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u/Retsam19 · 109 pointsr/Games

As someone who wanted to play PS Vita games but didn't really want to buy a Vita, a Playstation TV turned out to be a good option: it costs like $80 (EDIT: /u/MrRatt points out that it's on sale for $45 on Amazon), and plays Vita games on the TV (using a PS4 controller).

$80 is a bit much if P4G is the only Vita game you want to play, but there are a few other decent Vita games.

EDIT 2: /u/BokuNoPickle rightly points out that the VitaTV doesn't support all PSVita games (particularly those that require the touch screen); /r/VitaTV have a post with resources for figuring out which games will work.

u/MrRatt · 54 pointsr/Games

The Playstation TV doesn't cost $80 anymore. It's at $45 on Amazon right now.

u/drummererb · 42 pointsr/gaming

I only play one "Vita" game on my Vita, and that's Persona 4 Golden. The rest of my use on my Vita is the remote play when I'm at work, in bed, or the kids wanna use the television. 100% worth it for me. I have no obvious input lag I ever run into. It's great.

EDIT: Here are two accessories I bought for my Vita, due to my large hands I felt these were necessary. If you've ever felt like your hands were too cramped using a Vita, look into these.

HORI "Remote Play Assist" Case I bought this before I realized you cannot change controller layout when using remote play. Many game devs put the extra buttons (like L2/R2 L3/R3) on the stupid touch screen, and you're stuck with it. The gray buttons this case adds only touches the back of the Vita. It did save my butt on games like Uncharted and Last of Us. Plus it makes the handheld thicker and has palm grips. So even if you don't use the triggers much, it's a great feel.

Analog Stick High Covers Again for my big hands, the low profile sticks wasn't cutting it for me. I did find after a month I had to take off the Right Stick cover cause it was too tall and hitting X would often push the stick down. The Left Stick cover is PERFECT for me.

u/derfasaurus · 27 pointsr/vitahacks

I got this one when it was in stock for $29.
PSVita 2000, it just add L2/R2 not L3/R3. On RDR2 I was able to change the controller configuration so that I used the front touch screen for weapon selection and squatting.

u/Recalesce · 18 pointsr/Games

2 PS Vita : $398 (@ $199 ea)

Switch : $299

That's without considering that you'd have to buy two copies for the Vita.

u/greymousie · 15 pointsr/vita

No one's suggested Danganronpa, re: games? Gotta fix that.

As a female vita owner who also likes J-games, I'm going to recommend Danganronpa. If you think your wife would like a game about teenagers trapped in a school and forced to kill each other, where one of the main characters is an animatronic wise-cracking bear. And if she doesn't already have it.

...only if she likes to read, though, since it's a visual novel (with mini-games and wandering around the school, but still a ton of reading).

If she likes that, there are two other Danganronpa games + a future game on the horizon.

If she ends up liking visual novels, there's also the Steins;Gate visual novel and Virtue's Last Reward (which I haven't yet played myself but have been assured is fantastic).

I also totally second P4G. And Project Diva, if she likes rhythm games. And maybe Hatoful Boyfriend, if you think she'd like dating pigeons.

There are also a bunch of classic PS1 JRPGs available for the vita via the PSN store for super-cheap, like Final Fantasy and Suikoden.

Can't help too much with accessories, except to say that you should definitely get her a big memory card if you can, and that the P4G Dancing All Night Collector's Edition includes a neat pouch and vita skin. Depends on whether she's into P4G, though.

Edit: quick grammar fix

u/sourmilkandcereal · 14 pointsr/Megaten

This post is adorable. I like the enthusiasm. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.


>I dont really understand why he killed Miyamoto or Saki, was it just for fun??

Yeah, Adachi flat says he did it cause he was bored. Adachi is basically a man child who cries because his life didn't go the way he wanted it. And he got pissy about it. He's an egotistical dick. And I think that makes him a great villain.

> I was thinking either Arena or Dancing All Night, but I don't have a vita so is it worth getting a vita for Dancing All Night?

Or,or,'s a crazy idea...(whispers) Play Persona1-3.

But to answer your question. Yes it is worth getting a PlayStation TV in order to play Dancing All Night. Seriously don't buy a Vita just for it. A PSTV is the much better and cheaper option. It's basically a Vita that you can plug into your TV. It can play Vita carts and works with every numbered Persona game and Dancing All Night. Regaurding Arena. Just buy Ultimax it has DLC that covers the orignal Arena story for 10 bucks. So there really is no reason to buy vanilla Arena.

> I didnt really like the ending that much

Did you get the true ending? If so. I guess P4G has more definitive closure if you seek it. Since it expand on the ending a bit.

u/Shiblem · 13 pointsr/PS4

I bought this one, works very nicely as long as long the game doesn't force you to use touchscreen controls (like FFXV).

Edit: just found out if you mod the Vita you can set the grip compatible control scheme for all games.

u/MrZestyBurrito · 12 pointsr/vitahacks

It's pricey, but found the back touchscreen completely unusable without it. The grip makes using those buttons much easier.

u/BeriAlpha · 12 pointsr/vita

I use a dock, and I haven't had any issues, so maybe that's a good recommendation for you?

u/LatinGeek · 12 pointsr/gaming

-Sony is a good guy for using the same non-proprietary power plug for 19 years, even though they didn't (but it's still ok because the PS3 used a different non-prop plug!!!) and they're not bad guys for charging extra for memory cards with a mixed pinout from their other proprietary memory cards, or, well, literally any fuckin other proprietary cable (the pre-microUSB Ericsson phones and their handhelds being the biggest at fault here)

-a disturbing amount of redditors can't spell "cord"

u/Gundato · 11 pointsr/vita

I use the CTA grips which are basically the Nyko one without the built-in battery as I have read a lot of reports of that battery being cheap and failing pretty quick.

I have fairly large hands, and they work pretty well. And they are dirt cheap, which is also a bonus.

And you can use them with the official PS Vita carrying case just by cutting off the small strap used to connect to the vita. Which is also nice.

u/Moulinoski · 11 pointsr/retrogaming

There’s a thing you can buy for your Vita that “adds” L2/R2 buttons. It’s apparently easier to find for the second generation Vita but it also exists for the first one.

For 2000

For 1000

u/Jebobek · 10 pointsr/Games

Why is this 32gb fucker $69.01 when A Sandisk 32gb costs $18.88?? For Christ's sake Sony you wonder why people aren't buying your vitas and you're making these prices up?

u/BleuberryCream · 10 pointsr/vita

Why does it show up like that? Here is the non-weird version in case you guys wanted it.

u/KuroGW2 · 9 pointsr/vita

First of all, mandatory gif.

Theres a big chance we are going to have a flash sale tomorrow, if not, next friday, so, you could wait to see if we get one tomorrow and look if they have something you are interested.

If theres no sale tomorrow, you can buy Persona 4 Golden from the PSN at 30 USD or physical from amazon at 20 USD, the game is totally worth any price, is a long game, my first run was like 70 hours, one of the best games I have ever played, just have in mind that is the most JRPG thing you will ever play, 75% of great dialogues and 25% dungeons with challenging boss fights.

u/myfishisbad · 9 pointsr/vita
u/night1090 · 8 pointsr/vita

Uh, its been $50 on amazon for months.

u/BigOnAnime · 8 pointsr/vita

If you order from Amazon Japan, it'll arrive in less than a week, and is currently about $180 WITH shipping. Ordering from Amazon Japan is about as easy as the US Amazon once you change the language to English using the globe towards the top right.

u/Xylobe · 8 pointsr/vita

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I really don't think a screen protector is necessary. I've had my Vita since 2012 and even after having dropped it more than a few times there's not so much as a scratch on it. As far as a case is concerned I definitely recommend getting a hard-shell one since the Vita's sticks are exposed unlike the 3DS'. This is the one I'm currently using, it's definitely bulky but it has plenty of room to hold 10 games plus the charging cable so I think that makes up for it. If you want to see how thick it is relative to a slim Vita let me know and I can take a picture.

u/the_settlements · 8 pointsr/PS4

They came out with a casing that added R2/L2 and R3/L3 buttons instead of using the rear touch pad.

u/Zerkom122 · 8 pointsr/vita

First off thanks for serving.

For accessories definitely get a screen protector.

I have a silicon case on mine I got from GameStop but just get one you like but one that’s still slim so you can pocket it.

I also have this pouch that you can put your games, charger, and system in.

Sony Pouch

As for your games as long as there ps vita compatible and it’s the same account you should be able to download them. Memory cards are expensive though.

I’m not sure what games you like but some of my favorites are Soul Sacrifice Delta, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, and Metal Gear Solid.

Again thanks for serving and hope you come home ok.

u/arof · 7 pointsr/JRPG

The physical copy on amazon is down to a regular price of $25, in case you don't have memory space to spare or prefer physical copies.

u/faux_grass · 7 pointsr/GameDeals

IMO, the Borderlands 2 bundle is still the better deal. It costs $195 but you can sell the BL2 code for at least $20. Plus, with the bundle, you get the proprietary (dumb) 8gb memory card which should get you by... they're expensive on their own.

u/taximan6430 · 7 pointsr/vita

You can still buy them new in the States on Amazon.

PlayStation TV

It would seem that Amazon Japan would have it available as well.

u/Lundiadin · 7 pointsr/vita

Got one of these, and I love it. Pretty much a must have for me for any game with heavy L/R 2/3 usage. I’m garbage with rear touchpad accuracy.

u/tremens · 6 pointsr/cordcutters

Huh? No. It's a PlayStation Vita without the screen attached and a somewhat more limited selection of games/apps (games available directly from the PSN store are here.)

You do NOT "need a PS4 as well," but if you do have a PS4 you can use it as a Remote Play console to play and control the PS4 from another location over the network.

Note that this does NOT appear to be the bundle that includes a DualShock 3 controller, so you'll really want to either already have one or figure buying that too, which would degrade the value of this deal (I've seen the PSTV w/DS3 and an 8GB memory stick for around $100 not too long ago.)

EDIT: Amazon has the bundle with controller for $100, but no memory card included.

u/fuska · 6 pointsr/PS4

If you are looking for a console based way to play PS1 classics (and the amazing JRPGS on the vita/PSP) try out a Playstation TV it is essentially the hardware of the Vita without the super expensive screen and battery. It plays any Vita game that doesn't REQUIRE touch screen/camera/gyroscope. Here is a semi partial list of the games you can play on it

  • Final Fantasy 1-X-2, Tactics
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin

  • Persona 3: Portable

  • Persona 4 Golden (That HD re-release you've clamored for)

  • Persona 4 Dancing All Night (The most embarrassing game ever made)

  • Ys: Seven

  • All the NIS America games that released on PSP

  • Valkyria Chronicles 2

  • Ys: Memories of Celceta

  • Steins;Gate

  • Corpse Party

    TONS more games, check out the digital PSP classics page on PSN, it can play all of those
u/reckless-man · 6 pointsr/vita

I have this one in white for my Slim...

u/Nefarious-Tuna · 6 pointsr/vita

You might have better chance on a subreddit like /r/gameswap

Besides, trading a cradle for Declassified isn't exactly a great trade considering Amazon sells it for $11.70.

u/Sheetrockk · 6 pointsr/vitahacks

if you wanna compare screens.

The slim feels nicer in my hands, is a good but lighter, uses a regular usb micro cable, but colors look bleached out.

I would get the 1000 this grip case and this dock

u/thekenzo · 6 pointsr/vita
u/wishful_cynic · 6 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

Hit left on the D-pad & triangle/circle/X/square at the same time.

Also, buy this.

u/brash · 6 pointsr/vita

Get something like the Nyko Power Grip or CTA Digital Grip (no battery)

I can now hold the Vita comfortably for long stretches and the design of the grip keeps your fingers off the touchpad

u/gunzerke · 6 pointsr/vita

I'd question why the console bundle has a placeholder of May 31, but the standalone game has one for December 31.

u/anaharae · 5 pointsr/vita
u/ryanmatic · 5 pointsr/vita

I use the official travel pouch. I like it great so far, and it fits nicely in my day pack.

u/Arietty_ · 5 pointsr/vita

Whatever you do, do NOT get this one.

The shipping date was fine because I ordered mine as the PS slim came out it was expected to be back ordered but not only did it smell HORRIBLE and it still does 2+ months later, but the card pockets are upside down, so they will fall out. Also, to top it all off, the inside of it picks up lint like you would not believe.

I hate to rage on the case so hard but there's not much I can say thats good. I hope this helps.

u/DefiantHeart · 5 pointsr/vita

vita case

u/corzaftw · 5 pointsr/vita

Nyko Power Grip.

I carry them, sometimes, in the store I work at. We sell out the second anyone gets to feel them. I absolutely love mine, they make it feel like you're holding a dual-shock and not just a little portable system. They are a bit big for packages, but they do include an astounding battery pack (extra ~6 hours of life during gameplay). In short, I didn't charge my vita for over a month (didn't use it) and it still has 20% battery life.

The PDP Grips are good, but not nearly as comfortable as the Nyko grips. I've used both, and sold both, never seen the Nyko's come back, people return/trade in PDP all the time.

u/LordTwinkie · 5 pointsr/PS4

if you do i really recommend some grip attachments. especially if you got bigger hands, i have these but they are on the big side there are smaller ones. i suggest you check out /r/vita

u/snooogins23 · 5 pointsr/vita

I post this one everytime I see someone asking. Fits 10 games can fit charging cables if u roll them up. Right now its 20$ I only paid 15$, it may be available on ebay for cheaper, but I got mine through amazon. Its pretty durable for being a soft shell.

Also I suggest searching /r/vita and you will see multiple other threads on cases. That's how i found out about this one.


You don't need to buy a vita. All you need is to buy a Playstation TV and a copy of Persona 4 Golden for vita. The Playstation TV plays most Vita games including Persona 4 Golden. It has a game slot cartridge so even physical vita games work. It hooks straight to your TV via HDMI. This is what I used to play P4G and it was well worth it!

u/aquaka · 5 pointsr/Persona5

I got mine from amazon. If you have a PS4 or PS3 controller, it will be $50 for the PSTV and $20 for P4G. If you don't have a controller, there is a PSTV bundle with one for $80.

So basically, if you have a controller it will be $70, otherwise $100. Links below:



u/Andrew129260 · 5 pointsr/PS4

Buy a playstation tv for like $20 at a local store like gamestop or craigslist and get persona 4 for like $20.

Added bonus of a new system with some awesome games and another persona awesome adventure!

u/j3rk_al3rt · 5 pointsr/vita

It's actually been at that price on Amazon for several months now.


u/EzioSC5 · 5 pointsr/FinalFantasy

Get a PSTV and play the Vita version would be absolutely the cheapest.

u/QuietJackal · 5 pointsr/vita

Not quite that...the playstation TV is a mini-console that you hook up to your TV, and you can use a dualshock 3 or 4 to play the games, it takes vita games and memory cards, but comes with 1GB of storage.

Playstation TV

Edit- Simply put it is a Vita in the shape of a console.

u/Xgamer4 · 5 pointsr/vita

Not the one he's talking about:

And no, the internal memory isn't accesible by anything but the system, so you need a memory card.

The Borderlands 2 bundle comes with an 8GB card, which may or may not be enough for you (though apparently the DLC takes up a very large chunk of that). 16GB cards routinely run you $30-$40, 32GB cards are generally around $60-$70, and 64GB cards tend to be around $80-$100.

Yes, those prices are absolutely ridiculous. Welcome to owning a Vita.

u/KonichiwaB1chez · 5 pointsr/vita

The L2/R2 Load Grip is what I use for remote play, but I bought it before HORI released an L3/R3 model earlier in September.

u/black_shirt · 5 pointsr/vita

Amazon has new blue vitas

u/bigdaddycruiser · 5 pointsr/vita

Use this case every single time I play remote play and I absolutely love it BUT there is a better one:

This one has support for L3/R3 compatibility as well. Both are extremely comfortable, but I will say even with the 2000 model the one you posted can get pretty heavy over time. I think it's weighted a bit off, but that being said, I played a majority of my playthrough of Nier using the case you posted and it worked flawlessly. That game requires a lot of R2 mashing and it never skipped a beat.

u/jalaldinho · 5 pointsr/gaming

[L2 / R2, L3 / R3 buttons mounted] Remote Play assist attachment for PlayStationVita (PCH-2000)

u/T-S-K · 5 pointsr/vita

Amazon Japan Link

Right now this item can not be shipped outside Japan from Amazon.

Here is a link from Paly-asia, if you are interested

Play-asia Link

u/BlamelessVestalsLot · 4 pointsr/Megaten

If you're thinking of buying a Vita do not buy it now, if you can wait 30 days get the Vita 2000 Borderlands 2 LE which comes with a Vita 2000, Borderlands 2, and an 8GB memory card which is about a $250 ish deal for $200.

And the great thing is if you don't want to play or don't really care for borderlands 2 you can easily trade it or sell it for $30 and get yourself a free Persona 4: Golden. It's what I plan on doing.

The Vita 2000 is an improvement in basically every way. People are 50/50 on the screen quality the Vita 2000 does not use OLED which makes colors more vibrant like the original model did, it uses LCD. The reason for this is because there was a nasty screen defect that could sometimes permanently "print" whatever is at the screen at the time, or will just display lines, spots,ect. This is only noticeable wherever it was dark in the screen. For me I'm against any defect, but people would prefer screen quality over no defects.

u/Pterodacton · 4 pointsr/PS4Pro

The official PlayStation wireless ones are decent enough, they're comfortable, have an equaliser you can set to your liking, and they're relatively cheap now. The microphone is hidden within the headset too which I think is pretty neato.

Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 - Black (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)

Full disclosure - the noise floor when in wireless mode is pretty high, however they come with a 3.5mm jack cable to use them wired which solves that problem if it bothers you. Also the surround sound mode is of dubious usefulness.

u/DarkenRaul1 · 4 pointsr/Persona5

Ever heard of Amazon my good man?

u/OctoSevenTwo · 4 pointsr/persona4golden

Do you already own a PS4? I would go on Amazon and buy a PSTV. It’s a tiny little thing but it can play Vita games on your TV screen, and you can buy/download PS1 games as well so there’s more value. You do need to purchase a new controller to use with the system (I could be wrong), but those don’t cost all that much. I suggest getting a Dualshock 4 (basically a PS4 controller) as there’s some minor stuff you can so woth the touch screen.

  • Persona 4 Golden on Amazon

    $20.53 (based on lowest-priced option I found)

  • PSTV


  • Dualshock 4 Controller


    So far, using all the cheapest options, that runs you $313.97.

    You may be able to find certain things for cheaper, not sure.

    Edit: Apparently the Vita goes for cheaper than the PSTV, clocking in at $220.

    Swapping out the PSTV for the Vita brings the total down to $283.52.

    Edit 2: I suck at math and logic. You wouldn’t buy a controller if you bought a Vita. Final price is $240.53.
u/cr0n1c · 4 pointsr/GameDeals

They recently dropped the price to $79.99, still a good deal nonetheless.


u/DragonDDark · 4 pointsr/PS4

Would you buy a PSTV for it?

It's $47 on amazon

Game is like super cheap right now. So overall It will cost you maybe less than $60.

u/mrvectorabd · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Except Amazon

... and Gamestop

Bestbuy apparently doesn't even sell Vitas at all anymore.

u/Mahboishk · 4 pointsr/vita

As far as I can tell, sadly no. You could try one of those grip cases that add physical triggers. Here's one for Vita 1000, and another for Vita 2000.

What I did was a lot cheaper and janky. I just took a couple strips of scotch tape and stuck them on the rear touchpad, covering the area that R&C uses for strafing. The tape still lets your touch inputs work, but it adds a bit of tactile feedback that really helps compared to just flailing around with no purpose :P Make sure to use matte tape instead of glossy, so it actually feels different!

u/NicoFar22 · 4 pointsr/vita

my bad, here is the link
This thing is worth its weight in gold my friend!

u/cstrife991 · 4 pointsr/vita

Lol wut "1000 bucks"

u/Cornholio309 · 4 pointsr/PSP

While playing Vita on the PSP games is certainly feasible and looks great, I'm not sure if I can recommend it personally as the best "nicer experience", and this is coming from somebody who thinks the Vita is pretty awesome.

The issue is that the Vita has proprietary memory cards and, as of this writing, there's a lack of any sort of commercial adapter that can overcome the issue. There have been some "proof of concepts", but nothing has been released commercially and it might stay that way for a good while. The proprietary memory card prices are insane, and if you plan to store a lot of PSP titles on the Vita, you're going to have to shell out a fair amount of money. PSN spoofing also died a while back, so the only way to get Adrenaline/ARK (both applications that would allow you to play any PSP ISO on your memory card) would be to use a PS3 to transfer a valid PSP title to your Vita.

Honestly, I'd go with the 3000 if you could get a decent screen protector as it's the best bang for your buck. You could grab that, grab a microSD card adapter (giving you tons of room to store games), then install CFW. Pro CFW and LME CFW let you bring up a menu that looks like this on your XMB just by pressing select. You can change the USB Device to "UMD", plug it into the computer while a UMD is inserted, and then drag and drop the ISO that pops up into your computer. Doing this, you can place it back onto your memory stick (after changing the storage device again), and you've dumped your title!

The Go would probably be my second choice. I found my hands cramped up with it if I used it on games that relied heavily on the L and R buttons, but outside of that it's surprisingly portable and nice to use. It doesn't have any existing microSD adapter I can think of however, so you're stuck with the 16GB built-in memory unless you can grab another proprietary card. There's no way to dump your UMDs either unless you use your 1000 to do so (by doing the same method I suggested above with the 3000 - you'll have to update your PSP however).

2nd edit: Actually you might be okay on 6.39. The menu I'm describing I think exists in that CFW as well.

u/Conjo_ · 4 pointsr/VitaTV

It can only use the official memory card. A proprietary one made by Sony. This one. They're available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

u/ShinShinGogetsuko · 4 pointsr/patientgamers

I highly recommend getting a grip that basically turns the Vita into a controller with a screen. It'll make it infinitely more comfortable to play. I got this one, but there's a bunch of other options as well.

u/valthonis_surion · 4 pointsr/vita

I have a OLED Vita and ended up with this one after trying a couple. Looks similar to the Nyko Power Grip, minus the battery.

u/Blindjanitor · 4 pointsr/vita

I always recommend the Butterfox case for storage/travel. Lots of room for everything and most importantly you don't have to worry about zippers potentially scratching the console when you take it out or put it away.

I have heard its got a strange smell when you first get it(mine didn't), so maybe let it air out or take some febreeze to it.

u/GunFishin · 4 pointsr/vita

Wouldn't mind Dualshock 3 pairing as well for Vita, PSP and PS1 games. My Vita grip actually has a built in stand function:

u/gwain21 · 3 pointsr/vita

This vita cradle? If so then i'm not sure if its trade value is quite that of a full game.

u/IceBreak · 3 pointsr/vita

32 GB, $82

16 GB, $47

> how easy is it to transfer the contents of 1 memory stick to the other?

It is long and bothersome, but possible. It can only be done as a complete copy. Backup the card to the PC and restore the second card. Took me 2-3 hours to back up 24 GB.

u/Mr_Podo · 3 pointsr/vita

What if I told you, you could get 32gb cards on Amazon for 80bucks.

u/antisocially_awkward · 3 pointsr/Games

The 32 is $73 on amazon. And if you import it from Japan the 64 is 104.

u/TurtleCowz · 3 pointsr/samsung

Follow up to this comment for OP:

This 64GB micro SD card looks like a good replacement.

It's by Samsung and its designed for smartphones and tablets. Plus it isn't overpriced like one might expect for an accessory by the same company.

cough The PS Vita. cough

u/ps_vita · 3 pointsr/vita

I paid $49.38 for a new 32GB Vita memory card at Best Buy in October 2013. That was a good price back then, and it still is now. heck, according to camelx3, the lowest price amazon has ever had is $59.50.

the 64GB cards don't really go on sale, as they aren't officially available in North America. So if you are going to import one, there is no time like the present.

u/Protomango · 3 pointsr/vita

Really well done review, I'm interested in it but I had planned to grab a Waterfield case for it, and I'm 99% sure it won't fit inside the case with the grips attached.
By chance, does anyone would know if the grip + Vita would fit in the PSV travel case?

u/poopnuts · 3 pointsr/vita

I bought this one. It's very compact and snug. I just used it for a trip back in September. It fit my Vita with silicone skin, charger with both cables and four games.

u/FortunePaw · 3 pointsr/vita
u/MzTredecim · 3 pointsr/vita

As you're in the EU, I'd check out the Kelux Grip in place of the Assist grip. It looks like CTA Grip which is the Nyko Power Grip without the battery. I love the feel of my Nyko so the Kelux should be good.

u/Evan11900 · 3 pointsr/vita

Get this:

CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip by CTA Digital

and these:

Bluecell Set of 14 Pcs Game Control/Controller Joystick Pad Cover for Sony Playstation PSV PS Vita by Bluecell

makes the feel 10x better :-)

u/holz55 · 3 pointsr/vita

This grip.

It's kind of ugly, and you can't charge while it's attached, but it's very comfortable.

There were a couple other grips I've been considering. I would love suggestions if anyone has a grip they love. I want one that doesn't block the charger port.

I would definitely recommend this grip, but I'm still on the lookout for a better one.

u/thecolemanation · 3 pointsr/vita

I tried this one and hated it:

But then I bought this one and it is amazing:

I'm sure if you search on Amazon you'll find the same one for the same price I got it (around $10).

Look for ones that expand the trigger grips and don't block the charger.

u/InebriatedKaiju · 3 pointsr/TwoBestFriendsPlay

That's what i use, it has a net that carries earphones, slots for cards, and what it doesn't show you is if you worry about the Vita falling out, there is straps under where the Vita is on that picture, that can be pulled over to strap in the Vita. The arm strap can be replaced, if you want a better one, like say the type of strap on a wii controller, that ties around your wrist.

Edit: I went to the site through google image, and didnt realize it was the UK version, this is the US version if that helps any more

u/precious_liar · 3 pointsr/vita

This case was under 15quid when I got it and it is perfect. It's where my Vita lives when it's not in my hands.

Also the official PSVITA battery pack is a pretty sweet deal, seeing as it's a high capacity battery and will charge anything.

u/The_Squiv · 3 pointsr/vita

I use a Butterfox case. It's a soft case. It's pretty decently padded and it's compact enough to travel easily. It fits in the pocket of my hoodie. It has two compartments. The compartment that holds games shows that it has 8 slots for games. Mine actually came with 10 slots, which is really nice. I can securely carry an extra memory card in that webbed pocket and I usually carry some earbuds and sometimes a usb cord for charging on the run. I really enjoy mine.

u/LoSouLibra · 3 pointsr/vita

That's what occurred to me when it was first listed, but after checking, many of their listings for retail releases had the same logo on the box art:

u/arcticfox00 · 3 pointsr/vita

Non-referral links:

|Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars| $25.50|
|Dragon's Crown| $19.99|
|Persona 4 Golden | $19.99|
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale| $9.99|
Resistance: Burning Skies|$9.99|
|Sly Cooper - Thieves in Time| $9.99|
|Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God:||
Limited Edition|$27.70|
Standard Edition|$22.05|

I don't feel like doing memory cards. They're on sale. They're still overpriced. [Here.]

u/Ferrum_animus · 3 pointsr/vita


PISEN USB battery charge adapter/converter for Sony Playstation PS Vita with Cosmos Fastening Strap

I have one of these and use a variety of other batteries to charge my vita - very convenient in my opinion.


u/Airules · 3 pointsr/vita

Have you tried to vitas charger?

I believe there's some resistance that's out across the data line that without it it won't charge.

You can buy a converter block that lets you use it in any standard charger.


This is the convertor I bought. Seems like it may or may not help you here...

u/lennyjew · 3 pointsr/vita

Isn't the Vita wired up like the Go was in the sense that the data transfer side of the usb needs to see a completed circuit for it to charge? It works for me when I use the cable I made for my Go. I know you can buy in line usb adapters that just short the data side to simulate a complete circuit.


That's what I'm talking about.

u/echobravoeffect · 3 pointsr/vita

I bought these unbranded ones from ebay for like $4. They're not wide as the PDP or the Nyko but it adds thickness and it gives my weird hands a better grip while laying in bed.

u/Rickrogue · 3 pointsr/vita

This is what I use on my Vita. under $5 shipped and work great. Nice solid fit with no wiggle, feel like a natural extension.

u/silverthorn1230 · 3 pointsr/vita

I've used three different grips but I've found this one to be the easiest to hold without sacrificing much portability.

u/turtle_mummy · 3 pointsr/vita

This one is extremely inexpensive but it works perfectly:

New Trigger Grips Black Compatible With PSVita Playstation Vita by Brainydeal

I love it love it love it. Seriously, for $4 just buy it and you can't go wrong. My only complaint is that my Vita doesn't fit in the case with the grip, but that's true for any of them.

u/beta_crater · 3 pointsr/gaming

GameStop and Amazon both have them new available online.

[GameStop] Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle - $199.99

[Amazon] Borderlands 2 - Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita Bundle = $199.00

Full disclosure: I do work at a Gamestop. Not that it matters I guess, but I like to be honest. Just trying to help out where I can!

u/Killericon · 3 pointsr/PS4

Sadly not. They almost certainly were going to, as the Vita-1000s have that unused port, but it was never actually done. You can get yourself a Playstation TV that is basically a Vita designed to use on a TV.

u/Unkultured · 3 pointsr/Gundam

Just look at it as a wired Vita.

If you purchase it by itself, you have to buy a Dualshock 3/4 and memory card, but there's also a bundle that comes with a DS3 and 8GB card. It should still be cheaper than a Vita either way.

u/lifetimeofnot · 3 pointsr/PS4

have you considered getting a playstation tv? You can use it to stream your ps4 games. So you could keep the ps4 in the living room and put the ps tv in your sons room. It also plays most vita games which is a nice bonus. Its also much cheaper than a ps4

amazon link:

u/waterflame321 · 3 pointsr/steinsgate - It's called a VitaTV. You buy one of these. Hook it to your TV via HDMI and then sync your ps3 controller to it. S;G 0 has been confirmed to work with with VitaTV. By default the VitaTV I believe has a 1GB internal storage but I'm not sure how much S;G 0 will need(what ever size launcher is plus saves) so you may require a memory card which you can buy a 8GB used for like 15 bucks.

u/ju2au · 3 pointsr/PS4

Get PlayStation TV for $65:

Amazon will also show that it's often purchased together with Persona 4 Golden.

u/johnnyrd · 3 pointsr/Games

You could emulate them im sure. Or you could get this and run them natively for cheap. I do know P3 emulates almost perfectly with ppsspp if you want to play it on a phone or pc.

u/Black_rose1809 · 3 pointsr/Persona5
u/ATrueBlueGamer · 3 pointsr/vitahacks

Assuming you're in your place of dwelling and not on the go, the PSTV. First it has native support for DS3/4 gamepads and supports L2/R2, L3/R3, and vibration for PS 1/2/3/4 games. Second it's 720p as opposed to 544p so your games will look better. You can also whitelist it to enable all games playable assuming they don't require the camera or microphone. There is also a plugin that allows for sixaxis support. All PSTV's have 1gb of internal storage and come with firmware less than 3.60 and you can manually update from there with a usb. You can then either use the offline installer after installing HENkaku for the first time or reinstalling it later as the webkit exploit is only temporary. You can also upgrade to the pre-hacked HENkaku Enso 3.65 but beware that not all custom apps and plugins are supported by it yet.

If you only want it as a handheld then get the Vita 2000 (Slim) as it fixes many of the Vita 1000 (Fat)'s flaws. It has 1gb of internal storage and a 16gb ps vita memory card (the PS TV supports vita memory cards btw) will last you over 50 physical games. It has over an hour of extra battery life and a PACK IN non-proprietary micro-usb charger. It's more ergonomic, slimmer and lighter but just as durable. The only real advantages that the vita fat has are the fact that you can replace the back touch panel, and that it has an OLED screen. The former can be mitigated with a carbon fiber skin and the latter will burn in or burn out eventually.

If you want remote play and custom firmware you will need ps4relink as even though you can sign into psn with firmware and PSN spoofing no PS Vita below 3.67 can be "activated" (i.e. legitimized) due to a change in protocol on Sony's end. One more thing, TheFLOW has successfully hacked OFW 3.67 and is releasing it at then end of this year/early next year anticipating the Vita's end of life. So if you have the patience I'd wait for that option since you can activate your PS Vita.

EDIT: Made revisions to grammar and spelling.

EDIT 2: Made further corrections.

u/LordAkeldama · 3 pointsr/playstation

An alternative can be buy a PSVita because they are a lot of PSP games compatible (do not know if all PSP titles are available). Plus, you can play PS1 titles as well. PSVita have a lot of great games too.

EDIT: Here is a deal of a used PSVita

u/luciit · 3 pointsr/otomegames

If you're wanting to dive into more in-depth stories for Otome, then I'd recommend investing in a PS Vita ! Although there aren't a lot of localization for JP released Otome to ENG, the neat thing about PS Vita is that it's region-free ! You'd need to change the system for it to read the game's content, as well as make a JP PlayStation Store account.

But even so ! There are plenty of localized Otome games via PSV, and some of the older ones on PSP have been ported to the PS Vita through the Store for a digital download ! I actually bought mine from Amazon. It's a tad bit more expensive than what I had bought it, but still worth it. They also give free shipping which is always a bonus ! Though, when buying just be careful which model you're getting. If you don't plan to play 5 Otome games at once, then I'd just recommend start without a SD card ( unless you plan to buy non-otome games for the PS Vita as well ). It's nice to have an SD Card, but if you plan just to buy one game for now, just go without it. You can always buy it later when needed. As far as other console, depending what region you're in, the Switch doesn't really have a lot of localized games aside from Breathe of The Wild being the biggest. If you really want to indulge in Otome games, then I'd suggest just getting a PSV as most Otome games are released excursively for the PSV only. PC released games aren't that popular in Japan, so it'd be worth to have your hands on a PSV for future games being released.

In terms which model to get, I believe for most people it's just preferences. The older PSV model's screen looks better to other users, or vise-versa where people like the weight of the newer PSV model. All about preferences, but they both play Otome games ( older or just released games ).

I don't want to go too detailed as it could get long for me, but if you want to read about the differences in the PSV models, then you can read the post on my Otome Amino to get a full in-depth of models comparison, as well as other information that you could find useful lol I'll eventually post it all here- though they're quite lengthy. then again this post is pretty lengthy as well orz

But ! If you need any help with anything, feel free to message me ! I'd love to help in anything or questions.

u/ZebraMuffin · 3 pointsr/vita

Is this what you're looking for? It's currently out of stock, but you can order it now and it will be shipped when it comes back in stock on the 9th.

u/PoopThatSmellsGood · 3 pointsr/vita

I recently got this L2/R2 grip, and so far, I like it a lot. It's comfortable and the added L2/R2 buttons open up a lot of possibilities. Check out this post I made about this grip and others on the market.

u/SupaBloo · 3 pointsr/vita

If you plan on doing remote play at all, you will want this. It will save you a lot of hassle. It adds buttons so that you don't have to use the touchpad on the back for L2/R2.

u/escorpio1987 · 3 pointsr/vita

Hi, if you allow me to add a recommendation in addition to what u/loco_ohno said. Remember that the PS Vita don't have a L2/R2 triggers, so if remote play it's your main reason to get a vita, I recommend to invest in a grip for the Vita with L2/R2 buttons.

Link for the Vita 2000 grip version so you know what to look for if you are interested:

u/shumpfy · 3 pointsr/gpdwin

I installed ps vita 2000 joysticks (not the cheap knockoffs that gpd uses, but the quality originals with built in rubber pads). I then use these clip ons that easily pop on and off these joysticks.

The caps will work on the original gpd joysticks, but can be hard to pop off. WIN joystick ARE vita 2000 joysticks.

Edit: I also removed the rubber from the left "mouse" joystick cap and welded the joystick top (shaved down the rest of it with a dremel) from an original xbox controller to it. Any normal sized joystick would do, I used the xbox because I had an old broken one and its relatively flat. It makes a big difference and is pretty close to a larger joystick. I'll post an image later

u/LifelessBeings · 3 pointsr/vita

these are great. Fair warning though. They're a bitch to remove. So don't get it if you're afraid of pulling on your analog stick and thinking it will break.

u/CReaper210 · 3 pointsr/vita

I have these stick extenders. They snap right on with a click. They won't accidentally come off and they're not so big that they block any buttons. It may take some getting used to because they are higher up, so your fingers may need to adjust slightly to hit the down DPAD and X buttons, but you'll find the sticks far more comfortable than normal.

If your problem with the vita sticks are that they don't feel like they have enough range to aim, then these are exactly what you want.

I use these in combination with the Nyko Power Grip, which also feels great. Though I'm thinking about buying the trigger grips for the Vita so I could compare the two.

u/inssein · 3 pointsr/vita

My mistake linked the wrong one , google search ps vita analog Stick cover. I got mine from Amazon . Amazon has a lot of different type stick covers, so check them out till you find one you like

u/bssmark · 3 pointsr/vita

It's really not that big at all. In the customer review section, go to "See all customer images" look at the last picture for a size reference. The Vita fits snugly in it. It's not overly hard like the plastic cases, it protects the console but the case has some give to it. It even has a little flap so you can pop the Vita out in a split second pretty much.

I love the thing, I go to a lot of doctor appointments and waiting in the pharmacy or something, when I bring it "whipping it out when idle" is exactly how I use it and it isn't unwieldy at all. Whatever you pick, good luck

u/Rufio6 · 3 pointsr/vita

The cheap Nexilus / CTA grip works well enough for me. The trigger grips seemed expensive so I held off.

eBay has the Hori trigger grip as well as another one in the $30 range that I'd consider if looking for triggers.

Here's an amazon link as well

u/mundane1 · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/ColorblindMonk · 3 pointsr/vita

I've got the Nyko Power Grip. Feels pretty good on the hands, and has a battery of its own that keeps my Vita going through the days in and out of sleep mode.

There's also this one particular grip that I've been eyeing that's geared for Remote Play users, adding 2 sets of triggers for the rear touch pad. It's import only, and a little pricey because of it, but real useful for PS4 titles that use the default Remote Play configuration.

u/TheRBCJoker · 3 pointsr/vita
u/helloalone · 3 pointsr/vita

Yup. The one I'm referring to is the one that /u/Rufio6 mentioned. This Hori grip has buttons for L2/R2 triggers plus L3/R3 on the back.

u/BoJimbles18 · 3 pointsr/vita

I recommend this one.

[L2 / R2, L3 / R3 buttons mounted] Remote Play assist attachment for PlayStationVita (PCH-2000)

u/Phoodles · 2 pointsr/vita

I just bought a used one from Amazon here: After a 25% discount that shows up in cart, the acceptable quality ones are ~$144. Mine didn't come with the memory card it was supposed to, so Amazon CS gave me a $28 refund. Vita is in fairly good condition and works great, not bad for $116 after the refund!

u/dowroa · 2 pointsr/vita

Ah, good point. My apologies.

>All-in-one Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle includes the new PS Vita Wi-Fi system, Borderlands 2 Full Game Digital Voucher, and 8GB Memory Card

u/MustMention · 2 pointsr/vita

I love the franchise, so I'm sure that makes me curve its grade better than most. But overall? Yes. I would have loved to have a 1:1 conversion of all content from Borderlands2 (especially TinyTina's adventure!), but I can still romp around in Lynchwood, listen to HandsomeJack's madness from start to finish, even take on the total conversion for the sand pirates of CaptainScarlett's addon, one of the two included. Combat feels more Ratchet&Clank than Borderlands, but it's still enjoyable and the hardware itself is a joy to hold and play on.

The biggest asset the game has on Vita is that excellent package I got mine with, where you get a memcard, the hardware, and a game to boot, all for cheaper than the regular price, or worse-case scenario, cheaper than purchasing the individual components separately. But the game feels more a fan's adventure than a standalone experience, so the current price of $20 (and sometimes $10!) is the perfect intersection between hours and hours of content and the level of gameplay. I'd still recommend, and highly recommend if you love the Borderlands franchise!

(My next hugely-anticipated title is the Vita version of XCOM, so I can buy it a 6th time, but even more portable this time around than on a full-sized tablet or eating battery off my phone!)

Exceptional conversation you've prompted on here, /u/KuronekoFan! Definitely enjoying all the responses, from yourself and all Vita VIPs!

u/Quietly-Confident · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

Awesome price! Just a pity it's the equivalent of $122 at my Amazon :(

u/LMW-YBC · 2 pointsr/PS4

The Sony Golds are a good choice at that price range. They offer great surround sound (or regular stereo if a game doesn't support surround), they can be used wired or wireless to match your preferences, and they're comfortable enough to wear for long sessions.

The only real problem with them is that the hinges aren't that good, although they should be fine as long as you treat them right.

u/yerknutz · 2 pointsr/RedditDads

I want to weigh in on the Sony Golds as well. Best wireless headset I have ever owned and comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. I put them to the test with Iron Banner in Destiny and would at times wear them for 3 - 4 hours a session with no issue.

u/muddisoap · 2 pointsr/vita
u/DarkPitStain · 2 pointsr/anime

Buy a PS TV. It's basically just a Vita that you plug into your TV, and it's spectacularly cheap.

$41 on Amazon right now.

There's also the Steam port, like others have said.

u/TheFailingPlayer · 2 pointsr/PERSoNA

They've seem to have gone up in price a little, but fish around eBay or Amazon for them because its lifespan has been over for awhile now. I've seen them go from ~$100-$150 used without any extras. Keep in mind you may have to shell out extra for memory cards and chargers, though buying a game cartridge rather than a digital download saves a lot more space. Still recommended to get an 4 or 8 GB chip though.

And they do cost more, but a PSTV is also a great investment depending on your tastes. Its not as portable as the Vita, but you get full screen support for TVs and you can play it with a PS3/4 controller.



Both are good choices and allows you to access almost every game in the series (minus P3FES, Q, Q2, the fighting games, and 5. Maybe one of the P2s also). You'll get your moneys worth if you want to get deeper into the series or explore the Vita's vast JRPG library.

u/Whimsical_Sandwich · 2 pointsr/vita
u/Cornelius280 · 2 pointsr/playstation

Not sure if it has to do with the fact that I am in the States, but I've been finding them regularly on Amazon.


u/Programmer_William · 2 pointsr/danganronpa

I think a lot of people are forgetting you don't need to buy a Vita to play Vita games. All the Danganronpa games are 100% playable through the PSTV.

They're literally like $40USD, even on Amazon.

Pick that up, and get Ultra Despair Girls!

u/Pegashush · 2 pointsr/velvet_room

It's basically the Vita's hardware framework but in a small box format that uses a PS3 controller and a TV in place of the Vita's buttons and screen. It's limited in what games can be played on it (the list is floating around somewhere) but it can play P3P and P4G. You can get it for like 40$ on Amazon -

u/goldwynnx · 2 pointsr/Games

Have you heard of the Playstation TV yet? While it doesn't have 100% of all the Vita games on there, it is going to be supporting some of the big ones that people want to play (Persona 4).

Full list of games that are supported here. Includes PS1, PSP, and Vita games.

It also has remote play with the PS4, and it's Playstation Now compatible.

For $100, can't really go wrong with all the things it does.

EDIT: I just read the the TLDR part, it sounds like you want it for the portable purposes, so that kind of makes my part pointless, but I'll leave it none the less for people that might be interested.

u/HappierShibe · 2 pointsr/Games

-Is loads cheaper.
-Supports any display with an HDMI input.
-Can use a regular Dualshock controller.
-Still portable; Basically perfect for business trips.

It's a damned shame retailers were so hellbent on killing the thing.

u/idownvoteallposts · 2 pointsr/retrogaming

In that case, I'm not sure any of these solutions are authentic aside from the PSIO SD Card mod. This is the Playstation TV and it uses a PS4 controller but you can play a ton of PSX games from PSN with it, (or hack it and add your own games):

And the Android boxes would be something like this:

But you would have to use an emulator and a bluetooth controller like a PS3/PS4/8BitDo controller with. They make great emulation boxes and are similar to raspberry pis in that regard, but depending on the specs of the box they tend to be a little more powerful and can support things like PSP game as well as the added benefit of Android apps like Netflix and Hulu. I have one hooked up to my tv that's been a pretty nice general entertainment box, and to be honest I've used it more than the higher end Nvidia Shield TV (which is the same thing but has exclusives like Android ports of Borderlands 2, Doom 3, Portal, and other old AAA games).

u/Kooreth · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I don't have a Vita, but I did pick up the playstation tv device over a year ago when I heard that it played Vita games. The great thing about it is that if you have playstation plus for your ps4/3 then you can get a free vita game each month as well and just play them on this mini console.

u/NoTalentss · 2 pointsr/vita

If your main use is streaming, here's some options:

If you have a TV at your bed and don't want to hog up the family TV, look into a [PSTV] ( Or, if you prefer portable and own a decent gaming PC, look into the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable. However, if none of these alternatives fit you, the PSVita with a cheap mem card and a remote play grip is your best bet.

u/cloroxbb · 2 pointsr/gaming

PS TV is $43.93

It has been $40 on Amazon for awhile now IIRC. I still don't think it is worth it though. Since the memory is still overpriced

u/TheEccentricModder · 2 pointsr/vitahacks

Amazon man, I just got one a couple days ago brand new for $42, I needed a second one so I could play the latest Vita games, couldn't really justify a second Vita lol. But yeah here's the link

u/librarian-faust · 2 pointsr/Disgaea

I'm assuming you're a US citizen, but... dood,

u/ThetaOmega · 2 pointsr/anime

The PSTV is a micro console that plays Vita games. It's compatible with a lot of the vita games, but not all. Persona 4 Golden is the first game I played on my PSTV when I got it. It was amazing.

It retails for around $60-$70 USD

I'm glad you mentioned PS4. I think there is some sort of sync feature, and I just got a PS4 not too long ago. I need to look into that.

A couple of downsides to the PSTV is that it is not compatible with the entire Vita library, and you are locked down to using Sony's proprietary vita memory cards instead of a standard SD memory card like the 3DS.

u/drakanwolf · 2 pointsr/finalfantasytactics

So, I've never actually tried Steam link. I have a TV mounted to the wall above my computer desk, so I usually just hook the PC up to the TV directly with an HDMI. It looks great, though.

If you're looking for a more console-ish experience, though, I can confirm that my brother has had great luck running my homemade version of the ROM (I ripped the ISO directly onto my PSP from my US region UMD, extracted it to the PC, and applied the WoTL Skill Slowdown Fix PPF) on a soft-modded PSTV (essentially the guts of a Vita with a TV-out) and it works perfectly.

u/boompoe · 2 pointsr/Megaten

You can get a PSTV for ~60 dollars and play it on that.

Heres an Amazon link

u/DookieTuesday · 2 pointsr/PS4

Well, for general emulation of older system - your best bet might be a phone if you have a semi-recent model. Just get a blue-tooth controller cradle, and maybe even check to see if your phone can cast it's screen to your TV for full-screen. You can even emulate the Dreamcast on modern android phones via Reicast.

I prefer the Vita - but there's some caveats. Most importantly, you have to install custom firmware, which is against Sony's terms of service. I've never heard of anybody being banned, but it's possible at pretty much any time. So if you go that route, make a new account that's not tied to your PS4's library. Installing CFW merely requires you to be on official firmware 3.60 and under, and then visiting a certain site. The process is pretty much automated. A better option may be the PSP - which has a much worse screen, but better controls for playing classic games IMO. You don't need a PSN login for the PSP, so no risk of being banned, and CFW is as easy to install as starting up a game. The Playstation (Vita) TV is another good option which will let you use a DS4 (or I assume compatible PS4 arcade sticks) - but functionally, works the same as the Vita. They're pretty cheap - but memory cards are ungodly expensive for meager space. Thankfully, with the PSTV running CFW, you can use USB thumb drives - and the Vita can now use SDCards via a Game Cart converter. In all of those cases, you'll need access to a PC at least temporarily (or maybe you can do it on a phone if there's a decent FTP server program) so that you can download and move the necessary files over.

There's very few actual emulators written so far for the Vita, and most of the ones you'll want are accessed through a homebrew called Adrenaline - which basically turns the Vita into a PSP. They just released a custom bubble installer for Adrenaline too, that way you can just launch the PSP emulator you want right from the home menu without having to actually go into Adrenaline first. On the downside, since these are all running via the Vita's built-in PSP functionality - you're limited to the PSP's specs... which means it can only emulate up to N64 era games (PSX games run great, N64 - not so much). No Dreamcast emulation, sadly. Maybe later natively on the Vita, but that's going to be a stretch.

Couldn't say much about the homebrew scene on the Xbox 360, since I haven't followed it. I'm sure there is. There's also an actual potential good reason to get a (cheap) Xbox One - since you can sign up for the Developer Program which will let you side-load homebrew/emulators onto the system. It doesn't seem very popular so far, and will require a connection to a Windows 10 PC.

Overall, I'd say the best and easiest bet would be to get a PSP 3000 for on-the-go, or if you want a more arcade experience in the livingroom, and you want it cheap - then a VitaTV and a good PS4 Arcade stick. Just, again... make sure it's running Official Firmware 3.6 or lower. The necessary exploits won't work on newer firmwares.

u/CaspianX2 · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

Amazon has it at the same price.

u/TheMechagodzilla · 2 pointsr/PS3

Does the PlayStation TV not allow you to remote play your games? I never got one, but that was my understanding of how it worked.

Edit: looks like I was wrong here's the Amazon description:
PlayStation TV

Appears that you stream PS4 games to it and can play a limited selection of PS3 games

u/Spockrocket · 2 pointsr/VitaTV

As a side note, Amazon has now price-matched this.

u/kotogo · 2 pointsr/vita

> Well, stability patches are still coming, and BL2 bundle is still selling...

I think the BL2 bundle is done and has since been replaced.

u/0ruiner0 · 2 pointsr/vitahacks

I just got mine today from amazon from this seller. DealZone Distributors for 240.00 US model and sealed. It came with 3.55. Just send them a message to make sure before you order. That is what I did.

u/fnnoobee · 2 pointsr/VitaPiracy

It's not an OLED one, but if you're willing to trade off a nicer screen for better battery life, slimmer profile and a slightly less quality screen (it's really not a bad panel), Above All Games on Amazon is selling new black PCH-2001 Sony Playstation Vita Slim Wi-Fi consoles for $224.00 new w/ free 2-day shipping for Prime members. I just recently bought one and can confirm it was brand new product with FW 3.55. Now running on 3.65 Enso CFW!
EDIT: Here's the link -

u/Rhybi · 2 pointsr/vita

No need to be so paranoid, amazon has good customer service and you can return it without any hassle n_n it's a lot more secure than getting a used one from someone off craigslist/kijiji at least. Also for the new ones on, the one I got was from Above All Games and they shipped to me in Toronto so see if that works for you? You can try play-asia as well but they're probably a lot more expensive.

u/TheObviousChild · 2 pointsr/vita

I got mine off of Amazon. I felt like an idiot and a let down to the gamer community of (which I've been a part of since my first NES) when I started to search for a Vita without realizing that it was discontinued in the States. Anyway, I didn't want to deal with the Japanese X/O button swap so I got one on Amazon for about $198 new. I was skeptical it would actually be brand new, but it was. I guess there's enough inventory still floating around out there.

u/zippoplease1 · 2 pointsr/vitahacks
is that a reasonable price? wasn't hard to find

u/GlobinBlopin · 2 pointsr/VitaPiracy

Well, if your willing to pay full price for a vita buy it from here: They are warrantied to be under 3.60 because Sony stopped support for it long time ago. But I still believe bidding on eBay is the best option, doesn't hurt to try.

u/tursleton · 2 pointsr/vita

I can imagine a Disney Vita bundle this summer... Or whenever it finally releases. I'm surprised there weren't special bundles for Freedom Wars or Vita Pets. And no new bundles for Holiday 2014... On 12/15/14, we got a barebones Vita release with JUST the system ONLY in Black. ...from the looks of the box it seems like it doesn't even come with a memory card or a single game.

They released it in a multitude of colors in Japan... White, Lime Green/White, Light Blue/White, Light Pink/White, it's sad they didn't bring ANY of those over here yet.

But yeah, a Disney bundle would be cool.... Maybe it'll come with a Special Edition Infinity 2.0 Designed System + Memory Card (16gb, hopefully as it's dropped in price recently and they'll FINALLY bring the 64gb card stateside) + Infinity 2.0 Game + Infinity Base + Exclusive Figures (in addition to Black Suit Spider-Man) + Epic Mickey 2 because why the hell not

u/quozzerx · 2 pointsr/VitaPiracy

When the heck did they get of expensive? I got mine for $30 and now there $50-$60?! I tried to find one, but it does not have the L3 R3,

u/JohnnyBoySoprano · 2 pointsr/Cod4Remastered

No problem. Here's the case I have, the white version, and here's the same case in black version. Great prices too. When I git mine you could only inport it from Japan. I had to pay extra and wait for it in the mail for like 3 weeks.

u/FunkTheMonkeh · 2 pointsr/vita

Yes they do, but I haven't used them. I get the appeal, especially for remote play.

u/SUPERDANldn · 2 pointsr/vitahacks

i bought these made a world of difference 100% NO HAND CRAMPS !!

also in white at $13

& for my grip



before that i had the PDA Trigger Grips .. was quite nice but still hand cramping ... i highly recommend the above

u/geauxwave · 2 pointsr/vita

As far as I know, that is the only grip worth getting. They do have them in stock, just with different color L/R2 Buttons. Scroll down on that page to "Recommendations", and you'll see one. I saw blue buttons, silver, and gold. They're $54 plus shipping, which is the going rate.

Here are the thumb stick covers to get:

Hope that helps.

*edited to fix spelling error

u/Unistic · 2 pointsr/deadbydaylight

I have two differebt grips. One that has l2/r2 on the front and back to help with what ever gane uses those touch screen sections.

Then another one that has an l2/r2 and l3/r3 all on the back.

I also brought some extenderds for the analog sticks cause i have big hands and they help with targeting in Destiny and other shooters.

Heres links to what I use:

Fyi: these grips work only for the ps vita slim versions.

u/rydavim · 2 pointsr/vita

I actually prefer the Vita sticks over the Switch ones, but I have fairly small hands. Any handheld's sticks are obviously going to be smaller and feel different as compared to a regular controller, though.

If you're planning on playing for extended periods of time, I would also recommend investing in some stick covers. I got a set of these, but YMMV -- plus they are more than twice as expensive as compared to when I bought them. There's tons of decently reviewed stuff out there, though.


u/crazymurdock · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I noticed that the PS, start and select buttons were the wrong shape. Then found this that had the right shape buttons, and also has the wider screen border (in the image they have just removed the logos)

u/alliswell33 · 2 pointsr/vitahacks

Good news! The white version I linked to is on 3.55. although they only have 1 more in stock so if you want it you need to get it soon. Do not get this one it came with 3.61, or at least for me.

u/godwearsblack · 2 pointsr/vita

Smatree P100 Carrying Case for PS...

DerBlue Black Replacement Trigger...

Case is awesome
Grip is great

Edit: these are for 2k model. The case has an option in case you have a slim case on it it's a tad bit bigger

u/Glowingtomato · 2 pointsr/vita

I use this case. It's not very small but on the plus side it has room for the charger and 10 games. I dont usually bring the charger so I put some earbuds and a microfiber cloth instead. It's served me well since February.

Smatree P100 Carrying Case for PS Vita , PS Vita Slim (Without Cover) (Console and Accessories NOT included)

u/azkwest · 2 pointsr/vita

Go with the hard case!

I picked up this one.. .. and don't regret it for a minute.. I've dropped my Vita Slim 3 times in the past six months.. twice this past Friday from about 3 or 4 feet onto concrete.. first in a parking garage and then in a warehouse.. without any damage to my Vita.. it's simply the best $12 or $13 I've spent in years.

u/B1G5L1M · 2 pointsr/vita

This one from Amazon is actually a really decent case. I was skeptical myself, but ended up buying a second one for my other Vita. They have a larger model as well if you have one of those silicone sleeve jobs on your console. Fits the Vita perfectly snug on one half of the clamshell, and enough room for your wall plug & USB cable (2000 series)
Might be pretty tight if you have a 1000 series Vita and the chunky charging block.

They sell on eBay also if Amazon isn't your thing.

Smatree P100 Carrying Case for PSVita...

u/Majavis · 2 pointsr/vita

I use the Smatree case. Not as low-pro as the other two suggestions on here, but not too bulky in my opinion--guess it depends on how you are transporting it. It can hold 10 game cards and in the inner zipper pouch I have: earbuds, charging cable, and both cigarette lighter adapter and wall plug adapter in there. It's not a hard case, but it's semi-hard so would help protect against drops a bit, and does allow you to carry a bit more with you, if that's needed.

u/wittosuaff · 2 pointsr/PS4

That or other similar. Default L/R 2/3 buttons on vita are just parts of the touch panel on the back of the device. Totally unusable for me

u/santosjb · 2 pointsr/vita

I have one of these, helps me hold the Vita a lot better than w/o.

u/HardBoiledEggMan · 2 pointsr/vita

Some games have special button mapping for when used with a Vita (Wolfenstein 2, Bloodborne, Persona 5 and others)

And there are games that don't do anything useful. The default settings are as follows: R2/L2/R3/L3 are on the back touch pad

Which is why you should get the Hori Remote Play Assist Attachment

u/MiracleWhippit · 2 pointsr/vita

It's been a while since I played darkest dungeon but I remember the back touchscreen being very hard to use in that game. Was really fun.

Q2 though, i'm just wondering what people think is the best model out there so I can buy one. I can find some on amazon like this but this is a pretty niche product. I'm basically asking in case something is out there I might miss is much better than something like what I find.

u/DigitMZ · 2 pointsr/vita

The easiest way to get L2/R2 and L3/R3 is to get a trigger grip that will push the areas in those for you.

This is the best one, IMO, for that purpose (assuming you have the non-OLED version.)

I've been using this to play Soul Calibur VI on the vita.

u/cloudJR · 2 pointsr/vita

Here you are!

[L2 / R2, L3 / R3 buttons mounted] Remote Play assist attachment for PlayStationVita (PCH-2000)

It is for the slim model. It's $33 on there and when I bought it there were only 14 left. I'm half tempted to buy a second one as a backup. That's how much I love it lol.

EDIT: I guess it costs a little more through Amazon but I'm not sure how much shipping costs with play-asia. Hopefully this helps!

u/Treestanding · 2 pointsr/vita

I have this grip for my Vita 1000 and it's a good step up but somehow it has made me hit the back panel way more, which in some games is a problem. It's not a bad grip, especially for the price, but if you have a 2000, then I STRONGLY recommend the Hori grip with L2/R2 L3/R3 triggers. It feels better material-wise, it is super comfortable, and the triggers are a great addition especially if you want to try some Remote play.

u/SlyCooper007 · 2 pointsr/dragonquest
u/jakerfv · 2 pointsr/vita

Is it because the particular grip you are using scratches your Vita when you take it off or you are worried about damaging it?

If so, is a good solution as it only holds the vita in with a latch. The buttons aren't the best but it gets the job done.

u/abibofile · 2 pointsr/vita

I preordered this grip from PlayAsia but looks like you get just get straight from Amazon now. It's pretty bulky but I love the fact they you can use trigger buttons for L2/R2 and L3/R3. Works reallly well for remote play! It does add weight to the system and impede portability, however. But the hand grips and trigger buttons might be a good choice if your hands are starting to ache from the grip. If you never use the rear touch pads, then any of the other grips already mentioned should work fine. Good luck!

u/Sinow · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

Your mileage may vary due to your connection speed but overall its a pretty decent experience on the vita. I've been running PS remote play on my vita, PC, and phone on a 100mbps/20mbps connection with only occasional hiccups at 720p streaming.

The biggest issue is the controls are a little tough as the l2 and r2 buttons are digital, so some weapons are harder than others to combo for sure. It's not comfortable for long sessions. Also the screen can be a touch hard to read in menus. I played MHFU on the PSP though and I'd still say that was harder to play control wise hah.

I'm looking at picking up one of these as they seem to have great reviews (there's a model for the 1000 as well).

u/Mike_RN · 2 pointsr/vita

[L2 / R2, L3 / R3 buttons mounted] Remote Play assist attachment for PlayStationVita (PCH-2000)

this one is better. It's makes a controller grip and you now have buttons more like a ps2 controller

u/cenorexia · 2 pointsr/playstation

You can not remap buttons on remote play which is annoying to say the least.

There are grip add-ons for the Vita like this one which do work great, but are useless if the developer decides to have L2/R2 mapped to the front screen instead of the back touch area.

u/houmi · 2 pointsr/PS4

I have tried Remote play with:

  • Vita + L2/R2/L3/R3 Grip
  • PSTV
  • Xperia Z3 tablet compact + DS4 + Game Mount
  • PC + DS4

    In terms of usage, I use the PC the most followed by Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact + DS4. But they all work...

    In terms of ease of use / portability, I'd say it's a toss up between Tablet/DS4/Mount & Vita then PC (Laptop) + DS4. Vita isn't bad, but the screen is too small for my taste for remote play, and the grip, even though helps to add extra buttons, isn't as natural as using the DS4.
u/shogoamakusa · 2 pointsr/vita

Don't you want the one that comes with the l2/l3 buttons? I just got them from amazon for $31.

u/Rhygar_Stormlord · 2 pointsr/ffxiv

I use it from time to time. Definitely wouldn't recommend going into a 24 man dungeon or even an eight man ex trial. But ya I've used mine to do PotD, daily quests, even dungeons. 2 things I will say is that the buttons kind of suck for it, so I bought an attachment for mine which gives me the r2/l2 and r3/l3, definitely helpful, if you dont want to invest in that: just put your main buttons on that first HUD, don't try to have multiple bars because its kind of a nightmare to play. And the script is hard to read, like during a cutscene, because the screen is just so small but if you dont mind that, then this will do fine!

Here's a link for that attachment I was talking about:

u/Yokuo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

ABSOLUTE HIGHEST? Donkey Kong Country for the WiiU. I really want to play it and my best friend won't stop trying to get me to buy it with the money I don't have. :p But it's also expensive. So don't do that, you know, if this is a secret contest. Which it's clearly not.

A bit more affordable is Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Most affordable is this funko, because I have the other Assassin's Creed ones, so this one needs to join the club.

Less affordable but not least affordable is The Walking Dead Season 3!

For those who feel crazy, I also have a Vita on there

u/rkruz · 2 pointsr/vita

I would also say something like craigslist first. If your area doesn't have any, then amazon has some used models for around 150 ish.

u/The16BitGamer · 2 pointsr/Games

Here is the amazon section for Refurbished Vita's.

I'd recommend the original Vita the screen is fantastic, and get at lease 16 GB for storage

u/Artcankill · 2 pointsr/vita

I bought the PS one. Fits it just fine.


As long as the handles aren't bigger then grips , you should be fine.

u/Compupaq · 2 pointsr/vita

I have the Sony brand charging dock for the Vita. It works pretty well and has an audio jack on the back since it covers up the one on the Vita while docked.

Edit: Also, the dock you posted is for the slim Vita.

u/Noughiphiet · 2 pointsr/vita

I found that the Vita cradle that sony put out to be rather useful. It allows you to stand it up and still charge it. It has a female audio jack out if say you wanted some louder speakers to plug in and maybe use it on your nightstand as a small little netflix screen for bedtime.

I got lucky and found mine on clearance at toys'r'us for $2.50. Amazon sells them for a little more.

u/icurafu · 2 pointsr/vita

I'm removing this because the link has references in it. Feel free to repost with the following URL.

u/someone31988 · 2 pointsr/patientgamers

No, that price for flash memory is abysmal. $59.99 for a 32 GB Vita memory card vs. $21.99 or even the list price of $24.99 for a 64 GB Sandisk Ultra Micro SD card (Amazon prices) doesn't even compare at all. I'm not going to support that kind of monopolistic pricing.

EDIT: The faster Sandisk Extreme is $32.99 and the faster yet Extreme Pro is $39.88 (although this one is not sold by Amazon directly).

u/Fluffy_Waffles · 2 pointsr/vita

IMO any case that is going to be used to protect the vita from drops and such is going to be a bit thicker than a case made to prevent scratches. If you want just a hard case I would check out this amazon case. What I would suggest doing tho is getting a carrying case like this and buying a rubber cover or a nice personalized skin. And of corse always use a screen protector.

u/Hikikomori_ · 2 pointsr/vita

I have the PDP Trigger Grips. Be warned, if you have a "full" screen protector (Static Cling or Water applied) it will scrunch it up unless you work really hard to either trim the water applied/static cling or some how mess with the Static Cling.


Some additional accessories that I find useful:

Of course, a travel case. Depending on your style pick a cloth or hard case. I personally like my official Sony Travel Pouch. It's soft and has lots of room for the Vita, headphones, extra games, and a cleaning cloth. Hard cases (Usually 3rd party) are pretty good depending which. I also have the DreamGear hard case as a more travel friendly when going to another person's house. My issue with it is that the case itself fits really snugly with the Vita where it can push on the Power button.

Official Vita Travel Pouch (9.33. Free shipping with Prime)

DreamGEAR 7 in 1 Starter Gear Hard Case (12.99 Free shipping with Prime or $25+)


You also want a back screen protector for the back touch panel alone. That thing is very prone to scratches.


Thumbstick grips are also very great for the extra grip you want. Sadly, the one I have is discontinued. So I can't really recommend a product I haven't used.

Bluecell Thumb Grips

You can certainly find others. Just read reviews. Be a smart consumer!


A great pair of headphones is a must if you travel a bit. I would wholeheartly recommend the official Sony Vita headphones. Great sound and cheap. Has a built in Mic but I'm not sure how good that is.

Official Sony Vita In Ear Canal headphones ($11.95)


A handy 2A-2.1A outlet USB charger with a spare USB Vita Cable is always nice to have around traveling.

Please Note: When purchasing additional back up battery packs or charging outlet thingies. Make sure it's 2A to 2.1A (2,000 mA to 21000 mA. not mAh**) output. The vita needs at least 1.5A output to be charged while playing or 1A while off (Very slow).

u/dajokerz · 2 pointsr/vita

There is a official Sony case that they sell at target that works best i hear. But for the screen protector be careful because the one i got when i got the starter pack (which included screen protector, cloth and gel case) was for the 1000 and Does not line up well at all with the 2000.

Edit: The Case is not to be confused with this one but this one looks good as well.

u/VitaThrowaway · 2 pointsr/vita

I used this as my case for a very long time. It isn't Fort Knox, but it more than easily gets the job done.

I hear on the sub this case is pretty good, but no personal experience.

u/MHVeteran · 2 pointsr/vita

yeah, I picked up one at walmart last year when I bought mine. Just a soft padded case with slots for game cart storage too. Plenty of room to fit the charger and headphones as well.

u/mpmarsee · 2 pointsr/vita

Welcome to the club. :) Really glad to hear you're loving the Vita. Tell all your friends. :)

If you dig around through this sub some, you'll find that most people (myself included) love the CTA Digital case and others like it. It's very much protective enough and does exactly what I want from it. I have had my Vita for about 7 months now and still don't have any physical game cartridges so the case only having four game slots hasn't become an issue for me at all yet.

Edit: I do also have the official Sony Vita headset and keep it in the case with my Vita all the time. It's not bulky at all and fits perfectly.

I'm kinda boring, so I don't have anything hanging from the loop on my case. If you find anything awesome, please do share. :) Hopefully that helps!

u/owllady · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I know others use Gameboy cases for their MVP and stuff, there are also camera bags and accessories bags out there too. Here is a website for Vape Sox, they may fit your needs.

You may look into getting an Altoids tin and seeing about getting foam and lining the tin with that for setting up your MVP on your desk. That seems like it might work.

You might be able to use the heat shrink wrap for your Protank but I have never heard of anyone wrapping their tanks for stopping breakage. The heat shrink wrap may be a good idea.

Edit: It looks like Vapesox is only for Ego type stuff. Check this kit thing out. It's on Amazon. It may fit?

This might even fit?

u/Stole_My_Banana · 2 pointsr/vita

>As it stands now, buying a Vita, 16 GB memory stick (not even 32 GB!) protective case, and recently release game costs almost as much as a PS4.

Where are you getting these figures?

Lego batman Vita for $200...been this price for weeks

Best buy just had a long running sale for the 16 GB memory cards for $30. Target and Walmart have been running a clearance on 8GB cards at $10-$15 for the last month....not the best deal and you might have to swap cards here and there but still

PS vita case for $8.34

PS vita case for $13.18

A new game will run you $35-$40. So if you want to run everything brand new, system + card + a game is around $300. Still $100 less than a ps4

If you look for deals you can always find a good price, I paid $170 for a brand new 3g/wifi Vita with an 8g memory card.

u/Zerostatic · 2 pointsr/vita

My favorite accessories have been:
Charging cradle. It makes pick up and play so convenient.
Hardcase I wanted a slim hard case and I got one supercheap on amazon. Check it out: [cheap case] (
32GB memory card - I know they're pricy but having my entire collection on the go makes it worth it.

u/SlobberyCargo · 2 pointsr/vita

I bought everything off of amazon. as far as i can tell, only the memory card and the screen protector came from japan. However i got everything within a week with standard shipping. here's all the links for
thumbstick pads
Memory card
travel case
screen protector

u/ZeroHasNoLimits · 2 pointsr/vita

I'm using this as a carrying case. Anyone know where to get good skins for the Vita 2000?

u/holysocks · 2 pointsr/vita

i got these. They're all basic, cheap, does the job - protector, case, earphones

u/404_UserNotFound · 2 pointsr/vita

I use a generic, CTA Digital Amazon Link $10, that has held up great. It has plenty of storage, I have 2 cards in each of the slot along with some othe misc travel things.

u/PAMountainMan · 2 pointsr/vita

I'm super proud of you for making this yourself, so please understand that I'm not trying to take anything away from your feat.

For those of us that can't built shit, here's a 12 dollar solution with over 200 positive reviews:

u/Jumanji_ · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

Vita has to be connected through wifi, PS4 can be connected through either wifi or ethernet, but you definitely want it connected through ethernet. When you're close enough to the PS4, your Vita will connect directly to the PS4 and works pretty great.

I've used it at my girlfriends house where they have slow internet and a ton of people on at the same time streaming tv, and I was about 30-50 ft from the router, it had noticeable lag and the graphics started getting rally blurred and it disconnected a few times.

Under best conditions, you'll probably want to avoid the crucible, because even with minimal lag, I think it purposely drops frames too keep the connection solid but this makes the controls There isn't a lag, it just feels too sensitive almost. I tested it by playing with my TV still on (basically using the Vita solely as a controller) and it's very responsive and feels fine, but holding up the Vita to watch both screens at once, they both start and finish movements at the same time, the Vita just looks jumpy. It's not to hard to get used to and it works great for anything PvE, but the jarring feeling you get while turning can easily cost you a match in crucible.

Also, right bumper to fire, left bumper to ADS, feels natural obviously. But touch the right side of the screen to melee, left side for grenade, both easy to hit on accident. Center of the screen for nav mode. Tapping ▼ on the D-pad to sprint (feels easier than L3 on DS4 imo), and holding ◄ on the D-pad allows you to use ∆, Square, O, and X for your emotes. I don't know if ▲ or ► do anything, and without R3 you can't check other players unless you go to the roster ▲ on the D-pad is for character highlight, and it looks like ► doesn't do anything. Wish they would let ► allow you to compare items.

I personally love it though.

Edit: Anyone considering this should also consider getting a grip for the Vita, It makes a huge difference imo (cheap one here).

Edit 2: Control Scheme. Apparently ▲ on the D-pad is Character highlight.

u/jewbaccasballs · 2 pointsr/vita
u/Intensional · 2 pointsr/vita

I have an original Vita and picked up one of these:

I have a hard time playing for any length of time without it. It doesn't have triggers like the other grip that was linked but the design is more comfortable to me.

The only downside is that the grip blocks the charging port but I just see that as a reminder to take breaks.

u/muddybuttcheeks · 2 pointsr/vita

I honestly wouldn't recommend them. After a while the triggers start to stick rather than flick in a smooth motion. Also if you have large hands ( i do) the trigger grip doesn't offer much support to your palm as a dualshock controller would. I spent $15 on it and i feel like i was ripped off :/

I would recommended this one, its the only one that has superior comfort and provides some slight protection for your vita.

hope this helps

u/StoneKungFu · 2 pointsr/vita

I have this one and I like it. I'm 6'2 and I have big hands. Great for extended play sessions and its inexpensive.

Edit: for those not wanting to click the link, it's the "CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip"

u/Tikker_G · 2 pointsr/vita

I like this style.

u/TBoneTheOriginal · 2 pointsr/PS4

This is the one I had been looking at:

u/clee290 · 2 pointsr/vita

There's the Nyko Power Grip which has an external battery to "double" the Vita's battery life.

There is also the PDP Trigger Grip which uses triggers to push your Vita's shoulder buttons.

There are also a variety of plain grips which don't really add any functionality other than the grip.

As for case that can fit a Vita with a grip, I've heard of people using iPad Mini cases, such as this. Also this case on Amazon has been recommended. Here is a picture: click.

u/talkingwires · 2 pointsr/vita

I also recommend the Nyko Powergrip. I picked up one of these last week, and it's great. They're pricey, at $35 on Amazon, but the most comfortable grips I've used. All the ports and buttons are still accessible while it's attached, and the Vita snaps in and out in a second. Plus, if you're gonna attach a giant hunk of plastic to your handheld, why not throw a battery in there, too?

The only issue I'd bring up is the quality of the battery and power port. Several reviews on Amazon mention having to fully discharge the battery several times before it will hold a full charge, and others mention the port coming loose. My grip actually came DOA, and wouldn't charge, but the seller shipped a replacement out the next day. So far, so good.

u/CasperJ82 · 2 pointsr/vita

not a fan of the triggers grips myself, as soon as i bought the nyko power grip my trigger grip got shelved and never used again.

if you're interested you can get the nykko grip from amazon for about £25

super comfortable and extends the battery life.

u/crazyg0od33 · 2 pointsr/vita

its like a portable battery built into the grip. You charge the grip, the grip supplies power to the vita. Doubles battery life. HERE

Keep in mind that is a prototype version, so it looks like this

u/DarthConrad · 2 pointsr/vita

I have a Butterfox case that's perfect for me. It doesn't really have room for the charger though which hasn't really been an issue since I can just use my phone or tablet charger.

u/LuxuryMeat · 2 pointsr/vita

Just get it, I couldn't find a US Vita before the Borderlands Vita so I got a Black/Khaki one from Japan. Wanted to make sure it was different since I wasn't getting a free game or memory. You wont even notice the X and the O are different after a while. I think only one game that I got was not US-style X and O but it wasn't a big deal (can't remember title). The menus are pretty much the only place where it is "switched" like that. When I finally found a US OLED used for my son I didn't even notice the buttons were different when I would use his. Don't change, from the Vita system menu, the buttons to swap the X and O since it will swap them in a game as well.

My PSN account is US and menus are in English. My games are from the US and in English. I also have an EU game that works fine and an ASIA game that works fine US-style.

Just get one and get some of the games that are recommended all over the place here. You will be happy. I got a 64GB memory card from Japan as well and moved my US 32GB into my son's OLED and the US 16GB into the US PS TV.

Amazon has new slims starting at around $200 and eBay has them starting around $189, both shipped. If you buy from PlayAsia or NinNin you have to wait. The hardest part was settling on a color and trying talk myself out of getting an "edition" version like Danganronpa, Minecraft, Silver Slime, or whatever since they cost more.

The OLED one has had no issues, except for the amount of charging cables I've bought. My slim would have been out of warranty when the right stick had a piece inside break. Now months later the right trigger is not 100% so I ordered a silver one from Japan. Still totally worth it for me since I have put so many hours into it. Now I have a display piece for my home office.

You will use all the same hardware and accessories as the US versions. My favorites are the 64GB (although now I have tried to only buy physical games rather than downloads), the Butterfox Double Compartment Carry Case, and a ten foot braided USB cable.

Why am I still going on with this? Just get it. My first was an Asian- I mean a Japanese Vita and it has bee great. You should have already purchased one by the time you get to the end of this.

u/monkey484 · 2 pointsr/vita

Sadly it isn't available any more but this case is the best one I've found. Each elastic card slot holds two cards, the stock charger fits, etc.

I think there are similar cases from Smatree and others.

u/v1nsai · 2 pointsr/vita

I spent way too much time researching and eventually settled on [this one] ( ) and I'm pretty happy. There's space for cords and wall adapter and plenty of games. I didn't plan on using the straps but I kind of like them, even it makes games that use the back touch screen impossible to play without taking it out of the case but whatever.

u/Lycaoness · 2 pointsr/vita
This looks like a very good case. It holds around 10 games and other accessories together.

u/Paladuck · 2 pointsr/vita

Nyko Power Grip is the best.

I also bought this carrying case and I love it

u/yeeeeeeegg · 2 pointsr/PlayStationPlus

Don't know if amazon uk is a viable option for you, but it quite cheap there at the moment, link

u/BQJJ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Your smile really sparkles!

Snow, snow, go away!

Edits 1 and 2: Holy hell how many times can I mess up my comment?

Edit 3: Raffle phrase.

u/Brettweiser · 2 pointsr/vita

Nope, at least not that I can tell. This is my first Persona game ever. I am 25 hours in and feel like there is nothing I am missing.

And if you live in the US it is only $29 on Amazon right now

u/ARandomVitaOwner · 2 pointsr/vita

Bunch of Amazon sales of games ~$5 off or more, sorted by genres.


LEGO Games:

The LEGO Movie Videogame on sale for $14.99

LEGO Ninjago Nindroids is on sale for $21.50

LEGO The Hobbit is on sale for $14.99

LEGO Lord of the Rings is on sale for $18.42



Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars on sale for $24.99

Dungeon Hunter Alliance is on sale for $22.48

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention is on sale for $27.99

Demon Gaze is on sale for $32.99

Soul Sacrifice is on sale for $25.99

[NEW Release] Natural Doctrine on sale for $33.23

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 on sale for $33.99

Persona 4 Golden on sale for $19.99

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God is on sale for $20.21


Racing Games:

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition is on sale for $21.50

Ben 10 Galactic Racing is on sale for $19.99

Spy Hunter is on sale for $12.85

Asphalt: Injection is on sale for $22.93


Sports Games:

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is on sale for $13.82

EA Sports FIFA Soccer is on sale for $16.19

Virtua Tennis 4 - World Tour Edition is on sale for $20.80

MLB 14: The Show is on sale for $26.99

MLB 13: The Show is on sale for $15.99

MLB 12: The Show is on sale for $7.29


Platforming Games:

Touch My Katamari is on sale for $18.99

Rayman Legends is on sale $18.49

LittleBigPlanet on sale for $19.12

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on sale for $9.99

Sly Collection on sale for $19.76


Adventure Games:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss on sale for $21.49

Gravity Rush on sale for $15.29

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation is on sale for $29.87


Puzzle/Rhythm Games:

Angry Birds: Star Wars is on sale for $15.99

Little Deviants is on sale for $11.99

Smart As is on sale for $9.99

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz is on sale for $16.09

Michael Jackson The Experience is on sale for $13.85

Lumines: Electronic Symphony is on sale for $11


Fighting Games:

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on sale for $9.99

Reality Fighters is on sale for $11.99

Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! is on sale for $33.99

Xblaze Code:Embryo is on sale for $29.20

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on sale for $24.87

Street Fighter X Tekken is on sale for $19.82

Shooting Games:

Borderlands 2 on sale for $30.67

Resistance: Burning Skies on sale for $9.99

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate on sale for $17.99

Unit 13 on sale for $15.19

Killzone: Mercenary on sale for $34.76


Visual Novels

DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc on sale for $36.58

The Walking Dead Season 1 on sale for $19.99



The Amazing Spiderman on sale for $19.99

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is on sale for $13.68

Farming Simulator '14 is on sale for $19.99

u/420Fuhrer · 2 pointsr/vita

Unless you must have have digital. Persona 4 is ALWAYS $20USD on Amazon. This shit should get stickied at the top or something because there is constantly, "PERSONA 4 ON SALE FOR $20!!!" threads on there.

u/Snakey1024 · 2 pointsr/vita

P4G is currently $20 on Amazon and Gamestop. PSN is $30. It's honestly worth the money though. Lots of replay value, tons of story extras and events.

I would also recommend getting the Danganronpa series if you are into visual novel style games. Great murder mystery game (and if the English voices aren't your thing, you can change the language). I think both games are ~$30.

Virtues Last Reward and Y's: Memories of Celceta are my other recommendations. Virtue is ~$30 and Y's is ~$20.

u/Sageypie · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I ain't birthed no babies!

Which is true, though my SO recently did, so...maybe that counts kinda? No? Okay...


Anyway, would really love to own a copy of Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita. I'm pretty big into games, particularly RPG's, and the Persona series is one of my favorites. Actually got to play a bit of the PS2 version of this, and liked it quite a bit. I dunno, games just make me happy.

Oh, as for the second thing there. Hrmm...if you enjoy comedy at all...well, comedic books anyway, then I'd definitely suggest trying to get My Custom Van by Micheal Ian Black. Not so much a full narrative as it is a bunch of random funny essays, which include such topics as an invitation to an awesome taco party, a bucket list, how he might address his players at halftime if he were a self-loathing high school football coach in a game where they were losing 49-3, and yes, even his thoughts on owning a custom van. Fun stuff. Funny stuff. Type of thing where there should be something for about anybody in it.

Though if you're more into horror, like maybe King or Koontz is your type of thing, then you can't go wrong with just about anything by Bentley Little.

Happy Birfday by the by.

u/TheFireStorm · 2 pointsr/vita

According to the pictures on Amazon Persona 4 Golden requires a memory card as well as all the PS + games I would go with the 16GB or the 32GB. The 8GB will only hold a few of the PS+ games. I can only get Uncharted Gravity Rush and PS All Stars on my 8GB before the vita starts telling me I'm low on space

u/shittystick · 2 pointsr/PS4

My vita has a special charging circuit so that it wont charge from any power socket, or charge battery. Except the official ones. i use a charging adaptor like this

i had the same problem trying to charge my controller with my portable charger. so i believe this is the problem.

u/diversionmary · 2 pointsr/vita

So far I bought:

PDP trigger grips

An adapter so I can char be via any USB charger

Sony screen protective film

Kinda ridiculous that they purposely disabled the ability to charge via any USB charger.

u/Rats_OffToYa · 2 pointsr/vita

Get something like THIS and just leave it on the PS Vita usb.

And in the recent rash of events, I am an ordinary citizen.

u/maddprof · 2 pointsr/PS4

The Nyko grips were the ones I found that had the most "if you have big hands..." recommendations over at /r/vita myself - I was hit with a little sticker shock at first compared to the cost of the PDP grips, but now I'm totally satisfied with my purchase. Yah that battery life just takes a dive with remote play doesn't it? Before I had the Nyko's - I used to carry one of those external battery packs (like this one) and one of these battery charger adapters. That way I only had to carry around the vita cable (damn you proprietary cable!!!) and that adapter and I could charge off any USB port/battery device.

I don't really carry the battery anymore unless I'm going on an extended trip. The battery pack was a blessing for my tablet/phone usage as well.

u/imdrzoidberg · 2 pointsr/vita

I just use a generic 7000 mah power bank. If you're on a first gen Vita, you might have to use one of those cheap USB adapters that'll let you charge from any USB port.

u/bbrossard · 2 pointsr/vita

Both the PDP Trigger Grip and the cheap $3 grip I bought from Amazon (without triggers, just larger grips) fit in the official dock.

ADDED: This is the grip I bought from Amazon without triggers:

I really like it.

u/Vargeth · 2 pointsr/vita

I use this:

New Trigger Grips Black Compatible With PSVita Playstation Vita

Inexpensive, makes it more comfortable in my hands, still have original shoulder button access.

u/spang1025 · 2 pointsr/vita

Yes. I would recommend

Much more comfortable than without and they allow access to the shoulder buttons. I also have the PDP and I couldn't stand the triggers. For $4 you really can't go wrong.

u/loki1887 · 2 pointsr/vita
u/reaper527 · 2 pointsr/vita

amazon had them yesterday as in stock and shipping, and right now they have them as shipping out on tuesday

the newer model has better battery life and some internal storage, in addition to the fact that for the same price you are getting the system, the game, and a memory card.

u/EldestSpirit · 2 pointsr/vita

get the borderlands 2 vita bundle it is confirmed to come with 3.60

u/jmburni · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is what I am currently saving up for. My hubby really, really wants one and I would love for him to have it.

u/ScribblerJack · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I am saving up for a Playstations Vita!
  2. My boyfriends birthday is coming up in August and I know he would love it! (He also used to have a PSP but I accidentally dropped it in my dogs water bowl so it doesn't work anymore. I feel really bad about that!)

    Saving Private Ryan! Thank you for the contest. (-:
u/jibas · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is my most wanted item on my wishlist however more realisticly these!

My username is a mispronunciation of my last name that a substitute teacher once called me by mistake and it stuck with my friends for the rest of high school (it doesn't sound anything like my last name in reality haha).

must have and thank you!

u/jbigboote · 1 pointr/PS3

only possible advantage the PSP will have over the Vita (the official name of the NGP) is it can play UMD games, and the Vita can't. This means no used games for the Vita.

u/PandiReddits · 1 pointr/vita

If you dont mind used/preowned/refurbished try craigslist or amazon warehouse. Older version or newer version. Also some games

u/mashmo0823 · 1 pointr/vita

I found what looks like a 1000 model on Amazon, but it's from Sony and I thought they didn't sell new ones anymore. Can anyone confirm or deny?


u/ZBuster · 1 pointr/vita


Looking it up I found an article saying: "Perhaps the biggest difference in tech between the two is that the new PS Vita Slim has a 5-inch IPS LCD display rather than the PS Vita's 5-inch OLED panel. They both have a 960 x 544 pixel resolution, but initial reports of the display on the Slim model - based on its Japanese debut - are that colours are not as vivid and, because of the presence of a backlight, blacks aren't as deep."

Does this mean I should just get an original and a memory card?

Is this the original model?

u/MiniNuckels · 1 pointr/vitahacks
u/QuariYune · 1 pointr/vita

Well a lot of vita listings on both Amazon and Ebay canada go for around 150-180$ cad used (Unless there's a major defect or really beaten up screen), and I'd want to get a 32 gb memory card (And a screen protector/case if the system didn't come with it) which would be another 100-120$ cad. Including shipping (Since I live in a smaller city - no one is selling used vitas), that puts it over 300$.

Whereas for ps4, here is a listing on ebay that's ~300$ cad.

u/styroteqe · 1 pointr/vita
u/Malazan1164BS · 1 pointr/vitahacks

The vita cradle or something similar. It secures the vita and will also keep it charged.

The vita cradle used to be relatively cheap, but it has skyrocketed in price for some reason. There are a few knockoffs however.

u/banjoman05 · 1 pointr/vita

I've got a spare one of the second one (PDP trigger grip). Also a charging dock (like this). Willing to part with them for the cost of shipping to a good home.

I'm "eye-dumb" and want more battery life so "upgraded" to the slim.

u/morriar · 1 pointr/vita

Oh yeah, that would help the mess of my bedside draws covered in chargers. This one looks more stable so might go with that:

u/Yhippa · 1 pointr/vita

I have this one:

It's official, looks good, and works.

u/nerdism · 1 pointr/vita
u/25donutz · 1 pointr/vita

playstation brand cradle. on sale at amazon. I just bought both the grips and this cradle and they work beautifully together all while charging.

u/bahamutfan64 · 1 pointr/gameswap

Thanks, but honestly that's probably twice as much as what I was willing to compensate via PayPal together with trading in the two cards I already have, as brand new 32gb cards can currently be had for $60 from Amazon:

u/MistakeNotDotDotDot · 1 pointr/vita

That's bizarre; it's more expensive than the 32GB one.

u/garasensei · 1 pointr/vita

There are no Bootleg or fake vita memory cards.メモリーカード-32GB-PCH-Z321J/dp/B006JKASCK

Amazon Japan is your best option. $55 usd shipped. They ship priority international. Usually takes under a week. You'll get a newly manufactured brand new card.

u/Warskull · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This is one of the reasons I love Nintendo's consoles. Nintendo's stuff is quite durable. With the 3DS they let you just use standard SD cards, so I got 32 gigs of storage for about $20 (pretty good for a handheld.)

With the Wii U, you can use external hard drives, so when a previous PC kicked the bucket I just bought an external HDD enclosure for one of the drives.

I appreciated that I didn't have to spend an absurd amount of money on proprietary memory hardware.

u/wewhelp · 1 pointr/vita

Something like this, except when they actually have it in stock it lets you ship to an out of country address with Global. They even knock off some of the price of the actual item to account for shipping.

u/Exavion · 1 pointr/3DS

They use a proprietary format memory card instead of the standard SD FAT/EXFAT card. These cards are more expensive and you need to use a Content Manager on your PC hooked up to the Vita to perform backups.

The upside is (i think) you can just pop it in a new Vita - no transfer. Downside is you have to pay absurd prices for these memory cards (I read $30 for 8GB last year? What?!)

I guess Nintendo could have done this, but I would not pay $60 for a 32 gb vita card - I paid $15 for my SD card in my 3DS. I'll gladly do the transfer to be able to use a standard and competitively-priced card.

u/DiamondDM13 · 1 pointr/vita

I believe I saw the cards on a small discount on Amazon yesterday when I was buying a Vita grip. Not sure if it was on UK or Spain.

Edit: Yeah it was UK

£43.80 Seems pretty good to me. At least, considering the normal card prices.

u/KlemenKosir · 1 pointr/vita

Vita uses special memory cards, so you'll have to buy it. And it's not cheap.

u/whoisthismilfhere · 1 pointr/vita

I just got my Vita a month ago. This is what I have so far:



Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Street Fighter 3 Alpha

Mortal Kombat: Unchained (It was $1.24 on the PSN Store)

Rayman Legends

Madden NFL 13

Twisted Metal 2

Dragon's Crown

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Wipeout 2048

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Dragon Ball Z: BOZ

Rogue Legacy (free with PS+)

CounterSpy (free with PS+)

Ys: Memories of Celceta

They are all pretty solid, I don't dislike any one of them. So far I have been having a blast with Dragon's Crown, and just got Ys.

My Wishlist includes:

Capcom vs Marvel 3

Mortal Kombat (the new one)

Diseaga 4

Persona 4 Golden

Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

As far as accessories, I went nuts. I have the following stuff, and again, I don't regret a single purchase so far:

Butterfox Double Compartment Carry Case

Nyko Power Grip for PS Vita

PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset

32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Playstation Vita Slim

Happy playing!

u/McCubed27388 · 1 pointr/Games

If we throw the issue of gamines that are going to run on it being available on other android devices, it's not so bad.

First off, you can see features like using a micro-SD card instead of proprietary bs like what the Vita uses. (64 GB Announced at $200, 32GB at $85).

Now, a 32GB Micro-SD is going to run you around 20$ and a 64GB Micro-SD around $55

I mean, if you'd like to rationalize the cost there is already 60-150$ cheaper storage.

IIRC, it does have better processing power (Correct me if i'm wrong) than the competition, but IMO it's going to come down to game availability assuming there are no lacks in quality. It does look like nVidia has tried to put as many features as possible into this device, but only time will tell.

u/Suko_PSN · 1 pointr/vita

I would also suggest immediately buying the 32GB card from Amazon (on sale for $59.99 right now).

u/blitzcat · 1 pointr/vita

The amazon price is pretty fluid lately. Price was ~$60 but right after xmas it went up to $82. It came down a few days later and I purchased mine at $64 again. I see its up at $86 again.

u/MegoThor · 1 pointr/vita

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

I have this Sony Travel Pouch and it has served me well.

u/Niliu · 1 pointr/vita

I've used this carry case ever since release of the Vita. It's wonderful for the console and games/memory cards. But doesn't accommodate a grip case unfortunately.

u/googlematt · 1 pointr/vita

I use this case and a silicone skin:

It has slots for physical games and a well lined interior

u/Sladan · 1 pointr/vita

Are you referring to this one?

Because I use that one for my Slim and it fits pretty nicely.

u/Un1337ninj4 · 1 pointr/vita

Sony's off and on about whether or not they'll support the system (one chap saying it's a "Legacy" platform while another says they have 1st party content in the works). That said it's still a powerful system and several 3rd party developers with great reputations who continue popping out releases for it like Koei Tecmo (Atelier, Samurai Warriors, and Toukiden are fair examples). Whether or not it's worthwhile however is largely up to you.

Do you like RPGs, Monster Hunter-likes, and Final Fantasy? Do you own a Play Station (you can stream PS4/3 titles across your home to play any game granted an internet connection)? Do you want to conserve the battery on your mobile device with a game that's probably a much more in-depth experience or are you content with Fallout Shelter?

Consider the above, though if I am to throw in an extra bone buy one of these (though not necessarily this one in particular just make sure it's got some kind of loop or hole in the case so you may attach it to something with a sturdy carabiner.). I actually use mine for my phone and other stuff too and it's quite convenient.

u/adelope · 1 pointr/vita

I have two:

  • The Sony's traveler's pouch, it is ugly, but it has a lot of space. I use it mostly for travel. It used to be $20, but you can get it now for less than 10 link. It is very light. It is cheap, but it doesn't feel/look cheap.

  • XXOO: This is a much sexier case, I love it a lot and I use it daily pic1 pic2 pic3. I got it for about $30 off Ebay.

  • If you like leather, there is this guy in San Francisco that makes a leather cases for Vita. this is their website. They costs about $50. this is how its looks like.
u/WeaponB13 · 1 pointr/vita

I got mine at Wal-Mart, it was $12. It's a Sony ps vita pouch. It hold 4 games (8 back to back), cables and charging box, and the vita itself. It has a separator down the middle to avoid any damage towards the vita from the stuff inside. It has two smaller pouches on the inside, one which I used to hold my sd cards before buying a 64gb, and the other I still use for a screen cleaner that came with a screen protector I bought separately.

The one I bought:

A more expensive option (with more stuff)(i got my screen protector and other stuff from this set, but use the pouch for carrying everything):

u/bilbravo · 1 pointr/vita

I have the hori screen protector. I really like it and it covers the entire face, minus the areas where there are speaker holes.

I have the padded Sony case (official?) and I like it.

u/thequirts · 1 pointr/vita

In general, having a protective case for travel is hugely beneficial, for both the vita's safety and your peace of mind on the go. Something like this.

u/Th3B3anM0ngl3r · 1 pointr/vita

Depending on what games you play, you may still need a decently sized memory card for the patches. The cases I use are:

Games (I have two of these because one is full, but they only come in anime designs so you may not like them, but they work great.)

u/suaav · 1 pointr/vita

Congrats! Vita is a great machine with a HUGE catalog.

I like this case and this card holder, which fits nicely inside.

u/chouettechouette · 1 pointr/ffxiv

I got a PS Vita case, a 3DS XL screen protector and a PS3 controller charging cable.

ETA: Decided to get Yokai Watch too and the code arrived quickly after.

u/backwoodspliff · 1 pointr/vita

I got my Vita used "like new" and didn't want to screw it up. So I got these and they have been great:

This ArmorSuit Skin & Screen Protector:

This COSMOS Aluminum/Plastic Hard Case Cover:

This CTA Travel Protective Case:

Those are the only accessories I bought for the Vita, and in my opinion they're all you need. I put the skin and screen protector on to prevent against scratches, put the hard shell on over that for extra protection and asthetics, and the travel case for when I'm not using it. They all fit together well and are not bulky at all. I was surprised.

Make sure you buy the ones appropriate for your model (1000 vs 2000)...

u/Cecilgene · 1 pointr/vita

I purchased this case about a month ago. If you want no frills, durable and fits like a glove, this is a great case. It doesn't have any pockets It has 2 pockets right below the 4 game card slots.

Edit: Here are a couple of pics I just took.

u/chinakat · 1 pointr/vita

Honestly, I probably wouldn't go with either. I have the vault case but don't use it anymore because it pops open on it's own all the time. Really doesn't keep anything safe because of that. The other one looks like it might do the same. If I were you I'd go with something with a zipper like this one I'm using now.

u/Riyria · 1 pointr/vita

I've been using this case since I got my vita. Still keeps it portable and can hold a few games and accessories as well.

u/WhiskingFuriously · 1 pointr/vita

My backpack has a pouch that perfectly fits the vita so I've been using that without a case. If I'm not using the backpack to carry my vita, then I'm usually using my pockets.

If I'm in a completely different situation where I have to use a case, I just use this since it's super cheap and does everything I need.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/vita

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Link: travel case

u/dr0s3 · 1 pointr/vita

I picked up this thing right here for 9 dollars with shipping, seems the seller I got it from is sold out though- and the only available is 20 something. Case fits like a glove, has a place for a few games. I have no idea if it's worth 20+, but it's sturdy and everything fits.

u/lodum · 1 pointr/vita

I use this case. It's decently sturdy and has slots for four games and other stuff.

As far as carrying cases go, it's probably not a huge deal which you get as long as they hold it and what you want.

u/Mr_Career_Day · 1 pointr/vita

I'm using a CTA Travel Case, which is more than adequate thus far. It holds four Vita games and has a small pocket for headphones or extremely small accessories. It fits the Vita snugly, ensuring it won't slide around or move the analog sticks excessively.

If you ever decide to buy a Slim model, it has straps that'll hold it in place, so it's technically a universal Vita case.

It's much smaller than most handheld travel cases I've had, which is great because I can store it in the front pocket of my laptop bag with room to spare.

A big plus is there's no obvious branding indicating expensive electronics.

u/Hellhunter120 · 1 pointr/vita

I have this one, and I like it pretty well.

u/stabbitystyle · 1 pointr/vita

This is the one I got

Still available cheaply and it's fairly comfortable.

u/LogicalFlakes · 1 pointr/vita

Or if you're a 'cheapassgamer' like myself, the CTA grip works just as great.

u/EdenSB · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

Entering. It's only the four featured games available, right? If so, I'm entering for Trajectile. It looks like a fun bus/waiting time game.

This is something cool you can buy. It let's you hold the Vita as you would a controller and is under $20. This is a better version, but it's $35. There are others too.

u/Stabme · 1 pointr/vita

I got this one, it looks kinda funky, but is actually designed really well. There is a comfortable place for every finger. The only down side is not being able to charge and use it at the same time.

u/HankSinatra · 1 pointr/vita

The one that I bought is pretty much the same, but cheaper.

u/Deepmist · 1 pointr/gaming
u/Dickie_boi_21 · 1 pointr/PS4

I'm on mobile now, so mind the link, but I use these now.

CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip by CTA Digital

The only MAJOR downsides here are:

  1. No access to the game card port while the grips are attached.
  2. No access to the charging port while the grips are attached.

    These downsides don't bother me so much considering how much better they feel in my hands compared to the Vita sans-grips.
u/gardobus · 1 pointr/vita

I've read plenty of reviews/posts from people with the PDP trigger grip that don't really like it. Some say the triggers are mushy, some say that the case scratches the triggers, etc.

I picked up this cheapy from Amazon and I love it. I sometimes with it had longer handles like this CTA grip but at the same time, that would prevent it from fitting in side the case I use. That CTA one also blocks the charge port so long gaming sessions require removing the case or charge breaks.

I highly recommend the cheap grip, you can't really go wrong for <$5. The worst thing about it is that it isn't very grippy, otherwise it does it's job. Check out the reviews on Amazon too.

u/Base_Board · 1 pointr/vita

I like the boomerang style ones. (Here's an example of the one I own.)
It is easier to hold the vita with it and is sturdy and feels good when you hold it. The only con is that you cannot charge while the grip is on the vita. If that's a deal breaker, I think the pdp grips allow you charge the vita.
I know it sucks the vita doesn't have the triggers, I'd argue the trigger grips make it worse. I think the easiest solution would be if Sony allowed you to use your Ps4 controller with the vita but I don't think they care at this point.

u/Masenkoe · 1 pointr/vita

I didn't search but you could always just try
Amazon doesn't ship out of country from any of its locations, I personally recommend longer grips if you have big hands though like these

u/NitroXIII · 1 pointr/vita

I have this one I don't play my Vita often at all, but it makes it so I CAN play it a ton if I want (usually only on vacations). It blocks the Charging port, but it's definitely comfortable, fairly similar to a wider PS3 controller. It doesn't have custom triggers. The back touch screen can be awkward, but I think that's just me and my very small hands. I really like having the handle extend downwards for grip, which is why I didn't get the smaller ones like the "compact" one you linked.

It's pretty similar in shape to the Niko one you linked, the Niko one has that extended life battery, which makes it heavier, but I've heard decent things about it as well. I don't think I've seen anyone really regret buying ANY of the grips available on the market from what I've seen, so just pick the one that looks most appealing to you.

u/BrendanBeckmann · 1 pointr/vita

It seems when it comes to grips you have a smaller grip with decent controls and grip and then you have the larger grips which aren't very portable but come with excellent controls. With that being said, it doesn't look too much different from the CTA Digital Hand Grip.

u/awxvn · 1 pointr/vita

It's a bit heavy if you don't actually need the recharging functionality, I prefer using a regular grip that's the same shape such as this.

u/joseangelhe · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

One more thing I forgot to mention. It's worth investing in a Vita grip if you plan to play for an extended time. There's a few you can find on Amazon that are inexpensive. Just make sure you know which Vita you have. I have a first generation which are slightly bigger so some grips will not fit.

This is the one I use: CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip

u/generalchaos316 · 1 pointr/PlayStationPlus

I also got one shortly after getting PS Plus and haven't regretted it. I haven't played it a ton because I don't have as much time for games anymore, but I think it is a solid system.

I would recommend getting some kind of grip to make it easier to hold though, I was getting hand/wrist pain before I got myself this thing:

You can't charge while playing but I think it works quite well otherwise.

u/ootuoyetahi · 1 pointr/gameswap

I think ~$100 is fair. With that you would be getting a PS ViTA (3g capable model including cables), these grips, a 4GB vita memory card, an 8GB memory card, Mortal Kombat, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy X-2 shipped to anywhere in the US.

u/phairplay · 1 pointr/vita

Very nice write up and comparison Bubba. I have the trigger grip myself and find that I don't really like the bumper cover buttons because I feel they're not quite as responsive as the vita bumpers. While playing ModNation Racers Road Trip I find that while I think I'm accelerating with the trigger grips right bumper it seems to be losing the connection and I'm not accelerating. It could just take me a little more getting used to it.

It looks like there's another grip out there that I'm thinking of checking out: CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip

u/da_homonculus · 1 pointr/gaming

But your way is even more uncomfortable... My thumbs are all jammed up. My way is comfortable with full range of motion, just tiring.

EDIT: I guess you're holding it like this with the gummed up left thumb on the stick. Or maybe like this claw hand who is similar, but trying to get more space for thumb motion. Neither look that great and of course I've tried those positions. I don't want to hold the weight with my pinkies.

Anyway, get a grip and problem solved. That's why these things are being made.

u/wildtypemetroid · 1 pointr/vita

The Nyko Power grip is my favorite without a doubt, its comfortable and more than doubles battery life, although it is a bit big. Tried the PDP trigger grips, but it made the triggers too mushy and my hands still cramped while using it.

For anyone interested:

PSV-1000 power grip

PSV-2000 power grip

u/redialed · 1 pointr/vita

anytime. Ive not been a handheld gamer for long, but the vita was definitely one of my favorite gifts of all time (i also have a ps4 so do a lot of ps4 gaming on my vita)

nyko grips were one of the best add ons to my vita. Very hard to hold without grips, and very crampy. The nyko grips are so comfortable, worth the price even without the added battery life IMHO

u/zikaprevail · 1 pointr/vita

new for 90 usd, really just open yours up and look at the battery and find one online, should be pretty easy.

u/shaosam · 1 pointr/Games

Within 10 seconds of holding the Vita I realized it was uncomfortable as shit.

Get this. Doubles the battery life, and makes holding the Vita super comfy, whether on the toilet, lying in bed, whatever.

u/Padoca85 · 1 pointr/VitaPiracy

on ebay was around the same price, but i coulndt find any for sale atm.
EDIT>: theres only one on ebay, and its 340 bucks

u/silouane_20 · 1 pointr/vita

I ended up with the Butterfox case:

It's an okay case; for the few weeks I got it, I stuffed it in my bag, sometimes with other heavy items. It protected my Vita very well during my commute even in crowded trains.
Not a hard case but big enough to protect you vita.

u/natedawgg99 · 1 pointr/vita

Hard shell is plenty good enough if you will be abusing your case that much. I have the vault case which is nice if I am going to be taking it somewhere I know my vita is going to be tossed around a lot (like traveling), but for everyday stuff it's a bit bulky for my tastes. I don't really care for the armored cases though so there is a bit of bias there. I use a soft shell case that I really like.

Soft shell:

Vault case:

u/felippov · 1 pointr/vita

Funny how in the first link they claim it is for the Slim but the pictures show a 1000 model.

u/ZoopZeZoop · 1 pointr/vita

I have the Butterfox case and really like it. However, I use the Nyko Power Grips, which won't allow me to close the case. So, I bought the Amazon Basics Case, which works perfectly for my needs. Because the Amazon case is not made for the Vita, you will need to carry game-protecting case (e.g., this one) if you want to carry multiple cartridges with you.

u/forthisisme · 1 pointr/vita

So my few suggestions:

-Case: Depending on your needs (travel, storage, etc.) you might want to invest in a case to hold your VITA. I have a case like this I use for my day to day. I also have a hard case I use for long distance travelling.

-Grip: Depending on your hands and what you're playing, the VITA can get uncomfortable after extended play. You can order these grips or other longer handle grips.

That's it from me. Maybe others will have other suggestions.

u/benshere · 1 pointr/vita

i got this one amazon link

holds 8 games, cushioned on either side to prevent movement inside and the little pocket comes in handy for earphones/sim card/more games/mini screwdriver.

u/Fafaffys · 1 pointr/vita

You know, I bought a Vita on January, and a few weeks ago, a New 3DS XL.

Lemme tell you, my N3DS XL has been collecting dust, ironically in my Vita-designed case that is tucked away in my backpack. Unlike my Vita, which is always with me, and I play the hell out of it to this day.

u/vinuash · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

The coolest item you say? Since you just got a Vita, I highly recommend this game! Persona 4 Golden It's one of my favorite games of all time!

u/JagenIsMyDad · 1 pointr/Megaten

The price of the PSTV varies depending on which seller you purchase it from. Check all available deals for new and used.

u/endangeredpangolin · 1 pointr/GameSale
u/chaosbringer255 · 1 pointr/vita

US Amazon has some copies. I'd just go digital if you're having this much trouble.

u/rushisma · 1 pointr/vita
u/alec7491 · 1 pointr/vita

Canadian amazon aswell Persona 4 Golden - PlayStation Vita - Standard Edition

u/BulletBills · 1 pointr/gifs

Persona 4 Golden was a re-release for PS Vita.

u/Lynac · 1 pointr/vita

Hm? [Amazon] ( or GameStop has it $20 exactly.

u/fieldstudies · 1 pointr/PlayStationPlus

Welcome to the club!!
Sub to /r/vita now if you'd like. A niche community of course but always helpful, aside from their discouraging saltiness given the way that Sony has treated the Vita. Their complaints are valid but sometimes it clogs up the place and makes it toxic.

Never played Tearaway but heard it is a "Must-have" and never touched the Final Fantasy series aside from being an avid gamer

since around '94-'95^shhh^don't^tell

P4G is amazing! (but everyone is pretty much going to tell you that.) But it really is one of my favorite video games ever to date. Just be warned that it takes a long ass time to get to the actually gameplay (about 2 hours.) When I started it, I was on a short road trip so it didn't bother me at all, but I still feel like even if I wasn't I wouldn't have gotten bored and begged for gameplay (which can't be said about a lot of story heavy games). Still think it deserves a warning, and after that though the story vs. gameplay is pretty balanced. Also you can skip through all the cutscenes and even fast forward the dialogue but I feel like you would really be doing a disservice to yourself.

One last thing, I prefer to own physical copies of games that are very long and I know I will be playing extensively to save memory. P4G is almost always $20 bucks on amazon I know it's more expensive than what's on sale now but just throwing it out there.

u/Musical_life · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you need this first, followed by 2, 3 and 4! P4 also has an anime based on it, as does P3.

Oops, I got carried away and forgot to add an item....

u/himuradrew · 1 pointr/vita

Interesting. I read somewhere that the Vita wouldn't charge because you'd have to short out 1 or 2 pins from the Vita cable - since it was designed to transfer data.

Bought this instead: - made my life easier :)

u/Spexor · 1 pointr/PS3

It has something to do with the way the USB head is wired. I bought one of these for my portable battery pack to charge my Vita and it charges ps3/ps4 controllers too.

u/Olivares_ · 1 pointr/vita

I personally think you're better off just getting the USB adapter and a much higher mah battery pack.

Nyko power grip is only $35 and the grip is amazing.

There's some that may be compatabile with the vita without the USB adapter. Mine isn't, though

u/CheshireC4t · 1 pointr/vita

Get yourself one of these little USB adapters for $3 instead of the giant AC adapter and you can charge your vita from any USB with just the cable

I have one and it was a huge game changer. Now I can charge on an airplane, with my phone's wall adapter, with my portable battery, etc.

u/Skyhooks · 1 pointr/vita

Nah it wont but I use this on the usb cable and then it will no issue.

u/jamesjoyce1882 · 1 pointr/vita

Yeah, no thanks. All my mobile devices are from Apple and have very color accurate displays. I really enjoy having the colors pop on the Vita for a change. Battery and USB don't matter for me anymore for these reasons:

  • You can charge the Vita Gen1 with any USB charger via this little adapter thingie.

  • I have noticed that most airlines now have USB chargers or AC outlets even in economy class. Works beautifully with said adapter. Long distance flights are the only situations in my life in which I would have needed more battery life.

    I hope they'll eventually release a Vita 3 uniting the advantages of both versions.

    EDIT: Wording.
u/ShortFuse · 1 pointr/gaming

Don't get me started on the Vita with their proprietary garbage. I thought we moved past this with the PS3 and PS4, since they use mini/micro USB and regular 2pin power cables.....

The Gen1 Vita has a proprietary usb power cable. Not only is the Vita-side connection proprietary, but it has to be charged with a official Vita power brick. You can't charge with a PC or regular USB charger.

Edit: That's why these female to male usb adapters exists.

u/IamJacksScreenName · 1 pointr/PS4

You have to buy an adapter. I got this one for my Vita because i lost the part of the power cord that plugs into the wall. Now i use it for both the DS4 and Vita and it charges perfectly..

u/TripletStorm · 1 pointr/vita

You can use this to charge your Vita with any USB port:

You just plug your existing PS Vita USB cable into it, then plug it into whatever you want. There is no voodoo here, all it does is short the USB pins 2 & 3 which tells the Vita to charge.

Confirmed it charges my Vita using iPhone, iPad, Galaxy 7 wall chargers, USB port on my MacBook Pro, my 1 amp and 2.1 amp usb car charger, and my portable USB charger:

u/Fuctface · 1 pointr/vitahacks

They have little Vita Data to MIcro USB adapters on Amazon for $3.00 ( Sony sells Vita 1000 data cables? Because I also lost mine and couldnt find a legit Sony replacement anywhere but Amazon and it was listed for like $40.00. I just went and got a knockoff at MicroPlay for $6.99. Where did you see Sony ones for $23.00?

u/koikomoru · 1 pointr/vita

I have the same problem. I recently got this and I love it! No more pain and very comfortable for long sessions.

u/adamgrey · 1 pointr/vita

I took a chance on these and I love them.

u/GaryLaseriii · 1 pointr/PS4

The vita also works great for most games. Extremely helpful to get a grip for it like this one:

u/DrunkeNinja · 1 pointr/PS4

Here is the one I bought:

I bought this one because I didn't want to spend much money on something like that, but I figured for under $10 it was worth the shot.

This grip just gives me more to hold onto and once I started using it, I never found it uncomfortable to play Vita games. The top bumper buttons are left open, which is good because I don't trust added on triggers. The back touch pad is left unobscured.

Keep in mind that this grip is just a cheap hard plastic. It feels fine to me, though some of the reviews complained about that. I think it looks fine when connected to the Vita as well. It also still allows me to use the charge stand I have for the Vita,so I rarely ever have to remove the grip.

My one complaint is that because it's so cheap, I'm afraid I might break it when I remove it from my Vita. I'm careful when doing so, but if I wasn't so careful I could see that it might break a piece off. Luckily the price is good though.

Also, this is for the original Vita since that's the one I own. Basically it's cheap and does the trick. It amazed me that such a cheap piece of plastic enhanced my experience so much.

u/AznPenguyen · 1 pointr/vita
u/Bluesfire · 1 pointr/vita

I'm getting the new bundle through Gamestop. It's cheaper. The one I saw on Amazon is 43 bucks more (Prime) than GameStop's $200.

u/serenityunlimited · 1 pointr/vita
u/UnshavenBox94 · 1 pointr/vita

If you really wanted that bundle, I think Amazon still sells it with Prime

u/tadrith · 1 pointr/vitahacks

I bought one of these... I've heard the Borderlands package for the Vita slim has a better chance of <3.60 firmware.

Mine was brand new, came with firmware 3.30 (yes, 3.30). I was absolutely thrilled. The only reason I took the chance was that I had someone with a Vita at firmware 3.50, so the trade was that I could have theirs if the one arriving was over 3.60. Turns out, I got a nice new Vita Slim <3.60. That's the specific link I used, the ones coming from "Above All Games" on Amazon.

Followed the DNS hack to get to 3.60, installed Henkaku, installed VitaShell, used the new ePSP 2.0 bubble to get it activated and get Adrenaline on it, good to go. It was touch and go because I am -really- new to this, but it all worked out. Tonight was the first night I got Tales of Destiny running under PCSX ReARMed, and a Castlevania Chronicles PSP working.

I make no guarantees that the one you get will be the same, but I had excellent luck.

u/Launchers · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Isn't that a tad bit too much considering a new Vita with BL2 is only $200?

u/NeoJ4K3 · 1 pointr/vita

It all depends. People praise the old 1000 model for its oled screen but meh, its not better, I think they are equal in class, but do slightly different things.

The one you linksd is the new 2000 model, which I would recommend since it is the only model you can get new, and the small changes make it overall a better console. "Best" is always subjective, but being your first vita, I think it is best for you in this situation. The changes include.

  • new lcd screen which saves battery, has more natural color pallete
  • better battery life (worth it for this alone, the 1000 model battery is atrocious, and the 2000 fixes it some.)
  • slightly better buttons
  • better form factor and ergonomics for your hands
  • rear touch pad is less likely to be accidentally hit
  • include an onboard 1gb of memory to get you started, it CANNOT be used in conjunction with a memory card sadly, but if you get the sysyem and need to save for a memory card, the 1gb will last you for that temp time.

    Must have missed the sale, this one was one sale for 170 this week, but sadly it looks like sale has ended

    There is this model as well which comes with a download voucher for borderlands 2 and an 8gb memory card, again thought the sale ended for this one as well lol


    Also no problem! Just like to try and be helpful. Especially if there is a potential addition to the wonderful vita community! Lol
u/MFNTavlok · 1 pointr/vita

Borderlands 2 - Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita Bundle

239$ New in box, comes with a decent game that you can sink a lot of time into.

u/scrndude · 1 pointr/vita

Their prices have been fluctuating, I saw it for $138 and jumped on it, but I also saw it at $145 and now it's $152. Just keep an eye on it I guess, they go in and out of stock pretty often.

u/Chief81 · 1 pointr/WWII

So for 50 Pounds you can get the original Sony (virtuel 7.1 Sound).
I have this and I can really recommend it. Maybe not a Pro Headset, but I can clearly tell you from where the enemys are coming and it is wireless.
Don't think there is a better one if you want to use it for PS4.
If 50 is too and black friday are not too far away ;)!

u/Niki071327 · 1 pointr/gaming

I use an official Sony headset for my PS4 (and 3). Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 - Black (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)

About £100 new in the UK, not sure about where you are. Comfortable. Adjustable. Sound quality is amazing. Can download a companion app and certain games have their own presets you can load in.

Can't say anything about the Mic if he's likely to use it as I don't but reviews I've seen are positive.

Battery life is 4-6 hours, plenty of time for a gaming session and then a food break to start recharging. The only niggle I have is that having them plugged in while using them does create a slightly awkward buzzing in the ear but it's easy enough not to encounter if you remember to charge them better than I do!!

u/lilsting10 · 1 pointr/Surface

Failing a solution for this product, do Sony make a wireless bluetooth headset for USB3 PCs, which has the same form factor as the Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0? ( )

u/PessimisticKarma · 1 pointr/steelseries

Should had made it more clear. The Playstation 4 Wireless 2.0

Description says surround for ps4

u/WolfieZer0 · 1 pointr/macsetups

They're PlayStation Wireless 2.0 ( Only temp ones though while I get a new pair as they aren't really great for music and my current ones are dying after 3 years non-stop use!

u/thinkadrian · 1 pointr/PS4

Not at all overpriced, as fair competitors are more expensive.

Just glancing at the reviews on Amazon many people seem to be happy with the build quality as well.

And they work on both PS3 and PS4.

u/aWhiteSunset · 1 pointr/italy

Se vuoi io ti consiglierei di andare su quelli ufficiali PlayStation anche se costano 60/70€. Sono ottime e hanno il supporto dell'app integrata di PS4 per i preset audio di giochi specifici. Comodissime, leggere e di ottima qualità sia in ascolto che come microfono. Queste, per capirci.

u/platdujour · 1 pointr/PS4

Tesco & Amazon have them for £47.49

u/kylepezz · 1 pointr/PS4


Thank you for the reply, this is exactly what I was looking for. Right now I'm using a larger computer monitor for my original PS4 but for the slip I'll hook it up to a TV with an optical port, I totally forgot about that.

u/Count_Duckula · 1 pointr/vitahacks

You can still buy them new on amazon (and fulfilled by amazon):

u/indiraa · 1 pointr/otomegames

They discontinued them in the US/Europe a few months ago so they're pretty cheap right now. Who knows how long the stock will last though.

u/nsxviper · 1 pointr/ZeroEscape

PlayStation TV

Edit: Forgot to mention that ZTD doesn't work on PSTV atm.

u/Alsharad · 1 pointr/PS4
u/OregonViking · 1 pointr/PS4

Unfortunately as your edit says because of the PS TV, this feature that could breath new life into the PS3 will not happen. Though wondering if down the line some very talented people could figure out how the 4 is streaming to the Vita/PSTV & make a bootleg app for the Ps3- but its a long shot & you would probably lose online abilities.

However the good news is that the PS Tv isn't that expensive if you really want to do something like that. It comes out at the end of October.

u/Britt64 · 1 pointr/NintendoNX

I think you're confused. PSTV is a small box. It's not handheld system at all.

u/slimshady121 · 1 pointr/FantasyPL

I was jus looking around, Playstation Vue streaming service will allow you to sign into NBC live app. $29.99 a month and you don't even need a console if you dont have one, Playstation TV is $49

u/rcinmd · 1 pointr/GameDeals

It's also 48% off on Amazon. Link here.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Charity links:

u/methAndgatorade · 1 pointr/PS4

You mean that thing you can still buy for cheap that does exactly what OP is asking?

$40 with Prime

u/CroissantBlade · 1 pointr/vita

Amazon currently has them for $44. Don't pay inflated prices like you may see on eBay. Hopefully they can ship to where you live.

u/got_mule · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

You're talking about this thing right? If so, I definitely have one that I would be willing to sell you. Just gotta find it over the next few days. PM me with your offer of what you are looking to spend.

u/chazzlabs · 1 pointr/vita

FYI, right now Amazon has the PlayStation TV for $80 and the PlayStation TV Bundle for $100.

u/Reviews2Go · 1 pointr/VitaTV

PSTV has always been hard to find in Canada. I have a friend that took the longest of time trying to find one. You're gonna have to hunt for it online as that's likely the only way you'll ever find one.

Or import one from the US.

u/awol5943 · 1 pointr/PlayStationPlus

Sure does.

Edit: removed link because it didn't work.

Edit 2: working link

u/Hovva · 1 pointr/3DS

Your bluray player isn't a Playstation TV. This is a PSTV.

u/ShaidarHaran2 · 1 pointr/chromeos

Afaik the Android remote play builds were reverse engineered from that (and Vita remote play), so not in the official app store.

u/NoNamedFuzzyPanda2 · 1 pointr/Persona5

Not all is lost. I believe you can also play it on a PSTV (

u/Paublo1 · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Two things:

It's also on Amazon prime

I would like to know if I can play my old PS1 games that I have already purchased from the PSN network and on the list of PSP games can I play PSP

u/NovaPrime15 · 1 pointr/JRPG

It's a streaming box that Sony made. Can play Vita games as well as PS Now

Link to Amazon

u/xProtoZoax · 1 pointr/vita

that price goes up with the shipping, i was about to purchase it from Play Asia and after checking out the shipping made the total price jump from 60 dollars all the way up to that point its just better buying it from Amazon which has it listed for 80 dollars and the bundle for 100.

u/beanz822 · 1 pointr/vitahacks

Bought a used Vita TV off amazon to get for a friend last week. Can confirm it shipped with 3.60, actually asked the seller if they knew and he said he had no idea lol. Anywho here's the link to the seller if you're interested. the seller was JMS Holdings and shipped from NY.

u/alex25197 · 1 pointr/vitahacks

I'm interested in buying a vita, does this one qualify? Does these models have 3.60 or lower? Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi
I want it for playing game backups and install homebrews.

u/dolphins3 · 1 pointr/vita

>Can you not buy online? I get all my game stuff off Amazon these days...

Now that you mention it, I did find this on Amazon. For some reason I had thought all Amazon had was units ~$200.

Normally I would be all there on buying new too, but the fact that I'll also have to shell out for Sony's absolutely insane memory card prices too has me shopping for the best price. $150 is a little more than I wanted to pay, but being able to get a new unit instead of a used one is worth it, I think.

u/Aerim · 1 pointr/gaming

There's a small trickle of games (mostly from niche localizers of Japanese products). You're probably not going to find one at the last retail price ($169), but third party sellers have them on Amazon for $199:

u/Vyleia · 1 pointr/vita
u/hearthstonezzzz · 1 pointr/vita

Thank you so much! I live in Toronto so I doubt I'll find a small EB store :(
Currently, I'm thinking of getting one from Amazon ( Is this the right one (i.e. the newest Vita that is compatible with all the games)?

u/GreatMightySymp · 1 pointr/vitahacks

Yeah, I was planning on getting one of the new, non-refub/used ones since I heard that basically means it's 3.60 or less if it's a US model (also don't want to deal with the swapped buttons of the Asian model ones).

I'm assuming they wouldn't sell used through that, if they did I could easily do a return via Amazon.

u/Sodagraph · 1 pointr/vitahacks

So I'm looking into buying a vita and hacking it and had a few questions. Would this be guaranteed to be 3.60 or below, or do I run the risk of it being 3.61+? Would I need to connect to PSN for anything? If so what would that be for and would that require a firmware update? Is it possible to get DLC for games and install that without needing to update?

u/Jron5 · 1 pointr/vitahacks

Actually I just resorted to sending it back in for a return & then I ordered another one (black one) from Amazon & SUPPOSEDLY, it is a US based Vita brand new & from the more recent reviews, they have been under 3.60. I bought this one specifically from Above All Games. As much as I like the look of the glacier white Vita, I couldn't find a motherboard available on eBay or Ali express for the slim models

u/Acardam · 1 pointr/VitaPiracy

I think that all the imports from Japan at Amazon comes with 3.61 or higher. I order the blue and orange versions and had to return them both. However, the black version which is not an import from japan came with 3.53 and I bought it on May 3, 2017.

u/yttgg22 · 1 pointr/vitahacks

It was this one. Brand new for $203.

u/XaphanX · 1 pointr/vitahacks

Any idea if the regular black version is still 3.60 or below? It's been restocked a few times already. I would buy the Borderlands 2 bundle but it seems a lot of the units suffer from wear issues from sitting in a warehouse all these years.

u/Hamster_Thrower · 1 pointr/vitahacks

Buy it off of Amazon, I just got my new Vita yesterday and it came with 3.55. If it is 3.60 and above you still have the Amazon return policy, below is the link of the one I ordered:

I selected the prime option and used the seller Key2West Marketing Inc. Reason being they are only in the US (where I am located) so most of their stock that is shipped will be non-import.

u/chad311 · 1 pointr/vita

Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful response! I really appreciate it!

It looks like Amazon has the cheapest, at $169. Is this the best model though?

u/mariyagami · 1 pointr/vita

I was on the same boat 2 days ago, and ended up using Amazon. I didn't want to, because I didn't want to risk getting a refurbished unit passing as new, but it seems like I got lucky as my unit was in fact new.
Got this one by "Above All Games"

u/desirelife · 1 pointr/vita

I just replaced my OG vita with one. Use Amazon, its safe. I even bought from Sony's Amazon store. Here is a link:

u/madaaa · 1 pointr/PS4
u/splaynn · 1 pointr/FORTnITE
u/ParkerGuitarGuy · 1 pointr/vita

This is the one I went with:

There is another one that was recently added to Amazon but doesn't include triggers for L3 and R3.

Edit: the one I linked is only for the slim, I believe. If you have the first gen with the AMOLED screen, you might have to go with the other one:

u/abnormalninja · 1 pointr/vita

I was looking at this on:

Psvita2000 L2/r2button Load Grip Cover Black

u/Warruzz · 1 pointr/PS4
u/alxgrcs · 1 pointr/vita

Not sure how much they were originally but they go for ¥5698 currently on Japanese Amazon. That'd be about $48.

Disregard. That's for vita 2000

u/ShimReturns · 1 pointr/vita

I use this one and was surprised how well it works. Not sure what you mean but trigger grip though. Got it for $27 a couple years ago but looks like Play Asia has it for $40.

u/Stompy-MwC · 1 pointr/vita

Step 1: Spend a ridiculous (but absolutely worth it) amount of money to purchase an L2/R2 trigger grip.

Step 2: Enable Zoom under Accessibility options on the Vita. When you need to read something, hold the PS button and tap X. (I think. I forgot just now, might be Square).

Step 3: Profit.

u/7Votorious420 · 1 pointr/vita

Do you have any joystick grips? i'm getting tired of these generic ones falling off and unsure about the 23$ Cyber? ones

u/TK656 · 1 pointr/vita

I was using the shorter rubber analog covers but I recently upgraded to the tall covers and its a huge difference. I do not have problems with the down dpad or the x buttons though some people have reported this.

Cyber ? Analog Stick Cover High Type (For Ps Vita) Black by Cyber

u/mpafighter · 1 pointr/vita
u/papagino0017 · 1 pointr/vita
u/AberrantRambler · 1 pointr/PS4

> Also, how does remote play work exactly? If my PS4 is on and connected to WiFi and I'm away from home, say at a friend's house and connected to their WiFi with my Vita, can I still use remote play? Basically, I want to play Persona while my friends take forever with their turns during our Dungeons and Dragons campaign... ;)

More or less. The internet at your home (where your PS4 is) and where you are at (with your vita) needs to be fast enough.

Since Persona doesn't have much "fast reaction" it's a perfect game for it (I've logged a handful of hours on it from my vita, though usually just from other rooms in my house), as even if there are hiccups they won't result in instant death.

One thing to note is that the vita doesn't have L2, R2, L3, and R3, (which don't matter much for Persona as you don't need fast reaction for those buttons) and instead requires you to tap on the back touch screen to activate these buttons. You can get a plastic case thing which adds these buttons (via levers and such) and also adds some nice contouring for adult sized hands:

I'd also recommend some stick extenders, personally:

u/punkdefied · 1 pointr/vita

I saw that complaint about X and O being swapped or something but the physical buttons are in the same location and they function the correct way inside of all the games I have played so if that references some obscure use of the buttons in the UI / OS I have not yet encountered that instance. Amazon Link

u/Seabass0930 · 1 pointr/gameswap

I can do this I have a blue one if that’s cool. PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi model Aqua Blue (PCH-2000ZA23) Japanese Ver. Japan Import

u/capslock · 1 pointr/vita

Just buy it on Amazon:

It 0% matters that it's the Japanese version. You can still select your language and log in to your PSN account just fine.

u/Klesa · 1 pointr/vita

Just buy it directly from, it will probably be much cheaper anyways.

u/lohktar · 1 pointr/vita

  • blue vita
  • black vita

    Have to go to other sellers on Amazon/New Used, check New, then search for directly, it will go out via global shipping which only takes a few days. I got one a few days ago actually, came with 3.68 firmware (meh) but was only $170 shipped, not bad for brand new.
u/ProPenguin800 · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I have one of these if you are interested.

u/GrabberOrange · 1 pointr/vita

I've had a couple, the Smatree is one of the best. Holds Vita nice and snug, with a convenient pull string to get it out. Zippered inside section holds 6 foot charging cable, earbuds and screen cloth. 10 games in the separator.
The outside is a nice canvas material that is really durable and easy to clean.
Smatree P100=

u/Autismmprime · 1 pointr/vita

This one is great. Room for games, charger, and holds the device well.

u/martend · 1 pointr/vita

Hard cases lot's to choose from, Cyber Hori or Licensed.


If you want to take the charger with you etc, BUBM makes a nice case


A different take on a case, like the one above I have this one as well:


My grip of choice:


I didn't buy mine through Amazon, just easy to find pictures :-)

u/Mizeneu · 1 pointr/playstation

I haven't tried that, and I mean sure you CAN play any game, but some are better than others becsuse of control scheme. Get one of these

[L2 / R2, L3 / R3 buttons mounted] Remote Play assist attachment for PlayStationVita (PCH-2000)

If you get a slim model, which personally I got because the oled on the original can get burns on the screen.

u/tstorm004 · 1 pointr/harvestmoon

You need one of these guys to get yourself a good L2/R2 on Vita!

u/CoolDude1564 · 1 pointr/vita

You may want to consider buying a grip with L2/R2 and L3/R3 buttons if you plan on using Remote Play a lot. Some games have a very spotty control scheme. The wiki has a list of them. Personally, I recommend this one

u/L0rdLogan · 1 pointr/vita

I haven't got it yet, but the button in Oval, so I am guessing that's a 1000

EDIT: A quick search on google images reveal it's a 1000, I don't think that Hori Grip works with the 1000

u/Lorclonil · 1 pointr/vita

My wife ordered the blue one through Amazon. It's beautiful!

The remote play assist has triggers that tap the 4 corners on the back for games that use the default remote play control setup:

u/wavetoyou · 1 pointr/PS4

Okay. The VITA is actually better for Remote Play than the app you run on Mac/PC in terms of connectivity. I've been places where the VITA connects to my PS4 no problem, but the program on my Macbook Pro deems the connection too weak.

The complaint most have about using the VITA for remote play is the controls. For reasons I cannot understand, the joysticks cannot be pushed as R3 and L3, so those buttons end up on the front bottom corners of the touch screen. Meanwhile, R2 and L2 are the touch pad on the bottom, which are very hard to control. So, if you do go this route, you may want to purchase THIS

25 down and 5 up is adequate on the VITA's end most of the time, but you should definitely have the PS4 receiving a better upload speed. I started getting noticeably more stable remote play connections only after upgrading my Comcast to 10mbps upload and hardwiring the console.

When my Macbook does connect to my PS4 Pro, the quality is 1080p, which looks amazing on the 15" screen. If you can get this to work, go with it. The image quality combined with being able to use a DS4...awesome!

u/Xylobone · 1 pointr/pcgaming

Don't forget Vita has remote play for PS4 & PS3. That's quite a few additional games. U may even be able to stream PS5 games in the future. Pretty sure if PS5 is touting backwards compatibly, that remote play would be in included for the Vita, but I could be wrong. Also, make sure to get this . I personally find it mandatory not only does it give you R2 & L2 buttons, it makes the Vita much more comfortable to hold. Cheers 🔥

u/mimic751 · 1 pointr/playstation

[L2 / R2, L3 / R3 buttons mounted] Remote Play assist attachment for PlayStationVita (PCH-2000)

This one ads all the buttons to it like a controller so you can actually play it and not use that stupid touch screen in the back

u/TheBiffledon · 1 pointr/vita

Is this the one? I want to get a grip for Remote Play, but I want to make sure I get the right one.

u/O_Apples · 1 pointr/Persona5

Lol, you describe Vita Remote play in the list of things you wish.

Something that really helps Vita Remote Play

No matter how much I tried I could not get used to the back touch pad for remote play. It really helped adding physical buttons that can be pressed.

u/zombiejeff · 1 pointr/GameSale

Yea i'm ok with that. $100 for both shipped? I'll put pics tonight if you'd like but this is the grip~

u/WristsAplenty · 1 pointr/vita

The Hori grip is generally considered one of the best, you'll see if recommended around here pretty often. You can get them over at Amazon or

u/reson8er · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

Try using this, makes a world of difference.

u/Svieri · 1 pointr/SpidermanPS4

I got mine from Amazon. It's an import item so they're all 3rd party sellers but as long as you pick one of the "fulfilled by Amazon" ones it should be fine (and not end up shipping from overseas).

u/LulusPanties · 0 pointsr/hardwareswap

Just to let you know. Amazon has a new Vita bundled with a 8GB card and Borderlands 2 shipped, new and with warranty for $170

Also used vitas routinely sell on /r/gamesale bundled with 5-6 games for $150

u/ExoZeo · 0 pointsr/PSVR

I'm hoping my PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset fits over the headset as the audio quality is great. I love gaming with these headphones.

u/a_monkie · 0 pointsr/Games

I hope so too. They make many great points in this video too.

personally i think that Playstation has put a large quantity of their resources into streaming, and as soon as they fix the prices they will be the best option in this field. My only problem with it is that we know they will not offer PS4 games on PSNow(although i cant really blame them because that would essentially make the PS4 obsolete) and so as soon as i get my fill of past gen games i will probably unsubscribe.

The thing that i think is being overlooked about this whole streaming situation is the potential the Playstation TV. The potential it shows is huge, yet i never find anyone talking about it. It is a PS Vita that connects to the TV, so you can play Vita games on the TV, it can Remote Play the PS4 and those PS4 games fantastically, and it can also access PSNow. So what you have in the PSTV is a Vita, PS4(provided one is owned and near the PSTV), and it can be a PS1, 2, and 3 all through PSNow. Realle the pomise for the device is really strong.

Oh, and the main reason i want the PS4 streaming part is for the fact that the PS4 can be in one room(for example and office in the basement), and you can stream it's games to the PSTV which can be is, say, the living room. So if you have friends over who want to play PS4 but you dont want to have to move it, just use the PSTV! Also, Sometimes guests might want to play an old game, so you can use the PSTV for that too. Hell, the regular Vita can be remote play the PS4 from an entirely different network, so instead of taking the whole PS4 and shit over to a friends house, you can just take along the little PSTV and have the whole PS4 there. Boom!

Additionally, PSNow is going to work on Sony Bravia TV's, and some other devices as well in the future(here's hoping for phones and tablets as well(where you can connect a controller and use the device as a monitor))

u/PSPMan3000 · 0 pointsr/PSP

HORI PS Vita 2000 L2/R2 L3/R3 Remote Play Assist Attachment

best thing i ever imported. makes playing ps1 games perfect

most n64 games work best when NOT mapping the c buttons to a second stick, so you want more buttons

u/91PIR8 · 0 pointsr/vita

This is really good to give you the l2/r2 and l3/r3 buttons. I find it more comfortable than holding just the vita.

I have trouble with remote play in my house if I'm not relatively close to my PS4. Honestly, I haven't really tried to improve it or find my exact range. Most likely due to my wireless network. So just know your mileage may vary depending on your network setup.

u/_Navi_ · 0 pointsr/vita

I can't understand how this isn't yet supported. It's an advertised feature for crying out loud.

PS Vita on Amazon -- there are at least two places on that page where it says that it plays PS1 games

u/vitor_zero · 0 pointsr/vita

This one:

Keeps very steady and improve a lot of the ergonomy, I can't play it without this anymore.

Without the grip, in 15mins my hands are aching in agony.

With the grip I can play for hours.

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Like having a PSvita without portability? Oh wait...

u/dontknowwheretogo1 · -2 pointsr/PS4
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lol $199 isn't a price cut if the Vita is already $199