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u/the5souls · 173 pointsr/oculus

Costs for the starting, complete virtual reality package that includes the headset, audio, 2 motion controllers, and the platform:

(Complete here means full headset tracking, motion controllers for hand tracking, and some sort of headphone solution for audio)

|Oculus Rift | HTC Vive | Playstation VR
Platform | $850 PC | $850 PC | $350 PS4
Headset | $600 | $800 | $400
Controllers | $??? | $0 | $60 ($30x2)
Tracking | $0 | $0 | $45
Audio | $0 | $0 | $0
Total | $1450+++ | $1650+ | $875+

* For HTC Vive and PSVR earbud alternatives, headphones have a lot of price variation. Depending on the brands you get, generally the more you pay for your audio, the better your virtual reality audio experience will be. My virtual reality headphone-type (open, closed, in-ear, etc.) breakdown can be found here. I also highly recommend looking at Head-Fi's price recommendation list for good ideas on headphones to consider purchasing.


Quick, cheap PC with minimum Rift/Vive specifications that includes everything as if you're starting from absolutely nothing.

CPU | Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor | $189.99
Motherboard | Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard | $56.99
Memory | Crucial 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory | $28.99
Storage | Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $49.89
Video Card | XFX Radeon R9 290 4GB Double Dissipation Video Card | $282.14
Case | Thermaltake Versa H21 ATX Mid Tower Case | $35.12
Power Supply | EVGA 600B 600W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply | $49.99
Operating System | Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM (64-bit) | $89.92
Monitor | HP V193b 60Hz 18.5" Monitor | $69.99
Keyboard | Fellowes 9892901 Wired Standard Keyboard | $5.37
Mouse | V7 M30P20-7N Wired Optical Mouse | $4.71
| Total | $863.10


You can cut costs further by removing keyboard, mouse, monitor, and perhaps finding a way to get a discount on the operating system. You can also change the case, or the storage for something cheaper. You may be able to lower the power supply, but I don't recommend it. If you remove the OS, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you can cut about $160 off.

CPU | Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor | $189.99
Motherboard | Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard | $56.99
Memory | Crucial 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory | $28.99
Storage | Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $49.89
Video Card | XFX Radeon R9 290 4GB Double Dissipation Video Card | $282.14
Case | Thermaltake Versa H21 ATX Mid Tower Case | $35.12
Power Supply | EVGA 600B 600W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply | $49.99
| Total | $693.11

u/richaslions · 67 pointsr/Games

If you enjoyed the original Kingdom Hearts, it's really not all that bad! The 1.5 + 2.5 collection (Amazon link) that comes out on March 28th will be $50, and it includes everything except for 2.8. All of the games included have been well-received - and the 2 that weren't have been changed into "cutscene movies."

If you're not into this style of game, it certainly is a lot to take on. But I've always enjoyed the faster-paced combat of Kingdom Hearts, and I have enough childhood-nostalgia left in the tank to see the series through to completion.

u/_Hugh_Jass · 61 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I had no idea product like this existed for console gaming. More research must be done but I think I may have found my next purchase :-)

Yeaaahhhhhh fuck that. Maybe if the price point was around $100 then I'd be interested.

Edit 2:
Why is Amazon $100 more expensive even with the conversion?

u/Reebzy · 56 pointsr/PS4

Let's be clear though, the PowerA dock is the best one.

> PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4 by POWER A

u/The_Masked_Bandito · 47 pointsr/PS4

This is the best one i've seen so far.

u/CannibalVegan · 42 pointsr/GameDeals

Or just buy a controller for $45 from Amazon

u/-CdG-Luck · 40 pointsr/Gamingcirclejerk

If you're going to jerk about consoles, at least get your fucking information right.

Consoles are NOT $400 anymore. At most, $350 for a new one. PS4 $349 [Xbox One S $299]( Wii U $299

5 games will cost $300 if you don't have GCU or Amazon Prime and buy new releases, shit. I could pre-order 5 games now on Amazon and it'll be less than $250.

What the fuck kind of accessories are you buying that'll equal $100 - 200? I bought a fucking stand and another controller and a usb extension cable. Under $100. Double digits motherfucker.

Yep. Uh huh. 1 year is totally $150.

u/social_gamer · 33 pointsr/GameDeals

I've heard Destiny 2 has lost it's momentum from the first game. Why spend $30 on the base game or $53 on the base + season pass when they will likely release something along the lines of The Taken King edition and Rise of Iron edition/Collection?

u/GhostOfRattman · 30 pointsr/pcmasterrace

That build is $374. You can get a PS4 with Uncharted 4 on Amazon right now for $269, over $100 less.

You could argue online functionality though PlayStation Plus is entirely optional. But now that the cost of that is being brought up, I may as well point out that that build has no mouse, keyboard, controller or other input device factored in. Whereas PS4s at least come with a DualShock 4.

u/trykes · 30 pointsr/KingdomHearts


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX - PlayStation 4

u/NotRye · 24 pointsr/PS4

It's going to be a pain in the behind plugging in your controller to charge all the time, so I recommend the PS4 dual charging dock

u/ejgbarlongo · 24 pointsr/PS4

Cheaper? They both cost around $250.



In fact, the PS4 is actually $5 cheaper than the Xbox One.

> So why buy a XBox if you can play the exact same games on the cheaper Playstation 4?


u/Jashyk · 23 pointsr/PS4

The only one worth considering in my opinion is this
It uses the aux port on the bottom to charge, whereas most need something plugged into the usb port on top before putting them on the charger, which looks tacky.

u/Dioroxic · 23 pointsr/pcmasterrace

And then you plug in a Xim 4 and absolutely destroy everything because it's basically PC controls with aimbot...

u/squirtz78 · 21 pointsr/PS4

Get one of these

One of the best purchases I have made for my ps4. I have mine setup right next to the couch so if a controller goes dead I just reach over and grab the other one.

u/Waterskier87 · 20 pointsr/battlefield_4

I believe something like this :

Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3

But from what I've heard, it still doesn't feel like you are using KB + M. It's better than a controller, but not quite the same

u/Rarely_Sober_EvE · 20 pointsr/dragonballfighterz
u/Gv8337 · 19 pointsr/Games

Did you not read the entire thread?

> We have lobbied and will continue to lobby for first-party console manufacturers to either:
> Disallow mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices
> OR
> Openly and easily support mouse and keyboard for ALL players

He wants a level playing field for console players. Currently in order to play with a keyboard+mouse combo you have to spend a hefty sum on a conversion adapter like this one here for $149.99

Jeff is asking that console manufacturers give native support for these peripherals so everyone can play with a mouse and keyboard without having to order an adapter that costs over half of what a console costs.

u/Its-Benderin-Time · 18 pointsr/GirlGamers

Honestly when I need a new controller I buy the name brand. I've bought a few off brand controllers and they always die way faster (both in battery life and longevity of the controller) and have issues with sticky buttons, small sticks, etc.

Looking on amazon they don't have any purple name brand, but they do have 3rd party vinyl skins you can buy.

Hope this helps!

u/xComett · 18 pointsr/Tekken
u/ChuckieFister · 18 pointsr/dbfz

Yes! The Brook super converter has always worked for me. You just need to be sure to keep the firmware on it up to date or it will randomly disconnect. They're pretty good at keeping up with the PS4s updates.

u/S4MH41N · 17 pointsr/PSVR

Not trying to start shit, but this stand is always around 30 bucks, and will charge TWO dualshocks, two Move controllers, and will hold PSVR set as well as headphones.

Just throwin it out there.

u/Boreras · 17 pointsr/Games

And adding your picture in stream with the Eye, according to the amazon page.

> Automatically integrate a picture-in-picture video of yourself during gameplay broadcasts, and challenge your friends during play.

u/BlueRajasmyk2 · 17 pointsr/playstation

There also a port on the bottom for recharging, which is part of what makes this charger so great.

u/bolivar-shagnasty · 16 pointsr/PS4

Here's a very highly rated and very inexpensive controller charging station on Amazon

My PS4 controllers die all the time. It's nice to be able to just plug it onto this thing. It has an AC adapter, so it doesn't plug into the playstation.

Also, about Destiny, unless he has a lot of friends that play it, you might want to hold off on it. Lots of people, myself included, felt disappointed in what the game actually turned out to be. If he has a lot of friends that play it on PS4, then it'll be fine. But if he plans on playing it solo, it gets kind of boring and repetitive pretty quickly.

u/MarshawnPynch · 16 pointsr/PS4

Get the PS4 charging dock

It's $17 (which isn't too bad) but you'll always have a place to put your controller when you're done playing and it'll keep them wont ever have to worry about battery life or keep the controller tethered to the system

What kind of games are you interested in? I could give you some recommendations. PS+ is a must-have for online play and is well worth it for the free games.

u/swansonben · 16 pointsr/PS4

I know it gets a lot of hate outside of /r/DestinyTheGame

But you can get Destiny: The Collection for pretty cheap right now. I've played it for over 1500 hours since it first launched.

If you wait a bit, it's sure to drop in price even more!

The new game is coming out in September, but there is sure to be a good sized community still playing Destiny for the near future.

u/CharlieJimenez00 · 16 pointsr/GameDeals

For US, Amazon has a better deal for Prime members at $39.99 with free shipping:

u/rKappaShitPoster · 15 pointsr/Kappa

Wrong they're $48.90 NEW

You literally cannot defend this shit fanboy Downvoted for lying to defend your autism love for a brand.

u/Zestocalypse · 15 pointsr/playstation

This is the one that I bought around the time the console was released, and it's the best thing ever. If you'd rather pick it up at a store, I always see these at Best Buy with the rest of the PS4 accessories.

u/Noxzer · 13 pointsr/PS4

It's for the charging station. I use it so that I don't have to fiddle with plugging/unplugging the controllers. You just click them down and you're good to go, station plugs directly into the wall.

Also, it's cheap. Would highly recommend it.

u/iWin4Prep · 13 pointsr/KingdomHearts

Is it worth it?
The answer is YES 95% of the time.
When is it NOT worth it? If you've played these games countless times and have the collection already on the PS3... or if you simply do not like the games.

What is it? It's 4 full, finalized, updated games and 2 other games that were converted into 'movies' essentially. This means you have about 300+ hours of gameplay here if you really want to get into everything. Not only that, it is EVERYTHING from the Kingdom Hearts series except the new 2.8 release and the future KH III release.

You get the full finalized version of Kingdom hearts 1 and kingdom hearts 2. You get re:com and the other game that I haven't got to yet.

I don't know why you are saying the price is $60. I get it at $35.00 on AMAZON:

At $60 it's simply not the going price. Go find it for $40 or so.

Be assured that all bugs have been patched (well, the important ones).

u/Chouonsoku · 12 pointsr/PS4

Every Kingdom Hearts game will come to PS4 in 2017

On Amazon

And I'm spending $60 on 2.8. It includes Dream Drop Distance remastered, a playable prologue chapter to Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring Aqua and a very important cinematic.

u/giubaloo · 12 pointsr/PS4

I have this and this and I'd highly recommend them both.

u/TitanIsBack · 12 pointsr/PS4

Screw games, get one of these and a second controller!

u/KTMDirtFace · 12 pointsr/destiny2

They are bitching. Blizzard/Overwatch lead designer condemned it.

One example.

Note: it just converts it to joystick controls and is a pain in the ass, doesn't work right compared to native support.

Xbox said they will be adding native support for mouse and keyboard, but then started skirting the question so who knows.

u/Gr4mm4rN4zi · 12 pointsr/salty

I got a Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 off Amazon for ~$200. Works on PC and PS4, feels great, looks great, all that jazz. Definitely recommended

u/olbaze · 12 pointsr/fightsticks

It being a Razer product in no way justifies the price. At best, it explains it, as Razer is infamous for selling overpriced, crap products. Even this stick is literally a rip-off of the Mad Catz fightpad, except it's even less usable (no analog stick) and somehow costs like 4 times as much. Even the very similar Hori Fighting Commander is a third of the price.

u/Azerius · 12 pointsr/PS4
u/iTzSayem · 11 pointsr/CODZombies

If you want, you could always buy the XIM4. It makes it so that you can use the Keyboard/Mouse on the PS4/XBOXONE.

Fairly expensive.

u/XxSweetRevengexX · 11 pointsr/PS4
u/TheSeed2point0- · 10 pointsr/PS4

I bought one and mine broke within a month or two. The R1 button broke loose in the controller and does not function any more. I never dropped the controller or did anything abnormal to cause the issue. Plus I didn't like the R1/L1 and R2/L2 buttons so much.
That being said, I bought the Strikepack FPS Dominator extension thing that clicks on to your normal DS4 controller, but only has two triggers, one on each side. I really like this device, but it has some tricky nuances that make it not for everyone. It is strictly wired, and you have to unplug the USB or mini USB and plug it back in every time you turn on your controller/console, and same goes if you use a USB headset (the controller has to be plugged in first, then the headset). I play at a desk on a monitor, so it's not a big deal for me, but if you sit on a couch and play on a TV or similar setups, it might not be for you. But it's much cheaper at $40, so it is less of an investment with some of the same features.

u/demonkadar · 10 pointsr/PS4
u/DeltaHypothesis · 10 pointsr/KingdomHearts

Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5

Kingdom Hearts 2.8

All the games are on the PS4 for you to play. 1.5 refers to the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories and the 358/2 Days as a cutscene movie. 2.5 is Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, Birth By Sleep: Final Mix and Re:Coded as a cutscene movie.

u/Chromegene · 10 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

If you want a cheaper alternative to a custom controller, buy a standard DS4 and this:

u/chuckles_the_clown · 10 pointsr/StreetFighter

HORI RAP4 is going for $150 on Amazon these days, and is compatible with PC and PS4.

Link to the Amazon store.

This is the stick I own. I've got 300 hours into mine and it's still going strong. My only complaint is that it is kind of light-weight so it slides in my lap sometimes, and the door housing the power cord is only held on with two small plastic nubs that seem to break very easily. A rubber band keeps the cord together just fine for me now though.

EDIT : I also suggest trying the program ce360
as that may work to read the input from your already purchased fightstick? I suppose if your PC doesn't recognize the stick at all then it won't help.

u/Dank_Diddy · 9 pointsr/PS4

I use the Power A controller charging station and it is terrific!

u/somuchqq · 9 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

If you're playing on pad, just use any USB game controller you already have. The most important thing is that you think it's comfortable.

If you want personal anecdotes, I'm currently using a HORI Fighting Commander, and it's pretty nice.

u/ztj · 9 pointsr/ffxiv

Nobody's mentioned this but Sony started selling a dedicated dongle for the DS4 that has full feature support, including the headset audio. It's definitely the way to go. No muss, no fuss.

u/flatlinedisaster · 8 pointsr/PS4

HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro (TAC Pro) KeyPad and Mouse Controller for PS4 and PS3 FPS Games Officially Licensed by Sony - PlayStation 4

u/miniboss1487 · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Then look elsewhere. This stick is a modified real arcade pro which retails for $150. I personally have the same stick for my PS4 and it's worth it IMO. My only complaint are the buttons which you can easily swap out for Sanwa anyway.

This is a pretty good price for an arcade stick all things considered. Cheaper sticks tend to be pretty terrible quality.

u/Asahoshi · 8 pointsr/emulation
u/Left4Bread2 · 8 pointsr/StreetFighter

I absolutely adore my Hori Fighting Commander 4. Incredible pad. Lots of nifty features, PS4/PS3 compatible as well as PC, works out of the box, nice dpad, good buttons, all around solid and priced rather fairly.

u/TurdFurgoson · 8 pointsr/GameDeals

This is a 1TB console, btw. I'd jump on this if it came with a game. The 500gb Slim is same price and comes with Uncharted 4.

u/TalkingRaccoon · 8 pointsr/oculus

I got a Rift S a few months ago and these additions were a must imo:

  1. Hand straps to make them like knuckles controllers. You don't have to be constantly gripping your controller which is nice for long play periods. I have wrist problems so any help is good. but just being able to "let go" of stuff is excellent for immersion. I got the Mamut ones, and really like them. There's these Kiwi too which are cheaper.

  2. I primarily play beat saber so vr cover is a must so the foam doesn't get super gross. Also I got a workout headband or else sweat will get all in your eyes

  3. And since i value sound for Beatsaber, the built in speakers just don't cut it (missing bass) so I got these clip on headphones originally made for PSVR. They will clip on just fine to the Rift S halo. They sound fine. Maybe $40 was a bit much. If you're a tinkerer look up the Koss headphones mod. They're like $12 it looks like. And there's 3d printed things to clip the Koss to the halo strap.
u/sideswiped · 7 pointsr/truegaming

>1) Incredible improvements to their motion/family gaming platform, integrated with console.

Not sure about incredible, but they have been making substantial upgrades to their eye camera. (e3 demo)

>2) A 2013 worthy network service

PS+ has been on the up and up. Moving to a pay for play multiplayer experience is also setting the bar higher (if you're expecting people to pay, it better be on par with XBL).

>3) Tablet/Smartphone integration

It will have Vita intergration and has been reported to have tablet/phone intergration too ([old source, really need to find one of the E3 mentions](

>4) Integration with other entertainment platforms like Television and Fantasy Football

Will have Netflix/Hulu/lovefilm/iplayer, but doubt you'll see anything super fancy (like cable box integration). I'd rather have a roku/Apple TV anyways, but I'm not a cable tv kind of guy.

u/_31415_ · 7 pointsr/PS4

Even so, I grabbed one of these cradles to easily store/charge my controllers when not in use. But even so, I've been able to do 8 hour sessions of Assassin's Creed and inFamous and the controllers were still fine afterwards. I don't think I'd need more time than that... I do need to get up and eat every now and again.

u/bensly · 7 pointsr/PS4

The officially licensed power-a charger. I was skeptical at first, but it really is amazing. Cheap on Amazon

u/Superrandy · 7 pointsr/PS4

The official Sony charger is not sold in america still. I got the Power A charger and it is fantastic. Could not recommend it enough. Love being able to have them docked and easily swap to another controller when one dies.

They're on sale on Amazon right now, and I know you can find them at Walmart as well.

u/Tackett79 · 7 pointsr/gaming

I have something like this for all my consoles. It changed my gaming experience

u/Drekken- · 7 pointsr/PS4

I bought this one. It is awesome.

u/jazdk4 · 7 pointsr/PS4

I have the "geltabz" brand ones. The gel part raises the height of the thumbstick up a mm or two but I have found the transition to be easy to adapt to. MUCH more durable than the original cover material on my DS4. I have 30+ hours on them and they seem to be a good replacement. Don't even notice them anymore.

u/EgoGrinder · 7 pointsr/PS4

Like anything there is no agreed upon "best".

There are GelTabz....


Butterfox (I had these for a while)

Off brand silicone...


You'd be better off watching YouTube reviews of these various products.

None of which might fit great now that the rubber on your controller is actually falling apart. Might require some hot glue or something else if you want them to stay in place.

A lot of people eventually switch to xbox style sticks, not just because the material doesn't fall apart but because it's actually a much better design. These compared to the DS4 sticks is night and day in terms of control and your thumb not sliding all over the place.

Not that hard to install. Hardest thing about taking the controller apart is getting the shell separated for the first time and the fact that the triggers and springs might fall out, so just work on a clean table where you'll be able to find the little springs. Watch videos on how to take it apart.

u/Jtacdf · 7 pointsr/FFXV

I would like to chime in on another better method to get AP afk/overnight. The method is 1 AP about every 7.5 seconds but there is a requirement to purchase a ps4 turbo controller to do it.
The original video above is by a Japanese person and I take no credit for finding this method, just trying it out.

Basically, you will need a ps4 controller that has turbo mode, one like the Hori FPS Plus.

Go do the basic level 5 training at camp.

  1. Hold turbo button and press R1, repeat it for a second time.
  2. Hold turbo button and press triangle, repeat it for a second time.
  3. Hold turbo button and press circle, repeat it for a second time.

    What this does is loop the training sequence over again with Noctis warp striking Gladios doing a 1 hit KO. I've tried it and managed to gain 3000+ AP over one night.
    A tip from me is to equip all your accessories with strength enhancement if you are unable to defeat him in a single hit.
u/Barstool · 7 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

I don't know about that Madcatz one, but I love my Hori Fighting Commander.

u/darkcvc · 7 pointsr/Competitiveoverwatch

I play both ps4 and PC, and tried the keyboard and mouse on ps4. It is not even CLOSE to the same thing as using your PC, but some people can get good at it. I don't consider it a problem since a) you don't know for sure if they are using one or not, they could literally just be much more skilled at a controller than you and b) I bet you aren't complaining when they are on your team and not the enemy.

All the consoles have stated they are working on comparability with mouse and keyboard in game. Sony even sells its own licensed hardware to use a mouse and keyboard.

u/i3uu · 7 pointsr/FortniteCompetitive

They said they are partnering with razer for keyboard/mouse support and razer is going to make a special device to facilitate that. I'm really curious to see what it looks like! Maybe something like this?

u/jasonnjester · 7 pointsr/PS4

To add one to an existing controller, you can buy on of these contraptions that u/Azerius recommended:

or send it to a controller modding shop, there are several online, including Scuf.

there's also these crazy mutant-alien atrocities made by avenger that simulates this kind of functionality using levers lol:

if you think that thing is crazy, check out the xbox ones...

You could also frankenstein it by finding a mechanical button, mount it under the remote and solder it to the contacts that you want it to mimick

u/NekoLas90 · 7 pointsr/playstation

Brand new or guaranteed working used one. I mean, these shits is getting cheap as fuuuuck

u/UnraveledMnd · 7 pointsr/gaming

PS4 Slim/Uncharted 4 Bundle is currently on same at Amazon for $250 if you're interested now. It's only $300 normally, so you're not missing out on that much if you want to wait to see if the remasters are good/not actually platform exclusive.

u/deadringer28 · 7 pointsr/PSVR

If you are buying a stand the chargers are the same as they use the pins and not the USB port to charge.

I use this one for my Moves and it also charges two DS4s and holds my HMD and head[hones.


u/JokerSage · 7 pointsr/PSVR

I don't think any stand had been built with Aim by design, but I use this stand. There is a port in the back that can charge the Aim, and I dangle it where the headset was meant to be hung.

u/person95 · 7 pointsr/gaming

Yep. Releases in March. Preorders are already up. Here's a non-referral link:

u/Beizelby · 7 pointsr/oculus

I had already been posting all over r/oculus in other threads about them. Glad to see I finally have some backup confirming their use.

Bionik Mantis Headphone

u/xorgol · 6 pointsr/europe

Are they? Or are you not taking into account the fact that US advertisements don't include taxes?

Edit: I've just done a stupid comparison. On the cheapest ps4 is €234, on it's $248, which is €222 at the time of writing. However, the US version bundles Uncharted. To me, those look like prices in the same order of magnitude.

u/Dezipter · 6 pointsr/GameDeals

Sadly, Many of us should have taken advantage of the 15% off earlier during Black Friday. But if you were unable to get one, this is about a great deal.

Feel free to go ahead and "a lower price" on Amazon Ps4 Pro , so more of us in the States can get in on it.

If you feel a PS4 Pro is over hyped, AMazon is running a PS4 Slim for 229 down from 249 Holiday Price Point

u/willnotforget2 · 6 pointsr/PSVR

I have the collective minds headset and I love it.

If you have the Move controllers, definitely consider picking it up. I think it's totally worth it. Looks beautiful and keeps everything charged well. Quality plastic build.

u/JSGuin · 6 pointsr/Guiltygear

The xbox analog stick is possibly one of the worst input methods for direction out of all the common options. Even the awful 360 d-pad is better. I think you'll find improvement using anything else. If you want to keep the xbox controller, do yourself a favor and learn to use the dpad on it.

If you want a to get a better controller, for pad get the Hori Fighting Commander. If you want a stick, most people recommend the HRap4 Kai.

u/wdschnick · 6 pointsr/Games

It basically works out to the Kinect 2.0 costs $100. That's the reason its cheaper. The Playstation camera is not packaged with the console and costs $59.

Xbone with Kinect 2.0: $499
PS4 with Camera: $458

u/Bgibbs · 6 pointsr/gaming

Camera is only $60, same as a controller. So if anything, that bundle should be $520.


u/SimpleJoint · 6 pointsr/PS4

I have and love this one.

POWER A DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4 by POWER A

u/BobStraitFTW · 6 pointsr/PS4

Find some thumb grips for your controller. PS4 controllers are know to have the rubber strip right of off them. Here are the ones I use.

u/BionicSammich · 6 pointsr/xboxone

If you are stuck for a cable to use with a set of Astros or something, you can get one of the Turtle Beach PS4 chat cables I've linked below. I haven't got mine yet, but others say they work. They have the correct types of connectors for my A50s anyway (2.5mm with two black rings and 3.5mm with 3 black rings).

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

u/_Nibelheim_ · 6 pointsr/Fighters

PS4/PS3 & PC - I own this fightpad, many people say its the best fightpad on the market, I would concur.

XBONE/360 & PC

Fusion by PowerA is also releasing a wired fightpad this fall you may wanna check out.

u/icemanblues · 6 pointsr/StreetFighter

I've been told that the Hori fightpad is the best. It'll take a beating and keep on fighting.

u/RooeeZe · 6 pointsr/xboxone

Licensed by Sony for use on the Ps4, so in this regard its not cheating.

u/ahoy_mateyz · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Sony DS4 adapter.
I have the DS4 kit that came with the controller and their Bluetooth adapter and it works good. We play from across the room, with drunkards in the middle and it still works well.

I tried the regular Bluetooth adapters, they are okay if really close, but not across the room.
Watch /r/buildapcsales the adapter and the kit goes on sale every now and then

u/bodaddyhurst · 6 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/deathwombat · 5 pointsr/Rockband

There are adapters that can will let you use XB1 controllers on PS4 but I don't know if the guitar controllers would be compatible

u/CaryKokujin · 5 pointsr/Games

If you're fine with a wired option then the same company makes a wired XB1 to PS4 converter. I've used it myself for shooters and haven't had any issues with it.

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I know nothing about your particular muscular issues, so this may be of no help in your case, but the paddles on the Xbox Elite controller are much more ergonomically accessible than those on the SCUF in general:

I use an Xbox Elite controller on the PS4 myself simply because as someone who plays games on both platforms I prefer it to the DS4. I use it via this adapter, which works great:

Admittedly, having to pay about $200 for a solution ($150 for the Elite controller, $50 for the adapter) is not ideal and I do support Bungie just adding auto-sprint as an option to the game, just throwing the information about the Elite paddles out there as a possible option if they do drop the ball on this.

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I bought fightpad last year and it's a feature. I assign it to a button and it'd have the effect of pressing the button really quickly until I cancel it.

It's this one Hori Pad.

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Just get the Fighting Commander. It's like a couple more dollars expensive than this one but it's much bigger and has a better D-pad altogether. They even have one for Xbox, too.

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Using numpad notation: (5 = neutral, 6 is toward the opponent, 8 up, etc.)


IAD: 8 6 6 and 8 4 4 are pretty inefficient try:


IAD forward: 9->6 (wait a little in between, going back to neutral before 6. the cleaner/faster you get with this the closer to the ground you'll be when you dash - which is preferable because it gives less time for the opponent to react)


IAD backward: 7->4 (again neutral in between)


Other people have pointed out the shortcut for airdashing - I've always found those kinda hit or miss, so i prefer the above. Up to you though.


Long Jump: input: 2 8 (neutral) or 2 9 (forward) or 2 7 (backward)


TBH i don't really use this as much as I should(? idk i just play for fun and self-improvement, i'm not competitive), but it's just a practice thing - getting used to your controller. To practice, a good setup is to see if you can do a move/combo (or in this case jump) all the way from one side of the screen to the other (multiple times if it's a far-moving move) without messing up. IAD is the perfect example, start from one corner and IAD repeatedly until you get to the other corner. Do it until you can go the whole screen without missing the input. (don't just grind for it though, probably best to do this as a warm-up for 20 mins or less per day for a bit)


If you're open to getting a different controller (it's not required at all, but it may be more comfortable or more consistent for you, it is for me), I really like [this one for ps4]( and while i don't personally use the xbox variant [here it is]( Fightsticks are really nice too, but they're expensive.


Let me know if you have any other questions or if I didn't explain something properly, i'm happy to help.




Edit: Idk what's happening with the formatting, that usually works :/

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I also think it's kind of a gray area. Sony already officially licenses a KB+M peripheral for PS3/PS4 (Hori TAC), with an updated version coming in November. I wonder what are the rules regarding these when they are backed by Sony?

u/itrolledyougood · 5 pointsr/PS4

Um, yes there was

It's called Destiny The Collection.

u/navHelper · 5 pointsr/circlebroke

If you bought everything day one, then yeah. Now you can get all the content and the most recent expansion for $60.

u/Evolved_One · 5 pointsr/forhonor

I'm buying that $40 PS4 controller thing with paddles... getting decent reviews. I just want the paddles, really. No interest in the other features (that seem a bit like cheating) the thing does.

I'll edit a link in a few mins. Can't remember it's name atm.

Edit: strike pack I hear you can also buy these at gamestop.

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you are not

on a level

playing field

If you are using the base dualshock

First link comes with built in turbo. Second link has paddles so you never take your thumb off of the aim or the movement stick in addition to turbo and other things I don't suggest you use. Third link allows for more precise aiming on a thumbstick by increasing the throw of your stick.

I see lots of people complaining about MKB on a console but after watching a video of someone using it just walking around - it looks like a pain in the ass. I understand you will have much more precise aiming and recoil control, but turning looks like balls.

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This is my favorite solution... works great so far

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

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You would need an adapter that converts kbm input into controller input, like this one. Console Overwatch does not support kbm natively, so the adapter is necessary. Only way to not piss people off is to not tell them. It's typically viewed as cheating by the community. Blizzard, however, took a hands-off approach, leaving it up to Sony/MS.

Also, see a doctor about your thumb. Tendon issues (which I assume that is) are no joke, and you will regret it if you don't.

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Both of them are rather poor choices. The Mini even more than the Alpha (its buttons have absolutely no resemblance to actual arcade-buttons they just feel like over-sized controller buttons and the stick is also not good). If you want an arcade stick there is usually not much else to do than to bite the bullet and shell out some cash up front. I don't mean going for something ultra high-tier like the T.E.2+, the VLX Kuro or similar, but you'll have to invest at least 100 USD into something halfway decent.
I can recommend the "HORI R.A.P. V"-Line especially since the new Hayabusa buttons feel a lot closer to SANWAs than the old Kuro's did.
Other than that there's the Eightarc/Qanba Drone if you live in the US and are on PS4, or the Eightarc/Qanba Carbon if you're on PC (seems to be a rerelease of the Q1).
If you are in the EU there's the Venom Arcade Stick which is a very affordable and easily customizable stick (both buttons, stick and artwork are easy to replace).
All of those three are good choices for a player new to fight-sticks, but after some time you probably will want to replace the stick-unit and buttons with high-quality SANWA/Seimitsu/HORI parts at this point you probably will have spend the same amount of money on the initial stick+parts you would spend on one of the higher-tier sticks (8x2.50 USD for buttons + 20-25 USD for stick-unit will bump up the price of the Drone to roughly 135 USD and the Venom to 98 GBP) so you might as well go for a good one from the get go.

u/deificperfection · 5 pointsr/StreetFighter

I got this from a recommendation when I asked reddit, it's a great stick. I haven't had a single issue with it; it's worked perfectly.

u/G0ffer · 5 pointsr/SoulCalibur

Dude save a bit extra and buy this

I've had this stick for nearly a year now and not a single issue with it. I've clocked 1,300 hours in Tekken with this thing so it's not like it was seldom use. I've been pounding it every single day.

If you go for a cheaper stick you are going to get either really bad build quality or really bad parts in the stick or both.

u/XLightThief · 5 pointsr/fightsticks

Qanba Obsidian

  • Currently on sale on their main website.

    HORI Fighting Edge

    Razer Panthera Evo

    Hori Rap 4 Kai

    The 'Hori Rap 4 Kai' used to be the most popular until the 'Qanba Obsidian' came along. From what I've seen, the Qanba Obsidian is the most popular stick right now. The 'Razer Panthera Evo' is an updated version of the 'Razer Panthera' and it's a solid stick from what I've read.

    Personally, I'm looking to get the 'Hori Fighting Edge' next because the button layout got me curious and the aluminum panel seems really nice.

    I have the Qanba Obsidian and Hori Rap 4 Kai so I can speak a little about those.

    >Qanba Obsidian

    Quite big in size and heavy. Definitely sturdy. Lots of room to rest your arms on. Custom art work replacement is easy. Same goes for replacing the buttons. The miscellaneous buttons up top are a little too small and fat fingering a button happens sometimes.

    >Hori Rap 4 Kai

    The size and weight lean towards average. It'll rest on your lap nicely and not feel overbearing. Custom art work replacement requires a little work because the default artwork has strong adhesive binding it to the steel plate inside. Replacing buttons is no problem. Miscellaneous buttons are on the right side underneath the right wing. You can also rebind buttons.
u/kikimaru024 · 5 pointsr/StreetFighter
u/Butter_Is_Life · 5 pointsr/StreetFighter

The PS4 controller works just fine, too! Sticks/Pads/regular controllers all work fine with SFV, it really comes down to a matter of comfort, preference, and quality, the only thing that might be tricky is getting used to the button layouts and all. I've heard nothing but great things about the HORI Fighting Commander 4 if you'd prefer having all your attacks (light/medium/heavy each for kick and punch) on the face and a more defined D-Pad. :)

u/levelxplane · 5 pointsr/StreetFighter
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The Ps4 controller is probably the best controller Sony has ever made (despite the battery life). It won't take long for you to adjust to it, and the shoulder buttons are superior to the Xbox One's.

As for adapters, I don't believe any exist. The PS4 uses Bluetooth technology, while the Xbox uses radio.

EDIT: this looks interesting,

u/Ninebreaker87 · 5 pointsr/FortNiteBR

Besides what OP said for remapping buttons, this is what I do.

I use one of these. Not too expensive ($40) adds 2 paddles to any regular ps4 controller. Been using it for over a year with no problems, feels great too. For Fortnite I've been using Combat Pro with right paddle set to X and left paddle for Square. Jumping around is easier this way imo.

u/xMd3w · 5 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

You can either switch to bumper jumper layout which is in your ingame options.

Or you can buy a controller from a company that puts buttons on the back. Personally i've used scuf, battlebeaver, and cinch and they dont last very long or the controller goes bad.

I've been using the ps4 strikepack now just for the jump paddles on the back. The great thing with this is you get everything from what the big companies offer for only $40. And if your controller goes bad you dont have to buy another $150-200 controller. You can just unhook it and put it on another $50 ps4 controller.

u/RayCharlizard · 5 pointsr/PS4

Country? $300 USD is the MSRP for that so it's not really a "deal". A better deal would be to get a 500GB bundle with Uncharted 4 and external HDD for expanded storage.

PS4 Slim 500GB w/ Uncharted 4 ($257.99) + Seagate Expansion 1TB ($54.99)
= $312.98, or 500GB (before formatting) more storage and Uncharted 4 for an extra $13.

u/lakerswiz · 5 pointsr/nba

You can get the PS4 in a bundle with a game for $199 on sale.

Amazon has em for $250-ish right now.

The Switch will be $300 and you'll have to hope to be able to find one and that's without any games. And the Switch has a very, very small library with no huge increase seemingly planned. Though they'll be adding Mario Kart 8 Deluxe soon and eventually Mario, plus Zelda is just fucking incredible.

I have 0 knowledge of Xbone.

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Since he wears glasses, I can't recommend lens protectors enough. I use these and they work great. Just a pain in the was to put on correctly. Hyperkin VR Lens Protector for PS VR (2-Set)

Also, a charging stand is nice, but not essential. You've done am amazing job though. He's going to be blown away.Collective Minds PSVR Showcase Rapid AC PS4 VR Charge & Display Stand - PlayStation 4

u/NewMateo · 5 pointsr/PSVR

I own this one.

I got it as a gift and its probably the best stand Ive ever had. Has a spot to put your headphones too and doesnt take up much room.

Edit: updated it with the amazon link provided below :)

u/VanGrayson · 5 pointsr/JRPG

Assuming you have a PS3 or PS4, Birth By Sleep is in the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 collection.

They put Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Chain of Memories into the 1.5 collection for PS3.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and Birth By Sleep Final Mix in 2.5 for PS3.

And then they did Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 together for PS4.

Sorry its so complicated.

But if you have a PS4 you can just buy

This and have most of the games.

And then Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue(dont ask just go with it) has the rest.

u/Zaga932 · 5 pointsr/oculus

Heh, yeah VR is something else, isn't it \^^

First off, check out the new user guide, especially the section on VR sickness. Note that there's a bunch of stuff in there about the predecessor to Rift S, this guy, so if something makes no sense for your hardware, it's about that & you can just ignore it.

Rift S is fully compatible with SteamVR games, so you should look there as well (although the Oculus store has most of the high-quality games), but you should run those using OpenComposite, a very lightweight piece of software that replaces the SteamVR runtime, so you can run Steam's VR games directly against the Oculus runtime. Benefits of this.

The Oculus-funded & published exclusive games are some of the best around, here's an article on those, and another with upcoming games (one of the games there, Defector, is already available)

Lone Echo is my #1, full stop. It's the most immersive VR experience I've had, and the best implementation & expression of the VR medium to date. It can be a bit intense though, you do a lot of floating around which can trigger the oculu-vestibular conflict detailed in the VR sickness part of the New User Guide, which causes motion sickness. Sensitivity to this varies though, and roller coasters are quite intense, so you may be alright with that locomotion. I've seen people say that they're fine with the zero G-locomotion, because you mostly throw yourself around, so there's a direct "physical action > movement" correlation in your head.

Lone Echo has a multiplayer side-game as well though, Echo Arena, which is free, so you can try this and see if you can handle the locomotion. Echo Arena is also an incredible game, but it's very populated with highly skilled people, so you kinda need to git gud to enjoy it & not get your ass stomped. It also has a DLC that introduces an alternate game mode, Echo Combat, which is like a player-versus-player team-shooter in zero G. It's $10, and well worth it.

Pokerstars VR is free and can be a blast if you join a table with fun people.

Raccoon Lagoon is a new game that's absolutely delightful. Has plenty of comfort options to avoid VR sickness-inducing motion.

The Talos Principle VR is an excellent port of the popular puzzle game, available on Steam. It's $40 though, so you might want to try to snipe it on a sale. I got my copy super cheap a while back. It's the full game, so a good chunk of content.

I've read a lot of really good stuff about Blade & Sorcery, which is essentially a sandbox combat simulator with advanced physics & mechanics. As far as I understand it, the entire game is just whacking down waves of enemies, with the fun coming from the complex gameplay mechanics available. Another well-received game in the "whack the shit out of a bunch of enemies"-category is Gorn. This is more of a fleshed-out game.

Robo Recall is a classic as well.

Then there's Skyrim VR. Probably my 2nd favorite VR game after Lone Echo. It's the full game, with all DLCs, with almost all mods made for Skyrim Special Edition being compatible. There's a small but thriving community of VR modders as well, see /r/skyrimvr. Fallout 4 also got a VR port, but I know less about this other than it having pretty steep performance requirements & not being quite as good of a port as Skyrim.

Rec Room is a gem as well, a pretty big game at this point with a ton of stuff to do, and entirely free.

Superhot is a must-have. The "time moves when you do"-mechanic works really well in VR, and dodging bullets like you're Neo from The Matrix is kickass.

Arizona Sunshine is a really cool zombie shooter.

Minecraft Win10 edition is also available if that's your jam. You have to buy the Win10 edition from the Windows Store, then use that Oculus app to launch it in VR.

Windlands and Windlands 2 are really cool games, too. I haven't played the sequel yet, but it looks really good.

No Man's Sky is also receiving a huge update on Wednesday, which includes full VR support. It's currently on sale at Steam. If No Man's Sky makes you wrinkle your nose, give this a watch - both the game & the devs have come a long way since the launch fiasco.

Google search for an r/oculus-search for game recommendations, the same for r/virtualreality, r/oculus search that includes all past entries of the weekly "what have you been playing?"-thread

Also, you should try something: take the facial interface off your Rift S (7:49), then put the headset on and push the eye relief as far in as it goes without actually touching your eyeballs. Do you notice an improvement in field of view compared to having the face padding on? To make room for glasses, Oculus made the facial interface wider & deeper than the original version 1's interface, but they went a bit overboard. Some people find the default face interface puts their eyes too far from the lenses, even with the relief pushed all the way in, reducing FOV & optical clarity. If this is the case for you, bookmark this page and/or enter your e-mail into the notice sign-up there. VRCover sell replacement facial interfaces for all mainstream VR headsets, and they should launch replacements that are thinner than Rift S's default, which may improve the experience significantly for some people.

I've also heard these headphones work well with Rift S. They were built for Playstation VR, but they should fit Rift S as well.

I've read good things about these, although they're.. quite overpriced IMO.

This seems to be the best value gun stock around, which would be a worthwhile investment if you plan to play a lot of shooters (like Onward, Pavlov, Contractors).

That's.. all I can think of at the moment. Welcome to VR & enjoy! Oh right, did the focal length of the headset lenses work with your eyes, or did you have to use your glasses?

u/eaudaemon · 5 pointsr/PSVR

I'm using the BIONIK Mantis headphones just because its more convenient than going through the process of, Putting on the HMD, groping and looking where my headphones are while I'm already blind, grope around the floor to pick up the controller because I was groping around too much for the headphones that it fell, then start playing.


Now I only put on the HMD and just grope for the controller on the floor , coz I was stupid and keep putting the thing on my lap while I put on the HMD.

u/Corrinth · 5 pointsr/PS4

We already know that the PS4 Camera is sold separately.

The decision not to include it is how Sony was able to beat Microsoft's price by $100.

u/hhhealthy · 5 pointsr/PS4

Having a long micro usb cable to keep a wireless controller charged is a good call (though you need to keep your system in standby if that is where you charge from)

However, i would recommend getting a second controller (some good couch co-op games this gen) and a dock like this:
and then just swap controllers when one dies.

There are a bunch of free-to-play games now, so you might have things to play before you start paying $60 for AAA games (I got into warframe for a while, but it is confusing to start). Also, a lot of cheaper ($10-20) indies too.

Of course i'd recommend paying the $30-$40/yr for PS+ (it should hit $30 on black friday, but you can find $40 every now and then. Normal price is $50/yr) you probably got a free one month card with your console, keep an eye out for the cheaper sales (this subreddit seems good for that) subscription stack. So if you can go until november, grab a couple for cheap then.

PS+ includes a bunch of free games every month, and further discounts on others. Of course the PS4 games are there (2 per month) but often times the vita or PS3 games might be on multiple systems and are "cross buy" or buy once play on any system. Also, go on a computer and "buy" all of the available games each month. It doesn't cost anything and sometimes a PS4 version of the game comes out later and is "free" if you had grabbed the other version when it was available. (happened recently with hotline miami.)

The camera accessory isn't necessary yet, don't worry about it.

A vita is a pretty great system on it's own, but it is really great paired with a PS4. You can remote play the system, leaving the TV open for other folks. This can work on the same network, but also from far away too (I've done it between NYC and Chicago but there was some noticeable delay, great for some games, not great for others (shooters)).

There are a bunch of great subreddits for various games (or trophy hunting, or finding PSN friends) so check those out.

Personally i'm just playing destiny now, but there is already a huge catalog of great games. Just don't listen to the nobs who complain about all the indies. They are some of my favorite games and they certainly aren't slowing down big games like Destiny, but you hear about it a lot on subs like this.

u/JuanDaDon1 · 5 pointsr/PS4

Power A Dullshock Controller Charging Station

I purchased this charger from amazon a couple months back, awesome purchase, fair price, oem look.

u/titans856 · 5 pointsr/PS4

This ps4 charger is so worth it. I tried to do the cable thing for a while but hated it. Since it plugs in the bottom port and not the top, it's not finicky to get in. Pop it down to charge and push down to spring the controller up.

u/King_Icewind · 5 pointsr/PS4

Don't. Get this instead:

I have this, and as I and all the other positive reviewers can attest to; it's great. Looks good, performs well, super affordable, and is the best rated.

u/3seven1 · 4 pointsr/PS4

Amazon has them for $51ish right now. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Jet Black by Sony Computer Entertainment

u/ZarekDaniel · 4 pointsr/hardwareswap

I'm just going to leave this here.



Shipping costs on a flat rate box are actually $17.90 for the large flat rate box.

Let's go with the $51.90 control, and great! We have free shipping! So that's $51.90(Controller) + $17.90(Shipping) + $290.00 (PS4) = $359.80

Now, let's compare with the market, shall we? This thread has a white PS4, with Destiny, The Last of Us remastered, and a controller for $350. See where the price drop to $250 would help you?

u/riversun · 4 pointsr/PS4

ordered these, completely amazing. takes about 1 day to get used to them, and for them to truly form to the stick. raised, slightly textured and soft-but-not-too-soft silicon

your thumb will never hurt again, it's great for games that require R3/L3 actions, and your stock rubber won't degrade if it hasnt already

u/zambezy · 4 pointsr/PS4

I have these and I like them well enough. I'm still thinking about swapping for Xbox One sticks though because they are that much better IMO

u/ozarkslam21 · 4 pointsr/blackops3

You can with something like this:

My friend uses one, and he loves it. He's a much better player now with this than he ever was with a controller (he's in his upper 30's and comes from mostly computer gaming in the past)

u/11fingerfreak · 4 pointsr/thedivision

No I actually know how to use it just fine. I’ve got scripts, access to a PC, had no issues with the coding and flashing. No technical issues. But it’s overkill. Most of what it can do better players already do anyway. And it feels like they do it better than the device does. There’s a lot you can script but why do any of that when you can just practice and achieve similar results? Then there’s input lag. I’ve seen videos of players running it with no problems. Me? I consistently had input lag on every game. When it wasn’t lagging it was fine, but it was 50/50 and that’s annoying enough to leave it shelved. Maybe I have too much EM interference but I’m not going to create a Faraday cage just to play a video game. If the key to doing a good part of what I’d want it for is just developing muscle memory and it’s laggy then that’s not enough to make me fall in love with it.

I also have the programmable Strike Pack. I like that device quite a bit although it lacks the flexibility of the CM. It also has less input lag than a CM, which is what made me feel the CM was clunky. What I don’t like is its poor fit around my controller. If it fit better I’d use it more often. Maybe it works better with older PS4 DS4s? But it’s interesting enough to tempt me to buy a Scuf or one of the other pro kits

If you’re looking for peripherals that will really give you an edge on console you’re better served by a Xim, a mechanical keyboard, a gaming mouse, and a large surface to use the mouse with. It won’t give you snap shotting or super quick zoom and shoot but it makes every shot more precise. That alone will put you ahead of even the best controller jockeys. The trade off is you need a desk or coffee table setup appropriately.


u/BubbScrubbWooWoo · 4 pointsr/Fighters

Try this:

Only £65, works with PS3/PS4/PC and is easily moddable. I bought one to test whether or not I could get used to a stick and ended up dropping in some Sanwa parts later once I'd adapted (which was super-easy to do).

Have a read of the reviews, people really seem to like them.

u/DontPoke · 4 pointsr/Fighters should be right for you

My recommendation: Venom fightstick with initial low budget, later upgraded with Sanwa parts from Arcadeworlduk

u/sonicbrkr · 4 pointsr/Guiltygear

The way I see it, it's all preference but if you want to buy a stick you should just do it (but don't feel pressured to do it). It's like the FPS scene where everyone asks what sensitivity the pros use. 9 out of 10 times they will say they use 800 mouse dpi with a low in game sensitivity. Sure there are crazy high sens. twitch pro players, but there is a reasoning behind getting used to lower sensitivity vs using high sensitivity. The lower the sensitivity, the more you move your arm and the more accurate you can be, and as long as you can 180 with one arm motion the lower the better.

I'm actually using the same logic in buying a stick. I HATE the d-pad (literally can't do the DP motion on it). I use the joy stick and while it works fine I'm not satisfied with my accuracy when it comes to the stricter inputs required for some combos. I want to try out something with higher kinetic motion so that, once I get used to it, there is less room to mess up (which sounds backwards actually). Also fight sticks are badass and I can afford one so why not.

I'm looking at these 2 sticks atm, Hori Real Arcade Pro and Mad Catz TE2. I kind of like the Hori since it's cheaper but it's not a big deal for me to go for the Mad Catz TE2 if it has something that over the Hori that I'm not seeing. Thoughts? Also, are there any other options out there I may be missing for a mid/high-end stick?

u/HalfCent · 4 pointsr/retrogaming

There are lots of companies still making quality sticks. If you use the term 'fightstick' you'll have better luck searching. Hori, Madcatz, and Qanba all have good sticks out there right now.

Here's an example of a quality stick.

u/WarMachine_Rhodes · 4 pointsr/shmups

Ah ok. Well if PC and ps4/ps3 are going to be mainly where you are going to be playing on then i would go for the Hrap 4 kai or Hrap V Hayabusa since they work ps3/ps4 and pc(xinput).

I have the qanba q1 that i swapped out with sanwa parts myself but it is the xbox 360 version and i use it for games/emulators on pc and it works with no issues.

I dont think any stick manufacturers will be making any ps4/ps3/360/xbox 1 compatible sticks anytime soon since fighting games arent getting many releases on xbox one.

u/jackjackjackncoke · 4 pointsr/Tekken

Arcade stick or pad is a preference. There's really no right answer. Personally, I love stick. I picked one up soon after I got into fighting games, because I loved the idea of them and I knew that I would love using one, and I haven't looked back since.

If you are curious about arcade sticks, just keep in mind that they take a few months to get used to. Some people pick it up faster than others, but for me it was a good month before I became accustom to it and then a handful more before it felt truly natural.

As for third-party pad alternatives, I know that Hori ( Fighting Commander 4 & Fighting Commander ) and MadCatz ( FightPad PRO ) both make controllers geared towards fighting games. Personally, that FightPad PRO looks bizarre to me.

u/ChampIDC · 4 pointsr/StreetFighter

I've never played with a PS3 or PS4 pad, but I'd recommend looking into the Hori Fighting Commander 4 as a fantastic value for $30 if you're only looking for a fighting game controller and don't need the analog sticks for other games. Setting it up to work on PC is very easy with x360ce.

u/AoF-Vagrant · 4 pointsr/Fighters

Looks horribly uncomfortable to me, and that d-pad looks like it'll only be good for zangief players. But maybe it'll turn out ok, we won't know for sure until it comes out in a few months.

If you want one for Christmas, this is your best (only?) bet:

u/StatSemita · 4 pointsr/dbfz

Find one of these.

I particularly like the 4 over the newer version. I hold the controller with my left hand normally, but rest my right hand on my leg and use the face buttons like a stick. Best of all worlds, imo.

u/HarmlessEZE · 4 pointsr/StreetFighter

HORI Fighting Commander 4

Saw this on amazon price drop. IDK if it's good, but it's the lowest price in amazon's history at $30. If you are a pad player looking for something.

u/Manthes · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Personally, I prefer the Ps4 controller to the Xbox One, but that's just me.

Anyway, after doing some googling, I found this. I think that it allows you to play on the PS4 using the Xbox one controller, but I'm not completely sure on how it works. If you want to, though, I'd say look into it.

I think there's also a Xbox one styled PS4 controller out there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

u/gobongo · 4 pointsr/PS4

You can actually just use the Xbox Elite controller directly on the PS4 using an adapter like this:

There are other options like the ChronusMax, but the Brooks one is the one I use (can vouch for it, unlike the others) and it works really well, no noticeable lag. The only semi-complaints I have about it are that the Xbox One has no touchpad so you're boned for any game that requires that (though it does emulate a generic touchpad press if you press the 'select' button on the xbox, so for games like Destiny that use the touchpad as one big button it is fine) and also you have to use it wired via USB.

Would buy a real Sony pro controller if they made one of similar quality, just to get that 100% compatibility and wireless functionality...

u/NoChart · 4 pointsr/pcgaming

The Xbox d-pads are nearly all terrible for precise inputs. Grab up a controller that was made for fighting games, like these ones.

u/00Nothing · 4 pointsr/mvci

Hori Fighting Commander. Yes, it's a pad, but it's the FG'nest pad on the market. Perfect layout, durable enough to put up with my temper, uses XInput for PC. Done and done.

EDIT: I completely missed the word 'art' in the title. Oh well.

u/TicktockInquisitor · 4 pointsr/DestinyTheGame
u/Entropius · 4 pointsr/titanfall

Also, an alternative to Evolved or Bumper Jumper that still allows you to maximize the movement system (like air strafing), is to get programable paddles on the bottom of your controller which enable you to use any controller setup you want.

Basically, maximizing the movement system requires you to be able to keep your thumbs on the control sticks without taking them off to jump or crouch/slide. Evolved, Bumper Jumper or controllers with paddles all permit that.

Some people buy expensive elite controllers but I went with this. It requires the controller be wired though, and you have to hold the PS4 button and activate it before starting up the game. But it was worth it for me since I can put jump on my left paddle and melee on my right panel (slide is my R3).

Edit: Also, wall running doesn't require you to look parallel to the wall. You can wall run and look perpendicular to it, strafing along the wall. You can also quickly wall jump up a corner. Sometimes I actually jump backwards into a corner and climb to the ceiling of a room while facing the center. Handy for defending a large room, people don't expect you to be hiding in the top corners.

u/hunterdeal · 4 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

I cannot imagine IW just using reports as a reason for any actions, I would think (and hope) that they would be able to have some data to review and determine possible issues.

As for your comment: so I'm pretty sure mods aren't available yet for current gen consoles - Collective Minds can prove you wrong for $50.00 you can get a big old heaping of mods see link

u/KyotoWolf · 4 pointsr/Games

I may be misinterpreting what you're saying, but the PS4 isn't anywhere near $400 anymore. It's $267 on Amazon with a game bundled. Only the Pro is $399

u/thenotoriousbtb · 4 pointsr/buildapcforme




>month from now

>tower and internals, keyboard and mouse controller

>no overclocking

>HDMI out

>no Windows

>TV, not monitor

Here you go

u/Zelda__64 · 4 pointsr/consoledeals

First, price match to Amazon or Walmart [$249 currently] and then use your Target RedCard (TRC) to receive a special 15% off offer from target.

Here are the target offer deets: "Save 15% on a Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 500GB Slim Bundle when you use your REDcard as payment type. Offer available online only. Offer not available in stores. May not be applied to previous orders. Offer expires 12/10/2016 at 11:59pm PT."

u/diehllane · 4 pointsr/PSVR

I have the Collective Minds stand that holds the VR headset, has a headphone hook, charges 2 moves, charges 2 dualshocks, and has an extra USB for charging.

u/deadnside · 4 pointsr/PSVR

I bought this and have had no issues with it.

u/ineffiable · 4 pointsr/PS4

You could ignore the PSVR part of this:

It has a spare USB port in the back that you plug a cable into to the headset.

AFAIK, there isn't any charger that cradles the wireless headset very well.

u/crono09 · 4 pointsr/gaming

The games you need are Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (comes out in March) and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (already out). Next year, the series will finish with the release of Kingdom Hearts III.

To get the full story, you pretty much have to play every game. A couple of them aren't as important, but you'll still miss something if you skip them. The remixes only include the cut scenes for some games, which is enough if you just want the story.

u/Stampysaur · 4 pointsr/KingdomHearts

They rereleased them this year in a bundle.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX - PlayStation 4

u/gooeyguts21 · 4 pointsr/PSVR

I have the mantis which are on ear. Because of on ear, they aren't noise canceling. I prefer to have noise canceling so I can get 100% immersed in the game, but there are definitely advantages to on ear. The main advantages for me is I can flip it up and hear my SO if she needs something. They are beneficial in that sense since you're not completely divided from the real world.

This doesn't benefit me because I love horror games, but those who are easily scared will enjoy the mantis because you can still out things outside of the game making it less scary knowing you can hear your family around you.

Easy setup and they are very comfortable. They still produce a solid volume.

u/Reddituser703 · 4 pointsr/oculus

This over the ear headset claims compatibility with PSVR:


There's the Bionik Mantis headphones:


And something like the Koss clip on the ear headphones:

u/JJ_Mark · 4 pointsr/oculus

I'm holding out for something akin to the Biotik Mantis headphones that came out for the PSVR ( Rift's original headphone design will create a hell of a demand for it.

Until then, probably just some basic headphones I have sitting around.

u/TheresShitInMyBucket · 4 pointsr/oculus

I dislike those integrated headphones and don't get why everyone considers this a downside! This time we'll have them as an accessory. Now when they break, you won't have to replace your entire damn headset to fix them. Plus we'll be able to use aftermarket snap-on accessories like these or others if we so choose. I really like having those options personally

I agree with you on the IPD slider. Half-dome FOV is a no-go though. You increase the FOV much and you reduce the perceived resolution. Higher FOV only really works if you bump the resolution up a ton and most of us don't have GPUs that can work with that.

You ask for eye-tracking though and you're asking for an $800 HMD. The tech isn't quite there yet for affordable headsets.

>Variable depth of field

This is what I want most. It'll enhance depth perception and make far-away objects feel far away.

u/Hydro_Slush · 3 pointsr/PS4

Easy setup. Tournament mode enabled default. Cheap and durable. Used with destiny for 100+ hours left paddle for jump and right paddle for slide.

u/rami_mardini · 3 pointsr/titanfall

Get this, heard about it a few days ago and immediately ordered one, it's basically a poor man's elite controller (just programmable paddles, which is what most people want scufs/elite controllers for)

u/DemonDeacon86 · 3 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook
Less expensive paddle pack, I've had a relatively seemless transition with mobility and at $40 it's a steal IMO. Could prib het this and a decent monitor. I'd still recommend monitor if u can't swing the $40 and use jumper or make L3 your X button to jump

u/AwesomeOnsum · 3 pointsr/PS4

If he's not giving you any disks for those games, $250 isn't a good deal for a used slim.

Pay the extra $15 and get it new from Amazon

u/xxR3B3Lxx · 3 pointsr/PS4

here ya go was a little tricky because it's not called PS4 Slim

u/vze3f372 · 3 pointsr/PS4

What!? What country are you in? A couple of things. The original Playstation is just fine. You can get a new 500GB PS4 slim of $250 from Amazon with a game.

I would cancel the order altogether and locate a more reputable retailer, because as far as I am concerned they are out and out lying to you.

u/Alittlebunyrabit · 3 pointsr/Persona5

I ordered one today from Amazon. The price puts it over the one-day free shipping threshold and I pre-ordered the steelbook today as well. $258 for the cheapest package which includes Uncharted 4.

u/mtlyoshi9 · 3 pointsr/PS4

First of all, you don't need PS+ or extra controllers to play this single player game.

Thus to "just play this one game" (his words) it would cost $250 for the PS4 (and that includes Uncharted 4 bundled in!) + $60 for HZD, for a total of $310 + tax. Not exactly $600.

I suppose this assumes he has a screen to play it on and a house/electricity to power it (which he should, given that he's said he plays PC games with his wife).

u/LittleByrdEee1 · 3 pointsr/PS4

Leaves out this current deal. PS4 Slim & Uncharted 4 $212 or $246 w/ extra controller.

u/Qerus · 3 pointsr/PS4

>Finally decided to buy a used PS4, looking on craigslist.

How much is it? $250? $200?

[Amazon warehouse] ( is selling a used Uncharted 4 Bundle (PS4 slim + controller + UC4) for $211.62 just so you know.

I don't know much about other stuff, but this is a good option with a free game.

u/redhawkinferno · 3 pointsr/PSVR

Pretty sure I'm just gonna buy this.

u/Oscarbulldog1234 · 3 pointsr/PSVR
u/And_You_Like_It_Too · 3 pointsr/PS4

There’s also this pretty cool PSVR charging center for $35 that displays the PSVR, charges two Dualshock controllers and two Move controllers, and has a place to hang your headphones/headset.

The Move controller charge base that I have is the official Playstation one (I actually bought it to charge my DualShock controllers and didn’t know until I received it that they’d repurposed the old Move controller base by including a bit that plugs into your DS — they didn’t even bother changing the PS3 box haha). There are other options out there — this one is half the price of mine at $13.99 that looks like it can charge either the Moves or DualShock (but only two at once). Or this one that charges 2x DS and 2x Move Controller’s for $159.

Good luck with that cat; I feel your pain!!

u/ZambonieDrivor · 3 pointsr/PS4

PowerA Charging Station - 2 controllers, not little kid friendly, as it has a spring to load/unload the controller and kids will just pull it off. If the spring is in the incorrect position, it can be difficult to put the controller on charge.

Collective Minds PSVR Stand and Charging Station - 2 controllers, 2 move controllers, and 1 USB slot for headset or PSVR AIM controller.

PlayStation Platinum Headset - Went through 2 PS Gold headsets due to weak plastic frame. Platinums feel more sturdy. Haven't used too much to test durability. Great sound, but I am not an audiophobe.

PSVR AIM Controller - Got it bundled with Firewatch. Read that it felt good in hands. I thought it felt a little awkward, but definitely easy enough to use. Just have to get used to the button layout.

AC Infinity Fans - These are 80mm fans. It comes with 2 fans in parallel that are powered over USB. I don't use my PS4's USBs, because those are taken up with other accessories, so I have it attached to my surround sound receiver. One fan pulling air from the back of the Pro, and the other directing the fan out of the shelf area. I recommend these, as I've noticed the spin up on my Pro has significantly went down.

u/SecAdept · 3 pointsr/PSVR

Collective Mind Display... My wife doesn't like me leaving game stuff on the couch. I have no problem unplugging it, but it's also close enough to the PS4 that I could even put it on the stand without unplugging it... What sold me is I've never invested in a DS4 charging station (despite having 4 controllers)... The stand can charge both my moves and 2 PSVRs and even has another usb for something else... so it was a very convenient multipurpose purchase that displays the PSVR nicely:

u/Native411 · 3 pointsr/PSVR

I got this as a gift and it is by far the best stand / all in one psvr charging solution Ive seen.

Works really well.

u/rackham1207 · 3 pointsr/PSVR

I use this charge station:

My advice though would be that if you tend to gather dust like I do, place a sheet of sorts over the stand. It helps avoid gathering dust on the unit itself and the lenses.

u/GabeMamas · 3 pointsr/PS4

yes, this I use it for my Vr and it works wonderfully. I have the old move controllers btw. The whole stand part comes apart so you don't have to install the VR shelf if you don't want to.

u/tecrogue · 3 pointsr/KingdomHearts

If you can wait until march, you can pick up this which has everything but Dream Drop Distance (available in this package along with a brief story taking place after Birth by Sleep).

u/ProjectDestati · 3 pointsr/KingdomHearts

The 1.5/ 2.5/ 2.8 games are compilation stories with additional content and gameplay enhancements

If you want to get caught up with the story, there's a 1.5+2.5 collection bundle coming out in March for the PS4. It contains 4 games and two movies. After that, you just need KH2.8 (releasing in 8 days) which contains 2 games and a movie for the PS4. These two purchases contain all 9 stories in the Kingdom Hearts saga for you to enjoy as part of Nomura's promise on having all the games on one console. After that, you'll be completely ready for KH3.

Preferred playorder is the release order (playing all games in 1.5, then 2.5, then 2.8 is totally fine), but you may find it extra fun to go through them like this:

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (From KH1.5),
  • Re: Chain of Memories (KH1.5),
  • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (From KH2.5),
  • 358/2 Days (KH1.5),
  • Birth By Sleep Final Mix (KH2.5),
  • Re: Coded (KH2.5),
  • Dream Drop Distance (KH2.8)
  • X[chi] Back Cover (From KH2.8),
  • 0.2 Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage (From KH2.8),
u/mishugashu · 3 pointsr/rpg_gamers

I'd definitely suggest getting the re-release of the original games first:

u/Belly1912 · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR

Bioniks make a pair for the PSVR headset
and I think I recall reading somewhere that someone has tried them on a wmr headset and they work fine.

u/wildcard999 · 3 pointsr/oculus

Just buy this and you will be good to go. I put it on mine and a lot of other people have too. It is by far the best audio solution for the Rift S.

u/moogle_kupo · 3 pointsr/PSVR

Have you heard of the mantis headphones from bionik? They attach to the PSVR headset to make a more integrated design. I have them and prefer them over anything else as they dont make your ears too hot.

u/ZaneWinterborn · 3 pointsr/oculus

Im pretty sure they will be doing a few different audio solutions for the S and Quest, gotta get that shelve space up in retail haha. But if they don't or you want to look at something now theres these guys.

u/JohnRobertMatz · 3 pointsr/OculusQuest

I'm a bit of an audiophile (my job requires it, after all) and I'm really liking the Bionik Mantis headphones. They're designed to clip onto the halo of the PSVR headset, and they just barely fit onto the Quest without modification (just make sure you put them on the correct sides or you'll have a devil of a time taking them off again). They work stupendously well, and they keep all of the convenience of function of just slipping the headset on and off, without having to deal with extra elements, since they effectively integrate into the headstrap, like the OC Rift or Vive Deluxe Audiostrap.
After reading a very detailed breakdown from a friend involved with the design of the audio systems for Valve's Index headset, I'm rather liking the philosophy of on-ear headphones, or near-head speakers as opposed to total isolation or earbuds.
Anyway, long story short, the Mantis does a really great job. Highly recommended.

u/Bill_Brasky01 · 3 pointsr/PS4

Sony can't ban them because devices like the Xim4 hook up to your controller and emulate the controller inputs with a keyboard and mouse. It looks exactly like standard controller inputs to the PS4.

Read up on it...

u/Prizeless · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

PS4 has this:

Good luck fighting a keyboard and mouse user on PS4 using your controller. If you're talking about cheating, there's actually less cheating going on in multiplayer games on PC than you think.

u/MrFlemz · 3 pointsr/Gamingcirclejerk

I have a couple of friends that play a lot of fighting games. I can ask them.

Edit: They only recommended a stick and it was this one

u/Anakaris7 · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

I also got this and fitted a full Sanwa mod for an extra £40. There are plenty of guides and YouTube videos etc to help you out.

Works out £80-£100 cheaper than a TE. Personally I'm very happy with it.

u/vertigo90 · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

This is a decent budget stick if you want to buy new. It's also worth checking eBay for 2nd hands ones though.

u/LikeTheMango · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

Officially Licensed Playstation Arcade Stick (PS4/PS3)

Granted it's very basic but it's a great stick to start with that will last you a long time till you move onto something else.

u/commiekaze · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

You can just purchase a cheaper stick and mod it in the future. The Mayflash Stick is $40 and can be modded with Sanwa parts. The Venom Stick can be had for like $70 if you can find it and actually can be modded to be VERY good looking and with all the good parts. As mentioned in the other replies, the Hori sticks are constantly on sale as well both at stores and locally I'm sure. I always see them on Kijiji.

Yet ANOTHER alternative is a converter. The Brooke PS3 to PS4 Converter is restocked very frequently. Focus attack should be getting them soon as their stocks are likely just depleted from their holiday sale. This thing costs you $35 bucks and should have no lag issues from everything written about them on Shoryuken.

You can even buy a new PCB and dual mod your stick to work on whatever you want. Lots of solutions for you. You dont need to spend $200, especially if you already have a stick.

u/HiHaterslol · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

Buy this for $150 and save the other $150 for beer and things that matter

u/DTGG · 3 pointsr/Guiltygear

Do not buy a Mad Catz stick, they are overpriced. Yes they are good sticks but you could get a Hori and Qanba that is just as good for half the price. I would personaly recommend this one or that one. They both work on PC.

u/scout_ · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

One thing about the RAP4 is the stick only sits about an inch above the platform, so there's not a ton of room for your fingers if your hands are really big. I have pretty big hands and its something I had to get used to.

The stick in question.

u/d00tz · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

This Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai keeps dropping in price on Amazon. It did it the other day and made it down to like 113 bucks or something, so keep your eye on it for a bit. I think it is pretty well regarded as a good stick, others may have more input than me.

u/Kana-ti · 3 pointsr/dbfz

This is the one I have it comes with a 4 way restriction plate, and I am modding it to an 8-gate tonight. That is the only thing I really wanted to change. Hori did a great job over all. I might eventually change it to Sanwa, but for now it works great.

u/thetok42 · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

I use this one : the Hori FC4 Pro

I've been using it for almost 2 years now, and it is just beginning to show some signs of fatigue. So I bought another one. I just love this pad

I must note that I play Gief, both in SF5 and SF4 and that I am quite a butter churner (I killed a brand new Hori wireless Tekken5 stick in 2 days, a PDP MKX fightpad in a month, a madcatz SfxT in 2 weeks) :p

I never had problems with the rotating d-pad, nor the sensitivity switch (though I locked both as I wanted them day1, and never unlocked them since, so that may be why).

What I really like about this pad is the sensitivity setting and the 6 + 4 buttons. Of course you can only map 8 buttons in game, but then I have my 6 face buttons for LP/MP/HP and LK/MK/HK, on the left triggers I have PPP (lariat) and KKK (V-reversal) and on the right triggers HP and HK that I use only to activate Vtrigger. This makes it much easier to do things like c.LP os V-Trigger

u/MogwaiInjustice · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

You could always get a fightpad as a cheaper option but honestly practice trumps all.

u/ant_blottuh · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

No this controller is pretty bad and horribly designed, I promise you will hate it. Get one of the Hori Fighting Commanders, either the one with the rotating dpad or the one without if you aren't interested in that.

I have the one without the rotating dpad and its made my inputs so clean, I can definitely vouch for it.

Ill link them both if you wanna check them out. You may be able to find them cheaper on other sites but I prefer to just use amazon.

Hori Fighting Commander

Hori Fighting Commander 4 (Rotating Dpad)

u/White_Phoenix · 3 pointsr/Kappa non-referral link so the original person who posted this doesn't get shekels from you buying shit.

u/jamrocks · 3 pointsr/Blazblue

If you want a fightpad, then Hori Fighting Commander: amazon link

Or you could get try grabbing the older model, Fighting commander 4: amazon link

u/tmntfever · 3 pointsr/Tekken

Claw user here. Can confirm it's index+middle finger, and definitely not thumb. Also, I use a HFC, and it's damn comfortable.

u/Alteffor · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

This is the go to people have been suggestiing in terms of quality for price.

u/Bizket · 3 pointsr/PS4

I have this and absolutely love it. No vibration or lightbar though. The cable is plenty long too.

u/Str8Ripping · 3 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

Here's the link if you want to read more about it: LINK

Here is the amazon link: LINK
If you decide to buy it, make sure you update the firmware on the converter since they have said it will d/c after about 10min if you don't. I've never had any issues.

Hope you find what you're looking for!

u/Chris_Makewar · 3 pointsr/macgaming

OK, sounds good! I'll give it a shot. Just ordered from Amazon. Thanks man! A quick heads-up for anyone else who's interested because there's seems to be a little confusion. There are two models: this one: $48 (which says: [OLD MODEL] in the product name) & this one: $46. I got the latest model which, because of a discounting, is actually cheaper! lol

u/rouing · 3 pointsr/WritingPrompts

Expensive? I can get a keyboard and mouse for like 10$. Easy. And it can be wireless to. Keyboard and mouse is cheaper than a controller. If it wasn't intended for them to allow keyboard/mouse, why put the PS/2 drivers? Also, everyone has a computer so they all probably have a keyboard and mouse. Your points are not that convincing and stating that a kb+m combo is expensive kinda negates all credibility.

KB+M: 15$

Controller: 50$

That being said, you also lumped in actual modifications in there. There is a difference between plugging in a peripheral and actually modifying the code/peripheral to do things the manufacturer didn't intend for it to do. Keyboard and mouse is used on a computer and aimbots are still against rules on computer games so I don't see how an aimbot is relevant to an input peripheral. At all.

u/cdsk · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

FYI, it's $42.91 on Amazon. I personally wouldn't bother with a mail-in rebate to save $3.

u/Decipher · 3 pointsr/oculus

> now 15 dollar ps move[1] camera

It needs this one though.

u/Reliant · 3 pointsr/PS4
u/SlyyyTendencies · 3 pointsr/PS4

Not really right now. I did pick one up on amazon though because they are the cheapest I've ever seen them and I'm looking forward to the future (project morpheus, etc.)

u/TBoneTheOriginal · 3 pointsr/PS4

Once you toss in shipping, it's the same price as this beauty, which is infinitely better designed.

I know there's store pickup, but it's still worth the extra $4 to get the PowerA dock. It's amazing.

u/dgiangiulio228 · 3 pointsr/PS4

I've had my eye on this one and it's in my amazon wish list. I heard it's the best one out there and the reviews back it up.

POWER A DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4 by POWER A

u/cheapL3Y · 3 pointsr/PS4

Alternatively, pick up something like this. I picked up one of these a few weeks ago and love it. My controller is always charged because I just drop it on this thing when I'm done playing. It's not much more expensive than a Micro USB cable, and it's more convenient.

u/pr0adam · 3 pointsr/PS4

IMO drop the vertical stand, get a second remote and then purchase this :

Also no need to get a cooling fan either, just give your PS4 room on the side and back to breathe.

u/J0hnnyArs0n · 3 pointsr/PS4
u/Korpse223 · 3 pointsr/PS4

Most 120hz TV's are really 60hz displays with software that makes it look smoother. Many TV's come with a game mode that disables the software because it adds input lag. Also look out for input lag in TV's. Some brands tend to have a higher input lag but generally Sony, Samsung, LG, and Vizio are pretty good.

I'd definitely pick a 1080p display over a 720p one. Even though a few games like assassins creed unity output at 900p the ps4 will scale it up to 1080p and there is a very noticeable difference between 720p and 1080p.

If you have kids or need to be quiet at night pick up a pair of headphones. They can plug right into your controller and the games audio will go through them. If online will be your thing skip the headphones and pick up a headset. Sony's gold wireless headset is a pretty good one and should be on sale either right now or by Monday. No cooling fans will be necessary but make sure you have a spot set up that gives your ps4 enough room. If you're picking up a second controller consider picking up a charging station that plugs into an outlet. I have the nyko one and it has been great so far but I've also heard really good things about the power A one. If you're not getting a second controller don't worry about buying a dock. I don't own the PS camera or a sound bar/sorround sound system so I can't really help there.

Here's a few TV's that an input lag website recommends for gaming:

Power A charging dock:

Nyko charging dock:

Edit: Target has the gold wireless headset for $40. The deal is for in store only.

u/biezel · 3 pointsr/PS4

For DS4 charging, I definitely recommend picking up this dock and a second controller. Always have one charged, and plug it into the wall instead of taking up a USB port.

u/xCurlyxTopx · 3 pointsr/PS4

My controllers don't charge from a wall outlet but a portable charger or right from the ps4 works fine.

Other option is to purchase this dual EXT charger. It charges ps4 controllers from the bottom port. Only one I've been able to find anywhere

EXT dual port charger this is for so just change to your country

u/rube · 3 pointsr/PS4

Get one of these:

It's now just a normal habit for me to click the DS4 down onto the dock to charge it after every play.

u/username2110 · 3 pointsr/PS4
u/stop_drop_rofl · 3 pointsr/PS4

No third party controllers, but you could try getting either new thumbsticks (Xbox One thumbsticks fit perfectly), or you could get a thumbstick cover.

Ive used GelTabz before and liked them. They add a good amount of gel thickness that should make clicking the joystick more pleasant.

Grip-It thumbstick covers are also considered very good.

u/ZebraMuffin · 3 pointsr/PS4

The reason why they won't replace them without proof of purchase is due to the possibility of them being stolen. They know they're still technically under warranty, they just don't want to risk it.

You can get covers, I've heard a lot about GelTabZ, and Grip-iT. I've also read of people ordering replacement sticks on eBay, but I have no experience with that.

u/ArboristDan · 3 pointsr/PS4

I purchased these:

Now I found my R3/L3 buttons did not return fully to their resting position (I could pull on them and then they would release fully, try it yours may be the same...) so these covers would rub a little when fully extended. So I removed the original rubber from the grip and added 1 (very important 1) drop of superglue then applied this grip by turning it inside out and flipping it over the plastic analog sticks. It no longer rubs and is actually better then the original.

u/_deffer_ · 3 pointsr/xboxone

My echoing only resolved after buying a turtle beach PS4 chat wire (as dumb as that sounds) on the recommendation of others on this sub.

This is the one I bought:

It's expensive on amazon because people know this fixes the astro issue, but you can probably find one cheaper somewhere else or non-TB branded.

u/Moonlord_ · 3 pointsr/xboxone

Yes, I use the same headset with the Xbox one. You will need the MS chat adapter along with the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter that it comes with.

Turtle beach also makes a PS4 chat cable that you can use to connect directly to the chat adapter without having to use the separate 2.5 to 3.5 adapter. Don't worry about the ps4 branding. It's the same cable needed for the xb1. This isn't mandatory but it just makes for a cleaner setup than using the adapter with your existing cable plus you don't need the controls on the middle of the cable anymore. Here is a link for it on Amazon:

u/Daft_Newell · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Yes, you have to buy an adaptor though. Like this:

Make sure to turn off auto aim when you play an fps as well, as it can ruin your aim when you play on PC again.

u/Skrub-eon · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/SocioVex · 3 pointsr/Overwatch
u/TaylorCulosis · 3 pointsr/GearsOfWar

> I don't want to deal with kbm bullshit with a sniper


I'm guessing you don't have any friends on PC.

u/Douggiek26 · 3 pointsr/OWConsole

Yes it is possible, It is not really "cheating" in regards to Blizzard's bannable offenses, due to not altering the software or hardware, you are just using different additional hardware, like for pc users having better or worse mouses.
Does give an unfair advantage though.

u/Jc36 · 3 pointsr/IndianGaming

The Xim adapter. Not cheap, and not the same experience as a mouse in a PC, from what I hear.

u/DeV4der · 3 pointsr/borderlands3

in fact you actually can

there is a converter, I have one at home and have succesfully used it in the past for Battlefield Hardline and Destiny 1


let me look it up see if I can find the one I have


edit: it was the XIM 4 I have used in the past:


it comes with an app for your phone where you can adjust the y/x axis speed and what key matches what controller button, pretty handy, but I only used that when I was playing BF hardline and sucked at aiming with a controller.

In Borderlands its not that big of a deal to miss a headshot since you need many to kill :D

u/FatBoyStew · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

XIM (XIM 4 in my case)

Not a perfect KBM feel, but its pretty damned close. Incredibly in-depth customization especially on mouse sensitivity curves.

u/RedMare · 3 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Xbox doesn't support mouse (at least not yet, they are working on it for a future update). You have to buy an adapter to use a mouse on xbox.

Hopefully eso will get kb/m support in the future, when a mouse is officially supported by xbox.

u/Flight714 · 3 pointsr/consoles

The extreme (expensive) option is to get a keyboard/mouse converter unit for the PlayStation 4, like the XIM4:

u/CuzImMikeG · 3 pointsr/INJUSTICE

Get this, it's what Semij is using and I also have one so I can play with my friend on his ps4 and I have the ps4 one so my friends can play with their ps4 controllers on my xbox. I've had no issues and experienced no lag.

u/Zefirus · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

How cheap is "cheap" to you?

This line is one of the best pads out there for SFV, and I don't personally consider it very expensive. You might try and find a used one on ebay or something if you need cheaper. Or one of the older gens. I personally use their older model.

u/skyguy25 · 3 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

They have actual game pad controller which you actually could benefit off of. There pretty legit, here's one so you have an idea of what I mean.

u/Abmahnanwalt · 3 pointsr/Roms

I can recommend anything from 8BitDo, especially the SNES ones.

Since a few months i use the HORI Fighting Commander for most retro systems up to PSX. It feels great + there's a PS version, if you prefer that.

u/calamityadvent · 3 pointsr/fightsticks

i used a hori fighting commander for a while before i finally got the scratch to invest in a stick. i really like it, and still use it every now and again just for fun. i also use it when i play emulators and some platformers.

the dpad is solid and face buttons are slightly oversized. i find it to be a really satisfying pad all around.

u/megatornadox · 3 pointsr/Fighters

Take a look on the Hori FC pad. Its a pad specific for figthing games that has an impressive dpad.

u/uncannyDINOZORD · 3 pointsr/PS4Deals

If you don't mind I'll give you some more thoughts. So first on fight sticks: They are in no way necessary to be competitive or in our case 'not bad' and they definitely are not for everyone. When I was heavy in dbfz I used this it is larger (I have larger hands) but it really helped me build up execution with the feedback and nice d-pad and its cheaper than almost all fight sticks. Since then though I have gone back to just the ps4 controller and don't see any major drop offs. I know this is a ps4 sub but if you have a switch you can usually find dbfz on sale on that and just use the joycons. Seasoned fighters will go crazy at that suggestion but its all about what works for you. I use the joycons for dbfz and will admit my execution is sloppier and I drop things I wouldn't on ps4 but I like to play on the go (mostly practice cause you want good connections when playing online).

Now on dbfz. Get it. Period. If you are a dragon ball fan get it. If you are new to fighters get it. If you want a great community to help you learn and has a crazy amount of resources get it. If you want to look cool with the lowest possible execution get it. If you grow into a monster at fighters and want to do some crazy stuff get it and probably all other fighters.

u/ManOnPh1r3 · 3 pointsr/Fighters

If your main goal is to get away from the 360 dpad, there are pads you can use to avoid the higher costs of stick.

Either the Hori fighting commander or a PS4 controller may solve your problem.

u/jus-do-it · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

Are you in the States? Amazon has Fighting Commander Pros for $60, but they also have a newer model without the adjustable d-pad for $40:

u/SempaiSoStrong · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

Oh gotta use the dpad! Other cheap option... HORI Fighting Commander for PlayStation 4 & 3 Officially Licensed by Sony - PlayStation 4

u/101shiki · 3 pointsr/salty

The Hori Fighting Commander seems quite popular among people who prefer pads that cater to fighting game players. I'm a stick player myself so I can't speak for it from experience, but I'm just throwing that out there. (You might be able to get a better deal elsewhere, as well.)

u/GerbilJuggler · 3 pointsr/Overwatch

Hmm. Just yesterday I made a couple of comments on this issue. On PS4 since there is an officially licensed keyboard and mouse controller. I haven't used it, so I don't know how accurate it is compared to an actual M+K or a Xim.

u/Chrisfand · 3 pointsr/pcgaming

You'll be playing against kb/m users on console as well.

The XIM4 is a thing on consoles and there's nothing MS or Sony can do about it. Heck, Sony has already officially licensed a kb/m adapter for FPS games as well.

u/crownpr1nce · 3 pointsr/Rainbow6

Does this include officially licensed products like

I know you can use a regular USB keyboard and mouse, but it's mostly for browsing and typing. I think that's what they are talking about. Don't think this is detected as keyboard and mouse.

u/DrLupo · 3 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

FYI - It's called the HORI TAC Pro - Link

It's pretty crap, right now. But it's officially licensed with Sony.

u/NaughtyGaymer · 3 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

There is a "Complete" edition you can buy for PS4/Xbox One. I bet you can find a used copy for $25 or cheaper. Has all the DLC and is ready to go!

Here's the Amazon link.

u/SolarisBravo · 3 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

It's cheaper than the single Rise of Iron DLC would've been, and it includes The Taken King (an absolute essential, basically Destiny 1's Forsaken DLC).

u/A_Qua_Rad_Nag · 3 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

Questions from a DLC perspective:

What specific copy of the game do you have?

u/voneahhh · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Destiny The Collection - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

$39.99 new, 24.99 used.

Exactly how hard did you look?

u/NobilisUltima · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

If you have a current-gen console, I wholeheartedly recommend Destiny, especially in its current state. There's always some deal on the game + all DLCs, and by now there's a staggering amount of content.

Edit: this is what I mean. You can get the entire game + all DLCs on sale for $25 on Amazon right now here.

u/brain-eating-amoeba · 3 pointsr/pcgamingtechsupport


You got some choices.

I run a Nvidia card at home (970 gtx) I do not know the answers to AMD flavors... in fact, what I am about to throw at you might not be possible under AMD (I don't know).

Enable streaming through GeForce Experience. Then, create a VPN between your router and your laptop (or possibly the PC and laptop) and run software called 'MoonLight'.

Done and done.

(so you can follow along, a VPN extends your home network - placing your laptop on the same network as your PC! this is important as GeForce experience won't stream remotely)

However, this sucks balls. It requires a couple hours of configuration and you are kind of in the hospital.

Fuck that running.

Get one of these:

A PS4 bluetooth adapter.

Then subscribe to PSNOW.

This might shortcut everything:

u/juniorspank · 3 pointsr/PS4

I'd say get this because the DualShock 4 is a solid controller as is.

u/rocknroyal · 3 pointsr/PS4

They're good while they last, but they are super cheap and don't last very long. They also have terrible customer service from what I've had to deal with.

I would recommend getting the Collective Minds PS4 Strike Pack.

It plugs into your controller and basically turns it into a Scuf. It is definitely one of the cheapest options. It has the paddles and actually has some mods built in if you're into that kind of stuff. I don't use them, but it has rapid fire, drop shot, etc. The only down side to it is that you have to be plugged in all the time for it to work, but it comes with a very long cord.

u/Mennenth · 3 pointsr/SteamController

someone suggested this in the past; almost everyone agreed it would be a cramped mess if nothing was removed... and nothing should be removed otherwise its not a Steam Controller.

Have you considered something like this for your Steam Controller, or if you have the budget a ds4 with a strikepack?

u/smonty · 3 pointsr/PS4

This will let you remap the triggers. Might make some games easier to play for you without breaking the bank on one of those controllers.

They also have them at GameStop and Walmart.

u/SpaceMagic403 · 3 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

Bumper moves jump to L1 I believe. (I Don't actually use bumper so I could be wrong, I run default with a button controller) So you can hit it while keeping your thumb on the joystick.

Strike pack adds to paddles to the back of your controller you can hit win your middle fingers. You can program them to whatever button you want. It simply clicks on to your controller.

u/WingImpulse · 2 pointsr/xboxone

Razer Atrox( $200
Very simple to customize btw


Hori RAP V. Kai( $150

A simple way to make these work on PS4 is using a X1 to PS4 converters.

Like the Brook converters for ( $43.90

Pro Tip: Get a Octagonal Restrictor Plate ( $6.54

u/TYPEDMEDAL125 · 2 pointsr/gaming

not tried this but if it works could let you use a official xbox one controller with ps4

u/sean18k · 2 pointsr/scufgaming
u/theDreamDaddy · 2 pointsr/xboxone

You can do this now on the PS4 with an adapter like the brook. I’m sure there will be something similar for the PS5 eventually.

u/aso1616 · 2 pointsr/PS4

Two weeks ago this was me and I will tell you what is 100% required as a lifelong Xboxer.



As far as games I would say
Nier Automata
No mans sky
Final fantasy remakes if you never played them
Ratchet and Clank( Seriously best looking game ever)
Persona 5


u/Spockrocket · 2 pointsr/PS4

If you want to use an actual stick, I'd say it's probably not worth getting the Alpha. Miniature sticks such as the Alpha and the Hori Fighting Stick Mini tend to be uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time, and are made using lower quality parts than full-size sticks. If you want a stick, the cheapest one I'd recommend would probably be the Qanba Carbon. I own one and it's a fairly nice stick for beginners. Technically it's not a PS4 controller, but Street Fighter 5 and a few other games support it in Legacy Mode. Check to see if the other fighting games you have support Legacy controllers. If they do, this is a great option for your price range. Otherwise, your next best bet is probably the Qanba Drone.

If you want a pad, the revamped fightpad pro is a good choice. I've never used one but the new model has gotten significantly better reviews than the problematic previous model. Personally I went with the Hori FC4, but the price has gone significantly up since that model isn't being manufactured anymore. The newer model is only $40 though, so that fits in your budget.

u/JustLeeBelmont · 2 pointsr/snes

If you happen to have the Snes mini controllers you could pair them with this adapter.

I'm personally not a fan of the Buffalo USB pad as the dpad is raised higher than an original snes controller which feels worse to me. The edges on it are unreasonably sharp for some odd reason so if you happen to play games with fast inputs (fighting games) your thumb is absolutely going to feel the difference.

If you're in the market for a good dpad controller, in general, I can't recommend the hori fighting commander enough. It's incredibly comfortable and has compatibility with a lot of games right out the gate.


u/sip_sigh_repeat · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

The version of the fighting commander you linked is inferior to the newer version here.

The FC4 that you linked has an adjustable dpad which lead to reliability problems only a few months in for some people. the newer model doesn't have these problems and is very solid.

u/thinksammich_ · 2 pointsr/Tekken

Have you ever had a stick? I have a Razer Panthera sitting on my desk collecting dust. It was great for SV5, but for Tekken I feel like the Hori Fighting Commander is superior.

u/Tek_Nicale · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Sorry if I wasn't clear but I meant more the newer HORI FC since it seems to be the cheapest good option.

u/suckasurprise · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

It used to be available on, they have a new version of it though. Here's the link

u/gershmonite · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Check out the Hori Fighting Commander (also has an XBox One version). I just started using it a few weeks ago while waiting for holiday sales on fightsticks, and found it to be an excellent gamepad. It isn't universal to other games because it doesn't have analog sticks, but for fighters it really does a great job.

u/Noughiphiet · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Well the mini controller won't break your wallet at $30 ($20 on amazon right now). Unfortunately It would seem that it is PS4 only. The original PS3 Fighting Commanders are rare and if they suffer from the same issues as I experienced then I would avoid it. I just realized that they redesigned the PS4/3 Fighting Commander is the original design they used for the Hori Mini PS4 controller. So I would totally grab one new! ($40 no less)

I would highly recommend learning an arcade stick in the future as there seems to be much purchasing options for you. I did indeed come from an Arcade background. Well over 20 years ago my home console was a SEGA Saturn; so I had that perfect 6 button controller for games like Darkstalkers and Street Fighter Alpha (the saturn arcade stick is kind of a piece of shit). When the Dreamcast came out along with that lackluster controller for Fighting Games and I switch to the Hori/Agetec arcade stick. When the original Xbox came out I switched back to controller after trying every single Fight Stick that came out on it (pelican, Nuby, etc) and hated every single one of them.

Street Fighter 4 came out and Madcatz and Hori stepped up the game with making high quality and more importantly; available arcade sticks, so I never looked back.

u/wingmasterjr · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

IIRC a diamond ibuki player plays on keyboard so its not impossible.

My advice to you is to go into training mode and start practicing the motions. Quarter circle, Half circle, Z motion(Dp), etc etc until you feel comfortable doing them consistently. It will take time but eventually you will get it down.

But if you find it awkward still you can get a Hori pad for about $40 right now OR if stick is more of your thing you can get a Hori mini for about $40.

Remember that these will not make you any better at the game. It will take some time to get execution and timings down all while learning the basics of the game.


u/brainfraud · 2 pointsr/mvci

I use the Hori Fight Commander for PS4 I do not like analog sticks or the DS4.

If I'm going to play on a controller and not a stick I'll use the Dpad other wise if you use analog just use an arcade stick but thats my personal opinion.

u/eDRoaCH · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

I owned that pad, and didn't like it. The completely circle dad made it impossible for me to use (no tactile feedback of thumb location) they since made a new version that has a cross, so if you buy I definitely recommend that one.

However I prefer the Hori FC4 it just feels better in my hands, the madcaz is too angular for me.

You sacrifice an analog stick (IMO something only giefs really care about) and the top buttons are a bit muddier, but they're more comfortable and I rarely use them. The big bonus is the price difference, it's way cheaper than even a dual shock.

u/fuzeebear · 2 pointsr/MvC3

This one is $10 cheaper, no sense in OP getting the one that supports 360+One if he only has 360

Although if it was me, I would just get the Hori Fighting Commander for $39

u/Eight-Six-Four · 2 pointsr/MortalKombat

Not true.

I've got this controller and it will repeatedly press any of the face buttons, bumpers, or triggers for me. You can set it to hold the button down or you can set it to rapidly press it. So, if I want to go afk, I can set it to rapidly press cross and it will just keep inputting "X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X" for as long as the controller is on.

u/shakajumbo · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

How can Blizzard ban people for using official Sony licensed PS4 hardware?


HORI TAC Assault


u/GraveSalad · 2 pointsr/Steam

There's KB/M setups sold to work on PS3/4 and apparently create enough disparity that Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team said its heavily frowned upon to use m/Kb on console. I don't know how well those devices work compared to regular PC accessories though since I don't own a console but I imagine they're better than a controller or there wouldn't be several game forum threads asking if you'll get banned/if it's considered cheating.

u/dragonx254 · 2 pointsr/FortNiteBR

IIRC, XIM is still able to bypass this. I could be wrong and they made it detectable.

I do know people had issues with this thing because it was being read as a controller AND keyboard/mouse and so it caused issues.

u/SneakyRoo · 2 pointsr/Competitiveoverwatch theres this thing i've seen at frys.. doesn't seem impossible they're using this or other methods

u/drd7of14 · 2 pointsr/PlayStationNow

I cannot speak to whether or not it works, but...This is an, albeit expensive, 3rd party controller option for the PS3/PS4, but it works with PC normally as well.

I've not ever found anyone who owned it to determine whether or not it worked with PSNOW. I never took the expensive plunge myself.

The Amazon link is + Tax, but Walmart is without tax. Both $149.99 otherwise.

u/xdeadzx · 2 pointsr/Games

This is also an official Sony accessory. There isn't an official one for xbox, but devs aren't likely to ban something officially endorsed as an accessory.

u/superspacecakes · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

maybe this is what your thinking of

Its the PS4 offical keyboard and mouse!!! The only problem is that games have mouse acceleration or something because of the games are still designed to be controlled with a joystick... Apparently its great if you don't play FPS on PC becasue you wont know how much better it is @.@ Amazon Reviews

u/jakalarf · 2 pointsr/gaming

I don't play Destiny but would This be a better deal ?

u/cafecito820 · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame
u/Dylalanine · 2 pointsr/gaming

Loot's a lot better since The Taken King's release last year. If you're interested, see if there's a Trial available on your console, and if you're willing to take the risk, [Destiny The Collection] ( releases September 20 and will get you all the content, including the newest expansion.

u/petemikeonline · 2 pointsr/AskGames

Thank you for the feedback! As far as I know, the Destiny Collection will also include The Rise of Iron DLC bundled in,( so I won't have to pay $90, only $60. And I really enjoy RPGs so this may be the move.

u/dsebulsk · 2 pointsr/NoMansSkyTheGame

Well the upcoming DLC is worth $30 alone. But there is this collector's edition that has everything including the upcoming DLC for $60.

The Taken King was worth the original $60 price in my opinion (it had an actual story and the April update made the grind negligible!). Year 1 Destiny absolutely did NOT earn it's price.

Year 1 Destiny had a bunch of problems, but you have to hand it to Bungie because they listened to our feedback and improved the game drastically to answer that feedback.

$60 for Y1+Y2+Y3 Destiny is a great deal, considering it is technically a $190 value.

The only problem is you'll have a hard time catching up since the whole community will be focusing on Rise of Iron. But there will be new players you can find.

u/badmagnet · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

It's $60 on PSN unless you're not in the United States.

If you're fine with getting another disc and are in the US:

Destiny The Collection

u/Intelligensaur · 2 pointsr/truegaming

You can get a more current and accurate answer on what the game would be like for a new, DLC-less player by asking r/DestinyTheGame.

But if you already have the game in hand, it seems like you'd be better served giving it a try and seeing if you even enjoy it before starting to consider whether or not to buy all the DLC (which you can probably do cheapest by buying the collection.

u/shaosam · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

This guy?

People don't seem very happy with it at the moment.

u/cheech790 · 2 pointsr/playstation

It was released yesterday in the EU, it is going to be [released in a few days in the US]( USB-Wireless-Adaptor/dp/B01KWLKKQU/). I've got one, but so far it's pretty useless because there aren't any games who support the adaptor yet.

u/Kefro · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

If you are looking for wireless connectivity on your PC, just buy a cheap Bluetooth USB dongle. They go around ~$10. I would only assume that's the reason why they stopped producing the adaptor.

Amazon has them for ~$50

u/Mr_pessimister · 2 pointsr/RocketLeague

I'd say you have a few options.

  1. Try a different USB cable. I use a DS4 on my PC and I had a cable that would "wobble" and cause disconnect issues when holding the controller in certain ways.

  2. If it is the controller and not the cable then you could try to replace it with something like this. There are plenty of youtube tutorials. Doesn't seem too hard.

  3. You could get a Bluetooth dongle if your PC does not already support bt. I have used one, but in my experience where I live I get a lot of interference and the controller latency can spike if it's not right next to the receiver so it wasn't an option for me.

  4. You could get one of these.

    While more pricey I have read that both the range and reliability of the signal are head and shoulders above a generic bluetooth adapter.

    Best of luck!

    P.S. I missed this when reading your post, but /u/Jamaicancoconut is correct. Dualshock 4 works directly with RL without the need for DS4Windwos/Input Mapper/360CE/etc.
u/delnoob · 2 pointsr/skyrim

yep, you can do it two different ways. easiest is to directly plug it into the pc or you can use a bluetooth dongle if you want to retain the wireless function (i'll link below). after you have it connected (give it a few sec as it may need to do some auto install thing to work properly), open steam and in the top right corner you'll see a controller. click that and it should open "big picture mode" which will basically turn your computer into a console. from there you can select the game you want to play from your library, buy new ones, search the web, etc.

Sonys official dongle (only one dongle per controller, but will retain audio connection)

universal donge (will connect multiple controllers, but will not retain audio through the controller)

u/zakabog · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Yeah, you need to purchase a bluetooth adapter. Sony sells one which you can purchase on Amazon -

u/wtn81764 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Hi before this update my PS4 USB dongle use to work now it doesn't, anyone know how to fix this?

u/iCeCoCaCoLa64 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

You could do what I do and use a Dualshock 4 Wireless Adapter. That way you can use your controller wirelessly.

Also, my friend has used his PS4 controller wired almost daily, and his mUSB port is completely fine. Don't cheap out on controllers.

u/LoveCheeze · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

You mean this thing with average 2.8 review score?

u/qchto · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Of course.

One of those is connected the regular way under Ubuntu(the first 2 minutes of this video show how exactly), that's the one used for the PCSX2.

The other one is connected through a DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor by passing the entire device to a Windows VM running USFIV (I think using only a bluetooth dongle in the same way would work as well, but I honestly won't bet on Windows management of bluetooth devices).

u/SilentBobVG · 2 pointsr/buildapc

If he's playing a combination of both new games and older games, via emulators, I would strongly recommend the Dualshock 4 along with the adapter to get it working on PC

u/Blaaznar · 2 pointsr/destiny2

PS4 wireless controller works perfectly in all games for me since I bought this:

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Adaptor

u/Jvnldelinquent · 2 pointsr/gaming

PlayStation specifically has a usb Bluetooth connector for the DualShock 4. It looks like a little flash drive. For XBOX, I’m not entirely sure.

Its on the pricey end of the options

u/TerrifiedCup · 2 pointsr/PS4

its possible that the controller thinks the usb cable is linked to a headset, i know of some ps4 accessories that use the usb connector as a pass through for the mic input

one of theses accessories is this :

maybe the new cable your using is causing the issue for you

u/tglodjo · 2 pointsr/PS4Mods

I started using the Collective Minds PS4 Strike Pack before Christmas for competitive Overwatch and have been really pleased with it. I also switched out the sticks to XB1 elite sticks and got some foam to put around them to increase the tension. I've been super happy with the setup.

For reference, I have a Battle Beavers Custom controller with two rear buttons, smart triggers, and increased thumb stick tension. The only better component on my "officially" modded controller are the smart triggers, but you can get close enough with DIY stop mods (just search YouTube).

All this to say, I prefer my BBC controller, but if I hadn't already bought it, I would definitely stick with the collective minds strike pack and a few simple DIY mods for under $50.

Edit: I realize I didn't say this, but the Strike Pack has reprogrammable rear buttons. It also has other electronic mods like rapid fire that I do not use. Here's a link:

Edit 2: And here's a link to the foam rings that increase stick sensitivity:

u/zone6laflare · 2 pointsr/Infinitewarfare
u/mpj-eng · 2 pointsr/FortNiteBR

Try the Collective Minds Strike Pack FPS Dominator

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

I have 2. Love them.

u/Vertigo103 · 2 pointsr/PS4Planetside2

I ordered Kontrol freaks edge and strike pack, hopefully that helps.

Strike pack just for the paddles as I won't be using any mods.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Edge for PlayStation 4 (PS4) Controller | Performance Thumbsticks | 1 High-Rise Convex, 1 Low-Rise Convex | Blue and

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/10GuyIsDrunk · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

People might shit on me here for sounding like a shill in a moment but I promise you I've got no affiliations with either of the products I will mention here. As much as that may mean nothing to you, it's the truth and I wanted to at least say it.

And I went on that ramble above because the first thing I'm going to recommend to you is buying KontrolFreaks, QCQ for left and a comfortable "ultra" for the right. These will let you control the sticks with more space to move, you will be able to make smaller adjustments without a (significant) loss to your ability to make fast ones.

Second, buy a "Strike Pack F.P.S", it will add easily assignable paddles to your controller as well as turning it into an actual wired control with actual wired controller input latency (plugging in a USB normally does not make it wired, it's still working wirelessly and simply also charging). Note though that this thing has "mod" capability (as far as I can tell, straight up cheats), do not even think about using them, you could probably get banned for it. Just leave it in "tournament mode" and all "mods" are 100% disabled and it just uses the paddles. I play puppeteer and you should too, if you don't the following recommendation wont apply to you, but you'll get the idea. You're going to set the left paddle to X (jump) and the right paddle to Δ (swap weapons). This is going to open some doors for you, now you can aim while you're jumping in the air (actually aim), this is going to let you get around the map faster with better movement/jumps as well as do things like hopping above entrances and blasting the cap of other players. It's also going to let you swap weapons while you are aiming in preparation to use them as well as while sliding, this is vital to shotgunning/snipping effectively. The goal here is that the only time your fingers leave the sticks is if aiming is literally not important at all, like when reloading or emoting. You can totally go buy a custom controller if you want to, but when it breaks it's broken and you either have to replace the whole thing or get it sent in for repair, with this attachment though, if it dies it's not expensive to replace (and it's well built imo, I'd imagine some kind of internal failure is more likely than paddle failure) and if your controller dies you can just pop it off and put it on the new one. To me it seems like the cheaper and better option, but if you really like custom controllers or have tons of cash maybe that's the better choice, your call, either way you need paddles.

Next, put your sensitivity on at least 7, I would put it to 8. Relax, relax, now that you've got your control freaks on this will feel more like 5 or 6 (or 7-8 if you jumped to 10). I play on 10 with them, but I never would without them. This is going to let you have that mobility you need to improve, it'll stop you from breaking your neck every time a shotgun ape jumps over you, and with your better ability to actually use all angles of the stick you'll be able to track these things. It is going to take you time to adjust to this, you've got new weird sticks, your sensitivity is bumped, and you've moved buttons you used to use your thumb for. It's gonna be wack, it's gonna make you want to return everything, just hold on and take a breath. Now take another, because over the next couple weeks as you relearn how to play you'll find yourself pulling moves and thinking, "huh, never could have done that before." It will be worth it. Oh and make sure you have traction on your boots, I'm sure (based on your sensitivity) that you hate this perk, but now is the time to learn to use it because it opens the door for your improvement and the reason you hate it is because you haven't stepped through that door.

This is going to give you a higher mechanical skill cap, you will, on paper, be able to do more and play better. The next few weeks of practice are about rising to meet that cap, it really won't take all that long and the new mechanical skill cap will be worth it. The rest after that is learning to take what you already have ("My strengths are map/radar/audio awareness, quick reactions and outsmarting the opponent") and implementing those strengths better in the game now that you have a larger tool box (faster/constant aiming and mobility), that will take longer, that's the infinite grind, but at least you won't be handicapped by your controls.

EDIT: If you think paddles are not critical, go ask any PC player if they would willingly take their hand off of their mouse every single time they wanted to jump/reload/swap weapons. You will be laughed out of the room. Paddles alleviate most of that issue, don't sleep on them.

u/lDamianos · 2 pointsr/consoles

Not natively, no.

You can buy a cronusmax however. The cronusmax full package comes with a usb to 3.5mm jack adapter, which you could then use your headset directly with the playstation as well. You won't be able to use the headset through the elite controller. You will also need a compatible usb hub to stop the controller from reconnecting every 8 minutes, which isn't terrible to deal with unless you're in a competitive setting. The reconnect is quick and relatively non-invasive, but it will drop all inputs for a split second.

Overall, it's an investment that would cost more than a PS4 controller itself. You're looking at 80 for the cronus + 10 for the hub.If I were you I'd just buy the strike pack to attach to your normal ps4 controller if you really need paddles that bad.

u/Goosebeans · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

The FPS Dominator is an awesome choice. Only problem I have with it is the included cable, which with the shroud can be problematic. I had a couple of the cables fail on me until I took my Dremel to the shroud and shaved it off so I could use a higher quality cable. Served me well. I played around with other controllers and they all seem to come with their own host of issues. Ultimately I landed on the C40 TR despite its issues so I could play with the offset analogs on it, and muck around with increased tension in the right stick more easily (no soldering required).

u/rockstar2012 · 2 pointsr/forhonor

If you don't want to drop 140+ bucks on a scuff you can always get this instead.

u/Zoze13 · 2 pointsr/scufgaming

Consider a Strikepack instead. You add it to your standard PS4 remote to give you paddles. It's only $40. Amazon sells out quickly so I got mine at a local GameStop. Paddles are easy to program and can be mapped to any other button on the controller. I use it for the options button to check the map quickly in MWR. It has a lot of other fancy features I haven't used. One downside, it requires a wired connection.

I owned a scuff for a year before it broke. Loved the product but refuse to re-buy anything for $200+ that breaks easily. I've been using strike pack for a few months now and actually prefer it to a scuff. I get to keep using my standard PS4 remote and can feel the better quality over the scuff.

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/FadezGaming · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

If you want aswell you could check out this strike pack dominator which is a modpack that you just plug onto your controller and its way cheaper. They have a tourney mode where only the paddles work so you dont have to use mods at all and its wayy cheaper than a scuf.

u/zac115 · 2 pointsr/titanfall

You can actually buy it on Amazon. Now I will warn you the bumper pack comes with mods built in. But the reason I use it is because it requires you to have it connected to your Playstation I said that there is zero lag time between the controller and the system itself and it was the only one I could find on Amazon. But using mods are for no skill players.

[here](Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4 is the item

Edit: can't seem to get the link function of Reddit to work correctly so sorry about that.

u/Madmic69 · 2 pointsr/PS4
u/WarbellSteezy · 2 pointsr/CODModernWarfare

There's a lot of reviews for it here and generally, people don't seem to like it. If you do purchase this, please post a review! I don't have a SCUF either since I find them overpriced, but I would consider getting this accessory

u/snb_eng · 2 pointsr/FortNiteBR
u/Morkaii · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

I have tried the Xbox Elite and the Scuf Vantage. I MUCH prefer the standard DS4 controller with a Strike Pack attachment.

The Elite was very nice, but the joysticks are a lot looser than the DS4. For someone like me who likes to snipe, it proved insurmountable. However, the quality of the controller is excellent and I use it with my Xbox. The resistance that the DS4 joysticks provide gives you a greater degree of control and accuracy in my opinion.

I pre-ordered the new Scuf Vantage thinking it would be the answer. Unfortunately, the quality is noticeably subpar and cheap. The sticks are better than the Elite, but not as good as a stock DS4. The upper paddles are difficult to reach to the point where I gave up on even using them. I returned it after a week of trying to make it work. Not at all worth the price, IMO.

u/Blast_OGK · 2 pointsr/Blackops4

This is a bo4 modded controller Bo4 xbox controller

There is also accessories that can basically mod the controller for prices as low as 27 on Amazon. (I’ve seen them at walmart for 30. Xbox strikepack
The strikerpack can use rapid fire and jitter and I’m pretty sure it has Autorun.

Ps4 options are also the strike pack. Ps4 strikepack

Or another modded controller. Ps4

If you want a modded elite/scuf they are also possible to get. Elite Controller

this one isn’t exactly a scuf but it has paddles

Ps don’t hate cuz I have a modded controller, I only use mine for the paddles and in custom games to mess with buddies.

u/conorcelt · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6


These have a better review than the OG SCUF for under $40, used $30. I don't think paddles are a problem anymore now that drop shotting and crouch spam has been severely nerfed. A few months ago, I would put paddles in the same category as MnK, but at this point, paddles don't give much of an advantage. I can do everything just as quickly with a stock Dualshock 4 as someone can do with paddles.


You can compete just fine with someone who uses paddles, as the only advantage given to paddles has now been taken away. You can't as easily compete with someone who can flick 270 degrees from your teammate's head to your head in a quarter second with little to no recoil.

u/chang-e_bunny · 2 pointsr/Smite

There's a ridiculously expensive adapter you can buy that translates mouse & keyboard to PS4 controls for $150.

u/Gingerstick13 · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

If you don't have any issues using a keyboard and mouse you could do like Dr. Lupo does and connect a Xim4 to your console...

Might be your best bet to have more buttons around your left hand at your disposal... Hope this helps :)

u/PhantomZhu · 2 pointsr/Overwatch

This adapter goes around the 'no support' games.
The product on your video might just be made differently.

u/Valhalla1759 · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame
u/THERON_MINOTIS · 2 pointsr/thedivision

There is actually a way to play every PS4 game with a keyboard and mouse. You need the Xim 4 adapter that works with PlayStation 4. Connect a keyboard and mouse to it and the adapter will translate your keyboard and mouse inputs into DualShock 4 button presses, sending them to your PS4. The adapter will thus let you play PS4 games like you’d play a PC game, keyboard and mouse. The adapter basically works through tricking the PS4 into thinking you’re using a DualShock 4 controller.

this is the adapter

u/BW_Yodo · 2 pointsr/Games

PC patch to fix what? XIM 4? I doubt it.

u/iChurchhh · 2 pointsr/FortNiteBR

You would need a mouse and keyboard adapter to use them on xbox. Xim4 is a popular one that people on consoles use.

u/bloodipeich · 2 pointsr/Kappa

Depends on how custom you want it to be, if you really want to try your hands on stick and want an easily modable one, get a venom

Its like 70 bucks and you can change almost everyting from it.

u/Chemist_God · 2 pointsr/Tekken

You're going to be upset when you get it and it's the size of a Lunchable snack pack and your hands barley sit on the case and it slides around from being so light.

Those 2 sticks parts will end up messing up as quick as a few weeks and you'll be spending more money replacing them than spending few extra bucks to get a nice size stick with quality parts.

You'll be stuck with good parts after you spend $60 to replace them in a tiny stick case.

You'll see how awful it is, then you will go to youtube and look at madcatz tournament edition 2 sticks and see how big they are on peoples laps and wish you bought a standard size stick.

read reviews at the bottom, he had to replace his joystick and buttons on it.

u/Hiruandan · 2 pointsr/Fighters

This is the only sub-100 bucks stick I played with that didnt suck:

And building your own stick is barely cheaper if you are not living in the US cause of all that shipping if you want quality parts.

u/MySoulStillBurns · 2 pointsr/Fighters

If you live in Europe get the PS4 Venom arcade stick. It's very moddable and works natively with the PS4. You wont have to pay the inflated prices either because it's made for Europe and not the USA-

I'm American and I have one of these and I love it. It's very easy to swap the buttons and joystick to a different brand. I have Sanwas in mine, and you can upgrade it similarly while staying close to $100 for overall cost.

u/syph0 · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter
u/I__Am__Not__A_Robot · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

HORI is probably just assuming the Nintendo Switch will have some fighting games. After all, that's just a previously-released product, the HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai, adapted for the Switch.

u/ianorsomething · 2 pointsr/UnderNightInBirth

The sooner you get into the game, the sooner you can learn it and figure out of you actually like it. It's probably cheaper now than it will be when UNICLR comes out, and the game will change, but not so drastically that your time in UNIST will have been totally wasted.

As for sticks, the Hori Rap 4 Kai sounds like what you want.

u/ShockwaveMTME · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace


Most Fighting Games can deal with Direct Input devices like Sticks...unless they do not like the Unreal Engine based games.

Madcatz has own drivers for the PC too.

Hori should work right out of the box too.

No idea for the Razer Atrox or the Etokki and Qanba.

Edit: A few examples

u/abnerayag · 2 pointsr/Tekken

shell out a bit more for an hrap v4 kai which will work on pc/ps4
(around 140usd on amazon)

u/WumFan64 · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

I cannot attest to the quality of Mayflash fight sticks. If you're looking at something like this then I'll say I bought something very similar for the PS2, I'm talking probably the same stick even, and the build quality was very poor. The buttons specifically were so stiff they were hard to press. I bought it and a converter to play a Wii fighting game, but the stick's quality bummed me out enough to quit. If I had played the game as much as I wanted, maybe the buttons would have loosened up... or maybe I would have accidentally broken the thing.

However a stick like that would work on PC. I mean, it would plug in, and the buttons and stick would function. It'd just be a cheap, potentially crappy/easily broken stick. I bought my PS2 stick like 6 years ago so maybe the build quality is better now.

If you want my recommendatiom, I'd buy a regular pad like the PS3/PS4 pad or 360/One pad. The idea that fighting games are best played on sticks is a myth; many pro players in every game use pad and dominate. Many theorize that pads are actually superior overall to sticks. In fact, the penultimate controller for fighters seems to be something called a "Hit Box" which replaces the stick entirely with buttons (very similar to a keyboard at that point). What it boils down to is using something comfortable... which I worry the mayflash stick won't be.

Anyways, I'd recommend a pad because they're just as good as sticks, if not better, and they can be used for multiple types of games. The best pad users seem to like the PS3 style pad, which would be the one I recommend since its the cheapest with a decent dpad... though, personally, when I use pad, I use the analog sticks. If you REALLY want a stick, the only quality ones I know of are in the $150 range... stuff like this. It's possible to buy a cheapo stick and upgrade it with nicer parts, and its not necessarily all that hard, but that's a lot of hoops to jump through to play DBZ.

u/JoshRawrrs1 · 2 pointsr/GiftofGames

Sorry bro, it seemed to have sold yesterday for the prime price of $5.

It retails for $140 lol. But then again, my bro said to donate or sell it cheap so we have no control over the price since everything at the yardsale was $10 or lower.

That is the RAP4.

I'll ask around for you to see if anyone have a fight stick or pad near me and willing to donate bro.

u/Competitive_Bench · 2 pointsr/fightsticks

Aw damn, the SoulCalibur VI RAP N went back up in price. The PS4 version was $106 several days ago the last time I checked on Amazon and there was a good seller on eBay that sold it for around $85 to $95 which is where I got it from. Anyway, I do second this. It's my first fightstick and it's a blast.

The regular RAP N is priced lower than the SoulCalibur VI version on Amazon at $126.97 right now to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the SoulCalibur VI RAP N being $158.99.

If you're okay with used fightsticks, there is a seller, a pawn shop apparently with good reviews, selling the PS4 version of the Hori Tekken 7 RAP N for $99.

Personally, I wouldn't buy it not because it's used, but because of the price. From what I gathered, the Tekken 7 version is more of a collector's edition. It's usually more expensive than the regular RAP N and the SoulCalibur VI which because it was attached to a less popular game, is sold for less than the regular RAP N where except for not have these rubber mats under them, the same thing the Tekken 7 version lacks if I recall correctly, it's the same fightstick with a different art and case color. That is just me, though, if you really want a RAP N, like the Tekken 7 stock art, and are okay with the price, then sure.

Another "used" fightstick is the Rap 4 Kai which was mentioned by another user on Amazon. Amazon Warehouse currently has a "like new" offer for the Rap 4 Kai and it's $116.85. I've had good experiences with Amazon Warehouse, but there have been some misses like they sent me the wrong items. Not all that bad since you can just send it back and get a refund.

Someone else posted a thread about how the Razer Panthera Evo is on sale on their site and their eBay store for $140. The one issue with the Panthera Evo is that it can be difficult to install a Korean lever. You did not mention any 3D fighters like Dead or Alive, SoulCalibur, or Tekken, so it probably won't matter much, but in the future if you ever get into those, especially Tekken, or you really want to try out a Korean lever, then it could be a pain to install.

There's a user selling the Qanba Obsidian here. I do not want to imply the user is a bad person, but do be careful. The thread's title was not changed, but they're asking for $125 now.

u/klipse · 2 pointsr/Kappa
u/-dPhidt · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

Hey all! I'm looking to get a fight stick for SFV, but I'm not too sure what I should be getting. I'm willing to spend ~$150 on it, and this stick is what my buddies recommended to me, and it seems to be my best choice from the searching I've done. Are there better options or is this a good option that I should go for?

u/Keravnos · 2 pointsr/Fighters

With the PCB, five 24mm buttons, eight 30mm buttons, joystick, and USB wires/connector you're over $100 (that's without a touchpad, balltop, shaft sleeve, extra wires for the home/options/share/R2/R3 buttons, PCB harness, and shipping).

Then there's materials and time spent on a decent case - $20 to $30 I think would be reasonable.

In the end I can guarantee that you will save at most $10 if you built this from scratch. And that's if you spend almost nothing on the case.

I'm not trying to stop you from making you're own stick - I've done it and loved every minute. But honestly if saving money is the biggest concern, I think buying a prebuilt is the way to go. There's a reason that independent stick builders charge insane amounts of money for a custom project.

u/Rotjenn · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

Those extra 2 buttons are for all punches and all kicks. You don't actually need them, as you can press all three buttons at once instead, but if you find that difficult to do, those buttons are useful for that.
You can also map other things to those buttons, like throws or whatever, if you want.

Honestly, learning to play with just 6 buttons from the get-go is pretty neat.

My only gripe with that stick is the size and weight of it. You'll want it to rest firmly on your lap/desk when you play. It should never ever move when you do sudden inputs.

I have this arcade stick, and the only gripe I had with that was the Kuro buttons on it, which I have switched out with Sanwa buttons. I recommend it, but know that it will take you a while to get used to a stick. You'll suck for days if not weeks.

u/HoTs_DoTs · 2 pointsr/Tekken
u/psnscrub · 2 pointsr/Tekken

I'm assuming you already own an arcade stick with a Korean stick so if you know how to install PCBs you can look into using this one which is made for ps3/ps4 they also have adapters as well if you don't know how to install PCBs. If you don't have a korean stick then what'd you want is this it's a Korean stick and for a few more dollars you get some cable which allows you to plug it into any arcade stick that uses Japanese sticks. I don't know much about the venom stick just that people normally get it because it's cheaper since it uses generic parts but amazon has the hori kai stick on sale right now which is considered a good arcade stick some say the buttons suck others have no problem I was originally going to get it before I found the pcb I mentioned which I'll probably put inside my stick

u/MrEdews · 2 pointsr/Fighters

The Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is supposed to be really good.

Edit: Forgot the Kai

u/SeriousAboutLinux · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

Looks like Amazon still has this one in stock. I just picked it up last week and I'm happy with it - it's an improvement over my v3 Kai. I have been experiencing an issue playing on PC where it doesn't work unless I unplug the USB cable and plug it back in again, which is a minor annoyance. I haven't looked into a fix yet.

u/criticalchocolate · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

> no problem, i also played melee for about a year and then transitioned to this game, this is my first sf game. I love melee but i can honestly say i haven't looked back

buy a fight commander 4, aside the default ps4 controller imo its the best pad to play on, good features , good quality and the 6 button layout is perfect for SF games. also the controller is not TOO expensive

heres a less feature filled on, but equally good

If you want a quick lowdown on whats not on the cheaper model is, its missing the repositional d-pad as well as the dpad diagonal sensitivity adjuster (this helps for more rigid controls or looser controls for easier circular motions). The shape is also slightly different but thats not a biggy :)

u/not_a_llama · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

Will this controller work well for the PC? Do I need to install special drivers or perform obscure steps to make it work?

u/fluffytubesocks · 2 pointsr/PS4

If you enjoy using a pad and wanna switch it up you can try and get one of these. I have no experience with these in particular, however I have heard very good things about the hori fc4.

u/thatHermit · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

Practice and take breaks often. Your brain needs time to digest what it just learned. With time, it'll come naturally. I like to compare it to MMO's in a way. The same way you would grind for gear or whatever, you grind your combos until your really proficient at it. Eventually you'll get so good that even new characters will be a quick learning experience (execution wise, not footsie wise).

Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it on a controller. I can name like 10 pro's of the top of my head that prove that wrong.

I do however, recommend a controller with all the buttons on the face like this one

But it's not necessary. Use whatever you're comfortable with.

u/AnBearX · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

Check something like Amazon out, and search for "hori" and see what pops up. I hear the FC4 has a track record, check it out

u/insanityper · 2 pointsr/Fighters
u/MachinaeZer0 · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

For anyone looking for a ps4 pad to play with or use for dual modding, the Hori FC4 is down to 35 bucks on amazon: Link.

Link to my original post

I guess that even though the post was getting upvotes, as it is a thing one needs to play Street Fighter games at a price that people would surely like to know about, the mods determined it be relegated to the daily thread where it may fall through the cracks for some readers. Ah well. Hopefully anyone interested in a useful deal will happen to see this in the next eleven hours.

Hope the mods will consider allowing people to post peripheral deals in the future, as I don't think they come by often enough to clog the main feed. Just my opinion, of course.

u/imlouisrussell · 2 pointsr/killerinstinct

Xbox One or PC? With reference to the MKX pad, I'm assuming Xbox One. If PC, the Hori Fighting Commander 4 is the one to beat:

HORI Fighting Commander 4 Controller for PlayStation 4/3

As far as Fight Sticks go, it's hard to beat anything Hori for price and the Hayabusa Stick and Kuro buttons are truly great:

HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick for Xbox One, Xbox 360, & Windows PC

If you're a fan of Sanwa Denshi parts instead, I personally bought an old, MadCatz Tournament Xbox 360 fight stick on Craigslist for $60 (may be able to find some for less) and installed the Brooks Universal PCB in it. Most of the installation is insanely easy unless you choose to solder the present USB cable to the board like I did. Since this PCB is Universal, it works on all platforms (save Wii U):

Hope this helps!

u/CkPhX · 2 pointsr/Fighters

It's okay. I sometimes fuck myself up by hitting the middle of button of the DS Pad (cause I fat finger it), but other than that it's just like any other pad. I'm hoping they port PS3 TE sticks for the PS4 SF5, but I'm not holding my breath. PS: Battery life blows on the DS4.

For setting it up at events, it's not complicated as long as people disconnect the DS4 that they connected. Pretty much someone else can make it super complicated for everyone else.

Edit: If you're looking for a alternative pad you could maybe look into something like this

It was on sale the other day for $29, so you could either get it asap or wait for it to go on sale again.

u/raohthekenoh · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Try a hori fighting commander. Great pad designed for fighters.

u/Outer_Spaces · 2 pointsr/PS4

Sure i can link them. The ones im interested in are below.

Hori Pad 4 FPS

Hori Fighting Commander 4

MKX Fight Pad (Releasing on April 1st)

You probably havent been able to find any because there are not many out there. I think third party controller makers are having a hard time getting around the DS4 touch pad functionality.

u/Yorea · 2 pointsr/PS4

Yeah, so I mean there are options out there, but even in the PS3 days I found most 3rd party controllers were fairly poor compared to the real deal. Last I looked I think the Hori was more favourably received, called the FPS I think it was.

ninja edit - Hori FPS+

I mean, there are the others that Sony licensed like the Naicon, but they're premium rather than cheap. NaiconRevo is like £150..

u/JustiniZHere · 2 pointsr/JRPG

If it's not a money problem, I might have a small solution...Get both?

There is no reason to not have a ps4 and xbone if you seriously wanted to play games that are on ps4.

Also these exist, so your controller issues aren't a problem either.

u/BrotherBroseph · 2 pointsr/PS4

If it's that much of a problem, I'd suggest looking into buying this controller.

u/pizzaghoul · 2 pointsr/PS4

Yes, yes, and yes. They also make this controller that I used to make the jump in March. I very quickly got used to the newer one though, as I loved the kitchyness of the touchpad and the speaker and the motion aspects. Like, in Infamous: Second Son, you have to shake the controller and move it around to spray graffiti. Its so cool. But here is the controller that feels like the Xbox one:

EDIT: Also, I literally sold my new PS4 and bought a Pro like a month after and the difference even on a non 4K tv is worth the extra hundo. The FPS improvements are night and day in some games.

u/turdlop · 2 pointsr/PS4

I use the $50 Hori FPS Plus. The right and left triggers behave strangely in some games, both GTA and Red Dead I use dualshock 4 because the aiming and shooting doesn't work properly on the Hori. But other than that it's easily my favorite 3rd party controller that I've used.

u/LadBooboo · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

If you really want this controller exists for ps4 and has the Xbox button layout. It's wired though.

u/adescuentechable · 2 pointsr/PS4

Actually, Hori makes one, but it isn't cheaper than the DS4. And it's missing the headphone port, lightbar, vibration, motion sensor, and it's not wireless.

u/thepipesarecall · 2 pointsr/MvC3

I cannot recommend this controller enough. The turbo feature allows for easy button mashing during supers, it's very lightweight, has almost identical ergonomics to a 360 controller, and the bumpers/triggers are both just contoured buttons with very light action required.

Also, for fps, there's a small secondary trigger recessed into the left grip that, when pressed, tightens the sensitivity quite a bit for more precise aiming.

Absolutely love this controller, well worth the money.

u/MissedHerPink · 2 pointsr/PS4

Really eh. If the controller's all you like, get the Horipad FPS plus.

I prefer the xbox controller, but I don't hate the PS4 controller. It still feels nice imo, and has way better features. But if I could only recommend one console, I'd go with PS4 just because of all the exclusive titles that xbox lacks, especially if you're not into Halo or Gears.

u/Peacelovefleshbones · 2 pointsr/PS4

Only thing meatier than a Dualshock 4 is an Xbox controller. Luckily Hori makes a PS4 controller that looks like an Xbox controller.

u/failstrongly · 2 pointsr/playstation

This is the only thing I've seen around.

u/HIZLO · 2 pointsr/PS4

Hey bud, I felt the same way after using the Dual Shock 4 myself. I found these work great and give the controller a tad bit of width. The rear grip makes finger placement easy and personally I have zero hand cramps when they are on.

Second option was getting the Xbox One controller to work on PS4. I had purchased the the TitanOne but the PS4 has some kind of check system and the device would hiccup every 7 to 10 mins. It became a real pain in the ass having to hook up extra stuff in order to get it to work.

A new device came out called Gam3Gear Brook Design. This usb adapter works like the TitanOne but with zero issues! Check this out...

Brook Design:

Hope this helps! Good luck.

u/AoD_Oni-Joe · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

Get this

I got it about 2 weeks ago and its 0 lag
just make sure whenever ps4 has an system update, that you check the products website to see if theres a firmware update for it.

u/lerptyderp · 2 pointsr/spelunky

That would definitely affect my play.(although I think that the Dpads are a bit different as well)
In my experience ps controller are convex on top as opposed to the concave joysticks which your thumb kinda fits into on the xb controllers.

There is a company called mayflash which makes adapters for playing with controllers from different consoles.

Here’s one
Gam3Gear Brook Xbox One Controller to PS4 Console Super Converter Gaming Adapter with Keychain

It’s a bit pricy and only works wired, but might be worth it for you. There are also probably other options

u/booselordius · 2 pointsr/FortniteCompetitive

Well you connect the strike pack to the micro USB port that’s on the controller. Then you have to use the controller hard wired. Here’s the link

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4strike pack

As long as you don’t drop your controller or anything. It should last a long time. Mine will be one year old in January. No issues

u/GMan88 · 2 pointsr/FortNiteBR

The most important part of shot gun aiming, on a controller, is the ability to put jump onto your left hand, meaning you can aim and jump at the same time. Taking your thumb off the analogue to jump and then swiping the stick to try and aim again is really un-efficient way of aiming.

You will need: A scuff, battle beaver, XBOne Elite controller, doesn’t matter. Personally I use the FPS Strikepack Dominator, for my PS4, and it’s absolutely amazing. Heres the link to what I use.

Using the FPS I am able to set my left paddle/button on the back of the control to jump. So i can jump using my left ring finger without taking my right thumb off of the aim stick. It took me 3 days or about 8hours to get used to the extra button, but without a doubt, my aiming and shotgun confidence has improved massively. Judging on my aiming vs others, Id say as a rough guess that about 30-40% of players on console have the extra button. And these buttons are legal in MLG. If your Xbox, maybe look at an Xbox Elite controller, or PS I highly recommend what I use. Or just get a Scuff, but personally I think they are way to expensive for what they are.

This video will show you an example and is what convinced me... Skip to 3:30 to see it in use

For the price of a Scuff, I bought myself a brand new PS4 v2 controller in Steel Black, the FPS Strikepack Mod, and I can replace either one if they break and will still have spent less.

u/HeyItsMagni · 2 pointsr/FortNiteBR
u/iNick20 · 2 pointsr/scufgaming

I say Battle Beaver Customs if you really want a controller. Watch this guy review of one. He was sponsored by SCUF. I also would recommend this. or Amazon Link This basically adds the paddles to your regular PS4 Controller for $40. I seen a lot of reviews on it and it's totally worth the money for someone who looking to save some money and doesn't need all the extra shit. You can buy two and still be way ahead from a Scuf Controller. The only and main reason why Scuf is popular is because they sponsor almost everyone who plays PRO COD and gives them free SCUFS.

u/Jdodds1 · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Bumper jumper- downside is removing finger from aim button to press jump button

Claw- downside is a very awkward way of holding controller, it’ll take a lot of getting used too

Scuff style controller- downside is $ 100+price tag

Then there’s this.......

Still a decent price tag but less than 50% of a scuff and does the same thing

u/Aminimouse · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

Thanks! That's pretty much what I'm going for. I'm going to try the cheap version, and return it if I have to, but in terms of the two back buttons, this little add-on does exactly the same things :)

The palm-triggers can also be removed quickly without removing the entire peripheral, if they get annoying or something, idk lol

Note: Downside: Has to be wired.

u/frogunrua · 2 pointsr/FortnitePS4

I use the Strike Pack FPS mod by collective minds. It clips on to your stock controller and adds two remappable paddles and mods. I actually just use mine for the paddles. Jump assigned to right paddle and build to be left paddle. Jumping while simultaneously aiming is a major life improvement!

Edit: jump assigned to the right paddle

u/PhxRising29 · 2 pointsr/meirl

Sounds like you guys have been through a lot together! It's such a great feeling having a partner in life, no matter what the situation is. You'll always have somebody going through the same things as you so you're never truely alone!

They just re-released the first 3 Crash games on PS4 with upgraded graphics. Also here's a graphics comparison of the games.

And this is the best PS4 deal/bundle at this time, but since we're so close to the holidays, I highly recommend that you wait for the Black Friday deals.

u/Titan285k · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

You can get the Slim PS4 Uncharted bundle + 12 months of PS+ from Amazon for $250

u/signofthenine · 2 pointsr/PS4

Before we get into this, a lot of your questions are frequently asked and can be found with search. I don't say this to be mean, but that you'll probably find a lot more replies there than you might get in this one thread.

>Pro vs Slim vs Standard

Standard is retired. Slim replaced it. Same hardware. Pro is will do 4K with checkerboard rendering, which is a semi cheat but still looks great. Pro should also hopefully allow devs to hit 60fps more often in SP @ 1080, but the jurys still out. More on framerate in a bit.

>New vs Used.

I'm a fan of new, but if you can get gamestop of the like to give you some sort of warranty, that's up to you.

>I'm not a massive graphics enthusiast

This could be your easiest hangup. While some stuff can be 60, a lot of stuff ends up at 30FPS. That's unfortunate, but it's reality. If that's a huge problem, you might want to reconsider.

>When to buy

You missed the black friday stuff, but I think I've heard of the slim for $249? Here's an example:

>I'm going to be playing on my computer monitor via HDMI, because I don't have a working TV

PS4 controller has an audio jack for headphones. Or you can get sony or other headsets for the ps4 (golds are good). HDMI for video is great.

As someone who gamed on the pc for decades, I love my ps4 for exclusives as well as it's "pickup and go" gaming. I hardly game on the pc since the ps4 came out, I love it that much. It's not for everyone, but I've had a very positive experience.

u/jaggedspoon · 2 pointsr/gaming

From the PS4 I think he wanted one of the newer Kingdom Hearts games. This or this. Also you just look up Arduino or rasperry pi kits and there's usually some game kind of deal.
Also here's some PS4 stuff. 1 or 2. If you do two check the sellers for best ratings and stuff. But 1 seems the way to go because of the game. Also if you do just end up getting him a PS4 no game get the kid kingdom hearts remaster (not the 2.8).
But if you go aruino go with this and this and this. Those three are cheaper than the PS4 and he'll learn more.
Also all this is from the perspective of a guy who's had to buy his own games and stuff.

u/Akikaze25 · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfGaming

Ok, sure, let's give it a try, nothing to lose, just the tiniest chance to win, but it's something :)

I guess I would be ok with a Playstation 4, did not own a console in almost a decade and this one actually has games I would care about. Here is one. Would have gone for a PS4 pro, but I think that one releases sometime during the middle of November.

Thanks for making someone very happy. Also, congrats on your profit.

u/YouKnowWhom · 2 pointsr/CrackWatch

Are firmwares not known by serial or other numbers on the co sole at this time?

I. The past I remember it being possible to tell when the console was produced>what firmware it had by serial.

Edit: nevermind, it seems manufacture date is located on the ps4 box, and I’ve found a partial list of mfg date and firmware version.

Here is the incomplete list

mostly start dates. with no end dates, but im fairly certain the mfg date on any new box will be enough to determine firmware, unless it is a newer bundle/ps4 slim that is still in production.

i live in a fairly large city, and all stores have many older bundles. they are also available online.

i found the uncharted bundle in the link above for 340, which seems reasonable to me.

obviously a used unit or unit you can test is best. personally ill take my chances on the mfg date ob the box when i buy eventually. (totally broke for a bit).

*hereis the uncharted 500gb slim model. 5 dollars less than a 1tb with uncharted included. NOTE: this is an affiliate link from the above listed site! If you wish, please search it out on your own as to not give $$ to the above site if you so wish. I have no connection with them and this is a disclaimer.

There are pro models with firmware starting at 4.05-4.07, but it will be harder to determine pro firmware from the date, unless you search for more Info, which I’m sure is easily doable.

If anyone buys a ps4 pro, let an active forum list know what firmware it has!

u/MarmotSlayer · 2 pointsr/Overwatch
u/DefinitelyBiscuit · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I have one of these stood atop of my pro

PSVR Showcase Charge Stand (PS4)

u/itsmy1stsmokebreak · 2 pointsr/PSVR

In the styles there's an option for the showcase with an addition for the aim which I don't have but I'll probably purchase at some point. The stand has been well worth the price for me since I can charge everything and keep it all in one spot.

u/Zeus_poops_and_shoes · 2 pointsr/PS4

Here's mine. Works great.

u/Dixonian89 · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I bought this one on amazon. It looks amazing (something i wouldn't mind sitting out all the time) and functions extremely well, plus you free up usb ports on your ps4 by having it, otherwise you are either unplugging your vr to charge them on a OG ps4 or you are taking up every single port on your PS4 pro.

If you want a stand that charges both move and controllers this is the one talked about most on here, I would definitely get that, especially for the price. If i had the room (my shelf is to small for it) and no kids to destroy my headset this is what i would have bought.

u/Moony2004 · 2 pointsr/PSVR

PSVR Showcase Charge Stand (PS4)

Just got myself one of these. Tidied it all up nicely and charges 2 controllers and 2 move controllers (it charges both old and new ones). I’m pretty happy with it and it wasn’t all that expensive.

u/geek2785 · 2 pointsr/PSVR
u/Remming12 · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I'm in the U.S. but you can see if this one is in U.K. I absolutely love this one. It holds 2 DS4, 2 move controllers, VR headset, and headphones
Collective Minds PSVR Showcase Rapid AC PS4 VR Charge & Display Stand - PlayStation 4

Edit: Sorry I just now saw that you said you didn't want the collective minds due to it being expensive :/

u/BAbaracuss · 2 pointsr/PSVR
u/Coopersteam · 2 pointsr/PSVR

Consider buying a stand with built in chargers.

I bought this one, but there are others...

PSVR Showcase Charge Stand (PS4)

No regrets, everything can be tidied away and charged at the same time.

u/wut_a_noob · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I really recommend this one:

Collective Minds PSVR Showcase Rapid AC PS4 VR Charge & Display Stand - PlayStation 4

Some other stands have problems.

u/irononreverse · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I just realised I forgot to link what I use! I use this.

Any of the charging headset stands made for the psvr will work with any move controllers, since they're the same for ps3/ps4.

Here's an example.

I'm not a big car game person either but the vr makes it much more fun for me.

u/jimbonics · 2 pointsr/PSVR
u/james26685 · 2 pointsr/PSVR

The collective minds one is sweet. had no issues with my hmd falling/sliding off it which I see several of the powerA reviews mention. It costs less and charges 2 ds4 at a time and also has a USB port built in that gives you yet another place to charge a device (run a micro USB from this to your gold headset and you are set). It feels sturdy and the controllers snap in without issues. If you look at the product reviews you will see it is being brought down by people one staring who have not even tried it those that have are giving it good reviews.

u/LaRock0wns · 2 pointsr/oculus

What if you mount the rift on a shelf something like -

Then you would have room on the bottom of the stand to put the touch controllers.

I am really looking forward to getting a stand once the Touch controllers have come out. I saved this post.

u/OtakuD · 2 pointsr/PSVR

Get a powered USB hub and connect it to your one port? If it's just for charging then maybe get a docking station since there aren't enough USBs anyways. :)

u/Boozhi · 2 pointsr/PSVR

This one is only 5 bucks more, charges 2 dualshocks, and holds the PSVR itself. I have it and love it, surprisingly high quality for the price.

u/geraldine_ferrarbro · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I went with this stand, I like that it holds and charges everything, though the lights on it never turning off is a bummer. Might put some ND patches on it to dim them down substantially.

u/tFunk_Dek · 2 pointsr/PSVR

The psvr stand I bought doesn't use the mini-usb port for charging. It has contact points for the metal around the base of the old-school Move controllers which probably makes it universal for use with new and old Move controllers. It works great with my old Moves.

u/harrisonisdead · 2 pointsr/PSVR
  1. Keep it in the box, or on a stand. Always have some sort of glasses cleaning cloth to wipe the lenses periodically. It isn't the "fragile" type of expensive, so you should be fine with whatever solution you come up with.

  2. The system helps you figure out the best IPD settings by taking a picture of your face, but some would argue that it should be a little higher or lower.

  3. The Martian VR is the only one I can really think of. EDIT: And Loading Human! That game was the most disappointing game I have ever played.

  4. I personally like getting physical copies of games, but that is just preference in case I want to resell the game. Though it is easier to switch between games if you digitally download them.

  5. A charging VR stand like the Collective Minds one is a good investment as you don't have to keep around the controller chargers or use up USB ports on the system. Speaking of, make sure you have the move controllers. Don't spend a lot on headphones, any pair of headphones should work.
u/cozalt · 2 pointsr/PSVR

Congrats on joining the community!

I'm no expert by any means and will just be providing my personal opinion/experience, but to answer your questions:

Question 1: Keep the headset out of direct sunlight, especially the inner lens. Some use the box to keep it stored, I purchased this which works great. Clean the lens with glasses cleaning cloth or lens pen cleaner, such as this.

Question 2: I wear glasses as well. I noticed after months of use a tiny scratch on the lens but it doesn't affect my gameplay at all. There are solutions out there I'm sure, but I have not invested into any. PSVR is considered safe to use with glasses.

Question 3: I don't know the worst game, but I can give you a small list of the ones I've played and would say are worth getting in no particular order:

Resident Evil,
Farpoint (/w Aim Controller),
Playstation VR Worlds,
Robinson: The Journey,
Dirt Rally (/w Steering Wheel),
StarWars Battlefront (for X-wing mission - I found it cheap for $10),
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

It's not hard to find amazing upcoming game, as this sub posts them often. Just to name a few I'm stoked for:

Skyrim VR,
Ace Combat 7,
Doom VR

Hopefully this helps you - goodluck!

Edit: I missed your last question. I linked already to the VR stand. Get a pair of Move controllers and Aim Controller.

u/mechajubei · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I use this one and it's awesome. Collective Minds Charge/Display Stand -

u/RisenHentaiDemon · 2 pointsr/PSVR

this is my set up until my stand is finally delivered around fucking Christmas (even though i ordered it Oct. 17th)

u/ohhhhboyyyy · 2 pointsr/PSVR

where did you pick this up? i think i need to cancel this order.

u/KNassor · 2 pointsr/PSVR
u/Masenkoe · 2 pointsr/patientgamers

their next re-release is PS4 only so they may still be escaping you.

u/-bananabread- · 2 pointsr/PS4

Get Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 when it comes out at the end of march for PS4. It has the two main games (Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2) which are what you'll want to play.

Sure, there a bunch of other games included that you could play in chronological order, but really you're there for KH1 and KH2.

Then if you've played through all of that, you can get 2.8 to tide you over before KH3 comes out.

u/photohooligan · 2 pointsr/anime

Yes they are! You can just buy 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 and you'll be all set for KH3! Welcome to the complicated world of Kingdom Hearts and numbers.

u/smashybro · 2 pointsr/gaming

Yup, but it's only two games since 1.5 and 2.5 are a combined collection for the PS4.

u/BarelyOriginal · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

get a PS4, the 1.5+2.5 remix here it contains the two main games and ALL of the side games

u/Sipricy · 2 pointsr/KingdomHearts

There have been a lot of Kingdom Hearts games that have come out since Kingdom Hearts 1 came out in 2002. There's been the first game, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Coded, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 -A fragmentary passage.

The collections are the newest versions of these games. Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 are the collections. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 is just both of those two collections on a single disc, but made for the PS4 rather than the PS3.

The cheapest way to get these games is either to get 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 used, or to buy The Story So Far, which is a digital version of all of the collections, which include all of the games so far. It's only $40, and you get six games and three movies (358/2 Days, Re:Coded, and X: Back Cover are all movies). All in One is exactly like The Story So Far, but also includes Kingdom Hearts 3. It's $100, so you don't save any money by getting All in One rather than The Story So Far.

My whole point being that you shouldn't pay more than $40 USD for all of the games prior to Kingdom Hearts 3.

u/Larry_Mudd · 2 pointsr/oculus

These things! Designed for the PSVR headset, but they fit the Rift S halo fine.

I think they're worth it - makes the Rift S "almost as good" as OG Rift, audio wise. They touch my ears more than the CV1 headphones did, which annoyed me at first but doesn't bother me any more. I think the sound quality on the Rift was maybe a bit better, too, but it's hard to say as it had been boxed up for a month before I started using these. For sure night and day compared with the Rift S' built-in audio, though.

They cost less than half of that in the U.S. so a better value if you happen to be on that side of the border.

u/CaptainStouf · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

Bionik Mantis for PSVR maybe ?

If you could find it for sale of course (they are available in a local store where I live, you may have some luck too)

u/MichaelTenery · 2 pointsr/oculus

The user p3rfect3nemy hooked me up by telling me that the PSVR clip on headphones are the same ones you can use for the Rift S. I ordered a pair, he was right. Here is the link.

u/10000_vegetables · 2 pointsr/virtualreality

When you get your unit make sure you know how to adjust the eye relief (it's in the manual). Apparently some people never realized they could get better FOV and clarity until a lot later. For software, OpenVR Advanced Settings and Oculus Tray Tool are handy things to have. VrCover is almost done developing their Rift S cover (i've been waiting so long for it), so keep your eyes peeled for that or sign up to get an email about it when they're done. Also you should get OpenComposite for those times when you want to run a SteamVR game that isn't working or has bad performance.

There's a big chance you won't like the built-in audio. If you do end up liking it, awesome, but if you don't, it's easy to upgrade it. If you don't want to spend much, you can't go wrong with Koss KSC75 headphones ($15). Plug em into the side of the headset and you're good to go, but you can take out the built in speakers and have them hang down using this mod or this mod (personally I did the latter). If you're willing to spend more, the PSVR Mantis headphones ($41.91) seems nice and easy to install and use.

edit: more

u/Detective_Hacc · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I have the Dell headset, so I'm not extreamly familiar with the Lenovo, but I'll still give you some input.

Glasses: Perfectly fine. No issues as long as you don't tighten the headset around your head to the point that your glasses rub against the lenses of the headset. (Though, doing that also cuts off a bit of circulation so don't do that period.)

Headphones: I have the Razor Man O' War wireless headset. It's... less than ideal. The headphones are wireless, which is the true plus, but they're big enough that they push the headset around if they aren't sitting just right. This causes you to need to adjust the headset/headphones often.

A good option is to buy these:

They fit/work on most WMR headsets.

u/Strongpillow · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

These actually work well. I have them for my PSVR and used them on my Quest for abit.

I just went with a pair of KOSS Porta Pros though. They are feather-light, sound amazing and can fold up into a leather pouch that you can put int the official oculus hard case.

u/guruguys · 2 pointsr/oculus

Biggest downgrade for me personally - but I am sure third parties already have options available like these.

u/Maeno-san · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

I would recommend trying the Quest without headphones before dropping a lot of money on headphones specifically for VR. Integrated audio (having one device to don/doff instead of two) is really important for convenience and accessibility.

There are also headphones that clip onto the headset strap like the PSVR mantis. I'm sure someone (Oculus or 3rd party) will release integrated headphones like those, or we'll find out that the PSVR mantis headphones are compatible with Quest too.

Bionik BNK-9007 Mantis Headphone for Playstation VR

u/Ajedi32 · 2 pointsr/oculus

Annoying yes, but seems like that'll be pretty easy to fix with an accessory if it really bothers you:

The bigger concern for me is tracking occlusion, as I play a lot of Echo Arena (which should be pretty much the worst-case scenario for inside-out tracking). If it turns out that tracking is "good enough" even for Echo Arena or if Oculus adds an option for outside-in then I'll be seriously considering the Rift S.

u/PrototypeBeefCannon · 2 pointsr/oculus

Exactly this, your review sums up exactly how I feel. Also if you want better audio I can reccomend these, I've been using them for 2 days now and it's a big upgrade.

u/Raav_fox · 2 pointsr/oculus

By all accounts these psvr head phones should work with the rift s, they're a bit pricey though if you ask me.

u/Seanmiz · 2 pointsr/oculus

Supposedly these Mantis headphones designed for the similar PSVR headset also work for Rift S:

Nicer version of TESTED's 3D-Printed solution basically, I'm going to give them a shot.

u/ndjo · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

Shipping is pretty much free for most a lot of online retailers, and amazon offers free one-day delivery for $47 right now. With tax, it'll be right around $50~$51. Do you do 1 day shipping? link

And like I said, it's offered for $40 pretty much on a monthly basis. I bought mine for $40 free shipping no tax.

edit: strikethrough above

u/neukend · 2 pointsr/PS4

what? the black controller is $59.99 in the usa and $65 after tax.

u/historicc · 2 pointsr/gaming

You can pre-order them on Amazon for $60. Here is a link!

u/Adeno · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Adeno's The Innocent Toys Show Presents:

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for the PS4

Product Description:

COME one, COME all, yes that's right, COME over here fast! Today we are giving the gamer deep inside you the chance to play the latest games in the most thrilling ways!

What I am holding here in my hand is my BIG, BLACK STOCK of a controller called a DualShock 4. Why should you get excited for a video game controller? It's BIG, it's BLACK, and it VIBRATES. Of course, you also have the choice of experiencing your thrills from a WHITE controller. Who cares about the color, as long as the RIDE is heart racing right?

The DualShock 4 is made of quality fine material, but don't let that stop you from playing as ROUGH as you want! Touch it and feel just how HARD it is. It's so hard it could crack open any oyster and liberate so many pearls that you could receive a pearl necklace eventually!

How you play a game can definitely lead this big bad brute into behaving the way you want to. Play a game in a calm manner and this baby will vibrate in tune to your rhythm. However, play an extremely exciting and rough game like Grand Theft Auto and this devil will shower your entire body with sweet vibrations!

Everything about the DualShock 4's been upgraded from the previous version in the name of efficiency and excitement!

Use your hand to trace the shape of this big black beauty and you'll definitely feel how sturdy it is. Grasp it in your hand and feel the pulsating combination of its texture and hardness. It is also very sensitive and precise, it can react and give you exactly how much tingle you want, from a simple and demure humming vibration to the more gasp inducing, body shaking, explosive rough vibration! Pushing the correct buttons will get you the experience that you want!

This impressive tool of excitement has also improved on its charge efficiency. Not only is it harder, it also lasts longer, up to 8 hours! You can play with it rough for the entire night and it'll keep on vibrating without any discharge at all! You're more likely to faint first due to the stress of being shook all night than this lovely shocker giving in too early! But what if it's spent all of its energy? Don't worry! Simply let it rest for 2 hours and it'll be ready to give you another 8 hour round of pure ecstasy!

Not only does this thing know how to regulate the flow of its vibrations, it can also allow you to go into "private listening" mode, if you're worried that your neighbors might call the cops on you due to your screams of delight! This dude knows when to keep quiet and when to be loud! Simply insert a 3.5mm audio line into this controller's little hole and you can enjoy all the moans and screams from your game directly from your headphones! Nothing is better than hearing the whispers and excitement directly delivered to your ears!

Are you the adventurous type who wants to SHARE? Fear not, because this bad boy is open for sharing! Simply press the correct buttons and you'll be able to take videos or snapshots of your "sessions" together and show it to interested parties who might decide to join in on your fun! You'll have a room full of big black and white vibrating handles of fun!

Have you COME to the conclusion yet of getting yourself a DualShock 4?

Your pleasure, is my pleasure! ;)

u/kimaro · 2 pointsr/gaming

>I'd have thought a decent gaming machine would cost vastly more than a console and I'd have to buy a

Not true. This guy's proves it =

>I'd have to buy a desk and shit to shove the monitor and keyboard and all that bollocks on

Well, if you want to sit on your couch and just skip using a keyboard you can do that...

Also how fucking big do you think a PC has to be? Like.. Seriously how big? Because you are so full off yourself. Also, you still need to buy a controller for your console (I know one comes with) but you can literally buy a keyboard and mouse for 5$

Last time I checked you still need to buy a TV to use it for your console. So why are you telling me that a PC needs a monitor but a console doesnt need a TV?

Here let's do some comparisons.

400$ PS4.

14.99$ TV unit (I took the absolute cheapest one...)

Sofa or sitting on the floor? Alright here you go. A chair 29.99$ (still, cheapest one I could find)

You want some games? Hm, let's take some games that are new and are on both PC and PS4. Let's say 4 games.

Dying Light 59.99$

GTA 5 59.99$

Evolve 59.99$

Far Cry 4 59.99$

Do you want to play with a buddy? Another controller. 53.33$

And lastly. A TV that is in 1080p 156.59$ (the cheapest one I could find that was NEW. NO Used ones or refurbished!)

Total price 894.86$

Also, do you want to play online? 1 month is 9.99$, 3months is 17.99$ and 12months is 49.99$

Now, let's do our 350$ PC. So PC

Do you want to use it on a TV unit or on a desk? You choose. (you could technically do this on the console too but a desk is more expensive.) Let's go with desk for your convinience so 79.99$

Same here, couch or a chair? I'll go with a chair 19.99$

And now on games.

So, since Dying Light hasnt released the price for the american price I'll pick the european price and change it to the american currency (This will make it more expensive than usually) EU price: 49.99€ converted to dollars 59.07$

Since steam has not given out a price of GTA V on steam I'll pick it from (it will most likely be sold for 49.99$) but here you go. 55.64$

LoL, I am actually kind of happy right now, it's not that usual that europeans get the game cheaper than americans do but we do on Evolve, anyway. Here you go 59.99$

Far Cry 4 59.99$

Do you want to play with a friend? A controller. I couldnt be bothered looking for a cheaper one. Here you go 9.99$

And lastly, A TV/Monitor 156.59$

Total: 851,25$

Now, yes. It is very close but my argument will always stand, it will be cheaper on steam. With steam sales, humble bundles ( seriously it's 4 games for 1$... Altho I never pay below average because I am not a scumbag, but still) and websites like you will ALWAYS find games that are cheaper, for an example here you go with Far Cry 4 for 34.64$

u/clsuburbs · 2 pointsr/PS4

Amazon. right here

Almost all of them are discounted to $50 instead of $60 including the 20th anniversary one

u/crossower · 2 pointsr/cringepics
u/Decitron · 2 pointsr/Games
u/I_Cum_Blood_666 · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Thank you! Is this what you bought or did you look elsewhere for a PC version?

u/nolliethebum · 2 pointsr/PS4

Amazon US regularly has the PS Camera for $40-$45 (currently ~$44) rather than the regular $59.99 retail price - I picked one up when it dropped to under $40 a few months ago.

u/another_programmer · 2 pointsr/gaming

I just don't believe they would bundle it as being $100, and then sell it for $60. If anything, the bundle was actually $450, or if it was at $500 it included some game meant for the camera.

u/LukeLC · 2 pointsr/playstation

Playstation Camera, two Move controllers, and games that support them. The last bit is where you'll run into issues, as really there aren't any. PSVR will use them, Dreams will use them, and LittleBigPlanet 3 has limited uses for them, but other than that I honestly can't think of anything.

EDIT: And in case you're wondering, you do NOT need this.

u/HonestAtheist21 · 2 pointsr/PS4

You think you don't need a charging station, until you've actually used one. It's much more convenient to simply set your controller down into a cradle, than screw around with a tiny USB plug, that always happens to be in the wrong orientation.

To the OP - this is the charging station I'm using. Had no issues with it for 6 months now:

u/claygriffith01 · 2 pointsr/PS4

Get the PowerA Dual charging station. It uses the other port to charge (on the bottom).

Here's a link

u/skwerlbat · 2 pointsr/PS4

I would recommend picking up the cradle style Dualshock 4 charger. Its pretty convenient, especially if you have 2 controllers. I found it on Amazon for $22. I think its pretty good value. heres a link.

u/Nodrod · 2 pointsr/PS4

You sure you're not confused with this one? I bought it on launch day too and it was the only stand charger they had. The box and product is very similar to official sony stand posted by the thread OP.

u/MunkyUTK · 2 pointsr/PS4

The one I use here uses an external supply. It also charges the controllers from the bottom port (not the USB port), which I find to be a little more reliable (maybe my USB cable is just bad, I dunno). Anyway, for the price its a nice charger. Keeps my spare charged up so its ready to go when I need it.

u/AtariXL · 2 pointsr/PS4

Grab a charging station like this. The DualShock has a tiny battery and the docking station makes it a little easier to deal with.

I would also recommend a pair of earbuds with a built in mic. I have a high end Turtle Beach headset, but find myself using earbuds almost exclusively because they're more convenient, and the sound quality will be equal to or better than P11.

I agree with the hard drive upgrade too. I went with a 1TB SSHD on launch day, but now that a 2TB option is available, I would seriously consider that too.

u/Bocaprowler · 2 pointsr/PS4

Why bother with that, it's a gamble (many people end up breaking their controllers) and spend the money on that? Get a 2nd controller when you find it on sale and a charger (DS4 Charging Station). It's what I have done since day 1, one controller goes low, it goes on the charger and I pick up the second one.

u/willydearborn · 2 pointsr/PS4
u/bosoxlover12 · 2 pointsr/PS4

I have this charging dock, that works through the bottom of the controller and doesn't need access to the micro-USB on top.

Would absolutely recommend getting

u/travmak · 2 pointsr/PS4

The Insignia DS4 charger from Best Buy. It's trash. It was the only one they had when I bought my PS4. I ordered the PowerA shortly after. It works a lot better.

u/rhoq · 2 pointsr/promos

I've got [this] ( It's officially licensed and I highly recommend it.

u/OG_Willikers · 2 pointsr/PS4

It still uses a bit of power and the fans still move and push a bit of air while "resting." I shut mine down every time, it really doesn't take any longer for it to start from off than from resting as far as I can tell. It could be handy for charging the controller though. I chose to buy this charging station for $20 and I love it.

u/HeyCarpy · 2 pointsr/PS4

Do yourself a huge favour and pick up the Power A charging station for your second controller. Functional AND cosmetic. I love mine. You won't regret it, trust me.

u/lachie929 · 2 pointsr/PS4
u/MrAkai · 2 pointsr/PS4

Not sure what's wrong (I often use my phone charger to charge the DS4) but it might be worth investing in a charging dock like the Power A since you made a nice shelf for it all.

u/TellMeLies · 2 pointsr/PS4

Can't speak to if the PS4 is worth it with the XB1, I only have the PS4 but I am happy with the purchase overall.

Everyone here will recommend The Last of Us. The main story is a lot of fun and got a lot of positive reviews from the community and critics. I am addicted to the multi-player component; it has a bit of a learning curve but it is one of the most intense online experiences I have had personally.

Another exclusive you might try is InFAMOUS: Second Son. I had trouble getting into it because your character feels incredibly OP with little challenge. There are a few really well scripted boss battles though that will provide a decent challenge. Overall I would recommend it if you can get it on sale.

Other than games I would suggest buying a controller charging stand. The DS4 doesn't have the best battery life, ultimate frustration is that it doesn't turn itself off or into any kind of sleep mode when you are using Netflix etc. This is the one I have:

It works well, and is very compact. It feels a bit cheap but I think it would stand up to quite a bit of abuse if you are worried. I have dropped mine a few times with no problems.

Don't bother with the camera unless you plan on recording yourself gaming for youtube or something. No real support for it in terms of games.

Will edit if I think of anything else.

u/BruceFlea478 · 2 pointsr/PS4

I have a broken ribbon in one of my controller as well. I just use a charger that charges from the bottom (where you plug in a headset) and it works fine. The only downside is the light at no longer works.

I have 2 of these and never had an issue. Hope you get it worked out.

u/necrochaos · 2 pointsr/PS4

The Sony Gold Wireless Headset. It's amazing. One of the best headsets out there for the PS4. Make sure to download the companion app from the PSN Store. I believe the black set is $80. The white set still sells for $100. But watch for this item to appear on Amazon's Warehouse page. I got the whites refurbished for $85. They match my white PS4 nicely.

I use this controller charger. Works really well. Both of my controllers are always ready for me.

u/Eights-DPT · 2 pointsr/PS4

I'm looking at a couple on Amazon, either

GelTabz Performance Thumb Grips - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 by InterWorks Unlimited, Inc.

Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers by Total Control

I think I've heard from a couple friends that preferred the GelTabz

u/Teggert · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Take the GelTabz off my PS4 controller and see if they fit on the Joycon joysticks. I really hope they do. I love those things.

u/Maverickki · 2 pointsr/PS4

I bought these from amazon

really good choice if you ask me.

u/wishful_cynic · 2 pointsr/PS4


The link above is to Amazon, and your headset is listed. I bought mine through Turtle Beach's site at launch, but I didn't see it quickly after I googled it and I'm working so I'll let you find it cheaper! But $10 is still a great deal to avoid buying a new headset.

u/Mashable_Pixels · 2 pointsr/xboxone

> I want the full experience. Best sound, best build quality etc.

Take a look at this setup Sennheiser G4ME ONE, Astro Mixamp Pro, headset adapter and a 2.5 to 3.5 chat cable and there is also a setup guide for it all on Astro gaming's forum.

I made on post on Reddit the other day asking Astro A40 + Mixamp pro users, What's your opinion about the headset and would you recommend it?, Most defiantly worth a read.

u/gr2020 · 2 pointsr/AstroGaming

I had this issue with Gen 1's. For me, it turned out the issue was the crappy cable they include to connect the headset to the controller, or the little 2.5 to 3.5 adapter. What I ended up doing was buy this cable:

It says the cable is for PS4, but it's exactly what I used to connect between my old A50 and my controller. The echo problem was solved completely.

I know it sounds ridiculous that a cable could fix it, and of course YMMV, but it finally solved the problem for me 100% of the time.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/xboxone


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/LaidBakLazyHippo · 2 pointsr/xboxone

I actually sent in my chat adapter with that cord.. got an adapter back with a new adapter but not the cord we need, so i called them and they sent me 6 more of them without the wire... soooo finally after few months ( 2 days ago) I found a wire but keep in my I have a mixamp (astro a40).

I found this at bestbuy

Also, you can use this

2.5 to 3.5 stereo adapter

u/Red_Knightmare · 2 pointsr/xboxone

Oh, I know your issue. I had this back when I first bought my X1.

Your setup is right, but the talkback cables turtle beach headsets use have different poles than regular 2.5/3.5 cables. I don't know the specifics, but they're easily found if you google it.

You need the specific proprietary cable that goes from the headset to the controller. Specifically this one:

I had the same issue and couldn't fix it until I used this cable rather than a standard one. I tried multiple cables, and I couldn't get chat to go through (but I could still hear people) until I put this one in.

u/Cerrenade · 2 pointsr/Twitch

Does the robotic sound happen while you are in a PS4 voice chat with your friends? This happens to me as well and goes away after a short amount of time, but it seems to happen with all sorts of headsets, so I've heard, from others and my own experiences.

I currently use my Astro A40s with the MixAmp Pro, my ElGato HD60, as well as a Blue Snowball Mic. In order for my party chat to hear me on the PS4, I had to buy this, which plugs from the MixAmp Pro to the bottom of your controller (I use my Astros for PS4 party chat since the mic quality isn't the best, and my Blue Snowball as my Desktop mic for my stream).

u/v1ndictiv3_ · 2 pointsr/xboxone

for the 598's you'll need a y splitter (headphones/mic port y splitter) and you'll plug the headphones into the headphone port, mic into mic port and run a 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable (like this one: from the controller into the mixamp where it says controller.

For the a40's you just plug in the headphones and then run that same 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable from the controller to the port where it says controller on the mixamp.

u/DavidDocRogers · 2 pointsr/xboxone

Your best bet is buy these I bought multiples.

u/ocxtitan · 2 pointsr/xboxone

After my cable broke I got this, no regrets, works perfectly:

u/eqtri · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

You can buy this adapter off Amazon. Pretty pricey, though.

u/Getterac7 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

With a mouse, if you move it X distance, your character rotates X degrees. It's a very simple and reproducible 1:1 mapping.

With an analog stick, rotation is based on how far you move the stick AND how long you hold it there, making reproduction much more difficult.

There's also speed to consider... an analog stick only can be pushed so far over, but with a mouse you can flick your wrist and do a 180 in a split second. There's essentially no upper limit to the speed you can rotate with a mouse, and there's essentially no lower limit to the speed either because you can move one pixel over at a time if you wanted.

So in the end a mouse is faster, more accurate, and more precise than an analog stick.


> Also if Keyboard and mouse is so great why don't people do in on Console do it to have a massive advantage?

They do. My friend has that to play Destiny and loves it.

u/Gave_up_Made_account · 2 pointsr/Planetside

Until somebody decides to hook up an M&KB and then dominates everything.

u/One_Man_Matrix · 2 pointsr/PS4

Short answer, is Nope.

No K/M for any games thus far, and that would give you far too big an advantage in competitive multiplayer as well.

The best you could do is a third party peripheral that utilises a K/M and makes the PS4 think it's a normal Controller, i.e.

u/Pendragon55555 · 2 pointsr/gaming

The way people use kb+m in online competitive shooters on console is by using something like this. Afaik very few games actually natively support kb+m on console.

u/eliteeggnog · 2 pointsr/gaming

Sorry was on mobile earlier and couldn't provide a link. Here's an example from Amazon:
Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3

I don't own a current gen console but I have heard these things "work" but they're not perfect since they convert the KB+M commands to a controller signal and send it to the console, presumably by some configurable mapping.

Either way official KB+M support would obviously be much more robust and I could see something like that potentially happening next gen especially on the Microsoft side as they try to blur the lines between Windows and Xbox even further.

u/coolfire1080P · 2 pointsr/Planetside

you can also get a xim 4 and use a mouse and keyboard. Not great but miles ahead of a controller.

u/Robjr42o · 2 pointsr/thedivision

You can buy the XiM 4 for Xbox One & PS4 for $174 or so that you plug your ps4, controller, mouse, and keyboard into. Ps4 supplies the power, controller (fully charged) gives the button mappings, and it maps all of that to Kb/M very accurately.. like you just plugged in that stuff w/o an adapter. If you need to edit stuff like rebinding/sensitivity, just download their app to your smartphone & connect via bluetooth.

Edit: link & price


u/flashheatmvp3 · 1 pointr/PS4

I see rakuten has em for $50 here and amazon has em for $55 here

u/TimberVolk · 1 pointr/GameDeals

I mean, Amazon and Best Buy both have the Ds4 for $44.99, and [DLGamer] has MGSV as a Steam key for $21.99 for the next 4 days. So for $7 extra, you can still be all over it, if that's not a dealbreaker.

u/MexicanMouthwash · 1 pointr/pcgaming
  • Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for Windows - $43.28

  • DS4 Bluetooth Controller - $59.96

    The Xbox Controller comes with one of the dongles in the box anyway. It's really up to you if the DS4 is worth $16.68 more. Personally I think I'm just going to get the Xbox 360 controller, and I was thinking about picking on of these up for movie watching and web-browsing in bed anyway, so the trackpad support on the DS4 would probably be useless for me.
u/that_one · 1 pointr/gaming

As of right now, the prices for controllers are staying the same. The Xbox One and PS4 controllers are both 59.96 USD on Amazon.

u/bilge6 · 1 pointr/gaming

It is $60 on amazon

u/themacguffinman · 1 pointr/gaming

I was just using Amazon US pricing.

u/urmomsafridge · 1 pointr/Destiny

>150 dollars

This is 47 dollars and probably better quality.

u/TsukasaKun · 1 pointr/darksouls3

Get a controller, OP. seriously. it works so much better.

  • If you like the worlds best controller ever all years you can get one at a discount here

  • However, you need another free program called input mapper or ds4Windows. be sure to start them up before running steam.

    Also don't be greedy when fighting.

  • Sometimes "just one more hit" uses up the last of your stamina and you're defenseless

  • Drop your shield when you aren't in danger to regen your stamina.

  • You don't have to fight every enemy. If you know where you're going, you can just run past most enemies and they will stop aggro eventually. Except for black knights.
u/FullFlava · 1 pointr/PS4

I'd recommend buying a new one - while the Dualshock 4 is a great controller, lots of users have had issues with the thumbsticks after a year or so of use. I take really, really good care of my stuff and I've been through 4 controllers in 3 years (including extending life via manual repairs)

Amazon sells them new for $47, a fairly significant discount from the MSRP, but you can probably find better deals. The newer controllers seem a bit more solid and durable than the ones I bought at launch.

u/sertitus · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I have a wired 360 pad (but /u/Vulfilla posted a link to the wireless one) and I can say that I am very happy with the ergonomics, I have an old one with both sticks on the bottom, like the Logitech, and I feel that the 360 layout of having one stick at the top is much more comforable.

You might consider an Xbox One Controller, which people describe as being even more ergonomic, or a PS4 Controller.

u/ahmadsal · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Looks like the old version, and it seems like they got the exact same picture from here.

To work on PC, you can either connect via USB for generic controller, or USB/Bluetooth via DS4Windows. Nothing is really changed for PC use other than adding the light on top.

u/PhntmBlackIce · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Playstation 4 Controller My secret Santa got me a Sony Blu-Ray player for the Christmas exchange. With a PS 4 Controller I can access hundreds of PS 3 games to play.

  2. Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox 360. I am a huge Tomb Raider fan. My current PC can't run the most recent game but I do have a Xbox 360.

  3. Skylanders Trap Team: Kaos Trap. I am a big fan of Skylanders. The Kaos Trap is the last trap I need. Still need the [Light Expansion] ( $70 and Dark Expansion $90 but those are way to expensive.

  4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii. I have the older Wii system and I love the Mario and Zelda games. This one is high on my wish list but just to expensive for me currently.

  5. Light Blue Yarn Yoshi Amiibo. I don't have a Wii U or the game but this Yarn Yoshi is just so cute and adorable. You can't just say no to such cuteness. I want one for my collection.
u/ninjyte · 1 pointr/gaming

Where did you buy it from? On Amazon it doesn't release ti'll next month

u/Valsh · 1 pointr/ffxiv

No, it's available separately for use with PC and PS3.

Pretty sure amazon don't break agreements.

u/t0k3n98 · 1 pointr/Games

This is the old model price since it's been on amazon.

Here is the new model

Feel free to put them in life time sale price of the item and for your information I do know what a sale is and I have never seen a sale go on for over a month.

u/-_-B-_-E-_-S-_-T-_- · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Also on

u/sony4life · 1 pointr/PS4
u/lord_squirt · 1 pointr/PS4
u/Turdsworth · 1 pointr/gaming

Playstation has a camera that works with the playstation move system that is similar to kinect. It costs $60 and is optional.

u/rawnlq · 1 pointr/computervision

The PS Camera is supposed to be the successor of the PS Eye for PS4. Do you know if this new camera also good for computer vision? (in terms of community support/drivers)

u/grandpajenkins · 1 pointr/PSVR
u/angrybox1842 · 1 pointr/oculus
u/konstantin_lozev · 1 pointr/oculus

I dare to disagree, you can get 2 PS Move controllers in the US for $25 each

And a PS4 camera for $50

Bringing the total to $100.

Now, hobbyist 9 DOF IMU sets are cheap . The ones in the Touch might be higher quality, but I don't expect in bulk and integrated into a PCB they would be much more expensive. Of course, you have all the other pieces surrounding that chip that I already mentioned and the LEDs in Constellation are "smart", i.e. they have a blinking patterns, etc.

I understand the low-volume argument, etc., but my point is, anything beyond EUR 150 is really pushing it. Of course, to buy or not is everyone's decision, the point is, would that be good for VR overall.

u/reaper527 · 1 pointr/xboxone

>Don't forget the cost of the mandatory camera and the virtually mandatory PS move controllers

that being said, you can easily find the camera for $30 or less

and the move controllers are optional, not required.

u/Dominicsjr · 1 pointr/PS4

That's the charging station that I use and it works perfectly. I keep right next to my console, it charges the controllers through the bottom ports. It'll require a separate outlet, but you'll no longer need a USB cable on hand.

u/BradleyB636 · 1 pointr/PS4

I use this one. I've had it for a couple years, no issues. Good rating per amazon.

u/monkey484 · 1 pointr/PSVR

Thanks. I looked at one similar to that. I don't like ones that use the microusb port for charging the DS4. Micro USB jacks are so flaky and weak. I much prefer the charging station that uses the aux jack thing instead.

u/MrRatt · 1 pointr/PS5

This is the charging station I use, but there are others that also charge from the bottom.

u/sarcasmbot · 1 pointr/PS4

I assume you are referring to this PowerA one?

If so, it's a great product. Have had mine for years with no issues. Would definitely recommend, especially for how cheap and convenient it is.

u/dandpher · 1 pointr/PS4

Get a charger that plugs into a wall socket. Here’s an example

PowerA DualShock 4 Charging Station for PlayStation 4

u/mcSibiss · 1 pointr/PS4

Do NOT buy the Biogenik PS4 Elite Charging Station. I bought it because I couldn't find the official sony charger. It sucks! Putting the controller on it is a real pain in the ass. You have to put the controller upside down and align the socket to the plug that sticks out, but the cradle is useless and doesn't guide you at all. So the plug is never aligned properly and won't fit in. Buy the official one or this one

u/hopscotchhero · 1 pointr/PS4

I use a charging dock and two controllers. I love the dock I got, it's $30 on Amazon.

PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4

u/evilarhan · 1 pointr/PS4

> Q: is the adaptor universal? or can be use in 110 thru 220v?

> A: Not universal but can be used in 110 true 220v in my country(turkey) we use 220v and i do not have any problem about that. Great product, you should buy it.

From the page.

u/PS3RULZ13 · 1 pointr/PS4

must have games: Infamous, Killzone (because it's cheap and the graphics are amazing), Watchdogs (because the game is awesome).
Must have apps: netflix and ign
Must have accessories: the official sony DS4 controller charging.
I dont know how much you're willing to spend, but you should also eventually upgrade the hard drive in your PS4 to 1TB-2TB. it's very easy and it can cost to about $100.
also buy PS plus. you need it to play online and you get 2 free games every month from sony. It's worth your money,

u/Khaelum · 1 pointr/PS4

I've used this one for over a year now. Great product and very highly reviewed. Also it's officially licensed by Sony.

u/shoe710 · 1 pointr/PS4

You sure you have that one not this one?

Do your controllers face the same way or opposite directions?

u/srbman · 1 pointr/PS4

I don't have a USB issue (no headset or external HDD) but I bought a charging dock for controllers like this.

u/steveliv · 1 pointr/PS4

If the USB is damaged, you need to get the following:

This charger uses the AUX port (instead of the USB port) at the bottom of the controller to charge.

This is the official Sony DS4 wireless adaptor. You can get cheaper BT usb adapters, but this is going to be the easiest.

u/foofad · 1 pointr/PS4

If it's a refurb there's a chance you might be getting first generation controllers. They're fine mechanically except that the thumbsticks were prone to wearing and then splitting and losing their rubber finish. You may want to get brand new controllers, they have a harder plastic finish on the thumbsticks instead of the rubberized plastic.

This is a really nice charging station for controllers:

I have it and it works very well. Other than that, save up for PSVR!

u/TheEternal21 · 1 pointr/PS4

Try charging it with one of those accessory chargers. They use the port on the other side of the controller:

u/datopinion · 1 pointr/psn

Not sure if your heart is set on keeping that controller charger, but if not you could pick up something like this: They're affordable and it could be a more convenient setup.

Doesn't have to physically connect to the PS4, just to a wall outlet or other available USB outlet. That way you can keep your controllers on the end table or something and have your PS4's USB ports available.

If you do want to keep using that thing, nevermind and good luck.

u/MonsterTheGreatest · 1 pointr/PS4

I would recommend a charging station such as this (

u/AdonisChrist · 1 pointr/funny

Or spend the $15-20 on a charging station

Thing is the bomb.

Admittedly I mostly got it to use the "EXT" port on the front of my controllers.

u/Element0f0ne · 1 pointr/PS4

I use the Gold headset w/ dongle, and a wireless keyboard with dongle.

I use this USB adapter WITHOUT the power adapter plugged in. All 4 ports work fine using just the PS4 power:

I charge my controllers when not in use with this:

On the occasions I have to charge controller/headset while playing, I just purchased a long USB cable:

u/JustTurrble · 1 pointr/PS4

I didn't bother because I got the charging station, and don't use the cables at all.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the annoyance of not having the cables you need if you're not willing to spend the extra $35. It's kinda dickish.

Then again, I have enough devices that use MicroUSB to never worry about finding an extra.

u/skurk_dk · 1 pointr/PS4

I bet there's a couple of people in that thread with broken controllers now... That sucks.
I bought this, it works perfectly and is very convenient!

u/HatchetmanRalph · 1 pointr/PS4

Since new I have had this charger. Has never given me any issues with my 4 DS4's. If you only ever charged the controller with the USB port, and something between the port and the battery is fried this style charge stand may help out. I know there are issues with the charge cable getting pinched between the surface the controller is resting on and the controller itself, prying the USB port up, especially when the cable end is a bit longer than the stock charge cable.

Edit: just checked, bought it 3 years ago.

u/mrkingnothing · 1 pointr/PS4

I have 5 controllers, used by myself, my wife, a 3yo, 6yo, 9yo. I've replaced most of the thumb-sticks. Never had one R2 or L2 break. They frequently fall off things and don't break. I take them apart to clean the buttons when the kids inevitably spill something sticky on them. I lost one of the L2 springs one time while taking apart and simply ordered a pack of L2 R2 buttons (5 complete pairs) with springs for like $5 on amazon. They are fairly simple to repair once you get used to opening the case, the part over the triggers SUCK.
Edit: I do however need to order new usb boards for charging/syncing. We have two ps4s and having to plug in so frequently has worn out the ports. I do recommend the PowerA charger:

u/darkonex · 1 pointr/PS4

Have 5 DS4's and I have 2 of these I charge them on and never had an issue thus far

u/Scotsmania · 1 pointr/PS4

It's the Power A one.

I have it too and have had zero issues.

u/JonesBee · 1 pointr/gaming

Turn the speaker to low, lightbar on dim and get one of these. Zero battery problems after that.

u/Wescyde · 1 pointr/PS4

Good, thankfully it was an easy fix. If you have two controllers, you may look into the Power A Dual Charger, its a great charger and you would not have to use rest mode it just plugs into a wall and charges the controller through a different port. Have had mine 4 years now

u/off170 · 1 pointr/PS4

I know this is not your question, but I would recommend the PowerA charging station. You will not regret it.

As for your wall socket adapter. Anything over 1 A will work ok, I guess.

u/ZakaJr98 · 1 pointr/PS4

The Dualshock 4 charging station connects to that port, and Sonys VR headset should be plug in there...
This is the charging station:

u/life_andlimb · 1 pointr/PS4

Highly recommend this one. link

edit: sentence ambiguity

u/vr6mole · 1 pointr/PS4

I know it doesn't fix your problem but I picked up this dock and I love it

It just plugs into any wall outlet. Plus it looks nice enough that I can leave it on the entertainment center and not worry about hiding the controllers. You can even "rest" the controllers on top without clicking them in to charge.

u/koszorr · 1 pointr/PS4

This is what I have. 13 bucks..have had it for over a year no issues what so ever.

u/Snoopyalien24 · 1 pointr/PS4

If you buy another controller, get this dock. It uses the bottom connectors rather than the usual charging one, thus preventing wear and tear to those connectors. (FYI you need one to be plugged in, in order to do updates and reset, etc)

At the moment, its $45 but I got it for $14 a few months ago.

u/Ps4_and_Ipad_Lover · 1 pointr/PS4

Get this so you won't have to plus it will charge 2 controllers at the same time.

u/emuchop · 1 pointr/PS4

you'll want a second controller with a stand-alone charger like this: battery life is super short on PS4 controller and this will help him play if he forgets to charge one controller.

second: you'll want to replace the stock headset with something affordable like this: headset that comes with ps4 is not good. not good at all.

third: give him subscription to PS+. it is a similar service to xbox subscription. it will allow him to play online.

sounds like your kid likes sports games. Playstation has the single best baseball game ever made called "MLB the show" keep an eye out for it. it is very very good game. even many non-sports game players play it.

u/ResonantCascade · 1 pointr/PS4

I use these. They're way more comfortable, and I have way better grip now. They also slip on over the sticks, raise the top every so slightly(its a good thing) and do not damage the original stick. Also, only $6.

u/physeK · 1 pointr/Brawlhalla

I recently started using the Hori Sports Pad Pro which has octagonal gates around each analog stick. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I'm truly enjoying the controller. Note that I did need to get extra thumbstick covers because the thumbsticks wear very quickly and feel strange on the thumbs -- I got these which fit perfectly.

u/thekenzo · 1 pointr/PS4

I hate the look of the Grip-Its. I just started having the peeling issue so I ordered the GelTabz.

u/ElFisho · 1 pointr/RocketLeague

I use these ( They wear out after a month or so if you play a lot (I play 20-30 hours a week) but they're dirt cheap ($8 at gamestop) and they solve the problem.

u/Tonxasaur · 1 pointr/PS4

I bought replacement sticks for like a $1 a piece then just replaced them myself. Took like 10 minutes.

For future protection I got these: because I didn't really like the Grip-iT ones.

u/Kneegrowilly · 1 pointr/PS4

I ordered these, My rubber was nearly completely off on one joystick and starting to peel on all the others. For the price I'm pretty satisfied, they feel and look nice

u/defknife · 1 pointr/FIFA

+1. I have these and can confirm it's the best 5.99$ I've spent on my PS4.

u/StawhpIT · 1 pointr/PS4

So what I did for my controllers was buy any of [these] (

After getting those on I got grips

Finally if you get sweaty hands while playing like a lot of people I HIGHLY recommend [squid grip] (

If you opt for the squid grip make sure you wipe your controller down with iso alcohol so theres no grease or crap on it when you apply the grips and read the damn instructions.

u/SirLotsaHops · 1 pointr/playstation

I got a couple packs of these. Helps save your thumbs from hurting when playing games that require a lot of thumb movement, like FIFA for example.

u/deethree3 · 1 pointr/PS4

get some of these

u/Ninjahitman19 · 1 pointr/PS4

GelTabz Performance Thumb Grips - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

Try these out! There are other brands but I went with these and liked them, plus they are cheap!

u/IDontGiveAPhuk · 1 pointr/gaming

Personally I have these and they've been a really great buy. They just slip over the stick

u/Mrcool360 · 1 pointr/PS4

I play COD every day and have been using these for the past few years. I actually use the Geltabz on the left stick and the Kontrol Freaks on the right for greater rage of throw. Both of these do not inhibit movement and you are able to move sticks all the way forward and all around.

GelTabz Performance Thumb Grips - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3


Those are the exact ones I have. The Kontrol freaks are available in multiple heights and shapes so choose what you like, I chose the convex shape so it doesn't dig into my thumb when I sprint forward.

u/JRWinn17 · 1 pointr/gaming

Here , I think these are the ones. I assure you, they're nothing special, but they will prevent your joysticks from falling apart.

u/lifetimeofnot · 1 pointr/PS4

I just bought these myself:

Lets than $10 with one day shipping.

u/jehcee · 1 pointr/PS4
u/Waffleteer · 1 pointr/PS4

Another option for thumbstick covers are GelTabz. I think their texture is way better than the Grip-its'.

u/nuraHx · 1 pointr/xboxone

That one works but I personally have used that and the cable lasted me about a month. You can buy that if you want, just to have the buttons on the controller and everything but if you want a more reliable cable, I bought this

and it still works perfect after almost a year. Ignore the fact that it says PlayStation 4. It still works with Xbox one.

u/Loftyy · 1 pointr/xboxone
u/tucker42 · 1 pointr/PS4

If you already have a place to plug in the auxiliary cable of the headset, you only need a PS4 chat cable.

Turtle Beach doesn't sell these cables by themselves anymore, presumably so they can make more money by including them in the upgrade kit.

u/DylanIsWhite · 1 pointr/xboxone

I use X12. For game audio, I have them plugged into my monitor using the green cord.

For chat audio, you'll need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm (male to male) cord.

If for some reason you can't plug the headset into your TV or monitor, you can still get game audio from the controller too.

u/FratricideV2 · 1 pointr/FireteamOne

could i use adapter and Headset as long as i have that cable that goes between them?

u/HopHeretic · 1 pointr/xboxone

I just set them up according to Astro instruction, and used the Pro settings and thought they usually sounded pretty good. Biggest issue I had was the microphone was trash, and real quite for folks in my party. Replacing the chat cable that goes to the controller helped, but my voice was still overly quite regularly. This is the replacement that helps:

u/materix01 · 1 pointr/headphones

Didn't really want to as I was pretty sure you downvoted me.

This one should work though.

u/samsaBEAR · 1 pointr/xboxone

Like others have said it could be the controller but the chat cable that came with those Astros was notoriously shit. I used this while I had the same headset and I didn't have any issues with it.

u/Rickmasta · 1 pointr/xboxone

That won't work. Try searching cables to work specifically with PS4 and Turtlebeaches. Like the official turtlebeach ps4 cable, or this one (the one I bought)

u/Mike4082 · 1 pointr/razer

Do they still make the Razer Chimera 5.1? I had a pair for the 360 back when black ops 2 came out and it was a fantastic headset comfortable and great sound. I actually used them up until last year nonstop not because they broke or were bad quality but because I wanted to update my gear (Razer gear never wants to break which can be a little annoying when you end up using the same mouse/headset for 5+ years). I do need to give you a heads up though if you do buy the RC5.1 you need to buy an adapter caple to have the mic work for chat on ps4 the RC5.1 was designed for 360 if I remember correctly this is the one I bought when I switched from 360 to ps4

u/omeganon · 1 pointr/xboxone

This might work, I'm not sure but I use a similar one on my Earforce Tango's.

u/Hou5eR · 1 pointr/xboxone

Should come with one that you need if not I used this one from turtle beach says its for ps4 but it works with the a50's to the chat adaptor.

Turtle Beach - Ear Force Chat Cable for PlayStation 4 Headset Compatibility - PS4

u/why_earth · 1 pointr/playstation

I bought this one for my turtle beach headset which would meet your needs: Turtle Beach - Ear Force Chat Cable for PlayStation 4 Headset Compatibility - PS4

However it is unavailable. An alternative is this one: PlayStation 4 PS4 Chat Talkback Cable for Turtle Beach Headsets

I would avoid any 2.5 to 3.5 adapters as I have had trouble with them. Get a cable that goes from 2.5 to 3.5.

u/The_LPT · 1 pointr/xboxone

Lol I was way off. It was a PS4 turtle Beach chat cable.

Turtle Beach PS4 Chat Cable

Plug that into the headphone and to the controller. Make sure optical is plugged into the transmitter.

u/diet_schnitzel · 1 pointr/xboxone

I also lost the cable that comes with the stereo adapter that I was using with my tb x12s. I got a cheap one on eBay, but it constantly echoes. Either my adapter went bad or the cable I got isn't completely compatible. I'm going to try one of the ones linked ITT and report back. Anyone else have echo issues with cheap cables?

Tldr don't buy cheap 2.5mm->3.5mm adapter on eBay

edit: bought - will report back if it fixes my chat issues

u/MDavidP · 1 pointr/xboxone

I use this and it works great. It's says ps4 but it absolutely works with the chat adapter for xbox one.

u/WhyYouSoCampy · 1 pointr/AstroGaming

This is the one I use for my A50's and it works perfectly it says PS4 but it works for Xbox one.

u/n0vadragon · 1 pointr/AstroGaming

i have my astro mixamp connected to my PC and PS4 and get sound through both at the same time without having to move cables around often

I have the mixamp plugged into my PC and get sound through the USB while i have the ps4 connected to the mixamp via Aux. If i decide to play on xbox i can just move the aux cable from the ps4 to the xbox1.

As for chatting i have a Yeti mic for my pc. Since i had an old mixamp with a 2.5mm port for the 360, i bought a 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable that goes from the mixamp to the ps4 controller (bought something like this two years ago). i dont know if the newer a40 systems provide the 2.5 to 3.5mm cable or the amp still has the 2.5mm port.

I like having two separate mics because i can easily choose who i want to talk to if im on discord as well as a ps4 party at the same time. I can just mute the mic from astros with the mute toggle on the headset wire or press the mute button on the yeti.

u/zombiekamikaze · 1 pointr/xboxone

Just look for a female 2.5mm to male 3.5mm adapter. Or you could bypass the adapter cable and just get a 2.5 to 3.5 cable. I use one of the Tutrtle Beach PS4 cables.

Works with my TB X32s and my Astro A40s. Can't comment on other brands, but I would imagine most other headsets use the same poles as those two.

u/jameaney · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Xim4 and yes is works with Xbone, PS4, X360, and PS3. I was skeptical at first but it works really well, it has bluetooth to connect with your phone where you can create profiles for different games. Though you'll want to find the compatible hardware list to make sure your mouse and keyboard work with it. It's a big list and I haven't had a problem but maybe you will.

u/LtCthulhu · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Hmm maybe the other interface has better performance. It's this one:

The Xim 4.

u/viktor_ralyeff · 1 pointr/razer

It will not work without a converter in between, as PS4 lacks the necessary drivers.
You could go with a converter like this: and it should work, also you could use a keyboard as well.

u/ItWasDumblydore · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I checked from their site 129 on theirs or 220 on Amazon

124 USD = 163 CAD

PS4 Pro = 499$ (486$ is a sale)

662$ CAD Total, from that we can - Keyboard + Mouse + Monitor from the total cost because you would've needed those things for a console

A even better gaming computer = 680$

But even then it's usually out of stock on their site and this is the only Canadian retailer selling it so...

u/Yumbees · 1 pointr/HaloWars

This thing apparently works well, if you wanna give this a look..

u/Rec0de · 1 pointr/WWII

Not everyone is using a gamepad... I don't use this, just merely pointing it out...

u/neilthecellist · 1 pointr/titanfall

I have more critical advice. Don't treat this game like a casual, that's not to sound elitist, but, if you don't master at least some of the things that /u/frothyomen teaches in his videos, your Titanfall 2 experience will not be as rewarding from a PvP standpoint - (PvE in the form of Frontier Defense is not really affected).

The issue with TF2's playerbase and the game's design has it so that if a player is really good on one team (say, Frothy or mrleet) and the other team is all casuals, the casuals team will get wrecked out of the sheer lack of wall running, grav-star-boosting, grapple-lurching playstyle that a non-casual is more than likely going to run in a match, no pun intended..

It may help to spend 10-30 minutes in a private match, solo, so you can practice some of the techniques that non-casuals use.

Also, since you mention being on XBOX, I highly recommend the XIM4 mouse and keyboard for the XBOX consoles - you will absolutely wreck matches and set a high bar for match quality.

u/KingZero632 · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

The only thing I can think of a is a keyboard to PS4 converter

u/Captainjim17 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I can't think of any PC games that don't support keyboard and mouse.

Are you looking to use a Keyboard and Mouse with a Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

If So I believe something like a XIM4 will work:

u/O__1 · 1 pointr/thedivision

Still considering getting it myself. I have one of these xim 4. I bought it for destiny and absoultly wrecked.

u/flappers87 · 1 pointr/Overwatch

I don't play on PS4, but last time I checked, KB&M is not compatible with the game, and that you have to get some special adapter to trick the console into thinking you're using a gamepad. Something like this:

I could be wrong though, but googling doesn't find me any posts or topics saying that people can using KB&M without an adapter.

If people are using these things, then there is literally nothing Blizzard can do - as it's an exploit with the system itself, not the game.

u/immortaldev · 1 pointr/Overwatch

Neither am I. Seems like he/she is just a good player. It's possible they have the Xim 4 or something similar, but I doubt they have "hacked" the game in some way.

u/DC_Filmmaker · 1 pointr/gaming
u/Cheesedoodlerrrr · 1 pointr/gaming
  1. The device you have to buy to make your dominant hand usable costs more than your darts and dartboard combined

    Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3

  2. The tournament organizer says using your dominant hand is cheating.

    For real, when Blizzard says "Doing [X] in Overwatch is cheating. Please stop doing [X]" I dont get how people can defend continuing to do it.
u/massagingyou · 1 pointr/WidowmakerMains

I only see it for $350??

u/bullseyed723 · 1 pointr/xboxone

> Throw in KB+Mouse and I'll never have a hope of being good.

First, most of the top players already have mod/cheat devices to make the console think you're using a controller when you're actually using a mouse and keyboard.

Second, MS is adding mouse and keyboard support anyway. Unclear how they'll keep controller folks separate.

u/RyuCounterTerran · 1 pointr/OverwatchUniversity

Try getting a XIM for PS4. It's basically a keyboard and mouse adapter. I'm all for "pad warriors" as I used to be one a long time ago, but there is really no comparison to using a mouse.

u/Johnuts · 1 pointr/PvZGardenWarfare

Keyboard and mouse are the norm for PC players. Whereas the majority of console players would use a gamepad. I don't think the average consumer would consider buying Xim 4 which costs around 145.99$.

All what I'm trying to say is that keyboard and mouse, regardless of the console, outperforms game controllers due to the flexibility of editing settings (sensitivity, buttons ..etc). Or why else would people consider getting Xim 4 in the first place!

u/dtate24 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

[No mod necessary.] ( And I can understand the cost argument, but if you're getting into the gaming world for cost and you're buying a console + PC controller + online gaming service, you're looking at dropping around $700. It's not that much more to buy a low-end gaming PC, AFAIK.

As far as ease of use goes, I'd say the two are equal, if not more so for controllers given that they're made for one thing and one thing only, as opposed to the M&K setup, which was first designed for text editing as its main purpose. I'm assuming you're a PC player? Not being derogatory, but I'm not making it up that M&K gamers on console FPS games are viewed in the same light as hackers in the console community and I could understand how a PC player wouldn't quite understand that.

Edit: In looking at the XIM comments I saw a user that had a disability which made it unable for him to use a controller properly. When I said earlier I couldn't see a reason that a console gamer would use a M&K setup aside from getting an advantage, I didn't think about disabilities and I wanted to say that obviously this is a perfectly acceptable reason to use such a setup. But aside from being unable to play on your console otherwise, M&K users are still as scummy as scummy gets in the console world.

u/half3clipse · 1 pointr/GamerGhazi

A mouse and keyboard set up won't make a bad player good, but if you've even half an idea of what you're doing you can run rings around damn near any controller player. Aiming is both much easier, it's much faster, and you've much better control over your character's positioning and direction. Unless they give the controler player stupid handicaps with built auto aim etc (which eww) you can littrealy strafe faster than most controller players can adjust their aim all while shooting them with high accuracy. You can also take quick snapshots and manage all sorts of other things with a mouse that has a much higher skill floor or is even outright impossible on a controller. If you managed on a controller vs mouse on quake you were either stupidly stupidly good at the game or playing vs incompetents. You could consistently beat a controller player in pretty much every version of quake by jumping left and right a bit.

And yes that matters for the PVP eco-system. This is a problem right now because you can go out, spend 150 bucks and buy one of these and the folks that use them completely shit on pvp game play. Black ops 3 on console had/has problems with it (added stupid on PC, they put aim asit in for controllers, and you could shenanigans it so that was while using the mouse and keyboard). Hell Overwatch (have a article about it) has problems with it, get someone on the other team with that adapter and you're going to have a bad day. If they're playing ana or tracer or any other hero that benefits from very high accuracy expect to have a really bad day. You do not need to look very hard to find examples of entirely mediocre players dominating on console thanks to this. Sniper McSnipey's point and click adventure beats someone with a joystick.

Also the effect of aftermarket accessories on gaming is so so much nonsense. Top tier players use them for the same reason sports players use Nike products; they get paid to. There's no major difference between a $20 mouse and a $200 mouse except some more buttons, a few LEDS and the branding.

u/NewfieMan709 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

This one is and I hear xim is the more popular one.

u/CatatonicMan · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Wouldn't really work, because the XIM 4 exists.

Practically speaking, there's no way to guarantee that someone is using a controller.

u/Col_Big_Boss · 1 pointr/gaming

You could, if you found a software workaround to make the console think it was a regular controller, which other people in this thread say is not recommended (dead zones still exist). But someone else in this thread recommended the [XIM] (
which is, according to them, supposed to simulate a mouse and keyboard 1:1. Seems a bit pricey to me, but if it interests you, go ahead.

u/YouAreSalty · 1 pointr/xboxone

I understand the technology behind this, so you don't need to re-explain it to me (although I appreciate the effort). What you are describing, that advantage needs to show actual evidence of significant gain. I think people some thing get hung up on the details, and forget that this is a game, this minute details are for the ultra competitive that most of us aren't in. Does this actually result in a statistical difference that matters? More importantly, is the user bothered by this?

For me, I probably don't care, because I couldn't tell in an encounter if they were running at a higher frame rate. It just looks like they pulled the trigger before I did.

Take for instance instead, kb/m in Gears 4 (since that is what I play). Whenever somebody abuses the kb/m advantage, I can instantly tell, because the game wasn't balanced properly between controller and kb/m. This means, kb/m users can instantly get one shot kills much easier with sniper and huge advantage with boltok/hammerburst. You go do so fast. This is a significant imbalance that frustrates me when they abuse it, so I turn off crossplay. However, there are people that uses adapters to connect kb/m to the console to gain that advantage.

>The kb/m is in fact cheaper than controller, unless they plan on releasing a ''official'' kb/m for no reason whatsoever then put a pricetag of 100 dollars, wich i don't doubt but there will be support for standard kb\m i hope atleast.

I don't think you understand what I mean. In order to connect kb/m to a console, you have to get an adapter from third party that is not sanctioned (and considered cheating). It cost $150:

I wish MS would just crack down on that, but there are disabled gamers that use this for legitimate reasons.

u/DookieTuesday · 1 pointr/xboxone

They're not allowed in regulated e-sports, no, but they are used in matchmaking on Xbox Live and PSN. And no, speaking from experience, most people can't tell you have one. They're more apt to blame latency. And remember, it's still not as good as native KB & M support - since you're still operating within the (albeit upper) confines of acceptable controller responses and there is no option to disable aim-assist.

Still, it's a hell of an unfair advantage... and it's not like these devices are expensive or difficult to come by.

u/HankHillPropaniac · 1 pointr/xboxone

I'd recommend this.

Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3

I feel like KB&M on Xbox is just going to be vaporware.

u/Vekete · 1 pointr/Overwatch
u/MdnightSailor · 1 pointr/FortNiteBR

Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3

u/MrGhost370 · 1 pointr/pcgaming

No. Only some games support it. There is a m/kb adapter which costs $500. Not to mention it has an input delay on top of the small input delay that's on a console gamer's TV. It's extremely noticeable if you have any experience with PC shooters. It's good at certain things such as long range peaking and controlling recoil of a gun in a FPS. But it doesn't automatically make you a god. It's also hampered by console turn rate limits console FPS games have.

u/kraftacular · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

If you'd feel more comfortable using a mouse and keyboard, there is this. I haven't used it but played with a guy the other night who did and didn't have many complaints.

u/dsclaw88 · 1 pointr/Overwatch

You would need an adapter from what I have read. Keyboard and Mouse will work outside of the realm of most games (some games have built in support for them). I agree shooters would be better with keyboard and mouse, but am too cheap to purchase the necessary adapter.

See adapter below:

u/NeedleNoggin316 · 1 pointr/Halo_5_Guardians

On Xbox / PS4 you can use the xim mouse keyboard adapter.

u/Kekker_ · 1 pointr/dragonsdogmaonline

Yea, but it's kinda expensive. Idk if it's easy to use, but I've heard nothing but good things about it.

u/codester_8 · 1 pointr/PS4

It's not cheap, but the XIM4 will let you do that for any PS4 game. I've also heard it's cheaper on XIM's website.

u/akkashtin · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

My friend who does game battles for the new call of duty just ordered one. Everyone on the top leaderboard uses one since it puts them on a whole different level.

u/FlatulentMonkeys · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

It's really simple, actually. You have to buy an adapter, but they're pretty robust and easy to use. The XIM (linked above) allows you to play console games with a keyboard/mouse setup.

u/Unic0rnBac0n · 1 pointr/xboxone

IT actually is as easy as that and it can already be done by using one of these.

u/toot_tooted · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

TIL what "xim" is, and yeah I agree that sounds like a very unfair advantage..

u/Rednekked · 1 pointr/PS4

Yes, there is an adaptor to make your PS4 think a KB/M setup is a controller.

u/RussianSkunk · 1 pointr/WritingPrompts

Ah, I assumed you needed an adapter like this one to use mouse/keyboard on console, which is a bit more pricey ($150). I was unaware that you could just plug them straight in.

As for the aimbot analogy, my point was that a mouse would give you a much faster reaction time than most anybody using a controller, just like how aimbots allow you to react more quickly. They both give the user an outside advantage. Maybe I'm wrong, and I certainly could be, but it seems unsportsmanlike to use something that will allow you to dominate so easily.

u/rinwashere · 1 pointr/Fighters

I was in the same situation as you were in May.

It's actually closer to $350 CAD with the shipping and the conversion rate. I don't even know what the import duties are going to be like.

Best buy has the CronusMax Plus for $69.99 CAD plus taxes. It won't be tournament legal, and a converter hooked up to a computer is bound to introduce input/translation lag but it'll let you play on the keyboard.

You might consider a xim4 for $270 CAD or so but at that price range you might consider the hitbox.

Alternatively, you can buy some precut hitbox plexiglass and buttons and convert your HRAP4. /r/fightsticks will have more information on that, or google.

Edit: Here's a shoryuken thread on the topic.

u/lews0r · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

A great starter stick is the Venom although it probably depends where you live as to whether its cheap or not (i live in the UK so it works out about £70).

Still a big commitment financially but not the £200+ of the Madcatz sticks. Its a good quality stick and very easy to mod. Recebtly changed the buttons with ease and id never modded a stick before. The artwork on top of the stick is just paper that can be replaced so over time you can make changes to it if thats what you want.

u/PsynaptikUK · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

Cheapest and quickest answer I can think of is to get a Venom stick.

The stock stick and buttons are surprisingly good for the price (although I did change them out for Sanwa parts that I already had in another stick for old formats).

This allows you to play on PS4, PC and PS3 out of the box. No messing, and easy to mod.

u/SkeptikalAnus · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

1) Fight sticks. you do not need a fight stick to play street fighter nor do you need one to be good players like SonicFox and Luffy play on playstation controllers, theres no inherent advantage besides a few input techniques and in some cases a stick can give the game a rewarding feel or the game to "click in your head"
Maxalillion goes into this quite in depth i recommend you watch his video on the mater to further your opinion on the matter.

I've been recomending Fightsticks for alot for people on reddit when these threads come up and with friends in person and i have to say due to feed back though you may not want to spend upwards $200-$300 on a stick but sticks in this range particularly the Hori mini4 and Mad catz alpha though built well for beginners will be uncomfortabel to use or leave you longing for more. i would only recommend those sticks if you want you kids to play with you and not on your big daddy stick or you are deathly on the edge or very skeptikal on buying a stick. if you are trying to be a little serious and maybe want to attend arcades it is better to get a higher end stick as they last longer, preform a little better and will be a bit comfortable to use. i personally recommend the Hori Rap4 Kai as it is very high quality and the cheapest one the mad catz TES+( is just as good but more expensive (its the same price right now thats a steal!) And the best of both worlds is the sony venom around 86 us with the conversion and bought on the site very good stick and is easy to mod when you are ready. these sticks are worth the cash if you are serious. Think this through as geting an arcade stick will slightly complicate the learning process of learning a new fighting game especially coming from a game quite different like smash brothers. i personally recommend going to your locals area and see if they have a SFV scene and ask some of the guys there to let you try out their stick or teach you some stuff heres a video on what you will actually be probably using a stick

2)Since you tell me you have come from smash you know fighting games. and you know they are hard to learn and hard to "git gud" so dont be afraid to lose, the best winners are the ones who learn from their loses. the first hurdle is understanding the game you are playing then the technical parts should slowly be introduced.

This is a good start

Vesper arcade (

Gootecks has a very good series aswell i recomend you watch this second (

As for picking your main for a character you want to play. find someone who is fun and who you like regardless of strength. The Capcom character guides are a good place to see what a characters capable of and a little bit about their strengths and weaknesses for a better under standing ( a youtuber under the name TrueUnderDogGaming has a similar line of videos (

you said you like rashid SF has some insightful videos though they are for the micro complexities for the game they are short and helpful to understanding the game, did i mention he loves rashid hes also not a super duper good player so you will have an easy time relating and understanding him (

on the sub reddit we also have pages dedicated to characters i recommend you check them out (

like i said play who you want, but at the early stages there are soe chaaracters that are difficult to use, will impeed progress with complicated mechanics and play styles and worst case senario bad habits. if i were you i would consider giving THIS a glance before you make any final decisions

Another good resource to learn the game and im surprised it isnt praised and recommended to beginners is the street fighter V Collectors edition Guide book. it explains street fighter on a very basic level of understanding, explains some very general and important fighting game topics and lingo such as footsies and meaties. it also provides you with Frame data something very important later on in learning street fighter. i 10/10 recommend wish i had something like this when i started 2 years ago you can buy it at

And the last place for help is our own sub reddit! you have any questions please come here everyone will help you out!

All the lingo, terminology and explanations so you can talk the talk on the reddit

Come on down to Geifs Gym! a sub reddit guide to everything street fighter from basic to technical to mental is converd at geifs gym and is regularly updated. we also host noobie lobbies to test your skills and improve!

Come on down to GEIFS GYM

we also have a beginners guide here too

just like smash (i did try learning smash) one of the first few things to do is get used to your stick and movement so just play the story and all the single player content we have "so far" and have fun! and welcome to the community. Fight well,Fight hard, Never give up and remember to... #RISE UP

u/GoingIntoOverdrive · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I think everyone's pretty united on this: you don't need a stick to be good at fighting games or to get the whole experience. I'm a kb/m guy who's been playing PC for over 20 years so controllers feel weird to me. I got a stick the day after I picked up SFV and decided to get serious about it. No handheld controller was going to work for me. I also remember having issues with blisters on my thumb and the like that I didn't want to get into again (this was back in Alpha 3). Hence the choice for a stick.

The first stick I got was this one:

I don't know where you're from but either this brand (Mayflash) or an equivalent will be available. It's moddable, easily, and the construction is very good. Quality stuff. Art is replaceable as the plexiglass top is only held in by some magnets. This thing was built as an awesome first stick with great customization options. The alternative one is this:

They're the same thing but I don't know if the bottom one works on PC. The Mayflash one definitely does. Same chassis, much the same internals but compatibility might be slightly different.

I have since moved on to a Hori RAP4 Kai:

Again, using that on PC with no issues. Just need to drop x360ce into the SFV folder and run it once to detect the stick. Works like a dream from that point forward. If I ever buy a PS4 I know it'll work fine as well.

Hope this was helpful :)

u/Banned_From_HLTV · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

The best and cheapest solution is a Dualshock 4 controller, give it a try i personally went from fightsticks back to controllers. If you really wanna get into fightsticks then choose one of these:



  3. default buttons and joystick suck so i suggest replacing them with sanwa or seimitsu ( will cost you an extra 35 euros from ebay )
u/Denkka_ · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

και εγω τα περασα αυτα ειχα αυτο αλλα μετα το γυρισα στο dualshock 4

u/Clauwra · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I have no idea on that one. But if it doesnt ship there and you're in the UK I heard this stick is good for the price point:

Its actually got pretty great reviwes, 4.5 stars

u/Ladybirdkiller · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

No man, its toooo old. you want to buy a new stick and not waste money on converters that will add input latency to your setup, there are loads of cheap PS4 sticks on amazon that can be upgraded with Sanwa parts or you can just buy a PS4 stick like Hori. All PS4 sticks work on PC

alot of people get Hori or just buy a Madcatz

(this the cheapest one, but needs to be upgraded with Sanwa parts as the stock ones are shite)
You could easily put artwork on this stick and change the buttons and it would look cool...

u/Hehe_EkssDEee · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

I hope im not too late but if you're looking for a budget stick thats compatible with pc and ps4 this one is fantastic. Ive had it for a year and its still in fantastic shape, its easily customisable although i havent actually changed any parts as i havent had the extra money but i have opened it up to mess around and see if i can dismantle and put it back together, which is fairly simple even though its my first stick.
It comes in to around a 100 dollars i believe with shipping but its definitely worth it in my opinion its sturdy and of above average quality for a budget stick.
In relation to higher quality stuff the buttons arent as good as Sanwa and the stick can feel stiff for some people but as a beginner that shouldnt be an issue for you and even if it is you should be able to change out whatever you dislike fairly easily.

u/juniorv376 · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

This is the same case as a Venom.

With shipping to the us it comes out about 100.00$ and it is Wired for PS4. I would rather just go for this.

u/MLB_Selena · 1 pointr/fightsticks

A good cheap stick for option 3, would be the Venom Arcade Stick. No soldering required to mod it, just buy the buttons and stick you want, and plug them in. Although you'll need this cable for your stick.

u/GjonoG · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

this is the stick I have. It's just standard and has had no changes and I don't think the parts are sanwa on it so if they are an upgrade I think I may as well do it :)


u/UltimateUnknown · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

I have two fightsticks. The first one I bought was a cheap Hori one, which wasn't particularly that good. Then I got this bad boy and have never looked back:

It's not the flashiest fight stick with lots of extra buttons/functionalities, but it's rock solid and incredibly comfortable/responsive to play with. Plus it's pretty reasonably priced as well.

But yeah, I would suggest doing some research before you invest. See what others recommend and make a budget for how much you're willing to invest.

u/gongfuren · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Qanba Q1:

Venom Arcade Stick:

Both of these have low-quality buttons and joystick. You will probably want to replace them. Between these two, I would recommend the Venom. Its case is larger and stronger.

Qanba Q4 comes with high-quality parts, so you don't have to worry about replacing them. You can get one here:

u/F3STUS · 1 pointr/Tekken

I also switched from pad to stick recently and I can say it's been an enjoyable challenge, the first day was definitely the hardest but it's so addictive.

As my first stick I picked up

I got this one because I didn't want to make too big of an investment in case I didn't like it. The stick is also easily moddable.

u/dodge-and-burn · 1 pointr/PS4

Ah I see. That's tough, hopefully you can get an arcade style joystick at some point. It will be easier to grip.

This is ridiculously expensive but something like this: Officially Licensed Playstation Arcade Stick (PS4/PS3) by Venom

u/Bionic2307 · 1 pointr/fightsticks

I got a Venom Fightstick, very nice, easy on the pockets. Even Desk uses it. Best part is that it is highly moddable. I replaced both my buttons and stick with sanwa parts. Highly reccomended.

It is available here:

u/nayte23 · 1 pointr/Fighters

This fightstick is ps4, doesn't mention pc but I'm sure you'll find out if you google it. Apparently its a decent one... not incredible but a decent starter

u/Libelldra98 · 1 pointr/Tekken

That's not the same stick my dude.. i mean this one

A few friends (that play with stick aswell) actually recommended me this stick for my 100€ budget. My budget is pretty limited due to the fact that im a student.

u/ryu_1394 · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

Grab a Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai -

Compatible with PS3 / PS4 / PC. Should be around ~$220 delivered. The only difference between this and a (far more expensive) MadCatz stick is it uses Hori's 'Hayabusa' buttons/stick, which feel slightly different to the Sanwa buttons/stick used by MadCatz. Purists will tell you 'Sanwa or nothing', but I can tell you honestly from 7 years of playing SF4 using Sanwa sticks to using this Hori stick for SF5, the difference is negligible. The good thing is you can easily swap the stick and buttons out for Sanwa parts if you really, really must have a Sanwa setup.

Would recommend 100%.

u/ilovedonuts · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

just putting this out there - hori rap 4 kai is normaly 150 and dips as low as $99

imho a better value if you want a current gen stick for some reason.
otherwise just buy used

u/theAmazingDead · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I have the HORI RAP4 Kai. It definitely does the job for me and is cheaper than the TE2. I did change out the buttons for Sanwas but I definitely didn't NEED to as the buttons it came with where fine.

u/WallRustt · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

thanks for a quick response on such an old thread, I decided to settle on this As a current gen one, I'm hoping it works with PC/Guilty Gear or I'm going to be pretty sad

u/theblackvote · 1 pointr/PS4

Probably this if you're planning on playing SFV.

It doesn't really matter what you use though as long as you feel comfortable with it. nuckledu does really well with a regular DualShock and luffy took 1st place at EVO for USFIV with a PS1 pad

u/ImaginaryEvils · 1 pointr/GameDeals

I mean I’ve been using the Xbox One pad for years so, if you really want to get into it a stick would be good, Hori makes a good ones, and they also make good pads, so it is really up to you, though never think that what you use hinders your ability and skill, it’s all preference. I did some of the hardest loops/combos in Marvel on a Xbox 360 controller.

Though here some recommendations:



You could also look into Qanba stuff, you could go cheaper for fight sticks but the parts (buttons,stick) won’t be as high quality.

u/finonymouse · 1 pointr/Vocaloid

Depends on the button sizes you use, if you go with those 52mm buttons you could probably hack a Hori, just replace the top panel and reuse all the wiring and electronics. Probably cheaper in the long run. . . Don't think the arcade's 100mm buttons would fit in most off the shelf arcade sticks.

Check out these projects if you haven't already (Tomtortoise even has an instructable):




u/teapot_RGB_color · 1 pointr/Tekken

I feel like I have a lot of muscle memory on controller from other games as well.. so it's a bit rough transitioning to stick. Never played any arcade, but (same as you) played on controller since PS1.

I bought a Hori Rap4 Kai I don't know if it's a good stick or not for tekken, but I saw it was generally favorable reviews, so maybe someone else can answer that.

One thing I will say though, I bought the Tekken 6 bundle that came with a cheaper stick. And I won't do that ever again, that stick was not good quality.

u/corgibuttes · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

That is a slightly upgraded version with quieter buttons and stick. Never tried it so can't tell you if it's worth the extra 30 for that alone.

Here's the 150$ version:

u/DrHasbeen · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

So, I'm going to be trying to get into the game and having been looking into picking up a Hori Real Arcade Pro (Unless there's a better choice around that price range). I'm going to be playing on PC and was just wondering how setting that up with the drivers and everything will be. I'm really excited to be joining the SF community, I've always watched with interest from the Smash Bros side of venues and figured now would be a good time to bridge the gap and try it out! I'm also lucky to have a few friends who are willing to teach me the game and hopefully be practice partners as I learn the ins-and-outs of true 2D fighters.

u/DJXtremist · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Similar except for the layout/placement of the buttons.

The Rap 4 uses a Vewlix layout with the start/options button directly to the right of the buttons and is the cheaper of the two


The RAP N uses the Namco Noir layout, is slightly smaller and has the start button in a little compartment to the upper right of the buttons and is slightly more expensive

u/poeticpoet · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

Ok first off hi! I'm beatlemnkyhuman a.k.a Jesus nice to meet you.

You don't need a stick

It's a luxury. Sticks are pricey and custom sticks can get really pricey. I've heard of players buying sticks and never using them so some buy them just for the swag but it is no longer needed.

Luffy won evo and went pro with a ps1 pad and he still uses a ps1 pad.

Punk went pro on pad, nuckledu is pro on pad coolkid plays pad.

you no longer need a stick

A stick will not make you better.
Contrary to popular belief a stick is not magic.

You will still have to work. In my personal experience, it took me 3 months or so to get over pad and get used to stick. If you did not grow up with a stick then there's no reason.

Next thing, if you did grow up with a stick then your memory maybe rose tinted in that your remembering being better then you ever were. Sticks take work just like pad.

If after all this you still want a stick:

I recommend focus attack for custom art work and big e customs for custom designs as that's what I use

[the te2 is the pro standard. Amazing stick, easy to mod. Sanwa buttons and sanwa stick.] (

some players prefer the hori rap4 with hori parts. It's cheaper so the stick is a little more loose. Hori parts fully and difficult to mod

the qanba drone is seen as a cheap alternative. Sanwa buttons i think and if not it can be modded easily. Known to not last

The qanba dragon is a monster of a stick that goes for 300 and the obsidian goes for 200.

EDIT: The razr panthera is a pro favorite as well, impossible to mod the artwork but an amazing stick for 200

If you want to go custom from the ground up then you can do allfightsticks. Com which will give you a sleek heavy steel frame or marvelous customs.

Each of those custom sticks will run you 300 plus.

You can even go wood frame which may be even more expensive.

Good luck.

u/e39 · 1 pointr/RetroPie

You'd need to find something that's PS4 and PC compatible, then it should work.

For $150, it doesn't get much better than the HORI Real Arcade Pro

u/gommerthus · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I just pulled the trigger on the HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3:

To top things off, Amazon offered me free trial Prime for 2-day shipping, so I should be getting this within 2 days or so.

Here's my rationale behind getting this stick:

  • good reviews, only negative point was not much palm rest room
  • works between PS3/PS4. Meaning that when I plug into my PC, I'll leave it on PS3 mode and dxinput will just work(which is crucial for SF V operation and not needing to fiddle with 3rd party keyboard mappers)
  • Since it works on PS4, in the off-chance I bring it to a PS4 console, I am not worried(though I just need to remember to switch it to PS4 mode).

    Soon as this thing arrives, I will quickly pre-order SF V on Steam, and hopefully get beta access, and test this sucker.
u/cmloe · 1 pointr/Fighters
u/imdabessmeng · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

I played on a pad but made the switch to an arcade stick about 8 years ago? I had only been playing fighters for a year on a pad at that point and it was a pretty difficult switch. Took me at least a couple months but personally I feel playing on a stick is a lot more fun!

That said, the cheapest option for a fight stick right now would be the HRAP4. You don't have to buy a stick any cheaper than this because they're really bad and not worth it.

u/Kaissy · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I'm thinking about getting a fight stick, but should I wait until there are more ps4 options? Right now there seems to be only one fight stick on sale that works with ps4 and pc. Should I get this, or just buy a xbox/ps3 one and wait for more options?

u/CherryDrank · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

What model is it? Looks like it's $150 new on Amazon now.


u/lixecon · 1 pointr/Fighters

So, if I may pick your brain a little more, what is this difference between this and this ? Mainly, is the price gap worth it?

u/Real_nimr0d · 1 pointr/fightsticks

When I look at the amazon page here:

it says on description that it has Hayabusa stick but kuro buttons but as u scroll down to the image below, it says its both hayabusa stick and buttons, also if you look on the product image of the box, it says kuro buttons, i'm so lost right now. XD

u/Ezience · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I just want a stick that works on PC and that i can bring to tournaments. If the Quanba didn't work i was looking at the new HORI one What do you think?

u/PM_ME_YOUR_LOINS · 1 pointr/DeadOrAlive
u/chuyqwerty · 1 pointr/Brawlhalla

So you use Joy2Key for that? You could use that Mayflash adapter so that you dont need sofware.

I use the Wii Classic (non pro version) and the only other controller I tried that I like (I bought like 5 or more, no joke) is the Hori Commander 4 (

This one is plug and play with no adapter (but you cant taunt unfortunately, unless BMG allows us to bind taunts to buttons). So I might switch to this one soon cuz it does feel more responsive than my Wii Classic (I think the adapter adds a bit of delay).

Edit: Also, it works on PS4 so once Brawlhalla hits PS4 and there are lan tourneys using the PS4, we ready son. lol

u/ddukesterman · 1 pointr/GameSale

It is not skinned with any MKX art. It is just like this,

u/Hmongster · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

any feedback/reviews on the hori controller pad 4, they actually on sale right now on amazon ($30 instead of 45), i may take one as a spare controller

u/GeneralRose · 1 pointr/RetroPie

Something like this PS3/4 controller should work for you.

HORI Fighting Commander 4 Controller for PlayStation 4/3

u/Ovis_Cantus · 1 pointr/killerinstinct

HORI Fighting Commander

Mortal Kombat X Pad

PDP Versus (this one isn't actually that good, but it's cheap and easily replaced)

Pad options are fairly limited. You can also just stick with an Xbone/360 pad, which work just as well.