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u/Chelseaqix · 127 pointsr/WhitePeopleTwitter

Don't troll him. The obvious way to record the audio is tape cassette. Then you play the video when the powerpoint is running.

Pro Tip: Remember to rewind so it's ready for next viewing.

u/Indy201 · 12 pointsr/dvdcollection

Cassette tapes largely stopped being made in 2002. Yet they still make cassette players to this day

The discs themselves are estimated to last roughly a hundred years before going bad. At some point, sure, blurays won't be made any longer. But the sky's not falling. Cds and vinyl are still being made, blurays will be for a while too. Probably another 2 decades. They'll get more expensive as time goes on, and become collector's items, but there's enough of a dedicated fanbase to keep them alive. And once they do die, players will almost certainly still be made. All it takes is for a single company to be smart enough to tap that market base.

u/sara520 · 5 pointsr/indieheads

last night i bought Ultimate Painting live at third man records, and i've listened to it three times already because it is so good. i also bought the whitney album on cassette just because, then this morning i bought a cassette player so i can actually listen to it

u/pi3832v2 · 5 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

>Just wondering if something like this could convert mp3 to a cassette tape. I assume so since most things go vice versa but idk.

Not in this case. A lot of hand-held cassette players are play-only. They don't record.

I expect you're engaging in overkill looking to a "converter". You don't need a USB connector or custom software. Just run a stereo mini jack from the headphone jack on your computer to the input of any cassette player with a recording head. (lo-fi example)

Though, why do you want to transfer things to cassettes anyway? Most of the time you'd be better off with a portable MP3 player and a cassette-deck adapter.

u/dingofling · 5 pointsr/NeverBeGameOver

yep sorry i cant really put more up i'm messing around with all this stuff and I gotta go to work lol. Its this Duno why it says CD but its the same model, im going to try a more expensive one that i left at one of my parents house way back when and see if it does the same thing. Im thinking its just the pitch i grew up with cassettes but never really questioned how they worked and all the facors, im starting to love them. Ok this post is making me late for work im sorry to tease with just this inofomation lol. I will upload as soon as I can expect within the next 12 -24 hours.

u/matdwyer · 4 pointsr/askTO

its just outside of our core competencies, the opposite of what we do. might actually have more luck at a sound studio.

Actually, just need this:

u/sleepinginthewoods · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Cassette players are still popular B/C of 13 Reasons Why and Stranger things

One of the items listed under "top college picks" on Amazon

u/gr00 · 3 pointsr/AskMenOver30

I have some old cassettes recorded from radio - 80s and 90s - of year end countdowns and other things. I converted those into mp3 with a thingy I got from Amazon

u/way310 · 3 pointsr/cassetteculture

Some cassette sellers sell coby Walkman style players for under $20. This won't get you crystal clear quality but it will work. Jensen SCR68B Stereo Cassette Player with AM/FM Radio Also check some thrift stores People don't expect these kind of people online but, They sell Walkman-era players for 50¢ to $5

u/xx420bluntymcbongxx · 3 pointsr/cassetteculture

If you want to buy one new, The Jensen SCR-68C is a good option. Not the best player ever made but it's in stereo, and it has a radio too if that matters to you.

You might have some luck trawling the local classified ads and seeing if anyone has a used walkman for sale, they come up on kijiji in my area from time to time.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/cassetteculture

all you need is a walkman and aux cable

u/Chris_Parker · 2 pointsr/Kanye

Here's a good start if you're looking for something cheap.

u/17RoadHole · 2 pointsr/howto
u/cats_fitness_scifi · 2 pointsr/dementia

Hi. My grandma had dementia and we had the same idea for her, especially after she had a hard time following what she was reading in books. We asked her if that is something she would like and she said "yes". We got her a machine that had big buttons like this: They're called retro tape players - they also have them on websites for elderly people.

She could operate it. However, she just wasn't able to follow what they were saying on the tapes and didn't enjoy listening to music anymore. To be honest, the only things she wanted to do were watch TV and look out the window. She didn't even want to watch movies, go out with her friends, or do anything else besides watch TV and look out the window. I think the only reason why she agreed to the tape player was because it sounded like a good idea, but when it came right down to being interested in using it, she just wasn't. Even if I started a tape for her, she would turn it off and turn on the TV.

So before you make a purchase, you may want to play your grandfather some tapes while you are there to see if he can follow whatever is on them and if he stays interested. Hope this helps.

u/HeartsoundCollective · 2 pointsr/VSTi

I get a really convincing Daniel Johnston sound from this
tape recorder

I just record out from my interface into the aux in on the tape player and then back again from the headphone jack, really sounds authentic DJ DIY

u/lore_recker · 2 pointsr/cassetteculture

A cassette player with a USB connector is probably the easiest. Something like this.

u/call-me-neo · 2 pointsr/CarAV

Don't think you're going to find a new cassette player, especially with Bluetooth. You could get this Panasonic from Amazon, but it's discontinued and it doesn't do bluetooth. I'm sure it wold work, but it's not going to cover all bases.

You have a smartphone? How about using something like this to convert your tapes to MP3 files. Or if you already have a tape machine at home and a computer, you could plug the cassette into the computer's line in and use Audacity for free to record them and save as MP3 files.

u/huffle_kun · 2 pointsr/cassetteculture

Oh, I found it on amazon here

u/justadude27 · 2 pointsr/gadgets

You can still buy a cassette player

u/fireorgan · 2 pointsr/space

did they use this to record the audio?

u/LessonzLEarned · 1 pointr/cassettes

Nice collection! :D

I had all of these except for the Show cassette (I had the vhs) and The Walk, until my home burned two years ago.

Just recently I have purchased a cute 'lil cassette player ( ) and one batch of cassettes from ebay.

No Cure yet, though. I am hoping that when we finally sort through the rest of the remainders, some of my cassettes survived after all.

edit: omitted word and punctuation.

u/RolandMT32 · 1 pointr/audioengineering
u/balents · 1 pointr/cassetteculture

I would imagine there has to be some kind of player that has a DC in port for power. Just looked at this shitty USB cassette player/converter and it has a DC in plug so I'd assume there's others that have that. Not saying you should get this one but this one appears to be powered by USB and Batteries depending on what you want. And there's these generic ones that also plug in DC and USB. It seems like the 2nd ones have better review scores. I feel like one of the old tape players I had also had a DC in port, so be on the lookout too. Good luck to ya!

u/sharkamino · 1 pointr/vinyl

I don't know of any others. Maybe a cheaper classic portable style or Walk Man.

u/ictRider · 1 pointr/wichita

no, I found a classic one at a garage sale once. kinda like this one

u/smeraltees · 1 pointr/Metal

I’ve got this one under a different brand name, but it works well enough and isn’t too expensive. Should come with instructions on how to record into audacity.

u/Blues_Drive · 1 pointr/cassetteculture

Like a good current gen one? I just use this as my daily carry.

Otherwise, like others said, you'd most likely need to do repairs (soldering, new belts, etc.) immediately after buying an old player, or sometime down the road.

u/BrianFantannaAction8 · 1 pointr/audiobooks

Well you could get this

....and do yourself a solid by listening and converting to mp3.

u/JohnNieuwsma · 1 pointr/Vaporwave

I mostly use my 2002 lexus which has a really awesome cassette stereo. I also use a CD player with a cassette attachment and a pretty popular walkman you can buy off amazon. The walkman is really easy to use and includes a headphone jack and a usb attachment so you can upload your cassettes digitally.

u/el_californio · 1 pointr/Kuwait

I have never heard of any place that does that so your best bet would probably be this

u/Lonely-Wanderer · 1 pointr/pics

> I've used them in the past, and have never had an issue

Fair enough, don't want to tempt fate, especially with an original restoration.

I used to use something like this back in the day as my radio didnt have a tape record function, only playback. With something like that, all you'd need is a 3.5 to 3.5mm cord, plug one end into your headphones jack on the source, such as your computer, and the other end to the mic/line-in jack on the recorder.

u/Stars_Stripes_1776 · 1 pointr/cassetteculture

Used ones of this are going for about 40 bucks. I wouldn't go for the ones you linked, they seem pretty bad. old but used stuff should be better, as long as it still works.

u/doctechnical · 1 pointr/nostalgia

I can get a cassette tape player/recorder (optionally powered by USB) on Amazon for $13, and I can get a Bluetooth transmitter that will work with it for $8, so $21 total.

So what does this gizmo that costs three times as much do for me that's worth the extra money?

u/GiftyMayne · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I've made a few cassetts/mixtapes at home with my old school cassette deck.

You'll need to get the audio out from your PC into some sort of Cassette recorder. The easiest and cheapest would be to run an Aux cord from your speaker output to the mic input on a cassette recorder like this: You could also check thrift stores for an old cassette player with an input jack. I got my old 70s cassette deck for $20 at a local shop.

You then start recording the cassette and play your music through while recording and play the album through all the way. Stop recording on the cassette recorder. You will have to record each cassette in real time, one at a time. You can buy a cassette duplicator that takes a master tape and duplicates it to multiple tapes to speed this process up if you wish.

This will get you a pretty meh quality recording especially if you are using old recycled tapes, but that is probably what you are going for if you are making tapes. If you want better quality, you would want to make sure you have a good Digital to Analog converter to output to the cassette recorder, that you use a high quality deck/recorder and you use a chrome tape as the master.

u/Lunker42 · 1 pointr/cassetteculture


I just got this one. I like it. Super cheap. Plays tapes fine.

u/MUSAFFA1 · 1 pointr/audio

Get a tape player with an A/C adapter. Something like this.

Get a 12v inverter. Something like this.

Using the headphone jack on the tape player, they can connect a 3.5mm AUX cable in their car (assuming they have an AUX input?) and a 3.5mm RCA cable to connect to the home stereo.

*Also, if I may make a suggestion, using the car inverter > a/c adapter > AUX input in the car will undoubtedly create a bit of engine noise through your speakers. Using one of these will eliminate most of that noice.

u/osbo9991 · 1 pointr/cassettes

Most cassette decks can play and record, just look for one that feels solid and actually works at thrift stores. I see decks all the time for $20 or less. Just don't get cheap, plastic, modern stuff that look like a Jensen:
Look for vintage stuff, with well known brands such as Sony, pioneer, etc.

u/Ulysses_Goodfellow · 0 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I came here looking for more negative comments. Ho hum..

here's the first fruit of a cursory amazon search for something better: (10 bucks..)

u/Tom93522 · 0 pointsr/cassetteculture

Found The Best All Around Cassette Player/Recorder And Radio.
Works really neat sound is amazing I have been looking for one for a while but couldn't find.
Finally found this one on Amazon sound is even better then my Sony Walkman from the 90's.
Here is the link -

u/strategicdeceiver · 0 pointsr/audiophile
u/achilleshightops · 0 pointsr/Atlanta

crap. sounds like it was recorded on one of these

u/RobertAPetersen · -1 pointsr/gaming

Damn man, in 2007 everything I k we of could boot from USB, CD, DVD, but props on going old school. Next time, consider this:

u/jon_naz · -4 pointsr/cassetteculture