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u/emailrob · 113 pointsr/gadgets

I use this and it works surprisingly well even with a bigger phone (regular and xl one available). It tucks into the back on your shorts and barely moves at all. I've used it during a marathon without issue.

Actually, I lost it a few months ago and the temp one I have (running belt) sucks in comparison so I need to get a new one. It's expensive for what it is.

u/PsychedelicSunset420 · 61 pointsr/aves

For anyone who doesn’t want this to happen to them, and to OP. Flip Belt

u/MechanicalTim · 39 pointsr/running

The flipbelt is pretty soft. And I wear it nestled down around my hips, so it is mostly over my shorts, not skin. Regardless, I don't think it would chafe.

u/HanselSoHotRightNow · 30 pointsr/lifehacks

If you were jogging it was probably bouncing around on your dogs back and that is uncomfortable even if the dog doesn't complain because it is not a human being. It will just endure most things you put it through as you are the master, that's why dogs who fight in rings still love their masters after the fight. Sorry, unnecessary addition, I apologize.

I would recommend getting an SPIBelt or Small personal item belt made for running.

Here you go!:

u/miniaturedonuts · 26 pointsr/AskWomen

I use a Flip Belt. It's the only thing all those Pinterest ads have ever sold me. My arms are too small to comfortably hold my phone there. It stores my phone and keys around my waist. Would definitely recommend.

u/accountforrunning · 20 pointsr/AskWomen

I am a guy but think I can help, my shorts do not have any pockets.


Nathan Handheld Water Bottle

Phone/Storage Armband

Out of all of them I prefer the handheld water bottle. Can't fit my 7+ but that phone is ridiculously big. Flipbelt just looks weird on me and the arm band is annoying but if you already use one it might be a good fit.

u/35ftThrees · 16 pointsr/running

I’ll recommend this instead. Easy to clean, has multiple uses, and I also use it when I go to amusement/water parks.

Flip Belt

In regards to the shorts, I’ve never found a pair that could accommodate a phone comfortably. It will always flop around or slap up against your legs.

u/Ohliviationn · 14 pointsr/xxfitness

I use the FlipBelt, you can get it on Amazon. It is absolutely a lifesaver. It's just a belt made of like workout clothing material? It's got lots of pockets and my iPhone 6S Plus fits perfectly, as well as my keys and whatever else I need. Great for when I'm wearing leggings that don't have pockets.

Edit: here's the link

u/[deleted] · 14 pointsr/AskWomen
u/Sapphi_ · 12 pointsr/running

I just wanna say I loooooove my flipbelt, I can't believe those arm bands for cell phones even exist anymore! It stays put exactly where I set it on my hips and nothing that I put inside shifts around. The selling point for me though is that I don't even feel it when I'm wearing it. If you don't have one, go get one!

u/chocoholicsoxfan · 12 pointsr/C25K

Sooo I guess I should make a summary post to accompany this very sweaty selfie!

This is my 4th attempt at C25K. Usually I make it to somewhere along week 4 before life gets in the way or whatever. This time though, I signed up for a race (this Sunday!) when I was on week 3, and I think having that deadline helped me to keep going.

I ran the first 6 weeks on the treadmill before bringing it outside. I found outside running to be MUCH easier than treadmill running.

In addition to C25K, I'm a dance fitness instructor, so I did have some basic cardio endurance before starting, but it is a completely different type of workout. I also swam when I was in high school and we had to "run" 2.4 miles a few times a week, but most of us walked a decent amount and told our coach that "swimmers don't run."

I picked up a LOT of gear over the past few weeks. None of it was essential, but all was helpful. A Running Buddy pouch to hold keys/bus pass/phone, some wireless earbuds, a few nice bras, decent socks (prevented blisters- were important actually), and a few clearance things from Nike, UA, and Old Navy. But in my defense, the bras I had were 5+ years old and basically garbage, and I've been losing weight, so I needed to downsize my active wear anyway.

The last few weeks, I haven't really been following the trainer. I just run til I don't feel like running anymore, and so I did hit 3.1 a few times before today. But I've never had faster than a 10:20 pace, so being under 30 minutes today was exciting!

Next up: /r/b210k

u/letcha · 11 pointsr/trailrunning

I absolutely love my FlipBelt for longer runs:

I was never comfortable with a phone case on my arm, and generally just carried my phone in my hand, until I found this. It's just too convenient.

Super comfy, I forget it's there, and if I wanna snap a picture on the trail, my phone is still super accessible. I even wear it when I have my hydration pack on, because I don't need to fumble with zippers and stuff just to get my phone out.

u/Vlad_the_Homeowner · 10 pointsr/running

1) There's no way carrying a phone is a significant concern from a chronic injury perspective; tell them you're giving up running and taking up skateboarding, I was diagnosed with advanced arthritis in both wrists at 25 from skating, running is infinitely safer. But there's no use fighting it, parents have the upper hand on such matters, so you might as well start working on solutions.

2) Why do you carry your phone? Music, GPS, safety? For the first two (this is probably bad advice from a parent perspective) I'd probably refuse the fanny pack and try to leverage in a decent running watch instead of holding your phone. If it's a safety issue, I get that.

3) I started keeping my phone on long trail runs, as much as I hate taking anything with me. I use SPIbelt, it's surprisingly comfortable, and it's only as big as your phone. Honestly, it's a helluva lot more comfortable than carrying in your hand. The weight distribution is on your lower back, you can't really tell it's there. It also sits under your shirt, so you can't see it either. I've also heard positive reviews of FlipBelt.

4) I have an arm band that I found somewhere and keep it in my pack for when my iPod or GPS watch is dead and I use my phone instead. It works. I know a lot of people like them, but I'd still take the SPI-belt. But I'm 40, married with children, so I really don't give a damn about the fanny pack stigma anymore; I can see how you might feel different.

u/parkerflyguy · 10 pointsr/loseit

I've lost 140lbs This year, about 1/3 of my body weight, and there's no secret. Just hard work and discipline. But there are a few things that I personally could not have done without.

Calories in/calories out is KEY. Be vigilant and over estimate when you can't weigh or have to guess on a food input. I use MyFitnessPal to track calories in and a Fitbit to track calories out.

I started just walking my dog for about 30 minutes. I found as it got easier and enjoyable I worked my way up to running. I found that using my Fitbit to measure I would burn almost the same calories (under 200 calories difference) walking or running the same distance walking just takes longer. I went from barely being able to walk a quarter mile without my back hurting or having to rest to running a 5k every day.

My fitbit: I love gadgets so of course it was a new toy for me but getting a more accurate count of the calories burned throughout the day is key. Plus, it's very motivational when i'm close to my goal for the day or a new record of steps or calories burned for the day.

Shoes: super comfortable lets me run as long as my body will allow

headphones: Cheap, but they work AMAZING. I specifically chose this model so that they could not fall out while running.

phone case(?) I dont like the idea of an arm band. having something clunky on my arm would be distracting. This thing keeps my keys and phone snug to my body so nothing is shaking around. Again it's about minimizing distractions while running.

Food Scale: Keeping an accurate calorie count is key and this battery operated scale is perfect. I like that it can handle up to 10lbs and is pretty accurate with smaller increments as well.

Meal prep: These guys keep me on my diet. one day a week i make a ton of meals and these are the perfect size that they let me fill them and when im done eating I feel full. I eat all my meals at home and work, out of these to prevent me from over eating.

I use my slow cooker to cook my meat (usually chicken) and a rice cooker to cook a bunch of brown rice. My meals are usually 1 cup rice, 4oz chicken, an apple, and 3 oz carrots for lunch and dinner and a half cup of fiber one and 1 cup almond milk for breakfast. From there I just change the type of meat and fruits and veggies from week to week to keep from getting bored.

This sub also keeps me motivated!

Hope this helps! Good luck.

u/xiaoshin · 10 pointsr/FoodAllergies

May be too similar to a fanny pack, but maybe a FlipBelt or similar athletic storage belt? You kind of tuck things into them and depending on what you're wearing, might be able to hide under a shirt.

FlipBelt Level Terrain Waist Pouch, Medium, Black

u/milky_donut · 10 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have a pump...same one as you! I've had mine for about 2 years coming from an Omnipod and injections.

Anyway, when I wear form fitting outfits I usually place the pump on my bra. If you have the belt clip that came with it you can clip it on the part in between the cups. It stays in place and doesn't stick out too much in that spot, for me at least. Plus, it's easier to access from the neckhole if I'm wearing a dress...rather than pulling the whole dress up.

I do also have a Flip Belt that I sometimes use if I'm too lazy to clip it to my pants/skirt and that seems to tuck it away nicely too; great for working out as well. It holds my pump and my Dexcom without feeling too bulky on my body.

Another user suggested a built in camisole bra and tuck it in there but it hasn't worked for me (it may for you!). There's also the whole garter belt thing but I haven't used that either. And I've read also of other men/women cutting holes from the inside of their pockets to thread the tubing and pump through there so it's easily accessible. That may be an option I haven't tried but may work for you too.

u/MobileVortex · 10 pointsr/scamp

i have a flipbelt and it's great. You can fit quite a bit into it, and nothing will ever fall out of it. It's not quite as cool as a fanny pack but it's also great for running.

u/ElliotLadker · 9 pointsr/running

Wouldn't a Flipbelt work? Hope someone corrects me if I'm mistaken since I haven't had the chance to use one, but was planning on buying one very soon.

They seemed comfortable enough and very non intrusive, but that's just my humble impression.

u/thedumbdown · 8 pointsr/running

Get a Spi-Belt. I use it just for my key, but it can hold a phone, some Gu, a powerbar and more all at the same time. It's the only thing that goes on every run with me. For water, my runs all go by public water fountains or I carry a Nathan water belt during the winter when the fountains are turned off. Only need that for more than half marathon distance though.

u/galifanasana · 8 pointsr/Coachella

I go Osprey hydration backpack for things I don't care about getting stolen (sunblock, smuggled snacks, thin hoodie), and one of these for phone, earplugs, cash and card.

The only thing I put in my pocket is "pocket food" - usually the crust of a spicy pie I can't finish, but crave at the end of the night. Don't worry, it's wrapped in a napkin.

u/TwisterII · 8 pointsr/aves

Too much rambling man. Cut it down to under 2 minutes and you may get some more views:


Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/ RFID Blocker

Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack

Gear Beast Sports Waist Pack Running Belt

iHeartRaves Hide Your Stash Boxer Briefs

It's also worth mentioning that people who get their phone stolen don't actually get their phone stolen. Through dancing, walking, and taking pictures 95% of those 'stolen' phones end up in lost & found.

u/toekneewitt · 7 pointsr/xxfitness

My Victorias Secret Sport pants have a key holder in the back, and I just hold onto my phone. I started out holding it when I began C25K, and now that I've been running for a couple of years, I just feel awkward without in my hand, like I'm lopsided.

I do, however, have a running belt for longer distances (8+ miles). It was $20, holds the larger phones, and even has a place for an ID/debit card.

u/drm390 · 7 pointsr/running

I started running in April of this year, but here is the gear I have been running with so far:

u/RunnerDavid · 7 pointsr/running

I use the flip belt and have to admit that I love it. I just love that it doesn't look like a belt and that I can even tuck it under my shirt if I want. It fits my 6" phone but it is a tight fit. I don't often run with my phone, anyway.

u/chelsey_duluth · 7 pointsr/Dogtraining

I use this. Called a Flipbelt. It have multiple slips so everything can stay separate and not bulky.

u/APJinx · 7 pointsr/triathlon

I bought a running belt to hold my phone when I run/ bike. It's been one of my best investments. I no longer worry about it falling out of a pocket or having to hold onto it. Here's a link to a more recent version of it:

u/Lindthom · 6 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

One of these! And now that you have posted this, I'm going to start wearing mine on video shoots because I hate not being able to carry my phone around while on a shoot.

u/landtheplane · 6 pointsr/xxfitness

I have a flipbelt that works great for both.

u/tweist · 6 pointsr/Nexus6P

A FlipBelt is what I use. Not sure if its available where you are or not.

u/bdigs19 · 6 pointsr/xxfitness

Similar to what other people have said, I run with a thin belt. I have this one and love it. I used to run with an arm band (including two half marathons) or would try putting my phone in my leggings pockets. It was all terrible. The belt really changed everything for me! I barely notice it. Ignore the first photo that they include in that link—they stuffed it with all kinds of things to show you that it can hold a lot, but it ends up making it look bulky. It's actually extremely thin and light.

u/Dafunkk · 6 pointsr/aves

+1 for flip belt. Can't vouch for the one you linked but I recently just got this one and it works great. One big pocket for your phone and a little one for keys/cards.


u/Cualer · 6 pointsr/ImagineMusicFestival

I was worried about this as well and invested in a runner's belt that I've got under my shirt. It fits my phone, keys, ID and some cash and works well even with alot of movement and jumping around. It's also pretty comfy to wear :)

u/ificandoit · 6 pointsr/loseit

That would be ideal for running? No.

I mean a Flipbelt may work but I think it'll just move with your abdomen anyway.

Honestly, compression underwear/shorts worn at the waist and a good shirt is my best combination but I no longer wear the underwear/shorts. I have plenty of loose skin/flab and put in A LOT of miles.

u/prezcat · 5 pointsr/runner5k

I've got one of those Road IDs - they're pretty awesome. I have the slim version, and I wear it all the time. It's fairly inexpensive and I never have to worry about carrying an ID. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting one.
I also have a little Nathan Runner 5k Waist Pouch which I love. I put my phone in there and don't have to carry it around. When I've got a little cash, I'll grab one of these little hydration thingies.
I don't worry about my house key, my partner is always home when I go on a run. Running's not his thing. :)

u/jawhite013 · 5 pointsr/GalaxyNote9

I use this. Really like it.

SPIbelt Running Belt: adult original pocket - no-bounce running belt for runners, athletes and adventurers (black with black zipper, 24" through 47")

u/EmbraceTheLorax · 5 pointsr/running

SPI belt! I run the cord down my back and inside my shirt. I also put my key in there.

u/beyondthetech · 5 pointsr/iphone

This is a hard case.

GLCON Portable Protection Hard EVA Case for External Battery,Cell Phone,GPS,Hard Drive,USB/Charging Cable,Carrying Bag Mesh Inner Pocket,Zipper Enclosure n Durable Exterior,Universal Travel Pouch Bag

Slimmer, multiple pockets.

patu Travel Cell Phone Passport Zipper Wallet, RFID Blocking, Ballistic Black

Big but multipurpose.

U-TIMES 4 in 1 Multiple Function Shoulder Bag Waist Bag Wrist Pouch Tactical Pack For Phone & Daily Life Necessities - Soft & Water Resistant(Black)

Sold also at Target in two sizes.

Highly Rated! Running Buddy - "Buddy Pouch" Black (6"L x 4"W) Patented Magnetic Storage Pouch

Variation on the concept.

iPhone 8 Plus 7 Plus Belt Clip Case Pouch,Premium Nylon Smartphone Holster Phone Holster waist pouch Carrying Case with Belt Loop for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus S7 Edge Plus S8 Plus LG G5/G6 V20-Black

Best I can do in 5 minutes.

u/Jugthug42 · 5 pointsr/running

I just bought a Flip Belt and it is awesome.

Flip Belt

u/Gerdalti · 5 pointsr/trailrunning

I keep my ID, wallet, and phone in my FlipBelt. Works great, no jostle.

u/whiskey_and_cigars · 5 pointsr/galaxynote4

I use a Flipbelt ( FlipBelt Black Medium but move the phone to my front like a fanny pack. It is super low profile so my shirt covers it and nobody knows its there. It is also very snug and doesn't move around at all.

u/internetosaurus · 5 pointsr/nexus6

I use a FlipBelt. Holds the phone (it's just big enough to hold the N6 with a case) and looks a bit less dorky than a fanny pack.

u/emrose276 · 5 pointsr/reactivedogs

It’s such an awesome feeling to bring your dog along for you favorite things! It sounds like you had a really good experience.

I run with my dog who is mildly reactive and she does better running. My dog was definitely a puller when I adopted her and I tried several options, but finally settled on a skijoring harness. Running for her is “work time” which she loves, so she’s aloud to pull me and let that desire out (husky mix).

I use this for for running Buddy Pouch
It’s great because it’s small and doesn’t bounce, but holds plenty of treats and poop bags. As far as treating goes, we usually keep running past triggers and I’ll pause and do some simple obedience once we’re past her normal threshold distance. It works well and doesn’t interrupt the run much, but still lets me work with her. Other than that, running is already a great reward for a lot of dogs!

Keep up the good work :)

u/KenMixtape · 5 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Use a running belt like this one and never have to worry about phone theft again. Plus you can keep your wallet there too. I use mine every day now, no more stuff in my pockets at parties!

u/CanYouFeelItNow · 5 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival

I HIGHLY recommend a fanny pack! People steal from your pockets some but it is much harder to get into a fanny pack in front of you, especially if your shirt covers it. I wear a small Runnner's fanny pack which is super small and works as a belt! I can hold an iphone, a small pouch for money and ID, and a large phone charger in it and it's not uncomfortable at all. Don't show in outfit pics either!

u/bigceej · 4 pointsr/LGG3

I was in your boat a week ago, I found this and I am so glad that I did. It is so comfortable, phone fits perfectly, I think an armband with this big of a phone is a little ridiculous. I have simple earbuds with an angled connector and then I just pin those to my shit.

I couldn't find an armband that would fit this phone and was decent quality.

u/ninjawa · 4 pointsr/nexus6

I also use a SPIbelt and love it. I definitely recommend one of these.


u/idreamincode · 4 pointsr/gadgets

I have a SPI Belt and I love it. I'm a big sweater and it keeps it dry. My wife also loves hers. Much better for us for running with.

u/Bulltrax · 4 pointsr/running

I use this. The spi belt. Super minimal and gets the job done for my phone especially if you run with wireless headphones.

u/vilayeveryday · 4 pointsr/xxfitness

I don't use an armband either, I find it it nearly impossible to operate any controls when it's on your arm all awkward. I use a SpiBelt -

u/RunTwoThreeClimb · 4 pointsr/running

In my experience they're all a bit "pinchy" if you want them tight. I end up with marks on the arm I wear it on! Alternatively try a small running belt like a SpiBelt or a FlipBelt . I personally use a SpiBelt as it's smaller and I can access the phone easily when I need to but see what works for you.

u/DOC409 · 4 pointsr/firstworldproblems

If I may make a suggestion: armbands are a pain in the ass and not worth using. For running, I use one of these and a set of bluetooth headphones and I will never go back.

No more cutting off your circulation, no more cables flopping around, pulling out your earbuds. I'm really surprised more people don't know about these.

Edit: And my home key fits right in the pouch. Hell, I can keep my ID and debit card/a couple of bucks in there for emergencies.

u/TheMauveAvenger · 4 pointsr/lifehacks

I never cared for the armbands either. I bought this waist pouch thing and have zero complaints:

u/zonteck · 4 pointsr/running

Grabbed a flip belt a few months back, works well for whatever I want. Max width of stuff I store in it is my galaxy s5 phone.

u/Socalraver · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I have one its called flipbelt its amazing

u/Pulp-nonfiction · 4 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival
  1. Have 2 credit cards. Keep them in different locations.

  2. Anything valuable in your camel back? Don't put them on the very top or very bottom(cut through bottom with blade). Wrap them in a hoodie or rainjacket and try to put it in a secondary pocket in the camel or most i see has a elastic pouch that is up against your back.

  3. Buy one of these.
    It goes snug around your waist and the pocket can only be accessed by flipping it insideout. And it has a clip to attach keys to. Had one for all of TomorrowWorld last year and it was awesome.
u/Kathulhu1433 · 4 pointsr/diabetes

I use a flipbelt.

I use it a lot at work for my dexcom when my work pants don't have pockets. It can also hold a cellphone.

u/ub3rr4v3 · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Have you looked at a Flipbelt Or even a fanny pack?

u/apopheniac01 · 4 pointsr/GalaxyNote9

It fits pretty well in my FlipBelt even with a (pretty thin) case.

u/Sjb1985 · 4 pointsr/running

I am using the Running Buddy XL Running Pouch, and I hate it. I loved my nike running arm band that has since been discontinued and I can't find anywhere online (not even to show you a pic). Anyone have some links of what they use and love? I don't want a running belt - I am too fat for most still at this stage in my weight loss.

u/mrcaptncrunch · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/meeksthecat · 4 pointsr/Parenting

Maybe something like a Flip Belt? It would look like an extra wide belt, but can hold quite a bit. It doesn't budge if he's wearing the right size.

u/Alkali_V2 · 3 pointsr/nexus6

I know the N6 is going to be bigger than the Note 4, but the Nathan's 5K running pack found here:

will hold a Note 3 according to reviewers. I have it, but I've only ever put an S5 in there so I have no way to report first hand that this will fit. But it is phenomenal for running on treadmills or on the road and keep your pockets empty. Terrible for situps and crunches though sadly.

u/Waksman · 3 pointsr/running

I doubt a sock would help much much because I don't think the phone generates enough heat on it's own for any insulation to help. What works for me is to keep my phone close to my body, so body heat keeps it from getting too cold. I keep my phone in an spibelt under my shirt and haven't ever had my phone shut off while on me (but I have had it shutoff when leaving it in my car overnight, so I do know my phone susceptible to that.

u/thelowcarbrunner · 3 pointsr/AdvancedRunning

Maybe too late, but I have been in that situations and that's why I got one of those bib "belts". It's not a running belt, there's no storage or anything, it's just a thin strap to attach your bib on, and if your T-shirt goes byebye you're still fine.

u/Oranges13 · 3 pointsr/100DaysofKeto

It's PRIME DAY TODAY TOO! Here's some of the deals I have found for keto stuff, get them while they last

Spiralizer -

Scale -

Indoor Electric Grill -

Mandoline -

Running Belt -

Pressure Cooker -

Crockpot -

Headlamp - For running at night (also great for working under the sink)

u/lieutenant_lowercase · 3 pointsr/running

I have an iphone X and when I put it in my running belt I can't feel it at all. Rather than buying a new phone why not look into a running belt. I have this one: .

u/jwcook2 · 3 pointsr/GooglePixel

I actually gave up on arm bands for running with the XL. I now use a flip belt Link

u/go_ahead_dana · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I think I got this tip from someone else in this sub, but I love my Flip Belt I don't really even notice it's there and it holds my phone steady.

u/SquattingWalrus · 3 pointsr/aves

FlipBelt Level Terrain Waist Pouch, Carbon, X-Small/22-25"

Hasn’t failed me yet.

u/cubman2000 · 3 pointsr/rollercoasters

tl;dr: Zipper Cargo Pocket Shorts or something like the Flip Belt. If you have more than what fits in either of those and don't want to wear a fanny pack, just plan to leave it in a bin or use lockers for whatever works best to carry your stuff.

u/Scoregasm · 3 pointsr/Coachella

A fanny pack, or some other discrete pocket, is really the only way to enjoy yourself fully and avoid getting pick pocketed deter pick pocketers. Look for one with a back pocket that sits between your body and the rest of the pack. I used this one from Amazon last year and it worked perfectly. Fits my S6 easily in the back pocket.

u/Trancefam · 3 pointsr/EDCOrlando

I have a small runner's belt that I use.

Cheap and reliable.

All I ever take in is phone, a card, and cash. It sometimes takes some creative placement, but I don't like to go without some mints and hand sanitizer. There isn't a more disgusting feeling than using a port-o-potty and not having a way to clean your hands, lol.

u/Berringer18 · 3 pointsr/running

sport2people belt

I use this. It has two compartments. One for my iPhone 7plus and a separate one for keys. Very much the same quality as the spi-belt.

u/DeathBoT · 3 pointsr/nexus6

Tried an armband once for my n6. It worked but was a pain. I personally like the waist belt pouch things.

Like this one:

u/aArem · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Ok so here is a rundown on what is included and I’m going to try to do this from the top down for House Items and Personal. Roughly speaking House items are on the tile (left) and personal is on the carpet (right). The clothing is mostly from random online shopping or things I had around anyways. Tupac & Gucci Mane shirts from urban outfitters.

  • 2x Glowsticks (100 count): $9.99 LINK

  • Beer Pong Raft: $14.99 LINK

  • 2x Flamingo Floaty (only 1 in pic): $15.99 LINK

  • Unicorn Floaty: $39.96 LINK

  • Inflatable Mattress + Pump: $49.99 LINK

  • 50 Total of Morning Recovery: $99 (purchased off Instagram Bo-Go Deal) LINK

  • 8x Walkie Talkie: $70 Total LINK

  • 12x Bandanas: $10.88 LINK

  • 4x Collapsible Water Bottles: $24.99 LINK

  • 2x Waist Running Fanny Pack: $9.87 each LINK

  • 12x Safety Glasses: $13.99 LINK

  • 2x High Fidelity Ear Plugs: $13.46 each LINK

  • Bottles: Kids Multivitamins, Ibuprofen, Imodium, Tums, Zantac 75, Sunscreen, Baby Powder, Cheap Foam Ear Plugs

  • Other Items: Band-Aids (Fabric and blister specific), Blow Dryer (someone will forget), playing cards, glasses repair kit, playing cards, stick massage roller

u/bethanyb00 · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Target has leggings with pockets! Unfortunately they’re a little too sporty looking for work.

A flip belt is useful too and can be concealed pretty easily if you’re wearing a longer or more billowy shirt over it. Your phones can be stored laying flat against your body so it’s not really bulky.

You can also purchase scarves with pockets! Target sells a scarf with pockets too.

u/othybear · 3 pointsr/running

I bought myself a flip belt to hold my phone because I hate having things in my hands while running. I like to listen to music and have water, and I can do both with that belt.

Also, I like the Strava app for timing myself.

u/Fuck_Cilantro · 2 pointsr/running

I highly recommend a runners belt. I've used Spibelt and the Nathan 5k and have been happy with both.

u/TMWNN · 2 pointsr/running

>BTW: No, I don't want to run w/a fanny pack. ;)

Have you tried it? This pack is invisible under my running singlet. Any pack is going to be less obtrusive than an armband.

u/gobias_ind · 2 pointsr/iphone

just my opinion but im not sure having the plus on your arm would be a good idea.. a running belt might be better or pockets if youre not moving around too much.. one of the reasons i went with the regular 6 is that i run most days of the week and a phablet would just get in the way

u/adoral84 · 2 pointsr/oculus

I bought it off amazon, it's a really great fit for the hydra (plus it does in fact have my name on it which I took as a sign:) ).

u/BeefSushi · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

These expandable fanny packs are great - you can fit so much inside, theres many different types..i can roll up a change of clothes and fit all my keys, etc. in one and they dont flop all over while running.... also, can you rent a locker at the gym to keep some items there?

u/nerfdude · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

In my experience those armbands are really uncomfortable.. Probably the best option still if you're using wired headphones, though. If you're using bluetooth, I'd really recommend a Spibelt instead.

u/jilly77 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Fanny pack.

I have this one, it's extremely low profile, you can barely see it under my tank. SUPER stretchy, fits my phone easily. When I forget to bring it to the gym I basically lose my mind. It's a game changer.

u/theladydoor · 2 pointsr/rva

Music. Sometimes being able to blast my own music is the only thing keeping me going at the gym. I too have stuck my phone in my bra for this very reason. Then I got one of these because like you said, that was gross. Also, I can't stand arm bands. They just feel weird.

u/moogatronic · 2 pointsr/phish

You need one of these:

SPI Belt

Made for runners, but works for concerts and traveling too!

u/ElectronicBacon · 2 pointsr/pebble

You do have to take your phone and watch with you to use any run tracking Pebble apps. Pebble does not have GPS or cadence tracking built-in.

Watchfaces and apps can track just steps via the Pebble's own accelerometer without the help of a smartphone but not distance, pace, location, or cadence without being tied to a phone.

As for the weight of carrying a smartphone on a run, I suggest getting a SPI belt for your smartphone:
SPIbelt (Small Personal Item) belt - Black with Black Zipper

(Not a referral link)

u/halonut13 · 2 pointsr/C25K

A lot of people in /r/running recommend the [SPI Belt] (

u/sonofmad · 2 pointsr/running

You run in jeans?! Damn, I don't get that, but to your question, both the FlipBelt and Spibelt are very popular. I've had the SPIbelt for... 3 months now, and it's held up pretty well. The elastic band has stretched just a bit, but it controls bouncing very well and will fit more than just your phone if you want to bring gels or cards/cash with you.

u/Meth0dd · 2 pointsr/running

Does it need to be an arm band?

I use this.

Its lightweight, compact, expands large enough to fit my phone, wallet and keys easily. With just my iphone on normal runs it doesn't even bounce around. Doesn't even feel like its there. Very happy with it.

u/HoneyRush · 2 pointsr/running

Maybe you need bib belt

Here's just a first one that popped up on google

u/Angelinoh · 2 pointsr/triathlon

One of these

Put your bib on it before the race and then at T2, you just pick it up, clip it on and you're done. Some have loops for gels, but since you're doing a sprint, you probably won't need a gel.

u/kevinbeard · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel
u/Ellington · 2 pointsr/running

I've recently been wanting to try one of these magnetic running pouches. The reviews and testimonials that I have read about them have all been pretty favorable. You can find more information about them on the company's website.

It also looks like there is a more generic version available too.

u/rieoskddgka · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

I've had mine for years now. It's a FlipBelt

It's simple and has a little clip for keys and lots of pocket space. It's around $25.

u/gdestiny · 2 pointsr/apple
u/emceechau · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I used a runners belt at Beyond this year and it was best investment ever. Didn't have to worry about my ID and phone. It was super snug and no one was going to try to take anything.

u/ramori99 · 2 pointsr/running

I run with my bulky phone. But I use/wear a Flipbelt, which I highly recommended. The phone slides into the belt (along with my keys) and when I’m running, I don’t even know it’s there.
Paired with Bluetooth headphones and it’s a perfect solution in my opinion. I use Runkeeper as an audio coach, played from my phone.
$20 from Amazon, much less than buying a new smart watch,

FlipBelt Level Terrain Waist Pouch, Medium, Black

u/Gearedout · 2 pointsr/oneplus

I use a flipbelt, and its been great so far. The addition of some bluetooth headphones would be a great addition, but other than that I'm happy with my solution. I've tried several armbands and none have suited me as well as the belt.

u/c2yoshi · 2 pointsr/diabetes

I bought myself one of these:

I personally use it right now when I go indoor rock climbing for my insulin pump, but most people buy it for running and other activities.

u/studyrunner · 2 pointsr/running

I know the belts are the most common, but I love this, though if you have an issue with the pants shimmying down, that could be a problem with the added weight. I use the drawstring on my leggings to prevent that.

u/Ashley5260 · 2 pointsr/C25K

I love mine! And I have a huge phone and have not had any issues whatsoever.

u/JustPlainTed · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

These are really nice: I have the two largest sizes at home and can check tonight which is needed for the XL, but my guess is the XL size.

u/killing_time_at_work · 2 pointsr/running

I used to use a Nathan running belt/pack. It was the smallest I could find. But it flopped around too much. Decided to try the FlipBelt and it's been great. Also blends in better than a typical running belt/pack.

u/hurricanekarina · 2 pointsr/howtonotgiveafuck

There's some nice ones on amazon

u/Erin1006 · 2 pointsr/aves

Not shorts, but I highly recommend this for valuables/keys. Used it to hold two wallets, a small medical device, and phone at EDC and was not disappointed.

u/bekilledoff · 2 pointsr/diabetes

I wear mine on this belt I got on Amazon:

u/secretsexbot · 2 pointsr/running

I'm going through this same problem right now. It's my 6th marathon, but I'm coming back after injury and I've done a bunch of training so stuff doesn't fit the same. I've outgrown my shorts with big pockets, and the little race vest I used to wear now chafes like a bitch by mile 6. Sadly this didn't occur to me until my last long run, meaning I'll be wearing my full long run hydration vest and feeling silly. If I had another long run to test it out I'd try a belt like this. Because really all I need is a way to carry half a dozen gels and a phone. I've never felt like the hydration stations weren't enough, though I haven't run a marathon with more than a thousand runners, or in very hot weather. In either of those cases I'd probably care water so I wouldn't have to deal with crowds at aid stations.

u/Blue_Steel_Skies · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I'm gonna buy one of these: Running Belt USA Patented – iPhone X 6 7 8 Plus Pouch for Runners . Best Fitness Gear for Hands-Free Workout . Freerunning Reflective Waist Pack Phone Holder . Men, Women, Kids Running Accessories

u/jinkerJihry · 2 pointsr/running

I like Sport2People Running Belt ( ). I can put my iPhone 6 Plus in the larger pocket and then my key fob in the smaller one. And it does a good job of keeping sweat away from the phone.

u/jsargey · 2 pointsr/running

Has anyone experienced soreness from a running belt? I wear mine on my hips because when it's around my waist it rides up (maybe I just need to experiment more with tightness). Last night after my run I noticed that I felt bruised all along where my belt was in the front. I'm not sure if it's the belt itself or just the positioning of my phone and keys in it. Was just wondering if anyone had similar experiences.

This is the belt I am using.

u/hudnix · 2 pointsr/racquetball

I just use my android phone and fire up google fit. Used to keep it in my pocket, but recently started wearing this with the pocket in front for maximum phone protection. No pulse/blood pressure monitor, but hey, I can tell how much I'm sweating just fine.

u/Some_Dinkus · 2 pointsr/C25K

I think a backpack is overkill. Just get a running belt or a Flip Belt. They've a much smaller profile, are much lighter, and won't bounce around since they're made of elastic and pull tight to the body.

u/josefismael · 2 pointsr/ProjectFi

Can't recommend an arm band, but I use a Flipbelt and that works great.

u/alextomato · 2 pointsr/PlusSize

Alternatively, you can get one of these arm band things for probably way cheaper. Or, you can be a weirdo like me and put your phone in your bra.

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case for iPhone 8, 7, 6, 6S, Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7, S6 with Adjustable Elastic Band & Key Holder for Running, Walking, Hiking

Another option is a waist belt

UShake Gear Running Belt, Bounce Free Pouch Bag, Fanny Pack Workout Belt Sports Waist Pack Belt Pouch for Apple iPhone 8 X 7 6 6+ Samsung Note Galaxy in Running Walking Cycling Gym with Extender-01

u/stopbuffering · 2 pointsr/dogs

Depends on the walk.

I have a little croasbody bag that I love. This isn't exactly the one I have but it's similar (mine actually has a thinner strap which I prefer).

I also have a super low profile cargo belt that's great.

I also mostly wear cargo Capris which tend to hold enough stuff and are comfortable.

Finally, doggy backpacks. Even the smaller packs can hold plenty: extra leash, poop bags, etc. I don't put more important things in the bags but it helps clear up the only need sometimes or probably won't need clutter.

u/muddclot · 2 pointsr/GalaxyS7

[Flipbelt.](FlipBelt Classic Edition - Black Extra Extra Small 18"-21" Not an armband, but does the same thing. I have had it through three phones (all different sizes) and it is compatible with all of them. I have never had issues with my S7 moving around too much during workouts.

u/celestialpizza · 1 pointr/windowsphone

I was also looking into purchasing an armband for running with my 928. I ultimately decided to try out a waist pack instead. It works great, you barely notice it, and it fits snug against my waist with minimal bouncing. I can also fit my keys and driver's license in it with no problem. Definitely recommend.

u/joejance · 1 pointr/running
  1. I have an older version of the Nathan Running Belt that does a great job holding a house key, my phone, and a pack of Clif Bloks if I need them. I also adore my Amphipod Bottle. It has a pocket for some nutrition too. I usually use Nuun tablets to keep hydrated on long runs or hot days.
  2. I very rarely now use my Amphipod Belt with extra bottle on long runs. As I have become a stronger runner and lost weight I haven't needed two bottles on long runs on hot days. It is a lot to carry, but occasionally bring it on real scorchers especially if I am doing one of the exposed trail runs near my house with a lot of elevation change.
  3. Nope :-)
  4. For long runs I haven't been super clear on when to fuel up, and how often, etc. I am defining long as anything over 10k for me personally.
u/ffifficult · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Running/workout belt I use is no longer sold, but maybe the updated version works

Nathan 5K Runner's Waist Pack, Black

u/metamucil · 1 pointr/C25K

I use this cheap running belt. It more than fits my GS4 and has a smaller zip pocket that fits a key, two emergency dog poop bags in case the pup poops a hat-trick, and a runner ID.

u/gorat · 1 pointr/C25K

I use this waist pack:

easily holds my phone, keys and a little bit of money (for emergencies).

u/fitzgerh · 1 pointr/running

I use a Nathan belt. It is big enough for a wallet, keys and a phone.

u/BexKix · 1 pointr/running

I own both. My Amphipod goes with me when I need water and/or gels - which for me is either wicked hot days or anything over 70-75 minutes. Read: heavier-duty needs.

I have a SPIbelt knockoff called a Go Belt that I use when I am racing 5k's -it works well to hold my iPhone in a baggie (to make it sweatproof) and my car key.

My 2c is the SPIbelt (or Go Belt) will serve you well.

u/efxeditor · 1 pointr/C25K

These Are the ones that I bought. Wow! They're only $15.00 now! This is the link to the running belt I'm using. It's pretty terrific. No slipping or bouncing around when I run!

Good luck with your running!

u/RealNotFake · 1 pointr/gadgets

Erm, $19 will get you a spibelt or equivalent. Great for running, it doesn't bounce with a smartphone onboard and you don't even notice it's there.

u/jerseymonkey · 1 pointr/GalaxyNexus

I use a SPI-Belt which wraps around your waist. Fits my Nexus and works great. Plus, it can hold a lot, really stretchy material.

u/linuxpng · 1 pointr/running

It's like a fanny pack, but is elastic and stays in place. I have a phablet phone so an arm band is out of the question.

The microsoft band is a fitness tracker that has a heart monitor, gps, and simple smart watch features.

u/Jordan-5 · 1 pointr/Coachella

I remember hearing about them cutting open backpacks last year so just one thing to note. I'm going with the fannypack Spibelt this year as per a Reddit recommendation.

u/KisstheCat · 1 pointr/running

Not sure if this will help with your iphone issue but try getting your phone to be close to your body for warmth. Something like spibelt underneath your layers would work great. Or a form fitting layer with pocket will keep your phone close to your body and keep it from bouncing.

For your latter question, how about compression shorts and wear your regular shorts on top? Keeps your legs from roasting and two layers to keep warm.

u/Frenchmasterflex · 1 pointr/Toughmudder

thanks! I was planning on bringing 4 and I should get everything. i was thinking of getting something like this

then I can pack them and it's not a bulky pack to get hung up on stuff

u/bunnysoup · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Thanks so much for the contest!!

u/arudolph · 1 pointr/running

I highly recommend The SPI Belt. That and my Garmin are the only things I take with me.

u/BarristanThaBold · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Used this at Coachella this year and it worked perfectly. You can slide it under your waistband on gym shorts so there's no chance of getting pick pocketed unless someone reaches in your pants

u/Jzig_g · 1 pointr/triathlon

Of course!

Most people have a tendency to overprepare for their first events. It's a
Natural thing, which is why it's a good idea to rehearse transitions a few times - you'll learn quickly what you need and what you don't.

A saddle bag will save you the time in fiddling with getting the stuff in your jersey, and you'll have to run a fair distance out of and into transition, and you'd risk something heavy like a co2/tire bundle popping out.

A race belt is an elastic belt for holding your race number that is easy to clip on:

I don't know anything about that one, but it should give you the right idea. I personally wear one with a magnetic clip.

u/danimal317 · 1 pointr/EDC

I just got one of these to try out for this purpose. Literally just got it today but it seems like it should work out nicely. A divider separates the "water proof" pocket in the back from the open mesh pocket in the front. Both pockets are the same size but the rear pocket has a piece of velcro in the top center that extends down in to the pocket about an inch causing it to be a little more shallow. The flap also has a piece of velcro that attaches to the lower front. The magnets seem to be strong and hold pretty well.

u/iamsam1234 · 1 pointr/running

Any thoughts on this, buddy pouch
Not a belt nor a sweaty armband.

u/LEgirl5-0 · 1 pointr/running

Hydration Running Belt By Camden Gear - Runners Belt for Men and Wo...

This is mine. Love it! Light weight, doesn't shift and stays in the same place. Check out the reviews. One thing, I like to wear it backwards though with the pouch in back.

u/Jteph · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker which works good for any type of work outs.

If he's into running like myself - a running belt is awesome to have.

If he likes to do his workouts at home, Resistance bands are great.

My dog really likes these type of toys because we get to "Test our strength" and have fun at the same time.

If he enjoys smoking cigars. A cigar gift set could be useful.

u/drgrlfrnd · 1 pointr/XXRunning

I have this Camden Gear hydration belt: Hydration Running Belt by Camden Gear - Fits iPhone 6 Plus - with 2 BPA Free Water Bottles

I hate it! I've worn it twice on long runs while training for the Vermont City marathon (end of May). It bounces, slides around, climbs up. Basically it won't stay put.

I love my little Nathan handheld, but I'm definitely also looking for something to hold more water for training.

u/helpdesk1478 · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

Preface: I'm a beginner, not an expert. I bought thus one ( ) and it was lightweight and didn't bounce. Gave me a place to stick my phone for music and my timing app ( I run-walk). There were time between stops when I needed a little extra so I liked it.

u/__sonder__ · 1 pointr/EDC

I've been looking at this waist pack for a while now, have you ever seen it?

u/RubxQub · 1 pointr/apple

Haven't used this, but it seems killer and has tons of good reviews: Flipbelt

u/vegetablesactivated · 1 pointr/xxfitness

How are you carrying them now? You may want to get something like a FlipBelt to hold stuff you think you may need plus it is something you could use in other situations (like traveling). Some of the high tech race specific ones probably aren't worth it if this is your first race. I have used a spibelt but it really is only big enough for my phone. If you have been carrying a few gels in your pockets and felt fine, then you don't need a belt.

u/rdev009 · 1 pointr/lifehacks

Have you seen the flip belt? That’s been pretty helpful for keys, a phone and money if I don’t want to carry a phone -

u/Daybis · 1 pointr/running

I have been running with a flip belt and I’ve been really happy with it.

u/sparhawk6 · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

I've used this.

But it is a little short, so the 6P sticks out a bit on the top. I would not consider it water proof, but it does provide some protection from water.

I moved away from it though, because the Velcro was rubbing against my arm and rubbing it raw.

I now use this belt:

I really like the belt. The 6P fits snugly, and no more rubbing velcro.

u/potterpopsup · 1 pointr/fatlogic

Ooh get a flippy belt! I love mine. When I run into work from home I cram all sorts of stuff in there and everything stays really secure and doesn't bounce around at all!

u/osker246 · 1 pointr/MotoX

Yeah. I was initially hesitant on buying one, but I am glad I did. It doesn't flop around like most armbands and stays snug against your waist. However, I do have to remove my phone from the case if I want to be able to insert it easily.

u/alkaline79 · 1 pointr/running

Flip Belt is a good option.

u/bitemark01 · 1 pointr/running

I've seen them for cheaper though. It's made of a stretchy spandex-nylon kind of material and you can fit just about anything in there. Personally I carry my phone and a key, and it holds it tight enough to my body that I don't notice it, but not so tight that it's uncomfortable.

u/Cizzle2 · 1 pointr/aves

Grab yourself a FlipBelt or a Loctote bag. Problem solved.

u/ap1219 · 1 pointr/RunningWithDogs

I don't like running with a leash in hand, so I started attaching a leash to my [Fitbelt] ( with a carabiner. It works really well for us and I use the flip belt all the time, even when I'm not running with my dog :)

My dog is some sort of cattle dog mix and he's a GREAT running companion. I'm tired out way before he is.

u/galacticat · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I suggest the flip belt! It's almost kinda like a fanny pack except it's flat and much more discreet. They come in different sizes and colors. I wore it a lot before I discovered workout pants that had pockets in them.

u/Apollo_7 · 1 pointr/running

I generally just bring my phone and keys. I purchased a Flip Belt for times when my shorts don't have zip pockets. Some people find the belt a little uncomfortable, but I don't mind at all and I've never had anything fall out.

u/stopalltheDLing · 1 pointr/gadgets
u/chelsealynk · 1 pointr/aves

I know that feel - I recently got one of these and it's the best thing I've found so far. It has a zip pocket and will actually hold a fair amount of stuff while still laying pretty flat! I've worn it to a bunch of shows and it stays in place and isn't nearly as bulky as a fanny pack or running belt.

u/Berg1 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I bought this FlipBelt a few months ago along with Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds. Life changing!

u/carbonmonoxide · 1 pointr/C25K

I used to carry it with the help of my FuelBelt Bottle. A bonus if you need help with hydration.

Once I felt comfortable running without water (about the time that intervals went away), I bought a FlipBelt. I was very skeptical of the belt since I have wide set hips, but much to my surprise, it stays in place and is super comfortable. Great for keys as well.

They also sell this kind of thing if you're interested. I've seen better versions, but that's the only one I can bring up right now.

u/skragen · 1 pointr/running

Makes sense. I'm doing NYC too, but probably won't practice much until I do runs over 10 miles (I just started training for my first half).

I see you said you don't want a fanny pack and someone suggested a spibelt below. I wear a flipbelt and love it (and I would never wear a fanny pack). A flipbelt is just a stretchy flat tube of fabric that I can't even feel while I'm running and it doesn't bounce. Holds my phone (in ziploc bag to not get wet), stroopwafels (also in ziploc bag), keys, and whatever else and works great to tie my jacket around if I get hot.

u/iamtheriver · 1 pointr/Coachella

^ THIS! I know for a fact people have tried to steal my phone. At Zedd in '16, at RL Grime in '17, I've felt their hands go in my pockets and come up with nothing.

It keeps your keys, phone and wallet against your body at all times. It's also really great when you're out of it so you don't end up losing your stuff. The best solution in my opinion. My FlipBelt.

u/wadewilson11 · 1 pointr/nexus6

I bought myself Flipbelt ( for this reason. I was leaning towards using Bluetooth headphones but I was too scared weights or someone's foot would seriously mess up my phone.

u/Ferroso · 1 pointr/iphone
u/Closed_System · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I like my flipbelt for carrying keys and phone without having anything bouncing around. There are also belts out there that hold little water bottles, but I haven't tried any of them.

u/Naughty_Taco · 1 pointr/running

I mostly use a Flip Belt but any running arm band or waist pack works!

I'd also recommend a pair of bluetooth earbuds depending on your budget and if you listen to music - once you find some that fit well for running it is a game changer.

u/jjjjennieeee · 1 pointr/minimalism

I only carry a purse when I'm wearing something without functional pockets and can't fit what I need in my multiple slim wallet options. Also I prefer carrying a backpack over a purse, so whenever I am in a situation where I can bring a backpack around with me.

The wallets I recommend are:

- for your phone, incipio brand stowaway or stashback because these fit 3 cards+some cash which is more than any other brand I've seen (I don't like the bulky phone cover wallets)

- some sort of wallet that can be clipped to your side or shoe, here's an example with a magnetic clip and it's XL version

u/LuxrayAeterna · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I was looking for a good armband earlier this week and stumbled upon this:

I'm receiving it tomorrow, so I can't speak to it with experience, but I'm super encouraged by the reviews.

u/spazpants · 1 pointr/running

I have this one- I have an odd body shape as well, but this guy works great! I use my phone while running with my bluetooth earbuds and I don't even notice it- it stays put!

u/angeluscado · 1 pointr/running

I have this pouch and it works great. I have an SE too, but it can fit a bigger phone and it comes in different sizes.

u/LadyRavenEye · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Many/most rollercoasters have bins to the side to put your valuables in, so any kind of pack that you find comfortable will work for that.

HOWEVER! Because capitalism, lots of parks now have rides where they "don't have space" for bins, so you MUST buy (or at least wait for) a mini-locker outside of the line. This is garbage. Here are my tips:

  • Bring a disposable water bottle, like an empty gatorade bottle. Then, on rides you can't bring loose articles, put that gatorade bottle somewhere in the bushes, to retrieve after the ride. Worst case scenario, it gets picked up and thrown away and you have to overpay to get another bottle, but I've been doing this for years and that's never happened to me.
  • Wear a pack you don't have to take off during the rides. Fanny packs are getting popular which is cool, but my new thing is this: ["Buddy Pouch."] ( It's for running so it's water resistant and designed to stay put while you move. Most rides I keep it in front where it's most comfy, but some of the ones I'm too scared to do that on? Just flip it over onto the butt area and it'll stay put. There was room for my phone, spare batteries, cards/cash, and it could have carried more, as long as it was all flat.
  • Alternately I just wear shorts with zippers.

    If you're going to a water park as well as the main park, my advice is to actually pay for a locker early in the day. You can keep a towel, change of shoes, and change of clothes in there, as well as larger items you might not have room for in your carrying around bag like sunscreen.

    There are 3 things you need to be able to stay on your feet as long as physically possible: hydration, sun burn protection, good footwear.

    If you are going to a park that has bins for every roller coaster for loose articles, then I honestly recommend you buy the expensive all-day-free-refills souvenir cup. If you get it early, you can more than get your money's worth out of it. Your water will always be cold, you'll get a caffeine boost when you need it, and they usually have things like powerade for when you're extra sweaty.

u/evogeler · 1 pointr/nexus6
This is the one I have. It is a tight fit but doable. The Bluetooth headphones are a must in this setup.

u/beercatbiscuitcake · 1 pointr/XXRunning

I got [this] ( one. I ordered a large. I've got a 30'' waist and 40" hips. I did read in the comments that sizing was inconsistent. The large sits comfortably just above my hips. Not tight but doesn't move around.

u/jojotherider · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote8

My wife had one of these that she used for her iPhone7 plus. Borrowed it for a run with my Note 8 and really liked it. The phone was held securely and didn't move around. I made sure the phone was at my back and the band low on my waist. I used it without a case because it fit better. I may look at something the fits better with a case. I ended up taking it out of the band to switch tracks and I was tender with pulling it out because its a slippery phone. Would rather not have to think about that.

App wise, I like Strava, but that's because I used it with my bike already. Its not much of a training program that will give you a plan. Its more just a tracking program to show what you've done.

u/Happybit784 · 1 pointr/running
  1. Arm bands are great, but I personally don't like them. I like to use my arms to carry me through hard runs. I always felt restrained, uncomfortable, and uncertain if it'll hold. I recently got a belt and enjoy it much more.

  2. I really enjoy Runkeeper It has all the basics such as splits, pace, and miles. I bought the premium version ($39.99 USD a year) and it has all these training features too!

  3. I think the reviews are mixed here. I think it comes down to personal preference. All though running through sand or mud is more energy cost. I would say run on a mix of surfaces and see which one you like the most. Just be carful on trails, dirt, and grass. You can seriously hurt yourself if you're not careful.
u/d3vourm3nt · 1 pointr/GalaxyS7

Arm band that can fit a huge phone with a huge case is gonna be super hard to impossible to find.

Have you considered something like this?
Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Might be a bit more practical.

u/kim_wexlers_ponytail · 1 pointr/xxfitness

A slim profile runner's belt similar to this one

u/internet_observer · 1 pointr/aves

I just looked them up and they look extremely similar to what I'm using already

u/sgissi · 1 pointr/running

Oh, I have been there! When I started running I kept the phone in my pocket when walking and at hand when running. Then I got a running belt, this one: I love it but I also heard Flipbelt is highly regarded.

I used to run with Bluetooth running headphones to hear C25K/MapMyRun alerts plus music put I couldn’t really adapt well, I had to adjust all the time while running. Nowadays I use a Garmin watch (HR+ then replaced with a vivoactive 3) and put my phone in the belt. Hope that helps!

u/shamelessIceT · 1 pointr/running

I got this

and love it. Far prefer it over an armband. Fits my keys, phone, and ipod and don't even notice it's there.

u/unicorndanceparty · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Denadaguapa · 1 pointr/Lollapalooza

I’ve heard of people getting into fanny packs pretty easily. Flip belts are super awesome for festivals. They keep your things tight against you and there’s no way you wouldn’t notice someone reaching up your shirt or under your pants lol. they have them on amazon , and they also have different brands for a little cheaper

u/thesheepguy21 · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

Flipbelt You may look like a weirdo grabbing at your crotch once a set but it really gave me a lot of peace of mind to know that i will have my phone and wallet when i leave

u/gblackwell · 1 pointr/running

How big is it? Would it fit in a flipbelt ?

or this?

u/Satans_Paw · 1 pointr/cycling

I really enjoy my sport fanny pack! I use it to hold my phone, tire levers, house key, allen wrench, and spare tube. I hardly even know it's there. Plus, it has a nice reflector strip for extra visibility. It's the perfect alternative to using a cycling jersey with rear pockets. Also works for running too!

u/Dr_Defiler · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

Went with this one:

No fuss really. I have an s10 and even though it felt a little big it worked out great every day. You'll really only be able to fit your wallet and phone but honestly those are the 2 you really don't want to lose so I'd say it's worth it! Hope this helps find some other headliners find peace of mind at festivals.

u/jonsonsama · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote9

You could use a runner's belt.

dimok Running Belt Waist Pack - Water Resistant Runners Belt Fanny Pack for Hiking Fitness – Adjustable Running Pouch for All Kinds of Phones iPhone Android Windows

u/foofarley · 1 pointr/running

This belt was a game changer for me. I wear it in the small of my back. Works perfectly.

u/memtiger · 1 pointr/gifs

I use one of these. Functionally the same without looking dorky because it hides under the shirt easily

FlipBelt Classic Edition - Black Extra Extra Small 18"-21"

u/incster · 0 pointsr/running

I use a small CamelBak for runs over 18 miles if there is no convenient way to get water along the route. Otherwise I use a SpiBelt.

u/Thats__a__chop · 0 pointsr/Fitness

Get one of those tiny fanny pack spider belt things.

Like this.

u/brownspectacledbear · 0 pointsr/windowsphone

do you absolutely need to see the display? I've tried an armband and felt it bulky and one sided. I'm using a flip belt with my 950XL


u/NikonD3s · 0 pointsr/apple
u/airmoz · 0 pointsr/AppleWatch

I use a slim fanny pack/belt when running which holds my wallet, key and phone. I mostly use my phone to access my Amazon Music app but I’ve also used it to Google stuff or look up paths in the maps app. Also having a camera is nice if I want to take a pic of something interesting I might see along the way. So for me, the GPS watch is all I need.

This is the belt I use: