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We found 52 Reddit comments discussing the best puppets. We ranked the 38 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the products ranked 21-40. You can also go back to the previous section.

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u/b_Eridanus · 18 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It's the policeman/constable/beadle from a Punch and Judy set. He's a stock character. http://www.punchandjudy.com/howtoscript/constable.htm

Here is a set that's very similar to yours.

u/AnimNate · 8 pointsr/funhaus

I believe it is a folkmanis puppet. They discontinue a lot of their older stuff so you may not be able to get an exact one. I believe this is the wyvern (or close to it): Wyvern puppet

u/qqpugla · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would gift /u/WindWhisked this puppet set for her to use with her students because I know she makes a difference!


/u/kittehmew this because it is on my "dream" WL too and I think it is something every Star Wars fan should have :-)

u/KeepInKitchen · 3 pointsr/Parenting

My aunt does this once a year for her daycare kids; it's a bit of work and might get a bit pricey but you can always do it again.

Get a few kiddie pools, some fake fossils, maybe some dino toys, and sand. Put sand in kiddie pools, bury toys in the sand, and give each kid a little plastic shovel and a paint brush (like for painting walls). Maybe some of those plastic sifters for beach toy sets.

A play on this could be to use small containers like the kind you can find in the dollar store and placing a few things in each one and you can cover it in colored rice. Paint some spoons to look like shovels.

You could also do pin the wings on the pterodactyl, play dinosaur themed music, do a team based game of carnivores vs herbivores, a t-rex roar contest, and dinosaur themed food. Piñatas are always a good thing.

You could get a sheet of butcher paper/poster board and make a stegosaurus out line and have each kid make a plate for it's back using paper plates and paint.

These are pretty cool.

You could also take her and maybe a few friends to a local museum if you have one near by as part of the dino theme.

u/JustMeSunshine91 · 3 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

Probabaly uses those lil shark-claw stick toys.

Edit: This https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Play-Great-White-Snapper/dp/B000BNENMM

u/gkdjsl · 2 pointsr/wallstreetbets

TSLA cars will be the new this

actually I almost want to buy this

u/Adeno · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Aww I see :O

Oh hey, the Littlefoot puppet from Pizza Hut is on Amazon... it was made back in 1988 hahaha :D Maybe I should get one as well, I never got this when I was a kid X_X

u/JinxKwB · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Racoon in a trashcan puppet This funny puppet for my son. For some reason my wife and I have a thing for puppets and he gets a big kick out of them. I have a funny monster one too, that I think is hilarious (it's over $20 slightly, so ignore it). The Raccoon in the trash can I just find funny. :)

u/reachingrespite · 1 pointr/treemusic
u/Sigseg · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals


Make sure you clean Lena the Beaver's face every time. Fur gets sticky if you don't get all the semen off. And use cold water.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So sweet! My oldest daughter still loves Elmo and my youngest finds the Elmo toys just as amusing. It helps that their daddy does a very good impression. <3

Also, they have their own list!

u/Dr__Acula · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/estherfm · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Annnnd here we go again (dear lord)

A is for A Whole New Mind
B is for Burglar - a movie starring Whoopi Goldberg, who knew?
C is for Candy starring Health Ledger
D is for Dandelion, a book
E is for Eureka vacuum
F is for Follow, a song.
G is for Gourmet cookbook
H is for The Hornet Electric Radio Control Buggy
I is for Invisible Ink Pen
J is for a Journal about Babies
K is for Kitty Cat Pet Dress Up and Care, an app
L is for Land Lakes Mini Moos Creamer
M is for Monty Python and the Holy Grail
N is for Nowhere To Go And All Day To Get There
O is for Opium for Women
P is for a Porcupine Puppet
Q is for Queasy Drops
R is for Roland MIDI Controller
S is for Spirit, a book
T is for Termidor, a Termiticide
U is for Ululu, a book
V is for The Vandal, a book
W is for The Wonky Donkey, a book too
X is for X., an ebook
Y is for Yolanda Griffith's basketball card
Z is for Zucchini, an ebook.

u/saratonin84 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

  1. A homophone for "whine". Young children can be very whiny. I teach young children and would love to have this turtle puppet for the kids in my class. Puppets are very helpful, particularly when kids are in a "whiny" mood.

  2. Brooms have bristles. So do toothbrushes. I could use a new toothbrush. I mean, do ya'll want to sit in Potions class next to the girl with stinky breath?! Didn't think so.

  3. This rabbit in a hat puppet is not only super cute but a good introduction to transmogrification (I think that's the right word, but classes haven't started yet so how should I know?!)

  4. Books have words and words have power. Pontypool Changes Everything is a book about the power of words and how they change people. BTW, it's PontyPOOL not PONTYpool, Weasley!

  5. These elephant harem pants are not only adorable but will help keep the junk in my trunk nice and toasty in RAoA's big old drafty castle. I'm assuming we're all moving into a castle, right? RIGHT?!

    B) Every good superhero needs a specialized weapon. As a budding witch, I would like a sonic screwdriver to aid in my superhero-ish shenanigans. Did I mention this particular screwdriver has a super secret uv pen and uv light so I can write super secret messages to my super secret companions?! If that's not magic, I don't know what is!
u/lrpiccolo · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Sounds like a realistic version of this three-mouse fingerpuppet: