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u/RealityCheckering · 140 pointsr/RealEstate

Not a landlord but I had an infestation when a nearby house was demolished.

It's awful and creepy and gross. I'm so sorry.

This is what i used:

Advion roach bait gel everywhere.(keep away from pets - just put it in weird places pets dont go/cant' get to)Tip: Put dots on top of painters tape bc its hard to get off the walls$40(i have a ref # below, just search on amazon if you hate crap like that)

You can also spray the whole house with insect growth regulator (IGR) which stops insects who touch it from reproducing. Try to only use in the house bc outside bugs we need. Its generally $15 on amazon

Hope that helps!

u/wickedblight · 83 pointsr/AskMen

You can send someone roughly 7500 ladybugs with no explanation. I'm sending a bag to my mom when it gets warmer here.

u/TeslasAndComicbooks · 63 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong
u/wasabimcdouble · 53 pointsr/AdviceAnimals
u/DoctorJeremyDunks · 45 pointsr/mechanical_gifs

LENKA Electric Fly Trap Device - USB Powered Fly Catcher - Fly Insect Killer for Indoor\Outdoor Use

u/taco_monst3r · 41 pointsr/Austin

You're welcome
This works or I'll come over and eat your shoes.

u/AmericaNeedsBernie · 34 pointsr/relationship_advice

Actually, that's a perfect idea, get this, and keep vacuum cleaner nearby.

Here it is in action

u/lindymad · 28 pointsr/BeAmazed

A quick Amazon search finds an equivalent device, but the reviews suggest it's not as effective as one might hope.

u/Arrietty_The_Goat · 27 pointsr/teenagers

1,500,000 Ladybugs. Release them in your enemies house.

u/im_eddie_snowden · 25 pointsr/lifehacks

Yea these always did the job for me. Just be sure to to release them a good distance from your house so they can't find their way back in.

u/Szalkow · 25 pointsr/aww

And they sell them on Amazon.

If you want to prank someone and make their garden fabulous as the same time, unleash a box of 1,500 live ladybugs when they're not home.

u/DrSandbags · 24 pointsr/Tallahassee

I also moved from Madison for grad school 2 years ago.

You know the one freak set of 5 days in the Summer where it gets to be in the high 90s and super humid? It feels like that in Tallahasse from mid-May to August. Surprisingly though, I see very few mosquitos compared to the hellhole Wisconsin can be in that regard during the late Summer.

In WI, when rain comes through, it comes in as a long line that approaches your area then continues on in the same direction until it's passed. In Tallahassee, patches of rain appear out of thin air and disappear in different parts of the city. It will be raining on one side of the campus and be sunny on the other side. This happens every day July thru August. You wouldn't be caught in WI without snow boots; you shouldn't be caught here without a good set of rain gear.

Tallahassee is a lot like Madison in sense that it's a smallish city which holds the seat of the state government and a major research university. Life tends to revolve around one or the other. Madison is significantly more quirky than Tallahassee but Tally has its charm if you look hard enough. The airport is regional like Madison, so expect the same limited schedules and high airfare.

Frenchtown is the Allied Drive of Tallahassee. The south side of town is equivalent to Park St. near the Beltline. Railroad Circle is Tally's Willy Street. Unfortunately, there is no State Street equivalent. Also, if you like craft beer, Proof is pretty much the only established local operation(Edit see below, there's Momo's and now Grasslands), so the city is sorely lacking compared to all the breweries that dot around Dane county.

Duval, Bronough, and Monroe are kind of like the University Ave and E Washington of Tallahassee. They get clogged during rush hour as everyone travels to/from downtown. Capital Circle, which loops around the city, has significantly less bumper-to-bumper backups than your typical Beltline rush hour.

For roaches, get some of these, and make sure to replace them on schedule. We rarely see roaches, and then usually only in our garage and only when we forget to put down new traps.

Get to know some outdoor activities that are within 1-1.5 hr drive. I recommend Wakulla Springs, Apalachicola National Forest, and St. George Island.

Like arts & crafts, antiques, and "foodie" restaurants? Try Thomasville, GA 45 mins. across the border. Speaking of the border, you have to go to GA if you want your precious 40 oz bottles of beer. Those aren't allowed for sale in FL. However, liquor stores in FL are open til midnight or 1 as opposed to the 9PM law in WI.

u/Superflypirate · 24 pointsr/sex

It's so your hands are free for better multitasking. You can file taxes, include a TPS report, stick a finger in their anus, or order 1500 live ladybugs on amazon.

u/mattzach84 · 23 pointsr/chicago

I just went through this OP. Stay strong.

  • The insecticides will take time to work. You shouldn't expect them to all die immediately; my problem was much better after two weeks but didn't resolve completely for about a month or 6 weeks after the first spray.

  • The exterminators should come back out and respray if the bugs persist; I wanted faster results too, but the exterminators basically said re-spraying after only a week would have no impact. I had them respray after two weeks. The reason you are seeing (more) bugs now is they are fleeing the insecticide, trying to find safe haven.

  • To really keep them gone, your landlord will want to respray monthly for at least 6 months. Remind them that this is for the good of their building, not because you're a whiny bitch. If they were in your unit, you can bet your ass they have access to every unit in the building. (This is probably why you saw him again the same day - your landlord said "oh shit" and hopefully went to war).

  • I had a pretty major problem with German cockroaches in my kitchen. I'd have loved to only deal with 2-3 roaches a day; I was killing 40-50 myself at first. I waylaid every baseboard, crack, behind-appliance-areas, etc. with bait traps that were advertised to kill the eggs. Also roach motels. They definitely took out their fair share of the fuckers fleeing the insecticides.

  • There is an effective product to keep them gone - but you can't use this until after the insecticide has denatured and you've cleaned it up. Combat Source Kill Gel

  • DO NOT squish the live roaches you see. If you do this to a pregnant female, you can spread their eggs all over your house.

  • Clean everything you can, and you're really better off eating out for the time being (probably your preference anyway because of the fumes). Do not clean the areas where the exterminator sprayed for bugs. Cleaning is your best weapon against them. Don't leave anything out that they may want.
u/DrCrazyFishMan1 · 20 pointsr/makemychoice

I think 30,000 ladybugs is too good an offer to turn down


u/TheForeverAloneOne · 19 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Go with lady bugs instead. They fly around.

If you park in my parking spot and crack open your window... be prepared for a car full of lady bugs.

u/jrbless · 18 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I think a box of ladybugs or glitter bomb is in order.

u/DocHolliday13 · 18 pointsr/tifu

Ant traps:

And for a friendly tip, if you have an ant problem, just store your snacks in plastic containers with lids that seal. Yeah, I've been there before.

u/akatherder · 17 pointsr/WTF

I can't recommend a specific one but Combat should get you started.

u/danelectro15 · 16 pointsr/AskReddit
u/onebadmofo · 13 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Or just get some Terro ant baits and place them around where they hang out. They will SWARM the baits but don't kill them yet, they have to bring poison back to the hive where it'll kill their mama and babies.

u/nothinglefttouse · 13 pointsr/blogsnark

Richard, be the hero Emily needs and buy one of these to rid the house of the flies.

"The BUG-A-SALT 2.0 is the most powerful, efficient BUG-A-SALT designed yet. The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. A surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it. For use by adults only! 18 years of age and older!"


u/mr_337 · 12 pointsr/LifeProTips

Once you find the fly kill it with this. The salt fly shotgun

It's a little expensive at 50 bones but I'm on the 2nd year strong. Best amazon purchase to date.

u/daydream2014 · 12 pointsr/perktv

I would look into $800 worth of live lady bugs. You can get 1500 for $5 plus shipping. So around 240,000 lady bugs. 0.0

u/vintagepolish · 11 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

The landlord sounds incredibly shady from what you've described.

California tenant laws place responsibility on the property management to treat uninhabitable conditions. A cockroach infestation is categorized under uninhabitable conditions - they are a symptom of extremely unsanitary living conditions.

Here are a few links - make sure you read through these and know your rights as a tenant, and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Take photos of the cockroaches, maybe capture one and keep it as evidence. It is absolutely the responsibility of the landlord to pay for a PROPER and professional exterminator/fumigation service.



    In the meantime, you can get roach baits, especially the ones where there's poisoned food that the cockroaches bring back to the nest and eliminates the nest from the inside. These are really effective:

    It's going to be frustrating, but don't let your landlord or shitty property management company take advantage of you as a tenant. Make sure you know your rights and luckily California usually leans in the favor of the tenant. Good luck!

    Edit - I think this is your management company:
u/Knowledge_ · 11 pointsr/Albuquerque

cy kick

and Diatomaceous earth.

u/Dosjz · 11 pointsr/cars

Put this all around in the car and underneath if it is stored in a garage. It will kill any kind of insect and is fairly non toxic to humans.

u/Necrogasmic · 11 pointsr/videos

It would actually be more fun to order thousands of live ladybugs, then carefully open the bag they are in and place it back in the box. They are fucked when they open it at home.

u/pagh1 · 11 pointsr/de
u/skeuser · 10 pointsr/newjersey

It helps a lot to treat your shoes and pants with permethrin. One application should last you all summer. Only apply it to clothes, not skin.


u/md79 · 10 pointsr/lifehacks

Just use one of these instead: mouse house

They really work.


Edit 2: My first night's haul

u/bbslayer · 10 pointsr/HomeImprovement

OK. I think I can help you a bit.

We are pretty convinced that one of my daughters brought bed bugs home from preschool (all childrens' school bags hang on the same adjacent hooks, on top of each other). I was almost literally going insane trying to combat the issue. We caught it early and took steps quickly, and now we are going on 2 months with no bites.

  1. Get the bug interceptors and put them under your bedroom furniture, especially beds and couches. Make sure there is no path between you and the ground that does not require the interceptor to be crossed. Maybe you will catch a bug.

  2. If you can't find any bugs with that method, go and find a Carbon Dioxide supplier in your area. Purchase a few pounds of dry ice (super cold, solid CO2). That evening, fill up an insulated coffee mug with dry ice, put the top on, and set it in the center of a bug interceptor. Bed bugs are attracted to CO2, so the gas CO2 that comes off the dry ice all night will draw out bed bugs. We did this twice, with two mugs each time and were able to catch a couple of nymphs.

  3. If you caught bed bugs (or if you didn't but don't want to take any chances), my #1 tip is this: GO BUY CIMEXA! It is a safe, super fine dust that you VERRRRRY LIGHTLY apply to any non-disturbable surface (baseboards, carpet edges, under couch cushions, on top of your box spring, etc. This stuff freaking WORKS. It is 100% amorphous (NOT crystalline) silica, which is a dessicant, so it has no significant health effects, other than drying out tissue that it comes in direct contact with (what a dessicant is supposed to do). Bed bugs walk across even a miniscule dusting of this stuff, and the dust ionically attaches to their bodies and kills them within 2 days. Go read the study on this stuff. It blows Diatomaceous Earth out of the water, along with most nasty pesticides. Also, it remains effective for 10 years, so it is preventative. Plus DE and pesticides have bad health effects. Do be sure to wear a particulate respirator when you apply it, though, as it will cause minor lung irritation. Cimexa seriously kicked ass and obliterated the problem. PLUS it's inexpensive. That small 4 ounce bottle is enough for a floor of a normal house, if you apply it suuuuper sparingly, as intended. I bought a blow duster applicator, which applied way too much, so I switched to a cosmetic brush and dabbing.

    Good luck. These little bastards mess with your head in a way I had no appreciation for previously. Hang in there, do the traps, do the Cimexa (lightly!!), and then watch them work.

    This is a throwaway, by the way, because we have friends on Reddit and are neat freaks who live in an upper-middle-class suburb. Our friends would be even more shocked than we were that we had an issue with bed bugs, as I always just thought they were a problem if you didn't keep your house clean. Not so. Anyone and everyone who goes to a school/church/office/gathering place is at risk. But this Cimexa is an awesome new development that can really help you feel at ease in your own home again.
u/tynick · 10 pointsr/lawncare

Use Quinclorac and MSO Surfactant to kill.
Use Prodiamine to prevent.

u/swordfish45 · 10 pointsr/Homebrewing
u/ilikecameras1010 · 10 pointsr/legaladviceofftopic

Think smaller... insects are cheap and easy to acquire and you don't have to feel bad about harming something cute and fuzzy. It could take months to get rid of all of them!

u/Tack122 · 9 pointsr/houston

They get mobile in the summer and will travel into your home. This is the most important time to keep a handle on them, you'll see giant watering style roaches and teeny German cockroaches in Houston.

Germans are the bigger concern, they're the sort that likes to infest homes and when an infestation gets going it can be tough, if you're infested you'll see tens or hundreds scatter when you turn on the kitchen lights at night.

If you just see one or two on wet objects occasionally they're probably traveling. Best to use some sort of bait poison in my opinion. I swear by advion cockroach bait which I buy in syringes from Amazon.

It's peanut butter looking gel you lay out near cracks and crevices, along baseboards, backs of cabinets, between the stove and the wall, behind the fridge, countertops on slips of thin cardboard. They'll eat and carry it in and on their bodies back to their nests, where they die. Then their cannibal brethren will eat them, and die. Makes for a very effective treatment, I've used it to help friends fix up terrible German roach infestations in a week or two.

The waterbug varieties die to it too, but they're not so much indoor dwelling roaches so they rarely infest clean appearing homes.

Mostly harmless to animals, active ingredient is indoxacarb which is used in some flea drops.

It used to be about $25 with prime shipping from Amazon but it seems that's not the case at the moment. This was the best I could find.

advion 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Insecticide Bait Gel, Kill German, American, Australian, Smoky, Brown

Invict Gold seems similar, imidacloprid is its main ingredient, same as advantage II flea drops for animals, and at $25 on amazon not bad.
Rockwell Labs - Invict Gold - Cockroach Gel - 4 Tubes

Note on animal toxicity, these chemicals are safe because they're being spread at low concentrations in small areas, not broadly and widely like with sprays. If your animals seek and consume the roach bait that will not only increase the dose but reduce the effectiveness of your bait. I've never had issues with my cats being interested, but maybe a dog would. Just keep the bait out of reach of them as best you can,

u/puddleofpandas · 9 pointsr/aww

Get 1500 live cats delivered for cheap.

u/bbd123 · 9 pointsr/whatsthisbug

D'oh, it is. Time to call an exterminator or buy some CimeXa.

u/404_UserNotFound · 9 pointsr/funny
u/RodJohnsonSays · 9 pointsr/MLS

The question and answer section for the Bug-a-salt is fucking hilarious!

u/Skirrak · 9 pointsr/alaska

DEET works great but it also is nasty and I'm sure by the end of your trip you will hate having to basically constantly bathe in it.

What you really need to look into is permetherin clothing treatments.

Follow the instructions carefully, and make sure when its wet to not get it near cats ever. After it fully dries its amazing.

We treat our hiking clothes (socks especially if you're in the lower 48 for ticks), hammocks, backpacks, rain fly of the tent etc. Bugs won't even land on anything treated with it, and it lasts multiple washings or for things like backpacks, hammocks and tents it will last an entire season.

Last year my partner and I went on a hike with some other people, while they were constantly fighting bugs nothing would even land on us.

Sadly you still need to spray DEET or some other bugspray on your exposed skin, hands/neck etc.

u/Lytharon · 8 pointsr/kansascity

I brought one home from golfing about a month ago and went to absolute war. CimeXa is all you need to get rid of them if anyone is out there strugglin'. I learned everything I could about these fuckers and used it once and haven't had any issues since.

u/flux8 · 8 pointsr/PeopleFuckingDying


Edit: Here

u/ohnovangogh · 8 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

If you're really worried you can treat your clothes with permethrin if you're really worried about ticks. This is a neurotoxin for ticks and kills them on contact. It harmless to people (but is a neurotoxin to cats when wet).

I've been using this on my hiking clothes for about 3 years now and I haven't found a tick on me since I've started using it.

u/Gundamnitpete · 8 pointsr/bowhunting

To keep the ticks off yourself, just buy some Permitherin. Spray it on well before you go out, like a few days or a week, so it can dry fully. Once dry it's odorless, and will keep all the ticks off your body no problem.

I've walked through deep deep woods in the +100 degree texas heat, which is a breeding ground for ticks. I walk out tick free(have yet to find one on my body at all this season).

u/inferno10 · 8 pointsr/SanJose

Get one of these bug zapper wands. Makes quick work out of them.

u/NotAThrowaway534891 · 8 pointsr/teenagers
u/CountryNerd · 7 pointsr/triangle

Yup, I second that for roaches. I haven't used it personally but I've heard a lot of folks talk about it. After using the gel bait, I'd also suggest this. Grab a one gallon sprayer from Lowe's or Home Depot and you're set. I use the one ounce per gallon of water mixture and spray the outside of my house every couple of months. Shout out to /u/bagodees for suggesting both in a similar thread.

u/jshiplett · 7 pointsr/golf

Holy shit you can buy a lot of ladybugs on Amazon for $5.

u/amedeus · 7 pointsr/Futurology

Poor example, because there's a driver involved. People do, however, steal packages from neighbors' doorsteps. If some punk or asshole sees a drone and nobody around, they may indeed try to snatch it and run.

Edit: In addition, robbing a UPS truck is a huge risk with an uncertain reward. Knocking over a convenience store, you know you'll get some cash. However, on a UPS truck, you won't know what's inside of the boxes. And chances are, you wouldn't have enough time to load all the boxes into your own truck to improve the likelihood that you get one with something good in it, all the while dealing with the driver and anyone else around, and all before the cops show up. And you wouldn't be able to carry them all away without a ton of people. Like, way too many people. The drivers have downright horrendous schedules to keep, and are kept under close watch to make sure they're always where they need to be. I don't know if the trucks have trackers in them, but it's a safe bet that they do. So in all likelihood, you're only going to get away with a few boxes that you haven't a clue about the contents of. Could be a couple thousand dollar TV, could be 1500 ladybugs.

Now, that's not to say that every thief is going to think all that through. And the tracker point counts for both the truck and the drone. But there are far more types of people who might snatch a drone out of the air than who might steal a UPS truck, and I'd say a higher percentage of the latter are likely to give that some thought. Stealing a drone seems like the sort of thing that would more often be done on the fly. So it follows that UPS truck highjackings would probably be far less common than drone thievings.

u/doggiecow · 7 pointsr/AskNYC

Get some of this stuff:


Lay it down, just in pea sized amounts on a piece of paper and place it under your sink and/or in the corners of your kitchen. If you have roaches, they will come out and be obliterated within a couple of weeks. I just moved into a new apartment on 145th and I am doing this just a precaution - my last apartment was a 5th floor walkup (im in a 6th floor now) and we ended up getting a small infestation when they started doing construction on the apartment below us.

u/Tremulants · 6 pointsr/nyc

If you have seen a couple, there's an infestation. It may not be bad, but if you're seeing a few roaches during the day, there are going to be many more coming out at night.

Cimexa is generally better than boric acid. It lasts longer, naturally dries itself out, and is less toxic to pets than boric acid. Spray it in the cracks of your walls, baseboards, and under large appliances.

Advion gel bait is highly cited around here to be a godsend in culling live nymphs and adults. Cockroaches are opportunistic eaters; it's better to place several small dots around common walkways (along baseboards & sources of water) than larger, but fewer dollops.

An IGR, like Gentrol, will help with long-term prevention. It prevents nymphs from reaching sexual maturity and can stop eggs from hatching. It doesn't do anything for adults though, so you'll need the Advion to knock those fuckers out.

The most important thing is to change your behaviors. Don't leave trash in the apartment overnight, dry out sinks/sources of water overnight, keep food sealed, etc...

u/thedenominator · 6 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

"Today a foreign man visiting Tokyo attacked the headquarters of Bandai-Namco with a 'Bug-A-Salt' rifle and was quickly apprehended by unarmed employees."

u/niquil3 · 6 pointsr/specializedtools

Link for the lazy

u/srm45 · 6 pointsr/AskAnAmerican

I suppose you could use one of these.

u/D4r3T0B3 · 6 pointsr/de

ich empfehle die Investition in eine Salzkanone. Durchaus spaßig, Fliegende Quälgeister mit einer Prise Salz um die Ecke zu bringen. Je nach Ausmaß der Fliegeninvassion wäre jedoch die Anschaffung eines Saugroboters eventuell empfehlenswert

u/MiataCory · 6 pointsr/ak47
u/critically_damped · 6 pointsr/totallynotrobots


u/Strel0k · 6 pointsr/IndoorGarden

/u/Dodifer this. Buy some Mosquito Dunk Bits, take about 1/8 of a teaspoon and stir it into 1/2 cup of water really well, spread this on the surface of the surface of the soil of any plants you have indoors near the gnat problem. You can spray it on or brush it on, doesn't really matter as long as you get semi-even surface coverage. Reapply 10 days later if you still need to.

The dunk bits are just dried corn bits coated in BTI, a bacteria that goes after gnat and mosquito larva. There's a lot of safety warnings on the bottle but from the articles I've read from an WHO article BTI should be safe to use in drinking water, so it should be safe to use on indoor plants and vegetables.

u/yoonamaniac · 6 pointsr/houseplants

They lay eggs in the soil, so they multiply rapidly. I used mosquito dunks when watering the plants, and then when the top layer of soil is dry after a couple of days, I sprayed diatomaceous earth - food grade on the soil liberally. The yellow stickies all around the plants caught the ones which somehow miraculously managed to survive. It took about three weeks to not see any flying around.

u/CNoTe820 · 6 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

The trick is actually to make sure your bed legs are not touching the floor and are instead sitting in the middle of these:

Then you put DE inside the interceptors also as well as circling your bed with it, putting it inside outlet boxes etc. When I gut my house I'm going to line the walls with DE and rat poison all along the perimeter also before we put the drywall up. I honestly don't know why this isn't standard practice.

u/i_am_a_human_person · 6 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I don't think it's possible to be absolutely sure. But you can look for signs. You could justify this by saying a friend of yours had an issue with bugs and you've heard it's a problem in the area. If I were the landlord, I'd be glad to rent to a tenant who shows diligence in preventing infestations. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to ignore the bug problem.

As for treatment/prevention, as I said it's impossible to be sure, so you should be very cautions when moving just in case. All it takes is one bug. If you've had a bed bug problem in the past, you may already know how seriously you should take this. Don't fuck around.

When looking at the apartment, examine cabinets below sinks--are there little black specks? They could be pest poop or other detritus indicative of a roach infestation. Use Google images to identify signs. Bed bugs are harder to identify if the furniture is gone, but look in the bedroom (or wherever previous tenants slept) around carpet edges and in crevices. This is hard and not your fault if you missed it.

Ask if the landlord's pest control service can give the unit an extra once-over before you move in. Examine and clean all of your furniture. Get a strong, foaming pest spray.

In order to prevent bringing them with you, put all possible items in the dryer on high heat for a full cycle. If they are machine washable, wash them first. If not, just do the dryer. For un-tumblable items, put them in plastic tubs and spray them/the lid of the tub with poison and let it sit for at least a day so the fumes can circulate. This is for like books, knick knacks jewelry, etc.

Keep ALL TREATED ITEMS separate from untreated. Moving is good, you can keep treated stuff at the new place.

This may seem like overkill but it is actually the bare minimum you should do for bed bugs. I'm sure I'm forgetting something because it's late. I got carried away because bed bugs traumatized me twice and I want to prevent that from ever happening to anyone else.

The bed bug things will also help with roaches, but get this bait and follow the instructions to kill roaches in your new place and keep new ones from setting up ahop.: Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait

It was the only thing that cleared my roach infested shithole apartment, and now I seen zero roaches in a year.

While you're still looking for a place, just say that a friend of yours had a lot of trouble with bugs. But be very thorough in checking for bugs, and if you see them, look for a new place or insist the landlord pay for a full treatment. There may be a clause in the lease saying that bed bug infestations are the responsibility of the tenant--once you move in it's your problem.

Best of luck, and fuck bed bugs--fuck them so hard. FUCK.

u/SystemFolder · 6 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

I use one of these baited with peanut butter. It has never failed to catch a mouse.

u/Mortimer452 · 6 pointsr/homeowners

I prefer these style mouse traps, they are easy to set and really hard for mice to get the bait without tripping the mechanism.

If you really want to get them, a good strategy is to place the traps in a few areas where you've seen the mice, bait the trap, but do not set them. Do this for several days, mice become accustomed to a free meal at the trap. Then, bait and set them all, you'll get a mouse in every one :)

Poison works pretty well too, although the smell of a dead mouse you can't find can get pretty awful. I use poison in my garage and outbuildings, traps inside the house so I can empty them and not deal with the smell.

One or two of these outside the house somewhere will help as well.

u/PM_ME_UR_G0RE · 6 pointsr/Landlord

Tell your "friend" to buy these and these and to stop leaving crumbs and food laying around.

u/DrunkasaurusRekts · 6 pointsr/mildlyinteresting
u/tolurkistolearn · 6 pointsr/pics

You can get live ladybugs on Amazon

I bought some praying mantis eggs on Amazon for my garden and they have done well, but I can't seem to find them on Amazon anymore. Would recommend though!

u/thumper5 · 6 pointsr/AskWomen


And they're only like $12 including shipping!

u/backtotheduture · 6 pointsr/Austin

ill look that stuff up. this is what i bought btw

every review ive seen says its the best stuff you can get.

u/fyodor88 · 5 pointsr/indoorgardening

Well placed yellow sticky traps (horizontal near the soil surface and edge of plant pot) are good to quickly reduce the adult fungus gnats.

Mosquito dunks can be mixed into the water to inoculate the soil with beneficial bacteria that kills the larvae.

u/Tschudy · 5 pointsr/RATS

Many store offer catch-and-release live trap such as this one...


Once they're caught, you want to take them AT LEAST a mile away from your home before releasing them. Also, if you have any more questions, try over at r/pestcontrol

u/ObeseOstrich · 5 pointsr/lifehacks

This wouldn't work, mice are too smart. You might catch 1 but the rest will know to stay away after that. Have to be careful about putting human scent on the bait too, they'll know somethings up.

I've used this and this to good effect, but you'll have to move the trap after catching 1 or 2.

Really, catching or killing them isn't effective, you're better off removing any incentive for them to be there and then making it inhospitable for them. Peppermint oil worked for me.

u/bedbugsugh · 5 pointsr/Bedbugs

Okay, I'm going to try and keep it manageable.

If you live in an apartment, you need to tell the super if only because you risk them going into other places and reinfesting.

There are kits you can buy, though just be sure anything you buy also has a sprayer of some kind if it's mixed

If a kit doesn't have encasements you should order those on amazon.

That said, here are some steps:

Wash and machine dry everything you own, and put them in these or these. Don't be stingy on this, buy 2-3 of them. Make outfits for work and home and organize them bag by bag. Lets call this 25 dollars.

Do this with your linens, pillow cases, and pillows. If your bedsheets are not light colored and plain, then buy some light colored plain ones. White is good, a little off white is best as nymphs can appear white if they haven't eaten, eggs too. Wash your linens every 4 days or so.

Buy mattress encasements for your bed AND your box spring. Measure both to make sure you don't buy one that's too big, the snugger the fit the better. Do not go too cheap on this, look at the reviews. A good one will have not only a zipper but a folding flap to secure it. Lets call this 60 bucks. Once on, never remove the encasement without a PCO telling you to. Do not try to make your own, it never works out well. Important note, do NOT under any circumstance have any kind of bed skirt or blanket that's so large it touches the floor easily. You're going to want to make it so the bugs have to crawl up the legs so they die on the cimexa.

If you do not have an iron/steel bed frame, I recommend getting the cheapest one you can find.

Clean everything off the floor, make sure no furniture is touching any other furniture or the wall. If you can't do that, you need to lose some stuff. Believe me it's worth it.

Vacuum daily if you can, and immediately toss out whatever you vacuum up in whatever trash is outside. Do not keep it inside. I wouldn't recommend vacuuming less than every other day. Vacuum early in the morning if at all possible.

Buy interceptors. These babies are pricey unfortunately. but a 12 pack should be good for a bed and something else. That's about 40. Make sure whatever bed post you have will fit in them, they're not the widest.

Buy two cans of bedlam plus. Spray it along each joint and crevice in all the furniture after you've emptied it out. Do not use over the counter sprays, they're almost always things bed bugs are already resistant to.

Buy two bottles of Cimexa and a bellows. Apply the cimexa on the perimeter of every piece of furniture that is on the floor as well as along the wall of the room. Unscrew every outlet and switch cover and put it there as well. Don't go overboard, less is more. This will be about 40 total for the set. I recommend spraying the legs of your chairs. Make sure to cover your face while you're doing this. Cimexa will kill them if they crawl over it, however if it's clumped up in big piles they'll walk around it because they don't like it.

Do NOT switch where you sleep. They'll follow you and spread to other parts of where you live. You're live bait. It sucks, but having them come to where you're sleeping is the best way to kill them. You want them feeling safe and secure as they walk over the poisons and cimexa you've laid out.

You'll be living out of bags for a long long time, so get used to it. I recommend scheduling something you enjoy every week to keep your sanity and have something to look forward to.

Whatever you do, do NOT buy a bed bug bomb. It will scatter them and make them harder to clear.

Nothing goes on the bed unless it's sterile, and nothing leaves the bed without being washed and dried ASAP.

u/Cmfiii · 5 pointsr/phoenix

It's a great ritual that I do when the weather is warm and they are out. Go on Amazon and get the 12" tweezers if you want to capture them for the thunderdome. No matter what, don't pay the ridiculous costs of 'Scorpion Proofing' your home. It doesn't work any better than owning cats and using Cy-Kick pest spray monthly on your baseboards and doorways ( BTW, I heard chickens are the best at catching & eating scorpions.

u/skippingstone · 5 pointsr/lawncare

I'm really bad at identifying, but is that crab grass???

If it is, the crabgrass should mostly die at first frost. Or you can put crab grass killer right before over seeding.

Be sure to put a pre-emergent in early spring

u/wino_tim · 5 pointsr/lawncare

Here are some basic steps:

(1) Buy SpeedZone and a sprayer. Mix and blanket spray AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, being sure to not cut or water your lawn for two before or after application. SpeedZone won't kill all of your weeds - grasy ones like crabgrass and nutsedge are able to dodge it - but it will quickly kill the overwhelming majority and the coming cold weather will kill the rest.

(2) Wait two weeks. During this time gradually reduce your height of cut to as low as you can take your grass without damaging it, probably somewhere around 2". Bag clippings for these mows. Also, spend some time budgeting for and researching your next steps.

(3) At the two week point, mow a final time. If you can afford to, rent or buy a dethatcher and dethatch your lawn to get rid of all the dead grass and weeds. (If you do this, be sure to rake up or use your mower to vacuum up all of the dead stuff). Also - if you can afford to and have the time - rent a core aerator. Move quickly on both steps, try to get them done in the same day. If you aerate and your lawn isn't enormous, I'd recommend raking up the cores and tossing them but that certainly isn't mandatory.

(4) Hopefully in that two week waiting period you researched seed. Now is time to throw'er down. Use a spreader and apply seed. If your lawn was REALLY 60% weeds then you will want to put down about 1.5 times more seed than is recommended on the bag for overseeding. Tamp or roll your seed into your soil. Top with Scotts Starter Plus Weed Preventer. Cover with a light covering of peat moss, EZ straw or some seeding mulch. The latter are particularly helpful if you have hills or slopes that you are planning to overseed.

(5) WATER. The number of times you water and amount you water will depend a lot on your individual property. Make sure the soil is damp but not muddy at all points. For me that usually amounts to short waterings at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm. Water more frequently or deeper if it is atypically hot.

(6) Wait as long as you can to mow. Three weeks would be great, but isn't always doable, particularly if you have an HOA ready to violate you for overgrown grass. When you do mow, you can use either mower, though the reel mower might be a little lighter and hence gentler on the new grass. Either way, you want to get on and get off as quickly as possible and avoid making any abrupt turns that could rip the new seedlings out of the soil.

(7) This could be the most important one of all... next spring, probably around the first week of April, apply a pre-emergent. This will prevent many - though certainly not all - weeds from showing up in your lawn.

Hope this helps.

u/dirtygonzo · 5 pointsr/gardening

This should help

u/frendlyguy19 · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

here, order this. im not sure it would accomplish much but it would be funny as shit if she opened it in her house and freaked out.

u/Scarbane · 5 pointsr/todayilearned

If you want to spend 10 bucks, you can buy 1500 ladybugs to check the validity of OP's statement.

u/BrandonRushing · 5 pointsr/amazon

Shipping will eliminate most "comically big" items. You get get things like this bag of cereal marshmallows or this box of 1500 live ladybugs under your price limit.

u/Dudesan · 5 pointsr/pics

You can also buy boxes of ladybugs.

u/return2ozma · 5 pointsr/longbeach

Get this and they'll be gone in a day. Seriously.

advion 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Insecticide Bait Gel, Kill German, American, Australian, Smoky, Brown

Search YouTube and you'll see every single person says it's the best and really works.

u/SickSalamander · 5 pointsr/LasVegas

When we moved into our condo we had a slight issue with roaches, i think from an adjacent unoccupied unit. Saw a half dozen or so first week.

We put this stuff all around inside and outside our building. Killed almost all of them. Reapplied in a few months and didn't see another one again for over a year.

Every few years now if we see even one in the spring/summer, we reapply and never have real issues.

u/consigliere58 · 5 pointsr/orlando

You don't need to hire an exterminator for an ant problem. You can easily handle it yourself using this.

u/Clunas · 5 pointsr/tifu

For future reference, these are incredibly effective. We just annihilated an entire colony that decided to raid our kitchen. It took 3-4 days, but there isn't an ant to be seen now.

u/_bani_ · 5 pointsr/rickandmorty

works awesome, completely eliminated my ant problem and they never came back,

u/cubicleninja · 5 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Terro. You can get them at most home improvement stores. Requires a day or two of patience, but it does the job.

u/stufff · 5 pointsr/Surface

I can't believe your friends are so cheap.

I'll buy it from you for 4,500 bugs and I'll throw in another 4,500 if you have a type cover for it.

u/whittaad · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

It’s awesome!

u/Arrhythmix · 5 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

I think this is the "A salt weapon" you are looking for conrad.

u/dasneak · 5 pointsr/JoeRogan

Jesus Christ! You can order these right on Amazon!

u/ChrisC1234 · 5 pointsr/crappyoffbrands

THIS is a salt rifle... and it's AWESOME! It has much more power than you'd expect it to.

u/rhodiw · 5 pointsr/AppalachianTrail

I agree. Get mountaineering out of your head.
You won't need the day pack or any of the emergency stuff you have packed.
As for bugs, yes, the trail is full of bugs. I can't say for sure whether or not the face net would do any good. The AT is known for Lymes disease and deer ticks. You may want to look into permethrin. It is guaranteed to keep the deer ticks away.

u/BobbySweets · 5 pointsr/specializedtools

LENKA Electric Fly Trap Device - USB Powered Fly Catcher - Fly Insect Killer for Indoor\Outdoor Use

u/moundman84 · 4 pointsr/Austin

I had a roach problem recently, would see at least two a night scurry across the floor. Did some googling and folks swear by Advion roach gel. So I bought some on Amazon:



Just put a tiny dollop on the baseboard or in a crack around the walls all around the house. It solved my roach problem within a day. I have seen maybe two since, and they are always spazzing out on their way to death, poisoned by the bait. Very satisfied with this stuff.

u/AmberHeartsDisney · 4 pointsr/Pets

We put these around where our cats can't get them.

The ants will go in and drink and they cant get back out.

u/jasongill · 4 pointsr/HomeImprovement

TERRO Liquid Ant Bait stations are the way to go by far. Using the bait stations is way less messy than using the liquid that you squeeze out a drop.

DO NOT spray the ants with anything. If you spray, you risk blocking the ants from going back to their colony, which could cause them to form a NEW colony inside your house (if there is enough ants already in there). Then you have double trouble. The same goes for diatomaceous earth or other "barriers" which can divide the ants inside your house, from the colony outside.

Just use the TERRO ant bait, which is nothing but sugar water and borax. The ants take this back to the colony and share it with others, which kills off the entire colony at its source. You'll notice ants going in to the bait station within a few hours, then you'll notice a lot of ant activity, then you'll notice dead ants everywhere, then you'll see no more dead ants - the remaining live ones bring the dead ants back to the colony to eat.

These work GREAT and are the first line of defense. If using one of these bait stations doesn't help within ~72 hours, call an exterminator.

u/GOA_AMD65 · 4 pointsr/Firearms

It was actually a salt pistol. But I see how CNN might get confused because "a salt" and "assault" are easy to confuse.

u/Answerii · 4 pointsr/Survival

Awareness is most effective. People are often so much in their heads that they don't notice what's crawling on them. But if you brush or wash a crawling tick off before it bites, that's safest. Once it bites, it releases a chemical that can inhibit your perception of it.

After awareness, self-inspection is important. Lyme disease is not transmitted until the tick has been attached for 24 - 36 hours, so thorough daily inspection should prevent infection.

  • Long pants

  • Long-sleeved shirts

  • Tie-down cuffs

  • Hat

  • Permethrin on cuffs, collar, boot tops (keep Permethrin away from cats; it's very toxic to them)

  • Other repellents can deter ticks, but Permethrin deters and kills them if they contact it

  • Daily self-inspection; you usually have some minutes or hours before a tick attaches and begins to feed (inspection is more effective with a willing companion; use a mirror if you don't have a partner)

  • Carry a tick key or other removal device

  • Learn proper and improper methods of removal, because if the mouth parts are left embedded in the skin they can transmit disease

  • Be attentive and check more frequently in areas known for harboring ticks

  • Use a screened shelter when sitting for long periods: shelter 1 | shelter 2 | shelter 3
u/indigopineapples · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

I had a terrible fungus gnat problem (caused by using soil I let sit outside) The way I got rid of 99% of them was by using yellow sticky traps, mosquito bits, and DE on the top soil.

I agree with not using H202

u/HulksInvinciblePants · 4 pointsr/Atlanta

This will rid you of them in a matter of days. All it takes is one infected to kill the nest.

u/estrelle84 · 4 pointsr/Advice

It's great that you care about the dogs and want to make their lives better. How about buying a new dog house, if it wouldn't be overstepping your bounds? You might ask the dog owners in a sweet way whether you can do this for them as a gift. Also, be sure to extend your compassion to the mice. Compassion should be based on what a being experiences, not how cute it is. Besides that, poisons can make their way into the dogs' systems, and cause environmental havoc, etc., etc.
Here's where you can buy some cheap, reusable, humane mouse traps, and a relatively cheap but nice and large dog house (unsure about the size of the dogs we're talking about)

u/ameoba · 4 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

Sometimes they do. You can buy ladybugs for pest control.

Unfortunately, when you start introducing one animal to control the population of another, you run the risk of having an out-of-control population of a new animal. If you're not lucky, the new animal can take over the local ecosystem & start out-eating & out-reproducing native species, upsetting the whole balance.

As a rule, we try to avoid introducing potentially invasive species into new environments.

u/DannyNog556 · 4 pointsr/HotPeppers

Ladybugs will fix your problem. Seriously. You can buy some on Amazon

u/johnnychronicseed · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

You should by these 4500 lady bugs and take pics of you releasing them!

But to be serious

Never had the problem myself but my father in-law uses neem oil for his spider mite issues guerrilla growing.

u/zimpleandoak · 4 pointsr/NewOrleans

Y’all need to get on the Advion Train

I’ve never been more satisfied and disgusted in my life. It creates a roach Holocaust!

u/HansJSolomente · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Friend of mine got a bug zapper racquet while in Uganda - found them in Niger, then on Amazon. Got a couple in Wal-mart for my in-laws.

They won't attract the mosquitos, but if you find that YOU attract mosquitos, these things kill them and give you a feeling of smug satisfaction.

u/CryptoVaper · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

That's nothing. How does my bug zapper get over 2000 volts out of two AA batteries?

u/vsuontam · 3 pointsr/electronics

Use a coil and use higher voltage, something like 20000 volts.

They sell this "tennis racket bug zapper" which could give you hints:

u/SilverGhost93 · 3 pointsr/nova
u/mycatmycat · 3 pointsr/WTF

Apparently they're sold everywhere, Walmart, CVS, etc. I just ordered this

I'm fucking excited. I might order a second one and tie them together to make nun chucks.

u/Ijustthinktheyreneat · 3 pointsr/succulents

BTI is a bacteria that is harmless to humans, animals, and plants but that kills mosquito and fungas gnat larva. I ended up with a bad fungus gnat infestation and other remedies were not helping. This is the only stuff that's helped. you sprinkle the pellets on the soil in the pots and water normally. I'm not sure what other mites or larva you could have. It sounds like fungus gnats though. They look similar to fruit flies but don't have any red on them. The gnats are harmless but the larva in the soil sometime eat the roots. Plus they're just kinda unsanitary. I hate them, it didn't take long for them to get out of control.

u/Wampwell · 3 pointsr/orlando

If you have plants that retain water or things you can't dump on a regular basis: mosquito bits

u/Whatserface · 3 pointsr/askTO

From the Landlord and Tenant Board:

"A landlord must keep the rental property clean. This includes any lobby area, halls, elevator, laundry room, pool, and parking lot or garage. A landlord must also make an effort to control pests such as cockroaches and mice."

Be more insistent with them that it's a problem that they need to fix for you. Don't let them talk you out of it.

Lucky for you, I've recently had to do a lot of research on the subject for myself. The most revered ways are the boric acid method and combat roach killing gel. Also try to find small holes and cracks in the walls and counters and cover them with duct tape.

Do you mind letting us know what neighbourhood you're in for general awareness?

u/CoMaBlaCK · 3 pointsr/Assistance

Get two bottles of this. Pour it in cracks and high traffic areas and within a week you won't see another roach ever again, this shit does not fuck around.

u/Mycd · 3 pointsr/BackYardChickens

If you're looking for humane options, there are cheap mousetraps with one-way doors that will allow you to capture chipmunks and relocate them a few miles away.


Put some peanutbutter for bait.

u/Venomousx · 3 pointsr/WTF

I would never consider a sticky trap a humane trap.

I was talking about traps like these.

Either way new mice are going to replace the ones that are killed or relocated, so I'm an advocate of prevention techniques such as the ones listed on the humane society website.

u/luxlisbon_ · 3 pointsr/vegan

There are humane mouse traps . Just make sure you release the mice farther away so they don’t just come back in.

u/josephlucas · 3 pointsr/internetparents

I've had great success with this humane trap

u/JenniferLopez · 3 pointsr/funny

Your trap can be pretty cruel as well, though not to level of the absolute torture of glue traps. These traps work really well:

u/RobotPigOverlord · 3 pointsr/guineapigs
u/anthracis417 · 3 pointsr/gardening

This is 13$, reusable, and doesn't kill animals in a terrible way.

u/UltraMegaMegaMan · 3 pointsr/lifehacks

I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that if your neighbors are dirty and have roaches there is not much you can do to solve the roach problem. You can ask the landlord to have an exterminator come to your apartment and to spray other apartments but I know you said the landlord is cheap. I understand, I've dealt with it before (both cheap landlords and roach problems, they frequently overlap). You can also hire an exterminator to treat your apartment yourself, but that's probably a waste of money and doesn't really deal with the source of the problem since the roaches aren't coming from your apartment.

So let's focus on what you can do, which is to deal with the roaches that do make it into your apartment. First, the basics:

  • Do not leave any food or trash out. Not a crumb. Not a single morsel of meat or grain of rice. No standing water. No dirty dishes. All trash cans must have lids. Take the trash out daily. If you have pets you may want to put their food on a chair or table to feed them and not keep it on the floor.

    Ok now to kill some roaches.

  • First things first. Any roaches that come in need to die. You need roach motels. It doesn't have to be this brand. At Dollar General in Texas they are 2 paks for $2, so Amazon is not the cheapest. You can get some version of these at Walmart, Target, whereever. You need to put at least one of these on every shelf in every cabinet in your kitchen and each bathroom. Also in every drawer. Anywhere there is food or water. Put some on the floor too, especially near pet food. As long as you continue to have a roach problem you need to keep buying and putting out these traps. Throw them away when full, obviously. Don't give up.

  • 2nd line of defense: Bait stations. Doesn't have to be this brand, you don't have to get it from amazon. I know you've been using these. You need to use more. Again, every shelf on every cabinet in the kitchen and every bathroom. I'd probably try to replace these once per month.

  • Lastly you should nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.. In this case you are looking for Ortho Max specifically. Do not get some other brand. You can get it at Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, Target. Get the biggest one you can find, some have a pump or handheld sprayer, some have a powered sprayer that takes 2 AA batteries in the handle so if you get that one be sure and get batteries with it.
    Spray the baseboards and around the corners of the kitchen and bathrooms and anywhere you have seen roaches. If you have pets you need to keep them away from the spray until it dries, put them in another room for 8 hours or so. If you have the small german roaches (which is probably the case) they like to gather under tables and furniture especially the dining room table. Consider flipping these over and giving them a good spray too.

    I know it seems hopeless, and I know you've tried some of this before, but you have to attack on all fronts and keep it up until you get the situation under control. If anything will work this will, but you have to be diligent and stay on top of it. The roach motels are really important to always have them out. You may wind up spending $100 to $200 over time on supplies but your options are that, give up and live in misery, or move. You have to make a decision what is best for you. Good luck with it.

    Edit: If you are having an issue with the small german roaches remember they will get inside anything they can, especially electronics. Phones, answering machines, microwaves (keep it spotless), computers, etc. Also drawers if there is a crack to get in. These are good places to put traps and bait near also. If your device is full of bugs and it's not too expensive you may want to replace it, but only do so after the roach problem is under control. Otherwise they'll just infest it again.
u/OSUBedbugs · 3 pointsr/whatsthisbug

Here is a resource to get you started on inspecting for bugs. Also consider the use of climb up monitors on the legs of beds, couches, etc.

u/MattPH1218 · 3 pointsr/IAmA

Amazon link for the Puritans. Lot of good reviews there as well.

u/vectaur · 3 pointsr/phoenix

You can't buy the "good" stuff at Home Depot. You either wanna hit up a Bug & Weed Mart type place in town, or just do what I did and order from Amazon.

One of those Cy-Kick bottles lasts me like 8 sprayings on a 3k sq ft house. Well worth the $40.

Edit: also -- if you buy Cyfluthrin, you won't need anything else. It kills everything under the sun.

u/Emperor_Kuzko · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Cy-kick works for me. I had a pest control company come out a few times and it was something they used. Concentrated to mix a few gallons or an aerosol can for cracks etc.

u/bearloverhr · 3 pointsr/Frugal

Two links for you:

Invict Gold. Has like four attractants in it that makes the bugs love the stuff. As soon as I put a dot of it down and in several places the roaches came out to eat up. I had to clean periodically because I had dead roaches everywhere.

Gentrol. Growth Regulator, just put it in the room and walk away. Lasts up to 3 months and if you still have any live roaches around with crinkled wings you know the Gentrol is working (crinkled wings = unable to reproduce)

The items are pricey compared to going to the story and getting the cheap bait, but this stuff has worked wonders for me.

u/harpuajim25 · 3 pointsr/AskNYC

Before you resort to glue traps I'd give these mechanical traps one more shot.

The key is to lay down all 6 and not just a couple. I used them last year and it solved all of my mouse issues. They're more more effective than the standard mouse traps you buy on the corner.

u/patl1 · 3 pointsr/lawncare

Okay so. Here's what I'm thinking. I only saw the picture you posted, so it looks like you have 1,000 square feet or less, yes? That makes it kinda easy.

First we'll need to know which zone you're in. That will help pick your grass type. It looks like you have cool season grasses, which means you'll be choosing among various fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, etc. That's kind of up to you. Do a little googling and see what you come up with.

Second, you have a lot of weeds in there. It looks like you have either poa annua (annual bluegrass) or poa trivialis (Hell on Earth), or possibly both mixed in there. Those are seriously not good. Not only do you have a lot of weeds, it looks like you might have a significant mix of grass types, and I'm not positive that it's worth saving. Here's what I would do. Keep in mind that this might be overkill for you.

From now until July:

  • Get a soil test. Your local agricultural or state university will probably have a soil test program. This will help you figure out how best to treat your soil with fertilizer when it comes time to grow real grass. (~$30)
  • Kill off basic broadleaf weeds with a 2,4-D product before they can drop seeds and make next year worse. This one is probably one of the easiest. Your choice. (~$10)
  • If you're feeling like you want to care for your soil, throw down some Milorganite. Not exactly necessary at this time cause we don't know what your soil test will come back with. (~$14)

    Sometime in July:

  • Spray a glyphosate product to kill everything. I use this one, but you can also use RoundUp from any hardware or big box store. The active ingredient is the same. (~$30)
  • It will take ~2 weeks to see results from the glyphosate. At roughly the 14 day mark, hit everything else that's green with another application.
  • Optional but recommended: level out your soil and make sure it's flat, to help with a uniform look.
  • Not recommended: tilling. It helps stir up weed seeds and encourages weed growth at the same time that you're trying to plant grass seed.

    Mid/late August:

  • Seed with your given grass type. Do this at least 7 days after your last glyphosate application, 14 days afterwards is preferable. I suggest seed as opposed to sod because it's cheaper. Seeding is kinda its own post because you may need to cover with topsoil, flatten ground, irrigate, yadda yadda yadda. We can talk more about that when the time comes. ($10-$100)
  • Add a starter fertilizer with your seed. Whichever fert you choose will be based off of the results of your soil test. ($10-$30)

    After a couple months, you should have a pretty healthy crop of baby grass, and then it will go dormant for the winter. Not a problem. Once spring hits, start following this lawn care schedule from the Lawn Care Nut. Most of that guy's videos are gold, and I strongly recommend that you watch them.

    It will take a little time and more than a fair amount of patience, but I'm pretty sure all of that will (at least for the first year) come in under budget, and it will end up with the results that you want. Especially in the long run.

    EDIT(s): Forgot to mention a couple things. I had a little more whiskey than I thought.

    Geographical zone will be in the sidebar.

    Also go with a pre-emergent in the spring if you aren't adding seed. The most popular 3 brand names are Barricade, Dimension, and Tenacity. Their generic names are prodiamine, dithiopyr, and...tenacity? Honestly I'm not sure if there's a generic for Tenacity cause it's not legally usable in my state. But seriously a pre-emergent will cut your weed problems down by SO MUCH.

    Estimated cost for the first year is $214 (minus water, topsoil/peat moss, and possibly tools such as a hand pump sprayer and a broadcast spreader) at the most, and $114 at the low end.
u/TheAdAgency · 3 pointsr/delusionalartists

I would rather purchase 3,000 bugs.

u/skintigh · 3 pointsr/Somerville

Sadly not eligible for Prime. Order before the weather goes back to >80 degrees.

I wonder if these will help my catalpa tree.

u/Knife_Guide · 3 pointsr/EDC

I see your 2,000 googly eyes and raise you 1,500 live ladybugs

u/GrumpyMcGrumperton · 3 pointsr/whatsthisbug

Um, order some ladybugs?

u/omalapalus · 3 pointsr/youseeingthisshit

Usually you order ladybugs because you have an infestation of some kind. If you release them near it, they'll hang out until its controlled and even when they do start to move along you've increased their population in the area which will help prevent future infestations.

You can get 1,500 of them for like $12 shipped.

u/kiwi-lime_Pi · 3 pointsr/gardening
u/10000reasons · 3 pointsr/myevilplan
u/rxneutrino · 3 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Those are aphids. They suck the life juices out of your plants. If your garden has been infested, fear not! You can buy 1500 live ladybugs on amazon for $7.31 Sprinkle them on the affected plants and your aphids will become a tasty ladybug snack.

u/fuzzyfuzz · 3 pointsr/Portland

Amazon sells them for cheap, and no you shouldn't put 1500 live ladybugs in your buddies Toyota Camry. He'll be finding them forever.

u/obedienthoreau · 3 pointsr/justneckbeardthings

I used this stuff and it worked extremely well. Woke up the next day with 50+ german cockroaches slowly dying and eating each other. The bait paralyzes them and makes them shed; other roaches then eat the dying ones and they get poisoned as well.

u/FancyPantsMead · 3 pointsr/Assistance

advion 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Insecticide Bait Gel, Kill German, American, Australian, Smoky, Brown

This stuff is the best. I mean best. It doesn't smell and it kills them. My aunt's house went from seeing them crawl all over the walls dropping down on you when you walk through doorways. All in her appliances. Everywhere super bad. She used this stuff and it cleared up quick fast and in a hurry. I ended up needing some because a kid I babysat bright them I. My house in their car seat. I didn't know they had them. I used these and never did get an infestation but I was seeing them creep up here and there and was like what the hell where are these coming from? It was the kids car seat. You can use them in your car too if they have made it out there. God they are do gross and eeew. Seriously try it this stuff works.!

u/film10078 · 3 pointsr/DemocratsforDiversity

I had a problem for a bit and put this shit out and those fuckers have never come back

u/apcolleen · 3 pointsr/Atlanta

This stuff rocks. My bf moved into a new place that the owner had to remove 32 contractor bags of trash from and had that roach smell... in 3 days they stopped seeing them. But it was also a house and not a multi unit building.

u/DeadPlasmaCell · 3 pointsr/Bedbugs

You'd think the frequency you're getting bit, that you'd see one somewhere by now.. kinda sounds like there's a few fleas still lingering. My brother had a flea issue and bought this trap and said it started catching fleas within 15 min. Can't hurt to get one or 2 to use in the rooms you're noticing bites in.

He was also dealing with a bedbug problem at the time and used this CimeXa Powder and it helped a ton also. He used a 1" angled paint brush to apply the powder to the cracks and crevices and a powder duster to dust larger areas.

u/Gary__Niger · 3 pointsr/Bedbugs

Oh boy. That's a blessing and a curse, I suppose - there is still action you can take to prevent a home infestation.

The best way to prevent bringing them home is heat. Immediately take pretty much any article of clothing you think might have come into contact with him (or any others), head on over to the nearest industrial laundromat, and toss your stuff into the largest dryer they have and let it run on high for a long time. Also, DON'T take your suitcase into your car with you. Put all of your clothes in plastic trash bags first, and tie them. Assume that your suitcase has been infiltrated, so placing it in your car could release them in there.

Periodically, once you get home, go do a thorough search of your bedroom. The first thing to look for are dark stains on your mattress. These are usually blood stains (since bedbugs are easily squished if you roll over). Also, check every crack & crevice on the mattress for small black objects like these, which are bedbug p00p. Also, keep an eye out for any shed skin remnants which'll look translucent like those.

If you do have any of those visible signs on your mattress, you'll need to call an exterminator. Seriously, it's pretty much impossible to deal with an infestation by yourself since they hide EVERYWHERE. Including in your walls.

Also, please inform your college's residential services department. They're liable for this sort of stuff.

If you'd like an additional safety measure, just to be safe, get some of this stuff and apply it to your bedframe at home. It's kinda like post exposure prophylaxis to ensure that none have the opportunity to set up shop once you get home should they still successfully hitchhike. It's a desiccating agent that isn't toxic to you.

u/Hoosier_816 · 3 pointsr/legaladvice

Buy some silica gel ( right now and just coat the entire apartment with it. Leave it as long as you can completely sealed.

It will kill any bugs in there. Check cracks in walls and corners, in between floor boards, behind appliances. Just buy like 2-3 bottles at least and just douse the entire place.

u/Tlbacardi · 3 pointsr/spiderbro

I went to a bug & weed mart, they recommended some gel baits since I had ants coming in the house getting into the animal food. They recommended these gel tray things, I was skeptical but nothing was working so I tried it. Within 24 hours the ants were gone and they have been gone for over a year. It was similar to this or this

u/CoughingLamb · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I find that Terro liquid works great on those little sugar ants. Put the bait out and watch them swarm to it within 30 minutes (it's kind of creepy how fast they find it). You'll see a huge number of ants at first, but don't be tempted to kill them. Let them take the bait back to the nest, and eventually they will disappear.

u/giantjerk · 3 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

You can buy a bag of 4,500 of them on Amazon to release into your garden. I do it once a year.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 3 pointsr/opiates

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I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

Here is link number 1 - Previous text "one"

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u/ThaWZA · 3 pointsr/neoliberal

Masterstroke: Bug-A-Salt but it's CIWS

u/rittersm · 3 pointsr/gifs

Found it for you, right here

u/Floatography · 3 pointsr/houston
u/TemputFugis · 3 pointsr/Overwatch

[Salt rifles are also used to kill flies while grilling] ( so it's like a triple pun.

u/shakeyyjake · 3 pointsr/preppers

Permethrin is very effective. If you're just using it for your clothes, a can will last you for a very long time as it works for six weeks. Just be careful not to spray it around cats, as it is harmful to them (it's fine when it dries).

u/PissLikeaRacehorse · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

I live in old building and I see cockroaches every once in a while in garbage area, but not so much in my apt. However, a few years ago I started seeing a few (maybe 3 in a month) so I got the below product. I think it works well because I see maybe one a year now, and every once in a while a dead one.

For your first go, i’d use four tubes, to make sure you get it under control, but now i use maybe 2 tubes evert 4 months for “protection.”

u/mandanasty · 2 pointsr/Sacramento

I recommend this though


tbh my apartment complex had a roach issue so i used some of this stuff on the outside AND inside of the building and it helped a lot. Haven't seen any since I applied it in like June

u/IPlayTheInBedGame · 2 pointsr/askscience

Op, try this stuff:

I've been recommending this stuff for years and haven't had one person come back and say it didn't work. Here's my old reddit.poat about it explaining how well it works:

u/SnakeJG · 2 pointsr/tifu

This is what you want:

Put a line in the back corner of your under sink cabinets and other places they might hang out

u/emmanuelibus · 2 pointsr/tifu

As nice as living in Hawaii is, these things are pretty common in the islands.

This is what I personally have used and recommend -

SUPER effective.

u/rynnbowguy · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

I have just successfully dealt with this without an expensive exterminator. First thing is to take the bottom liner off of your box spring and use this dust all on it . The Cimexa will get under their exoskeleton and dry them out and kill them usually within 2 days. You want to use the Cimexa on your baseboards, light fixtures, outlets, and furniture. From all my research this is the best way to get rid of them as they are really resistant to chemical insecticides. Put your mattress and box spring in bed bug resistant mattress covers. Through all I read this brand was the best I put the Cimexa on the box spring on top of the mattress cover just to be sure everything died. You want to leave the mattress covers on for at least a year, the bugs can survive for up to a year with no food, so if you are just trying to starve them out keep everything sealed for at least a year. The plastic foot to put under your bed works, I used tuperware of water but I have plastic bed feet so I don't have to worry about rusting my bed frame, they cannot swim at all so the water is very effective, put bleach or witch hazel in the water to discourage molding and mildewing. Wash and dry all clothes on high heat, they will die within 20 minutes if exposed to 120 degree heat, can also put things in your oven that wont fair well in the dryer. Vacuum daily, make sure you take the bag out seal it in a garbage bag and take it outside far as you can from the house as soon as you are done vacuuming. Keep sleeping in your bed, you want to draw them out of their hiding spaces to get in contact with all the Cimexa you have laid out, you are essentially using yourself as bait, there are also so DIY CO2 traps (they are attracted to the CO2 we exhale) that use water and yeast or dry ice, I haven't used them but you might want to look into them if you feel so inclined. Good news is they are more annoying than anything, they are not known to spread disease or cause actual harm aside from being itchy. Good luck I hope this helps you.

u/esstiel · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs
u/Zagaroth · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

you are probably fine, but if you want to be extra sure, you can use this stuff to kill any if there are eggs that hatch:

u/foomanchu32 · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

To add to what airhighfive is saying, you should use Cimexa. This sub is always recommending it. This is a study about the effectiveness of Cimexa over DE. Here is an amazon link to but the stuff.

u/makeshift-damselfly · 2 pointsr/IAmA

Long post incoming!

Not sure what you tried but here's what I did (sorry if you've already done these). Full disclosure, I'm not a professional in the slightest, but this worked for me.

  1. Dry everything on high heat for 45 minutes (if it can handle it), wash it, then dry it again (I may be paranoid, but I'm thorough).

  2. If it can't be put in the dryer, double bag it and put it in the freezer for several days. I mean SEVERAL days, don't short change yourself! Don't bring anything back into the room after it's been dried/frozen.

  3. After pulling off the bedding, get a vacuum and vacuum the hell out of everything. If you see a bug (any bug. I commited a full-on insect genocide.), vacuum it up!

  4. Get matress, boxspring, and pillow encasements. Make sure they are rated for bed bugs!!!! We sealed the seams and the zippers with duct tape because, again, I'm paranoid.

  5. Pull the furniture off the walls, or at very least the bed. Get some [cimexa] ( or DE earth. Sprinkle it around the baseboards, around furniture... Hell put it everywhere. However, if you have bad lungs I'd recommend not running a fan while the powder's down.

  6. We used a spray as well, but I can't remember what it's called. When I get home I'll look. Before putting the powder down we sprayed the various nooks and crannies.

  7. Keep sleeping on the bed!!! I know it sucks, believe me! You may not be able to sleep, but you are bait. If you move they will look for you. You're their food. Before going to sleep, inspect the bed. If you see any bugs vacuum them up. It's exhuasting, but it's important.

  8. If you want to isolate the bed go ahead. I heard mixed things from the pest control officers that I talked to, but if it makes you feel safer do it. I used something like these and put the powder in wells.

  9. Please don't ignore your mental health! If you're feeling upset it's totally understandable. You will probably be tired, frustrated, itchy, paranoid... It's totally fine. Keep up with all the checks, vacuuming, drying/freezing, spraying and you'll get there! Just keeping on fighting. If it makes you feel better, think of this as away to reorganize, redecorate, or redo your home once they're gone.
u/MalibootyCutie · 2 pointsr/DeadBedrooms

Dust the place with this:
Rockwell Labs CXID032 Cimexa Dust...

Use with this cheap bellows duster:

Harris Diatomaceous Earth Powder...

Cracks and baseboards, and bed perimeter with this:
Ortho 0202510 Home Defense Max...

Get that dust everywhere. I see you got rid of your furniture? But, when you get new? Get that stuff down in the cracks and everything. Do under your bed. Just do the whole place with a fine layer it will grind into everything and disappear...but stay there for ten freaking years. The NEXT day I started finding them dead and dried out. The live ones were all jacked up acting and had dry bodies inside of plump ones. When I mashed a live one? It just flaked apart. I still keep the bed traps under our bed feet? Nothing. Check out and read the reviews on that dust. It’s no joke and it won’t hurt you. It works FAST and it’s deadly.

I dusted the bed frame and pulled off the sheets and dusted the box spring and sides and my mattress too. Put the sheet back over it and pulled my bed about two inches from the wall...well I did all the beds like that.

I did every inch of this place....over kill. But they crawl trough that dust and it fucks them up big time.

It was ages before I finally felt completely “safe”. But I haven’t even thought about them in months now.

The dust is Cilicia gel. Like the little packets you find in new shoes of beef jerky. Dries them out. Just absorbs every drop of moisture in them. Works through their exoskeleton. Literally turns them to flakes.

u/aloveablebunny · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

Your landlord may not have been aware of an infestation. They could have been deep within the box spring, he could have been immune to their bites.

Have you CONFIRMED that these bugs are bedbugs, by visual comparison?

Follow this protocol:

  • Use a minimal frame that has little to no spots for bedbugs to hide in, such as a lightweight metal frame

  • Purchase interceptors to put under the legs of the bed frame

  • Move the bed away from the wall, and away from other furniture (isolate it)

  • Wrap both box spring and top mattress in bedbug-proof mattress encasements - the zippered kind that SEAL/ZIP CLOSE.

  • Purchase CimeXa dust and a handheld bellows for application of the CimeXa. Dust this LIGHTLY (do NOT make piles of it) around the baseboards of the rooms in the house, in/on window sills, on the bed frame, inside of dressers/desks/bookshelves, around the bed itself, on the mattress and box spring (before you put on the encasements), and behind/inside of electrical outlets/faceplates. This will dry your skin out so be careful not to touch it a lot, or breathe it in - use gloves/a mask when applying. Your goal is to "puff" it where you're applying it and let it settle in a fine layer. If you vacuum after application, you will need to reapply it

  • You can use Diatomaceous earth too, but CimeXa is much more effective, it lasts much longer, and it's safer to use as DE is harmful if it is breathed in.

  • Wash all clothing and linens on HOT and dry on HIGH HEAT for at least 60 minutes. Store in AIRTIGHT plastic containers or plastic bags that SEAL to prevent hitchhikers and re-infestation. Store away from the bedroom if possible.

  • Look into buying Nuvan ProStrips for items that cannot be laundered - including books, records, shoes, sensitive clothing, etc.

  • All other items that you do not readily need can be stored in AIRTIGHT plastic containers, preferably in a garage or away from the possible infested areas. Adult bedbugs can survive for almost a year without food, so "starving" them is not a reliable method of eradication on its own.

  • Treat the WHOLE HOUSE - NOT just your bedroom, as bedbugs will absolutely move from room to room. Couches and chairs can be treated with CimeXa too.

  • Have diligence and patience - worst case scenario, contact an exterminator, but you can eradicate the bedbugs (if this is what you're dealing with for sure) through DIY methods as long as you are thorough.

u/onefreehour · 2 pointsr/DIY

Terro Ant Baits, Work like a dream!

Someone else asked if they were pet safe and I can almost guarantee they are not.

u/D3SKTOP · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Amazon. Link if you want some.

TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits

u/ANiceRack · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles

this stuff works so good but I think Walmart has a 4 pack. You only need 1 pack

u/jabespetes · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Came here to suggest those! The best. TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits

u/GastonLeGume · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

THESE exact traps. How long has it been? It really did take a full week for them all to die. Tons of living ants everywhere for the first 3-4 days.

u/mud_fish · 2 pointsr/Syracuse

For ants inside the house, I use Tarro Ant Baits. This stuff is awesome and works great.

As for the outside, you can have someone come and spray your yard. I've never used it, but my neighbor has used Mosquito Authority. Maybe try Gannons??? I have no clue what it costs though.

u/ltkernelsanders · 2 pointsr/cars

This. I used these at my old house and the ants were gone within days.

u/Brilliantrocket · 2 pointsr/CryptoCurrency

No joke, this stuff works miracles. It's the only type of bait that actually kills the queen, which is the only way to permanently get rid of the ants.

u/Flaviridian · 2 pointsr/DIY

Big +1 on the Terro traps. Vastly superior to other brands. Use lots and know that it will take some time for the entire colonies to be poisoned and in the meantime you will see lots MORE ants as they collect the slow-release poison.

Also do enjoy the #1 product review on Amazon:

u/rfh1987 · 2 pointsr/pestcontrol

I was using this bait about two months ago...
TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits

They swarmed every one I put out, for about 24 hours, and then they just stopped. Thoughts?

u/systemd-plus-Linux · 2 pointsr/ants

I hear ya. I'm an ant lover obviously, but I totally understand not wanting them in your home.

The TERRO Liquid bait traps work extremely well.

u/hoky315 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can't do much about your ant problem (although this helped with ants in my kitchen), one of the things that gave me confidence to try my first kettle sour was the recent Milk the Funk podcast on kettle souring. They discussed oxygen exposure during souring and said it isn't an issue. Their recommendation is that no steps need to be taken to seal up the wort during the souring phase other than covering it someway to keep critters out of it. Brulosophy also had a recent podcast on kettle souring and they came to the same conclusion. Definitely worth a listen if you're interested in the topic.

u/muchamp · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Get some of these. They're seriously magical. No other brand works as well in my experience. They'll be gone in less than 48 hours.

u/washingtonjacksons · 2 pointsr/gardening

It's a bot that gives you price history on your link from Amazon. I think it only does direct links, it won't pick up on embedded links like this one here.


u/imdwalrus · 2 pointsr/tifu
u/Wallaby_Way_Sydney · 2 pointsr/opiates

Dude, just get one of those salt shooters that are meant to kill flies and then fill with some dank as ECP! Like this one!

u/MisterElemental · 2 pointsr/Firearms

Like this?

Soon to be banned in New York, New Jersey, and California!

u/FLCavScout · 2 pointsr/pics

I recommend this:

Now I'm the one who knocks

u/Mao_PingPong · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Don't get an airsoft gun for that, just get a bug-a-salt (its a pump shotgun that fires salt). Here's the link to it:

u/T3naciousL33 · 2 pointsr/unpopularopinion

Breh. Fuck larger bugs. Just get a salt shotgun.


u/Danger-Moose · 2 pointsr/rva

I want one of these.

u/ThePrince_OfWhales · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If by weird you mean freaking awesome, I've got the Bug-A-Salt 2.0, a salt powered gun that kills flies and other annoying bugs.

u/evilpercy · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Get a salt gun. It is fun. Bug-A-Salt 2.0 New & Improved Model

u/wildfirehorn · 2 pointsr/Surveying

Here in the South I've found that DEET on your skin with Permethrin on your clothing keeps virtually all insects away, including ticks!

u/thelongestmilee · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

I've recently visited Isle Royale NP in May and it is well worth the trip! If you're worried about bugs, you could wear lightweight and breathable long sleeved shirts, pants, and head net. You could also try soaking your clothes in Permethrin. This will also kill ticks upon exposure.

If you're heading up that way I'd recommend staying for a week and backpacking rather than camping for an overnighter.

u/PJayW · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Use permethrin on your clothes and gear instead. No need to reapply daily, or carry the extra weight. I did a hike last summer to a group of lakes with swarms of mosquitos. We had 3 couples, one used picardin; one deet, and we used permethrin. We were by far the least devoured by the end of the weekend, deet was the worthless.

You can buy permethrin in bulk, but its full of other chemicals that reportedly smell bad and give people rashes. I just buy the big bottles of sawyer on Amazon and coat my gear twice a summer.

u/Breritosupreme · 2 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting

LENKA Electric Fly Trap Device - USB Powered Fly Catcher - Fly Insect Killer for Indoor\Outdoor Use

Here's a link so you can at least read some reviews I got curious

u/ghostphantom · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You could get a bug vacuum like this one. That one has a pretty long arm so you wouldn't have to get too close. I use an electric flyswatter (I found one at a hardware store for like $5 and it works perfectly, you can actually smell the bugs burning when you zap them) in my house for any and all creatures with more than 4 limbs.

u/runningw · 2 pointsr/peacecorps
u/FJCruisin · 2 pointsr/Connecticut

ok so it's probably not really effective at stopping very many of them.. and our entomologist from elsewhere in the thread would be angry... but these are alot of morbid fun. bzzt bzzt.

u/DontMentionLobsters · 2 pointsr/melbourne

Those are wonderful, but the fucking thing is, flies here are so damned fast.

I'm used to the wasp plague we had in Berlin last summer, which is why I got mine. Those bastards are slow and predictable.

I think I've just moved up to the next level. I'm just worried about what the boss fight will look like.

N.b. I tried several and this type seems to work best, compared to the ones with the cross-patterned wire mesh (stronger charge, somehow). Zot. Pow.

u/gotsmallpox · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn

Get this and enjoy your revenge.

u/Mattallica · 2 pointsr/funny

I found one on amazon but couldn't find the one pictured, that's one 8 years old

with a little research, I'm sure you could find one that's less expensive

u/Maofish · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Currently in the midst of dealing with a gnat problem. Here's what's worked for me so far:

  1. Can't have fungus gnats if you don't grow your plants in soil (uprooted my English Ivy and am now growing the damned fool in water because gnats kept going back to it).

  2. Mosquito bits. I honestly don't know the ratio of bits:water that should be used so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I soak about 4oz (this was probably overkill) of bits into a gallon of warm water for about an hour (or let it sit overnight in room temp water), and then water your plants with it like normal until your gnats are gone. I try to strain the bits from the water with some mesh because I've seen others have molding issues if they let the bits sit on top of the soil.

  3. Catch the adult gnats with sticky traps before they can breed even more. I cut traps into 4ths or 8ths depending on the size of the plant and attach a disposable chopstick or skewer to stick it into the soil.

  4. To prevent your other plants that currently don't have gnat issues from getting gnats, water from the bottom. It's advised to not let your plants soak in water for more than 30 min at a time. A moisture meter also helps with this. This also discourages gnats from coming back since the top layer of soil is dry.

  5. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a temporary solution for preventing adult gnats from penetrating the soil to lay larva, but once it gets wet, it's pretty much useless. Sometimes I sprinkle on DE between waterings once the soil is dry. Not a long term solution and also annoying.

    There are lots of other redditors on this subreddit, /r/IndoorGarden , and /r/plantclinic who have faced the same issues, so have a look at their posts too to see what works for them (I see hydrogen peroxide is a common solution). Best of luck!
u/tellinUwhut · 2 pointsr/OrganicGardening

This worked in my worm bin and all my potted plants inside the house. It kills the larva in the soil before they become breeders breaking the life cycle.

I bubble some in a container for a couple hours then strain out the bits and water my plants with it. Get some yellow sticky traps for the adults flying around and you are set.

Mosquito Dunks 116-12 8-Ounce Quick Kill Mosquito Bits

u/Numberoneallover · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

People mention this on here often

Mosquito Dunks 116-12 8-Ounce Quick Kill Mosquito Bits

u/anooci · 2 pointsr/succulents

I used a product called Mosquito Dunks to get rid of my gnat problem. Worked like a charm.

u/ExcelsiorKerah · 2 pointsr/IndoorGarden

They’re granules that kill mosquito larvae in ponds and standing water but also kill fungus Gnats. Here’s a link to amazon but you can find it in Lowes or Home Depot if you’re in the US.

u/Altilana · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles

These are great for all flies:
Clear fly paper that you can stick to a wall or window and remove easily:

These kill fungus gnats: Quick Kill Mosquito Bits

Both are safe for pets. If you have plants that’s where the fungus gnats are likely laying their eggs. You know if you have fruit flies because when you kill them their abdomen will have stripes. Setting out soap/vinegar traps should kill most of the adults.

u/Cocoa-Butter-Kisses · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Yes. Before you attack the problem you have to get certain ID on the pest first. Buy some of these to catch the flyers to examine under a loupe. Compare it to images on google and get the necessary pesticides. If you want to skip all that (not recommended) then go ahead because I do. If you have seen them consistently, chances are they probably laid eggs in your substrate. Attack the cycle not the individual. Most efficient way personally for me was a combination of a biological pesticide + mechanical. This + This + the yellow sticky traps = gnat free within 12 hours (atleast for me). The brown shit works like Diat. Earth by cutting up the bodies of the insect (but its in granules instead of powder and won't harm you if you touch it), the mosquito dunks is a fungus that attacks mosquito and gnat larva. The dunks are SUPPOSED to be a mechanical + bio method but it doesn't cut up the baby ones for me, only the adults so I have to substitute with the brown granules. There is an organic form of the brown granules that do the cutting but it was more expensive so I didn't buy it.

Edit: Mix the dunks and granules at a 1:1 ratio and pepper it over your topsoil.

u/hodlorfeed69 · 2 pointsr/gardening

Mosquito bits and/or Neem oil are all you need for gnats!

The bits kill the larvae in the soil and the neem oil makes the adults go crazy that they forget to eat, breed, or even fly!

EDIT: a great source for info on neem oil.

u/TastesLikeGreens · 2 pointsr/microgrowery
u/oddoutlier · 2 pointsr/pestcontrol

I honesty don't know what number would be considered an infestation.

This is the gel bait I used btw.

I suggest placing the gel not just in the closet, but a bit around the perimeter inside the garage (like near the corners). Place some particularly near the pipes (as shown in the pic in the link), and anywhere there are cracks in the wall. I'd also consider putting some in your own home (like under the sink, corners of the kitchen, under the fridge, stove, and in the bathroom). Then just wait for two weeks. Then use the traps to check if they're still there.

u/piglet24 · 2 pointsr/WTF

Go to whatever store sells insect stuff near you and pick up something like this

u/IIGrudge · 2 pointsr/WTF

Put it on a square sheet of paper and scatter it around your house. You'll only see little baby ones a week after. The only downside is that the gel dries fast, so you'll have to reapply frequently.

u/gslavik · 2 pointsr/newyorkcity

I once bought a syringe of the Combat cockroach paste back in 2012. Later in the year, I left for a about a week and put a bunch of lines of that paste around. Came back to no cockroaches.

I also threw around some bait traps (the little houses with food/poison in them) in dark places and hard to reach places (like under/behind the stove, under the sink, under my bed even, etc.).

From doing some light reading, it is best to keep your place dry as cockroaches and water bugs can go a long time without food, but not very long without water (they still beat us, humans, though).

u/Rystic · 2 pointsr/pics

I recently moved, after living with those things for awhile, and I've seen a few crawling around my new place. I purchased this and I'm planning on getting an exterminator in next week. Is there anything else I should do?

u/KimberlyInOhio · 2 pointsr/Advice

These live traps are just plastic oblongs with a one-way door... you bait it with peanut butter crackers and check if every morning, then take it out someplace far far away from home and release it.

u/punxerchick · 2 pointsr/pics

Sticky traps suck. They need to be banned from retail. This is awful.

Edit: Here's a constructive solution.

u/Cruel_Melody · 2 pointsr/OkCupid
u/shubuku · 2 pointsr/pics

There are some great humane traps on Amazon. I have used these 2 and they have worked great. I just transfer the mice to a bin and drive them out to the woods.

Here is also a Youtube channel that discusses many different types of traps and provides a lot of good information.

u/mjewbank · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

There are a number of fairly readily-available humane/no-kill traps that basically are a long box with a lure in it, with some sort of pressure-plate or something that once a slight weight is sensed, slams shut the entrance of the trap. This contains the critter therein, without snapping its neck or so forth. So long as they're checked regularly/daily, this should result in a live capture of the critter.

Here's about 5 seconds of googling's results:

u/Allamagusalom · 2 pointsr/pics

Dude, there are tons of humane mice traps that are just as effective. Earn double bonus points from Jesus and adopt a homeless snake to feed them to.

u/Antranik · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles

There are these humane traps which are catch & release traps (for example)... and other people use quick kill snap traps.

No matter what you choose, it's better than using rodenticide which doesn't even kill the animals fast but makes them suffer and then the animal that eats them (the hawks, the coyotes, etc) then suffer afterwards. Even your own pets like your dogs and cats can die from the rodenticide or eating an animal affected by rodenticide.

u/M4124124 · 2 pointsr/vegan

There are non-lethal traps you can buy. Just search "humane mouse trap".

Here's one:

u/faroveryou · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

In that case:

I utterly respect your point of view. Do not put the trap away after catching one or two mice, there are always more.

u/humB · 2 pointsr/self

We tried everything to get two mice out of our place, and after trying 5+ types of traps, this one caught them each within an hour of putting it out. Plus, it's a humane trap, so it just traps them and you go let them go ffar away. we've had no problems since catching our two in this thing.

u/Whimby · 2 pointsr/vegan

I used this (smart mouse trap)[] and it worked well for 3 mice so far. They're so cute and they get so scared in the cage but I just release them in the woods nearby. Thing is... I hear they may not survive very long if you release them

u/oceanswillrise · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Agree that glue traps are absolutely terrible.

I really recommend humane mouse traps that catch and keep alive. I just went through mice problems in my basement. I caught 6 mice using one of these before finally figuring out how they were getting in and have had no more issues. I'd catch each mouse and then drive to the local park to release them.

When I was younger my Dad caught a mouse in the glue trap and the poor mouse was tugging the trap all over the house trying to get free but getting himself more and more stuck until my dad put him out of his misery.

u/VeganMinecraft · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow, this is just awful. I'm not entering but it's a bit "shocking" to me that so many are "laughing" and joking about killing sentient beings.

I totally get that you need mice out of your house. I wouldn't want them in either, but I would never kill them, much less joke about their death and more ways to kill them. They want to live as much as you do. We can't truly be a civil society unless we live and let live. Humane Mouse trap. I think you could use that.

u/b0302 · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles

Buy a ton of roach bait stations, set them pretty much all over the place, and the roaches should die out in about 1-3 weeks. The poison they eat doesn't kill them right away. When they go back to the nest, they either give the nest the poison or they die from the poison and the nest eats the dead carcass, which ends up killing the entire nest. There are roach bait stations for small roaches and for the big roaches. Buy one or both, whatever you need! You need to replace them every three months.. but once the problem is fixed, you can go a few extra months more before replacing them.


You can try to get out of the unit, but it will probably just be easier to focus on getting rid of the roaches, it just takes some time if you install roach bait stations. You will probably need a lot all over your home, but it will work. Every time I have a roach problem anywhere I live, these things fix the problem. It's best if the entire building had some in each unit, but even if it's just your unit that has them, eventually the roaches will die out. You could try placing a few of them somewhere outside your unit to kill these motherf*ckers quicker.

u/3_4shutthedoor · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

here is a guide that will help tell you where to check for bedbugs

this is what your looking for

you can buy bedbug intercepters to place under your bedframe, if you have bedbugs, they will fall into these and wont be able to get out

u/Circus_Birth · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

There’s a lot of good advice in here but one thing I don’t see mentioned is this:

bed bug traps

These things aren’t preventative, all they do is indicate if any bugs are trying to climb up your bed frame. You put them under each foot of your bed. The bugs crawl in but aren’t able to crawl out, you can check them for bugs as often as necessary to make you feel comfortable.

I had bugs several years ago and when i moved into my current place i got these so I’d know if any caught a ride with me. To this day i check them about once a month or so and breathe a sigh of relief.

u/TheBedBugAdviser · 2 pointsr/videos

I do not know about their effectiveness for spiders.

They operate based on a particular coefficient of friction. Bed bugs have hook like feet. So with a sufficiently "slippery" surface bed bugs can't actually grab hold and climb.

I don't know if that translates to spiders.

Either way here's a link to the original climb-up interceptors:

u/Hawkeve · 2 pointsr/whatsthisbug

Yeah, SF is great. I miss it. Good luck with fixing your problem! The dryer is a good method for getting them off cloths, blankets, etc. You can also buy a bedbug cover to reduce their hiding places. Then you can get a trap filled with cornmeal and place that around the base of the bed (assuming it's lifted). As long as you pull your bed from the wall, that should help. The traps will also let you know how many bedbugs there are and you can give the info to an exterminator. Keep in mind that probably no matter what you do you'll eventually have to call a professional.

Bedbug trap:

Bedbug cover:

u/dmuth · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

First, the bedbug covers need to stay ON your bed and boxspring, so that any bugs trapped within will be isolated and eventually die from starvation.

Second, do you have bedbug traps on your bed? If not, I can recommend these. They can be used to determine the extent of the infestation, as well as isolate your bed from the bugs.

Hope that works. Let us know if you continue to have problems!

u/enraged768 · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

go get some CY-kick cs off amazon get a sprayer and i swear to god you'll never have a problem. now don't go spraying this shit everywhere it can kill you and there are federal guidelines to using this. its used to kill scorpions and just about anything else.

u/HoWheelsWork · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

You could always try setting a couple tokay geckos loose in your car. I'll be waiting for the "How do I remove tokay geckos from my car" post in a few days.

But seriously, if the problem is really that bad, I'd probably consider using an insectiside bug bomb, like Cy-Kick:

u/OmgNoodles · 2 pointsr/WTF

Buy some of this. Trust me, it works.

I work in roofing and all the guys are nasty as shit. They leave food behind in trucks and where we park the trucks is in a non-paved area. So overtime some trucks get them. I actually got them from leaving my car there a week, while working out of town, so when I put my suitcase back in my car to go home I'd bring them with me. I saw my pest control guy use this or something like it, so I bought it and tried it myself later on when I brought them home again.

I even used this on one of the nastiest trucks we have. German roaches are EVERYWHERE. I opened the truck door (not my work truck) and roaches were falling out, running around and just fucking nasty is the only way to put it. I put some of that stuff all around the truck and toolbox. About two days later I asked one of my Mexican coworkers if it still had roaches and he said it's a fucking graveyard in there. He asked wtf I did, so I told him. They tried everything to kill them, but me putting this stuff in there finally killed them all.

Trust me, buy it. It will take a few days to kill them all, but usually after a day or two you can see them start to die. Put that shit everywhere you see them, and really in the infested areas.

u/PledgeToJot · 2 pointsr/howto


I am a pest control technician (exterminator) in south Texas. On a daily basis, I battle German roaches and they are tough to get rid of if you don't know how get rid of them properly. Although it's not the fast way, baiting and growth regulators are key to defeating the roach menace. This method takes roughly two weeks, depending on the size of the infestation.

Using a growth regulator will screw up the roaches reproduction organs and cycle, this keeps them from making and having babies. I highly recommend this product.

I found baiting a few days after applying the growth regulator works extremely well. The bait I have found to work the best is Invict Roach Gel. You can find it here

Good luck on your battle against those bloody creatures. :)

u/Costco1L · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

When I had a mouse problem due to construction next door (they even started nesting in the walls of my oven), the only thing that worked was putting down a ton of mouse traps along baseboards and under furniture (where my cat could not get to them). I found these to work wonderfully and be very easy to set. I put out poison but I don't think it accomplished much, if anything.

u/CasualElephant · 2 pointsr/lawncare

Thanks /u/Ed-k! Is there a brand/type/specific something or other that people recommend for Prodiamine? I just searched for it on Amazon and this came up:

Do I just order this and spray the whole yard with it? Is there somewhere/something better to get? Appreciate the insight.

u/chadfromthefuture · 2 pointsr/Frugal_Jerk

If you like live protein, I recommend getting 1500 live ladybugs:

It works out to less than 1% of a penny for each ladybug. Now that's frugal.

u/KillerRaccoon · 2 pointsr/natureismetal

Here, assuming Amazon ships to Mexico.

u/nofreakingwaydude · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

If you touch your phone in the right places, you can have a Ladybug infestation.

u/SixthGrader · 2 pointsr/Birmingham
u/KeepInKitchen · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Live Ladybugs

Live Hissing Cockroach. Only 3 left, so act now!

Cow eyeballs in bulk!

Liquid Ass. You can always hope it leaks!

u/yeahmaybe · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

They look like aphids to me.

Looks like you've got a great excuse to buy yourself 1,000 or so ladybugs. They'll take care of those aphids in no time. Home improvement places often sell ladybugs or you can get them from Amazon.

u/ashleywithani · 2 pointsr/gardening

I've used lady bugs with success in my garden beds and herb containers. Last year I used them for aphids my tomatoes and peppers and this year I used them on my chives for aphids and whiteflies on my rosemary. Worked well for both aphids and whiteflies. I suggest watering before releasing them, I have noticed they stick around longer this way. I've seen some people make little water feeders for them out of a bowl with pebbles, I'm going to try that next time. My only concern for you getting them in FL is how they will hold up to transportation in the heat. Also be sure to check your mail box constantly you don't want them roasting in there. Last summer I had them delivered in 80 degree weather and they were fine. I get them on Amazon, about $10 with shipping there are different sizes from multiple sellers.

u/rdrunner_74 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

there was another post about ordering lady bugs on amazon or so...

If you want to try organic... I would skip the bug bomb then though ;)

u/Jaded89 · 2 pointsr/Assistance

1500 Lady Bugs! Guaranteed LIVE delivery.

Lady Bugs are lucky, right? Maybe I'll win this contest! :)
Hope you had a great Dang Cake Day!! ;)

u/beerdude26 · 2 pointsr/videos
u/spiceydog · 2 pointsr/gardening
u/forcrowsafeast · 2 pointsr/vegan

Look online, like amazon you can prime order these, they are dirt cheap, like 5$ for 1500. They are kept dormant for long periods in fridges and they are sold as a commodity. There's an endless sea of lady bugs in bags lots of organic farms and stuff will buy these guys to fight off aphid infestations instead of using pesticides... with mixed successes, some people swear by them others that they are a waste of money and either die in a day or fly off.

But yeah ... People buy them in these bags all the time to set them free in their yards gardens, that's exactly their use case, so... ya you're totally just inducing more demand.



u/Trees_For_Life · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

or thru the mail like this

u/wolfcasey9589 · 2 pointsr/gardening
u/EasterBuggy · 2 pointsr/whatsthisbug

She definitely overpaid. =}

I think it is better to encourage the locals to populate though, however in Germany, Netherlands and presumedly Switzerland there are already huge populations of the Asian Multicolor that I do not know if it can get any worse for the natives.

This one is a different species though:

2000 beetles for $25. And some of the related products include ladybug food to keep them from straying so quickly.

But you are correct! Crazy expensive in the UK (which is like Switzerland in being outrageous price-wise, or unwise maybe):

Germany though has German eBay and its own Amazon and prices can be super reasonable there.

Another strategy is to not release all of them at once which would cause an over-population almost guaranteed to make them disperse.

Ladybugs can be safely kept in the refrigerator produce drawers which stimulates winter for them. But they are hungry when released so hence the ladybug food to keep them from straying.

And it is a good idea to familiarize oneself with what the larvae of all of them look like because they scare most people who do not know and think they are monsters (so often sadly kill them).

Anyway, there are a lot of other organic and inexpensive strategies such as neem oil, insecticidal soap, and even nicotine (not a lot).

u/randym99 · 2 pointsr/Entrepreneur

Subscription glitter mail; packaging changes every time.

Use other substances, e.g. flour, live ladybugs, farts (somehow), etc.

Make a business essentially facilitating harassment.

u/DrFeargood · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/LaceratedCantaloupe · 2 pointsr/nottheonion

$12 for 1500 ladybugs on [Amazon] (, including shipping.

u/Demiglitch · 2 pointsr/terriblefacebookmemes

According to my research, a bag of ladybugs (totalling 1500 ladybugs) costs 14.50 US, plus shipping. To get at least three milllion, you'd need to buy 2000 bags, which equals 3 million ladybugs. This alone (14.50 x 2000) would cost you 30800 US, plus shipping. This also isn't including replacements for any ladybugs that die during transit or insurance for the ladybugs.

As for the panini press, you'd have to get it custom made as I could not find a gold panini press commercially available, let alone one with a custom penis imprinter. Gold is currently going for about 45 US a gram, plus you'd need to implement a working design that isn't copyrighted by an existing manufacturer, plus have an artist design plates for the penis imprinting. You'd probably be spending at least 100k.

However, despite the extra cost I think it would be worth it in the end.

u/Luuuuuurrker · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

"many, many lady bugs"

for very cheap, you can buy many, many lady bugs.

25 dollars would basically get you 4500 lady bugs.

u/bear_claw76 · 2 pointsr/pettyrevenge

wake up call at 5:00Am

1500 ladybugs

This is all i got at the moment.

u/WickedPrince · 2 pointsr/gardening

Hey there! I am in the same zone as you up in Maryland. :)

  1. Start hordes of seedlings. Much more than you need. Choose the most healthy ones and pot some extras in case things go bad.

  2. Use a free tool like this to plan your garden out. Spacing is very important.

  3. Consider inviting some garden bros to your garden. and will do nicely.

  4. Do seedlings now. Make sure you harden them off over 10 days before transplant or the shock kills them.

  5. Use bagged soil and begin composting on the side. :) Great gardeners don't grow good plants - they grow good soil and that does the work for them.

  6. Does your area not drain?

    Final tip: You will learn more from your mistakes than successes. I know it hurts to see root rot kill some seedlings. It just happens. Learn from it.
u/katerader · 2 pointsr/gardening

These are the bugs I got. This company also sells praying mantis larvae so I think I’ll try those a little later in the summer. It took about a week for them to get here and I’d say maybe 100-200 were dead but I noticed them mating immediately when I released them so here’s hoping they’ll just continue to increase!

u/pennynoggin · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think that these are always good to have in your sock drawer!

u/tvraisedme · 2 pointsr/ScotchSwap

No WAY i'm sending ladybugs in the box i ship! Why would I do such a thing? Frankly, I'm offended you would suggest such a thing.

u/De4con · 2 pointsr/WTF

Just get $50 worth of ladybugs and release them all around and in their house. Amazon has a sale going on.

u/Zoroaster9000 · 1 pointr/WTF


u/ta1901 · 1 pointr/AskMen
  1. Electric tennis racket bug zapper. The zap/sizzle is very satisfying. About $10usd. Also at Harbor Freight.
  2. Pocket flask.
  3. Really good insulated thermos, like Stanley brand. I like cold drinks in the summer.
  4. Ostrim ostrich jerky from Amazon. Because "Arr Arr Arr!"
  5. I fix things myself around the house. My cordless Ryobi 18v drill with lithium batteries is great. I think I use that tool the most. After owning it for 5 years, it broke. They replaced it for free.
  6. LED headlamp leaves your hands free for fixing stuff around the house and for camping.
u/Vaper5 · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette
u/MeghanAM · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


The Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper

They're fun, if nothing else!

u/minnesnowta · 1 pointr/todayilearned

To others who think Fakeshdow is just being funny - these really do exist and are quite fun:

u/motney · 1 pointr/WTF

Just got back from a week of camping in 110 degree (f) weather and I wish I had a stash of those. We did have some of these which are fun but rely on human accuracy to be effective.

u/jesusfreek · 1 pointr/videos

A few years ago, some yellow-jackets built a nest inside the wall of my house. They were getting in and out through an unsealed crack between two boards in the external siding. I initially thought of just sealing the crack, but wasn't sure what would happen with all those live wasps inside the wall. I then remembered my wife had purchased a handheld bug zapper. Frying the little bastards as they tried to fly in or out of the nest was wicked fun, and I laughed maniacally as I cooked the little demons. There must have been 100 dead wasps on the ground at the end of the day. I later sealed the siding crack and they never came back.

10/10 would fry again.

u/madmax_br5 · 1 pointr/microgrowery
  • [Bifenthrin]
    ). Main ingredient in many of those bayer garden pesticides. Short lived so as long as you are not too far into flower shouldn't cause any issues. This is your not-fuckin-around option.

  • IG regulator. This will prevent the larvae from fully developing. Takes a while to fully work since the adults need to die naturally which takes 1-2 weeks, but is ultimately effective and mild of the plant.

  • Bacillus thuringiensis Israeliensis. Bacteria that attacks and eats the larvae. Works well and is considered "organic," but takes a few weeks for complete control. Use dechlorinated water for best results.
u/sunev · 1 pointr/gardening

I bought a small bottle of the mosquito dunk granules several years ago. The bottle has sat outside (in sheltered spot) and they still work just fine. They seem kind of pricey but a little goes a long way and they don't seem to go bad.

u/Old-brain · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I put about a tablespoon of mosquito bits on top and mixed it in. BT is good for fungus gnats and my wifes figs were infected so peroxide isn't a great choice. On top of which I mixed this soil and let it set for 3 weeks just to get the right things going.

u/Peuned · 1 pointr/microgrowery

you probably wouldn't need too deep an ipm. neem oil or azidirachtin spray while in veg every week would be ok. add some crushed up mosquito dunks to your medium to tale care of any soil gnats (you want the stuff with BTi in it )

that would be fine for most indoor grows imo. i have plants in and outdoors and my ipm is a little more rounded, but i only use stuff when i need it, except for caterpillars outside. that's a weekly spray.

u/ks0nggg · 1 pointr/houseplants

Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce

That’s what I use and a little goes a long way. So worth the $$. Another thing that helps is I always have a ceiling fan on for air flow. Seems to keep the gnats away too. My house is a jungle and I rarely ever see a gnat! Best of luck :)

u/Nimalla · 1 pointr/orchids

When I ordered orchid pots from a store online they gave me some of this stuff for free: Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce

u/lllilllillil · 1 pointr/gardening

Mosquito Bits or Dunks will kill them.

u/medsi · 1 pointr/gardening

I know you're looking for more gentle solutions, but if you ever have to pull out the big guns (I had no choice), I've had success with sprinkling mosquito dunks on the soil surface.

u/sasarasa · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

yes! i use this:


you can let them float in a little bowl of water near your plants to attract and kill them but i don't like the look of that so i just pour some into my watering can and allow them to sit on the top of the wet soil in my plants. i did it twice recently (during my routine watering) and now i am gnat free again! and thank you so much!! :)

u/meggledore · 1 pointr/houseplants

I have a fungus gnat issue too. I’ve been using sticky stakes to catch them but I’ve noticed it doesn’t actually solve the problem in the soil. A lot of people have been recommending mosquito bits to me so I’ll be trying these out. Good luck!

u/HyprAwakeHyprAsleep · 1 pointr/childfree

Sounds like fungus gnats. You can use that dish soap method, but when I had delicate venus fly traps I used mosquito bits which you basically sprinkle in before the next watering.

u/ManInTheIronPailMask · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

I use these mosquito bits, which also control fungus gnat larvae when watered into the soil.

Edit: /u/juanitospeppers posted it first, but I'll leave this, as that link didn't work for me.

u/atypicalastrocyte · 1 pointr/Jarrariums
u/lissit · 1 pointr/toronto

that's unfortunate. I know technically it's supposed to be the landlord's job but I've seen decent results with this stuff

u/georgebaskharon · 1 pointr/dubai

buy this

i've had the worst roaches infestation in discovery gardens. now i barely see them. this thing kills them from the source. it's not gonna be very cheap with the delivery. but still cheaper than any solution here.

u/beandipdragon · 1 pointr/insects

A few regiments of these, these, and this got my old apartment roach-free. Maybe someone else can recommend better products but these worked great for me.

u/bensully · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I also happen to live in a mouse infested NYC apartment and I can fully recommend these traps if you don't mind the sight of dead mice. Using peanut butter as bait I got 5 in the first 24 hours. This thing is also fairly effective and runs on batteries but you get 6 snap traps for the price of one electric trap. I've only tried one no kill trap and the mice would just knock it over, walk in and eat the bait.

Look for holes, seal them up with steel wool and caulk, buy a lidded trash can, keep food high and enclosed. Purge your house with ruthless efficiency or they will never leave.

u/blaaaaaargh · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I NEED MOUSE TRAPS. OH GOD. WE HAVE SO MANY MICE. I spent all day cleaning mouse poop and it was disgusting. D: But I want these traps because they're no-kill.

sharing is caring

Thank you for the contest!

u/KinkotheClown · 1 pointr/Waltham

They do make live mouse traps if you want to let them go outside

u/bookdragoness · 1 pointr/Buddhism

I couldn't kill the mice in our house either. I got this Smart Mouse humane trap and it works fantastically.

u/Platonic69ing · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Maybe try feeding him and giving him water because rubbing with oil or alcohol and removing the animal seems to be the only way, meanwhile get a live mouse trap for next time.

u/Mr_McPants · 1 pointr/
u/cakeonaplate · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I think that there are mouse traps out there that catch them that don't hurt should buy those. Then release the mice a few miles away from where you found them.

look, a mouse house

but thank you for being a compassionate human being, and washing off the little fella.

u/Avolin · 1 pointr/vegan

Get a reusable humane mousetrap, and make sure you take them for a 5 mile car ride at least before you let them go. I use this in a visible place, so i know when I've caught something. It works great, and I've had it for years.

Once you think you've caught them all, you also want to patch all of the holes both inside and outside to help prevent future infestations.

Never let rodents run around your house though. They chew wires which can set your house on fire.

u/kiwimag5 · 1 pointr/pet_advice

Mine were Russian Dwarf. It is possible it squeezed out below the front door but not guaranteed. You're doing all the right things, I am sorry your roommate doesn't feel like helping in any way, that's terrible. Just keep doing what you are doing, they are so tiny they could fit in anywhere. It's challenging. The no-kill traps worked for me and you might consider purchasing one, you'll need a small one, like this. There is even a double pack so you could set them up in a couple different areas.

u/theirishscion · 1 pointr/Justrolledintotheshop

Right, I have a much cheaper solution;

Bait with peanut butter. Works errytime.

u/Ariyas108 · 1 pointr/vegan
u/Pengaween · 1 pointr/Wishlist

This is the trap I used. It's not sensitive enough to go off like it should. But I weighed it down with rodent food pellets. So then his weight added to them set it off.

u/UnpopularOpinion- · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I know that rodents are often seen as pests, but there are humane options out there. Everything else promotes suffering and it's really not necessary. I bought the Smart Mouse humane mousetrap on amazon and it worked like a charm, catching multiple mice a day:

You don't have to touch the mice...just check the trap every couple of hours and reset when necessary. Drive them down the street and dump them in a different neighborhood. You and your girlfriend can live guilt-free that way. And the only way you're going to keep them out of your apartment is by finding how they're getting in and stuffing the holes (the Smart Mouse has directions on how).

If we were talking about a puppy infestation all of the other options would appall the majority of people. That's how I feel about buckets full of water, glue traps, and snap traps. Good luck!

u/Handmeafish · 1 pointr/funny

Better, endorsed by a rodent lover... A fall from that high could seriously injure the mouse.

u/ghostofpennwast · 1 pointr/washingtondc

I don't keep a dirty house, but every 3-6 months I open a pack of these and chuck them in random spots around the house. an ounce of prevention...

u/onafarawaybeach · 1 pointr/LifeProTips not sure why no one posted this. It works best in a standalone residence so that dirty neighbors won't reinfect you but I left these in a roach infested trailer and came back a few days later and they were all dead. Even could work in apartments if they are enough of them. I always wonder why lazy landlords don't just put a few of these in each unit yearly. It does work.

u/relyne · 1 pointr/DIY

I'm not sure bombing will do anything, because the gas can't get into all the cracks and crevices where the bugs hide unless you do the whole tenting thing. When I bought my house, there were cockroaches in it and we couldn't get rid of them forever until I bought these . They have ones for little bugs too. I put a ton of both everywhere, and now if they aren't gone, they are at least somewhere that I can't see them.

u/acamann · 1 pointr/houston

We had roaches frequently getting into our home, and couldn't find the entry point to fix it and keep them out. Bought these for $8 bucks and didn't see any again for about 9 months, then replaced them with a new batch and still no roaches. These were a lifesaver, roaches are pure evil.

u/Eurasian-HK · 1 pointr/Frugal

The solutions you need are as follows -

Mice - A bucket, sunflower seeds and a small piece of wood works for small rodents. The video is for chipmunks but I've successfully used this set-up inside apartments. Set it up at night and every morning you will have caught some mice, repeat till they are gone.

Cockroaches - Put these EVERYWHERE till you don't see anymore roaches.

Problems solved.

Please let me know if these two solution do not remedy your problems within 2-3 weeks (Roaches will take longer to deal with than mice).

u/z0rz · 1 pointr/WTF

I'm not OP, but I've been through similar situations that he/she described. Too poor for an exterminator, extremely bad infestation, nothing worked etc, etc..

But, this shit worked amazingly well. Went from having so many roaches they were hanging out in daylight because there was no more room for them in the walls, to cleaning up piles of dead roaches and never seeing living ones again in a matter of a week. It was amazing.

u/Galaxyhiker42 · 1 pointr/NewOrleans

I use these to combat the different sized roaches.

and then I put this stuff all around my house to kill other ants bugs and larva. (its tiny fossils that cuts sticks to and cuts through exoskeletons and dehydrates the bugs and larva. Its good at killing crazy ants etc too)

u/lafingman0 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Looks too big to be a bedbug... but it's hard to judge scale in that pic. Best bet (cheapest thing to do) would be to tear the bedframe apart yourself or just check in the screw holes that hold it together and around the mattress and box-spring trim as they like to huddle together in tight places and don't usually travel far for a feed.

edit: checked out your other pics on imgur, it kind of looks about the right size/shape for a bedbug. Sometimes you just find one and its a freak thing, but you may still want to check in the cracks of the bed - extermination is not usually cheap either but is easier/faster taken care of when you call early on.

Company I worked for used Bedlam along with a few other things to get rid of bedbugs Tempo 1% dust,Bifenthrin (I think) - they also sold Climb up interceptors to check for possible activity. If the search shows nothing, getting some of these may be an option if your paranoid. Bed Bug covers couldn't hurt either. Make sure to get them for both your box spring and mattress if you do.

u/insertnounhere · 1 pointr/craftit

Yea, it's a mess. My parents spent tens of thousands heat treating their house multiple times. They tore down things like wallpaper and picture frames. There are also things like this that can help the spread of the little buggers. It is possible to get target treatments and figure out the worst infested areas through the use of a bedbug-sniffing dog. Other important things to remember are keep laundry off the floor (line hampers with black plastic trash bags) and that the dryer is successful at killing all stages of the bedbug life cycle, so wash stuffed animals and pillows and things. I hope that the "starving them" solution works, it might not be a bad idea to supplement this with a "killing them" solution.

The process is so expensive and time consuming, good luck.

u/mtelesha · 1 pointr/IAmA

Did you do the trays around your bed's legs? I DIY'd my own but here is an example:

u/Langly- · 1 pointr/WTF

Unit has been treated before, and I've been over the place with a fine tooth comb, OCD levels of it. I also react very badly to bites, massive red welts when I do get them. The apartment has been treated before, it's just time to do it again, they wind up dying quickly.

I also have interceptors under all the bed feet and the works, things they can't get up. When one does get in, it gets caught, which is where like once a month 1 or 2 get caught, that's the limit of it. I've caught them out in the main hall a shit ton though, heck for a while I was catching a few a day in the hallway without trying, sometimes making passes with a flash light and catching many more. That was shortly after a few people were evicted.

Last time I got a few bites, I turned my apartment upsidedown until I found the still blood filled fucker and killed it. They leave droppings and signs of activity around. If a bunch get in and lay eggs you have a problem, if a few get in and don't make it to laying eggs you are still in the clear. Their droppings notably stain sheets too.

With a "House" getting one in means you've likely brought something infested in. This is a large downtown apartment building, it's entirely possible for a single bug to crawl in from another unit with no others.

I've had full inspections of the unit done as well, and there is no infestation, but the treatment needs to be redone so any that do get in can not survive. Otherwise they will take hold.

u/DangerZoneDelux · 1 pointr/Coffee

Dude. Buy this. You don't ever have to worry about roaches again Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Cyfluthrin 16oz Insecticide don't mess with traps or anything else. Mix with water and spray around house, any entryways as well as nooks and crannies

u/tuscaloser · 1 pointr/tuscaloosa

Just a suggestion, get a sprayer at Home Depot and a professional treatment chemical and do your own spraying (saves a TON in the long run).

I've had great luck with Suspend SC and CyKick CS (seems better for bad infestations).
Suspend SC:

Cykick CS:

Edit: These are both food/pet safe once they dry. We usually put the dog and cat in one room and spray the rest of the house, then spray the room they were in when the rest is dry. Both chemicals are odorless when dry.

u/grovertheclover · 1 pointr/triangle

/u/bagodees posted this info (in respect to roaches at least) a long time ago and it has worked wonders for me:

They are much worse at apartment/townhouse condos since there are so many people and so many connected units all in one building. Here's the deal: when you see one, it's got at least 47 buddies that are behind you laughing at you because you can only actually see the guy that's running in the spotlight. The traps and sprays you get at the local stores don't work, and actually make the roaches worse because that's how those pesticide companies make money. The same deal goes for the pest guys that the apt management contracts with - if all the pests disappear, then their business dries up.
That said, there's hope for you. I have found that the only stuff that works are these two products:
You can get a standard 1 gallon sprayer at Home Depot for the Cy-Kick CS. Spray that shit around your problem areas. The gel bait is for if your problem is really bad - place those in the same areas until you don't see anymore roaches.
These products are highly toxic, but they do work. Just make sure you follow the instructions, wear protective equipment when applying the pesticides, and keep your pets away from treated areas.

u/danidf25 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I used to be an exterminator when I was going to college. If they are big roaches they usually don’t live inside your house. When I was an exterminator the company I worked for used the pesticide linked below. Spray this around your house and focus on doorways or any place you think they might come in from. You only need to spray that once a month. The suggestion for the German roaches is great but German roaches are small not large. So maybe google German roaches and see if that’s what you have and decide on your plan of attack. Good luck!

BASF - 792075 - Cy-Kick CS - Insecticide - 16oz

u/crypto64 · 1 pointr/tifu

I've got a solution for you, but you won't like the price tag. Grab a container of this awesome stuff and any old one-gallon yard sprayer. Mix as instructed and spray the inside of your home and outside too if it's a house. You and your room mate will be the ONLY living things in your home for a few months. It's safe for pets too as long as you let the spray dry before turning them loose in a treated area.

u/No_Disassemble_J5 · 1 pointr/washingtondc
u/skwolf522 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Here is what I use,

Kills everything. You mix 1 oz in a garden spray with 1 gallon of water.

Spray all the base boards and under your sinks and cabinets.



u/RandomNumberHere · 1 pointr/Austin

If you really want to get rid of them, get one of those cheap pump sprayers and some Cy-Kick and you're good to go. This is what some professionals use for insect control. It works great. I use it (spray along house borders inside and out) and after that my home is insect-free for months. You'll see some dead bug carcasses the first few days and then nothing.

u/HanoverWilliam · 1 pointr/Bedbugs

Please don't stress yourself out. Could your delicate clothing be heat treated? It only takes a few runs in the drier to make sure. Visual inspection of the clothing will help as well.

Also, german roaches are horrible. I understand your paranoia. But it's easier to kill a roach infestation than a bed bug infestation. I'd rather have roaches. lol I can kill roaches easy with a little proactive killing and poison.

Same here. Just keep your home clutter free, store your clothing in sealable bins, and vacuum regularly. Good luck at your new place.

u/anonymous_nola_dude · 1 pointr/NewOrleans


And this?

Any application tips? I guess the gel is for indoors and I spray the bengal outside?

u/UnpopularCrayon · 1 pointr/Atlanta

I found this stuff to be very effective. I just dabbed it as instructed all around the edge of every room, in cabinets, around doors/windows. Then you'll occasionally start finding dead roaches (or nearly dead) here and there.

I also did a professional bug treatment every 6 months as others have suggested.

u/Jason_OT · 1 pointr/boston

Better yet, get the snap traps that travel half the distance.

u/TechnoAllah · 1 pointr/philadelphia

What kind of snap traps were you using? I had issues with the wooden ones you get at the hardware store not working, but these ones kill with impunity.

u/SeafoodDuder · 1 pointr/Advice

32 year old guy here. There are creatures in life like mice and fish that are more scared of you than you are of them. Mice like being near walls and they like the dark. You'll rarely hear or see them during the day time.

If you were to open the laundry room and heard or saw something move then that was you scaring the mouse because it was eating, gathering small bits of things (hair, thread, food, etc). Just doing mouse things. :)

The only reason a mouse might ever attack is if it felt cornered or threatened. This rarely happens though because it's scared of you and they're incredibly quick. If you were trying to catch it then you're going use things like a mouse trap or a sticky glue trap which usually kill the mouse or trap it on the sticky trap until it (unfortunately) dies. Don't look at the amazon reviews unless you want to see dead mice btw!

Try to think of it as like a gopher, rabbit or squirrel. They're kind of curious/scared in the same way.

u/mrfogg · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I used to live in a warehouse loft apartment here and had a similar problem. First of all, it isn't normal and if they are coming back in large numbers season after season. That's a problem with the building. You should definitely look into moving.

  1. These traps were by far the most effective for me. Usually with some kind of nut-butter. Try and place them where you think the mice are coming in. Glue traps worked well too, but you have to be quick or else the mice will chew off their own legs and escape back into the wall, and having to drown them is gross.

  2. More steel wool. Behind the stove, under your sink, in your closet, wherever there might be more holes.

  3. Keep all your food in air-tight containers. Take out your garbage frequently as well and wipe down your counters and vacuum. Good job on already doing this.

  4. Your neighbors need to be on the same page, or else the mice will just keep coming down from their apartments to yours.

  5. I've heard that little things of lavender or essential oils along the walls or corners can help keep them away.

  6. Make your landlord pay for a professional exterminator! A real one.

u/Shaggbot · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

This makes me happy. We had a bad mouse invasion. I found turds on the counters and in my silver wear drawer. I Bought some traps off of amazon and killed 9 mice. I enjoy reading the reviews on them.

u/Wu-Tang_Killa_Bees · 1 pointr/philadelphia

We use these and they work much better that the traditional wooden spring traps

u/scoobydoobiedoodoo · 1 pointr/lawncare

I was recommended Barricade or Dimension so I want to prepare for the fall to get my lawn ready for the spring but both had this disclaimer on some listings. I'll try to see if I can find one that does not have this warning. Thanks

u/shwaaaaaaaaaaa · 1 pointr/lawncare

Trying to make the same decision here too. Why wouldn't I just buy this:


I'm guessing this would last several several applications wheras a bag of solids would only last 1 or so.

u/Valet37 · 1 pointr/lawncare

Thanks for the advice! That is very helpful. I'm planning on getting this from amazon, it's cheap enough that it looks like I'll be able to spray the entire lawn with it and have enough left over for the entire summer since it's supposed to be diluted 2 tsp/gal.


For the Nitrogen would you recommend going with something that is pure nitrogen like this (46-0-0), or some other type of mix like a 10-10-10?


u/eZGjBw1Z · 1 pointr/lawncare

Prodiamine 65 WDG seems to be popular here and it is what I used this year. The jug is full of little granules that are intended to be dissolved in water and sprayed with a tank sprayer. It's cheap and the common 5 lb jug will last many years for a typical property. Because it's dry you don't have to protect it from freezing over winter. The label says it can be safe to use on Zoysiagrass.

u/mattinthega · 1 pointr/lawncare

Haha sorry!

So you do have grass there. It's dormant from the cold. Now is the time to prepare it for the transition to summer. The best offense against the weeds that come with summer is a good defense. A pre-emergent, like the name suggests, stops weeds before they have time to emerge/germinate. A weed control, also known as a post-emergent, is used to control the weeds that are currently visible.

The active ingredient in this product is Atrazine (always check the package label to make sure Atrazine is the listed active. Image for nuts edge is imazaquin which is not what you're looking for). It is a dual purpose herbicide that prevents and controls weeds to come and those visible. You can purchase it in a garden hose attachment form which makes application easy.

This is a pretty good tutorial. He's spraying ppre emergent but you can substitute any herbicide or pesticide. Measurements are key to a successful application. Measure the area of your backyard. If you have a 4,000 soft back yard, and the product calls for 1oz/1000 sqft, then you know to mix and apply for 4oz of material. Sometimes you'll see 16oz/acre ~ 16oz/44,000sqft ~ .4oz/1000sqft ~ 1.6oz/4,000sqft.

While Atrazine does a good job, it does not do a great job, and it is not your only option. Were it my lawn, I would use a half rate of Atrazine + a regular St Augustine rate of speed zone southern.

The Speedzone will catch more weeds that Atrazine will leave behind. And for a pre-emergent, I would use Barricade ( Prodiamine).

You can purchase it in WDG form (water dispensable granules) which allows you to dissolve it in water, mix, and spray it, OR you can apply it as granular with a spreader. You can buy it for a very high prices in flowable liquid form as well. Anytime you can spray pre-emergent either with WDG or flow able form, you will get consistently better results than granular.

One application of these three products will have you in the right direction. Mid May I would fertilize with a slow release fertilizer with iron (4.0% or higher iron content. Check the bag for percentages). You're safe to use a higher nitrogen blend like a 24-4-8 or a 34-0-4. The important aspects will be the iron and the slow release. You want to apply this at 3-4lbs/1000sqft.

Let me know if you have anymore questions. By the way repeat the pre-emergent process come September. You'll need to do pre-emergent applications every fall and spring otherwise, see original lawn photos.

u/RedwSmoke · 1 pointr/lawncare

I put down some pre emergent earlier this year and so far no poa annua.

but I'm not overseeding either.

u/OldPolishProverb · 1 pointr/talesfromtechsupport

I've always wanted to ship someone a couple thousand ladybugs.

u/TGuy773 · 1 pointr/whatsthisbug

Came here to say "aphids" as well. Can I reccomend the world's finest aphid "insecticide"? ;)

u/nijoli · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

pickleweasel. nice.

weirdest thing on amazon in my opinion would be 1500 live ladybugs for only $4 here

why would anyone need this? ludicrous!!

u/dtten · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

would love steam key for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Here is what you need in your life:
1500 Live ladybugs. Go wild.

u/Cylius · 1 pointr/whatsthisbug

Yea, or just online. Through amazon for example

u/ShootPosting · 1 pointr/outdoorgrowing

Bing, Bang, Boom.
I've had good luck with these. Shipping these poor things in the Summer is kind of a gamble depending on your location, so ymmv.

u/Im_a_peach · 1 pointr/gardening

No! Get some good bugs that eat other bugs. [Preying Mantis.](

Ladybugs! They'll eat your bugs and birds will eat them.

I had chiggers, fleas and ticks. I put out 25 million beneficial nematodes. They cost $50 and ate the chiggers and everything. Cheaper than pesticide and I can plant whatever I want.

I don't recognize your little black pests, but something benign eats them.

Try putting rosemary, mint, or sage next to your basil. Companion plants can protect others.

u/steelhammerhands · 1 pointr/TheHopyard
u/shalbow · 1 pointr/randomactsofamazon

I'm just going to go ahead and say 1500 ladybugs. I mean, I don't know what most people would need them for, but the idea is pretty wild. :P

u/IvanRusBot · 1 pointr/relationship_advice

1500 Live Ladybugs - Good Bugs - Ladybugs - Guaranteed Live Delivery!

u/habitt5253 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

This right here. You can even buy live ladybugs from Amazon.


u/seanconnery84 · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/atheistpiece · 1 pointr/orangecounty
u/Summerie · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Not only should you not kill them, you can order them for your garden if you have an aphid problem. Serious gardeners absolutely order batches of them. I remember my mom having a bag of Ladybugs in the refrigerator waiting to be released.

u/bassface69 · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Looks like someone went overboard with amazon ordering these:

u/MarginalOmnivore · 1 pointr/whatsthisbug

I'd say Aphids. You could try to get a close-up, for a better ID.

Most of my advice for aphids (soapy water in a squirt bottle, etc.) is more suited to gardens, not trees. Maybe hit up r/arborists?

Probably couldn't go wrong by hiring some ladybugs. Always make sure insect imports are legal in your area, since interstate delivery could be considered "importing"! Sometimes laws vary from state to state, maybe try a local source.

u/fropek · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

You can get some here 1500 Live Ladybugs - Good Bugs - Ladybugs - Guaranteed Live Delivery!

u/kubala43 · 1 pointr/Austin

You can get 1,500 of them for $25 here.

u/GallonOfLube · 1 pointr/pics

Yes. In fact, many people buy them by the thousand and put them in their own, personal gardens. Just search Amazon for ladybugs and you'll see collections of them for sale at around $3-5 plus shipping. For example, here's a pretty popular one selling 1,500 ladybugs for $3.75 + $5.65 shipping.

u/Trudzilllla · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Im just gonna leave this here

u/Ars2012 · 1 pointr/tifu
u/Scarlet_poppy · 1 pointr/relationship_advice

You can srnd 1000 ladybugs as a gift. My friend bought it off of Amazon and did that once a few years ago. Not sure if they still sell it

Edit: yup, you still can. It's super cheap too

u/TrollsRLifeless · 1 pointr/Drugs

Poppy seeds

A jeweler's loupe for admiring your dank weed

There are some videos on r/lsd, I think, of someone who combined these two trip toys. It ends up looking pretty cool. //

1500 lady bugs

Edit: here's a video of those two projectors together

u/SugarForYourGasTank · 1 pointr/AskReddit


Ladybug the SHIT out of his car.

u/wolfofthenightt · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Try a couple cases of these.

u/unzercharlie · 1 pointr/gardening

Try ordering ladybugs, they're cheap. I dunno if it will work, bur for ten bucks, it's probably worth a shot.

u/hipsterhater608 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Tipsy Gifting!

1,500 LIVE LADY BUGS for just ten dollars.

u/gnu_oldskool · 1 pointr/WTF

Or your just flaunting your most recent Amazon purchase.

u/cuzitFits · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

Lady Bugs

edit: In the meantime hold your plants under running water if possible. A utility sink is great or a hose if outside. Just cradle the leaves and stem as you spray so as not to cause any damage.

u/buttered_scone · 1 pointr/gardening
u/Tired0wl · 1 pointr/gardening

I bought this package on amazon for $7.31. If you need ladybugs, I definitely recommend it. Every bug arrived alive!

u/philtech · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Not out of control at all. Just need some predators. Hungry predators.

They'll wipe out that infestation in no time.

u/mannequinbutt · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Best item on amazon is obviously 1500 live ladybugs, but as for practicality, I'd go with this. It's a single-serve teapot that nests in a perfectly sized teacup. Very cute and easy.

u/wmichaelis · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Probably a good thing that these aren't on your wish list, then...

u/sidepart · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Ladybugs .... THOUSANDS of them for $15. I think I'm going to send these to someone for secret santa this year.

u/krypticmtphr · 1 pointr/personalfinance

I've used this to get rid of roaches and it's the best thing next to hiring an actual exterminator since it's what they use.
advion 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Insecticide Bait Gel, Kill German, American, Australian, Smoky, Brown
Use it after deep cleaning the apartment top to bottom, behind all furniture and kitchen appliances (fridge and stove being critical)
Just make sure to out it near any sources of water/food (fridge has a drip tray for condensation) and entrances into and out the apartment such as near the door, behind outlet covers, lights and windows.
After that it's just a matter of maintaining cleanliness and following package directions for reapplication. Got rid of roaches in my house thanks to some nasty roommates and they haven't come back since.

u/elite_bleat_agent · 1 pointr/ChapoTrapHouse

Get Advion Roach bait (, a dustpan, and a broom. Put the Advion on dots on index cards and leave them everywhere roaches like, in the corner of every cupboard, room, near all water sources, etc. What will happen is that the roaches eat it and they die extremely high (like, they don't have any pain at all, they get stoned and wander around and die). Some of them will make it back to their nest, then the other roaches will eat them and they will die too.


Just keep putting it out and replacing it. DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE, no other sprays, no nothing. The first couple of day you will have dead roaches EVERWHERE, you will have to vacuum or sweep up them up in bushels, twice or three times a day. Then after a couple of weeks you won't see any. Keep putting the bait out, refresh it every two weeks, and your problem will be solved.

u/Yazars · 1 pointr/Harvard

If I were in that situation, I'd want to try something to decrease the population, so I'd get cockroach baits/gels. Something like this.

u/WTDabbler · 1 pointr/japanlife

I found gel baits extremely effective.

Japanese roach traps imho never work and they can suck my balls.

u/phiberoptick · 1 pointr/philadelphia

there is a lot of mis information out there. is pretty good. i wasted a lot of money and effort. people say DE is good but you want 100% silica powder like this and these strips. the powder put all over. then put all your shit in plastic tubs with one of those strips. as you put stuff into tubs clean it with rubbing alcohol. its a metric fuck ton of work, but it can be done.

u/so_then_I_said · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Do all those things you plan to do, also consult the exterminators about what further steps you can take. Don't forget to use intercepting devices on each foot of your bed, with the bed pulled away from the wall so there's no alternate access. The traps can be as simple as cups with talcum powder (which makes their feet slip), or little glue traps.

Let me emphasize that the silica gel I referenced above is cheap, available (on Amazon as Cimexa), and effective as treatment as well as prevention, possibly for a decade, if applied properly.

The important thing is to stay sane. Be proactive, do all the things you're supposed to, and then trust that they're working. Don't let paranoia turn every little itch into a panic. Scorch the earth but stay cool.

u/stonecats · 1 pointr/Bedbugs

cheap diy indicators and treatments;
simple double sided tape along bed legs.
use this powder as directed

it may be fleas not bb.
fleas leave fewer indicators behind.
for fleas wash everything around bed with borax.
including floors walls in:outsides of furniture.

u/SarcasticSocialist · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

Since I haven't seen it here yet, a good way to kill any roaches and prevent reinfestation is by using Cimexa dust. Buy a duster and some Cimexa and lightly dust the interior of the ps4 through the air vents. Bonus points if you open it up and dust the inside too. Watch some videos on dusting appliances so you get a feel for how little you need to use to be effective. This Cimexa is not a poison but rather it dehydrates the insects and doesn't harm electronics. Best part is you can use it in other areas of infestation as well.

If you decide to go this route make sure you use a dust mask when applying and read the label on the Cimexa bottle before you use it. It's not poison but I'm you still don't want to put it somewhere where someone could breathe it in so make sure you know how to apply it before you so.

u/SnailHunter · 1 pointr/Bedbugs

As of now my plan was to wash and dry on high heat all the bedding, buy mattress and box-spring bed bug covers, and get some CimeXa and put it all over the room. Especially in the doorway so they don't infest other areas of the house (is this being naive? will they just go through the walls?)

How does this sound to you guys?

u/allonsyyy · 1 pointr/spiderbro

Powdered amorphous silica, like this stuff. It will kill both, but it kills by dessicating so your ants won't be poisoned. Just don't put it where your spiders go.

u/PrettyPurpleKitty · 1 pointr/TrueOffMyChest

Or better yet, Cimexa. Amazon link here.

u/couchisland · 1 pointr/povertyfinance

Look into this stuff as well, CimeXa Insecticide Dust,

u/Lolor-arros · 1 pointr/vegan

This stuff is great -

Bed bugs can be managed without an exterminator, but you do need to do research. Cimexa is definitely vegan and extremely effective, you just have to be okay with a fine layer of dust on the floor for a few months. It doesn't kill the eggs, but when they hatch, they'll crawl over it to feed on you and then die.

Godspeed, OP, you can win this. I found a few two months ago and now they're all gone. Still dusting with Cimexa for a few more months, to keep them gone.

u/felisfelis · 1 pointr/Connecticut

This stuff is a lot more effective. Im too drunk to provide a source but just look up cimexa

u/gsl-throwaway · 1 pointr/offmychest

Thanks for sharing your story. I need to hear stories like this one.

I think my first step is getting a "monitor" for them. You can make a homemade one with dry ice (carbon dioxide) and a few other cheap materials. If this "monitor" (which is more like a trap) catches some, I think that will be the evidence I can use to present to the management of my new apartment.

Since I'm pretty sure that monitor will find the evidence I fear, in the mean time I will purchase a duster and a whole bunch of Cimexa and treat every nook and cranny of every visible surface in side my apartment.

When I let my management know, and just how truly awful and shameful that conversation will be, I know that at least they have to choose which pest control company and method will be used to treat my unit. I am hoping they opt for heat treatment of some kind.

Ultimately, I'm hoping that by escalating it within the next month and the following treatment outlined, I can be over this in about 4-6 months.

But I don't know. I just hope it doesn't take my relationship from me...

u/slayerming2 · 1 pointr/Bedbugadvice

Hey, so I accidentally bought this brand.

92.1% silica gel and 7.9 %

I sprayed my bedroom two days ago, and besides going in for a minute or two to grab something I haven't gone back. So what should I do? Should I vacuum the floor?

How effective do you think it'll be?

u/AXISMGT · 1 pointr/TeslaModel3


Check the reviews on Amazon. It has a 4.4. All good stories too.

TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits

u/11ez11 · 1 pointr/homeowners

Thank you! I had no idea what they were called. They are indeed really hard to get rid of, actually when the first comment was posted here I ordered terro as per the suggestion. The first 2-3 days the ants swarmed toward it (I found one of their entrances by a floor heat vent where hot air comes out), then eventually they stopped coming. I thought they all died but after about a week another swarm came and now at present it's looking like they're appearing less. It's been a month since I initially posted/bought this I'm hoping they're getting closer to completely dying and not instead attracting more ants from a far away place or something

u/C_N1 · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

/u/TayBertits use the poison kind of ant traps. Like this one.


How it works: "Since this is a bait, initially you will see more ants – but don’t worry, this is a good thing. Why? As ants forage for food, they are easily attracted to the sweet, sugary liquid inside the bait stations. After finding the bait, worker ants consume it and leave behind a pheromone trail leading back to the colony. This trail lets other worker ants know where the newly discovered food supply is. This is why you will see more ants in the beginning.

Meanwhile, the active ingredient, Borax, is slowly interfering with the ant’s digestive system, ultimately killing it, but leaving enough time for the ant to go back and share the dose with the rest of the colony. This slow kill is necessary so that foraging ants can make several trips to the bait. The communal nature of an ant colony allows the bait to be spread to hundreds, if not thousands, of individual ants."

u/sektabox · 1 pointr/woodworking

Why not get a Terro ant killer and enjoy ant free wood 48 later.

u/supersonic_princess · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I don't know the terms of your lease (you said apartment, so I'm assuming you're renting), but it might be worth at least contacting your landlord to see if they'll do something about patching up the cracks.

In the meantime, I live in the country and get ants like crazy. I use these ant traps, just be careful with them if you have pets.

u/Dondondondon · 1 pointr/Philippines

Probably something simlar to this.

u/cwcoleman · 1 pointr/Seattle
u/DentureTaco · 1 pointr/tifu

You know, you could solve this problem rather fast with these.
Terro T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits

u/fasmer · 1 pointr/homeowners

Yeah it's these traps. The first one I put in looks pretty full and I've added two more since then.

u/Kandals · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Terro for any ants that get indoors.

Suspend SC along the foundation, windows, and doors where ants may enter.

Hopefully homeowner will take care of it but the method above will create a barrier preventing ants from getting in and if any are inside the terro should kill them including the nest).

u/Jaemad · 1 pointr/daddit

These work amazingly. I had tried using the Raid brand ones before and they didn't work at all. Just keep them WELL out of reach of the little guy. Doesn't really matter where you put them the ants will smell em and home in on them

u/-Gravitron- · 1 pointr/nfl

I had a sugar ant problem that finally went away when I planted these ant traps.

u/Cpixel · 1 pointr/gardening

For the ants, Spray with something harmless to plants, targeted at ants. For the Aphids, Ladybugs! Ladybug the crap out of them ! Here is where you can buy some very easily! I have bought live insects off amazon several times and never once have I been dissapointed. I know it sounds silly buying live insects online but it works ! Hope this is of Help ! :)

u/Scrabblewiener · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

This is a lot more fun. I have the first version, wife bitches about flys, then when I kill them she bitches about salt. Pick your battles woman.

u/Breakr007 · 1 pointr/funny

This is a better investment for your bug problem. Works great, and doesn't come with an attitude or a litter box.

u/EddieViscosity · 1 pointr/AskScienceDiscussion
u/-_galaxy_- · 1 pointr/askscience

About 10 seconds after you enter the room with Bug-a-Salt.

Seriously though, a fly will not live beyond 2 days or so.

u/pilotwithnoname · 1 pointr/BlackPeopleTwitter

You're welcome. Its actually fun when a fly makes a wrong turn into our house now.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

u/tryunus87 · 1 pointr/titanfall

There is a sub for everyhing.
BTW, i want that salt firing shotgun.

Amazon reviews are good too

u/DasHarris · 1 pointr/interestingasfuck

I think this right here might be of interest to you.

u/barrymccockner76 · 1 pointr/maybemaybemaybe

I use the one in this video. Mine didn’t come with the laser site but I just ordered the one on the buddy’s second link above.

u/Velvetrose-2 · 1 pointr/Atlanta

> there are more flies than I anticipated.

Then you need to get THIS!

I got one for my husband as a joke but it really work =)

u/freezerburn666 · 1 pointr/londonontario

I use an electric one if my cat doesn't eat the fly in the first place. Plus it's fun when you're drunk with friends. I would look into that salt shotgun thing, that looks fun.

u/ryanhollister · 1 pointr/Austin
u/foggybottom · 1 pointr/phillies

Between innings someone needs to get out there and use this

u/MoneyMark4 · 1 pointr/gameofthrones
u/Joshua_Naterman · 1 pointr/tifu

Salt shotgun FTW (SFW link unless toy guns that shoot table salt to kill bugs are a no-no)

u/stoicsmile · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

They've got like a million eyeballs pointed in all directions and they live in slow motion.

Best $40 I ever spent. It shoots a blast of table salt that kills flies from 3 feet away.

u/NecroGod · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Never thought of that, nice tip.

I just bought a Bug-A-Salt I can make use of this.

I bought it so my girlfriend and I can hunt roaches (since we live in an apartment and our next door neighbors are disgusting and no amount of spraying will keep the bugs gone long) I figured may as well have fun with it.

u/poopsocker · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I hear the Bug-A-Salt actually works, and it's got to be a lot of fun.

u/s2xtreme4u · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Bug A Salt!!!!

haha I hate bugs in my house and this is the perfect solution!!!

I dont really need it because I have a fly swatter, but this is waaaaayyyyy better than a fly swatter!!!

u/MetalLobster · 1 pointr/hockey

You need a salt gun

u/toddbbot · 1 pointr/IAmA

I have a Bug-assalt air/salt weapon (it's a lot of fun). I just walk out and shoot all the hornets off the feeders after the hummingbirds scatter.

u/SnapshillBot · 1 pointr/EnoughTrumpSpam


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u/damn_jexy · 1 pointr/specializedtools

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 from Skell Inc.

get you one of this

u/Entangleman · 1 pointr/Brooklyn

The Bug A Salt is my preferred weapon for dealing with the bastards. It's a little air shotgun that shoots a spray of table salt. It's marketed as a way to deal with flies, but I find it works even better with mosquitoes (it is extremely satisfying to blow them out of mid-air!).

u/LithiumGrease · 1 pointr/algonquinpark

If you can try to get permethrin and treat your clothes with it...

I did a trip back in july and this stuff did wonders...we would be surrounded by mosquitoes but they wouldn't land on our clothing due to the permethrin....

u/HappyTheHobo · 1 pointr/LittleRock

I use this stuff on my hiking clothes and it has made a huge difference.

u/bhz414 · 1 pointr/WildernessBackpacking

RaylanGivens29 is right. I would for sure use a permethrin treatment on your clothes to help with the bugs. It is especially helpful for dealing with ticks.

u/standardtissue · 1 pointr/Ultralight

>\>That link is for carry-on where the 3 oz limit is going to prevent taking much of a liquid solution of permethrin.

Directly below "Carry on" it has it's guidance for "Checked" as well. Right below that line that says "Carry On".

\> "Aerosol" is NOT the way permethrin for clothes treatment is sold.

Sure it is. Maybe it's not the way you've been buying it, but it's definitely sold as an aerosol. In fact, did you know that permethrin is actually a very common chemical used for more than just outdoor recreation ? When you buy Sawyer, Bens or Reppel you're probably paying a lot of extra money for their specialty-marketing. If you use a lot of it you can save a good amount of money by simply buying concentrated permethrin and dilute it to the appropriate concentration youself.

u/samuraiwarrior__13 · 1 pointr/Damnthatsinteresting
u/talldrseuss · 0 pointsr/AskNYC

I've used the terro ant bait stuff in the past in the different places i lived in. They always seem to work well and after a week or so I never see ants again. Worth giving a shot.

u/ii_akinae_ii · 0 pointsr/Advice

Trust me - Combat Roach Gel. Just be sure you put it out in little dots and not long strips (once roaches figure out that a food source is killing them, they stop eating it, so making many little food sources with many dots is better than just a few food sources with long strips). Only thing that EVER worked for me was that gel.

Edited for clarification since I got downvoted for some reason? Was on my phone the first time, sorry if I wasn't clear enough or if the formatting was wonky. I dealt with roaches for a long time during sophomore year of my undergrad and I swear up and down by this gel.

u/squajbob · 0 pointsr/arresteddevelopment

OP exaggerated - it's more like $15 dollars, at least from Amazon.

u/pigeonsandroses · -1 pointsr/funny

Do they open packages in marine bootcamp? If so, send a bunch of really weird shit.

For example... 1500 live ladybugs.

u/B_A_M_2019 · -5 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

Clean the kitchen. Then use this:

Problem solved.