointsr/Embroidery

I bought this set from Amazon. It was a bit difficult getting the alignment right with the oval when putting it together (I didn't stitch it in this hoop) but it does hold the fabric nice and taut!

u/xstitch4life · 10 pointsr/Wishlist

Any other cross stitchers excited for this pattern book to come out? /u/sieberella? /u/allergictoapples?

Edit: I sent the link to my mom as I thought it would make her laugh. She preordered the book for me because I've been having such a crappy month!! Awwwww

u/CompanionOfATimeLord · 9 pointsr/Embroidery

Here you go 😊

Caydo 4 Pieces Embroidery Hoops Cross Stitch Hoop Imitated Wood Embroidery Circle and Oval Set for Art Craft Sewing and Hanging

u/ashleyheather00 · 9 pointsr/CrossStitch

Of course! I purchased them from Amazon ( They’re actually a flexible rubber but have surprisingly good quality and a nice finished look to them.

u/ohcayemegan · 7 pointsr/CrossStitch

Got the pattern out of this book I bought off of Amazon - Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F*cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side

u/sweetbabyginger · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

Recently moved away from all my friends. Decided to have some fun with cross stitch while binging Netflix shows. Headed back to see them this weekend and made this for a friend moving into his new place.

Pattern is from

u/efeick2002 · 5 pointsr/gamingpc

That is a custom piece I added to fill the empty space up front :)

Bulk Buy: Darice DIY Crafts #7 Mesh Plastic Canvas Black 10.5 x 13.5 (12-Pack) 33900-20

u/waffle_stain · 5 pointsr/CrossStitch

I just got into cross-stich and I got this kit. For the price and what you get, you won't beat it at any craft store anyway. I also got the Subversive Cross Stitch book linked below. It is super fun! Etsy has great patterns and Amazon even has some too. Just depends on what you are interested in making.

u/chulababy · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Pattern from the subversive cross stitch book on Amazon: Subversive Cross Stitch : 50 Designs for Your Sassy Side

u/Sieberella · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

There are the three heavy hitters for pattern books for subversive cross stitch:

Feminist Cross Stitch

Subversive Cross Stitch

Improper Cross Stitch

You can also find a TON of projects on Etsy to gift your match.

If you want to do something cheaper or less, stitchers can always use more floss (310, White, Ecru, 666 are some key numbers/colors to look for) and aida (cross stitching fabric). Feel free to check out our gift giving guide for other ideas!

u/pcggamer · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

I have been stitching for about three years now. My wife and I were stationed in Korea and most of our free time at night was spent going out with friends to bars and doing other things. Well, she got pregnant and that pretty much ended all the bar hopping. I was surfing Amazon one night and came across the book Twisted Stitches and was hooked from there.

u/snugglemybutt · 4 pointsr/teenmom

I posted this in another sub about a month ago for someone wanting to learn:

It's a very inexpensive hobby. Here are the things I put on my Amazon list, just for reference if you or anyone else needed it:

Set of 4 different sized wooden hoops- $11.99 Plastic ones may be easier for some people, I prefer wooden because they're more my style for framing.

Aida 14ct Cloth 12x18- $3.55 14ct Aida is easiest to work with for beginners. The size of this is good for practicing on, get a couple so you can use the other for your first project. You can also purchase large rolls of it when you start becoming obsessed with it. They also come in lots of different colors and easy to dye yourself.

Set of 150 different colored skeins of DMC floss- $15.98 This is a great amount to start off with. It'll last you a long time, and if you ever need more or want new colors, they are very inexpensive from any craft store and Walmart. Usually around $0.25-$0.50. FYI floss splits apart into 6 tiny strings. Start off using only 2-3 strands
Do all 6 and you're gonna have a bad time.

Needles!- $3.49 Can't stitch without needles!

Bobbins and a thread organizer- $6.49 You will need this. I waited too long to get one and ended up have to wind up hundreds of tangled skeins and it took HOURS. Do it before you start practicing. Also write the thread color number on the top of each bobbin with permanent marker. When you use patterns they will be based off the color numbers.

Julie Jackson's subversive cross stitch book- $12.99 If you like those snarky offensive cross stitchings, this is the best book for it. It's also an amazing beginners guide into cross stitching. It has brief instructions on how to start and very simple but adorably offensive patterns. You can also get other books or use YouTube to find instructions on how to get started. I'd also like to suggest going to etsy for patterns. They're pretty cheap and there's endless options.

So about $55 to get started plus shipping, but it'll last you a long time and could be used on many different projects and you won't spend nearly as much when you do need something else.

u/Yellow_coffee_mug · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

I got the pattern from Amazon:

Colorful Deer counted cross stitch, Egypt cotton thread , 14ct 42x49cm 150x200 Stith counted cross stitch kits


2 months in so far and loving it!

u/JustNilt · 4 pointsr/funny

"No problem, kiddo. I'll have them at your door on your birthday."

u/Ask_Seek_Knock · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For Boomziller
Spoon scale High Priority $14.65 from $10-$25 and a cheaper option from $10 under list Coloring Book $3.59

For Lemonsky
Twisted Stitches $13.92 a high priority item from Books & Movies or a cheaper add-on item Labeling $4.90 on the Craftiness list

u/awmuhguh · 4 pointsr/Embroidery

Here are some on Amazon. You should see them from other sellers, as well, in the related products section.

u/rofltide · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch
u/lkrose · 3 pointsr/Embroidery
u/7856342 · 3 pointsr/Embroidery

I usually buy the plain wooden ones. I find them easy to work with and you can paint them whatever color you want! These kinds of hoops have a pretty, antique wood look but they're not real wood, and I haven't worked with them so I can't say if they're comfortable to stitch in.

u/Addette · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I did this in 14 count black cloth, and used pink floss for the flowers instead of red like it asked for. I got the pattern from a book on Amazon called "50 Fucking clever designs for your sassy side"

Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F
cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side

u/PepperVL · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I believe the darker wood ones are actually imitation wood. Like this:
Embroidery Hoops Cross Stitch Hoop Ring Imitated Wood Circle Set Display Frame For Art Craft Handy Sewing and Hanging-3 Pcs

u/Axora · 3 pointsr/Embroidery
u/Jellogirl · 3 pointsr/Embroidery

Needles for Cross stitching are blunt tipped with a larger eye, not a standard sewing needle. They are usually called tapestry needles. Bohin and John James are my favourite.

DMC is the best thread, and while it is more expensive it is well worth the extra. Cheap floss is very frustrating to work with and can make you think it's you that is the problem and not the quality of the floss. Would not recommend!

Dimentions has some great beginners kits. I'd recommend starting with this one :D

It has everything you need :D

/r/CrossStitch is a great subreddit :D

u/pochete · 3 pointsr/italy
u/WATOCATOWA · 3 pointsr/Embroidery

I’ve seen them on amazon. Embroidery Hoops Cross Stitch Hoop Ring Imitated Wood Circle Set Display Frame For Art Craft Handy Sewing and Hanging-3 Pcs

u/JAMsesh90 · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

Dimensions cross stitch kit 72-75593 (Can’t Adult)

Amazon link

After lots of inspiration from this sub, I finally took this kit out of the package and started it a few days ago. I think I found a new hobby!

u/Cupcakeslie · 3 pointsr/Embroidery

I got them on amazon! They are deceptive though, the outside is rubber. So you cannot do a project in it, but you can put a finished one in it. Hoops!

u/milky923 · 3 pointsr/Embroidery
u/tolerantamonia · 2 pointsr/Embroidery

Here's the Amazon link. The instructions are pretty bad but it gives you everything you need!

u/CuriosityK · 2 pointsr/hamsters

You can get starter kits. Like these on Amazon. But I just watched a bunch of YouTube's, there are hundreds of them, and bought a starter kit with a lot of colors on Amazon. I've since started buying wool on Etsy. :) (I hope I formatted this right I'm on mobile.)

Edit: Reformatted now that I'm on my computer.

u/thrilled32 · 2 pointsr/Embroidery

They can be purchased on Amazon

They have a variety of shapes and sizes if you browse a little

u/ali_rose · 2 pointsr/Embroidery

Thank you! I had no idea what to do with an oval hoop at first, then I began the first pine tree and thought 'What the hell did I just decide to do..." I'm just glad it's turning out well. I'm incedibly happy with how the trees turned out and I'm really wanting to do a set of hoops with just unique trees.
On the hoop, it was super affordable. It actually came in a group of 4 hoops of different sizes. It isn't actual wood but is a plastic rubber that fits really snugly over a plastic hoop. I've only just started doing embroidery, so I didn't want to buy anything terribly expensive yet. This is just from Amazon, link here -

I know there are frames on Etsy you can buy to place a finished hoop in that look great too.

Also, have some really beautiful hoops. I haven't tried them yet since the hoops are pretty pricy, but I'm definitely considering it.

u/spencerkami · 2 pointsr/somethingimade

It is super simple! All you do is poke at some wool with a needle! This video covers alot of the basics more succintly than I can =) And amazon do some nice looking kits for starters. If you ever try it and want some advice, feel free to PM. I'll try my best!

u/bisingular · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

No worries! They're usually available [on Amazon,] ( at least in Canada, hopefully also in your location as well. :)

u/wolverine20160 · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

It looks like they are back in stock. Amazon Star Wars Cross Stitch

u/ghost5783 · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I just learned that about the black Aida. I just started on this and it is so much harder seeing where the holes are.

u/EvyEarthling · 2 pointsr/trashy

I'm pretty sure it's from Subversive Cross Stitch.

u/pet2catsinthemorning · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch
u/McConnelLikesTurtles · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

DIY. I used the following to make it:




Glued the hinges to the glass with the silicone (any gaps leave on the bottom since sand will cover that), let it cure for 48 hours, then added sand, then cut the dividers into shape (11.75x10.5), and inserted it into the hinges. I have pretty deep sand so it's not an issue, if you need a larger pieces you can probably find them somewhere else or stich smaller pieces together with a nylon thread.

Overall it holds pretty well, gives water flow, and after planting the future bettas should only be only vaguely aware of their neighbors.

I don't recommend buying divided tanks for a few reason, 9/10 are too small, the remaining 1/10th will cost an arm and a leg for something you can make for 30 minutes of work and generally have poor ratings (take the infamous divided tank sold by deep blue). Final issue being that the dividers are generally glass or plexiglass, anyways - not opaque.

The sealant is a small tube but it its enough for the job and any touch ups. Comes with a twist cap unlike the calk gun containers meaning that you can close it and reuse it later when need arises.

u/whorcruz · 2 pointsr/Embroidery

ARTISTORE 5 Pieces Embroidery Hoops...

I've used these since day one. I tried 2 others and they just don't compare :)

u/pascalking99 · 2 pointsr/hermitcrabs

Bulk Buy: Darice DIY Crafts #7 Mesh Plastic Canvas Black 10.5 x 13.5 (12-Pack) 33900-20

13$ and you'll be set for life.

u/Skyblinder · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I've bought this kit and it comes with this pen looking thing, just wondering if it is what I think is

u/Avacadoodle · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Kit from Amazon

u/pegasus_x · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Thanks!! I got the hoop from DMC online but they don't appear to sell them anymore. These appear to be identical though:

u/ImAladyThatsWhy · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Hello, this is my first time posting. I just found this sub and I'm obsessed! This is my first project that is full coverage and large. I had done a little growing up but recently picked it back up. My last 2 projects were very small and simple. I wanted to commit to something big and more complicated.

Please any tips or suggestions are SO welcome! I clearly don't have much rhyme to my sewing, just kinda go where my mood takes me.

This pattern is from amazon, colorful deer:

u/actual_factual_bear · 2 pointsr/funny
u/vanillavodka · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Good work! :)

You should check out this if you like subversive patterns. It's amazing.

u/Leleandew · 2 pointsr/guineapigs

Not a problem! Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions. If you're going to be doing it often I suggest investing in a mason jar and some plastic craft mesh to replace the lid for rinsing/soaking. ( Do a google search of "sprouting seeds" and it'll give instructions for the wheat and give you some good ideas for other treats you can sprout for the piggies.

u/FranceGall · 2 pointsr/Embroidery
u/DasKnocker · 2 pointsr/AquaSwap
u/gengardelrey · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Thank you so much! It's 100% 11 count each stitch is 2 threads. This is the kit I used

But i think it'll be sticking to 14ct in the future! thank you for your kind words though! It's really appreciated haha.

u/everythingstitch · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I went hoopless on this one. Started on it yesterday morning, finishing up today or tomorrow. Pattern by Dimensions

u/IgosIkana · 1 pointr/pokemon

Thank you for saying they are cute! I enjoyed making all of them.

Here is the Jolteon pattern. This was a ton of fun to make. If/when you make it, don't be scared off by learning to felt like it recommends in the pattern. I put this project away for months because it scared me off, but once I sat down and just did it, it was very, very easy and the results are more refined than just cutting out felt and gluing it on (IMHO).

If you are interested in felting I recommend this starting kit. It's cheap, it has everything you need, and it comes with needles. If you feel the need for a tool to hold the sharp needles, I personally recommend this. Then for every other project you make with crochet, you can finish it off with felting! I've been felting on many of my projects now and I just love the finished look it gives.

u/robynclark · 1 pointr/Dreadlocks

A latch hook can sometimes work for you. It also helps to have someone else doing the hooking and braiding.

u/Blu_Spirit · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These plants - they are clean air plants, and come in 4 inch pots, so they don't take a lot of space. Good for most homes (and, not asking, but they also make self aerating pots that hold more water without water logging roots - that's on my wishlist too - a good add for later when you need to move your plants to a larger pot - plus the extra room for more water means less likely to die from lack of - though I am scatterbrained and still need a reminder on my phone for my plants at home that aren't in my space and easily noticeable- my work plants, though, they thrive!)

Edit: adding more stuff cause I just saw that you ok'd it in the comments, and the one about you and hot sauce (I, too, now am subscribed to r/spicy so thanks to u/lolpengi), and your hobbies in another comment - I have hot sauce and a TON of interesting or gorgeous cross stitch patterns

Bravado Hot Sauces - I have wanted to try the ghost pepper blueberry ever since I saw it on Hot Ones

Cross stitch links:

u/lamborb · 1 pointr/StardewValley

there’s also pretty cheap and good quality starter kits on amazon! i got this one and it was great! plus prime shipping if you have prime!

u/rockerbabe28 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Here is a link to the book that the pattern was in Subversive Cross Stitch, it has a bunch of funny sayings in it. Also, the reason for the odd coloration of floss in the pattern is because the floss I was using was gradient floss.

u/scatteredloops · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Subversive cross stitch is on my craft: books list. Reading rainbow!

u/classic_queen · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Started this today and finished it on stream. Picked up the pattern from the Subversive Cross Stitch book I picked up from Amazon.

u/dredre543 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I just finished this kit last week! Luckily the ink comes out fairly easy on the pattern, the color graphs and red "Gangsta" on the top left are a bit harder, but I scrubbed it with mild laundry soap and a small brush and it came out. Just mind the edges because the edge stitching started to come undone on one corner after scrubbing. Unfortunately, the frame it came with is far too small.
I ordered these on Amazon and one of the circles, just barely fits the pattern and is a nicer finish.
4 Pcs Embroidery Hoops Set Cross...

u/sadsunfish · 1 pointr/Embroidery

I’m not sure if this is allowed by the rules here but here is the first link I found of them - hoops

u/GreenChileEnchiladas · 1 pointr/ponds

Also, zip ties and plastic mesh. The less debris that gets inside the better.

u/ktg305 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Same—I’ve been really happy with Bohin and I think part of it is the needle length. I will caution you that I’ve had to be a little more careful with the Bohins—I’ve definitely managed to bend two of them while weaving in ends (only mildly, definitely still perfectly usable!). This is probably just a bull-in-the-proverbial-china-shop issue, but maybe y’all can benefit from my mistake!

Bohin 28s on Amazon ($1/needle)

u/emanbu · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

It came with this set:
But I have seen many like it on wish cheaper.

u/cuppycake10-4 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well let's see, I need this because sometimes you just need to see the word fuck in cross stitch! And I need it because I could totally give these out for Christmas presents!

Or I need this because my daughter has been reading them and is up to this book and she has pestered me for a week to get it for her!

Or my husband needs this because he is a totally awesome, amazing, Dad and veteran and this would be an amazing way to let the world know!!

u/art-is-the-answer · 1 pointr/CrossStitch
u/blahblehgu · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Great New Needle Felting Felt Kit Wool Needles Foam Pad by Kurtzy TM

u/MotheroftheworldII · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Some brands of needles are better than others. I had some bad needles for quite a while from John James. Some of the eyes had not been properly punched and had large burrs in the eye that cut my thread. One packet had this problem with every needle.

I have broken the eye so many times I cannot count. Usually it is a needle that I have been using for a long time and the eye just gets worn to the point of breaking.

I often have several needles on my magnetic needle minders so I am not using the same needle all the time. That does cut down on the sear and tear on the needle.

Now I am using BOHIN needles and I really do like them. They eye of the needles is much smoother than other needles and the finish does not rub off for use. The BOHIN needles do not discolor with use. I am to the point that this is the only needle I will purchase. I have never had a BOHIN needle break. This is the needle I use the most:

I work on linen with silk floss so the #28 needle is my size of choice unless I am stitching over one on 36 or higher count linen then I use a #10 beading needle.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congrats on staying sober! Hugs!


The cross stitch book Twisted Stitches 30 Corrupt Cross Stitch and Embroidery Designs would be awesome. With patterns like a nightmare cottage scene, burlesque zombie portrait, roadkill bunny keychain, and more it just sounds like a funny book :)

u/dimsumxx · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

This is the Colorful Deer cross stitch kit from Amazon

u/Christianmaldo626 · 1 pointr/Aquariums

I used a mesh from amazon.

Tbh you could probably cut some cheap, clear plastic that fruit, salad mixes, "quick meals" from stores come in.

u/TheFamilyArtisan · 1 pointr/Embroidery

Thank you so much! I got these hoops in Amazon, here's the link

u/Envytheirgreed · 1 pointr/bettafish

Plastic canvas:

Report things:

I'm sure you could get them elsewhere cheaper, but my walmarts, targets, kmarts, etc and craft stores didn't have them, at all! So I just ordered them with prime.

u/kristin_bambam · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Yes ! a friend of mine bought me this book a few years back. It's one of the patterns in it !

u/jp-golf · 1 pointr/Embroidery

That's not a bad idea. I think I'll end up trying to turn a piece of it into a patch and maybe attach it to a small pillow as you suggested.

Does a kit like this have everything I'd need to get started?

On some of the reviews it seemed like the cotton fabric that is included is not great for patches. Do you know what cotton fabric would be best to get for a patch?

u/hattie29 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch
u/Lolvontroll · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Have you seen this yet? :D

u/UDontWinFrendsWSalad · 1 pointr/Embroidery

Here is the Etsy link. This is my second kit from her, such lovely designs and the kits are beautiful as well, if you need any gift ideas!

Edit: Wanted to add that the hoop is from a set I got on Amazon .