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u/PelloScrambas · 11 pointsr/MTB

Like everyone said, you'll fall over a bit, but stick with it. A few things to keep in mind...

  • Keep the tension as loose as possible; tighten when you feel more comfortable
  • If you're using SPDs, you might want to swap out the cleats that came with the pedals with multidirectional cleats, which allow you to unclip using several different foot motions
  • Put a little lube on the pedal. Someone suggested this to me when my wife was learning and it made a big difference.
u/miasmic · 8 pointsr/bicycling

They are older Look Arc compatible cleats made by Wellgo

They are not compatible with Look Keo pedals that are the standard Look road pedal now, so not sure how much use these would be, I think you'd have to find compatible pedals used or NOS

Most retail pedals come with cleats if you weren't aware

u/D0rk4L · 7 pointsr/bicycling

Yes, you want them. 3-bolt road shoes do not have any tread on the bottom to walk on and protect the small metal SPD cleat. This is alright for 3-bolt cleats because they're big, wide, plastic and usually have rubber grippers on the parts that touch the ground when walking. Metal SPD cleats don't. You'll slip and fall on the first slick surface trying to walk on them. That's what this plate is for.

u/ds1029 · 6 pointsr/bicycling

Those are Crank Brothers candy pedals. So you just need some Crank Bro's cleats.

u/littlep2000 · 5 pointsr/cyclocross

You need two hole shoes, three are almost always for road cleats. There are styles ranging from carbon fiber racing to leather shoes that would look good in a professional office, but mostly in between.

You may need to buy the cleats if they didn't come with the bike. They usually come with the pedals out of the box.

u/Chancelloriate · 5 pointsr/bicycling

You've got SPD, or 2-bolt, pedals. Look for shoes that have this on the bottom. You'll also need cleats to attach to the shoes, like these.

u/Kraphtyone · 5 pointsr/pelotoncycle

This is called “FLOAT”. It is not actually your cleat being loose from your shoe. It is your cleat having a little wiggle room in the pedal. It is normal. The factory cleats from Peloton have ZERO float, even though I believe they claim they do. The replacement cleats they send out for squeaking have 9 degrees, I believe.

If you don’t like the float, I would suggest purchasing a pair of bi-metal cleats with less float. These:

They have options for 0, 4.5, or 9 degrees float. If you really liked how solid the factory pedals were, I would suggest zero.

u/sparklekitteh · 3 pointsr/cycling

No flaming here, everybody's a noob at some point.

You'll need a pair of cleats to screw into the bottom of the shoes. These ones will do the trick.

u/Tonydb11 · 3 pointsr/pelotoncycle

Peloton uses look delta pedals and therefore you need to get Look Delta cleats.

I got these off amazon to solve a squeaky cleat issue I was having with the peloton cleat:
Look Delta Bi Material Cleat, Red

As far as the shoe you can get any cycling shoe that supports a 3 hole cleat.

u/Ericalva91 · 3 pointsr/pelotoncycle

Pearl iZUMi Men's Select Road v5...

I got these in size 16 back in November. Also had to get these to clip on the bike. Almost 200 rides in and they’re great.

BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) - Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set

u/Vpr99 · 3 pointsr/MTB

No, you just have to use the Shimano Cleats which will attach to any bike shoe that has the 2-hole mounting system, which 99% of mountain shoes do.

Most pedals (my XT did, but I'm not sure about the M530) came with cleats, so you don't have to worry about that.

u/blink2blink07 · 3 pointsr/cycling

looks like you need look delta cleats . the red version offers the most float. hope i was able to help

u/drewts86 · 3 pointsr/MTB

If you go with Shimano’s SPD I suggest getting the multi-release cleats. SPD pedals come with side-release cleats which I found much less intuitive and harder to get out of in clutch situations. I can get my foot down on the multis nearly as fast as flats.

u/NotDavidWooderson · 3 pointsr/cycling

Oh, also, is the pedals didn't come with them, you'll need a set of these, too:

u/led1002 · 2 pointsr/cycling

Here’s another option for the cleat spacers...

Good Vibration Leg Length Cleat Spacer for Shimano SPD Mountain Pedal + Crank BROS Shoe Shield + Wedge (Black, 4mm spacers+Shoe Shield)

u/SgtBaxter · 2 pointsr/cycling

Here's the cleats you need

Those are a few bucks cheaper than the Shimano brand cleats, but they work fine.

u/Freedom_fam · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I like prefer the SPD-SL pedals compared to the old SPD style.

Make sure that you get the appropriate cleats for your pedals.

SPD-SL cleats : SPD cleats

To add on to someone else's comments, I'd make out your bike and components with that tax deduction. The clothes can come later, and you won't need the cold weather stuff until middle-late fall.

u/adam_f_1984 · 2 pointsr/MTB

Throwing in my 2 cents. Everyone has their opinion on what is better so this should be taken as what I have learned with trial and error.


I use SPD clips with Shimano PD-M647. The outer cage acts as a flat so that I can alternate if needed (I rarely use them now). This was especially good for starting out. The resistance can be adjusted so you get used to clipping out, adding resistance as needed.


Buy a shoe with a rigid sole, I started with a pair of specialized tahoe and it had so much flex that every time I tried to unclip, my foot would move but not the shoe, resulting in a fall. I since switched to Shimano ME2 and they're way better. I'm sure there are better shoes out there. but these work well for me.


There are 2 types of SPD cleats, one way (SM-MH51) and multi-directional (SM-MH56). I would advise to use the multi-directional as it is easier to get the hang of.


Unclip early before you stop, most falling happens mostly at slow speeds. For me its mostly during a climb or trying to get over a rock where I lose speed or the wheel slips, as long as you're moving it's tougher to fall, because physics.


I would say that if you like to send it over jumps and you bail a lot, you may not want to use clipless. There's a reason people use flats, and that's one of them. Small jumps aren't a problem for me but I'm not doing transfers or big stuff.


There's a learning curve to going clipless. The more you do it, the more it becomes second nature. Good luck!

u/jcasimir · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I wear a size 14 and did a lot of shoe buying and returning last winter to find a great fit. I don’t think manufacturers spend much time really testing large size shoes — just take the 9/10 they designed and make it longer.

I would strongly recommend a pair of Sidi Ergo 4 or 5 in size 48. Add a pair of Look Delta compatible cleats, like below, and you’re ready to go!

Sidi Ergo 5:!80219!US!-1

Cleats: BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) - Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set

u/rockenreno · 2 pointsr/Velo

They are compatible with Look cleats, which is a common clipless pedal technology. They are NOT compatible with mountain bike shoes or cleats. This is not a good solution if you do not have, or do not want to buy road shoes (with the 3 hole cleat pattern) and install Look cleats (cleats included with Vector purchase).

u/Jlovesolo · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

SuperMats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat for Cardio- Fitness Products (2.5-Feet x 5-Feet)
Shimano SH-RP2 Women's Touring Road Cycling Synthetic Leather Shoes, Black, 40
BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) - Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set

u/rnienke · 2 pointsr/cycling

So... this is something kinda interesting to be honest. My wife ended up with some wellgo pedals that are only Look Arc compatible.

The pedals she has are these

The cleats that I ordered that work are these which look the same as your picture.

If you don't use amazon prime I'd order a couple sets just to have spares on hand as they are a bit fragile in my experiences.

It's a strange older style that is rarely used, but for some reason a few bikes from Performance come with Wellgo pedals that use them.

All-in-all I'd suggest looking into something like Look Keo or SPD-SL cleats and pedals so that it's less of an issue in the future.

u/lavacahacemu · 2 pointsr/cycling

For the pedals you currently have, it's going to be hard to find cleats, as these are rather old.

If you replace your pedals, you can even use mtb pedals (spd cleats) and mtb shoes. These are usually easier to walk on, but have the disadvantage of being less efficient for pedaling, but only slightly. If you go with proper road pedals, you're probably looking at 3-bolt patterned cleats, so your shoes should accept 3-bolt cleats. Of course, there's also 2-bolt patterned cleats for road bikes, like eggbeaters and spd (non-sl). And yes, you can get shoes that accept both type of cleats. The good news is that pedals usually come with cleats, if you're getting shoes at the same time, make sure they're compatible.

As for the bonus, check your tires, bar tape, maybe even the saddle. Definitely get your drivetrain checked, but that would have come back as recommended upgrades from your LBS.

u/agaskell · 2 pointsr/MTB

I bought the same bike a few months ago - I love it! I'm also pretty new and after a few months went clipless. I went with these pedals and these cleats. The nice thing about this combo is that whenever I have an "oh shit" moment I'm able to unclip without thinking about it. I haven't been outside of my state (MN) for MTB but we have an IMBA model trail and quite a few trails in the twin city area.

With snow coming to your state maybe eye up a Pugsley or Mukluk - I'm going to head out for my first snow ride today!

u/Stumarg · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I use the Peloton shoes. When I bought the bike, I bought shoes for me and my wife. In the box that came with the bike, there was a 3rd pair of cleats. I swapped those with the ones on my shoes.

I didn't buy an extra pair of cleats. A new pair is $14 on amazon

u/viciouscyclist · 2 pointsr/SpinClass

The cleats currently on your shoes are not compatible with look keo pedals. If you want to attend this class you'll have to buy look keo cleats and put those on your shoes.

Shimano makes two kinds of cleats: SPD and SPD-SL.

SPD cleats these are the small, two bolted cleats that are easy to walk in. Shoes will have two holes side by side

SPD-SL cleats these are the larger, three bolt cleats for road biking. Compatible shoes will have three holes in a triangle shape

Some cycling shoes will have both sets of the holes mentioned above, and are compatible with both SPD and SPD-SL.

Then there's Keo...this is a while different system, but I'm pretty sure you can put them on SPD-SL compatible shoes (they use the same three holes, but the clip is different). I'm not a fan of keo pedals. My understanding is that they were designed for very novice cyclists who have trouble clipping in. They're like the training wheels of clipless pedals. They're loose, plastic junk with bad power transfer. I've never seen a studio with keo pedals on their bikes.

u/trudesign · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

Got these cleats:

Good selection. I now have a new project, to build a Peloton Cubbie for shoes, towels, fan and speaker. Nice

u/gretchennn222 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Thanks for your help! I just bought these:

and will install them on my shoes. My shoes had a bottom like this:

I bought them cheap on craigslist but just wanted to use them for indoor cycling.

u/gemthing · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Former bike shop employee here. Shoes should fit comfortably but securely. As others have said, you don't want them too tight. But you definitely don't want them slipping off. You'll be pulling up on the pedals, so having your feet slipping out would really suck.

Cleats are sold separately. These are what you need, just standard Shimano SH-51 SPD cleats. I'm 99% sure that's what your spin bikes will need, but to really be certain, ask your instructor. Some spin bikes have dual-sided pedals - one side works with "mountain bike" SPD cleats, the other side works with "road bike" Look-style cleats.

Assuming those are the cleats you need for the pedals, that means they're using "mountain bike" pedals, and that means you want to buy "mountain bike" shoes, or standard touring shoes: something like this. Don't buy "road" shoes unless your instructor specifically says that's what they use. "Road" shoes have a hard, slippery sole that the cleat sits out on, and it makes it really, really hard to walk around.

In the box with your shoes will be some little metal bits with screw holes in them. These go inside your shoe, under the footbed, and the cleats will screw into them through the sole of the shoe. You may have to cut out the bottom of the shoe sole first, though with most shoes you don't have to do that anymore.

When you go to spin class with your shoes the first time, make sure to take the allen wrench with you so you can adjust your cleats after getting on the bike. Your knee/foot alignment is impossible to predict, and once you clip into the pedals you'll quickly figure out that one cleat or the other may need to turn in or out to make your knees/feet feel comfortable.

u/ClipIn · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

The float - 9 degrees - is the same on the bi-material (new) cleats vs older pairs. These are the replacement cleats:

"Float" - measured in degrees - is how much your foot can twist side-to-side before releasing from the pedal. Gif demonstration.

A good 3min clip on setting up your cleats:

Here's Look Delta's color/float pairings

Color|Float (degrees|

Note: Color/degree-pairing isn't the same with other cleat styles. For example, Shimano's red = 0, blue = 2, yellow = 6.

u/macmutant · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

Rebok makes a good pair of indoor cycling shoes, and you can purchase Look Delta cleats separately. Both are available via Amazon. The Peloton delivery guys put the cleats on our shoes for us.



u/mrandyclark · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

Sounds like you got the bimaterial cleats instead of the standard plastic.

Look Delta Bi Material Cleat, Red

u/etm117 · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

These are good for me.

BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) - Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set

u/iraxl · 1 pointr/cycling

I used to fall all the time. Then I got these based on a recommendation on this forum. Have not fallen since.

u/oakeytee · 1 pointr/bicycling

I have a confused newbie question I am hoping someone can answer. I just bought a spin bike to use at home. Here is a picture of the pedal on the bike. I bought it used and it didn't come with a cleat. I just purchased these shoes to use with the bike. My question: what cleat to buy? Would this Shimano cleat be correct? I'm confused because on the REI listing of my shoes, it says that the shoes are SPD compatible, but also says "SPD pedals can be used only with SPD cleats with the adapter SM-SH40; sold separately." Does that mean I need to buy a third thing? Thanks in advance for your help.

u/Ogroat · 1 pointr/bicycling

Here is the walking adapter thing.

MMurkie is right though, OP. You bought road shoes. They are technically compatible with SPD cleats, but they won't have the 'walkability' of MTB shoes.

u/jstgmr · 1 pointr/bicycling


The shoes that work for both SPDs and road pedals are not the best. You lose one of the major advantages of mountain shoes, the recessed cleat, which gives you a surface to walk on AND more contact with the pedals.

You can get pontoons ( but I don't know how good they are...

u/thatsnogood · 1 pointr/MTB

There was a short period of time where Wellgo made their own cleat. It was NOT compatible with the standard Shimano SPD cleat. I know this because I owned these pedals and I tried to clip in with a standard Shimano SPD cleat and they didn't work.
This was the Wellgo cleat.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/bikewrench

The Rc7b is a cleat made for a specific pedal. Id go with something like this.

I think these are the pedals you have meaning they dont require a specific cleat. I have a very similar pair of Wellgo pedals and cleats on my road bike. Id go with the cleats I linked you to earlier. Im pretty confident those would fit.

u/ryangirtler · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

May want to give these a try. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be the type of cleats that came with the peloton shoes. Ended up buying 2 pairs of these for my wife and I.
Hopefully if works for you too.

BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) - Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set