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u/JDubya9397 · 91 pointsr/gifs

My sentiments exactly. Apparently you can get them on Amazon.

u/Exotor · 53 pointsr/Roadcam

Oh they exist.

u/sean488 · 27 pointsr/DIY

So Elon's "flamethrower" is just one of these with a second fuel line?

u/KrustyKrab223 · 23 pointsr/buildapc

Buy one of those instead. Cheaper and work far better.

u/ProfDoctor404 · 19 pointsr/SeattleWA


Discharging that on a beach COULD get you into pretty serious trouble depending on jurisdiction. Even though the thing is just a trendy and vastly overpriced weed torch for the easily duped, WA state law is very broad in what it considers a weapon. Best find a shooting range.


u/isreddit4real · 14 pointsr/whatisthisthing

A robot lawn mower that can be programmed to cut the grass.

u/thousand56 · 13 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I have this

It works great

u/badreferee · 12 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Greenworks Electric Blower - $30 @ AMZN

This is the first blower I've bought and it does the job. You'll need an extension cord to go along with it. The plug is located in the back of the handle and recessed, so make sure you don't have an angled outlet on your cord.

A couple tips:
-if you have any spare screen material, attach this to the intake to prevent sucking anything in (I sucked in a fly once and spewed fly bits all over my clean paint)
-tie the cord in a knot around the handle to prevent unplugging the extension cord

u/MolecularDissonance · 10 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I bought this one it works great as long as you stick to a regular cutting schedule. If you let the grass get too long it will grow too far above a certain point on the reel and will just lay the grass over instead of cutting it leaving you with a really patchy cut and more work to do.
Other than that it's quite satisfying. I always found it nice and relaxing to cut the grass without the noise of a motor.

Edit: corrected hyperlink

u/Shinobus_Smile_Work · 10 pointsr/RetroFuturism

And this is the mowing robot from 2018.

u/pktgen · 9 pointsr/lawncare


I rented a slice seeder last year and found it did a decent enough job of removing thatch. Plan on doing it again this year but three passes:

  1. First pass with no seed. Quickly comb over with a rake then clean up with a push lawn sweeper (I got this shitty overpriced thing but it was soooo useful. If i had a mower with a bagger attachment, I would've just used that instead to bag the debris).
  2. Second pass with 1.5 lbs/1000sqft of seed going North-South
  3. Third pass with 1.5 lbs/1000sqft of seed going East-West.

    I like using the slice seeder because if I broadcast the seeds, birds with just eat them up.

    Seed and Fertilizer

    You should put down starter fertilizer at the same time you put down your seed. The most important thing at this point proper watering schedule!

    Seed Mix
    > I want something that looks decent but is good against summer droughts and not too delicate.

    We all want this haha. I'm going for a more disease-resistant mix this year, so I customized my own mix of grass breeds:

  • 30% Bewitched Kentucky bluegrass
  • 30% Diva Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 20% Zodiac chewings fescue
  • 10% Spartan II hard fescue
  • 10% Beacon hard fescue

    It is a little (a lot) expensive but I'm only year #2 into my lawn renovation. My lawn is only 4000 sqft and most box-store products are sized for 5000sqft so its not "expensive" for me to experiment.

    You probably want a KBG/Rye mix. If theres any shade on your lawn, make sure there's at least 10% fine-fescue in your seed mix.
u/SeafoodDuder · 8 pointsr/Advice

It really boils down to 'staying hungry' in your life. If I'm always learning things, I'm always doing things (even by myself), if I challenge myself to do things then I really have nothing to complain about. Arnold Schwarzengger's comment here on reddit is very inspiring.

I quit my video game addiction. This was probably the biggest thing holding me back in my life. All the achievements, finding items, crafting, whatever it is means nothing outside of my computer or circle of online friends. I felt like shit, ate like shit, was tired all the time, I was moody, I would rarely go out and decided that's not who I wanted to be anymore.

I started working on my circle of control. This is incredibly important because you start to work on yourself more and start to give less of a shit about the news, weather, the idiots in virginia, trump, north korea, etc. Be pro-active!

I started learning about personal finance and being frugal.

I started a fitness program (for myself and the ladies). I bought a bike, weights and a yoga mat. It keeps me pretty busy.

I watch movies and tv shows on my 720p HD, 100" LG PH300 that I bought on eBay for $250 (had to do research and read and I like doing both).

I'm on a dating website and I like writing to others.

I'm interested in figuring out better ways of doing things. Smarter > Harder.

I'm interested in landscaping (love my rototiller, painting and making shit look good.

I'm interested in metal detecting. I've been reading up at /r/metaldetecting.

I quit red meat (beef/pork) about four years ago and I quit white meat (turkey and chicken) about three weeks ago. I'm testing out being a pescatarian. So, it keeps me busy looking at recipes, trying different fruits and vegetables. I like knowing what I like putting into my body and where my food comes from.

and more! :)

If I ditch the smart phone and video games then avoid spending 8 hours a day on reddit or twitch then shit gets done. It's about self-discipline. You can do things if you are interested in them.

I'm here if you want to talk or you need help doing these things.

u/Justinw303 · 7 pointsr/homeowners


No lie, I use that type of mower. Keeps the legs strong.

u/Jouaram_The_Fat_Mule · 6 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Any type of foaming ability included with a pressure washer will be crap. You need to buy an actual foam cannon such as this one to get the results you want. There are cheaper options than this one but I elect to stay with MTM.

I usually put 2 ounces of soap into the canister to get optimal foam.

u/mitchell486 · 6 pointsr/lawncare

I'm by no means an expert, so please take this advice with a grain of salt. Also, this is a bit long so I made a TL;DR at the end. I live in Southern Indiana, but I've recently taken an interest in fixing our new front yard. I will do my best to keep this advice as general as possible. I think you might have a week or two left to try my steps, if you want to take this approach. I think your temps are still low enough that the grass hasn't hit the spring "growth and changes" yet. However, if you can't get it in the next few weeks, you might have to plan out your fall steps during this summer, and then around Sept(?) you could dethatch, rent a plug aerator, overseed, and cover the seed with some top soil and wait. Over winter those seeds are supposed to lay dormant until next spring. However, I'm not about fertilizer in the fall, so you'd have to look up info on that.

My general rule is to try to follow the overall starter advice from The Lawn Care Nut, which is mainly "know your lawn square footage, and break it into zones", "have a plan and try to stick to it", and then "mow extra high and very often" (most important one, IMO). For me, it's 3 zones of Front, Side, and Back. It's ~13,000 sq ft total, but this year I focused on the side (~1,750 sq ft), and the front yard (~3,600 sq ft). So a little over 5,300 sq ft when I'm talking about effort/hours/costs/etc.

Be aware if you do follow these steps, your yard will look like CRAP for a few weeks... But after 14-21 days, I REALLY think it will turn around!

As far my spring starter-plan/steps, I used:

  • Mow extremely low as you get into the first few mows of the year (with bagger on, so no clippings or grass are left that you'd have to pick up anyway)
    • Don't do this if you have already mowed more than 4-5 times in the regular mowing session... Any later and it means your grass is already in the initial growing stage and it won't help that much. If that's the case, you'll have to wait until next year.
    • From your pictures, it looks like it hasn't hit that "missed your window" stage, so I think could still try these steps.
  • Dethatch and clean off all the debris
    • I had a gift card for amazon, so I got the $100 dethatcher. Use the recommended gauge for extension cord size and this thing really does work!
    • You can rent a power rake, or a pull behind dethatcher.
    • You could manually rake the yard too, but ohhh boy do I recommend against that unless you're an athlete or crazy.
    • The key here is to get down to where you see at least MOSTLY dirt in the bare patches, and make sure that you don't have areas of covered dirt where grass can't grow. New seed won't take, and existing grass would rarely want to spread to that area and break up the thatch/matted stuff, so exposing it is key.
  • Use bagger mower or leaf blower to remove thatch!
    • I found this tip online and I REALLY recommend it. Raking it by hand is EXTREMELY difficult and time consuming. I'm not "in the best shape", but I'm not in the worst shape either... 31 years old, and sure I like beer when yard working, but HOLY CRAP that's rough. I only did manual raking for the 1,750 area and I was sore for days. My bagger mower worked really well for cleaning the front yard. It almost creates a vacuum to pick up the stuff so it worked well.
  • Rough rake up a few bare spots
    • I then applied higher quality soil in a few lower holes/areas. (~3 bags of this stuff. As a spot-fill type situation. Good quality soil, but I wouldn't buy a lot of this for an entire yard, because of price.)
  • Overseed the HECK out of it.
    • My rule was that I would rather spend $40 per big bag of seed, and overseed TOO much, rather than underseed and regret it for an entire year. I think it worked well.
    • I used this Landscapers Mix because it had the best blend of Tall Fescue and KYB. I read somewhere that if you want a tall fescue filled yard that works well, you need a blend with at least about 20% KYB so that early germination helps.
  • Fertilizer
    • I used this one that I found at Menard's and used based on the very high Nitrogen content (35-0-6)
      • I recommend learning about the numbers on fertilizer so that you can safely and properly fertilize moving forward. Yes, a soil sample would probably be VERY beneficial, and eventually should be done.... But if you have never used any fertilizer on your yard, it's more than likely at least missing Nitrogen. I highly suspect that our previous owners had NEVER fertilized, so I knew any/high Nitrogen would be better than nothing. Also, it's my understanding that nitrogen is not replenished naturally in soil without something to help it. So that's why most fertilizers focus on it as the main key ingredient.
  • Cover any large bare spots with high quality top soil or something to help keep the seeds safe!
    • Damn birds... They're vicious when you put out seed!
  • Water, water, water...
    • Water immediately after, and then daily after that.
    • I watered at least once a day. I never watered more than 2 times a day, but I got lucky with rain... I have to temporarily travel daily for work, so I'm away from the house for 11-12 hours a day during this time. Even so, I've been able to water it at least once a day with good results.
    • The watering phase should last at least 7-10 days, at minimum. But, I still water it pretty freely and it's been 18 days. I will probably keep it well watered for the next month or two, so that it doesn't ever truly "dry out" more than an inch or two that is exposed to the sun/heat. I want to ensure proper growth, even if it means mowing a lot more.
    • I have had success both when watering in a morning, or if I was forced to water after work. I rarely get home before 7pm, so watering happens right around dusk, or even after dark depending on how tolerant my wife is about letting me get outside and get things done. :) I've not had any bad things yet. Maybe I've gotten lucky, but without an irrigation system, I am just doing the best I can by watering when I get the chance to do it.
  • Mow high and VERY often!!!
    • I mow on Wednesdays and Weekends. (Move it a day in either direction if i have to for weather)
    • I use my push mower for these 2 front/side areas, and I keep it on the highest setting. I bag my clippings, because I know really just how much thatch I pulled out of these two areas... I want a good healthy lawn established before I even think about putting any clippings back on there.
    • Just a general ol' push mower, nothing fancy. I sharpened the blade at the start of March(ish), and will probably touch it up again in a few weeks.

      Other than that, I simply try to spot check weeds. I did learn a few things that I will keep using throughout the year. This includes overseeding again in the fall to make my spring start a bit easier next year. I do also plan on re-applying some mid-strength (10-10-10, maybe?) fertilizer in about 6-8 weeks... I think it will need to be a lot softer/lighter of an application because of the heat we can get during Indiana summers.

      I think your temps are/have been fairly close to ours in Indiana. So if you're willing to put in a few evenings or a weekend of some pretty hard work, then remember to water it all afterwards daily, I think you can turn your yard around!! Below I will put a few before(ish) and current/"after" pictures to help give you an idea of the "bad times" and then also how great it can also turn out!


      Before picture. I only took pictures after dethatching and picking up the excess grass/thatch. This was April 27th, 2019. -

      During, which was about 14-15 days in... Regular spring growth and I already had little germination sprouts! This was May 11th, 2019. -

      Taken yesterday. Not much change from the 11th, but it still looks like it's growing, in my opinion. May 13th, 2019. -

      For posterity, this is most of the front yard. Work was done May 4th-6th... Taken May 13th, 2019, at 9:21pm, sorry for the low quality. -


      I hope this helps! I know I feel very proud of my progress so far, especially being the first year. Normally it's about a 2 year process to turn a yard around, IIRC. I think I got lucky with mediocre spring temps and decent amount of rain so far!



      TL;DR - If mid-late spring temps and rain allow, mow on lowest setting, dethatch until you see bare soil in patch spots, rough any bare spots that you won't cover with soil, overseed the HECK out of it, fertilizer with high nitrogen (35-0-6 worked well for me in Indiana with a "never before fertilized lawn"), cover as many bare spots as you can with high quality soil, and water water water! (At least once a day for a few weeks, if not more. I think the more you water "evenly", or at least once daily, the more chance your grass will grow like crazy! At least that's my theory...)
u/wino_tim · 5 pointsr/lawncare

Here are some basic steps:

(1) Buy SpeedZone and a sprayer. Mix and blanket spray AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, being sure to not cut or water your lawn for two before or after application. SpeedZone won't kill all of your weeds - grasy ones like crabgrass and nutsedge are able to dodge it - but it will quickly kill the overwhelming majority and the coming cold weather will kill the rest.

(2) Wait two weeks. During this time gradually reduce your height of cut to as low as you can take your grass without damaging it, probably somewhere around 2". Bag clippings for these mows. Also, spend some time budgeting for and researching your next steps.

(3) At the two week point, mow a final time. If you can afford to, rent or buy a dethatcher and dethatch your lawn to get rid of all the dead grass and weeds. (If you do this, be sure to rake up or use your mower to vacuum up all of the dead stuff). Also - if you can afford to and have the time - rent a core aerator. Move quickly on both steps, try to get them done in the same day. If you aerate and your lawn isn't enormous, I'd recommend raking up the cores and tossing them but that certainly isn't mandatory.

(4) Hopefully in that two week waiting period you researched seed. Now is time to throw'er down. Use a spreader and apply seed. If your lawn was REALLY 60% weeds then you will want to put down about 1.5 times more seed than is recommended on the bag for overseeding. Tamp or roll your seed into your soil. Top with Scotts Starter Plus Weed Preventer. Cover with a light covering of peat moss, EZ straw or some seeding mulch. The latter are particularly helpful if you have hills or slopes that you are planning to overseed.

(5) WATER. The number of times you water and amount you water will depend a lot on your individual property. Make sure the soil is damp but not muddy at all points. For me that usually amounts to short waterings at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm. Water more frequently or deeper if it is atypically hot.

(6) Wait as long as you can to mow. Three weeks would be great, but isn't always doable, particularly if you have an HOA ready to violate you for overgrown grass. When you do mow, you can use either mower, though the reel mower might be a little lighter and hence gentler on the new grass. Either way, you want to get on and get off as quickly as possible and avoid making any abrupt turns that could rip the new seedlings out of the soil.

(7) This could be the most important one of all... next spring, probably around the first week of April, apply a pre-emergent. This will prevent many - though certainly not all - weeds from showing up in your lawn.

Hope this helps.

u/childers8772 · 5 pointsr/AutoDetailing

This is my set up and works great. The reviews say the MTM doesn't work with the SunJoe SPX3000 but it does. I've ordered 3 in total for friends and myself. All of them has came with the 1/4in fitting and works perfect with the SPX3000. So the idiots that left the reviews saying it does not work must not know how to change out the fittings or something?
Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon with Bayonet, 2600 PSI

u/offtheclip · 5 pointsr/metaldetecting

It's about 130 canadian dolleroos on Amazon.

I think you got a fantastic deal on your carrot.

u/joerdie · 5 pointsr/HistoryPorn

I use one very similar to this one but is no longer made. Here is a picture of it. I got it second hand from a company called Building Value. They focus on the "reuse" in "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

u/hutacars · 5 pointsr/financialindependence

The lawn’s am interesting one for me. Someone put a flyer on my door the other day saying they’d cut both lawns for $35. Okay, let’s use that as a base. Let’s say I expect to cut my lawn every two weeks all season long, a season lasts 9 months (because Texas), and I seek a <2 year ROI. Over 2 years I would pay them 35*52*.75*2/2=$1365. I can buy a robotic lawn mower for $1000... so why not do that?

I ultimately didn’t, deciding that mowing the lawn myself was worth the precious little exercise it offered me, but I’ll probably regret that once summer hits....

u/dircs · 5 pointsr/WA_guns

The boring flame thrower is literally just a fancy weed burning torch, so feel free to use it on your property to burn weeds.

u/Harris_Bob · 5 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I've only owned a single foam cannon and that's the MTM Hydro Professional. This one has a smaller orifice specifically meant to be used with electric pressure washers that don't output the same water as gas pressure washers.

When I was researching foam cannons, I noticed the community was split on cheap <$20 foam cannons (the ones that pop up on Amazon by searching for "foam cannon"), and by higher end >$50 foam cannons like the MTM I have.

A lot of people were saying the cheaper ones performed just as well as the expensive ones, and a lot of people said they didn't. One thing I knew for sure from watching take-apart videos, was that the internal construction for more expensive foam cannons was a lot better than the cheaper ones. I figured if I was going to be using this in a business setting, I should opt for the more expensive one ensuring I get the better quality.

u/howtocookawolf · 4 pointsr/landscaping
u/Weird_With_A_Beard · 4 pointsr/woodworking

Zircon MetalliScanner m40 Handheld Electronic Metal Detector

I got it last week and tested it on some carts I'd made and knew where the screws were. It found each screw with no false positives.

u/yousmelllikebiscuits · 3 pointsr/Nationals
u/TyrantLeo · 3 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Just get an electric power washer with 2000 psi and this foam cannon from Amazon.

You may have to remove the original adapter the factory put on the foam cannon with the American standard in order for it to fit onto the sprayer.

Afterwards, enjoy!. Don't mind the spec sheet at the bottom of the list. It's outdated.

u/__PROMETHEUS__ · 3 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I've been using an MTM Hydro for ~8 years now, it's fantastic.

u/holeshot1982 · 3 pointsr/homeowners

Worx WA4092 Universal Fit Gutter Cleaning Kit for Blowers

u/Tyberos · 3 pointsr/metaldetecting

I appreciate the kind words. I don't know about knowledgeable, but I'm happy if I can provide any information of value.

I only ever used the White's Bullseye II and the cheap and generic Bounty Hunter pinpointer before I got my Sunray X-1 inline probe(discontinued). For this reason, I don't know enough about pinpointers to give you a definitive answer. I think the general consensus is that the Garrett Pro-Pointer II and Pro-Pointer AT are good investments. But as I always point out, White's also has the TRX and Minelab has the Pro-Find 25, so there are other options. Also, be wary of knockoffs. I've only ever heard of Garrett knockoffs, but I imagine there are others.

Of the above mentioned, the generic is the cheapest (often below $50, because it's not great), followed by the Bullseye II ($119), then the Pro-Pointer II, the Pro-Pointer AT, and the Pro-Find 25 (around $170). I think it's a shame that the market price for a decent pinpointer is over $115. I think a reputable company needs to introduce a more economic option. It's crazy to me that these companies have pinpointers that cost almost as much as an entry level machine. It's supposed to be an accessory! Tesoro could do this. Tesoro could make a better pinpointer than their "Treasure Mate" and sell it for sub $100. They should.

I think it's worth taking the time to watch YouTube comparisons of these pinpointers to see which one you'd prefer. The TRX and the Pro-Pointer AT are waterproof. If I'm not mistaken, the Pro-Find 25 is not waterproof, and that's outrageous that Minelab would put out such an expensive pinpointer and it's not even waterproof!

The best option, in my opinion, is to get an inline probe like those made by Sunray. The only issue is, Sunray makes very few models and as newer machines come out, Sunray has failed to keep up. This is another area where there is this huge market that hasn't been exploited. People will pay a premium (I paid nearly $300) for a probe built in to their primary machine, and as far as I know, no company is making these.

As for a machine...I had a White's for years, but I just can't get enthusiastic about them anymore. I want to try the Treasuremaster, which is their most affordable machine, because I've heard good things and it looks kinda cool, but I don't have the resources to try various machines. Obviously there is the new Garrett 400, but honestly it just looks like the 350, which looks like the 250, which looks like the 150. I still don't understand why Garrett has like, four "entry level" models.

I think when you approach the $400-500 range, it's time to start looking at gently-used machines. I always push Minelab - I admit it, I'm a fanboy and I am biased - so I would recommend a used Safari (paging /u/bainsey1985), an SE Pro(just sold), or even an older Explorer II. I know a guy who has been running an Explorer II since like, 2005, and I used my even older Explorer XS until it finally died in 2015.

There's a Tesoro Tejon that just sold and I'm sad I missed it. $350 is a good deal for a machine that is normally about $600. Similarly, I saw a Tesoro Deleon selling for $300 once and I still kick myself for not getting it.

There are also two deals on Friendly Metal Detecting Forums right now that I can't link to because the For Sale Section is for members only. There's a Tesoro Vaquero for $400 and a Tesoro Conquistador (discontinued) for $160.
I've never used Fisher so I don't know anything about them. I've never used the XP Deus but good luck finding one for less than $800. I'm rambling now...

u/LeSuperNova · 3 pointsr/lawncare

nope, it's a special tool, very similar to a slit-seeder but without the seeding capability. Think of it basically tilling up your soil without ripping out your turf. It cuts into the soil just enough to allow seeds to fall past the turf\thatch and onto the soil, which is essential to effective germination.

You can either rent one or buy one. I opted to get one 2-years ago and I feel like my purchase has been worth it.

The collection bag is completely useless.

I actually just saw that the Lawn Care Ginja did a review on this -

TLDR of the video: it doesn't compare to the commercial version, but for ~$130 compared to ~$3000 it's totally worth it, he came away impressed.

u/MichaelApproved · 3 pointsr/lawncare

As you do more research, you'll be tempted to till your lawn. Don't. Using a power rake and core aeration is a better option.

You can rent a power rake but it was cheap enough on Amazon to buy one for future use, so I went for that.

This is what I bought last year for $100.
Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 12.6"...

SunJoe is a good brand. I had an issue with the first one I bought and they sent me a warranty replacement without a hassle.

Core aeration machines are too expensive to buy (couple thousand dollars), so renting or hiring someone to do it is the best option. The machines are big and heavy, so make sure you have room in your car before renting it.

When you buy battery powered tools for your lawn, consider the whole system the company sells. You want to find a brand of tools you'll buy everything from, so the tools can share batteries. Sometimes the battery and charger is half the price of the tool. If you already have a battery from a different tool, you can buy a version without the battery and save that money.

Look at GreenWorks line of lawn tools. They have a good range of products. Once you have a charger and battery, you can buy the other tools without that and save. Though, I like to have two batteries in case I run out of juice in the middle of a task.

u/ryanchappell · 3 pointsr/metaldetecting

Glad to hear it! Hope you all enjoy it and get hooked by finding a gold ring right away! Get a good garden trowel and the Fisher PP is down to $35 on amazon., mine wore out after 6 months, the point wore clear through. When you know you are hooked get a Garrett Propointer at a target price of $107, and lesche thrown in for free with your next detector bought for 20% off list, like an ATPro for $500.

u/inneedofcreativity · 3 pointsr/Vermiculture

I bought this and when I sift, most everything goes through, including these rather large egg shells from my first attempt at composting.

Should I have gotten a smaller size? Or does anyone have any advice to make it more usable?

u/ianosaka · 3 pointsr/metaldetecting

Definitely check out the thread from the sidebar. In particular there are some cheap pinpointer suggestions.

The Bounty Hunter and Fisher pinpointers look the same and probably have the same internals as both companies are owned by First Texas Products. They also own Teknetics. $33 on Amazon.

The $16 "HF" one they mention I believe is Harbor Freight.

As far as getting better, watch more YouTube videos. What sort of land are you searching on?

u/nerdychic · 3 pointsr/rockhounds

OK I am home from work. So....I see someone linked you to minedat. All the locations I was going to mention to you are in there. If you go to Big Brook, this is what you want to look for as far as fossils goes (we collected these ourselves):

The tube shaped things are fossilized phragmocones from belemnites.....a squidlike animal. You can see a fossil shark tooth on the left. The curved horn shaped things are oyster fossils and the round-is objects are fossilized brachiopods. These are also pictured on the Big Brook website:

I suggest you take along many towels (muddy sometimes), a change of clothes, a bathingsuit (the water starts to look reeeeeally inviting on a hot day. We just sit in the water and sift). And one of these (This is the one we got. I think there are size restrictions so dont get a bigger one):

There is also a place called Poricy Park in Red Bank. We have never been but a friend of mine had great success there. Same situation as Big Brook, bring lots of towels because its muddy as heck. I feel like I am forgetting to tell you something but if I think of it I will comment again on this post. Feel free to ask any questions, we probably live less than 20 miles from you, so we know the area well. My husband is also a Geologist so feel free to pick our brains. Dont be shy!

u/HisDivineShadow_12 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I use this and love it. It's great for the whole system, especially the heat sink fins. It's ESD safe:

u/johnpseudonym · 3 pointsr/metaldetecting

I agree with u/mansion. Last year I bought Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange . Am very happy with it, totally worth it.

u/tikitoker · 3 pointsr/howto

I live in a 90 year old house with fairly thick plaster, I use a Zircon MetalliScanner m40 to find studs. It's a hand held metal detector not a stud finder. I'm about half way done rewiring the house and it's been 100% accurate and well worth $30.

u/hydrogen_wv · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I use this one with my ARBlue 390SS and Meg's Gold Class. It has two adjustments, one to change the shape of the spray and another to adjust ratio of water:soap mix. I'm not sure exactly which foam lance you have, but if it doesn't have a dilution adjustment, that may be the issue.

You could also try increasing the soap:water ratio in your bottle to get it thicker, to see if that helps instead of buying a new foam gun.

Edit: Changed link to proper model for electric power washers. Thanks, TimeToGrowThrowaway

u/squareoak · 2 pointsr/metaldetecting

Agreed. Get yourself a Garrett pinpointer: Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange

u/btone911 · 2 pointsr/yard

You're looking for a reel lawn mower. This one looks like it's got good reviews

u/teebob21 · 2 pointsr/OrganicGardening

I posted this a while back, but it's relevant.

I have many tools, and each of them gets used every season. Your situation may not be similar to mine, but hopefully this is helpful.

I have four 4x8 raised beds, three 3x4 beds and a 2x10 bed. The 2x10 is 10 inches deep on top of bare Phoenix clay, the others are 8 inches deep and were put in (unfortunately) on top of a Bermuda grass yard. I use garden mix similar to Mel's Mix for Square Foot Gardening: peat moss, vermiculite, and compost. The beds have been in for two years, so there is a growing percentage of native soil (sandy clay). I also have a compost bin made of lumber and hardware cloth with two 4x4x4 bins.


  • Garden forks: I have several of these because I keep breaking the cheapo plastic D-ring handles trying to dig my native soil. One day I will have a tool repair shop attach new handles with proper steel D-rings and rivets. Best used for compost (although a manure fork would be better) or light garden soil.
  • Trenching spade (the kind with the long rectangular blade, not a square garden spade) - this is the proper tool to use to dig down into native soil here. It is also useful for breaking up my garden beds in the summer when the bastard Bermuda grass has woven its underground runners into thick sod. AKA a drain spade.
  • Scoop shovel/grain shovel: Used when transporting soil or compost from one bed to another, etc.
  • Garden rakes (steel tines): Excellent for raking and smoothing loose dirt, or applying even layers of mulch. Not so good with cleanup tasks.
  • Leaf rake (plastic tines): Excellent for raking stems, branches, and leaves. Not so good for moving dirt or heavy mulch. Also makes the parts of my yard where grass does not grow look clean and tidy.
  • Transplanting trowel (small composite blade; Fiskars): Good for small transplants
  • Garden trowel (large steel blade): Good for large transplants
  • Hand cultivator: Three-prong hand cultivator
  • Standard Hoe: Makes me sandwiches and brings me beer (not really...I kid, I kid!)
  • Action hoe: good for cutting off weeds below soil level
  • Wheelbarrow: carries 200 pounds of compost without breaking my spine.
  • Dandelion digger/weeder: Cuts taproots on recalcitrant weeds.
  • Electric tiller ( ): This is a luxury. It accomplishes nothing more than I could do with a spade, fork, or rake, but it does it in a quarter of the time. Light enough to lift into a raised bed, heavy enough to keep the tines in the soil mix. Optional, but useful.

  • Finger: Was born with a 10-pack. Pokes holes at appropriate spacing for seeds. Optional, but only just barely.

  • Mattock: I did not buy this but inherited from a friend who moved into an apartment. This was a godsend & lifesaver when I had to remove the stump from a bush I tore out and installed one of my garden beds. Optional unless mining for gold.

  • 4-way hose splitter: I only have one spigot and multiple watering needs.

  • Hoses, trigger sprayer, water wand, watering can

  • Hose timer: Useful for keeping my time investment alive in summer when I was out of town.

    TL;DR: I like me some gardening and my shed is well-stocked. The manual cultivators are not worth it; you can accomplish the same thing with other multiple-purpose tools, or a cheaper hand cultivator.
u/congocross · 2 pointsr/lawncare

As a new homeowner, I too took an interest in my lawn this year. I find dethatching (I did it by raking) helps A LOT in getting rid of debris and allow the water to penetrate the soil. With the debris gone my grass filled up all the empty/bald spots with ease. I didn't need to overseed. Instead of renting an aerator, I hired a person who came and aerated my lawn, the cost came up to only $25 more than a rental.

I purchased a special rake for about $25 that is too heavy to be use

I used this rake instead and found it much easier.

Also, I did a round of Bonus-S which fertilize and killed some weeds. (Manually pulling up the big weeds gave me the best results)

But a month ago, I purchased a dethacther machine but has yet to use it

u/LordDoubleBucket · 2 pointsr/Frankenbike

Got mine used for a season for far less...$90 maybe? I see them on Craigslist a lot. It's a bit more work maybe (especially when it's growing quickly since you have less leeway as far as max length and cut length) and you don't get the same laser-level cut but the crappy yard around this house we bought last summer has a nice dense green turf now and all of my neighbors have brown patches and leggy clumps of grass. Only thing we did was spread some compost mix around to level out some divots and start using the reel. For the .25 acre I have to deal with the silence, lack of mess and maintenance, and results definitely outweigh the con of the extra effort.

u/FigGnuton · 2 pointsr/metaldetecting

Here are two on the low-end side of it:

I went with this one:

I can't say if the one I bought has really been worth the extra since I've never compared but I'm very happy with it. It does a really great job at helping me find where items are.

What mode are you searching in? Tone, disc, or all metal? I also have the tracker and depending on where I dig is how I set it. My backyard, probably full of trash from when they built the house, I keep the discrimination high. A park, especially near benches, I might go for full metal mode so I miss nothing.

u/thantik · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

It's the same price or cheaper than a lot of plastic, and it's not hard to print with at all. Print directly on birch ply with no heat and it's fine. Heated garolite works amazing too. I print with both 645 and 618. Nylon can be extruded with any nozzle that'll do abs. I print at 243 degrees and it's great.

There's actually guy guy printing with this stuff: and it's $21 for 3 pounds of the stuff (so much for saying it's more expensive). 1.75mm -- found from here:

u/maybe42or54 · 2 pointsr/homeowners

Great States 415-16 16-Inch, 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower, 16-Inch, 5-Blade, Silver

Push reel lawnmower

u/darthjenni · 2 pointsr/Vermiculture

I got a set of Stackable Sifting Pans that gold miners use. I like them because they fit over a 5 gallon bucket that can turn into storage until I need the material.

Edit to add: If I was going to get them again I would only get the 1/4", 1/8".

u/2016b · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Need suggestions for a blower

My job gave me a $50 gift cord a while back, so I'll be using that to help pay for it.

So far I'm looking at these: (Found a $12 discount)

Thanks in advance

u/justwanttolurk · 2 pointsr/lawncare

Seems like this is posted every couple of days...

Here is a direct link (without the affiliate ID from the OP) to purchase:

u/Superj89 · 2 pointsr/funny

Just wanted to edit this because it looked like a robot posted it. But:

u/xzt123 · 2 pointsr/lawncare

$500+ for that bag-a-nut, I think I'd try the $50-80 option first

u/prjindigo · 2 pointsr/Grass

Centipede responds well to a little moisture management in the dry season and the use of neonicitinoids... you can apply them about 3 feet away from the flower beds because the grass can actually distribute its own water.

Remember not to let it consume the topsoil, use regular milorganite applications and spread and beat in a little potting soil or cheap peat before snowfall. Cheap peat is easier, you just sprinkle it on before your second to last mowing and let the mulching work it in.

Sharpening the mower blade and running it at a lower speed, just like with StAugustinegrass, works well on Centipedegrass. So does reel mowing with units like in 14 inch swaths if you're feeling athletic.

Sharp clean cut at appropriate height is always the first step in lawn care and sharp blades do better clipping puree

u/brianwski · 2 pointsr/gatekeeping

Oh Lordy, I just looked and you can buy them new from Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon. Why?!

u/ttlens · 2 pointsr/metaldetecting

Something like the Teknetics Eurotek Pro that was designed for use in the European environment. Teknetics, Fisher, and Bounty Hunter (BH) are all owned by the same company.

You can buy the Eurotek Pro off with international shipping, will probably be cheaper than buying locally. Get the 11” DD coil model, it’s about $250. Get the basic Fisher or BH pinpointer for about $30.

u/Fubarfrank · 2 pointsr/gardening

It's called a weed burner (of all things) and can be purchased at most hardware stores and even rented. All that is needed is a propane tank like what is on your barbeque and a lighter. It throws a minimal flame and is pretty easy to use.

Source: Rental Guy, and we rent weed burners.

u/BlueFalchion · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

If you really want you can use .065" trimmer line. Its super low quality, full of moisture, and only comes in blue (Color coded by diameter), so it bubbles a lot when printed. The appeal is $22 for 3 lbs. I haven't gotten around to oven baking it yet, and that might help.

u/lazarus_long_dong · 2 pointsr/gpumining

Power off. Go to a ventilated area. Secure all the fans with tape, blow them hard with something like this

Remove the tape, check all the connector are inside the things. Plugin in, power on.


Total time per rig, around 10 min or less.

u/derrick81787 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

It's funny that you say that:

u/cf2121 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I have the Karcher k2.300 electric pressure washer. Make sure you get the MTM Cannon that is designed for Karcher washers.

u/BeebopMcGee · 2 pointsr/gardening

Hello! I also am in Dallas and relatively new to gardening at a house.

My recommendations:

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Easy Gardens for North Central Texas. It was so incredibly helpful to figure out easy-to-grow plants for the various parts of my yard. If you don't want to buy it, go check it out from your library and make photocopies.

  • There are a lot of plants in that book that you won't always see at your local Calloway's or Home Depot. You can shop online for plants. Just shop around, and make sure you google "[online shop] review" and look for the reviews at Dave's Garden. Home Depot has a larger selection online than in its local stores, and shipping is free for orders over $20. I ordered Brilliance Autumn Fern and Kerria from HD, and all the plants were very nice.

  • Shovel, hand trowel, rake, hoses, nozzle sprayer (you can get one with a bunch of different settings at HD), and most importantly good gardening gloves (usually by the garden cash register at Home Depot). Once you get your plants installed, consider buying soaker hoses. You can google about why those can be more effective than your generic sprinkler / sprinkler system.

  • As suggested by others, study the lighting conditions in the various parts of your yard. Lighting conditions make all the difference in what will thrive and what will die. Google more about this - lots to read.

  • Soil preparation is essential, particularly with our clay soil. You likely will need to till the soil and then (depending on your soil) till in compost or other stuff. You can google more about this or read Neil Sperry's book. You can rent a tiller from Home Depot, but I bought this electric tiller. It's $120 on Amazon, but rentals at HD were ~ $80/day, and I had multiple weekends of work to do. Easy to assemble and use.

  • You asked about raised beds. I've always heard that here in N. Texas, you NEED to amend your soil to make it more nutrient rich. You may be adding in other stuff to help it drain better, too. You can google that, but generally what you want is compost, not the "garden soil" you see at HD. Call the nursery nearest you - all of the ones near me deliver for free. Some require a minimum $50 order, some don't.

  • Don't forget mulch! Again, all the local nurseries by me deliver.

    Good luck!!
u/lokicramer · 2 pointsr/metaldetecting

Absolutely and whatever you do. Do not under any circumstance get one that looks like this.

They are absolute trash and should be criminalized. They are sold in different colors and by different company's but they are the same thing. You actually have to be touching your target for this thing to detect it as metal.

Definitely invest in something like the at pro pointer or something on that level. They are not cheap but they are amazing and reliable.

u/DoctorSteve · 2 pointsr/powerwashingporn

You'll want one of these if you want to clean your car:

Of course it may be cheaper to just go to those self-service car washes, as they're about five(ish) dollars a visit. I bought a ton of car stuff and it was quite a bit more than five dollars, and I don't think I will ever break even as I am rarely in the mood to drag out all the stuff to wash my car... but I don't regret buying them as it is nice to really wash my car on a nice day and really get in touch with it and fix any issues I find.

But those self service car washes are fun too! Grab a bluetooth speaker or hope the place plays music and rock out.

u/redditmakesyoudumb · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I'm fairly new, myself. I've driven clunkers most of my life. Spent about five years downtown where I didn't have a car. Now I'm back in suburbia, so I've got a brand new GTI, and it's the first one I've ever cared to take good care of. Here's what I started with:

u/Mouler · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

2017 Model DataVac Electric Duster ESD Safe/Anti-Static Blower, 120V, Black

Get the esd safe version. They are a tiny bit stronger too, compared to our old white model.

u/TheMetalDetectorist · 2 pointsr/metaldetecting
u/Kasheena · 2 pointsr/Vermiculture

I recently bought this 5pc sifting set to sift thru my vermicompost and I enjoy using it so far. It's perfect for my current size (1 bin). They fit perfectly over a standard 5 gallon bucket. I'm able to sift 3 "types" of compost. Very fine, fine and compost with cocoons.

I definitely recommend them if you're small scale - It's a bit time consuming however.

I have little blips of footage of my castings here:

u/waddupdill · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/jonguyen11 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Just a note, if you get the MTM foam cannon made for electric power washers like the sun joe you will get thicker foam than the one you chose. That one is more suited for more powerful power washers.

Also, if you haven't seen already my setup is here:

u/Fubs261 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I bought my SunJoe SPX 3000 pressure washer and MTM Hydro back in February 2016 and it's still working as of now. I have plans to swap the hose for a longer hose and a new gun. I'm not a fan of the longer wand style gun that comes with it.

u/andykuan · 2 pointsr/lawncare

The Fiskars StaySharp reel mower can be set to 4":

I have one and like it well enough when it's set to 3.5" or lower. That's because most grass tends to flop over when taller than that. I got it because I had dreams of keeping my lawn at 4" to 4.5" but have since scaled back those ambitions to a mere 3.65" that my rotary mower cuts at followed by light trims with the reel mower at 3.5" or 3".

u/KAM1KAZ3 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

This is foam cannon you want to use with electric pressure washers. It's designed to be used at a lower pressure. And 1500psi will work. Just don't expect it to make the kind of foam you see in the CG videos.

u/codinghorror1 · 2 pointsr/Throwers

I throw for hours every night from about 1am to 5am. I cycle through about 20-40 each night. I find it helps my mental health.

I did get this electric high speed duster to spin bearings

u/RevolutionaryCat4 · 2 pointsr/composting

Fits on top of a five gallon bucket. I just have a small tumbler so I don't have to use it for a whole lot. It's probably not ideal if you have a bigger pile but I've seen a few bigger DIY versions on YouTube that do basically the same thing.

u/ErockR32 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I just picked up a greenworks myself just to clean off my car quicker and no trips to the car wash during winter.

I noticed that on the electric power washers the soap attachment is NOT anywhere near as good as the MTM foam cannon my buddy has on is. So I did a quick order on amazon.

The one you need for Karcher is this one

u/Mr_Trustable · 1 pointr/CongratsLikeImFive

Keep an eye out for Garage sales, and such for the off chance they got something manual or electric(I doubt anyone would be dropping theirs)
Otherwise, In terms of getting an alternatively powered one, These are cheapest I saw on Amazon at the moment:

14-inch blade Hand Reel Mower
14-inch 12 Amp Electric Mower
You should be able to find cheaper if you try look, but I don't have time for such right now, location is a big factor of course.

Depending on the size of you lawn, a Weed Wacker should be substantial(I believe that is what is usually used around public building), and as long as you properly dispose of the blade wire, it should be better, even if it's fueled, although of course, electric is better.

For alternatives to a grass lawn, there are lots of articles on the matter, commonly suggesting things such as astroturf, rock gardens, native gardens and such.

If you are part of a villa, in which the owner insists, you could try bring up concern over gas mowers with council, but you might not want to till you at least get to know about it, otherwise, if the owner seems an understanding guy, try bring it up with them.

u/anonanon1313 · 1 pointr/DIY

I've had good luck with this one which many reviewers find to work well on old thick plaster on wood lath homes like mine:

Zircon MetalliScanner m40 Handheld Electronic Metal Detector

u/LarsArcana · 1 pointr/landscaping

For what it's worth, you can get an actual electric rototiller for about that same price.

u/Dongalor · 1 pointr/politics

I'm not saying that telemarketers are necessary, but there are a lot of folks making a living talking on the telephone whose days are numbered.

You realize that there are already autonomous trucks operating in oil fields as we speak, right? Or that the insurance firms are already trying to figure out how they'll deal with driverless vehicles when they hit the road?

Meanwhile, a Chinese construction firm is in the process of rolling out 3D printed buildings, and have stated that the technology reduces labor needs by 70 - 80%.

And then there's the "lawn roomba" that you can already buy on amazon, but don't worry, they also come in professional grade versions if you're dealing with large areas.

I know people want to trot out the Luddite fallacy every time someone says that 'robots will take our jobs', but there are some really smart folks who are pretty convinced that this time it's going to be different.

And it's not even that robots will take all of the jobs, but automation is going to begin hollowing out the employment market soon (and already is), and thanks to Moore's law, once it starts in earnest, it will only pick up speed.

u/Oregon_Trails · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd really like to start a garden this summer so I can start eating more vegetables and get healthy!

So my need is this tiller! It would save all sorts of time and really let me make a big garden.

It is crazy expensive though.

I took a sip of something poison, but I'll hold on tight

u/DanzoFriend · 1 pointr/funny
u/Pyro919 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

They make shop vac attachments:

And leafblower attachments so you can do it even without climbing on your roof:

u/paulwesterberg · 1 pointr/teslamotors
u/hyperair · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

Maxpower 333665 works well on 1.75mm hotends. If you select another brand, be careful to get the ones that don't come with glass fibers in them.

u/IbEBaNgInG · 1 pointr/lawncare

I have the Sun Joe, they're nearly identical from watching the Test and Lawn Ginja on you tube. He has a couple of reviews. Good stuff. I love mine, especially for the money with what it can do. The sun joe comes with an interchangeable scarifier attachment in addition to the dethatcher it ships with. The scarifier attachment is awesome for planting seed. Could not be happier for 125 bucks. Apparently it's a hot item since the price is up to 158 -

u/ChewbaccaBreath · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I’m planning on buying the Greenworks 1700psi pressure washer. Should I buy this one or this one?

u/DetroitHustlesHarder · 1 pointr/lawncare

For manual stomp aerator, are you talking about something like this? I was told that things like this are essentially worthless because they don't pull any plugs.

What about this for a dethatcher?

u/Bravelittlenugget · 1 pointr/gifs

Got excited about the lawnmower, can't say I wasn't surprised about the price (not the exact same one though)

u/blackie___chan · 1 pointr/Vermiculture
u/aresfour · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I have guards and they work really well. I would recommend them wholeheartedly, I have a couple trees near the house and I really don't ever have to mess with the gutters, I love it.

You can get an extension for your leaf blower so you don't have to get up there ( )

Also, you had a typo that I see a lot, adverse - you wanted "averse". :)

u/Wilco10815 · 1 pointr/lawncare

I'd suggest buying one with a couple of neighbors - it's what I did. I heard the blades are worthless. Dethatching regularly in the fall is good for your yard. I also aerate and it does nothing for the thatch. We bought this one. It works great. It's corded so that's a bit of a pain.

u/Ecchii · 1 pointr/metaldetecting

Alright I'm going go with your recommendation on the AT Pro.

Are these reputable places to buy from/good deal? AT Pro + Pinpointer

u/GrammarFailure · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Sorry for graveposting, want to make sure I grab the right foam cannon:

This is the low psi version: Professional 2600 PSI Adjustable Foamer
and this is the high psi version: Professional Foam Lance Adjustable with 32 oz. Bottle

right? it looks like the low psi version doesn't come with quick disconnects, which I'm pretty sure I need to connect to my pressure washer, right?

u/solarwinggx · 1 pointr/watercooling

cleaning it at first will seem daunting, but tbh, its not that bad.
putting it back together after cleaning everything is super easy.


I use one of these to push out the water

u/Pmray23 · 1 pointr/lawncare

Buy this, it saved my Empire Zoysia. I over fertilized a couple years ago, that causes thatch problems along with over watering.

Now, I use 13-13-13 once per month (April through August), and my yard has recovered almost fully from the thatch damage.

1" blade height is ideal.

u/tatanka01 · 1 pointr/lawncare

Seems to be back in stock at Amazon for $132.99.

u/StringCheezus · 1 pointr/landscaping

If you're looking for a dethatcher take a look at this one. I just bought this a couple weeks ago and used it on my front lawn. Worked pretty well for what I wanted it for and opened up the soil a bit. Got mine for about $100.

Greenworks Dethatcher

Youtube Review - Greenworks compared to Bluebird power rake.

u/Illithilitch · 1 pointr/Vermiculture

I use this one:

Fits right over a 5 gallon bucket. Best used with a tool to push the castings through, as opposed to sifting by shaking.

u/yoda_33 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Thanks for the advice.

I plan on getting 3 buckets tonight and getting a blower, there's one on Amazon, for $25 but I'll check home depot first, maybe Costco as well.

There's a Costco nearby, I did a google search, there these right?

> Also, if you really want to care for your car, take into account how much time you will be spending on this. If you are just getting into it and don't mind spending hours a week (or month if you are slightly less OCD) pampering your car, you may want to seriously consider getting the work done by a professional. Many of them can be mobile, or will pickup and deliver to your work. Something to consider.

I have no problem washing it myself, it feels like I'm suppose to be looking after my car. I'm thinking about washing it once per week. There's a good feeling, that I'm getting, who knows this might be a new hobby for me.

u/jep5680jep · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I use this connected to my leaf blower.

Worx WA4092 Universal Fit Gutter Cleaning Kit for Blowers

u/Dom1nation · 1 pointr/gifs

Yeah, but the ones in the gif look like some shitty $100 electric ones.

u/TX_Wave · 1 pointr/metaldetecting

that is the Detector itself...

This would be the pinpointer here :

The detector itself has a pinpointing button , this will help you center the target in the middle of the coil , and you start digging .. then you use the little wand pinpointer i have linked to , to sift through the dirt to find the coin or whatever object is there...

It helps reduce time sifting through all the dirt... dig your little hole, take your pinpointer and move it around the hole and it will beep / vibrate when in contact with the object.

look here:

u/Fuddit · 1 pointr/lawncare

On sale right now for $79.16 on Amazon. Price will jump up to $100+ in August or September.







You are welcome.

u/entropywins9 · 1 pointr/lawncare

You're running out of time for fall reseeding, and it's a bit of a project, but if you glyphosate tomorrow and order or rent some of the below items, you could be ready to seed in a week or so. The soil test could be a problem, takes a couple weeks so you may have to just guess about fertilizer/lime until you get results.

I had about 50% decent areas too, but it was going to be about the same amt of work to just redo the whole thing, and simpler in a way, plus it will look more even than if I'd left patches of the old lawn.

After much research these are the steps I'm in process of doing for Fall Seed complete reno also 7a:

  1. Get Soil Test from local Agricultural Extension

  2. Glyphosate to kill all current lawn (you will need a 1-2 gallon sprayer, and buy the concentrate)

  3. Dethatch and bag the dead grass (I bought a greenworks corded dethatcher, $90 Amazon warehouse, was going to be $80 to rent for a week)

  4. Core Aerate (I have just 1000sf so I am using a $25 Lawn Butler manual core aerator from Amazon, works fine)

  5. Amend Soil with Fertilizer and or Lime as per Soil Test Results

  6. Spread Topsoil to level any uneven areas, water to aid leveling

  7. Roll with a Lawn Roller to level the ground- again I just bought one for $80, rental was going to be the same)

  8. Spray Tenacity Herbicide, one of the few that actually works and can be used while seeding, will kill weeds but not turfgrass, and works as pre or post emergent.

  9. Seed the Lawn (I'm using Combat Extreme Tall Fescue, superseedstore is also recommended.

  10. Topdress with peat moss or more topsoil to keep birds from eating all the seed

  11. Water, usu ~2 times per day the first couple weeks then tapering off

  12. Prodiamine Preemergent in the Spring and more Tenacity to prevent crabgrass and other weeds.

    Some videos:

    Grass Daddy Reno:

    Ryan Knorr Lawn Renovation Playlist:

    All in all this is costing me $800 including the electric mower I bought, but it would cost me prob $5K or more to have landscapers do it.
u/donldmn · 1 pointr/lawncare

I have a drainage ditch that I needed to mow on a corner house with a slope of 30 degrees in some places.

I was looking at several options and ultimately decided on getting an all wheel drive mower.
If the ditch wasn't so close to the street and I had more money I would have really liked to give one of those robot mowers a shot.
Something like this -

Of course there's always the redneck way:

Is you slope steeper than 20 degrees? Almost all riding mowers do recommend mowing on anything higher than 20 to 25 degrees.

u/vidarc · 1 pointr/pics

Just get one of these. When I get a house and move out of my apartment, that is going to be one of my first purchases. I mowed the lawn enough when I lived when my parents. Never again!

u/T42Rush · 1 pointr/lawncare

>Agrifab yard sweeper

hmmm, this?

does it pick up nuts and 'choke cherrys'?

u/cujo195 · 1 pointr/lawncare

I paid about $120 for the Greenworks model on Amazon, link below.

After I bought mine, I saw a similar model from SunJoe with a scarifier for a similar price. I would consider that also if it's still available.

u/XxSchismxX · 1 pointr/lawncare

I bought this electric dethatcher and it works great!

Well worth the money for the time it saves and back pain it prevents.

u/Buck_Thorn · 1 pointr/metaldetecting

Besides the specialized XP MI-6 discussed below, I have both the simple, black, non-waterproof Garrett Pro-Pointer

and the waterproof, orange "carrot" Pro-Pointer AT.

Personally, of all three, my favorite is the simple non-waterproof one. One push of the button and its on, one push of the button and its off. It is tough as nails (as are all three of mine... no problems there) and it is simple. I hate it when I hold the button down a bit too long on the AT and it goes into programming mode. By the time I get it back, I have no idea if I've changed the sensitivity accidentally or not.

My two cents.

u/runningoutofwords · 1 pointr/funny
u/pabloescobyte · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

I actually don't recommend using compressed air if at all possible as the cans typically contain propellants that can end up being harmful to your keyboard internals like the PCB and switches in the long run.

If the keyboard is really dirty, I use a DataVac which, while pricey at $100, is considerably cheaper than buying cans of compressed air over the long run. The DataVac is used to clean my PC regularly anyway so it's a good investment and after half a dozen uses has already paid for itself.

For light cleaning I use a Giottos Rocket Air Blaster to blow away dust and other small particles. Anything stuck on or dried I use Isopropyl alcohol and Q tips to clean up.

Keycaps that are dirty get a warm water bath and are air dried over a microfiber cloth. Once they're dry they get wiped with the same microfiber cloth. Anything dirty inside is cleaned with Q tip and Isopropyl alcohol and a soft toothbrush is used for the inside and around the stems.

When not in use I keep the keyboards in individual sleeves which I recently got custom made by the wife.

u/chicoquadcore · 1 pointr/metaldetecting

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange

u/rr_power_granger · 1 pointr/roasting

Hi all, my goal is to construct a fluid bed roaster capable of roasting a half-pound of coffee per go.

For the motor, I'm looking at this electric leaf blower, and for the heating element, I'm looking to dissect this heat gun.

I'll use a pyrex baking tube, and a cocktail shaker to cap it off at the base. And then some machining magic to couple it to the mounting pipe.

Does it seem like this will get hot enough to roast a 1/2 pound?

I'm trying to upgrade from my current popper setup which can roast a max of 60 grams at a time (and that's with me constantly agitating with a shish kabob stick).

Edit: One possible improvement could be increasing the wattage of the heater to 2000W. Does anyone have a recommendation for a really cheap blower (or just the element itself)? Or would this water heater element work?

If I reclaim the air from the exhaust back into the pump, would this allow a 1500W heater to work?

u/zildjian · 1 pointr/homeautomation

They do, and they're rather expensive.

u/EngineerDave · 1 pointr/lawncare

Yeah you are going to want to get that stuff out of there asap. I picked up an Agri-fab lawn sweeper for renovation work that does a decent job with leaves once you start to rake them up:

It does an amazing job with thatch and lawn clippings, and does a pretty good job with leaves as long as they aren't super thin, then it only does a so-so job. The biggest secret with it is to get the sweeper set just right and the angle of attack that you hold the push bar at, and the angle you lean your body into it.

As others have said get the material out, put down a pre-emergent and follow a fertilization program and weed control program until late summer, then do a seeding with a top dressing. use a leaf blower to keep the leaves at bay while your new turf comes in, and keep the leaves off through the winter.

For areas like this that are going to get constant damage from leaves I recommend a type of turf grass blend that has the ability to self repair. You are in the same zone as I am, so I've had a ton of success with these two:


I use both typically overseeded on top of each other, with the bluegrass going down first and two weeks later the The Combat Extreme. The Combat Extreme comes in within 7 days or so and I also use that for filling any holes in the spring. They blend well together after around 7 months, and both self repair if properly cared for. (note that bluegrass seed is super tiny, so 5lbs of seed covers a lot more area than 5lbs of the combat extreme, hence the price difference.)

u/InsaneNinja · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

That stuff has been in stores for years.

u/aguyandhiscomputer · 1 pointr/lawncare
  1. Mow with the bag to collect the seeds.
  2. Spray the lawn with this:
    and this:
    Or use this to keep it simple:

  3. Buy a spreader and put down some Milorganite fertilizer.
  4. Put down seed in the fall.
  5. Optional: Purchase a dethatcher and remove all the dead grass.
u/jdwallace12 · 1 pointr/gardening

Not sure how much a tiller cost to rent but if you have power near you garden, I have this tiller and it is great when you have already broken through the sod. Way to go! Looks like a great spot for a garden

u/Kaervan · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I use an MTM hydro pro cannon with a sun joe SPX3001. Would recommend to anyone.

MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon with Bayonet, 2600 PSI

u/DragonCenturion · 1 pointr/reloading

I use a set of gold sifting pans and they work great!
Brass pan and Pin pan
Just stack the pans, dump the brass in and shake. Boom brass stays in the top pan, pins fall into the bottom pan.

u/Fiftytwos · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

We have an entry in the wiki regarding this question. . I personally use this foam canon and I love its performance. It comes with 3 adapters, it should have the quick disconnect fitting you need.

u/cycling_duder · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

Also 1.75mm is a common size for trimmer line Example

u/LeRoyTheRoy · 1 pointr/lawncare
u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/subaru

Title | How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)
Description | Learn How to wash your car properly. In this video I go over everything you need to know to Super Clean your car and make the paint go from old, dirty, and dull, to clean, glossy and bright! I cover touchless foam wash, touch wash, clay bar, drying, paint correction, and using sealer or wax. Here are all the products I used: Pressure Washer: Foam Cannon: Foam Gun (hose): Grit Guard: Grit Wash Board: http...
Length | 0:18:55


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u/Scrutinizer · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I got the SunJoe. Have only used it a couple of times, once on my car and once on my small entryway and rear patio (10x10 concrete slab covered in northwest moss/mold). It has performed perfectly on both occasions.

For me, the SunJoe hit the "sweet spot" of features, power, and price. It was $149 at both Amazon and Home Depot (online order only). I went with Home Depot for an easier return in case I wasn't happy. Comes with five nozzles for variety of options (widest 40-degree spray for car rinse, 15-degree did the rear deck just fine). Motor is not quiet, but at least it only runs when you're actually using the sprayer.

As one other user noted, the hose is a bit short - I think it's 20 feet. I own a VW Golf, and with the machine a few feet from the front of the car, it took a bit of a reach to be able to foam the back (I live in a townhome and my wash space is a bit tight). 30 feet would be optimal. That said, the hose material seems sturdier than the "roll up" hoses that come with the Ryobi and PowerWorks washers that I inspected closely at Home Depot and Lowe's.

Speaking of build quality, when you read online reviews, it seems that every brand has problems with longevity and bad "out of the box" units. All of the consumer-grade electrics I inspected seem the same kind of Chinese mass-market build quality. They might last 7-8 years of light duty use, they might leak the first time you use them. Caveat emptor. The SunJoe's two year warranty where almost everyone else offered one was a selling point for me.

One other thing worth noting: MTM Hydro makes two different foam cannons. One is specifically designed for pressure washers under 2600 psi. This is the one you want to get:

u/Bryankkkkk · 1 pointr/funny

I use this cheap one from amazon, works good for the price

u/jwaterworth · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I just bought this and I love it.

Its electric. You hook up your hose to it and it shoots a little water at high pressure, so you use less water with more cleaning power.

u/supersonic3974 · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I personally think the modern ones are better, because the technology has improved over time. I use this one. But I would recommend getting one of the 18" ones so that you don't have to make as many passes. My friend has this one and he really likes it. Just make sure that you keep the blades clean and oiled after you cut the lawn and they'll stay sharp for a really long time. Btw, reel mowers are best when your lawn is flat and smooth. If it's very lumpy, then you'll get really frustrated.

u/dapeche · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Our last house was lath and plaster, and I used this detector with great success. It detects the metal found in screws/nails rather than measuring depth changes.

u/dickwart · 1 pointr/370z

Here's the one I use:

It's heavy duty, and I really like it. The foam in this shot isn't all that great - but it's because I chose to really just get it soaking to get the grime off. Plus, I use chemical guy's which is probably the best around (IMHO) but isn't quite as snowy as others I've used.