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u/Qu33n0f1c3 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So my word was time.

This was the result, but just one above it was this which would have been so much cooler =P

u/elinordash · 1 pointr/todayilearned

For anyone who needs to buy Christmas gifts and struggles with how to get something decent for a low(ish) price.

Board games can be a great family gift, personally I'm partial to Clue. Last year I had huge success with Bop-It.

If there is a child under 5 on your list, Amazon has Hape toys on special for the next five hours.

For a girlie girl 6-10, Fashion Plates is a great affordable gift.

A Dover How to Draw book plus a sketchbook is a decent $10 gift for any kid 7-12.

For a teenage girl or woman who likes to paint her nails (rather than leaving them bare or having them done in a salon), Essie has an annual holiday nail polish kit

A lot of magazine subscriptions and only $5 for a year. You don't get an actual magazine to give, but they can be a good stocking stuffer. You just have to remember to turn auto-renew off after you buy. Popular Science $5, Martha Stewart Living $5, Wired $5, Conde Nast Traveller $5, Vogue $5

Macy's has some pretty good deals on jewelry right now. Kate Spade Heart of Gold plated bangle $22, Ladybug jewelry for a child $25, Amethyst bracelet $120, Blue Topaz bangle $110

Lots of children's museums and science museums have family memberships for $100-150. Not super cheap, but it can be a good family gift if you're 100% sure they don't already belong. Botanically garden memberships can be good for older family members who garden.

If all else fails, slippers works for pretty much anyone.

u/e-socrates · 0 pointsr/politics

It is indeed peer review, even if it doesn't meet your strict definition of a paper submitted to "independent" circle-jerkers for publication in circle-jerking magazines, as is the product of the global warming pseudo-scientific complex who stifle dissenting articles "even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is."

Not that some real science does not get published after peer review.

Scientific American is sold on Amazon for goodness sake! Totally negaates the validity of anything published, right there.

Unimpressed that you were able to find an unfavorable book review by an IAEA hack She began her career assessing the heath and environmental risks of radiation in the environment at other U.S. national laboratories and the IAEA "nuclear expert" with a bachelors degree in biology.