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u/necrambo · 154 pointsr/legaladvice

Something like this may help give you piece of mind, it braces the door and makes it impossible to open without breaking in (no install required):

Fuck that creep, sorry that happened to you.

u/shelaconic · 150 pointsr/relationship_advice

Consider getting a door jammer DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection

u/rusty0123 · 134 pointsr/JustNoSO

Tomorrow, go down to your home improvement store and get an Angel lock. If that doesn't fit your door, look for a floor lock.

Keep your phone charged and keep it with you. Look up how long average police response times are in your neighborhood, and make plans accordingly.

Stay safe.

u/SolicitingResponses · 88 pointsr/malelivingspace

Additional pictures/gifs if anyone's interested:

EDIT: Thought I'd include links for some things being asked for on here. I didn't purchase everything new nor recently so there are some things I wasn't able to ID.


u/BornOnFeb2nd · 84 pointsr/Wellworn

Man, if you have chairs on "hard" surfaces... get the rollerblade wheels. You go from "scraping" with every move, to silently gliding around.

u/Whoa_There_Hoss · 78 pointsr/battlestations

Edit: Adding PCPartPicker link and a few more details...


More pictures:

Specs of "Lil Chungus" below:

  • Case: Louqe Ghost S1 (Limestone) + Large Tophat
  • Mobo: Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WiFi Mini-ITX
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X (w/ Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut)
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super FE
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200
  • PSU: Corsair SF750 PSU
  • Cooling: Corsair H100i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
  • Boot Drive: Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0
  • Extra Drive: Samsung 860 QVO 4TB SSD
  • Lighting: Cheap RGB strips to light up the GPU
  • Keyboard: Steelseries Apex 7 TKL w/ HyperX B&W Pudding Caps
  • Mouse: Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS
  • Monitor: Acer Predator Z35P
  • Desk: These legs attached to the top of this desk. I don't recommend the legs as they don't go low enough.
  • Chair: Secret Labs - Titan
  • Tablet: HP Stream 7 (pls do not buy this ancient turd)
  • Wallpaper:

    Camera used here: Sony a6000 w/ Sony SEL50F18 50mm/1.8 for most shots. Switched to a Rokinon 12mm F2.0 for the wide shots. The post's main picture was at f/11, 1.3sec, ISO-100 on that 50mm lens.
u/Tommyp2006 · 74 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/notpandora · 51 pointsr/BabyBumps

Stupid question but could you get one of those folding granny shopping carts?.

u/High_In_The_Instep · 44 pointsr/legaladvice

Just buy some variation of this:

This will fix the problem while you are at home at least. If they say they want to come in, say there was no notice.

u/cardinal29 · 40 pointsr/legaladvice

I'd put a chain up, and use it whenever you are home. If you can't do that (screw holes, etc.) there are security door stoppers or this device that stops maintenance people, even if they have a key.

u/evilblackbunny · 36 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

So this absolute toenail of a woman has violated yours and SO's boundaries multiple times? She's been told a dozen time to cut that shit out and hasn't?

Get a lock for your door.

Can't do any damage to your door or frame of the door with screws because it's a rental or you're staying temporarily?

I got you.

Doorjammer. Easy operation, slide and adjust.

Addalock. Installs quickly, no tools needed, and easier to hide in case someone for whatever reason throws a fit about the door being locked.

Also, something else.

Door Stop Alarm. It doesn't lock the door, but it lets out a hell of a noise when it's tripped. Wanna embarass this toenail or just feel like being a bit petty? Boom, noisemaker.

No one is allowed into your room without permission. It is yours and SO's space, not for anyone else to invade. She is stomping your boundaries, and has not listened after being told to cut it out.

Is there an off chance that this woman is experiencing dementia? It might explain [but not excuse!] why this keeps happening.

u/B2TheLunt · 34 pointsr/battlestations

$500 chair that comes with shitty wheels?

You can probably find cheaper ones that are the same thing on amazon, I had bought these though.

u/Klx3908 · 29 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Not sure if your chair has caster wheels or not. If it does - these are specifically designed to solve your problem. It replaces the plastic crap that comes with your chair with a soft rollerblade wheel. I had this problem and this worked for me.

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/ Universal Fit

u/Curmudgy · 23 pointsr/AskAnAmerican

I guess you're unfamiliar with the use of personal shopping carts for urban shopping. How do you think the large number of urban dwellers who don't have a car do their shopping?

u/loCAtek · 22 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

That's truly awful- get one of those tourist doorstops that you can put on the inside of the door. Those can't be picked.
Fuck 'not allowed'!

u/Steptomyworld · 22 pointsr/battlestations

You should check these out for your chair!

Don’t know about this exact brand, but these types of wheels will be a lot easier on your carpet. Battlestation looks great btw! That wallpaper is sick.

u/aaronator007 · 18 pointsr/macsetups

Here is all of it.

desk top

Desk top was sanded and stained to get this color.

desk legs

27in 4K monitor

monitor arm




laptop stand

my bank account

u/flurrypuff · 17 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

I’m a fan of some sort of doorstop too. They even make products like this that you can even take when you travel!

u/Ageez85 · 16 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

The neighborhood watch is a really good idea. If ur able to talk with the people that live directly by you, next door, across the hall, and let them know what has happened, possibly exchange numbers so you have people right by you to call if u get spooked. Maybe some can even step outside their apartment when you get home from work and wait till you get inside.

Also there are many different products like this doorjam hopefully I did the link correctly 1st time I’ve done one but that might help you feel little more secure. This is just an example I haven’t researched them so don’t know which ones are most effective.

Weird situation. I would think if people wanted to break in or do something else they wouldn’t draw so much attention to themselves beforehand but who knows. Glad your husband got some time off to stay with you. Sorry u have to deal with this idiot. I hope it stops and things get better for you guys, be safe.

u/trojanvirus_exe · 16 pointsr/macsetups

2018 MacBook Pro 15"

Display: LG 5k2k (34WK95U-W) + VIVO Gas Arm
Wallpaper: @blkmarket
Speakers: Presonus Eris E5
Keyboard/Mouse: Magic Keyboard + Surface Mouse
Desk: IKEA Karlby + VIVO Standing Desk Legs
Chair: Massdrop Flex Task Chair
Pen holder: Arad Hand Cup


One cord as in one cord connecting to the MBP. The monitor charges the Macbook and acts as the hub for the speakers and usb devices. The desk has a powerstrip on the underside where the monitor, speakers and desk plug in, the power strip is plugged into the wall (you can't see it in the photo, but there's a weird shadow that gives it away).

u/funkdenomotron · 14 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Get some clear urethane office chair casters. I use these on my on hardwood, no mat. They are awesome, roll smooth, and no marks. I give them a wipe down with a damp cloth once a month or so to remove any sand or grit they pick up from the floor. I also use these on heavy music gear like speaker cabinets, or anything else that comes with those terrible hard plastic casters.

u/AnotherGraham · 13 pointsr/battlestations

I think it's a pretty safe buy. You get a lot of features common on $1k+ herman Miller's for a fraction of the cost.

Heres the arm pads: Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest Pads, Comfy Gaming Chair Arm Rest Covers for Elbows and Forearms Pressure Relief(Set of 2)

They are amazing! Definitely a must

u/Panfence · 12 pointsr/SeattleWA

It was a cart like this probably

Wellmax WM99017S Double Basket Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels, Black

She wasn't likely pushing a Costco giant cart. In any event you've never seen a person pushing a cart? It's such a peculiar part of the story to get hung up on.

u/quantum_gambade · 12 pointsr/UnethicalLifeProTips

DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection

I don't imagine carrying this around inconspicuously into the office washroom every day.

u/scuffling · 11 pointsr/battlestations


|mobo|$290|AORUS Z390 Master|
|gpu|$700|AORUS 1080 ti Xtreme|
|ram|$360|G.Skill TridentZ RGB 4x8 3200 Mhz|
|cpu|$360|Intel i7 8700k 5Ghz OC|
|psu|$156|Corsair RM1000i Gold|
|nvme|$138|Samsung 970 EVO 500GB 2280 SSD|
|case|$150|Corsair Obsidian 500D|
|fans|$56|Corsair SP120|
|rgb fans|$110|Corsair LL120 RGB|
|cables|$105|CableMod PRO ModMesh C-Series RMi|
|240 rad|$66|EKWB EK-CoolStream SE 240 Slim Dual|
|360 rad|$90|EKWB EK-CoolStream PE 360 Dual|
|gpu wb|$165|EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Aorus RGB - Nickel|
|gpu bp|$47|EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Aorus Backplate - Nickel|
|cpu wb|$72|Phanteks Glacier C350i|
|kit|$60|Thermaltake PETG 16mm OD Bending Kit|
|pump|$100|EKWB EK-D5 PWM G2 Pump|
|res|$126|Watercool HEATKILLER Tube 200 D5|
|res top|$21|Watercool HEATKILLER Multiport Top 200|
|stand|$19|Watercool HEATKILLER Stand (Long)|
|riser|$27|Thermaltake PCI-E x16 3.0 Riser Cable 200mm|
|coolant|$56|XSPC EC Opaque White Coolant (qty 2)|
|fittings|$54|Thermaltake Pacific 90 Degree Adapters|
|fittings|$110|Thermaltake Pacific 16mm Compression Fittings (qty 2)|
|fittings|$26|Bitspower 5mm Male to Male 4-Pack|
|fittings|$20|Barrow Stop Plug 4-Pack|
|fittings|$15|Thermaltake Stop Plug 4-Pack|
|fittings|$14|XSPC Ball Valve|
|tubing|$40|Thermaltake 1000mm V-Tubler PETG 16mm 4-Pack|
|paste|$40|Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut|
|isopropyl|$18|NTE Isopropyl 99.9%|
|bottle|$11|1000ml fill bottle|
|foam|$13|1/4 inch thick foam insulation|
|heat gun|$25|Furno 300 Heat Gun|
|mouse pad|$26|Reflex Lab XXXL 36" x 18" Mouse Pad|
|chair|$175|Techni Mobili RTA-5004-BK Rta-5004-Bk Office Chair|
|arm pads|$18|Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Arm Covers|
|monitor|$900|Acer Predator x34p Ultrawide QHD G-Sync|
|stand|$100|AmazonBasics Premium Single 25lb Monitor Stand|
|cable|$18|Accell DisplayPort 1.2 Cable 10ft|
|mouse|$50|Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB|


u/derspiny · 10 pointsr/legaladvice

At this point it's unlikely that the legal system has a lot to offer you. It's a fairly blunt instrument, and most legal protections kick in after the fact, not pre-emptively. Even a restraining order would generally require a pre-existing pattern of harassment or violence, which isn't evident from your post.

You're doing the right thing by prioritizing getting out of this situation. In the interim, it might be worth keeping your phone charged and on your person whenever you're at home, and locking the door when you use the bathroom. If you want something a little stiffer than a bathroom privacy lock, removable door braces exist, but they're ultimately only as strong as the door itself.

Depending on how comfortable you feel with this, you may also want to sit your roommate down and spell out, clearly, that your sexual relationship is over, that he is no longer to touch you for any reason, and that you will treat continued unwanted touching as sexual assault. That's very confrontational, and you can expect your roommate to be angry… but enforcing this boundary is important to you and to your safety, and his anger is his problem.

He cannot legally lock you out over this. If you aren't on the lease, he can give you notice to terminate your tenancy, but that gives you a full month to find another place to live.

u/RearEchelon · 10 pointsr/DIY

I replaced the hard casters on my Aeron chair with Rollerblade-style wheels. Now it almost rolls too easily.

u/target_meet_arrow · 10 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

$10 cheaper on Amazon.

The person above seems to be a shill for that website.

Edit: OP is also a shill. There are a bunch of 10 and 21 day old accounts that post gifs of products and then another account posts a link to in response to a Redditors comment.

u/Jamesstylez83 · 9 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Fantom Magnetic Door Stop - Heavy Duty Door Stopper - Easy to Install Door holder Doorstop for Your Home, Office, Business or School (Fantom Door Stop)

u/lNTERLINKED · 8 pointsr/buildapc

I've got This one.

It's a great chair for the money. Good back/lumbar support, breathable material, adjustable arms. All round really nice chair and comfortable for long sessions.

If you have any questions about it i'd be happy to answer them.

u/soundofscreaming · 7 pointsr/vinyl

We've been curating our techno vinyl as of late.

Currently Spinning:
Ellen Allien – Nost RMXS2
Rødhåd - Anxious

Numark X6 Mixer
Marshall Stanmore Speaker

2- Ikea Kallax Shelves
Amazon Vinyl Wall Mounts
Cutty Sark Scotch Whiskey Crates

u/braidoc · 7 pointsr/outside

Your solution is the rarely seen Cart of Old Lady.

With that, all of your food and drink (including potions, even weapons and armor!) will be portable. I proudly had one of these (though it was +1 agility, +2 charisma) when I was of lower level.

u/jupigare · 7 pointsr/amiibo

IKEA DETOLF cabinet with Azar acrylic tiered risers seem to be the winning combination for how to display amiibo in a compact space. (See example.)

u/slow_mobius28 · 7 pointsr/amiibo

Co-owner of the collection here (my boyfriend and I are both into it), have mostly lurked on this sub since December with the occasional post. Some answers to the comments:

-The clear stands are the Azar 12-Inch Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display -> Link

-Bf painted the Yoshi blue, he has an original green Yoshi as well (his favorite character, I'm a Luigi kind of guy).

-I love how we have one of the most derp Diddys I've ever seen.

Also, here's what the entire wall looks like -> Imgur

u/warchiello · 7 pointsr/funkopop
u/grinchman042 · 6 pointsr/personalfinance

This is the biggest challenge for me as I do not live close to a grocery store. Currently I bus there/uber back if I'm going from work or uber round trip if from home (no convenient bus lines at my house). Previously I've puchased a grandma grocery cart like this one ( and walked but I live further away now. As others have mentioned in the internet age this is only a problem for meat and veggies and sometimes not even that.

u/redwoodser · 6 pointsr/philadelphia

thanks for telling the little fascists to fuck themselves. if you want this office chair, SERIOUS, let me know, it will be delivered to your location, or somewhere near you. i remember reading a while ago about how you worked from home (sometimes) and didn't have a comfortable chair.


edit: if you u/gk128 ban these dumb bitches you could win the following

u/capnjack78 Puch Moped 456 Flight

u/Jawn_Valjorts Kawasaki Enduro 250 XL

u/justdrop Winnebago Motor Home 35' Fleetline.

u/anonymousforever · 6 pointsr/entitledparents

Get one of these door wedges then it can't easily be opened even if unlocked.

u/Bricker1492 · 6 pointsr/legaladvice

Oh, no! Not anxiety?

Sadly, your anxiety is not a particularly relevant factor. The landlord generally has the right to do things like place lock boxes, which are a standard practice for realtors.

If it will help your anxiety, perhaps can invest in

This lets you secure your door from inside while you’re home, even in the face of a person armed with a key. You could then answer the door and confirm that it’s a real estate agent and not a ne’er-do-well.

But you have to let the agent in.

u/momminallday · 6 pointsr/ChronicPain

I have a butt pillow that I love!!! I have a standard crap chair and the pillow makes a world of difference. I take it driving with me too.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion Designed for Back, Hip, and Tailbone Pain - Fits Office Chair and Car

u/RFishy · 6 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

It's no miracle cure, but it helps me a TON more than any other ergonomic devices I've tried at work. Got one for my parents and they also LOVE it.

u/Thaurane · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I bought these for my arm rests. Beats the hell out of office chairs arm rest padding and the hard plastic the gaming chairs come with. My only complaint is they were a little difficult to put on.

u/Rollzroyce21 · 6 pointsr/criterion

Was debating to get this one instead and it might work out better. We get hit with earthquakes in my area at times so I went with the one with two ends.

u/MoogleMan3 · 6 pointsr/battlestations

> Will probably stick it on a plank of wood.

Yep, that'll work. Or a short table, or one of these.

u/thatshortguy2 · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace


Should get something like this

u/oDUMBLEWHOREo · 5 pointsr/GirlGamers

I personally look for a desk to hold two 27 inch monitors and a long mouse pad. I don’t really like the keyboard trays cause I move my hand around with my mouse and wouldn’t want it to be on a different level than my keyboard (if that makes sense).

I like a basic desk. No shelves/storage stuff. I have tried those before and it was a mess. One thing I invested in so I wouldn’t have my desk holding my PC was a PC caddy. Cost around $10. Incredibly helpful so you have maximum desk space. I got mine off Amazon. Also I sit on my legs A LOT and personally hate sitting “normal” when gaming. So I got a little foot hammock so I can have my feet off the ground and stretched out and comfortable.

Here are the things I mentioned in my post:

Desk: Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk / Table / Computer Table

Foot hammock by Basic support - Black - Ergonomic adjustable feet rest for a comfortable utility foot stool under your office desk that you can fold-a-way

Caddy : Adjustable Width ATX Computer Case Caddy Stand with 5 Caster Roller Wheels Foldable Flexible

u/findquasar · 5 pointsr/RealEstate

Ahh, I see. What about a portable door lock that you could put on while you're home?

DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection

u/I_Love_Olde_E · 5 pointsr/sex

DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection

u/wickedpixel1221 · 5 pointsr/legaladvice

You can get a door jammer to use when you're home. You can simply not answer the door and the landlord will not be able to enter. It's removable and requires no alteration to the apartment. If you're (rightfully) concerned able people being in your apartment when you're not there it may be worth the investment to get a couple cheap cameras.

u/overandunder_86 · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Amazon roller blades wheels office chair

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/Universal Fit

u/MidCornerGrip · 5 pointsr/iRacing


I bought these ones:

There are others as well. Most chairs take 2.5" castors, unless it's an Ikea chair, then it's 2" castors.

u/digitforty5 · 5 pointsr/simracing

These will be your best friend if you feel like spending a few bucks.

u/RaN96 · 4 pointsr/nvidia

I use one of these for the PC in my carpeted living room. Works great.

u/Tallyburger · 4 pointsr/amiibo

It looks so small though! I think the overall small size would bother me. I have a bookshelf in my room - I don't use it for Amiibo though, since I have Michaels baseball bat cases - but it's normal size one that I feel looks a lot better. This is mine here. Could most likely use those clear stands like this or something too.

u/Rhiow · 4 pointsr/leagueoflegends

> what desk and how expensive are those desks?

I'm getting this:

Ergo Depot has a bunch of models in a wide price range (from $500 to $2000+). I got some extra options so I ended up paying about $975 myself. That's going all out, my intention is to alternate between sitting and standing during the day and this is the way I decided to do it.

Other folks just buy a static height desk and use a barstool when they want to sit. There are a lot of DIY solutions I saw mentioned as well when researching.

I saw that referenced a number of times. I also saw some nifty setups with a higher and lower area and monitor(s) on moutned arms that could be swiveled from one to the other.

Lastly, in between "new expensive desk" and "complete DIY" is

I don't have mine yet so I can't offer anything beyond what I researched going into it. For me, spending more but not having to build anything myself or deal with any of that was a no brainer, I know for many the opposite is true.

u/txbruno · 4 pointsr/preppers

I am not sure if you are traveling in a single location or multiple areas for your work, but either way I would scout the area and locate various points of interest. Police, medical, fire, grocery/supply stores. Also educate yourself about possible natural risks such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados and flesh out a plan for what you would do in such an event. See if the hotel has a evacuation plan for emergencies and review it.

Do you have a door wedge security device for your hotel, it will increase your safety in the room and help prevent intrusion. Something like this

u/THE_DUCK_HORSE · 4 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

No posters, I’m pretty sure you’re going to get worse harassment if you retaliate sadly.

I would get a dead bolt, security system, and a door stopper or jammer . I’m neurotic and would probably get an additional deadbolt and jammer for my bedroom door just in case the above fail.

u/ElectronGuru · 4 pointsr/Eugene

Get/install travel door locks

Start proceedings to relocate

u/madeeelion · 4 pointsr/paralegal

Hey! I'm not sure if I can be of help, as I'm not a bigger gal, but I started developing some really awful sciatic nerve pain at my paralegal job, and I bought the cushion that I'm linking below from Amazon end of 2017, and it is still working wonders for me. It helps align your hips and keep pressure off your lumbar spine and coccyx.

This is the cushion that I use
ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic...

Hope this helps!!

u/bolteddown29 · 4 pointsr/howto

Have you looked into wheels like this?

u/justjayhere_ · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Get the Roller Blade wheels to replace the cheap wheels most chairs come with... makes a big difference in my opinion.

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/Universal Fit

u/neverhadspam · 4 pointsr/Competitiveoverwatch

Bro you don't even need a gaming chair. Just ikea office chair + back support cushion + and a memory butt cushion for back alignment = voila, gaming chair for a 100$

u/digitaldemons · 4 pointsr/mechanical_gifs

Fantom Magnetic Door Stop

u/KaizorMaster · 3 pointsr/homelab

Thanks, I found something similar, maybe I'll just 2 of these:

u/HumanVsHobby · 3 pointsr/Hobbies

A friend introduced me to collecting/listening to vinyl records late last year/early this year(so I'm still a newb, but please hear me out). We'd get together at his place and undergo the ritual of taking the record out of the sleeve, placing it on the turntable, powering the turntable on, running a brush over it to remove dust/prevent static(and damage from static) and finally dropping the needle before sitting back and listening to the music. When the music ends you get up, flip the record, and repeat the previous processes before putting the record back into the sleeve and either putting on another record or going on about your day.

I'm now in the process of buying/setting up my own turntable after purchasing my first vinyl records earlier this year(if you save up around $500.00 USD. there will be a lot of decent "entry level" turntable/speaker options open to you) and will soon learn all the rituals involved in taking care of a turntable, speakers, etc. Other vinyl-involved rituals involve record hunting at local music/thrift stores, finding collectibles online, and caring for your records.

Aside from the rituals involved with vinyl, I really enjoy how vinyl is tied into so many different things; especially art. A lot of people display their records in frames or shelves and make beautiful "record walls" you can change around as needed. Vinyl is also regaining popularity with people into graphic novels A.K.A. comic books) and as somebody who enjoys reading in that format I like the thought of being able to read a a graphic novel about the music industry that comes paired with a soundtrack.

The "vinyl experience" has become fun hobby to me. You'll have no shortage of rituals, audio and visual enjoyment, and excitement as you find that record to your favorite soundtrack or find a record in a store that has one of your favorite songs. It is a bit pricey to get into but I'm hoping you consider the hobby and put in some of your own research.

Hoping I've helped you, O.P.

u/Magic_DanielSh · 3 pointsr/vinyl

This seems like a pretty dope idea. Sort of reminds me of this record wall mount except smaller, lighter, cheaper and easier to install. I’ll definitely sign up for the mailing list. Good luck!

u/calladus · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

Use a lightweight wire folding grocery cart. They're reasonably priced, and since they are wire, the administration can't complain that they cannot see what you are carrying. No way to sneak in a bomb!

(Except by hollowing out a textbook)

It can fold up so you can get on the bus, it can fit in a standard locker, and it will certainly carry as much as a backpack - maybe more.

u/dothebump · 3 pointsr/news

Where do you live? Country? State? City? In many neighborhoods (spoilers: poor ones) there are no grocery stores. Maybe the bodega has some almost-spoiled bananas. Maybe the guy selling fruit out of his truck has some oranges or something. But no real grocery stores, and without grocery stores, no one in the supply chain is going to send trucks into that neighborhood.

Then maybe, a few miles away in the better part of town, there's a nice grocery store and hey, they even have sales sometimes! But you're too poor to live there, which is why you live in the poor part of town. So your options are

  1. Spend what often amounts to literally hours on a bus and buy only what you can carry or fit in a cart (and there may be no room on the bus for your cart).

  2. Spend more money you don't have for a taxi or a zipcar.

    And if you have kids, you get to either bring them with you and further complicate the logistics, or try and find someone to watch them for a few hours.

    Oh, but what about growing your own food? The startup cost to begin a garden in not only cash but time is most likely too-high a burden as well, and if you don't figure out what the soil will support, do your research on every plant you want to grow or what their optimal conditions are, you can waste a lot of money getting it wrong before you get it right - or even if you get it right, an early frost, a drought, or roaming deer can destroy your hard work and leave you hungry again in a heartbeat.

    Even if you've never lived in a food desert, just thinking about how big the US is should make someone realize that there is a wide variety of circumstances, and Sally in Oklahoma isn't going to have the same access to fresh fruits and vegetables as Wilma in SoCal or Beth in Queens. Puerto Rico is an island and suffers from a poverty rate double that of Mississippi, the most impoverished state in the US - I doubt most citizens are importing quinoa or tofu.

    Edit: I want to clarify that I'm not saying this is justification for anyone to give up and eat nothing but dollar menu burgers 6 times a day, I'm saying that it is not an even playing field and what needs to happen is investment in making such resources more evenly available, and education & funding for children to be exposed to healthier food throughout their entire school lives. I was a fat kid - it was partially my mom's fault because she was a single mom and worked really hard to take care of me and my sister, so sometimes chicken nuggets and french fries were the easiest way for her to get us fed with what energy she had left. But my mom isn't fat, my sister isn't fat. I got almost all the way through college before I understood how the things I ate did or didn't fuel my body - there's a simple level of "diet and exercise" that every one understands, but it can be so obfusticated or obliterated by all the fad diets and 9 minute abs and gimmicks that if you are in a mental/emotional/physical state to have gotten fat in the first place, it can all seem very overwhelming.
u/Element921 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I keep it on my carpet, but I use this to keep it elevated. I'd recommend it, works incredibly well

u/Moskeeto93 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I've personally got one of these for my desktop.

u/PublickStews · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I've been using this for months. Keeps it way off the ground for plenty of space below.

u/GayManJunior · 3 pointsr/funkopop
u/mathewryan · 3 pointsr/funkopop

If you have prime these are cheap and perfect. I dont know the width of your detolf though.

Edit- 4 pack for even cheaper.

u/Villag3Idiot · 3 pointsr/amiibo

If you're planning on getting every single amiibo and have the space, I really recommend just getting this, as its a lot cheaper than buying those cases:

Can fit the entire series. Recommend buying stands to display the amiibos better, like a couple of these:

u/otakudan88 · 3 pointsr/amiibo

I have 2 of these and 4 of these. Works well for me.

u/datzevo · 3 pointsr/funkopop

I dont own this display but I've been thinking about purchasing one for a while. It has good ratings and the pictures from customers looks great.

u/Gorkymalorki · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Actually, those are the kind I am talking about. I work with mostly people that are 50+, and most of them have some kind of disability from military service, so they like the idea of those desks, but when it comes down to it they never use them because of back and knee pain.
This is the desk we have

u/piss_n_boots · 3 pointsr/homesecurity

If you look on amazon there are locks made to secure hotel room doors against thieves / intruders. They might be a good option.


u/DannyOcean47 · 3 pointsr/battlestations

The TV stand is here on amazon. Little pricey but saves you drilling into the wall. Hope this helps.

u/theSealclubberr · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Dont know where youre located but these were the first to pop up for me...
I think Amazone delivers lretty much anywhere nowadays.

Nice g29 you have there btw ;)

u/AXISMGT · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Looks awesome!

If you're worried about the chair wheels against the wood, but don't want the mat, I'd suggest these:

SunnieDog Office 3-Inch Rollerblade Style Office Chair Caster Wheel Replacement, Black (Set of 5)

I got them for my office and they've been great.

u/jimmydosveces · 3 pointsr/battlestations

These are a life(wood)saver! Plus they look better than regular casters IMO.

u/filledwithgonorrhea · 3 pointsr/headphones

Alternatively, some rubber chair wheel like these. They're also much better on carpet than the wheely boi in the post.

u/bakagir · 3 pointsr/classicwow

Herman Miller Aeron Gang Represent ! You need to put rollerblade wheels on that throne ASAP!

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set...

u/megustareddito · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/-Tack · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

Those 3" rollerblade wheels are amazing. I'm short and as anyone short would know almost every office or gaming chair sits too low compared to normal desktop height. Combining these wheels, a thicker memory foam seat cushion and a foot stool, my body and arms are ergonomical. This improved my posture and consistency while gaming

u/of_halicarnassus · 3 pointsr/cars

These seats are awful.

Buy a seat cushion. Not for the backrest, but for the actual seat. Get the "coccyx support" kind. It will raise you higher up, lowering the lumbar bulge along your spine or removing it entirely and taking pressure off your lower back.

Been a good, cheap solution for me.

SOURCE: owner of 2004 Forester

u/bui1t · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Ah still good! I highly recommend memory foam arm rests, as well as foot rest. I spend a lot of hours on the PC and these help tremendously.

u/GoldPlatedMilk · 3 pointsr/adult_toys

Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door Stop – Patented Concealed Stopper Does Not Protrude Out of Floor - Safe and Elegant Design– Easy to Install On Any Floor Surface or Door

u/PotentMuffin · 3 pointsr/simracing

I got some locking casters off of amazon; really effective and much less pricey than a stand+seat combo AGPTEK Office Chair Casters Heavy...

u/snowie42 · 3 pointsr/simracing

Yes it is with wheels. I bought wheels with brakes. I didnt expect they would hold it this well tbh.

Edit: here is the link AGPTEK Office Chair Casters Heavy...

u/soul_in_a_fishbowl · 3 pointsr/functionalprint

get these instead. same concept, except cheaper and they are all locking casters.

u/attanasio666 · 3 pointsr/simracing

I use these:
The brakes are powerfull enough so the chair doesn’t move around. They did make the chair a bit taller than it uses to be.

u/spdorsey · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Yes. It’s great!

VIVO Black Electric Stand Up Desk...

u/whatshouldwecallme · 2 pointsr/Fitness

This is a necessary failure in order for you to realize you need one of these bad boys. Shop on, my friend.

u/brahmide01 · 2 pointsr/TumblrInAction

>This leaves public transportation. After getting off at the bus stop, you have to bring those groceries home. And bags of rice and beans and canned vegetables and whole chickens are very, very heavy to bring a few blocks or more and then up to your walk-up.

I do that every single week. There are old ladies on my bus doing it, too.

They use these things:

u/DaVandal · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Theres things like this and this that don't take up much room and allow for it to be moved easily and keep it off the floor.

u/ShelbyTheEarthworm · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Yeah of course. I use this PC stand. It's nothing special but it works.

u/Tollowarn · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'm 6 foot tall and a little over 300lb, this is the chair I bought 6 months ago. LINK

I spend most of the day and evening at my desk (ref 300+ lb!) The back of the chair being open mesh is nice and cool. The gas strut is rated for way more weight than I am. I'm not sure if it's available in the US as I got it from Amazon UK.

u/tiamat19 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I'm getting a new chair after Christmas and can't decide between these 2.

Non Mesh


Which one would you recommend?

u/Evonex · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

This would probably be pretty comfortable. And it's adjustable.

u/DayBeast · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace
u/exp_over_college · 2 pointsr/gaming

It's not technically a gaming chair....BUUUT

I got one of these for at work....and it does wonders for me. And under the $100. Comfortable imo. Have a bad back myself. Hope this helps.

u/tabgrab23 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/tonkatsufan · 2 pointsr/DIY

Not a DIY but how about a PC cart with wheels

u/krypton1an · 2 pointsr/battlestations
u/Jaw1986 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Idk about a cover, but these are the risers I use and really like them.

u/theuntank · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Display on far left can be found on Amazon.

Azar 326043 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

u/pgcrowle · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

I got it on Amazon! it's this one

u/starryeyedsky · 2 pointsr/amiibo

I just paid $16.95 for each, which is cheaper than it was when I bought one a little over a year ago (at $18.95, but only fulfilled by Amazon sold by someone else) though more expensive than when I bought the first 2 two years ago at (at $13.30 both sold directly by Amazon).

The same company that makes these things makes a slightly larger and taller version for around $25 (12-Inch W x 8.5-Inch D x 8.75-Inch H. Each step measures 2.75-Inch D.) or you can buy a 4 pack of the larger ones

u/kaosfox · 2 pointsr/funkopop
u/fastfrwrd · 2 pointsr/amiibo

The stand:

Azar 326043 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

Got the idea for it from this awesome post from The Tanooki:

u/coneree · 2 pointsr/funkopop

wait for a sale or find a comparable one for cheaper:

u/faultbucket · 2 pointsr/funkopop
u/HB1233 · 2 pointsr/funkopop
u/Sages · 2 pointsr/amiibo

They're called: Azar Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

If you plan on buying 4 of them, Staples has a Bulk Price for $80:

If you want individual ones, I recommend Amazon:

u/J-Stan · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I'd Highly Recommend Them

I have one for my overwatch collection as well. They're both around my entertainment Center and it looks great.

u/Kmoore75801 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

fair enough. i grabbed this : riser

Should be able to update Sunday with pics.

u/Theblacksails · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

Our helpdesk guys have spent the last few months setting these up for practically everyone. They seem popular.

We also bought a bunch of motorized L desks for an area we just renovated.

Personally, I'm not even remotely interested. I also don't believe there's much benefit to standing all day vs sitting all day. I just try to get up and move around throughout the day.

u/jarkyttaa · 2 pointsr/JobFair

If you're interested in getting one for yourself at some point, I really like this one. It just sits on top of your existing desk instead of being a huge desk in and of itself, and it's roughly 1/3rd the price of a full-sized variable standing desk. I ended up just getting it myself without going through my office and it's been pretty noticeable so far. They have smaller models that are more appropriate for a single-monitor set-up, but the large one works really well for 2.

u/MissiT · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOFAMILY

Another option that doesn't damage the door: DoorJammer

u/kim_wexlers_ponytail · 2 pointsr/RBI

Until you can get the locks changed and install a deadbolt, get yourself one of these door jammers pronto. You only use it when you're inside, so it doesn't violate any landlord right to entry (since you can let them in when you're home.)

You might also want to get a cheap nanny cam and aim it at the door for when you're not home, so you'll know if anyone is entering when you're not home.

u/Tangboy50000 · 2 pointsr/gunpolitics

That’s frightening. I thought campuses were being much more proactive about the door guards and other ways of securing classroom doors from active shooters.

You could get something like this if they’re not going to do anything about security.

u/wiscoguv · 2 pointsr/Survival

You'd be better off staying in your dorm than venturing out in almost every situation. If I were you I'd get two or three of those collapsible 5 gallon water jugs (you can fill up form a showerhead or tub) and get at least two week's worth of dehydrated food or MREs. If you don't have a bathroom in your dorm room you should find some way to get rid of your urine/feces. A painters bucket from Home Depot with a top would do well, as long as you can dump it out your window if needed. I would stock up on baby wipes- more than you think you'd need- put those in the bucket. Get a crowbar and hammer so you can open up other rooms to forage if you need to- you can use pillow cases in the rooms to put things in. Get a can opener and a spoon. Get a baseball bat for defense- looks innocent enough on its own and won't raise hard to answer questions. Your dorm room has a solid door and you have all of your clothing and bedding there- so plan on bugging in and stay quiet. If you can afford it, get a [door jammer] ( to secure your door when you're in your room. Do not open your door to anyone or you risk losing what you have stocked up. Get duct tape and giant black lawn leaf bags so you can cover up windows if you have to. Have a small bag full of things to make [improvised alert system] ( for your hallways.

All in all you could do all of this for under 200-300$ and it's all stuff that you can use when you get an apartment.

u/SpyGlassez · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Jumping on this comment for a promo. I have this one and I recommend it. Got it bc we travel and I didn't want housekeeping coming in during baby's nap time or while I was BFing.

u/Cyclosaurus · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I love this rolling tv cart from Amazon:

VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart for 32 to 65 inch LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen | Mobile Stand with Wheels (STAND-TV03E)

I kept the feet on my 43 inch tv for easy swiveling but I move it from in front of my treadmill to my weights area during my bootcamp workouts.

u/BuckyDog · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Not sure this is what you are looking for. But, it will "stand it on the floor."


There are several different models to choose from.

u/Nakedbakers · 2 pointsr/GoneWildTube

Amazon Link It is an awesome stand. I can move the TV from one room to the other. Only need 1 tv now ;)

u/71-HourAhmed · 2 pointsr/AskGames

This one has over 8,000 reviews. I have one similar but mine is made specifically for my Herman Miller chair and is expensive so you would not want that one.

u/_noncomposmentis · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Whatever you do get yourself some of these

u/pbs094 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

SunnieDog Office Chair Wheels Roll Just As Smooth On Day 1000 As They Did On Day 1 - Heavy Duty Protection For Hardwood & Tile Floors Without A Mat - Roller Blade Style w/Universal Fit - Black

u/Free_Dome_Lover · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Get a regular chair of your choosing, whether you want a fancy task chair like a herman miller, steel series or a "gamer" chair is up to you. I really enjoy my AK Racing Obsidian series, it's quite ergonomic and comfortable.

Then grab some really good casters with breaks. Something like this with rollerblade style wheels .

u/walkingstiffy · 2 pointsr/DIY

Look into Roller Blade style caster wheels. That sweet floor will thank you.

edit: Link to a set but there are a lot of others to also choose from.

u/drtonmeister · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

One can get an extra inch to inch-and-a-half by replacing the casters with larger diameter ones.
One can get quite a bit of height by changing the pneumatic tube gas lift cylinder to a taller one.

One can unbolt the existing seat from its metal bracket, and use wood or another material as a spacer between the seat bottom and the lift/tilt/swivel mechanism.

u/sonsofaureus · 2 pointsr/AskBattlestations

Roller blade wheels for office chairs work pretty well for this.

u/anna2775 · 2 pointsr/sewing

I put roller blade wheels on my chair. Glides super smooth and less thread gets stuck in them. Might work on your dress form if they are standard wheels.

Here is a photo

I purchased them on amazon.

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/Universal Fit

u/splatterhead · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'm not a big guy, and they're kinda expensive, but I got a HERCULES Series 500 lb. Capacity Big & Tall Black Fabric Executive Swivel Office Chair with a set of caster wheels and it's the best chair I've ever had. Super comfy and easy to roll around.

u/xScorchx · 2 pointsr/tall

I bought this

SONGMICS Ergonomic Lumbar Support Office Chair High Back Adjustable Swivel Mesh Chair Black UOBN89BK

I'm 6'5" and fat and this chair is a dream imo. I also got some kickass wheels

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/Universal Fit

But these are optional, I just love the feel of these wheels.

u/DesperatePleasure · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I used to have this chair as I work from home and I thought it would improve my gaming. /s

It sucked. No breathing for my skin and overall just bad and loose. Did not construct well.

Just got this chair with these wheels and I think it is totally worth it.

More comfortable, definitely breathable for long hours and my ass isn't sore from sitting in it all day.

u/Komm · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

These are the ones I actually have, as far as I can tell they are all the same though. I just went with the ones I linked because the company is super helpful about stuff. Like I said though, far as I can tell, they are all the same caster.

Come to think of it, I need to order another pair. I've acquired yet another desk and chair, this time in the garage. Plastic casters ain't gonna hold up very long out there from experience.

u/d3lap · 2 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

I think the amazon basics one
Is good, if you don't mind that it can tilt back/front.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/pilonidalcyst

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure...

I like this one a lot, always super comfortable to sit on.

u/broadcastpizza · 2 pointsr/VIDEOENGINEERING

Taking your post literally, this:

I use it on every show, and it has made such a difference since I bought it.

Other than that I would say it is my collection of dongles. No one ever brings extras and when theirs don't work...

I would say Decimator MD-Cross (or HX if you don't need a test pattern generator), but that's kind of just an assumed that everyone has at least one of those in their workbox now.

u/ProximtyCoverageOnly · 2 pointsr/battlestations

These ones:

Yeah man the armrests on this chair are painful after like 5 mins lol

u/fantom2415 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest Pads, Comfy Gaming Chair Arm Rest Covers for Elbows and Forearms Pressure Relief(Set of 2)

u/DXRacer · 2 pointsr/dxracer

A King series should fit you the most comfortably.

All of our armrests have about the same amount of cushion, but there are some third party solutions on Amazon if you require extra cushion on top of what we already offer. Be aware that memory foam covers do generate additional heat.

u/Rocket_Puppy · 2 pointsr/simracing

I use these

Little more sturdy than standard casters

u/123baconbaconABC · 2 pointsr/simracing

I bought a set of these:


currently out of stock but there are similar alternatives available.

Works really well.

u/nastybeerlover · 2 pointsr/hotas

You can also get fruitbooters wheels for your chair from amazon (for hardwood and industrial carpet only)

something like this:
amazon link

u/Bubcha · 2 pointsr/simracing
u/blackoutut · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Thanks for the reply! I will check all of this out. But I really just don't need the drawers. I was thinking about using something like this...

Expensive. But it would eliminate all the issues caused but just legs.

u/________null________ · 2 pointsr/IKEA

I would recommend a desk top with a larger depth like the gerton. The 24” depth of the table top you linked is really meant for counter spaces and the like. Desks usually have a greater depth. When you mentioned have dual monitor arms, that also led me to believe you would need a bit more depth. I have the gerton top, and it’s just enough with my dual monitors, keyboard, and trackpad.

I would also recommend and electric raising and lowering desk stand like this: VIVO Black Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation, Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base (DESK-V102E)
These are nice in case you decide you don’t like the height at any specific point, or if you decide to stand for a bit. On top of that, they are extremely sturdy and take up less room than using drawers as legs on either end.

u/shitgoessouth · 2 pointsr/synthesizers

VIVO Black Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation, Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base (DESK-V102E)

u/burner_dj · 2 pointsr/DJSetups

Here you go

VIVO Black Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation, Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base (DESK-V102E)

u/tjfenton12 · 2 pointsr/Blink182

I bought them on Amazon, they weren't too expensive. Here's the link:

u/iStealthyApple · 2 pointsr/desksetup

VIVO Black Computer Desktop ATX-Case, CPU Steel Rolling Stand, Adjustable Mobile Cart Holder with Locking Wheels (CART-PC01)

Use this. It has wheels and the sides slide out to multiple sizes. Keeps the floor from getting sucked into your pc as well. Was my old riser. Currently just using a metal monitor stand. You could try that if you’re rocking like a cooler master huge case and don’t like the walls

u/YJCH0I · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Best decision I made as well. Mine is this one which I like because of its minimalistic design. :D

u/DigitalWitnessSix · 2 pointsr/vinyl
u/Shovaty · 2 pointsr/vinyljerk

Here are the wall mounts for you

And here is what my wall actually looks like

u/steed_jacob · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Thanks! I found some record hanging shelves on amazon and got 2 sets of 6. Link here!

u/installins · 1 pointr/battlestations

I have this cart that i bought for my pc so it would stay off the ground :

but it haven't used it cause i want to see my glass window pane on the side :(

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Price History

  • VIVO Black Computer Desktop ATX Case CPU Steel Rolling Stand   ^PureLink
    ReviewMeta: ★★★★✮ 4.3/5 from 115 valid reviews
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]

    Call the Bishop, these prices are sinful.
    ^(Info) ^| ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2Fbapcsalescanada%2Fcomments%2Fci3vdq%2Fcase_canadacomputers_fractal_design_definer6%2Fev2fsar%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/elimi · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

My desk came with a little caddy/tray with wheels made having a define S and r5 so much more manageable! I'm sure Ikea has something like that or even prime able you might want to look into.

Gives a few more inch ground clearance so less dust, easier to move out of the way for general vacuuming again less dust and moving it around is easier when you want to open it or plugin stuff in the back.

Something like this I'm sure there are cheaper ones out there.

u/DasCifix · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

You should probably get a stand to put your PC on it. It can suck up too much dust and that can harm your computer.

I recommend this:

u/sturdy55 · 1 pointr/battlestations

Saw a few people recommended moving PC to the floor, and placing on a stand. Sounded good to me as well and wanted to recommend this one

u/slink_bradshaw · 1 pointr/vinyl

Those were purchased on amazon. They have nicer wooden ones but they are a good bit more expensive.

These are the shelves.

u/2018IsBetterThan2017 · 1 pointr/Kanye
u/nourishablegecko · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I bought a VIVO electric base a couple months ago and am extremely happy with it. Fairly priced IMO compared to other options on the market

u/Freonr2 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I got this base for a custom top, might do well with these counter tops, though not on sale right now:

Super impressed with the sturdiness and quality, lifts up my large 1" plywood corner desk and four monitors, 3 setting memory, and timer.

u/Grippentech · 1 pointr/battlestations

It's actually a standing desk, and for what it is it's good bang for the buck, although a bit too shaky for my liking.


This top:


And this base:

u/GenevieveLeah · 1 pointr/BabyBumps
u/NeedKindness · 1 pointr/RandomKindness

i just went to Amazon and same thing is LESS EXPENSIVE... thanks /u/OkamiTenrou for the suggeston... here's the link to help everyone out:

u/anthylorrel · 1 pointr/Lyft

Not Lyft related, but I do rely a lot on walking and mass transit. Have you considered getting a rolling grocery cart like this one to make your grocery trips easier and/or buy more stuff so you have to make less trips?

u/Reasonabledwarf · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

If you absolutely must have wheels, you can grab a tower caddy like this:

If you absolutely need to elevate it, your best bet might be to get a busted old PC and repurpose the case.

u/bk20111 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I'll be using a cooler master silencio 352 matx case. Will I need 2 of these stands or can I get by with 1?
Only one review stated that it fitted a cooler master n200 matx, but IDK if he was referring to 1 or 2 stands.

u/darkjedi1993 · 1 pointr/battlestations

There's no "standard" height for that. Your tower just needs to be high enough for your power supply fan on the bottom to suck up air into it. You case has little feet that put it just high enough. What I've seen most people do is find a little piece of wood that is just wide enough, or maybe a little wider than their tower, for it to sit on. Me personally, I've got a stand with wheels on it that I can't recommend enough.

Here it is:

It's got 5 wheels on it, and is a bit of a pain to smoothly roll around, but if you don't move your PC for anything other than dusting it out every so often (I do it every 2-3 weeks), it's MORE than worth it to purchase. The stand will keep your tower somewhere between 3-4.5 inches off the floor. Really hope this helps.

u/Dredge6 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Think about that for a second.

Your PSU pulls air from the bottom, but it sits on the floor.

Now I'm just a big nut for air flow and cooling efficiency, but if you care about it as much as I do get this

When I got mine I just ripped the wheels out and put it under my tower. It gives about an inch of clearance from the ground which just makes me feel better about airflow.

u/shawnjawn · 1 pointr/buildapc

I'm wanting to put my PC on a small side table. I have this right now, but I'd rather have it elevated. My PC will weigh about 20-25 lbs (Fractal Nano S). Any recommendations?

u/Zodiac____ · 1 pointr/buildapc

Like this?

u/Kayedon · 1 pointr/buildapc

I've been looking into something like this recently-
There's a lot of options, just gotta find one that's sturdy and fits your needs.

u/DabErrlDoYa · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I legit JUST bought one of these last week off Amazon so I can keep my desktop off my carpet floor... Still called a CPU Stand too! Works great...
Item on amazon

u/how_does_i_reddit · 1 pointr/buildapc

It really shouldn't fall over. Everybody I know has it normally and I have never heard of putting it on its side, but I imagine it would raise temps a bit. If you put it on the dresser you should have less issues with dust which will keep temps lower and you won't have to clean it as often. This also goes with putting it on top of the desk. If the first two aren't options then just put it under the desk but try to not have it directly on the ground. Something like this could help with that and make it easy to move around. I wish I had one of those haha I might just have to order one now that I think about it.

u/LTKVeteran · 1 pointr/buildapc

Perfect solution if you dont mind spending <$20 Mobile Desktop Tower Computer Floor Stand Rolling Caster Wheels and Adjustable Width from 6 to 10 Inches


You can put it on your desk if you have space

u/monk3yboy305 · 1 pointr/battlestations

This. I use it to keep the computer off the carpet and allow the psu fan to function properly.

u/SpinahVieh · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This nice PC CPU Stand

u/Monkeyboysteve · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

My fault for not being specific, it is under my desk at the moment, it is around 65cm tall and has another 10 to play with, need to keep it under my desk as there is no room next to it.

I need something like this ideally

But one that fit my computer.

u/Faptain_Calcon_ · 1 pointr/buildapc

I use this to not only lift it from the ground but also give my PC the ability to be moved around easily

u/Scoutdad · 1 pointr/oculus

I just moved one of my kid's PC's to a carpeted floor to make room for a second monitor on his desk. I used one of these stands for $11 to keep it up a bit as the case is a big Fractal Design R5 and has a fan and filters on the bottom. Been working well but still need to be cautious rolling it as it is a big case. If your case does not have bottom airflow it is probably not necessary, but does help with accessing the back panel.

If you have the S be very careful with those controllers as many report they are not as durable as the controllers from the CV1. Some find a small mat in the center of their playspace helps keep them from venturing to far.

u/Sparkisparki · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I use one of these on my carpet:

I love it.

u/tally_in_da_houise · 1 pointr/buildapc

I bought this stand from Amazon for my server which is housed in a Fractal Design Define XL.

Stand works well, and includes casters if you want to move it around your desk (if necessary).

u/C0mpass · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This is the one I ordered:

I like it since it has room at the bottom for the rear mounted fans to get air.

u/tom_c · 1 pointr/vaporents

Pretty much exactly my setup, but the Volcano on the left next to the window. Very nice, but you need to get a computer stand and put that shit on the floor. Too much desk space taken up, but you don't want it to sit directly on the floor either. It's a tricky situation. Then you need a second monitor and a dual monitor stand to be a real badass. Desk space is essential.

u/Vidgrod · 1 pointr/buildapc
u/MechaCoffeeBean · 1 pointr/buildapc

I like the last one for looks, but I'd probably go for this one personally as the early ones look too close to the same cheapy office chairs that I go through.

u/greg37 · 1 pointr/ireland

I got this on Amazon UK about two years ago for £60, actually really enjoyed it, until the recline broke.

u/FreeMan4096 · 1 pointr/buildapc
I'd give it 4 out of 5. Can recommend but surely you can find better if you are willing to spend bit more.

u/Fliptoe · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I've bought a couple of these in the past, they have never cost the £312 they claim to be worth but its a pretty decent chair for £99.

u/CreeperID · 1 pointr/buildapc

I am currently getting this:
Now it's on sale I can safely say that it is worth it!
Otherwise, look for used chairs, as long as you do your research, you can bag a hell of a deal.

u/LicensedPrism · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/xonehandedbanditx · 1 pointr/battlestations

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair, Black

I have that one. I really like it. Very comfortable and decent price

u/andrewl15 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Desk Computer Chair O10 by BestChair

u/Racist_Cornflake · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

a friend of mine bought this one

It seems to be going pretty well for him. It is really comfortable and can lean back. Worst case if you don't like it you can always return it.

u/xevian · 1 pointr/sysadmin

Use to be any normal chair worked for me. Once my back started showing the signs of being unsupported man that hurt. It began in my early 30s, and my 20s I never had an issue with my back and a random chair. I guess I have been using an unsupported chair for long enough my body is noticing it.

I bought a very sturdy one from Amazon for under a bill:

u/Alex35143 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

BestOffice Office Chair Desk Ergonomic Swivel Executive Adjustable Task Computer High Back Chair with Back Support in Home, 1, Black

I’ve had this guy for 4 years and love it, paid $100 at the time

u/NoInvincibleArmies · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This, this, and this, are some good cheap choices for a new chair around $100. For the $200-$300 dollar range, this is comfortable and well made, and this is essentially a leather chair on a swivel, will last long, but no back support. If you still want a DX Racer, here's a DX Racer chair from their Formula series, but cheaper than on their website. Lastly, this is something very similar to the DX Racer, with about the same reviews. I'll leave you to decide between those.

u/b1900 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Here is one.

u/echocage · 1 pointr/buildapc

That looks pretty flimsy for $150 compared to something like this, plus this has much better ratings

u/DJMooray · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I was looking at this one is it good?

u/don_Shado · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/Scottvdken · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Not sure if it's this exact one, but almost identical

u/StephanieCurrie · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I bought the same one a month ago, and don't recommend it. Overall it's great, but the cushion on the arm rest is terrible. There are deep impressions on the arm rest (both sides) exactly where I usually rest my elbows after only a months use.

u/wanderlust_0 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

awesome. thanks so much. i'll go do this soon. there's a hardware store that's a 5 min walk.

So Do i get washers or nuts? aren't washers super thin? Do you think I could get 2 inches out of this? How about even more like 4 inches?

Here is my chair:

It's a pretty large one. Will the tork be too much when leaning back on the washers?

PS: there's tons of youtube videos that show people easily removing the gas cylander from office chairs. but i've tried on the two i have and it's impossible even when I'm swinging the hammar so hard it almost damages the chair.

u/iwerson2 · 1 pointr/buildapc


I recently bought this (actually 2 days ago) and I'm loving it! It's big, is a flexible chair in that it's not a static chair. You can flex yourself back and it bends. Has height settings with handle. It's fairly comfy for it's price point. I can take my feet off the ground and snuggle in this thing and watch movies/etc on my PC. I like it a lot.

And the assembly takes 15-20 mins (no additional tools required on your end of course) it's so easy. Good luck on whatever you end up with!

u/Flipsyde127 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Probably one of the most recommended chairs for under $100. Super comfortable and decent to assemble.

u/Gorthon_ · 1 pointr/buildapc

IO Crest Black Computer Stand with Caster Wheel (SY-ACC65057)

u/Mottomi · 1 pointr/battlestations

I'm using this to hold the CPU:
Syba Steel Computer Stand for ATX Case with Adjustable Width and 4 Caster Wheels - SY-ACC65057

u/SpacePistachio · 1 pointr/buildapc
u/ConciselyVerbose · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace would get your computer off the ground. A piece of plywood would also be plenty if you're just trying to keep it off of carpet.

u/armouredking · 1 pointr/homelab
u/fockface · 1 pointr/battlestations

It's metal and sturdy. It also makes your computer look like it's levitating. Works great with the Fractal Design R5, but that's exactly as wide as it will get.

u/LamppostInfiltrator · 1 pointr/amiibo

Staples. They're usually the cheapest there, since they're sold in packs of two. They're also on Amazon, though, but Staples is definitely the better deal.

EDIT: Woah, they discontinued that deal on Staples. They bumped it up to a 4-pack, which is annoying. Here is the 4-pack on Staples, and here is Amazon's listing. Staples is still cheaper, but it's dumb they don't come in packs of 2 anymore.

u/lisalynne · 1 pointr/funkopop

It's for 4 of them, I have a lot of pops 😳 I've gotten the solo versions for as low as $15.56, but currently they're around $25. Maybe keep an eye on it with camelcamelcamel? Good luck!! 😄👍 Azar 326043 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

u/Caylm · 1 pointr/AnimeFigures

My collection is pretty modest in size, but I still think one Detolf would not be enough to display each figure nicely. I like admiring the work on all my figures hence the generous amount of space for each shelf. That and Black Heart is huge so she demands a shelf for herself. is the three-tier riser for the most of my nendos. It does get pretty tight with the stand's arm, but its been working pretty well for me.

u/dommmmmy · 1 pointr/funkopop

These work really well with the Detolf glass display:

Azar 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

A little pricey, but they fit the shelves perfectly.

u/MelloNyan · 1 pointr/AnimeFigures

I have two of these from Amazon. I like that they are completely clear and you can put quite a few nendos on them. Here's what they look like with my collection.

u/thefreeze1 · 1 pointr/funkopop
u/MutantSquirrel23 · 1 pointr/amiibo

I got these tiered stands that work really well and fit nicely in the IKEA Detolf display case (which I plan on buying soon now that IKEA just opened in my city).
You can find them on Staples here
Or Amazon here
The price fluctuates a lot on both sites, so just check for whichever is less ... just remember that Staples sells them in a 4 pack and Amazon sells them individually.

u/ShadowCrossZero · 1 pointr/AnimeFigures

I used this one for the nendoroids, and these for some of the scales.

u/BasicToaster · 1 pointr/funkopop

These are what I use. You can squeeze 16 pops on each detolf shelf.

u/Electricakes · 1 pointr/amiibo

[I use this acrylic display.] (

You would need at least 2 for the SSB set, and the SMB are taller so I'm not sure how well they'd fit, vertically. Right now Ike looks to be my tallest, and the top of his head just clips the feet of Yoshi on the shelf above.

u/Shaggy158 · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

Here it is!
It's inside this shelf on these displays
Just waiting for that gold mario :)

u/GODDZILLA24 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Album with more pics.


u/just_some_gomer · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

tape measure says 13".

Here's a standing desk i've been pondering. It might be sweet on a folding table but gig transportation seems like it'd be a bear. Maybe it's light enough to throw it in the car; i don't know..

*or one of these Spider stands. i picture putting a thin board across the arms and having a stand up platform to work at.

u/PhantomOfKrankor42 · 1 pointr/amiibo

Thanks! Still missing the Mii Fighters.

The thingy on my desk isn't a monitor riser, it's a Vari-Desk that lets me use my traditional desk as a standing desk. Desk.

VARIDESK - Height-Adjustable Standing Desk - Pro Plus 36 - Black

u/badlcuk · 1 pointr/cscareerquestions

Really? Most up to date offices will have something if you request it. My company just has ones that sit on top of a desk and they can rise and fall--no dedicated standing desks. Something like this except our original ones were only about ~$200 as they're just a platform we put our laptops on that we can rise/fall. Or we stand at our kitchen areas hightop tables. You can find cheaper options. Walldesks are particularly cheap.

u/picmil · 1 pointr/lockpicking

There's only one solution to this problem.


Or something like this:

u/NOTcj · 1 pointr/badroommates

Being polite and responding to a casual greeting like 'How are you?' is FAR from an invitation for him to start aggressively hitting on you (or soliciting you for prositution), especially when you have already rejected him quite blatantly on many other occasions. Don't be afraid to be more direct with him, firmly tell him in no uncertain terms that you are not and will never be interested in him. Is there any way for you to get out of there and into a different place? If not, maybe you can talk to your landlord about having him removed? Regardless, you should invest in some kind of door lock ASAP- they are fairly easy to install yourself. This could be another good option.

u/OneTwoWee000 · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole

Get a door stopper to prevent the door from opening when you are within your space.


u/fuckoffdepression · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole
u/riotousgrowlz · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Also you can get a product like a Door Jammer that essentially adds a lock to a door.

u/Helpie_Helperton · 1 pointr/furniture

VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart for 32 to 65 inch LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen | Mobile Stand with Wheels (STAND-TV03E)

I have been using this stand that I purchased off of amazon for the last year. I was really impressed with the fit and finish during assembly. I have a 60" mounted to it and have nothing but good things to say about it. The convenience of being able to move it around to accommodate the optimal viewing angle from the living room, dining room and kitchen is so nice. I actually am disappointed now if I am somewhere where I don't have a perfect straight on view of the TV. The internal cable routing keeps everything on the ground and mostly out of sight, even on the back. Also, the wheels are very impressive. They appear to be too small and hard, but I have a very deep pile, shag rug and they roll across, on and off of it with ease. My only regret is I noticed they are now selling it in white, which would match better with my decor than the black one I currently have.

u/sean_the_head · 1 pointr/homeoffice

Try searching for “computer cart”

I have one of these in our office: VIVO Black TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Stand w/Wheels Mobile fits 32" to 65" (STAND-TV03E)

u/rselover · 1 pointr/hometheater

No decent spot to mount, wife doesn't want in area where it would be watched. Only watch like 1x per week.

Could imagine putting on a tv stand, but need somewhere to stash that... I realize I have a ton of requirements, that's why the projector was attractive


u/MMfuryroad · 1 pointr/hometheater

Yup, This is like the one I use for my 65 inch Sony X930E. i see the one you linked says up to a 55 inch but I'd just check the VESA pattern and weight limit and go from there. The one I use has the double steel tubes and is rated up to 100 pounds. I don't have mine behind a shelf/cabinet though just freestanding with the wheels locked down. Works great👍.

u/chronicosteo · 1 pointr/running

I'd recommend a TV cart. I had one of these in front of my treadmill until my treadmill broke.

u/winework · 1 pointr/buildapc

Get something like this.

It'll force correct posture by not having a padded back to lean back on. Keep checking CL, Thrift stores, classifieds, and flea markets for deals. Make sure you google appropriate weight limits and such before making a purchase, or search the /r/BIFL forums for older posts on appropriate brands. EZ rule of thumb is if it MSRPs for 500+ and is sold to businesses directly. They're built to last.

u/punnypeony · 1 pointr/pregnant

It's more like a U shape. This is the one I bought for my desk: ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion - Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain

u/victoriasaurusrex · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I think I'm going to hope it will be ok but not count on it. The recovery is the pits!!

Purchased this today, hope I won't have to use it forever:

u/kimpers · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I bought an ergo cushion. This one in particular:

It sucks to have to buy something like that on your own dollar, but I ended up using it at home too! It helped a lot.

u/MrsCantankerous · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I'm so sorry! I've been dealing with this for about half my pregnancy too. First thing that helped me, was a Coccyx Cushion: It helps a lot. I also started physical therapy and acupuncture and I've found them both to be immensely helpful. While I felt the most relief from a heating pad, my physical therapist told me that icing the area is better because the sciatica is caused by inflammation. Good luck!

u/Sp1derX · 1 pointr/DiscountedProducts

I got this one for $5 less. I love it, thought it tends to shift back on the seat some.

u/KeronCyst · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

Dang, that sucks. Also, I just read your flair. Have you considered this sciatica cushion? - just saw it yesterday and thought it might help.

u/plays_reddit · 1 pointr/AskBattlestations

Any wobbling at lowest or highest settings? If I use wheels, I plan to use something like this. You think that'd cause/exacerbate wobbling? I'm on carpet, if it matters

u/Tinnrox · 1 pointr/dxracer

Oh I didn't even consider buying a different type of wheels. Thanks for the information is this the one you were referring too?

They are well priced to if this in deed the correct one!

u/Ratatattat44 · 1 pointr/buildapc
u/JHBrwn · 1 pointr/battlestations

Just purchased two of those chairs about a month ago. About 3 grand spent, but my wife never complained about the price once she sat in hers. Also upgraded the wheels with these:

u/joelamosobadiah · 1 pointr/Workspaces

Not an answer to your question exactly, but have you considered upgrading your casters instead? I'm not sure if it's truly better over multiple years at protecting your carpets over a mat, but I've LOVED having them on my office chair and can't see any visible wear on the carpets.

u/cozzy891 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I recommend Rollerblade wheels for your chair. I got them for hardwood and I love 'em.


u/Stevejhgla · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Replacing your office chair wheels with something like these is another option. They are much softer than the standard plastic ones, and tend to be better at not getting stuck / sliding on the floor.

u/wuhkay · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Check these out.
Edit... how about some context. If you want upgraded wheels check these out.

u/atVindr · 1 pointr/hoggit

I got a pair of these the best wheels I have used on an office chair in my life and they're so exceptionally non friction on my hardwood floors I know that my room has a small tilt towards the center of it.

These put a stop to that rolling in sims

u/borderrat · 1 pointr/Workspaces

Stock casters but have looked into these Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/Universal Fit

Like I said though, have never had a problem

u/AtHeartEngineer · 1 pointr/battlestations

Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) - Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood - Perfect Replacement for Desk Floor Mat - Rollerblade Style w/ Universal Fit

One of the best office upgrades I've done. Way better than those shit plastic wheels.

u/robotninja0 · 1 pointr/dxracer

The ones I got were actually a little more expensive:

I opted to buy these because of the high number of reviews with good ratings. I figured I already spent $300 on a chair, might as well get a good set of wheels for them. Although the ones you linked above looks pretty good too.

u/Klockworc · 1 pointr/battlestations

Get some wheels

u/Tenelli · 1 pointr/battlestations

Hey so I just got these rollerblade style casters in the mail today and they’re great!
The ones that come with the chair are decent enough. I just wanted to see if I could get a bit smoother roll with these.
They add about an 1 1/2” height and they do roll better than stock casters. Of course they void your warranty though since they’re not stock but yeah if you feel it doesn’t roll smooth enough for you on carpet. These are the ones I got.

u/jimbonics · 1 pointr/PSVR
u/ajlangsdon · 1 pointr/techsupport

Update: Anywhere I roll my computer chair (DX Racer) it causes this, even if I am not sitting in it. Other chairs do not. The only thing that has changed is that I put these caster wheels on -

u/bradscool97 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Get one of these AmazonBasics Foot Rest - Black

Helped me a bunch I work a lot at a desk and I have felt that pain for ages your body can't place all the weight equally onto your legs and often it's essentially focused on the chair itself this helps with that issue. Don't really know how it completely helps but did for me

u/troggbl · 1 pointr/vive_vr

This is the chair i have that I've replaced the cushions for better support with.
I have it fairly far back compared to a "proper" typing position (far enough it would be called unprofessional in an office setting) and then my legs are pretty much at the same angel with a footstool like that.

I have the armrests at full height and pulled back and my forearms rest pretty much perfectly on them ending at my wrist.

The only time I have problems is if I drop something and the game doesnt have a jumpy pickup system. That can be pretty annoying/painful sometimes.

And not really sure what a hybrid board would be, but if I have to support my weight its pretty much a no go as I'd need my walking sticks.

u/Sl4ve · 1 pointr/battlestations

This: AmazonBasics Foot Rest - Black

Just a simple footrest

u/nonbinary_as_fuck · 1 pointr/battlestations

I tried that Ikea foot rest and found it flimsy and small. The alternative I went with that's more utilitarian-looking, but also far sturdier: AmazonBasics Foot Rest.

u/newgirlie · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

That's what I was thinking. I looked at this and this, from the reviews I'm leaning toward the latter even though it's not adjustable. Thanks for the advice!

u/Queenofthepineapples · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I bought this foam pillow with a tailbone cutout and got some amazing relief. Our desk chairs at work have good lumbar support but the seat cushions are atrocious; adding the pillow was just what I needed to avoid the crazy awful back and leg pain I was starting to develop. Hope you find relief soon!

u/EntropyOrSloth · 1 pointr/piano

I have a long-term back injury as I was hit by a car while on a motorcycle at 60mph back in 2011 - broke over a dozen bones, screwed up my spine, and have permanent nerve damage. I don't think I was lasting even 60mins on a piano bench. I did two things which had miraculous effects. First, I also put on lower back and upper back braces before sitting down on the piano bench. Secondly, I now sit on a thick memory foam cushion on top of the piano bench. Your mileage might vary, but the combo of these three items has been nothing short of miraculous for me. The other day, I sat 2 straight hours at the piano and there was not even one peep from my back.

u/RainbowSixThermite · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Something to make sitting more comfortable!

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion, Orthopedic Design to Relieve Back, Sciatica, Coccyx and Tailbone Pain - Perfect for Your Office Desk Chair

Rest My Sole - Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk - Ergonomic Footrest Your Feet Will Love at Home or Office - Resilient Comfort Foam, Non-Slip Lower Surface and Low Profile for Optimum Leg Clearance

u/metamet · 1 pointr/ProgrammerHumor

I got this one:

And later got this cushion for it, bc the padding just isn't enough:

Good combo.

u/worldasmyth · 1 pointr/pics

You may have tried this already, but I now carry one of these with me on every flight over 3 hours and my tailbone has never been happier:

Sure, you look like you're carrying a private toilet seat everywhere you go, but whatever, your butt is supremely comfortable.

u/dogeatdawg · 1 pointr/buildapc

Like these or these?

Or do you mean like a horizontal extension?

u/Dolch8 · 1 pointr/medicalschool

I have this chair with these added arm rest covers, and it's amazing. I spend A LOT of sitting these days (yay dedicated!), and it keeps me comfortable.

u/THEKevinChandler · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

FYI I love my DXRacer but always hated the armrests. I just recently picked up these memory foam armrest pads and they're absolutely amazing.

u/Dark_Prism · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I actually like mine. It's a "Killabee". It wasn't terribly expensive. Though I also bought arm rest cushions.

u/Intrikate · 1 pointr/dxracer

I just got my dx formula last week and bought some padding because people have complained about the armrests.

I bought these

They fit like a glove and make the armrests 10 times better imo.

u/V0RT3XXX · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I really like this one but boy, they are so pricey

u/Mag7ue · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

These. I've been tempted to get a few for a long time now...haven't done it yet.

u/spexmac · 1 pointr/Damnthatsinteresting

This looks similar:

u/Einlander · 1 pointr/oddlysatisfying
u/MB38 · 1 pointr/gifs

Product link here. Looks like you can get them for about $25 on Amazon.

u/EpochZero · 1 pointr/simracing

Most chairs use standard caster sockets. Just replace them with locking casters.

AGPTEK Office Chair Casters Heavy Duty with Screwdriver, Safe Roller Wheel Replacement for Hardwood Floors Mat Carpet Tile - Set of 5 All with Brake System

u/Mainah1776 · 1 pointr/simracing

I bought these locking wheels for my chair. On my hardwood floor with all of them locked, I can push on my brake and the chair doesn't move back.

u/aladclemregor · 1 pointr/simracing

Why doesn't anyone think to buy wheels with stoppers on them? I bought some for mine and the chair doesn't move at all, comes in handy and no need for silly printed stuff.

Edit: Here they are for anyone interested

u/niceumemu · 1 pointr/simracing

These are an even better option, one of the few sets of replacements with brakes on each wheel too

u/SCphotog · 1 pointr/simracing

It looks great.

I got these (linked) for my regular office chair so that I wouldn't roll backwards when I press the peddles.

u/MyParentsAre_Cousins · 1 pointr/battlestations

Thanks for the suggestion. That seems fairly reasonable and would fit my desk well.

This is the desk frame I have. The suggested max dimensions is 85"x44" and I would love to take full advantage of that. I tend to accumulate a lot of stuff and I love having a lot of space to spread out. Plus I'm hoping to double the space as a work bench for crafts and stuff.

My end goal, if I had a living space to allow it, is to get two of these frames and have an L shaped desk with a set of shelves between and over head. This would give me a lot of room to work on projects and have all my stuff organized.

u/aberugg · 1 pointr/sysadmin

My home setup I still have an l-shaped glass and steel desk (I prefer glass for how cold to the touch it is and clean it looks), triple monitor, desktop pc on the centerpiece, and an older 32 inch lcd tv with a setup for my laptop or projects on the other desk to my right. If I were to do it over again, I would get one of these:

And go to home depot and get a big 24x48x2 piece of wood, sand it, stain it till it's good, do a thin polyurethane top coat, etc...

And use this for my 3 monitors at home, instead of the stand I currently have. Fixed mounts with a curve, all the way. For value if I were doing a new build, I would get 3 of these as my monitors:

I prefer 1080p as it's still the end-user style often used.

This is the dock I would use for the triple monitor setup. Displayport-to-hdmi cables are all over the place, adapters too. Cheap. This dock does some modest charging, but these Plugable ones have been super solid in our workplace so far.

u/phatKirby · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

The original $500 pricepoint is kinda... outdated, just the frame alone is $200-350 (depending if it’s a single or dual motor model). Add in a standard non-solid wood top for under $100, and you got the going rates for these lower-end standing desks. So, it’s a steal compared to the going rate, but I’d imagine they cheaped out on stuff (like minimum height) compared to other ‘brands’ (they really aren’t much different from each other for this price point) such as autonomous, vivo, massdrop

Edit: in for one, noticed in the confirmation email that they’re also advertising the desk for the price of $400. Somebody changing the prices messed up bigtime lol.

u/khoker · -2 pointsr/CozyPlaces

One option to deal with the TV is to use a cart that can be wheeled into another room or closet when not in use. It makes the room a lot more flexible (and attractive). They can be had for under $100 on amazon.

(note: I don't have that one, so I can't speak to the quality, but reviews seem positive)

u/Yvese · -5 pointsr/pcgaming

Honestly people. Stop buying into esport/streamer hype.

You want a comfortable chair? Keep your current one. Buy cushions that are designed to support your back/ass:

Currently using these two: For my tush and for my back. $40 turns your shitty chair into a dxracer with probably better armrests ( at least my $100 staples chair has cushioned armrests )

Don't buy into the hype. I'm sure they're nice chairs but $300? If you had that kind of money to dispose of then use it on your PC.