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u/djscsi · 8 pointsr/SoundSystem

The Behringer iNuke series is about the cheapest power amp I recommend in the "cheap as possible but probably won't catch fire" category.

Alternately shop used (gumtree/ebay/etc) for a used amp from a reputable brand like QSC, Crown, Crest, etc.

u/crossedx · 3 pointsr/Beatmatch

You need an amp to run between passive (non self-powered) speakers and the output source (controller). You didn't specify the speakers, but I would imagine they are passive since they have 1/4" TS connections... usually active speakers (self powered) have XLR inputs and sometimes additionally, have RCA and a mic input.

If, somehow, your speakers are active you'll just need this cord or this adapter, but I really would expect you need an amp. Having no idea what speakers you have, but knowing the next question will probably be what amp should you get, I'll just go ahead and put this here: Behringer Inuke. This is a budget amp, but it does a fairly good job. I have one running some subs and have zero complaints. If you end up needing more power, just look for the bigger versions.

u/nawitus · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Yep. There's a few cheap high wattage amps for home audio too.

u/passwords_suck · 1 pointr/CarAV

I'm getting this to run my jbl w15 gti in the near future. Wire your IDMAX up to 8 ohms and you should be set.

u/crappyroads · 1 pointr/il2sturmovik

So I did a little research and it's apparently a very common problem.

This amp is very pricey but a guy used it for the exact purpose and had good luck.

Too rich for my blood (saving up for VR)

edit: People are also using this one

double edit: You'd need an 110VAC to 10-20VDC converter but this is a super cheap amp that would work for a single transducer

u/davedontmind · 1 pointr/simracing

I only have experience of 1 shaker but I'd suggest starting with that to try out the experience, unless you're not worried about spending lots of money. You can always add on more shakers later.

I have a single Buttkicker Gamer 2 (there are cheaper solutions, but I love the BKG2), a 3rd-party amp (the BK amp stopped working, got replaced, stopped working again, so I gave up and bought an alternative), a separate sound card for the BK, and SimVibe, all of which mounts up.

BKG2: ~£120 (when I bought it)
Replacement amp: ~£120
Sound card: ~£20
SimVibe: ~£72

Total: around £350

If you're going all-out, I'm no expert but I imagine you'd go with 5 shakers (one for each wheel, one for the chassis), which means you'd need an amp with more channels or more amps, as well as the extra shakers.

There are certainly cheaper alternative shakers to the BKG2, but I don't know enough to recommend one. Also, the BKG2 has a nice mounting system that makes attaching it to my rig simple; other shakers will probably provide more of a mounting challenge.

u/hot_pepper_is_hot · 0 pointsr/livesound


Yorkville E15 Stamped frame 15" + 1" HF. Passive x-over, 5/8" plywood. Not suitable for rock-n-roll.

Yorkville LS808 single 18 sub. 5/8" plywood box.

Crown XLS2500 $350. brand new. Free shipping.

rx Yes on the subs, maybe on the amps, oh-hell-no on the top boxes. You need some large format HF and run active three way. I could make your mains rig work with 4 of the crown amps, a system controller dsp, and adding large format HF on top the mid boxes. Looks like this:

per side, 2 subs, 2 mid-tops, and 1 HF. (ps the HF by itself weighs about 20 lbs). take the 1" HF out of your top boxes and use for monitors or keep as spares for monitors.